HSN July 11th, 2017 Product Preview 1

Hello, hello!

We’re back with a whole new line up for our HSN Craft Day shows on July 11th! Want to join us for all the fun? We’re on HSN at midnight, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and a little of the 8pm hour! How great is that? We are so excited to show you all the crafty tricks we have up our sleeves over the next several weeks. Did we mention there would be giveaways? Get ready for a crafting good time!

Let’s kick this Craft Day preview off with something truly stunning. Introducing our Delicate Engravings Card Toppers! In this set, you’ll get the loveliest pastel layers you can imagine with intricate borders and macaron hued card overlays. It is full of French paintings from 18th century china patterns, layered sentiments and bucolic scenes! This is truly a kit for all those who subscribe to our “beautiful in the making” style.

Next we have our Window Frame Card Making Kit where you’ll get everything you need to make 20 incredible, 3D step cards as well as 7 cutting dies to make your own once you have completed the set. This is a card kit like no other! It includes pre-cut, scored patterned cards, die cut frames, gorgeous floral die cuts, fanciful foil flourishes and sentiment stickers to write your heartfelt message. If you signed up for auto ship for our Window Box Card kit in January, this will be on its way to you in June. The July 11th shows will be the only time this kit will be offered as a stand alone item.

Who wants these beauties? We want to know what you’re excited about for the July 11th Craft Day, and what you think about this weeks’ amazing new items! Leave us a comment, and we will draw a winner at random on Friday.

In remembrance on Memorial Day,




    OHHHH Anna…… I think these are you BEST cards yet!! I only make and send your cards to my family and friends and it will be a pleasure to make and send these.
    Cant wait to get these!!!

  2. Paulette King says:

    you make it again so easy for us. These card kits and dies are so beautiful and so easy to make these outstanding cards. Thank you again for making us looks so professional. Can’t wait to July 11th…

  3. Carol O'Brien says:

    I love both of them. Have spent the evening making cards from one of your other kits. Can’t wait!!

  4. Patricia Perkins says:

    Hi Anna, I just love these window box cards they are so beautiful, I don’t know anyone who would not love to receive these in the mail! I am on the Auto ship can not wait to get them!

  5. Liverbird says:

    Always love your cards, they look so exquisite and expensive, always get lots of compliments for my cards so thank you. Xxx

  6. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Anna, it’s already Friday, so I know I’ve missed out on any drawing, but I wanted to comment anyway. I love the beautiful card toppings and of course the new dies. Thanks for ALL you do!!! Love you, Arleen

  7. Evelyn Brantley says:

    I love your card kits. I sent a birthday card to a dear friend and she loved it. She said that she was not putting it away and she was going to leave it on her dresser even after the birthday was over. Thank you so much.

  8. Barbie Sutherland says:

    Anna everything u bring out is exciting and beautiful in making and would love the window card kit that would make my card making so much easier and u are so talented!! Can’t wait till July 11th

  9. leah m says:

    As always I love all your products and have trouble picking! I wish I could have them all 😉

  10. Sheri Smith says:

    I love, love, love the delicate engravings card kit!! So beautiful. I was going to put myself in timeout from buying anymore kits but this is GORGEOUS!! It’s so hard to not want it all Anna. Great Job!

  11. Gisela says:

    The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers, I am in heaven my feet are dancing all around, seems they aren’t even touching the ground .. these toppers have captured my heart..
    Thank you ! for a chance to win. Cant wait to see all your new items when you return to HSN..

  12. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    I love the delicate engraving card toppers. What appeals to me most about everything you create is how soft & pretty your designs are. I feel like I’ve been transported to a Victorian era whenever I’m working with your beautiful papers and floral embellishments. And I can’t wait to get the new card kit. I bought the first kit when it aired & selected the auto ship so I should have it soon. Can’t wait to see more products in the upcoming sneak peeks!

  13. Kathy says:

    I love both but I’m most excited about the Window Frame Card Kit. The best part being the dies so you can make your own cards later!

  14. Lori Devoux says:

    These are amazing and I would love to win! Thank you for the chance, Anna, I will be keeping my fingers crossed! I just adore you!

  15. Mary O says:

    Love, love these!!! And how many ways the cards can be made! I need to win them because I’m not supposed to buy any more AG for awhile! LOL… like that’s going to happen!!! #annagriffinobsessed

  16. Mary Beth Burns says:

    Love those beautiful card toppers! Will be purchasing them in July! Maybe two sets! They make a perfect card, thank you Anna, can’t wait til the July show!

  17. Paula Brown says:

    Both sets are fabulous! And they work so perfectly together. I can’t wait for the July craft day as Anna always brings us such wonderful kits & tools to create beauty in our worlds. Thank you Anna & your creative team.

  18. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, m’goodness, Anna! June is going to FLY.RIGHT.PAST, as we preview your newest innovative card-makings on your wonderful weekly BLOG! All your products make the most special cards, and the new Delicate Engravings is a very fine example–they look like a set of dishes, all those beautiful cards lined up in a row! It’s WONDERFUL that you include the ‘dies that do more,’ so the making and sending long continue after the kit. I always appreciate your how-to tutorials, as well, Anna! (((HUGS))) from Texas!

  19. Shannon Mortis says:

    I am so excited about the new items inspired by vintage China paintings! I love old China and I got my Grandmothers out to look at it and it is so beautiful. I am looking so forward to these new items and I know my mother will love them too!

  20. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    Wow!! Everything is so beautiful and I can’t wait for The July show! I am a huge fan!

  21. Jan Fleming says:

    I love the card toppers. I just love them both. Thank you for lending me your talent for a few minutes daily. Can’t wait for the HSN shows.


  22. Jan Fleming says:

    Thank you for creating such beautiful things. Your staff and you are the best. I would love anything by Anna Griffin. The frame cards are so pretty.. thank you.

  23. Shirley Anderson says:

    I love the Delicate Engravings Card Topper Set just because it is so beautiful, but then what can I say they are all beautiful. July 11th cannot come fast enough. I am always spellbound with anything Anna Griffin.

  24. Bonnie Smith says:

    Love the Window Frame Card Making Kit! Can’t wait to see all the new Anna Griffin products!

  25. Holly Hudspeth says:

    The step card “Window Frame” selection is something to be excited about. Step cards are hard to cut evenly. The dies will be a big help. I really like the Anna Style applied to it. Can’t wait!

  26. Virginia says:

    I so love this card kit!!! I’m a cancer survivor and taught myself to make cards and things while I was sick. I so love all your beautiful things!!!


  27. Barbara F. Smith says:

    The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are magnificent!
    How beautiful can a card get?

  28. Amy Wilkinson says:

    Holy Cow! Don’t know which set I like the best. They’re both sooooo, sooooo pretty AND useful. Anna, you are absolutely, fabulously brilliant.

  29. Dorci Sprinkle says:

    The Window Frame Kit is lovely and as always I love everything you design..I would love to have one of everything!

  30. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    Both are must haves. They are different and beautiful. The flowers are so bright and bold. Just bought a new shelving unit today and need to organize so can fit more products into my craft space. Thanks and see you soon.

  31. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    The window box card kit is so cute and fun. I can’t wait for the July show to see more samples!

  32. Paula McGee says:

    This week is easy for me: I want both. I love the card toppers and the card kit. Who can choose? Not me!

  33. Glenda Boyd says:

    Both card kits are gorgeous as are all your products! I love the Window Frame Card Making Kit. I enjoy making center step and side step cards.. the kit will be awesome!
    I love working with your Cricut Cartridges. I missed out on purchasing the Fantastic Flip Cartridge. Will the cartridge be available later? Please!!
    Thank you!
    Glenda’s Cards

  34. Peggy Smith says:

    I have Anna Griffin merchandise to open up my own craft store, but I sure would like to win more Anna Griffin merchandise. I love these card kits!

  35. Evie Counts says:

    Window Frame Card Making Kit is fabulous. Somehow I have missed this one. i love ❤️ this kit. I hope I win this kit. I have all kinds of ideas running around in my head for making these cards. Thanks for all that you do to help us make fabulous cards

  36. Cindy Rescorl says:

    I can’t wait for all of the new products!! I have been using Anna’s products for years! I love them!!

  37. Dawn Whetstone says:

    I love the delicate engravings card toppers! And the step card kit looks beautiful too! Did I hear you say you are bringing back the Angel Card toppers kit?!!!! That just makes my day!!!

  38. Lois Williams says:

    The window cards are my favorite! Your cards are so much fun to do, especially for someone like me with no creativity. I do make several cards but always look to you for inspiration. Can’t wait til HSN. Beautiful in the making!

  39. Lou Marks says:

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you again so much!!! shake***shake*** shake
    As usual, you seem to be around me just when I most need a friend. Could lightening strike twice? Hope so. These new items are so….ANNA!
    Love from Lefty Lou

  40. Nichole Cirar says:

    I’m so excited about this Craft Day! I have just recently found these awesome days and am so excited that yet another one will be coming on! Is it July 11th Yet?! These cards and dies are beautiful but really so is it all. Who can honestly pick one. Thank you Anna for all your hard work!

  41. Elaine Trippiedi says:

    Your card layers are always so exquisire. Thanks for the attention to details. Beyond beautiful to us all.

  42. Terance in Texas says:

    I am so excited for this day i guess i need to put in for that day off so i can enjoy it sounds like Anna will be the TS again or at lease i hope so. I am loving the different color flowers so pretty

  43. LINDA PEEBLES says:


  44. Inga Russ says:

    Your new Delicate Engravings card set IS the most beautiful one I have seen. Can’t wait for July to get here!!

  45. Nancy Itson says:

    Both of those kits are wonderful. I love the Window Frame Card Making Kit. So pretty and so nice that they are pre-cut, for those of us that need a quick card. And then in our spare time you have provided us with the dies to create our own designs. So thoughtful! I would love to win these. Thanks for the give away!

  46. Jayne Evans says:

    Loving the new card toppers as well as the window step cards!! Looking forward to seeing all your demos!!

  47. Jackie Wolinski says:

    It amazes me how you can come up with so many new and beautiful designs and you make it so easy for us to create these cards. Would love these sets. Thank you Anna

  48. Brenda L says:

    Very beautiful. The card toppers are my pick for this week, mostly because I love the florals. I am sure next week a new favorite will top my wish list. 🙂

  49. Coletta Cooper says:

    The Delicate Engravings card toppers are so classic – can’t go wrong. Really love the Window Box Cards- so pretty and fresh! I love watching all of ghd great demos on HSN Craft Days. I alwsys get mote great ideas!

  50. Sallie says:

    The Window Frame cards are beautiful. I have not yet tried any of the “special shape” cards, but these will make me dive in. The Delicate Engravings are also gorgeous. Today is my birthday! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be chosen.

  51. Margie Brantley says:

    So excited for July 11th. show. Each time I order I say that is the last time but each show offers such beautiful products. So, of course I keep ordering!!

  52. Gloria Vaughn says:

    I made the Shaker card kit and the flower pot pop-up kit .. total of 50 cards this week.. and Tuesday I’m planning on showing my friend Jan how to make the Christmas pop-up card kit I bought for her!!!

  53. Elaine Kapalin says:

    July seems so far away to wait for your next show but will have to have patience and with the Window Frame Card Making Kit, that I love, creations will be quick to make and cherish.

  54. Angela Taylor says:

    Can’t wait until July 11th. I always look forward to the show to see what new products you are going to show us and how to use them.

  55. Linda Valoy says:

    Looking forward to the July show to see if you bring back the parchment layers. Want them so much. LOVE the window frame card kit. Can’t sleep at night, making cards on the brain.

  56. Debbie Gilbert says:

    Need to up my game. Mom is having her 80th Bday and I need to show up the sisters! Yep, pulling out all the stops. Have two months to craft the perfect card. Can I could on a little help from Anna?

    Thank you.

  57. Margie Moore says:

    Anna – Love these card toppers. All of your products are so beautiful! I can’t wait for July 11th!

  58. Ruth Thomas says:

    I love, love, love your card kits. I send them to family and friends all year long, I also make a variety group I gift at Christmas. So family and friends have cards to send out also. Everyone that received them always has something wonderful to say. Thank you Anna. I would love to win the delicate layers and the new window card kit.

  59. Sue H says:

    Delicate Engravings card toppers are gorgeous! Love the antique designs. And the card kit is beautiful too! Ok, both are so sweet. Would really enjoy making some cards for my family and friends!

  60. Peachy W says:

    Oh so Pretty – the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers Kit – another beautiful addition to all the others we have from Anna!

  61. Teresita Marten says:

    You have transformed my love to paper craft into a passion. Everything you do is so exquisite. Hardly can wait for July 11
    Thank you

  62. Karen Calabrese says:

    The delicate engravings card toppers are exquisite!! I can’t wait to get them in my hot little hands!

  63. Carolyn Lambert says:

    I just love the window frame cards. I only use Anna’s card kits to make all of my cards. Everyone that gets them just loves them and many are saved for years.
    Thank you Anna for all of your card kits and please keep on making the kits.

  64. Molly Downing says:

    Oh Anna, I just love everything you and your team do! These cards are simply gorgeous. I have been collecting and hoarding your beautiful collections since way back when. And it looks like there will be even more lovely things I can add coming up this month and next! Can’t wait. Thank you again for all you do for us. My craft room is even decorated with Anna Griffin paper!

  65. Sally Hanson says:

    I absolutly lov ur gorgeous work. Being 72 and disabled my one thing to do is try to make greeting cards. Would be thrilled beyond belief to win some of your works of art! I lov watching u on HSN even if I can’t afford to buy any of it. Thanks for consideration. Lov…

  66. Karen Lorenz says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is all I can say. These two are absolutely stunning. I would be so happy to win these items. I don’t know how you and your team come up with these beautiful card making supplies. This is much appreciated.

  67. Claudia Banando says:

    My calendar is marked and I am anxiously awaiting the day to be able to buy your gorgeous products!

  68. Sandy Thompson says:

    I can’t wait for july 11th. I want the Delicate engravings set, it is just beaitiful. We get together and watch when you are on hsn.we try to keep each other from going to crazy, but it doesn’t usually work that way.

  69. Migdalia Del Valle says:

    I am most excited to see and buy the window frame set…wow amazing kit….I love that it comes with dies. Anna as always…you are hands down the best craft artist ever!!!!!!!

  70. Sharon Hamilton says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ all of Anna’s things! She helps me look like a pro! My friends and family enjoy getting my cards and looking at my scrapbooks! Keep it coming !

  71. Arlene says:

    I love that the step card set comes with the die to make our own. Would love to win all that you demoed.

  72. Suzanne Marton says:

    Love the toppers! They are wonderful, if you need a card last minute you have it! Takes no time at all to put together and you are ready to go!!

  73. Magdalyn Cheffey says:

    I’m really loving the window box kit. I have so many of your products and love everything. Thanks for bringing such wonderful kits.

  74. Darleen Maahs says:

    I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it on your blog, I adore making cards like this and am looking forward to making it mine.

  75. Patti Krauss says:

    Excited to see all products that you are going to have on HSN. As always. Love the window cards!

  76. Cheryl says:

    The new elegant card toppers are beautiful & would make anyone smile if they received one. Looking forward to all the new you have instore for us! Can’t wait with new each week up until the July show!

  77. Sue F says:

    Everything continues to look rich and beautiful! Thank you!! Loving your card kits with dies and the card toppers. Looking forward to the next day full of appearances!!

  78. Agatha Mccoy says:

    How elegant are this window cards
    Delicate Engraving cards a must to add to my stock
    My family and friends will surely be impressed
    July 11 can’t wait

  79. Sarah Allcock says:

    If one of your designers says that the Delicate Engravings kit is the prettiest yet, that’s saying something, since even your masculine products are “beautiful”! I am looking forward to getting that kit, and the video made me even more excited about the Window Frame kit that’s coming soo!

  80. Chris Miller says:

    I would just love the window card kit. My friends go absolutely crazy when I give them a card that I have made using Anna Griffith. I am especially loving all these cards that are unusual. Great job as always Anna!

  81. Mary Helen Harris says:

    No measuring!! You’ve got my attention! Love those window frame step cards! And the dies to make more, huge bonus!! I love all things Anna, so let’s add these to my craft room. I do not have either of these items!

  82. Janet Alba says:

    Exquisite of course. Anna, I just received your sentiment stamps and dies set. Thank you so much for thinking of this! I use your sentiment stickers so often I have completely run out. This is brilliant. A forever gift.

  83. Paula Riehl says:

    I love the card toppers kit. I just made some sympathy cards using some of your products. It took me less than 10 minutes to make 12 cards.
    Thank you.

  84. Patricia Liddick says:

    just seen these how beautiful.I`m 78 and love your kits especially your card making and dies.I have 3 cricut machines and wanted the explore one,but couldn’t afford it on my income.My husband was in a yardsale last summer and got me the explore for $50.00 brandnew never been out of box.I was so happy go design space have your cartdrige just love them,can`t wait to see you make these cards on July 11.Have a good day love you

  85. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Well Anna, I want both of these kits. I feel I can not choose this week. If I have to choose one it would the windows with the dies. Well, so what? I am so unlucky and never win anything. I usually never even try. I just want you to know that i love both of them. I will be at the first show on the eleventh and hopefully I will not have to choose. I am a night owl. Both are just gorgeous.

  86. Linda says:

    Oh my!! What fun I will have making cards this Summer…since i have no classes to take towards my degree (Graduate Spring 2018!!) The Window Box Kit is definitely on my list…just beautiful!!!

  87. Michelle F. says:

    I can’t wait for the window frame kit. The cards look amazing!

    Anna, will you bring the window box kit. They sold out before I got a good look at them. Please, Please, Please!

    Thanks for all you do for the Griffinites!!!

  88. Wonnie says:

    I don’t know how you do it but each card and project is even more beautiful than the last! How do you do it! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for HSN in July! Have a wonderful blessed day!

  89. Suzanne Matos says:

    Two AMAZING products in this preview! Furst the Felicate Engravings Card Toppers … *** …. this is such a wonderful way to take a simple card and add the layers and embellishments from this kit to make a keepsake card for someone you love. Easy but so beautiful and memorable.

    Finally the Window Frame Card Making Kit ….wow talk about versatile! I can see this kit being used for keepsake cards for new parents (picture of baby in frame), grandparents (pictures of grandkids in frame), engagement and wedding cards( picture of couple in frame). So many ideas just from watching the preview. Plus with the dies included you can use the frame die to frame photos on your scrapbooks.

    I love all your items and and always thrilled to see what new ideas and items you come up with. These BOTH are winners!!!

  90. Barbara Hanlon says:

    Your card kits are beautiful !! The delicate engravings toppers are my favorite….if you can have just one favorite…ha ha !!! I have all of the other toppers and they are used often in my cardmaking. Thanks Anna for great products that make card creating a snap!

  91. Linda H says:

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve created for the TS! Beautiful new florals in this preview….so glad to have you showcasing them. That’s the Anna Griffin style that i have always loved. The step card kit looks really lovely and it’s such a bonus and a blessing to get the fabulous dies too! My personal fave!

  92. Valerie Zotto says:

    I can’t wait for the engraving card toppers! A midnight show, did I miss the announcement of a Today’s Special?

  93. Cindi Hodges says:

    I don’t know where to begin! So excited that my summer break as a teacher is here, and I now have time to devote to my AG materials!

  94. Doreen says:

    The window frame card making kit is so different. Can’t wait to spend another early start to the day with you and watching you create more beautiful cards & pages during the day and evening, too.
    Another Anna Day in the making.

  95. Dorothy Tarr says:

    I love both of these products. I love the joy of making cards using Anna products. Looking forward to her clearance show and the show in July. Love all your products.

  96. deborahfromTN says:

    The newest Card Topper kit is gorgeous, I agree that the paper layers are among the most beautiful I’ve seen from AG!!! Just when I think you can’t top the last papers or toppers I’ve purchased you do it again, even better than before!!
    Love this and must have it… maybe b4 July? 😀

  97. Tom Gingras says:

    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I presumptuously, wrongly assumed that the Trelliage collection would be my favorite for the year- well, after the impending Hallowe’en card kit.

    Delicate Engravings appears to eclipse both of them, no small feat! Thanks for keeping it fresh and continuing to inspire us!

  98. Deborah Anderson-Clarke says:

    Would love to try the Window Frame Card Making Kit . They look amazing !

  99. Ms. Joanie says:

    I love the window card kit! To get the dies included is a HUGE bonus! If these items are in the first preview, I can’t wait to see what wonderful surprise is in store for us at midnight on July 11th! That particular “Today’s Special Value”, done Anna style, is going to be amazing! I can hardly wait! Thanks again!

  100. Kathleen Clark says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so looking forward to both of these cardmaking wonders! Just speechless at the beauty. You’ve done it again, Anna!

  101. Johnna Laughlin says:

    *** I can’t wait until June 11th. I want all of it Right now the dies and card kit are my fav but am sure that is going to change several times between now and then! Love your goodies Anna!!!!

  102. Sheryl says:

    Oh my gosh…. your kits are so beautiful! And I love hearing about the inspiration behind the designs. Calendar is marked! Looking forward to July 11.

  103. Lisa says:

    Wow — those are truly stunning!
    I’m still at card-making 101 but can’t wait to reach this graduate level 🙂

  104. Claire Powers says:

    I love the new card toppers! So beautiful! Looking forward to another amazing line up in July!

  105. Carla Vincel says:

    Wow! Just wow!! The card toppers are gorgeous and the step card kit is totally awesome! I have tried to do those and they are so classy, but so time consuming! This makes it “easy peasy”! Thank you, Anna!

  106. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, it’s Debbie Dunn again !!
    The Delicate Engraving Card Toppets are absolutely Divine !! No one will be able to resist these beauties !!! The card Kit is really Beautiful can’t wait to get mine!!
    Another Great Job Anna!!!
    Much Love to you and your fabulous team !!
    Debbie Dunn

  107. Elaine says:

    The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are my favorite. Anna, you warm my heart and soul! Watching you create, helps to spark my creativity also. You have become my dear friend. We giggle and laugh and have lots of fun while creating beautiful cards together.You are the daughter I never had!

  108. Rosario Edinger says:

    The Window Frame Kit caught my attention, and I like that it also comes with dies, so that we can continue to make more of the cards. Looking forward to July 11th.

  109. Nancy Ludwig says:

    Love both kits. I am always amazed at the new ideas and craft projects you come up with.

  110. Lynn Smith says:

    Wow Anna, just LOVE the window card making box set, that is really something! It will be difficult to wait for longer than a month but I guess we just have to. Its so hard to decide on which items to pick whenever you are on HSN BUT can’t have everything. Thank you for all you do

  111. Vanessa Thorp says:

    I am so looking forward to craft day. I was traveling on the last one and if it were not for preorder I would have missed a lot of great items. BUt nothing compares to watching it live!

  112. Desiree Hendricks says:

    I would love to add these to my collection of Anna Griffin items.
    It is just beautiful.

  113. Karen Wilkins says:

    Am most looking forward to the Window Frame Card Making Kit. Love that the kit gives you the supplies to make cards right away and a die to keep making new cards as you need them!

  114. Anna Griffin says:

    Going forward if you don’t purchase the autoship, you will not be able to get the kits/folders/etc. individually. They will only be available through autoship.

  115. LC Young says:

    =^.^=There are no other card kits that give us what the Anna Griffin kits do…they pale in comparison 🙂 I really like the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers.
    I wish some of the other skus would come back, though. I could use the Window Box Embellishment folio kit. And it would be nice to be able to pick up boxes of cards like the Perfect Pallet Cards & Card Layers, maybe in solids and prints. And just for feedback, I also love the paper tablets being sold at Joann Fabrics. It’s great to be able to get AG stuff outside of HSN. Thanks =^.^=

  116. Chris Hayden says:

    I love the card kit with the dies. I have the other ones and I’m looking forward to this next one!!!!

  117. DeAnn Runge says:

    Holly Hannah, Anna! Can’t wait for a full day of crafty goodness. I’ll have to check my autoship because that card kit will be at the top of my list if it’s not a already ordered.

  118. Mary Draffen says:

    Love both kits …the card topper kit is beautiful and the window frame card kit is the show stopper with the dies included to make more cards. I would love to win these. I am building my collection of diecuts to put in my Die Cut binders I just received by Anna Griffin. Love love your products!!!

  119. Debra Spencer says:

    Love the card making kit. You always seem to make things so easy & convenient for us…

    Thanks Anna

  120. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    I <3 <3 <3 everything that you create, I do <3 the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers, this time, too!

  121. Kathy M. says:

    Anna, you never cease to amaze me. So many more wonderful cards we can make and for our friends and family to enjoy. I have July 11th marked on the calendar to anxiously await for all the other new and beautiful items you will have for us. It took my breath away to see the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers, my goodness. I loved the stepper Window Box Card kit as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you again on HSN and I love our getting together every Friday.

  122. Stephanie A says:

    These are both so pretty…I can’t wait until the show. The card toppers kit is gorgeous, and I just love the font on the sentiments in the step card kit.

  123. Sara Mahon says:

    I love all your card kits Anna, but can’t wait to get the Window Frame Card Kit! It looks fantastic, just like all your products! Can’t wait to watch on HSN!

  124. Celia Martinez says:

    The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers and Window Frame Card Making kit are a great addition to our card making supplies. The color palette is awesome! I look forward to receiving the card making kit!

  125. Ginger Marx says:

    I love both of these card kits. I have been making cards from your kits and using all of your products since you were on “the other network” I think I win when I send a card to a family member or a friend. So yes, I would love to win these card kits.

  126. Cheryl Baugh says:

    I love all of your kits and embellishments. I think I own all of your embossing folders and a lot of the dies! I make cards almost every day for something, I had 10 birthdays and an anniversary card to do for the month of May! From kids to seniors! I enjoy so much your embellishments and love the vintage ones! Thank you

  127. Kimberly Hattox says:

    Hi Anna and team! Will you please clarify about the autoship going away? I didn’t understand. tia

  128. Cheryl Baugh says:

    I love all of your card making items ! Especially the vintage look ones! And am so glad to see things for the men in our lives! I think I own everyone of your embossing folders! LOL
    DO so enjoy my card making and your supplies really make them come to life! Thank you

  129. Judy says:

    Wow, I just love the card toppers! If you are on at midnight, you must have the Today’s Special-ummm wondering what it might be?

  130. Sophia Grace Ji Hae Kim says:

    Anna Anna~!!! you certainly did it again~!!! Love both the Delicate Engravings card toppers and the Windows card making kit~!
    SOOOO Beautiful~! Truly “beautiful in the making”!

  131. Linda Hopf says:

    FABULOUS…a window box die. Would love to have this one. Have July 11th marked on my calendar.

    Many THANKS to you ANNA!

  132. Vaye Smith says:

    Oh cool…. calendar is marked for July 11…. I love both but love the window box kit… excited to get it…..

  133. Annette Konicek says:

    The Window frame card kit is my favorite – it allows the recipient to showcase the card a bit, which all Anna Griffin cards should be because they are beautiful! Can’t wait for the show.

  134. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & team!

    Thanks for the reminder post today! To think I almost missed this! I’m loving the card frame kit for sure. I’m always looking to do something new and fresh! This set is great for that and so easy too. That’s what I like about it. So excited to hear the Angelic card toppers will be back! Maybe this time I will get in, before they sell out!
    I’m excited for your next shows Ms. Anna, always am! Looks like you’ll be on a lot! Fun for us, but lots of long hours for you. Rest up…lol.
    Thanks for the update, have a blessed day! xox

  135. Jan Fleming says:

    Stunning! Just like you. Thank for sharing your wonderful talent with us. You make me feel talented. And I certainly am not. Can’t wait for your next appearance. I will be watching. J.

  136. Barbara H says:

    Engraving Toppers will be a must! As much as I love botanicals, Antique Dish Patterns are another passion of mine. So combining them is brilliant! Can’t wait! Your designs are timeless, can’t live w/o your products!

  137. Renee A. Zimmerman says:

    Anna, the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are so classy and breathtaking. Super excited for another Crafty Shopping day with new and old “Beautiful in the Making” products. Can’t wait!!!!!

  138. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Oh My Goodness, Anna. I have not been able to buy anything for the last 2 craft days due to my economical state, but I think maybe things are looking up and I will be OK for July. Please don’t make me choose, however, since I want it all. I am in Anna Griffin Shock Mode not being able to have anything new, so I must have it all.

  139. Donna D. says:

    Anna, You always come out with the most beautiful collections. I really like today’s preview of the Window Frame Card Making Kit, can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. Love it.

  140. Nancy Sue says:

    You make everything so easy for us all we do is open the box and go for it. Must have will be the Card toppers.

  141. Rhonda Fix says:

    Love it all! I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way!! Thanks for creating such gorgeous things for us!!

  142. Karen Cummings says:

    I Love the window frame cards. The embellishments look so Pretty. I love roses and the details in the die cuts. I can’t wait to see the show with more card samples!

  143. Diane aka ciocidi says:

    Truly love all of your card toppers! I received the masculine set and created 6 cards right off. Combine those with the “masculine” note cards, or the acrylic overlays, and my cards are at a whole new level. That was an ingenious idea; hope to see florals on those acrylic pieces! This is a new direction I love! Those note cards are beautiful bases for all embellishments, not just those with a masculine tone. I plan to order another set. Perhaps an A2 size of acrylic overlays can be designed? Thank you!

  144. Kim watkins says:

    Oh Anna! Oh Anna, I am totally Smitten with the Window Card Making Kit! Thank you for creating this card kit for us!

  145. cathy says:

    Love your craft shows looking forward to see the autoship I ordered. Also looking forward to your june sale. Thank you.

  146. Ne-Col says:

    I love the step cards. That die will be a lifesaver. I love using my Cricut sometimes I rather just do everything by hand. Thanks Anna !

  147. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are stunning! They look so “rich”. I love them!!! Next in line to my favorites is the Window Frame Card Making kit. I have everyone of your dies in my studio so this is a must have as well.

  148. DELORIS J BLUE says:

    The window frame kit with the dies is my favorite. I have auto-ship from March, but I’m not sure if these are included, if they are not, I will purchase. I can’t wait until July 11.

  149. Cindy Anderson says:

    Oh Miss Anna who is NO banANNA❤
    Oh how I just adore everything you make, there all so dainty and bezutiful. I especially loff how everything coordinates with each other. Miss Anna, how I would jump for joy if I won any of thesr collections you are now offeting, I’m still playing cat h up with the last collection. Your the best, the joy and excitment trully shine whenever you talk about your creations and you have a heart of gold that is always giving. A true Griffinite for life.

  150. Linda Gross says:

    I think these are the most beautiful card kits so far! I would LOVE to have them both!!!

  151. Barbara Moos says:

    I love both the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers and the Window Frame Card Making Kit. I can hardly wait for July 11th

  152. Cindy Brown says:

    Anna – Can not believe how beautiful the Delicate Engravings kit is! I LOVE the pastels! On the other hand the Fantastic Flips are just too wonderful. I’ll probably have to buy them both!

  153. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    Just when I thought you were at a point where I could catch up. These things are so beautiful the flowers are just so fresh unlike anything else you’ve done. The window cards look like so much fun and I need a little fun right now.

  154. Laura Fenske says:

    These are amazing…… ! I especially love the engraving card toppers. so beautiful!

  155. Linda Carson says:

    Love the “Windows” kits! I missed window boxes in March and tried everything to find it for sale. Can’t wait to het thid one. Is there sny way to get window boxes?

  156. Lorrie says:

    Favorite is the Window Frame card kit. Love that it comes with the dies to make more cards.

  157. Cheryl pellegrin says:

    These are just beautiful. I thank you for the opportunity to win them but I mostly thank God for giving so much talent to share with us that have less of it. Thank you

  158. Lisa G says:

    I love your vintage embellishment look, they are so elegant. I really like the step card as I love to surprise people with unique cards, Already have your others, Fantastic Flips etc. Can’t wait till July 11, got it on the calendar.

  159. Michelle M says:

    Both of these are so beautiful! I love how all your products go together so well. I can’t wait until July 11!

  160. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    The July show on HSN already sounds scrumptious. This show will be very different for me. I have put myself on a budget. First time ever. Even though it’s kind of a bummer (I can’t get it all) I’m sort of excited about my new independence. So I’ll have to make some smart selections.

  161. Linda from bay Shore says:

    Oh Anna,
    These pieces are sooooooo beautiful!
    I have some of your other French inspired designs and these card layers will go nicely.
    I cant wait to get them.
    Thanks , Linda

  162. irma castillon says:

    love love love the window card kit would love to have this kit
    as always everything is just amazing .

  163. Alice Pais says:

    You’ve outdone yourself again. Can’t wait for the show so I can order. They are beautiful. Alice Pais

  164. Vivian Kochis says:

    Dear Anna,

    The topper are fabulous! I wish I didn’t have to wait until July to get these.

  165. Sandy B says:

    The Delicate Engravings kit looks like a beautiful addition to my card making stash; however, the Window Frame kit runs such a close second, it’s almost no contest. Guess I need both!!

  166. Leticia C says:

    Both are amazing! If I had to choose a favorite it would be the delicate engravings but both are beautiful.

  167. Deborah Perry says:

    Both kits are exquisite. Choosing a favorite is impossible. I can’t wait to see what your TS is July 11th. Both these kits are special enough to be the TS.

  168. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna I absolutely love them both, and they are a must have. My husband keeps commenting that he is going to add a new walk in closet for me,,,,,an”Anna Griffin Craft,,storage walk in closet”! . Wouldn’t that be a dream, easy access to everything I need in one central space! Love everthing as usual

  169. Lucy Armitage says:

    Both of these kits are wonderful as usual, but my favorite would be the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. II just love the colors & your most special flowers. Anxious for July 11th!

  170. Kathleen Mills says:

    Love the window frame kit, especially the dies!! And the Delicate Engravings are beautiful too! Ack! I’ll be in trouble again in July

  171. SharonS. says:

    I hope the window box cards and dies will be back. The delicate engravings card toppers are beautiful. It is awesome you will be back on soon.

  172. Elaine Bauman says:

    Love the window frame card kit! New to cardmaking but rapidly becoming obsessed. Can’t wait for July 11th to see all the new things. My biggest problem is my craft closet keeps getting smaller….lol. Make me a winner please!

  173. Jennie Michael says:

    what I can’t wait for on July 11th is all the new things you guys come out with. I love that you have that many ideas and you can make them happen. I also look forward to the card kits love them

  174. Valerie says:

    Just love the dies, it will make it so easy to make stepper cards. Can’t wait to see all the new things. Thanks Anna for all you do for us.

  175. TessNYC says:

    I love all the products you come out with I hope one day I will win. I wish you will bring back the window box cards.

  176. Julianne says:

    I always enjoy seeing what new items you bring! I made several flip cards over the long weekend and more projects, some of which included your dies. I love your totally unique look in this craft marketplace, I have since the beginning! Thanks, Anna!

  177. Brenda Owen says:

    I am in love with everything, as usual, but I really love the 3D step card with the 7 dies.

  178. Christine Hafner says:

    Hi Anna! I’m so excited about July 11th for two reasons–first, it’s my husband’s birthday, and secondly, it’s scrapbook day on HSN. I will get to see only a few shows that day, so I’m hoping one will be you showing your beautiful Window Frame cards–they are so beautiful, and I really want the kit. Sincerely, Christine Hafner .

  179. Brenda Scheiman says:

    The delicate engravings kit looks absolutely beautiful. I should be receiving the window frame kit soon, yea! These kits make me look like I am the greatest card maker around.
    Thanks Anna.

  180. Donna says:

    As I’m making my Father’s Day cards using your die cuts, as well as birthday cards, looking at the new goodies you have developed has me going in circles of Joy! It’s just what I need to add to my Anna Griffin collection. Everyone expects a homemade card from now on and I can’t disappoint them! From paper tricks to pop ups, it’s a challenge to come up with a better one every time! I can”t wait!

  181. JudyRee says:

    ❤️ Love ❤️ the window frame boxed kit! So special how it stands on its own. But I love ❤️ ALL your kits!!!

  182. T. GUIMARAES says:

    Anna, I am the least artistic person you have ever met. in elementary school, teachers would look at me with pitying eyes, because I couldn’t even color within the lines. but I have always had a heart that has gravitated to Beauty. I never knew that this beauty could be my art with your help. you have taught me so much about making beautiful cards and scrapbook pages. Your tips, tricks, and techniques are invaluable. thank you for being the best teacher, mentor, and guide a girl could ever hope for. God bless you for sharing your art with the rest of us.

  183. Mary Alleva says:

    Hi Anna I’m excited about both of these products. I love your tools because I usually make my cards completely from scratch, but every now and then I need a card real quick and your kits are the perfect solution. Thanks for all the wonderful products that you bring to us through HSN. See you in July.

  184. Jeanne Washburn says:

    Love the Delicate Engravings kit. The colors and layers are gorgeous. I hope to get the window box kit visit auto ship in late June. Looking forward to that kit, too.

  185. Karen B says:

    I love the window dies. I was just thinking how cool it would be if you could also do a frame die and then, there it was. What I love best about HSN craft days, besides the tools and great deals, are the ideas and projects that are shared. So many creative people participate.

  186. Kate Molnar says:

    Anna, I am so happy to see you return to your roots with beautiful antique designs and styles that made you famous! The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are just beautiful. I can’t wait to start creating with them!

  187. Kelly says:

    More gorgeous things to look forward to…would love just the dies for your new card styles so i can make with all of your beautiful papers and supplies.

  188. Teresa says:

    As many before me have said, the Delicate Engravings card toppers are So beautiful! What a great way to shake things up from the past, vintage is The thing right now, so this will be a perfect addition to the vintage look!

  189. Robin Greason says:

    I love the Delicate Engravings Card toppers. They are GRAND. Anyone receiving cards should feel like royalty. I’ll have to make one for myself to showcase it.

  190. Kathy P. says:

    Hello what’s not to get excited about? Sure hope I got on the autoship for that one kit. Can’t wait until July.

  191. Kimberley says:

    I’m loving the Window Box Card Kit. How in the world did I miss this one??? My number one choice is always your die sets, but since you did not show a die set this time around….my choice will be the window card kit. I hope so much you will be bringing back the auto ship die sets like you did before. Those were your absolutely best dies you have ever created hands down!!!!

    Looks like I missed Create again!!! One day I’ll get there. I was in the hospital a lot last year and I was too sick to even think about it. I pray this year will be different.
    Love always, Kimberley

  192. Dolores says:

    With all these posts, don’t imagine this will be seen, but want you, Anna, that your products are sooooo beautiful, and when I grow up, I want to be just like you ✨✨

  193. Kelly McNerney says:

    These are so beautiful. I got my new cricut and cuttlebug and have been trying to get things together to make some cards. I can’t seem to get the right things together to make as beautiful cards as these are. This sure would give me inspiration.

  194. Kate says:

    Oh so elegant! Each and every one looks so gorgeous. Cannot wait to get these and looking forward to the July! Thanks so much Anna.

  195. Lana Gilbert says:

    I am a pastors wife and I love sending birthday and anniversary cards to everyone in our church. Both sets of these cards would be wonderful to send to the ladies and men
    I’m sure some young girls would love them also
    These are absolutely “beauty in the making and beyond”.

  196. Vicky Ford says:

    Hi, Anna
    I’m so excited for July 11 to get here so I can get my frame cards I want to start making my cards and I don’t know where to start so this will get me going thank you and your crew for all your hard work to make us all happy for the love of crafts

  197. kathryn kerrigan says:

    Each time your kits get more beautiful and challenging! I love them! thanks!

  198. Carol Ouellette says:

    Will love seeing your July 11th HSN Craft Day! Even when I can’t make a purchase it is so fun to see all the “beautiful in the making” card ideas.
    But my favorite in this preview is the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers….love the gorgeous flower embellishments. My first card from it will be a wedding card. Will have so much fun.

  199. Jo Royse says:

    I am so glad ill be able to get the Window Frame Card Kit. Thank you for the directions for the Shaker Card Kit.

  200. Annette Hingst says:

    I like the delicate engravings toppers. Anna, are you going to be bringing back the hot foil dies that had all the word/sentiments on them. I missed that in March because it went from not available because they were saving it for later, to not available at all apparently within the blink of an eye. Please bring these back HSN. Thanks.

  201. Deborah Bode says:

    I LOVE the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers! They are beautiful! I can see a lot of beautiful cards in the making!

  202. Cheryl Dobes says:

    Love the window frame kit! I really like when the kits come with the dies so I can create my own.

  203. Sheila says:

    People love the WIndows Ledge cards ! it works really well to include pictures as well. Love the colors and stickers as usual

  204. Ronny says:

    The Delicate Engravings card toppers look so pretty and I’m thinking they will be a good kit to make ‘quick’ cards.

    I have the box cards from the last show and have made quite a few now, but for me one card takes a couple of hours. I can set the box part up in just a few minutes but it takes me an hour or more just to pick out what I will put in it!! I overly obsess about things like that. Anybody else like me?
    Then I layer them a lot by using pop tabs and putting things on both sides of the green inserts so I end up with a pretty full box. Love these cards but like I said, I need Delicate Engravings toppers so I can have a quick card made at a moments notice. Thanks Anna

  205. Karen says:

    *** the Delicate Engravings kit is gorgeous. Can’t wait to get it. Am on autoship for the window frame cards. Having a wonderful time with the box cards. People love them. Going to make 2 more today for “thank you” cards. Can you please bring back the Jolie paper set?

  206. Annette Townsend says:

    These are beautiful and I need some new items for my card. I can hardly wait for July.

  207. Marilyn Teague says:

    Words cannot express how very beautiful your card kits are. Love, love love the Delicate Engravings card toppers and so excited for the window frame kit. You’re the most incredible artist.

  208. Stacey Kapu says:

    I totally love the gorgeous new delicate engravings toppers! The florals are amazing. Can’t wait to get those. Love the card set too! thanks for the chance!

  209. Mary Beth says:

    Window Frame Step Cards…I DO LOVE THESE!!
    What I really love is all the new papers, and different color emphasis, and embellishments!!
    Great addition to the AG Collection!

  210. Lisa C Fulton says:

    I really like the delicate engraving card toppers. I have other engraving embellishments of yours in these same colors that will work with this set. I am trying to integrate my card making with photos that my husband takes into card-photos that I put in frames for family and this is just the right kind of flair I need for the look. Thank you Anna. Lisa

  211. Donna Caro says:

    LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!! all the products. I love making cards, it’s a stress reliever for me. To make a beautiful or awesome card and give it to someone and make their day makes me happy.

  212. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Kim, yes going forward if you miss out on the autoship, you will not be able to get the items separately afterward. We will add your ideas to ours!

  213. Mariel Jones says:

    I love the Window Box card kit! Oh Anna… you always give us tons of choices and everything are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for always giving us the inspiration of creativeness… you rock!

  214. Sheri Lesh says:

    The Engravings card kit looks wonderful…..but the step card kit does as well and with the dies……makes it extra great! Love all your products REALLY!

  215. Sue Buchanan says:

    I would love to win so I can donate it to my 80+ year old mothers garden club. They could make cards using your beautiful flowers. She has enjoyed all the cards I’ve sent to her that I’ve made using your kits and dies and I know she would love to do a program introducing your kits to her club members.

  216. Michelle Christ says:

    So excited Anna for July 11th. Saving my money to add as much of your products as I can! Thank you for all you do. You have such a creative mind!

  217. Debi Armstrong says:

    Love these products! Can’t wait to see the show and all the new stuff you have to offer!

  218. Debbi H. says:

    Who wants these beauties……………..ooo ooo I do I do.!!! They are gorgeous. I can’t wait to play with them.

  219. Teresa says:

    I just love both of these kits and would love to win them. The Window Frame Card Making Kit would have to be my favorite.

  220. RaVonna Johnson says:

    As always I am totally amazed by the beautiful products Anna creates. I love both of these but I will admit I am really excited about the window frame cards. Thanks again Anna for all the beautiful products you bring us.

  221. Andrea Jones says:

    I absolutely LOVE the first card kit featured. I make about 100 BIRTHDAY CARDS for my mother-in-law every other month. She send cards to church members and gives them to nursing home patients. This card kit would really help me support her ministry.
    Keep those creative kits coming!!

    Creatively Yours,

    Andrea Jones

  222. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Jeorgette. Flip the plates over on the other side, and keep flipping them each time you use them. This will keep them more even!

  223. Cynthia C Grimm says:

    What’s not to love about these 2 products. I am so glad to see that you are keeping 18th century art alive and letting us being able to pass it on to other people to enjoy. Thank you.

  224. Joanne Prosser says:

    I have never made a window card before. With your window card kit I could make some beautiful cards, and with the dies, I could continue to make the cards for a long time.

  225. Kathryn says:

    Love the card toppers. They come in very handy when you need a beautiful card in a hurry.

  226. Karen Lorenz says:

    I am so excited about the window frame card kit. I missed out on the auto ship. The engraved card layers are so beautiful. I want them both. Anna you and your team are truly amazing with all the new product you keep coming up with. Thank you to you and your team for making beautiful in the making.

  227. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    Hope you had a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

    Love the card toppers and the window frame card kit. I can’t decide which I like best. Both are stunning and I will probably buy both. Always love new dies….love the endless possibilities. Your fans are so fortunate. First the sale in June and then new products in July. We are twice blessed. See you soon.

  228. Tandara Smith says:

    Love the new dies and accompanying decorations. Would be a great to start a new group of ready to use cards. Love all your products. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. Karen Kleinert says:

    Just love the window frame set. Love it because once you are done with the kit you can keep on making your frames and frame till your hearts content. All your items just scream SPRING and LOVE. Anyone would love the cards from this kit.

  230. Jessica Yarbrough says:

    I am excited for the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. I am impatiently waiting for the Window Frame Card Making Kit autoship in June.

  231. Angela says:

    The cards are absolutely beautiful and the Window Frame sets are a perfect way to display them!

  232. Linda Z. says:

    If I could only pick one it would have to be the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers! One can never have enough card toppers. Thanks Anna for the inspirational paper crafting ideas!

  233. Christina Coco says:

    So beautiful!! Love everything Anna Griffith!! Can’t wait for the July show!!

  234. Missy K says:

    Wow Anna,

    I remembering calling HSN and asking them to do crafting shows after the other channel stopped. I talked to you on the phone once ( live on air) about a year ago now. I have been a huge lover and supporter of your crafting line for I think over 20 years now. July 11, 2017 is special to me because my Mother also a lover of your things with be 84 and is suffering with Alzheimer’s. Though I still send plenty to the group home of your products to keep them all busy crafting. Love the window cards and dies. Do not know how I missed them on auto ship.

  235. Dale L. says:

    Oh my gosh! I love both the Delicate Engraving Card Toppers–beautiful colors–and the Window Frame Card Making Kit! Can’t choose one over the other so will have to purchase both!! Sounds like there are a lot more surprises for the July show; counting the days! Again, thank you for all that you do for us. Your products are top!

  236. Nora says:

    Love ❤️ your products especially the card kits. Could you please consider the mailing expense when developing your card lines. My 96 year old mother is on a fixed income and some of your cards cost as much a $1.25 each to send. I make her the cards and it gets expensive for her to send them especially the square and shaker cards. Thanks !

  237. Patricia May says:

    Wow!! What a beautiful layout of cards and the dies that we can make on our own. The Sets are so grand, and the engravings and toppers and stickers are so great… You and your staff are so creative and it would be my pleasure to win both of these sets.. I can’t wait till the 11 to see all the rest of the new ideas you have this time.

  238. Janice B. says:

    As always you and your design team have done it again. I think the new card kit is beautiful and the pastel colors are simple darling.

  239. Anne with an "e" says:

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Both of the new products are on the greatest hits list for me – I am very partial to French design, and what crafter doesn’t love an unusual card structure? For July 11th, it’s exciting that you have the midnight today’s special show – but my favorite is watching/listening as you graciously give tips for, and examples of, what can be done with your beautiful products. Thank you!

  240. Dixie costley says:

    Really enjoy the dies you include in your card kits. Makes it an easy way to create a card out of existing papers and embellishments.

  241. Jan Forgue says:

    I will never buy another card again! Anna, you have thought of everything and then you still come up with something new. What else do you have up your sleeve?

  242. Kathy Tontrup says:

    The Card Toppers!! WOW! I can’t wait these excite me. The card kit for me is on autoship so this will come soon. Thanks Anna.

  243. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, LOVE your Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. You are giving us much more than the card toppers previously. What a GREAT beginning to a NEW CRAFT DAY!!! Keep the NEW items coming.

  244. Angie Kindig says:

    Love the card kit and can’t wait to watch you on HSN. Love all the creativity!!!

  245. Mitzi A Reighard says:

    Soooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Anna crafting days on HSN!

  246. Sylvia Fox says:

    Anna, you are so amazing with these beautiful cards and embellishments that inspire. Who wouldn’t love both of these items. To give to someone you love and show them not only in words, but also in beauty with crafts how much you love them. These two sets are really going to be a favorite of mine, and July 11 can’t be here soon enough. How I would love to be chosen as a winner for these. Anna, you give to us in thoughts, words and beauty so we can share with others. Sylvia

  247. Pat G says:

    I’m in awe of how you continue to come up with new and exquisite products. I look forward to see what you have for the July show. The new card toppers are beautiful!

  248. Mary Ann Larson says:

    Beautiful — love the die with the new stand up card so we can make our own with our beautiful Anna G papers!

  249. Gayle Driver says:

    I can’t wait for July 11th. I am new to card making, but my first card was from one of your kits. I gave it to newlyweds who were thrilled by the beauty of the card that they questioned why I had not made their wedding invitations. I would be overwhelmed to win either one of the kits as I continue to explore the wonderful world of cardmaking.

  250. Susie says:

    Wow those window cards are so pretty glad to see them and stand alone. Love to win this. Will be out of internet range that day of the show try to order something earlier. Have a great show.

  251. Lois N. says:

    Hi Anna, I have fallen in love with your Delicate Engravings Card Toppers and would be so glad to use them in my card making and scrapbook projects. Such beautiful and romantic elegance!
    I would also be so happy to have the Window Frame Card Kit to use with the ready available cards and make some more beautiful things with the diecuts! Such creativity and inspiration in the making with all your wonderful products to look forward to that my projects just keep getting better and better!! Thank you Anna and your Staff for all you share with all of us always. Happy and Blessed Memorial Day to all our Veterans everywhere. Love, Lois N.

  252. Brenda says:

    Anna , just beautiful just when I said not going to get to much this time. You come up with some more must have stuff.

  253. Beth Williams says:

    I love both these items. I have the window frame cards coming on auto ship. I would love to have the delicate engravings as well. You just keep coming up with great things.

  254. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Whoa! July 11th I am so excited for the Craft Party across the Nation via Anna Griffin & HSN! I am so impressed with the 18th century paintings for card toppers! I am excited also about the window card kit! I missed the auto ship. Oh wow! Let the fun continue! I love your blog always! Brings light & joy to my day!

  255. Joyce A Ward says:

    Hi Anna!
    Indeed, I am so excited for these beautiful new in the making style delicate engraving card toppers with the French paintings of 18th century china patterns layering at their finest, just absolutely gorgeous! I can’t
    wait to share these Anna Griffin beauties with our favorite folks which I am always asked,” where did you find and make such lovely cards”?
    Of course, the window frame making card kit with the cutting dies are so pretty also. What’s a gal suppose to do?-watch HSN, always so exciting! Can’t wait….
    Remembering our loved ones on Memorial Day,

  256. Chayden says:

    Wow!!!I want both but my first pick is the window kit,I missed out on the first kit….can’t wait..

  257. Marjorie Iwamoto says:

    I wanted the Window Cardmaking Kit when I first saw it as part of the Window Box Pop-up card kit (auto ship). I’ve been waiting for this chance to get this unique kit. Thank you for making it available for those of us that didn’t order the auto ship for the Window Box Pop-up card kit.

  258. Paulette Duda says:

    just what I need…another kind of card to make. Honestly, it is just what I need.

  259. Susan Gonyo says:

    All so beautiful! I do so appreciate you including the dies with the kits. Thank you Anna.

  260. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Love the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. Your sample cards are beautiful!! Can’t wait to see them on HSN. Thank you@

  261. Carol Cerio says:


    The card toppers are wonderful and your
    staff is right – the best ever.
    Thank you.

  262. Earlene Bost says:

    Your. products are always gorgeous! I would love to win the step card kit with the dies.

  263. Linda Hill says:

    Well,,,July 11 is my birthday so hopefully I can win this for my one and only present!!!

  264. Karen S says:

    I love the delicate engraving card toppers. I have always love the china designs, and the colors are so vivid!

  265. Margaret says:

    I absolutely love your crafting items, Anna! I couldn’t get the auto ship for the card making kits last time as I ran out of money! The Toppers are to die for!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! God Bless!

  266. karenladd says:

    Everything is just exquisite and I would love to try those step up card dies! I love watching you demonstrate your products on HSN…thank you Anna, for making our craft world beautiful

  267. Teresa Helsel says:

    I just LOVE the card kits that include the dies so I can keep making them over and over! Can’t wait for the show!

  268. Virginia Wilson says:

    Being a history buff, I like how you use archived designs from years in the past. What is new to us is really oldies but goodies. Love them.

  269. Deborah Rusignuolo says:

    Oh my another 24 hour craft day love it. I love watching all the new product . Can’t wait.

  270. Robin says:

    Too hard to pick a favorite – both of these items have beautifiul end results. I hope you pick my name!

  271. Sue Lutz says:

    ALWAYS love yr card toppers Anna and would love to win these along with the Windows cards AND Dies. Perfect!

  272. Andrew says:

    Please please tell me how I can get these in the UK
    I want them both but cannot order from the US
    This is mental torture !!!

  273. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    Anna, you and your team are just so creative! These two kits are gorgeous! So glad I’m already on autoship for the window card kit but if I do win a set, I’ll make the cards and donate them to one of my local assisted living communities for their residents. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us for July 11. Thank you for providing such fun projects!

  274. Patti says:

    Hi Anna and all of your team! Thank you for once again outdoing yourself! I do agree with the staff that said that this 1st setis one of the prettiest ever. I love all of the pastel papers and I have some ideas already of what I’m going to do with them. Everyone of your sneak previews I think surely there will be something that I won’t want to buy and there is always something I want & have to buy!!! The window box cards I really like, but I’m actually excited even more about the dies that come with them. There is no die out there that comes closely to the quality and beauty of those that have the Anna Griffin name on them! This is the absolute truth and I love all of them. I’d be thrilled to be a winner! Thanks again for all you do! Patti (your biggest fan in st Louis)

  275. Barbara Zak says:

    WOW….Love that you have these coming up on your next show on HSN. Can’t wait.

  276. Linda Wallace says:

    I am so excited about you coming to HSN again I always look forward to seeing you and all your new goodies that you have.. I am so excited to have the chance to get Window Frame Card Making Kit

  277. Adaline Cooper says:

    Anna these are just too lovely to choose a favorite. I can’t choose. Really love both.

  278. Dianna Lantz says:

    Yes I need both of these..Thanks Anna I would love to win these…I hope I hear from you first!

  279. Jeorgette P says:

    The delicate engravings toppers are gorgeous, but the one I was waiting for is the Window Frame Card Making Kit! I love the cards and that we’re getting a die!

    In fact, the only thing that would make me love it more is if it was a Cricut cartridge (because for some reason, my brand-new Cuttlebug is warping the plates so badly I can’t use them a second time…it warps them so that they’re bowing up almost a whole 1/2 centimeter).

    I’ve seen template versions of this sold by others and I just didn’t like the idea of taking all that time with the steps (first measure, then cut, then score it, then fold, then cut out the other layers). You’ve once again helped us to make something beautiful easily and quickly! Thank you so much for that.

  280. Dianna Lantz says:

    Wow Anna these are my favorite….makes me look like a pro…to win would be mind boggling. ..have a great week…Thank You 🙂

  281. Mrs. Mary Huff says:


    Anna, I love them both but I’ll buy the card toppers for sure..see u soon.

  282. cheryl tamburlin says:

    I don’t know how I ever missed those window frame card kits…..but I won’t this time. I will be getting in from Scotland on the tenth and will have to sleep hard on the way home so I can stay up and order these as soon as they come on….hopefully I will be able to order ahead of time when you put the items out there on the every helpful list…..another great card making kit….PS…..I am getting the first one also! Thanks Anna for all the gorgeous items….makes crafting such a breeze!

  283. ELAINE SWANK says:

    (Boy you can tell when there is a give away Tee Hee)

    Hi Anna and Crew, What I like best is the Window Frame Card Making Kit because of the dies. I like the idea of having “starter cards” (that’s what I call them) to make and then use my gray matter and the dies to create with my tons of goodies in my stash. It took me some thought before I started to like your new lighter colors. I so liked what you had out . NOW they are growing on me.
    Thanks for bringing our ideas to life.

    Also I wish to thank all those that serve or served to make it so were are Free to enjoy our crafting. Mamacrafter

  284. Sharon K says:

    I love the flowers weither they are new or old they are beautiful. THe cut card will add a lot of new designs I can make with all the supplies.
    Thank you so much. God Bless!

  285. Kathy Brenneman says:

    I am so sorry I hear that we will no longer be able to purchase ingle auto ship items. It just isn’t fair to be pushed into the autoship commitment by no longer offering us the single shipments. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. The delicate engravings toppers are amazing, really looking forward to those.
    Kathy B.

  286. Paula Jackson says:

    It’s always so difficult to state what we like best IN each preview. Everything is always so gorgeous and mind-blowing. You consistently come up with new items that I didn’t know I NEEDED,ha. Both of these collections are fun and beautiful and I must have both. I look forward to your June show because I get such inspiration from watching you. Thank you Anna.

  287. Winnie Johnson says:

    The new kit looks absolutely amazing. I am most excited to see what creation you came up with for the TS!!

  288. Esther cisneros says:

    Anna, your designs are very addicting and my habit is my credit card…..your creative team is habit forming and I need this one.
    Thank you for keeping me happy.

  289. Brenda Luoma says:

    Hello Anna – Both sets are wonderful but I think the Delicate Engravings kit is elegant and adds that special golden quality to an already beautiful card. Looking forward to your show! Brenda

  290. karen chester says:

    I too love everything. I especially love the dies that come with the window in the middle cards. I can’t wait to play with it, without measuring the sides and the title part for the front on the card. Thanks Anna,

  291. Rita Viscardi Santo says:

    Hi Anna. Well you make it very hard to decide which is my favorite. The delicate engravings kit is so special. What I like about the step card kit is that it includes the die to make more!! I am looking forward to both your June and July shows. Can’t wait.

  292. Jane says:

    The Delicate Engravings card toppers are beautiful! I am waiting patiently for the Frame kit since I ordered it on auto ship! Looking forward to 24 hour craft day!

  293. Mary R. says:

    Everything is beautiful. I especially like the dies. I’m looking forward to see more items with your foiling. Sounds like you are going to be a Today’s Special. Can not wait to see what that is going to be.

  294. Janet W. from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    Happy Memorial Day, Anna!! Thank you to all who have served and to those who are serving.

    I love the card toppers. The colors are so vibrant. Can’t wait to make these. I like the window frame kit too. What a unique card to send to someone. How lovely they display.

    I’m really looking forward to your shows in both June & July. You always make me laugh, give me great ideas, & you’re so genuine. Love you & your products!

  295. NancyB says:

    Love the idea of buying both card kits and intermingling the embellishments. Can’t wait until July.

  296. Nancy says:

    The Delicate Engravings card toppers are breathtaking! To be honest everything you create is breathtaking.

  297. Helen Brooke says:

    Oh, Anna, I’m so happy to write my first post to your Blog (long story). I have been your Fan since way, way back. Back when you were on the other channel and you made for us the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping and stunning Scrapbooking Kits that came in big, beautiful, sturdy boxes that were gifts in themselves full of all the paper, embellishments and the Scrapbook Bnder to boot!

    Although I couldn’t post here (and therefore missed a chance to be surprised with one of your beautiful products) I kept on top of your events and new products by reading your blog. I even take notes. No kidfing! I really do. In my note book, I keep info about your HSN schedule and all your preview products with details of them (I just found your Pink Note Book to use!) Then I work on my Wish List which has two groups, the Must Haves and the Got To Haves. LOL

    I couldn’t possibly choose between today’s two preview products. They are both so lovely and just my style. They have all the florals, feminity, beautiful lines and classic designs that withstand the test of time and will never look “dated.” That’s what Classic is all about, my favorite style, and to me, Anna Griffin is the embodiment of the Classic Design Lady.
    Joy & Good Wishes to You, Helen

  298. Marcie Smith says:

    I see we are off to a great start already!!! Can not wait to get my autoship for this card kit. Always love autoship and am never sorry. I love the new set of card toppers!!!! So beautiful, but, what product of yours isn’t???? Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  299. COCO says:

    Anna the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are so LOVELY. I also love the step cards mine has not arrived yet but hopefully it will be here soon.
    Can’t wait for the July show.
    Thank you Anna.

  300. Penny Colley says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I love both kits! Your designs are so awesome, they inspire me to be more creative. Can’t wait for them to be released!

  301. Susie B says:

    I love both of the kits, as I do all of your kits! Looking forward to your next shows on HSN – love when HSN has a day of crafts! Thank you Anna!

  302. Barbara Ferris says:

    Anna, I love the window frames card kit & dies, but I also truly love the Delicate Engravings card toppers! Hope I can be that one lucky winner! Thank-you for all that you create & share with us. God has blessed you with abundant talent!

  303. Lisa Schumacher says:

    Always love when you’re on HSN and all your beautiful things! The Delicate Engravings are my new favorite!!! Can’t wait till July!!! Love making cards!

  304. Lana says:

    Love both of these sets, but I must have blinked when the step up card was shown, so I would prefer that one since it will be a done deal after the show is over.

  305. Kim griffin says:

    Oh my… the delicate engraving card toppers are so beautiful. I think they are one of the prettiest I’ve seen to date and you have some beautiful things for us. The pastels colors and the flowers definitely a must have. You said there’s an angelic kit coming out later this fall is it like the delicate engraving kit?

  306. Leanna "Lee" Hansen says:

    Both sets are beautiful, but my favorite has got to be the box frame stepper card dies. I love making these step cards and this will make them even more elaborate! Thanks for all of your great kits and products!

  307. Pamela A says:

    Happy Memorial Day!
    The Delicate Engravings card toppers are truly beautiful. I would have to agree with your staff this is a beautiful set, a must have. I’m on auto-ship for the frame card kit, these are the best. Circling July 11th on the calendar. A huge Thank YOU to our veterans and current military for all you do, blessing to you all!

  308. Bertha Proffitt says:

    Ohh La La. The 3D step card and die kit looks amazing. Looking forward to another craft day on HSN. Thanks! Anna and HSN

  309. marieta fargo boone says:

    These are both so beautiful it is hard to choose. Usually I would just buy both. But I did not get in on the autoship so I prefer the window card kit especially since it has the dies that keep on giving. Thanks, Anna for giving us so much beauty to pass on to others.

  310. Susan says:

    Like both sets. So many cards and so little time. This will allow me to make so many more cards.

  311. Laura Manicho says:


    I LOVE your craft days on HSN! They need to do more of these! Cards, Scrapbooking, & pPercraft supplies ar getting hard to find locally any more.

    Your complete Card kits are beautiful, with the card blanks, paper, sentiments, and even an idea sheet!
    I always get the auto orders!!!!!
    Please keep creating for us!

    Thank You,

    Laura Manicho

  312. Donna says:

    The Window Frame Card Making Kit is adorable!!! I love, love, love dies and the cute little cards are awesome!! Looks like it will be another fun day once again!

  313. lydia says:

    I love the Window Frame Cardmaking Kit!!
    I will always go for the one that encourages the most dimension. Thank you for the opportunity.

  314. Donna says:

    I’m completely swooning over the delicate French floral card toppers! So much color and beautiful vintage flowers!

  315. Darlene Sirrine says:

    I love all the items and can’t wait to get Delicate Engraving card toppers. I will need the new die cuts as well, I love being able to design my own cards but use the AG die cuts.

  316. Andi says:


  317. Karen says:

    I just love the window frame cards and the fact that dies included will make it possible to design my own cards in the future!

  318. Susie L says:

    Those flowers are so beautiful! Delicate Engravings is the first item on my July shopping list! And can’t wait to get the Window Frame kit next month!!!

  319. Carol Miller says:

    Love the card toppers kit. The flowers you have in these kits are always so beautiful and original. Love it all.

  320. JeannieB says:

    I love the Elegant Engravings Card Toppers! I have the Angelic Card Toppers and they are beautiful. This will be a set to use all year long. Can’t wait!

  321. Mary N. says:

    Love both of these sets!! Looking forward to using my collection of beautiful AG papers and embellishments with the dies in the Window Frame kit. The toppers are so delicate, and can be used to create a wide variety of beautiful pieces for all ages. I am so looking forward to using these beautiful products. Thank you!! Mary

  322. Ginger Pinata says:

    I am SO looking forward to the July 11th show. I am fairly new to card making, yet everything (which has been lots) that I purchase from you makes me look like I have been making cards for years. Thanks for letting all of us benefit from all your expertise and your great love for the arts around the world and centuries. Keep them coming Anna.

  323. Lori Yee says:

    I love everything you come out with. Both these sets are awesome. I would be so excited to get one. I will try to get both sets on july 11

  324. Brenda Hoffman says:

    All your products are ever so beautiful. My favorite this time I the Delicate Engravings card toppers!! I’ve been making cards for friends and relatives and recently went to my monthly scrapbooking and thought while there I would make my daughter and granddaughter their Mother’s Day cards with your beautiful dies (Yes, I’m; a grandmother & a great grandmother). I got so many compliments and one of my friends said can you make me one for my Mother? I was happy to do it and she was ever so grateful. She called me to say she thought it was so beautiful that she bought a frame for it for her Mother to put on her desk and then wrote a hand written letter to her Mother to go inside. Looking forward to seeing you again on HSN!! I missed getting the Go Press & Foil Machine when you were on last time as they sold out. Will you be bringing those back? Hope so! Thanks again for all you and your team do to bring such beautiful products for so many to enjoy.

  325. Frances McAdams says:

    The Delicate Engravings card toppers are smashingly Out of this world beautiful. My Goodness Anna you always have a Surprise Rabbit to pull out of the Hat. You are such a “Master Magician” of the graphic kind! It is such a blessing to be in your corner. One Question: will the notebook duo for clear stamps be coming back soon?

  326. Marla Symes says:

    I love the new card topper kit. You make me look like such a pro at crafting. Love your work.

  327. Paula Byrd says:

    The card toppers are great and my favorite this week. Can’t wait to purchase them. Hurry up July 11th. Can’t wait to see the TSV (I hope) If you’re on at midnight that must mean great things are going to happen.

  328. Elizabeth N says:

    Oh my goodness! I love the Window Frame Cardmaking Kit!! Both sets are lovely but if forced to pick one, I will always go for the one that encourages the most dimension. This looks like just what the doctor ordered to get me out of my slump and back to cardmaking. Thank you for the opportunity.

  329. CC Suzanne Downing says:

    The flowers are blooming beautiful & luscious. The frames are so great & perfect! I think these will make beautiful cards & projects! Thank you for adding such beauty to creating & to giving.

  330. Jane Paul says:

    Can’t wait to see (and get) the beautiful
    Delicate Engraving Card Topper kit, they look like so much fun to put together. The Window Frame cards are so neat, I am thinking of all the great things you could do with these cards. Hurry, July!!!!

  331. Teresa Ann Trump says:

    The dies, of course are my favorite as then I can perpetually make more step cards.

  332. Terry Pepin says:

    Anna, I love engravings card toppers and the card kit. Too hard to pick just one.

  333. Cynthia Perez says:

    The delicate engravings are simply gorgeous. Anna, I don’t think there is a thing you have introduced that I don’t like. Can’t wait for the new show

  334. Nadya Hance says:

    These are gorgeous. I love the step card. Anna you are so wonderful. Love that you make card making so easy, funny and beautiful!

  335. Shari D says:

    Wow!!! All of these sets are incredible. I love the Window dies set. I love when you include dies in your sets. I can’t wait for the shows in July.

  336. Susan Miller says:

    I too am excited about the Today’s Special Value.I forgot in my earlier post to mention that.Anytime Anna is starting out the days programs I know it is going to be a great special value. I always order right away as I don’t want to miss out.In anticipation of all the new launches I want to let everyone know that a bunch of Anna Griffin products on HSN are on sale. I got some phenomenal prices and deals. I cannot wait for the new stuff. I have been with Anna Griffin since she started so I am very excited. See you Soon! lol

  337. Amy Bethancourt says:

    You never fail to spark my crafty side – thank you so much for your inspiration!

  338. Janet says:

    I would love to win these great new items. I could give them to my daughter as she is going through chemotherapy. She could do this now, and I can wait until the July show and order my own!

  339. Betty Wilson says:

    Love the Window Frame card making kit and especially love that the dies come with the kit so we can create our own designs. Like the Delicate Engravings card toppers also, both are beautiful.

  340. Mary Ann Larson says:

    Love both products…they are fabulous…Sure appreciate what you and your team provide for us!!

  341. Mary Ann Larson says:

    Wow wow wow — Love both kits and always amazed at the beautiful talent of your and your team. Not sure what is my fav…right now both of them. Can’t wait to see when on July 11th or before on line…..love your products!

  342. Alicia a says:

    Hi Anna – first I will be up at midnight watching you on HSN to see all the new products you have and then to let you know my favorite from this video – it’s the dies to make the 3D step cards – I love that I can use any paper and put a card together that looks great. Thanks!

  343. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Crew!

    Oh. My. Goodness. !!!!
    Yes and Yes! Always something new and exciting!
    I missed the Window Box Kit…will.there possibly be a come back? (Got my fingers crossed )

    Everything is truly fantastic and I can hardly wait for the HSN day!

  344. Deborah A Rusignuolo says:

    Love both set , they are beautiful as always. All the items I have of yours are used much. Thank for all you do.

  345. Beth Williams says:

    Love both these items. Have the window frame cards coming on auto ship. Would love to have the delicate engravings as well. You just keep coming up with great things.

  346. Dolores R Mora says:

    The card toppers are beautiful and of course the card making kits are an absolute must. I look forward to all your beautiful products.

  347. Rosie Waldt says:


  348. Brenda says:

    The elegant engravings cardtoppers are stunning! Of course, all your stuff is! Can’t wait for your shows!!

  349. Janet Oliver says:

    My dear Anna you are bringing us so many new products that are must haves for us. I really love both new products you previewed today…especially like the dies included in the Window frame kit. I have been cleaning up my craft room to make room for more of your products…can’t wait for July 11th!!!
    Happy crafting !!!

  350. Nora says:

    I love the Delicate Engraving card toppers, so beautiful! I did sign up for the auto ship, so looking forward to see those when they come in. Can’t wait to see what new products you have in store for us Anna Griffin fans. I just absolutely love, love, love everything you do and create for us!

  351. Maureen Odell says:

    WOW Anna, both of these kits are exquisite. I adore the delicate engravings with the beautiful french floral designs. The window cards are a must have. Your creativity is beyond compare.

  352. DEbra Lovell says:

    I have the window card kit! Beautful. I Love the Edge Dies… My whole craft room is being turned into AnnaVille 😉 I have a guest room that is all Anna too. I Love your Style!

  353. Jeanne says:

    I love it when you include dies with your card making kit. Can’t wait to see what else is new for 7/11.

  354. Shirley says:

    Both items are beyond words. The engravings card toppers are exquisite. I can’t wait to make beautiful cards for my ministry. I await with abated breath.

  355. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Anna, Ann, Anna, You are really blowing me away with these card kits. I love making cards and I love making cards for our military. I love the Window Frame Card Making Kit. I love the floral embellishments so much. I tell myself that these kit with the dies justifies me buying them. Well, I do have duplicate of some of your kits that have the dies in them and just reorder the Charlotte Paper kit with the paper and floral embellishment that I love so much which was on sale at HSN. I spent a lot of the weekend making the matchbook cards you shown us last week. I used the glittered cardstock on some of the borders and they are gorgeous. I would love so much to win this week’s cardmaking kits.

  356. Leanna Mohr says:

    Both are my favorite. Once again you have great card ideas and embellishments. Thank you

  357. Barbara says:

    BEAUTIFUL as usual. Love the dies to go with the sets! Can’t wait for whatever the TSV is.
    Hope the Go press and foil comes back. So sorry I missed it.

  358. Maureen M says:

    1800 French flowers *** I thought that was a sight for art books only, what a fabulos presentation and restoration of creating these beautiful flowers you just gave us. I never thought to see such beauty at our fingertips but alas I should have known if anyone could recreate such beauty it would be Anna griffin just never thought anyone could or would but boy was I wrong,.
    A master piece creation from the master of all things made beautiful. Thank you Anna for this truly amazing kit❤️❤️❤️❤️

  359. Debbie says:

    I have many card kits but have never tried to make a step card. Your new step kit looks just beautiful.

  360. Roxann Higgins says:

    Definitely have to have the Delicate Card Toppers Kit. This looks like it would be so fun building cards. That will be beautiful in the making!!

  361. Sue Swanson says:

    I’m on auto ship for the Window frame card kit. Looking forward to receiving this kit and the demos on July 11.

  362. Chris Yuva says:

    Anna, I have never given one of your cards to anyone who didn’t want to save the card forever because it is so beautiful! When creating your cards, I have such a “peace” about myself and “lose” myself in the beauty of these masterpieces as I assemble them. Thank you for providing such beautiful and elegant resources to all of us to create such beautiful pieces of art!

  363. DIANE APT says:

    I love the delicate engraving card toppers and the window frame kit. Both are so beautiful. Can’t wait to work with them.

  364. Judy says:

    O-my, are you kidding me? I am thinking since I want it all I need to put an addition on the house with a sign over the door that says “Anna’s Place”.
    Pretty sure my husband won’t agree with this.

  365. Annie Hayes says:

    What can I say? ♥️♥️♥️ The card toppers and card kit!!⚡️

  366. Patricia Watling says:

    The thing I’m most excited about re. July 11th is finally being HOME all day to watch, without having to dash off to work! Amen for summer break, LOL! (Both items are lovely too, of course!)

  367. Bobbi P says:

    These card toppers are stunning! You and your team keep coming up with amazing things to help all of us appear to be amazing and creative. Many Thanks!!!!!

  368. Bella Masters says:

    I love the new “almost card kit”… it will combine with many of the other elements I have!

  369. Sheila Stiles says:

    Waiting for Anna’s new products is like standing in line for the bathroom! I can’t wait…but you have to. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  370. joann benford says:

    Oh my, you have done it again Anna. Love them both. so VERY hard to choose. Will be watching. I need to come work for you, so many ideas. Blessings to you and your team.

  371. Jodie Routt says:

    I have been waiting with baited breath for the stepper card kit and dies ever since they were first shown as an auto ship. This is one one I wanted in particular. Really looking forward to the July show. It’s my birthday month so I’ll have to treat myself!

  372. Jean Paul says:


  373. Sally McNeal says:

    The Delicate Engraving Card Toppers are so beautiful. But, oh goodie, more dimensional cards. The Window Frame Kit is a must have. Always looking for something a little different. I know recipients of your cards love to keep them on display, so the “step-cards” will be wonderful for that. Plus, I LOVE that you include the cutting dies for more projects using our own imagination and card supplies. I send Anna Griffin cards to some ladies at an assisted living facility where my Mother used to live, and I KNOW they’re going to love the Window Frame cards. Makes me smile.

  374. Judy says:

    The window frame card making kit is great! I can’t wait for July 11th! You can never have too much of Anna Griffin products!!

  375. Linda says:

    You keep out doing yourself . I love the. Card kit best but I also love the engraving toppers too.

  376. Joanne Zummo says:

    Live the new frames with the stepper card. What an amazing way tp make a quick and beautiful card.

  377. Renee Robinson says:

    I love the window frame dies–i especially love the 3rd one in that past auto ship, but the second one is very nice too! i would love to win that boxed set! thank you so much for the chance to win!

  378. Margie Fulcher says:

    ***, I don’t want to rush our short MI summers, but July 11th can’t get here soon enough. I like the card toppers, but I really love the step cards. When the craft days come, I am glued to the HSN channel most of the day. Both card kits are so beautiful.

  379. Elizabeth says:

    I am most interested in the delicate engraving card toppers! 7-11 is also my baby sister Melinda’s Birthday! She is not a baby now…….but she will always be the baby! Spending the day with my 2 favor ite people!

  380. LYNN OVERTON says:

    You are so right! “I LOVE THESE!!!!!” I have tried and tried and tried to make a stepper card on my own – a HUGE failure! Now with a die I’ll be able to. Can’t wait for July’s show. 12 A.M. means a special value! YAY!!!

  381. Sharon Opel says:

    Two more beautiful kits to drool over. Thanks, Anna for making such pretty things.

  382. Denice with a "c" says:

    ANNA, My Goodness, you make the MOST beautiful things. I so look forward to every single Anna craft day on HSN. I set my dvr so I can watch over and over again and again. I JUST LOVE TO MAKE CARDS AND SCRAPBOOKS AND PRETTY , PRETTY THINGS. Thank you so much for providing a way to do this in such an elegant way. I will look forward to this JULY the 11th because I can’t wait to see what you will be bringing us for a Today’s Special. Whoo Hoo, will mark my calendar and start counting the days. … God bless…Denice with a “c”.

  383. Elizabeth says:

    I am most excited about the delicate engraving card toppers. Also the fact that it is my sister Melinda’s birthday! 7-11….enjoying the day with my favorite people!

  384. Sharon Steinke says:

    So far my favorite is the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. Beautiful and stylish. Can’t wait for July 11th!

  385. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Oh Anna you are killing me. I am house hunting in Tennessee and I can’t spend anymore money if I want to be a home owner. I already am getting the auto ship so that will come when I get back home. But those engraved toppers Yikkers how will I be able to resist? I found my dream craft room but not my dream house yet. Sigh. If you pick me one of my crafty friends will get the card kit. I call that a stepper card. Happy Crafting!

  386. Vicki Billimack says:

    Wow! Both kits are so beautiful! Not only do I want to make loads of scrapbook pages and cards, I also want to frame those card toppers and put the 3D elements in shadow boxes all over the walls of the house we’re renovating. Gorgeous!

  387. Cathy W. says:

    Just saw your posting of the new delicate engraving card toppers and want to say they are wonderful. So delicate and delightful. Thank you for sharing!

  388. Stella Ashworth says:

    It’s all ways exciting to see what beautiful new things you will have on craft day! Love the dies!

  389. Mary C Y says:

    The window box frames are lovely but there is something so special about the “Delicate Engravings Card Toppers”. It will be great seeing you demo these on HSN

  390. Brenda Abero says:

    ***! The anticipation of getting Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. I love the colors and the elegancy. The Window Frame Cardmaking Kit is what I’m really excited about. Nevertheless, everything you do, to create, and share always and never fail to be a great inspiration and encouragement to me.

  391. Ann R says:

    I love the card toppers. May have to get two sets. Looking forward to seeing all the new products in July.

  392. Kathy B. says:

    Your latest card kit is so beautiful. If I win this one I will truly enjoy making them and sending them out. Keep on creating awesome kits.

  393. Cheryl Locke says:

    I love the card toppers they are elegant and oh so pretty. Your creativity inspires me to get crafting.

  394. Judy says:

    Love both! The delicate engravings card toppers are so beautiful! I think I am going to have to build on to my house so I have room for all your wonderful products!

  395. Ann says:

    How do you keep topping yourself!??? I love love everything. Brilliant to take China patterns and make them into cards.

    Anna more flowers please . We can’t get enough

  396. Randy Gallagher says:

    Anna, why do you do this to me. Each time I think, well, I have so much of Anna’s beautiful items, what more do I need? Then today, you spoil us with more. Oh Anna, of course I want to win. If I am not lucky I will be glued to HSN on July 11th.

  397. Randy Gallagher says:

    Anna, why do you do this to me. Each time I think, well, I have so much of Anna’s beautiful items, what more do I need? Then today, you spoil us with more. Oh Anna, of course I want to win. If I am not lucky I will be glued to HSN on July 11th.
    I love you and admire your creativeness.

  398. Jane Forrest says:

    So excited for the next craft event. The new card kit looks beautiful. Love all things Anna !!

  399. Patti Garcia says:

    OH Anna, I want it all! I truly am happy to see these new designs! They are exquisite! I now have some room in my thirs die storage binder but not for long, I guess!

  400. Nancy Brant says:

    Looking forward to adding more items to my collection of Anna Griffin Supplies and. Arcs… it’s great to have such a nice. Illevtion that helps me make beautiful cards and scrapbook pages!

  401. Jerri Walker says:

    I love the card making goodies. I make tons of cards. was unable to get autoship, so I will be ordering this. If I don’t win it 😉

  402. Erin Piehl says:

    The Window Frame Card Making and Die Kit is so beautiful, and having the dies to make your own with your Anna stash of cardstock makes it high value!

    Remembering all the Hero’s especially today, because Freedom isn’t Free.

  403. Patsy Bellamy says:

    It is always impossible to pick just one – I so enjoy seeing you on HSN. Your enthusiasm and warmth make the show so special!!!

  404. Andrea Nanda says:

    Hi Anna, I just love the Window Frame Card Kit and Dies. I am looking forward to another great day in HSN!! I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday weekend!

  405. shartl says:

    Wow are these Delicate Engraving card elements gorgeous. I love the fancy edges and beautiful flower designs. The fancy card fold dies are also something fun to add to any card makers stash, for that little extra fanciness!

  406. Margie Brantley says:

    Can hardly wait for the July 11th. show. I have so many card making kits but you keep coming up with all these new gorgeous one which I have to have.

  407. Pam Hansen Spradlin says:

    Any of your card kits are a must have. They make up into such pretty cards. Everything I have gotten and made from Anna Griffin has been gorgeous.

  408. Jennifer Huang says:

    Yippee- An Anna Griffin TS on July 11th Craft Day? Count me in- I’m excited to find out what awesome TS goodie you have in store for us. I also love the new items and look forward to seeing more. Thanks Anna & Team! Keep it coming!

  409. Lisa M says:

    The window frame dies/kit are my fav!!! I cant wait to get them and mix and match with my other Anna goodies:)

  410. Marcia Zuiderveld says:

    I love everything as usual but the card toppers are my favorite. I can’t wait for them to be on HSN.

  411. Christine Miloslavic says:

    I am so happy to see so many fellow card makers checking in with Anna today. I love the window card making kit. I am so excited for the next show. I have so many card supplies from Anna that I am turning a spare room into a craft room. It’s that or Anna will continue to take over the living room.

  412. Victoria DeYot says:

    Oh sweet lady you are killing me! My craft room is going to explode! LOL
    The step card is absolutely adorable, but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is the Delicate Engravings Topper set!! That is so me! My great grandmother was a china painter and I have so much of her work throughout my house as well as her antique French Haviland. I have to have this, I just don’t know if I can wait until your next show!
    I am getting so excited for Create in November! This will be my first one (and I doubt it will be my last).

  413. SuzzieQ says:

    Looking forward to your newest show on HSN and these lovely Delicate Engravings Card Toppers. Awesome!

  414. Pat Gillen says:

    Anna, your card toppers are so wonderful. The Delicate Engravings are going to be a special addition to my collection!! If I am lucky enough to win, then pull another name from the hat because I will be receiving the new card kit in June. Would love to win the toppers!!! Thanks for the chance.

  415. Debbie Lebair says:

    Anna the Window Frame card making kit sounds great. That was a brilliant idea to enclose dies to make more window cards after the kit is used

    Window Frame Card Making Kit where you’ll get everything you need to make 20 incredible, 3D step cards as well as 7 cutting d

  416. Elsie Yonamine says:

    The step cards are so beautiful, and you’ve included the cutting dies for us, too! Card-making continues to be fun with you to help us!

  417. Elsie Yonamine says:

    I love the step card kit with the included cutting dies. You always come up with something new for us — card-making is never boring with you to help us! See you in July!

  418. Marilyn B says:

    Delicate Engravings Card Toppers with the 18th century French paintings sound magnificent! My craft corner is very full but sure I’ll make room for more. Perhaps I need a tiny house to keep all my craft materials!

  419. Karen Arnett says:

    I always look forward to the new products and this time I especially like the dies that come with the Window Frame card kit.

  420. Judy Bock says:

    I can’t wait to see all the beautiful new stuff coming in July and also the chance to purchase some of the old also.

  421. Deanna Collins says:

    Oh Wow! More Anna Beauty! My goodness these are so beautiful and make life a breeze as far as making cards (or scrapbook pages) go. And the compliments!!!! Oh My! I can’t even begin to say how wonderful the compliments are that I receive when I give someone one of my Anna Griffin cards! I can hardly wait to see what all the new items will be for us to covet on the July 11th Anna Griffin Extravaganza! I know that I will be burning up my credit card again! I can’t get it paid off before all the new items are available. Thank you Anna for all you do to make our life easier and more beautiful!

  422. Glenda Stone says:

    Love the Delicate Engravings card toppers. Wow! Can’t believe how gorgeous they are.
    Thanks for all the beautiful things. Glenda

  423. Ruthie Cunliffe says:

    I’m loving the new products! I’m especially drawn to the Delicate Engravings card toppers. Something about them says elegance to me. I can’t for July 11th!

  424. Susan M says:

    Salute to the Military for their service. I love both kits and would love to get them. The extra pieces will work great in scrapbooks too. I notice someone else has the same name as me—this is my only post on this week’s preview. Hope to win.

  425. Joyce Henry says:

    I am so excited about those window frame cards. The colors look so pretty and not too difficult. Can’t wait until July 11th!

  426. Dana says:

    I like the delicate engravings, they are intricate and beautiful so I will purchase those for sure! My favorite is the Window Bow Frame kit. This will surely make my life easier and more fun without all the hassle of measuring and cutting. Thank you Anna for doing all the hard work for us. And also so much gratitude to all our country’s men and women in the armed forces. Thank you for your service and hope you all have a safe Memorial Day.

  427. stampnk says:

    Your card kits are always so beautiful and I love the engraved layers and the card dies. The florals are just breath-taking!

  428. Rosie says:

    Can’t wait to see these presented. Love all of your items…they make me smile when I see the beautiful finished projects….works of art…

  429. Maxine Brittain says:

    I love BOTH products! So I need to win both of them!

    By the way….what do you mean no more single autoships???

  430. Juliann Turner says:

    Yes, as usual, all your products are super, but to pick just one- the Delicate Engravings kit- just gorgeous, and it looks like it would be complicated to put together but you’ve made it a cinch. I think it might be the right set when you need a card in a hurry. The cards I make from your “findings” are always a big hit. I recently received a thank you card in the mail, thanking me for the beautiful card I made and sent them
    !!! ”p.s Little Ting-Ting sends her kitty kisses !!

  431. DonnaJ says:

    This new card kit is beautiful! I signed up for autoship in January so I can’t wait to get my new kit in June! I spent the weekend organizing my Anna Griffin buys so I can make room for more!

  432. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Anna, once again you have given us such beautiful crafting items it’s tough to choose. The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are just lovely and I can think of so many friends and family who would enjoy them. July 11th is a long way off. Hope I can contain myself until then! Thank you, Rhonda

  433. Diane Marie says:

    Both card kits are gorgeous. But the window frame card kit is my favorite, if I have to pick one! Lol. Hope you are having a wonderful memorial day weekend.

  434. Robert H says:

    Great job, again, AG! You’ve elevated our crafting in so many ways, and amongst the new things, the card kit will be top on my list.

  435. Georgia Henson says:

    The Delicate Engravings are absolutely gorgeous! I have enough Anna products stashed to last a decade, but they are so hard to resist!

  436. Sandy H says:

    The floral engravings are gorgeous. I am a fan of the classic, detailed prints and flowers….the more “modern” flowers with no detail to them do not appeal to me as much so these will definitely be on my wish list for July. I have auto ship so will be anxiously awaiting that as well.

  437. Sally Bartlett says:

    The toppers kit is just what I need. My imagination is already firing on all cylinders. July?

  438. Fran Oldaker says:

    I love the card toppers and I’m on auto delivery for the window card kit. I love everything Anna, can’t wait for July

  439. Michelle McNamara says:

    Yikes!! I love both of these kits ❤️ These are gotta have its!! Beauty in the making is right!!!

  440. Deborah Brown says:

    Anna you are the gift that just keeps giving,love,love both of these kits.not able of picking just one.Thank you for everything you do.

  441. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    So glad I am on Autoship!!! How beautiful and fantastic, as usual. Love the kit and the French colors and patterns–Oui,Oui!!

  442. Anita Weber says:

    I like the Delicate Card toppers because they bridge summer to fall…a very challenging time for card embellishment. They look to fit the bill perfectly! 🙂

  443. Mary-Ellen Cocchi says:

    I love the vintage looking floral engravings… They are just beautiful. So many great ideas come to mind. Everything Anna Griffin is a home run as far a I’m concerned.

  444. Judy Graham says:

    I’m still kicking myself for not getting the autoship and the box cards that started this. I won’t miss out on these for sure. I fell in love with the first set you showed. I must have both. I may have to sell lemonade in my front yard for all the goodies that you’ll have this time. Eagerally waiting for July 11. I hope I get lucky and win these fabulous card sets.

  445. patricia elkins says:

    Wow!!!! So so pretty Anna.. Everything you do is always amazing… So excited about the card it and I love The Delicate engraving card toppers the set is just breath taking. So looking forward to Mondays in June to see all of your new products.

  446. Donna Madsen says:

    I really like them both however the Antique Engravings is my fav! The gold embossing on the layers -wow! The classic and beautiful flowers on the toppers – stunning!
    Can’t wait for July 11th. I wish it was June 11th instead.

  447. Linda Taylor says:

    The new Delicate Engravings kit looks beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing it in July. It was also good news to hear about the card toppers coming back. They are one of my favorites.

  448. Florence Bonney says:

    Your card toppers are sure show stoppers. Cannot wait for July 11th. Love your kits….

  449. Elodie Brown says:

    I found out this month that I have suddenly lost most of my eyesight in my right eye ant a bunch in my left eye; my first thought was” oh my God what if I can make my beautiful cards. Because, loosing my sight was one thing. Not driving any mote was another. But not beithe possibility of not creating with my Anna Griffin stash was where I had to put my foot Done! I made 2 beautiful cards today and Ann didn’t get on my pity pot once!

  450. mELANIE PROFFITT says:

    Your design team is right about the engravings card toppers!! WOW! But the window card kit is gorgeous, too… thank you again, Anna.

  451. Kim Z says:

    FIRST let me take this time to say THANK YOU to those who have served in our Military!! Thank you to those protecting us now and those who lost their loved ones in the past!! TODAY was meant for YOU!! May God Bless you all!!
    Anna the new items are with a doubt “have to haves”! LOVE the Delicate Engraving Card Toppers and the new card kits look VERY nice! Thanks Anna for keeping us MOTIVATED or should I say HOOKED? LOVE everything Anna your things are so EXQUISITE! Pretty much LOVE EVERYTHING every time! lol

  452. Bonnie from Iowa says:

    Love them both! So happy that you include the dies to make the Window frame cards. They remind me of the Christmas pop-ups card kit that I have. So pretty!

  453. Connie L. Dake says:

    These two kits are SO beautiful and I have so many cards to make over the next several months and these would be perfect for all of them. Cannot wait to see them and order them and use them to make the most gorgeous cards ever for all my friends and relatives!!! Thank you, Anna, for all the perfect items for us crafters!!

  454. Lynn Hucknall says:

    The window card set is beautiful. I love products that you can use over and over again.

  455. Heidi says:

    First off. I am really enjoying the how to videos. Thank you for them, as they teach us and show us how to think out of the box
    The card toppers are for sure a must have item. They are so beautiful and have gorgeous detail.

  456. Annette says:

    Yours was the first card making kit I ever purchased, the Christmas one last yeR. What fun! You’ve sold me on the kits. They are so easy and I feel so productive. Looking forward to the new one!

  457. Leslie Kiley says:

    I truly love your wonderful dies! I would just love owning the Window Frame Card Making Kit for the dies alone but getting the layers and frames and die cuts also is amazing! Can not wit for july 11!

  458. Kathy Hobel says:

    As usual wonderful products! Will enjoy both but especially love the window card making kit.

  459. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Oh, I love all of these,esp. The frames,I love frames I use lots of frames in my scrapbooks.I could use on cards or scrapbooks. Thanks ,Shirley

  460. Gina B says:

    Everything is beautiful and no wonder coming from french dinnerware. I think the most useful for me is the the window frame card making kit-extremely nice.

  461. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love the die cuts and the new step cards. Please,please tell us the Go Press and Foil machine will be back.

  462. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I’m so excited for July 11th and cannot wait to see the TSV.And I love to see all the samples made with the products.

  463. Mary Haenel says:

    I’m not a creative thinker with words. But, I am really excited that you will be bringing to us more card dies.

  464. Sherril Davis says:

    Both kits are amazing. It is too hard to choice between the two. Both are a must have!

  465. DeeC says:

    I agree these are some of the most beautiful cards you’ve made….and they do look like macaroons! Looking forward to your shows.

  466. Mattie M. Thompson says:

    I love, love, love the window frame card making kit…I have tons of AG card making kits and this one will be an impressive addition to my Stash…Way-to-go Ms. Griffin, and thank you for keeping me current and up to date in the card making world.

  467. C.J. Riley says:

    Oh ,,,the engravings kit is so lovely. Got to have a couple of those. But I have been doing the happy dance over the Angel news. Now I can get in the mind set for a much needed Angel Christmas card making session. Hallelujah

  468. Gail Wenzel says:

    Another two winners! I would be happy to win either of those! Can’t wait for the July show! And for the next reveal to see what you have coming to us!!

  469. Cheryl Polevchak says:

    The window frame dies have my name on them ! Can’t wait to see all you will be showing us in July !!!

  470. Carole Lewis says:

    The Delicate Engravings set is beautiful, and just enough different from the other sets, that I am very interested in this one! I love the engraved layers, but also the “little bit different look” of the florals. So beautiful! The reason for choosing French china patterns as the designs to use, is evident in this beautiful set! Thank you!

  471. Jean Condon says:

    The window frams card kit is my fave, wanted to go on auto ship before, but order got loused up. I want it mostly for the dies. Really beautiful products.

  472. Nancy Mohn says:

    The card toppers are so pretty. I can think of many uses for those, since I make cards in many sizes.

  473. Terri Gardner says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There is no way that I can pick a favorite between these two products. They are both so beautiful, in their own ways and I would love to have them!

  474. Carole Beth Rhodes says:

    Hello, Anna!! I adore both these delightful products. Cannot wait!!! Thank you!

  475. Traci says:

    Like how do you expect us to pick love all Anna Griffin. Your products are beautiful lovely easy to use and make me a non crafter make amazing works of art.

  476. Deb S says:

    I’m definitely loving the Delicate Engravings Card Toppers! They look right up my alley! Beautifully EASY!! Thanks! Can’t wait!

  477. Clare Dempsey says:

    I new card kit! Yeah! I want do see the dies it has ASAP! Thanks fir the chance to Einstein?

  478. Ann Robson says:

    Love, love, love them both but I already am on the auto ship for the the Window Fame ad kit…but the Delicate Engaving cad topper set is like none of the other card toppers that I have…they are beautiful! If I were to win, I would give the Window Frame kit to my best friend who has been layer up for months now, sating in March in the hospital and now in rehab…I think she would love making this set! I gave her ads from the Flower Box kit when she was in ICU and could not eceive any real flowers…she loved them so much and she said she got a lot of compliments and questions about the cards, so I think this kit would be something she can do in between her rehab…for relaxation purposes! I do hope that I could win just to give her this set! Thanks Anna for all the beauty you have interduced into my life though card making!

  479. Kim Haygood says:

    Hi! I really like the card toppers because not only are they beautiful, they make card-making quick and simple. I would love to spend an afternoon making cards and putting them away for a rainy day (or any day when I need one), but I usually end up making them—as I need them. So, the quicker it is to put them together, the easier I find it to make the card that I want to make for the particular person who will get it. I got the AS for the Windows Card Kits, but wonder what you mean when you say the AS are not available for single items? Does that mean that if you miss the AS opportunity, you won’t get to buy the supplemental kits that come with that AS? Thank you for your gorgeous card-making supplies!

    Ideas and Questions: What is in the works for the AG planners this year? How about a mini planner or purse-size zippered planner in pastels and shimmers: Pink, Mint, or Lavender or Pearl, perhaps? Would love to see some of your gorgeous stickers in smaller format and flat for the planners.How about with a matching shimmer pen that writes in black ink? I am forever having to dig for a pen in the depths of my purse. Would love to know I always have a beautiful one nearby. Almost makes check-writing worth it! Smiles.

    With regard to the Minc or the Go Press Foil Machines, I wanted to know the possibility of having white, pearlized or shimmer foils in various colors and shades. I bet white foil with your lacey and intricate dies would be absolutely scrumptious to see! Gotta love all you do, Anna! You never disappoint with staying on the cutting edge for card-making and scrapbooking supplies!

  480. Patti Carper says:

    Delicate card toppers are interesting…. I will not win because of my next comment… Unless HSN gets their act together in their order department I probaly will not order from HSN… Sorry!!!

  481. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    Anna, the Window Card kits look very exciting! Received an e-mail from a friend this morning telling me how much he enjoyed the B-day card I sent him, made from one of your older kits, and it makes a gal beam with pride, especially since I knew it looked as good as he said. Thank you for all you do for us, Anna!

  482. Karen Hatfield says:

    Both sets are beautiful! The window cards are so impressive! I can see people setting them up where they will be able to enjoy them all the time. And I can hear the wows and compliments. Anna, you have out done yourself again!

  483. Beth Williams says:

    I am so excited to be able to get the Step Card Kit! I had the windows card kit in my cart and waited a little too long. REally excited about the 16th!

  484. Dorothy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Delicate Engravings Card Topper kit. As usual you outdid yourself. Can’t wait to get my Window Frame autoship this month.

  485. Nancy says:

    The window cards would be my choice.
    And I am so happy you will be on HSN for another crafting day.

  486. Michele Taylor says:

    Oh my Gosh! The Delicate Engravings Card Toppers are the prettiest ones yet.! Can’t wait!

  487. Lynda Mays says:

    I’m excited about Decoration Day (Memorial Day). As a family historian I find that just marking the resting places of those gone before brings to mind what kink of legacy I want to leave behind. So we go to a lot of cemeteries and put floral arrangements on the graves and flags for soldiers graves. It’s a southern thing,