HSN June 16th, 2017 Clearance Shows

Hello, hello!

Exciting news! We will be back on HSN on June 16th for our first ever set of clearance shows. We will be on at 12pm and 4pm to bring you some of our very favorite Anna Griffin items at exciting prices! Who doesn’t love a great sale, right? This is the time to stock up on all your favorites and get those items you have been eyeing for months. It doesn’t get any better than this! Today, we’re going to give you a peek at several items coming up on the shows, and we will post all of the items for you to prepare your shopping list soon!

One of our favorite items that will be coming back for the shows is our Seafarer Collection. This paper crafting collection is inspired by incredible 1930s designs chock full of beautiful, nautical and gold-foiled seaworthy patterns in both text weight and card stock. Designs include seashells, stripes, anchors, sailboats and so much more! This set is perfect for summertime crafting! Seafarer comes with all the embellishments, stickers, sentiments and even baker’s twine you need to create the perfect summer album, cards or project! Take your beach vacation, or cruise photos to the next level by creating a scrapbook to highlight and document all your best memories in style!

Another one of our returning favorites is our Hostess Stationery Set. This party planning box is for the hostess with the mostest! You’ll get everything you need to perfectly plan your next tea party, shower or birthday inspired by Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” You’ll get conversation starters, a to do list pad, teacup stickers, name tags, place cards, treat bags and more for all your party planning needs. Be the talk of the town by utilizing this set for the perfect summer soiree!

We’re flipping for Fancy Flips! This card-making kit is all inclusive, and creates 3 dimensional cards like no other! You’ll get 214 pieces including 7 cutting dies, beautiful papers, embellishments and even adhesive to make 20 flip-able cards. Take your already scored card stock, fold your flip card and decorate until your heart’s content! After you’ve created your 20 cards, you’ll have the dies to keep making cards for each and every occasion. We wanted to take a card that looks complex, and make it into an effortless crafting experience. Friends and family that receive these beauties are going to be over the moon excited about these flip cards!

The countdown begins! Only a little over a month until June 16th, and we are looking forward to all the fun! You’re going to love these shows and the great deals that will be available to you! Have a wonderful week, and meet us back here on Friday for our next how to series video!

Bye for now,



  1. Jayne Evans says:

    Looking forward to your HSN shows of sales!! Great time to stock up on some favorites.

  2. Sherri Hollis says:

    Well Dear Anna…….. now it’s real,
    You always give us many great deals!
    My craft room is filled up to the brink,
    I’ve way too much and I’m starting to sink!

    My Husband knows…… I love you so
    That he’s threw me a line and is helping me row!
    Up to our bonus room is where we will soar,
    And I’ve double the space….. so I can buy more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Peggy H. says:

    Anna, would it be possible to sell your beautiful gift wrap separate from the wonderful dispenser? I bought the gift wrap and the dispenser/cutter at the Christmas show, but I would love to be able to wrap gifts year-round with your elegant Anna designs. Thanks for everything…and I do mean everything (which I think I have…)

  4. LALA says:


  5. Maria Villarejo says:

    Great idea a show on sale Anna Griffin, Cannot wait..Great quality at awesome prices.. Thanks Anna

  6. Inga says:

    Who can resist a sale?!? I have solved my scrapbooking addiction. Hubby contacted cabinet company to build me a whole room just for me. Anna, I have bought so many things from you that I have to have a classy place to display it. lol

  7. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I will watch for this flip card kit.It’s this set is only one I haven’t gotten yet.. I just love the papers used here and would love to see the classics come back as a cardstock set again. I only have the Charlotte and Seafarer prints left.

  8. Karen S says:

    Oh boy! Crafting, Anna Griffin, and my birthday, all on the same day! I just hit the jackpot!!! Can’t wait!

  9. Nancy Hulsey says:

    Wow! A sale! This is fantastic news. Sounds like lots of fun to me. Thanks, Anna, you are too kind.

  10. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Seafarer & the Hostess Kit are two of my favorites! Your blog is the best! We get heads up to plan and more inspiration! Thank you so much! What a treat!

  11. Connie Johnson says:

    Is this sale going to take the place of your annual sale? Either way, I’ll be there with my remote in one hand & my laptop in the other hand.

  12. Alice Humphries says:

    Looking forward to your clearance sale. Don’t know where I can put anything else. Really need lots of pink bows. would like to see a big package of these. Love you, Anna. So many pretty feminine things!!!!

  13. Cheryl Stone says:

    I sure can’t wait. I missed all the shows last time because of no cable, Wifi, etc. I felt awful.

  14. Carol says:

    I’ll be looking forward to the Clearance Shows … I have many Anna Griffin products that I would love to get more of, and some that I missed out on when I last saw them. Hopefully some of these will be among the clearance items.

  15. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, Looking forward to more of your shows, hope u never retire Blessings to all of you:-)

  16. H. Dale McGrath says:

    I thought your next shows on HSN would be like the previous ones with mostly new items. What a great idea to have a sale day. I love sales

  17. H. Dale McGrath says:

    I thought your next shows would be like all the previous ones with mostly new items. What a great idea to have a sale day. I love sales!

  18. Anna Griffin says:

    Our next Craft Day show is going to be 7/11, and we will have lots of new items then!

  19. Rita Carr says:

    i love the items received so far.
    i would suggest for the hunters in our lives ducks and wild turkeys when you do more items for for men. we live in the country. striped bass and brim for local fishermen. i love the latest ones.

  20. Sandra Madanski says:

    Hi Anna this is Sandy Madanski from North Myrtle Beach Sc and I’m a big fan can I get a hoot out.
    But I found out your store is in Atlanta do you have a warehouse that people can just come in and shop for your last year items clearance and older that you stopped making. That would be awesome to just take a ride with friends and go in and shop. I’ll be watching again this time. Love ya Sandy

  21. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    What fun to have a clearance sale. I think the Seafarer is a kit that I am long overdue to purchase. I loved our sailboat on Lake Tahoe and all boats in general. The colors are very summer friendly. Thanks so much.

  22. Kathy Wright says:

    Anna I Love all of your creativeness I enjoy all of your products I have. Thank you so much for being you and creating such fun things we need. Hugs Kathy

  23. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, It’s Me Debbie Dunn Again !!
    WOW, what great News June 16 Th., Anna Griffin will be in the House !! Whoop !!!
    Not only do we get to see You Anna but Some Fabulous Sales items too !!!
    That’s just plain Exciting and purely Incredible!!! Thank You So Much !!
    As Always my very best to you and you Fabulously talented team !!
    Debbie Dunn

  24. Diane Shull says:

    Hello Anna,

    I’ll have to save my money so I can take advantage of the great deals. I love all your products! Looking forward to the shows in June. Keep up the Fabulous creativeness.(((HUGS)))

  25. Carol Coleman says:

    I love the Seafarer Collection and the flip cards. I’ve bought both of these in the past but think I may buy more seafarer.

  26. Donna says:

    You know us card makers and scrap book people, we love sales and a clearance sale really makes us smile even bigger!! Thanks!

  27. Mary White says:

    So looking forward to your sale and anxiously waiting to see which amazing products you will have. Love the Fancy Flips! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful examples! Hugs to you Anna and to all your awesome followers!

  28. Elaine says:

    I would love to live in Anna’s warehouse! I could sit in the corner and craft all day, I promise I won’t bother anyone! Umm, i’ll bet this clearance sale is almost as good as that!

  29. Lerah Coleman says:

    I am ready and waiting. I always have a wish list for your things. Can’t wait to see if the items on my list on going to be on sale. I will be watching and waiting. Thanks Anna.

  30. Dottie Butler says:

    I’m enjoying my 5/9 Anna purchases — looking forward to 6/16. Thanks for letting us know. There is no such thing as too much Anna!!

  31. Mary R says:

    Sale + Anna Griffin in the same sentence…now you are speaking my language! Can’t wait to see all the goodies! There was one kit in particular that I have been wanting for a while.

  32. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Anna Sale HSN who knew those 3 all existed in the same sentence. WOO HOO!! Happy Crafting!

  33. ELAINE SWANK says:

    Cheers Anna and Gang!

    EEEEEEEeeeeee! My Husband just brought in my bootie
    from your May 9th show how does one say “HAPPY”?
    They say, Oh Yea!

    You know many of your fans and customers are retired.
    They rely on your goodies for extra income. So I wish to
    Thank you for keeping prices down when you can. And for
    putting your hearts into your work. All of you.

    Your fun Seafarer Collection will make a splash for
    all this summer’s water events. Even if it’s just the
    wading pool on the patio. The colorful nautical nuggets
    left over pieces will also work for the 4th of July. This will be
    one more reason to look forward for the summer.

    Will make the date down for your next event. Now
    It is time to play with my Booty ARG……..Elaine Swank

  34. Annette Johnson says:

    SO EXCITED clearance means great pricing for us AND makes room for new and exciting items to come.

  35. ellie k says:

    Anna Griffin and a sale. I’ll be there, count me in. Love the Seafarer Collection. It will make it so much to easier to create for the men in our lives. I have a request for you, Would it be possible to have flowers in different shades of purple and also blues? My two favorite colors. Thank you Anna, see you June 16th.

  36. Cheryl pellegrin says:

    OH Anna, I was so disappointed with the last show on HSN. I am relatively new to cardmaking and am stocking up on your items as much as I can on a very limited income. I look at the HSN pages often to look at what I can order to help me in supplying products. During the last craft day I ordered two of the card toppers and was so anxious to receive them. They make my job of creating cards so much easier. A couple days ago I got a notification that HSN made a mistake in my order and they were refunding me. However that doesn’t help me as the products are sold out and they aren’t sure if they will get them in again. As I said, I am so disappointed. Of all the vendors on craft day, I make it a point to catch your shows. You are so talented and help those of us that are new to this and struggling. Thank you for that. I sincerely hope you bring back the card toppers as I really need them. Lol.

  37. Laura Stout says:

    Oooh, I’m excited! I’ve got two out of three of these, so I’m ready to stock up on more!

  38. Annie W says:

    Just my luck! A clearance sale that allows me to spontaneously decide to buy things I realize I cannot live without! Undoubtedly A must watch day that June 16 will be!

  39. Susan Gonyo says:

    Looking forward to adding to my Anna Griffin collection. I have set a reminder on my phone, can hardly wait.

  40. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & team!!

    Great news! I thought you said these shows were tomorrow! June 16th gives me plenty of time to plan! I finally was able to order Charlotte! You know that’s my Mommys name, Charlotte! I think about her everyday. Now, I just might have a chance to order more of your scrapbooking kits! There’s so many other beautiful things in the clearance isle. I’m sure these shows will be great!
    I just received my copy of the guide with you on the cover! That’s going in my memories book! Your very first cover! I’m so happy for you! One day, you will have the whole front page, picture of you, crafting event, I’m sure if it!
    Thanks for the update! I look forward to anything with you in it! Love you bunches, have a blessed day! xox

  41. Maureen Odell says:

    Oh Anna, Thank you for the sale. I cannot wait to get the seafarer collection! I bought 8 items on the last show and had to pass on this collection. I. can’t wait to see what is coming next. You are the best

  42. Renee Robinson says:

    can’t wait for the sale–going to try to get the fancy flips to add to my collection of your beautiful products!

  43. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Co!
    Always happy when you return to HSN…there’s THAT…and a SALE! How fantastic is that!
    Staying tuned in for Fridays blog post. ..
    Thank you!

  44. Marilyn E Moore says:

    Who doesn’t love a great sale! I have my calendar marked with the set time to watch.

  45. Linda DeVries says:

    Yay! A clearance sale! I have two of the items above but will think about getting seconds. I am excited to see the list of products that will be available on June 16th hoping more “oldies” will be there too. The May 9th Craft Day with you Anna was fabulous.

  46. Lehua Canning says:

    I already bought the flip card kit off the clearance site on NSD! So cheap I nearly fainted! Waiting for it to arrive! I was looking through HSN’s clearance page this morning. Looks like it’s going to be a fun day!! Woot!

  47. Gwen Ogburn says:

    SALE SALE SALE ANNA, I am going to be in trouble. I am buying way more than I can make. I love the flip card kits with the dies. I buy paper, layers and cartridges. I bought the Festive and Fancy card flip kit with the dies and I love then. I bought the pack of the sentiments refills for each kit. I hope you have a sale of all your sentiment tags and stickers. They add elegance to any card. I got the Charlotte paper in this last sale and I just love them.

  48. Ruth Robbins says:

    I always get excited when I see new Anna Griffin products. Once again the collections are spectacular!

  49. Maggie Johnson says:

    Oh ! I live on an island so the Seafarer pack would be perfect for my photos. Looking forward to the date.

  50. Betsy V says:

    I love the sea collection from above it is beautiful, you won’t regret buying this one!

  51. Sheri Grounds says:

    Looking forward to the shows! Do you by chance have anymore of the Chamelon refills? If not, is there a way that I can get them?

    Love ya girl,
    Sheri Grounds

  52. Jane Paul says:

    As usual, will be counting the days. I need the magnetic file holder for my metal dies (large-Grace black). Hope they will be in sale.

  53. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I got all my new AG products on Saturday. I cannot wait to play… the heck with housework, it’s time to craft!

  54. Anixa Cabrera says:

    Hi Anna will you be demonstrating new products on June 16? I already own most of the stuff on the HSN website.

  55. Karen Fabian says:

    Can you please bring back the “Anna Griffin® Window Box Cardmaking Kit with Dies Auto-Ship®” and “Anna Griffin® Window Box Embellishments – Birds & Flowers”? PRETTY PLEASE WITH HONEY AND SUGAR ON TOP!!!
    When I tried to purchase these on the day offered they were sold out and I called around 12:30 AM then later that day HSN brought this backup however I did not find out until the next day when I accessed my computer and by then they were gone then came back and same thing happened. I don’t understand why waitlist was not offered to people from the start or they found some way to notify the customers they told it was sold out. I wish HSN could have automatically placed people they told it was sold out onto the waitlist and if anyone did not want this they could have canceled. I am really upset I missed this twice.

  56. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Happy Monday! Look forward to the shows. Love and blessings to all, Betsy from NC

  57. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    Anna, Is there any chance of you coming out with a flip card kit without the dies in it? I’d like to buy one as a gift for my sister who doesn’t own a die cutting machine.

    And maybe there are some people who would like to buy extra kits without paying for the dies again.

  58. Linda Marie says:

    Always fun to spend time with you Anna….TV girlfriends…lol. I looking forward to the sale (however, my credit card is not…lol). Any thing in the line of Halloween? I loved your personal sale you had s few months ago….stocked up on your kits. When is the next one?

  59. Maureen m says:

    Can’t wait, who doesn’t love a sale, esp an Anna Griffin one ☝️. It’s a good way to double up on Anna’s products.

  60. Sandra Chiasson says:

    Looking forward to the next show,it really gives you something to look forward to.I love everything you create and always look forward to anything new.


    Excited about the sale. Maybe I can buy some of the items I could not afford otherwise. Sale or no sale, I am always happy to see you. Love your products. See you in June.


    OUCH a sale or YIPPEE a sale. Well I will be there. Sale is my middle name But my cards 9(CREDIT) says slow down lady…..Bur my uncle will be back o n the third soo YEAH.

  63. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Wow that is wonderful. Great time to buy some of paper sets. I still need the other dies for hot press. Thanks again

  64. Dorothy Tarr says:

    I am looking forward to clearance day. I love the seafarer pack. I know I will lots to buy. I love your products and you inspire me so much for making cards. My family and friends so look forward to receiving my cards.

  65. DonnaJ says:

    I already have the Fancy Flips kit and I love it. I am going to have to order the Seafarer Collection to scrap my beach vacations. I am starting to get all of the “Anna” creations I ordered last week and am so excited to start using them. I just got the emails that there is more on the way!

  66. Susan Thomas says:

    I love the nautical collection! I have the fancy flips collection for the cuddlebug but I REALLY want the cricut version you had!

    I’m hoping you bring back the Pet kit that you sold in JoAnn’s fabric stores they were gone before I even had a chance to get one! 🙁

  67. Sharon Steinke says:

    I’m flipping for the flip cards and the seafarers card kit. I’m already looking forward to June 16th!

  68. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Can’t wait to get some of thes items,Still wish you would have pre made scrapbooks like you used to have. Not everyone makes cards ,everyone has pictures. Yet don’t have time to do complicated scrapbooking. You always sold out of them. I have all you ever made & 2 of some. Thanks very Big Anna fan.

  69. Paula P Price says:


    Can’t wait. My favorite things next to ANNA GRIFFIN products are when they are on clearance or on SALE.$$$$

    Just sayin

    Thank you

  70. Swan McKnight says:

    Can’t wait for the sale show. it’s a real thrill when you get a deal. Especially on Anna’s beautiful things!

  71. Dorothy Trexler says:

    I patiently waited from march the 8th until this month when you were due back to see what was new but I didn’t get to see it, my husband had a heart attack and I never left the hospital until he came home and I couldn’t find your program on their T V but I’m glad you will be back June 16th Keep making your product for us to create beautiful things. Have a great day.

  72. Joee Balestrieri says:


  73. Linda Davis says:

    Anna, I always look forward to a time that I can spend watching you! I always come away with some new inspirations and lovely items, too! I’ve already added the date to my calendar!

  74. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    Can’t wait to see the show. I’ve already told my husband “DON’T TOUCH THE CLICKER” on that day!

  75. Karen Forte says:

    What’s not to love. it’s Anna Griffin.So waiting for my pocket dies to come. 3 more days.

  76. Susan Weatherly says:

    I love the flip cards. Have made so many of them. Hope you will continue to offer the two-sided paper especially for them. Have the Seafarer pack and will probably get another. Look forward to more previews.

  77. Mary Beth says:

    I LOVE the double sided papers used in the flips kit….maybe make 12 x 12 available of the same someday…pretty please….IN the meantime, will be happy to see what’s on SALE!!

  78. Marlene Heilman says:

    Anna, I love your products and wish I could afford all of them. This sale will be perfect for me being retired and on a fixed income.

    I can hardly wait.

  79. Wanda Duso says:

    I am looking forward to your presentations! It is always a good when you get to spend it with Anna Griffin!

  80. Terance in Texas says:

    i also have it on my calendar, sometimes a good sale is nice, plus once you clear out some items we get some new stuff to take its place, YEAHHH new stuff

  81. Michele Owens says:

    How exciting! I retired in January. My manager had introduced me to Anna Griffin card making. Yes I had the best manager ever! I treated myself to the big sale you had on your site in February and I love everything. Started with kits and progressed from there. I look forward to the times you are on HSN and mark my calendar as an appointment so nothing can interfere. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration.

  82. Pam says:

    I don’t own the flip card set yet, so that will be a good purchase on bargain day. Am tempted to order another set of the Seafarer collection – it is that nice. Grew up in a military town so the Seafarer suits lots of my photos. Can’t wait for clearance day. It will help the long wait until July and another Craft Day !!

  83. Amelia Silva says:

    Anna, I love everything you bring to HSN, always looking forward to see your beautiful products and designs. LOVE LOVE your products.

  84. Vickie woods says:

    Anna is there a craft show on July 11th I think I seen that some where thanks vickie

  85. Mary Esser says:

    Hi Anna,
    This is an awesome idea to have a clearance show. I know there will be many things I would want to purchase. Have a beautiful day.

  86. Angie Kindig says:

    Love the Seafarer Collection and already used it for cards and scrapbooking! Will be ordering more! How nice…a Clearance sale!!! Woohoo!

  87. Shellie Fontana says:

    Wonderful news–Anna Griffin CLEARANCE Show on June 16 on HSN! BARGAINS are MUCH fun here! Happy crafting, Griffinites, see you soon, Anna! (((Hugs))) from Texas~

  88. Susan Anderson says:

    How I wish your HSN products could be sold on our Shopping Channel in Canada! I’m sure there are many more Anna followers like me, North of the border, who would love to be able to purchase your beautiful merchandise!

  89. Michelle McNamara says:

    Anna,Anna, Anna! I got my Cuddle bug Saturday and I am I love!! I had bought a cheaper embossing machine earlier but there is NO comparison! I’m embossing everything in the house!! I ordered the C plate so I can try out dies!! What took me so long to buy this wonderful machine! I have tons of your kits but this will take them up a notch or two!! I love the new items you showed this morning!! I will need those too as there are some embossing to do!! I LOVE ❤️ this BUG and YOU Anna!

  90. Carol Assentato says:

    Love the papers and want the flip card set with dies,I couldnt get it last time. I would love to win.

  91. Mary Coleman says:

    Love it. Got some AG stuff last week. AWESOME!!! Was a great price. It was the one day only phrases with the dies. What a great value. Have marked the date on my calendar. See you then!

  92. Joan Baker says:

    Wish I lived in America so I could purchase all the tempting offers.
    We have no source of Anna Griffin products in England at the moment so I have to rely on my stash!

  93. Angel Cyr says:

    Hmmm, Wonder, If I’ll Be Able To Find Something To Buy … That I Don’t Already Own ??????? !!!!!!! …….

    Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!! Ange

  94. Kymm Cummins says:

    I’m definitely going for the Fancy Flips Card Kit. Been waiting to get this for a while now and since it’s going to be on sale, it’s the perfect time.

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