HSN August 16th, 2017 Product Preview 1 Winner + How to: Kodak Craft Print

Hello there,

It’s been a fun week here at the office where we are busily preparing for our August 16th shows on HSN! Our hours will be at 2am, 11am and 10pm. This week we had over a whopping 1700 comments to enter to win our 5 lovely items from Product Preview 1! We drew our winner at random, and Diana Cooper these 5 items are coming your way!

Reminder for our UK fans, don’t forget that we are returning to QVC (UK) this upcoming Tuesday, July 25th at 10am BST, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to reunite with all of our fans across the pond.

We only have 3 more previews until our HSN shows, so be prepared for the next few posts to be jam packed full of great items. Let’s take another look at this week’s products and all the beautiful projects you’ll be able to make with them!

Our Gracie Paper Crafting Collection is elegant paper at its best. This vintage inspired collection is full of old world charm,  sophisticated florals, gold foil accents and stylish die cuts that include: butterflies, birds, flowers and more. Use your Birdcages and Branches Folders and Dies with this kit to create extraordinary projects that are sure to impress.

You all love our new Window Ledge Cardmaking Kit! This all inclusive kit has so many pretty parts and pieces needed to make 20 showstopping cards. Use the colorful awnings, diecut scotties and kitties, curtains, flowers and more to create the most charming window scene imaginable. When you’re all out of pieces, you can use the cut and emboss dies to create more cards, and you can even use your holiday papers and embellishments to make Christmas windows!

Our Favorite Flowers 1 and 2 sticker sets are chock full of breathtaking blooms. On August 16th you’ll have your chance at 1, or 2 or both! These stickers create stunning bouquets, add dimension and color in the prettiest way possible.

Say it all with our set of 120 Favorite Sentiment Stickers. These 3D stickers cover greeting all of your card sending occasions in a beautiful way. What’s even better is that the stickers come in a lovely array of colors, fonts and have glistening gold foil accents.

Use our genius Envelope Letting Templates to ensure that your envelope is as gorgeous as the card inside. These handy templates help you to write straight, evenly spaced addresses each and every time.

For today’s how to series, we’re getting you started with your Kodak Verité Craft 6 Anna Griffin Edition Printer. Here’s a look at how to set up your new printer, download the App and use the included templates. Let’s get started!

When you open your printer box locate the instruction sheet and 2 ink cartridges. Remove the white material support piece for the back of the printer that is taped to the bottom of the device. This sits behind the printer to support larger items in the craft tray.

Load your ink cartridges as shown on the instruction sheet and power on the printer. Follow the prompts on the device to connect the printer to your wi-fi. Then follow the prompts to print and scan your test page.

Once your printer is connected to your wi-fi, you can print to it from your PC and mobile devices just like a regular printer.

There is a free Kodak Verité App for mobile devices that can be found in the App Store for iOs devices and in the Google Play store for Android devices. Download this App and with your printer powered on and connect to wi-fi, walk through the steps of connecting the mobile device to the printer as prompted in the App.

The App will recognize your Anna Griffin Edition printer and display our card templates on the main screen of the App. Here you can print the greeting cards, photo cards and thank you notes that were shown on HSN. In the App, you can also design your own project, address your envelopes, scan photos and so much more!

Kodak is continuing to work on improvements to the App, and there was a recent App update to allow for more functionality. In mid-August you will be able to modify the Anna Griffin templates on Android tablets. For now, Android tablet users can print the cards as designed on lots of surfaces.

Contact Kodak directly for troubleshooting and questions about your printer.

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-844-995-6325

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm EST

WEBSITE: http://kodakverite.com/printer/kodak-verite-craft-6/

Be sure to meet us right back here on the blog Monday for our next round of Product Previews, projects, giveaways and a whole lot of inspiration. Have the best weekend.




  1. JoAnn Milbourn says:

    Anna, love all of your wonderful products. I and my granddaughters are learning together and so far we have so many favorite cards that I cannot begin to name them all. Looking forward to your August presentation. I know I will find more items to add to my collection.
    Jodi M

  2. Martha Russell says:

    I’ve written August 16, on my calendar. I love all of your products and am excited to see everything to HSN.

  3. Sara Mahon says:

    Anna I love the acetate card set and the stickers that you can purchase to match.
    I missed out on the sentiment stamps and dies last time and I am going to make sure to get them this time! I love all your products! Thanks for everything you create for us!

  4. Carol says:

    Such beautiful cards and I love the dies! Thank you for the giveaways! I also will be checking out the printer.

  5. Pamela P says:

    I’m getting the acetate layer cards and the sentiment maker kit love this stuff., Missed it last time it was on, My room is so full next weekend is all about reorganizing so i can find thing’s lol! what i problem to have fun fun

  6. Pamela P says:

    Hi Anna this is Pam P from Detroit. I have been ordering from you Every Time you’ve been on hsn from the very first day. Needless to say I’m a fan, I have one request can you PLEASE make a floral sticker kit with the more realistic flowers you use to use instead of the painted looking ones( those are cute too i have a lot of them). Oh and I’ll say put some Yellow and white daisies and shades of blue flowers i the kit like Hyacinth, cornflowers,Phalaenopsis or whatever is easy for you. Thank You hug and kisses

  7. Kathy Martin says:

    Anna, you will keep me busy in the craft room and out of trouble. Just got my July shipment of Anna products from HSN. Look forward to August. The acetate card set looks stunning and love the new embellishments.

  8. Jill Briggs says:

    Love the acetate overlays, so luxurious!
    I have seen many cards on Pinterest with the edge dies, glad to know they will be available!

  9. Jan Wilson says:

    Love all the new products coming out for the August Show. Especially love the acetate overlays and additional add in’s for embellishing. The blues you show in your demonstrations are gorgeous!!

    Will you be bringing back the Halloween Card Making Kit again on HSN or perhaps to your online products??? PLEASE!!!

  10. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Wonderful about the printer. I got mine plus I bought a new laptop, and a new Ipad and a new router just for my crafts. Sorry folks about the drama.but domestic abuse is ugly and my ex got my new router new Computer and new IPAD. I was using it separately from my regular router. I did not realize my TV has a camera on it and he saw my new stuff. I change my locks to my house a lot. I have not given up and I am hopeful to find some way to use my machines and new printer. I have not used my explore in 5 months. My brother is securing my house so he can not come in. My ex knows my IPad address from where my daughter was in college and use mine and his. My ex enslaves my computer and controls them .remotely. So thankful my die cut machines are not computerized.

  11. PAMELA HANCOCK says:

    Love the new Printer and can’t wait to make it mine ….. one day. And the window dies are gorgeous! I never miss a day with Miss Anna, even when I have to call into work with “the flu”. hahahahahaha

  12. Lupe Morales says:

    Those acetate overlays are so great. The embossed cards underneath really make the cards so lovely. It’s going to be hard not to buy it all . Everything makes one want to be more creative. I look forward to the show in august. Blessings.

  13. c.j. riley says:

    Like the new stuff and already love the return stuff. Hoping for new inspiration from your upcoming shows. And of course waiting for Christmas angels to arrive.

  14. Betty L. Aldridge says:

    Lovely products!
    I absolutely love the window ledge card making kit!
    Simply fabulous!

  15. Christine Evenmoe says:

    So happy to see the edge dies back again, I wanted to buy a set for a friend who loves mine. The new acetate layers.

  16. Marilyn Lauck says:

    Anna, you and your products have such appeal. You relate to the creative spark in each of us, with words of encouragement that anyone can make beautiful items with your products. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  17. Sharon Kile says:

    Where do we find the cardstock fold over for the printer in 4×6 and 5×7 with envelopes? I think I may have found the 5×7 inkjet but I only find 4×6 in postcard, not fold over? I am pretty sure this is what is needed for the cards for the new printer.

  18. Twila Rodriguez says:

    Not sure if you are reading this. I am working what happened to Anna Kodak printer app. Today I went to it and it is not giving me the option to modify the message block like it was doing before. Has something been Changed. Thanks. Twila

  19. Penny Carter says:

    Hi Anna, love, love, love the window frame kit. How do you get the frame to look like the ones in the kit? I know that your frame in printed on to white paper! But, how do we achieve that look?
    I also want to know if you plan on bring back the original pop up card kit!!!!!! I only have a few left, and would like to have more. Thank uou

  20. Sandra Young says:

    Anna, I’m just discovering all the things you have for making such beautiful projects. Will you ever have the Mini Minc Bundle again sometime ?
    Thank you,

  21. Lois says:

    I especially love the color combination of your first card, the bird! All pictures are a nice combination of some of your best, Anna. Love seeing your kits and how to use them on HSN as well. I don’t have a printer but I watched your video that wil be so helpful if I decide to indulge. Such pretty things to brighten up a rainy day!! Thanks Anna.

  22. April Powers says:

    I love my new Kodak Verite Craft 6 Printer. I have been having so much fun with it, designing my own greeting cards. Really your imagination is the only limit. Looking forward to trying your heat and foil machine as well. Next HSN show!!!

  23. Deborah Schamburg says:

    Love to win any of the above products! Love everything ANNA! Can’t wait for August 16th!

  24. Johnna Laughlin says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers and am looking forward to ordering another set of each!!!!! I use them all the time. Gotta love Anna goodies!!!

  25. Konni Andis says:

    Love these products! I did get the kodak verite printer, havent got to play with it yet! I have a full day of crafting ahead! But would Love to add more Anna Griffin products to my crafting! Just beautiful!

  26. Catherine A Smith says:

    Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy for all of Anna’s product’s!

  27. Teresa Ann Trump says:

    I had a Kodak printer before and loved it. Having one for doing craft work is exciting. Can’t wait.

  28. Angie Pennington says:

    Hello Miss Anna, I have to say your creative mind just gets better with each new product. Anything from you would be cherished.. Thank you.

  29. Angie Pennington says:

    Hello Miss Anna, I have to say your creative mind just gets better with each new product. Anything from you would be an honor. Thank you.

  30. Jamie Badders says:

    Thank you so much for your informative and fun videos, Anna. Unfortunately, KODAK support at the number given above has no clue as to how to troubleshoot this product. The app works perfectly on my iPad but I am unable to “MODIFY” wording with my iPhone 7+. The “modify message” button isn’t available on the phone but is there on the iPad. Any ideas????

  31. Janie Crawford says:

    Thanks for the printer videos. I am pulling my new printer out of the box to play with this weekend.

  32. Sandy B says:

    Just found out how to make a comment. I would have loved to have won the Kodak printer. I make cards for a nursing home for the patients and my printer , bought in 2006 is on its way out.
    I enjoy watching the craft day shows especially Anna.
    I love the ideas you come up with and display them which gives us our own ideas as to how to use your products. Thank you Anna Griffin!

  33. Cheryl Cain says:

    Another beautiful release! I love the window ledge, it can be used for so many occasions. I also love the favorite flowers, such beautiful blooms!!

  34. Carol Jones says:

    Congrats to the winner! You have such beautiful stuff Anna, I only wish I could afford it all. Oh well, maybe someday! Looking forward to August 16. Thank you for all the great work you do!

  35. Carol Jones says:

    Congrats to the winner! You have such beautiful stuff Anna, I only wish I could afford it all. Oh well, maybe someday! Looking forward to August 16.

  36. Denize Whitsell says:

    I can not say which is my favorite I love your flowers never is enough, love the cage a birds dye cuts and I can not forget the windows. Everything you come up with is beautiful. Never a winner but maybe I can only hope. Follow you for many, many years. dw

  37. Gloria Tapia says:

    Hello, I really like the Bird Cages and Branches. Folder and die sets, I think that’s very cute , I’m so attracted to birds. Thanks !

  38. SheliaP. says:

    Dear Anna, wishing you a safe & happy trip.
    So happy for our friends in the U.K.
    Never been to England but it was on my bucket list when I was young.
    My 3rd grade teacher had a friend that lived in England. She would show us little things her friend mailed her and share stories about her friend. On one wall of the room hung a photo of the Queen & on another wall was a photo of President Eisenhower. Too many times in my day dreams I was in England when I should have been learning about math. Three Cheers for the U.K.!

  39. Patrice Canniff says:

    Exciting. I see such variety which will help me individualize to a person’s personality. Look forward to August!

  40. Rosa Perez says:

    What a great selection to make more beautiful cards, I love those kits. I just love card making and you make so easy and beautiful , thank you !!

  41. Pat Wells says:

    Hi Anna, I’m in the process of setting up my Kodak printer….the printer is not the issue…the issue is your templates can only be used on a iphone or ipad…..why would I be able to download them to my PC? I only have an iphone and I do not do any designing with my iphone because it it too small. I have eye issues and because of that I design on a PC which is larger. Is there some way I can put the templates that came with the printer onto my computer?
    I would appreciate so help with this.

  42. Teddy Cohen says:

    Anna, you are such an inspiration! I just found the blog and will be setting up my new Anna printer with your great directions.
    When will we be able to buy the window card collection?

  43. Debbie Dunn says:

    Congratulations Diana Cooper !!
    Thank You Anna Griffin for being so very generous, you make so many people happy!!

  44. Carol Churns says:

    Loving the printer! Had a bit of a learning curve for me to get the card to feed from the back side of printer. Didn’t always catch the rollers properly. The result when achieved is really beautiful. Photos printed beautifully and still playing.

  45. Lennie Hartley says:

    Wow, Anna, more beautiful flowers to add to the collection. I am always amazed how your collections go together from year to year. Thank you.

  46. Susan m. says:

    I would like to know if the impression masks and dies for the cuttlebug will be brought back again. I have literally hundreds of Anna’s products but some how missed the presentation on these and would love to purchase them. Will they be offered again in the future?.

  47. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Woo hoo Diane! Crafting fun!
    Anna, I always look forward to your blogs! Always something new to see or learn. I will definitely be looking for to Favorite flowers, Window ledge & Gracie! Now, I still need favorite flowers 3. Lol! Thank you for all your inspiration always!

  48. Grama Pei says:

    Diana Cooper, congratulations on your HUGE win! YAYAY! Oh, I suspect you are thrilled! I am sure of it! fun! Can only imagine your face to see you won! So fun.

    Anna, that was such a nice gesture to make a how-to video on the printer install! Has to be reassuring to the non-techy folk to see how easy it is… !I hope to someday own that printer, too, so I am keeping the video also! Hugs for your vacay! (likely a working vacay, right?) Tireless and amazing you!

  49. Diane Downs says:

    Anna, plz stop! I keep buying everything! I have Griffinitis disease really bad! Haha …and I’m loving every moment of it! Thx for sharing your talent with us:) Have an awesome weekend!

  50. Katz Baugh says:

    Hi Anna! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the videos you have been doing on the Kodak Verete printer. I couldn’t leave you a comment on you tube so I wanted to make sure I let you know. I did not purchase the printer on HSN this is time around, but the more I see in your videos, the more I am considering it. Thank you for your constant diligence in coming up with ways of making our crafting lives easier and more colorful. I just bought 3 of your cartridges from Cricut that I had yet to purchase to complete my Anna library.

  51. Donna Engelson says:

    Love just about everything you put out there, Anna! Thank you! Need a bit more convincing on the Verite 6 printer…quite a few reviews of the Verite are not flattering.Would love to have a printer that reliably handles cardstock and other heavier than usual materials.

  52. Karen chester says:

    I wonder if this printer would print each individual layer, allow one to cut them out, use three D tape, and put the card back together again. Beautiful new copier as all your things are. Luv, karen

  53. Marilyn says:

    Would have loved this product but it has a glitch in the program. It will not download the PC program. It kept saying I needed a driver to load the program. So I had to send it back to hsn. They were as baffeld as I was.

  54. Beverly Limbach says:

    You stated that your cartridges will all be digital from now on. My Cricut Expression is still chugging along so i do not want to buy a newer version . This makes me so sad as I will no longer be able to buy new cartridges. I will just use the old ones and keep buying your other wonderful products. I have enough now to keep creating for years, but even then that is not enough. Thank you, Anna. Keep showing us new products.

  55. Diana Durst says:

    Congratulations Diana! Love Anna Griffin products! Thank you for all the wonderful flowers, cards, dies, Folders, papers and everything else you offer and for the opportunity to win these items!

  56. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Diana, Enjoy all those wonderful new toys.
    Anna, I love all the new designs and hopefully will be able to purchase the new printer.

  57. Janet Nelson says:

    So snazzy but I cannot justify buying it at this time. I have 2 new printers still in their boxes and 2 others that are set up. I know, I am obsessed and I have a problem.

  58. susan says:

    So happy the favorite flowers are back. I just can’t get enough of them. And the Favorite Sentiment Stickers are always just what I need. Anna and team you seem to always know what we need.

  59. Lula Tomlin says:

    Congrats to the winner, I know you are going to love all the item.
    Looking forward to Aug. 16, 2017 show.
    Anna keep up the good work.

  60. Sylvia Widdop says:

    Hi, Can you please advise if there is any chance you will be bringing the Kodak Verite Craft 6 printer to the UK in the very near future. I would desperately love to purchase one.

    So looking forward to seeing you on QVC, UK on Tuesday 24 July.

    Kind regards,

  61. Gena Greenlee says:

    Congratulations Diana!! You are going to love your new goodies! I am looking forward to seeing Anna on August 16th! I am really looking forward to getting my Kodak Verite’ hooked up to my Cricut machine that is over a year old and has never been turned on!! Can’t wait to use it all! ANNA, like Linda Christiansen I also would like an electronic Cuttlebug because of major back surgeries. It’s getting very painful to use the crank as much as I do. PLEASE, think about it!! See you soon!!

  62. Anita says:

    Have fun in the UK. Wish I was there seeing your products on their tv. I am having fun with my new July purchases.

  63. Deidra says:

    Congratulations Diana! Enjoy creating with the five items featured in week’s Product Preview.

  64. Carol Churns says:

    Love all the designs -only questions I have are which way do you feed card stock or material into the back? Especially to get inside message printing. Thanks

  65. Linda Christiansen says:

    Congratulations Diana…enjoy those beautiful treasures!
    ***please let us know if and when the parchment layers will be back?
    ***Is there a possibility of Anna Griffin electronic embossing/ diecutting machine coming?
    Thank you…anxiously awaiting each preview and August show!

  66. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Congrats to Diana, oh so much fun you’ll have.

    Anna, Thanks again for all u do for us Griffinites, Can u believe the sympathy stickers I have to sign for, never had to do that before. I hope to get to the P.O. soon to get them.

    Have a good weekend, I’m on a liquid diet for a procedure on Monday, prayers pls and thanks!

  67. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, thanks for so many beautiful items!! I enjoy using them so very much!
    A question, please…your new cake card-front sample photos show a gold cake embellishment…where can I get this? (I did email your customer svc) I really like this foil cake, it makes the card even more elegant.
    Thank you for taking time to reply.
    Best wishes and thanks again for helping us use everything. Amy Crane

  68. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Love it all, but I NEED the lettering guide. Looking forward to the next show. But having a wonderful time with all of my purchases from the last show. You are so inspirational.

  69. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Pat, it was on autoship but if you’re not on autoship you can get it on August 16th!

  70. Terri L Thompson says:

    Hi Anna. Love love love your products but, i don’t have the modify message on my apple or my android. Watching your video, your screen shows Kodak verite’ craft. Ours shows kodak verite’ scan and print. I bought this printer just for your templates. Please help.

  71. Joan Riedell says:

    What paper and flowers did you use for your “Congratulations” card? Is it from a kit. I purely love it!

  72. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, the new cartridges are digital and they do not work with the Cricut Expression. Cricut is going forward with digital only versions of the cartridge.

  73. Carla Haase says:

    Thanks for the info for the printer, Anna. I didn’t realize it needed to be connected to my WiFi. I assumed it was wireless so I have to figure out a way to have both my printers attached. However it looks easy enough and I am excited to get going with it. Love all the wonderful things I bought on 7/11 (a LOT!) only not enough time it seems. Thank you, Anna. You inspire me.

  74. Krystal S says:

    I love the Window Ledge card kit and the sentiment stickers! I still have my eye on the printer because it looks fabulous too! Thank you for always bringing new, yet timeless, goodies for us to make beautiful things with!

  75. Pam says:

    Congrats to Diane for winning this weeks wonderful products. Thanks Anna for another wonderful week of previews – looking forward to Monday !!

  76. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations to Diane, Enjoy your goodies. Anna I purchased the printer which I haven’t installed yet. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait till Aug for the new card kit. X♡

  77. Lara Grace-Class Snider says:

    Such a great idea. I currentyl have 2 Canon photo printers, a wide width (13×19) and Pixma MX922, but I LOVE Kodak, and the amazing quality you are getting on cardstock blows me away. Time to save my pennies!

  78. Maureen m says:

    Congratulations to you Diana Cooper on great items to win . Thanks Anna for your videos on products as well as your great tutorials on fabulous ways to use all your marvelous products I can’t seem to get enough of you. One question when your items are all gone how long does it take for them to come back I seem to be waiting forever!

  79. Brooke says:

    For those of us who cannot get this , be it ever so lovely, printer, is there a chance that we could have privledges in your craft room as well? That way, we too would have access to all of thes yummy designs ?

  80. Linda Edinger says:

    I was on the fence about the printer but you are bringing me over to the dark side with your amazing demos lol

  81. Annette Johnson says:

    Congrats to Diana enjoy your new products. Looking forward to a weekend of crafting as it is way too hot to be outside! Have a great weekend Anna and all you Griffinites.

  82. Carol Nemecek says:

    Love all the products but would most use the new Window Ledge Card Kit and the sentiments!

  83. Melinda says:

    Looks great!!! I hope you bring back the floral die again i was not able to buy it the last time you was on HSN.Love all your products but they sale very fast but am ready Aug 16

  84. Carolyn says:

    Hi Anna
    I am having so much fun using all the items from your last show. So many weddings and birthdays this time of year. I have been busy. Everyone loves the cards I make using your spot on products. Can’t wait for your next show. Pick me pick me pick me for these lovely new beauties. They are Soooooo lovely.

  85. cheryl grlj says:

    I always truly like your favorite tower sticker sets and the printer looks amazing. This will bless anyone !

  86. Laura Reynolds says:

    Love the printer! Such a wonderful idea for all the variety of things you can do. Needing a printer like I do, will surely get this one! Thanks, Anna!

  87. Jamie Leonard says:

    So in love with all of your flowers and vintage looks. CAn’t wait to try out the Window card kit.

  88. Linda Wade says:

    Received all but two of items in the last show, and they were on back order. Looking forward to every product preview and post, and especially to your next show.

  89. Agatha McCoy says:

    Anna you done it again that looks like an amazing machine
    I wish I had your creative mind but so happy to copy all your ideas and the tools and cards you sell
    Looking forward to another craft show
    Having a gargage sale to save for the show
    Thanks again

  90. Linda Burfield says:

    Got my Anna Griffin Kodak Verite Craft Printer..set up was easy on my iPad..tested it on folded card and used your app…Wohooo so proud of myself… Wi fi connected ready to experiment…Thank you..

  91. Leah says:

    Congratulations to this weeks winner!

    I had ordered the Kodak printer with auto ship but HSN lost my package! The auto ship option is sold out and they wont honor the price or the flex pay options. I’m so very sad and disappointed right now.

  92. Agatha McCoy says:

    Anna you done it again that looks like an amazing machine
    I wish I had your creative mind but so happy to copy all your ideas and the tools and cards you sell
    Looking forward to another craft show
    Having a garbage sale to save for the show
    Thanks again

  93. Kathleen Ames says:

    Hello Anna !!Having so much fun .All the new items and samples are great for my cards and scrapbook pages !! Is it August yet ?? looking forward to your next show ! Havea great day and thanks for sharing …

  94. tinker says:

    that window frame die is one i’d like to have. i enjoy looking at all your products & seeing you on hsn.

  95. Kymm Cummins says:

    Everything looks so beautiful and that printer is on my dream list. Can’t wait till August 16th!

  96. Marion Woodbury says:

    Have a question: Enjoying the new Kodak printer but I have one problem, you are showing an option to modify message when using your templates and I do not have that option. It was one of the main reasons I wanted this printer and don’t understand why it is not there. Can you please tell me what may be wrong?

  97. Gerry Musser says:

    Anna, thank you not only for introducing so many wonderful products, especial the wonderful Kodak Verite Printer (just love it), but especially for all of your helpful hints. You are truly a blessing in my life!

  98. Gena Greenlee says:

    Congratulations Diana Cooper on your big win!! You will love it!! Use in good health and happiness!! Have fun!! See you soon Anna!!

  99. Pat Wallace says:

    PS – was there a previous kit for the Window Ledges, if so I can’t seem to find it on HSN.

  100. Teresa Gatton says:

    So many lovely items, sharing your talents with others that is the gift. Hard to choose when on HSN.
    Thanks for all that you do Anna.

  101. Pat Wallace says:

    Absolutely Love the Window Ledge card making kit! Will there be a presale item number soon?

  102. Janet D says:

    Someday I’ll win something. I never do. I loved the Thanksgiving card & all embellishments. Everything this time was beauti. Looking forward to Aug. 16

  103. Ja says:

    Someday I’ll win something. I never do. I loved the Thanksgiving card & all embellishments. Everything this time was beauti. Looking forward to Aug. 16

  104. Michelle McNamara says:

    I just can’t get enough of those windows!! Those would be perfect for all seasons to embellish!! I need those in my life!!! I would love to eventually purchase the printer but I’m afraid that will need to wait for now. Thank you Anna for enhancing my life with beauty to share! God Bless You❣️

  105. Jodie says:

    So many lovely items…but it’s sharing your sentiments with others in your life that is the real gift here. Thanks, Anna.

  106. Helen Kinert says:

    I love the Kodak printer!! The App is very easy to use and the print out looks so real. I printed a floral arrangement I had in my pictures on to the sample magnetic sheets that were included and it was just beautiful and now is on my refrigerator. Can’t wait to do more with it!!

  107. Mary says:

    Congratulations to this week’s winner. Looking forward to nest week’s product selection and ideas.

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