Thank you for watching + DIY Series Card Front Dies

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite the week! We want to thank you for all the love and enthusiasm you have shared for our products. We saw the most participation ever across our social media channels, so thank you for all of your comments. Many thanks to our Skype callers, testimonial callers and everyone who watched us on HSN July 11th.

Mark your calendars for August 16th, September 18th and October 3rd for our monthly shows on HSN. That’s exciting, right? You can check back here every Monday and Friday to see what’s new and what will return on Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting!

I will leave you with just a little more crafting eye candy of our newest items from this week’s shows before giving you the latest installment of our DIY Series.

Today, let’s get out your Card Front Dies from and create a beautiful ombre colored card that is beautiful in the making!


You can use our Card Front Dies to create a beautiful multi-layered card that stands out from all the rest!  – Anna



  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Card Front Cutting Dies – 542-362 – Bird Die
  • Anna Griffin® Gold Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 – 522-138
  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Magnetic Mat 2-pack – 528-936
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One with Multipurpose Craft Tips & Bag – 457-852 – Piercing Stylus Tip
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set – 442-864 – Craft Knife, Cutting Mat & Ruler
  • Anna Griffin® Ivory Cards & Envelopes – 505-052 – 1, 5”x7” Folded Card
  • 1, 12” x 12” Pink Ombré Cardstock Cut to 1, 5” x 7” Cardstock Layer
  • 1, 12” x 12” Yellow Ombré Cardstock, Cut to 1, 5” x 7” Cardstock Layer
  • Anna Griffin® So Smitten Cardmaking Kit – 457-834 – 1, 3.5” x 5.5” Pink Border Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Love & Easter Seasonal Layers – 522-279, Lavender Center Layer
  • 1 Sentiment Embellishment
  • 3 Floral Embellishments
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Foam Adhesive


  • Adhere lavender cardstock layer to ivory card base with double sided adhesive.

  • Place bird die face up and the yellow ombré cardstock piece (light edge at the top of the die) face down on the Cuttlebug machine, and die cut. The Tool ‘n One is helpful in the removal of the paper from the die.

  • Die cut the pink ombré cardstock piece (darker edge at the top of the die). Cut out the pink bird foliage from the center of the die cut with the craft knife.

  • Layer and stagger the yellow die cut over the pink bird foliage piece, and attach with double sided adhesive.

  • Adhere yellow die cut piece to the card base with foam adhesive. Attach the pink border die cut on top of the yellow die cut with foam adhesive.

  • Remove the center of the pink border layer with the craft knife and ruler.

  • Adhere to card base with foam adhesive.

  • Adhere flowers and sentiment with foam adhesive.

Have a lovely weekend and be sure to share your projects with us on our Facebook page this Sunday!




  1. terrie rodrigue says:

    What beautiful items that will be shown for August 16th show…
    I like how everything goes so well together.
    Thanks for putting these beautiful items together so all we have to do is putting the card together….
    Looking forward to the show on the 16th.

  2. BJ Brockman says:

    Would love to win this weeks products especially the window dies! You always have such beautiful stuff keep up the great job.

  3. Jay and Nancy Landis says:

    My Nancy loves your products. She saves them for her best projects and cards. Looking forward to the Gracie collection and restocking the flower sets! Thanks again Anna.

  4. lynn smith says:

    Oh my gosh Anna just ehen we think its enough we finf it is not…Gracie is such a beautiful set, the dies and paper fabulous. love the colors, cant wait to get started. i am soon retiring so cant wait to get busy with my favorite hobby

  5. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    The birds and butterflies paper kit is my favorite. I can see so many lovely cards coming f rom this paper.

  6. Dana says:

    I would love to have the windows collection because I feel they are so beautiful and remind me of what I wished my house would look like as a child. I never realized that dream; but, being able to do cards would bring back those memories.

  7. Sara Mahon says:

    Hi Anna! I can’t wait to watch you again and purchase the new Gracie paper. I purchased the birds and butterflies diecuts and folders July 11th and they should be arriving today! The sentiment stickers also look awesome! I love you and all your products! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Wanda Fackler says:

    So hard to pick a favorite but I think I love the window and birds dies. I just love Anna’s dies. They are good quality products and so beautiful. Thanks for the demos Anna! Beautiful as always!

  9. Debra LaFleur says:

    Love all of your products. My favorite is Flowers 1 and Flowers 2. Have marked my calendar to watch you August thru October

  10. Deborah Beckman says:

    Love love love. Can’t wait to add to my collection. Thank you Anna for opening up a whole new craft to me. Never had an interest in card making until I saw your HSN presentations. Thank you.

  11. deborah from TN says:

    Thanks for the Demo Anna… it was Beautiful!
    By using the smaller 3D flowers, would love it if you’d make up an assortment of ‘smaller’ flowers for us as a kit???? Sometimes we just need lots of smaller things to make it beautiful too. 🙂

    I enjoyed Craft day too, got a lot of AG goodies today… huge box. LOVE IT!!

    With these monthly visits you do understand that our credit cards will never get a break now? lololol

  12. Linda Gilliam says:

    Looking forward to the August show, I am still waiting on some of my goodies, I did receive my Halloween card kit and I literally squealed when I opened it…SO many awesome vintage Halloween things and beautiful card backs…and mats!!!
    I loved the window cards from today’s video, would love to win those for sure!!!

  13. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    Thank you very much for the tutorials! The inspiration is incredible and much appreciated!

    I truly enjoyed your recent craft day on HSN. You always do a fantastic job!

    Glad you’ll be back in August as I always enjoy when you make a visit to HSN…

  14. Lu Morales says:

    I bought so much last week, but I guess I have to buy the window card making set and the lettering templates. Everything is so beautiful! Can you ever have enough Anna Griffin in your craft room? No way! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!!!

  15. Phyllis says:

    Such beautiful flowers. And I love the window box cards. I can always recognize your style.

  16. Nancy Brant says:

    Thank you for a beautiful shopping day!
    Just got my Kodak printer and the other items are trickling in.
    I just retired so I am anxious to have time to use all of my Anna products!
    From the Cuttlebug, the dies, and love the embossing folders, the Cricut and it’s amazing Anna content . To the paper and. Card kits to your adhesive

  17. Barbara Geesey says:

    I love the Gracie Collection all the wonderful cards or scrapbooks you could make. Love it.

  18. Frances McAdams says:

    Great! Every month. My favorites this time are the Gracie papers that coordinate back with the birdcage dies, the returning flowers are next. Thank you, Anna.

  19. Pam Payne says:

    Love the window set. That is a must Have! I think I will just have to give it to myself for my birthday.

  20. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Anna, Once again you have out done yourself. I love the idea of the new window Ledge Kit, not to mention your stickers and flowers. keep up the excellent work. I will have to get another job!!

  21. Diane Downs says:

    Anna I love the Gracie paper set! I bought just about all your product on the July show last week but I didn’t buy the bird cage dies…. ugh! Hope HSN still has them which I think they do! Can’t wait for these Monday morning previews… it’s a great way to start off my week:) plz have an awesome day!

  22. Minnie Reid says:

    Flowers 2 is just what I need to make more gorgeous pop up cards. This is my favorite but all the products offered are awesome.

  23. Candice L. says:

    Gorgeous and inspirational cards and projects. Window Ledge Card Making Kit is going to be fantastic.

  24. Karen Johnson says:

    Hello Anna! I am so happy we will see you next month again to inspire us!! I am looking forward to receiving the rest of my goodies from the 7/11 shows. Some came last week, The Halloween kit is fabulous!!! I am already looking at the new items today and thinking how wonderful they are!!! Oh my poor budget!! Thanks Anna for all the beauty you bring us and the tools to share it!!

  25. Brenda Sparrow says:

    That wa so easy and its so beautiful i love how easy it is to create absolutely stunning cards in just minutes thanks for all your amazing ideas and dies so easy to use. Happy crafting to all

  26. Carol Jones says:

    Monthly shows? That’s AWESOME!!! Yay! Love everything you do Anna, thanks for being you!

  27. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Anna, just wanted to also mention to you that as I do each card, I think of the recipient in the sentiment I am sending along with memories of times together with them. It really puts special meaning into each greeting card for what ever the occasion might be. Thanks again for such a beautiful way to do it!

  28. Irene says:

    Hello, Anna
    I would like to re-visit the Go Press Foil Machine issue.
    I purchased when the first time introduced.
    I have not used much, but hearing the new and IMPROVED version, that made me feel disappointed, what I’m not able to do with this first introduced machine. As you mentioned on your answer to Someone; we can get the metal shim at HSN. I had not find this for purchase, but as an other Customer had felt, I would love receive this missing item to keep this tool in perfect working condition!
    Just to share with you, my autoship for the Go Press arrived with missing pieces, when I called HSN, there was no way to exchange to a complete package, I had to return. What was very disappointing. Would you be kind and allow HSN to send to all of us the metal shim at no charge?
    I look forward to your help on this!
    Thank You so much! Kind Regards! Irene

  29. Irene Pal says:

    Hello, Anna
    It was an exiting many days, leading to July 11th, trying to catch all the early released new items. Thankfully, I was off on the 11th, I was glued to your time in at HSN.
    When the day was over, I felt as I do after Christmas Eve, now I’m waiting for Christmas morning to get all my . Last few days I am getting my goodies, how exciting and how beautiful they are! My last big package was shipped, that’s include my printer, what will be the biggest gift to my self from You Anna!
    For all the excitement and future fun I’m so so thankful to you Anna!

  30. Myrna Hartley says:

    I love all the cards you make they are so inspiring. I received my order from HSN already and have dug in—making those cute
    pretty pockets, Halloween, and making flowers galore. Thank you for making it so fun to create.

    Loving affection,

  31. Cecilia Fisher says:

    I am just happy to buy, buy,. I love everything you do! Thank you! Ceci Yang Fisher

  32. Paulette Duda says:

    thanks for the inspiration. If you will be on HSN every month, I will have to get another job. Love your products…

  33. Mary R. says:

    Hi Anna,
    In a word- Gorgeous! Oh, I thought of a few more words: intricate, delicate, elegant, detailed. Thanks for showing us how to use the gradient paper and how to layer to get the shadow effect. The frame really does bring the bird into focus.

  34. Sandi says:

    I love watching the tutorials, I am going to Create in November and so looking forward to the learning experiences I’m sure will enjoy there!

  35. Joyce BG says:

    Love these tutorials! Are we going to do some at Create 3? 🙂
    Please restock the Anna-pretty iPhone/iPad holder!
    Thanks for all the beauty-FULL stuff you make!

  36. Alecia says:

    Dear Anna, I love your products. When you have your twenty four hour craft day I watch it in my craft room. I create and craft right along with you. Thank you for you inspiration and procts.

  37. Anita Weld says:

    The recent HSN 24 hour craft day was awesome! I watched and recorded all your shows Anna . My husband was part of my craft purchase collateral damage, ha ha! He encouraged me to buy more when he found I didn’t already have some of your new items.
    I will need to call your office because one of the many items I received was not as advertised. Perhaps I need to learn more…
    The item in question is the digital content named ANNA’S PRINT THEN CUT LIBRARY VOLIME ONE 117 IMAGES. I have less than one hundred images. What happened?

    I love all the products , 21 in all, that I bought and really appreciated the fast shipping!!!! Thank you♥️

  38. Gayla Greer says:

    Anna, thank you for all the creativity and inspiration on July 11th! I took the whole day off and watched and recorded all your shows! I look forward to the monthly ones.
    One thing I would really love to make a lot of my card crafting complete is to have you offer the Lace Trimmings die set and any other large swirly dies to put on the first layer of my cards. Please?? I noticed you used them a lot on the cards you showed on all your shows. They are not on HSN or anywhere on the internet:(
    Thank you…look forward to August 16th!

  39. Debby B says:

    Hi Anna
    I have a request. The new Pop Up card digital cartridge came as part of my auto ship. I was watching on the 11th for the presentation of this item. I was hoping to see all the images included. From what was said during the presentation, and the fact that at the very end you held up a Halloween card whose images were not on the display board, I believe there is much more than what I am seeing. I have done several searches and can not find anything with the complete set of images. I am a little on the fence about this one, and was really hoping to see all that is included before opening/installing. Any chance you could post all items included?
    Had a great time watching on craft day, and loved the ideas and inspiration I got from your examples. I am so enjoying your how to videos. Thanks you!!

  40. Jeorgette P says:

    The card is so gorgeous and I love the ombre paper!

    One request: I wasn’t able to take advantage of the Cuttlebug Letterpress Embossing Folder AS, but you’ve done single ships for the first two in the series. Will you also be doing one for the Summer one (the folder I want the most is the stars one)? Or are they lost to me forever?

  41. Louise Blume says:

    I so enjoyed your show on HSN. Can’t wait until the things I bought arrive. Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas.

  42. Ginger Pinata says:

    Anna, what a great time on July 11th. I wanted to ask you to please get a new stock of your new Sending Sympathy Stickers to be available in August for those of us who missed out this month. Thank you

  43. Coco says:

    Thank you, Anna, for another wonderful day. Your presentations are so uplifting and so well prepared. It is a joy to watch you. I am anxiously awaiting my new boxes from You thru HSN

  44. Donna Bischof says:

    This card is beautiful. I loved watching you on craft day. I didn’t buy anything this time, because I have not had time to play with what I bought last time. Love learning new things each show.

  45. Michelle Garbutt says:

    Lovely, intricate layers produce such a delicately beautiful card – missed out purchasing this, but I’ll keep my eye out for it next time. The first wave of deliveries from Craft Day arrived today – it’s so exciting to start using all the inspirational ideas Anna gave us.
    Happy Crafting everyone!!

  46. Maureen Odell says:

    I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful show. I was glad see that they kept the camera on your cards and pages. Todays tutorial was beautiful.
    I so hoped I would win last week…now I am dead broke but I will have beautiful products and the printer. I guess its worth living on Ramen noodles.

  47. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Love this tutorial! I am going to give it a try. Thank you & everyone in your Anna Banana Bus Team for such a fun HSN craft show & your inspiration each day! I look forward each day to your posts. And the many kind friends I have made through you. Thank you very much! At a time when my life changed drastically, I found you & your products & it is a huge blessing! I look forward to the day when I can be at Create & meet you & many other Griffinites!

  48. Merrie Osborn says:

    Anna I really enjoyed the 11th with you and since my birthday is August 5 I bought myself almost everything!! I purchased the hot foil machine previously and noticed the one offered Tuesday came with a metal shim. I would really like to have one so my machine would work better. Is there any way you could make one available to those of us who need one? I’m sure it would help me have more luck with my hot foils!

  49. Jayne Evans says:

    Loved your video and thanks for upping the volume!!
    Can’t wait for all my Anna Fabulouness to arrive from the last Big Craft Day!!!!!

  50. Cheryl Ripley says:

    I love the HSN shows, I always get such inspiration not only from the new items, but I’m always excited to try new ideas with Anna Griffin tools/papers I already have. Paper crafting is such a joy!
    Thank you, Anna, for the fun new products!

  51. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Thanks Anna and your amazing team. I enjoyed watching and buying all my goodies. My printer arrived on Tuesday and today some of my other items were waiting for me. Still more to come next week…poor but really happy now.

  52. Pattye Crane says:

    I luv, love, luv the all day craft shows and I hope HSN will have them once a month from here on out. I learn something new every time I watch, even from the products i already own. I sure wish you would get the Window Box card making kit back in stock i missed out on it and I’m so looking forward to being able to purchase it when it is back in stock. Please tell me you are going to restock it. Thanks so much for all you do!

  53. Angel Cyr says:

    Can’t believe all of the people that have commented, on already receiving their purchases, from last Tuesday. Just got an email / tracking number ~~~ that my order has just left the building !!!

    Perhaps, I Ordered — Too Much !!! Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!!


  54. Denise L. says:

    Awesome shows! Does anyone know when the next HSN craft day will be that Anna will be on several times?

  55. Annette Johnson says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and all the beautiful samples. I was able to purchase a few things…had to work that day so I missed several of the shows. At least I am able to support my habit!!! I appreciate the beauty of all the products not to mention the quality

  56. Patti Stigsell says:

    WooHooo!! Thanks Anna, I am so excited about the Gold Cricut BrightPad!!! I must have it in my craft room it goes with all my other AMAZING gold items!! I have two grand babies on the way and I have been using the iron on vinyl to make custom onseies. It took all of my will power to resist the BrightPad Tuesday but I figured gold would be close behind!! Can’t wait for the release date!!! Will the tablet/phone stand be restocked? August can’t come soon enough!!!

  57. June Estep says:

    I enjoyed the big craft day this week and loved all the demos.
    I just put together the window card kit yesterday. I added the gold flourishes and a little more bling, and those cards are a big, big WOW. Always nice to see the finished products, plus they are easier to store and you know what parts and pieces can go into making other items. Plus, you have what you need when you need to send a card.

  58. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    Received my printer today! It’s nice to be alone and play with it.My husband is going to have a fit when he comes home! If you could put a Youtube together regarding personalizing the Anna content that would be great!

  59. Anna Griffin says:

    Thanks Deb! Yes, Cricut says that there is now a gold Bright Pad in the works! We will get right on that Gold Daily Planner!

  60. Anna Griffin says:

    The ombre paper used in the DIY Video Today is from our Petal Papers 12×12 collection we made for HSN.

  61. Anna Griffin says:

    We used our white glitter 12×12 paper for the Graduation card featured in today’s blog post.

  62. Wanda Duso says:

    Anna, every single item you show is amazing. I missed most of Tuesdays show as I had my gallbladder out on Monday. I will be watching in August!

  63. Patti Stigsell says:

    I’m in love with all my items from Tuesdays show!!! I wanted to ask if there is gonna be a Good and Ivory Cricut Brightpad? I held off buying in hopes that there will be an AG version in the near future!!!

  64. Linda Davis says:

    Love it!

    Had a great time on HSN Craft Day. You always ask what our favorite thing is/was, and that must be the most difficult question to answer! It is virtually impossible to say you like one thing so much more than something else, as they are ALL wonderful and different!

  65. Sandi Anderson says:

    I ordered early and my items are already here. I am pleased with all of them. I would like to.see a return of the Cottage Roses or small similar flowers. I like making A2 cards also and those flowers work well with them and they were so pretty.

  66. Angelina F. says:

    Just received all my Anna goodies!! What a treat. The printer is beautiful, can’t wait to play with it more. I cannot thank you enough Anna for all your experience and inspiration in making crafter’s like me look good.

  67. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The July 11th show was wonderful. So many great themes and ideas for card making! You are great with teaching the techniques and tricks too…such as this video. I wish you would get a daily television show for doing paper crafting.

  68. Joan Hargis says:

    Love the things I ordered from the last HSN show. I do wish that your new Christmas card kid would come out in July. That is when I like to start working on Christmas things. I will impatiently wait for it’s release but the sooner the better.

  69. Lindar says:

    Can hardly wait for my newest treasures to arrive. Thank you, Anna, for your joy and inspiration. Such fun!!!

  70. Laura O'Connell says:

    I received my printer already. I’m just anxiously awaiting your other goodies I bought that day!

  71. Mary says:

    It was great fun shopping on Tuesday. I can’t wait to get the 3-D flowers and start making white on white cards such as the one you showed on air. Just beautiful.

  72. Judith J says:

    Hi Anna and Co: I look forward so much to the craft shows on HSN and enjoyed watching. I would like to ask for a product. I would love to see a die set that would cut indoor vases and urns and bowls to use all the flower dies. Thanks for the shows and products. Have been watching you and purchasing since your were on QVC way back when.

  73. Connie Liccione says:

    Hi Anna,
    Loved seeing your new products on HSN in July. However, it was late when I returned so I missed out on some things that I really wanted. Please, do you think you can bring back Item #553-436 Anna Griffin Cuttlebug 3D Flowers Dies for the August show at HSN? Please! I was having a procedure at the Doctors Office and could not cancel or I would have. I never miss when you are on HSN. Thank you!

  74. Holly H. says:

    Thank you for all the lovely products you presented on HSN. I have a REQUEST — You talked about the beautiful china from which you get some of the inspiration for your products. Could you please take a picture of one of the pieces so we could see the china? I know you didn’t want to take it to HSN because it was delicate and you didn’t want it to get broken. But maybe could you take a picture of it and show us? That would be lovely. Thank you!

  75. Dalyce Mangum says:

    I really, really enjoyed the show on the 11th. I spent way passed my budget, but I always do!
    It is so exciting that you will be on HSN every month. My card is going to go wild, but I love it!!!
    Thanks for all your tutorials. They really help.
    I am really enjoying my Cricut. I cannot thank you enough!!!!

  76. Doreen says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you on tv present your crafting items & ideas with such genuine joy. You endear yourself to others with such charm and graciously share; I think that’s your secret.
    This card is stunning and a labor of love. Beautiful to make and give or keep.

  77. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Karen, tell Melissa hello! We don’t have the sleeves as an individual item yet, but it’s on our list!

  78. Karen says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed watching you throughout the day. Melissa wanted so desperately to talk to you but we couldn’t get through. Budget did not allow us to purchase the printer, but maybe next month if possible. We love the pointers you showed. There’s just so many things she gets to do because of your kits. There is one question though… do you have extra sleeves for the magnetic notebooks? I purchased 2 of your notebooks and we love them, but we need more sleeves. The sleeves that you have are sturdy. You’re the greatest!

  79. Peachy W says:

    Such a pretty card! I like to do this type of shadow layering on my cards – what a great technique! Loved watching the live shows from HSN and re-watching the recordings – you provide lots of beautiful samples and great tips. Excited for the upcoming monthly shows – always fun to watch you on TV! Loved the new floral cardstock and Fall flowers – just waiting for them to arrive to start playing…Thanks so much for all of your inspiration.

  80. Debbie says:

    I am not on social media a lot, but may I say, Anna Griffin, you are truly a classy southern bell, with humility and a great love for what you do. Thank you for your talent and your “beautiful in the making” sight of the world in which we live. It is amazing! Thank you so very much

  81. Dorci Sprinkle says:

    Loved the show!!! I have been looking for ombre’ paper and so far have not been able to find it. Maybe you could put them again on a cartridge or the actual paper pack.

  82. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, I love the bird card…so, so pretty just like u:-) I got my Halloween card kit, so much fun and 3 more shows coming up, oh my!!! Have a good weekend, it’s hot air balloon festival time here in lower Michigan.

  83. Loralei says:

    Hi, Anna! That’s an amazing die and card! I missed that on HSN craft day some how! 🙁 I didn’t see it on the site either. I looked through every item. I’ll look again.

  84. Michael Rutledge says:

    I wanted to buy your new printer, but as we’re moving in a few weeks and I didn’t have a new address that I could reliably send it to, I had to pass.

    I would like to see the printer WiFi upgraded to 802.11ac so it wouldn’t slow down the rest of my WiFi network. If Kodak could upgrade that in the next iteration, I’d love to buy that one.


  85. Carolyn says:

    What an amazing card. I was unable to watch because I had to travel out of the area to have a lung scan. I have received the results of the scan, all good news. I am going to have to watch the hsn videos. I will be ready for the next show.

  86. Lin M. says:

    Monthly shows on HSN? 😮 Awesome!!! 🙂
    Thank you for another great tutorial!
    I had to work but ordered early and am still watching your recorded shows. I appreciate the detail you provide and all the samples you show during the presentation. I would LOVE to see all those on Pinterest – when someone gets time. 🙂

  87. Jennifer S. says:

    Anna, I just gave a baby shower /tea for my daughter and used my hostess set items! I bought three sets and gave away two as gifts. I now have many newly purchased items to make cards after watching HSN. This card tutorial is just stunning also! Thank you for all you do!

  88. Linda O'Connor says:

    I enjoyed the day as usual!
    I am looking forward to playing with my new craft printer and the flower dies!
    Can not wait for the next shows!

  89. Felicia Artis says:

    Thanks again Anna, I can’t wait to get all my purchase items from July 11 on HSN. I will be making the bird card and so much more. My card is smoking as well with my 18 items purchase. Looking forward to seeing my UPS man with my orders…

  90. Randellyn Bossom says:

    I wasn’t able to watch or get anything this round, but i’m going through watching all the recorded shows and just love the demos you show when at HSN. I’m excited for the upcoming shows which means the holidays are coming and those are the best crafty goodies. I can’t wait for the next set of previews to start! I love the DIY series and video tutorials that you’ve been posting….keep up the great work..very inspiring!

  91. Doug G. says:

    Anna, Marking my calendar now for all the upcoming shows on HSN !!! A simply stunning card you showed how to make. Thanks for ALL that you do, create and lend inspiration to all of us !!!

  92. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    LOVED you on HSN! It was a fun day and I got a lot of great things. Can’t wait until they come.

  93. kim says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and example on how to use the cuttlebug items. I am marking my calendar now and saving up now for your next HSN event.

  94. Hobo says:

    I don’t think my purchases from the last show have even been shipped yet, but not fair to tease us with even more new goodies! All of our credit cards will be smoking, as if they aren’t already! Love this tutorial, and as soon as the sewing machine gets put aside will have to try it. But it is time to start making those holiday cards.

  95. Maureen m says:

    Thanks Anna and team for a great show. My purchases keep arriving ( one granddaughter loves saying ” gramma Anna’s here”) I buy your products all year so she says that ALOT. Someone ahead of me Barbara I believe requested a new book with your card designs etc , boy do I second that , I think a catalog of all your card and scrapbook designs would be absolutely fantastic and I bet a big big seller as I myself refer to your videos constantly. But thanks for sharing , creating and all your presentations I ❤️ them

  96. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Thank you again for share how we can make beautiful cards and pages. You keep out doing yourself each month. I can’t afford to buy much of your stuff that I would love to buy. I would of gave anything to have the printer. But I could do it. We live of SSD and that isn’t much. I really love your dress and stuff. Keep doing you are going to be making a lot of people very happy. I just know I can’t buy the way I want to buy. But I still love everything.

    Right now I’m working on my sons wedding album and when I get it done then I we’ll give it to them. But as I watch your show I learn so much to help me make them better.

  97. Marla Russell says:

    Have not gotten anything yet I’m in Orlando and I usually get stuff within 2 – 3 days! Hoping for today.

  98. Carla Haase says:

    Just love the Enchanting Bird card. Thank you for the tutorial. Enjoyed the shows on the 11th and now more shows to look forward to! I bet one or more are about great Christmas dies and folders. Is there Christmas cardstock in the mix also? Love everything you do, Anna.

  99. Shari says:

    Hi Anna, This card is delicious! I will have to try it. You never disappoint on 24 hour craft day. My printer is to arrive today along with a few other items and I will be happily playing with it all in my craft room.Thank you for all the good times your products bring.

  100. Angel Cyr says:

    So, glad to hear … that your numbers have reached a high, with comments entered, from your last preview. Loved Craft Day, On H.S.N. ~~~ as always … I always pick up something new ! Good Thing, that I have organized, so well — that I now have found myself with extra space, for those new purchases ! Thank The Lord, For That ! I had commented a while back, that I was completely organizing my craft room, before my husband built ~~~ what would be my second craft room, in our cellar … well, no need for that, now, as after I got through re-organizing, for probably the tenth time … I Got It Right, With Room To Spare !!! Looks, like I had chosen the correct measurements, after all, for our new custom built home !!! Does make one wonder … in years to come, but as for now … it’s Just Perfect !!! Glad, to know I have that 3,000 + sq. ft. under me … just in case I need it !!! Ha ! Ha !

    Wishing You The ” Best Of Luck ” ~~~ In Your Upcoming Shows !!!


  101. Siggy says:

    Anna. How wonderful
    I’m going to look for this new die to purchase. I’m am obsessed with everything ombré. Thank you for all the new options.

  102. Deborah Holman says:

    I have rewatched all your shows twice, drinking in all the printer demos. Yes I splurged on myself. Also, I didn’t think I wanted a bright pad until I saw the demo…any chance a gold one is in the works? I will hold out for that! What about a gold/ivory day planner with a zipper cover????
    Every time I see you on HSN I am still in awe of your generous spirit…how you make your art form accessible to us, and let us take the credit! Im sure all the Griffinites would agree that we are grateful for you and all you do to raise the bar in the crafting community. Blessings!

  103. Carol E. says:

    Wow! That is lovely. I can never look at one of these posts and not want to drop what I’m doing and go make something! …and I really want that die now!

  104. Linda Christiansen says:

    Thank you for wonderful shows, products, samples, DIYs, everything you do!!!
    Big surprise…another request…please, please provide an ELECTRONIC DIECUTTING/ EMBOSSING MACHINE for us to purchase. The sooner, the better.
    My wrists have been bad & now the cartilage is gone in one completely and going in other due to arthritis so can no longer turn my Cuttlebug. My family will help but a gold & ivory Anna Griffin machine would be the most wonderful addition so I can keep crafting as long as possible. I know there are other ones, but would prefer yours if possible…you always have such quality & it would match too…lol !!!
    I love my Cuttlebug and would give it a good home but from reading comments it seems like there are a lot of us with dexterity issues that are not ready to give up our Anna Griffin world.
    Thank you for considering!
    Looking forward to my goodies from 11th and to next shows!!

  105. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Anna and team, thank you for all you hard work. I am looking forward to all my items including the printer from the craft day being delivered today. I love the Card Front Layers and love what you did with the bird layer on the video. Thank you for the tutorials. I loved the bird layer as you can cut it out for a smaller card. I love everything you bring to us.

  106. Gena Greenlee says:

    I enjoyed your time on HSN! I bought the Kodak printer on the evening of the 10th, when it was put up for us to see. I am so happy to say that I received it on the 12th! I have not been able to get it out of the box yet, but I am excited to do so!! I bought several other items as well, so I will keep myself busy until the next time you are on!! Thank you Anna for the beautiful products you make for us to enjoy!!

  107. Debbie Dunn says:

    Good morning AnnaThank You for the beautiful tutorial, the card is so so beautiful!!! I can’t believe you are going to be on HSN 3 months in a row, )she squills with delight as she grabs her heart and faints) ( then quickly awakens with the fragrance of Anna Griffin cardstock being waved at the Super Fan Griffinite) teehee !!
    As Away, we Love You and your fabulous team!!
    Fondly, Debbie Dunn

  108. Irene Alexander says:

    I received most of my new purchases. Love everything. I purchased the printer during your last showing. It wasn’t my original plan to purchase, but I loved the coloring on your print and cut flowers. Now, I can’t wait to receive this printer. Looking forward to your upcoming shows. I am actually off two out of the three shows. Congratulations on your wonderful shows on HSN, and all your sellouts!

  109. Mary Beth says:

    What a stunning CARD! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Hope the Delicate Engravings come back to HSN…”he who hesitates is lost”????
    Can’t wait to see what else is in store for 2017!

  110. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    Loved the 11th. Broke but happy. It is time for your to publish another how to book on card making. I need something handy that I can reference quickly when needed. I so love your designs. They are beyond inspirational. Absolutely love the above cards and the tutorial. You are sooooo generous. Thank you.

    Have to go….at work. See you soon.

  111. Avis C. Patterson says:

    Ooh, that’s a beautiful card! I’m so glad to see this post today after watching my first ever HSN craft event on Tuesday! I’ve made some great purchases, including the new printer, which arrived the next day!

    While I didn’t get the card front dies used in today’s video, I can certainly apply the techniques to the ones I have and make something beautiful, too.

    Thanks for posting a schedule of upcoming show events as well, as it was my next question, now that I’ve been bitten by the AG craft bug.

  112. Lula Tomlin says:

    The show was great, I loved everything now I awaited the delivery of my packages.
    Anna I love your die cut keep them coming I love the way my cards are more elegant.
    Thank You

  113. Kymm Cummins says:

    Received my Halloween card making kit and I Love It!!! I can’t wait to get going on my Halloween cards this year. Great kit thank you Anna!

  114. Victoria DeYot says:

    I received my printer last night accompanied by a second box full of other beautiful boxes of joy!!

    I can’t wait to get started!

    Have a great weekend!

  115. Carol says:

    Bring it on what for my good looking UPS Driver to deliver my packages. I have to wait till next week really frustrating.

  116. Pamela V. says:

    Your inspirations are great…things that you just don’t think to do until you see your creations.

  117. Patty Bolduc says:

    I can’t wait for my delivery. I love It when everything comes in one big box. Better than Christmas.

  118. Paulette King says:

    Love this die. The potential with it is endless. Nice to see you on HSN. Another day well done…

  119. Pam says:

    Thanks Anna. This craft show was especially great. Once again, I purchased more than I should. Am looking forward to receiving my boxes of goodies. And already anticipating Aug 16th !!

  120. Amy C says:

    Anna, I agree, it was a terrific showcase of your wonderful products! Congratulations on the printer sales…that alone will be worth so much to us all.
    I hope you have some time to regroup and refresh.
    I’m looking forward to using all my new fun items to create. When people tell me they have all my ‘artwork’, I know we’re on the right track.
    Thanks for staying true to your vision and to your customers.
    Blessings, Amy

  121. Diane B says:

    Your products and your talent for creating them are amazing. Really enjoyed watching the show on HSN. Can’t wait for the next ones. Anxiously waiting for the arrival of all the wonderful things. Keep Creating

  122. Angie Kindig says:

    So so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration! I love all of your dies and papers and embellishments! I also love that you design masculine paper and die cuts! Thanks for the inspiration!

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