HSN May 9th, 2017 Product Preview 5 Winner

Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope that you’ve had a great week, and that you have enjoyed the second to last product preview before our shows on HSN May 9th. We had so many great responses to our Collage Toppers for Him, Charming Collage Toppers, His and Hers Letterpress Folders and Perfect Pattern Cards for Him. Over 1030 of you commented to win these 4 items, and our winner for today is Suzanne Matos. Lucky you! We hope you have a blast creating beautiful projects with these new items.

We have an exciting new crafting video today as well as a few more projects to inspire you!

Our Perfect Patterns for Him Cards and Envelopes have a neutral and masculine palette that perfectly coordinates with  our new Collage Card Toppers for Him. There’s not a single pink card in the deck, but lots of deeper hues with patterned neutrals sprinkled in.

These Collage Toppers for Him provide an easy way to create a card quickly and effortlessly! Multiple vintage themes are included in this set of 96 toppers with sayings like Birthday Wishes, For My Friend and many more.

Our Charming Collage Toppers are an incredible set of 100 already expertly layered diecuts that allow you to make an everyday card in a flash! This set is back from January, and it’s easy to see why it’s an Anna Griffin favorite!

Our His and Hers Letterpress Folders create some of the most endearing embossed patterns you can get! This set of 6 folders is the first autoship from the Letterpress sets that debuted in January. So many of you loved the flamingos, anchors and pineapples designs, and we can’t see what you create with them!

Let’s make a card with your Go Press and Foil Machine! This item was so popular in March, and you can see why! It creates a beautiful letterpressed image with this easy to use heated machine.



  • Anna Griffin® Go Press & Foil Machine 529-122 – Best Wishes Hot Foil Stamp, 1 Gold Foil Cut to 2.5” x 4.5” and 1 Gold Foil Cut to 4” x 6,” Tongs & Rubber Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Ivory Cards & Envelopes 505-052 – 1, 5”x7” Folded Card
  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3, 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Flower Layer Die 115-5288
  • Anna Griffin® Terrific Tags, Cutting Dies and Stamps Bundle 505-094
  • Anna Griffin® Rose Collection Scrapbooking Set 470-027 – 1, 12” x 12” White & Gold Cardstock Cut to 1, 5” x 7” Cardstock Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Palette II Cardstock 505-105 – 1, 12” x 12” Pink Cardstock Cut to 1, 4” x 6” Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Palette II Cardstock 505-105 – 1, 12” x 12” Dark Pink Cardstock Piece Cut to 1, 3.5” x 4.5” Layer
  • 1 Floral Embellishment Sticker
  • Anna Griffin® 100-piece Perfect Bows Assortment 430-694 – 1 Small Pink Bow
  • Double Sided-adhesive
  • Foam Adhesive
  • 2, 5” x 7” Cardstock Shims


  • Follow heating instructions included with the Go Press & Foil machine.
  • Best Wishes Hotfoil Stamp and Flower Layer Die both need to heat for approximately 1 minute.
  • Place Flower Layer die cutting side up on the Go Press & Foil heat plate. Place 4” x 6” gold foil (gold side facing down) on top of die, followed by the 4” x 6” pink card layer (pink side facing down) on top of the foil.

  • Add shims to apply pressure properly. Close lid and allow die to heat for 30 seconds. Remove the heating platform from the Go Press & Foil base.  Slowly wind through the Cuttlebug machine and back again to apply foil to the cardstock layer.  Let cool for approximately 30 seconds.

  • Peel off foil. Use tongs to place die on rubber mat to cool down.

  • Place “Best Wishes” hot foil stamp onto the heat plate. Place 2.5” x 4.5” gold foil colored side down on top of the die.  Place 5” x 4.5” dark pink cardstock piece (dark pink side facing down) on top of foil.  Add shims and close lid and allow die to heat for 30 seconds.

  • Remove the heating platform from the base, and wind slowly through the Cuttlebug machine and back to apply foil to the cardstock piece. Let cool for approximately 30 seconds.

  • Die cut dark pink cardstock piece with Terrific Tags die.

  • Attach gold foil layer to card base with double sided adhesive. Attach foil stamped layer with foam adhesive.  Adhere tag with foam adhesive, floral embellishment sticker, and bow with double-sided adhesive.

What a fun Friday! Monday meet us here for your shopping list!




  1. Linda Dial says:

    Hi Anna! I am so EXCITED- I found you on YouTube yesterday (5/7/17) for the first time! W O W !!! I have a friend, Janet Tyler , in Fayetteville, WV who gets your kits, tools!!! She introduced me to cardmaking last year when she began sending me cards she made!! THEY HAVE BEEN AN INDESCRIBABLE BLESSING and ENCOURAGEMENT during my grief journey! My husband of 45 years died in December 2014!
    I will love to be picked to win ANYTHING you offer!

  2. Jen Clem says:

    I love the sentiments stamp and die set. I go nuts for stamps and what a great idea to match them with dies plus they are sentiments! It is so hard to find sentiments stamps that has the font that I like and you nailed it Anna with this stamp and die set. Please pick me!!!

  3. Bonnie Henderson says:

    I love the confetti dies and shaker cards go hand and hand!!!! Cant wait, its like counting down to Christmas!!!

  4. Lori Schultz says:


  5. karen tabaka says:

    Love the shaker kit and the new boxes, they will be less bulky to store,, I really really REALLY love the sentiment stamp and dies, I am looking forward to always having the right color and sentiment, Thank you

  6. Nena Wilkinson says:

    These are all amazing items and I can’t wait to add them to my ever growing collection. My craft room is starting toblook like a field of cream boxes and I love it!

  7. Betty G says:

    I need this one! I make lots of cards for my church and a school where I volunteer. This would be perfect!

  8. Debra Stephens says:

    Love the new shaker card set ,like the vibrant colours, all the new stuff looks interesting.looking forward to monday.

  9. Mary Beth says:

    Love this sentiment dies and stamps. I always include the sentiment on the front of my cards and this will be perfect! Great idea. Thank you

  10. Yvatte Turner says:

    Yes, Anna I am so excited about shaking things up! I love everything shaker and I can not wait for the show. Thank you for being a leader in the craft industry for so long, I’ve been hanging right along with you for the ride and you never disappoint.

  11. Cynthia says:

    love the foil technique! It looks exciting and fun! Of course there is nothing I get that is not exciting and fun. Sometimes I get behind in the new projects, but that does not keep me from shopping when the new ones come out! Thank you so much again, Anna.

  12. Kelly Coleman says:

    November can’t come soon enough (Create)!!! These days – new things from Anna Griffin are what I look forward to most. I am sure others feel the same way or even more so! Anna, it must make you feel very good that you bring beauty and light into OUR lives and into the lives of those we share our creations with! Rock on!!

  13. Helen says:

    Shaker card set is adorable & 3D Sentiment set is also a must have. Can’t wait for 5/9.

  14. Nancy de la Rocha says:

    Anna I love the 3D sentiments and die set!! They are so pretty!! How fun, we get to make our own in the color we need!! Love!

  15. Ann Powell says:

    I love the sentiments stamps and dies, and the impression dies are great! Love all your stuff.

  16. Priscilla Williams says:

    Always Anna!

    ~ The Best ~

    I love it all so much.. I have way too much already but.. I can’t stop myself!

  17. Christie Anderson says:

    I think I may have to sell all my craft stuff so I can just buy everything from this show!Wow, Anna, you knocked it out of the park AGAIN! I am in love with that stamp and die set!

  18. Lora Goodrich says:

    Wow! The go press foiling looks amazing. Another expensive custom card feature you are making affordable for the card making hobbits.

  19. Barbara Zak says:

    That machine is really cool. Love the fact that it goes directly into the Cuttlebug. Looking forward to the show. So many things to order!

  20. Paula Price says:

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    Love, the Go Press and Foil. I hope you manufactured enough for all of us to purchase. What an extension to your line. I am so excited. When will it be in On HSN? I
    Know it’s on May 9th but what time?

  21. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Wow! What a fun blog! Thanks for all the new ideas & keeping my silly crafting brain going! It’s like the movie – You’ve got mail! Haha. I go to my mailbox & see what Anna Griffin & team have to show today! And congratulations to Suzanne! Guaranteed you have fun with your fun gifts! Happy Weekend!

  22. Barbara Youngman says:

    How did I miss the Foil Machine, did you show the last time you were on? Every time you are on I tell my self “I am not going to spend so much money this time”. But I do, as a result I get so many Complements on my Cards.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Crew!

    Congrats to Suzanne!

    Everything looks amazing and I can hardly wait to see everything “in person” on the 9th!
    The tutorials are great and the photos are wonderfully detailed…perfect!
    Thank you for all you do!

  24. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Crew!

    Congrats to Suzanne!

    Everything looks amazing and I can hardly wait to see everything “in person” on the 9th!
    The tutorials are great and the photos are wonderfully detailed! Thank you for all you do!

  25. Louise G says:

    I love the foil press. It is absolutely fantastic. Love gold on cards. I think it makes them so elegant. Thanks. Anna.

  26. Peggy H. says:

    I missed the foil Press, but I don’t know how!! LOL Anna, can you make your gift wrap available by itself for those of us who have your cutter from the Christmas show? I would love to have more of your beautiful gift wrap papers! thanks!

  27. Felicia Artis says:

    Love the foil design. I have the cuddle bug machine and the foil press machine. They both work great. Can’t wait for the May 9 HSN show. I’m going to set my alarm for the 1am first show. Thanks again Ann job well done.

  28. Marilyn Schneider says:

    Every time I think I have everything you come up and top it off again. I will have to have this foil machine!!!! I have been wondering how to foil my cards and now I know how. Will be watching HSN on the 9th.

  29. Agatha McCoy says:

    That foil machine will add class to any card I make
    Looking forward to creating gold foil cards

  30. Kathy Wright says:

    Thank you Anna for all of the wonderful products. I love all of them and can hardly wait to get them home and create with them . Thank you Kathy

  31. Linda Christiansen says:

    Mrs Mary Huff,
    So glad you are feeling better and did well speaking at the funeral. Sometimes we have strength we didn’t know we had.
    Happy birthday and happy craft day May 9th.

  32. Connie Johnson says:

    Can’t wait till the 9th. I like the cards for guys. It’s nice to cover all your bases. I want it all!

  33. Carla Haase says:

    Can’t wait for the new Letterpress Folders. Love them. Makes cards look even more professional. Thank you, Anna Griffin.

  34. Sharon K says:

    The press foil heating machine looks like lot of fun. I can not wait until they are in stock.Thank you so much for every thing you haved done to make our lives more fun and fulfilling

  35. Angel Cyr says:

    Congratulations, Suzanne ~~~ Hoping that I can purchase those ” Boxed Cards, For Men ” ~~~ before they sell out ( May 9,th ) So, Very Nice !!! You should have a lot of fun, creating lots of cards, etc.

  36. Elaine S. says:

    Oooo a new toy the Go Press looks ez. Always enjoy mini “how to’s “. Thanks Anna for taking the time to DIY.

  37. Donna says:

    Now this is the coooooolest tool I have seen in awhile!! I love, love, love foiling!! Looks very easy to use and the foil adds so much to cards and scrapbook pages!

  38. Cheryl Cramer says:

    Anna Griffin® Go Press & Foil Machine Is fantastic.
    I am excited to see it on craft day. I believe that is something I will have to have.
    Boy and I going to be broke after that day…but happily creating. God bless.

  39. Diane Hunter says:

    The Press and Foil machine looks amazing. It certainly caught my eye. Can’t wait to see you demo it on craft day.

  40. Linda Valoy says:

    Has anyone got their second set of wishful thinking dies. I thought they were supposed to be delivered in April..Two days left.

  41. Doreen says:

    More beautiful in foil in the making. And love more masculine toppers and ideas. Thank you, Anna. Congratulations to Suzanne, one lucky lady.

  42. Mary R says:

    The new products are wonderful and I really like the Foil machine! The masculine products are perfect for Father’s Day. See you on the 9th and Congrats to the winner.

  43. Lois M says:

    ooooooo. I really like that Go Press. It’s small enough to not take up much of a foot print and it looks so fun!

  44. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    1st of all, congrats to Suzanne and to the fun she’ll have.

    2nd: Anna, a pal printed me some Card Maker business cards and they arrived today and they are so cute with scissors, glue etc. on them! ALSO ANNA, will u be bringing the metallic cards back again?

    3rd: Griffinites, I feel much better and thanks for your prayers and I also read the eulogy at my pal’s funeral but got nervous in the end but I did it!

    Well, everyone I’ll see u on the 9th while celebrating my birthday that week. So Travel Safe:-)

  45. Annette Johnson says:

    Congrats to Susanne enjoy your new products. I love the tutorials and save them for future reference.

  46. Grama Pei says:

    Congratulations to Suzanne Matos! YAYAY! So fun to win, yes?! I just Love the GoPress and Foil machine tutorial! Thank you, Anna! Cant wait for the DAY! My heart nearly stopped when my special needs Son said to me, Mom I want to go to California on my Birthay to see my sisters and go fishing! (heart palpitations!) his BD is on the 9th! NOOO! hahaha! Got that problem fixed, I hope, by convincing him it will be warmer and more fun if we wait a week. (I HOPE the weather is better then!… I also convinced him that his brother can easier attend the trip if we wait a week. (I hope I am correct!) I do not wish to travel on the 9th! What a girl wont do to get to hang out with Anna and all her Beautiful Products for a day! We shall sit around, eat cake, watch tv, is my dream… -and craft!

  47. Nancy Ostrander says:

    Go Press & Foil machine is wonderful. Really loved this video, I can hardly wait to get started foiling everything I can get my hands on.

  48. Anna Griffin says:

    You can get the tag die from Anna Griffin® Terrific Tags, Cutting Dies and Stamps Bundle 505-094. The Go Press and Foil will be back on HSN in July!

  49. Lisa Z says:

    Congratulations Suzanne Matos.
    Anna, your step-by-step instructions are wonderful. I am looking forward to your upcoming show on HSN. I have bought so many of your products and have enjoyed using all of them that I am turning a spare bedroom into a craft room. Thank you for a wonderful way to spend my extra time (family and friends love receiveING item made with your products). Thank you again,

  50. Alice J says:

    Love, the Go Press & Foil machine! I have your Minc Machine, but this new foil machine is amazing. Love how you can use your die cuts and create beautiful bling cards. You come up with the greatest products Anna. Can’t wait to see all your creations on HSN on the 9th.

  51. Sheila Stapleton says:

    The go press and foil is so great. Love foiling cards and scrapbook pages. Would love to ve to win this for my collection.

  52. Rosie Waldt says:

    Love, love, love the Go Press and foil machine. I’ve just finished Easter cards with my minc doing the foil technique and curious if this isn’t much simpler.

  53. Electra Hogan says:

    Wow….This is wonderful!!!! Just like all the things you make. Would love to win this!

  54. hobo says:

    Anna, Just wanted to tell you that I am finally getting around to playing with my goodies from the last craft day! Took time out to do a good house cleaning and repainted the guest room and got over a fall down a flight of stairs. Car was in the shop for two days so what a great time to craft, especially with two birthdays and Mother’s day cards to make. My step granddaughter is turning one this month and I just finished making her the most adorable window box pop up card. I have bought your various kits and dies, and must admit am not a huge fan of the flips, but I have made one card from this window box kit then used the die to make a couple more with various papers and embellishments, both yours and others’. I thought they would be difficult but are so very easy to do. In fact, last week when the 9 year old twin grand kids visited one of them made a window box card for her mom using the dies and the other used a variety of your products. They loved it and I was so happy with how everything turned out. One used foil and the Minc to cut out a lot of animals and put them on your Fifi and Fido papers. We had so much fun. I enjoy having the opportunity to teach them how to use the various tools and products and they are proud of their creations. They enjoy telling all their friends about their grandmother having two big craft rooms, one full of paper and the other for sewing, and how I am teaching them to use everything, including the sewing machine. They are never at a loss of something to do when they visit.

  55. Susan Wagner says:

    So excited about the Go Press & Foil machine! Would love to win it – have watched Youtube videos demonstrating different techniques and am super excited that you can use plastic embossing folders in the unit to letter press and foil the card stock as well as metal dies. Whatever would we do without Anna, Youtube and Pinterest?! Thank you for putting together more male appropriate kits, too. Fantastic idea.

  56. Kathleen Mills says:

    Love this card! I am so hoping the Go Press and Foil machine will be back in stock as well as the additional sets of foiling dies!! I NEED them haha!

  57. Mary Draffen says:

    What a beautiful way to create with foil embossing can’t wait to see what I can create with this Go Press & Foil Machine. I’m already receiving the His/Hers folders with my Autoship in May …..

  58. Lynda Mays says:

    Can’t wait till the 9th! Love the GoandPress. I see that, like me, you like to color outside the lines. I think that sometimes the card looks more dynamic to have elements slightly outside the card. The problem is that when I buy kits the envelopes exactly fit the card forcing me to make envelopes, a process that I don’t really enjoy as much. Solution???

  59. Maureen Odell says:

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and tutorial. Now I want it! Have a wonderful weekend.

  60. Donna Madsen says:

    Anna sometimes you put the paper shims on the outside of the presure plates and sometimes on the inside. Doe sit yield different results? Also where can I get the tag die? I like the size of the one you showed for going around sentiments. Will there be more hot stamp dies on Tuesday? Will you ever offer the metal shim that they show on CC website (for doing other techniques)? Thanks! Love it all!

  61. Vicki Dasco says:

    And I thought my Anna Griffin Minc was fANNAtastic !
    This is even better ! Love it Anna !

  62. Helen Settle says:

    Love the press and foil! I would love to win this set but if I don’t it’s the first thing I will buy on May 9th.

  63. Antoinette says:

    Would live that foil machine. Your inspirations are just unbelievable. You never cease to amaze me. I have been with you from QVC and the quality of the materials is just unbelievable. Can never go wrong with items purchased from Anna Griffin.

  64. Lisa G says:

    I have done other types of foiling…never again. This system makes it so foolproof and sets you up for success every time. Gotta have it, can’t wait for the 9th. Keep adding things to my list. Thanks Anna

  65. Lisa Dahlgren says:

    I really wanted this Go Press and Foil machine last time it aired but I had to go to work before it showed! I hope there will be a good supply of them for us all to purchase on the 9th!

  66. Maxine Hodges says:

    I can’t wait to try the go press and foil. It’s looks easy and beautiful. I always have to save my pennies when Anna is going to be there. I usually have to have it all!

  67. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Thanks for the foiling demo Anna. I never saw it on HSN so I wasn’t sure how it worked. What a BRILLIANT idea to make the plate removable to run through the Cuttlebug. I have the TODO machine and I was wondering if your foils would work with that machine Anna? Hot Foiling is a fun technique and depending on the type of paper used you can get different looks. I prefer smooth papers to textured. But textured gives you a grunge look. Smooth is more elegant. No cable anymore so will have to catch the shows on the computer.Happy Crafting. My AS of Wishful Thinking Words is on it’s way. WOO HOO.

  68. Linda Z. says:

    Congrats, Suzanne Matos! I LOVE MY GO PRESS! It’s so much fun! Very easy to use…the only challenging part is when I use an embossing folder to foil… a little awkward but not impossible. Still I do love it!

  69. Cynthia C Grimm says:

    This is a must have new toy for me, I have the Minc and this so much user friendly. I want it!

  70. Shirley Newberry says:

    Thank you so much for the masculine die cuts and papers looking forward to making great cards for my male friends and family members. I will be watching May 9th

  71. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Congrats Suzanne for your win. Thank you Anna for sharing how to to use the hot press again. My friend got this and I got some supplies so we can use it to again. This is going to be fun when we set Dow to do it. To me it’s going to be fun.

    Thanks again.

  72. Leslie Johnson says:

    Love, Love, Love this new machine! I especially like being able to make the tag for the card title. I have already set all the recordings for May 9th!

  73. Lois N. says:

    Congratulations Suzanne!! Enjoy all your wonderful new products and have a good time making cards with them.
    Have a great weekend to you Anna and your Staff and looking forward to Monday.
    Love all the masculine inspriration and can’t wait to get started on the men and boys cards soon.
    Love, Lois N.

  74. patricia crocker says:

    Once again you have done it !!! The masculine embellishments and the gold foiling. Hurrah Hurrah Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Michelle Garbutt says:

    The Go Press and Foil will be a must have for most paper crafters – the delicate and beautiful impressions will make your creations truly memorable – I’d love one, but missed out last time as it was gone in a flash – Making paper magic with Anna Griffin, HOW could it get better than that?
    Is it May 9th yet?

  76. Michelle G says:

    The Go Press and Foil will be a must have for most paper crafters – the delicate and beautiful impressions will make your creations truly memorable – I’d love one, but missed out last time as it was gone in a flash – Making paper magic with Anna Griffin, HOW could it get better than that?

  77. Ellen Williams says:

    Want the foil machine so badly! Would love to win this and everything else. As usual, Anna makes the greatest products!

  78. Casey Walters says:

    Really beautiful card made with the foil embossed. Will definitely try to get one of these!

  79. Lillie Keeton says:

    Really appreciate the how to videos. I am a visual person and now I am into Gold! Thanks Anna.


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Congratulation to Suzanne. She will love her new craft materials. Intrigued by the Go Press and Foil machine. Anything that glitters and shines is right up my alley. This machine will absolutely help me to achieve my goal. See you on the 9th.

  81. Suzanne Merica says:

    Oh, shucks…I saw the name Suzanne and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe next time. I really like the GoPress foil process. It seems much easier than other products I seen and it doesn’t take up much space. Put it on my list. Thank You Anna

  82. Mary Decker says:

    Anna, it is truly amazing to see what your creative mind comes up with! How exciting that we can purchase, among other things, a machine that allows us to adhere beautiful foiled diecuts!,;Thank you for this and so much more! MAY 9 WILL BE SUCH A FUN DAY ON HSN!

  83. Rose weber says:

    Would love to win the go foil machine. Looks like it would be wonderful to use. Can’t wait to see on HSN on May 9th.

  84. Marsha Haak says:

    ***—gotta have this machine!!! I’m retiring at the end of June and will have all kinds of time to play!

  85. debR says:

    congrats to Suzanne for being the winner!

    Anna you are killing me. I just bought the minc which I am totally in love with and now this new foil press is over the moon wonderful.
    Sure glad it is almost show time to see how many more wonderful new things you will have this time

  86. Dottie Butler says:

    Love this new “foiling” technique — it’s not only adds beauty but bling — two of my favorite things. Thanks, Anna, for your wonderful demonstrations!!

  87. Sharon says:

    Love all the cards for the men in our lives!! Just getting so excited for the HSN craft show!! All day ….. whoopee!!!!! Bring it on, we are ready!!!!

  88. Barbara says:

    Oh so want the gold press foil! Hope you keep it in stock, because extra money going to vet right now.

  89. Mary Beth says:

    Congrats to Suzanne…lots to experiment with in your swag!

    Love the card with fish – I love fish!

  90. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Congratulation Suzanne Matoes! You are One lucky girl. thank you for the samples of the masculine cards. I am using your HIS die cuts for the all occasion cards that I am sending for our soildiers.

  91. Sandra Madanski says:

    I am sooo ready for May 9th. I already told my husband don’t bother me. I love your new products and I can’t wait to order them. See you May 9th.

  92. Michelle Ornelas says:

    Every week I just more excited for the May 9th show. Thank you again for all the new and old. Crafting is the name of the game.

  93. Marianne M Literati says:

    I am so glad to see the masculine designs. Those are somewhat rare – at least ones that I (and they) will like.

  94. Barbara Kingman says:

    I just love the card with the flower background,so fresh and pretty. I would love to win the press and go foil machine. Can’t get enough Anna, you keep me sane. Me and Buffy (kitty) have a place to retreat to and create something beautiful or just watch videos of your last couple shows and plan our next project.

  95. Linda Christiansen says:

    Congrats, Suzanne Matos, on winning these wonderful products. I’m sure you’ll have fun creating many beautiful cards!
    Thank you Anna, not only for the supplies to make such a huge variety of gorgeous cards (& scrapbook pages), but examples and tutorials to show us ways to use them! You are such a warm and generous lady!

  96. Brenda Owen says:

    congratulations Suzanne Matos! I really love the Go Press and Foil machine. Thanks for the tutorial!

  97. Helen G. says:

    Continuing my comment . . . . My husband does not like that HSN lets me keep on charging Anna Griffin products to my account.

  98. Helen G. says:

    Yes, Anna, you do give us inspiration. I Would love to win something (anything) to add to my Anna Griffin collection.

  99. Secily says:

    Oh my gosh I love this
    My minde was racing through all the things that could be done while I watched you making this card
    ❤️❤️ Hope I can get one soon

  100. MissElaineous says:

    I was hoping I didn’t need one more machine. But after watching your demo, I just love the delicate look that the Go Press and Foil machine creates!

  101. Rita Carr says:

    The samples are beautiful. They are what I have been looking for my 9 male cousins birthday cards. Pink flowers won’t do for them . Thanks for making these available

  102. Michele Owens says:

    I LOVED the idea of the Go Press and Foil and ordered one from HSN recently. I never got good results and wondered if mine was defective. I did have to return it. I have reviewed multiple videos and it seems I was following the correct process. I am wondering if I should buy another with the hopes of getting the beautiful results like the one in this video?

  103. Kymm Cummins says:

    Love all the masculine embellishments, they’ll make my male cards so much nicer. Interested in the Go Press and Foil Machine, Can’t wait to see more about it.

  104. Karen Asselin says:

    Really loving the Go Press and Foil machine. Does it work with any of your dies? It’s on my ‘to buy’ list.

  105. Mrs. Mac says:

    the foil accouterments are so very lovely! However, the men’s dedicated designs are equally Charming in a masculine way. Love it all!

  106. paulette eby says:

    What a great show this is going to be.can’t wait for May 9th. Love the cards for him. Making cards for men is always a challenge when you love pink and flowers and frilly things!

  107. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Love, love, love! Can’t wait until May 9th! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Can’t wait to watch you do your magic.

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