HSN May 9th 2017 Product Preview 1 + Weekly Craft Wonder 4

Hi everyone!

Today is a big day! We have our first product preview for May 9th’s Craft Day shows on HSN! We want you to know everything that is coming up, and for you to get the inside scoop on all of our new products!

Also, this week is the last week to take part in our National Craft Month celebration and giveaways! Keep those awesome projects coming — we absolutely love seeing them every day along with the positivity and good craft vibes on our Facebook page, Instagram and here!

Let’s jump into today’s product preview!

Today’s items are all about organization. Organizing your cutting dies, your wrapping paper with our Chic Wrap gift wrap cutter and dispenser as well as organizing your crafting supplies with two sizes of storage boxes.

Back by popular demand are our Die Storage Binders! These binders come with clear plastic sleeves and double sided magnet pages to hold all of your dies in place! This notebook is perfect for organizing your dies by collection, holiday or however you would like! These are also available in multiple patterns to match the rest of your Anna Griffin storage items!

You loved our Christmas Chic Wrap, so we brought it back with the prettiest double sided gift wrap just in time for spring! Our partnership with Chic Wrap allows you to wrap presents and store wrapping tools in a cinch! The heavy duty box includes a one of a kind paper trimmer; there’s no need for measuring and attempting to cut straight lines, the trimmer does it for you. The 4 rolls and patterns you will get are spectacular! First, there is our classic Grace White rose print, and on the back a pretty turquoise and white stripe.  Second is a bold lavender hand painted floral with a vivid pink Ikat print on the back. These prints are perfect for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and everything in between!

Next up is our Craft Room Paper Storage Boxes. This is storage with style! Choose from 5 different Anna Griffin patterns: Amelie Turquoise Floral, Ivory Damask, Camilla Gray floral, Grace Black floral and Grace White floral. This five shelved beauty is perfect for storing your scrapbook paper, stickers and anything else you can think of!

To go along with the paper storage boxes, we have a small multi-drawer storage box to match! The box has 5 pull out drawers made to hold stamps, ribbons, stickers, scrapbooking tools and more. What’s even better is that you get dividers to create the exact size space you need for all your crafting supplies. The 5 patterns available also coordinate with the new Craft Room Storage Boxes.

This week we are going to have 2 winners! Comment below and tell us how our new storage items will help you get organized! We will draw 2 winners at random on Friday.

Our last Weekly Craft Wonder is available from today, March 27- April 3 so be sure to get this crafting steal while you can! Our Vibrant Vellum Embellishments are back for $20 (including shipping in the contiguous US). You will get 120 beautiful vellum flower pieces, 60 cardstock leaves, 48 die cut sentiment flags, 36 cardstock butterflies and 36 vellum butterfly pieces— all with foil accent pieces! You can order by emailing orders@annagriffin.com or calling 888-817-8170 to place your order today.


As a friendly reminder:

  • If you are ordering through email, please include your phone number so that we can acquire your payment information.
  • Please allow 48 hours for order confirmation.
  • Please refrain from calling, leaving voicemails AND emailing your orders. This delays the process and causes duplicate orders.
  • Discover credit cards and PayPal are not accepted.
  • Please allow up to two weeks to receive your package(s).

Take a look at all the pretty things you can do with these incredible embellishments!

For our 6th installment in our “how to” video series we’re going to be using our Parchment Layers to create a beautiful, colored I Love You Card! For those of you who purchased these back in January, are you loving the gorgeous effect you get from the vellum layers? Monday is a great day to create a card, so come craft with us!


  • 1, 12”x12” Metallic Lavender Cardstock Layer, Cut to 5”x7” Folded Card
  • Anna Griffin® 5”x 7” Parchment Vellum Layers   522-274
  • Anna Griffin® Parchment Craft Tools   522-277
  • Anna Griffin® Parchment Embellishments
  • 2, Floral Embellishments
  • 1, Sentiment
  • 2, Butterfly Parchment Embellishments
  • Double-sided Adhesive (Tape Runner)
  • Foam Adhesive


  1. Place the parchment layer face down on the embossing mat.

Using the finest tip tool gently press the tool into the paper to trace the lines of the design, being careful not to pierce through the paper.

Next choose the medium tip tool and trace over the lines for a darker color for heavier embossed lines.

Use the largest embossing tool to shade areas of the design for dimension and color.

With the embossing face up, use the triple needle perforating tool, pressing lightly to make small perforations in the center of the corner flowers.

Attach 5”x7” parchment vellum layer to lavender card base with double-sided adhesive.

Trace the design on the back of the butterfly embellishments.

Attach the butterfly layers with foam adhesive.

Adhere vellum with double sided adhesive.

Attach 5”x7” parchment vellum layer to lavender card base with double-sided adhesive.

Attach sentiment with foam adhesive.

Adhere Flowers with foam adhesive.

Meet us back here on Friday for another “how to” and meet our 2 product preview winners! Look out for our Facebook Live interview with Anna on Friday too! Have a great week!




  1. Norma Bartlett says:

    I love all the products you showed but the gatefold folders would sure make gatefold cards easier. I look forward to seeing you on May 9th & I hope to win.

  2. Bertha Proffitt says:

    Wow. This would definitely have me in the craft room spring cleaning for sure. Love the wrapping paper cutter. No more cutting paper on my bed, Lol. I would designate all Anna Griffin purchases to these organizers so I can get to them quickly. .no more searching for them any longer.

  3. Debbie says:

    What a wonderful gift of some great organizational products! Whoever wins will be truly lucky and here’s to hoping that’s me!!!

  4. Jo-Anne Terranella says:

    Old Mother Hubbard (Jo-Anne) went to the money well but when she got there the well was dry. cry cry no more buying so I guess if
    because I want the storage so bad I will have to win them cause I am flat out broke!! So good buy Anna it was fun!!. Will always love you like a daughter. XOXO

  5. Caroline Knauth says:

    Nothing cramps my paper crafting style more than a broken leg which happened skiing 3 weeks ago. I must say I never missed a beat catching Anna on HSN on the painful ride home as it kept my mind occupied when I had cell service.The weekly specials this past month have been a such a treat to look forward to. My craft room is piled high with disorganization, but in two months when I am healed, I can’t wait to attack it. This leg has not slowed down my Anna shopping and also managed to get a few beautiful AG style cards made with stuff I had out, but I can’t risk injury by trying to get to my piled up
    tools and treasures. The drawers and die binders are perfectly suited to all my needs, as well as the stamping storage. I think the decor itself will make me honor/respect not only my precious craft room but my health and mobility when this is all over.

  6. Susan Selvy says:

    Oh, Anna! Even my husband will agree that I NEED your organizational products!! I’ve been anticipating the return of your magnetic die storage binders! Love the new color, by the way! My sewing/craft room has been a work in progress for way too long!! These organizational products will sure help me reach my organizing goals in style!!!! Thank you, Anna, for the beauty & creativity that you bring to our world!!!!

  7. Joanna Hupp says:

    I’ve had the flu this week I hope I haven’t missed the cut off I’m getting in on this giveaway. I so need things to help me get my craft room organized I love the die binder for storage and the paper storage is amazing how beautiful wow.!! Thank you Anna

  8. karen parker says:

    Good morning Anna. I just purchased some more stamp organizer-binders last night. I love everything you make. My craft room is coming along nicely. Everything almost in the spot it needs to be. Please don’t ever stop creating all of the beautiful items you do. You are my go to on HSN and I get so excited every time there is an event with your items. Your storage ideas are the best. Thanks again for all you do

  9. Harlene Schwartz says:

    What gorgeous orgijnzation!, Love the binder with magnetic sheets. Can’t wait to put my dies in it. And the drawers, I an put all my little pieces,ephemera in it. Imagine having all those little pieces in one place!,

  10. Khara Murphy says:

    I have been dying to get the die storage system! I love my anna griffin, but I will have to admit it’s all quite a bit of a mess in my small apartment! I need anything organizational I can get!

  11. Sue K says:

    I nee help of any kind to get me organized and these items might just help to get me going so I can find all my Anna items!! I love of them Please help me!!!

  12. Jenny McGee says:

    Storage and organization is not my strong area, so any help I can get is great. These products will be a great start. Thanks Anna for your great products, and a chance to win some.

  13. Sandra Palacios says:

    Oh my these storage pieces are sooo beautiful. Your designs and prints are always so pretty. I need to desperately organize all my crafts. These would be perfect and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Maria Nieves says:

    I would love to win all your organizational products. I have things all over. I’m specially in love with the die storage ring binder, so I can have all my dies in one place. Your products are amazing, unfortunately living on a fixed income is difficult to be able to have all your wonderful products. Hope to win and share my blessings. Thanks and continue making all these wonderful products. You are amazing and inspire many people to discover their creative side. Be blessed

  15. Pam D says:

    It doesn’t take long for my craft area to become a mess before I know it, so I can totally get behind any kind of storage that would help with that in anyway. I love the magnetic die binders, the drawers and paper shelves and you make them all look so pretty. More great ideas to help us do what we love.
    Thanks Anna!

  16. Carole Hamstra says:

    Wow! Love these organizing tools! They are beautiful! A beautiful, organized craft space makes for a peaceful, inspired crafter! I am so excited about these beautiful storage items! I know they can keep my Anna Griffin die cuts, flowers and sentiments safe, neat and easily accessible. I love having them easy to grab for a project but still safe until I reach for them. Yay Anna! Thanks for the chance to win. Looking forward to the May shows on HSN.

  17. Michelle McNamara says:

    I LOVE that divided organizational drawers! That would be awesome for all my Anna Griffin supplies! That is awesome!! Organization is not my strong suit however these items make it simple! Thank you Anna for showing the velum tutorial!! I bought them but haven’t tried them yet as I was afraid!! Now I can see there are not as hard as I thought!! Can’t wait!!! I get so excited for upcoming shows for new ideas! I’m still looking for a good tutorial on the punch set. Any ideas?

  18. Gisela says:

    Life would be a dream to have all crafting items beautifully organized.
    The drawer organizer would be perfect to store all my Minc items as they are in 2 large grace boxes and each time I have empty everything to find what I want to work with, The die binder oh my gosh, I could free my embossing storage boxes as I have my dies in there, Yes a dream this would be to see all dies in a glance and no longer have to flip all embossing folders to find the one needed, Now to paper …. yes very much needed as there are to many kits still in the boxes they came in..
    Paper wrapping station would be fantastic as my cat found the need to use the one I got when you first offered it, yes he is a bad boy for sure and used it as a scratching post,
    So yes my life would be a dream to see my name in lights with the beauty of these new storage items.
    Thank you Anna for a chance to win.

  19. Karen Huval says:


    These look fabulous! I NEED these tools. for my growing collection of paper, AG dies, etc. Being unorganized slow down your productivity time. Oh, how I would love to have these:
    1. Craft Room Paper Storage Boxes.
    2. small multi-drawer storage box
    3. Die Storage Binders
    We’ll see tomorrow if I am a lucky lady or not! Have a great day and wonderful weekend!!

  20. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: You have truly inspired me to get organized with your beautiful storage boxes and binders. My “crazy craftroom” which has become a “catch all” storage room is now a “scarry craftroom”. I have been dreaming of a beautiful Anna Griffin craftroom, and I am now determined to get organized. I plan to “gut” the room, paint and put in cabinets so I can display the beautiful Anna Griffin storage boxes, cricut, cuddlebug and everything Anna. I have a twin bed in there which will be sporting a lovely new Anna Griffin comforter which is still in its package and waiting to be put on the bed. I can’t wait to begin working on my craftroom so I can finally enjoy all of my Anna Griffin supplies and not have to carry everything onto the kitchen table. Thank you for all of your inspirations to make our lives more beautiful!

  21. Paulette Madison says:

    your products are Amazing, Beautiful and fun to use. I Love your dies, they add elegance to our cards. Thank you Anna for sharing. Oh yes I would very much love to win these items.

  22. Sharon Smart says:

    I would love the Diecutting binders. The binders are so beautiful! All the organizing items would be a plus in my craft room! Thanks Anna and team.

  23. Carmellabrown says:

    Anna I love ❤️ the storage boxes! It would make any craft room beautiful in the the making ! I enjoy everything you offer the Griffinites! I would love a set in my craft room ! Happy crafting everyone ! I am counting down to the next craft day ! I really enjoy the Sunday share and the craft mint ! Blessing Griffinite tell Georgie hi !

  24. Anna High says:

    You must have read our minds. Spring cleaning. I am in the process of organizing all my papers (again) and my stamps and dies. Have already purchased several of your stamp holder binder and one of the die binders. Love them. Love the paper holder. Actually just love everything for organization.

  25. Gloria Shirr says:

    Hi Anna, I hope this message doesn’t get lost in the huge list of comments. I noticed that you mentioned the the die binder came with 6 pages of double sided magnetic pages. I hope that is an error; because your first group of die binders came with 10 pages; which is exactly how many pages that it takes to fill that binder. It is a perfect number with 10 pages. I plan on buying two more of them when they arrive. Thanks Gloria

  26. Karen Haddeman says:

    These are beautiful! I only see one problem – I have to choose from all the petty colors! Even if I don’t win I will be watching for these and planning all the ways that I will use them.

  27. deborah d says:

    Oh, my crafting area is a disaster !! What a miracle it would be to have all of this stuff. It would make the area a thousand percent better. You are fantastic, you come up with such great stuff !!!!!

  28. Irma Castillon says:

    Would really like to have the binder for the dies missed out last time. What a dream to have all the organizers . As always beautiful products Anna . Looking forward to next show.

  29. Carol A Pope says:

    Love all your new storage things. I am moving my craft room around and use could any all ideas for more storage. Your things are so beautiful.

  30. Melissa Newton says:

    I really need some great organizers in my craft room. Right now everything is stuffed into one of those ugly plastic storage drawer containers & it’s a mess, I can’t find anything.

  31. Deb LeZotte says:

    Would love to win all these beautiful Anna Griffin storage products. I’m trying to reorganize my craft room and these would sure help out. WOW, looks like lots of your fans wrote on your blog to win!! I couldn’t win if I was the only one entered! Good luck to everyone!!!

  32. Patricia Logan says:

    I am trying o reorganize my craft room as we speak. these would do nicely in my room. They are also very pretty.

  33. Virginia Procunier says:

    Could really use some new things to organize my craft room. Would love to win. Thank you

  34. Tricia Anderson says:

    I have so many Anna Griffin products and honestly I can’t enjoy them because I am not organized and I don’t know where to start. Winning your storage products would be a perfect start.

  35. Tricia Anderson says:

    I have so many Anna Griffin products and honestly I can’t enjoy them because I am not organized and I don’t know where to start. Winning your storage products would be a perfect start.

  36. Leah says:

    I have a guest room that will double as a craft room. Currently it’s an unorganized mess with craft supplies stored in the cardboard boxes they came in. I would love to get organized with your beautiful storage tools!

  37. Jo Smith says:

    Would love to win the storage boxes I am struggling with organizing my 12×12 paper and can’t afford to keep trying different containers. Your products are so beautiful.

  38. JeanB says:

    Oh man Anna!!
    You seem to know just what we need when we need it!!
    The new multi-layered storage boxes look incredible and are gorgeous! I was just at the store looking at the plastic boxes to store your beautiful paper in because if I can’t see it or find it under a stack I don’t use it! But your system is a perfect answer to help and inspire us!

    Plus I love, love the wishful thinking dies and the magnetic binders are another perfect answer to enable us to find, see and use these great products!

    Thank you for not just designing these top-notch craft tools but figuring out how to store them.
    These truly will inspire us and live up to your saying,
    beautiful in the making where we are crafting!
    Thank you for caring so much about us!!

  39. Cheryl Fry says:

    I tried to get the binders when they were on before Christmas, but they were sold out. Glad to see they are back again. Thanks Anna.

  40. Esmeralda Meza says:

    Anna, I love how your love for crafting has given many, including me, an opportunity to make crafting easy and fun. I am new to crafting and I’m honored to be part of the Anna family. I recently purchased my first Cricut machine & tool set. I would love to add more of your amazing items. I would love to be a winner!

  41. Toni Marie Gagliano says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would be so excited if I was able to organize all my stuff!! I would be able to use your shelving to put all
    my colored paper on and use your books to organize my dies in your
    Lovely books!! I am working on a craft
    Room in my house and this would inspire me to get
    Organized and craft more often if I was organized with your products! I hope you pick me for I am a huge fan and I look to you as one of my mentors in life!! Making something beautiful for someone else bring joy and happ rss you my life and there’s!!! Thank you for inspiring me
    To be better!!! Xoxo Toni Marie

  42. Shannon Mortis says:

    I am so pleased to see the organizational products!! We all need to be organized but most of the products available are not PRETTY!!! Most of them are plain cardboard or plastic. FINALLY organization that is pleasing, functional and gorgeous all created by my favorite designer. Thank you Anna!

  43. Carol lofland says:

    I missed my pattern in the die album but I bought a different pattern and am so glad I did just beautiful. These new items are to die for can not wait for the show.

  44. Vicki Fellenger says:

    This has been one of the best months ever on Facebook seeing your ideas, everyone’s creativity from your gorgeous products and all the beautiful winners. I looked forward everyday to all of this. You make everything so fun win or loose. As far as I am concerned you’ve won us all over making everyone AN ANNA WINNER!! Thanks Anna!!

  45. Jennifer Chan says:

    With all the great delicate Anna Griffin products I’ve purchased since the HSN Craft Event, I could really use these great organizational items to keep me crafting with ease! I hope you pick me!

  46. Marykatherine Bush says:

    Anna greeting I am unpacking 79+boxes (house flooded/out of it 8months)60 of them marked “ag” for Anna Griffin. Kneed everything . Your items are beautiful band yet practical
    Thanks again my dear Anna

  47. Gloria Myers says:

    The Topeka Griffinista needs a house to live in and a house to keep all her Anna supplies in! All your new organizational products would sure help me retrieve your supplies faster!!!!!

  48. Dianna Love says:

    I have wanted the die storage books, since they were introduced (and sold out before I could get them)!! Also, I love having coordinating products, so having the other storage items would just be “icing on the cake”!

  49. Rosie V says:

    Hi Anna! I have bought all your new items since the beginning of the year and have run out of storage space! It would be lovely to have your newest storage items to add to my collection! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  50. Linda Keller says:

    Anna I have been waiting amd watching HSN for the die binders so imagine my DELIGHT and EXCITEMENT to see they are coming back! Already on my calendar to make sure i dont forget to order before I go to work. I love the storage units being organized keeps me calm crafting too. Much more enjoyable when i can find my treasures.
    Would love to be a winner too 😉
    Thanks for creating beautiful items!

  51. Regina Pahati says:

    Talk about storage – I store all my Anna Griffin crafts in my Joy Mangano drawer luggage. I am looking forward the die storage binders. So love the colors. Then the craft storage boxes – the heavens just opened up. I am so looking forward to this.

  52. Shelly Green says:

    I own a lot of Anna Griffin die cuts and papers crafts. My husband says I’m not very organized boy I wish could show him. I could be organized with all of Anna’s beautiful craft holders and so easy to store and use crafts. Thanks Anna.

  53. Raven Skye says:

    just finished organizing my card stock and paper pads. Now I’m organizing my card making tools and cards that I have completed. Next in line will be the actual desk area

  54. Shelby McDaniel says:

    I wish I could generate excitement for you Anna. You bring me such comfort & joy when life takes mine away.

    My husband rebuilt my office into my library/craft room the end of 2016. I now have beautiful white shelves all around my room making the perfect place for storing my plethora of craft supplies! Unfortunately I don’t have adequate organizational items to store my Anna things. My dies aren’t organized & my papers are all piled & it takes me forever to get ready for a project. Being disabled I am unable to get out & find what I need to organize my room. I’ve been so depressed at not being ready to make something when the ideas come! Didn’t mean to whine, this was supposed to be a cheerful post thanking Anna for her beautiful items! You do bring me joy & happiness Miss Anna! Am so thankful you joined HSN!! Can’t wait for May 9!!!!

  55. Jan Possinger says:

    So excited about the new products coming out! I’m going to have to rename my craft room to the Anna Griffin work shop! So glad the die binders are going to be available again. Went on HSN but apparently they aren’t in stock yet. I love the things that you creatate.

  56. Carole Lewis says:

    My favorite is the die-storage notebook(s)! Having magnetic pages means easy and safe storage, that prevents loss while allowing complete viewing of the inventory! Brilliant!
    (Favorite pattern: Grace Black Floral)

  57. Leah Stenzel says:

    I have recently come upon your wonderful products on HSN and purchased the die cuts and embossing folders. It would be wonderful to get these organizational products to organize my new “finds”. My craft room shares space with a bedroom and I need all the help I can get.

  58. Linda says:

    Love your ideas & products! I enjoy organizing & reorganizing as much as I do cardmaking. I especially love the die storage & wrapping paper cutter. Maybe I could get rid of the plastic trash can. Looking forward to new products. Thanks.

  59. Charlotte says:

    Boy do I need some organization in my craft room. I have to move something every time I want to use the space. I just specially like the binder for the dies. Everything is beautiful.

  60. Carol Hill says:

    The die storage binder is just what I need for my die’s, I have coming on my auto ship and my other Anna Griffin die’s. The gift wrap cut and store is also great, I have gift wrap all over my closet. Thank you for all the great thing you bring us. I looking forward yo May 9th.I have lots, and lots of great things, to work with because of you Anna, keep them coming.

  61. elizabeth murphy says:

    How could anyone refuse these essential storage units for there craft studio, …be it a special room or storage unit or even the dining room table….They just make Beautiful in the Making sooo inviting….

  62. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love the new storage shelves and storage drawers! the turquoise pattern is so pretty! I surely need more organization as I think I just have too much and need a lot more ways to get some order in my Anna collection!

  63. Kathi Ormsby says:

    AMAZING! I just love the craft room paper storage boxes and small multi storage boxes. Just thinking about how I could organize my Anna collections & find them. This is just beautiful in the making. I have an area I could really use this. Right next to my other Anna Griffin storage boxes that I have. I sure would LOVE to win.

  64. Glenda Burrow says:

    I love your products and would love to have these. Thank you for the chance to win them

  65. Sandy Thompson says:

    I thank you for everything you do for us. I can’t wait to see your new items. When you are on hsn we try to watch as a group so we can try to be good, but that never works. I love to mske and send your cards, there so beautiful. Looking forward to the 9th.

  66. Kathie Eich says:

    I love the organization products! Especially the paper tray unir, and the drawer unit. I love all the patterns available. I need these to put my favorite papers, and accessories in, to have close by on my craft table.

  67. Irene S says:

    Love all the great products! I need to get organized. I live in NYC so I have limited space in my apt. Would love to buy these products when they are available.

  68. Marge Overmyer says:

    I am so excited that the Chic Wrap is back. I have it on my wish list with HSN so hopefully this time I won’t miss it. I love the paper storage, so pretty and functional….Can one ever have enough storage containers. I have been donating all my old non-Anna Griffin supplies to a woman’s shelter, and volunteer there also, these are woman who have nothing left, sometimes not even their self-respect. But we help them to scrap what they would like their lives to be, not what they were. I digress. If I win these storage container, except for the Chic Wrap, I am going to donate to the shelter because they could use something Beautiful in their lives and I could see them once a week.

  69. Jayne Brown says:

    I dream of being organized. Anna makes it easier with all these products and the bonus is they look beautiful too

  70. Jennifer Johnson says:

    So many great products, I don’t know how you keep coming up with winners every season. Thanks for being so innovative and and providing such incredible products for us!

  71. Terri G says:

    I love the new organizational products! I have so many of your products that I would love to get better organized, so I can spend more time creating and less time searching for items!

  72. Karen Asselin says:

    In love with these new storage boxes for paper and drawers to tuck in smaller items. I recently redid my spare room to create my craft oasis. I finally got all the pieces of your craft room to go with the floral storage boxes I bought a few years ago. These latest additions are going to look gorgeous on my new Origami pink shelving unit. And will organize the pile of Anna Griffin papers and kits beautifully. In the drawers I am planning on putting some of the words I am making from the new dies. I loved the seasonal ones from past two years and this years set is fantastic. I”ve been using up scraps of paper making words and need a place to store them. Problem solved! Thanks so much for continuing to surprise me. I always think I have it all and you come out with something new that I need. 🙂

  73. Brenda Hoffman says:

    I need all the help I can get to organize all my Anna Griffin treasures. I have purchased lots of your dies and love them all! So happy you are bringing back the beautiful storage binders for those as I can certainly fill them!! Love the paper storage with the beautiful floral print. I can use those to organize all my stacks of 12 x 12 paper and embellishments. With spring cleaning underway these products would give me more inspiration and bring brightness and organization for my paper storage. Love the grift wrap with my adult granddaughters birthday and Mother’s day coming my girts would look lovely wrapped in your beautiful gift paper. My gift wrap paper would be cut even with no jagged edges to contend with & storage of the cutter and paper would be organized and beautiful. I’m excited to watch May 9th. Thank you!

  74. Rosie Kronz says:

    I have been trying to set up a bona fide craft room, rather than just using whatever space I can commadeer to do my crafting. I have accumulated so much stuff that finding a way to store it is very overwhelming. Now I’m really big on aesthetics, and these new storage items are just what I need to get organized and have a space that is aesthetically pleasing. I simply must have these lovely pieces for my craft room. Thank you for bringing them to us!

  75. Sue says:

    Dear Anna and staff,
    I used my dining room as my craft space and have recently had to move from my house of 27 years to an apartment due to a sudden loss of income. I donated most of my other craft supplies but kept all my “Anna” goodies. The thing that keeps me most calm and happy is cardmakimg and scrapbooking with your lovely products that I had previously purchased. Keeping organized with much less room is challenging but these beautiful items would help tremendously. I can’t seem to find anything and with the smaller drawers finding my inks and small embellishments would be a snap. The paper holders would finally house my Anna papers by collection in one spot and the die binder would be a god send because I am forever searching for the exact one I need. Thank you for the opportunity to win these “exactly what I need” products!

  76. Janae says:

    As Always all of your items are beautiful. Can’t wait ’til May. Is there a possibility that there will be an Anna Griffin version of We R Memory Makers new sewing machine Stitch Happy? I want to purchase one in May and they have a couple of colors but I was thinking Anna Griffin Ivory and Gold would be the color I would choose.
    I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask even if it might be a far fetched idea.

  77. Cheryl Hofe says:

    Such a timely preview. I’m reorganizating my craft room. I’m excited to see the paper storage and the die cuts binder. All the items look great. Can’t wait.

  78. Diana Hill says:

    I love all of your things to get organized with. I would love to have all of it. My craft room needs lots of help and this would certainly help towards that goal. Thanks for all you do!

  79. Patty Young says:

    *Just moved recently and my scrapbook room is a mess!! Need to organize it ASAP! Love your organizarion items soo much!! My room would not be complete without Anna Griffin!! thanks

  80. Connie Collins says:

    I just started back to work at my church as a ministry assistant after staying home for 10 years to homeschool our son. All of your beautiful organizational products would be perfect for my new traditional office. I also can’t wait to get my hands on the gift wrap paper trimmer with those gorgeous Anna Griffin papers.

  81. Patty Moore says:

    I have been working on organizing my craft room for months and still not what I want. These pieces are so beautiful to tie everything together. Also, a little known fact about me is I am “the worlds worse gift wrapping cutter”. Always having to do multiple folds to get a great look to my packages. Everything is wonderful in this video.

  82. Patty Young says:

    Just moved recently and my scrapbook room is a mess!! Need to organize it ASAP! Love your organizarion items soo much!! My room would not be complete without Anna Griffin!! thanks

  83. Alice says:

    Love these shelves and drawers…beautiful and useful…and did I say I love these?♥️♥️♥️

  84. Melinda Bell says:

    I would be so proud to own this package
    Everything you make is of the best quality. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  85. Linda V says:

    Anna, I love all of your products. I would love to win these organizational products. After moving my craft room from a garage apt to a tiny bedroom, *** God only knows how much I need your new drawers, the paper racks and *** would love the wrapping paper organizer and cutter. I am so cramped that I am constantly moving stuff from the floor to get to a shelf or drawer, LOL. Please pick me! Thanks and God Bless, keep up the great work you do.

  86. Michelle Reaves says:

    Oh my what a treat it would be to organize my craft room wall unit with all of that!!! Right now I have all of my Anna stuff stored in three of the huge drawers on the unit but the drawers aren’t this pretty 🙂 Thank you for the chance!!

  87. Diana says:

    So much fun stuff. I’m excited to organize all my Anna stuff. I made tons of flip it cards and pop up cards and gave them to Moms and sister in laws and cousins in bundles so they could use them for their friends and family. Spreading the “Anna” love around. ❤❤❤

  88. Lissa N says:

    All storage and organizing things I need to get my craft room in better shape so I can get back to making and not hunting for my supplies. Love ❤️ everything Anna

  89. Penny Crusan says:

    I would love to win. I love all of Anna Griffin items but I do not have any of her organization items. I would love to have some more Anna Griffin products.

  90. Linda Kirchner says:

    Oh Anna, what a beautiful selection of storage solutions. Each one is lovelier than the other. Being a lover of all things Beautiful in the Making makes it a challenge to store everything in an efficient way. You give us options that help us do it beautifully too. Thanks so much for a wonderful and uplifting Craft Month, there has been so much inspiration flowing around here. I have loved every minute of it.

  91. Charlotte Bareis says:

    I would love these for my friend Tonya Couture who lost her house and everything in it, including her 2 puppies on March 12, 2017. Tonya, her husband and five kids are safe but they are now having to start all over. Tonya has been scrapbooking for 20 years. She lost her cricut machine, all of her Anna Griffin dies, stamps, paper, paper trimmer, everything including all of her pictures, and 20 family albums has been lost. It would be nice to give her something to so she can start scrapbooking again, and start creating new memories.

  92. Jane S Baker says:

    Anna, I am so excited to see the magnetic die storage binders. I have so many of your dies and have tried for years to find a good way to store them. Recently found some of another brand that I had to try, and although better than nothing, not much better. Very hard to handle or open fully to see dies. Must have missed these when they were on HSN, and did not see till you put them in your blog. I raced to HSN to get, but they were and still are sold out. I can’t wait till they come back and I can finally order. I just don’t know how many to get. I don’t want them to get sold out again before I get what I need. Love everything, but can’t wait to get those binders.

  93. Laura Cox says:

    I’m a huge fan of your storage items…..they’ve helped me on my journey to corral the craft room clutter….still a work in progress….these would be a great addition!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  94. Angela Garcia says:

    Organization is a constant battle, we all work to improve our spaces(large or small). Your die storage binders are fantastic! I could certainly utilize your wonderful products. I have recently re-done my craft room and I love your style! Thanks Anna

  95. Susan Bernard says:

    I need all the help I can get in my craft space. It is a mess and it seems I am always looking for something! I have 2 of your embossing folder boxes that I love, just need more! The paper holder looks like it will help corral some of my paper, the drawers will be great for embellishments and tools, and it will match the ones I already have. Have a great weekend everyone!

  96. Joan Baker says:

    Thankyou for all the amazing blogs and Instagram and Facebook pictures and photos and news! It has been a fabulous month of crafting which I have enjoyed immensely.

  97. Joan Baker says:

    Thankyou for all the amazing blogs and Instagram and Facebook pictures and photos and news! It has been a fabulous month of crafting which I have enjoyed immensely. You have all worked extremely hard to bring us all these posts ,so Thankyou , Thankyou , Thankyou to everyone who worked hard to make March such a happy crafting time!

  98. koalabc/barb says:

    I was thinking how great it would be to have a die binder and you already have this..Anna your always ahead of me..Thanks for that..I have always adored your beautiful products..

  99. Karen says:

    If you are a crafter it is so easy to be unorganized. I keep saying I am going to get there, then I start working on another craft project, more fun! I would LOVE to have the tools to become organized!

  100. Tracy Birdsell says:

    I gave my craft room to my Mom 31/2 years ago (Alzheimer’s) My craft space is a corner in the spare bedroom. I am in desperate need of some organization. I love all your products and have well over half of everything you sell. I’d love to have not only an organized space but a beautiful one as well. Thank you for your beautiful products and inspiration.

  101. Lisa M says:

    The storage binders and goodies would be awesome for my new craft space. Having everything beautifully organized helps get those creative juices flowing. Not to mention they would match my existing Anna goodies!!

  102. Haley Jo says:

    I love all these Anna, especially the organization products! We have a few of your organization items in your ivory color, but I will definitely show these to my mom.

  103. Patricia May says:

    Since I have a dedicated table in my bedroom to make my cards I could really use the storage set. I have my circuit on the table and I keep my A G. cutter bug always folded up oat the end of the long table till I get ready to use it. so the storage bins would be a great help in me keeping everything together and not in different places. and in plastic bags for the small stuff. and in file folders for the paper… boy do you come up with some creative idea’s and such pretty designs too boot. Every thing is just lovely.. thank you for considering all of us that love to watch you and for coming up with the designs.

  104. Brenda L says:

    Oh My Goodness I cannot wait to get my dies organized with the binders. I wonder how many binders I will need? I think I have every die that Anna has created and I know due to my disorganized crafting space I have at least one duplicate. I hope I do not find other duplicates in my quest for organization. 🙂 Thanks for the fun sneak peeks and wonderful giveaways!

  105. Darleen Maahs says:

    Oh these organizers and paper cutter are so fitting with the A.G. collections. We have all the card kits, paper, dies, now we need to get them all organized! Hoping some luck will come my way here. LOL

  106. Joann says:

    Since most of my craftroom is Anna, these would come in very nicely with all the other storage boxes I have. I have been waiting for die storage binder to come back to go with the one I have. 🙂

  107. Barbara Lines says:

    I love all the things you were inspired to create. My style for sure. I would love to have my craft room organized with all of your lovely inspired creations. Keep designing!

  108. Terry Frye says:

    Luuuuuv the storage binders. I can’t make up my mind which ones to get. Love the pink and black they are two of my favorite color combinations. Love the signature AG color as well. Also love the greens. I plan to use each color for different categories. Binders for AG items. Binders for other brands. So I guess I will just have to order a couple of each. Problem solved.

  109. Marilyn Meikle says:

    I thought I was organized, but these are way more amazing than my basic plastic containers. Plus I am in the plans of redoing my craft room (new pint & new carpet).. Love all your beautiful ideas!!

  110. Melissa Thorn says:

    I need it all, but I love those die binders!!! I had them in my cart last time they were on hsn and thy had a glitch and they were removed when I checked out, so I missed out on the because they sold out, but I LOVE them!!

  111. Silvia says:

    Die storage!!! I now have my wishful thinking dies stored in a not so cute box. Cannot find the items easily, these folders could be a dream for an organizer like me. And the colors and patterns are so you Anna pretty and happy. And the chic wrap, wow! It will make erapping presents fun and easy to find my supplies. Please pretty please choose me

  112. Tauna Peterson says:

    I just retired and now have time to work on my paper crafting projects. Your beautiful organizers would help me with getting all my projects ready. I am a big Anna Griffin product fan, and enjoy using your products. Keep creating such wonderful designs for all of us to unmask our creativity with.

  113. Beverly Limbach says:

    These storage items would transform my craft room. I have so many mismatched plastic shelves and drawers so would love to have a new look in my room. Your many items would really show off in them. You are such a special designer and I follow everything you do and share. Can’t wait til the May 9th show. My credit card is waiting. Thanks, Anna.

  114. Vickie Conquest says:

    Love your binder and storage so much! I just missed your binder last time 🙁 and have patiently awaiting it’s return, and look what you do, you give us MORE STORAGE! The shelving would be so great to store all my various collections of yours, while looking at the gorgeous unit itself. While I’ve always loved your Ivory Damask, I have fallen in love with Amelie, so it would be a tough choice!

  115. Paula Byrd says:

    *** I love all the storage and organization items. When I gaze into my crystal ball I see my room organized and everything in place. I will be able to make cards and use all my supplies that are organized and that my friend is “beautiful in the making”. Thanks Anna for sharing all your ideas

  116. Carol Love says:

    We just got a new home in Florida and I am going to have my own scrap room. I have to say I have ton’s of product,BUT need lots of storage. What a beautiful way to start it with with all your beautiful storage. Pattern’s are so pretty. Sure hope I win to get me started!!!!

  117. Doris Minear says:

    I love the new paper organizer, but I have so much Anna Griffin Paper I would need 100 of them. But if I were to get four of them I would use them to organize my Anna Griffin 12 inch flower borders, and Anna Griffin Christmas borders. I would just set them up on end so they wouldn’t fall out. Can’t wait until May.

  118. Sally Fisher says:

    Of course I would love to have these to embellish my craft supply space! It’s my favorite pattern too!

  119. Irene Alexander says:

    Wow! I love everything in this presentation. I have a huge IKEA wall unit. It has 25 cubical spaces. The craft paper storage unit, the multi-drawer storage unit, and metal die album would fit perfect in those spaces and look beautiful. I have your Camilla storage boxes in some of those spaces already. I would love to have the matching pieces to put my Anna Griffin paper collections and craft supplies. I also love the Chic wrap organizer too. It would solve my messy gift wrap problem. Those gift wrap paper patterns are fabulous!

  120. Dee A Mullins says:

    There are many times I pass up doing something creative because it takes me so long to find the items I need. I am not organized at all and it’s keeping me from doing something I love.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  121. Nancy Mohn says:

    I have storage, but much of it is makeshift. Your paper storage and drawers would be pretty. That would make my craft room a much more pleasant place, more inspiring too!

  122. Maria Iannone says:

    When I’m organized I enjoy making cards so much more. I can find exactly what I want to add a special touch. And to have organization in the beautiful Anna Griffin patterns will be even more inspiring! These items are such a great idea! I love everyone of them and with so much enjoy having them in my craft space.

  123. Laura L S says:

    All this would mean I can toss the ugly plastic bins and drawer systems and paper folders I have all my stuff in. Hooray! And if I could cut wrapping paper properly people might like looking at the gifts I give them. Uh oh….just sayin’

  124. Teresa Wright says:

    My sewing/craft room is going to be so pretty with these. I will be hoarding craft supplies in style.

  125. Karen Arnett says:

    Being organized will help me to become a better and more productive crafter. I would use the drawers for:
    1) Adhesives-double sided tape, roller adhesives, glue dots, foam squares
    2) Embellishments-gems, string, washi tape, ribbon
    3) Glue gun, glue sticks, heat gun
    4) Stickers
    5) Tools-beater, decorative edge scissors, small hand punches, tool in one

    I would use the paper storage drawers for:
    1) solid color cardstock
    2) checks/dots/stripes/plaids/circles
    3) floral/patterned paper
    4) baby/child/birthday/holiday
    5) scrap

    Now all I need to do is be the lucky winner!

  126. Martha DeVaughn says:

    Can’t believe how you anticipate our needs so accurately month by month.Love storage binders but need another for many dies without a home. Storage boxes and drawer storage are a necessity to organize and declutter our work space.. Would like dimensions posted if possible so we can plan placement.Thank you for all the beautiful items. Anxiously waiting for May 9th show.

  127. Ann D says:

    Your organizational products are delightfully beautiful! AND I’m so excited because May 9th’s Craft Day shows on HSN will be on my birthday! It will be a “happy birthday to me” kind of day! Can’t wait!

  128. Karen cash says:

    Better organization means better creativity! When you have everything in its place, you can quickly think of what you have to create new things that are beautiful in the making! I could definitely use more organization in my craft room. And, since I love Anna Griffin products, having the organization products to go with them would be the icing on the cake.

  129. Sherry Bradbury says:

    Oh WOW! I am so in need of organization. My stuff is currently scattered all over the dining room table, since my grandson is home from college, and has already taken over my craft room for his bedroom. Only a few weeks until he is home for the summer and sleeping in there again. Every time I try to create something, there is a scavenger hunt that has to happen first.

  130. Lori Langmeyer says:

    I love everything “Anna”! I received a She Shed for my 50th birthday and woukd love to add an Anna Griffin touch to it!

  131. Mary White says:

    Beautiful new items Anna! I really need the organizational storage boxes in the gorgeous floral prints and the multi drawer boxes to match! I have been working in my craft room for over 20 hours to try and see what I can donate to charity or to my grandson’s school. I didn’t realize what I had collected in there until I took the room apart. I bought some shelves so I can have all your beautiful yellow boxes all together. The lovely storage boxes would add so much elegance to this room that I would be proud of! Thank you for the opportunity to enter in this amazing contest. Love to you and to your staff for making our lives much happier!!

  132. Viv Osborne says:

    Even though I’m pretty organized, your organization stuff would be a great addition to my craft space. Love, love, love the parchment so delicate!!

  133. Karen McCoy says:

    Anna, your designs are like no other. They have a grace and beauty that feeds the soul even between uses. Just looking at them takes you to a place and time of beauty and calm lost in today’s world. Using them nourishes our hunger to create more of that. I received my pocket embellishments die cuts yesterday. They are gorgeous. The die cut storage looks great as I expect my collection to keep growing. Next to order are your papers to use with all your other things I have. Nothing locally come close. Currently making beautiful designs with the Cuttlebug for Easter cards. Thank you!

  134. Cathy Grebe says:

    Love all of your beautiful items. My family and friends are so pleased when they receive a new card. My mother and my aunts give me the outside back so I can share with someone else. We just keep spreading joy with your beautiful art. Thank you!

  135. Dona Shaw says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said. I love your storage and have some but you can never have enough especially as I keep collecting your wonderful products. Would love to win the new ones. Thanks Anna for your incredible products and generousity.

  136. Sue Inscho says:

    Organization is so important it makes crafting more enjoyable and takes less time to find things. Your products are wonderful for this.

  137. Barbara Kingman says:

    Hard getting thru today, facebook must be having the same STORMY weather we’re having. I guess it’s better than snow but not sure when everything is saturated
    I really need these note books, I’m over spilling with dies and no place to put them. I have been collecting Camilla but have other patterns.
    I have been working with the new lettering and pocket dies and made a beautiful card for my daughter’s birthday and also have some pop ups from her significant other and fathers day. I don’t know to upload these.

  138. Sharon says:

    I. NEED. THOSE. DIE. STORAGE. FOLDERS. NOW! I have been working on revamping my craft rooms going on 4 years now. (YES, more than one. I need room for all your crafty goodies that are like a fine wine. They just keep getting better and better with time!) Trying to figure out how to store the dies and embossing folders because they are just too heavy for most storage units. These are perfect!
    I purchased the Christmas Chic Wrap. TWO in fact. One for me and the other for one of my daughter. I haven’t had a chance to use mine, but she has and she LOVES IT! I could sure use another one for my other daughter!!

    So how do we get the paper without purchasing another Chic Wrap?!!

    Love the drawers with the dividers! Those will sure come in handy for more than just paper items!!!

  139. Cathy Fraileythy says:

    Oh wow – I desperately need storage options! And it doesn’t hurt that they’re shabby and pretty!

  140. Rose Harms says:

    My raft room is also our guest room/office/craft room. Having your beautiful items would make my crafting materials all in one place and attractive for my guests to view. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to possibly win these items

  141. Mary Coleman says:

    So very happy to see the storage and so very cute. Its for those of us who bought things and thought well i am just buying a little bit but then find out when we try and organize it, boy do we have a lot and find out we have several of the same thing because we couldnt find what we originally bought.

  142. Ginger McDonald says:

    GREAT stuff Anna, paramount to crafting is organization (or it is for me) I LOVE things in their proper places & spaces and when it’s all stored in fabulous looking products like these it’s a win win !!!
    I seem to always be looking for ways to tweak or move/store things for better productivity. Love your products so I can also have it coordinated.

  143. Sharon Childers says:

    What a way to get inspired crafting!!! I have loved seeing all the Anna Griffin products. I really love the storage trays & the paper roll center. I Thank YOU ANNA for your smile, enthusiastic training for all of us and your generosity. God Bless you & all of your team. Y’all been a Blessing to me!

  144. Nancy Haggerty says:

    Oh I would love to win! I was recently, finally, awarded my 100% service connected disability and we are just now turning our sun room into my craft room. This would help me get started in the right way!! I love your products!!!

  145. Christine Hafner says:

    Hi Anna! My whole life is “trying” to get organized–it never ends–but if I had your beautiful storage and drawer organizers it would surely help (to hold all my AG paper and items I buy from HSN! Chris

  146. Jean Leikin says:

    Having just moved for the second time in 22 years I am in dire need of GREAT storage, and especially beautiful ones.. I love the die storage ring binder. 🙂

  147. Debbie Sheets says:

    Thanks for designing such beautiful items for us to use. I could really Make my craft room brighter with any of these.

  148. Pat McNab says:

    I was so lucky to be able to get one die storage binder when you premiered them on HSN, but that didn’t hold all my dies … so can’t wait to have another chance to order on May 9th. Love the storage items. My wish list just grew!

  149. Laura Payne says:

    These are so beautiful and usefull! I have 4 of the die storage binders and love them! These would be the perfect compliment for all my other Anna storage/organizational pieces. Thank you for all you do!

  150. Belinda Kerschen says:

    I have and love the wrapping station! I would give the one I win to my sister. I am designing my studio in gold and gray-blue and would really like to have new storage items. Thanks Anna!

  151. Brandi says:

    2 of my favorite things, craft and organizing, all in 1. I would use this to help organize some of my card making supplies. It’s sip cute.

  152. Marcia says:

    I just love all of your designs! I have purchased card sets in the past and have gotten numerous compliments from my recipients. Would love to win this! Amazing! Oh, the things I could make!

  153. Diane Hovey says:

    It would be wonderful to have beautiful, coordinated storage that actually works! Love these!

  154. Christine M says:

    I would use these products to organize my craft closet. Right now I cannot evervon first try find what I want. I am always searching. However then again repeated searching helps me find items I forgot I had

  155. MaryRose Fabiano says:

    Sorry for the duplicate post. There was an error on the first one which misspelled my name and it couldn’t be edited.

    ***! Anna, as usual your new products surpass imagination! These items would so be a great organizing asset to my tiny craft room!! I have so many of your wonderful magnetic dies and embossing folders that are still in their mailing boxes. Also, I have tons of your embellishments that would love a home in such a beautiful drawer tower!The binders and drawer and shelf towers would be so great to have. Not only that but they would be so beautiful on display! I certainly could put them in other places near my craft room because of their decorative quality. I would save so much time and enjoy crafting so much more! Thank you for always coming up with such elegant ways to store your fabulous products!

  156. Laura Papercuts says:

    What lovely ideas. The storage binders are so pretty. I have some of your older embossing folders and love that they’re big and accommodate my larger cards. 5X6.5. Why everyone makes the little a2 size is beyond me. It can’t accommodate the bigger card, but visa versa it works. Thanks Anna.

  157. Terri Koon says:

    I was lucky enough to get one of the die storage binders when they were on the first time but I need another. So glad you are bringing them back. I think I’m going to need the paper storage too. Thanks for creating all the coordinating pieces, they make my craft area look so pretty!! I cannot wait to see more new items

  158. Chere Stegall says:

    I really need this. My papers are all over this house and so are my dies. I have a small house and do everything on my dining room table. I’m working on my sons scrapbook of his life . He passed away in 2015. He was 46 years young. Thank you for all your ideas and products. God Bless

  159. Cecilia Alzona says:

    This is so perfect! I’m in the process of organizing my craft room this would really help a lot!

  160. Linda Scott says:

    Wow this is so amazing! I finally have spare room in my home to use as a craft space and am trying to get all my Anna Griffin craft items organized, So these new items are just awesome and will make using my AG items such much for fast, fun and efficient I would love these items for my designated craft room. Thanks for the opportunity to win these items. Have a wonderful day and God bless!.

  161. MaryRose Fabianomrangelbear says:

    ***! Anna, as usual your new products surpass imagination! These items would so be a great organizing asset to my tiny craft room!! I have so many of your wonderful magnetic dies and embossing folders that are still in their mailing boxes. Also, I have tons of your embellishments that would love a home in such a beautiful drawer tower!The binders and drawer and shelf towers would be so great to have. Not only that but they would be so beautiful on display! I certainly could put them in other places near my craft room because of their decorative quality. I would save so much time and enjoy crafting so much more! Thank you for always coming up with such elegant ways to store your fabulous products!

  162. Marian says:

    I love all things Anna Griffin, I am addicted to it. All these pretty organizers would motivate me to keep everything near and organized. Please pick me!

  163. MichellePB says:

    I am an organization obsessor….and have some of your beautiful pieces already…
    Winning this wonderful giveaway would be amazing…Everything would look lovely in my studio…(we have the same taste in color palette preferences!)

  164. Margaret Iddon says:

    Everything, as usual, us stunning and practical. I would love to win this. Would love you to come gack and sell in the UK.

  165. Libby says:

    I am in the process of turning my child’s bedroom into my scrap room, now that that child is 25 and out of the house! Your storage solutions would be an awesome addition.

  166. Carla Haase says:

    I love the wrapping paper system and would love to win it along with the other organizing items. Really need all of them. But every time I wrap a gift, I would think of you, Anna, while I add an Anna-made card and tag.

  167. Denise Turner says:

    These beautiful storage organization pieces would be so helpful since I had to move my crafting area back to the main living area. My two post college students are living at home so they can pay off school loans. Thankfully they are both working.

  168. Sue Royalty says:

    I adore the new storage boxes! I’m going to go right now and measure the spaces and adjust the shelves in my craft room so I can fit these in. They are beautiful!!

  169. Rosemary says:

    I am always trying to organize my craft supplies so all of these products are wonderful. I missed the binder during the last craft show so definitely will pirchase this item.

  170. Christine Van dean says:

    Hi Anna,
    BEAUTIFUL!! These Storage solutions, oh how I can use these, functionality and beauty together! You can’t beat that.
    Thanks for all you do

  171. Diane Wiest says:

    I’ve just completed my very first Anna Griffin card and I’m looking forward to doing many more. The organizational items would help me store all the die cuts, cards, etc. I have recently purchased to make Anna’s cards. Looking forward to May 9 on HSN.

  172. Jennifer Richards says:

    My crating heart runners over with love.
    Once again, you have created exquisite ways for me to take the tons of Anna Griffin products I buy every time you appear on HSN, and organize them.
    I try and give your beautiful products as gifts all the time.
    Now just seeing them organized in my room will be a gift to me.
    Thank you….

  173. Linda Wade says:

    You have so many fans Anna, it took me such a long time to reach the bottom of this list to comment. I really need all of these organizers in triplicate I have x o many of your things I have to search through so much to find what I’m looking for. Love your items

  174. Melissa Eichenauer says:

    Oh, to be so beautifully organized. I’m getting there…but, the Anna Griffin storage items would be the “icing on the cake”!

  175. Nancy Itson says:

    I love all of your storage solutions. You make a craft room look lovely. The drawer storage would be great to organize the many embellishments I have on hand and who doesn’t need paper storage? I have so many dies that would love to be put away in a pretty home like your binders. That is a great idea! Thank you for helping our paper crafts and our craft rooms look beautiful. Your giveaways are so thoughtful and I appreciate all of them!

  176. Anne with an "e" says:

    First, sincere thanks to you, and to your extraordinary team, for making this March so f-Anna-tastic! The products from the last craft day are stunning (as usual), and your generosity, of time and deals, is unparalleled. No wonder you have such loyal fans!
    And now – beautiful things to store the makings of more beautiful things! These new items would look so good next to the many ivory AG boxes on my open craft shelves. It would be great to access things like paper without having to lift the clear portfolio-type craft boxes currently holding them! Thank you for this chance to win! Regards, Anne

  177. Carolyn says:

    Organizing! Never ending project at my house! Have to say, love! love! love! the die storage ring binder, have two and will be ordering a 3rd from the May show. So nice to flip through my binders to see what die I will need to use for a project. thanks Anna and team for bringing such outstanding projects to us crafters.

  178. JD Brooten says:

    I love all the beautiful patterns and colors of your storage systems. I would use all of your storage items to make my small home studio more efficient . The happy, joyful designs would inspire me !

  179. Tracie says:

    Getting ready to get my sun room ready for crafting. IT has the best lighting and plenty of room but no storage system

  180. Marcia E. says:

    Again — so many wonderful new items. I need the die storage binder for all my great dies.

  181. Nora says:

    I would love to have the die storage binder and of course the paper storage box would be great too. Anything to help me get organized is very helpful. Thank you Anna for sharing such wonderful products with us. I absolutely love all of your products and I am forever grateful for your tips and techniques, thank you so much!!!

  182. Gail B says:

    Oh Anna !! You have done it again!! So many wonderful storage solutions in your beautiful patterns. I have to finish my craft room organization and NEED the Paper Storage Boxes, the Multi-Drawer Boxes and the Die Storage Binders. By the end of May we will all be so organized. Thank you Anna!

  183. Sandy W says:

    I finally have a craft room since all three of my daughters have graduated from college and now on their own! I need all the storage supplies because I have none. Theses are beautiful and very practical. This would make my craft room beautiful!

  184. Erin Piehl says:

    Part of the beauty of my Anna Griffin products is just how they look even before I make anything with them~ and being organized is key…a place for everything and everything in it’s place. With these fantastic new storage aids it will be all the more fun (and beautiful)!

  185. Reba Duncan says:

    Since I will be traveling today and do not know when I will get to my computer, I wanted to to thank you for the multi drawer storage boxes that you designed which gave me great ideas. I am going to go through my antique button collection from my great grandmothers and find some of the vintage buttons to use as knobs on my multi drawer storage boxes. You made them beautiful so I will just make them my own. I will make a hole in each drawer then use florist wire to attach the buttons to the front for decoration. I am hoping to use the small drawer boxes between the paper tower boxes on my shelves if they will fit instead of the plastic. I will also be making a space for the Chic Wrap box on one of my shelves. I love your papers so I will be using one pattern for a back splash behind my desk. I will glue the paper on foam board then glue that to a thin piece of plywood then trim it out with molding. The finished boards will then be nailed to my wall . Any paper I have left from the Chic Wrap will be used for presents-maybe!!! I think this will enhance your beautiful paper patterns on the boxes and make my crafting area look divine. Oops, I will need some fabric for my chair!!!! Anna, thank you for knowing what I need before I do!!!! You are the best.

  186. Ashley H says:

    Oh Anna!! The new organizers are so amazing. I can’t stand not being organized, and I just recently got a Cricut Explore Air 2 and am having anxiety over all the clutter my yardstick is creating!! I could really use these to get myself organized and stress free!! And I do have to mention how lovely the wrapping paper prints are, and would love the easy cut storage box! Thanks so much for bringing us the best for our crafting experience!

  187. Gayla Greer says:

    Wow! I feel so blessed to have been introduced to your wonderful and creative mind! I am into the rose florals and all the embellishments and antique paper that you have created from your past and the items that influence your life and creativity! I have been faithfully watching your posts and all the HSN craft days even while trying to settle my Mom’s estate. It brings me joy to be able to order things to make beautiful cards for my family and friends. Last week I was wishing I had something beautiful to organize my craft room for my paper and my dies and you and your fabulous team have come through again.
    I am trying to clear clutter and organize my life and all the things you are offering for May 9th fits the bill! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  188. Carol Ouellette says:

    Dear Anna-As I will be downsizing and my craft room will be in the open in my living room. It is vital I stay organized so I can remain calm and enjoy crafting. Have been watching for the die storage binder as I can look thru the clear pages and find the die I need. But I love the storage paper unit and especially the one with the drawers and dividers! As it would really help me find the little embellishments that often get bent or damaged. It would be so WONDERFUL to have the items needed to get organized. The paper trimmer makes everything for wrapping easy as it’s all in one place. Please help me get organized as it would be so much fun to really relax when crafting. Everything in it’s place. Oh!!! Just in case I win my favorite pattern is Ivory Damask. O.K. lost it for a minute am back to reality. Will be happy for the 2 winners out of the many that enter. Thank you Anna for the chance to win these item. It is so exciting to get a preview of them and to see who wins.

  189. Kimberly says:

    I love the new storage boxes and the drawer units, I am very disorganized, but have been trying to get more organized, and boy will those items help. Also a big help is the album to get my dies organized. I have most of them throne in a box, and all the dies I received from you are still in the original boxes. I will use my dies more if they were neatly stored. Thanks for these storage products!

  190. Sabrina Gow says:

    The new offerings are just wonderful! I have been on an Anna Griffin binge and could use all these wonderful storage items for all my purchases! I actually made my very first two cards today using the All About Kindness card kit! I’m your newest fan! Please pick me!

  191. Sharons says:

    Anna first I want to say thank you for all the special buys it is greatly appreciated. I love the storges boxes and your beautiful prints. I am always sad when national craft month ends so I will be looking forward to May 9.

  192. Donna Sue says:

    I could use some pretty organizers for all my scrapbook papers and make my craft room gorgeous! Thanks Anna!

  193. G Stepp says:


  194. Paulette Duda says:

    I just finished a fantastic box card for a pre med/forensic degree student. Two majors and very special. I used blood splatter (fake) dead person cutout, gun, crime scene tape, a book titled “what to do when they flinch” by a medical examiner. It was so much fun.

    Would love to win some prizes to keep all the stuff I have leftover…organized

  195. migdalia Del Valle says:

    I am super excited to win these….I have a large craft room that is super organized…but I just moved some of my stuff to my little closet because my daughter and granddaughter needed a place to live for a few months and I gave them my craft room…So I was only able to move some of my favorite craft items (most of them are Anna’s crafts of course) to my tiny closet and I desperately need to organize this tiny space…

    Thank you!!

  196. Susan Morris says:

    ***! I love everything. I need the magnetic binders for all of my dies. I also have tons of your paper so I could really use the paper storage!!!! Thank you for all you do!

  197. Donna Huntington says:

    What great timing, I am doing my spring cleaning of my craft supplies. The paper storage and die cut binders are just what I need to easily organize all of the paper crafting items that need a organized home. The flower prints will go nicely in my craft area.

  198. Mira Crawford says:

    Hi from your fellow Wolfpacker! I chased my husband and his office out of one of our upstairs bedrooms so I could have my own office/craft room. His office is now downstairs in the formal living room, which was never used as such, plus he has more square footage there.
    I have been searching for a set of drawers like yours. Those clear plastic sets are not the right sizes to store on desktops, they are not attractive, nor is each drawer size large enough to store bulkier items such as the larger punches. I need to organize my desktop by storing away those larger items to free up the counter top. SOOOO excited about all new (and old) things “Anna Griffin”! I just want you to know your quality in products are so reliable and esthetically pleasing too. I would be so proud to display such functional art in my craft room! Blessings to you friend!

  199. Kimi Brown says:

    All designs are so pretty. They will probably sell out on HSN before I make up my mind. Hopefully my name will be drawn and I my dilemma will be solved.

  200. Melisas Clark says:

    OHEY MY GOSH – I’M SO EXCITED about these products!! Right now it takes me forever to create anyrhing!! All my card stock and pattern paper (and I have a lot of it) I don’the have a convenient way to store it – right now it’seems all in either 13″ x 13″ x 2″ or 13″ x 13″ x 4″ cardboard boxes so you can’take see what paper is in what box (I have 9 boxes). My dies again are in yet again in another cardboard box so if I need one it takes me FOREVER to find what I’mean looking for!! All my Anna griffin stuff – ink pads etc are in my Xmas Card boxes left from the card kits!! CRAFTING WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT, MORE ENJOYABLE ANDROID MOST OF ALL FUN with the items!!! LOVE YOU ENGINE ITF ANNA YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!

  201. Melody Babbirklow says:

    Oh Anna if you were to see my craft room, You’d gladly allow me to be recipient, of you organized shelf box, and the drawer’s.. I swear I have a path in the middle of the room I walk to get around the room to get items I need depending on what I am working on..lol have a 6 foot table jammed full of craft items, I also have 6 big red totes, full of your card kits, and papers and a couple albums.. so Do I want.. to win yes,and I need to win… am thinking about posting a picture of the one side of my room..lol I need to say Thank You Anna for all you do and all you give us..

  202. Teresa says:

    Anna these new storage binders are a great place to store my Dies upset cuz they sold out last time and just love the storage items. Could fill them up beautifully with all my , Anna goodies. Hope I win. I never win anything but could really use these items. My Anna things need a home for organized access. Can’t wait for the show

  203. Reba Duncan says:

    I did not realize the storage binders had magnetic sheets! I was so excited about the binders that I did not hear the rest. You think of everything, thank you. I am very excited about the paper storage towers. I am going to get rid of my old plastic 12 x 12 papers holders. They are good but I have to look through the papers from the side and it takes a lot of time. With the towers i can group your papers by color or season or pattern. That way I can flip through the papers and will be able to see the papers from the top. Yay!! I will be organized and more efficient. I will put the towers on my bookcase shelves which will free up desk space and move the bookcase shelves so the towers fit snugly on the shelf. Hopefully, less chance of them falling of accidentally. If there is space between the towers on the shelf, I will utilize the space by purchasing some little plastic drawer towers and use the little drawers to store my ink pads and stamps. I hope I can get three sets of AG towers and little towers on my bookshelf. I will finally be able to organize my AG papers. Also, when I feel creative I will not have to spend precious time trying to find all the supplies I need to make a card. Thank you, you are the best!

  204. Sandy says:

    The paper storage and multi-drawer storage unit are just what I need to my Anna Griffin products in. My Spring project is cleaning and organizing my craft room, and these two items would work wonderful for me. I sure hope I win all the items to help me organize. Thank you, Anna.

  205. Granny D says:

    There are certainly a whole bunch more replies this time. WHEW!

    Getting organized is hard but staying organized is a whole other story. Your stash grows, supplies grow, materials, ideas grow and I now find I am outgrowing my original organization and I must get a few things under control. The die box is now too heavy to move so must get the magnetic notebook for your fabulous dies. There are never enough paper trays around to keep patterns and colors separated. Thankfully when I purchase your cards they come pre-organized so that really helps keep the mess in order and the cards in good shape.

    Good timing to have all these items to purchase.

  206. Michelle Bourgeois says:

    Love your products. And love craft days on HSN. I try to use a vacation day so I can be home and enjoy every second of it live. These new items look amazing. Keep em coming. ❤️

  207. Carla Joseph says:

    Organization is my middle name!!! Nothing makes me happier than to be organized and for everything to have a place and be in its place! I desperately need that new gorgeous paper storage unit and the unit with the drawers. I have two tall paper racks in my scrapbook room but I’ve run out of space for all of my AG 12 x 12 paper kits! I also need those drawers for my AG ink pads! I hope to win them but if I don’t, I will definitely be ordering them on May 9.

  208. Donna Madsen says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to win those! I think I’m organized until I actaully look around my room after not being in it for a while. Ha Ha. Storing the paer with thte matching embellishments next to it would be really handy!

    And who wouldn’t love to win gift wrap with the awesome cutter box!

    Thanks for the chance.

  209. Kim Z says:

    Oh these are nice!! Right now I have all my Anna Griffin items in large totes, 1 for papers, 1 for dies etc…. these look like they would help to eliminate my loss of crafting time from digging through those totes!
    Anna, I do want to take the time to thank you and your staff for the “Craft Month” weekly specials, this was so much fun! I was able to pick up some of the items I missed out on in the past! Your staff is OUTSTANDING! For the past 4 weeks I have called in to order my weekly deal, Every time I called I spoke with the most wonderful, patient and personable people, you can definitely feel their enthusiasm about your products !! I can not thank you enough for this opportunity to pick these items up and at such a reasonable price also!! THANK YOU ANNA ! And THANK YOU to all of your staff!! Kim

  210. cris says:

    I am in need of new Anna organizers!
    My ancient milk crate storage system is leaning against the wall and collapsing.
    Thank you Anna for a much classier idea than my ancient idea of storage.

  211. Cathy May says:

    Oh me oh my! I will probably need to order a bushel load of these products to try and get organized. Where I store my products is a complete absolute horrible mess. If you would see it you would either cry or laugh because there would be no way that you could believe it looks this bad. I can’t find a dag gone thing. I will break the bank in May quite sure of that….

  212. Ruth Robbins says:

    I don’t think it’s possible for me to get organized. Everything is such a hodge-podge mess. I keep trying different ways to get it going, but then I just have more stuff to deal with. Would love to finally get things organized and pretty. So pick me, please.

  213. Sheila says:

    Oh my gosh your storage binder is just too pretty for words. If I was lucky enough to win this, I would display it on my work desk all the time. It is just too pretty to hide away. It would be so amazing to have my dies organized once and for all. My old shoe box has seen better days.

  214. Brenda says:

    Out of all the products I have bought the “Parchment Papers” is one of my most favorite’s. The results are …..well…I am speechless. Too gorgeous for words and so relaxing

  215. Jennifer S. says:

    Anna, Your creativity never stops! I love the Die Storage Binder and a new pattern, Amelie. The Anna Griffin printed paper storage and drawers are much nicer than the black plastic ones I have on my desk currently 🙁 I am so looking forward to May 9th! I’d like to purchase everything today! love it! BTW, I used your hostess kit for a baby shower for my daughter. The card stock is very nicely printed and beautifully made. I received lots of compliments. Thank you!

  216. Bonnie Smith says:

    Your storage solutions are just as beautiful as they are purposeful! I have so much paper that this would be so helpful when trying to find the paper I need. It would also keep it in better shape with no bent corners or edges!.They would really dress up my craft room and make it more cheerful!

  217. Teresa says:

    My two favorite products from today’s review is the
    Die Storage Binders and the small multi-drawer storage box. I so need the die binders so that I can see what dies I actually have and use them. Some are still in the original packages that they were mailed in. The drawer storage box can help clean up the table I use to scrap book. Love the dividers inside of them. Would love to win these!!

  218. Terry says:

    Love the new storage units and binders…..I so desperately need help with getting organized…. These would help tremendously!

  219. Bobette Larsen says:

    How can any of us choose? Most people need to be better organized. Not too easy because we live in only 2 rooms. Really like the magnetic pages to store the dies. And also the wrapping paper cutter! Would be so much better than trying to cut with a scissors on my bed.

  220. Carey Escobedo says:

    I have collected so many great Anna Griffin products and have been struggling to find a practical way to store them. I would love to use the drawers to hold my embelishments. The paper holders would be great for my desk so my paper will be at hand and the binders for holding my Anna dies would help keep me organized.

  221. Linda Kelley Johnston says:

    How beautifully all your products make my heart flutter. There are no words to explain how deeply each one touches my heart. My wildest dream come true would be to have my poor “to be eventually” craft room that is sadly totally filled with moving boxes of my beautiful products from Anna Griffin, to be all organized and able for me to step in and create to my hearts content. It’s going to be hard, because I am disabled, so I have to take moving and emptying everything step-by-step, slowly one day, one box at a time But it’s my dream, and I shall work towards it so that one day it will be perfect and I will be able to make beautiful cards easily for the people I love. I try to make cards every week to send to those in my church who are in heartfelt need of Support, love and encouragement. Being able to share the beauty of Anna’s beautiful cards and designs with a little bit of my love mixed into it, brings joy to my heart. Thank you again for making it easy for all of us to be able to share our love through your beautiful products & designs. We all love you! And to the two lucky and blessed winners, whomever they shall be, enjoy!
    Happy Spring to everyone at Anna Griffin and love to all!!!

  222. Janie says:

    WOW!!!! The storage items look fantastic ! If you are truely a crafter, the one thing you can never have enough of is paper, dies, etc and a place to store ALL those craft items! I have enough paper to probably fill one of those storage towers now. Plus I already have one of the storage binders and they are WONDERFUL!!!

  223. Evadene says:

    I am in love with those green drawers! (oh, that sounds funny – green drawers) Anyway, I am in the midst of organizing with Totally Tiffany and I sure can use those boxes. I would turn the paper box on it’s side and go vertical with my paper. What I could put in those drawers is endless. I doubt I will win them, so they are for sure on my shopping list! About 10 of each will do to get me started. Bless you Anna, as always.

  224. Barbie Sutherland says:

    Oh my gosh just beautiful I’m in process of redoing my craft room as we speak major do over paint and building counters and organization is what I need with these beauties!! U amazed me by your talent and gourgous things!! Thank you Anna!!

  225. Carol Sprague says:

    I don’t have a craft room but I do use part of my living room for my crafts. I’ve been looking for a way to store my paper stash with a reasonable cost. Can you tell me are the paper and drawer organizer stackable?

  226. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    I have loads of Anna Griffin items that I need to get organized – I have been wishing for storage items like the paper shelves & drawers, along with the die binders. Can’t wait to get started.

  227. SusanJoe Couturier says:

    This organization items are great. This would be wonderful to have on my craft table. I’d be able to have everything I need right at my fingertips. It would make my card making so much easier. Usually when I work, tools, etc are everywhere. With the paper storage and drawers, I wouldn’t have such a mess on m y table. Love the binder for all the die cuts. Again Anna, you have hit it out of the park.

  228. Nora says:

    My favorite time of the year! Cleaning out the scrapbook and craft room in style with the annual friends and family giveaway. Every spring it’s time to clean and organize and give those items that have not been used to others that can use them. I find this to be helpful and I rediscover product that I forgot I had. Organization is the key to peace of mind. One thing I haven’t organized is my dies. With your storage binder is my next task. All the dies I have are in a drawer and It’s a complete mess. The paper trays and drawers will help to organize my papers and then I will know what I have. Great products this time if year ! Thanks for the continued progression of products.

  229. PER says:

    I can’t do beautiful in the making without beautiful in the storing. I am desperate, desperate, desperate for the die binders! Do they come in a set of two? I went to create some Valentine cards using some of the older heart dies of yours only to discover that the dies were missing! I have put them in a safe place and have no idea where that is. I can’t wait to organize them by category, frames/ribbons, floral, Christmas, seasonal, etc. I did that with my stamps using your stamp binders and then labeled the pages as to what stamps were in each pocket folder. I know exactly where all of my stamps are! By the way, I would LOVE to add an AG gold label maker to my organization. In getting “beautiful in the organizing,” I want to label everything. That way I am organized and I can ensure I have everything of yours that I want. Sometimes I watch HSN and say to myself, “Have I ordered that?’ I don’t want to order something I already have. That takes away from being able to order the other items I want. The ability to check by having things labeled will make a check of items quick and easy! Hope to see that added to your repertoire of wonderful items!

  230. Cheryl Locke says:

    I have made samples of all my embossing folders and put the samples in a binder and the folders in your boxes. I have started to make samples of all my dies and I have been waiting very impatiently for the die cut binders to come in stock. I am so excited to get this project done and organized. When doing the samples of the folders I realized just how many I had and have never used because they were stashed all over the place. I am super excited to get the binders and start creating with the dies I am just discovering I have!!! I just love how everything coordinates and looks so stylish and so very organized. I love the wrapping paper storage and organization. I have Christmas organized but the everyday…..well lets just say I keep buying bags because I can never find my everyday gift paper! Anna you are the best at knowing what I need to get my life organized!!!!! Thank you!

  231. Myrna Hartley says:

    I LOVE the organizing items and so many colors. The cards with vellum are gorgeous.

    Love it all.


  232. Donna in S.C says says:

    I am re doing my craft area and the storage binder for all my dies would be perfect. The storage boxes certainly will help with many items.

  233. jOAN CARNEY says:

    *** just in time for my move. I’m moving into a small 1 bedroom apartment and will use the dinning are as my living room and my living room will be my craft room. Your new organizational products will give me a good head start and after I get all my things out of storage in NY and down to FL then I will finally have all my craft supplys in one spot…. I would love to win this week to keep me totally up to date on my Anna’s and Joan’s craft room. LOL

  234. jOAN CARNEY says:

    *** just in time for my move. I’m moving into a small 1 bedroom apartment and will use the dinning are as my living room and my living room will be my craft room. Your new organizational products will give me a good head start and after I get all my things out of storage in NY and down to FL then I will finally have all my craft supplys in one spot… Be still my heart. I would love to win this week to keep me totally up to date on my Anna’s and Joan’s craft room. LOL

  235. Shirley Hinton says:

    Iam falling , Iam falling in love with floral print .,but that means aill have to mwke new curtains paint new wals and try and match everything I use for storage ,,may be just do or match what’s out side of cabinets Keeping uniform and flowing .out side of caninets …the boxes are delightful so feimnine and its so creativly inspiring ..ok its started ..I am thinkimg about it ..I recognize the symtoms .

  236. Susanne Holloway says:

    ***-if you could see how ANNA GRIFFIN has transformed my bedroom into half bedroom half craft room. Not only do I want these storage items- I need these storage items. Ask anyone in my family. LOL

  237. Elizabeth says:

    The die storage binders are so necessary! All the other products would be lovely also! I wish you would bring in more products so things would not sell out and I can get them. I usually record your shows and view them later. I see something I want andvit is gone… Thanks Anna!

  238. Melissa Gabbard says:

    Anna love that the binders are back in stock for May 9th. As I want to get more. Love the paper storage too. So excited to get organized in my craft room.As I want to have a craft party. I want to get together with my friends and family and have a day of just fun crafting. Some of my friends say they are not crafty. I want to show them with the right tools you can be crafty. That’s what your tools are the right tools to make us all look good.

  239. Susan G says:

    Dies storage for all of the dies I purchased from you will look wonderful in one of the binders. Friends can flip through the binder and pick out the die they want to have cut.

  240. Patricia says:

    Love luv luv!! You did it again but this time with ordinary organization components that have the Anna Griffin “midas touch” and look stunning!! Love the colors, selections and can’t wait to own every piece!! Thank you for the beautiful organization!!!

  241. Reba Duncan says:

    Anna you are the best!!! After May 9th, I can stop carrying my dies in their boxes inside a large cardboard box when we travel. Your Die storage binders are incredible and i have already picked out my colors of the binders. Now my husband will not tell me how heavy the box is with the dies and my Cuttlebug because with the storage binders I can put all the binders in a nice duffel bag instead of cardboard boxes. My Cuttlebug will have a new duffel bag for it too!!! I cannot wait to get organized!!!! Thank you !!!

  242. Betty Jackson says:

    I love the paper storage shelves and the storage drawers.They would look great and serve me well in my hobby room.

    Thank you

  243. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    I so need all of your pretty organization products in my craft space!! I have so many of your card making kits, dies, and embossing folders which could use organization.

  244. Kate says:

    I have a Scrapbook room that needs to get organized. Die cuts all over, scrapbook paper that’s locked away in tubs I’ll never find because its not easy to get to. I’m so inspired by the storage options you have now Anna. I won’t miss out this time on the die storage binder for sure. This room is my haven, my escape and my way of capturing the moments that are most meaningful to me. When I come home from a stressful work week I know I can go to my happy place and it would be so much more beautiful with your designs Anna. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  245. Sue Swanson says:

    I own the wrap paper storage and love it! Now it is time to organize all my dies. The die storage binder is a must have for me.

  246. Karen Lancour says:

    I am giving my craft room a makeover. I’m an organizer and am making my craft room my happy place. When I open the door to this craft room I envision the peace that comes over myself upon entering. A place I can go to create and feel a piece of heaven. Organized and a place where everything has a place. The products you have for organizing would be another great addition to organization in my room of happiness.

  247. Sandy Christman says:

    I’ve been working on the organization of my. Craft room for a year! I just have not been able to find what I’ve been looking for. You are brilliant to bring out this new collection. I am so excited for a chance to win & a little sad if I have to wait until May to buy what I need. I want your products to finish the area I’m working on so it will be Beautiful, then I can craft my items to make them beautiful in the making.

  248. Karen D'Amato says:

    The magnetic notebooks are absolutely a must for anyone who uses dies. They would be very important items to have in any workroom!

  249. Michelle L Hall says:

    I just bought a new house on the other side of the country. I am having to start my life over again but this time I get a craft room, I love everything you make. I would love to organize my new space with Grace. Its the small things that help you get through some tough times. Crafting and kids are the reasons I am smiling.

  250. Vicki Moffett says:

    Just finished my she shack. I would love these organizing items to match the AG die cut and stamp binders in my collection.

  251. Paula Jackson says:

    Wow. How ironic. I’ve been trying to clean and organize my craft room. I’ve been telling my daughters how I have enough room, but no storage. I’ve been on the lookout for storage solutions and the magnetic storage for the dies, and paper storage cubes are not only perfect, they are beautiful. It’s almost as if you got a peek into my room and said “we need to help out this poor craft room and it’s crafter”, ha.

  252. Irma says:

    ***! My daugther and I got so excited after we saw your video, so we star cleaning her toy room so we can have a craft table. I just order the Cricut Air 2 from HSN so we can start crafting. Thank you

  253. Jean Condon says:

    Good storage to keep everything organized is so key to successful paper crafting, otherwise all your time is spent looking for products. These are very lovely and would be a a great addition to my studio, and not only that, but I’m thinking it would look super in my daughters office too.

  254. Julie Hume says:

    I am so happy to see the die storage binders back I’m sure I could fill many but will have to start with one or two for now. I just love all the storage and organization items featured today they are all beautiful. My favorite patters are Grace black floral, Amelie’s turquoise floral and Grace white floral. I would use them in my craft dining / living room. I want to see flowers in every direction I look.Beauty to store my beauties.

  255. Arleen McCann says:

    I loved these storage boxes! The ivory damask is going to match my decor perfectly! I would use them to organize my supplies for my new art business!

    Arleen McCann
    Art By MsArleen

  256. Pam P. says:

    I seen the presentation and I bought your magnetic binder but it’s full so I would need one more, and I just set up my crafting room last year then my wonderful little grandbaby came to Stay With Me so I had to give him my craft room therefore I’m working out of crates up under my dining room table lol! I rotate the Cricut Machine, Cuttlebug , minc Machine…all my papers and stuff from under the table as I need them. Just not very pretty when guest come over. Choose me Anna

  257. Patty Kumerow says:

    Anna: love the way you always come up with exciting new items for us! Your craft show kick off was so fun, I went crazy shopping so I definitely need help getting organized! I had wanted to get the die cut organizer but it was sold out. Can’t wait to try the new cricut and dies I bought! Had to take off on a business trip so excited to try them all out when I get home next week!

  258. Judy says:

    I am excited about the organizational tools, I’m most excited about the die storage ring binder. My Anna Griffin dies are currently being stored in a shoe box. I have so many Anna Griffin dies that they are spilling out of the shoe box. The die storage ring binder is the perfect solution. Everything is so beautiful and coordinated.

  259. Mayra Murillo says:

    Awesome art, I will try to do some of those beautiful ideas, thanks so much for your inspiration.

  260. Renée Cannon says:

    Who couldn’t use more storage for our addiction?? Any these would help beautify the craft space instead of clutter it! Maybe my husband would stop calling my scrap room my “**** room” if I could pretty it up !!

  261. Marcia Getty says:

    Getting my dies organized with your binder would be fantastic! And having my papers beautifully organized on my desk would be awesome!

  262. Glenda Stone says:

    HOLY COW!!! You must have seen the unorganized tables in my house! Boy howdy do I need these. Love the designs…love everything!!

  263. Danyelle Dillon says:

    My New Years resolution was to get more organized so all of these Anna things would be great to help me get organized. I have a corner in my living room that is my dedicated crafting area and being it is out in view I have to keep it looking good so these items would really help with that being I don’t have a lot of room. I have the die storage binder already and I was hoping that Anna would bring it back. I filled it up completely with Anna dies and now I need another one. I have several more Anna dies I have just sitting on my desk waiting for a new place. I have almost all of Anna’s dies….there are just a few sets left to get. I love her dies the best out of any other company’s dies. I love that the metal is thicker, they hold up better, harder to bend, and easy to poke the holes because they are made bigger. So I need more die storage and this binder is the best one on the market. I am also very interested in the wrapping paper station. Thanks Anna for all that you do. I am hoping that you indeed bring back the Halloween set of dies you did in the past. Thanks for commenting to me in the last post letting me know that they may be available closer to the holiday. I will be looking out for them. Like I said I have most all of your die sets you can count on one hand what I have left to get to have them all collected and the Halloween set is top priority. Thank you for giving me a chance to win!

  264. Nancy Konz says:

    JEEZ LOUISE Do I ever need these. After Buying Anna stuff like crazy for the last two years I have no place to put stuff. It is all over my house and in my car. Do I ever need storage. These will really fit the bill. Thanks Anna you should have come up with these earlier. When I think of all the crafting time I have wasted looking for stuff.


  265. Kim Fournier says:

    Paper storage is calling my name, I try to put my craft products and papers in order, and the more I try to organize the more of a mess I make, so a big yes to all the organized systems.

  266. Judy Hickey says:

    I love those beautiful storage solutions! My craft area would look so much better with these items.

  267. Nona Haydon says:

    Yes! The paper storage boxes are fabulous. Five shelves up with a foot print of one piece of paper! This will greatly improve access, being able to see and choose what’s available. You have another winner. Thank you.

  268. Kathy Klein says:

    I’m starting to organize my craft room and would love to have this organization boxes and die binders to but right on my desk I had build for my crafts right at my fingertips. They would look great with my other Anna Griffin products I have. Thanks for the chance

  269. Mary Anne Mistick says:

    I have SO MANY Anna Griffin products and I’m always trying to figure out a way to better organize items so I know what I have in order to use it. My craft storage space is small and I end up carrying things downstairs to work at the dining room table, so having the binders and the drawers and paper holders would be a great way to get better organized ! Thank you!!!

  270. Mary Parker says:

    Papercrafts & organization are best friends i think. You have to constantly think up more effiecient ways to store supplies so they look nice, yet not overcrowded. I just bought a bunch of boxes last month. You can never have too many pretty storage boxes!

  271. Cathryn says:

    Oh!!! My goodness I need help organizing,,, I’m so perplexed as to what to do with all my dies and paper,,, it’s nearly impossible to find what I know I have ,,,,HELP PLEASE !!!

  272. Karen Marie Buono says:

    I have one of the die organizers but would love one more for all my holiday dies from Anna. I love this item.

  273. Melissa Skorie says:

    I love the folders idea and the drawer with places to put embellishments . Being disabled it’s hard to go thru my totes or shoebox totes to look for things. These would help me get my craft area back in order after having to make crafts n cards from bed for past few years. I miss my space and these are beautiful and inspiring .

  274. KathyB says:

    I purchased the paper cutter when it previously aired. Best decision! I not only use it to cut gift wrap but also all the rolls of crafting papers that are so popular now. It cuts through vinyl and specialty papers like butter! I am OBSESSED with organization and would love to have the beautiful organization pieces. Finally something other than boring white! My family makes fun of me cause I get so excited for craft day on HSN. I’m not proud- I will continue to put my countdown calendar front and center on the fridge. Can’t wait to see everything Anna!

  275. Andrea Lash says:

    These are great and would go with my embossing folder organizers from you. Just beautiful!

  276. Nancy Phillippe says:

    Oh my goodness! I just got the Orgami shelving system in blush pink from HSN to redo my craft room and the organising drawers would be so beautiful on it. Am really wanting to spend less time looking and more time crafting. Thank you for the opportunity to win some gorgeous Anna.

  277. Debi Binkley says:

    Anna, I NEED to organize my dies! I’ve been waiting for your notebooks to be back in stock – it’s so exciting that they will be and in so many patterns!

  278. Nancy Robinson says:

    I would love these wonderful products. I could finally get my craft room organized. It would make finding all my Anna Griffin prodcuts easier.

  279. Lee Grace says:

    WOW Anna, I need all those beautiful organizers! It has been almost a year having a craft room and it’s time to reorganize for efficiency (for myself and granddaughters).
    We really need paper organizers, drawers and die storage for easy access.
    As for the gift wrapping station, I would have a place for that too! LOL-I wrap small Princess presents for the girls and use your flower die cuts to decorate them..The girls get so excited with the beautiful gifts that they SAVE the flowers! I can image the re-purposing they would do with your gorgeous gift wrapping paper! – The motto for our craft room -“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself”!

  280. Eve Yeung says:

    Oh my, storage organizer to go with all my AG storage boxes! The best helper is a good organizing system, so you can get your projects done faster! Would love to have a few of these in my crafting space to organize all my beautiful AG paper kits! And, I might just have to get the wrapping paper station this time. Grace wrapping paper, yes please!

  281. Judy Gudgel says:

    The timing couldn’t be more perfect for me!!
    I will be needing all these wonderful products plus embossing folder box. My daughter and I are in the process of moving our scrap room to a bigger, brighter room. It really needs some storage tools to help!

  282. Anita aguila says:

    Anna thanks again ! These organizational boxes is the key to keeping us organized and working ! I find myself forgetting what I have and don’t have and many times I find myself going out and buying something I need but already have. The sad part is that most of the time I can’t seem to find it so no other option than to buy it again. I sure hope I win this time. Thanks Anna. God bless you

  283. Karen Peterson says:

    At 71, I am finally able to have an 8’x10′ craft area that is all my own!! It is taking me a while to organize the area and Gee wouldn’t it be great to have your latest storage as helpers. You better believe that I’ll be watching for you on May 9th!!!

  284. Donna De Graw says:

    Wow what beauty product’s. I’m not into writing long proms and long letter. I don’t see how you ready all of these. Those long ones well keep you busy. Well I love all your stuff and I know I can use them but can’t afford them. Thanks for sure for sharing with us. Your product won’t let me leave this. So I’m done.

  285. Donna De Graw says:

    Wow what beauty product’s. I’m not into writing long proms and long letter. I don’t see how you ready all of these. Those long ones well keep you busy. Well I love all your stuff and I know I can use them but can’t afford them. Thanks for sure for sharing with us.

  286. Mimi Mertens says:

    Organizing your craft room is always wonderful and for a peaceful crafting time, but when it is also done with such beauty, it makes you feel like a princess.
    Love it all!

  287. Lynn Smith says:

    Thank you Anna for bringing back the die storage. And I love the new drawers with inserts and paper storage. I just can’t seem to stop getting more paper, I look and think, honey you have enough paper to share with the world, but then again…I have been working on my new craft room and my space just doesn’t seem to be big enough. I had to stop working to reorganize so I could start working on the flower box cards. They are so unique. Had to shove some stuff elsewhere so I had some desktop to work on. I WILL get this room done. I keep telling myself. Again thank you and your coworkers for all the lovely items that allows all of us to feel satisfied that we can make all these beautiful things. Love looking at the postings

  288. Sheryl Whisenhunt says:

    I purchased the die storage binder last time around and after working with it, wish I had bought more. The drawers and paper organizers have a multitude of uses.

  289. Susan B. says:

    Love it all! They will so help me corral all my Anna Griffin dies, embellishments and paper/cardstock! My area is overflowing with beautiful Anna Griffin products. Thanks for chance to win

  290. Elaine Harbison says:

    What pretty organizational items! What a help to keep all your Anna Griffin supplies organized!

  291. Julie Smith says:

    I love, LOVE all the storage ideas! I particularly need the wrapping paper storage with a place for the tools.I am always trying to find scissors, tape and a pen whenever I need to wrap a present. I also badly need the die cut storage. I have so many small, intricate dies from your kits that I’m afraid they’ll get lost which would be a devestating loss! Thank you for all you do to help use create beautiful things and also give us a place to store the many tools we use. Many blessings to you, Anna!

  292. Carrel Watkins says:

    Oh how I would love to win these items. I’m going to need a dedicated craft room and not just the guest roo. In my home. Love your ideas and how you are willing to share with us. Gods continued grace and blessings to you.

  293. Peggy says:

    I have been trying to purchase the die storage binders for ages & I’m glad they are finally back, but I can’t find where to order them. I tried HSN but they say they are SOLD OUT. How/where do I find them?

  294. Jeorgette P says:

    My Anna Griffin papers, dies, and inks are all still in the boxes from HSN because I have no way to organize them (the only thing organized is the stamps in my Ivory Damask folders). I especially love the Amelie Turquoise Floral design: they make me want to organize, and that’s the key to my tidying up my space. All of the organization boxes in the stores just didn’t inspire me or make me want to organize.

    These organization tools will definitely help me: I’ll feel like the space I set aside for crafting is my mini-craft room because everything will look coordinated and beautifully chic. I was devastated when I missed out on buying the die folders (I was ill that day and couldn’t buy anything until the afternoon). Thanks for bringing them back and thanks for the opportunity to win these.

    Thinking about them in my craft room makes me want to write a little poem:

    My current craft space looks quite a fright.
    To see it is something truly pitiful.
    But with Anna’s help, I’ll do things right.
    My organization will be made truly beautiful.

    Right now, if you were to ask my dear family,
    They would say I’m a messy crafter.
    Without proper storage, I’d have to agree,
    But with Anna’s help, I’ll craft happily ever after.

    So I hope with all my mind and my heart, these new storage items I’ll win.
    But if not, I’ll be sure to tune in with Anna on May 9th to our favorite place: HSN. 🙂

  295. Angela McCorkle says:

    Anna, love all your products. Would love some kind of cork or memo board to match. Happy Easter.

  296. Kathy Klosowski says:

    So fun to get organized. Once you have your supplies organized, your supplies will be at your fingertips, makes
    for a happier craft experience! Digging for craft supplies is not fun and you get frustrated. With all of Anna’s new
    organizational products we can do just that. Spots for papers, embellishments and dies, everything has a place
    Craft away to beautiful in the making! These organizational products make that beautiful as well. Thanks Anna, you always think of everything!

  297. Linda says:

    Would love to have those storage units for all of my die cuts and other embellishments. They are so beautiful, too.

  298. Kristin says:

    Oh Anna, how beautiful and useful your storage creations are. I receives your cream and gold cricut explore air from HSN as a Christmas gift and cannot wait to be able to organize all my Anna Griffin dies, papers, card kits and everything Anna in these beautiful helpers!

  299. Lana Murphy says:

    Oh my goodness, do I need help with organizing all my wonderful supplies. Love all of it, but the die storage binder is a must have.

  300. Pamela Campbell says:

    I have been working on organizing my craft room. The paper holder would wonderful for all the paper I have collected. The Drawers would be perfect for all of my embellishments I have gotten from your craft shows. The albums would be great for my dies.Anna your products are wonderful. I’m enjoying all of them.

  301. Brenda O says:

    Oh my! I have so much to get done and these would come in such a great help with it. I could start with my Anna Griffin paper and embellishments in the paper holder/organizer. In the drawer one I could use it for my Anna Griffin stamp pads and inks, ink rollers and my other smaller embellishments that I do not want to get smashed. To finish it off I would lover to have the binders to help out with my Anna Griffin dies in the color to mach my set! Oh that would be so wonderful. I already use the gift wrap and it is such a godsend but that would be nice to give to my daughter-in-law. As a matter of fact my granddaughter watched this with me and was wishing all of this for her room also for she is an avid color-er.

  302. Peg Dowling says:

    Hi Anna, I love your storage and organization tips. I’ve been using your boxes to store works in progress. Keeps everything together so it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

  303. Debbie Nevins says:

    Stunning as always Anna. I so want those die storage binders. Having to do some major organizing. Would love to have the pretty patterns in my craft room.

  304. Nadya Hance says:

    Hi Anna. I LOVE these items. It would make my tiny craft corner so much better organzied. I have hooks and bars on my walls and a few storage shelf but these would just take it that one extra step further. I can’t get enough of your products..can’t shopping on HSN…need more stuff but don’t have enough space. 😉

  305. Dalelee Pryor says:

    The paper storage box is what I’m looking forward to.
    Also, I wish you world do another men’s card kit and a folder of nothing but get well stickers. Most of the cards I send are to people who are sick or in the nursing home.

  306. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna I would love to have the drawers and shelves to use as a work-in-progress station. It takes a lot of time to get out supplies each day from a lot of different boxes and then put them back in each box at night. What a time saver to put everything in a drawer and then the next day have everything at your finger tips ready to work with. When that project is finished, put up supplies, then get out supplies for next project. I would love to have the gift wrap to cover some of my mismatched boxes . I hope the parchment vellum layers will be back in May. I have decided I need those, they are so pretty and looks as if they would be fun to make.

  307. Maryellen Young says:

    Oh Miss Anna! I am certifiably ” Organizationally Challenged”! Chaos is my middle name.
    I sooooooo want and need those beautiful paper storage units. I really do!
    And I fell in love with the gift wrap cutting/storage box. Maybe I will be able to get rid of the cardboard box from one of my son’s playskool toys that I keep my paper in now. Guess I should mention my son is now 46!!!
    Pick ME. … PLEASE!!!!

  308. Mary Helen Harris says:

    I’ve been away from my craft room for three weeks while I help babysit my wonderful new Grandson! All these organizational tools would help tame my AG addiction! My dies runneth over! My shelves spill out with AG inks and stamps. My gift wrap hides in the closet! Oh how these tools would bring me happiness and organization for a few days of my life, then crazy crafting would happen again! Love, love all these helpmates to organization!!

  309. Stephanie Theodos says:

    The coordinated storage is beautiful. I could really use the binders. I have so many AG dies & am on auto ship for more. What a great way to organize everything. The parchment cards are outstanding! Makes me want to create something. Only 1 more hour until my 1 year old grandson gets picked up.

  310. Miriam says:

    The “Die Storage Binders” is a must have item in order not to loose or misplace the dies. I have been waiting for this, it is a definite buy item for May 9.

  311. Donna W says:

    I have all my stamps organized as I followed “Totally Tiffany” on organizing. So my stamps are organized and my papers – well don’t have enough room to do it like she said so the basic colors are separated by just putting solids first, stripes next etc. But die cuts – I need total help there. Do not have a place for them. A binder for the die and organizing them would be a GodSend.

  312. Nancy Ludwig says:

    Love your new products for organizing. I’m in the process of designing/organizing a craftroom.

  313. Sharon S. Carmichael says:

    Crafter = Mess, not so with your products. With those drawers with dividers in white backgrounded Grace pattern, ALL my punches would have a proper home,. We’d live happily ever after! Oh first lady of beautiful organization, thy name is Griffin.

  314. Eliane Atterbury says:

    i had ordered one of the binders, but HSN cancelled my order because they sold more that what they had in stock… Glad that it is back. I really think it is a beautiful binder!!

  315. Karen Wilson says:

    Getting my home organized is my top goal this spring. I have sooo many Anna Griffin products! The storage binder and storage boxes are just what I need to clear off my desk area so that I have more room to create beautiful Anna Griffin cards and scrapbook pages!

  316. Deirdre Davis says:

    My husband says my dies are taking over the house. So I’m going to have to go with the binders LOL!!! I definitely need a few more.

  317. Kathy Gatza says:

    So excited the die storage binders are coming back. Missed out on them last time. I will try again

  318. Brenda R Galway says:

    I am super excited abut the new paper and embellishment organizers. I could probably use a dozen sets at this point, as my craft room is sorely in need of some reorganization. Great call, Anna, and I hope we’ll see more of the same!

  319. Donna from FL says:

    You are giving us so many beautiful ways to organize our craft supplies. We do appreciate the time and effort you and your staff put into coming up with ideas for us. My craft room is in need of places to have things handy but hidden too! Thank you for this chance to win the items we would love to have.

  320. Stacy Bogan says:

    My husband suddenly passed away and I found myself in Arkansas without my family and decided on move back home to Arizona. I moved in with my parents and found myself going from a house to a room. I’ve been trying to start my own card making/wedding invitation business and my stuff is everywhere and I don’t have a ton of room. I would love to organize my things with your beautiful storage and get my life back to normal….my new normal. Thanks for making such beautiful things and inspiring me everyday!

  321. Cynthia B says:

    I’m so happy the binders are back! Can’t wait to add the storage to my new craft room too! Thanks Anna for always being one step ahead of what we want!

  322. Vickey M says:

    I just moved to a new place and I now have one room totally devoted to crafting! Your storage boxes and the die storage binders would look awesome in my new craft room. They would be great to keep all of my Anna Griffin paper crafting supplies organized!

  323. JoAnn Williams says:

    Hi Anna, your storage units are just what I need for my soon to be craft closet, 7′ x6’6″”. It’s one of two big projects I planned for the year. The new pattern is beautiful and just the right color, I also love the binders. Thanks for all the organizing help.

  324. Helen Dale McGrath says:

    I didn’t get the die storage binder before when it was on your show because I spent my “allowance” on other things. I have so many dies that I need this binder so I can quickly find what I want to use. I love the storage boxes too. The patterns on all 3 r so pretty.

  325. Claudia Ruiz says:

    love your products, this would help me get organize my glue, ink pads, paper and much more instead of moving things around, my mind is already working. I watch you on HSN , youtube and now here in your blog.


  326. Claudia R. says:

    love your products, this would help me get organize my glue, ink pads, paper and much more my mind is already working. I watch you on HSN , youtube and now here in your blog.


  327. Lisa C Fulton says:

    I have decided to start a craft business and the storage binders will help me complete the organization of my business office. I work from home so having professional looking storage is important but I don’t like “boring”!

  328. Karabeth Schleich says:

    I would love the the drawers with the dividers for my ink re fills and all my small jars and bottles of hard to store items.

  329. Judy Pittman says:

    The new storage products are exactly what I need to store ONLY my AG products. Right now the paper kits are stacked up in the brown (yuck) boxes in which they arrived. Because I insist on keeping the papers, embellishments, folders, dies, stickers, etc together with each paper kit. These storage pieces will be perfect for that…AND because they’re so very pretty it is fitting that nothing but AG products are stored in them. Makes sense huh?

  330. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Anna, my husband just finished updating my craft room in Anna Ivory. My 11X12 ft room felt really tight and since you can’t build out he decided to build up giving me display space similar to your new Anna Design Studio! Now comes the task of trying to find the perfect place to store my tools, paper, accessories and embellishments. Your new storage products would be the perfect compliment to all my husband’s handy work elevating my simple craft room into a true design space! Thank you again for all of your inspiration. Rhonda Williams

  331. Vanessa Thorp says:

    Organization is almost as satisfying as crafting,it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Love all your pieces. Can’t wait to order

  332. Tiffany jones says:

    My mom got me the Gold for Christmas. It’s has your name on it. I thought it was just the cricuts you had. Until recently I started to see everything else that you have to offer. Omggg I’m in LOVE with everything u have. Awesome job.

  333. Sheila Adkins says:

    I would love to to have the die storage binder to keep all my many Anna dies and the other organizers to keep my Anna papers and embellishments. Not only could I keep all my Anna stash organized , but it would be BEAUTIFULLY organized!!!

  334. Sharie Robinson says:

    I can’t wait till May 9th so I can get the drawers and shelves! This will make my craft room look beautiful, organized and functional. May 9th will be exceptional this year, shopping on HSN and my birthday! Thank you for all of your creativity!

  335. Carol says:

    What a awesome time time to have storage system. I raised my granddaughter and she has just moved out. I’ve been busy painting and remodeling my first craft room at the ripe young age of 70. I would be so excited to win the storage system it would match of colors in my new room. Thank you for giving me the chance to win.

  336. Leanna "Lee" Hansen says:

    I am in the process as I write this of recreating and organizing my craft room. It is almost overwhelming! I have so many of your products, such as the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug, Minc and so many of your die and embossing sets. I am currently enrolled in the Wishful Thinking auto ship and could really use any and all organizing tools. I especially like the paper and die organizing systems and they are so pretty to see as an added bonus, not just functional! Thank you for your many products and inspirational instructions.

  337. Malinda Gustafson says:

    Absolutely love the die binders. My dies are everywhere and I can never find the one I need.it would be so helpful.

  338. Anne Michael says:

    Everything is so… beautiful. I love all of iit. The collection would look good in my hobby room.

  339. Holly Hatch says:

    OH MY……Anna. Your new storage products are sooooooooo beautiful. I am known to my friends as the QUEEN of organization. I have a dedicated craft room. My Anna Griffin products take up a whole wall unit–floor to ceiling. It would be absolutely amazing to win your new products. Thank you for always coming up with such useful and over-the-top products in the most beautiful patterns.

  340. Joanna says:

    I could definitely use the die storage binders and the paper storage. I have so much paper and dies, mostly yours of course and no where to store them, These are very beautiful and they will be very useful and handy to use.

  341. Lynne B says:

    I would love to have the new storage items. I plan to reorganize my craft room this year. Hopefully I will be brave enough to do some purging as I go!!!!!!!! The Amelie pattern is beautiful.

  342. Patrick Hayes says:

    I am so excited about May 9th. Every time there is a crafting day on at HSN with Anna, I take the day off work so I can get the new and exciting items as well as learn some new tricks of the trade.

  343. Peachy W says:

    I am so happy you made a 12×12 paper storage rack! Love the new Amelie color. I am in the middle of reorganizing my craft area and it has been difficult finding pretty pattern storage boxes, but nothing out there to hold this 12×12 paper – so this will be perfect! Also, the die binders – I missed out on those in Jan. Looking forward to the new show day – 5/9/17 and all the other beautiful items you will have for us!

  344. Mary Lee says:

    An organized, palate and pattern-matched craft room? Is that possible? Tell me this is not fake news! Yes, I would love to walk into a beautiful Amalie floral crafting space!

  345. Carole Fleck says:

    I am so excited for this set! I just. Organized my crafts room to what I thought was pretty near perfect, however the minute I saw these storage containers I knew what was missing…l love theme crafting,so I will use these to keep everything I am currently using at my fingertips. I have been crafting for so long and have aquaried so much that I have to go through all of my boxes to find what I want..these will be right on me table an dedicated to the projects I am currently working on making my crafting frustration free, knowing everything I want to cue has been loaded into the little drawers and paper slots and is not in my larger containers in the closet. This is also true for the fabulous die organizers….perfect again Anna, I am 82 and I will tell you that you have kept me active in card making and scrapping. All is so easy and fun because of your incredible forward thinking!

  346. Gayle Ann says:

    There is nothing more relaxing than embossing with your stylus absolutely love it! Can’t wait to try the new products. Loving the organization products too. I feel like I never get as organized as I want to. I will definitely get them! Thank you!

  347. Arlene B says:

    Organization. Exactly what I need. I have two of the die ring binders and need more. Just so many AG dies. Can’t wait too them go on sale at Hsn.

  348. Elizabeth (Betsy) Klein says:

    I’m so happy you made a paper storage for us! A few of those will come in handy… and also love the die storage binders, great way to store all my beautiful in the making dies! Thank you so much 🙂

  349. Carol Ann says:

    I commented yesterday but I really must comment AGAIN! I think the organization binders and storage items are just absolutely beautiful. I was going to make me one for all the dies I had purchased and was watching videos of how to do it. THEN I say this on your blog. If I don’t win (and i never win anything) I plan on making one based on these! They are just STUNNING!.

  350. Georgia Henson says:

    I love all these organization options! Those die storage binders are my top pick, but oh…the boxes, and binders, and drawers…oh my!

  351. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Diana, we will have all the details on a blog post on Friday. The third annual Anna Griffin | Create will be in Atlanta, GA from November 9-12 at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. Look for the post on Friday with a link for tickets.

  352. Jacquelyn Goodrich says:

    I have taken over the bedroom that used to belong to my daughters in hopes of having a craft area/room. To be able to organize it with such beautiful products would be amazing. The binders would be great for the multitude of AG dies I have. Organizing things makes me VERY calm and happy. Thanks for creating such beautiful and useful products.

  353. susan says:

    I purchased the binders for all of Anna Griffin dies I have. What an easy way to store and find them. I would usually finish something and remember I had a different die I wanted to try. Now I can organize my paper and embellishments the same way. My craft room will never look the same again. (Thank goodness).

  354. Carla Smith Vincel says:

    Love your magnetic binder! Not only is it beautiful, but it is the best way I have found to organize and find the die that I need! Now, the storage box organizers are exactly what I need to eliminate the “tornado” effect my crafting area resembles when I’m working on a project. I have tools, papers, stickers, ribbon, glue, tape runners and many different types of embellishments “everywhere”! It really reduces my working space! I could set these on my table loaded with all I need for a particular project and have materials at my fingertips! Wow! I need these!

  355. Nena Wilkinson says:

    These magnetic storage binders are absolutely beautiful and would be a lovely addition to anyones craft room. How do i get on auto ship for AG’s dies? I thought i was but i apparently missed the boat. Lol. We just moved into a new home and I finally have a craft room, so excited to be setting it up and playing crafty momma.

  356. Sheri Lesh says:

    I am in the middle of re-organizing my scrapbook room. So you can send those items right this way to IA and they will be put to immediate and good use! Beautiful and functional, my fav combo!!!

  357. Patricia Podsiad says:

    I love the new pattern! Also, love your organizational things as I have so many dies, stamps, and embossing tools I have no where to store them so I don’t always use them as often as I should. I have one of the die books, but I really need a few more to organize all the dies I have. Thank you Anna for giving us such pretty storage!

  358. Heidi Farsi says:

    So excited anytime I hear the words Anna Griffin anything, and these products do not disappoint!

  359. Gay Slagle says:

    I love all of these storage items. They would make finding what I’m looking for so much easier. And they are so beautiful! Anna, you’ve done it again!

  360. Cheri Koning says:

    Soooo excited for the storage items that are new!!!! They will look fabulous in my scrapbook room. They will coordinate with my Anna Griffin scrapbook desk and drawers. Can’t wait. Hope I win!!!!

  361. Teresa says:

    I Really wanted the die organizer binder but I missed it when it was last aired. It would be a fantastic way to keep everything in one place and together! The Really cool item that I am anticipating is the storage for 12×12 paper/cs! Are you kidding me?!? I have a bit of a disaster zone in my craft room and have always struggled with a place to keep 12×12 papers and now I can do this in style! Sweet!

  362. Jackie Bender says:

    Love that you have made storage of dies. I’m trying to organize and area in my bedroom, flowers in there would be very calming after everything was put away.

  363. Jessica merino says:

    Hello Anna,
    Wow everything you have presented are so beautiful can’t wait fir May 9th and watch you demonstrating how to create all kinds of goodies. Love all your products very elegant, classy and so easy to use. Love it keep it coming u especially love the magnetic folders to store my die cuts. Can’t wait. Thank you Anna.

  364. June Estep says:

    grrr, computer seems to be arguing with me this morning but I do want to say…….love the storage binders and want multiple. Winning one would be da bomb

  365. June Estep says:

    storage binders pleasssssssssse. Had to send my single order back last time with shipping damage. I sure didnt want to even tho I couldnt use it. lol lol It was so beautiful I just wanted to keep it. Definitely ordering a few of them and winning one would just be da bomb.

  366. Susan Weatherly says:

    When you came on in March I missed the die magnetic notebook. It was on my list, but by the time I woke up at 5am it was gone. The same think happened to the vintage card toppers in January. The storage shelves will be great for all my AG papers. The drawers will be perfect for all the AG accessories. I have a large craft room that adjoins my former home office. I have converted my office in to an Anna Room. The products you presented this week will be a perfect addition. I have the stacking boxes that I purchased last year, and the set of file boxes that I purchased the year before. When one goes in my Anna room those beautiful things just are so eye catching. Keep up the good work and I will be waiting.

  367. Judy says:

    You can never have enough of the die storage binders! I filled the first one & then realized I could probably fill another especially since I’m on auto-ship for Anna’s dies!!!

  368. Sue says:

    These are the most beautiful organizational items! I am an organization freek and can’t wait to have these gorgeous things in my craft room. I especially love the die binders as i have outgrown my present system. Thank you for making even organizing beautiful.

  369. Debra Chavez says:

    Hi Anna,
    I just got my own craft room & don’t know where to start. My things have always been scattered throughout the house. This is going to perfect for me to get all my things organized. Love the different patterns to choose from.

  370. Debra Brady says:

    Anna you are so right. .. getting organized in your craft room makes the biggest difference. I finally reorganize my craft room got all my dies in The binders from you, got all my card​ Toppers and all my design elements all organized and now when I go to my craft room it’s unbelievable how much more creative I feel …. my thoughts are more free flowing because the Clutter is missing !! so thank you for getting me organized but I always need more.

  371. Kathleen Christen says:

    Wow! I love the storage pieces! They are not only organizational and functional, but beautiful, too!! Thank you Anna!

  372. Angie Kindig says:

    Pretty and Practical! I love the die storage and these binders are so pretty, they will add elegance to my craft room!

  373. Dawn Winterrowd says:

    A crafter can never have too much storage ….and then when they are as beautiful as Anna’s, well it just doesn’t get any better! Love everything!!!

  374. Ruth Thomas says:

    Love, love, love these products you have designed to get us organized. I recently retired and I am working on reorganizing the Home. These beautiful boxes will make the craft room just wondrful. I think the gift wrap and the cutter box will just add to my enjoyment in giving a gift along with a hand made card.

  375. Cyndee Perez says:

    I am always, always struggling with organization of my paper – I have a small craft area in my home and I need unique and beautiful ways to store things – I don’t like your typical plastic storage bins. I love color and vibrancy – I would love for my space to be welcoming and had not found the perfection I seek until nowThese items would help me display my paper beautifully and at my fingertips instead of having to walk across the house to my room where I store my paper in what is supposed to be a clothes amoir (husband is not amused ). The magnetic binders would be a welcoming addition because right now they are in Victoria secret bags as are all my embossing folders. I recently purchased the stamp storage binders and adore them. Anna I’m so over-the-moon excited!!!!!!

  376. Ginger McDonald says:

    Oh my goodness that organizer unit is wonderful, useful and beautiful all in one, a real win-win. I am so happy to see those Die Storage binders, I’ve been hoping and hoping for them to re-appear at HSN. I purchased 2 of them and they are full & I have leftovers waiting on a beautiful home like their die buddies are stored in.

  377. Jackie Reynolds says:

    My craft room and basically my whole basement overfloweth with all my goodies! I admit to being overzealous with my supplies but there is so many beautiful items. I also worry that by the time I retire and have more time to be creative that the paper crafting hobby will not have all these scrumptious goodies, so I hoard them now. Anna, you and your team have came up with such lovely and beautiful organisers. Love the die holders because they are housed in individual pockets. The paper cabinets are perfect for storage but I can envision them being placed on a side table for crafting with friends (along with a tea party) and one day teaching my grandkids. The gift wrapping station solves so many issues! Thank you ladies for coming up with such great ideas!

  378. Wanda Duso says:

    Oh, how many ways I can use these. I have a couple of the storage boxes. But I need, need, need all of this. Right now 99% of my crat stuff is in large stow bags. I need all of this. The paper cutter/storage is amazing! My favorite are the die binders! I absolutely love the black and flowers, I think Grace pattern? I am awful with the names, but I love them!! I cannot wait until Friday!! See you then Anna! Thank you for making my world so beautiful!

  379. Charlene says:

    Love your new organization for my office/craft room. This will go great with my other Anna G. products.

  380. DeAnn R. says:

    Whenever I get company I must apologize for the craft mess on my kitchen table. As I have very limited mobility I need everything within arms reach. Everyone understands, but it is a bit embarrassing having piles of paper and crafting supplies that have to be moved for them to have a chair. Your products might be just the ticket. Not only are they beautiful, I could put most of my goodies (many Anna items) in them. Best of all, they’d still be within arms reach!

  381. Rita Carr says:

    i live in a small house and keep my supplies in one of those large storage boxes from Walmart.When I need a die I search the box for a particular one. i really don’t know what I have anymore so don’t get the best use of the dies. the storage binders would organize things and make better cards.because it would keep the dies together for more efficient selection and use of all those dies .

  382. Vickie Davis says:

    Anna this is so great ,I just started getting organized and will use the paper shelving not only for papers but for a few of my best craft magazines I kept. The drawer will work so well putting tools, pens , ink pads and much more stacked on my table. I really love the divider drawer system for all the left over embellishments I have from your card kits, it will help me put butterflies in one by size even, and roses etc. the wrapping station I’m just flat in love with. Mine is standing in a corner of my closet! Thank you for a chance to win them. See you in HSN.

  383. Shirley Shisler says:

    I am so excited about your Amelie Turquoise Floral design. Previously, I ordered a Magnetic Die Storage Binder in the Amelie pattern and another one in the Grace Black Floral. When I got them I was amazed at how beautiful they are. As if that isn’t enough, now you are offering Paper Storage and Craft Room Storage Boxes in those same floral designs. My husband and I are moving in May when our new home is finished. I will have a new craft room to fill up with your wonderful products. I’m definitely in need of storage for all the Anna craft items I’ve bought. I mostly focused on card making and scrapbooking supplies. I’m so excited to have a chance to design a new craft room. I’m not going to know where to start. But the Amelie Storage Boxes would be so great to admire each day. Also, I can’t wait to meet new people to share my love of crafting. Your ‘I Love You’ card is beautiful. I can’t wait to make it! I already have the Parchment Craft Tools, the Parchment Vellum Layers, and the Parchment Embellishments. I tape all the HSN shows so later I can reference all you said and did with the many, many outstanding and awesome products you bring to us. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself. Your excitement is not only contagious – I think I have an incurable AG bug that won’t ever go away. Happy crafting indeed!!!!

  384. Paula R says:

    I absolutely LOVE my die binder and wish I would have purchased more – I’m on my way now to HSN to pick up another one or two. I am in the process of organizing my scrapbook room as we speak. These items would come in very handy and they are so pretty.

  385. Lu Edwards says:

    Oh Anna…Anna….Anna! Organization..what’s that?? We downsized 3 years ago from 3500 sq. Ft. to 1450 sq. ft. Would this help me find things? Don’t know. The only things I can find in the mess that I call a craft closet is my AG things because of the beautiful packaging. These beautiful products may help….sure would be great to find out!!!

  386. Carmen says:

    I absolutely love the drawer organizer especially because of the dividers! I can see all of my AG embellishments in there along with all of my extra die cut pieces. Love it!!!

  387. Clare Dempsey says:

    I waited too long to order the binders last show, so thank you so much for this post. I will mark my calendar now!

  388. Rita Robinson says:

    What a joy it would be to have my dies out of a file folder system to a binder I could grab and flip through with dies clearly visible!! And my paper, out of heavy plastic totes that takes forever to search for “just the right pattern”! I see my productivity headed UP!

  389. Honeybeekaren says:

    Oh my oh my! Talk abut perfect organization tools. I would so love these items in my not organized craft room! I can already see the items with my stuff! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  390. Cynthia Oquinn says:

    Love them all! We are building a home, downsizing after 40 years. Need to figure out home to make the most out of the little space I’ll have. Love the new patterns, really love the magnetic album for the metal dies.
    You bring so many beautiful items.

  391. Kathryn says:

    I have the die storage binder and I love it. I’m gong to have to get another. I didn’t realize I had so many “Anna” dies. I’m loving the mini drawer organizer. As always, you’ve done it again.

  392. Amber Morrison says:

    Oh my goodness! I’d love to get some of these storage items. I often for get about my dies and embossing folders since they are shoved in a drawer with a bunch of other crafting items.

  393. Jo Smith says:

    Hi Anna, I really like the gift wrap cutter. It is such a neat idea. No wasting paper. As usual the new products are great. Will enjoy making my choices as I am working on a new scrapbook room. Thanks for all the new ideas for organizing. I would love to win to start my room out right. 🙂

  394. Darcy Shelstad says:

    Love the thought I the die storage! I recently got your binders for stamps and already have it filled up.The other storage looks great and is very practical for any craft room.

  395. Susie B says:

    Your storage items are not only functional, but also beautiful! I especially love the binders – my dies are in a tote, I would love to have them in a binder and just be able to flip to the ones I want! And the binders would look great in my bookcase! Thanks Anna!

  396. Pam Spradlin says:

    I love your storage. I especially like the idea of a binder for the dies. What a help that would be.

  397. Jeanne washburn says:

    My craft area is small and I really need to get organized especially dies and papers. I love the storage binder for dies.

  398. Susan Helfrich says:

    I finally have my mega craft room and a problem. After years of collecting product and tools, I need a way to organize my treasures so I use them. This set of tools is perfect to start getting my stash organized and visible so I use it. Thanks, Anna, for such great products.

  399. Roxann says:

    Just watched your new message, and have my shopping list made!! I am recently retired and have turning a bedroom into my very own space. I need all the help I can muster when it comes to organizing. Somehow piles just seem to grow around me! I definitely need your organizing ides! I am so in love with all of your beautiful papers. Can’t get enough!!!

  400. Lynda Darby says:

    Oh, be still my heart! ♡♡♡ You have no idea how much this would mean to me! I’ve recently been kicked out of my craft room because my son has moved back home. I have had to be very creative in my organization because I’m in the living room now. My colors are pink and aqua (shabby chic), and this would just be perfect! I have been following you for sooo many years. I bought your first book “Designer Cards and Tags” and have been hooked ever since. I am trying to start a small business from home and I really need to stay organized! Thank you, thank you thank you for all your inspiration. I am channeling you in my dream of actually making a living doing what I LOVE! See you on HSN soon….. your loving Griffinite♡

  401. Anna Griffin says:

    You can put ink pads in the 8.5″ x 8.5″ storage boxes. There are dividers that you can use to make the perfect space for your ink!

  402. Colleen R says:

    My craft room is a mess. I soooooo need to get organized and your beautiful products would sure help me get there

  403. Janie parker says:

    The storage items are great. Don’t know of any crafter who couldn’t use more storage. The vellum is so pretty and elegant. Love it.

  404. Colleen R says:

    I have limited use of one hand, I tried to order your paper trimmer at Christmas but it was sold out. I would love to me able to get my paper pads and embellishments and stickers off the floor in my craft room and get them organized

  405. Rachel says:

    So excited to see the new wrapping papers! I purchased the dispenser for Christmas and I had the prettiest presents under the tree. Looking forward to May 9th.

  406. Barbara says:

    The paper storage box looks great ! Would definitely help to keep paper organized and within reach when working on projects.
    Set of drawers also a great idea. Always have tons of small items laying around when I work so this also would keep things picked up and in order. PS: Have one of the die binders and love it! Makes finding the right die a lot easier!

  407. Sylvia Fox says:

    Anna, I love all the organization! This would be so beneficial for me. I have all my papers I have bought all your papers and they are scattered across my dining room table. When my son and grandchildren visit, I have to stack everything and then when they leave, spread it across my table again. I was just saying to myself, I need organization! I have all your supplies and have just have everything in boxes. So, I really need help. And these items you have listed above would be such a start for me, and now I would be able to find things. I think that sometimes I don’t do my crafts because it takes me so long to find everything, and I feel like this is why I put it aside, but I want to do more crafts. Organization is really what I need, and you always find the perfect answer for everything. Thanks so much.

  408. Nancy Gill says:

    I love all of the items. The gift wrapping paper storage and cutting system really caught my eye. My paper always gets wrinkled so this will protect, store and cut my paper accurately and keep my tape where I need it.

  409. Sara Falcone says:

    Anna, I would organize ALL my Beautiful and Exquisite collection of yours… My papers, stamps, die cuts, embossing folder’s, accessories, ect. That would be so clever to have and organize and identify. Plus so elegant and beautiful for me… Wow! What a dream! I will also be more excited to wrap gifts because it’s always a challenge cutting the wrapping paper. My birthday is on April 4th. What a wonderful day and gift from you Anna if I am the luckiest! Thank You Anna!

  410. Lois says:

    Ilove to have everything organized with matchy matchy and particularly love the magnetized binders for our dies. Need one or two more!.

  411. Vicki Fellenger says:

    WOW, Anna you continue to Amaze with these gorgeous products. I love, love, love the die cut storage binders. So many times I look for certain dies and can’t remember where I put them. Just the idea of having them all in one place and being able to find them at a glance is ANNATASTIC!! Can wait until May. You have spoiled us rotten this month with all your blogs and giveaways.

  412. Debra Dong says:

    Such beautiful things! I try to organize my crafting supplies but find I spend more time searching for things then actually crafting. Especially my dies. I love the idea of the magnetic binder. I have so many tiny dies and can never find what I am looking for. And as always, your things are not only useful- they are beautiful.

  413. Fran Seidler says:

    Boy do I need organization. I am trying to downsize, as many of us are, but I want to keep all my Anna Griffin crafting items and leave room for up-coming goodies.

  414. Bonita Neeley says:

    I really like the new boxes. Every thing looks great with all of the matching boxes. But I really like all the designs, so mine will be the mix & match. Thanks again Anna

  415. Sally Zloty says:

    My wonderful hubby just finished remodeling a spare bedroom into my new craft room. Dispite all my added room, I found organizing my dies has been my biggest challenge. I find when they’re not at the ready, I forget about them, can’t find them, or just forget which ones I’ve collected. I didn’t know about your die storage binder, and now that I do, it will be at the top of my shopping list!

  416. Coletta Cooper says:

    I have a ‘craft corner’ – your storage would help beautify my space. I’m really interested in the die storage – it is such a challenge for me to remember and find what I have!

  417. Michelle says:

    This is exactly what I have begun to do is organize my craft areas. These beautiful products are so lovely. I have sorted my papers and stamps, stickers, dies, and stamps into months and cleared several floor to almost ceiling shelving units to hold strictly my favorite things, Anna Griffin’s Cricut machine, Cuttlebug, embossing folder holders, and my ribbon maker. They display beautifully and these products are just what I am dreaming about to complete the project I have begun. I would just love to win these, the paper holders and drawers are really perfect. Useful and elegant. Can’t wait to see next week.

  418. Marybell Beekhee says:

    I love all your new items. I don’t have a craft room so I do all my crafting in our living room. There are craft supplies everywhere. I could really use the storage boxes. You make them so pretty that not only will it help me to organize my supplies but it will look fabulous too. My fingers are crossed, hope I win.

  419. Tracey Magner says:

    Like everyone,I am dying to get my scraproom Organized. I have a big room but need to get it organized so badly so I can use the products I have and they just don’t sit in boxes unused. These products will not only help organize me but they are so beautiful. I am always praying I win these givaways and I don’t, maybe this is why, maybe this will be my lucky one to win. You never know, right?

  420. Debbie Ziadie says:

    I love the new organization products! My craft room really needs them and they will match all of the many Anna storage boxes and binders I already have!

  421. Michele jones says:

    I would love to win the paper and die storage products but I still need to order more from HSN to organize all my Anna Griffin dies, embossing folders, card kits, stamps and pads and paper. These would would be a great start and additions. Thank you for the previews of HSN shows.

  422. Marcia Evans says:

    These are such wonderful organizational tools. I am highly unorganized and am trying to get things put away so I can easily find them when I need them (which is often) and to have the storage look nice too. I invite ladies to come make cards with me on a weekly basis so we can enjoy time together and they have the opportunity to make cards using whatever materials I have. It would be great to actually be able to find the items when we want to use them. Great job Anna and the rest of the crew. I am looking forward to watching the craft presentation this May.

  423. Jan Forgue says:

    After years of working way too hard I finally decided to only work a 75% schedule and am comitted to finally organizing my craft space. My craftroom used to be what we called the kids’ playroom. Even though my kids are 27 and 30 I sometimes lapse back to calling it the playroom. But I guess it is my playroom! Anyway, I would love to win these lovely items to help me on my journey to beautify the playroom and turn it into the ultimate craftroom.

  424. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 You have to know me by now! I have every single scrapbooking paper kit since the dawn of time on QVC. I have them all in packs afraid to separate the embellishments from the papers. This storage system with shelves and drawers would give me an organized way of storing and viewing all of my Anna from HSN too. I can fill it right up! I love it. I’m excited about the new wrapping papers too. And the dies…oh my. That would so work too. Love it all. 🙂

  425. Sheree Brogan says:

    I have watched your blog for awhile now and I am sooo excited about May 9th coming! My husband built me a craft room in our house and I have been searching for some beautiful pieces for my room. I believe I have found them! One of my problem areas are the dies! I am excited about those dies binders! They look amazing! Finally something beautiful that Anna always provides!!

  426. Debbie Rochester says:

    Oh Anna, our youngest and last child moved out this weekend. I am starting to create a craft room in one of the now empty bedrooms. These organizing containers would be the idea item to being this great adventure. I have some of your pink and green box already.

  427. Kim Jenkins says:

    Oh my! Your items are awesome! We are moving as we are downsizing, BUT I am NOT downsizing my craft stash-even though we are moving to a house that is half the square footage of our home we raised our six kids in. I definitely need all your beautiful storage items to help me organize my space. The die storage binders are beautiful and so functional. We have been clearing out over 21 years of stuff! We have been giving away, selling and donating tons, however my craft area keeps growing! Every day that a new box arrives my husband brings it in and asks, “What did you buy now and where are we going to put it? ” I tell him, “Just look I got us another moving box!”

  428. Beth White says:

    I am super excited to see the gift wrap box is back in stock. I missed out on it the last time. I have a love hate relationship with organization. I get everything organized and put away, and then want to work on a project, and out everything comes again. I am at heart a messy crafter, so these lovely items will help me keep everything in place. I am especially excited about the die storage. I have one already, but with all of the great dies you keep coming out with, I need more!

  429. Michelle L Leary says:

    The die storage binder is what I want. I will give a shout out to Biblescraps who shared this on her youtube page, that she had purchased your binder from HSN.com back in January. I missed the airing of this as I had had major surgery during that time. I tried looking it up on HSN but saw that it was sold out. Glad to hear that it will be back. I am getting my craft room in order and this will be very helpful.

  430. Judy Getman says:

    Anna these paper storage boxes are amazing ! I need them to store my Cricut Scraps ! After I cut, I won’t ever throw away the scraps ! Thank you for chance to win !. I’m so excited !

  431. Taunie Snyder says:

    I love to organize and I am getting ready to move and my new craft room is going to be so organized and I see Anna’s organizing products in my future. Thank you for always thinking about all of us.

  432. Carol D says:

    Wow, wonderful Blog! so many things today! I am so excited by the organizational items! I have everything in the corning of my living room. the storage would be organised and beautiful in any of your patterns, they mix and match wonderfully!. Different patterns for different seasons or categories are my plans. Thank you for bringing the binders back the magnet die storage binders back, I missed them last craft day. Thank you again for all you do!

  433. Theresa Chenery says:

    So glad that you have storage products!
    I also have a craft room that needs straightening up and the paper storage would be very helpful. Have a wonderful day!

  434. Andrea Lauber says:

    Wow, these organizational items are WONDERFUL! I love the binders with pink spines and black roses. What a grand way to organize my corner craft area! Since I now am taking care of my Mom, my craft area has been reduced to a corner of the living room. I am trying to make it look beautifully charming as well as functional and THEN ..
    I saw all these new paper storage,drawers,and the die storage binders!

    Voilá, I now am dreaming of the beautiful Black print with pink accents to decorate my craft area…… and cannot forget the cutter box with the everyday printed wrapping papers….. see you around Mother’s Day. And thanks for the inspiration

  435. Cindy Seewald says:

    Oh Anna what a lovely way for me to organize my new craft room that I just got since we moved into our new home. All those beautiful boxes and binders to hold all my things in would look so awesome in my room. It would make it so colorful and cheery that I won’t want to leave!!

  436. Donna E. says:

    Organization is an ongoing challenge…so having the die storage binder and paper storage in particular would put me one step closer to finding things when I want them without spending precious time hunting! It would be great if this were my lucky week!!

  437. Dawn B says:

    Hi Anna, my first time here. I would love to get your die binders and the drawer unit as I need to get my adhesives and inks under control. The die binders are beautiful and I can’s wait to get a few. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful products!

  438. LUZ JORIF says:


  439. Dorothy says:

    Perfect timing I have been shopping for things to organize my paper and all of my embellishments. Now I can stop looking these will be perfect. I already own several of your beautiful storage boxes and binders. I can’t wait to add these wonderful additions. As I’m getting older I know I am going to have to downsize to a smaller house. Though my new craft space may lack in size, thanks to you it will not be short on beauty and functionality .

  440. Kris P says:

    ***, I love the new storage. I have the Die Binders and they are fabulous. I would love, love, love to have the new Paper Organizer and Drawers to go along with my Die Binders and Embossing Folder Storage Boxes. My Craft Room is my Anna Griffin inspired retreat and these would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the chance to win, Anna!

  441. Karen Schneider says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for bringing back the die storage binders!!!!! I missed out on getting them the last time and REALLY need them! Time to get organized with these and all your other great ideas and features!

  442. Dena Hadley says:

    Hi! I absolutely love these products. I am always looking for new ways to get organized. My dies are a hot mess!

  443. carol harmon says:

    Hi Anna, I purchased one of your binders last time and I love, love it. But, It didn’t hold all of my dies, I need another one really bad. Thanks and Love Carol

  444. Cyndy Bray says:

    So glad to see the die storage binders back as I missed them before. I have the gift wrap center and love it. Mine has the Christmas papers, though, and would love the new occasion papers.

  445. JUlie says:

    I’m so excited to get this organized! I was sad to miss out on the magnetic binders in January, but now I get to choose a new pattern!

    thank you Anna!

  446. karen chester says:

    I can’t believe the binders for the dies. I’ve been using magnetic sheets” but then just stacking them up The binders would be an awesome way to keep them and still be able to see them all. And the die binders would look really nice next to the stamp binder I bought a few years ago.

  447. Linda Hill says:

    At the present time the bulk of my supplies are in black and white boxes bought over time at various craft stoes. It would be wonderful to have some florals in the mx. I have a huge open loft space where I do all my paper crafting and unfortunately it is open to view from the living room below so it must maintain organization and beauty all the time. Would love to add these to my collections and especially love the divided containers—so dust free for all those little tidbits!!

  448. Marilyn Bruckman says:

    I’m impressed with all Anna’s products. The storage binders and paper organizers are practical and beautiful! Presently, organizing my crafting space and planning how to make good use of the space.

  449. Sharon Jones says:

    I love the die storage binders and need more to store your dies. I would also like the paper storage system for storing your papers so they are all together. Looking forward to May.

  450. Pamela E. says:

    It is very exciting to see these beautiful items. I sure would love to have them. Especially the binders for the Anna G dies I recently purchased and the ones I already had. I think that my dies would be so much easier to access and use. And I really could use those storage units for papers!! Just love the patterns, they are SO pretty, they just make me smile to look at them.

  451. Karen S says:

    The perfect organizing items as I organize my crafting room next month. I love the paper trays and the organizing drawers with the dividers. And once again in your beautiful patterns. So cool.

  452. Pam S. says:

    Wow! Beautiful organization! I would love to organize my Anna dies and all my stickers and embellishments in the Amelie drawers! So lovely and perfect for my little craft room! All of this would just brighten up my craft area!! It would look all in bloom all the time! I think I just might sit and spend time just looking at it. So beautiful for sure!

  453. Marlene Nichols says:

    Love the binders and the gift wrap dispenser. I would love to welcome these into my crafting area.

  454. Leticia C says:

    Once again Anna does it again! I bought the circut air 2 for Christmas and am slowly putting together my hobby corner. I finally just set up my desk and work space area but everything thing else is all over the place and totally disorganized, nothing has its place and I can’t find anything and have not utilized it as much as I could be. I love the ivory damask it goes with my color scheme perfectly. All of the items are perfect so that I can finally organize everything. This way I can find every tiny little piece and can actually truly begin crafting. These items will get me crafting faster so I can unleash my creative side.

  455. Antoinette says:

    I could really use the paper storage and the draw storage. I always have to go hunting for mt embellishments. They are all over the place. This will allow me to keep my embellishments organized. On my desk. The paper storage is also great which I will keep all of my paper totally organized. Great items .
    The wrapper is great I will not be wasting anymore paper and will be able to keep it nest so it doesn’t get ripped. Oh how I hope I win these items. Thank you Anna your ideas are great.

  456. NANCY BELL says:

    Man do I need the organization! I have bought several Anna Griffin items over the last few crafting days on HSN. These would give me a beautiful springing looking place to store all my Anna stuff together. Thank you for all you do!!!!

  457. Priscilla Thibault says:

    Love the new Amelie storage units. I have lots of 12 by 12 paper and small piece of things to organize. I would use the binders to organize my small letter, number, and sentiment dies.

  458. Kimberly Hattox says:

    I’m so EXCITED! I just can’t hide it! I’m about to loose control and I think I like it!! Okay, so that was a song by The Pointer Sisters, but the feeling is the same!! I love that you have some more adorable organization options that are portable (as opposed to furniture). YAY!! And so pretty

  459. Nancy Anderson says:

    Anna I believe I have never wanted to win something more than your organizing bonanza that you have put forth. I have bought many of your items and I am embarrassed to to say I have not taken anything out of the box because I have been too overwhelmed to start because I am overwhelmed with organizing my supplies to start. Let this be the keys to unlock my ability to go from a craft collector to a crafter

  460. Linda Bohannon says:

    Oh my I was going to ask if you could create something like these. I will need to order a crateful….lol. And hire hoarders to help me still…but I would SO LOVE winning these to get me started. I Love all the designs, I love how you could get one of each and they all compliment each other. Amazing…Love these… Thank you for being so creative Anna & The Team 🙂 <3

  461. joann benford says:

    I need it ALL, I do not have a craft room, but my Dining Room loves Anna Griffin things. My dies would love a place to live and breathe. They live in one decorative box together. It would be awesome to win. Thank you for the chance .

  462. Natasha Titova says:

    I’m in love with the paper storage!!!! I need to organize my paper and these are so pretty!!! Can’t wait to add them to my AG collection!!!

  463. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & team!

    Kind of lost my excitement these days, sorry about that! I heard you say the Metallic Storage Folders were back on HSN, or I thought you did. I paused the video and scrambled over there and no folders. Sad face I wanted those so much! Wish I had the item number. That would make it much easier to find. I don’t think I can see everything they have to offer on this iPad?!
    My brother in law was kind enough to donate his table to me, so now I finally have a table to do my crafting on. Too bad I have the flu now. I’m too sick to do anything these past few days. I really wanted to get my craft area all fixed up, start organizing what I do have for crafting. All these items you’ve shown here are great, but my heart ❤️ is set on those metallic die folders first! I hope the next AD of Wishful Thinking will be coming soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to get those folders during your next shows May 9th!
    Good luck everyone. Sorry for my lacking excitement everyone, just too sick to be cheery. Thanks for the opportunity to enter Ms. Anna.
    Have a blessed week!

  464. Deb Richardson says:

    Hi Anna,

    Sooo pretty! They don’t call me the plamt lady for no reason. Like you, I love flowers and plants and anything that grows! I love the beautiful patterns on the organizers. Like everyone I want to be more organized. So often I have purchased things twice because I either forgot where I put something or that I had already purchased an item. My tools can be found in a multitude of places, and all my glitters, embossing powders, inks, and reinkers what a mess! Washi tape is another disaster. Currently they are stored in three different places. The drawer storage would not only be functional, but would add such beauty to my craft space. Looks like you have come to my rescue! Thank you sooooo much!

  465. Tammy says:

    I need to organize so bad all my dies and papers. This would be awesome to do that.
    Can’t wait to see all the new things.

  466. Dana says:

    Oh what perfect timing! I just retired last week and organization is my top priority! My craft room has become a dropoff for other “uncrafty” items since Christmas. It would be awesome to keep all my “Anna” dies in one place in those folders. And the divided shelves are such a smart idea and of course beautiful as well. All the die cuts and embellishment would be right at your fingertips making papercrafting more fun. Thanks Anna

  467. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, When my family moved me almost 7 years ago they got rid of a lot of stuff. Well, I only entertain now in our library here because I can hardly walk thru my LR and my kitchen table is filled with Anna’s crafts:-) So yes, I need to be organized again and thanks for your help.

  468. Mrs. A says:

    I love Anna when every spring you turn our minds to organizing. I live in a damp climate so I keep my paper stored in closed containers, but that paper stack would be perfect for storing pens/pencils in tins, trays of stamp inks, and the new platform punch/heavy choppers on bottom. Must have the two wrapping papers to Annaize gifts. Love the binders for small independent dies, but I want to keep companion dies, stamps and embossing folders together. Have any thing coming that might bring them together?

    These sneak peaks are such fun. I love your set for the videos. Do I spy other new items-like a sneak peak within a sneak peak?!

  469. Bonnie Henderson says:

    Oh my oh my, I must have, I must have, the dbl sided Storage Binders!!!! I will actually be able to find the one i want, when i need it!!! Then it wont take hours to search, and i will have those hours to craft!!!!! Win Win!!
    Now which pattern? One of each?

  470. Karin says:

    I am forever having to sift through antiquated piles of papers to find what i want. The shelves and boxes will help. As far as the die cut album……genius!

  471. Linda Quinn says:

    Organization is everything! Thank you for these new options to help out. Love your products. Thank you for the chance to win!

  472. Margaret Lopresti says:

    Oh Anna, , winning these items would be wonderful. I missed out on the storage binders the last time because when I got them home it was damaged and I had to send it back. I need to organize my dies. Thank you for the chance to win.

  473. Lisa says:

    GREAT STORAGE solutions !
    I especially love the die storage system .
    Thanks for some NEW products and Old Favorites !

  474. Reba Duncan says:

    Hey everyone!! I am berating myself for getting too busy to order the flower strips. I am kicking myself!!! I hope they will be offered on HSN in the future.

    I love the binders for the dies. We travel a lot and I take my dies with me in a cardboard box. I have them still in the original boxes with the die name written on the each dies’ box. These binders will help me to get organized. Thank you Anna.

  475. Maria Iannone says:

    Organization AND beauty! What more could you want?! I especially love the partitions for the storage drawers. I have 12×12 plastic drawers and am always looking for little boxes to divide the drawer. Then it’s easy to sort through what you want to use. You’re absolutely right- crafting is so much nicer when you are calm and can find everything! Thanks for coming up with these items.

  476. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    I am so excited the die storage binders are available again. I ordered one last time and it arrived broken- I was broken hearted! I almost cried!!! I called HSN and they were sold out. They said to send it back for a refund but it was soooo pretty I did not want to give it up… They gave me a couple of dollars in spendable cash so I still have my beautiful broken Anna binder. I can now order one that is not broken !❤️
    The new paper storage and drawers will be so fun to give me “quick Anna access”
    Thank you so very much for your hard work creating things that I wish I could create myself

  477. Linda Marie says:

    WOW, what I won’t do to have a room makeover and be organized …my own Anna Griffin craft room. I’m using Crayola original wooden stock boxes they used to store crayons in (I retired with 35 years service).When I’m done making your cards I use your boxes to rearrange left over product so i look organized…lol. How beautiful my room would look with Anna Griffin storage boxes. Not to me mention easy access at my finger tips. Can’t wait for May 9th.

  478. Lori Hudson says:

    These storage boxes are a much better idea than mine. I purchased large plastic bins that weigh so much I’m not sure if I am crafting or weight lifting.

  479. Denise Reid says:

    I’m just.now setting up my craft room to get it organized. I love my Anna Griffin items. I would use the shelving to store my Anna Griffin paper. The die binder of course for my Anna dies. (Went to HSN to order them their not back in stock yet, will be ordering them.) Anna you have given me the incentive to be creative. For that I thank you!

  480. Cynthia Thorman says:

    Oh my! I am in the middle on conquering my craft area and was just telling myself how i needed small drawers. And how those small drawers needed to be pretty, and then i see your set… deffo must haves for sure! Love the pattern! As for what I would do with them; i would take my dining room table back; the vertical storage is a great way to do that. And the wrapping station… drool drool lol. Thanks for the preview 🙂

  481. Christina Rugg says:

    These storage containers would be perfect for my new craft room. It’s still a work in progress but getting close to being done. The die cut binders would help me organization all my die cuts and all the future Wishful Thinking autoship dies that will be coming in. Love the patterns and the colors would match my moss green walls. Definitely would give me the peace of mind to know it will coordinate and be organized.

  482. Kitty James says:

    I hope that this picture attaches! This is my “Anna” Origami Shelf unit…everything Anna! It is all Anna except for my paper holder (which is filled with Anna paper!) and my box of Anna stamps and dies which are in a random photo box! I need these items Anna! I am your biggest fan!!

  483. Andrea Chadwell says:

    Anna, I love to be organized! In about 6 weeks I’ll be moving into my first house and I will have my very own craft room and these things would be fabulous in my “Anna” and Cricut space. Thank you for giving me a chance to win these great products!

  484. Merre K Ward says:

    Looking forward to the Die Binders! Always fun to look at all my gorgeous AG boxes and goodies sitting in my book cases! love love love THE NEW GIFT WRAP! Thanks for all the goodies!

  485. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Anna, You continue to amaze me with all of your awesome products. I love the die storage for all the border and pocket dies that I got off HSN, but the beautiful drawer storage with dividers is something I would use also. These storage units would brightened any of our craft rooms. I am in my craftroom all day long as that is where I stay whether I am crafting or not. It is my happy place. I love all the floral patterns and the gift wrap is gorgeous. Thank you for offering the vellum and butterfly diecuts. Butterflies are my favorite and my avatar and they end up on the majority of my cards. I really have loved all the March wonders and I thank you for offering them.

  486. Theresa says:

    Love, love the storage~ My husband doesn’t mind me crafting,but can’t understanding how I can keep losing things! I just keep buying your beautiful things but have run out of space so these comes at a great time. With 9 children, space is at a premium right now and these would help a lot!

  487. Lynda Valentine says:

    My favorite is the paper storage. I have something similar and I need to add to it. However, since I don’t I have a craft room, I need to keep this in a closet. So Anna – do the shelves slide out?

  488. Diann Richardson says:

    Well you have finally made what I need.
    My craft mess is in my dinning room, living room, bedroom, and even the trunk of my car. I can use everything you have to help me get one area organized so that I can truly enjoy crafting again.

  489. Mollie Rogers says:

    I hope this will finally help me get my love of your products organized where I can use them easier

  490. Melanie Whiting says:

    Organization is something I crave, yet it takes so much time. I would love to have the binders and paper storage stacks for my dies and paper selections, respectively. I do not have a lot of room to craft since I am finishing my thesis in literature, but I craft to help me relax and open my mind to new possibilities. Clutter, the current storage system I use, stifles the creative aspects of my job. Organization, though, would help me focus on the task before me, not what is being neglected.

  491. Johnetha Faber-Brown says:

    Wow Anna you never stop amazing me. I’m so happy to hear the die storage binders are back. I am changing my second bedroom into my craft room and I would love to win the die storage binders for all of the dies I have that are unfortunately in boxes. Everytime I create I have to dig in the boxes to pick which die I’m going to use. I’m painting my room gray and shades of purple. I purchased the lilac explore air 2 this month and I’m designing my craft room around that color. I’ve also purchased a purple computer and office chair. I bought marble contact paper to cover the top of my desk. I’m so excited to get my room finished and the storage binders as well as the paper storage drawers would be an awesome addition to my craft room. I also purchased the go press and so many great items. I truly enjoy crafting and I’m also a baker. I also have the first expression, the imagine and the cricuit cake and the machines help me work wonders with the many gifts I make for family and friends and I just truly love love what I do to bring smiles and happiness. You are truly a blessing to all of the Crafters around the world and I thank you for that. Good luck to all!!☺

  492. Judy Roberts says:

    Awesome storage units. Recently set up my craft room in our new home and really need the die storage. I have them all over the place and have to really dig to find the one I want. This would make it so super easy to find the ones I need quickly..

  493. Heidi says:

    My favorite would have to be the die storage binder. I have tried several ways to store my dies and yet to find one I am happy with! Maybe this will be the answer!

  494. Susan Watts says:

    I love the paper organizer cube and the drawers. Very cool and love anything to do with organization.

  495. Donna says:

    I love the organization items!!!! I organize all the time and mark things so I will know where things are and your paper holder, die holder and drawers are awesome!

  496. Melissa Cano says:

    Good evening! I’m super excited about the new paper storage and storage drawers! Right now my paper stash is in my book self taking up all the room, lol and my card and scrapbook embellishments are in broken plastic containers as I’ve had them for a while and the constant moving due to my husband in the military. So this is perfect timing to reorganize my craft room! Hope, you have a wonderful week!

  497. Deborah Brown says:

    I have 2 sets of each embossing folders boxes.I use them for dies and embossing folders.four boxes are not enough. I would love,love to have more storages. a girl can never have craft stuff, Anna I have all your card kits.I ‘ve just finished all of them,except,the window box which I’m working on now.I’ve made 100’s of cards of yours kits.I retired last May ,I’ve made 250 cards in then last 2 months.thank you alway’s for your stunning.beautiful work.

  498. Linda E. says:

    I Love organization!!
    When I had my office job, my desk was organized, everything had its place.
    My craft room is so not organized, I could use everyone of these products to help me get it organized. I would be such a happy crafter to have these items. To be able to grab a binder and have my dies, paper storage, misc. storage. What a dream.

  499. Mary R says:

    Hi Anna,
    Spring is my favorite time of year because of National Craft Day and Easter. I’m so excited about the warmer weather and have been spring cleaning. I have been working on
    clearing out my craft stash that I no longer use to make room for new goodies. I especially like the die storage and drawer storage. I purchased Amelie scrapbooks in the 12 x 12 and 8 x 8 and am so excited to see you have brought us more of that pattern. I seem to be more creative when I have pretty things
    around me and when things are organized. I’m very excited about all the new organizational items and hope you will add to the collection!

  500. paulette eby says:

    Love the storage boxes, they look so beautiful. I have a very limited space to work in and so much STUFF. I need to keep it organized or I will end up on the tv show “hoarders”. These boxes, drawers, and binders would make life so much easier. My joy is making cards for friends and family and sending some overseas to our boys in the service so they know what they do is so appreciated. Have a wonderful and beautiful life!

  501. Susan Tripson says:

    I love these new products! It’s so exciting to have options to not only organize but to be able to do it in such a stylish way.

  502. Winnie Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness, I am an organizational freak! All of my coworkers say I should start my own business and do organizing for a living LOL! My husband says I organize more than I craft. I do admit that I spend quite a bit of time organizing as my new products arrive. They all have to be labeled and put away just the right way. I always take pictures of my dies and stamps so I can scroll through and pick what I want and then go right to what I want. I am really excited about these new items. I LOVE those drawers, dividers and paper holders. The first thing I would organize is to put my embellishments and die cuts in those drawers.

  503. Donna Lagoda says:

    Hello Anna. I agree that we need organization! Thanks to ordering the Crichton Air I’ve started trying to make my own. Wish me luck! BTW what was the response from Crichton on the lilac cuttlebug?౦

  504. Deidra says:

    Anna, after perusing the comments, I see that this week’s sneak peak items have certainly hit your Griffinites’ hot buttons. I can only “ditto” my fellow crafters’ comments about needing organizational items. Thank you and your staff for such beautiful and functional items!

  505. Adaline Cooper says:

    These is so great. I would love to win all these products!
    The die storage system is my favorite.

  506. Mary says:

    I was lucky enough to get one of your die storage binder..and it is wonderful…I love it..so keep up the great work..I just wished there was a pill you can take to get motivated to organize…my craft room is a mess..

  507. Phyllis Popravsky says:

    Oh Anna, I LOVE organization. I am an organization freak. I can’t start work on any project unless expverything is neat, and where it belongs. I am always rearranging and re-organizing all my beautiful Anna Griffinn dies, stamps, embossing folders, more embossing folders, more dies, papers, card kits, minc stuff. I would LOVE ❤️ to win these BEAUTIFUL organizing items, my craft room would look so pretty with your organization items, rather than my plastic stuff. I’m gonna cross my fingers. Thanks Anna for all the wonderful stuff you and your team keep coming up with.

  508. Pamela F says:

    I am getting started in card making and I have quickly run out of room. I love the die storage ring binder, what a great idea and so pretty. You can never have too many paper storage areas… I love these new ones of yours…

  509. Cathy Root says:

    I have a condo, so space is always a premium, specially with my quilting and paper crafting supplies. I have already purchased some of your organizing supplies in the past, but with my craft month purchases, I am going to need more storage for them.
    I love the binder idea for organizing my cutting dies, because sometimes I get together with friends to work on cards, and the binder would be easier to travel with!

    I used to work in a store that had a gift wrapping station, and I miss it so, so your Chic Wrap gift wrap cutter and dispenser would help so much.
    Besides the traditional paper storage ideas that you have, I think it would also be cool to turn one of the organizers sideways to store your idea book, and other paper draft inspiration ideas, as well as organizing my crafting supplies with two storage boxes. I am so glad that your are continuing with the GRACE in white, so I can add to my existing products and coordinate the color.

  510. Sharon M says:

    Can’t wait. For the paper storage boxes. I have lots of paper to get organizing. Also the die holders. Wow so pretty are the binders and the storage boxes.

  511. Marla Symes says:

    I’m taking over my son’s old bedroom which is bigger than my current craft room. I need supplies to organize and make it functional. Your items are so beautiful and will make my room pop. Would love to win something, especially such beautiful items.

  512. Joanne duddy says:

    Love the binders for the cutting dyes— just wish one of the patterns was the black and white pattern from a couple of years ago– have 6 binders full of stamps and love them!!
    The gift paper trimmer is awesome!! Have the Christmas one n love it — took it even from Florida to Maine in the car with me to use to wrap tons of presents at my sisters!

  513. Sheri Grounds says:

    Oh Anna, I am SOOOO very excited about your new organization products!!!! If you saw my craft room right now, I would be horribly embarrassed! Everything I have bought since last year (almost all of it from you) is sitting on my desk and floor and in containers waiting to find a good home and actually to be used. I went back to school about a year and a half ago and boy does it take a lot of time!!! Especially since it has been 30+ years since I was in high school. This summer I need some me time so I plan to take most of the summer off and get my craft room organized so I can do all my Anna gifts before school starts back in the fall. Between school and work, there isn’t a lot of time for crafting so this summer needs to be super productive. I am so glad that you got more of your die storage binders. I have 100s of dies and so many of them are from you (you make a great product girl!!!) Oh, I also want to know if you are going to get some more the chameleon refills in again. I got the pens, but I really need the refills to go with them.
    Thanks for all you do!

  514. Catherine Hanson says:

    Wow! Perfect timing for these gorgeous products as I’m in the process of re-organizing my craft room. Thank you for your beautiful products.

  515. Sue Paradoski says:

    I am an organizational nut! I do not have a craft room so I have highly organized closets with bookshelves in different parts of my house and I craft on my kitchen table. I would love to have your new organizers to keep odds and ends, daily inspirations I collect, ongoing projects and supplies, etc., at my fingertips. I could pull out my stuff from various areas and keep it in a beautiful, all-in-one place system until I put it away in the larger, out-of-sight storage units. That would be so wonderful!

  516. Clarissa Miller says:

    I am excited to 1. get organized and labeled. To have a place for extra embellishments and leftovers. 2. have a place for my paper pads that will accentuate my craft room with Anna’s designs. 3. Be able to find my stuff when I get ready to start a project rather than spend time looking for a piece of paper or a ribbon or a pop dot. Very excited to no longer have my craft room look like a hoarder.

  517. Anne Dupre says:

    I love organizing my craft area and at this time I am working on my dies and stamps so the die binders would work great

  518. Casey Walters says:

    I retired almost a year ago and the top item on my to-do list was organizing my craft space. Well, one shoulder injury later and not much has happened. As a matter of fact, getting my paper in order has been mentioned several times in the last two wee. These items are all going to be so helpful in getting the job done, and beautifully, too.

  519. Debbie Martelli says:

    Thank you Anna,
    I can finally take all my paper books off the floor and reclaim back my ironing board top!
    I can definitely use the storage boxes. Those dividers are awesome!!
    Love that the binders are back too! Can’t wait till May!

  520. Eileen Schneider says:

    I have tried different ways to organize my dies and stamp pads, the drawers and binders would be amazing…organization and beauty, WOW!

  521. Debra Clark says:

    Wow , All of these would be wonderful to win. I am in the process of putting my scrapbook room together. I am in need of storage and these are beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

  522. ROBINA FELKER says:

    I have tons of dies that are stacked and not in a flip organized style. I have to go trough each cardboard piece where I re-taped it down after each use. WHAT A HASSLE. Cannot wait for this storage system. Also have several pieces left from each card kit I have purchased in last 5 years.Would love to store all of it in style. You can get so much more done when you are organized. Love to make the cards but after working all day, it is hard to have much time left for just me. So organization is so important.

  523. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … Just, noticed — that I had received my weekly email, from ” Anna Griffin Inc.” — COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES !!! — When I clicked onto the
    ” NEW VIDEO ” — featuring all of these new Organizational Items !!! I Have Been Working, SOOOOO HARD … To Get My Craft Room, COMPLETELY ORGANIZED, Before My Husband Builds My, Second Craft Room !!! These items aren’t just pretty … They Are ~~~ Absolutely Beautiful !!! ~~~ Extremely, Needed In The Craft Room, Also !!! Anna, Has ~~~ Definitely, Hit On Something ” BIG ” With This One !!! … Getting Pretty With Organizing !!! — LOVE, LOVE, LOVE … These Items !!! … Definitely, My Favorite, So Far !!! Now, This Is Something, That I Would Truly Love To Win, As They Are — SOOOOO, TRULY NEEDED, IN THE CRAFT ROOM !!! Perhaps, Anna Could Come Out With A New Book, Someday … ” Where Griffinites Create ” … Featuring Her Complete Line Of Organizing Solutions. This Coming From Someone … Who Just LOVES … To Organize !!!

  524. Jane says:

    I so need to organize! I love the binder for storing dies. It would be nice to see at first glance what I need for a change! The drawers are also very practical and lovely at the same time.

  525. DEBBY says:

    Top of my list the Rose folder for my wishful dies then the Multi Drawered Storage what a beautiful way to get organizing .

  526. Debbie Cooper says:

    I love the organization drawers for all the embellishments I’ve collected from you and they’ll give my craft room that little extra snap of cuteness.
    Years ago I got into Pergamano ( vellum paper crafting). You’ve given me the incentive to get back to it with all your fantastic fresh ideas and tools. Thankyou Anna

  527. Beth in Georgia says:

    I’ve been trying to do a bit of spring cleaning in my craft room and as the old saying goes the more I try the behinder I get. I don’t use a lot of my dies because it’s a hassle to get to them, so the die binder would be the perfect way to get those lovely dies into the light of day and in action. I have lovely paper I often forget about because it’s in an ugly old cardboard box…out of sight and out of mind until I think of them so the paper organizer would get those out, front and center so I’d use those pretties. The drawer storage…what wouldn’t I put in there. I was thinking embellishments and washi tape and baker’s twine and then you mentioned ink pads and I thought BINGO, that’s exactly what I’d use those beautiful drawers for. The Chic Wrap was on my list back before Christmas but alas it got away from me. I have two really special birthdays to wrap gifts for in May so of course they’d get their gifts for their big day wrapped courtesy of Anna, the only problem is which one to use! ;0) As always I love them all and winning them would make them only more meaningful! Have a great week!

  528. Rose says:

    I am trying so hard to get organized. I have paper and embellishments in one room . Cricut and computer in another, ribbon en a third room and finally table and all the other supplies in fourth roo. … this would certai it help out .
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  529. MINERVA Rios says:

    I would really love to organize with such pretty things! It really helps to create and feel happy in your craft room when you have nice storage.

  530. kim m says:

    I often joke that before I was born, when everyone had to stand in line to get their various characteristics and skills, I stayed so long in the conversation line, I totally missed the organizational line. I don’t have an organized bone in my body! The last time I saw the top of my dining room table was when we moved into our house. That was 13 years ago! Your beautiful boxes and storage system will make even me more organized! Fingers crossed I win!

  531. cheryl grlj says:

    I am in the process of trying to organize m craft room and I can certainly use all the help I can get! You are offering organization on many levels and all in a very pretty way. I got the Christmas paper wrapping center and loved that paper> Can’t wait to see your newest prints!

  532. Pamela Rohs-Gold says:

    So excited about the paper organizers — need that for my new craft room.
    Love to be organize….

  533. Robin says:

    I love the new storage choices – the die storage that I wasn’t fast enough to get the 1st time they were available. I also love the paper storage – it would look great in my new craft room, along with my Anna Griffin desk & Anna Griffin boxes. These new pcs would really finish off my room nicely!

  534. Kristine says:

    WOW we all need organization. Anna & team make it so easy for us. Thank you for all the organization. The Craft Wonder is great. Thanks. Also the How-To is great. Keep the How-To’s coming. They are so much fun and we all learn from them. Thank you.

  535. Susan Anderson says:

    Just in time for spring cleaning and organizing my “Happy Place” (aka craft room).
    The die binders are genius, and a great way to have them all at your finger tips.
    I have to confess I love to wrap presents as much as give them! My husband says it isn’t a proper gift unless it’s wrapped – no easy gift bags for him … that’s fine by me… more time to spend making things pretty and adding bows.
    I would love, love to win these lovely things and would be ever so grateful!
    Thank you, Anna for this opportunity!

  536. Denise L. says:

    Truth be told, I am kind of obsessed with organization. LOL. I do have a requirement. It must be pretty, not just functional. our items fit the bill perfectly!! I love these items. I love ALL of your items. Did you know my craft room is the most colorful in my home, too? That is what gives me inspiration, color (and, of course, Anna Griffin supplies). I would LOVE to win these items!!!.

  537. kris clark says:

    I would get all my AG dies paper snd die cuts all together in one place. This would make me excited because i could find it and create more fabulous cards. Thank you.

  538. NancyB says:

    I was going through some of my Minc pieces this weekend. I thought what I need is some way to get these organized sonI can tell what I have. You must have read my mind. These products will really help me get organized. I also have your dies. I got one of the magnetic notebook organizers and it is wonderful. I could use a bunch more to get some of my dies organized. I’m really looking forward to May. Thanks again for all that you do for us.

  539. Sally Peak says:

    OhmyGoodness! I’m in the middle of organizing my tiny craft space and your new storage boxes will be perfect for my AG papers and for my adhesives, washi tapes and what nots

  540. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Organization that is PRETTY, double WIN!
    I’ve been trying to organize my craft studio since last fall, I ‘almost’ have too much Anna Griffin..lol. Can that happen? 🙂
    As it stands now, I have at least 2 5 shelf book cases devoted to my Anna papers, embellishments and the like… then another 2 shelves on my built-in book case devoted to embossing folders and dies… but believe me it’s still a work in progress. Hopefully I can finish up soon as I need to make Easter Cards asap!!

  541. Brenda Scheiman says:

    I love the paper storage and the drawer system. I have some of your other storage items, nesting boxes etc. They make organizing beautiful, so these new pieces are a perfect addition.

  542. Celia Martinez says:

    ***, organize with great style! Thank you Anna! I’m so excited the Die Storage Binders are back in stock! They sold out before I could clear my cart when you introduced them. The Paper Storage Boxes and Multi-Drawered Storage Boxes with dividers to custom fit your needs are awesome! The Ivory Damask pattern is my favorite and matches the Anna Griffin Ivory and Gold perfectly! The everyday Chic Wrap is great with its own paper trimmer and storage capability. No more worrying about the need to measure and cut straight! Looking forward to May 9th!

  543. Cynthia Cole says:

    Love all these new products! It would help organize all the papers, dies, embellishments and markers strewn across my artroom.

  544. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    After moving into our condo I placed all of my crafting supplies into a storage cabinet downstairs but I still have to pull out all of the AG card kits and small boxes of embellishments, sentiments, paper collections, etc to make decisions on what I am going to use to make a card. By the time I get everything out and then put it back I’m exhausted! I was imagining this type of organizational storage exactly! It’s like you read my mind! Would LOVE these storage items.

  545. Connie L. Dake says:

    SO happy to see the die storage binders back. I have one, but need at least one more. The paper and embellishment storage units are wonderful and will match the other storage items I have from your designs!!! Will make crafting so much more efficient and fun with everything at my fingertips. Cannot wait to see what else will be in the May show!!

  546. Sherry Miller says:

    In the process of reorganizing my craft room.. your items would make it organized but beautiful at the same time!

  547. Ne-Col says:

    I’ve been trying to find a functional but beautiful way of organizing all my AG tools and paper. Leave it to you to deliver just what I need. I would use these to not only make my craft room beautiful but to also make sure I stopped ordering duplicates because I can’t locate my does.

  548. BRENDA CONOVER says:

    LOOOVE everything. I am in the process of reorganizing my office/craft room now and all these products would help me do just that.

  549. Andrea Manda says:

    Hi Anna, I love all the new storage but my favorite is the Die Storage Binder. As my die stash increases it is more and more important to store them carefully!! Just love it. I am looking forward to May!!

  550. Susie says:

    Dream come true!!! Storage boxes for paper. You can see at a glance your collection of papers all neat and color matching. Now little drawers to fill with those leftovers for you kits. Now in matching patterns. Can’t wait. Thanks Anna .

  551. Ellen Downs says:

    If it is one thing that I need help with is organization. When it comes to organizing I am the world’s worst. I have so many of your beautiful dies and would fill that storage n a heartbeat My paper is stored in big boxes in my closet. I takes me forever to find what I want. My pretty decorations are in boxes under my dining room table. As you can see I need help in the worst way. I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping that I win all your storage items.

  552. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Definitely going to get the binder for the dies this time – so happy you brought them back!

  553. Eve Watters says:

    I love love love all your designs and your new ideas, and I love love love to make things. But I’ve been in a creativity desert all month! Because my art space is in such a mess, so badly in need of organizing! I still haven’t recovered from my enthusiastic flurry of Xmas card-making- over 300 made, sent, sold this past season. Oh how I’d love to use these beautiful new products to pull me back to a creativity OASIS!!

  554. Carol says:

    I’m doing a craft stuff overhaul. I am having trouble finding pretty organization. This is PERFECT. Love, love, love the drawers. The paper storage will be perfect for my thickers. And I get to do it with STYLE. Thank Anna for giving us the “PRETTY “

  555. Ellen Downs says:

    If it is one thing I need it’s help with organization.
    I am the worlds worst when it comes to organizing. I have so many of your beautiful dies that I would fill up that die storage binder in a heartbeat. It would be so nice to all my dies in one place.
    My paper is in a big box stuffed in my closet. It takes forever to find what I need. I even have boxes under my dining room table.i have my fingers crossed that I win.

  556. Mary Makinen says:

    I purchased the die storage binder and was so disappointed when they were not on HSN any longer.
    SO, I am very excited to be able to purchase more. I love them. I will definitely continue to cut out the die as a Table of contents and store my dies. Thank you for replenishing!!

  557. Zelva says:

    Wow just found this post, I have so much stuff stuffed and stuffed in different places though out the house at least I could bring all together!

  558. Lori L says:

    I started my organizing with the Ivory boxes for the embossing folders several years ago. I missed out on the die storage binders but I plan on getting some of them in Ivory along with the paper trays and the embellishment drawers to organize more of my products. I can always tell where my Anna Griffin products are stored. Love them.

  559. Mary says:

    I love them all! I need them so badly! This would really help get my craft room organized. I love the wrapping organizer box, too, it is a must have. Thanks for your beautiful creations.

  560. Nadine Dunker says:

    oh my, oh my goodness…..these gorgeous items would go so well to help organize my craft corner in the family room. We are always reorganizing that area to improve function & improve the look. This would go a long way in achieving both goals. Have a good week.

  561. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    Anna, did you read my mind?!?!? I have acquired a lot of your products and the thing I really need the most is organizers to organize it all. I have been searching and searching for something to organize my 12X12 paper and I just haven’t found a solution that I really like until I saw your beautiful storage cube today! Then it got even better when I saw the one with the drawers. That would be so great to organize all of my AG embellishments. The wrapping paper is gorgeous! I just love your patterns. They are the best! I can’t wait for May 9th.

  562. L. Lynn Lane says:

    The paper storage units are so pretty! Grace is always my choice. And the gift wrap cutter would be perfect for me! I wrap Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for the needy at my church. It takes me at least 3 hours per occasion to wrap the boxes. The cutter would make my life SO much easier! While I would still need to cut the paper in half, I could cut the lengths of paper and that would be SO helpful! Great stuff Anna, can’t wait for the shows!

  563. Dolores R Mora says:

    I would love any of your storage items. I really need to organize my craft items. Your new wrapping paper is so beautiful. The wrapping paper and the storage box and cutter would be a welcome addition to any craft room.

  564. Kathy Dennis says:

    It’s funny that these great storage items are being presented, because I am getting ready to get organized. I’ve been looking at furniture, etc. These storage pieces are beautiful, as well as, useful. Thanks, Anna!! Would love to win anything!!!

  565. Mary Utley says:

    Eeeek. Any of these items would help me be better organized. But I think my favorite item is the wrapping paper cutter. I have yet to find something to help me be better organized when it comes to wrapping.

  566. Joee Balestrieri says:


  567. Deborah Schamburg says:

    I would love the die storage binders, and I am trying to get my scrapbook room more organized so I would love the big 12x12storage boxes and the gift wrap storage and cutter! I have lots of ANNA and would love to add more floral storage! Can’t wait til May 9th!

  568. Vanessa Thorp says:

    Organizing is almost as satisfying as crafting, I would put all my Anna paper in the paper organizer and all my Anna embellishments in the drawers, all my Ann dies in the folders, then I would place them in the Anna portion of my room where they could all look beautiful together……ahhhh

  569. Audrey Wisniewski says:

    I have purchased Anna’s products for many years, it would be wonderful to have these items to get it all organized. The storage binders are beautiful are would be filled up instantly. Thank you again for all your beautiful items and inspiration. My daughters and I make projects to raise money for a pet rescue that we volunteer for. We use the cricut to maker candles, wine glases and mugs etc.

  570. Jeanne says:

    I have been Waiting for the die storage sheets and binders to come back. I missed them the first time and my dies are a mess. I dropped one the other day and I still haven’t found it. Help me get organized Anna!