HSN July 11th, 2017 Product Preview 3

Hi there!

Welcome to Product Preview number 3, and to 4 brand new products! We can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves! Did you know we will be on HSN later this week? That’s right! We will be on at 12pm and 4pm EST this Friday, June 16th for our first ever set of Clearance Shows!

Next month we’re kicking off 24 hour Craft Day at midnight and the rest of our hours are 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and some of the 8 o’clock hour!

Have you been craving new papers to create with? Oh boy, do we have something for you?! Introducing our bundle of Floral Card Stock just in time for summer crafting! This set contains 16 (8 double-sided) stunning floral designs in multiple sizes: 5″ x 7″, 6″ x 6″ and 12″ x 12.” There are 72 pages to create with and prints include dainty florals, lovely damask, woven flowers and more! You’ve been asking for double sided papers, and we made them just for you!

Take your Chameleon Markers – Anna Griffin Perfect Palette to the next level with their new Color Toppers! Now, you can blend from light to dark and from pink to orange or blue to purple! This set of toppers contains the same 20 colors in our perfect palette so that you can quadruple your color wheel.  Their patented fusing chamber makes this premium alcohol marker set head and shoulders above the rest. There is a whole new way to blend color!

We have even more beautiful scenes for you to color with your Chameleon Markers and Color Toppers! Say hello to Frame It Coloring Pages! What’s great about these prints is that you’ll get frame-able art in 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″ and 12″ x 12″ for 96 total pages. Scenes include butterflies, phrases like “love” and “hope” and intricate patterns that expertly showcase your coloring skills.

Finally get our your Cricut Explore Air 2, and let’s get crafting! Our Anna’s Pop Up Card digital cartridge makes amazing three dimensional, layered cards like only Cricut can! You’ll be able to make 14 different themes of cards including flowers, butterflies, fruit and more incredible designs! These pop up cards are sure to brighten their recipient’s day!

If you were on auto ship for our cartridges, this is the final shipment. July 11th will be your only chance to get this digital cartridge on its own, so make sure to start your shopping list with these amazing pop up cutting files!

How wonderful are these four brand new items? We’re ramping up to our July 11th shows, and you know we can’t wait to give these away! Leave us a comment here on the blog, and we will choose a winner at random on Friday.





  1. Carol Miller says:

    The floral card stock is perfect for the flip cards. I love making them to send to friends. Also am just getting into using my Cricut Explore air 2 and the pop up cards would be a fun way to use it even more. Thanks for all the ideas.

  2. karen tabaka says:

    I really like the pen toppers but the 2 sided cardstock is a favorite cause I am a paper hoarder and I love the three sizes

  3. Janet Nelson says:

    I love the cartridge and the double-sided paper. I am a paper junkie. I cannot help it!

  4. Carol McDaniel says:

    I will be watching today and on July 11. I wish I could craft for a living. I love the chameleon markers they are my next purchase.

  5. Joan Baker says:

    I have missed so many of Anna’s beautiful products I wonder if I will ever manage to “catch up” if and when they become available in England. You are so lucky in America…

  6. koalabc/barb says:

    Anna, you have always amazed me with your Beautiful cards and product..Awesome giveaways too.Here is to wishing to win..Also adore your pop up cards..

  7. Nora says:

    I love everything but I will have to say the double sided paper is my favorite. One can never have enough paper, especially as beautiful as yours. Love you Anna!!! God Bless You!

  8. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    I love the double sided floral paper. The colors and patterns are always beautiful and I’m really excited that the papers have been cut in different sizes. That sure does make it easy when crafting. I can’t wait to see the clearance shows today.

  9. Julie Schoonover says:

    I am excited for the floral cardstock and the digital Cricut material!!! Thanks Anna!!

  10. Jennifer adams says:

    While it would be an honor to win you wonderful products,i am at awe of the ideas and products you bring to us.it truy makes are lives so much easier.I am still enjoying all my purchases i have made since the jan. 10th show.i thank you for the prettydesigns on the folders,and dies.i am having fun ..

  11. Cindy Anderson says:

    Hi Miss Anna, who is NEVER a banANNA.❤ your the best and I so loff everything you create unfortunately I must buy them cause I have never been as lucky to win anytime, but I will always keep my fingers crossed. Hehehe I want it all, but I most loff are the markers, adore any and all your marker sets. I’m addicted to coloring and card making. Give Georgie a huge hug from Zeke my cat. Miss Anna your so beautiful in the making.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Debra Shinabarger says:

    I love it all the markers and color toppers my Granddaughter would love she is a great little artist.The pop up cards are beautiful and so are the papers. thanks for a chance to win.I love HSN deals.

  13. Barbara Ferris says:

    Anna, everything is phenomenal, but, I would so love to try those Chameleon markers. The colors are so impressive. Thank-you for the chance to win!!!

  14. Janet Oliver says:

    Love the new Floral cardstock!!! Might have to get 2 sets…one to use right away and another to save for those cold snowy days of winter in Wisconsin when I long for the flowers of spring and summer. The pop-up cartridge is also a must! Another great week of products…Thanks Anna and company!!!

  15. Gisela says:

    Paper, just love the double – sided paper I can cut out the small flowers to use as fillers with the large ones that I have.

    Thank you Anna , for a chance to win .

  16. Kathleen Christen says:

    Ooo-la-la! Magnifique! Love those markers! Wow! I know I would love them! Exciting! And the papers… Beautiful!

  17. Kathi O says:

    Just gorgeous! Love ❤️ those chameleon color toppers! Can you just imagine what you could do with these. The coloring pages are pretty too! Love to win this. Can’t go wrong with Anna’s products!

  18. Cathy Merson says:

    I need to master the markers first. Now you’ve added toppers. I can’t keep up. LOL!

  19. Sandy Nieland says:

    My favorites in this bunch are the beautiful card stock papers. I would love to have those for summer projects. Thank you, Anna and staff!

  20. Brenda S says:

    I have wanted to try these sooooo bad they look amazing how fun it would be to make fun colors and make my things look so awesome what a brilliant idea

  21. JUDY K JACKSON says:

    I love the floral card stock. I never have colored to often but I’m thinking about starting. You have come up with a whole new line so i might start coloring.

  22. Cathy Sitmann says:

    I can’t wait to get the Anna’s pop-up card digital cartridge I missed it the last time.

  23. Mary Curry says:

    I love the double sided card stock! But I like all the products and can’t wait for the craft event.

  24. omv says:

    Hi Anna and Team,
    All the products are so creative
    …and innovative…and so great
    for ‘beautiful in the making’
    Thrilled to see the double-sided cardstock
    and the frame it coloring pages
    & the Chameleon markers!
    Thanks for a chance to win these and more:)

  25. Nancy Itson says:

    I love the new Floral paper and the Frame It coloring pages. The coloring pages and Chameleon Markers and Color Toppers would be great to take on my travels over the summer, and then when I get home I can use the paper that I colored along the way, in my handmade cards and scrapbooks. What a great way to archive my summer memories.

  26. judy w says:

    Love it all, as usual, but the markers are the best. Would you include Iris as a flower for the cards, please. My 96 year old MOM loves them and I’d like to include them on my cards to her. See you in July!

  27. Angel Cyr says:

    Viewing Some Very Nice Things, This Week ! Sad, to say … I Am Not A Fan Of These Markers, As I’m An Experienced Artist … And Don’t Like To Be Surprised At Uncontrollable Color Changes … I Need To Know, Exactly How My Work Is Going To ” Begin & End ” So, I’ll Pass On These, As I Already Have My Own System Down Packed, That Works Best.

    Now, … For The Paper !!! … Simply, Wonderful !!! …

    Hearing That You Say … You Listen To People’s Comments & Make What People Are Asking For … Well, Guess That I’ll Try A Go At It !!! Anna, Would You Consider Making A New Style Of Boxed Crafting Sets, ( For Experienced / Hands On Artist’s, ) For Example : A Recycled Box, Including 30 / 4 x 6 Patterned Pieces Of Card Stock, 30 / 4 x 6 Patterned Pieces Of Thin Paper, ( Paper Sizes To Change With Newly Released Sets ) Stamp Sheet, A Few Word Dies, A Few Shape Dies. Believe This Sort Of Item Would Be More Appealing, For Artist’s, Like Myself. I Believe That Your Sales Would ” SKY ROCKET !!! ” … Should, You Deliver — Such A Product / Exclusive To These, Boxed Crafting Sets … No, Where To Be Found, Individually. Something Like This Would Be Sooooo Exciting & Fun To Collect, For The Experienced Worker, Who Continues To Pass On Your Already Done, Boxed Card Sets !!!

    Thanks, Angel

  28. Terance in Texas says:

    i AM most excited about the cartridge and the inks second, i love cutting with my machine. i am very excited about the show i need to take off

  29. c.j. riley says:

    All things are beautiful as always. Hoping for more parchment sheets. Still looking for a Thinking of You die. Thanks for the fun.

  30. Gay Lynn Westover says:

    Wow! How much would these markers be! I think ithey would really be a great tool to spark my creativity!

  31. Karen Krum says:

    Hi Anna

    Love all the new items. Especially the double sided papers. Can’t wait to see the shows next month.

    Thank you, to you and your team.

  32. Wendy Matthews says:

    I love the chameleon colors and floral paper! It would be great to customize those to go with scrapbook layouts/pictures!

  33. Kathryn Frank says:

    Good morning, I am looking forward to Anna’s double side papers. I hope you will have seasonal offering, maybe as an auto-ship.

    I don’t know how to address this next issue. Could you please put better adhesive on your envelope stock. The envelopes are better able to handle the thicker cards but they do hold their seal well.

    Now this next issue may be touchy. Could you start using American suppliers. The products are all well made and beautiful and sturdy. But I sure would like to see Americans get these contracts.

    Could you tell me where I can put this type of comment in the future.

    And one more thing: could you but this comment section at the top of this list instead at the end. I dislike having to scroll thru all the comments to add mine. I don’t care if it goes to the end of the comments after I hit post.

  34. RENEE COLLIER says:

    The product reveals always get me so excited! Just looking at all of the creativity sends me over the edge. LOL. Thanks for always bringing us quality and variety!

  35. Kris Lombardo says:

    This is beautiful set of colors and options!! I can only imagine the possibilities!!I would love it be chosen as a winner❤

  36. Joan Riedell says:

    These items look so beautiful and useful. There will be a multitude of crafting ideas from them. I especially love the pens. They have a watercolor quality that would be fun to use.

  37. Michelle Christ says:

    Love the Chameleon markers and the flip card cartridge. Sooo excited about these products Anna. Thank you!

  38. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    I had thought that I would be in a minority choosing the new papers this week, but it appears there are many long-term fans who love (and hoard) them like I do! Thank you for the chance to win more beautiful products. Hope you have a great day at HSN tomorrow!
    Regards, Anne

  39. Cindi Hodges says:

    How can you possibly choose just one new item to like? I love all of Anna’s goodies! I especially love the brillant two sided cardstock. Since I am on summer break as a school teacher, I have all of my Anna Griffin pulled out and working on all kinds of creative projects. It is my favorite way to unwind!

  40. Sheree Brogan says:

    As always Anna Griffin did it again! The chameleon markers are a great addition to our projects!

  41. Sheree Brogan says:

    As alwYs and never disappointed, the chameleon markers you have are a great addition to our crafting rooms!

  42. Sue F says:

    Everything is amazing! Loving the tutorial videos Anna! It makes what I purchase…..come to life. The double sided paper will be so versatile and I really am looking forward to the coloring pages for my chameleon markers!! Much to look forward to with your visits and craft day next month. Craft on!!!!

  43. Connie Willeke says:

    I think these pen “extenders” are brilliant! Most of us really appreciate a company that let’s you expand instead of always having to replace! Thanks Anna for thinking of all of us!

  44. Debbie Cooper says:

    Double sided paper!!!!! Thankyou Anna. I love that they are already coordinating opening up so many possibilities and time saving

  45. Deb Larsen says:

    I especially love the new bundle of Floral card stock, not only for summer, but for fall. Anna, you never cease to amaze!

  46. Lisa Dahlgren says:

    I love the new double sided papers and the Chameleon toppers to go with my already purchased Anna Griffin Chameleon markers.

  47. Kimberly says:

    Blending markers even with the best is difficult. These chameleon markers would cut the clutter of having three different markers into one and make the process easier. I love all pop up cards, i try to create my own but i bow to the experts.

  48. Cheryl Locke says:

    I love the markers. I have never really colored much for card making or scrapbooking because I do not feel like I shade well. With these markers I think I might be able to shade a beautiful as the samples or at least better than I do now!
    Thank you for inspiring all of us!

  49. Norma Bartlett says:

    I think I hear my Chameleon pens calling for Color toppers. Lol. I would love win.

  50. Pat Gillen says:

    Anna, love your style. I do love the double sided flowery papers!!! Looking forward to July 11th.

  51. Elaine cassity says:

    I was unable to tune in yesterday but today I watched your video and fell in love with everything. Oh how I would love to have all these beautiful products. Thank you so much.

  52. Gail B says:

    Oh Anna, the previews just keep getting better and better! The floral papers and cricut cartridge are amazing. But I am so very excited for the new markers and color toppers! What fun I will have with them. I can’t wait until July 11th for all the new products and I’m looking forward to the clearance shows this Friday!!

  53. Sally Bartlett says:

    The double sided floral papers are a must. They will be perfect for the flip card dies. The possibilities are endless.

  54. Ellen M says:

    Bought the Auto Ship on Cricut cartridges by mistake in January and so glad I did – can’t wait for the pop-up cards. Also, all that Halloween in one place? So excited!

  55. Peggy says:

    Anna, I love your products. I do have a question. I bought the minc (heat embossing tool). Are you going to come out with more embellishments to foil? I love your paper. I love the weight of the cardstock. Also thank you for the sympathy cards. Looking forward to Fri. on HSN. Have a good evening!!

  56. Terri G says:

    I love all of the new products, but my favorite is the double sided card stock! I can’t wait for the July show!

  57. Chellie Reese says:

    No one can provide the carts for Cricut like you do. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to obtain my Anna G items from HSN, as I LOVE to add all Anna’s products to my hoarding of craft “essentials”. Winning would be a great as I really do love them all however, I would have to say the new coloring sheets in the various sizes and the new Pop-Up cartridge are my FAVS! Thanks for all your products, I truly enjoy working with them.

  58. LYNN OVERTON says:

    Well, I gotta tell you once again, I can’t just pick one item, BUT – as soon as I saw that floral cardstock I said ooh, ooh, I need that for my fantastic flip cards and you took the words right out of my mouth!!! Can’t wait.

  59. Jan Fleming says:

    I never have a difficult time deciding which of your things I would love to have …. all of them will be fine. Love it all!!

  60. Lee Grace says:

    Hi Anna, I love the card stock most of all. I have paper tricks 1 and 2 and have been looking for AG double sided cardstock! You always come through for us – THANK YOU!

  61. Glenda Boyd says:

    Love the beautiful double-sided cardstock and Pop Up Card Cartridge. Just got the Fantastic Flips cartridge through Cricut and I am enjoying working it! I Love your Cricut cartridges–such gorgeous images! Of course, I would love to win it all! Thanks for the chance to win

  62. Karen Boothe says:

    Wow – the Chameleon Color toppers are amazing! Would be a fun addition to my markers.

  63. Amy Green says:

    Looking forward to the clearance show and the new show in July. That cartridge looks beautiful!

  64. kristin makowski says:

    Just love the new pop-up cards from the new cricut cartridge, they look so professional!!!

  65. Catherine Greear says:

    Absolutely cant wait….it will be my 42 wedding anniversary and full craft day. Sooo excited. Cant wait about the markers now need to order standard set and add to it.

  66. Nancy Ludwig says:

    Love The 2 sided paper and the variety of sizes it comes in. Would like to give the markers a try also. Looking forward to craft day.

  67. Darlene says:

    Once again I love love love it all. You never cease to amaze me with the designed you come up with. Don’t ever stop letting us take credit for all you do.

  68. Karla Vorel says:

    I’m most excited about the Chameleon Markers . I NEED a new set of Alcohol Markers and these look like so much FUN.

    I’m happy to see ALL your new products.

  69. Cheryl Riker says:

    Love to try the markers. I do not have these yet but love the blending possibilities. Very pretty papers

  70. Christine Hafner says:

    Question: Must the Pop Up Digital Card be used only with the Explore Air 2, or can it be used with the Explore One, as I am hard-wired and not wireless. also, what about using the card with “other” Cricuts?

  71. Christine Hafner says:

    Hello Anna! I just love your frame-able art color toppers–they are so pretty and practical for the home. Of course, what would they be without using the Chameleon Markers? I would love a chance to win these, including your lovely floral card stock. sincerely, Chris

  72. Cathy Anthony says:

    Hi Anna
    Your designs are so beautiful from the paper to the intricate designs that bring the products to life. The classic antique designs are irresistable. I started investing in your products last year when you demonstrated the classic butterfly. I really had to have in multiples, and colors and different sizes. Thank you.

  73. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna. The double sided Floral Card Stock is definitely my favorite! I love papers – beautiful papers and you make the most beautiful papers. I use your papers for everything, cards, scrapbooking, invitations, decorations, princess tiaras, paper purses, party hats etc. etc. I can go on and on the list is endless. Next is the Cricut pop-up card digital cartridge. I’m on autoship and can’t wait to get it. My craft room is nothing but Anna Griffin and I love it!!!!!!!!!! See you on HSN!

  74. Judy O'Callaghan says:

    These are all awesome, beautiful, cheerful, fantastic, and really necessary!!! I need them all!! Love the cartridge (as usual) and the pens are breath taking!! I have the flip dies waiting for this paper and I am broke!!! Love you, Anna

  75. Peachy W says:

    Really excited for the beautiful Floral Cardstock – dbl sided and 12 x 12 – how perfect. I love crafting with your smaller florals – and especially great for the curtain fold paper tricks dies!

  76. Tracey Magner says:

    Hi Anna and gang, WOW, what a reveal this time ! I want that double sided cardstock, I am a “self admitted : HORDER of Anna;s papers, I have to have them ALL and I treat them like GOLD ! I also am a COLORING FREAK ! So I need those coloring pages, PLEASE I hope the machine picks my number this time, I have never won anything, I have been trying for years here, facebook, I feel like I am the invisiable Griffinite (sorry spelling ) I am your biggest fan from the olden days, You have your own pink school type lockers in m scrap room, just packed to the brim with my precious Anna products. I believe you are the best in the industry, your talent and style is just STUNNING if I had to pick one word, that is how I would describe it, wow, sorry got off subject there, LOL. I would love to win this time I think is where I think I was going with that, lol.

  77. Marnee W, says:

    Can’t wait for next month’s shows. Looking forward to getting the floral cardstock/paper. Lots of inspiration.

  78. Sharon Alvis says:

    I’ve had a rough week, and it’s only Wednesday! It would make my week Sooooo Much Better if I could win your new coloring pages!!!!!

  79. Lois N. says:

    Love all the delicious products!! The pen toppers and cardstock are so great to use with our card making and so versatile too!! Can’t wait to see you on HSN and marked my calendar and alarm clock too!! The inspiration you give us with such outstanding new products is awesome indeed!! You always have a fresh perspective on crafting and provide us with such “applauding” products!
    Thank you Anna and your Staff, Love, Lois N.

  80. Dotti Hansen says:

    I am sooooooo looking forward to the July show. I am a paper hoarder and love the new double sided cardstock. The colors and designs are wonderful and the new additions to the markers will be perfect with them. Also, I look forward to the new coloring papers. I have made many cards with the previous ones and can’t wait to get the new ones. Maybe luck will be with me this week.

  81. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    The papers are wonderful: the Camillion markers are very interesting. I already am expecting the cartridge in myautoship. Someone will be a very happy winner.

  82. Marie C says:

    Absolutely love that Cardstock. Beautiful color palette! I would most definitely love them all, but that cardstock is a must have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Barbara Novelli says:

    Love the pen toppers! You never stop to amaze us with your inovative ideas. Love everything this week!!!!!

  84. Patti Garcia says:

    Floral ca dstock! I love it! Thank you for out for making it double sided. Love the cartridge and I’m so happy I have the auto ship from January!

  85. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The Floral Papers are double sided! Beautiful! It is really great for this time of year to have lovely floral patterns on patterns. The soft colors look so beautiful. It would be fun to make tags out of them too.

  86. Melinda Keeley says:

    Love EVERYTHING!!! But for practical purposes, I would love to have the double sided paper. Such pretty patterns and colors…..typically AG!

  87. Michelle says:

    Magnificent Paper bliss and now double sided paper bliss *sigh. If I had a cricket machine the cartridge would be a must have too – Dear Santa…

  88. Kimberley says:

    Hi Anna,

    Having the ink pens would be nice. I don’t have the larger pen to connect it to, so I guess I would have to look into that purchase. I also like the two sided paper. Maybe the cartridge, I don’t have the new fancy machine so it might not work for me. Thank you.

  89. Debbie Beattie says:

    I LOVE the Chameleon Add-on. I Love the Chameleon now and Very Excited about the new ones. I love the Antique Designs. They remind me of my Grandmothers house from New England area. She wall papered every room. I am moving to a new house and would love to have these to set up in my new Craft Room.
    Bless you.

  90. Jerilynn Olson says:

    The double sided flowered card stock has caught my attention! Can’t wait for July 11th!

  91. Lori L. says:

    I love the Chameleon Markers, what fun and creating I could do with owning a set of those beautiful colors!

  92. Sharon Opel says:

    The pop-up card cartridge is very enticing. The double-sided paper is great, too. Can’t wait until July.

  93. Michelle Pedigo Toops says:

    Ooooh, I really love those new Color Toppers,they will be so fun to play with!

  94. Christina Rugg says:

    My favorite is the Floral card stock, love the patterns so beautiful!! I do like the Chameleon markers and the add on too, just can’t get them yet, some day.

  95. Chamali Samarasekara says:

    When I saw the birthday card on the Facebook page I was initially amazed that you knew it’s my birthday tomorrow :p but in all seriousness I would love the floral paper stack 😀

  96. Kathy Goski says:

    First off, well done! Amazing new products, I have the Chameleon set already on my wish list and the color toppers will “top” it off ( no pun intended ). I love my Cricut and would love to win the latest Anna Griffin Cartridge. Paper? I can never have enough paper especially when it’s double sided, hard to find in stores around my area. Coloring to match a card or layout, yes please.

  97. Deb Zezeski says:

    Love the coloring paper and markers. This is a great way to create frame able art work. My first project will be to design something for my living room which is pink and floral. Beautiful in the making!

  98. DIANE APT says:

    Love the beautiful papers and the new color scheme. These would be a great addition to my Anna supplies.

  99. Monttein Alonso says:

    Excited about the double sided cardstock!!! Especially since I have the flp set!! Alo have yet to unbox my cricut!!! So the cartridge is beckoning me to learn how to play in the design space!!! Thank you for beauty in the making Anna!! <3

  100. Secily says:

    Anna it’s always so hard to pick just one I love that we can make new colors with the alcohol markers I love the pop of cards they’re amazing and the colors are beautiful and the new paper pack is just what I need for my collection and with the new color combination too it will be so fun to color in the floral card stock pictures to make cards and scrapbook pages with it Ican’t wait to July 11

  101. Kathy Winter says:

    Love love love the floral cardstock. Actually all of it! So excited for July 11th! Thank you!

  102. Maw J says:

    The marker tops and the double sided card stock are my favorites! List is coming together and I cannot wait for the 11th!

  103. leaf says:

    I love the scrapbook size coloring pages, you can color them to go with your photos.
    The narkers are really neat and different too!!!

  104. Debra Chavez says:

    I love to try the Chameleon markers with the toppers. They look so fun to use and the coloring papers would be great to make cards or frame.

  105. Ana Teresa Maymi says:

    I have never bought paper, but after seeing your floral paper, the is on my list. Love it.

  106. Jane Shouse says:

    The fruit is such a neat and different idea – refreshing and will keep our cards and crafts looking different. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change and I think this will do the trick 🙂

  107. Amy Peterson says:

    Those pen toppers are so innovative! I love all you create Anna! I’m a devoted fan & up to date on everything Anna is developing for us crafters! I need to win because I’ve never won a thing in my six decades of life. It’s affecting my emotional creative stability!!!

  108. Sara Santora says:

    Your cards and collections are so elegant and wonderful! Those markers look like so much fun! Can’t wait to watch you on HSN Friday and in July! 24 Crafting event is my favorite!

  109. Debbie says:

    Anna, love everything you do, You are the Mac Momma of HSN crafting, would you please ask the powers that be to put a 24 hour craft day on a Sat. or Sunday?
    Thank you, my DVR will be running all day on the 11th.

  110. Shelly says:

    Love the floral papers!! Beautiful as always. Anxiously awaiting my autoship of the cartridge.

  111. Sissy Geist says:

    The cardstock has my name on it….but of course i love the pens,,I love everything….

  112. Linda Christiansen says:

    The double sided floral card stock collection is gorgeous and would make many beautiful cards & scrapbook layouts.
    *** Have you ever considered making iris folding patterns and small print paper collections for them? I just know it would be stunning if designed by you & your team!!! ***
    Thank you for a chance to win … Can’t wait for your shows!

  113. Irma Henman says:

    I am new Anna Griffin follower and I do love making cards. I wish I can post a picture of the cards that I made.

  114. Sarah Allcock says:

    Anna and Team,
    I will definitely be getting the double-sided floral cardstock! Those patterns look divine, and if there are flowers that will coordinate, as you hinted, all the better. And I must say that the Chameleon tops to add to their pens might finally be the feature that pushes me to invest in their pens-such a cool idea.

  115. Darlene Sirrine says:

    Love the papers. Can’t wait to get the pop up die cartridge. As usual great products and great samples!!

  116. Sharon Seeright says:

    I love everything that you do. That is the only words that I can use to describe what I think about your talent. Keep up the awesome creating.

  117. Stacey f says:

    I can’t wait for 24 hour craftyay! Each week there are so many new possibilities added that I cannot choose. I have a list created, but I keep adding to it. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to narrow it down, because I certainly can’t buy it all! Maybe you could create a package with like 4 or 5 different items, and take the guess work out for me!!!!

  118. Deb Richardson says:

    Oh my gosh! I so LOVE everything in this group of new goodies! The idea of coloring my own 12×12 backgrounds for my scrapbook pages is just genious! I just can’t wait. The chamelon toppers will be such an adventure in coloring! I’m the plant lady and I love flowers. Everything I scrapbook pretty much have flowers in some form. They make me smile and brighten my day. Love it!

  119. Debbie Griffin says:

    I love it all, but if I had to choose one new product it would be the Frame it up Coloring Pages. They look just amazing, and I especially love the card sizes. They will make very unique cards. Also, I will need the Chameleon Color Tops to go with my AG Chameleon Markers. I am on Auto-Ship, so looking forward to the new Cricut card.

    Is Create 3 completely SOLD OUT? Or will there be more tickets available?

  120. Nancy de la rocha says:

    Love the chameleon marker tops! Opens up our coloring options, WHAT! We can make our pages even more beautiful! Oh my! The papers are so beautiful! You did it again Anna ,you and your company ! Thank you! Can’t wait for the show!

  121. Merrie Osborn says:

    These four new items are so much fun!!! I can’t wait to use the color tops for my chameleon pens! This makes the pens really incredible! I look forward to getting the new double sided papers—the colors and patterns look amazing! I would love to win these items!

  122. Deborah Perry says:

    Fantabulous! I LOVE the new paper set most of all. It will be so much fun to play with it with my metallic card bases, Pretty Pattern card bases, and the card bases and layers that come in Anna’s kits. Thanks for the example that shows using the new paper with a Paper Tricks die. I can’t wait to try that!

  123. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna you have brought us more of your gorgeousness! I love the coloring framable prints with the tops for the markers. And how could I not love new Anna Paper? This is definitely the place where fun and creativity never ends! Much thanks to you & all of your Anna team!

  124. Mary Vona says:

    I am absolutely breathless with shopping anticipation
    Over these new products, would love to win them!
    Halloween is my all time favorite Anna so thanks for
    Making it more beautiful.

  125. Gail B says:

    Hello Anna
    Your floral paper pack is so pretty I love that it is double sided and great quality.

  126. Vicki Dasco says:

    I have to say I am most excited about the Cricut pop up card cartridge. I got the fantastic Flips and love love love it and this will be an awesome addition to it !

  127. Julie says:

    Hi Anna,
    What’s not to be excited about. Everything is wonderful. I will have to pick the beautiful papers. Oh wait the markers are wonderful as well. I guess I will have to pick everything. It would be great to have them all. Who would not like to have it all.

  128. Chrissy Fleischer says:

    Hi! I’m really excited about the new cricut cartridge and also the new double sided cardstock! Now we can create scrapbook pages on both sides! Or just make a cool banner visible on both sides too! Possibilities are endless! Thanks Anna & Team!!

  129. Diane Marie says:

    Your new products look great! The double sided paper is beautiful. I’m a big scrapbooker and the frame it coloring pages is, in a sense, a way to create my own paper with the colors and shading I choose. I have your watercolor pencils and love them. If I win the color toppers for your markers I would have an excuse to buy your new markers! Well, that’s what I’m telling myself and my hsn card. Lol. The pop up digital cartridges are a great idea. I have alot of fun using my cricut explore to cut and write at the same time. It’s just fun to watch! I would love to see you come up with images that can be drawn on with designs to enhance the images and then cut them out. It would be interesting to see what you could come up with. Anna keep designing Wonderful products, that keep our creative juices flowing!

  130. Beverly says:

    Love the Floral Card Stock. The sheet with the dark blue background is absolutely scrumptious!!! Hope to be the winner.

  131. Rita Carr says:

    i love the double sided papers.T.the samples are beautiful.
    We could use dies to cut standard envelopes.

  132. Kathy McCallum Soutar says:

    Love the flowered cardstock! It looks gorgeous! Would love to win. Thanks for the chance, Anna!

  133. Deidra says:

    The double-sided card stock is my favorite this week. Honestly, I am still baffled by the Chameleon markers and how to control the blending.

  134. Chayden says:

    All Great but my first pick is the markers since I don’t own any….they have always been on my Wishlist!!!

  135. Sandra Madanski says:

    When my husband hears Anna Griffin, he say’s oh no not Anna again. He knows how devoted I am to your stuff. I think I love the markers and the pop cards are fabulous. To make the world a more colorful place and to make my family and friends smile when they see my cards. So pick me Anna would love to win something from you. See you in July

  136. Taunie Snyder says:

    I love them all but I must say I am most excited about the Pop Up Cricut Cartridge and the Markers. Thank you for all the great products.

  137. SharonS. says:

    Anna Love Love Love the paper beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to order the Chameleon Color Tops. I do not have any of them yet and have been wanting to try them. You are amazing Anna. Thank you for sharing once again.

  138. Deborah Brown says:

    I really love the stunning cardstock and the popup cartridge,Anna everything you do for us is beautiful, their are know word to show how special you and your work is to all of us Thank you

  139. Cheryl Cain says:

    I love all of these products, my absolute favorite is the floral double sided card stock. Nobody designs these papers like Anna, the florals, flourishes, the colors, the damasks are all gorgeous!! I used to take an Anna Griffin scrapbook class where monthly we made two coordinated pages and cards designed by Anna. I miss those classes so much, it was my opportunity to get to know her products and fall in love with them. Thank you for the beautiful designs, and the opportunity to win them!!

  140. BetsyV says:

    Hiii oooo I love the coloring set and the paper is to die for. Who wouldn’t love all of these Anna products!!! Your so Awesome blossom !!! I am in love with these allll!!!

  141. Coralee says:

    Wow, you’ve really got me puzzled with the fabulous choices this time. Love them all, and always all the florals! I think the Chameleon toppers are so ingenious!

  142. Dolores R Mora says:

    Everything is so beautiful. I would love to have any and all to add to my collection.

  143. Debra Neisen says:

    Everything is so beautiful. I am so excited about the cartridge for the pop up cards. Love it. However, I have introduced my granddaughters to your projects. I am so excited to have my granddaughter from Texas out to visit again this year, and she loves to work on projects with my granddaughter that lives here in CA. They would love the markers and color projects. This has to be an absolute omen to get your wonderful items. My birthday is June 16 when you are having the event on HSN. Guess what I will be doing on my birthday? Yep, spending the day with Anna.Then the next event is my favorite brother’s birthday on July 11. Guess what I will be doing on that day as well? I know he will forgive me for spending my day with Anna. I will make sure to send him a card that I made from my Anna collection! Would really love to have all these items.

  144. Barbara Zak says:

    Love, love, love the pop up cards. Can’t wait for the show on HSN. With all the Anna Griffin “stuff” I have, they will have to move me out to make room for more! LOL

  145. Sue Lutz says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cricut digital Pop-Up Cards cartridges Anna. Can’t wait. Also, count me in for the 72 double-sided Floral cardstock in three sizes. YES! My “want” list is getting very long for yr July show. Lol.

  146. Jennifer Huang says:

    Love it- most excited about everything (of course ;b) especially the lovely (double-sided) Floral Card Stock. The new palette/floral patterned papers are gorgeous and I can’t wait to play/add them to my AG paper collection/stash. (May have to buy 2 if I don’t win- 1 to use and 1 to keep/hoard/drool over ;b) Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win! Keep the must-have crafting goodies coming!

  147. Jeorgette P says:

    I honestly cannot choose between the Pop-up Card cartridge and the double-sided floral cardstock. Those both are from my fantasy wish list! Thank you for the chance to win them!

  148. Deborah Anderson-Clarke says:

    I’m looking forward to the Frame It Coloring Pages . My Mom would love to color them too !

  149. Dorothy Stewart says:

    The awesome double sided card stock in 3 sizes is a must have item.I’ll be on the look out for the cardstock days ahead, it will sell out quickly.

  150. Kathy Peak says:

    Anna, another presentation where you never cease to amaze us! Awesome new products… I just have to get my hands on the delicious cardstock.

  151. Cecilia Fisher says:

    You did it again! I will be looking forward to purchasing the new papers! Thanks you Anna!

  152. Pamela S. says:

    First of all, I love all the Cricut cartridges that Anna has, so looking forward to these new pop up cards. So cute! But I’m super looking forward to the Floral Paper!! So crazy about Anna’s Floral papers. I hoard her beautiful papers like crazy!! So, so beautiful!! A definite must have!

  153. Linda Z. says:

    ***! TOPPERS! OH GOSH I have Anna’s markers and the refills from the hsn presentation … this would TOP IT ALL OFF! (lol) oh please please (giddy with glee) pick me pick me … oh ****** now I have to wait til Friday to see who wins….(*sigh*) OH THE AGONY!
    Good Luck ALL! Thank you Anna, as always your generosity is appreciated by ALL of us crafters!

  154. KHARA MURPHY says:

    The cardstock! So good! The marker toos yesss! The cartridge I just can’t you are the best!

  155. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Anna, Your ideas and designs are spectacular! I can’t wait to try some of your new selections out.
    The recipients of my cards using your kits with some of my own imagination have delighted them
    with the special feeling of knowing I created the cards just for them. Thank you for helping me make my aunts and mother-in-law (90’s) feel so special!

  156. Gaylene Clarkson says:

    I love the new floral card stock and the new toppers for the Chameleon markers. I really love coloring with them. Your new pages coloring pages look great. So excited.

  157. Sheri Grounds says:

    All these products are amazing!! Oh my goodness, I’m going to be broke by the end of this event!!! Love everything and can’t wait for the July event.

  158. Beverly Smith says:

    Choosing between the double sided card stock and the Chameleon color toppers is
    difficult. I already have the Chameleon markers and love them so I have to choose the color toppers!

  159. Valerie says:

    Can’t wait to see the shows. The papers are awesome. Love the digital cartridge as well. Thanks again for the great products.

  160. Vanessa Thorp says:

    Double sided card stock I see my favorite but it love the camelion Pen toppers this will be lots of fun!

  161. Sharon K says:

    Wow Beautiful. I love being able to change color with the markers. The card stock is really pretty too. Thank you so much.

  162. Donna says:

    The Chameleon pens color inserts are a wonderful idea! What an array of colors to be able to get. Very cool and very exciting!!

  163. carrie says:

    Love the Floral Card Stock and the fact that it comes in all three sizes.

    loral card stock and the fact that it come in three sizes.

  164. Janie T. says:

    Can’t pick just one this time! I’ll have to go with the double sided card stock AND the markers!!

  165. Lori L says:

    I love all of these. Your products are beautiful. They make it so easy to create beautiful cards and scrapbook pages. I am hooked.

  166. Carole Carlson says:

    Hi, I really like her products. Color tabs and the two sided papers. I have gals come over and all we do is play. I have so much of her products and they can be used in many other gift ideas. With her products you never get tired or run out of ideas, just go to her sight. Thanks Anna.

  167. Celia Martinez says:

    Wow so excited about all new products! It’s really hard to pick a favorite. If I have to pick one it is the double sided paper. The patterns and colors are gorgeous!

  168. Beverly Terry says:

    Can’t wait to get all the new goodies. Love all of them. Thanks Anna for more great products.

  169. Susan Carter says:

    I can hardly wait! The digital cartridge for the pop up cards is on my shopping list. And the chameleon markers! Thank you for the preview. Now the hard part- waiting to July 11❤️

  170. Zenja Hyde Ballesteros says:

    Wow! No single favorites…every single item is PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I really can’t afford all the beautiful & clever products that you design, but i’ll definitely try to get as many as i can. 🙂

  171. Evon F. says:

    I love the double sided paper! They look gorgeous and not too over the top! I stink at coloring, so I’m going to have to splurge on the makers since you seem to make it so idiot proof ;D

  172. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg says:

    As always, everything is fabulous but I have to say for me it’s a toss-up between the coloring pages — I’ve always loves coloring — and the new cartridge. I see my Anna Griffin collection growing — again!!

  173. Elizabeth Novak says:

    Lots of fun choices but I really LOVE the beautiful double-sided floral cardstock. I could spend hours just looking at my Anna Griffin paper. It will be lovely to add something new to my collection. Thank you for all the new options, although it doesn’t feel all that optional sometimes.

  174. Dorian Doria says:

    can’t wait for the new papers and the pop up cards. Paid my credit card down in anticipation of these and Friday’s sale

  175. Barbara Vignere says:

    I love that you are always giving us beautiful flowers. The Floral Cardstock is wonderful! Can’t wait.

  176. Robin Greason says:

    I’d like the Color Toppers. Man, these would definetly expand my horizons. I have the markers already. I see breath taking pictures and I want to try and see if I can dabble some.

  177. Caroline says:

    Really like the chameleon toppers it will give me a wide spectrum of colors to use in my coloring and card making thank you again for such Great ideas

  178. Irene Pal says:

    Hello Anna
    I have not seen before I have find You, any other Crafter, whom I followed as I follow You!
    It seems You have become part of my life.
    I look every day if anything new came and here it is;
    You have not stopped amaze me!
    Thank You!
    Can’t wait to retire next year and freely enjoy the creations, You have given to me!

  179. Robin says:

    I hope you brought in a big order of the floral paper!! It looks like everyone is loving it, and it is going to sell out quickly. I really want to win that, so I do not miss out on craft day. So beautiful!

  180. Kelly Coleman says:

    Nice additions Anna! I am hoping that I am already on autoship for the new cartridge…looks great and cannit wait to try it!! -Kelly Coleman

  181. Donna D. says:

    What can I say, so beautiful as always. Just when I think you can’t come up with anything more beautiful, you always out do yourself. Will have to have those beautiful papers.

  182. Barbara says:

    Bring on those color toppers! The possibilities are endless…from cards to projects for home. Thank you Anna and Cameleon. I love that you work with specialists in various mediums Anna, because I know I don’t have to research to find the very best in the field. You and your staff do that for me, and that saves me time and money. Hugs

  183. Jeannie B says:

    Beautiful!!! I love it all and can’t wait to get my Pop Up Cards cartridge but will have to add the floral papers to my collection.

  184. Arlene B says:

    I love all of your cardstock but I’m absolutely thriller with the two sided Floral cardstock.

  185. Linda H says:

    I’m in love with the beautiful new paper designs. I’m on auto-ship for the digi-cart and can’t wait to get it! Looking forward to Friday’s sale event and really anxious to find out what your TS on HSN will be July 11th!!!!!

  186. deborah j.t.m. says:

    What I love out of this preview??? ******EVERYTHING!!!!! (of course)*******
    How could we NOT love EVERYTHING!?!?!? 😀
    We’re going to be ordering the second they’re available. lolol

    I was wondering if you’d bring us more Chameleon colors…and viola’ you did it the most cost effective way for your customers!!
    Wonderful way to give us more colors at a great value!
    Lovin’ the double sided papers available in all our fave sizes as well the coloring artwork… all items WE can make beautiful and share with our loved ones.

    The cartridge images and cuts will give us all the ability to look like mini card manufacturing sites. The pop up and multiple dimensions in the die cuts are just top notch! Great designs for many occasions.

    Thanks to YOU and YOUR TEAM for bringing us all these new items!! July 11th will give us paper crafters another July 4th, with sparklers and fireworks galore… all crafted with AG papers of course. 🙂

  187. Theresa Riley says:

    Just purchased my Cricut EXPLORE Air 2 and following you faithfully for new direction and ideas. I love it all and looking forward to your next presentation. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!

  188. Treava says:

    I love all the items fearured. It is so hard to choose just one. The chameleon color tops look like they would be a lot of fun! The coloring pages make it easy for me to make cards and scrapbook pages. The pop-up Cricut cartridge looks like a lot of fun. The floral double sided papers are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Anna for sharing your artwork. I get lots and lots of compliments when I make pages and cards using your products! You make it effortless!

  189. Barbara Taft says:

    All of these are truly the Anna Addict’s dream. I must have the cartridge for the popup cards. Seriously, the papers are luscious! The coloring pages, are, of course, the best! Let the Chameleon hues give nature’s blush of life to Anna’s beautiful garden of le fleurs! Can’t wait!!!!! Love, love, love!

  190. Kim Griffin says:

    I dont know what i like the best the chameleon marker are so amazing. I wasn’t able to get them last time. Or the double sided floral cardstock which is just beautiful. Love it all.

  191. Elane H says:

    Loveing all the new items going to be a fantastic day of scrapping and shopping. The floral double sided paper is just beautiful….

  192. Pamela A says:

    Anna and team – KUDOS! The double-sided papers are beautiful. Being a paper hoarder these are moving to the front of the line (note to self, this line is getting longer). I’m on the fence on getting the markers. Not that I wouldn’t like them, trying to justify the cost. But these new color toppers are a game changer, these are fabulous!

  193. Reba Duncan says:

    I love everything!! My favorite is the Chameleon Markers and Color toppers because they make your projects look as if you used water colors. Instead of using my water color paints, I can get the look faster with your products! The Markers would be great to use for traveling, kids, and older crafters. I cannot wait to get the markers. Thank you very much.

  194. Penny Carter says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love, love all your creations. But I would like to see the return of your 5×7 pop up cards and the regular 5×7 cards with embellishments. So easy to do! I get so many compliments on those easy to do cards. Thanks for listening

  195. Mary R says:

    I am most excited about your Chameleon Markers & new Color Toppers! This is the most clever invention I have seen in a very long time. Also, I would love to get my hands on the floral double sided paper (72 sheets of lovely paper). Looking forward to your shows on the 24 hr. Craft Day too.

  196. Sharon Smart says:

    The Floral papers would be a great addition to my supply! Anna your paper packs are always so beautiful! Thanks Anna

  197. Alma Ward says:

    I’m liking all of what I’ve seen and especially the double sided paper and the new markers. CAN’T WAIT!!

  198. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, your samples are beautiful and inspiring as always!! I do like the floral cardstock and the new ink cartridges.
    Of course, now I’m looking forward to next Monday’s offering!! Your supplies are awesome!
    Best wishes, Amy

  199. Beverly says:

    I really like the chameleon pen toppers they are a wonderful addition for any card maker. I also like the double sided paper.

  200. Catherine Hanson says:

    As always, I love all of your goodies, Anna! But I this time I DO have to pick the floral card stock as I can do so much with it and it’s so beautiful!! I can’t wait to buy it on HSN next month.

  201. Elizabeth Fudge says:

    I would love to have the coloring pages along with the markers. I have really gotten in to creating my own pics and would hope to do the same with these new designs.

  202. Patricia Ladd says:

    Four terrific products this week! My favorite is the pop up cards cartridge. I would like to see you provide a paper package to go with the cartridge so we can have the beautiful colors and patterns which you demonstrated. The new marking pens will make coloring so much more fun.

  203. ISABELLE says:

    Everything is beautiful and I love it all. But I must say the markers are the best yet. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them.

  204. Brenda L says:

    I would love to play with all the new products. But my favorites would be the coloring pages and the floral double sided paper. It looks gorgeous. Blessings to all.

  205. Stefanie B says:

    I LOVE pop up cards so I am excited about the Cricut cartridge. You always have such beautiful designs!

  206. Angela says:

    The markers and coloring sheets look like an amazing project! I can’t wait to see more on the show.

  207. June Estep says:

    Going to be a nail biter to decide what to put on my list. I love the new papers. That will be nice to have. I will have to dvr and watch over and over.

  208. Diana Durst says:

    I love the double sided floral card stock and the fusion markers toppers! I actually really love it all!

  209. Nancy Hulsey says:

    Of course, I love it all! You are amazing! I think my first pick would be the double sided paper and second the cartridge. The coloring looks beautiful and the color tops are most unusual. Thanks so much for all the fabulous items! Nancy

  210. Carolyn says:

    All of it is grear but love the color toppers and coloring pages. Double sided floral card stock is great also. Looking forward to July 11

  211. Pam says:

    Like it all. Since I don’t have the markers to use with the other items, I’ll pick the card cartridge and paper.

  212. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Of course I like all of them, but my choice today is the double sided cardstock…. beautiful!! Already enrolled on the cartridge so will be enjoying that one soon.

  213. Maureen Odell says:

    Oh wow! I love the double sided paper, it is beautiful. My second favorite is the Anna’s Cricut digital pop up cartridge. So much fun!

  214. Kim Z says:

    Love it all as usual, but really like the Frame It Coloring Pages!! Any chance Anna that you will bring back the Classical Arrangements Victorian Color pages and Card kit?????? Please, please, please?

  215. Karen A. says:

    Of course I love them all
    BUT I’m extremely interested in the color markers and double sided paper.
    Can’t wait to see you demo them on 7/11.

  216. Bonnie L says:

    I adore the new floral paper! It is versatile and lovely, a perfect scale for cards with lovely new ways to use colors in our creations! I’m so excited for July that I’m afraid I’m wishing June away!

  217. cynthia* says:

    You had me at “color.” Coloring tops (so cool), coloring pages (so fun), double sided colored flowered card stock (so pretty)!

  218. Deb LeZotte says:

    I’m excited about the Floral double sided cardstock. It is just gorgeous!! Hoping to win!! Thanks Anna ❤️

  219. Pam Smith says:

    So excited!! Can not wait for the Chameleon Toppers and new coloring pages, they are so so lovely!!! What fun!

  220. Martha Berry says:

    I love to watercolor but have been intimidated by the Chameleon markers. That being said, these new toppers increase the color palette so much…..thinking about that! I will definitely order the set of double-sided cardstock!

  221. Krystal S says:

    It all looks wonderful but those markers are so tempting! They just have so many different uses and would be able to be used in my scrapbooking and my card making. Thanks for showing us more goodies!

  222. Vaye Smith says:

    Oh my… decisions decisions………my granddaughter would love those pens………. I love both but especially the papers…….. gorgeous ….love them

  223. Margaret Gallegos says:

    Everything is great . Double sided paper is a great for making the cards.love to have them all

  224. Donna Huntington says:

    I love it all. The double sided card stock and the coloring pages in different sizes would be great for my scrapbooking, card making and paper-crafts. The coloring pages are great for customizing scrapbook pages and cards. I could go on for days with the ways I would use these items. Thanks Anna

  225. Sandi Leon says:

    Anna, you’ve found my weakness! Flowers and butterflies.
    I want that double sided cardstock, yummy. The coloring sheets are sooo enticing. I want them too. Looking forward to your next post and getting my list ready.

  226. Trudi says:

    Anna, please help!
    I ordered the Perfect Patterns for Him Cards and Envelopes on May 10th. HSN advised there would be extended delivery (June 9th) for this product. I called HSN today because I noticed the item had been cancelled. I was told the item will not be returning and that’s why they cancelled the order. Anna is this true? I really need the product. It works with the Collage Card Toppers for Him and the Acetate Card Layers for Him. All products I wanted to use for Father’s Day cards. Now I won’t be able to complete my Father’s Day cards. I’m very sad about this. Anna, is there anything you can do please. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  227. Trudy Faris says:

    Congrats on the new papers, they are really pretty. More delicate, and I really like that. Love the coloring pages. I have one of the older Cricuts that still works fine, and I can’t justify an almost $300 purchase just to be able to use your “digital only” cartridges. You are leaving those of us that still have the the older models out for your new Cricut cartridges. Looks great, looks like something I would like, but . . . .

  228. Lin M. says:

    I didn’t think I needed one more coloring page… but now I’m pretty sure I need these! 🙂

    Thank you for the sneaek preview!

  229. caroline hill says:

    Marker tops genius .Anna take this to the next level and try and come up with a color wheel so people can get an idea how it will come out. Just wanted to give you this idea. Big fan of your products.

  230. Denise Grimes Johansen says:

    My favorite is the brand new cardstock. It’s sooooo beautiful! Thanks Anna


  231. Joanne Ryder says:

    Oh, I love the new floral papers so much. And I would really enjoy playing with the chameleon markers. Such delicate shading. Keeping my fingers crossed…which is hard to do when crafting. LOL

  232. Linda Wallace says:

    OMGoodness I love all the new products. I would love to have the double sided floral cardstock .. Thank you for a chance to win everything

  233. Ms. Joanie says:

    I MUST have the double-sided paper to go with my flip card kit AND cartridge! Thank-you very much for creating these beautiful papers!
    Can’t wait for craft day!

  234. Gayle K says:

    Wow! So many new pretty things. Love the new card stock and the color pages and pens. Can’t wait to see the upcoming shows!!

  235. Vickie Watson says:

    I especially like the toppers and card stock. You can never have to much card stock!

  236. Glenda Stone says:

    Another WOW! Love the coloring frame papers and the floral cardstock. Your papers are so gorgeous.

  237. Migdalia Del Valle says:

    I just love the paper…I purchased the Fancy Flips Card Making Kit and Cutting Dies and the papers would be perfect…

    But I love everything!!


  238. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful assortment of products! I love Anna Griffin paper but the color pages and pens are amazing! Of course Cricut cartridges are the best! I would love to win these!

  239. Esther Hackley says:

    I would like to see the cartridges come back that work with the old machines. Love the paper.

  240. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    The new double sided floral card stick is lovely. I like it because it is so versatile for use in cardmaking and scrap booking.

  241. Annette Johnson says:

    I love the markers and the fruit cards is a really cute idea. Everything is so beautiful I can’t wait for the shows

  242. Julie says:

    I CAN’T decide, they all are just drawing me in. Never tried markers like the Chameleons but I love the Cartrdge but need floral double sided paper and I love coloring pages. Oh my oh my!!!

  243. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    Wow! I’m most excited about the FLoral Paper collection. I just never can have enough Anna G paper in my stash.
    Bring it on!

  244. Sandra finger says:

    Love the paper ensemblr. A girl can never have too much paper. Looking foward to the 11th.

  245. Lynn Smith says:

    Someone lucky will be delighted to have these…HOW COULD ANYONE PICK? all are lovely. The fruit cart looks so fun, modern and cool, but those chameleon pen watchers are WOW. Your papers are always just the best so wow! Can’t wait to shop. I personally can’t wait to retire so I can play for real

  246. Michele ONeal says:

    Love the floral papers and the markers look super interesting! Would love to work with them.

  247. Judy Graham says:

    I’m not into markers YET, but if I won these I’d get started. As for everything else…… I want them all. I love the package of papers. And I’d love the coloring pages that I can use with your water color markers. Everyone in Dallas, Texas would hear me screaming if I win all the fantabulous goodness. I don’t think that’s a word, but that’s the way I describe it all. Wow, double sided papers. My mind is spinning thinking of all I can do with all that goodness. You’ve hit a homer in Miss Anna. ❤️❤️

  248. Dorothy Mullins says:

    I love the Cricut pop up card cartridge and the new papers. I teach senior citizens paper crafts and would love to have these!

  249. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I LOVE the double sided papers.I haven’t gotten into the coloring craze. Having had surgery on my thumb 7 years ago makes it uncomfortable to hold a pen for long stretches. But the toppers for your Cameleon pens are brilliant. The 12X12 coloring papers are perfect for matching any photos you want to scrapbook. And pop up cards are so much fun. Anna you never disappoint and there is something for everyone. Happy Crafting!!!

  250. Diann Richardson says:

    I really, really want those markers. I color all the time and these markers will help me stop having to change colors so often.
    The double sided cardstock is also very pretty.

  251. Kim Veenhuizen says:

    All of it look wonderful. But I would have to say the double sided paper is one I would love to get my hands on right away.

  252. Brenda says:

    Oh my gosh. Everything is wonderful as usual. I am really excited about the new floral papers and the coloring pages as I love to color. I am so looking forward to seeing you again on HSN.

  253. Linda Carson says:

    Love everything of course but my favorites are the paper and the pens. Looking forward to another craft day on HSN….just what I need!

  254. Dorothy says:

    I absolutely love the double-sided floral card stock. I find double-sided paper to be extremely useful and you can never go wrong with flowers.

  255. Loretta Wilson says:

    The Chameleon Toppers are my favorite! And the Floral 3 sizes cardstock will always be a favorite too!!!

  256. Kim Fournier says:

    Just love each and ever one of these crafting products.
    The color markers to color those frame coloring pages would be so relaxing to do.
    And then those double sided card stock to make
    beautiful cards (pop-up or flip-cards).

  257. Granny D says:

    Oh those color tops look like something I would love to play with and with the color your own cards/paper, they would make for a perfect birthday present…(6/21)

  258. Carol says:

    Oh My … what a wonderful selection of products. I totally love it all ,.. The Pop-Up cards look so fun, that is an awesome cartridge … the Frame It Coloring Pages are beautiful … the Chameleon Markers Color Toppers look so amazing … But it is the double-sided floral card stock that has the most excited. It is so perfect for the Flip Cards, plus it is going to be fantastic for the pleat fold 11 inch embossing folders too. However, as I said in the beginning … I LOVE IT ALL.

  259. Cathy W. says:

    I am excited about the new Chameleon markers. Sometimes you just want a specific shade when coloring and you don’t have the right one. No need to buy multiple colors to get the right tone. Now there is no guessing with these markers. Absolutely love them!

  260. Julia Muscari says:

    Love the floral cardstock–simply lovely!!! Appreciate the fact that the sides coordinate with each other!

  261. Lori Langmeyer says:

    Love everything new….but the double sided paper really caught my eye. You never disappoint Anna!

  262. Merrie says:

    I love them all, of course, but I would be over the moon to win the Chameleon color toppers. The color combinations are endless.

  263. Lorraine says:

    The double sided floral cardstock is my favorite! The palette and patterns are sophisticated and come in three different pre-cut sizes make this a must-have.

  264. Roxann Higgins says:

    Ok, I know I just have to have the double sided cardstock. That is so beautiful. And I can tell it will be perfect with your new flowers next week!!

  265. LEOTA LAGERWEY says:

    Hello Anna,
    I think that the “floral” papers are absolutely beautiful.
    The other products are nice and would be great to win too, but I love…love the floral paper.
    Thank you for bringing us such wonderful products.

  266. Barb Riordan says:

    I love everything but if I had to pick one it would be the papers. Double sided papers are wonderful to work with. Can’t wait to see them on HSN. Thanks for all you do.

  267. Kathleen Rimer says:

    Hi Anna! I absolutely love the color tops! What a fun idea this is!! Of course I also LOVE the floral cardstock….double sided paper is fabulous. Thanks so much for the chances to win such great products. Can’t wait until July…

  268. Sue Olsen says:

    Love the floral double sided card stock beautiful. I’m running low on my AG card stock would be wonderful to win.

  269. Jennifer Williams says:

    WOW!!!!! Floral paper and two sided…..and MORE pens to play with. Just spent Saturday playing with the pens….

    Great things AGAIN

  270. Trisha says:

    Pop-up card cartridge – the fruit (pineapple) card sold me. Also love the new markers. Those items will keep be busy all summer!

  271. Evelyn Robinson says:

    I love the Color tops what a great way to expand your marker set. Thanks for a chance to win.

  272. Beth Williams says:

    The Chameleon topper pens are amazing. Love that you have so many shades of yellow. Speaking of which I can hardly wait until next week. I saw lots of yellow flowers in the coming collection. If so I am over the moon.

  273. Teresa says:

    The double sided paper looks absolutely Beautiful and the cricut cartridge looks like a lot of fun for the summer!

  274. Paulette King says:

    Love your double sided papers and your markers and everything you do. The quality of your products are always the best. Thanks Anna

  275. Sandra Griswold says:

    Wow, three in one, beautiful double sided florals all ready cut for our use.Anna you are such a forward thinker, always giving us just what we need.. I can never have too much of your “STUFF”. It’s count down time.Feeling lucky.

  276. Sandra Griswold says:

    Wow, three in one, beautiful double sided florals all ready cut for our use.Anna you are such a forward thinker, always giving us just what we need.. I can never have too much of your “STUFF”. It’s count down time.

  277. Ellen Klatt says:

    I would have to say your new pop-up digital card making cartridge is my favorite, although as part of my auto-ship for the digital images, mine is not scheduled to arrive until June 23. There must be some error since you announced on the blog today that anyone on auto-ship for it should have already received this amazing digital cartridge. I was concerned when I heard that. Is there an issue that I should be concerned with? Please clarify. Thank you.

  278. Pat Walecki says:

    Thank You Anna for all your wonderful products. What I love the most about your products is that a person who has never crafted can make beautiful cards with your products. Making and giving cards is so gratifying and for some a sense of propose.

  279. Sandy Williams says:

    I am so excited about all the new products, but the most exciting is the Double Sided cardstock. They are beautiful and are P E R F E C T for my Flip cards and Tri-fold cards.
    Am looking so forward to July 11th.

  280. Mary Alleva says:

    Hi Anna. So far this is my favorite sneak peek because I love to color. I used to color with my kids when they were small and now there are real grown-up tools that make it even more fun. So I’m most excited about the coloring pages and the chameleon marker toppers. See you on HSN and thank you again for all the wonderful products you bring us.

  281. Norma Bartlett says:

    Wow !! Here you go again, overwhelming us crafters with goodies we just have to get. Lol. I love my chameleon markers & now you are even making them better. The pop-up cards look great. It sure would be great to win. Thanks for all you do !!

  282. Jean Condon says:

    I pick the double sided cardstock, it looks wonderful, and the marker toppers are really cool too, a great way to have more colors.

  283. Karen Housley says:

    Absolutely Beautiful I can’t wait. I am taking the day off work so I can enjoy every minute of it. I want he cartridge, but I am disappointed that we don’t get the cartridge. I have several machines that do not hook p to the internet so having the cartridge is necessary for the older machines, I do have he new ones too but sometimes I have 2 or 3 machines running a the same time. Love the card stock, and I have the markers so the color tops are a MUST!

  284. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Hello, Anna
    I’m most excited about the floral paper . As always you do such lovely things. Thanks for the chance to win.

  285. Barbara Troxell says:

    Those are some great new products . I would love making the pop up cards Anna . Thank you for the video .

  286. Sheila N says:

    I love it all but particularly the chameleon toppers! The coloring cardstock looks amazing.

  287. Janet Dorion says:

    I really would love the pop up cartridge. I don’t think I can survive without it until next year! Lol. (I’mCanadian)

  288. Susan Thomas says:

    oh my goodness! I LOVE the pop up cards! and the paper to go with my flip cards I make! beautiful! I just HAVE to have them both….. still waiting on the flip cards for my cricut! 🙁 as soon as i see that I’m going to jump on it! I’ve been making a lot of box cards so I need some variety!

  289. Dana says:

    My favorite is the floral double sided cardstock. It is beautiful and it will work so well with all your dies.It is great in that it comes in different sizes. I love to fold paper and this will be perfect. Thanks, Anna

  290. Amy says:

    As usual, all the designs are beautiful. I am most excited about the pop-up cards digital cartridge. Can’t wait to get started with it.

  291. Mary N. says:

    I am most excited about the beautiful double-sided card stock, but definitely want it all. Thank you for these beautiful creations!

  292. Traci says:

    Oh my the floral cards are soooooo amazing. I have the auto ship cricut package and have loved every one. Thank you Anna for making amazingly beautiful products that don’t scrimp on quality.

  293. Laurie Peabody says:

    I am loving the new floral double sided cardstock,and I can’t wait until July 11th.

  294. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I just love your double sided floral card stock.. I like that it comes in three sizes.

  295. Sandy says:

    A whole world of crafting excitement will be possible with your Chameleon Markers. Love the possibilities.

  296. Erin Piehl says:

    I *pick* a bouquet of paper flowers that have two pretty sides and require no water….LOVE!

  297. Nicole Craig says:

    Hi Anna!
    The double- sided beautiful papers are my favorite. I love that they come in different sizes. Great for card making. The markers are my second favorite. Coloring is a wonderful stress reliever! I wish you were on HSN weekly. Can you please bring back the 12 inch gatefold embossing folder? I have looked everywhere purchase and can’t find them.

  298. Cheryl Baugh says:

    I love this paper! I can see it made up into many cards etc! I so appreciate your creativity and your talent Anna!

  299. Minnie Reid says:

    I would love to have the Pop Up Card cartridge!! But I love the double sided paper too. Scratch that . I want it all.

  300. Susan Hilley says:

    Anna these are wonderful. I am most looking forward to the double sided papers and the beautiful step cards! Thank for all the Beautiful you help us put into the world!

  301. Betsy Black says:

    I love them all, but the double sided floral paper is my favorite. I just love your papers. Thank you for a chance to win!

  302. Colleen Mccall says:

    I’m out of pictures to scrap and need to print more because you KNOW I’m buying more paper and stuff on Friday!!

  303. Michelle says:

    Love the double sided papers Anna. It is so difficult to get your products here. You have been my favorite designer for years and you inspired me to go and explore new ideas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  304. Kathleen Ames says:

    Hello Anna ! Thanks for the double sided paper’s !!!They are beautiful …. and the marker ‘s are really neat looking can barely wait for them !! “THANKS !! for sharing with us !!

  305. Marcia Lasiter says:

    I really love the double sided paper. And the pop up cartridge. Your things are great

  306. Maxine says:

    I am so excited about the new Cricut Cartridge. Everyday I learn something new to do on my Cricut and the customization is priceless. I have never won anything but one of these days I may be lucky enough to win one of your giveaways. Thanks for the beautiful products you bring to HSN

  307. Judy F. says:

    The floral papers look so beautiful! The tones and patterns are right up my alley!! Anna’s papers always add that special touch to any design card…so perfect in every way. Really helps to convey the meaning in the cards that I make.

  308. Patricia Podsiad says:

    I would love to win these items, especially the Frame – It color pages. Can’t wait t see more.

  309. DENISE REID says:

    Oh Anna it’s all so beautiful. My favorite is the new card stock and the pen tops. What fun.

  310. Marie Giordano Campagna says:

    Anna, I am very excited about the new double sided paper. It will be perfect for all the new flip and pop up cards. I especially like the blue palette. Thank you

  311. Brenda Owen says:

    Those pop-up cards are to die for and I just love the color toppers for the markers. Thanks again!

  312. Maria-Grazia says:

    Oh My Goodness Anna!!! I don’t know where to start!!
    I think my absolute favorites from this sneak peek are all, but if I had to pick it would be the New Cricut Cartridge and gorgeous two sided paper. What a win this would be! My daughter will have to fight me over the new coloring pen additions. So cool!

  313. Brenda says:

    I can’t wait for your shows. My favorite this time is the floral double sided cardstock. So many uses. . .

  314. Joanne S says:

    I can’t wait to use the double-sided cardstock with my flip card and gracious giftable cartridges. I also want to make that card with the paper trick circles,

  315. Barbara Moos says:

    Again hard to pick a favorite. I do love florals so would probably pick the new floral cardstock .I am already on auto-ship for the new pop up cartridge and excited that I will have it soon

  316. Terri Koon says:

    Everything is beautiful but I especially love the Color tops for my Chameleon markers and the coloring sheets. Once colored these sheets will make beautiful gifts for my family and friends.

  317. Pam Cooper says:

    Hi Anna, Loving the Color Tops…. but have to say the printed card stock will be used the most. Very pretty !!

  318. Patricia says:

    The new card stock is gorgeous.. Love it Anna. You kinda have me thinking about that new cartridge too.☺☺

  319. MissElaineous says:

    Love the double sided floral paper. Will be great since I am on the auto ship flip cards.

  320. Pam Hansen Spradlin says:

    I am looking forward to more of your cardstock. The Floral Card Stock looks fabulous and will make some terrific cards. I can’t wait to see it on the show. The double sided papers will make the paper go further in creating.

  321. Rose Maria says:

    Dearest Anna,
    I am most excited about the double sided floral cardstock! I need them to make more flipcards. The patterns look beautiful! Thanks!

  322. Carol Ouellette says:

    As always LOVE IT ALL!!!! But, my favorite is the double sided Floral Card Stock. Love that it is pre-cut in 3 sizes. The concept of the Color Toppers will really add to the fun of coloring. But, Anna you have me really excited for the beautiful new flower embellishments. You always have us looking forward to more. Thank you as always.

  323. Leanna Mohr says:

    I want it all, great new items. I don’t have to work that day so I can watch and record. Thank you

  324. Weatherly Whitener says:

    Your designs and ideas are amazing. I want everything. Thank you for letting us enter to win.

  325. Janet Newmaker says:

    Hi Anna. I love the double-sided cardstock. It will be nice having multiple sizes.

  326. Kathleen Edmunds says:

    The cardstock is so beautiful the cards made from these will be keepsakes. I would like to have all the
    products so I can make beautiful cards for my family
    and friends. Thank you Anna

  327. Judy A says:

    Anna, you make always it very difficult to choose the product that I like most. Right now the Color Toppers are calling my name. I always make a few “very” special cards for the holidays. Are Coloring cards going to be on the menu for Christmas? The Floral Cardstock is beautiful too. Love the two sided paper and the designs are amazing! I am looking forward to July.

  328. Donna Petruso says:

    I love them all! I will use the floral paper with my paper tricks dies. My sister is giving me her older Cricut because she got the lilac one, so I can’t wait to start getting cartridges to use with it! I love my Cuttlebug, and now will have a complete card room with all my Anna Griffin die cuts, sayings, and card stock. I’ve created a monster as now everyone refuses to get a store bought card from me. They feel insulted!
    Thanks Anna for helping me to make everyone so happy! Now on to the Father’s Day cards;)

  329. Clare Dempsey says:

    A new cartridge?! Yeah! Looking forward to the patterned paper too! Can’t wait to use it with the generous AG card kit left overs!

  330. Sue Swanson says:

    I love the color options you have with the Chameleon pen toppers. The ombre colors are nice but now you can blend any color combination. Thanks Anna.

  331. Nancy Bell says:

    Oh my!!!! Where to start? I am super excited about the markets and coloring pages!! Oh and the cartridge for the popup cards!!!! I can’t wait!! Thanks Anna!!!!

  332. Gail J says:

    Anna, love the new double sided papers. The pens look amazing. Looking forward to new shows on HSN.

  333. Georgia Henson says:

    I love the floral papers. It looks like that is going to be a very popular item. How can you go wrong with Anna’s papers? Thanks for the chance to win.

  334. Ramona Myrah says:

    Hi Anna, I own many of your products and have been very pleased. However I ordered 2 of your die cuts albums but the magnetic sheets are not strong enough to even hold your dies on. As soon as I turn the page the dies all slide together. I did purchase magnetic sheets from another company and the dies do stick. Please make your sheets stronger as I liked the pretty sheets.. I did not know where else to put this request but I would appreciate a response. Have others had problems also?? Thank you –

  335. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Hi Anna & Co!
    Everybody loves to color and your new alcohol blending tips are just what the doctor ordered! The floral card stock is something I always like to keep on hand and the new palette of double sided paper is fabulous!! I can’t wait!!

  336. Stephanie says:

    My favorite is the double sided papers. I like the coloring papers as well. Everything is so nice. Thanks Anna for the opportunity to win!

  337. Joan Stohlman says:

    Oh Anna! The card stock is so beautiful and I have not seen anything like it any where else. Can’t wait!

  338. Traci Wood says:

    All of your new items look fantastic, but if I had to pick just one it would be the 3d pop up cards! I just made a matchbook card following you recent blog instruction’s using your edge die and this would be a wonderful way to finish them off, especially since I upgraded to the cricut air 2. Thanks for all your wonderful items and inspiration.

  339. Linda Valoy says:

    Love, love, the doublesided papers. My mouth flew open when I saw the scrapbook page that looks like drapes. I froze the frame and absorbed it .Beautiful and so vintage colors.

  340. sandy says:

    Your double sided card stock is just beautiful. It will be a pleasure to buy it. I love everything, I need more space for everything. Can’t wait for July.

  341. Rinda K. says:

    Love all the new products in this sneak peek! If I have to choose a favorite, it has to be the floral card stock. I’m a paper girl and these papers are beautiful and double-sided! Thank you, Anna 🙂

  342. Cheryl R says:

    Color changing markers and the papers to use them on look like great fun. Thank you for all your inspiration

  343. Lori Neilson says:

    I love the floral cardstock!!! Those designs are gorgeous! The coloring papers look like a lot of fun as well.

  344. Deborah Martin says:

    The formal card stock has me quite intrigued! I am needing this for some of the cards I am wanting to make.

  345. Lucy Armitage says:

    Love, love, love the double sided floral cardstock!!! Hope HSN has a really big supply for July 11th, its a must have for me. I’m on auto ship for the pop up card digital cartridge & so anxious to get mine. I haven’t really gotten into coloring (too scared to try that shading that looks so lovely when done right). I pretty much color like a kindergartener! lol Looking forward to these July 11th shows.

  346. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    Can’t seem to get enough cardstock paper and I love double sided. It has lots of uses. Those pens look fab.
    Would like to see products that are for kids and some that have humorous verses if possible. I have two of the kits that are for children but always looking for more variety. Your shows in June and July will be great to watch and buy new products. Now that you are making cartridges, I might have to buy the machine. haha Thanks for every new product.

  347. hobo says:

    Am I detecting Dresdens in those examples? I LOVE them. I have been buying them for ages and making Xmas ornaments using them for years now and would love to see some with the AG touch and flair!

  348. Sandra Smith says:

    I fell in love with Anna Griffin paper in b 2001 so I’m really excited about new patterns and it’s double sided! Can’t wait to see all the new products!

  349. Deb S. says:

    I love the new floral cardstock. The coloring papers look like fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  350. Trish says:

    Love the floral card stock, Too much is never enough.
    P. S. The blue shirt is a great color on Anna

  351. hobo says:

    Since I am a paper addict I would have to say the papers are my favorite. Even if I don’t make anything I get pleasure just from looking at them! Would love to use the cartridge, but, once again, with an Expression I can’t. And, once again, I don’t like that. Don’t know why we can’t use embellishments even if we can’t print but have the cutting files in a cartridge. I don’t have the markers so won’t be getting the marker add ons or the color yourself pages. I love to color, but arthritic fingers don’t co operate much anymore. But paper, that is my thing! Can’t wait to see the new set of flowers. Hope you can make the flowers that came with the pretty paintings card kit as a separate purchase. They were the prettiest ever. Thanks.

  352. Cathy S. says:

    Love the coloring pages! You just keep coming up with all the best things. (The floral cardstock is a close second!)

  353. Arlene J. Peters says:

    I love, love, love the floral cardstock.. You can never have too much paper (or that’s what I always say). The prints are absolutely gorgeous. A definite “must have” for me.. So glad you are bringing new papers to us.. Thanks Anna, we appreciate you so much..

  354. Claribel Hernandez says:

    Hi Anna, I am most excited about the marker blenders.
    I think they’re a great idea.

  355. Jo Smith says:

    Looking forward to the double sided floral papers and the new toppers for the pens. I hope I get to win. Making plans for the show and the list you give us. Thanks Anna, .

  356. Debra Spencer says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m most excited about the double sided paper…although ALL your products are always so exciting. It keeps me BROKE from one Craft day to another…
    Also…I got my BEAUTIFUL official Create invite…I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. November can’t get here fast enough. c u soon.

  357. Dorinda says:

    I love the coloring papers (especially the scrapbook paper, but those pens are really interesting…I never heard of the brand. I am familiar what regular alcohol markers do, but theses seem very different! Just excited to see all the new products and ideas! Thanks for all you do!

  358. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Those beautiful papers are needing to come to my house. My name is Lefty Lou, and I am an ANNAHOLIC…………
    Love ,Lefty Lou

    p.s. how is Georgie?-haven’t heard lately…

  359. Susie B says:

    I love the new papers – beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win! Looking forward to your shows!

  360. Linda Graube says:

    I have been counting down to your HSN summer visits! Love the new papers! I love everything about Anna Griffin products…everything you stand for & behind! Go Anna!!!!

    Happy Regards,

  361. Belinda says:

    I love the new add on to the Chameleon pens would be so excited to win anything. Thanks for all the geat products you bring us!

  362. cheryl tamburlin says:

    I LOVE those markers…..hope I get them and know how to use them….seems that you can do whatever you want with them…..can’t wait to see all of this again when it is shown on HSN! LOVE ALL OF IT!

  363. Kathleen Rozman says:

    They are all wonderful, and I especially like the markers. I’ve fallen back in love with coloring and am intrigued by the Chameleon markers. Would really enjoy a set of those!

  364. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Anna I love all of it. My favorite is the double sided papers. They are gorgeous !!!!

  365. Nora says:

    The new floral cardstock. It will be awesome for the flip cards and scrapbook pages. Thanks again for your great product line!

  366. Jane Bill says:

    Love Love Love the new floral cardstock!! Gorgeous!!! Thank you for the chance to win!! So looking forward to July 11! WooHoo!!

  367. HollyG says:

    Hi there Miss Anna and Co!


    Bet you can tell what my fav is!

    Until next time, hugs!

  368. Jill Pearson says:

    The Cricut pop-up card cartridge is my first choice. I love making pop-up cards and these are gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win all four of your new items.

  369. Lillie Keeton says:

    Anna, I have received my pop-up card cartridge that came to me on auto ship from HSN. So please enter me for the card stock, please!

  370. Jill Treleven says:

    Hi Anna,
    I Like the Chameleon Cartridges. That’s so Cool that you’ll be able to make so many new color combinations. Can’t wait to see you do a full presentation of these on July 11th on HSN.
    Good Luck & Happy Crafting Everyone!!

  371. Karen Johnson says:

    Oh my, love, love, love everything!!! How can one possibly pick a favorite…I love them all. If I had to choose, it would be the lovely double sided floral card stock. The patterns are exquisite!! Though the markers are becoming more and more appealing as I love to color. It is such a peaceful, relaxing way to spend time. Thank you for the chance to win everything. Again and again you just keep amazing us!!

  372. Lana Murphy says:

    It is so hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I would probably pick the double-sided papers. I confess that I am a paper hoarder, and have a hard time using my favorites. Thanks, Anna, for always coming through for us!

  373. Susan m. says:

    I love love them all but I have to admit the floral cardstock is my favorite and love that it comes in three sizes. Haven’t won anything yet but will keep trying. Thanks for all you do for us. Everything is always beautiful.

  374. Darleen Maahs says:

    Oh my goodness,,, how to pick just one of these four new items…….. well I think the new card stock is a must have for me. Looking forward to July’s show.

  375. Denice with a "c" says:

    Was SUPER EXCITED to see the new FRAME IT COLORING PAGES!!!!! I love so much to color coordinate … and with these I can have the best of both worlds… Anna’s beautiful prints, that I can choose the colors I want, to coordinate with what ever I happened to need . What more can you ask for. Having them in different sizes without having to measure and cut ourselves is just icing on the cake. THANK YOU AGAIN …. ANNA .. YOU ARE A PEACH…. God bless…Denice with a “C”

  376. Grama says:

    Haha! I LOVE this preview! (OK, I love all of them) Its a bit like looking over the edge of a precipice to see the glorious view below, just out of our reach, then, on Craft day, jumping atop the sled and flying wildly down the hill, squealing with delight, to the lovely valley below- Oh, the thrill when we get to own the view we admired so! -Looks like the double sided, gloriously beautiful paper wins this preview hands down, but every other product is obviously much loved, too! I use these previews to determine my buying strategy pre-show. I will be absolutely certain to purchase the cardstock as early as I can, -not even considering waiting for the reduced shipping, to make sure I get at least one set… Its hot on everyone’s list! I personally also love the cardstock best, but those Chameleon toppers are on my must-haves, as well, because I SO enjoy working with these pens! I bring an Anna Griffin Tote with coloring pages and these pens, along with my AG watercolor pencils, and a water-brush with me when I take Mama to town, in case I need to slow down and wait for a time… I love to color when I am needing to wait. I never get enough wait-time in! 🙂 The Frame-able pages are beautiful, too! Also, I cannot wait to see the print-then-cut images with my autoship pop-up cards cartridge! This and next month are going to be so creative! And I absolutely stopped breathing when I saw those upcoming flowers for next week! GORGEOUS! This is SO fun! Thank you Anna and Team!

  377. Joann says:

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  388. Jacqueline F Klueh says:

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    Would you consider bringing onto paper, the Slovakian or Ukraine embroidered designs?

  398. Deborah Bode says:

    I love all of it but the Color Toppers and the Frame It Coloring pages are my favorites. Love to stop down and color with my nieces and grand nieces. We like to have a Family Girls night and coloring is always a go to for us. Can’t wait for the crafting event. The super fan super pups have a new sister to join the crowd– little 7 week old Roxie the Irish Setter! We’re going to start her off right!

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    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
    I love those double sided papers! So gorgeous! Can you color with the color tops? Or only mix ink with them? Looking forward to the shows! Have a blessed week Ms. Anna!
    Love y’all bye for now xox

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    More wonderful products with the charm and character Anna does so well!

    I am so excited about the coloring pages. After spending time to add your own touch by coloring these pages they can be used in so many ways. I love the idea of adding them to cards to make them so personal.

    The cameleon markers are a hoot and great to use with the coloring pages and do much more. Color changing….morphing … awesomeness!!!

    All items are great Anna. Looking forward to more shows and ideas on HSN!!!

  403. Dorci Sprinkle says:

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  404. Elizabeth Murphy says:


  405. Carolyn Wachta says:

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  406. Barbara Zeller says:

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  407. Gwen Ogburn says:

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  408. Barbara Hartling says:

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  437. Sandy says:

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  438. Julianne says:

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  439. Bette Sines says:

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  441. Zoe E. Sessler says:

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  442. Jean Heming says:

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  443. Debbie Dunn says:

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    Lordy Lordy Miss Morning Glory , you have done it again, ***, the Chamieleon Toppers are definitely going to be a Favorite along with the artwork to color, fabulous!!!
    The double sided cardstock is beautiful, so beautiful!! The Cricut Digital Cartridge looks amazing!! Thank You Anna for keeping us excited and a chance to win the amazing products !!
    As always Thank You and your amazing Team !!
    Fondly. Debbie Dunn

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  448. Pam says:

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  449. Linda Davis says:

    I have been anxiously awaiting the autoship of the Cricut cartridge. I’m so glad I enrolled for that. The Chameleon toppers are my favorite new thing. I love the markers, and these toppers will take them to a new level! Next up are the new floral papers! They are beautiful!!!! I also like the coloring card stock and everything else you have shown so far! As always, I’m looking forward to July to see you on HSN!!!

  450. LC Young says:

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  453. Rosario Edinger says:

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  454. Carla Haase says:

    The double-sided floral cardstock is just great. Thank you for answering our requests for this. Loving the cartridge too. “I and hardly wait” for July 11th and also to see what the Today’s Special Value is. Can it be that is an Anna Griffin Surprise? Hope so. Love you, Anna!

  455. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! I think my favorite for this preview is the Chameleon Color Toppers! They look like so much fun! The pop up cards cartridge is on my auto ship, however, I seem to receive them later, as mine hasn’t arrived yet. Love the papers and I am positive everything you’ve shown will be in our home!!!

  456. Cheryl Offen says:

    Love the pens. I have used this pen. Did not know you c]
    old mix two different colors together. Love to try them.

  457. Linda Wade says:

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  458. Mewsmomtoo says:

    The Floral Card Stock is beautiful, love that it is double-sided. Also, great idea for the Chameleon pens, makes them even more versatile. Love these previews!

  459. Christine says:

    My favorite is definitely the Chameleon Markers and Color Toppers. There is a softness to the colors that I love.

  460. Rosemary Whitacre says:

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  461. Lilia Arteaga says:

    WOW!! This awesome!!! The Camelon pens are the perfect set to give color to our imagination, I can’t wait to see what else I can make with this pens. And of course I will love the new Cricut Anna’s digital cartridge. Thank you Anna!!!

  462. karen wells-sortell says:

    Love all the products. Looking forward to the shows and to especially get the cricuit cartridge.

  463. SHELLEE says:

    So far I have managed to resist the markers, but you may have just tipped the scale! The color change sounds very interesting! Looking forward to July!

  464. Leslie Gipson says:

    Double sided Anna Griffin floral cardstock!…I’m in . I’d love to win that and the other fantastic items!!!

  465. Linda Scott says:

    Everything is just so creative and awesome! Love it all will be adding that Cricut cartridge to my shopping list. Thank you once again for the chance to win all the fabulous new items and sharing the creativity with us!

  466. Kathryn C says:

    Good morning, Anna! I am most excited about the coloring sheets and the floral cardstock. What a way to let your creative spirit flow! With beautiful sheets that I can color anyway that I like to use as bases for projects, cards and pages or as embellishments and decoration. Along with your beautiful floral cardstock – I will be ordering several sets of this – I am already seeing finished projects in my mind.
    Thank you for all your creative love! You make us beautiful in the making…

  467. Pat Leon says:

    Beautiful cardstock. Love the color wash effect that the markers bring to the party. The toppers are fascinating.

  468. Debbie Gilbert says:

    I have the pens would love to have more color choices. The coloring sheets look so interesting. I have enjoyed coloring since I was a child. I buy boxes of crayons, colored pencils and markers at back to school time and donate them to teachers so children can have new coloring tools. Who doesn’t love to color at any age!

    Thank you, Anna.

  469. Bonita Horne says:

    Oh my you do come up with some great items. My favorite I think would have to be the Chameleon markers and the toppers. Love how they work and would come in handy. Thanks for all your creativity.

  470. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Oh Anna, I love the card stock and just finished making 20 thank you cards with pretty paper and your die-cuts. Now I don’t want to let them go but I will. I could’ve just plopped them on your pretty made cards but I wanted to go back to my beginning of card making days. See you this Friday and travel safe!

  471. Veronica Roske says:

    Just got my Cricut Explore Air 2, learning how to use it. Love watching you on HSN, such wonderful products. Chameleon are just fun blending markers, would love to have to color all the new things I will be making. Thank you Anna for all your hard work and dedication to such great products.

  472. Gloria says:

    How interesting! I love the effect the new Chameleon Color Toppers create. Just may have to order! Also the double-sided cardstock is very pretty. You definitely have a lot of “goodies” to offer! Can’t wait for the July event!

  473. Connie says:

    I love all the new products and can’t wait for the gorgeous floral cardstock papers! I love making cards and this paper will be perfect!

  474. Ruthie Trehuba says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love every item and I love how creative you are! Unfortunately I m not creative enough to say something clever that will win me these lovely item,
    but I am truly happy for whoever wins!!!! 🙂
    Have a lovely day, you, Georgie and your team

  475. Cindy Haselip says:

    I love all four items but the pen toppers seem like an amazing way to color. Great job. Thank you.