How to Series: Decorative Edge Border Dies

Hello everyone,

Are you ready to create with the Decorative Edge Border Dies that you bought on HSN in March? Don’t worry, if you want to make this card along with us you can still get the dies here. Our Decorative Edge Border Dies are incredibly detailed and so versatile! One project that we thought would be fun to share and make with you is a matchbook style card. This card design has a special closure and you can use this trick on almost any card! Before we get started, don’t forget we will be on HSN June 16th for our first ever Clearance Shows and we will be back for a 24 hour Craft Day on July 11th. Those new product previews start this Monday, May 29th.

Let’s get to creating!

MATERIALS – listing all HSN item numbers

  • Anna Griffin® Gold Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 – 522-138 – Rubber Embossing Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Magnetic Mat 2-pack 528-936
  • Anna Griffin® Decorative Edge Border Dies – Scalloped Edge Die
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One with Multipurpose Craft Tips & Bag 457-852 – Scoring Tip
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set 442-864 – Ruler & Paper Trimmer & Cutting Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Charlotte Papercrafting Collection – 1, 12”x12” Black and Ivory Patterned card stock cut to 5”x7” Folded Card Base 489-141
  • 1, 3.5” x 6.75” Black card stock layer
  • 1 Sentiment
  • 2 Floral Embellishment stickers
  • Double Sided Adhesive (tape runner)


  • Trim top layer on right side of card base to 4.75” from fold.

  • Place the Scalloped Edge Die along the edge of the black card stock layer then die cut and emboss. The sandwich to die cut is: Stack from the bottom up – A plate, magnetic mat, B plate, die face up, paper face down, B plate. The sandwich to emboss is: Stack from the bottom up – A plate, B Plate, Die with paper inside, rubber mat, B plate.

  • Score along the straight edge of die cut at 0.625” using the ruler and scoring tool and cutting mat. Place the score line against the edge of the ruler and fold the straight edge up.

  • Fold the straight edge over the back side of the card base. Adhere on the back flap only, with double-sided adhesive, leaving the front decorative edge open.

Fold over the card front. Tuck the top layer of the card base underneath the die cut edge to form a matchbook closure. Adhere floral embellishments and sentiment with double sided adhesive.

Wasn’t that fun? We love sharing tutorials on how to use all of our products that you get from HSN.  Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!







  1. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Elaine, we have a studio at our office in Atlanta and film there. Thank you so much!

  2. ELAINE SWANK says:

    Thanks for the HOW TOs (tutorial videos) Keeps me away from the ****-tube. Gives me something to think about. Like these designs. Always did think envelope toppers are sharp and give a touch of NICE. Question.. Do you do your recording at home and do you have help from your staff? They are done well. Stay well, Mamacrafter.

  3. Roxanne Hedrington says:

    Anna Ilove allthese dies and card pack,Icannotwaitisetmy programon tvalready.

  4. Jackie P. says:

    Anna as always, I can’t wait to play around with the Halloween products. This set is my absolute favorite. I also love the sentiment set. Can’t wait for July to get here so I can start shopping.
    Thanks Anna and have a beautiful blessed day.

  5. Anna Griffin says:

    Yes, you could use them on smaller cards, but you wouldn’t get the full border on it.

  6. Karen says:

    These are beautiful dyes. Can they be used on smaller cards? Melissa usually does a 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 card. Will you be coming out with smaller ones. All of your items are so gorgeous!

  7. Mary R. Sanchez says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m so excited for your next 24 hr. craft show, I can hardly wait. It’s so exciting to see all your products. Your tutorials make crafting fun and give you so much helpful information..Your such a colorful person and make life so much fun..
    Love you.

  8. Norma Bartlett says:

    As usual Anna, you have outdone yourself !!
    I am most excited about Anna Griffin products on the 24 hour craft day, of course. I enjoy seeing everyone’s products, but am anxious to get my hands on yours. Lol. Thanks for this drawing & good luck to everyone.

  9. Pamela S. says:

    Oh wow, so beautiful. Of course I’m crazy about any dies, and the flowers are so pretty, it’s hard to decide what I like the best. I think the floral card kit would be my favorite right now. The flowers are just so lovely!

  10. karen tabaka says:

    Love the border dies they really add a delecate and chic touch to your cards oh so classy

  11. Jill Briggs says:

    These are truly beautiful! I am new to the Anna Griffin card designs and I’m not sure I can even remember “my old way” of creating cards.
    Thank you also for the wonderful tutorials.

  12. Audrey Olander says:

    Thanks, Anna, for a great tutorial! I was wondering how to make this card when I saw it on HSN – now I know.

  13. SheliaP says:

    thank you so much for the demo.
    I need all the help I can get.
    It’s true your products are…
    Beautiful in the making. Thank You for helping bring smiles to those that need one.
    You’re the Best!

  14. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: I love your tutorials. Thank you so much for showing us how easy the beautiful cards are to make. This one was simple and lovely. I’ve used your Decorative Border Edge dies not only for making beautiful cards, but also used them for making beautiful, quick and easy tiaras for my granddaughters. Pink glitter paper, your decorative border edge die on the cuddlebug and you’ve got happy little girls wearing tiaras. Such fun! Thank you! My little princesses thank you too!

  15. Mary R. says:

    I am looking forward to your next 2 shows. I especially like the border die, it is lovely. I can see this for Wedding, Mother’s Day, Birthday. Keep them coming-your dies cut like butter.

  16. Marcie Smith says:

    Anna, just love these dies. They can be used in so many ways. Enjoyed seeing yet another version in you above video. You are the best. Who actually makes your dies. In a you tube video, I thought I heard you say that Cricut did. I love dies, and have tons of them (mostly Spellbinder) just because they are so well made and have such wonderful designs. Yours are right up there with them so needless to say, I love yours as well. Keep them coming. I would love to know more about the I-Craft foiling. Will any die work with this product?? And can you buy the adhesive sheets by them selves?????? That is such an easy way to apply foil. Love that you are doing how-to videos on Fridays. Very helpful. Thanks.

  17. Pam says:

    Thank you for another great tutorial. I appreciate that you show in both written and video form – I pick up different hints from each method. Very pretty card.

  18. Mrs. A says:

    So pretty and easy. Wouldn’t that make an elegant evening wedding invitation with fine printing invitation applied on a black backing layer to the inside of the the black-white cardstock, and a personalized sentiment on the front in lieu of the hello?

  19. Michrlle Garbutt says:

    A lovely card achieved quickly and elegantly – I had not seen this card design before and am so pleased you posted today.
    Enjoyed the video and writtten instructions.

    Cheers to all and wishing you a safe and satisfying weekend

  20. Connie Johnson says:

    You make it look so easy Anna. That’s because it is. I still love to watch you work and I’m always inspired when I watch. Thx!

  21. Angel Cyr says:

    Can’t help, but to add on to my previous comment, as I hadn’t used the Cuttlebug Machine to cut the border die, when I had commented on the ” How – To !! ” I believe that you can achieve similar results, with the Cuttlebug … You will just have to cut your mat, to emboss — the second half of the design. ( You Should Have Many, As They Most Always Come Included In Die Sets) I had used a large machine, that allowed me to use the border die, sideways … giving me, no problem, whatsoever … First I Cut the die on each side … then I went back to individually emboss, each half. Start by Embossing the first half … second embossing swipe requires you to place the embossing mat up against the straight side of the die ( making sure not to overlap the side that has already been embossed, ( as you don’t want to flatten your previous embossing.) You are most always left with some sort of a straight line — running down the center — don’t worry !!! … Use a # 5 Round Paintbrush and run water down the center / to fade this creased line away. Another Technique ~~~You can also just fold your card stock and align the straight edge, of your border die, with the fold — This technique will work O.K. but you will end up with a Front & Back Looking Die Cut / & A Heavier Creased Line ~~~ to fix … Just spritz the die cut with water, focusing mostly on the side that looks like the Back Side, but do make sure to spritz the good side, as well ( helps with the matching, of the two sides. ) Paper Towels come in handy !!! Anna, would you ever consider making 8 1/2 x 11 inch Embossing Folders — Like I Already Own & Coming out with a Larger Cuttlebug Machine ??? I own many die cutting machines, but there is nothing like the Cuttlebug Machine ~~~ to emboss the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.

    O.K. Enough For My Book … I Really Do Need To Write One, One Of These Days !!!

    Guess, I’ve made up for the fewer comments posted, as I have noticed that not many people post a comment, when there’s nothing to win.


  22. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, Oh so pretty, just like u:-) I finally opened my shaker card kit. I messed up the 1st one and looked at your blog and got it perfect the 2nd time!! I sent the 1st one out to someone whose not fussy. I missed your beautiful card box and hope next time you give us ideas like your other card kits. In the meantime have a good holiday and shake, shake, shake!!!

  23. Annette Johnson says:

    So pretty Happy Memorial day to everyone and a special thank you to our Veteran’s

  24. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Thank you. I’m going to try this with the edge dies that I recently received that your just demo.. I have cut one and made a card but want to try this technique. Looking forward to your next visit on HSN.
    Have a safe & enjoyable holiday weekend.

  25. Lois Neuman says:

    Thank you Anna, Your tutorials are absolutely awesome and so creative and inspirational!! It is so much easier to use the materials we have with the excellent and well organized tutorials that it makes it so much more fun to create our cards and the end product is so rewarding and unique. That is what you are, Totally Unique!! Thank you Anna and have a great Memorial Weekend~ Lois N.

  26. Gwen ogburn says:

    Hi Anna, thank you so much for the tutorial. I will try and make some this afternoon as I have all the supplies. I am looking forward to the HSN Clearance show. I was hoping the Favorite Christmas Sentiment stickers wold be offer but HSN has sold out. Will they be restocked?

  27. Sissy Geist says:

    I love this card…will be making a couple this weekend. Thank you Anna for all the tutorials… all your products….You and your products have truly helped me get through my first year of widowhood…

  28. Robert H says:

    Anna, your perspective on things is so original that even tho I might do something numerous times, I find a whole new understanding and approach to it after viewing and listening to you. You must’ve been born with a color wheel in one hand and a protractor in the other! Hope you have a relaxing holiday.

  29. Leslie Ramsey says:

    It would make a great purse card also. Just in time for graduation gifts.
    Happy Crafting.

  30. Holly Fictum says:

    Anna, your products are SO beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have a favor to ask… I rarely make 5×7 cards and most your dies focus on 5×7. I would love to see some products for A2 size cards. Love ya Anna…. keep up the Beautiful in the Making!

  31. Kerry says:

    Very nice! I will use a velcro dot to hold the decorative piece in place. Thanks for sharing….

  32. Nancy Itson says:

    Love this and what a great idea. You made this card so quickly. I can’t wait to try this myself.

  33. Amy C says:

    Anna, thank you for the tutorial. I liked this card when you demo-ed it before the HSN show. So glad to know how it works.
    Your tutorials really help us visual learners…thank you for taking time to share your wonderful ideas with us!
    I’ve been using these dies a bit since I bought them…they are so elegant and make such a grand statement. I may even upload a few photos to Pinterest!!
    Best wishes for a memorable Memorial Day weekend, Amy

  34. Debbie Martin says:

    Thank you for the video. I had not seen the matchbook card before (or didn’t realize what it was.). This gives me another fun idea to use my dies.

  35. Barbara Ferris says:

    Beautiful cards and techniques as always Anna! Thanks for your video demos! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

  36. Angel Cyr says:

    These Are ” Beautiful ” Dies !!! I Know, as I Own Them ~~~ Numerous, Card Styles / Can Be Achieved With These, Along With Use On Scrapbook Pages ~~~ They’re Great !!! Highly, Recommended … If Trying To Achieve, ” True Elegance !!! ” These Are My Kind Of Dies, For Sure !!! Don’t Forget To Just Plain Use These As Doilies … Cutting On Each Side And Making Them Into A Complete Doily, ( as this one is made into a rectangle !!! ) If, you want to try a different embossed design, after die cutting ( not using the original embossing, of the die, itself ~~~ simply run the ” Oval Doily / Die Cut ” through your Cuttlebug Machine, as for an example — inserting this ” Oval Doily / Die Cut, ” into your, Anna Griffin
    ” Rosette Cluster, etc. ” embossing folder … then hand ink, ( with, Tim Holtz wooden hand tool, dabbing the felt into the ink) as for an example — using, Tim Holtz ” Distress Ink, Broken China, etc. ” — The Possibilities Are Endless, With What You Can Do With These Border Dies !!! Absolutely, Stunning Affects ~~~ Can Be Achieved With These Dies !!!

    Thank You, Anna — For All Of These ” Amazing ” Work Horse Products … ( Quality Products, That Can Be Used In Numerous Ways. )

    Hope You Will Demonstrate This Technique, In One Of Your Tutorials, Anna !!! … It Couldn’t Be Any Easier !!!


  37. Shari says:

    I admired this card when you showed it on HSN, but had not gone back to try it! So glad you added the tutorial so we can all use the dies in yet another way! Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

  38. Clare Dempsey says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I am also interested in that mat on your workstation that said Anna Griffin. I will look on HSN for it. Hope it is self healing, because I am a quilter too! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  39. Mary Esser says:

    Thank you for another great video. Your videos are so much better than the instructions that come with the product.


    I own these dies. Quick, easy and beautiful. Thank you for your tutorials. I greatly appreciate them as, I am certain, do all of your devoted fans.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and God bless our military who bravely guard our freedoms with great vigilance. They are in my prayers.

  41. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna!

    Thank you, thank you for the tutorial! Great inspiration!

    A very heartfelt thank you for yourself as well as your crew for all the work and effort you dedicate to helping us remain inspired and informed!

  42. Ms Linda says:

    Very pretty border die. Like it has a lip to fold and attach.
    Thank you for another wonderful product

  43. Judy Pittman says:

    I’m so glad you did this tutorial. I saw this card on HSN when you were demonstrating the border dies. I thought I would try to replicate it, but this way is soooo much easier than my usual “hit and miss” process.

  44. Deidra says:

    Thank you for the video and the written instructions. I utilize both forms to learn the crafting technique(s).
    Anna, may you and your team have a festive and safe Memorial Day weekend.

  45. Donna Smith says:

    Very informative and pretty. Thanks for the tutorial. I will try using mine this weekend!

  46. Sally Bartlett says:

    “Beautiful in the making”and EASY & quick too. I gotta try a black paper with a white die cut and a paste in paper for the inside. That should look very formal. $2 to $4 worth of paper (for a set of 8 in any chosen color) plus 30 to 45 minutes of time = a treasured gift for a friend. I’m excited. Thank you.

  47. Marilyn Kwitowski says:

    Beautiful as always Anna! Love the edge die. Must add to my collection! Beautiful in the making!! 🙂

  48. Denise Rigitano says:

    Beautiful and soo easy! Will you be having more flower embellishments soon? Always need beautiful Anna Griffin flowers!

  49. Angie Kindig says:

    Very nice! I enjoy the tutorials and all the inspiration. Keep up the great work and I love all your products.

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