How To Series: Gracious Giftables Cricut Cartridge


We hope your week has been as fantastic as ours. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all this past Tuesday on HSN for Craft Day. We love our fans! Thank you for every single phone call, Facebook/blog post and skype call! Guess what? We will be back on HSN June 16th for 2 clearance shows and mark your calendars for our next 24 hour Craft Day on July 11th! More news to follow on Monday.

As promised here’s a look at all of the lovely Cricut Gracious Giftables Cartridge designs and the sizing needed for wrappers. This cartridge includes 12 adorable cards, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create! You can make everything from teapots and tool kits to gift bags and mortar boards! Give friends and family the gift they want, but spice up the packaging and personalize the holder to fit the recipient.

Below are the dimensions for the grouped measurements of each design. Select your image and insert it on the mat. Then select the image group and size it in the edit palette as a group to be sure that the designs are scaled properly.  Please note that the dimensions below are the measurements before they are folded. A standard gift card size 3.375″ x 2.125″ and it will need to fit in the inner pocket on each design.

Teapot Holder – 17.73” W x 10.6” H

Paper Tote Bag Holder – 23.96” W x 7.03” H

Wallet Holder – 17.17” W x 9.03” H

Hangable Tag Holder – 17.1” W x 10” H

Apron Holder – 16.18” W x 8.08” H

Baby Diaper Holder – 29.36” W x 8.65” H

Coin Purse Holder – 17.61” W x 9.6” H

Shirt and Tie Holder – 22.48” W x 6.65” H

Graduation Holder – 18.67” W x 10.51” H

Handbag Holder – 17.87” W x 9.78” H

Gift Box Holder – 27.02” W x 6” H

Tool Box Holder – 12.65” W x 7.36”H

Now that’s a present that packs a serious punch! These gifts will bring creativity and happiness to all, and you can get yours from right here.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there! You deserve the world and so much more.






  1. DONNA says:

    Has anyone made the tool box? I am having a really hard time trying to fit the one long black piece onto 12 x 12 paper I would appreciate any suggestions I’m kind a new at this. Thanks

  2. Carol C says:

    Thank you so much for the sizes. They are really helpful. I hope you will have tutorial videos on how to assemble these adorable gift card holders. I have made two but it took a bit to figure them out and then had extra pieces leftover!

  3. Phyllis Burke says:

    Has to chat with customer service because my code wasn’t working. We finally got it uploaded. It says there are only 19 images. All I see is flowers and some sayings. I don’t see the actual gift cards to make am i not getting this ?

  4. Stacey Kapu says:

    Got mine on the May 9th craft day. Can’t wait to try them! thank you for the dimensions!

  5. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    Thanks so much for providing the dimensions for the Gracious Giftables! When I first got the cartridge I spent time trying to size the teapot appropriately. I did ok but it took me so long to get it right. Mine was just a half inch bigger than yours. I took the time this morning to make a file for each one with the correct dimensions. I love this cartridge! I’m making a batch of giftables to give to the Parent Teacher Club at my grandkids school for them to use with the gift cards they give to helpers. These are just so cute! I hope you make more! Thank you so much!

  6. Marlene Heilman says:

    Wow, another Cricut cartridge. Anna I have every one of your cartridges and just received this cartridge from your autoship deal earlier this year. What an amazing cartridge. It will make me look so creative and get all the credit, even though you did most of the work designing this cartridge.

    Thanks again and let us know when you release new cartridges.

  7. Ellen Downs says:

    I love the gracious giftables cartridge buti missed out on the fantastic flips cartridge. Can’t find anywhere.can you tell me where I can buy t? I don’t if stores sell the digital cartridges.

  8. Nereida Paris says:

    Hi Anna, loved your show on HSN. Just received the sentiment stamp set and I love it! Would love to see it as hot foil stamps for the GoPress and Foil machine. Any chances of that? Hope to see some hot foil stamps when the GoPress returns.
    Thanks Anna for all your great products.

  9. Nereida Paris says:

    Thanks for the help. I’m always trying to figure out what the size should be to get the right cut. Is there a perfect size for the flipits cartridge as well? Maybe I missed your post on it.

  10. Sylvia Langford says:

    Thank you for the measurements. They worked perfectly. But I cannot figure out what that narrow rectangle that cut below the card pocket for the graduate card is supposed to be for. I’m guessing it goes around the base of the hat before you glue on the mortar? A clue would be helpful cuz I haven’t got one. Thanks!

  11. Susan W says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the June and July dates on HSN. Had so much fun watching the May 9th Craft Day! Picked up the Perfect Planner Dies and the Sentiment Stamps with Cutting Dies! I keep checking the UPS site for updates on when they’ll be delivered. 🙂

    Please, please, please….if possible, can you bring back the AG Terrific Tags, Cutting Dies and Stamps Bundle (your 9/27/16 blog post “Sneak Peak #7). I missed out on them ~ and really “need” them!

  12. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Thank you form the dimensions. Even though I didn’t get this if I do in the future this will be a valuable resource. Leave it to Anna and her team to make our crafting easier. Happy Crafting.

  13. Rosario Edinger says:

    Love the Gracious Giftables Cartridge. Made 2 of the Graduation Hats, and can’t wait to try some of the others.

  14. Pamela S. says:

    Thank you for the sizing dimensions. I got mine in the auto ship and just was playing with cutting one and couldn’t figure it out. I finally manage to size it and I remembered to keep them grouped so it worked great. but then I couldn’t figure out how it went together. I saw a quick video where you show the little pocket on the purse inside so I figured the rest out. There isn’t a how-to anywhere so I’m waiting for some videos. Thank you for the pictures of how they should look because they really helps! Love these images. They are so cute!

  15. Barb says:

    Anna Loved the Gracious Giftables, but don’t have the new explore machines. I have two of the regular cricut machines. Do you know if you will be selling this in the old cartridge format. I can’t afford a new machine at this time. I know there are a lot of people that would like the old original cartridges that you can use without a computer.

  16. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna….
    The more I look at these gift card holders, the more I want them!
    We give mostly gift cards or cash now and they would be used a lot all year. Could even give a package of them as a gift so others could give with them.
    What seemed complicated by the questions asked, now seems easy with your explanation.
    The Explore Air does soooo much, I may have to reconsider & save up for it.
    Will it be available in July???
    In the meantime, could you do dies for the apron, tool box, shirt, tea pot, & shopping bag??? Please?
    Or do a ready made kit with these in it…that would be the fastest and your designs are so pretty.
    Thank you for responding to us…I know you’re so busy!
    Also thanks for adding names so we can follow questions & answers.
    You all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  17. Phyllis says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response. I can’t wait to try the digital images. Thanks in advance for a video coming in the future weeks. I understand it better now. I am a video person with step by step instructions. LOL Can’t wait for the confetti dies to come back in stock. Will you be making more of this type of die? Such a great idea. Even like baby bottles, cupcakes, Excited to try the shaker card kit, should be here Monday. Thanks for a wonderful line of products.

  18. Alice says:

    Love this new digital cartridge…
    But…I have two older Cricuts…both from HSN…
    One of them, I hook up to my computer and I’m able to resize, etc and cut. It is not a Cricut explore. Can I use this digital cartridge with it? I love the simplicity of these two…so hoping I can use thus cartridge with the one.

  19. Jan says:

    I noticed today that my comment from yesterday had been removed!

    It was just my honest opinion and suggestions regarding the overall craft day show!

  20. Pam says:

    Anna, thanks again for a great show. I’m organizing my dining/office/craft space and especially enjoyed the 5 drawer storage tower. It is super amazing.

  21. Anna Griffin says:

    Connie – The measurements we listed are for a grouped set of files to cut the gift card holder. It is large because you need to scale them all at the same time to maintain the correct proportion. You ungroup the set once you have scaled to our measurement. When the set is ungrouped, the images load to their individual mats for 12×12 paper and you should be on our way! Great idea for the flip cards – we will do those measurements for you. When I start on one of those, I just make sure the height of the card (ungrouped) is 7″ to get a card that will fit in an A7 envelope. – Anna

  22. Anna Griffin says:

    Carla – no you don’t need a special size of paper. You only need 12×12 paper. The sizes we listed are for a grouped set of images, not the actual cut size. – Anna

  23. Mary Pumphrey says:

    I know everyone else has said “Thank You”; however, I just wanted to add mine to the chorus. Sizing images can sometimes be a little tricky.

  24. Anna Griffin says:

    The large size is only for the original grouped file. We have you keep it grouped so everything scales correctly. Select the gift card you want to make and insert it on the mat. The file comes into Design Space grouped together with all of the pieces to make it. Click on the group, go to edit and size it to the width and height we listed for it here on the blog. Now, ungroup it. The cut files are a separate and will load to their individual mats. Hope this helps!- Anna

  25. Anna Griffin says:

    Sue – contact Cricut customer service at 1-800-CRICUT. They can help get everything loaded properly.

  26. Anna Griffin says:

    Phyllis – we will be posting a video on this in the coming weeks. Here’s what to do. Select the gift card you want to make and insert it on the mat. The file comes into Design Space grouped together with all of the pieces to make it. Click on the group, go to edit and size it to the width and height we listed for it here on the blog. Now, ungroup it. The cut files are a separate and will load to their individual mats. The large size is only for the original grouped file. We have you keep it grouped so everything scales correctly. Hope this helps!- Anna

  27. Anna Griffin says:

    Gwen – I think you mean the tool-n-one tool kit, right? We do not have refills for it. Sorry!

  28. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Thank yiu so much for sharing those dimensions/. I already have the.cartridge as I am on the autoship for your cartridges. I would like to ask if you plan on having HSN offer refills for your tool kit. I wore the brush out and it fell apart,. It would be great to have refills for the pads also. Thanks for all that you do and offered to us Griffinites

  29. Phyllis burke says:

    I ordered this it’s on the way. After reading the dimensions I don’t know how to figure this out. The dimensions are so large it doesn’t seem right to me. Seems like other people are confused by this. I’m new to the Cricut machine would love to see a video on this digital cartridge.

  30. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, Another great 1 a.m. show and then during the day our TV’s were messed up due to construction which upset me because almost the same thing happened at your last craft show but it was a bad storm. By the way the teapot reminded me of a dear Canadian we met when we were in Hawaii visiting. Every time we met we’d have to get a cup of tea to share with Wanda and that would delay our touring. Anyways, Happy Mother’s Day to all:-)

  31. Sandra Looney says:

    Thank you so much for the sizing on gracious giftables. I have the digital images and cannot wait to make them. Thanks for all you do!!!

  32. Sue Turnbeau says:

    Are there directions or something? I love the examples shown but am clueless as to how to make any of them. I had to have Cricut add the cartridge to my account as it wouldn’t accept the code and now I don’t see the bonus 10 drawn sentiments. Can anyone help?

  33. Janie Leonard says:

    Thank you, Thank you for the measurements works great . HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL

  34. Winnie Johnson says:

    Thank you so much! I am going to be making one this weekend. I just received mine from auto ship this week. Have a great weekend

  35. Donna Sue says:

    Love the designs – really like the purse & apron! I would like the Cricut design also, as I have an original machine too.

  36. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Ok, I’m REALLY confused. Two of the gift card dimensions are beyond what the mat size is. Twenty four (24″) inches is the max length. The gift box holder reads 27.02″ w x 6″ and the baby diaper holder reads 29.36″ x 8.65″. How can we cut LARGER than the mat? Clarification please.

  37. Marcie Smith says:

    This is such a fabulous cart. Thankfully I got in on the autoship back in January. Because this is definitely one of those cartridges you just do not want to be without. Designs are so clever and really appreciate the size chart above.
    Had a wonderful time watching all your demos on air.

  38. Sandy Christman says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to buy so many more things than I planned on Tuesday. Went over budget, again! Question: how do I get the cardstock the tea pot is made from? And what’s it called?
    I am going to enjoy all my new things, some arrived today!!!

  39. Kathi Sanders says:

    Thank you Anna for the great show this week and for this sizing information. I can’t wait to try making them!

  40. Janice Erickson says:

    I need more of your wonderful metalic papers in pale colors they cut beautifully. The different sizes ion the grouping was very useful. Thank you for te lovely way you present your products it shows such a respect for your client.

  41. Shari says:

    Thank you Anna for the sweet wishes and the size posting. These gift card holders are so cute. I can hardly wait to have an occasion to give them. I will be making some ahead that is for sure.

  42. Janice Erickson says:

    Is it possible to get your wonderful papers on soft colors metalic in various sizes?

  43. Annette Johnson says:

    LOVED all of the items you had Anna and was able to purchase a few of them. I can’t wait to see what is next and wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

  44. Nana D says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Anna and Team!
    Thanks for the great items on the shows Tuesday!
    Waiting is the hardest part. Glad you have a clearance show next month and more fun in July. I can not wait to craft with my new items, Thanks again.

  45. Carla Smith Vincel says:

    Somehow, I missed the gracious giftables on May 9. I really want them, but these posts have me confused. Do I need a special size of paper? Are they hard to figure out as far as syncing measurements?

  46. Donna Cogburn says:

    Hello Anna and team. So inspired by the shows on the 9th. Ordered all I didn’t have. Love all your products and I use everyone of them. I just got the shaker card kit today and will make them all tomorrow. I have 24 birthdays in August. Hugs

  47. Sheri Lesh says:

    Thanks for the measurements…..just saved them to my computer and printed out a copy too.

  48. Linda Davis says:

    Thanks so much for the measurements. I have been too busy reorganizing my craft room to try the Giftables yet, but that is on my to do list for the weekend! I so enjoyed watching all of your presentations, and I’ve already received most of the items I ordered. The paper storage and drawer storage pieces arrived, and that’s why I’m in chaos trying to reorganize everything. I will have to send you a picture of my pile of AG storage stuff that is filled with all your wonderful stuff that I have accumulated! Hugs to you!

  49. Sandra Griswold says:

    Thanks for the show on HSN, watched all night and day. So many wonderful items ordered and will look forward to the clearance show on June 16th. You are one of my favorite people and I really appreciate you and your creativity.Blessings.

  50. Connie Johnson says:

    One more thing…you know we’re going to need something to hold all our digital cards in, right???
    Something Anna Griffin wonderful.

    Thx agn, cj

  51. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Loved craft day on HSN., especially seeing all your wonderful products. My credit card got a real workout. Can not wait until all my goodies get here.

  52. Connie Johnson says:

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for the sizes listed in your blog but they are off (as mentioned by others.) I sized a rectangle the size you listed for a standard gift card (3.375″ x 2.125″) but it didn’t fit into the pocket of the tea pot. I didn’t try them all but the only one I tried that did fit was the graduation hat. Is this something Cricut will fix or can you send us new and improved sizes?

    I was wondering if you have or could list the sizes for the Fantastic Flip Cards as well. I tried to make one but it was a disaster. Hope you can help me out with that. It would be nice if Cricut included the sizes with the card.

    One more question…Will the Go Press & Foil work in the Gemini die cutting machine?

    Love your things! Everyone else pales in comparison. You are the queen of crafting.



    Hi Anna and Team,

    Have you recovered from Tuesday? I loved everything. I purchased far more than I intended, but I am very happy anyway. My favorite purchase…. 2 of the die storage folders. I need far more so please do not discontinue them. I can’t wait for everything to come. Everything was so needed and so clever. Loved the confetti card set and the dies. How cute are they?

    You mentioned you are back in June. See you then. Take care and Happy Mother’s Day to you and all of your staff.

  54. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Chris, we sent you a private message on Facebook. Please see our response there.

  55. Anna Griffin says:

    The size is what you get when all items are grouped together. After you resize it, you can ungroup and see individual dimensions.

  56. Anna Griffin says:

    The size is what you get when all items are grouped together. After you resize it, you can ungroup and see individual dimensions.

  57. Anna Griffin says:

    The size is what you get when all items are grouped together. After you resize it, you can ungroup and see individual dimensions.

  58. anita weld says:

    it was such a fun show. When will you come out with an electric die cutting and embossing machine. Had to buy another brand…oooh.
    I am enjoying the Charlotte paper set so much. So many choices and so little time!! Love crafting with your products.

  59. Beverly Jordan says:

    Your Cricut Giftable looks so fun!! Still paying my kids’ college bills so nothing for me now but maybe in the future!! Thanks for coming out with such great projects!! Love my Cricut Explore!!

  60. Cathy Crowley says:

    I enjoy these blog posts full of many ideas. I recently moved from one state to another to help my sister-in-law who has Parkinson’s Disease, and left the majority of my craft tools and supplies behind. I have been debating how useful a Cricut would be compared to one of the e!ectric die-cutting machines. I’m also a quilter in addition to cardmaking. Any recommendations would be appreciated

  61. Sandra Chiasson says:

    I just wanted to tell you I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! I really enjoyed HSN and watching you I did do some buying and looking forward to them coming.

  62. Paula P Price says:


    I have purchased the Gracious Giftables Cartridge. Thank you.

    I can’t began to tell you how disappointed I was to not be able to purchase the Go Press and Foil Machine that you had said was to be on HSN on May 9th at 1:0am. I was up at 1:00am waiting for it to air. It never showed on HSN. Could you please tell me why? Why were we not informed? I would appreciate a response. I did call your office and spoke to a very lovely lady named Joy. Please advise when it will be back on the air.

  63. Kathleen Mills says:

    @hope eisman
    @marty m
    The sizes given are for the whole image set. So you add the image set to the canvas, then click so you are selecting the WHOLE SET (all the individual pieces) and editing the size. When you go to cut the items, you are cutting the pieces by color – however you’ve grouped them (like the outside of the apron and the front of the card insert.). Cricut will put it on the cut mats correctly. Hope that helps!

  64. Cathy says:

    Thank you SO much! Took me 3 tries to get the teapot the right size. Happy to have the dimensions for all the cards now. Yay!

  65. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna,
    The giftables look so awesome! I haven’t purchased the cricut yet due to cost & also don’t want to have to need computer. Thought I could get it sometime & at least use cartridges, but now it seems like they will only be digital so that’s out. Sorry about that because even though I have computer & internet now, I may not always have since retired.
    Oh well, I have many other products to keep making beautiful cards & scrapbooks for years!!! Thank you for those!
    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m confused. Lol. I see you replied on last blog to some questions but since the replies are not below questions, I have no idea what you’re replying to. If you could include question with your replies or the commenter’s name, it would be great!
    So glad to hear you’ll be on in June & July…i can hardly wait!!! Hope parchment paper layers will be available soon.
    I received the mini albums for him, cards for him, and the collage toppers for him and they are great!!!
    Thanks again for all you do!!!

  66. Terance in Texas says:

    great day, purchased to much again, but going to use it all. Anna on your wrapping paper will we be able to buy just the paper and not the entire box, i felt left out on that i use ALL my Christmas wrap i have a empty box i guess i will have to put some NON Anna paper in it soon, hahaha, enjoyed everything caint wait for June.

  67. Hope eisman says:

    Anna and company,
    Please explain how to get the cricut to cut those large sizes you list for the cartridge. I cannot understand these dimensions at all! Please help!Thanks so much

  68. Hope eisman says:

    Please explain how to get the cricut to cut those large sizes you list for the cartridge. I cannot understand these dimensions at all! Please help!Thanks so much

  69. Valerie Bullock says:

    My card/code is on the way!! I can’t wait to start playing. It would be so wonderful if we could have another opportunity to purchase the Fantastic Flips digital image set that I saw referenced on the blog. I only recently received my Cricut Air 2 machine so I did not have the need/ability to use that set and it looks so fabulous. Any chance? Please, please!!!

  70. Bobbi says:

    As usual, your items on HSN’s Craft Day were phenomenal. Wanted you to know how much I appreciate your videos showing us how to use the items purchased. Samples and videos really help me expand the use of all the materials I buy. Looking forward to your next two shows.

  71. Marty M says:

    I have to ask how are the sizes listed correct.
    The Anna papers used in the samples is a 12′ X 12″ size .
    The size required for each pattern ranges from over 12 ” up to 29″. How is this possible?
    Please explain for those of us who don’t get it.

  72. Donna Smith says:

    Thank you so much for the measurements and instructions. I plan to make some of these adorable Giftables this weekend. I will share them when I’m done. Have a fabulous weekend.

  73. Karen Asselin says:

    The teapot is my favorite! Thanks for the inspirational blog post. Can’t wait till next shows on HSN

  74. Donna Cullen says:

    I ordered the Gracious Giftables and cannot wait to receive them. Where can I purchase the cardstock shown?

  75. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Anna it was great to see you in HSN and to shop for some of the new items. The cards and tags are lovely… maybe next time around I can pick the cartridge. XX♡

  76. Patricia says:

    Had a great time spending $$$ and can’t wait until HSN package arrives, I must say they are much better getting your items to me. Thanks Anna for all Your creations… Is it June 16 & July 11th Yet?

  77. Sharon Alvis says:

    Hello Miss Anna!!!!!
    Will you please consider asking Cricut to make this into a physical cartridge? I have the original Cricut machine, and I can’t afford to upgrade right now. Thanks!

  78. Dianne says:

    These are so charming Anna! I also enjoyed every segment you were on HSN. It’s more like catching up with a friend sharing the love of cardmaking! Thank you for keeping us well stocked with goodies and ideas!!

  79. Shari Shafii says:

    Just wanted to say Hello Ms. Anna!!
    Hello Ms. Anna!!
    Good morning to you and your terrific team!
    Thanks for all the wonderful shows and shopping!
    Now the wait begins! So far the only thing that has shipped is my new sanding block.
    Come on HSN! Let’s get that stuff in the mail!
    Hope your having a very blessed day, love Shari

  80. Felicia Artis says:

    I was so excited about the show on HSN now I excited about the clearance show on June 16. I will also watch the show on HSN July 11. Looking forward to seeing new things from Anna Griffin…

  81. Carol A says:

    Thank you Anna – loved every presentation and am so inspired…have a wonderful weekend too!

  82. hobo says:

    Too bad those of us with a legacy machine instead of the air machines can’t make them.

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