HSN May 9th, 2017 Product Preview 3 Winner

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday! There has been a close race for this week’s favorite items between our Card Front Dies and the Acetate Cards for Him. Both of these items are so versatile and will be essential for creating the cards for all of your upcoming occasions. Over 1200 of you commented to win this week! Congratulations  Patricia Sugden today is your day! We hope these products bring you lots of joy!

Who wants another look at the gorgeous items from Product Preview 3?

Our new Card Front Dies give you an intricate way to layer! This set of 4, 5×7 die designs include, flowers, birds, a suit and a birthday cake. Use these dies to make wedding and birthday cards as well as the perfect Father’s Day card.

Our Acetate Cards for Him are sophisticated and printed with  collages of antique ephemera. Add a few die cuts, grommets, a sentiment, and you have a card that he’s going to love! You’ll get 3 each of 12 different designs including anchors, bikes and playing cards!

Grow the garden of your dreams with our Trelliage Diecuts! The possibilities are endless with 212 gorgeous flowers, topiaries, butterflies and more! All you have to do is punch out the images and layer away!

To go hand in hand with your Trelliage Die Cuts we have our Trelliage Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies. You can create an arbors, a French planter box and even a trellis!

If you love to create paper works of art, our Paper Tricks 3 dies are just what you need. Wow friends and loved ones with the curtain folds you create! You will get a scalloped fold, jabot fold, bunting fold and more!

It’s all oh so pretty!

Do you need a little help making the perfect bow? Here’s how to use our Bow Maker with Ribbon Storage Box. Enjoy!

Monday is going to be a post of 4 brand new items! You’re not going to want to miss this!

Bye for now,



  1. Pamela P says:

    Attention!!!!!! Attention!!!!Attention!!! I need 4 of those mini albums for him so to WIN ONE would help my pocket book a whole lot
    .I have bought every today’s special you’ve ever had on HSN It;s my time.
    And I can’t wait to get my hands on that digital cartridge love love all kinds of purse design from gift bags to greeting cards
    Love this STUFF Ms Anna

  2. Lesley Calabria Brown says:

    I’m kid of a fiend for the dies, Anna…though I absolutely love the new Cricut cartridge. Unfortunately, I only have the Cricut Expression, so I dont think that cartridge will work in my machine Thanks for this opportunity! Looking forward to the show…

  3. Mary Ann Allen says:

    Oh Anna, can’t wait to use the pocket die cuts. They will be perfect to help me document my life beautifully!!

  4. Jennifer Sugg says:

    Anna, Thank you for demonstrating your perfect bowmaker. It is a wonderful combo of storage and bowmaker in one!

  5. Kelly Hall says:

    I really like the Anna’s Gracious Giftables digital cartridge. Thanks for offering these products.

  6. Kathi Carlozzi says:

    I would love to win the new digital cartridge for gift cards. I give alot of gift cards and what a wonderful way to present them. I always have trouble figuring out how to give them. Please let me win as I never do. I also like the dies as I am a collector of dies. Thanks.

  7. Jackie P. says:

    ***! Anna. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Gracious Giftables Cricut Cartridge. I am going to have so much fun creating those bags and gift cards. That is my favorite among the front dies and the father’s day one from your previous sneak peeks. I look forward to seeing you on HSN soon.

  8. Barbara Milani says:

    don’t know if my 1st comment worked so trying again love the new cricut cartridge and the planner dies!!! wondering if you could bring back the box card kit with die and auto ship on hsn silly me missed it and it sold out really would love to get it and the other kits on the auto ship please please please bring it back

  9. Angel Cyr says:

    Congratulations, Patricia !!! … What A Lovely Week ~~~
    To Have Won !!! Love those Card Front Dies !!!

  10. Bobbi Hollar says:

    Congrats to Patricia. I hope you enjoy your new products. Happy Easter to everyone. Love the bowmaker!

  11. Denice with a "c" says:

    These cards are just absolutely stunning, as always Anna’s style is so elegant. Congratulations to Patricia . Maybe one of these days I will see my name in lights….. Ha Ha… God bless…Denice with a “c”

  12. Carole Carlson says:

    Love Anna’s ideas and her kits. Looking forward to the HSN show. They do a great job that day with all Anna’s products. Congratulations to the winner.

  13. Donna DeGraw says:

    Congrats Patricia, I hope you well enjoy them all. I know I sure could use them all. Have a great time with them all.

  14. Lois N. says:

    Congratulations to Patricia and may she enjoy all the wonderful products coming her way!!
    The Trelliage Embossing Folders and DieCuts
    and cutting Dies are to “DIE” for!!! Just exquisite and I would love to have them to enhance my
    card making and scrapbooking!! Thank you Anna
    for always inspiring us Griffinites!! Happy Easter
    to you and your Staff!! Love, Lois N.

  15. Lynda says:

    Anna, you have made things we can just drool over!! Wishing we had them all. thank you for all the drool!!

  16. Diana Durst says:

    Something else to purchase to help organize my new craft room! Making bows with the bow maker seems a lot easier and will have perfect beautiful bows!!

  17. Michelle G says:

    I love the entire concept of ribbon storage coupled with a sturdy peg system for bow making all in one handy box – other bow maker systems I’ve used were so flimsy and so lightweight as to be almost useless after making just a few bows
    I would like to suggest that holes for ribbons would be nice on both sides of the box – more is better, right? Hahaha but true

  18. Myrna Hartley says:

    Congrats Patricia. The bow maker is a good idea but what about the other 100 ribbons I have, LOL.

    Happy Easter to you and the staff.

    loving affection,

  19. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Congratulations Patricia! Great fun products you have won!
    Anna, thanks for more inspiration. And the bow maker! Okay, that is beautiful in the making! I am glad you showed that, I am reconsidering the bow maker! Have a beautiful day!

  20. Angelina Flaherty says:

    I am on “pins and needles” for Monday’s preview of 4-new products for May 9th show! Congrats Patricia! Happy Easter to all!

  21. judy whitley says:

    Dear Anna, How do I decide? I really can’t choose. Would love to have all of them. Missed the Trelliage the last time round and so happy to be able to try again on the 9th. Easter Blessings to you and all the Griffinites out there.

  22. Gisela says:

    Congratulations Patricia , What lovely creations you will soon be making .

    Happy Easter to you Anna and all of your staff.
    Wishing all a most Happy Easter weekend.

  23. Cheryl Stone says:

    Hi Anna! I must thank you for your tutorials. On my own, I am not a very artistic person, but I want to be. Tutorials get me fired up and give me ideas, of course. The best part is my family and friends think I am very artistic! xo

  24. Ruth Manor says:

    Congratulations Patricia Sugden!

    Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. Looking forward to the next craft show on HSN on May 9th.

  25. Marjorie Iwamoto says:

    Congratulations Patricia – you will love the ribbon storage & bow maker. I love my bow maker. Even though the holes on the bow maker are not drilled straight down making it difficult to get the pegs in and stand straight, I chose to keep my box because the included selection of ribbons are so beautiful.

  26. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Congratulations, Patricia.
    I like the bow making box especially for those just beginning to make cards,
    . I hand tie all my bows for my cards and probably would not use it, I have most of the bow makers on the market and find it easier to hand tie little bows,
    I love the card front dies and will look forward to when they come available and all you other beautiful items, I start watching HSN in the early am so I can order before they sell out, Oh the joy that awaits us Griffinites on May,9th

  27. Holly Hatch says:

    Anna: Your bow maker looked like the perfect tool when it was demoed on HSN. However, I must have received the last one made on a Friday before the manufacturers were to go home for the weekend….LOL…I’m sad to report that it was such a mess that I had to return it to HSN. The holes were all drilled crooked so the pegs screwed in slanted. The metal findings that went in the side for the ribbon to come through the holes, kept coming out when I pulled out the ribbon. In order to use the bow maker, I would have had to drill all new holes. It was a wonderful idea, but the manufacturer’s quality management people should be reprimanded for letting that one go out. It was made of very cheap materials and constructed carelessly. Just wanted to let you know.

  28. Robert H says:

    Happy Easter, Anna.
    Thanks for the tutorial and the tip.
    I keep checking HSN: no new products yet but I always order more paper so they won’t kick me out of the club.

  29. Sandra finger says:

    Thanks for doing the bow making video. I seemed to have missed every time you introduced it. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  30. Tracey Magner says:

    OH, its all so BEAUTIFUL Anna. So glad to see the products for the men in our lives and glad to see the recap, somehow I didn’t get the email on Monday and it was such as stressfull horrible week for me I didn’t even get a chance to check until today and relieze that it wasn’t there. Oh well, can’t wait to see what next week will bring, smiles to our faces I know that for sure !!!

  31. Gail J says:

    Anna, Always love everything you put out. The bow maker is not only very practical, but very pretty. Thanks for all your great ideas. See you soon on HSN. Gail J

  32. Teresa says:

    Congrats Patricia enjoy all these great items….can’t wait to see what is coming on Monday.

  33. SheliaP. says:

    Congratulations on the great Anna goodies Patricia!
    Thanks Anna for the Bow making tips. I Need help in everything. I can’t even cut a straight line! : /

  34. Grama Pei says:

    YAY, congratulations to Patricia Sugden! And thank you for the Bowmaker how-to video, Anna! I YEARN to get to play in my craft room again soon! Cant wait to see the next previews, too. OK, back to work…

  35. patricia crocker says:

    Congrats Patricia, Love the new bow maker! that s n my list for the next show. Thanks for the giveaways.

  36. Patricia Sugden says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m up late this morning. My husband has picked up this cold/crud running around and it was a challenging night as he breaths via a trach. With blurry eyes I’m in shock to see that my name was drawn to be the lucky winner. What a wonderful pick me up! Thanks so much Anna and team. Also, Thanks for all the congratulations.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.

  37. Joee Balestrieri says:


  38. Bonnie W. says:

    Love that bow maker. It is so wonderful to be able to make ribbons that look good . See you soon on HSN! Best wishes, Bonnie W.

  39. Carla Haase says:

    Happy Easter, Anna, to you and your family and your crew. And looking forward to Monday and the 4 new products.

  40. HollyG says:

    Hello MIss Anna & Crew!

    LOVE the new designs! Those card front dies….YES! How wonderful are those! ‘
    I must thank you once again for the previews and the hard work, and creative thought you have put into each and every product! It truly is remarkable…thank you, thank you!

    Congratulations to Patricia! What fun she will have with her new items!

    Have a safe, happy, blessed Easter weekend!

  41. Paulette Duda says:

    I have lots of anna’s bows but could always use another tool and the bow maker is a good one.

  42. Judy Estrada says:

    Hello Anna- Those bows you made are very lovely. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to craft day & your new items!

  43. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Congrats to Patricia the Easter Bunny is being good to you:-)

    Anna, I used my Trelliage die-cuts on my Easter cards and now it’s onto Graduation, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards!!!

    Happy Easter to u , your great staff and all Griffinites!

  44. Peggy Wiens says:

    Lucky Patricia-Congrats to you. I just watched the new bow making on YouTube last night!! You know one of those sleepless nights!! So watched you (Anna) for inspirations!!!

  45. Linda Christiansen says:

    Yay Patricia…congratulations on your win of fantastic items!
    …Thank you for bow video Anna…that bow maker. & ribbon storage box is now on my list!!
    …Also thanks for mentioning that the Acetate Cards for Him includes anchors & bikes. That gives me two more designs (along with those shown last week) I know I will use for guys in my family.
    …Anna…four new products Monday…what could they be??!! Could there be Acetate Cards for HER coming too??? Hmmmm. Can’t wait to see what they are!


  46. Beverly Jordan says:

    I have gotten your Masculine cards before and loved them! So looking forward to the acetate ones this time!! Love the images especially the globe!

  47. Sharon says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! I REALLY MUST HAVE THE BOW MAKER!!! What a remarkable idea…my fingers just don’t bend like they use to and this will be a blessing in my life! Can’t wait until the HSN show May 9th!!!

  48. Wanda Duso says:

    Congratulations Patricia!
    Cannot wait until Monday for our new surprise S! Happy Easter Anna and staff and families!

  49. Monica O. says:

    I love the bow maker! Small bows are challenging. I’m looking forward to seeing all your new products in May, especially the dies storage binder because I am on auto-ship for the wonderful word dies.

  50. Rose weber says:

    Congrats to the winner . I will have to put these items on my wish list. Thank you for that informative video on how to make bows. Can’t wait to see you and all the new items on HSN on May 9. Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter .

  51. Mary Beth says:

    Congratulations Patricia! What fun you are going to have!!

    Thanks for the bow tutorial…and Happy Easter ALL!

  52. Deidra says:

    Patricia, congratulation on winning this week’s product preview. Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

  53. Maureen m says:

    Congratulations to Patricia I know you are going to have fun with your winnings. Can’t wait for next week 4 new products yahoo. Sure wish Anna would do a weekly craft video on all her products old and new. Anna always shows more than one way to use her dies and how to mix them , love ❤️ her to pieces

  54. Carol Assentato says:

    Looking forward to the show. The card fronts are a great addition to your already great products. Wish I could win. Love it all

  55. Katherine Nease says:

    What a great concept! Storage and a bow making tool in one. Everything you need to make beautiful bows all in one place.

  56. Annette Johnson says:

    Congrats to Patricia enjoy your new products. I can’t wait for the next craft day on HSN with Anna and everyone else. Happy Easter to everyone and looking forward to more previews.

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