HSN July 11th, 2017 Product Preview 5

Hi there,

Happy Monday! Can you believe this is our second to last product preview before July 11th? On HSN’s 24 hour Craft Day our hours are midnight, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and a portion of the 8 o’clock hour for our finale.

Let’s get started on today’s amazing items! We think you’re going to love them!

Our Vintage Deco Flock Kit gives you incredible texture in amazing vintage colors. You will get 8 sheets of Deco Foil Foam Adhesive and 15 Deco Flock Sheets, 3 each of 5 different colors. Just imagine what you could create with rose, yellow, lavender, teal and olive velvety flocking. Use your Deco Flock sheets on die cuts, bring bows to life and so much more. This is only available on HSN, so make sure to get yours!

Now, on to something so many of you have asked for, more and more flowers! For July 11th we have Favorite Flowers 3, and with it you’ll get 120, 3D flower stickers, 4 each of 30 designs that are perfect for all your crafting projects. Lillies, pansies, carnations, zinnias and marigolds are just a few of the beautiful hand painted blossoms in this set. The great thing about Favorite Flowers 3 is that we have created multiple versions of the same flower type, and you will be able to make bouquets of that flower in a snap!

Our embossing folders and dies just got a whole lot better! Introducing our Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders! This set includes 7 cut and emboss dies and 2, 5 x 7 embossing folders to intricate, zen cards. Use these dies and folders with the All About Birds and Butterflies die cuts that you already have (they’re coming back to HSN in July too) to create a delicate masterpiece. Dies include birdcages, butterflies, branches and more. The folders have an elegant all over leaf pattern and a butterfly and branch scene. We can’t wait to see your layered creations!

We are giving these wonderful new craft items away, so leave us a win-worthy comment, and we will draw a winner on Friday. Have a great week everyone!

Bye for now,



  1. Kathleen Sawyer says:

    Wow! I was away from crafting for almost 2 months and look at all the beauties I have missed. Need to get my craft juices flowing again and winning this set of items would certainly do that fro me. The flocking is great but I most love the birds and branches!

  2. Monica Lowrance says:

    Wow .. the flocked papers .. wow.. and the birdcage… so many goodies. so impressed with all the products.

  3. Cristy Villate says:

    I can’t believe it those are the most beautiful designs ever. I love the bird cage the most. Please, I hope I win so I can start my Christmas cards soon.

  4. F. Cherry says:

    Anna, The good ideas just keep coming. What a pretty printer and I love the cartridge idea. All the new products are beautiful. Thanks for the inspirational ideas.

  5. Cathy L'Hheureux says:

    I’m stuck on words. It just keeps getting better. My mind is spinning with all the thoughts of what can be done. I don’t even own a cricket and the ideas are endless. Thank you for such insight and a great imagination.

  6. Andrea L. Joseph Jones says:

    Oh My Goodness! I would Soo love the upcoming Today’s Special! I’m constantly making cards to support 3 different ministries! My mom and mother in law both send cards to encourage others, send birthday cards and sympathy cards, to name a few. I have picked up the habit and do the same for friends, family and church members. This printer would definitely help in my efforts to keep up with the card demands!

  7. Traci McPeek says:

    Absolutely beautiful as always! The die cuts are my all time favorite….so pretty!

  8. Bette Sines says:

    I am really looking forward to the July 11 HSN showing of your new products. I love the birdcage and all the ideas for more cards to make. That’s the week we’re at the beach so I will have to sneak away from the gang and be sure to watch…with my phone in hand so I can call in my orders!

  9. Magdalyn Cheffey says:

    *** the bird cages and butterfly dies are just absolutely beautiful. I’ve been purchasing your stuff for several years now and each time I tell myself I can’t buy anymore and then you come out with something like this! If I don’t win it more than likely I’ll buy it. All I can say is absolutely beautiful just like all of your product. One thing I can say is that your products have always been top notch I’ve never been disappointed. Love your products.

  10. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    While I probably have most every single item you have created, I seem to be missing the ‘Beribboned’ die set. I thought I had it, but alas, cannot locate it. Any chance it may sneak into your next visit?
    Thanks for being my light in a still stormy
    life. Love to you and Georgie, Lou

  11. Anna Griffin says:

    Connie, we have some digital flowers that will debut soon, and we will add these to our product ideas!

  12. Nancy A. Koupelis says:

    If I had to pick one of your new products, it would be the birds and butterflies dies and embossing folders. My cards seems to “flock” to these new tools already, but would “nest-le” together nicely with them!

  13. Gale L. says:

    I’m especially taken by the Tutti Frutti stamps and ink pads. I believe my projects will be Berry Beautiful in the Making! Can’t wait for the 11th!

  14. Bobbi says:

    Anna, you have done it again!!!! Absolutely beautiful flowers for fall, I can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Celia Martinez says:

    The new color palette of the Deco Flock kit is awesome. Ahh, the new embossing folders and dies are so beautiful! Wow, and Flowers 3 are my favorite this week.

  16. Christina Rugg says:

    The flocked papers are2so fabulous to work with and the colors are perfect for this time of year. Definitely would love to add them to make cmany raft designs. My favourite is the bird cages, butterfly and branches. The embossing details are beautifully designed, A++.

  17. Barbara Ferris says:

    I love everything!! Thank-you for the chance to win all three new beauties! Anna, you are amazing!

  18. Shelly Green says:

    I’m so happy you came out with more flower stickers. They are so beautiful I can’t wait to use them on my scrapbooking. I also have such good ideas for your bird cages dies I love those so much. Thank you again Anna!

  19. Gail B says:

    Another great preview Anna! I am in love with the birdcage die and embossing folder set. This one is a definite must have! I cannot even image what treasures you have for us next week to top the 3 items for this week. Anxiously waiting for July 11th!

  20. Vicki Fellenger says:

    Love the bird cages, the flocked paper, the 3 D flowers are gorgeous!!! Anyone on these posts would love to win your products. Good luck everyone!!

  21. Rhonda Ellzey says:

    Well, Anna, I just love you! Your products have a way of making me feel so comfy and cozy…. like walking around in a cottage garden. And as I make things using SO many of your products that I have been collecting for years, that special feeling is shared with those that I give them to. I love how that happens and will always enjoy getting to buy more and more of all the lovely things you offer. Thank you for all the beautiful smiles you make possible!

  22. GAY SULLIVAN says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am looking forward to craft day. I especially like the ideas for floral scrapbook pages. Keep up the good work!

  23. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, Anna! Watching your Product Preview BLOG simply makes me SMILE! EVERYTHING you brought to us today is SO REPRESENTATIVE of your classic style,cdesign, and palette–just 3 reasons of countless why we Griffinites love you so! I LOVE your ‘all-over’ dies, and those Bird Cages are so sweet~ (I would think I’very gone to heaven if I could yet find your ‘all over’ HOLLY Die from days past, SWOON!) THANK YOU for bringing back Birds & Butterflies, and I will look forward to being able to create and send new Anna-cards with ANY of these BEAUTIFUL new additions! (((Hugs))) from Texas as I eagerly await your visit ‘on the big screen’ (my husband’s TV) July 11 on HSN!

  24. Carmellabrown says:

    Hello Anna ! I am loving the flowers 3 red edition ! They are absolutely beautiful ! I love a variety of flowers , birds and butterflies oh my ! Let the crafting begin Griffinites ! I will be counting down the days until the next show ! Everything is beautiful in the making ! I love ❤️ you Anna !

  25. Connie L. Dake says:

    Love everything in this preview, but I especially love the flowers!! Will be ordering more than one set of those as I am always looking for flowers to use on the cards I make. As always, your designs are beyond beautiful and will be a welcome addition to my craft stash!!!

  26. Steponitstamper says:

    Wow. Another innovative offering of fabulous products for those of us crafters who are always looking items that make us look amazing. So Thank You to the Amazing Anna Griffin and her wonderfully talented crew for again, bringing us amazing products. PS. The flocked paper is absolutely astounding. Thank you. Steponitstamper

  27. Debbi A says:

    I’m so, SO excited about the new flocking!! I can’t hardly wait to try it….looking forward to making my list for the 11th!!

  28. sandra says:

    Oh my 🙂 there are so beautiful Miss. Anna
    cant wait for the 11th .. Thank you for giving this chance to win. God bless you and your family… happy weekend

  29. Chrissy Fleischer says:

    Hi Anna! Beautiful products, my favorites are the deco flock and the flowers! I’m so sad I’ll be out of the country on July 11. My first 24 hour craft day I will be missing in a few years 🙁

    Really looking forward to playing with all of the stuff at Create hopefully though!

  30. Kim says:

    My eyes lit up with the flocked paper plus the Bird & Branches Dies & Folders. I just love using your products to create beautiful cards. Thank you so much, Anna, for all you do. Your designs & iItems are beautiful and a joy to use!

  31. Zenja Hyde-Ballesteros says:

    Can hardly wait for July 11th! The Bird cage & Branches set zoomed tho the top of my wish list along with the Favorite Flowers 3. It’s gonna be AMAZING!!!

  32. Marge Overmyer says:

    Love the birdcage dies. Already have so many ideas for these dies. I am so glad you are bringing back the butterfly and bird die cuts. So looking forward to July 11.

  33. Jill Wilson says:

    HI Anna, I REALLY look forward to your upcoming HSN crafting shows on the 11th. Loving ALL of these new products!!!, esp. the bird dies & folders kit. Would LOVE to win all of these , but as of now it’s a 1 in 1313 long shot, just saying. :). Thx You for all you do & bring to us!

  34. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good afternoon!
    I can’t wait to get the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders, since the Trelliage kit is one of my favorites! (And I, fortuitously, have the All About Birds and Butterflies die cuts!) But I am really, really looking forward to Favorite Flowers 3. Your floral depictions are always so gorgeous… and this kit has carnations! (One of my favorite childhood memories is my Dad bringing carnations to me when I was sick at home one day!) Thank you for the joy of a special memory, of beautiful new products, and of sharing an artistry far above my own meager talents.
    Regards, Anne

  35. Judy Whitley says:

    I am in AWE of the floral, birds and flocking opportunities! Am sooo in love with the Iris,especially. Ready for 7/11. Many thanks to you and yours for sharing with us. Happy 4th,too. You are the sparkle in my card life.

  36. TamiB says:

    Anna—- does your mind ever rest? These are such neat products! The birdcage, butterflies and branches dies and folders are tugging at my pocketbook!

  37. Mary White says:

    I love the Vintage Deco Flock kit. The beautiful cards that you are showing are magnificent. The colors of the velvety flocking are so pretty! I adore the Favorite Flowers 3 kit. Amazing that you include 120 3D flower stickers. How wonderful to make our lovely cards that others will admire for sometime to come. Thank you for all the beautiful samples that you share with us and your videos!!

  38. Karen Lorenz says:

    My problem is that I love everything. The 3D flowers I am really excited about. Thank you Anna and to your team for all the wonderful goodies you bring us.

  39. Jeanne says:

    Again, lovely things from Anna. I can’t wait until the craft day. Love them all! Just need to find time to sit and use all my Anna Griffin embossing folders and dies. I like the new products coming.

  40. Kristy K Hedstrand says:

    I don’t have anything like the flocked papers in my craft supplies. Looking forward to adding some!

  41. Patti Garcia says:

    I love the birdcage and branches dies and folders. I
    Can’t stop collecting and using them.

  42. Nancy Itson says:

    Hello Anna,
    I love the flocked paper. It really made your sample cards so lovely with the velvet texture. The new dies and embossing folders are great! I love receiving beautiful cards with birds on them, so giving beautiful cards with birds would be even better. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  43. E holloway says:

    Loving the dies but the flocking makes my creative juices flowing so many ideas running thru my mind….

  44. Sharon Alvis says:

    My favorite is the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders! They would make cute “Congratulations On Your New Home” cards!

  45. Joyce Kokay says:

    Love everything but especially the bird cage dies and folders and crazy about the flowers 3. Can’t wait to play with all of them. Thanks for the opportunity to win them. Love everything Anna!

  46. Sharon C. says:

    I love it all. I most especially like the dies and folders. You never disappoint with your designs!

  47. Roxann Higgins says:

    Can’t wait to see all the products on July 11th. Thanks again for all the wonderful products.

  48. Carol Jones says:

    *** they’re all so beautiful, I love them all. I love the colors & the variety. They’re all a must have, especially the birds, branches & cages Dies. I don’t know how you keep coming up with such gorgeous new products Anna, but I’m so glad you do!

  49. Judy Pittman says:

    It would be great to win the flowers and birdcage dies, but if I don’t I’ll just have to buy them. Looking forward to seeing you on July 11.

  50. Betty Andrews says:

    Love, love, love the flowers, birds, bird cages, and flocked papers. All the way Anna.

  51. Cheryl Cain says:

    I can’t wait to see the flowers in person! Everything is beautiful as usual, thank you Anna!

  52. Debra Neisen says:

    I don’t know how you keep coming up with such amazing products. I absolutely love the Birds and Butterflies and the Favorite Flowers III. Would love to have it all!

  53. Donna Huntington says:

    I can’t wait until the July 11th HSN crafting day as I love all of the items that you have shown us so far
    and would have a great time creating scrapbook pages and cards. ♥♥♥♥♥

  54. Jennifer Huang says:

    More lovely AG dies and folders? Be still my heart. My favorite item of product preview 5 is the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders. I can already hear the songbirds singing/calling me to zen out/craft with these these fun and beautiful images. Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for all that you do! ^u^

  55. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    Birds and branches and flowers, oh my! I absolutely LOVE each of these great new products. I am crazy about birds & butterflies and these combined with the branches, bird cages and gorgeous new flowers will make some stunning cards and scrapbook pages. Thanks for the soft, antique color palette of the flocking kit. I am so grateful for the chance to win these and the excitement is growing over what new things you’ve saved for the next sneak peek! Have a great week.

  56. Linda H says:

    i hope it’s not too late to be in the drawing! The new flowers are, to me, what Anna Griffin is all about!,,, luxurious colors and lavish quantities to splurge with, for, you guessed it…”Beauty in the Making”. Pick me this week.

  57. Judith Ann **** says:

    “I’m only a bird in a gilded cage…” but love the dies, embossing folders are my favorite!

  58. Trisha says:

    I want to change my name to “Random” so you’ll pick me! Love everything new this week would love to have all of it.

  59. Barb says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin. The new flower dies and folders super. Anxious to see them all on July 11th. Super creative as always.

  60. Norma says:

    Love these! What beautiful cards to make to give to loved ones! Can’t wait for July 11th!

  61. Heather P. says:

    Another round of beautiful things!! But I have to say, I’m in love with the flocked, adhesive backed paper!! Gorgeous colors and they add such an elegant look. I really hope you’ll release some more in Halloween and Christmas colors!! Those are my two favorite holidays and they would be so much fun to die cut holiday images. A black cat or a Christmas tree that’s flocked…..Amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Gayle K says:

    Everything looks so beautiful! Love the vintage colors in the flocked paper and the die cuts. What beautiful cards you can make with everything you have shown.

  63. Judy F. says:

    Bring on the flowers, “flocks” of birds, cages and more! Wow! So excited! The bird dies and folders are a favorite…can’t wait to play with this goodness!

  64. Carol Ouellette says:

    Here we go again everything is so gorgeous!!!
    This time is really exciting as it is almost impossible to pick a favorite. Hmm…yes, it’s Bird Cages and Branches Dies and Folders. Design Team really love the scrapbook page for mom.
    Thank you once again for an opportunity to win all these great items. My mind is spinning thinking of all the beautiful things I will be making.
    Just did a Bridal Shower card and the recipient opened the card and started looking for me in the crowd. She said,”No one makes cards like you.”
    Thank you for all the products you come up with so that we can make so many happy. Of course, an added bonus is the compliments we receive.

  65. Kari Cosentino says:

    LOVE the flocked paper set. Anna, I have a question: Are you now doing anything new as far as designs for the Minc anymore? I love my Minc and need more designs to foil and glitter over. Please make something new for that! Thanks!

  66. Lois Neuman says:

    Everything is so beautiful and adaptable to all the things we have from your collections, I want them all!! The dies and folders are awesome! More wonderful ways to make new designs on my cards and in my scrapbooks. You and your staff are so amazing Anna, you bring crafting to new heights and possibilities. Thank you with Love and so looking forward to the July Show. Lois N.

  67. kathy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous dies, flock, and flowers3!
    I can’t wait to try them and watch HSN July 11.
    Thanks Anna!

  68. Andrea P. says:

    It’s all good! B-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l in the making! Love the new fall color flowers and flocked adhesive sheets!

  69. Nitza Aviles says:

    Hello Anna,
    I love it all but my favorite is the set of dies, they’re so beautiful and I think it’s the perfect addition to my collection

  70. Deborah Holman says:

    Wow wow wow! Favorite Flowers 3!! I’ve never met a 3-d flower that I didn’t love! Also really excited about the birdcages and butterflies and branches folders and dies! All so beautiful!!

  71. Marilyn E Moore says:

    So excited to see the new die cut Bird Cage & Branches. Along with the beautiful embossing folders. Amazing new products and as alway loved ANNA’S demo. i am so looking forward to watching and ordering several of Anna’s new crafting items on HSN.

  72. koalabc/barb says:

    Anna , You make the most Beautiful Butterfly & Flower’s and so kind of you to make the Dies for us..I just want to say Thank you for giving us You to be inspired also..

  73. Holly Hudspeth says:

    As one who thoroughly enjoyed the Fall and Summe well as the Spring and Easter product ranges, I will probably enjoy the Birds and Butterfly set the most. I add butterflies the way Anna adds flowers….with adoration and passion.. I missed the butterfly die set that was available last year and am very excited to see this set come out.

  74. LALA Martinez says:

    Possibilities are endless. I know you pick at random I had 2 heart attacks and a stroke in January and I haven’t got back my creative juices yet. A win would give me a big boost. I’m trying and I surround myself with card stuff but sometimes I can’t walkover it all. I’ve asked this before but I don’t know if you have answered will you ever have a create on the West Coast I know I’ll never make it to Georgia?

  75. Jgal says:

    Love those Deco colors. Think I have some Art Deco paper to go with them. And of course the Flowers III are gorgeous too! So many choices Anna! Love it!

  76. Nena Wilkinson says:

    I seriously need a 12 step program to save me from my addiction for all things Anna. Just when I think I can resist, you come out with something spectacular. Of course Ivhave to have it all!!

  77. Teresa Griewahn says:

    Flowers–I can always use more flowers! And these, as usual, look gorgeous. With the flocking, I can see beautiful cards in the making in my future! Thanks, Anna!

  78. Kathi Sanders says:

    Love the new Birdcage & Branches set. Birdcages and birds are 3 of my favorite home decor items. Can’t wait see them and hoping to win these!!! Thank you

  79. Debbi Edgar says:

    I think all three sets would look beautiful together! Have all my summer cards made so now I’m inspired to start thinking of fall creations.

  80. Brenda L says:

    Fabulous as usual! I am hoping that I won’t miss out and will be able to purchase the bird cages and branches collection as I can see this being used for both feminine and masculine cards and pages. I’m looking forward to July 11th!

  81. Teresa Schumacher says:

    Oh, wow, I love everything! I especially love the Favorite Flowers, because one can never have too many flowers! Just looking at my stash of beautiful Anna products puts a smile on my face. Can’t wait for July 11!!!

  82. Debra LaFleur says:

    Would to love your beautiful set, they will be well used with my very large family. I make all their cards and scrapbook also

  83. Jackie Ocheltree says:

    Love everything, but the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders are my favorites. So beautiful!

  84. LisaS says:

    I can’t wait for MORE embossing folders and dies
    and a girl can never have too many flowers ( die cuts ) !LOL

  85. Kimberly Silva says:

    Oh my…I love everything. The birdcage die is a must have. Every time you release a product I have a new fave. I must have it all! Thank you for bringing the best to us. It is always put to good use! Xoxo

  86. Michelle Herman says:

    Flowers, butterflies, birds oh my

    July 11 on HSN stop by

    That’s how I’ll spend the perfect craft day

    Shopping with Anna Griffin is the only way!

    Can’t wait Anna!

  87. Margaret Detwiler says:

    As Julie Andrews sang, “These are a few of my favorite things!” Love the bird cage dies and folders the most! Thanks for beautiful inspiration, Anna!

  88. Dolores "Dee" Hilderbrand says:

    Well if I have to pick one product that excites me the most, it is the bird cage dies.

  89. Christy Woody says:

    The previews just keep getting better. I love the bird and bird cage dies!! I just can’t wait until July 11th!! Love everything you do Anna!!

  90. Gloria Myers says:

    just what I want! Butterlies and Birdcages and Fav Flowers 3. The Topeka Griffinista is going BONKERS Anna! Thank you again for your creativity!

  91. Renee Robinson says:

    i absolutely love the bird, cage & branches die set!!! this is my favorite of your new releases for this season. i can’t wait for the july 11th shows!!!

  92. Barb Sabatini says:

    I love the dies of birdcages, butterflies and flowers. To do those with the flocked papers would be so unique.
    The warm colors of Fall are some of my favorites.

  93. Susan Carter says:

    The flocked paper adds that special extra texture and interest! I cannot wait until J get my hands on this! Thank you, Anna! I want it all, but that would not be wise!

  94. Mitzi A Reighard says:

    Soooooooooooo PRETTY!!! Love everything. You are amazing Anna! Can hardly wait for July 11th!!!!!

  95. Jennifer Burrell says:

    I love the birds and butterflys. I also love the flowers 3. Great job again. Thank yiu Anna.

  96. Kim Toepper says:

    I can’t wait to get the 3D flowers and start creating with them! The flocking adds great texture to my cards and gift tags and that extra something that makes them really special!. The bird cage die will go perfectly with my birds and butterfly die cuts! I can’t wait until they are available to purchase on HSN! Let the creating begin!.

  97. Connie Johnson says:

    You’ve touched my heart with the birds and branches collection. Some are cat lovers, some dogs, but I am a bird lover. I am drooling over your new collection and I’d dearly love to win them.

    I also LOVE your flowers. Can you make a digital collection? Yes, I already have the vintage birds, butterflys, and flowers you have out now but there really isn’t enough of them to satisfy my need. Also, a digital collections of tags and labels would be nice. LOVE YOU!

  98. Pat Boone says:

    I love everything the flocked papers the flowers but especially folders with the bird cages. Everything is so nice Anna, would love to win any of the new items definitely will be watching Anna on HSN as always!!!

  99. Pat Boone says:

    I love everything the flocked papers the flowers but especially the bird cages. Everything is so nice Anna, would love to win any of the new items definitely will be watching Anna on HSN as as always!!!

  100. Julie says:

    Hi Anna,
    I will have to say I love the dies and folders. The beautiful cards and pages we can make with these. My ideas are already flowing just seeing them.

  101. LINDA D BOHANNON says:

    What a lovely combination. OH My those Die cuts are adorable. I Love those colors and the feel of the soft velvet papers. So looking forward to the Painted lovely 3-d flowers. Those look amazing. Would love to win –on July 11th, I don’t know how i’m going to choose… i’m still paying off January and May lol… and well running out of room to stash them lol. Love everything Anna.

  102. Julie Hume says:

    As usual I love them all but my #1today are the favorite flowers 3.I am counting down the days.

  103. Diane Phillips says:

    The birds and butterflies dies and folders are just beautiful! I hope this is my lucky week!!

  104. Debbie Klimke says:

    Anna, I’m so excited for your July 11 show. I love everything you have, can’t wait to see all the new beautiful new papers , die cuts, especiallyt flocked papers and the double sided papers, and all the great things I can run through my cuttlebug. See you in July

    Love and hugs


  105. Jennie Michael says:

    love everything you shown so far. everytime I think I have a list ready for July 11th it gets longer. everything you come out with is beautiful.

  106. Shashi Christina Smith says:

    Every time I think I have the ultimate Anna collection, there you go again! I love all the new items. My craft room looks like an Anna storage shop. Hope I win!

  107. Leanna Hansen says:

    As always, I love them all, but my absolute favorite kit, is the Bird Cage and Branch die and embossing set. Can’t wait until July 11th!

  108. joann benford says:

    Love the Birds and Butterflies. But of course anything that looks like a die I love it. Thanks Anna and Crew.

  109. Sarah Allcock says:

    Oh, Anna, if you say you are just working up to the best, I can’t even imagine what’s coming next week! I really like the Birds and Branches dies/folders, especially with the Birds and Butterflies die cuts you showed with them (I have been waiting for those to come back for over half a year!) And the Favorite Flowers III look like a wonderful set. Plus, I was rather surprised to find myself looking forward to the flocked papers, as that’s not generally a style I like, but those cards look so neat!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Renee says:

    Ooh I just don’t know what to pick, they are all so wonderful! If I must, it is the Favorite Flowers 3. Can’t wait for July 11th!

  111. Re Shephard says:

    I love favorite flowers 3! Gorgeous! Maybe in the near future you can add some sunflowers. I’d buy it all!

  112. Kris P says:

    The rest of my Anna Griffin stash will be so lonely if I don’t add these three new, beautiful items!

  113. Cathy Anthony says:

    These are so beautiful, I love flocking and the flowers are exceptionally beautiful. I can’t wait to see you on the 11th.

  114. Deena Canup says:

    Oh my heavens. I really thought I could resist the July 11th show. But AG, you have upped the game this week with these products. Incredible!!

  115. Pam Stearley says:

    I especially like the flocked paper. I haven’t seen all your sneak peaks. Are you bringing back your bow maker? I sure hope so.

  116. Kimberly says:

    Of course I wan”t everything!!! I guess if I can only get one item, I have to get the Deco Flocked papers. Beautiful colors! I love the cards you made with those papers!!!

  117. Donna Flowers says:

    I’m a new card maker and overwhelmed with everything that’s out there to use for card making. It seems Anna Griffin makes it easy and I’ll be tuning in on July 11th to see the show.

  118. Lois M says:

    Lovely, Lovely flowers. I like the look of the flock textured papers. The flowers themselves are so prettily detailed. looking forward to your next show.

  119. Penny Carter says:

    I love the birds and branches, and cage set along with the new flowers set!!!!!! What a wonderful way to create something beautiful. Thank You

  120. Kathleen Rozman says:

    The birdcages and branches set is amazing and I’m so glad the stickers will be back as well. I love the other products too, but love making cards with birds.

  121. Linda Gilliam says:

    Breathtaking new items Anna, I ADORE the bird cages, birds, branches dies and folders set, ***!!
    Those flowers stickers are also absolutely gorgeous, and together with those flocking papers is OVER THE TOP!
    Great job on ALL the new goodies, I SO want to win!!!!

  122. SC Johnson says:

    Fall is my favorite season, so naturally I fell in love with Favorite Flowers 3 – adore those deeper vibrant colors. The Birdcage & Branches Dies & Folders, however, would most definitely be my first favorite pick. Let’s face it Anna, how can we truly tell you which item is our favorite when we Griffinites love all these fabulous offerings? I will say it once more–You folks are thinking while we are sleeping!

  123. Becky Piper says:

    The Bird Cages and Branches die/folder set is a must have!!!!! Sure hope the TS sells out so we get a peak at it! Hahaha! Even better would be to WIN it! So looking forward to July 11th!

  124. Jo Royse says:

    I am inspired just looking at all the wonderful products. The flower stickers are calling my name. You con never have enough Anna flowers. I can hardly wait for July 11. My list keeps getting longed each week. July is my birthday month so i am going to treat myself.

  125. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Crew!

    Wow! Can you believe how many comments are here on your blog? It’s no wonder though as you put smiles on all our faces and keep our creative juices flowing!

    I am beyond thrilled that you have created the bird die and folder set and I can’t wait to create with those! Of course the flowers are always a welcome and much needed addition to my collection!

    July 11th will be here before you know it and what a day it will be! I’m looking forward to it!

  126. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Wow would love to win the bird cage is my favorite. thanks again for a chance to win

  127. Elaine says:

    I love Anna’s flowers! I live where the warm summer is very short and the cold winter seems to last forever! Anna’s flowers help make the winter pass quickly, they lift my “spirits” better than anything else! Flowers color my world, and Anna’s flowers are the best!!

  128. Connie says:

    Everything is fabulous! I love it all and can’t wait for the new embossing folders and dies…they’re perfect for my card making! I think I’m going to have to add the beautiful flowers to my collection, too! Looking forward to July 11th!

  129. ROBINA FELKER says:

    Looks like many people want this. I like the colors of the flocked pieces. The bird cages are great. I have been looking for bird houses but this will be great instead.

  130. Maureen Odell says:

    Anna for the first time I cannot pick a favorite. I must have them all! What an amazing group of art. I can’t wait to use them together. Your projects were beauty in the making, and the scrapbook page was unbelievably elegant. You and your team are creative geniuses!!
    My social security check will be feeding my grandson a lot of pasta,rice, and ramain noodles because I must buy these and those vintage french flowers.

  131. Sharon Belcher says:

    I LOVE the flowers. Can never have enough of those. I like to use multiples on my cards and scrapbook pages. I am bummed I will be on a cruise on July 11th so I will probably miss out. Hint…hint…LOL

  132. Denice with a "c" says:

    Another set of , hmmm…. how do I decide. I really don’t know how in the world you keep coming up with such beautiful products. You just never seem to run out of ideas. Okay, guess I will go with the Bird Cage Dies and folders. Wow, so much fun to play with those. thanks Anna, As usual you knock it out of the park. God bless…Denice with a “c”

  133. Ally Santaclara says:

    I am really looking forward to favorite flowers 3 since I’ve used up most of my AG flower stickers and die cuts. I am crazy about putting flowers on everything, especially on cards that I send to my loved ones in the Philippines. Since I can’t send them fresh flowers I emblazon my cards with paper flowers so that they get a bouquet anyway!

  134. Ruth Robbins says:

    How on earth do you keep coming up with things that are more beautiful than the last? I’d like to peek inside your head just to see what all is going on in there. Love it all. Thanks –

  135. Gloria Shirr says:

    Wow Anna! You have outdone yourself with all of these lovelies. I am so excited about the bird cages and greenery with butterflies. I already have the birds and butterfly set that you had previously and can’t wait to use them together to make awesome/gorgeous cards. I also love the new Flower stickers and how you have made some individual ones to go together. My favorite is for sure the bird cages/butterflies with the gorgeous embossing folders. Yay! Can’t wait. Thanks so much for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

  136. Patty says:

    Looking forward to the 3-D flower stickers and the bird cage dies. I just hope the bird cage dies last long enough to be the This day only.

  137. Christine Hafner says:

    Anna, I get so inspired when I see what you create, and these new craft items are thrilling me–I love the flock, and your flowers are so real-like, but the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders are definitely “win-worthy” even if I don’t win!

  138. susan says:

    I love the new flowers and the flocked papers. Can you add lily of valley flowers sometime?

  139. Sandra W.66 says:

    Beautiful! I love the flowers because they lie flat for mailing and less bulk. Plus, the colors just make the cards so vibrant! I love layering on my cards and Anna, you make it so easy to do. Thanks.

  140. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna, I usually lean towards one favorite by a hair but this week all three products are equally amazing. I want all 3 of these so much. It’s going to be a hard decision on craft day choosing between so many products that I want, plus the TS&OT only. OMgosh.

  141. Louise Blume says:

    I love them all, but especially the flocked papers. Some of my friends and relatives will go nuts for cards made out of that. I can’t wait!

  142. Kathryn says:

    I just love the bird and the birdcages. I can just picture birdcages cut from the Deco Flock Sheets. Beautiful.

  143. CELESTE HEADD says:

    Those are so beautiful beautiful . They will make lovely cards. Thanks to you my cards are a hit at work.

  144. Kelly Coleman says:

    Hi Anna, love deco sheets this will make getting a flocked look sooo much easier! Favorite flower addition is fabulous also! Thanks, Kelly Coleman

  145. Cheryl Locke says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite…..I just love the flocked sheets and the flowers. Can’t wait to watch HSN.

  146. Anna Griffin says:

    Barbara, if you have too many dies on one sheet it could affect the magnetism. Try spacing them out more.

  147. Phyllis Dew says:

    Hello Anna, looking forward to see you on July 11 on HSN! I love all 3 products you have shown today. But I have to say my favorite is Favorite Flowers 3. I can’t get enough of your flower stickers and are beautiful. Like the idea of having different versions of the same flower. Thanks for your great creations!

  148. Anna Griffin says:

    Sharla, our next show is July 11th and we’ll be on at midnight, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and some of 8pm. There are no other shows between now and then!

  149. Judith J says:

    Again a beautiful set of products. I love the birdcage and branch dies and folders I feed them in the winter and the hummers are feeding in the summer. So beautiful. and fun to watch. The fall flowers are beautiful as well. I do love the fall color palette. I also like the idea of using flock on all my background die cuts. I love flocked paper but find it difficult to attach embellishments to it and have them stick well. Can’t wait for Craft Day!!!

  150. Gail B says:

    Just when I had convinced myself I don’t NEED any more craft stuff….you come out with all this! Darn!
    I love the flocked papers in these colors, and absolutely NEED the bird cage dies!! …And the flowers!

  151. sharon says:

    Love the flock paper!! How do you keep coming up with such genius ideas and projects!! Will be watching in July!!!!

  152. Judy Bienvenu says:

    I went to a crop and the girls laughed st me saying I was Anna Griffin’s advertisement in the flesh… I can’t even begin to tell you how many does and folders I have , and am still collecting !!! I love them all , and when I say I’m going to stop , well you amaze me even more beauties .. I love all the new products Anna, thank you for keeping my brain functioning with new ideas !!!!

  153. Virginia Byham says:

    So many great products! I love everything! Can’t wait to see what the Today’s Special is. My favorite item this time is the bird cages dies and folders. And the new Favorite Flowers. I can’t choose!

  154. Debbie A. says:

    Hi Anna,
    My prayers have been answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just can’t have enough flowers. Keep them coming.

  155. Leslie Ramsey says:

    First Anna, let me just say how beautiful you look in purple. I just LOVE the top or dress you have on. Quite stunning. Having a niece who is getting her PhD in Avian Science (the study of birds) so, the Bird Cage set is right up my alley. I just LOVE everything you do Anna. Thank you for ALL your inspiration. Happy Crafting!

  156. Marla Symes says:

    All are so beautiful, hard to make a choice. Once again new additions to my crafting possibilities. Thanks for keeping our crafting times fresh and enlightening.

  157. Beth in Georgia says:

    That flocked paper sure is pretty as are the flowers and those stunning dies. Love them all!

  158. Marilyn Curran says:

    Hello Anna,
    I cannot think of anything more beautiful than to say something worthy and impressive than with a handmade gift. For me memorable occasion, deserve great cards.

  159. Kathi Atlas says:

    Bird Cages!!! And all the embellishments to go with them! Yay! And add some flocked cut outs for the background, a few flowers and voila! a beautiful card ready to be sent. Love this group of items! Will look for them on July 11th, and hope to buy some! Thank you for all your beautiful designs.

  160. Joan Riedell says:

    I keep going back to see these items again and again. They are so beautiful and will be so useful.

  161. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Hi Anna!!! Can’t wait for July 11th. Your new products are so beautiful: the flocked paper with such beautiful colors, the bird cage dies, and the new flower stickers.

  162. Terri Koon says:

    I’m getting excited for July. Thanks for bringing back the flocked paper, I love creating with it.

  163. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    Anna, everything in today’s preview is so beautiful! I have no favorite because I love them all! The Vintage Deco flock set has the most gorgeous colors! Oh my and the Birdcages and Branches Dies and folders set is stunning!! I see so many amazing cards with that. I just had surgery so my crafting is on hold for a bit. I would love to win these for some happy mail and get super inspired to craft again really soon!

  164. Jane Paul says:

    You did it again! I love the Embossing Folders and Dies, and Favorite Flowers 3.
    I have all the other flower kits you sold, and love them. I have the Birds and Butterflies and I think they will look beautiful with the folders and Dies.

  165. Sandy says:

    Your flowers are the best. The birds and branches are so beautiful. How does one select their favorite? You can’t. Guess my HSN card is going to take a major hit in July.

  166. DONNA CULLEN says:

    I would love to when these products. I have only been a crafter since 2014 when my husband passed away and Anna’s cards saved me they gave me something to do and think about instead of thinking about the grief that I had. I have bought so many of her products, I’m living on a limited income so it would be so nice to win some of Anna’s beautiful card kits.

  167. Evelyn Brantley says:

    I love your card kits. I sent a birthday card to a dear friend and she loved it. She said that she was not putting it away and she was going to leave it out after her birthday was over. I send a lot of birthday cards, but your cards are great for so many occasions. Thank you so much.

  168. Marilyn Smith says:

    Oh, those birdcages, butterflies, marigolds and carnations! Such wonderful memories of my grandmother’s home in England. I’d absolutely LOVE those…….

  169. Jz Toland says:

    Really love the Vintage flock colors! Can’t wait for the Birds and Butterflies . They will go great with you new flower stickers.

  170. Paula says:

    love the bird cage and branch dies and also the flocked paper. HSN card is going to take a hit on July 11 LOL

  171. Lonna Barron says:

    Beautiful offering for July 11th! I love the newest dies and folders. Then the flowers – so realistic! Love it all! You and your team continue to amaze me with the items you bring to us!

  172. Marcia Zuiderveld says:

    I love everything as usual! It’s just to hard to chose a favorite. I want everything. I can’t wait for the shows on July 11th.

  173. Dorothy Tarr says:

    Love the new products. Looking forward to July 11. I need the flowers and the birds and cages are super. Would love to win these. See you on the 11.

  174. Pamela A says:

    Anna and Team – with this reveal you have truly out done yourselves! I would say these all would be in the must-have category (according to my hubs that would be everything)! Loving the new folders and dies – check. Who doesn’t need more flowers in their life – check. And anything flocked, get out of here – check. Fabulous reveal!!

  175. Susan Bernard says:

    The flowers are my fav. Just 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 instantly make a beautiful card! Looking forward to watching!

  176. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    I love the new Favorite Flowers 3. Everyone loves flowers! I like the way you can create a composition with the flowers. I think this works especially well with your pop up card kits.

  177. Carolyn says:

    Looking forward to the July 11th craft show and as I am a collector of all that is Anna I have to say my favorite this week is the Birdcage die cuts and folders. Love the look of the finished cards and can see myself using these die cuts often, Thanks Anna and Team for bringing us so many beautiful products.

  178. Christine Zook says:

    Just when I think there isn’t anything else you could make that I couldn’t live without you go and do it again! Can’t wait!

  179. Elizabeth says:

    I dream of winning this one! Love the birds and any cards made around that theme! Classy and elegant as always Anna! Thanks!

  180. MissElaineous says:

    Definitely the birds and bird cages. They are beautiful and will make just lovely cards!

  181. Beverly Limbach says:

    This week’s preview is a WOW! The Birdcage and
    Branches and the Favorite Flowers 3 are tied for my favorites. I have wanted to find birdcage dies forever and the flowers and leaves are so intricate on the branches. The embossing folders are the frosting on the cake. I also love love love your flowers and seeing the new ones makes my heart flutter (in a good way-ha ha).Please let me win!

  182. Jan Forgue says:

    I have had parakeets for many years and also have an elaborate outside bird feeding and bird bath area. I love all things bird related and will so enjoy making cards with the new bird cage die set.

  183. Karen Cummings says:

    Oh Anna I Love the Butterflies and Birds! Everything is so pretty and just right for all the cards I love to make. The embossing folders you have used are so pretty. Love everything!

  184. Tandara Smith says:

    Love the new Birdcages and Branches dies and embossing folder. Such outstanding cards you could make from them. Thank you for the chance to win.

  185. Patricia Rendina says:

    The butterflies and birds are so awesome. The flower stickers are gorgeous. Looking forward to craft day!

  186. Linda Wade says:

    Just when I think you can’t do anymore dies and folders I can’t resist, you always do. I make birthday cards for my Sunday school class members, and get well and sympathy cards as a class outreach ministry to the church and community. I get so many compliments, and I try to tell them I just cut and glue with your kits anyone could do what I do.

  187. Holly Weston says:

    Oh Anna how lovely the birds and branches are…… As you are presenting them on the video I was imagining the cards I could make from my mother-in-law. I hope I win

  188. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    WOW.–I certainly will add the birds and new flowers to my wish list. Too beautiful to let them go by. Thanks Anna for another lovely embellishment triumpth.

  189. Anixa Cabrera says:

    i love all of your products. Mother of 2 little girls my alone time is limited. Your products provide me with the chance to make beautiful projects in no time.
    Any chance you can create one last video before HSN craft day, a quick run through of all the preview items to give us the opportunity to write down all of the names of the products we want to purchase?

  190. Dianna Lantz says:

    Anna of couse I will want to buy it all, and win it all. Lovely Flowers and Frocking Foiling wonderful Fun, so much of what you do makes all of us look like we are Magical Magician’s see you on the 11th. I record all your shows and binge watch them over and over. LOL 😉 what a Wonderful Life 🙂

  191. Dianna Lantz says:

    Oh Anna of couse I will want to buy it all, and win it all. Love the Flowers and Frocking Foilimg oh my so much of what you do makes all of us look like we are Magical Magician’s see you on the 11th. I record all your shows and binge watch them over and over. LOL 😉

  192. Sandra Madanski says:

    Anna love the bird dies and the flocked paper. Also, originally living in Ohio I love the fall flowers. In South Carolina we don’t have the colors that are up north. Love, everything. I never have a favorite of yours, everything is beautiful. I’ll be watching you come July

  193. Sandra Currey says:

    The colors of the flocked paper are beautiful! They go with the new flower stickers so well. Fall is my favorite! Can’t wait for July 11th!

  194. Coralee says:

    I love that you always have flowers for us. Just love the dies, and I don’t know how I could bear to part with any of the die-cuts!

  195. ROSLYN STROTHER says:

    Oh Anna, If only we could buy your beautiful products from Australia. It is so very frustrating to follow your products on your blog and not be able to purchase them on line. Is there somehow we can purchase these beautiful things. Hope to hear back soon. Kind Regards
    Roslyn Strother. Northam. Western Australia

  196. Maria Iannone says:

    Love the rich colors of the Deco Flock and the favorite flowers 3. It will be a decadent fall season!

  197. Jeanne Viggiano says:

    The birdcage, branches dies and the birds, I see a parakeet, are VERY exciting ! I can think of all kinds of combinations ! There are so many new things coming in the July llth show, I just can’t WAIT !!!

  198. Mrs. A says:

    The flowers in a Favorite Flowers 3 collection are stunning. The trifecta of dies, embossing folders, and printed images of birds, cages, and flowers is lovely. A very pretty way to transition from summer to fall. Love these seasonal collections this year. Wonderful.

  199. Karen S says:

    The dies are so detailed. I especially love the birdchages. And the flocked paper is such a lovely addition.

  200. Joan Riedell says:

    The birdcages and branches dies are so beautiful. I just think they will make the most amazing cards.

  201. karenladd says:

    Everything is beautiful but the birdcage and branches dies and embossing folders are just fabulous! I love how everything can be used with elements that we already have, and can be layered in so many ways. Your products are always inspirational and sure to impress!

  202. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna I am saving all I can to have a delightful day on the 11th…..I think everything is a must have, can’t wait. So many new beautiful things, I can hardly wait!

  203. shartl says:

    Every new product is more beautiful than the last but I especially love the dies and embossing folder. Butterflies and flowers are perfect any time and your designs are always just gorgeous. Those flocked papers would be fun to die cut and the colors are just luscious!

  204. Carol Burke says:

    I LOVE your new designs! I especially like the flower stickers! I am really excited about the July 11 show. Hope my husband is gone golfing that day.

  205. Sherri says:

    WOW! Everything is fantastic, Annatastic! I have two favs, hard to pick…loving the folders and diecuts of butterflies, birds and cages and branches….last week I played around with the Trelliage folders and diecuts finally, I can see soooo many ways to use the new ones. My Mother got her trelliage birthday card to day and she loved it! Love the new Flowers….must have these, they will go very well with all sorts of cards for Fall…..love the colors! Good time to win because my list has gotten too long and I have no idea what’s coming next week…..maybe the TS will be something I can live without….you think??? LOL!

  206. Michelle Christ says:

    As always Anna, I love all 3 of the products but my FAVORITE is the birdcage dies and folders. Thank you for the great opportunity and all of the hard work and talent you have and do.

  207. kim m says:

    Dear Anna and Team, I hope you understand the impact you have on people’s lives. It is not just your amazing products (they are the best)it is the community you foster. Because of your active Facebook page and because I was lucky enough to go to Create last year, I have formed some wonderful friendships. We all send each other birthday cards, sympathy cards, and thinking of you cards. Our lives are better because of the friendships we have made through you. Patricia Watling just sent me a quote that said, “One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life.” So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life.

  208. Sally Suhovy says:

    You always knock it out of the park, all so pretty. I’m going to be n vacation so I hope my internet works good from the hotel. Would love to win

  209. Lorna I says:

    My favorite – the bird dies. I have been looking for a beautiful bird cage die and with the branches, this set is perfect!

  210. Kathy Brenneman says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love everything, but my favorite is the dies and folders set. The birds, cages and butterflies are lovely. That being said though I would probably get the most use from the Stamp pads. Thanks for sharing the preview. So looking forward to seeing you.

  211. Nancy P says:

    I would love to try the deco flock please!? and I have friends that would so cherish my sending them a bird card! Thanks so much Anna again and again and again!

  212. Dorian Doria says:

    I love the current flocked card stock I already own and having them in solid colors would be great. Love that little parakeet. Reminds me of grandma’s “Hoppy”

  213. Rosalie says:

    Ok these are – one word – WOW!! Anna, you truly have inspired me to beautiful card making. Love, love them. I would love to win this!! I hope I win, I hope I win.
    Thank you!!!

  214. Donna Wilson says:

    So So So beautiful! Need them all!! Bird cages & branches are a very nice new touch and makes an amazing addition to Anna’s die collections!

  215. Betty Jo English says:

    Lots of new pretties but think my favorite is the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders! Would really make use of the 7 cut and emboss dies and the 2 embossing folders.

  216. Debbie Martelli says:

    As usual, i love everything. Especially the flock paper and dies. See you on the 11th!

  217. J. Jennings says:

    I am in a “die phase” so I love, love the bird cage, butterfly & branches die set!!!

    Oh my, can hardly wait for the July show!!!…..

  218. Linda Sipes says:

    Loving the year of “revisiting” with those beautiful floral embellishments. As always, Anna has no equal!

  219. Denise Rigitano says:

    I love all three of these items! I’m soo glad you came out with more flowers. I missed out on your Favorite Flowers 1 and have been hoping for another set. You never disappoint! Can’t wait to start making birdcage cards, too! I love all your products!

  220. Sharon Smart says:

    I would love to win the Bird and branches dies and folder set!!!!!!!! Of course I also would like to win the entire collections! Thanks Anna for all you do for us.

  221. Cynthia Soto says:

    I am so looking forward to purchasing a couple of these new products! But… I LOVE the birdcage die set! I’d be so happy if anything just to purchase that set!! Wow!! Blessings…Cynthia

  222. Elaine cassity says:

    Love everything . My favorite is the bird and bird cage. The flowers are beautiful. I would be so very happy to win all of the products you showed. Thank you for all your ideas.

  223. Jeorgette P says:

    Oh my gosh! So pretty! How could I pick a favorite? I do love the flowers! I’m so excited you’re bringing them back. Thank you for the chance to win these (my wallet is not happy with my wishlist right now) ;p

  224. deborahfromTN says:

    The lavender Deco Flocking is calling my name…. way out loud!!!!! Always love your Flocking kits and can’t wait to add this one… such ‘on trend’ colors for summer and fall!
    Once again, another ‘must have’ set of dies and folders… the bird cage dies and the folder backgrounds will help us create glorious cards. My friends who are bird fans will just ‘tweet’ their love of these designs when they receive their cards too! Win!
    And last but not least… 3D flowers again… and fall ones too!!! Super Squeeeee! Just like any other dedicated Griffinite, I need more sticker flowers to make my bouquet creations !! 😀

  225. Clarissa Miller says:

    I would love to win these new items. I don’t have a long speech or anything clever or poetic to say. I just love the products and would like to win them.
    Thanks Anna and company.

  226. Debbie says:

    My daughter has parakeets and would love all the cards I could create for her with the new bird dies and embossing folders!

  227. Anita Weld says:

    I was skeptical of the flocked 5×7 card toppers until I bought some and then I “got” it, they are prettier ‘ in person’. I like the colors of the new flocked papers because I have friends who like the Tuscany pallet of colors. The new flowers Dies and folders are amazing.

  228. Carla Schaeffer says:

    Love the flower stickers! They are fabulous. The flock paper is pretty too. The birds, cages and flowers always looks so great together.

  229. Lerah Coleman says:

    I can’t pick a favorite. I am in love with all the offerings. so many choices and I want them all. thank you.

  230. Barbara Decker says:

    Loving the bird cage and flowers….and let’s face it…..everything else. Hurry July 11!

  231. JUDY K JACKSON says:

    I love the Bird dies and folder set.I keep saying I’m not buying any more crafts but when I see the new products you come up with I have to have them! I love everything you come up.

  232. Sue Lutz says:

    Oh YES! The flowers… 1 favorite 3 set!!!!!!! I love your flowers tremendously and so do those who receive my Gift Cards package (4 to 6 cards and envelopes wrapped in ribbon). They r awe struck…lol. love it! I used flocking paper at Christmas and can’t wait for this set. That budgie (other people call them parakey) was the best as I have sweet memories of my Grandpa’s budgie, “Buddy.” Yep, my WANT list is longer and longer for July 11th. ♡

  233. Mary Alleva says:

    Wow, i just love all three new products. I especially love the new flower stickers. I just love geraniums and marigolds and they look just beautiful in the fall colors. Thanks for all the wonderful products you bring for us to HSN. See you on the 11th.

  234. Barbara Yates says:

    You are truly an inspiration to me with the products that you give us to make beautiful cards for others. I admire that you want to share your collection of antique memoriblle. I have your flocked card paper and love the elegance that it gives to my cards and being able to use your dies to cut individual designs is awesome ! I also have your flower stickers and love them. Thank you for all you do !!!

  235. Mary Cash says:

    I love all these products…but I really love the birds and bird cages dies…lovely…got to have these

  236. Jacqueline Helgeson says:

    I just added 2 more things to my list! The flowers are exquisite and the birds and branches will work so well with the diecuts that I already bought!

  237. Mattie M. Thompson says:

    ,Anna, you rock! The flocked paper is absolutely a must have..see you 11 July…Arrivederci!

  238. Michelle Moore says:

    I absolutely HAVE to have ALL of these new products! As usual your creations are stunning and so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the rest of us!

  239. Anna H says:

    Oh my goodness I love everything in this weeks reveal. Do like that the flowers set is designed to have several “different” flowers work together. No thinking involved.

  240. Jen Clem says:

    Gorgeous stuff! I defintely love the favorite flower 3! My daughteroves Carnation andJ love roses. The designs looks embossed from the video.

  241. Cynthia Blank says:

    The favorite flowers set is great. I have #1 and #2 and I love to use them, but hate it when I have used up each design. I already have the birds and butterflies, but I may have to buy another set so I don’t run out. Thanks so much!

  242. Judith Brauer says:

    Really love the colors of the flocked sheets. The bird cages are lovely. I’m partial to birds and butterflies. Beautiful!!!!!

  243. Dotti Hansen says:

    Oh Anna! Every card I make with your products is like a glimpse of the world as it should be. Making things that are lovely with lovely, well-thought out items elevates one’s spirits. I think everything in today’s sneak peek will do that for the maker (Me) and the recipient. Hope I’m lucky this week.

  244. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    I would love to create with the birdcage and branches dies and folders. I love birds, butterflies, and flowers, so…Your new flowers are beautiful and will be amazing with the new birdcage and branches dies and folders. I can also picture using the new flocked paper with these beautiful dies and folders. Once again you bring us more beautiful things to create more beautiful things around us. Thank you.

  245. Susie B says:

    Love all of your products Anna – you make me look good! Can’t wait for your shows! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  246. Irene Pal says:

    As it’s show, the Excitement continues! I love the texture of. Your new papers, the colors are vibrant and really beautiful! Birdcages, how romantic and sweet for a lovely card? The possibilities are endless and fun! Can’t wait to have my hands on these! Thank You, Anna for these exciting new gifts!

  247. Donna-May Witte says:

    I LOVE the new folders and dies Anna! I have a great Idea for you Anna, I found these cut and emboss folders, they are wonderful. But the CO. only made a set of 6! You should come out with these with animals, people, characters, and maybe home access.. The ones I bought have a window that opens and butterfly wings that flap, fairy wings etc. and they are embossed with the coordinating patterns around the cutouts in the background, they are beautiful, just a little small. There only 4×6! I know this would be a big hit. Just keep me in mind! LOL

  248. Jeanne M. says:

    Bird cages and branches! Love the organic feel and wonderful possibilities. Those beautiful detailed flowers are just the thing as well. I’ve been a floral designer for many years and appreciate the detail of your blooms. They are always a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all the fabulous design opportunities and variety.

  249. Lori L says:

    I love the bird cages and birds. I have several people I send cards to that would love getting these.

  250. Ginny Hughes says:

    It has to be another “Best of Show” set of fabulous card making treasures. Don’t ever stop!! Love it all!

  251. Gayla Greer says:

    I am loving it all. The birdcage and branches dies are so wonderful, and I love, love the flower stickers. Thanks for all the beautiful things you and your team put together!

  252. Pamela S says:

    Birds and Flowers, two of my favorite things! So beautiful! I want to check out that flocked paper too. Looks very pretty!

  253. Barbie says:

    Oh Anna! Everything goes so wonderfully together! New flowers, new looks – maybe some tropical ones someday…. Thank you again for such inspirational photos. See you on the 11th!

  254. Jane says:

    I love all three items! The bird dies and embossing folders are just beautiful-what a great design idea!

  255. Lisa Frye says:

    Oh Lord help me. I was going to try and cut back this time because I have been off work due to medical issues with my feet. You are certainly not making it easy for me. I’m going to have to sell my first note. Just kidding! Love the bird cages and folders. I can’t wait. Can’t wait to see next week’s!

  256. Jean Paul says:

    The flowers are so beautiful.I am always drawn to anything floral, especially the old fashioned ones. Thank you for all your hard work, creating such a variety to please everyone. I am looking forward to the show.

  257. Dottie Butler says:

    Beautiful papers, textures, flowers — how do you keep raising the bar with wonderful “I must buy it all” kits? I’m [impatiently] waiting for July 11th!!!

  258. Deborah Brown says:

    can’t pick a favoriteI love everything you do for us.Anna you have made me a card star,everyone can’t to get a new card for me.Thank you for making me favorite of all of my family and friends.

  259. Jamie Kaus says:

    Although I need to have the fruit dies, I need to have the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders even more. Not only will they make beautiful cards, I see a lot of possibilities to use in my minibooks. Great collection!

  260. Jan says:

    Flocking along with the flowers are beautiful. Flocking adds additional texture to each mini masterpiece?

  261. Gina Maria says:

    The Favorite Flowers 3 are stunning! That scrapbook page was a work of art, The birdcages and branches are beautiful too. You keep coming up with new ideas, can’t believe how lovely they all are.

  262. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Oh, my…

    What beautiful items! Love the dies, love the “fuzzy wuzzy” paper, and ABSOLUTELY love the flowers! I’m one that has asked and asked for the pretty flowers!

    This is truly “the best of the best”!

    Great job, Anna! I can’t wait until the craft day.

    Now, it was just my birthday (I turned “39” for the 29th time! lol). These would be the best present I could get!

  263. Cheri D. says:

    Favorite is the flowers #3!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! Thank you for all your talent shared with us!

  264. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    Oh my, I love the bird cages and greenery, they are my favorite. The folders are very pretty too. Can’t wait till July 11th!!!!

  265. Ellen Day says:

    The bird cages, birds and embossing folders call to me. Wish I could afford all of your goodies. I will have to choose which items I can’t live without on the 11th…

  266. Jennifer Mills says:

    Just when I thought I did not need one more die or embossing folder…now I simply must have these! And honestly will most likely be buying more than one set of the favorite flowers – one can never have enough of your beautiful floral designs. Thanks for all you do Anna! So excited for the 11th! 🙂

  267. Birdie Legge says:

    Love all of these new items, but my favorite has to be the Bird Cages & Branches Dies and Folders. Can’t wait!

  268. DeAnn R. says:

    Oh the possibilities! Everything Anna is amazing. Whenever I get a card request I always turn to my Anna stash. It never fails me, I always create beautiful masterpieces with her products.

  269. Kathleen Mills says:

    Oh my! I am SO excited for July 11! These are all beautiful items! I love the birds and branches set – I think it would be gorgeous to cut those out of foil OR the branches out of the flocking !

  270. Ruth Ann says:

    The teal flocked card really took my eye. Loved that color best but lavender was really pretty as well. The 3D flowers will be a hit as always ant I loved the green background die. That took my eye too. I have been cleaning my craft room and have 2 shelves stuffed to the brim of Anna’s card kits and other “stuff” from Anna but I don’t have as much as some of the people that talk to you on HSN. I’m having a lot of trouble with my back and have been limited on what I can do outdoors etc so I craft and make cards. More birthday greetings please – maybe a offering of just Happy Birthday greetings to use with the card sets cause I always run out of them

  271. Cindi Hodges says:

    I am constantly inspired by your creations. It is impossible to choose just one….I want it all!!!!! Thank you so much!

  272. patricia elkins says:

    I can’t wait till July. Whoo Hoo!!! The bird dies and folders are so ridiculously beautiful…. I have to have these. You have out done yourself Anna,
    Its a good thing my Birthday is July 6t, a good excuse for me to splurge. I need it all, ok its not a need but a want. 😉 I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next week.

  273. karen parker says:

    I have some of your flocked paper and it is stunning. I cannot wait for the dies and folders. My craft room over flows with ANNA! Have a Happy Day and God bless!

  274. Pamela Campbell says:

    Can’t wait until the 11th!!!!!!Such beautiful new things. The flocked paper is beautiful, , , , , I love the new dies.

  275. Janet Alba says:

    Goodness! You’re getting so many comments. Seems like I had to scroll forever to get to the bottom for my own comment. Good for you! Love everything, of course, but I have to get the next set of flowers.

  276. Elizabeth West says:

    How beautiful everything is! Love the flocked papers, will need those!! Thank you for the beauties!

  277. Sheri Smith says:

    Everything is so beautiful and matches so well together! I always love the flowers and can never get enough of the favorite flowers. Can’t wait to see everything on HSN!

  278. Peggy James says:

    You had me at HELLO! These are amazing! Such beautiful cards and flowers. Love the dies and looking forward to the show on HSN!!!!

  279. Pamela says:

    Got to have the Bird Cage & Branches Dies & Folders!!!! Oh my gosh, Anna, they are simply gorgeous!!! Will also have to get more Birds & Butterflies Die Cuts. I do love all of the products, can’t wait!!!!

  280. Susan m. says:

    I love love all three of these. I need and will use them all. I purchased favorite flowers one and two and use them all the time. I love the flocked paper and the dies too. They all will make simply beautiful cards and other projects too. Would love to win all three of these.

  281. Donna D. says:

    OOh MY, Once again Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.Gonna have to have. Will be hard to choose, with so many gorgeous things. Thank you Anna,

  282. Judy Palmer says:

    You are KILLING me. Every time I say I have to stop buying because I don’t need anything, you do it again.
    Maybe I don’t need them, but I certainly WANT them all!

  283. Pamela K Wooten-Oram says:

    Love the new Bird & Branches Die. They will make a great addition to my collection of your dies!!! I can’t wait to see you on the 11th of July. In the meantime, I hope you have a great July 4th celebration!

  284. Nereida Paris says:

    Just love the flocked paper. it’s so pretty. Birds of a feather flock together!

    Thanks Anna for all you great products.

  285. Diane Downs says:

    Hello beautiful Anna! Hope your day is going well? I’m thrilled with the birdcages and folders!!! Especially love the deco flocked paper. And, I’m pretty sure I heard you say “sticker backed” which is a Huge plus! How many flowers does a girl need? Not enough bc I need 3:)

  286. Nana D says:

    Anna First I love the products, the stickers the dies and I want to learn the flock.
    But I have to ask if you are going to be selling a kit with paintings? That Nile one on your card was beautiful, antique, right up your alley! Also I loved the oval frame on the scrapbook page, it is similar to the flourishes kit I have but have I missed the frames? Gorgeous! Thanks again!

  287. sharon l says:

    All three are perfect! I am dancing in my chair, laughing. Now the cats ran away to hide and my dog is barking at me!

  288. Anita Price says:

    I love all the products this week, but especially the Bird Cage and Branches dies and folders!! Can’t wait til July 11th.

  289. Cindi says:

    I enter to win but haven’t been lucky ….yet! So, I won’t embellish my comment, pun intended. I’ll make it simple. Me like-e. Me want!

  290. Sylvia Walwark says:

    Thank you Anna. The bird cages and branches are just beautiful and will be very versitile. I would love to win them.

  291. Ginger Pinata says:

    Oh my, what a fantastic trio. I HAVE to get all three. My budget is going to have to work it out in order to accommodate the long list that I have for July 11. Once again Anna,you and your team have outdone yourselves. Thanks for all. Ginger

  292. Evelyn Robinson says:

    Love, love love the flocked paper. I’d love to have some. Thanks, Anna for the great previews.

  293. Granny D says:

    I think I will join with the consensus and choose the birdies & dies (I swear that parakeet looks like my Uncle Bills baby when I was a little girl-sweet memory)

    Keep em comming Anna

  294. Pam Cooper says:

    The stickers are BEAUTIFUL, I really hope you do more of the early in your career flowers…. they were so detailed and lovely.

  295. Barbara Moos says:

    Since I have already birds and butterflies I think my favorite this week would be bird cages and branches with coordinating folders. They are gorgeous! I also like the deco flock and the Favorite Flowers 3. It just keeps getting better…

  296. Pamela Cobin says:

    Thankyou so much for all the beautiful things you bring to us. I just love the bird cages and branch dies and the embossing folders. So anxious to make something beautiful!

  297. Ann R says:

    I am so happy to see more flowers. I love flowers, however, the deer and rabbits eat everthing I try. Soooo, the next best thing is to buy your beautiful flowers. When I make cards they end up spread out all over the table…..so many varities and colors…..fun.

  298. Maria says:

    I LOVE THE Birdcage and branches dies and folders ,they are so beautiful!.Knew these last two previews would be great but Anna This one was spectacular!!!

  299. Nancy says:

    I love the birdcage and sure am happy that I can buy more beautiful flowers! Thank you so much!

  300. Linda Bykowski says:

    I love the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders. I am hooked on dies and love these. And Flocking? Can you imagine a soft, colorful, beautiful bird cut from those flocking sheets. Makes me smile.

  301. Lana says:

    LOVE the bird cages set. with the dies and folders. All are beautiful….I would be happy with any one of them. Looking forward to the 11th. Smiles.

  302. Joee Balestrieri says:


  303. Judy D. Brooten says:

    I love it when you bring back the flowers !!!! All of your flower designs are wonderful and you can pair them with so many things. Thanks for all of your great designs.

  304. Cathy L'Hheureux says:

    WOW Anna,
    I have to have the bird cages folders and dies. This is exactly what I love to make cards with. I can’t wait I’m so excited. Love, Love, Love. Thank you so much

  305. Frances McAdams says:

    My favorites this round have to be the bird cages,branches, and dies. I see many bluebirds, red birds, and Heavenly blue skies ahead. Thanks to the Anna team.

  306. Janet Oliver says:

    I especially love the Birdcage and Branches dies and folders set. Lately I have been working on expanding my die collection and these would be the most perfect addition…so different than anything I currently own! I was mad at myself the last time you offered the Birds and Butterfly die cuts that I didn’t order more than one set…They are stunningly beautiful. I have gotten many compliments on them and can’t wait to get more. I also look forward to Favorite Flowers 3…a must to have on hand for all my Beautiful in the making crafting needs.
    I sure would love to win this weeks giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  307. Gaila says:

    Love it, love it all, Anna, with my favorite being the new “old” flowers. I’ve been “Anna Griffin-ing” all month to replenish my card inventory and have been so pleased with your papers, embellishments, Cricut design space files … everything! Looking forward to your July shows.

  308. Lisa Rich says:

    ***, I have to have all of these! Would love to win these so I don’t have to make my husband mad when I buy them-LOL

  309. Rose Maria says:

    Love! Love! Love! The birds and butterflies die cuts!!! So glad you brought them back. And I must have flowers set #3 to mix with #1 and #2. The flocked paper looks so soft. Anna I want all of your products that you have shown today!

  310. Teresa says:

    Once again, this is Over the Top! Flocked paper! New flowers!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Then the bird cage dies, wow, way too exciting! Looking forward to the up-coming day of crafts of HSN, always a day set aside to anticipate all the new embellishments!

  311. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Yay! The fun continues! Somehow you always make me smile & laugh with these blogs! Yes, I would love the entire garden of flowers! I love this new set. And it will be great with the bird & branches dies & folders & to flock it off – those are gorgeous colors for the flocking set!

  312. Julia Muscari says:

    Oh, my goodness–that’s just what these items are–filled with goodness! Love these products!!!

  313. stampnk says:

    The new embossing folders and dies are my favorite. Birds are always something I love, and combing them with the flocked papers make it even more exciting!

  314. Maxine Ann says:

    You read my mind! I have been looking for more birds and butterflies. The flocked card stock is beautiful. Would love to win them all.

  315. Patti Siebert says:

    Congratulations Anna! You have truly outdone yourself! I cannot even imagine what the today’s special will be next week to top everything from theses past 5 weeks. But I ‘m sure I will be here next Monday writing something similar to this because there is never a preview week that I don’t say, “I gotta have that!”
    The flowers are gorgeous and in my colors. My home is decorated in the warm colors of burgundy’s and golds and greens so you know I would have to love the colors of the flocking and those gorgeous flower stickers!! Truthfully I would be thrilled to win anything designed by Anna!! Always greatest fan in St Louis!

  316. Sandy Christman says:

    I love the color of the flock! It’s beautiful especially the purple! The birdcages in gold caught my eyes,such pretty dies & floral choices.! By far one of the best previews for this show.

  317. Migdalia Del Valle says:

    This time I really don’t know which I love the most!!!

    The dies are to die for – no pun intended…lol… The flock paper beautiful and the flowers ***!!!

    I really really really want these…
    Migdalia Del Valle

  318. Marge says:

    The Fall Flowers are Fantastic! I love all your flowers. Can use some new reinforcements.
    These are beautiful!

  319. LYNN OVERTON says:

    *** – PICK ME, PICK ME!!! ALL of these items are just beautiful! I love every single thing. Anna, I wish I had just 1/8th of your talent. You make my cards and scrapbook pages look beautiful. Thanks for all you do.
    Love ya,

  320. Jerri Walker says:

    They are all so beautiful, but I am sure I would love the fall pallet of flowers. I SO LOVE FALL and all things to use during that time.

  321. Karen Lyons says:

    Absolutely love all of the new items coming on July 11th, but am especially happy to see the Birds and Butterflies dies and embossing folders! The Favorite Flowers stickers are perfect for autumn cards (or any card for that matter) Am really looking forward to July 11th!

  322. Robbin says:

    Wow, what a fabulous selection! I am partial to the birds, but the flowers are a close second. What can I say. Thank you

  323. Brenda Abero says:

    Yeay, I love flowers and need them. Can’t wait for the Vintage Deco Flock Kit to start playing with them. Bird Cage/Branch dies/folders will be a great addition to my AG collection. BTW, today’s my 66th birthday!

  324. Clare Dempsey says:

    I keep looking at the Thinkimg of you card and I love the ability to thread ribbon or a paper ribbon through the die! So many things I want to have, sigh.

  325. Carol A Assentato says:

    Love the Deck flock kit, and the birdcages will be a beautiful addition to cards and scrapbook pages. Can’t wait for the show. Hoping to win

  326. Marianne Chapman says:

    Anna, everything you design is so beautiful. I especially love the flowers though. They remind me of the garden in the home I grew up in. My grandmother worked everyday tending her 50 different kinds of roses and many varieties of lilacs and geraniums. We had so many different kinds of flowers in our garden that gave me a love for growing them as well as stamping them and card making with them. A friend once told me that she could tell if something belonged to me because it had flowers on it. Your flowers help bring my cards to life. Thanks so much!

  327. Elizabeth says:

    I saw the bird and bird cages dies and was wowed! The embossing folders and die cuts are on my list! Must haves!

  328. Lee Grace says:

    Hi Anna. Yes, all 3 products are exciting. As you were showing us the Favorite Flowers I kept telling myself who’s favorite flowers you were showing (my mom, my dad, my grandma, & close friends). What a walk down memory lane for me! Thanks so much Anna for another seasonal theme.

  329. Patricia Bennett says:

    Love the birdcages dies and bird stickers! How sweet, and then add the new flower stickers – another Home Run!!!

  330. Pat Kult says:

    I am excited about the birds and branches dies and embossing folders along with the favorite flowers 3 die cuts. They are beautiful and look like they make wonderful cards.. Looking forward to July 11.

  331. Karen Jackson says:

    Hi Anna
    I love everything in this preview but my favourite has to be the Favourite Flowers 3. It’s so sad to see everything but not be able to buy anything now that there is no outlet on British craft TV. Come back soon Anna, we miss you, and your gorgeous products.

  332. Jeanie Schenk says:

    Favorite Flowers 3 looks “flowerlicious!” Can’t wait till see what you do with it July 11th. Love – no, LOVE your things, Anna. So beautiful, so creative!

  333. Judy Whitley says:

    Wonderful!!! love the flowers and there even was an IRIS!!!!!!! I thank you and my mother(96yo) thanks you. All the other flowers are wonderful and will order the set. Happy Summer to one and all.

  334. Kay Wallin says:

    The birds are amazing! They will coordinate with everything I already have while bringing something new and fresh to the party!

  335. Kristi curtis says:

    WOW! Love the new Die set with the folders! And more flower stickers. So excited for the show to air!

  336. deborah says:

    Everything is fantastic, it is impossible to choose !!! I wish I could get it all. You are the greatest !!!

  337. Barbara Chapman says:

    Love the cutting dies and folders and the fall flowers. Can’t wait till the 11th.

  338. Nita Williams says:

    Anna, all are so beautiful, but, my absolute favorite is the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders.

  339. D Tate Cooper says:

    As always I like everything but my favorite is the Bird cages and Branches cutting dies and folders. This will give me all that I need to create a card without flowers for the men in my life. How wonderful !!!

  340. LEOTA says:

    As always everything is so desirable and it’s so nice of you to allow everyone a chance to win them. Thank you for sharing your passion of crafting with me.

  341. Juel Kern says:

    Thank You Anna for all your new creations, you are an inspiration to us all, would love to win so I can start making more cards.

  342. Trudi says:

    All of the new products are simply lovely! Can’t wait until July 11th to get my Anna Griffin shopping on!!!

  343. Barbara Zeller says:

    All your new products are like eye candy to me. I will love creating beautiful cards with your birds and flowers.

  344. Lynette Star says:

    I really love the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders kit. I can use these on my scrapbook layouts. They can have a vintage or contemporary look.

  345. Nancy says:

    Flowers, flowers, flowers, I must have these fliwers, (and of xourse, the dies and folders.

  346. cheryl grlj says:

    Favorite Flowers 3 including 3D flower elements has a brand new, fun spin! I’m looking forward to seeing more about this fabulous kit.

  347. Dorothy Mullins says:

    Anna you’ve done it again! I love the flocked paper and bird cage set. I love all the card sets and have several of them. I love using your products to make cards and scrap pages! My sister and I never miss you on HSN.

  348. Sally McNeal says:

    Birds and flowers are my passions, so you got me with those products. YES! But flocked papers… another winner!

  349. Bibi says:

    Oh My Goodness, what an amazing collection and who wouldn’t love to win all this awesomeness.

  350. Mary Jane Mason says:

    Oh Anna, everything is so fun! Love the flowers! The flocking is gorgeous and the folders and die cuts are fabulous!

  351. Angela Clarke says:

    Dream come true!! I would use those flowers with my flower pots. Wonderful as always

  352. Kris D. says:

    I love it all. The birds and cages will be so pretty for many occasions.More and more flowers, I am looking forward to use them on my fall and Thanksgiving cars.

  353. Janet W. from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    I love them all but the Favorite Flowers 3 is a definite on my shopping list. These stickers enable me to make a card when one is needed quickly. And, I can build up my “stash of cards” since they come together so easily. — Anna, all of your products are beautiful and you can tell your heart is in them, it’s hard to pick one favorite. Looking forward to July on HSN.

  354. Pamela Sloan says:

    Everything is lovely. They are all winners. The Vintage Flock colors are beautiful. I can see so many projects with the dies and bird stickers and the embossing folders. The flowers 3 also has so many possible ways to use them. Would be happy with any or all of them

  355. Brenda says:

    I’m most excited about the bird cage dies because my grandmother loves birds so I can’t wait to make her a card with them.

  356. Esther Hackley says:

    Bird Cage and Branches, can’t wait. I hope there will be enough to go around. I have a feeling they will go fast.

  357. Brenda Owen says:

    I am in love with the 3D flower stickers and as always your wonderful dies and folders. You make crafting so much fun, and you make me look so much better. Thanks for everything.

  358. Rosie V. says:

    *** Anna! The Bird Cages and Branches die cuts and embossing folders are beautiful! I already have the Birds & Butterflies die cuts so I can’t wait to get these to make beautiful cards! Thank you for the chance to win!

  359. Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg says:

    As usual I love I it all but I think what really catches my eye are the flocked sheets. What an interesting idea!!

  360. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I’m LOVING the bird cages and branch dies and folders the BEST. The rest all came in a close second. This week’s preview really pleased me the most of all your previews so far. How can you top this week? OHHHH!!!! We haven’t seen the today special yet. What can it be???? Two auto ships and pretty 3D flowers in one day was wonderful this month. Now July 11th. My card, credit card that is, will be smoking. Well the birds and butterflies in my craft room can’t wait for the bird cages an branches to join the party. I can start planning how to use them all. LOL.

  361. Jil L says:

    The birds & branches dies are my favorite. I just love birds, so that was a hands down winner for me. Of course, everything is beautiful. Jil

  362. B Laakso says:

    Anna your products are still the best in the market! I want all these for sure! Thanks for creating the,m.

  363. Terry says:

    Love the Flowers 3 and the Birdcages and Branches is a must have. Can not wait for the show.

  364. Ronnie Klatt says:

    Everything is absolutely beautiful. As always, you outdid yourself. You design gorgeous items. My favorite in this batch are the flowers. See you on the 11th.

  365. Marcia Lasiter says:

    These things are great. I love the birds and branches folders and dies. The Flowers 3 run a close 2nd. Hope I win.

  366. Rosemary says:

    I LOVE it all. Flowers are my weakness. These are beautiful. The flock sheet are as well. July show will be a great one. Im scheduled for heart valve replacement soon and making cards will help me pass the time. Forgot, I love the dies as well.

  367. Ellen Klatt says:

    What an incredible idea for dies to have bird cages and the accompanying theme. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  368. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Oh my, I sure do love everything. If I had to choose one, which I might have to do, I love the new set of flower stickers. They are quite lovely.

  369. Rebecca Case says:

    There is no “favorite” with these July 2017 HSN review items; THEY ARE ALL fabulous!! Congratulations to you Anna, and your team, for all of your gorgeous, and beautiful creations. [I wish I had the means to help everyone out there experience “Anna Griffin’s Beautiful in the Making,” as it brings so much magic to the art of written communication]

  370. Jean Condon says:

    To pick a favorite out of this group is really hard, but I guess I will choose favorite flowers 3, I love the new colors and variety. Actually I would love it if you made stamps like this so I could make my own, I prefer the hand colored look, I have requested flower stamps like this many times, and will continue to do so until I get my wish. Ha!

  371. Judy says:

    Wow! I love the bird cage and branches dies and folders! They are different from everything I have and will complement my assortment! I can’t wait for July 11th!

  372. Sally says:

    Truly BEAUTIFUL in the making
    I love the new bird cage die and folder set!! And, the new are a must have. Heehee
    I can’t wait to see what your Today’s Special will be!!!

  373. Gretchen Tower says:

    Wow!, Anna, Totally amazing, especially love the new Favorite Flowers 3 stickers AND I want them all! Never stop making this wonderful, gorgeous paper deliciousness

  374. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    These new products are SO fabulous! I wasn’t sure I needed the flocked papers but when I saw how beautiful those die cuts are with those papers, on the list they went! Those Bird Cage and Branches Dies with the Embossing Folders are really beautiful. I want those as well and can hardly wait to make some fun cards! And then I just have to have the Favorite Flowers 3 collection! Your flowers are simply gorgeous and add so much to my cards! Being retired now I love having the time to craft every day! I always look forward to your new products and what incredible creations I’ll be able to make next! Thank you, Anna and Team, for being the best!

  375. Ginger Marx says:

    I am excited about all of these items. I am always happy to add your new products to my cards. My family and friends think I am a well of creativity., I tell them it’s Anna. I would love to win. all 3 of these products. Thank you for being so helpful.

  376. Sandra Smith says:

    Love the vintage color pallet and all the new amazing products. I’m a huge fan of. Anna!’s dies so they will be on my list. Looking forward to July 11…even though I get another year older between now and then! LOL! My birthday is July 8!

  377. Ginger Marx says:

    I am excited about all of these items. I am always wanting to add your new products to my cards. My family and friends think I am a well of creativity., I tell them it’s Anna. I would love to win.

  378. Kathy Bray Partin says:

    As always, your products as not only beautiful, classy and elegant!!!!! I would love to win this weeks collection. Keep bringing the superb products!!
    Thanks and have a Great Week!!!

  379. Terri Adkins says:

    I love the bird dies & folders. (you make me so excited to be making cards & scrapbooking.

  380. Jane Gotelli says:

    Oh Anna, the birds and the cages are perfect for me. I have a 24 year old Cockatoo and love to make cards with cages and birds. I have bird stamps that are getting a new life. Can’t wait.

  381. Sally Bartlett says:

    I love the bird cage and branches dies. Oh, the fun I’m going to have. July craft day, here we come! Only two more weeks and it will be here.

  382. Jill M says:

    Hi Anna, I’m one of the people that record the shows on HSN and watch them again & again! I like the different patterns & textures you are using on the cards today. I think that livens up the front of the card.


  383. Cynthia C Grimm says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything is this preview. I want it all. Can’t wait only a few days to go to see all the new products on HSN. So far this is my favorite! Congratulations to the winner of this winner of a give away

  384. Suzanne Belanger says:

    Hey Anna and company. Love the new products. The flicked paper oh my, maybe we need some precut ones like the glitter stickers. The garden of flowers is spectacular!!! Keep up the good work. Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful gifts.

  385. Val DeMers says:

    I’m just blown away with the level of creativity and beauty that Anna Griffin products bring to the table. I first got started with making cards a couple of years ago when a friend of mine showed me a kit. These releases are what make HSN craft days worth watching, and as a newbie, they make my work look pro!

  386. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I sure do love everything! It would be awesome to win! Thank you Anna. I especially am excited about the fall colors. 🙂

  387. Beverly Chester says:

    You have the MOST amazing ideas for products for us to create beautiful gifts for our family and friends!! I LOVE all of these items, especially the foil and flocking!! So much fun to create and craft!! Thank you!!!!

  388. Kim Fournier says:

    My favorite are the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders, they are just so darn cute. They will really add cuteness to your cards and pages.

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    Thank you Ann for all of your beautiful creations. You have helped me make friends and family smile with my cards.

  391. Laura O'Connell says:

    The flowers are my absolute favorite, but I will need the birds and cages too! Amazing, as always!

  392. Debra Spencer says:

    Hi Anna,

    This week I’m eyeing the flocked paper kit. The Bird diecuts are very pretty also. I’ve made the notation on my calendar for 7/11.


  393. Ms. Joanie says:

    Each of these items compliments the other perfectly! So typically Anna! A few more lovely items to add to my shopping list!

  394. RaVonna Johnson says:

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  396. June Estep says:

    love the new fall color flowers…..will use them all the time as it is time to get cards ready for autumn. The dies and emboss folders….all my favorite things. flocking is interesting, and hard to think about when it is so hot right now…but, okay, what great uses for Christmas paper crafting….flocked!!!!!!! I think we played with this a bit at Create 2…..but, I guess I got busy with the other things. I look forward to the presentation and seeing all the uses you come up with. So many new items…..what to do, what to do….it will be a wonderful day on the 11th.

  397. Sandra Young says:

    My family knows that I love all Anna Griffin designs. Ideas for Christmas, just go to Anna Griffin and pick out anything she designs.

  398. Carole Williams says:




  399. Pam Ramesh says:

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    Pam Ramesh

  400. Joanl says:

    Really love these new items, especially fond of birds and flowers. I love my Cuttle bug, the embossing makes suc beautiful cards,, everyone enjoys getting something new each time I send. I have the birds and butterflies and have made great cards. Thanks so much. Eould love to win since I’ve spent so much lstely on all your products.like having info sheet also would like idea or two as a reminder how to use.

  401. Minnie Reid says:

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    You have gone beyond beautiful in all that you do. Love all of them.

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  410. Bonnie W says:

    What fantastic products. Of course I want them all. But my favorite would be the folders and dies. I all ready have the birds and butterfly diecuts so I will be all set to make fabulous cards and scrapbook pages. I love the flowers too, but I all ready have so many. Guess I better get busy using the flowers I have.

  411. c.j. riley says:

    As usual you had me at “die cuts”. Fuzzy paper and new flower stickers on my list for July.

  412. Pam Hansen Spradlin says:

    The flock looks interesting but I am really interested in the Favorite Flowers 3, I am always looking for flowers…these look fabulous.

  413. Chloe Garden says:

    I’ve been trying so hard to stay on budget, but you and your team are really tempting me with the birds and branches folders. I adore those!

  414. Catherine Hanson says:

    I want all 3! Love them all! I think I’m going to have buy the bird and butterflies dies and embossing folders next week when you’re on HSN, Anna. Thank you again for all of your wonderful products and inspiration.

  415. Sandra Chiesa says:

    The purple birthday card is lovely. I have never worked with flocked paper. Interesting.

  416. Penny K. says:

    FAVORITE FLOWERS 3!!!! I love the flowers you have chosen and the color palette!! I also love the new dies – especially the bird cage….

  417. Jennie Thompson says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS! Yes! I LOVE the new products! The new bird cage dies and folders did it for me! I love that they go with the already created die cuts. And who doesn’t love autumn flowers stickers? I especially love that you did marigolds this time around! Perhaps some chrysanthemums and even some calendula for another autumn kit? Also love the flocked paper palette. The vintage colors are gorgeous!

  418. Joyce Stoddard says:

    I am so excited to get these new treasures! All my friends can’t believe how beautiful the cards turn out and I have so much fun making them without having to spend so much time getting matching products to make the cards.

  419. Wanda L. Churchill says:

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    Everything is just so beautiful.

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    The dies and folders are beautiful. I want it all!

  421. Rookie says:

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  425. Lynda Mays says:

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  428. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    My oh my! This is certainly a wonderful group of new products….all are must haves. The flower collections are spectacular with the variety of styles. The birds, cages, branches, flocked paper, flowers, folders, and more are the best.
    Thanks for all of them. Will be buying on the 11th.

  429. Rinda K. says:

    Wow, the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders are beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see more card designs during the demos on HSN. 🙂

  430. Diana Butland says:

    How can you select a favorite from all your beautiful offerings! Thank you for showing us fall items in July so we can prepare to make even more spectacular things. I think the bird cages and branches dies and folders will be great to compliment your other items.

  431. BetsyV says:

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  433. Cate R says:

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    Thanks, Anna!

  434. Sherry Mohler says:

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  435. Susan Thomas says:

    ohhh flocked papers! I love soft fuzzy stuff! WOW! and I love the flower collections! I just got my gold and silver embellishments from your last show I love using them for my cards! When I make cards I have to think are you Anna Griffin embellishment worthy? LOL I can’t wait for the July 11th show!!

  436. Deana says:

    I have been working on making cards from a magazine I got, I keep finding myself using flowers and other things I have gotten from you , to create a better looking card.
    Thanks for the beautiful things you create.

  437. Charlene Mart says:

    Oh my goodness!! I’m in love with everything in this preview! I’m setting my alarm for July 11, lol!!

  438. Joan Carney says:

    I love the folder and of course the flowers. We can never have enough flowers. Will you ever do a set of little flowers. Sometimes the larger ones just won’t give me the look I need. So can you please consider a smaller pasted flowers? See you soon and we will be yelling “Anna’s in the house” so please be quiet unless it has to do with Anna. LOL

  439. Janet Geary says:

    I love everything you do so it is always hard to choose a favorite, but I really love the flowers 3 and the dies. I hope my poor credit card will handle all the new products you have previewed for July 11th. I probably need too win a release so I will be able to get all your new products. Thank you for all you do for us. Your bubbley persona on your blogs and HSN keeps my spirits up as I am disabled and tend to get down at times. So I go in my craft room and work with my anna Griffin supplies and watch my recorded Anna Griffin on HSN and all the beauty helps my mood lighten. Thanks again.

  440. Nancy Heflin says:

    Wonderful items this time. Looking forward to everything. Just hope I will have enough money to get several things.

  441. Annette Konicek says:

    Anna, anna, anna, you’re blowing my pocket book before the HSN special even arrives! How gorgeous are those Flocked Papers and as a bird owner, the Birdcage and Branches die and folder set is a must have. You continue to keep coming up with such beautiful items that they are all on a wish list! Those Fall flowers are stunning. Thanks for being so creative, but you’re killing my budget.

  442. Martha Berry says:

    I’m so excited to see the bird cage and branches set to complement the trelliage materials! The flocking is interesting,too. So many pretty things for us to play with!

  443. Donna Lambert says:

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  444. Kimberly Salmonowicz says:

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  448. Lucille says:

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  450. Jane R says:

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  451. Charlotte lockwood says:

    Oh my goodness you and your team have been busy. I love there old flower collection 3. Bird cages and accessories are amazing too. Great job.


    Love, Love, Love the flocked sheets!!!! Now we can cut anything we like and have it beautifully FUZZY!!! Sooooo Coooool!!!!!
    Also, really like the new floral selection..
    Thanks Anna!!

  453. Kate Molnar says:

    I am soooo happy to see that Favorite Flowers III are in your original vintage style and colors. To me, they are the most beautiful of all the flower palettes. The watercolor, pastel flowers are beautiful as well, but the vintage style in rich colors is definitely more my style. So thank you Anna for fulfilling my wish. I love them!

  454. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    Wow, what a great collection of products. All 3 are sure to be Griffinite favorites. I love the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders! I so enjoyed using the Christmas Flocked papers so this new set will be just as wonderful to use in my cards and scrapbook pages.

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  456. Barbara Vignere says:

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  457. Rima Rayborn says:

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  458. Yvette Morales says:

    I think your products are all beautiful, but my favorite is the bird cage and branches dies set, Because I have been wanting a die set of branches and this is perfect.
    Think You Anna

  459. Amy C says:

    Anna, thanks for helping us coordinate even more!! The birdcage folders/dies and new flowers look lovely…your samples again make the sale!!! I’m looking forward to using them.
    Thank you for again producing the most elegant items to use in creating beautiful things and blessing people.
    Thank you for being true to yourself and us and for being the person we wish to emulate, making you the “craft queen” of HSN!!! Congratulations on your title, I believe it’s well deserved…may you ever reign!!
    Best wishes to you, your company and partners. Amy

  460. Cheri P says:

    Oh such lovely new products! I have so many of your dies. They are just the best quality! When I first started buying Anna products, I was buying your scrapbooking papers and cutting out the beautiful flowers for cards. So wonderful to have the flowers nowadays all cut out and in so many fabulous colors and designs. Would love to have all your beautiful products! Looking forward to another wonderful show on the 11th.

  461. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the wonderful dies, but most of all for the FLOCKING! Love the unique texture flocking brings to cards and scrapbooking. I have purchased your flocked paper and have gotten praises for such unique cards!

  462. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    You are making it very difficult to choose only one…but I am addicted to your dies, so I need the birds and branches dies and folders. Thank you for always bringing these beautiful tools to our craft.

  463. Kathy K says:

    More flowers! Yippee! I can never have enough flowers for the cards and the scrapbook layouts I make.

  464. Cherri Anderson says:

    Anna, you make me look better than I really am. I love the birds and flowers. Thank you.

  465. Mary says:

    Just received the Charlotte paper collection – so excited to get started with card making using these products. I’m thinking that the Vintage Deco Flock Kit will add great texture to my cards.

  466. Debra Lovell says:

    ***!! Anna!! I love the New Birds & Branches dies… I will have to get these for sure. I love your style… Thank you! See you on HSN… as I always do.

  467. Rosemary Whitacre says:

    Love, love, love the new products. The flocking is an excellent enhancement to cards. The bird cages, etc. are great. But I really look forward to the flower stickers. They will be a wonderful enhancement to cards and especially scrapbook pages. Looking forward to July 11! You guys are the best.

  468. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love, love everything but especially love the birdcage dies. Awesome! Thank you for all you and your team do.

  469. Peachy W says:

    Love the colors in Vintage Deco Flock – so rich! The new Birds and Branches Die and Embossing Folder set looks interesting and a good compliment to the die cuts kit! Getting really excited for this next upcoming craft event on HSN!

  470. Mira Crawford says:

    I am a fanatic over your cutting dies, especially your style of classic vintage. I am in love with with the Victorian era and your style satisfies my needs. Your flowers are by far my favorite in the industry. You are awesome Anna, and thank you for all you do!

  471. Marissia Seals says:

    I am in love with the new flowers! I will buy the set alone for the Iris which is my state flower. Great job on the new dies and embossing folders. I have never used any of the flocking papers before but the cards look fantastic with the addition of them. Love it all!

  472. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Wow, wow, wow. I love all of these new products. I have to say my favorite is the birds, and bird cages die cuts are my favorite. Thank you for these amazing new products !!!!!

  473. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Beautiful, Anna! Again your talent is endless with these gorgeous designs! The new flower stickers are so beautiful! I also love the new dies and flocked materials!

  474. Lisa Hess says:

    Okay, Here’s my YEAH!!! Love the new flowers and how the arrangements can be done on so many mixed media projects and then just place a bird on a tree branch to the side of the project and a beautiful garden is made!

  475. Earline says:

    Trying Anna to save money Anna. You are not making it easy. Man these dies are so beautiful

  476. Rose Moore says:

    I love all of your vintage items ! So much fun !Please never stop in vintage in fact add more !
    Love everything you do Anna !!

  477. Marziah Kiehn says:

    I can never get enough of Bird Cages and Brsnches! So versatile for use with my other collections.

  478. Diana M. says:

    I am just flocking in love with these 3 products! But given the old adage about a bird in the hand, being better than 2 in a bush, I would have to say the Bird Cages and Branches set are causing me to coo the most!

  479. Merrie Osborn says:

    The deco flock kit I love! The colors are so vivid and pretty! I like the other two items too—Love to win them!!! Anna, will you ever bring back the parchment 5″ x 7″ kit? I would love to have some more so I can use the tools I purchased!

  480. Elizabeth Klein says:

    Oh my goodness! Favorite Flowers 3 and the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders are all just so beautiful, they are going to be so much fun to play with 🙂
    thanks Anna for bringing us such great products 🙂

  481. Brenda Galway says:

    WOW! So many responses. I just love the deco flocking and die cut and embossing bird cage and bird. Just this morning cleaning and reorganizing came across the flocking deco lace in many colors that I bought some years ago. Still have a few left and just know they will be a great complement to your new dies. Thanks Anna.

  482. Peggy Fischels says:

    You are offering an exciting pallet of colors and objects to prepare us for fall card making.
    Love the look of the flocked die cuts.
    Looking forward to seeing you and them on HSN in a couple of weeks.

  483. Brenda Galway says:

    WOW! Sp many responses. I just love the deco flocking and die cut and embossing bird cage and bird. Just this morning cleaning and reorganizing came across the flocking deco lace in many colors that I bought some years ago. Still have a few left and just know they will be a great complement to your new dies. Thanks Anna. See you in July!

  484. Ellen Volkmar says:

    Anna, you never cease to amaze me! The bird cages and stems are just what I need…. Christmas cards this year are going to be beautiful with these new dies and folders. Oh how I wish I could win them!

  485. Kathy blanchard says:

    I think the flocking kit will add that step above a regular card to my creations. The embossing folders and dies look like perfection!

  486. Barbara Mosher says:

    I love them all but I am a flower girl. You just cannot get enough flowers for me. That birdcage is too die for and the flocked embellishments are just too too cute. Seems I am always the last to make a comment but Anna is always first in my heart and crafting favorites.

  487. Carla Haase says:

    Anna, I can’t wait to get the 3D Favorite Flowers 3 and the Bird Cage & Branches dies & folders. I haven’t worked with flocking before so I will buy the Deco Flock Kit and try it out. Hope I win all of it Friday so I can get a head start! Thank you, Anna, for all your wonderful creations to help us create.

  488. Linda Quinn says:

    Oh my Anna! What beautiful possibilities these products provide for us. How wonderful it would be to win these. Too hard to pick a favorite. Thank you.

  489. chris hayden says:

    I want them all!!! My poor credit card!!!! Even though I have lots of your flowers, I still NEED this new set! And the birds and branches! And embossing folders! Wow! I can’t wait t see what is coming next week, too!

  490. Donna Madsen says:

    *** Are you kidding me??!! Those Birdcage die and folders are to die for!!! EEEEEEEEeeeeee! So excited! And those Favorite Flowers III? Who could resist those? That scrapbook layout took my breath away! Pick me pick me… pleeeeease!

  491. Vickie Conquest says:

    My favorite are the FLOWERS! oh my, just gorgeous…realistic looking, thank you for returning to that style!

  492. Linda H says:

    I, too, thought I might not need anything new to add to my collection of “Anna,” but I’m afraid I’ll need it all! I truly love each of these items. Thank you!

  493. Chris O says:

    Love, love, love it all. How do you choose? I have been waiting months and hoping you would re-release All About Birds and Butterflies. Missed it last time and have been stalking the site hoping it would be coming back. That is my must, gotta have. Although everything is beautiful. My shopping list is growing – Beautiful items!!!

  494. Jane Forrest says:

    So excited for craft day. All the new products look wonderful. Loving the dies and flowers.

  495. Audrey Olander says:

    Everything looks wonderful but HAVE to get the birdcage dies and folders! Love favorite flowers 3 and deco flock too. Uh-oh – there goes my credit card. Thank you for bringing so much beauty to us!

  496. Lorraine Lai says:

    I’m personally a layering type girl so I love the flower set. Although more the merrier so all the items shown today just will add more dimension to my cards.

  497. Michele ONeal says:

    Everything about this preview is gorgeous! I love and want them all. I especially love the dies and the pre made die cuts. They all work beautifully together! And the flocked paper…. the sky’s the limit!

  498. Patty Elder says:

    Birds and Bird Cages!! I am an avid bird watcher and my email is birdycrazy@aol.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on these. Thanks Anna.

  499. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    I love love LOVE the Bird Cages and Branches dies and folders. They are just so beautiful and they will make the best cards ever. All of the products are great and I wish I could have them all. Thanks for bringing us such beautiful products.

  500. Coletta Cooper says:

    Anna, as always, I LOVE them all. The flocked papers are in gorgeous vintage colors, and your flowers are the best. What I have always been drawn to use is the bird die cuts included in some of your card kits. I love them- and now you bring us the Bird Cage and Branches Dies and Folders! I will be able to amp up my bird love for beautiful in the making!