HSN July 11th, 2017 Product Preview 4 Winner + How to Series: Card Front Dies

Hi everyone,

What a great week it has been! On Monday we brought you 4 brand new items for craft day on HSN July 11th. Each one is perfect for summer crafting. Two weeks from tomorrow is our big day! We will be kicking off at midnight, then our hours are 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and some of the 8pm hour. Are you all as excited to get to crafting as we are? You know we save the best for last so be sure to tune into our next few posts!

We had an amazing amount of comments and product love this week! Over 1465 of you commented to win all 4 items, and Nicole Craig they are coming to you! Look out for the shipment soon.

Who wants a few more looks at project inspiration? We’ve got it all below!

Our Tutti Frutti Stamps and Dies are on trend and en vogue this summer! Orange you so excited for this set of 21 stamps and 7 dies? Create lemons, limes, berries, grapes and more, then send someone a sweet treat in the form of an amazing card or scrapbook page.

To go along with our Tutti Fruitti Stamps and Dies, we have the juiciest Colorbox inks! Create summer ripe fruit colors with our rich red, deep purples, and bright citrus colors.

Build dimensional flowers that wow with our set of 3D Flower Cut and Emboss Dies. You will have friends and family amazed by your craftiness! This set is perfect for adding to a gift, project or even party decorations!

Our beloved Instant Scrapbook is back! This fan favorite, almost finished album only requires 30 of your favorite photos, and your own personal touches to make it come to life. You’ll get 20 pre-made 12 x 12 pages, 20 titles, plus alphabet letters to create with.

Today’s how to is so beautiful; you’re going to love it! Get out your Card Front Dies set and let’s create! You can still purchase these on HSN.com if you don’t have them! Click here to shop.


  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Card Front Cutting Dies – 542-362 – Floral Die
  • Anna Griffin® Gold Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 – 522-138 – 6” x 8” Rubber Embossing Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Magnetic Mat 2-pack – 528-936
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One with Multipurpose Craft Tips & Bag – 457-852 – Piercing Stylus Tip
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set – 442-864 – Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
  • Anna Griffin® Ivory Cards & Envelopes – 505-052 – 1, 5”x7” Folded Card
  • 1, 5” x 7” Purple Cardstock Layer
  • 1, 5” x 7” Ivory Metallic Cardstock Layer
  • 1, 5” x 7” Gold Metallic Layer
  • 1, 5” x 7” Pink Metallic Layer
  • 1, 5” x 5” Peach Cardstock Layer
  • 1, 5” x 7” Teal Vellum Layer
  • 1 Sentiment Embellishment
  • 3 Floral Embellishments
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Foam Adhesive


  • Adhere purple cardstock to ivory card base with double sided adhesive.

  • Place floral die face up and the gold cardstock face down on the Cuttlebug machine, and die cut and emboss. The Tool ‘n One is helpful in the removal of the paper from the die.
  • Die cut the pink cardstock with the floral die. Set aside the floral die cut portion for another project.  Set aside the border and 2 corner pieces.

  • Die cut the ivory metallic cardstock with the floral die. Trim the top right floral corner piece, bottom left floral corner piece, and one of the large flowers from the edge of the die cut with the craft knife.  Cut out both sets of small flowers.

  • Adhere pink border to purple card base with double sided adhesive. Inlay the gold die cut with double sided adhesive.  Inlay the two pink corner pieces with double sided adhesive.

  • Attach the ivory floral die cut pieces on top of the corresponding gold die cut pieces with foam adhesive.

  • Die cut and cut out flowers with craft knife. Adhere to card as shown.

  • Adhere sentiment and floral embellishments with foam adhesive.

Now that’s a card that is beautiful in the making! We will see you Monday for more previews, inspiration, giveaways and fun!






  1. Betty Hackworth says:

    Can hardly wait til’ July 11th to see everything.new. These craft shows are like a kid being in a toy shop at Christmas. Love, love,love all the new ideas and products!

  2. Lillie M McGee says:

    I can not wait until 7/11 I need worked overtime just for all that I have on my wish list.I just hope that I can call in to order what I want before things sell out.I hope the go press is coming soon

  3. HeatherSusan Baldesare says:

    Anna you certainly have out done yourself- saving July 11 date so I will be able to purchase all the new products coming out! I need a craft room I am running out of space! LOL. Love the fruits and colors can’t wait till they are available!

  4. Mikki Morris says:

    Oh wow, Oh wow, Anna! I would love to win any one of them. I especially love the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders. I already have some of your things to go with them, so it would be FUNTASTIC to win!!

  5. Christa Green says:

    Hello Anna! I’m especially excited for the flocked papers and flower stickers, as carnation is my birth month flower.
    Wondering if you’ll consider flocked paper for Autumn and Christmas colors…spectacular! Also, I’d love to see a collection of birth month flowers papers, stickers etc for year round scrapbooking and card making! Looking forward to seeing you July 11th!

  6. Afton Rowles says:

    I am excited to see all the new products that you are bringing out on July 11th. I would love to have these products to work with.


    Hi Anna and Team,

    I own this flower die. Bought the toppers a while ago. Thanks for the design ideas.

    Congrats to Nicole. I know she will enjoy her winnings. See you on the 11th. Very excited.


    Wow. These kits are awesome. I am an avid gardener. The new flower stickers are so beautiful. It is like bringing the garden indoors.

    And I just love the bird cages. Can’t wait to use them.

  9. Laura Breyman says:

    July 11 cannot get here fast enough! Absolutely everything is beautiful, and I want them all! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  10. Debra Hutchinson says:

    Marigolds, geraniums and irises oh my!!!
    I just realized I have a Doctors appointment on July 11th. I feel a cancellation is in order due to acute Griffinitis!!!

  11. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Deb, if there are items missing from your kit please contact HSN to exchange the kit. We will add your ideas to our product inspiration!

  12. Anna Lynch Ross Lynch Wife says:

    Hi guys today me and my family went to church and then we eat at home and then we went the ergent care and then I watch nascar and then I went with my nanie to Walmart and then cvs. Good night see you guys soon

  13. lynn brown says:

    that card is simply beautiful! I am having so much fun with my new cuttlebug, I’ve made lots of mistakes but I’m learning a lot and watching all your little videos!

  14. Alexis says:

    Anna, please, please, please bring back the Anna Griffin Metallic Vellum Card Layers Pack! The finished card is just beautiful and we need the items in the paper pack to replicate it! Thank you so much and keep being a crafting inspiration!

  15. Evelyn Robinson says:

    I’ve ben enjoying the how to series. Thanks, Anna, for keeping the creativity flowing. I love the finished card.

  16. Angel Cyr says:

    Well — You have, definitely scored high … on the flower dies!

    Thanks, for all of the ” Amazing Products ” that you bring our way !!! We Are ” So Thankful ” — For You !


  17. Jeanne C. Smith says:

    I love the beautiful layered flowers. Anna, you are so creative, I don’t know how you keep improving your designs and making them more beautiful! Keep them coming, I just love them all!

  18. Denise L. says:

    The Tutti Fruitti Stamps and dies are fantastic. It is so hard to find stamps of food. I hope you will consider some stamps of herbs next, i.e.garlic, basil, etc. I love, love, the idea on the Tutti Fruitt stamps!!!

  19. Veronica Roske says:

    Such a beautiful card, I love how you can use all of your remnants to make more cards. Each piece is just so beautiful and that is what happens when you have a beautifully detailed die. Will have to look for this on HSN. Thank you Anna for another wonderful die!

  20. Ginger Pinata says:

    What a great tutorial Anna. Thanks for sharing with the step by step, no fail pictures and printed instructions. You make things come to life and give just enough training to give me confidence to continue on with this great set. I will be ordering it soon so don’t run out of it please. lol. With great love and passion for excellence, Ginger Pinata

  21. Beverly Terry says:

    Just got two auto-ship goodies with one more on the way. Can’t wait to play with them and then go shopping again in July!

  22. Rosa Giotta says:

    Just saw video and looking forward to getting this new kit and make more creations like Anna does. My HSN order just came in today and ready to start using Anna’s items I ordered, thank you Anna for all you and your team does for us

  23. lynn smith says:

    looking forward tl july 11…just received my box of window frame cards. they ate all folded and ready for their crafter to get BUSY. THANKS ANNA and CO

  24. Beverly Ballard says:

    The kits and the tips give you the courage to just go and be creative! And that is not always easy to do. I am anticipating the July show and definitely look forward to the Halloween Kit! That is one of my most favorite cards to make! Thank you!!!!

    Beverly Ballard

  25. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, thanks for all this beautiful inspiration! It’s so happy, I love it all! Grandma P needs a scrapbook page with all the strawberries! Congratulations Nicole! Have a tutti fruitti good time!

  26. Kathleen says:

    Congrats to the winner, Nicole. Anna, I love your products and these new additions are no exception. Just beautiful! Can hardly wait for July 11th.

  27. Jane says:

    I don’t want to pick. I want it all but get real, I have to pick. Even with a team I don’t know how you do it, Anna. It is always breath taking.

  28. Patricia Podsiad says:

    I love the new flower dies as well as the tutti fruition stamps and inks. Can’t wait to craft day!

  29. Grama Pei says:

    Woo-Hoo, Nicole Craig! Congratulations! Winner of the Week, I will bet you are dancing a bit now! (because I would be…- were it me! ha!) Have a wonderful time crafting with your gifts! Congratulations again! Anna, I LOVE those strawberry stampings! What an adorable page that is! I adore how you even put the highlights into the stamp! SO easy! Cant WAIT… and I LOVE the how-to! It really opens up the options on ALL of our larger dies, but these Card Front dies are especially lovely.

  30. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Love these! And the new Color Box colors are beautiful! Can’t wait until July 11th.

  31. kim says:

    Lovely card. I would buy this set of card front dies. The finished product is better than anything store bought.

  32. Susan Gonyo says:

    Congratulations to Nicole!!! Love the new dies. Love everything as always. Thank you Anna!!

  33. Nancy Brant says:

    Oh every week the blog give us such great information on how to use your products!
    You make it so simple to make beautiful cards!
    Thank you !!
    Love the new frames! Will there be Christmas, Halloween. Valentine’s. And Easter ones ?

  34. Karen chester says:

    ***…..how totally beautiful. I wonder how many dies that I already have that I could also do that with? I can’t wait for them to come out…..

  35. Donna from Florida says:

    So smart to be able to make multiple cards with your inlaid creation. I just love it!

  36. Cecilia Fisher says:

    Hi Anna,

    I love the new card ideas! I will be watching HSN! I would love to be a winner soon!

    Love and God Bless You! Ceci

  37. Cecilia Fisher says:

    Hi Anna,

    I love the new card ideas! I will be watching HSN! I am hoping I will be a winner soon!

    Love and God Bless You! Ceci

  38. LALA Martinez says:

    I love doing this 3-D effect was old Christmas cards and then I frame them I love to do nativity scenes

  39. Gail J says:

    Anna, This card project is amazing. Can’t wait to give it a try. It is amazing how you and your team come up with such beautiful art. See you soon on HSN.

  40. patricia crocker says:

    love the 3d flowers and stuff. The tutorial was very helpful. Thank You for all you give us.

  41. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    Such beautiful products. Always something new and exciting to play with. Thank you Anna and congratulations to Nicole!

  42. Jane says:

    Love these card fronts! I also love your runner adhesives. Will we ever be able to order again? It’s the best! Thanks

  43. Paulette King says:

    Congratulations to Nicole. That’s fantastic…
    Love this new die of beautiful floral arrangement.

  44. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Congrat’s Nicole, I wish I could win some of her wonderful stuff but I know that we’ll never happen and I know that. I love her stuff some much. I love making pages for albums and cards. My cards are getting better but still not as pretty. But someday I know they we’ll. That is if I can afford to keep buying. But that may have to stop. I really can’t afford them. Thanks again Anna Griffin for your wonderful stuff.

  45. Barbara Kirchner says:

    Looks like Nicole had a great surprise….Congrad to you. love todays die cut and am sure hope I can get it on the 11th.Cannot wait!!!!

  46. Terie Storar says:

    Thank you for the inpiration. What I love about your products is how well.the work together year after year. When you save unused pieces of paper, you know that they will never go to waste.

  47. Maureen Odell says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I grabbed this die out of my binder, have the papers, and I am going to try this now.
    Will there be more envelopes for the embossing folders? They are wonderful for organizing.

  48. Elaine says:

    Congratulations Nicole Craig, I know you will enjoy all of your “goodies”. Happy crafting! 🙂

  49. Diana Durst says:

    Loved the tutorial! Loved that Die cut! Just receives my auto ship yesterday. Can’t wait to play. I need to have that floral Die cut you used! Thanks for all the beauty you share with us!

  50. Deb Siebenaler says:

    Hi, love the ideas you present I do have a few comments in general. I ordered the giftable gift card kit from HSN – the general one- and I did not get the clear bands and the flower embellishments were very few. I was able to use left over flowers for the holders but had to cut my own bands. Cute card holders – any thought being given to offer die cuts for the 4 styles of holders sure could use them Also would you consider offering a supper tape to use with your kits, I had a hard time adhering the small pockets to the larger card and have them stick Your creativity is wonderful – makes me look good 🙂 Keep up the great work. Deb

  51. Pam says:

    Anna, as a newer card-maker I appreciate all the tutorials. They help bring out my creative side. Thanks once again !!

  52. DEBBY says:

    Congratulation Nicole just waiting for July 11 to get here .Love the new dies .and the ink pads .

  53. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: Thank you so much for the tutorial! Please keep showing us how to use your beautiful products. Congrats to lucky lady Nicole. Looking forward to July 11!

  54. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Congrats to Nicole, u will have lots of fun! Anna, I’m also having fun with my new Charlotte paper kit. Thanks for all your inspiration and have a nice weekend!

  55. Jo Smith says:

    Thanks for showing us how to use the beautiful card front die. Lots of ideas already. Looking forward to the show. .

  56. Leslie Ramsey says:

    What a beautiful demo Anna. I see you still use your craft knife. I remember when you used to be on DIY Scrapbooking with Sandy Genoviese and you ALWAYS used your craft knife. Now it is just easier. The new dies are exquisite. Happy Crafting!

  57. Brenda Owen says:

    Wow what a wonderful card. Love the 3D Flower cut and Emboss dies but I also really like the Tutti Frutti stamps and dies with the colorbox inks. Thanks for such great products!

  58. Linda Davis says:

    Congratulations, Nicole – You’re a lucky lady! I so hope you enjoy everything!

    Thanks, Anna, for another lovely tutorial.

  59. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Congratulation Nicole, so happy for you, but sad for me, Happy crafting . Anna, I love these card layers and will buy when they are available. I love how you use the vellum. I am having fun with the Seafarer designer collection paper kit. I already had the shells’ die cuts. I miss the larger pack of shells with the darker blue color. I wished I had gotten 2 of these paper kits. Your paper kits are well worth the money. Of course I use my own designs. I love lighthouses and most will have a lighthouse on them. I am putting some these in my personal collection of cards to send. Some of these I had to use foam dots on.

  60. chris hayden says:

    Congratulations! And Anna, I just love these flower dies and the card front dies. They are so great. It’s like a background that you can build on!

  61. Jennifer H says:

    So excited to see another scrapbook! I have gotten many over the years- they are always lovely!

  62. Sally Davis says:

    How beautiful and fun the fruit stamps are. And paired with the new ink colors everything you make will be “Anna Griffin perfect!” Thanks so much for making us experts at card making and scrapping!!

  63. Teresa says:

    Congrats Nicole. Enjoy your Anna Goodies! Anna of course I love everything but can’t wait to see the build a flower

  64. judy says:

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!! Just LOVE this card. July 11th is in my Anna Griffin date book with stars all around it. Your craft gets better everyday and it inspires me to try to do the same. Love you all, Judy

  65. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Nicole. Anna, i love the way this card is done so many options. Thank you for all the wonderful products.

  66. Loralei says:

    The 3D Flower Cut and Emboss Dies are beautiful but so is everything else! Congratulations Nicole!

  67. Konni Andis says:

    Hi! Congrats to Nicole Craig! I love all of Anna’s products! July 11 couldn’t come soon enough!

  68. Mary Jane Romero says:

    Love the vibrant colors of the stamp pads. I love the inks that are so Anna. I have never found a brown like the Anna brown. I tend to gravitate towards to those Anna stamp pads without knowing what brand it is. Nice product.

  69. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Hi Anna! Congratulations to Nicole Craig, what a nice surprise for her! Can’t wait for July 11. I have my eye on some new things. I’ve made some beautiful cards this week using your products. Special cards for special people.

  70. Pat Wallace says:

    I think I will make that Birthday card for myself! Beautiful color choice, love the 3D flower dies, can’t wait to order them! Cuttlebug coming today!

  71. Mary Blake says:

    Congrats to Nicole.. I love all the stamps and dies.
    can’t wait for the show on the 11th…

  72. Yadyra Marrero says:

    The card on the tutorial is beautiful. I don’t have the these dies… I guess I better plan for them. Can’t wait till July 11th. Xxxx♡

  73. Annette Johnson says:

    Congrats to Nicole…I love the step by step instructions to help me make the beautiful cards featured on this site. I also love the fruit motifs you’ve created AND the easy does it scrapbook. Thanks for all the wonderful products and inspiration.

  74. June Estep says:

    the strawberries are so awesome…..I see a lot of strawberry stamps, but this one is so real looking. Stamping in one color, you can see where the stamp is doing all the work. It is shading and highlighting for you creating that dimensional look that you can spend a lot of time coloring for. love this. wonder what happens if you do stamp in black and color in with the new markers….hmmmm, it is fun to play with our toys.

  75. tinker says:

    your choice of ink & card colors are so pretty. been looking forward to july 11 for months . . . literally!

  76. Ann R says:

    I look forward to the how to videos. They answer my question, “would I really use that?” Yes, yes, and yes. Hope to see many more how to videos of up coming products.

  77. Carol Assentato says:

    Love the dimensional flowers and the instant scrapbook. Looking forward to the show. Love all your products.

  78. Janie Leonard says:

    I am just amazed at how you keep designing all these beautiful new dies Just keep it up !
    Thank you Janie

  79. Darlene says:

    I just received my items that I ordered from your clearance sale. Can’t wait to start using them. I have only been doing this for a couple of years and I am loving every minute. Looking forward to your July show.

  80. Barbara F. Smith says:

    These stamps and dies are even more beautiful than I thought. Can’t wait to see you on the 11th!

  81. Kathleen Ames says:

    Hello Anna !!! could july 11 come any faster !!!! Can hardly wait to see the show and get “ALL” the new stuff !! Thanks for sharing with us !! Your cards are so beautiful !!

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