How to Series: Trelliage Card

Hi everyone, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A big thank you to all of you who joined us last Tuesday for our appearances on HSN! The next big Craft Day is going to be May 9th, and previews will start soon. We have some wonderful new products in store for you, and we can hardly wait!

We are continuing our series of tutorials in honor of National Craft Month today. Here we make the garden come to life with our Trelliage Folders, Dies and Die cut Embellishments on a beautiful card. What is more perfect than a handmade card to say “Best Wishes” to a friend or family member? Let’s make this project, inspired by Anna’s garden planter boxes together!



Trelliage Planter Box Card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3   522-138
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set   442-864 – Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Pretty Paintings Card Kit   395-651 – 1, 5”x7” Folded Card
  • 1, 5”x7” Light Blue Cardstock Layer
  • Anna Griffin® 5”x7” Metallic Layers   395-630 – 1, Gold 5”x7” Cut to 2.25”x2.5”
  • Anna Griffin® Trelliage Die & Folder Set   522-146 – Large Rectangle Die and Flower Box Die
  • Anna Griffin® Trelliage Die Cuts & Sentiments   522-286, 2 Large and 1 Single Hollyhock Floral Die Cut
  • 2, Sentiments
  • Anna Griffin® 100-Piece Perfect Bows Assortment  430-694 – Blue Bow
  • Foam Adhesive


  1. Die cut the light blue cardstock layer with the large rectangle die. Adhere to card base with double-sided adhesive.

2.Die cut and emboss gold layer with the flower box die.

3. Fussy cut 1 (center section) flower die cut and leaves.

4. Layer two large hollyhocks die cuts together with foam adhesive.

5. Attach single hollyhock die cut to the center of the double hollyhocks with foam adhesive. Adhere to center of card with foam adhesive.

6. Adhere flower box die cut over the bottom of the hollyhocks with foam adhesive.

7. Attach sentiments with foam adhesive.

8. Adhere bow with double-sided adhesive.

There you have it! A lovely card with your Trelliage craft supplies. The die and folder set is still available on The Trelliage Die Cuts will be back in May.

Have fun crafting this weekend, and be sure to share all of your beautiful creations with us on Facebook! We are celebrating National Craft Month by giving away grab bags of goodies each and every day! You never know when you might be the winner! See you Monday for our next Weekly Craft Wonder!




  1. Mavis Swart says:

    I love this creation! Thanks, Anna for all your efforts to inspire us! I look forward to your emails & shows on HSN.

  2. Karen D'Amato says:

    Beautiful as usual. Did I actually miss something? I don’t recall ever seeing that die before.

  3. Sandra Griswold says:

    Just when I think it can’t get any better, you ‘ve ‘come up with yet another idea
    These Trelliage cards are wonderful. These dies are for any card maker..So looking forward to May crafting. Thanks JAN and Anna.

  4. Robert H says:

    Thanks very much for your terrific inspiration. I think I’ve made nearly all of your samples and the best part is that while making them, new ideas also occur to me. You and your products are the only reasons I began crafting; I’ve learned so much, thanks to you!

  5. Roxann Higgins says:

    Love the tutorials that you are showing on your blog. I had ordered the Treliage Die cuts but moved and have never received them. I hope you will be bringing them back soon. Thanks for the great ideas you post.

  6. Brenda says:

    I love the classes! Now I can start my trellis card with a little more hump! Your cards are so beautiful.
    Have you did a class on the Platform Punch Bundle? Just received mine today and I am a little confused.

    Thanks for all you do for us OOO

  7. Annetta Ries says:

    Hi Anna,
    I know you understand the love of flowers! I love flowers…any kind of flowers!! So of course I love giving flowers for any occasions. There is nothing better than giving fresh flowers in vases along with cards with flowers. So I am always sooooo very excited when I buy your beautiful creations and this one is with out a doubt another beautiful creation I can’t wait to get.
    THANK YOU soooo much for providing us with the awesome tools to create beautiful gifts that our loved ones will treasure for a life time!!

  8. Gina Maria says:

    Loving the tutorials, the cards are beautiful and it helps so much to learn the techniques to make them.

  9. Eve Tambornino says:

    I haven’t been this inspired since grade school! I just love playing with your products. My husband thinks I am nuts!

  10. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    That was great. I never thought to stack up the die cuts! That would be a great project to do especially if you wanted to do some crafting but don’t have that much time and sometimes space. You never cease to amaze me.

  11. Maureen zibelman says:

    Just really love the demos which make me want to buy the products & gets my creative juices running!!!!

  12. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Dear Anna, I recognized the card because I’ve ordered in the past 3 sets and I think they are still my fav.:-) Anyway, thanks for giving us a different perspective on it and I can’t thank u enough for all u do for us. I hope u had a Happy St. Pat’s Day, I know I did!

  13. Bonnie Keough says:

    Thank you for the lesson, I have this die set but haven’t used it yet. Now I have a better idea of how to use it.

  14. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Anna…It’s so wonderful to watch you create a card without a ‘sidekick’ rushing you along so you can sell the next item. 😀
    Don’t get me wrong, I love that you’re on HSN and your partnership with them allows us to buy all these great AG items, but there’s times we just like having you demonstrate these “How To’s” without being rushed. Sometimes ‘creativity’ just shouldn’t be rushed. lol
    Thank you so much for showing us how to get the most out of our AG purchases and continuing to celebrate Craft Month with us!!

  15. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, this is really fun! I don’t have this set, but it’s on my list. What I really liked about this tutorial is showing which pieces you fussy cut & how they were put together. Thanks for more & more inspiration!

  16. Reba Duncan says:

    My AG treasures arrived on the 13th, but I had to wait until today to open the boxes. All items are beautiful and I am so excited to make some cards. Thank you, Anna. You are the best.

  17. Mary R. says:

    I am always delighted to see you bring us blue and purple. Your dies are some of the best I own. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in May–perfect timing–right around for Mother’s Day:) Thank you for the tutorial for the card.

  18. Diane says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I am so glad to learn the trelliage die cuts will be available in May- they are at the top of my list!

  19. Yvonne Marshall says:

    Beautiful! Love all of the beautiful crafty, fun making stuff. I am a new crafter just completed my craft room and looking forward to “Beautiful in the making stuff” Thanks for sharing.

  20. Annette Johnson says:

    Such a beautiful card thanks for the instructions. Enjoyed the later show on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend to all of the griffinites

  21. Gaila says:

    Thanks for the Treillage inspiration, Anna. I got the dies but missed out on the embellishments, so I’ll try to be quicker when they’re back in May.

    One request: (I also missed out (sheesh!) on your “All Heart Dies”,) Is there any chance you might add the large lattice “All Heart Love” die to your Cricut catalog of images? Pretty please, with pink roses on top? 🙂 Thanks!

  22. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful products! You really are in inspiration for those of us who love doing paper crafting.

  23. Donna DeGraw says:

    Anna what a beautiful card. I wish I had a wait to make them but I don’t. Lady God has given you a wonderful talent and you are sharing this with the world. Thank you.. I need to buy some cheap dies to make thing like this. I hope it is okay to copy your pictures so when I do get some dies I use your picture to help me remember how to put them together. I just to keep watching your videos to remember.

  24. Jennifer S. says:

    Anna! Beautiful Treillage cards!
    Than you for all the inspiring things you design. Just received my hostess kit. So pretty! I am using your treat bags also for a tea shower I am hosting.

  25. Chris Lynn says:

    Beautiful! Love all of your dies and folders I have. Curious as to what settings you use if using We r memory keepers Evolution machine?

  26. Lisa says:

    LOVELY ! The die/folder set in on my wish list – I bought too much on Craft Day to get it .
    Thank You !

  27. Lynn Smith says:

    Just love your dies and folders. Have not gotten this set yet, but seriously thinking on it. I do agree that Irish might be cool to have some greenery as a die set. We could add color changes as to light or dark with our pens or color pencils, or inking also. Just a thought

  28. Cheryl Stone says:

    Anna, without having seen you on TV, I would not be a paper crafter. It did take me several years of watching and buying pieces willy-nilly. Now with all the flowers, I feel inspired to grow a garden. That won’t happen due to arthritis, but I will never stop making cards. I am even attempting a scrapbook also. Great fun! I hope you realize that you make the world a better place with your products and enthusiasm, especially for me.

  29. Deanna Collins says:

    Hi Anna, You always create the most beautiful cards, scrapbook pages, etc. I love how you created this set so that we can create our own layered embellishments. I am thrilled to know you will be back on HSN in May. I am hoping that you will present a few special things.

    For instance, I have just finished one refill on the Anna Griffin small tape runner. I would love to see you offer JUST the refills for both the small runner and the mega runner. Since we don’t need to replace the runners themselves it would make sense for us to be able to just purchase the refills!

    Another thing I would LOVE to see from Anna Griffin is lots and lots of your beautiful papers done in double sided for us to play with. It is so difficult to find double sided paper anywhere and, when you do it is NOWHERE as beautiful as what Anna creates.

    By the way, I received my magnetic plates for the Cuttlebug and I am in awe!!!! This was something I suggested some time ago and they are way better, by far, than I had ever could have imagined!. I know that whenever you do something for us you think about it carefully and then create the PERFECT solutions! Thank you so much for that! I have the Gemini and I hate to have to replace the magnetic matt because I inadvertently cut on the magnet side instead of the hard plastic part!

    After watching this video, I noticed that I have been doing quite a few things wrong. The most noticeable was that you put the embossing matt under both B plates, while I have been putting them directly on top of the dies.

    Thank you so much for everything you have created and for everything that we know you will create in the future! I am looking forward to May 9th to see all the new “toys” for us.

  30. Shellie Fontana says:

    F’ANNA-tastic inspiration! I love your tutorials, Anna, and I enjoy fussy-cutting, too (to get that just-right embellishment, especially if I don’t have a pre-made die cut on hand). This Trelliage card is beautiful and reminds me a bit of beautiful Bluebonnets starting to bloom in Texas right now! I ordered Trellis Dies and Folders in January, and am happily using them now for Easter cards (and, personalizing with Wishful Thinking expressions)! (((HUGS))) from Texas, y’all!

  31. Danyelle Dillon says:

    Oh Anna this card is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us and showing us ideas on how to use the products. I did not get this die set and now I think I want it after seeing this card. I do have a quick question. I am looking for the Halloween set of dies you did awhile back called spiders and specters or something like that, how could I get that set? Will it ever be offered again?

  32. Patricia Perkins says:

    The card Anna is absolutely Beautiful, I love it and I am thankful that I have the dies and the flower collection to go with it. I was one of the lucky ones. I look forward to making some great cards that are Anna Griffin Beautiful!

  33. Coralee says:

    May the luck o’ the Irish be with all of us! – especially those of us waiting for the die-cuts for our Treillage set! Again so beautiful and inspiring, Anna. thank you!

  34. SHELLEE says:

    Happy to see the next Anna Date on HSN…..but do have one request—-Put in a good word about having the craft days on the weekends! Those of us that work miss out on so much of the fun and many of the goodies!

  35. Joy says:

    How pretty! Makes me want to find a planter box for my front door — these are so pretty and the dimension just adds more pretty to a pretty image!

  36. Shirley says:

    I always look forward to the previews of big Craft days with great anticipation. I think that its is also powerful and inspiring to post the craft ideas and How-To Projects frequently in-between…awesome

  37. Tom Gingras says:

    The Trelliage collection is without a doubt my favorite product EVER! I would love to see a “sequel “, or even an entire card card kit based on it, in all of its botanically accurate magnificence!
    Thanks for posting this tutorial- I tend to really do “more is more” with these, and i love this ‘less busy’ approach! Thanks!

  38. Doug G. says:

    The luck of the Irish and al the
    GREAT Anna Griffin products
    are with me when I do my
    crafting !!! Thanks Anna & Co.!!

  39. Melissa Eichenauer says:

    Thank you for the much needed ideas… but, can you give us some tips regarding the trelliage gate? Thanks!

  40. Kay F. says:

    Hi Anna,

    When are the Treliage die cuts going to be in stock again? I couldn’t get them in my cart fast enough before they sold out.

    I added them to my Favorites so HSN will send notification.

  41. Elizabeth Durrant says:

    Love this demo but I missed out on the set. Hopefully, you will bring it back. Love this card.

  42. Linda Kelley Johnston says:

    Thank you for such awesome inspiration and guidance! Happy St.Patrick’s Day to everyone at Anna Griffin! Love you!

  43. Lerah Coleman says:

    Thank you so much for this. I love my Treillage die cuts. I have made many cards with them but the die cuts sold out before I could get them. Can’t wait until May to order a couple of sets. Thanks Anna.

  44. TamiBabs says:

    Thanks for showing all the variations with this set – so many possibilities! I’ve already made one card with this set and after watching you, I can see that I need to make some more!

  45. Dianne McDonald says:

    Beautiful. I purchased both and love them. Thank you for the demo. These postings are so valuable. They have given me such great ideas for cards and scrap pages.

  46. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Thanks for the demo as I bought both sets. Cutting and layering takes me back to your days on Scrapbooking on DIY TV. How easily you fussy cut the flowers on your beautiful sheets of paper and layered them on top of another. This is MUCH easier to fussy cut.

    Happy Crafting!

  47. Michele Ciccone says:

    What a lovely card! It makes me think of Spring – which is very hard given how cold it is and how much snow we have right now! This design would make a lovely Easter card for this reason. I love that Anna’s products make is so easy for all of us to make something so beautiful!

  48. Sue Farren says:

    Thank you Anna
    Would love to see a photo of your “blue trellis room” that you collaborated with Hutton….sounded amazing when you shared on air. I adore this set, purchased it immediately along with several embellishment kits. Love the formality and symmetry I can create with ease because of you! Especially your examples using different papers for the containers and trellis and even painting them for different effects.

    Certain you have shared many laughs with Mr Wilkinson…..I adore him and miss seeing him, his jewelry and bedding.
    I must say you are always so beautiful (inside and out) but….your makeup was gorgeous on the 8th….you just glowed on air. My power went out later that day so no taping shows, so happy to pre-order, and catch up on all shows on youtube!! So happy for you and all of your projects you have going. Much love and success! Sue

  49. Suzanne Becker says:

    Anna and staff thank you for all of your beautiful projects! You all work so hard to bring joy and beauty into our lives. As a senior citizen with PsA and Osteo. Arth. some days are not easy. I have lost seven of the joints on the ends of my fingers. The joy your products bring me is incredible! To know I have God with me and guiding your hands to make beautiful products keeps me going!!!

  50. Marianne M Literati says:

    The Pretty painting card is great in itself. With all the embellishments, it’s a knockout!

  51. Mary says:

    I love the order and formality of the classic Trelliage products Anna. The symmetry of line in the trellises and lovely floral layers make beautiful keepsake cards. I want to keep all I’ve made!

  52. Kymm Cummins says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the May 9th show. I’m looking forward to some great ideas and products for Spring and Summer.

  53. Jenny Hunt says:

    I love the die cuts The card is beautiful and not that difficult to make with your very detailed instructions. THANKS!

  54. Mary says:

    Thank you Anna for the above. I had not ordered the Trelliage Die cuts so will be looking for it in May and will go into HSN to see about the die cut and folder. I have many of your things….keep them coming.

  55. Susan Weatherly says:

    Thanks, I have all the equipment and supplies to make that card. Can’t wait to get started today. Also your May 9th events will be the day before my 75th birthday. I know I will be purchasing many gifts for myself.

  56. Gena Greenlee says:

    Very pretty!! It reminds me of one I made for my Aunt’s birthday. She loves it so much that she keeps it out year round, on display in her formal dining room. It means so much to me that she loves it so much! Thanks for the tutorial Anna Griffin!!

  57. Donna DeGraw says:

    Wow Anna what wonderful new products and the cards making is going a long ways. Thank you for the beautiful cards that a person can give their family or friends. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.

  58. Teresona Boone says:

    Hi! Anna & staff. Love the tutorials. They are so helpful. Whenever you are on HSN I tape the show so I can see all the pretty things you do & so I can learn how to do them. Of course I end up spending money too. Everything you do is so beautiful. I talked my brother into getting my sister-in-Law a cricut explore air 2 & she got it this week. The gold one of course. She loves it. I got her set up yesterday. Keep doing the awesome stuff you do. And thank you.

  59. Terance in Texas says:

    Very pretty and i like it more now that i see you create one, for some reason the process makes me love some designs i’m on the fence for. this really shows the beauty of this item.

  60. Irene Alexander says:

    I love this card and trelliage collection. Cannot wait to order the trelliage diecuts in May. I just love your studio! Thanks for wonderful videos!

  61. Cathy Merson says:

    I’ve already made my plans for the 25th. It’s my B-day and I want to take the day and play in my craft room with my new Anna Griffin supplies. I may have to extend my celebration an extra day to include Sunday

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