HSN May 9th, 2017 Product Preview 6

Hi everyone,

It’s time for the grand finale of our product previews for our upcoming shows on HSN May 9th! Our show times will be 1am, 11am, 5pm and 9pm for 4 full hours of Elegant Paper Crafting with Anna Griffin! Also be sure to join us on May 9th for a Facebook Live over on HSN’s Facebook page at 12:15! Next Monday we will have your shopping list ready to go, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the shows! Let’s get started, shall we?

We are shaking things up with our Shaker Card Making Kit! You will get everything you need to create 30, sequin filled shaker birthday cards! (Sorry, I got the count wrong in the video) These are so much fun, and you can make 3 styles of shaker cards. We have designed a star, a present and a heart overlay for your pre-made shaker set. This kit comes jam packed with pretty components! There are 30 cards (6 each of 5 different sentiments), 30 shaker card layers (2 each of 15 designs), 30 sentiment stickers (3 each of 10 designs), 40 die cut embellishments (2 each of 80 designs, 30 sequin filled clear plastic pouches and 30 envelopes. Patterns include polka dots, sweet florals, rainbow stripes and so much more! You’ll get sentiments that say Happy Birthday, Birthday Wishes, Just for You and other celebratory phrases! This kit is sure to be a favorite, and will bring a smile to anyone who receives one of these amazing shaker cards!

Let’s keep the celebration going with our brand new Confetti Dies! Now, making your own confetti is as easy as running these dies through your Cuttlebug! There are three designs of cutting dies in this set, in two sizes: circle, heart and star! Oh my goodness these dies will make you want to throw a party! You can use your own confetti to create even more shaker cards, and coordinate your colors for a unique, cheerful look! What to do with the rest of the layer you ask? Add it to a card, I say! These dies are just what you need for life’s next celebration.


Next up we have our 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set! The stamp and die designs are based on our beautiful sentiment stickers where you have gorgeous typography layered on top of an intricate border design. You’ll get eight concentric cutting dies to create perfectly layered stamped sentiments. All occasion sentiments include, Thank You, Happy Anniversary and Thinking of You as well as, I Miss You and Good Luck. Stamp these designs with different colors and layer with foam squares to add dimension! You will never run out of sentiments again with this interchangeable, versatile set!

It’s time to make a case for your favorite item, and this is your last chance to win before the big shows on May 9th! On Friday we will announce our winner, chosen at random. On Monday we will have your shopping list! Leave us lots of comments to choose from, and we will see you here on Friday!




  1. Janet says:

    PLEASE, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, tell me where I can purchase the Fantastic Flips electronic cartridge plus the sentiment stamps and dies! I am from Ontario, and either people can’t sent to Canada or Cricut won’t carry it, etc. I want both of these so bad! I have already pretty much purchased all the cartridges on Cricut, so I don’t understand this!!!

  2. Sonja R. says:

    I really like the shaker cards, but I love the confetti dies! I think the two together is a match made in heaven! I was a little disappointed to hear that you are changing your boxes. I really think the nice box adds to what makes your kits so special. They look nice on my shelf in my craft room too! I will definitely miss that!

  3. Carol J. says:

    I’m sooo looking forward to seeing you and taping your shows on May 9th.
    ALL 3 of your new products are great and I’m having a hard time like alot of other people picking a favorite.
    Sadly hubby was laid off and so for now my wish list is alot longer than my shopping list.
    I’m hoping things will change by the time you come back to HSN in July. (fingers crossed).
    Thank You sooo much for everything you bring to us Griffinites.

  4. Heather P. says:

    I don’t know what to pick as a favorite this week. I love it all!! I’m a HUGE fan of shaker cards and those confetti dies look like so much fun. I’d love to use the negative space for backgrounds. The sentiment stamps and dies are fantastic. If I won, I would give those to my mom who has been making cards like crazy ever since she retired a few months ago. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Sherri says:

    Anna, love everything, The sentiment stamps and dies maybe my slight favorite, never have enough. I got in the mail yesterday 3 autoships, Yay…..since so close to the next Craft Day…..a good time to win some AG goodies. LOL! I have started on a graduation card and now I’m going to use the new word dies. Happy Crafting!

  6. Shelby McDaniel says:

    I have missed you Anna! Seems like forever since you’ve been on when in reality it’s only been 2 months! Very very depressed this month, won’t be able to get ONE thing but I will record your shows as usual & dream. Good luck on all of your new products, they will be hits as usual!

    Shelby McDaniel

  7. Gisela says:

    The Sentiment Stamps and Die set.
    Thank you Anna, these are most wonderful,, as I always run out of what is need
    Thank you for another chance to win.

  8. Lee Grace says:

    Your stamps and dies can’t be beat, I have never had problems with either and they are great quality. I especially love that authentic handmade look of sentiments on cards so this set is perfect.

  9. sandra says:

    Only 5 more days till the 24 hour on HSN
    Love the shaker card kit, I will finally be able to make one
    Thank you Miss. Anna 🙂

  10. Amy Ellis says:

    I have to admit I am a lover of all things AG, but the 3D sentiment stamps and dies are a must have!! I am happy to say my AG Cricut explore is ordered and on its way!!

  11. Janet DeRose says:

    I would be thrilled to get all of these new products but I am especially wanting the sentiment dies and stamps set. Fingers crossed!

  12. Michelle Munnings-Smart says:

    I love how excited you get when showing us these previews!!! I am excited about the shaker card kit!!! I was also afraid to attempt, but I love the look!!!! You have made it easy!!!! Counting down the days like always!!! Thank you!!!

  13. Jeanne says:

    This was the best preview yet! Love, love, Love all 3 products. Thanks for coming up with these ideas.

  14. Mary E Gonzales says:

    I love it all! I would love to add this to my collection of stamps and dies. I see myself using them daily.

  15. Jo Royse says:

    I am so excited about everthing, howeever, the shaker cards are a standout. Thank you for all your wonderful products.

  16. Kathy Klein says:

    Love everything but the shaker cards are the best. Can’t wait to see the shows.

  17. Terry Frye says:

    I will second my wife on the good luck. I’m going to have to build a bigger house just so she can store all her AG products. Anna can you take snout a year off. Just kidding. A happy wife makes my life easier.

  18. Lana Murphy says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! Love the shaker cards and the sentiment stamps and dies. That will make everything so easy. Love all you do for us, Anna!

  19. Christina Rugg says:

    Love the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set, looking forward to seeing everything on the 9th. I will miss some of it since I have to work, but will watch as soon as I get home. Good Luck everyone!!

  20. Marilyn B says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite because so many of the new items are awesome! My favorite is the shaker cards and I’m looking forward to May 9th!

  21. Marilyn E Moore says:

    I love using the metal die cuts. they make card making and crafting so fun!!

  22. Ramona Myrah says:

    Oh Anna, first you started with stationery and papers and envelopes. Then you added stamps and embellishments. Now you have machines and gadgets for us to create it all. Not to forget embossing, letterpressing, die cutiing. Oh My- and storage and organizing containers. I can’t imagine there could possible be anything else- leave it to Anna without a doubt there will Always be more. Thank you Anna for helping me with years of creating and pleasing others.

  23. Rima Rayborn says:

    Fresh take on an idea I have seen before! Done so much better! Cannot wait to get it!

  24. Evelyn Millan says:

    Wow Anna! I really love the sentiments and dies! I’ve been running low with some sentiments from my card kits and you’ve come to my rescue! I’m anxiously hoping to win this! You’re awesome! Can’t wait to see you demo your amazing products on HSN!

  25. Nancy Itson says:

    Your grand finale is very GRAND! All of these products are great. What a clever idea, Confetti Dies. These would be great for party decor, especially when you can’t find confetti in the color you need. Just make it yourself! Also, great for fun birthday cards and Cinco De Mayo invitations. People would certainly remember a card filled with confetti!. I also love the 3D Sentiment Stamp and Die set. That is really putting everything right at our fingertips. The Shaker Card Making Kit has some great cards to create and you always make that so easy for us!
    I love stamps and dies, and these, this week, are my favorites.

  26. Nora says:

    Perfect solutions to add to my scrapbook room. Love the shaker cards and confetti dies. What fun!

  27. Lois N. says:

    Hi Anna, Justt love the Shaker Card Making Kit and the Confetti Dies which will work together beautifully all year round. Would love to have them and can’t wait to see your show soon to come up!! You are always a source of inspiration to us and all your products interweave with each other flawlessly! Thank you for keeping our creative juices flowing continuously!! You’ve done it again Anna!!
    Love, Lois N.

  28. karenladd says:

    So excited to see your shaker card kit because having everything in one place would make it much easier. I always love your stamps, dies and embossing folders and this new release is so beautiful!

  29. shartl says:

    Oh, I love the dies and sentiments and the shaker card kit. Those little shaker bags and the layers make it easy and fun to make interactive cards, and your designs are always gorgeous!

  30. Marie Marsh says:

    I think your right this is the best! I would love to have the shaker card kit. I think they would make the perfect cards for my little girls.Thank you Anna for all you do for us.

  31. Kim Galvin says:

    WOW!!! You are really shaking it up Anna!! Love everything but the shaker cards give a whole new twist or should I say shake to my cards!! The Confetti Dies can imagine they will be used so much. My grandbabies will love to pick there own pretty Anna paper and make there own “fettie” as they call it! Thank you for saving the very best for last. Looking forward to your shows.

  32. Deborah Holman says:

    I would love to win the sentiment stamps and be entered into the drawing for the ticket to Create!

  33. stampnk says:

    The shaker card dies look like fun and would inspire me to give it a try. I always love seeing shaker cards but they are so intimidating for me. I always love everything you design Anna, and am excited by your new releases.

  34. Cheryl Dobes says:

    LOVE the Sentiment stamps and dies. I can do so much with them! I have a lot of your products and have done so many of your autoship. Can’t wait to see the shows! I like to DVR all of them!

  35. Connie says:

    I can’t wait for May 9th and all the new shows and products! This week I love the shaker card kit and the three D dies and stamps! They’ll be perfect for my card making!

  36. Maddy says:

    Love these, wow I could make some really great cards and pages! I love all the new coming May 9 so exciting… I hope I win these, I don’t have luck but I can hope!

  37. Candy S. says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Please! I love these new products you posted on this sneak peak especially the label stamps and dies! The shaker cards are really pretty too!

  38. Mary C Y says:

    So looking forward to seeing you with all your new products on May 9. My granddaughter and I love shaker cards and so I look forward to making many more with her using your products!

  39. Debbie Nevins says:

    Wow wow wow as always I love! I want them all! So beautiful. Love the shaker cards love them all.

  40. Karen Lorenz says:

    I am so excited for the 3D sentiments and stamps and the dies. What a package. So excited for May 9 to see all the new things. Thank you Anna and your team for so many new items. Thanks again.

  41. Madeleine says:

    All great new products. I really like the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set. It’s on my list.

  42. Lynnette Longo says:

    I have to have those sentiment stamps and dies! Thank You for empowering us to be so creative! I love these!

  43. Rose weber says:

    I love it all. Would be happy and grateful for anything I received. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Have a happy and joyous day. May your day be filled with sunshine.

  44. Penny C says:

    Love it all! I have already made two shaker cards. Couldn’t wait! The dies and stamps are genius!

  45. Desiré Lane says:

    The die and stamp set is perfect!! I’ll be adding it to my collection for sure!!

  46. Valerie Zotto says:

    I love the confetti dies! That will make life a little easier. I usually cut from Cricut, but then you have to sit and peel them all off. So great!

  47. Julie S says:

    Hi Anna, I Love that you have come out with sentiments with dies and stamps. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!

  48. Suzy Foster says:

    I am so loving all of your new creations! Lucky for me I will be on vacation next week and will be able to watch your show!!!

  49. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    The sentiment stanp-die set is a real winner. Would help so muchin my card making.

  50. Vicky Michot says:

    Love the preview! Hard to decide which is my favorite. Love the confetti dies. Think they can be used for a lot of different things. On tables during parties, in gift bags, and of course shaker cards. But I also love the sentiment stamps and dies. Then we will never run out again! Would love to win these goodies 🙂 Looking forward to the 9th!

  51. Dena Hadley says:

    This would be awesome to win! Definitely my favorites so far. Can’t wait for Craft Day!

  52. Ruth Ann says:

    These are such neat cards and something different then any previous kits of which I have several. Looking forward to May 9th, as usual when Craft Day is on. My 75th birthday is today and these would make a great surprise present.

  53. Winnie Johnson says:

    I love everything in this preview! I am most excited for the confetti dies and those sentiment stamps and dies!!!! We are so close to the day 🙂

  54. Charlene Martin says:

    I enjoy the concept of less packaging. I also enjoy the simplicity of how you make shaker cards. And I love being able to make my own confetti. All such really brilliant ideas

  55. Sandy Nieland says:

    My favorites are the sentiment dies and stamp set. There is lots of inspiration there!

  56. MaryJo Larrison says:

    Love the shaker card kit!! Can’t wait to watch you on HSN. Haven’t been able to afford to buy any of your supplies in about two years now because of being on disability but it doesn’t stop me from watching you on HSN everytime your on. You are such a sweetie!!! God Bless you!

  57. Alice Wright says:

    The sentiment dies and stamps are really going to be a must have! I love all of your products and have been using and collecting them for many years.

  58. Lois M says:

    The shaker cards are so fun and I know two little girls that would each love one or two or three. But the dies are very cool as well. They create such an elegant way of sharing a sentiment. I will have a lot of fun with all of these methods.

  59. RENE SKANK says:

    I love your products. I love watching you and your enthusiasm! I would love to see more bold colors and more modern items. I know that’s not your thing but it would be nice!

  60. Debbie Lebair says:

    Anna my favorite is the confetti dies, I liked how you paired the star confetti with the big star die from last year. I love confetti, I put just a few in cards and it falls out just for fun. Guess I’ll just have to pick these up!

  61. Joann M. says:

    Love all this weeks products. Looking forward to using the 3D sentiment stamps and stickers. The shaker cards look fun to make. Thanks so much Anna!!

  62. Martha Hoyt says:

    Dear Anna:

    I just love the shaker cards, the confetti dies and the sentiment dies and stamps….but, I am distressed about the boxes. One of the nice things about the boxes is that I do reuse them, as I re-paper them and use them for gift boxes and you can put legs on them and make them collector boxes as well. Please don’t discontinue all of them, as they are truly a work of art and I look forward to getting those with the card collections!

  63. Kathy Barrett says:

    I love the shaker card kit. I’ve wanted to make shaker cards, but never tried. This will make it so easy

  64. Jennifer Carroll says:

    Oh my goodness! How am I supposed to choose a fav; they’re all so fabulous, kisses :)!!!! I’ll choose the shaker card kit just because I have to choose. I’m so sad to hear no more boxes….:((((((( Please don’t take them away, please.

  65. Jill Wilson says:

    HI Anna, I’m loving the sentiment dies and stamp set. Looking forward to your upcoming HSN shows! I also would like too see , hopefully one day down the road, a set or box of extra large envelopes with liners only. I make tons of cards and with my layers, I would love for that product to come available also, just sayin. Thank You for all you do for us crafters. Jill

  66. KAREN says:


  67. Natalie Gardner says:

    Anna,It is like one Big Surprise after the next. I just can not get enough of your products. Each one sends me in orbit! Seriously, I look forward to each new item. 6 more days and counting down to the HSN! Absolutely loving the Die-cut stamp set!

  68. Mary Garcia says:

    You are AMAZING! I LOVE everything! But I could really use the sentiments and dies to make my card making station complete. I help a group of ladies make cards to send out from our church and we send cards for all sorts of occasions. I would be so blessed if I won this set!

  69. Edna Velasco says:

    I love the coordinating stamp and die sentiment set. With this set, I will be able to color coordinate the greetings on my cards and the endless possibilities of mixing and matching sentiments. Thank you so very much for creating such products and for giving us an opportunity to win the set. Lots of mahalo!

  70. Marion Matthews says:

    I know you must have been reading my mind. As I was working on some cards, I was thinking how nice it would be to have stamps and dies for the different sentiments. Thanks, Ann. You are terrific.
    Please keep your inspiration ideas coming.

  71. Linda Hill says:

    “Shake it up baby, twist and shout”! Loveeeeee the shaker cards, Have been making my own but they are alot of work and I couldn’t find the acetate until I finally found some on Ebay so for those who want it quick you have fulfilled their wishes!!
    My fav however are the sentiment stickers and dies–I like making my own so that ink colors match the paper and the homemade look makes them look less store bought. Great job, Anna!!

  72. Donna Madsen says:

    Love sentiment dies. Would these fit the vellum sentiment sticker from past releases because i’d love to be able to cut them into shapes?

    Shaker cards are so much fun! I’ve made them from scratch in the past but this would be so much easier! We really need shaker kids cards! Pretty please?

  73. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: I watched your video again and not only do I always love your new products, but I’m thrilled with the new Shaker card set and the confetti dies. I will definitely get these for my granddaughters who are always making cards for their friends’ birthdays. This is a lovely set for the young crafters and the young-at-heart-crafters lol! I want you to know that I am very disappointed to hear that you will not be giving us your beautiful cardboard boxes in the future. I love the way your products are packaged in elegant and beautiful storage boxes. Now without them, the products will not store easily on my shelves, because the flimsier packaging slips. And, besides, who throws out those beautiful boxes? I’m sure most of us environmentally responsible crafters reuse those lovely boxes! I would be willing to pay an extra dollar or so to have my card sets come in beautiful boxes like they do now!!!!! Love you and see you on May 9th!

  74. Linda Scottr says:

    Love everything! It is hard to choose just one! My favorite has to be then Shaker Card Kit! But also really like the sentiment stamps and dies! It would be so awesome to win them all! Thanks for the opportunity!

  75. Silvia Wiesenmiller says:

    Shaker cards- wow. Now these will definitely make the people receiving my cards wonder- How did you do that? I love sharing credit with you Anna when I get those questions. Also, those confetti dies and stamps are keeping me in awe. Oh my goodness so many new pretty things.

  76. Marcia Getty says:

    The shaker card set and confetti dies, fantastic! The sentiment and tag set are marvelous!

  77. Sharons says:

    Oh I am gonna be shakin until I get these I just love love shaker cards they are awesome. Just a few more days cant hardly wait. Anna you are the greatest!

  78. Sandy H says:

    Mourning the loss of your beautiful hard boxes. I have dozens of them stacked on my shelves in which I have sorted various components and supplies for easy access. Sooo sorry to see them go. Hhopefully the change will lower costs a bit, but I shall miss them.
    Sandy H

  79. Stacey Kapu says:

    I so love the shaker card kit. This will make such awesome cards so easily. A few years ago shakers were everywhere, now not so much. So glad Anna that you’ve made one that is beautiful & elegant, and yet festive! I saw it on the HSN website in the new craft arrivals page and I have already added it to my favorites page. I can’t wait till May 9th. I would buy it early but as you have so many excellent upcoming items that I want I’ll wait to the 9th to save on shipping. lol

  80. Teresa Griewahn says:

    I love the shaker card kit and confetti dies, but I am practically salivating over the sentiment stamps and dies. I have been wanting something like that for a very long time–thank you, thank you, Anna!!

  81. Rosemary Whitacre says:

    Can’t wait till Tuesday. Looking forward to watching, ordering, and learning. Off to the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando on Friday and Saturday. Classes and getting the basics. Then the HSN day. And then, my husband gift, CREATE with you, Anna, and your team. What a year indeed!!!! One I am sure I will never forget. Thanks for all the joy you bring into my life and my family and friends.

  82. Trish T. says:

    Anna, I have been wishing for a set like the 3D sentiment stamps and dies for a vey long time. You came through, and they look awesome!! Thank you Anna!!!!!

  83. Connie Eneix says:

    Anna, I love shaker cards ! They are so much fun.. Also love the sentiment dies and stamps! How versatile and a beautiful addition. Thanks for all you do.

  84. Mary Decker says:

    Dear Anna, Thank for for caring about us, listening to us,, and tailor making beautiful products for us. I hope you feel well appreciated! I’d be thrilled to win anything from you. I especially like the stamps with the dies.

    Sincerely, Mary Decker

  85. Karen D. says:

    Love this set and the shaker card are my FAVORITE. I am counting the days until May 9th. Anna you never disappoint us.

  86. Susan B. says:

    Love it all but if I had to choose the stamp and die set!

    Thanks, hope I win would make great birthday present for me!

  87. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    Wow, a brilliant preview ending as we await the HSN air date . I love all the preview products. So glad there are so many new items.Thanks Anna for your creativity and style.

  88. Carol A Razzano says:

    I love them all. Thank goodness I have not reached the limit on my credit card.I love all the preview products, just do not know what to order first.

  89. Katherine Madewell says:

    It is a toss up as to wether I love the cuddle bug dies or the card set with dies and stamps the most but everything is wonderful! I hope to get IT ALL one way or another. Thank you all so much.

  90. Kathy says:

    Every week you’ve showered us with more and more creative and exciting products. My heart jumps to my my throat in anticipation. My bank account is in serious trouble already.

  91. ELAINE S. says:

    Working all day with Design Space and my free 3 mo.use of Cricut’s designs I got with my new LILAC CRICUT. I had to stop to check out your Blog for any info on May 9th and so happy I did. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new toys and SHAKE IT UP. Good Job Team, so cute.

  92. Jan says:

    Love. Love. Love …. all of your newest creations. The sentiments and dies are my favorite. Can’t wait until to see it all on HSN.

  93. Holly Hudspeth says:

    Finally, the sentiment stamp set that has the borders with the matching dies. I knew it was only a matter of time. I am so excited to see this product. Thank you!

  94. Sharon Kelley says:

    Love all of them! Anna, you continue to outdo yourself with stunning products that make cardmaking so rewarding. I want them all!

  95. Kathy Sinnamon says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing the 3D stamps and dies. They will really make each card so unique.

  96. Pamela S. says:

    Ok, I HAVE to have to Sentiment stamps and dies! Just exactly what I need. Love the shaker cards too oh and the confetti dies are awesome! Love it all Anna!!!

  97. Tracey M says:

    So many new wonderful things…I love the shaker cards and so many more items. All just in time for Mother’s Day!

  98. Linda Hersh says:

    You help make our life fun and easy with all you do. Can’t wait for Craft day on HSN and see all your wonderful products. Thank you for being you and crafting is our favorite time with you

  99. Rita Robinson says:

    Why is Elvis Presley’s voice in my head singing “I’m all shook up!”??? Seriously though, the shaker cards and dies are pretty darned neat! I will really use your 3D Sentiment Dies and can see them paired with a little Minc action. Thanks for these great products!

  100. Lisa G says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps. Shaker cards are so much fun. Going out of town but told hubby had to be home in time for the show…unless I win it all.
    Great previews. Am getting my list ready, see you on the 9th

  101. LIz Thomas says:

    Geesh Anna,
    Once again you have done it. Saves me tons of time with the confetti die cuts. I think it will be awesome to create all sorts of new cards with the new goodies.
    Keep the, coming…can’t wait to Watch May 9th

  102. Angel Cyr says:

    Ha ! Ha ! It’s Me Again … Just found out that my daughter couldn’t even reach the boxes, that were stacked on top of each other … My Husband Had To Help Her Get Them Down !!! Wow !!! Happy Shopping, Everyone !!!

  103. Jo Smith says:

    Wow! so many great things to try. Thanks for all the new things. It will be hard to chose what to buy first. I can think of lots of ways to use them already. See you May 9th. 🙂

  104. Angel Cyr says:

    Very Nice !!! Looks, like we’re gonna have a BLAST shopping, May 9,th — I, definitely had, Too Much Fun, at the last ” 24 Hour Crafting Event ” — My husband had arrived home … the day my packages started arriving, He, Kindly Asked … ” Did you order something ? … You may want to get it, before I start to plow ! ” ( as, he had arrived home, during a Snow Storm ) My Daughter, quickly offered to get ready and go and grab, whatever it was. She came in …
    ” Dying Laughing ” ~~~ and said … You wouldn’t have believed what it looked like … It looked Sooooo Ridiculous !!! … I, wondered what she was talking about … She went on to say that the boxes were leaned up against the garage and that they were stacked over her head, as she had to reach up to get them. I took one look at our house entrance, as to where she had put them … and couldn’t believe my eyes !!! We Laughed & Laughed & Laughed !!! It Was, Sooooo Much Fun !!!

  105. Lora Posey says:

    Love the confetti dies ! I’m thinking of alot of uses with them !!
    And love the sentiment dies with stamps !
    Looking forward to next week !

  106. Dorian Doria says:

    How much fun are these sets. You take all the work out of the hard stuff so we can make not only beautiful items but fun ones as well. Can’t wait

  107. Ada H Baxter says:

    How can I choose this week..they are all so good but if I must I will go for the confetti dies. I love the possibilities of making projects using them especially for my son’s graduation party

  108. Dorinda says:

    I think the shaker card set will be my favorite card set of all time! They are very time consuming to make so I appreciate you making it easy! Thank you!

  109. Michele Weber says:

    I can not wait for the 9th, took a vacation day so that I can watch you all day long. good thing I still have some of my tax return left, so I can shop, shop, shop.

  110. Joanna Hupp says:

    The greetings with dyes are so amazing. I wish the shaker cards allowed some individuality on what goes into the shaker package.

    Great work, Anna

  111. Sandra Looney says:

    The shaker cards are awesome and what a clever idea the confetti dies are. Love all your products!!!

  112. Lucy Flint says:

    I can’t wait for the sentiment dies and stamps.
    this will solve one of my many problems.

  113. Teresa says:

    Anna Anna Anna!!!! What can I say except you keep out doing yourself plus you really do hear us! I just love and need everything. Happy Mothers Day to me who needs flowers and gifts when you have Anna items ! Thank you for all you do for us. See you on the 9 th!

  114. Laura Kirkland says:

    I love the dies and sentiments set! I would get so much use out of those. And the shaker cards are so clever. Just when I think Anna can’t possibly come up with another great new idea, she exceeds expectations. I can’t wait to get these.

  115. Melanie Whiting says:

    Wow!! I absolutely adore the dies and stamped sentiments! I have already set my reminder to catch those. Thanks!

  116. Victoria Figueroa says:

    I love the Sentiment Stamp Set and Dies. Making cards with special messages is my favorite thing to do. This makes my cards look so classy and is a way to show I care to the person I gave them to.

  117. Patricia Rendina says:

    Love the confetti dies! The shaker cards are cute too. Looking forward to Craft Day!

  118. Kimberly says:

    I love the confetti dies. If you used shimmer sheets….it would look like sequins without the center holes!

  119. Celia Martinez says:

    ***,! I love all the products. Shaker cards made easy. The kits are great and come in handy when you’re short on time. The confetti dies are wonderful, easy to match any color palette. I’m so excited to make my own sentiments, no more running out. The best part is you get to pick the colors. So excited and anxiously awaiting May 9th!

  120. LYNN OVERTON says:

    O.K. I have to have these – all of these!!!! I don’t know how you come up with so many wonderful ideas, but it just amazes me to no end. I am so bummed that I have to work that day. I am off every other Wednesday, and when the shows are on on a Wednesday, it seems that it is my week to work. You are astounding. Don’t ever stop bringing these to us. Love you Anna!

  121. Jan Martin says:

    I love all of all these! Who could choose between all the yumminess!! Can’t wait till the 9th.

  122. Eve Yeung says:

    Wishes are granted by Anna! 3D sentiment stamp and die sets! Loving these! Now I can make the 3D sentiments that I need as many as I want, AND have them color coordinated! Oh and the shaker card kit is another must!

  123. Martha schira says:

    My favorite is the shaker cards!! I’ve tried to make them but never turn out good so I’m really excited about this cards.. Thanks Anna!!

  124. Dianna Jowers says:

    What an awesome GRAND FINALE! Everything from the Shaker Cards, to the Confetti Dies, to the coordinating stamps and dies. It would be SOOO AWESOME if I could win this product! I make all of my own cards, and this would definitely add some pizzazz to them. PiCk Me! PiCk Me…PlEaSe!

  125. Patricia Podsiad says:

    Just love the confetti dies, super cute. Actually I’d love to have everything introduced this week! My credit card will be squealing on the 9th.

  126. Terri G says:

    I love the sentiment stamps & dies. They will make a great addition for my card making supplies! Can’t wait for the shows on May 9th!

  127. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Love them all! Can’t wait until the 9th! Don’t know how you can top yourself over and over. Do you ever sleep? :->

  128. Ronny says:

    These are the best yet! sentiments and dies for sure. There are so many I never use in the regular card kits and there is usually only one or two for birthday so this would be great. Also how fun to make your own confetti the easy way!

  129. Kathy S says:

    Hi Anna,

    This is the first time I “WOULD LIKE TO WIN THEM ALL!” They all compliment each other to make beautiful in the making cards. My family and friends would be very happy to receive these cards and I would feel proud to make them ~ to send to them. Wow – wow – wow!

  130. Donna Petruso says:

    As usual, you’ve done it again! I love it all. I have been making your cards, then giving them in gift packs for birthday gifts! Double the fun! They are amazed by “my” talent. It’s thanks to you. Wait until they get these shaker cards and sentiments in their gift box. I will be the most popular relative in the world. Keep up the good work. What a talent.

  131. Mary Beth says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps! What a wonderful idea! Always have a sentiment sticker on the front of my cards. Thank you and I look forward to using these! Mary Beth

  132. Anne with an "e" says:

    I am really glad that you have a new card kit for us – the all-in-ones make great gifts for fellow crafters (as well as giving us a new direction to take our own cardmaking)! For myself, I’m enamored with the confetti dies, both for the confetti and for the remaining overlays. (You think of everything!) Can’t wait for the shows next week; hope you all have safe travels and everything goes smoothly!
    Regards, Anne

  133. kim gilmour says:

    OH my goodness!!! shaker die cuts means glitter in the making 🙂 I am in love with the dies and stamps for the sentiments as well. I can see that I am going to have to have quick fingers on the order now button to be able to get this Today Only item……unless of course I would be lucky enough to win this awesome package of products introduced here today!!!!

  134. Lori Neilson says:

    Love the confetti dies AND the sentiment dies and stamps!! Those are gotta haves! Can’t wait until next week.

  135. Glenda Stone says:

    Well I love it all! Those shaker cards look like a lot of fun and the dies are perfect for making more shaker cards. Love the sentiment dies and stamps also. I just can’t pick a favorite. See you on HSN next week. As always thank you Anna for the beauty you bring to our lives.

  136. Michele Lewis says:

    *** I can’t wait to get the sentiment dies and stamps.. I have been hoping for this kind of item for a long time.. I will make use of all the products that you previewed today. I make cards for everything and everybody thanks to your beautiful papers and tools.. Thank you

  137. Melanie Proffitt says:

    Everything is great….but those 3 D sentiment die cuts and stamps have been on my with list for AGES!!!! I am so very excited. Thank you again, Annal

  138. Karen H says:

    I think my thought process…or typing abilities..was skewed…my question should have been – can the paper the confetti was cut from be used as a card front another color layered behind it?

  139. Karen H says:

    Love the stamp and die combination, and the confetti dies are fabulous idea. Is the paper the confetti is cut from be used as a card from with a color layered behind?

  140. Patti Siebert says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! I love the shaker cards!! Once again you have outdone yourself! These are perfect for the youngins in my life!! This style is a card that I will be using a lot. And I love the matching dies and sentiments! Perfect to create just a very polished, beautiful card. I just sat and re watched all 6 of your previews twice so that I made sure I didn’t miss a thing. I was binge watching you…Anna Griffin Netflix style! LOL! I did it to insure I have what I want to buy written down and also when i need to make sure I am watching live and early. Thank you Anna for always listening to what your fans would like and delivering every time. I’m thrilled to have one of the more masculine things already bought from you, and plan on getting the rest on May 9th. I have two boys and a rugged outdoors man hubby so it is just perfect for my needs to have the more masculine choices. You are the greatest and I so look forward to May 9th. A couple of my girlfriends are coming over to watch you on HSN after work. We are planning a little Anna Griffin/HSN crafting party with a lot of retail therapy with cocktails!! No Cinco de Mayo party….it will be a Nueve de Mayo Fiesta!!
    All the best to you from your greatest fan in St. Louis!

  141. Lori Lai says:

    I love any cards that have movement like a shaker card. It’s also nice you are designing dies that make shaker pieces for even more additional shaker cards too! It would be very nice, in one pass on a die cutting machine and have all the shaker pieces made at one time! What fun, great idea Anna! I also like having layering sentiments on my cards so very interested in that new product from you.

  142. Rhonda Houghton says:

    I love the confetti dies…such a smart idea!!! The sentiment dies are also great. They are a perfect staple for a card maker’s craft room. And who doesn’t love shaker cards? These are so cute and easy. Thanks for all your great products! I can’t wait for May 9th!

  143. Catherine Hanson says:

    3d Sentiment stamps and dies! I’ve been hoping for this for so long. I can’t wait to make my own sentiments in the lovely Anna Griffin style! Thank you, Anna!

  144. Myra R. Goddard says:

    LOVE the 3D sentiment stamps & dies. Now I will never be at a loss for words again. Love the shaker cards and the dies are great. Anna – you just seem to know what we want, almost before we do. Thank you for giving us such wonderful things to embellish our cards.

  145. Elaine Trippiedi says:

    Anna, your card kits that couldn’t get any better just did! The shaker feature is wonderful and the ability to die cut my own shaker contents-brilliant! Thank you for all you create and invent.

  146. Rita Jackson says:

    That’s an awesome set to add to all my AG card kits and my future purchases of AG supplies… would love to win it ..
    happy crafting …

  147. natasha titova says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to release something like this and it’s finally here!!!! YES!!!!
    Next, I hope there’s one for Cricut Design Room, with drawing the borders instead of printing? that would look so perfect!!!!

  148. Kim griffin says:

    The 3d sentiments stamps and dies are wonderful. Those are my favorite. Im always looking to make the sentiments on the front of my cards pop and look amazing.

  149. Roxanne Henderson says:

    The Sentiment Dies and Stamps are perfect! It’s easy to see how you can combine them with other Anna Griffin dies to make beautiful projects. As always, the sentiments are perfect.

  150. Julie Freysinger says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the sentiment stamps and dies! As always, everything is a “must have”.

  151. Betty jane says:

    The sentiment stamps and dies are JUST what I’ve been looking for! I never seem to have enough appropriate sentiments for my card making. Thank you and can’t wait to see them!

  152. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    The 3D die and stamp set is a must. This is definitely a priority buy. Also, love the confetti dies. They make such fun cards.

    Thank you ,too, for all of the card designs. I Absolutely love your examples. They are a huge help. Bye for now. See you on the 9th.

  153. kim k says:

    I love the sentiment stamps and dies. I wish there were foiling products to mimic the stamps.

  154. Arlene K says:

    Can’t wait till Elegant Paper Crafting on May 9th! Already have my shopping list filled with all the beautiful new items. I need to find a second job. I love it all!!

  155. Debbie Griffin says:

    I love the Shaker Card Kit, the Confetti Dies and the 3D Sentiment Stamp & Die kits. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Kit, as there is nothing else like it! But as usual, I hope to get just about everything you are showing!
    Looking forward to May 9th!

  156. Carol Ouellette says:

    OH MY!!! OH MY!!! This Product Preview #6 is the best. Anna, it made me so happy that it almost brought me to tears. All the items I would love to make. Especially the Shaker Cards and Confetti with the dies. But, must say that the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set is my favorite. Will watch for the winner on this one as they will be so thrilled to receive all these terrific items.

  157. Penny G. says:

    Love the sentiment stamps and dies. So pretty and great for adding a little dimension to cards! Can’t wait to see them!!

  158. Valerie says:

    Love the stamp sentiments and dies. The shaker cards are looking pretty good as well. Can’t wait for next week to get here. Thanks Anna.

  159. Judy Graham says:

    Oh my !! I have to get those shaker cards. So fun and perky. And now I can make my own confetti. You’ve gone overboard with this one Anna. So happy to see the stampscand dies forcdoing my own greetings. I can’t wait for next week.

  160. Annie Hayes says:

    Another great group of crafting products! Anna, your creativity has no bounds…which is wonderful for all of us. My favorite? Sentiment dies, hands down! Dropping the mike!

  161. Trudy Faris says:

    Love the versatility of the stamps and die cuts with the birthday shaker cards!!! If you don’t want a birthday card, get the stamps and die cuts and make whatever card!!! Love it. Like some others, hope you are making more confetti dies and just the shaker sequin packs. Such a great combination of items that all work together, and then you can make your own confetti. Would love all the items in this grouping. Thanx Anna and your team for your creativity, and for thinking of our environment as well.

  162. Pamela Campbell says:

    The shaker cards are wonderful, They make a beautiful card. The 3D sentiments and dies are something I must have. Can’t wait until May 9th.

  163. Linda H says:

    This is the best preview week! The shaker cards and dies are wonderful. My favorite though is the sentiment dies and stamps. A little embossing powder and you’ll have a gorgeous , professional looking Anna Griffin embellishment!! Gotta love it! Just asking, will HSN have the desktop for your crafting desk on May 9th? I’ve been talking myself into getting the set, but alas, no top!

  164. Cyndi Shannon says:

    OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY STARS, CIRCLES, and HEARTS!!!!!! I love it all. Thank you for the chance to win!!!!! and the Shakers Cards, Oh My Goodness that is just too adorable. Love, Love, Love

  165. Mary Jones says:

    Love, love, love these products. Will probably purchase all 3, but my favorite is the shaker cards.

  166. Sandra Mc Daniel says:

    I’m new at this and have been ordering some of the different things. This would sure help me out with this kit, to add to some of my items for my cuddle bug.
    I am loving this

  167. Tanya Thompson says:

    Oh Goodness Gracious! Love all the new goodies! I am especially excited over the sentiment stamps and dies…woohoo! Thank you, Anna and team for always bring us the best new stuff!

  168. MaryEllen Lett says:

    ***… everything I’ve been waiting for! Luv the new stamp and die sentiments. It will now complete my cards, which now can be true Beautiful in the making! Thank​you for the opportunity to win them. Luv my AG products.

  169. Dottie Butler says:

    WOW!!! First a shaker box card kit, dies to make stuff to put in shaker box, & lastly sentiment stamps & die cuts — all must haves for my craft room. You did it again, Anna — magical cards — I love them all!!

  170. Terri Gardner says:

    I can’t wait for May 9th!! These are some of my favorite products yet, (And I have a lot)! I really can’t choose between the shaker cards and the sentiment dies and stamps set.

  171. Sue Alger says:

    The 3D sentiments and dies are a “must have” in my card making supplies. And, with the confetti dies, I can create my own fillers for my shaking cards. Thanks so much

  172. June Estep says:

    Shakin’ it up is right up my alley!!!! and, I did get the flip card sentiments and dies, but I think I need to add this to my collection. Having that layered professional sentiment on a card separates the card maker into a papercrafting artist from the rest of the pack.

  173. Michelle Reynolds says:

    It’s my anniversary on May 8th so this would be a fun prize to win. Love everything.

  174. Merlinda Turner says:

    Ur confetti dies are AWESOME!! I have so many scraps of paper that these dies will help eliminate my box of scraps! Also, the stamp and die product is another welcomed item. I can see that these items will get used on a daily bases in my home.

  175. Rosemary Rose says:

    Love the shaker cards and so cool to be able to make our own confetti!!!!!!! Just a thought….I imagine a lot of our card makers loved cutting out paper dolls when they were young

  176. Peggy Wiens says:

    Love them All, of course!! So, the name shaker cards is great, so we can make & Shake!! Ha Ha!!

  177. Kim Cramer says:

    I love the 3D Sentiment and Die Set. The lovely sentiments that you include with your card kits are one of my favorite things to use, so to be able to make them myself would be wonderful.

  178. SugarBear says:

    This is so awsome!!! Just yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right sentiment for a card I made. Can’t wait for this to be available. Wish I could win this.

  179. Jennifer Burrell says:

    I like. the shaker cards and the diecut and stamp se. What a great idea.

  180. SugarBear says:

    This is so awsome!!! Just yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right sentiment for a card I made. Can’t wait for this to be available.

  181. Beth in Georgia says:

    The Shaker Card kit looks fun and I like the Sentiment Stamps as well…and the confetti dies. 😉

  182. Jan Forgue says:

    Made my first shaker card ever at Create 2 and it was such fun. Love this new idea!

  183. Sandy Shinn says:

    New to this. Looks like something fun for my grand daughter and I to do this summer!

  184. Donna Caro says:

    I love the 3D dies and stamps. I need the 3D dies and stamps, ok I don’t need them but I really want them. I want all of your products, thanks for sharing your passion and talent with us.

  185. Swan McKnight says:

    Oh how I crave those die and stamp sets! This is one of my favorite, have to get these, items. They are beautiful!

  186. Gay Lynn Westover says:


  187. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Anna, my fav is the sentiment dies and stamp set. Shaker cards, I love sequins! As always, thank you Anna and Team.

  188. Liz Willliams says:


    These are great! Just what I’ve been wanting you to put out for us. Thanks for great products!

  189. Judy says:

    My favorite this week is the shaker cards! Only one more week until “shopping day” ! I can’t wait!

  190. Danyelle Dillon says:

    This was my favorite sneak peek. I love every item, hard to choose just one. But if I have to, I am most excited about the shaker card kit. I have always wanted to make them but was not really sure how so this is perfect for me. Can’t wait!

  191. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I am most excited about the dies and stamps! Beautiful. But, I love everything. Way to go! 🙂

  192. Sandra Madanski says:

    I love, Love those shaker cards and then to make my own sentiments WOW. I would love to win these
    if not I will be buying these.
    I love all of those items. Keep up the great work

  193. Gigi Dixon says:

    I love the stamps and matching dies. Stamping cards is my passion and I would love to have this in my collection. Thank you!

  194. Chayden says:

    I’m going with the shaker cards…it’s been something that I have wanted to try…
    The 9th can’t get here fast enough!!!!!!!!!

  195. Jennifer Richards says:

    It’s all so beautiful, there is no way I could pick just one item as a favorite. Thanks for always bringing us such exciting new products.

  196. Jennifer Huang says:

    ***- You saved the best for last Anna! Love everything and Gotta have it on May 9th (if not sooner- fingers crossed ;b) Everything is my favorite for this sneak peek. I’m looking forward to adding a shaker card and 3D sentiment (die/stamp) maker to my crafting arsenal of awesome AG products.

    Perhaps there’ll be an AG shaker card die set and/or cricut cartridge in the future? (hint hint-) Maybe with interchangeable pocket shape dies (cupcake, flower, circle, teapot shapes), matching border shape dies (to frame the pocket shapes/create the lovely gold border) and dies to cut vellum/plastic confetti pouches. I’d be awesome to pair with the confetti dies and keep the shaker party going (just saying ;b). Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for all that you do! Looking forward to May 9th! ^_^

  197. Evangela G says:

    Love it all, as usual!!
    Keepem’ coming Anna!!
    Thanks so much for helping us make beautiful creations!!!

  198. Jerilynn Olson says:

    I can’t wait for the 3D sentiment stamps and dies………I have wanted those for a long time! First thing I’m going to order.

  199. Jam says:

    Anna each time you are on HSN..I tell myself I have enough craft stuff, then you come out with more new things and ideas and I buy everything! Looking forward to your shows and even have a gift card to spend!

  200. Gracia Lanza says:

    Impossible not to comment on such beauties Anna! I’ve been your fan since your beginning and love everything you create or help us create wonderful cards! I can’t imagine my card-making world without Anna Griffin stuff! Thanks!

  201. Bobbi Beech says:

    What an amazing reveal this one was!!! Stamps with matching dies, I will be in card making heaven!!! Can’t wait to see these. As usual Anna, you have produced some amazing products

  202. Melinda Keeley says:

    Yaaaaaaay! I love shaker cards, but haven’t found an easy way to make them. But NOW! I’ll have an easy way to male them. And I’m known as the confetti Queen. I’ve made my own and now I’ll be able to keep up my sovereignty! Can’t wait!!!

  203. Sue Lutz says:

    Hi Anna. What a trio you have this week! The shaker cards are so cute and perfect for birthdays. Also the confetti dies to make our own shaker cards! Best of all are the stamps and dies for our own sentiments to use w our AG paper and layers! Somehow, my own designs never match the AG elegance! EXCITING May 9th lineup!

  204. Veronica Roske says:

    I would just love to try the Shaker Card Kit, I have yet to make one and the kit makes it looks so easy. They look fun and vibrant and make for a beautiful card to give to so many of my family and friends. Next I might try the dies also to make my own for when I feel more at ease in making the shaker cards as well. As always, love your products and look forward to seeing you on May 9th.

  205. Cynthia says:

    The shaker card kit looks so fun! That will be the first thing I buy! Then I have to pick and choose–arrggh!! And what hard decisions I have to make!! That is why I love the list early, so I can try and decide which fabulous items I can afford! Sometimes, tho, my fingers get away from me with those phone buttons and they just start dialing for more!!! Thanks so much Anna, for all the beautiful things you bring into our lives-and other people who receive the items that are gifted to them.

  206. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love the shaker cards! They look really fun and a new type for me! Winning these items would be great,Anna! And please bring back the vellum layers so we can keep using our tool set that you can emboss and *****! Thanks

  207. Natasha Komo says:

    I love the shaker card kit! Looks like it would be so fun to create and play with.

  208. Lou Marks says:

    Dear Anna,
    Finding just the right words for that ‘special’
    card is now much easier with you standing
    by me! I can usually find the sentiment I want to use, but I think how fun it would be to have the words match the theme by being able to use different colors. And now that you have created vibrant new inks for us, well…WOW! Thank you for another home run!
    I can’t recall if I’ve already made a couple of requests, but to be safe I’ll ask again. I REALLY need a die with COUSIN, and it
    would be terrific if you created a card kit
    about ‘OCCUPATIONS’. Many of my cards are sent to teachers, doctors, or other more eclectic types of jobs. What do you think?
    Thank you again for helping me through my difficult days. You always seem to offer just the right kit or embellishment I need. Keep ’em coming…Love, Lefty Lou

  209. Judith Strausbaugh says:

    Oh Wow! I probably won’t win but everything is awesome. I especially love shaker cards and you have saved a lot of work for me already. I had a very painful wrist surgery so these kits will help me tremendously. Thank you so much

  210. Susan Gonyo says:

    Sorry to hear you are not including the great boxes with card kits. They were a nice selling point to me. I have never thrown one away and they all have craft items in them. I seem to recall you always stated what a great bonus they are. Odd that they are now…clutter?? Sounds more like cutting your cost…sad.

  211. Marie C. says:

    I want to win everything but my most favorite is the 3D sentiment dies.

    Please please pick me.
    Many thanks and see you soon.

  212. Laurie says:

    Loving it all. Can’t wait to make shaker cards! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for always doing something new.

  213. Mary Lewis says:

    Love everything about your line of goodies, Would love to win but I’m sure my credit card will be burning instead pick me.

  214. Tammy says:

    Love the shaker cards!!! Haven’t made them for awhile. Can’t wait to see you soon.

  215. Susan m. says:

    I am not too good with words and expressing my feelings is exactly why I buy everything I can of yours because they all say for me how I feel and all the words I want to say. I love all the new products for the show but have to admit I like the shaker cards the best. Sure hope I can win them. Thank you for all you do to create all the beautiful things you do for all of us.

  216. Erin Piehl says:

    My pick of the week is the Sentiment Stamps and Die Set! WOW! Thank you for the chance to win.

  217. ellie k says:

    I was hoping you would come out with the sentiment stamp set and dies.. I LOVE it. May 9th cannot not fast enough for me. Love everything you bring to us

  218. Lori Hable says:

    Oh my gosh – so excited for the shaker cards!!! You continue to amaze and astound. Thank you, Anna!

  219. Julie Hume says:

    Sentiments and dies are a marriage made in heaven and I can’t wait to play with them.

  220. Cecilia Fisher says:


    I love the shaker cards and the sentiment dies and stamps. I plan to stay up and purchase these. I just love everything you create for us.
    We met in NYC 2 years ago. It was an unforgettable event for me. Thank you!

  221. Secily says:

    Wow more fun cant wait to try them out
    I like all three
    it will be so fun and easy
    Took the day off just to watch can’t waicant wait

  222. Nora says:

    What can I say…i just love all 3 products you have come up with. The shaker card kit is awesome while the confetti dies will help with creating more shaker cards. I can’t leave out the sentiment dies & stamps. Either of the 3 products will be graciously appreciated. Anna, you have out-done it again! I really appreciate your creativity & generosity, love you always!!!

  223. Janet s says:

    Love the shaker cards and the confetti dies. I have always been enclosed sprinkles with my cards.

  224. Robin in Washington says:

    Love those 3-D Sentiment Stamps and Dies Miss Anna! ….see you in a few short days on HSN My Friend!

  225. cheryl tamburlin says:

    I think you saved the best for last….I LOVE them all. I can’t wait to use the Shaker Card Kit…..and I absolutely think that the Sentiment Dies will be of great use for so many projects…..! It amazes me that you have so much talent …..in your mind and with your amazing team. Keep the ideas coming. I remember when all of this started I had a couple pairs of scissors that cut different shape borders and some stickers…..the crafting world just keeps getting better and better and better…..Thanks ANNA!

  226. Robin Greason says:

    I see crafters making shaker cards on you tube. I haven’t tried it yet, but I would surely love to with my new Shaker Card Making Kit. My creations will explode with imagination.

  227. Veronica Chambers says:

    You’ve done it again. How you manage to top yourself time and time again is incredible. These shaker cards are top notch and very elegant in a way that is truly Anna Griffin.

  228. Teresa Clabeaux says:

    I love the sentiment stamp and die set! I felt my talents weren’t card making, then my lovely sister asked me to tune in one day to HSN. It was craft day! I was immediately taken by the beautiful card kits by Anna Griffin! I put together cards from the pop up card kit. The recipients were thrilled with their lovely cards. I had a new interest in card making because I loved the look on the receiver’s face. The even put the cards up for display in their home. Now my little girls are interested in card making. They love to use pieces from my kits to create their own masterpieces. They in turn feel like they have accomplished something and were able to express their self. In my family,a creative outlet is important to our well being, and Anna Griffin products have helped us achieve that. Thank you Anna for creating such lovely products that inspire my family and me to create.

  229. Reba Duncan says:

    Love the Sentiment Dies and stamps!!!! Now I can make tons of Birthday cards. Eight more days till May 9th!!!!!

  230. Barbara Moos says:

    I would love to have the sentiment stamps and die set but then again I haven’t done a shaker card yet so keep going back and forth on which is my favorite

  231. Joyce huber says:

    Love the shaker cards and the confetti dies to go along with them. Love the idea of making glitter confetti.

  232. Stephanie says:

    I’m excited and cannot wait until May 9th. I enjoy making cards and the sentiment and die set will make a nice addition to my stash. I’m so excited!!!!

  233. Kathy Wright says:

    I am super excited about the saying stamp set with the matching dies. What am I saying I love everything Anna

  234. Sandra Griswold says:

    These new items are to die for, I love them all. Can use them in my craft room. Oh the thongs I can accomplish. Countdown time. See you.

  235. Myrna Hartley says:

    Love the shaker cards and all the permutations. That will be sooooo fun.


  236. Sharon K says:

    I love shaker dies . I can put thing in them for my Grand son’s. I maek one card for the boy who Birthday it is and he get a monetary gift. The other two boys feel left out so we send them UN- Birthday cards and the get some money too.That way they all look forward to Me ma and Grandpa K’s. card. I really alos want the stamps and dies it is hard to make my card look good withthe way I write.Thank you so much looks like fun.

  237. Robin says:

    Love the sentiment dies & stamps. I hope you will think about making a future set using words of encouragement and appreciation (you are amazing, gratitude, great job, keep up the good work, job well done etc). We are always trying to keep our teammates engaged at work, so we try to pass little notes to say we noticed and appreciated what they did.
    Hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  238. Linda Daum says:

    I don’t think I can choose between these fantastic products. Just love shaker cards and these are so beautiful. The dies for making your own confetti makes throwing a party a breeze, but the sentiment stamps and dies make it easy to create unique cards for all occasions. Just would love to have them all.

  239. Carmen G says:

    Wow! Once again this is another one of your previews where I want it all. I had been hoping for a sentiment and coordinating die set to make my own layered sentimentso. Very nice!

  240. Tami Tignor says:

    Love the sentiment and die set. It will make itnso easy to complete our cards.
    Thank you

  241. Annetta Ries says:

    Sooo….Anna how are you? Hope you are doing well? Looks like you’ve been busy again making somemore fun for us all to do!! I can’t wait till May 9th. I wish I could pick up the phone & have these tomorrow✂️. I want to use them right now!!!!!Thank you for all of your creativity. Have a great day

  242. Yelena G says:

    I can’t wait for the 3D sentiments stamp and die set. That’s something I will use over and over!

  243. Denise J. says:

    The stamp and die set is my fav for sure. Endless combos will make these a “go to” for cardmaking for years to come. Looking forward to May 9.

  244. Tami Tignor says:

    Hello Anna,
    Just love your sentiment stamp and die set. Thank you, Thank you for bringing us this kit. It will be so helpful to complete our cards.

  245. Louise Blume says:

    I just love the shaker card kit. I’ve seen shaker cards before, but these look so easy to make. Can’t wait to buy them.

  246. Lisa R. says:

    Anna – your new releases are so timely! I am very excited about the sentiment stamps and dies. I never seem to have enough and now I can make my own! Thank you

  247. joann benford says:

    I love all of this preview. Really loving the 3D dies and stamps. I wish I could win. but whoever wins it will be great. Wishing you a fantabulous day. Go Crafters.

  248. Bonnie W. says:

    Just what I have been looking for. A shaker card kit, looks fantastic. And those cuttlebug dies look great too. Can’t wait to see the full presentation on HSN.

  249. Pat Park says:

    Whole lot of shaking going on !! Love the new Shaker card kit and the 3D sentiment/stamps are awesome. You never disappoint us Anna.
    Thanks !!!!

  250. Patricia says:

    I’m really so excited about the Sentiment Stamps and Cuttng Dies, it’s what’s been missing from my cards.
    But Anna I Love Your Big Bulky Boxes!!!

    Is it May 9th Yet???

  251. Kdw1748@yahoo says:

    I guess when you can’t pick a favorite you plan on buying all three! I think this is my favorite sneak peek yet!!! They all coordinate together to make a Huge variety of amazing & unique craft projects!

  252. Susan Mayes says:

    Love everything! looking forward to May 9th!
    Question unrelated… when are parchment papers coming back? hate they sold out before l could get my order in. l have the tool set.

  253. Carla Haase says:

    If there is one thing I “can’t live without” it is the 3D sentiment stamps and die set. Love it. Hope I win it. Covers every life event. Those Shaker cards look like fun too. Have never made one so that set will get me started. Thank you Anna Griffin!

  254. deborah j.t.m. says:

    I love Shaker Cards, but at times I would have more sequins and glitter on me than in the ‘shaker’ component of the card!!! And I hated it when you missed that one little spot and glitter went everywhere! LOLOLOL

    Thank you for giving us painless Shaker Cards… from what I see the KIT will make life much easier for us as well as giving us an opportunity to send this type of card out more often!! WIN! WIN!
    Also loving the dies for confetti and backgrounds, among my favorite type of dies.
    AND I would love to add them to my AG collection of Kits and Bits!! 😀

  255. Deidra says:

    Anna, your boxes are already ecco-friendly! When they are empty, I use you boxes for storage. They are much more elegant (and ecco-friendly) than plastic! I think the 3D Sentiment Stamp and Die Set will be my “go to” set for sentiments – so versatile and will be fabulous with the Go Press and Foil system!

  256. Kim Haygood says:

    Wow! What great shaker cards! Will you have card kits and pre-sealed shaker sequin packs for other seasons, too? I love the idea of layering with the stamps and dies.The confetti dies can be used in any color or paper style to coordinate with celebration themes! Will you have other shapes for Christmas, baby, balloons, graduation, letters or numbers, floral or wedding? Anna Griffin is the best!

  257. Bonnie from Iowa says:

    Love the shaker cards and love the dies so I can make my own confetti! So cool!

  258. Terri Martin says:

    I absolutely love these!! The whole package put together looks elegant. Thank you for making us look good.

  259. JULIE says:

    Shake your card now!
    Shake your card now!

    (And send some my way!)

  260. Susie L says:

    My bad 😉 I already ordered the Shaker Cards (they’ll be here Wednesday) I’m super excited about the Sentiment Stamps and Dies – love the idea of making a sentiment to coordinate with a card rather than making a card to match a sentiment. Hoping for a Digital Cartridge for the Shaker Cards some time in the future – have the confetti dies on my list just in case!

  261. Rhonda Fix says:

    I love the layering sentiments!’ Can’t wait until May 9th to see all of the products …. you never disappoint !!

  262. Barbara Ferris says:

    Oh Anna, I just love the sentiments and dies, but also the shaker cards too! Both are fabulous! Do I really need to choose?!! Thanks for all the beautiful products you bring to us!

  263. HollyG says:

    Hello there MIss Anna and Crew!

    You guys have been busy, busy bees! I am beyond excited to see everything!

    I love the idea of the sentiment stamps and die set! I would love to learn to use these!

    You have created such beautiful stamps Anna, I would love to learn more about stamping technique and also to learn how to make my own card inserts.

    The shaker cards are so fun! I love how you have expanded the card collection to include all ages and styles!

    Thanks for all you do!

  264. Lori L says:

    Creating shaker cards with the Shaker Card Making Kit and the Confetti dies is going to be a lot of fun.

  265. Brenda M. says:

    Dear Anna, I love the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set. Thanks for your lovely products!


  266. Kimberly Solso says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love the new shaker cards! And I have been waiting several years for the salutations stamp and die set. Thanks so much for bringing them to us. Hugs.

  267. Carol Miller says:

    The sentiments and stamps are my favorite. I am always looking for just the right sentiment and never seem to have the right one. These would cover all my needs.

  268. irma castillon says:

    You out did yourself again Anna beautiful products.I would love to own the stamps and dies .Maybe I will be
    lucky to win .

  269. Patricia Sugden says:

    Hi Anna and team. Good thing I’m on Facebook everyday because for some reason I didn’t get your E-mail today with this last blog posting.

    My favorite is the combination of the dies and stamps-Sentiment stamps.

  270. Jennie Thompson says:

    LOVE the shaker cards and the confetti dies! Just when I think you can’t possibly come up with something incredible, you go right ahead and do it, each time! 🙂 THANKFULLY!

  271. Sandra Chiesa says:

    I like the sentiment dies and stamps.
    I would like to see some ‘With Sympathy” comments added.. Thank You.

  272. Debi Binkley says:

    The sentiment stamps and cutting dies will take my card making to the next level! Thank you again, Anna!

  273. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    The sentiment dies and stamps I really need. The shakers are so cute for all occasions. Sorry to hear that the nice boxes wont be coming any more. I am trying to organize all my cards in the empty boxes I have so I can have ready when need one by type. See you on the 9th and in November. Can’t wait! Thanks

  274. Angie says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps! I have been wanting them for so very long!! I will be setting my alarm for this one! Thank you so much, Anna. You fulfill our crafting wishes! Never fail to amaze!

  275. Jerri Walker says:

    I am so excited for the die and stamp set. I love to make my own. I love the ones I get from you but I run out. if I make my own, I never run out!! YEAH

  276. Diana Durst says:

    Love the 3D Sentiment and dies! They are perfect! Really would love these. I will be flying that day and will miss the craft day show, How can I get these before they are gone?

  277. Beverly Terry says:

    To quote the late and great Elvis Presley, The King, (whomI met outside Graceland about 58 years ago), “I’m All Shook Up” about the shaker cards. Can’t wait until next week. Thanks, Anna!

  278. Nisa says:

    I love the shaker dies. I cut a background color and several other colors and glue the other color pieces back in to the background color to make card topper layers. Thank you so much.

  279. Nancy B says:

    Love, love, love the 3D sentiments stamp and die set. Just what I have been looking for. Also love the shaker cards. By the way, I don’t mind the beautiful boxes that cards come in. I use them for storage. I keep all your packaging for storage. Thanks again for all you do for us.

  280. Kimberly says:

    I am so excited to get the sentiment dies and stamps! This looks like an awesome selection! I can’t wait to see the full presentation on the 9th!

  281. Denise L. says:

    ***!! I love to make shaker cards and the people I give them to love them, too. The new dies to make my own confetti is SIMPLY GENIUS!!!. The Sentiment Stamps and Cutting Dies are so practical and so elegant….so Anna Griffin. I will be at work during craft day and afraid I will miss these items. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THEM. I WOULD BE HONORED TO WIN THESE ITEMS!! Anna, you have a style and elegance like no other. Keep it up, please!!!!

  282. Kathy Peak says:

    Awesome! I am “all shook up” and would love to win these fabulous items! Thank for creating everything “beautiful in the making!”

  283. Donna Bischof says:

    I really love the sentiment stamps and dies. I really neeeeeeed these! I also love the confetti dies and shaker cards. I am in big trouble for this show.

  284. Sue M says:

    I’ve always been intrigued with shaker cards but have never made one myself. This kit would be a great way to venture into making them. Sounds like a fun thing.

  285. TATIANA GORDON says:

    Love love love all 3 new products you shared. I am so excited for the 9th.

  286. Kathleen Edmunds says:

    Thank you once again. I am all fired up to start making those fantastic shaker cards. Also ready to get my die cutting going on. I would .love to get all these fabulous items. I have another crafter in the family to share with.

  287. Sonya says:

    Sorry! I see many of my suggestions for the 3 D sentiments are there, I’m sleep deprived. I flew to MI for a baby shower for my daughter and I hardly slept last night getting in so late on the plane. Forgive me please!

  288. Linda says:

    Hello……now i am super excited as shaker cards are my all-time favorite cards to make and receive. With this kit it will be so much easier and quicker to make and get out in the mail !
    Thank You !!!!

  289. Sonya says:

    Hi Anna and Co, I love the idea of the three D sentiments and dies, so practical and the bottom layer could also be cut out of beautiful paper. I hope to see a part 2 with Happy Birthday, Get Well, I Love You, To my Friend, With Sympathy, Welcolme Little One and maybe a part 3 with Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day ,Happy Easter, I’ve been wanting this for years and years!!!!

  290. Susan Urch says:

    Finally able to place my comment, took me ages to find it.
    Love the new shaker cards, you’ve made our job so much easier,but all the new ideas are a must have, oh my my poor bank balance is going downnnnnnn

  291. Pattye Crane says:

    Counting down until May 9! The shaker cards and dies are wonderful and the 3-D stamps are really going to put the finishing touches on my cards. Thank you for awesome ideas. I really hope the window box die kit will be available again soon. Pattye

  292. Ellen says:

    My favorite is the dies and sentiment stamps. How handy are they. I would just never take those off of my craft area.

  293. Lindar says:

    Thank you, Anna, for all of your awesome ideas and products. I am always looking for projects that will be easy and rewarding for our church ladies. This time, it is the Shaker Card Making Kit. What a winner for us!!

    See you on the 9th!! Safe travel to you and your staff.

  294. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Don’t know which I like more – the Shaker Box kit or the stamps with dies. Both great products!

  295. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    My favorite is the sentiment dies and stamps, we can never have too many sentiments!

  296. Kelly Licina says:

    Love, love, love these products! It’s hard to say which I like the best because I LOVE them all!! Those lil boxes are so stinkin’ cute, and the phrase stamps and dies are to kill for. And the confetti dies are such a good idea!

    I tried to enter my comment before, but my computer died. Please don’t think I’m “double dipping” – I just wanted to post my comments and it wouldn’t take!

  297. Lisa Hess says:

    What a great homecoming email to see in my bin after a 9 hour drive today. My favorites are the new Sentiments and Concentric dies! I still have a ton of your sentiment stickers, but I’m limited by color or verse to card and with these I can do anything in any way I want! Way to go Anna!

  298. Jeannie B says:

    I love everything! That birthday present shaker card is gorgeous. Can’t wait to get the sentiment dies and stamps, they will be great with all the “left over” supplies from the many card kits I have. I’m looking forward to all of your shows on the 9th.

  299. c.j. riley says:

    Love all Anna dies. Would love the ephemera to build and stack like the toppers. Got my borders from your special. Would love some available in smaller size. All things Anna make me happy. And as always I will beg for Angel toppers for the holidays. Thanks ever so much for the beauty shared with us.

  300. Josette' Griffith says:

    So excited about the 3D Sentiment stamps & dies & the Confetti Dies. I have the We R Memory Fuse Tool to make the bags for confetti so the dies will give lots of confetti filling! Can’t wait!

  301. Tonya Oswald says:

    Anna I’m so EXCITED about the sentiment stamps and die set!! I can not wit to see you on the 9th!!! I will be up all night and day to enjoy every item!!!! I told my husband and our daughters that’s all I want for Mother’s Day!!!
    See you soon, Anna!!! Have a wonderful day.

  302. Roxann Higgins says:

    Ok, now I know it must be my time to win!! Love the shaker cards and the new dies. Oh, my goodness. Can it get any better. Thanks Anna for all your creativity.

  303. Julie nagengast says:

    Yay…fun new card kit! You made this one so fun to create and all ages will enjoy receiving a shaker card!

  304. Donna-May Witte says:

    Love, Love, LOVE those confetti dies Anna, I have been cutting my own by hand! THANK YOU so much!

  305. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: Everything you give is is FUN FUN FUN! Looking forward to May 9th!

  306. Taunie Snyder says:

    Love Love Love the 3D Sentiment Dies and Stamps.
    Excited for May 9th and all the new products. Thank you.

  307. Pam Castell says:

    The sentiment stamps and dies are wonderful. They would be great for any card maker. I love the shaker card set too!

  308. Frances McAdams says:

    It will be hard to wait for the Shaker card kit & the dies and stamps to make my own. Another Grand Hit from Anna and her team. Thanks Everyone on the Team!

  309. DOREEN BLOSSER says:

    omigosh, I love to make shaker cards, can’t wait to get my hands on this kit, one of the many I own of yours Anna!!!

  310. Janet Mack says:

    There is nothing more fun than making shaker cards and confetti cuts too. LOVE

  311. Paula McGee says:

    I have been so needing these sentiment stamps and dies. That is my favorite of this week. With these stamps and dies I will always have the right sentiment for my cards. So glad you designed these for us.

  312. Ann Marie C says:

    What a wonderful combo. Would love to win all to make new and exciting cards for everyone.

  313. Peggy Allen says:

    Love them all but if I had to pick just one it would be the stamp & die set. Lovely Anna!
    God bless,

  314. Merial Smartt says:

    I love the beautiful shaker card kit and think the confetti dies are genius! But if I had to choose just one of these preview items I would select the sentiment stamps and dies. These are staples for card making! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!!

  315. Sue Moss says:

    As always, I love it all especially the sentiment stamps and dies!!!! Thank you.

  316. kitty says:

    oh please me please! I so want this set, your are incredible in your visions.

  317. Nona Haydon says:

    My favorite is the dies and sentiment stamps. This is just perfect for more cards. The shaker cards are so sweet too.Thank you

  318. Deb K. says:

    Love love the new Shaker card kit. Those look like so much fun to make. May 9th can’t get here fast enough. Thanks Anna.

  319. Kathy McCallum Soutar says:

    Hi Anna, the 3D Stamps and Dies Set really looks great! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  320. Nereida Paris says:

    There’s a whole lotta shaking’ going on! Love the shaker card kit and dies. oh, and the stamps are perfect! I was just looking for something like that for the project I was working on today. Thanks Anna!

  321. Barbara Leonard says:

    The shaker card kit is so cute!!!! Can’t wait to get it. I also love the sentiment stamps and dies.

  322. Mary Parker says:

    My fav has to be the 3D sentiment & die
    Love your stamps; for most part the r stored in apart in your beautiful binder. Will love addi g this set too!

  323. Karen Fabian says:

    WOW! You saved the best preview for last. I am crazy for each of the products shown however it I really was made to pick a favorite I guess it would be the sentiments stamps and dies. I will finally have a way to make 3d sentiments stickers where the stamp actually fits the cut out. My grand nephew and nieces are going to go crazy for the Shaker cards – they are so much fun.

  324. Christina Grata says:

    As you showed each one that one became my favorite. You saved the best for last. I love the 3D sentiment stamp and die set. I was hoping you would do this for awhile now.

  325. Holly Weston says:

    Oh I want those shaker cards and the confetti dies!! Wonderful preview oh I’m so excited I can’t wait for next week I’ll be watching you ……… thank you Anna for all of your creativity and for sharing it with all of us

  326. Linda Taylor says:

    I often don’t comment if I already have some of the items you are featuring so here is my opportunity to comment again. I love all of these items, especially the sentiment dies and stamps. I have been wanting something like them for a long time! The other things are going on the want list also but I am afraid my buy list will have to be short this time as I am already on the 3 autoships that just shipped out and we have a big vet bill coming up this week. Our Samoyed is having his teeth cleaned and while he is under anesthesia they are going to take off a cyst growing in his ear.

  327. Elaine May says:

    Oh! I just love the 3D Sentiment and Die Set! I was born in the month of May, but stopped celebrating many years ago! This month will bring an Anna Griffin “goodie”, and maybe I will celebrate again. I think I am looking forward to the excitement! See you on the 9th, Anna:).

  328. Michelle says:

    I will be getting my coffee to be up to order those shaker cards ! *** are they gorgeous! Love the confetti dies too!

  329. Carol Jones says:

    Anna, I don’t know how you do it but you’ve done it again with fabulous products! I love them all. The confetti dies are brilliant. I’ve always wanted to put my own stuff in the shaker. But the sentiment stamps & Dies are a MUST HAVE!! I’ve been wanting these for so long. The sentiment is the most important part of a card and you’ve made it beautiful! Can’t wait for May 9th. Already
    have your shows set to record. Love you & your enthusiasm so much. Thanks for all you do!!

  330. Judy Hollers says:

    I love it all! You are amazing, Anna Griffin, to create all the wonderful things that you do. Fantastic! You choose what you want me to win. Thank you!

  331. Timothy Andrews says:

    I have three set of your stamps, but the addition of the dies will be a game changer. Just what I have been needing. Is the Bow Box coming back?

  332. Rina de Guzman says:

    The SHAKER CARDS are so FABULOUS! Love how you made the kit so easy to put together. And the CONFETTI DIES are AWESOME! AMAZING how you make complementing products that make WONDERFUL projects. Thank you so much for sharing! You always make my day! 😉

  333. Patty Heil says:

    I never have enough sentiment tags, so it will be the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set. Now I will be able to make my own almost as perfect as yours. Thank you, for just what I needed.

  334. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    I need the 3D sentiments dies and stamps. They are so useful! Can the 9th come sooner? Very excited and anxiously waiting for that day.

  335. Johnetha says:

    Wowzie!!!! There is just no way possible to choose. Everything is just simply awesome. I want them all. Love them all. I can use them all. Lol☺

  336. Dianne says:

    How do I even pick a favorite this time? They’re all awesome, especially the Shaker card kit. Can’t wait for May 9th!!!! Thanks, Anna!

  337. Rose Maria says:

    The 3D stamps and dies are my favorite! The shaker cards look like lots of fun!!! There’s gonna be a whole lotta shaken going on! Thanks Anna!

  338. Deb S. says:

    I can’t wait to get the 3D Sentiment and die set. I have been wanting this for a long time. So excited. I will be so happy when the 9th gets here.

  339. Vicki Fellenger says:

    I love, love, love everything. I think it’s difficult to choose one, but I will buy the sentiment stamps and dies whether I win or not. Can’t wait to see everything on HSN, especially you.

  340. Alice G says:

    Love it all, but will have to settle for the 30D sentiment stamps with dies, Can’t wait for the 9th only a week away. Safe travels. I’ll be watching for sure.

  341. Beth Williams says:

    Love the shaker cards but you have to have the confetti dies to go with them. The sentiment die and stamp set is another have to have. Love everything as usual. Thanks for a chance to win.

  342. Christine Miloslavic says:

    I was so excited when I saw the shaker cards on HSN yesterday, after the preview I don’t know if I love the shaker cards or the sentiment die and stamps more. I am loving the new items so much. I can hardly wait for the show.

    I agree that the card folio is probably better for the environment and less expensive to make, but I prefer the card kit boxes. Part of buying Anna Griffin items is the packaging. The packaging and wrapping it in tissue paper is one of the things that sets you apart and above other craft product companies.

  343. Gloria Myers says:

    The sentiment dies make me CUCKOO CRAZY! I also will love to make my own fillers for the shaker cards! Thank you Anna and your crew!

  344. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Love the 3D Sentiment Dies and Stamps Set!!! The Shaker card set and Confetti dies are a very close second! The closer Craft Day gets , the more excited I become! Cannot wait!!!

  345. Maxine Hodges says:

    I love the sentiment dies and stamps. They could be used with many cards or scrapbook pages. Good luck with your shows. I know I always watch every show.

  346. Connie Johnson says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m excited about those sentiment dies. Boy, those will be so handy for every card. Can’t wait.

  347. SusanJoe Couturier says:

    Shak, shake, shake, Shake your cards. Yeah. Love the Shaker cards. Also the die cuts and the stamp set. Love it all. Got a birthday day soon and putting these on my wish list.

  348. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    The new sentiment stamps and die layer set and shaker card kit are winners in my book! They open up cardmaking abilities like never before.

  349. Amber says:

    I love shaker cards! Plus with the confetti dies it will be easier to make my own. I can’t wait.

  350. Gayle K says:

    Love the stamps and die cuts. So looking forward to “this day only”. Thanks so much for putting together this for us!

  351. SuzzieQ says:

    I really like the sentiment stamps with dies to match. I can really use them in my card making efforts. Looking forward to your show on the 9th of May.

  352. Marta V. says:

    Oh my! I think I’m going to have to declutter my craft room to make some space for all the products this year. So excited for the shaker card kit and dies. Once again, you hit it out of the park.

  353. Sharon Jones says:

    I love the sentiment stamps with matching dies–really looking forward to those. I’m also excited about the shaker card kit and the confetti dies. I’m anxious for May 9th.

  354. Maureen m says:

    Shaker card kit with matching confetti how great is that and the confetti can be used for so much more. But those dimensional dies and stamps I can’t wait to get them , I’m always looking for more than one way to use things and this one will b out standing on my grandkids lunch bugs . When they see the HSN box coming they know something in there will make it to their school. Your products are top notch Anna and you should be extremely proud of there quality, but I think that’s what you demand and expect, and you get it. Can’t wait for your airings, I always think I have everything hahaha

  355. Deborah Brown says:

    I love, love the shaker box kit and confetti dies. Anna you make our life so easy with all of your products.you make everyone a craft star.Thank You,Thank You.

  356. annette johnson says:

    LOVE the shaker boxes and the new sentiment dies/stamps. Can’t wait for the shopping list so I can get mine started.

  357. Dolores "Dee" Hilderbrand says:

    I am sooooo excited about the shaker cards. Cant wait to get this kit and put these cards together.

  358. Linda Valoy says:

    Favorite are the sentiments stamps and dies. Been waiting for these for 7 years. Hooray!

  359. Bibi says:

    Love it all of course but oh my goodness those confetti dies and stamps and layered dies, wowzers!!!!

  360. Michele Ciccone says:

    Wow! Talk about saving the best for last. I am in love with all of the products shown today! Can’t wait to start making the shaker cards and love the idea of making my own confetti with the dies. Anna, you continue to amaze me with these products. So creative!

  361. Denise Starrs says:

    Hi Anna !
    Looks like another ball out of the park for you! And with my last name of “Starrs”, you know I’m going to purchase those confetti dies! And I’m afraid a whole lot more!!
    Can’t wait until the 9Th!!!!

  362. Rosario Edinger says:

    This is so much fun! Love it all, the shaker cards, the confetti dies, and stamps. There can be so many uses for these items.

  363. Georgia Henson says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps. If I wanted something that I absolutely do NOT have, it would be the confetti cards. Those look so fun!

  364. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I don’t want to win…said NO ONE EVER!! Your latest crafts are the bees knees. Can’t wait for the 9th.

  365. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I dont want to win…said NO ONE EVER!! Your latest crafts are the bees knees. Can’t wait for the 9th.

  366. Teresa Helsel says:

    Oooooooh, for the first time I can’t choose a favorite! Shaker cards, confetti dies, and sentiment dies/stamps, I love them all!!! Can’t wait to see you on HSN!

  367. Lerah Coleman says:

    Hi Anna, the sentiment tags and dies are the ones I will love. they will really up my game for the cards I make. Thank you for thinking of this!

  368. Cynthia says:

    You and your staff are amazing! Just love the Shaker cards​ and the sentiment stamps and dies would love to have these for my next big projec. Looking forward to seeing you on May 9th.
    Thanks Annie,

  369. Zenja Hyde Ballesteros says:

    Today the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set is my favorite…but you & your team make it hard for us to choose a favorite EVERY week. <3

  370. Gail Mathis says:

    May 9th is coming fast & there goes my credit card balance aain. So much to tempt us with. Glad to see the 3D sentiments &dies. Can’t pass thoses up. Also, pre=made shaker cards will be fun. Great job as usual.

  371. HL says:

    I love the shaker cards and I like the dies for the confetti that you can do yourself…

  372. Janire Cline says:

    Oh, this is amazing an set. My daughter and I are having a great time paper crafting with our Cricut and Cuttlebug. Thank you for this chance to win these 3D Sentiment dies and stamps all of your products are GREAT!!

  373. Barbara Zeller says:

    Hi Anna. your creativity is amazing! When do you ever sleep? I love them all.

  374. Judith Hannah says:

    Are You kidding ! I love them All. I am so excited about the upcoming show. I love the shaker cards. dies to make the confetti and the stamps with dies.
    Anna, You and Your team really outdid Yourselves ! Kuddos !!!

  375. Kathy Winter says:

    Love the Stamp and Die Set! Perfect for all my Card Making! Thank you for coming up with all these special ideas and products!

  376. Peggy Miller says:

    Well, Anna, you have my creative heart pounding, again!
    Love it all. What a great set.

  377. Lara says:

    I love the shaker cards and confetti cuttlebug dies, but the stamped endearments and dies make me so excited . I can stamp with the black reactive pain and minc them! Thank you!

  378. Brenda Scheiman says:

    Wow! The sentiment and die set look fantastic. I could really use that set. I am looking so forward to the craft day on the 9th.

  379. Sandy P says:

    Oh My Anna! You are out doing yourself! Love the Shaker Card Kit and the dies are a fantastic idea! But my favorite are the stamps and dies! Never can we have enough sentiments! Thanks Anna, your products just get better and better!

  380. ann says:

    Oh my gosh how do you keep getting better and better??? I love everything. Keep the flowers coming Anna. we can’t get enough of them

  381. Angelina Flaherty says:

    ***!!!! My 3 hole paper punch can finally retire with the confetti dies! The shaker cards are simply scrupulous! All your products are great and easy to do. Kudos Anna and to your Design Team!

  382. Debra J says:

    The shaker cards look like such fun, all coordinated just as I like things to be! Very nice sentiments set, too. Must we choose favorites? Just cleaned my craft storage area (overflowed my craft space) to make room for new supplies.

  383. Carole Beth Rhodes says:

    Love ❤️ the confetti dies. Cannot wait to get my hands on them. Thank you!!!

  384. Debra Baker says:

    I love everything!!!! The possibilities are endless! My birthday is May 4th so I will celebrate on the 9th! I look forward to seeing all your new products! Thank you Anna!

  385. Sue A says:

    Very Nice Anna. Glad to have the sentiment creation dies for the ability to do on my own. I am thinking that I can use the auto ship word dies to use with these templates too. Thank you!

  386. Jan says:

    Love the dies, especially the all sentiment stamps & dies. We’ll never run short of the “right” sentiment with these in our kit. The shaker cards also look great. It’s going to be a great day for AG products.

  387. Tami W says:

    Love the confetti dies! Never would have thought of that! I loved the other items too and how it all works so great together! So looking forward to the show!

  388. Debra Baker says:

    Oh, the possibilities!!! I just can’t wait! My birthday is the 4th, so I will delay my birthday and celebrate Anna Style by watching all day! That will be my birthday party day!

  389. Joyce BG says:

    YES! Sentiment stamps and matching dies! My beautiful Anna Griffin pigment ink pads are gonna get a workout! Wonderful addition to the great sentiment stamps I own. But I also love those Anna gold sequins!

  390. Lori Hudson says:

    Sentiment and dies, hands down! What a beautiful way to create my own sentiment stickers. Add the minc to it and … spectacular!!

  391. Lois De Valk says:

    I like the sentiment stamps and dies alot. The shaker cards look fun too. I use the boxes for crafty storage. If yours are causing clutter, send them my way. 😉

  392. Gretchen Tower says:

    Wow!!! just can’t wait. I especially love the new sentiment stamps with dies. What fun I’ll have with those.

  393. Krystal Showalter says:

    My pocketbook is going to be in so much trouble when all of this hits HSN! I LOVE the shaker cards and the confetti dies. All of it is just awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on them in person and play with them.

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    I really like both the shaker card kit and the confetti dies. Can’t decide which I like best. They’re both at the top of my list of favorites!!

  395. Debbi H. says:

    Awww…..shaker cards and confetti!!! I love it. I would make some heart confetti and sprinkle it everywhere my hubby likes to go!!

  396. Yvonne says:

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  397. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love, love the sentiment stamps and dies. Love the for all the cards I do. Thank you Anna and team!

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    My favorite are the Sentiment Stamps and Cutting Dies. Hope I ca pre-order. Can’t wait for the show.

  399. Dona Shaw says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps. You think of every need and create it with style. Thanks, Anna

  400. Lisa says:

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  401. Teresa G says:

    I just love the 3-D sentiments stamps and dies kit. No more searching for that perfect sentiment sticker—-now we can easily make our own! Wow! Thanks so very much for ALL of your fabulous products!

  402. Kathy Broering says:

    Wow!. I had the day already blocked off on my calendar. I’ll make good use of all these new products, especially the shaker cards.

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  404. Hilde says:

    I love all of today’s previews but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the sentiments stamps and dies. Once again, you’ve come up with a great little black dress for my crafty collection!

  405. Pat Giuffre says:

    This is the NEST preview yet!!i love the shaker cards ♥️ So much!!!! You are fabulous.

  406. Judy Bienvenu says:

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  407. Humberta says:

    I absolutely love the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set and will be waiting for the 9p.m. show for these. That is unless I win them here… hint, hint…

  408. Rinda K. says:

    I love shaker cards but my favorite from this sneak peek has to be the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set! They’ll be great for all kinds of occasions throughout the year. Love them!

  409. Jackie Ocheltree says:

    I absolutely love the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set! I’ve been waiting for these. Thank you!

  410. Rhonda Williams says:

    Oh Anna! As usual you have saved the best for last:) The shaker cards look amazing and the stamp and die set is just what I have been hoping for. Who wouldn’t want to make their own confetti? Thank you for making it so easy. I can’t wait for May 9th to arrive so I can shop to my heart’s content. Thanks to you and your team so such creative products. Rhonda

  411. Robin Wittmer says:

    Already ordered the shaker card kit!! Great idea to have the dies to make more confetti!!!!

  412. Cathy Hughes says:

    The confetti dies are just the thing to make confetti for party tables. The stars would be great for the 4th of July parties. Sprinkle them on the tables for an added festive touch.

  413. migdalia Del Valle says:

    I love the 3D dies and stamps…and of course…the Shaker Cards are the bestest!!!!

    Love them!! Way to go Anna!!!


  414. Denise Furman says:

    OMGosh…. so beautiful and creative Anna… love love love the shaker cards… and the dies/stamps.

  415. Sue L says:

    The sentiment stamps and dies have indicated they would like to live at my house. We should make their dreams come true because they are lovely and speak so well.

  416. Yvette Ordonez says:

    I love all your creations!! This week for me it is the sentiment dies and stamps!! The giving never stops!! Thank you for all you do, you have truly Blessed us with your creativity!!

  417. Cheryl V says:

    I love the idea of using some of my small pieces of Anna paper (never call them scraps) on the sentiment layers. I’m looking forward to the sentiment stamps and dies.

  418. Harmony Rose Lane says:

    Love the Confetti Dies, terrific design! Great to use up scraps to turn them into little shaker bits!

  419. Jan B says:

    Oh Anna! Love the sentiment dies & stamps!!!! Love the confetti dies!!! I can also use them at Easter to make confetti for cascarones eggs! So fun! The shaker card kit looks like so much fun! Thanks gor a chance to win these! Question? I’d love a couple more card kit boxes please-how can I get them?

  420. Patricia Coddington says:

    Dreams really do come true! Ive been patiently waiting for the sentiments and die set!! I’m super excited for these… Yay!!

  421. Gaylene says:

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  422. Mary S. says:

    I can’t wait to work with your new shaker cards! And the confetti dies, let’s all say, you hit it out of the ballpark! These two items are meant to go together. The possibilities are endless, Way to Go!

  423. Carol Fylypczuk says:

    wow you just keep going and going with new items that is so fantastic can’t wait to order some of the items on the ninth

  424. Kate Molnar says:

    I’ll be shaking my booty (and a lot of other body parts!) when I get the Shaker Card Making Kit. I can’t wait to see it in person. Oh, please don’t call your card boxes “clutter.” They are very useful for storing loose sentiments and die cuts. I never throw them away. I would hate to see them go away forever. Please reconsider! Yes, eco-friendly is a good thing but your card boxes are a VERY good thing!

  425. Linda says:

    Love those sentiment stamps and dies. Couldn’t be any better! Looking forward to next Tuesday

  426. Joanne S says:

    I am so excited! I have been waiting for you to come out with Shaker Cards since you showed attendees making them at Create. You have made them so easy, too.

  427. Alissa Hall says:

    You did it, you did it! You used my idea to make the 3d sentiments stamps with matching dies! I’ve requested that several times on your FB page and now it’s finally here! I’m so excited!!

  428. Louise Mogler says:

    I’m one of the people that requested you make the Sentiments stamp set with cutting dies. These will be so helpful and can be used over and over and over. Love this!

  429. Susan Helfrich says:

    The sentiment dies and stamps are a must have for my Anna Griffin collection! This will really help out when I need that special sentiment…I can just make my own!

  430. Donna Lee Williams says:

    I think that the sentiment dies and stamps might be my favorite of the May 9 offerings. Yippee!!!

  431. Loralei says:

    Hi, Anna,

    I would love everything! Adding the shaker to the cards was a great idea.

    I think there were about 400 people on here tops when I initially found your products. I can believe there are 10,000 and more.

    We are waiting impatiently for May 9th!

  432. Jil L says:

    I am hooked on making shaker cards, but they can be a bunch of work. That kit will come in handy. I also love those sentiment stamps with dies. I’m a complete sucker for those kinds of things. I am really looking forward to getting those. Thanks for always listening to your customers. Jil

  433. Maria-Grazia Celle says:

    Oh My Goodness!! Every time I think you’ve done it all, you surprise us all!!! The Shaker Cards are fantastic. I LOVE THEM!!!! It is such a chore to create them on our won, you have taken away the hard work!! Thank you so much. The confetti dies are perfect!!It’s also a great way to use up scraps of paper. (I have so many of those!)
    I’m not a big stamper but this set is perfect!! I want May 9th to come quickly!!!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  434. Sandra W.66 says:

    Great products! like the shipping changes. I’ve just re-organized my workplace and these type packages will work real well. Thank you, Anna.

  435. Sheri Grounds says:

    Oh Anna, I love the stamp and die set, it is AMAZING!!! And, how much fun are these cute shaker card set! Those cards are adorable!!!

  436. Michelle Moore says:

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  437. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, Oh wow. this would be a wonderful birthday gift for me! I love it all but pls don’t give up your beautiful boxes and I see I’m not the only one with this opinion

    Oh, I did find the metallic cards again and this will be my 3rd set!!! Anna, thanks again for all u do and I’ll see u at my Birthday Party and travel safe!

  438. Terance in Texas says:

    OM, there is so much i like. the stamps and dies, the shaker cards i cant believe how excited i am now. I want all of today’s items. i cant wait. i have already taken off work so i can relax and watch in peace.

  439. Stephanie says:

    I love the sentiments & dies set. I have alot of AG items and need to be very careful of the budget, so these would come in very handy. Looking forward to the 9th!

  440. Antoinette says:

    Just love all of these new items. Unbelievable how this will improve my card making. You are brining us to a whole new level and I love it. Thank you for giving me so many years of pleasure. Your quality is above others. Again thank you and God Bless.

  441. Kat English says:

    As I’ve said before, everything is beautiful! But Oh I really do love the die and stamp set!! Wish me luck and I’ll see you next week

  442. Sharon Opel says:

    Can’t wait until May 9th to watch the demonstrations. I especially look forward to the sentiment stamps with matching dies. Great idea!

  443. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Happy May 1st Anna. The Shaker Card Kit and Confetti Dies are a great idea for me. My Grandson is severely Autistic and likes to shake things in front of his eyes for stimulation.. These cards would keep him entertained for quite a while. I would be able to make very bright and shiny confetti for his entertainment. The Sentiment Dies and Stamps would also come in handy when searching for the right sentiment to decorate a card. Can’t wait for May 9th.

  444. omv says:

    The shaker cards/confetti dies look like so much fun! and the stamp/die sentiment set is pretty and practical! Hard to choose as always:)

  445. Antoinette says:

    These are such great items to add to my card making. They truly bring everything up to date. I can not thank you for the years of pleasure you have given me. My cards are kept by my family and friends because they are tooo beautiful to discard. Others who work bring them to their office to enjoy. Again thank you so much.

  446. Kat English says:

    Again, you have outdone yourself Anna. As always everything is beautiful and I want it all!! However, I really need your die storage binders so that is where my few dollars will have to go for this event. And again I just love watching you on HSN! See you on the 9th!

  447. Nicole Espino says:

    The shaker card kit looks like it’s going to a fun kit to make and send to loved ones. ☺️❤️

  448. Lou Marks says:

    Dear Anna,
    I am looking forward to your demos next week. You are so inspiring, and show so much pride every time you share your newest ideas! That is why I have pretty much every item you have created. I am anxiously awaiting your latest shows. I love seeing how you bring my crafting to another level each time you introduce another clever item. This week is no exception. Now that I have new “homes” for my dies-thank you for the magnetic binders-I can’t wait for the newest weekly item, the set of ‘confetti’ dies. I have a couple of requests:
    A die for COUSIN, and a card kit for
    ‘Occupations’. Just hoping….

    With love and gratitude, Lefty Lou

  449. Brenda Owen says:

    Well, you started off with a bang and ended up with an even bigger one. I am just besides myself this time. It is such a toss up. I would really love to expand and just say the shaker card set, but then I would have to have the confetti dies. Then when I made it to the end I was smitten with the sentiments and die set. Everything you do is just so wonderful.

  450. Janet W. from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    I love the shaker cards. What a different way to give someone some “fun” in their day. I can’t wait to order them.

  451. Lisa Buchak says:

    This is totally awesome . I can’t wait to order the shake the cards and the sentiment dies they have so many uses . You have outdone yourself again keep it coming Anna .

  452. Monica Sosa says:

    Always so hard to choose. I really like the sentiment stamps with the cutting dies bUT I am also so into the Shaker cards so I would love those confetti ties or the Shaker card kit itself also. What can I say I just love it all

  453. Sheryl Lloyd says:

    Would love to win all of these items…!! Love your stuff, Anna…Can’t wait for the shows…thank you…!!

  454. Kari Cosentino says:

    The shaker card kit is cute but I MUST have the 3D sentiments stamp and die set! It is perfect! Will go so well with my celebratory autoship dies. Thanks Anna! See you on May 9th.

  455. Sherril Davis says:

    I like all the products, but my very favorite would be the shaker cards. I have enjoyed making shaker cards for years and with this kit it will be so easy!

  456. Gail B says:

    What great new products I love them.
    I save all my boxes from card kits and any other product I buy from Anna to pretty to throw away.

  457. Dianna Lantz says:

    Shaker Cards, Dies, and Stamps TOO! Oh My it’s a mind exploding Moment…Love Love to make it my own…Thank You Anna Your the Best…

  458. Debbie Cooper says:

    I love everything you’ve shown this week! The combination of the confetti with the dies and stamps just looks like an awful lot of fun

  459. Claudia Ein says:

    Love the sentiment dies and stamps. Making masculine cards is always a challenge but now I can select the colors I need. Thank you for this terrific addition to your wonderful collection.

  460. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna!

    I’ve been wanting to make confetti for my birthday cards! This is super awesome! I just think of things and poof, you come out with them! How great is that?! Since I never win, I just want to say thank you for all you do and thanks for the opportunity! You’ve just become too popular Ms. Anna! So many entries to compete with. That’s okay though, means your company is growing and that’s a good thing!
    Keep doing what your doing Ms. Anna! Good luck to everyone. Have a blessed week!

  461. Sandy says:

    I love all that you showed today. I need to find a way to get them all. I guess if I don’t win,Ill have to stay up until 1 am for my first 2 ourchases and also be there for the today’s special. I don’t know how you keep coming up with all these great items, but keep it up!

  462. Cathy May says:

    Boy oh Boy did I stand up scream and shout when I saw the 3D sentiment stamp and die set! This is a dream come true. Can’t wait to get ahold of this little gem! Anxiously Waiting.

  463. Beth says:

    Wow! May 9th is getting so close. Yay!! Love these shaker cards! Super cute and 30 is a great number! As has been the case in the past weeks these products are awesome and will provide unique tools for creating cards and scrapbook pages. Thank you Anna for working so hard on our behalf to offer these wonderful choices!

  464. Cheryl Locke says:

    I just love the shaker cards and the ability to make my own confetti! I love the sentiments also and athe variety of them. Cannot wait until May 9th.

  465. Donna Huntington says:

    I love the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set. I am always looking for sentiments. Now I can make my own. The shaker cards and the die cuts for the filler are a good idea.

  466. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    What a great way to finish the previews! You’re really “Shaken Up” the card industry!

  467. Mary Lindsey says:

    The Shaker Card Kit is something different. How exciting! I also really like the sentiments dies and stamps.

  468. Sandy C says:

    I love the 3D sentiment dies and stamps, and the Shaker cards and confetti dies are really cute! Thank you Anna for all your fantastic ideas that make us look good.

  469. sandra wunsch says:

    Awesome giveaway, Anna. Love the shaker card kit. Wish I knew more people to send cards to. My birthday is today, fingers crossed that it brings me luck this week.

  470. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, sentiments and dies! You said it all. I am always looking for sentiments that coordinate with my cards. Many times it is choosing between off white or white. The wrong choice and your card is ruined. NOW, I will be able to stamp away and die cut. Everything will work together.THIS is FABULOUS!

  471. Carol C says:

    So much inspiration every time we see you. I can’t wait for the sentiment stamps and dies. It’s just what I need. Thank you.

  472. Iris Burelli says:

    Love the confetti dies. What a concept. I usually buy them. Now I don’t have to! Love ❤️

  473. Andrew says:

    Love the sentiment stamps and dies, so much you can do with them.
    Looking forward to watching the shows
    Thank you

  474. Vicki Dasco says:

    OH MY GOSH ,! Love your stamps…got the last ones and they are so perfect for the Fantastic Flip cards. I just think I need these too ! And the confetti dies…WOW ! They are , as I say, fANNAtastic !

  475. Carol says:

    Shaker cards …. OH YESSSSSSSS! I have always loved shaker cards and it will be so fabulous to make them myself! Looks like I better be up and ready at 1:00 am on May 9th to get my order in so I don’t miss out on this special card kit. But that’s OK, I always watch your HSN presentations, they never disappoint. And once again, your shows promise to be filled with spectacular new products … I know I will want all of them. See you on the 9th, Anna!

  476. Kris P says:

    Love those shaker cards, but everything is WONDERFUL, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  477. Alicia says:

    Just so many cards to see. Goto love em all. I am always amazed to see the variety of them. Thank you Anna.

  478. Kim Bush says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shaker cards! I can’t wait to shake my groove thing!! You ROCK Anna!

  479. Donna Pomeroy says:

    I love that you share your creativity and innovations with all of us. And thank you for listening to us in designing your new products. I love all of the stuff, but I’m especially eager to get my hands on the die stamp set. So many great ideas on how to use these.

  480. Susan M says:

    Oh what fun!!! Shake it up baby–twist and shout!! Sorry I just had to say that!!! and the sentiment stamps and dies–oh my!! Love them all!!! yeah–yeah—yeah—–

  481. Carolyn Wachta says:

    Anna, you’re always thinking of something new to share with us….I LOVE ALL OF THE ITEMS you previewed today. How can one choose!! Your products present us with so many new ideas to incorporate into our card making, each building on the other…but if I only could buy one item…it would be the Shaker Card Making Kit!!! Soo great!!
    Looking forward to the 9th:-)

  482. Lisa Z says:

    Wonderful products to add to everyone’s card making and scrapbooking tools as well. The little shaker card as well as dies would be fun for so many different occasions. I would enjoy the stamps and sentiment dies to add even more different touches to your cards. Everyone loves receiving them. Thank you, Lisa

  483. Carole Lewis says:

    Although I like each new item released today, my vote is to be “a shaker and a mover.” So, I choose the Shaker Card-making Set first, of course the Confetti Die Set as well, to allow me to continue!

  484. Judy Fagotti says:

    Wow, this is one of the most spectacular previews yet!!! Love the shaker cards. Ever since making one at Create last year, I’ve been waiting patiently for a kit to come out. Plus the dies to go with it!! Next week can’t come too soon!

  485. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    Oh, those shaker cards have my name on them! Not literally but you know what I mean. So excited and the stamps are truly wonderful too! Love it all Anna! Thank you!

  486. claire says:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better since your designs are AMAZING, You SHAKE THINGS UP! Love the shaker dies, so versatile.
    Watching HSN coming up.

  487. Dorothy Stewart says:

    Anna ,
    Love each one! If I must; then the shaker card kit plus confetti dies would be my first choice. Shaker cards bring action, excitement, life and joy for all occasions at any age. The confetti dies will keep the JOY flowing to others indefinitely heart to heart. They will inspire creativity for sure. Requested shaker cards in the past; now we have them plus confetti dies!May all the love and joy that you give to others return to you and team mightily.

  488. Donna says:

    The confetti dies would make adorable backers to cards when cut out as well as getting the sweet shaker shapes!! Love it!! I also love the stamp die set!! This will always be useful and practical as it can be used for all occasions and always add just the right shape and sentiment to many cards! Very nice addition to your collection!

  489. Susan Watts says:

    I LOVE the confetti dies to make shaker cards. I also love the sentiments die/stamp set. Can’t wait to see them on HSN.

  490. Tandara Smith says:

    Shake1 Shake! Love it all. Especially like the confetti dies. It would be wonderful to make my own to match my papers. Thank you for the chance to win.

  491. Tracy Parnell says:

    Absolutely love all of these!!! Been wanting to make a shaker card forever and this looks like a good time to start!!!!

  492. Sheri Smith says:

    Yay! You’ve done it. I am so excited about the dies and stamp sentiment set! It seems I never have enough of those. Looking forward to the show on the 9th, which is also my Mom’s birthday.

  493. Judy Estrada says:

    I am most excited over 2 things ! Lol
    First the confetti dies , not to make the confetti, but to use as background dies! They will be great backgrounds!
    Then I am so excited to see the sentiment stamps & dies! That is very nice!

  494. Mary Curry says:

    I thought I could give the credit card a rest but NOOO! There just has to be more awesome items. I love it all but the dies and sentiment stamps are awesome!!!

  495. Brenda says:

    Wow! This is the best preview yet. I LOVE everything!! If I have to pick, I would say the sentiment dies/stamps because you always need those, but I love it all! So hard to choose.

  496. Carol B says:

    I love the new dies and sentiment stamps! I have been wanting those for a long time. Thank you.

  497. DonnaJ says:

    Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to buy these three items! I was making cards this weekend and wished I could have had a sentiment in a specific color. Now I can. These shakers are going to be so easy to make. I still do them the hard way. May 9th can’t come soon enough!

  498. Amy C says:

    Anna, we always need sentiments…these will be great to stamp to get just the right color to match any card!
    ‘Shaker cards’…what fun these will be.

    I hope you all enjoy a blessed week working up to next week’s shows.
    Amy C

  499. Ellen B. says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Anna for making the 3D Sentiment Stamps and Die Set. I have been waiting and wanting this for SO long and love it. This is the kind of thing we can just sit down with and pre-make all different sentiments in various colors to have on hand without making such a huge mess. My Cuttlebug, inks and Precision Press are already getting fired up and ready to roll with this and I can’t wait for it …… Thank you again!

  500. Mary Alleva says:

    Hi Anna, this time I can’t just pick one favorite. I love everything that you just showed us. I love making shaker cards, but it takes so long to make them. You’ve made it so simple for us with this new card kit. And I can’t wait for the 9 o’clock hour for the new sentiments stamp and die set. I’ve been collecting concentric dies for awhile and I have a few sentiments that will fit in them, but they don’t look quite as nice as yours. And now when I need to make a tag, I will have everything in one place. This is the best sneak peak yet. Thanks Anna!

  501. Maureen Odell says:

    My favorite is the 3D sentiment dies and stamps. They look really cool and fun. I also want the shaker cards, they are adorable. Anna, you and your team have done it again. Cannot wait for the 9th!

  502. ginny W says:

    I am so excited about the shaker cards and I am glad you are doing them in a kit.. I have to admit, they fascinate me and they have always been a challenge for me.

    Thank you for all you innovative products. You must not sleep at night – thinking of all the ways of making us crafters look GOOD!!!

  503. Patty Wood says:

    Best preview yet. Love the sentiments stamps and dies. Shaker cards are just plain fun.

  504. Starqueen says:

    Hey Anna,
    Shake it up, Baby!! Very cool new stuff! I am looking forward to May 9th with delicious anticipation.

  505. Jane says:

    The stamps and die set is amazing-what a great idea and so useful! I can’t wait to add that to my collection! Looking forward to shopping on HSN!

  506. Marie says:

    I love shaker cards and these are so festive, but I also like the stamps and dies! Thanks Anna! Happy May Day!

  507. Jennifer Richards says:

    I am shaking with joy over those shaker cards!
    You never fail to amaze me with your new ideas and incredibly creative ways to express ourselves!
    Thank you from the bottom of my achy shakey heart!

  508. Deborah Scott says:

    Love all of these! As usual I want them all! The confetti dies are absolutely wonderful!. Great for making cards for my grandchildren and great grandchildren!

  509. Judi Perry says:

    ***! You have outdone yourself. I love making shaker cards, but they are so time consuming to put all that foam tape around-this kit will make it so easy. The confetti dies would also make great backgrounds by using colored paper behind the cut out portion. Your sentiment stamps and dies are fabulous. Can’t wait for May 9th to arrive.

  510. Jody Green says:

    Another far of the sentiment stamps and dies! It’s great to have options. I tend to do many more birthday cards and run out of those faster.

  511. Anita Price says:

    I usually have a favorite but this week, I don’t. I love them all!! And I want them all. Can,t wait til the 9th.

  512. Debra Mayfield says:

    My favorite preview for this release on May 9. So glad you saved the best for last! 🙂 Love the sentiment dies and stamps.

  513. Maren Smith says:

    Oh my gosh, Anna! The new card making kit and the confetti dies are my favorites so far!!
    I can’t wait to get to order on May 9th. You and your staff are amazing!!

  514. Elizabeth David says:

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