How to: Blooming card with our 3D Flower Dies

Hello, hello!

Thank you so much for joining us this past Wednesday for our Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting shows on HSN! We loved getting to interact with you through social media, phone calls and Skype! You make our appearances so much fun! Our next shows on HSN will be on Friday, September 15th from 10am-11:30am and 6:45pm-8pm EST.

Here’s a reminder about the Cricut Make Something You Love event in Atlanta, Sunday, September 10th. There are 2 sessions and I will be there to play with the new Cricut Maker in advance of its’ launch on HSN October 3rd.

For today’s how to, let’s make a card using our set of 3D Flower Dies!

3D Flower Dies

Finished Size: 5×7 card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Beribboned Frames Dies
  • Anna Griffin® 3D Flower Dies
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One 457-852
  • Anna Griffin® Favorite Sentiment Stickers
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Foam squares
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ivory card base
  • Ivory cardstock (2)
  • Pink patterned cardstock
  • Light pink cardstock
  • Light green cardstock
  • Green cardstock
  • Dark green cardstock
  • Pen or marker
  • Pink Ink
  • Cotton *****


  1. Cut and emboss the pink pattern and light pink solid card stock using the Beribboned Frame Die.

2. Fussy cut the light pink Beribboned Frame layer. You will only be using the top center and bottom center areas.

4. Cut and emboss the dark green cardstock using the small leaves die from the 3D Flower Dies.

5. Cut and emboss the green cardstock using the larger leaves die from the 3D Flower Dies.

6. Cut and emboss the flower layers three times from the ivory card stock.

7. Using a cotton ball, apply ink lightly to the middle of the flower layers. Use heavier ink coverage on the flower centers.

8. Using the barrel of a pen or marker, gently curl the flower petals and green leaves. Leave the dark green leaves uncurled.


  1. Using a tape runner, adhere the light green cardstock to the card base.

2. Using foam squares, adhere the Beribboned Frame die cut paper to the card base.

3. Adhere the pink cardstock fussy cut layer to the left and right sides of the card in the center.

4. Poke the dark green leaves through the Beribboned Frame layer so that it is partially over and partially under the layer. Adhere with foam squares.

5. Adhere the green leaves diagonally from the top left corner.

6. Assemble the flowers with foam adhesive between the layers. Rotate each layer to offset the petals. Adhere the ivory flower layers to the card using a tape runner.

7. Attach the sentiment and add your message inside.

Over the next 4 weeks, we will start our product previews for our September 15th shows! We have a lot of new products for you! Have a great weekend everyone.




  1. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Anna, the items for Craft Room Storage, make your own gift tags and the stickers are gorgeous. A trip to Atlanta would be just terrific. Hope to see you on the 15th.

  2. K. Morrison says:

    You have done it again!!! Great additions to the collection that make crafting GREAT items easy. I have been using your items since their introduction and love the quality and how well all the items work together.

  3. Debbi Boyle says:

    All of the items are fantastic, as usual, but my husband will love you for making the stacking organizer! Getting all of my small items off of my desk and table and into a gorgeous rolling caddy is a dream. And, having the ability to make it “grow” is even better. You always come up with the best ideas. Thank you.

  4. Angel Cyr says:

    Yes, I Have To Agree With The Last Lady To Place A Comment … ” I Love My Cuttlebug Machine, Also … But Only Use It For ” Embossing Folders ” — Which Is Absolutely Amazing ! … But I Think That’s Where The Line Needs To Be Drawn !!! I Also Own 3 Different Kinds Of ” Hand Cutting Machines, besides owning the cuttlebug — and 1 Electric Cutting Machine — And Would Definitely Buy Another, Should Cricut Come Out With A New Electric Cuttlebug Machine !!! … And I Think That Every Other Crafter Would REPURCHASE AS WELL !!!


    Running Embossing Folders Through The Cuttlebug Is As Easy As Butter, But Running Metal Dies Through The Cuttlebug Is Stomach Pulling & Back Breaking, Perhaps My Heavy Weight Card Stock Doesn’t Help !!! … Tried It Once For Die Cutting, In The Cuttlebug … And That Was It !!! Quickly, Went Back To My Other Machines.

    Perhaps, when ” CRICUT ” takes notice … that Crafters Need An Easier Fix … THEY WILL HELP !!!


  5. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love the demo…beautiful!!!
    I have to say I love my Cuttlebug and if it weren’t for my wrist damage, I’d use it forever! It is an excellent diecutting, embossing machine. It is also small enough to put on my workspace as I’m making cards and very portable. It should always be available!

    I just “need” an “electric” machine at this point, so a 9″ x 14″ capability would be nice! And all the dies & embossing folders I have now would work in a larger, electric machine so that’s a plus.

    Thank you for passing request on …. maybe after the great new Cricut Maker launch they will be ready for this.

  6. Angel Cyr says:

    Just wondering … when ” The New Electric / Lg. Size Cuttlebug Will Make Its Appearance, On H.S.N. ???

    Can Only Hope That You Comment … That It’s In The Making !!! So, Sad To See You Struggling With The Cranking, Of The Handle — Running Metal Dies Through — When Sara With Her Electric Cutter — Could Jump Through The Ceiling, As She Demonstrates Her Machine !!! Hoping That Cricut Makes A Better Model, Soon !!!


  7. Mary Hagler says:

    Anna…. how did I miss the beribboned die and the 3-D flower dies ????? PLEASE BRING THEM BACK !!!! Lovely card…. and can’t wait for the cricut maker… have not opened my Kodak printer yet no wifi at home but I’ll get there…

  8. Diane Downs says:

    Yes, Anna plz plz plz make available for purchase the folder and diecut sleeves that go with your beautiful boxes. Thank you!

  9. Marilyn E Moore says:

    I love your 3D flower set die cut. I made the mistake of waiting to order & yes they sold out. I am patiently waiting on your next HSN presentation for this product. I also plan on keeping a watch online @ HSN site if they preview early I will be ready. MY daughter Tammi & I are so excited and looking
    forward in attending our first ANNA GRIFFIN CREATE 2017

  10. Jan says:

    Anna, just wondering if you know of others having problems with Kodak verite craft 6 printer. I’ve had 2 of them and can’t get either one to print your lovely Anna Griffin designs. Spent several time on phone with Kodak support, and no one can help. Sending another one back unless someone has had the same issue and got the problem resolved.

  11. CONNIE JOHNSON says:

    I totally missed the 3D flower dies. PLEASE! Bring them back again.

    It’s so hard to find pretty flowers that are flat enough to go in the mail but still have some dimention.

    Love these and love that the foliage is scaled to go with them.

  12. Karen Critcher says:

    Such a lovely card. I am sorry to say I can’t make it as I have no equipment whatsoever. I will be meeting up with my girlfriends this fall and they are going to teach me things and tell me what equipment I will need. Christmas is coming and I will have a long long list for Santa.

  13. Maureen m says:

    A question Anna , I saw on a U.K. Show that you have a large book of your cards I have a smaller one, but would love to get this book it was a spiral binder book any chance of it showing up at hsn or buyable through your office, hope so thanks

  14. Linda Citro says:

    Beautiful!!! I need to search my inventory and see if I have all that is needed to make this. Maybe I can even make one before I need to send it out right away. Novel idea – for me. (a bit of sarcasm there) Can’t wait for the next HSN craft day with you!

  15. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    I love the tutorials! I don’t have these yet, but I will go back to this when I get them. And yes, your Elegant Crafting day was so much fun! Thank you!

  16. Sue Lutz says:

    GORGEOUS CARD. can’t wait to make it!

    We have 1/3 of our daylight basement finished. Last owner had a pool table in it. WE have my Craft Studio (my girlfriend convinced me it was too pretty to call a craft room! Awesome husband painted the walls a very, very light purple. Grey linoleum on floor. White trim and 6 overhead florescent lights. Also bought a Lowe’s Cabinet just for Anna Griffin storage! Whoohoo. Ladies, take part of that basement!

  17. Catherine Swift says:

    Like many others said I don’t know how I missed those flower dies too. Love them …hope they come back in stock. Please and thank you!

  18. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Lovely card, as always!! I have the Beribboned frame dies, however I missed getting the 3D flower dies when they aired the last time. I see they are SOLDOUT! Hope you will be bringing them back. So LOVE your dies. I have most of your dies and love using them. Quality is great and I get lots of compliments when I make cards or take my cuttlebug & dies to my monthly scrapbooking get together. I’ve been making cards lately with all the ones that I have.
    Looking forward to your Sept. airing on HSN and the Oct. 3rd (my birthday). I would love to attend one of your events in Atlanta. Thanks to you and your staff for all you do. I love watching you on HSN.

  19. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna I think I am going to have to get another cupboard for my craft room. My husband is afraid I am going to put him outside?lol!

  20. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    Things are starting out beautiful as always. I love the ending result of this card. Gorgeous! I’m already looking forward to September.

  21. Suzanne Merica says:

    Had so much fun watching the Craft day show on HSN – and seeing you. You and Suzanne are such a pair – you should plan on working together all the time. I really like the tutorials you show us on these posts. Thank You.

  22. Ginger Marx says:

    Anna, you are a crafting magician ! Thank you for always making me energized to go to the next project.

  23. Cecilia Fisher says:

    I love the flowers card is most beautiful. I will like to purchase that die set. I will wait for October HSN shows.

  24. Debra DeWald says:

    Anna, this may be a bit off topic but I was wondering if you have any product available in which to place a finished card. I am thinking of the clear acetate like wrap you see on the highly decorated cards in a popular card shop. Either a wrap or a bag. If you make a lot of cards, like for birthdays, or get well cards in quantity (before the actual need), it would be helpful to have something like that to keep the embellishments, ribbons and cards clean and protected. What do you think?

  25. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    I too missed the flower dies you used in the post above – I watched the show so don’t know how I missed them. Hope you have them on the Sept show. – they are beautiful.
    Can’t wait for my goodies to arrive and Adam and you were great together – fun – but so are the other gals that are on with you. I love flowers – I am a gardner and have a lot of flowers for real.

  26. Valerie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I’m making a few cards today and I can’t wait to use my new dies!

  27. Mary Helen Harris says:

    Love the tutorial!
    I will be at the afternoon session on Sept 10th. Hope to see you there! I can’t do Create weekend this year, as my new Grandson arrives on the 13th! Some things do rank above Anna! (Not many!!)
    I can’t wait to see the new acetate layers!!

  28. Randellyn Bossom says:

    thanks for all the great tutorials! Will this flower dies returning to HSN? I can’t wait to see the Maker on October 3rd! Is the September 15th show a craft show? So glad it’s on a Friday….need more weekend HSN shows!

  29. Sally McNeal says:

    Thank you for another beautiful tutorial. I am always inspired by them and learn some new tips. Love, love everything I ordered from HSN on the 16th. Can’t wait to get started making more cards.

  30. Beverly says:

    So enjoyed the August 16 shows, and I am waiting for my goodies to arrive! Will be starting Christmas cards soon. Thank you for your lovely products, ideas and inspiration.

  31. LIsaR says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Sadly sold out on HSN. Hoping comes back in stock. Need the cuttlebug and the dies as I want to get started. I usually do your kits.

  32. Karen B. says:

    This is one of my very favorite projects you are sharing with us. Thank you for the inspiration!

  33. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen the beribboned die set before. I was probably working when they were aired.

  34. Gina Maria says:

    Lovey! Thank you for these tutorials. Hope you will be bringing back the beribboned and ornate die sets, missed those the first time around.

  35. Linda Davis says:

    Hey, Anna!
    It is always great to see you on HSN! I was able to get some goodies, and enjoy watching you.

    I love the 3D Flower dies!!! I just used them last week for a card for my Daughter-in-law, and I intend to make this card you shared with us this evening for a friend.

    Thanks to all your goodies, I’m starting my Christmas cards after next week! – Maybe I’ll get them done early this year!


  36. Lauren Butler says:

    Hi Anna, wonderful HSN event! I ordered several ink pads (16) and went to add them to my color keeper only to find no name or identification numbers on the pads. Did I miss something? Truly yours, Lauren Butler

  37. Kathy Ames says:

    Hello Anna !!! great show as usual watching and learning !!loving the flowers . Thanks for sharing !!!

  38. Linda Schultz says:

    As always I enjoyed the HSN show on Aug 16th. However I missed my chance to place any orders. Where can I find the 3D flower dies? I don’t seem to find them on HSN.

  39. Pat McNab says:

    This card is so beautiful, and I loved the tutorial. I can’t wait until the 3D flower dies are available again. I have been so sorry that I missed them in July. But I’m really enjoying all the items I did get!

  40. Delilah H2ath says:

    Can u please give tell the size cardstock needed when making the gift card purse with cricut.

  41. Maureen m says:

    Love the 3-D look of the flowers have been playing with mine since they arrived. But again Anna thank you for sharing your ideas or just some ideas for using all of your fabulous dies, inks papers etc together alone it seem whatever as it all matches. Just a quick comment you and Adam on the show work , look and presented magnificently ( he actually lets you talk and Show your products) as you need no help in demonstrating what you do, thanks for a great show

  42. Mary says:

    The flower 3D dies are incredible. I was very inspired by the White on white cards you showed on a previous HSN show. I love making these-my absolute favorites so far❤️

  43. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m on my way to hospital with my supplies and well share Sunday how everything looks. Thanks for your beautiful things. I just wish I could buy more. But I just can’t afford it.

  44. Leslie Kiley says:

    Anna, These are such beautiful flowers! I can think of so many wonderful uses for them! Love to see a wreath made with them or some beautiful storage boxes! My mind is going crazy with ideas! Can not wait!

  45. Deidra says:

    I have been making tons of flowers with this die set. However, today’s insightful tutorial refined my techniques to create these flowers. I am getting hooked- on the elegant “look” of the white-on-white color pallete for these flowers..

  46. Felicia Artis says:

    I love the flowers, very nice. I will try to make them to. Love the tutorial. Very helpful. Thanks Anna

  47. Lin M says:

    Your next shows are on a Friday that I am off work – YAY!!! Cant wait!
    Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  48. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Thank You for the tutorial..the flowers look great. I’m already for the Sept show. In the meantime I’m waiting for my new goodies to arrive in the mail. Thanks Anna…xx♡♡♡♡

  49. Mavis Swart says:

    Love these flowers & leaves. They make a beautiful card or embellishment for a scrapbook page. You are amazing Anna!


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Loved your visit on the 16th. I also love the above card. How beautiful is that? Soooo happy your visits to HSN are going to be more frequent. Definitely something to look forward to. Hope your summer is going well. Stay well, happy and, of course, super creative. See you soon.

  51. TessNYC says:

    Hi Anna I bought both of the favorite flowers I can’t wait to receive them! Anyway I’m still hoping you will bring back the window boxed card kit I really want those please bring them back.

  52. Barbara F. Smith says:

    You used several subtle techniques that weren’t obvious at first glance. Then, when we realized the full impact of the card, we could see how those techniques enhanced the card so very much. Thank you.

  53. Laura Stout says:

    I absolutely love the idea that I won’t run out of flowers any longer…and I can use as many as I desire…Muhaha!

  54. Carol C says:

    Thank you for the instructions. I’m going to make this card this afternoon as a birthday card for my sister. She is going to love it.

  55. Rita Carr says:

    The card is beautiful. I have my gold metallic decorations. Gorgeous detail.
    Looking forward to Christmas items.

  56. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    Great tutorial for an uplifting card. I love Cuddlebug projects —I am always amazed at the crisp cuts. Plus it is so much fun to put pieces of flowers together. Also loved the Aug HSN show…congratulations !

  57. Teddy says:

    This is such a beautiful, feminine card! Thanks for the clear, easy to follow instructions. Thought I was all set after your HSN presentations, but looks like I will be breaking the piggy bank again.

  58. Julianne says:

    Beautiful card! I had a busy work day, so I wasn’t able to get any of the items I wanted. Looking forward to the next airing!

  59. Gina says:

    Was a happy day again, August 16! Thank you Anna!!!! Can’t wait until September 15, but I need a bigger room!!

  60. Laverne O. says:

    Thxs Anna & Team, I love this craft die set. I plan on using these tips to make some upcoming birthday cards.

  61. Linda says:

    Enjoyed the HSN show last night. Sold out of the items I wanted,
    On todays card, very nice, easy to make and are the supplies available for purchase?
    You and the team are very talented with inspiring ideas. Thank you for giving the time to share.

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