HSN August 16th, 2017 Shopping List

Hi everyone,

As promised, we have your always handy shopping list for Craft Day! Wednesday can’t get here fast enough, and we are thrilled to be on HSN August 16th at 2am, 11am and 10pm! There is also a special Facebook Live with Anna on the HSN Facebook page at 7:15pm – so spread the word!

For us the highlight of our craft shows is always getting to interact with our fans, and we can’t wait to see you on Skype and take your phone calls. It’s going to be so much fun! We want to know… what are your Craft Day highlights?

New Items:

568619- Gracie Designer Paper Crafting Kit

546219- Window Ledge Card Making Kit

568620- Acetate Cards for All Occasions

568621- Vintage Garden Die Cuts

568614- 12 x 12 Double-Sided Card Stock

568628- Gift Card Cutting Dies

568622- Dresden Trims

568-627- Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments

Returning Favorites:

505070- 120 Everyday Sentiments

510436- Envelope Lettering Template

442899- Favorite Flowers I

489143- Favorite Flowers II

542059- Sentiment Stamps and Dies

528916- Decorative Edge Dies

529207- Platform Punch and Stamp

395651- Pretty Pop Ups Card Kit

442868- Gracious Giftables- Christmas

505053- Glorious Greetings Card Making Kit

430675- Joyful Phrases Sentiment Inserts

499577- Holiday Glitter Stickers

505092- Say It Anyway Christmas Stamps

505062- 12×12 Christmas Card Stock

505171- Christmas Botanical Dies

505071- Favorite Christmas Sentiments

563154- Kodak Verite Craft 6 Printer

522150- Trelliage Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies Set

522286– Trelliage Die Cuts

532402 Anna Griffin Chic Wrap Gift Warp storage and cutter

528924 Embossed Words Embossing Folders

553435 Bird Cage and Branches Folders and Dies

552843 Frame It Coloring Scenes

We will continue to update the product links to hsn.com as they post the products on their site.

Guess what? Next week we will be showing you lots more brand new Christmas craft items that will debut on HSN September 15th! Our hours are 10am and 7pm that day. The fun never ends!

See you on Wednesday — bright and early at 2am EST (1am CST, 12am MST and 11pm PST).





  1. Margaret Johnson says:

    I ordered the christmas cardstock . I love making cards with your beautiful cardstock. I have many of your dies, and embossing folders, christmas anyway stamps and everyday anyway stamps, also I have chalkboard sentiment stamps. Enjoy making cards with your inspiration.

  2. Mrs. A says:

    Loved the shows. Stocked up big time on holiday paper, but I loved seeing Gracie collection. Anna, all I could see was a future with Gracie wallpaper. Hint hint!

  3. Linda Christiansen says:

    Wow Anna! I enjoyed your shows today sooooo much!
    I ordered a couple things ahead and what I could today. Now will be anxiously waiting for them.
    I only wish you had more hours….can’t get enough of your demos and creative ideas. Thank you!

  4. Jeanette Matthews says:

    Hi Anna
    PLEASE have more 3D Xmas Sentiments for this year card making. It was SOLD OUT before I could order one.

  5. Mindy says:

    Dear Anna,
    I have a request to please make a metal Scottie Dog die for the Window Ledge Kit. I was going to purchase the kit but chose not to because you only get pre-cut scottie dogs and then they are gone.

  6. Pamela A says:

    Hi Anna – Craft day is up and running on HSN – it’s a great day! I was able to place my order early (no easy pays available)) but got most of my wish list. I always record your shows since I can’t watch during the day, I got to work to support my Anna habit. I enjoy watching you show how the product works and comes together. Like many I love seeing all the samples that you bring. We need more of you and samples.
    I just got my auto delivery for the window kit and was a little disappointed that the round window and awning dies are not included. Could you put these dies together as separate purchase. The round window and round awnings are my favorite and I would purchase those separately to have them.
    I love your previews and seeing you on HSN – your enthusiasm is magical you truly must love what you do and this show in the ity and beautiful things you design and bring to us. Thanks a ton!!

  7. Gisela says:

    Its getting closer to show time , here in southern California.. I have already ordered a bundle of crafting items.. Now if they would just jump into my den right now. LOL
    I can relax with my cup of tea at midnight and enjoy your craft presentation Anna.. less then a 2 hour wait 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful time while your at HSN and lots of sell outs.

  8. Linda Taylor says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing the Christmas parchment and die cuts demonstration. I already ordered 3 of the Dresden trims and they should come sometime tomorrow. They were the absolute must-have of this visit. I have the dvr set and ready to go.

  9. Sharon A. says:

    Hello, Anna, just wanted to send a note to you and ask if you would ever offer your ivory cardstock (as in the blank ivory cards and envelopes) as a separate item. I love the color; it isn’t too dark and not stark white. Please consider that in the future as I hate to use another blank card to die cut pieces so they match! Thank you for your time!

  10. Marita Foxall says:

    I am so looking forward to receiving the Christmas parchment layers! Thank you for bringing them to HSN. Perfect way to relax in the evening.

  11. Mary Beth says:

    The abundance of creativity just never ends! We are not “worthy”…but ever so GRATEFUL!!!!
    I agree the Acetate layers, die cuts, etc. would be the most interesting presentation!

  12. Bettie says:

    Wow! Th is is a great selection. Can’t decide on “just one”. All of your designs are amazing. Looking forward to show.
    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

  13. Sandy says:

    I can’t wait till Wednesday to see all of your items.. I just love all of your craft shows, because you are always motivating me to get in my Anna Griffin stash in my craft room and male something.

  14. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Craft day highlights? I get inspired, I am part of something really more than just purchasing. I see your creativity in action. But I also see your sense of humor! Who calls in – hearing what they have to say. Seeing the Skypes. And every item that you do present I see something that I may not have thought about. Are you kidding? This question – the answer is – It’s a Blast! Love you Anna! Aloha!

  15. Karen Kleinert says:

    Christmas is almost here! All these products will get our juices flowing for all those great cards that we send to our friends and family. This would help wonderfully in that direction.

  16. CONNIE JOHNSON says:

    I couldn’t wait. I ordered the Sentiment Stamps and dies (542-059) and they are SO MUCH FUN. I make them at home and on my lunch break at work. They are fast, easy, and so cute.

    PLEASE, make more. I like to make blessing boxes and these little tags are going to work so well on top (as well as my cards.)

    Thanks again! You things make me so happy.

  17. Terri says:

    I’m looking forward to your show on the 16th. I’m looking forward to getting the Cricut Maker. I make doll outfits for little girls that don’t get anything for Christmas.Having something to cut the outfits well make my work go faster and I can make more for more kids. love ya.

  18. Kimberly Terry says:

    Made my list! Can’t wait for Wednesday, I’m assuming they’ll still have their $5 ships everything promotion going on. Very excited, can’t wait!

  19. SheliaP says:

    Anna, love it when you’re on HSN.
    The highlights for me … watching you show us how to make beautiful things.
    Skype is a treat. Love seeing our crafting friends.
    Fun times!

  20. Myrna Hartley says:

    Love the lists so helpful . Can’t wait until the 15th.

    Love everything I am going to have to really think about it.

    Loving affection,

  21. Robert H says:

    The best part of craft day, after you and your beautiful samples, is getting to meet all of your new fans and seeing their projects on Facebook. They bring fresh and inspiring ideas and it’s great to see how your Griffinite community has grown.

  22. Evelyn Robinson says:

    I just love the card kits and the Chic wrap Gift wrap storage and cutter. Those items are on my buy list for the upcoming craft show. I was inspired to use the stickers in new ways. I have the gracious giftable digital cartridge but I enjoy using the card kits because you’ve done all the hard work. Thanks, so much for all of the inspiration.

  23. Nancy Bingel says:

    Anna, noticed you posted a reply that the Window Box Cardmaking Kit will be offered in September . I do hope you got the right information this time. When I asked about this in July you said they would be offering this in August. Guess all I can do is wait and hope that the Window Box Card Kit becomes available. Do you think it is harder for them to offer this one than it was to offer the Window Frame or Window Ledge Kits?

  24. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Anna, I am looking forward to the show but I need to watch my budget as I want all of it. Well, my budget usually will go out the window once I start watching. This is the only thing I spend money on and I will just call it occupational therapy. Your items are so lovely and I am so happy you offer them. I love your paper stock and is well worth the money. Now, I need to go make one of your beautiful cards to send payment to sponsor a girl’s education in Belize. She wants to become a doctor.

  25. RandellynB says:

    I love to watch craft days, but have to pick it up the recordings, so I really appreciate the HSN records and posts the shows to YouTube! I wish they would consider changing craft days to the weekends. I won’t be able to get anything this time around, but look forward to the new sneak peeks for the September 15th show…most favorite Christmas stuff! Yay!

  26. Mrs. A says:

    Hi, Anna, can’t wait to see you on air. I’m glad to see you demo and display the samples of these products. The Dresden Foil embellishments quicken my heart for the holidays. What a spectacular old world find you are bringing. Also a brief list this time means more extra sets I can stash. Fall never looked more lovely with these new items.

  27. leaf says:

    I always dvr your shows because im at work. But when i know i want something
    Specific i order it ahead of time because
    By the time i see the show it usually is sold out.

  28. Sandra Chiesa says:

    I’m always looking for new ideas/gadgets, One time I was watching you explain a punch, and I thought – I have that punch and I’ve never used it right. Wow. It was like I had a whole new tool to work with. Thank you for the tutorials.

  29. anna lynch ross lynch wife says:

    hinyou guys how are you? i miss you guys so much.
    so i am going to have a mri and we are not saying the night at the hospital and we might do the helicopter the same day and i am looking for a new song book and if yiu find one contact me my mom or katerine. and we found our names on coke bottees and we drank them. right now i am at school. but whaen i get home we can talk on facebook or on ipad or on my iphone so what do you guys want to talk about? and i got homework for you guys

  30. Audrey Olander says:

    Getting excited about Wednesday’s shows! Please post examples of Window Ledge Kit on Pinterest. Thanks and have a great show!

  31. Donna Lee Williams says:

    I always enjoy watching Anna on HSN – especially the shows with Shivan as the host. Two special ladies doing what they do best! The interaction with your customers and fans is always fun to watch.

  32. Gina Maria says:

    Looking forward to your craft day! Anna, I wonder if you would consider making dies for the awnings for the Window Ledge cards – both the rounded one and the rectangular one – or refills of those precut and printed striped awnings – I can tell I will be using them up fast! Would also love get refills of the flowers and embellishments for the original Window Box kit. Best wishes to you for another wonderful day on HSN!

  33. Grama Pei says:

    My Craft Day highlights? Seeing you, of course, and watching all your demos and letting you talk me into yet another goody! ha! I think, OK, THIS show, I must just watch and craft, for financial health, but then, I watch! haha! And shop… And thrill at all the beauty!

    You know, Anna, some folk say “oh, I don’t have anyone to send cards to so there would be no point for me to craft cards, but, I say, make many, put them in a pretty box, tie it with pretty ribbon, and when someone is going through your left-behinds, years from now, they will find these gorgeous cards, and KNOW you. Someone will say, Oh, I want these, please! Now, they can send beautiful vintage cards to their loved-ones~! And your signature will be on the back, and your legacy is now living on in beauty! Strangers who receive them will read your signature on such beauty and think, I wonder who she is/was… OR… Make a pretty box of cards, and DONATE them to a charity, if you don’t want to add them to your legacy. Everyone should enjoy the making and the giving of such beauty! Its healing, its mood and soul lifting! Have a great show, Anna!

  34. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Hi Anna, I really love your craft items. This is going to be very hard for me not to be able to buy this time. I have to do this for the next three or for months. This is going to be very hard not to buy your new stuff. But with us living off SS I can’t do it. I have to think of my husband. With more surgeries coming I just can’t do it. I well keep watching your blog and sharing on your Facebook page. I love reading about you new stuff.

  35. Sandra Madanski says:

    My husband knows not to talk to me when Anna Griffin is on. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you are bringing. I love your stuff it’s so beautiful and so easy to make pretty cards with.
    See you on the 16th. My chair is waiting.

  36. Joanne L says:

    Hi Anna I am one of many that requested you to bring back the pop-up card kit thank you.please could you have seperate item for the inserts only.also….

  37. Lauren Butler says:

    Such anticipation in North Carolina we have! DVR set! Product numbers written down! Nap scheduled for tomorrow as resiliency is needed in staying up late to watch Anna! Nap- yes, seriously! This is beautiful in the making after all! Have fun, have a great show and happy crafting wishes for all of us!

  38. Bonnie W. says:

    Love all your shows Anna. Got an idea for you…how about a gift bag kit of different sizes to decorate. I make gift bags a lot and enjoy it along with cards to match and albums. See you soon and best wishes, Bonnie W.

  39. Anna Griffin says:

    The Window Box Card (the first of the autoship that already premiered) will be back on HSN in September.

  40. Siggy says:

    Anna, I will be traveling while you are in hsn this week, but I can watch you on my phone. I will be tuning in and ordering all the must haves for the holidays. I’m looking for new die cuts. I love craft days!
    Especially when you are on with your products.

  41. Gaylene says:

    Cannot wait to receive your window ledge kit❣Just ordered it and other ” must haves”. Your cards brighten the days of so many of my friends in our card ministry…thank you.
    See you on Wednesday.

  42. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Know the show will be fabulous and looking forward to seeing you and all yoir beauties. Have a great week. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  43. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Team!

    You guys are busy bees! Your shows on HSN are the best! I am so happy when you’re on!

    Thanks for the list as it always comes in handy while the shopping frenzy begins!

    Safe travels!

  44. Donna Lindquist says:

    This will be the first show that I have to miss , I am heart broken . My favorite thing is to shop with Anna for her beautiful products !!!! Happy crafting to all and enjoy the show for me !!!! The most beautiful and amazing products out in our crafting world . We all love you Anna Our crafting Queen

  45. Patricia Coddington says:

    The highlight of the show is getting to see you demonstrate the product and showing us the beautiful samples you’ve made! I wish the hosts would let you speak more! Anna, I’d like to ask for something also…My bff and I just ordered the window frame card kit(the step card one)…we would love to see you come up with an addition to that. My bff got hers already and we face timed so I didn’t feel left out. I loved the sentiments where you can write your name. Could we pretty please have (like the sentiments or flower embellishments) a set of 50? That would be some awesome!! Thanks so much for all of your beautiful products. Your loyal fan XOXO,
    P.S. We cant wait to see you on Wednesday

  46. Kathy Lasavage says:

    I can’t wait to see the Vintage garden die HSN and trying new and exciting things in scrapbooking. I am going to try my hand soon at Card making as well. I want to have an old fashion Christmas and asked my family to all make something handmade instead of store bought. I am making them each a mini album. It is going to be awesome. I have the new printer and the Cuttlebug and the Cricut. I also have almost every Scrapbooking kit that you have designed. I am getting my 21 year old and 14 year old daughters involved. I love showing my scrapbooks to friends and family over the holidays. It keeps guests busy as well.

  47. Maureen M says:

    My cart is filled and ready to ship, if it’s by Anna and I don’t have it,,,,I buy it. Love all Anna products I noticed above a request for refills to the window ledge , shaker and frame should be in on that request too as your embellishments are by far the best. Have a safe trip to the show my alarm is set so I’ll see you Tuesday bright and early ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Deidra says:

    Anna and Team: Safe travels to HSN. I am looking forward to this Wednesday – yes, even at 1am Central Time!

  49. Nancy Bingel says:

    What happened to the Window Box Cardmaking Kit ??? The number I found for the Window Box Kit is “522-265” I do not see this on the shopping list. Thought this was going to be part of the August 16 show. If you do not offer it now do you plan to offer it anytime this year? I so wanted this kit.

  50. Gena Greenlee says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing you on the 16th Anna. I will be watching closely to see how I can get better and better at making beautiful cards to send to my loved ones. Thank you!!

  51. Beverly Limbach says:

    The clock is ticking down the minutes (hours) til the Wed. shows. My credit card will start smoking the minute I see these items for sale. I never have enough of Anna Griffin supplies.

  52. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    I’m really getting excited. I love the bird and its cage. Maybe I’ll win those beauties. Somebody has to. Could be me. I would make them as lovely as can be.

  53. Linda Burt says:

    Wish I could take off from work, but that’s ok I’ll just DVR it, can’t wait to see all the goodies.

  54. Karen says:

    Anna. I an so blessed to be one of your followers. You continue to bring inspiration to my daughter who would otherwise be on the computer playing games all day. She is very excited and can’t wait until Wednesday so she can see you. Thank you Anna.

  55. Rose weber says:

    Looking forward to seeing all things ANNA. I bought the Kodak printer last time. My app for Anna’s cards does not have the modify button. Does anyone else have this problem. If so how did you fix it.

  56. Suzy Andrews says:

    I’ve recently received my Window Ledge Kit, it is AMAZING ! I can’t wait dive into making my own with the fab dies. I’m hoping there will be a “refill” set for this kit in the future……..

    I also changed up the Black cat/dog for a few Birds, makes it really adorable

  57. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    So excited! I love the things I got from the last craft show. You are such an inspiration!

  58. Jodie says:

    As all Craft Days, your presentations are what inspire me…whether it be for items I already have and new ways to use them or for premier presentations. Best wishes to you on the 16th…I’ll be there for sure.

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