HSN September 15th, 2017 Product Preview 1 Winner + How to: Lattice Step Card

Hi there!

Happy Friday everyone! We will be back on HSN September 15th! We are exactly 3 weeks away our shows, so make sure your calendars are marked for Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting at 10am, 7pm and 10pm (on HSN2) EST. It looks like a lot of you are excited to get your craft supplies organized in the most beautiful way possible! Over 1340 of you commented to win our HSN exclusive Anna Griffin ivory and gold Deflecto Storage Caddies with the wheeled base, the Deflecto Interlocking Marker Organizers (set of 3), Terrific Tags, Dies and Stamps and our Nearest and Dearest Sticker Library! Anne with an “e” Congratulations, these are on their way to you!

Here are a few more peeks at our new items!

Our Deflecto Storage Caddies with the wheeled base have the ingenious ability to stack, lock together and store all your craft items in a gorgeous way. Each container holds up to 40 pounds of your crafting items from diecuts to ribbon and scissors to embellishments. The small, medium and large sized containers in each caddy will keep everything handy so you are ready to craft! Interlock your caddies and wheel around your craft room, or roll to all your crops and crafting events.

The incredible Decflecto Interlocking Marker Organizers come as a set of 3 and allow you to organize your markers, pens and paintbrushes vertically or horizontally! Make the most of your craft space with a system that grows as your crafting supplies grow! Each container interlocks with another to create vertical or horizontal storage, and can be added into your caddy organizer.

Our Terrific Tags, Stamps and Dies will allow you to create holiday tags for all of your gifts this season! This set includes 128 printed card stock tags in 4 different shapes, 12 concentric tag dies  and 20 clear stamps to create your own tag sentiments. We know creating your own tags will put a gorgeous personal touch on all your gifts!

Use the stickers in our Nearest and Dearest Sticker Library to personalize your projects. In this extensive set you’ll get 2 each of 50 different stickers for all the important people in your life. Use these title stickers on cards for your Mother, Grandfather, Sister and more!

Now, who’s ready to craft with us?

Let’s make a card using the new double-sided card stock set from our August 16th shows.

Lattice Frame Step Card

Finished Size: 5 ½” x 6” card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 510-398
  • Cricut Cuttlebug® 12”x5” Magnetic Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Cuttlebug® 12”x5” Embossing Mat
  • Cricut Cuttlebug® 12”x5” Plate A
  • Cricut Cuttlebug® 12”x5” Plate B (2)
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One with Multipurpose Craft Tips & Bag 457-852
  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug® Baroque Frame Dies Set 489-267
  • Anna Griffin® Window Frame Card Making Kit and Cutting Dies (die, butterfly embellishments, sentiment sticker) 546-217
  • Anna Griffin® Favorite Flowers III, flower embellishments
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set (scissors, craft knife, ruler, paper cutter) 442-864
  • Anna Griffin® Double-Sided 48-pack Card Stock – 12″ x 12″ 568-614 – yellow card stock
  • Xyron Creative Station
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Foam squares


  1. Cut the card base with the double-sided card stock using the card die from the Window Frame Card Making Kit.

2. Cut and emboss the yellow card stock using the Baroque Frame Die.

3. To shorten the frame, fussy cut the sides of the Baroque Frame Die card stock layer. You want it to be about 6” tall in total so that it will fit on the card correctly. Make sure there is no overlap when reattaching.

4. Cut a piece of double sided card stock to 5×7 and attach behind the frame die cut. We used the Xyron Creative Station here instead of a tape runner to evenly apply edge to edge adhesive. Use the left over sticky plastic liner from the Xyron sheet as an adhesive pick up to remove the small left over adhesive from the die cut.

5. Fussy cut around the double-sided card stock layer so that it makes a backing for the yellow card stock frame layer.

6. With a craft knife, cut out the white diamond shaped portions from the center of the card stock.



  1. Fold the double-sided die cut cardstock along scored lines to make the card base.

2. Adhere Baroque frame layer to the center of the card base.

3. Attach the flower embellishments on top of the lattice/frame layer.

4. Attach the butterflies.

5. Attach the 3d sentiment to the front of the card.

So gorgeous! On Monday we’re thrilled to bring you something many of you have asked for. Any ideas as to what it could be? Hint: coloring is involved!

Bye for now,



  1. LALA Martinez says:

    Love organization items. Since my stroke in January, I’m having a hard time remembering where things are. I want to win something someday. Maybe this will be my lucky day. Thank you keep on creating. God bless you and your team and your father for having faith in you back in the day. I’m so proud of you too. Till next time.

  2. Sheila P. says:

    Hi, Anna!
    I absolutely love those Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils! Oh my goodness, the possibilities! Thank you for your products- they make crafty dreams come true!

  3. Cindy Freeman says:

    I am new to card making. I have purchased Anna Griffin’s new Kodak craft printer, Cricut, Cuttlebug and a lot of tools and accessories. The storage/organizer craft caddy would be an awesome way to organize everything. Thank you for amazing products and ideas.

  4. Jayne Evans says:

    Just a beautiful card! Looking forward to your September 15 shows!
    You just keep coming up with more irresistible kits and supplies that I just can’t resist!

  5. Julita Sochacka says:

    All this looks fantastic! I think I would pick the colouring pencils as my favourite but it’s not an easy choice! The cards are stunning and really encourage to using the pencils! Thank you for the chance to win this fab set!

  6. Ronnie Klatt says:

    Looking forward to the 15th – love your shows – I TIVO all of them and rewatch to buy more later on. On the 15th it will be hard to decide which things to buy. Everything is wonderful. I have the initial parchment set, but this Christmas one is very enticing. However, I also love the Chameleon pencils – they look wonderful.

  7. Lisa Voris says:

    I would love to try the coloring Christmas cards. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. So looking forward to the September craft day, I have the day off work!

  8. Patty Pearson says:

    I love the parchment layers! I wasn’t really sure what to do with them so thanks for the video. I am going right to watch it. I have decided that all of my cards this year are going to be Anna cards. So you are giving me a lot of ideas and products to work with. Thanks so much. Everything is beautiful!!!

  9. Yvonne Barbosa says:

    OMGoodness!! Such beautifulness!! Be still my heart! I can’t wait to order, to receive and then to play!

  10. Stacey Bell says:

    *** I Lv the organizational caddy. I can’t wait to see what else you have for Sept. 15th. Looking forward to it.

  11. Margaret Clancy says:

    What a beautiful card Anna.
    It is stunning.
    Thank you for showing us how to do the card.
    You really are Queen of crafting Anna.

  12. Sandra Griswold says:

    Congratulations Anne on your win of all that marvelous merchandise. Enjoy. Thanks Anna for showing us how to make all those beautiful cards. Love love them all. See you in Sept..

  13. Connie Cox says:

    I love the stackable caddies I would love to put my die cuts and flowers in them and so much more. My craft room looks like a store and I love it.

  14. Catherine A Smith says:

    Loving the lattice!!!! Think the new storage is wonderful, just need to see where I have floor space…lol!

  15. Grama Pei says:

    YAYAY for Anne! Bet you feel like celebrating this. Are you still just SO thrilled? I am sure we all would be! ha! Anna, thank you so much for feeding us our daily dose of beauty; I am especially grateful, as I cant always find time to put my own daily dose together! However, because of your diligent work and exemplary creations, I am well-equipped to do so. Trying to get one done today!

  16. Lynn Smith says:

    congrats to Anne, winner of great stuff! And thanks Anna for the great tutorials. we just love them. its hard when you ate on HSN since its so hurried. you will be having lots of company in couple of months, wish i could be there but hoping next year. see you in sept on HSN

  17. Cecilia Fisher says:

    I love the organize caddie and the lattice card. I can hardly wait for the HSN September show.

  18. Barbara F. Smith says:

    The yellow lattice card is exquisite! Thank you for sharing your talent and your expertise with us.

  19. Cheryl Cramer says:

    Everything that you make is beautiful!
    Excited to see all the new products.

    Congrats to Anne with and e

  20. Jacqui K says:

    Congrats, Anne! Have fun with your new items and a big “Thank You” to Anna for bringing us such beautiful crafting items.

  21. Elaine says:

    Congratulations “Anne”. I know you will enjoy all of your beautiful gifts. Have fun crafting with them!

  22. Dianna Lantz says:

    Great Anne! Lucky Duck,
    Anna Love what you did with this card..I have this Die..I absolutely love all your Dies. Maybe I will have all of them before I die…haha get it Die…Happy Crafting.

  23. Carole says:

    Living in a condo with not much room to spread out…the stackable caddies look like just the ticket!

  24. Robin in Washington says:

    Anna –
    Thanks for sharing all your tutorials.
    “Muchly” appreciated my friend! ❤️

  25. Juliann Turner says:

    I really loved this card- it is a wonderous new way to use those dies and beautiful cardstock (which I just received). Fabulous!

  26. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The lattice pattern paper is a favorite. This project brings a new ways to use it. I loved the raised effect! I need to get the frame dies as they really make a great impression too.

  27. Myrna Hartley says:

    Love the lattice card and how you cut the die to fit any size card, also the top of die is pretty by itself. Thanks for all your products and ideas.


  28. Marilyn E Moore says:

    What can I say but “WOW”. So impressive with today’s tutorial on the lattice weave card making.
    I was in awe as I read your detailed instructions & Viewed each picture.

  29. Pat Leon says:

    Love how the lattice look compliments the flower designs. Just that added touch that takes it to another level. Congrats to Anne – you lucky girl.

  30. Dorothy Tarr says:

    Love your products. I have been making cards for my family using your wonderful dies, paper, collage toppers, card sets. I love them all.
    Will be watching in September.

  31. Martha Russell says:

    I love the lattice card. I’ve been back to HSN several times, since your Aug. 16th show and ordered more of your beautiful cards products. I’ve fallen in love with your dies.

  32. Carole Moats says:

    I purchased the holiday tag set last year and, along with the sentiments die and stamp set, am ready for almost any occasion. These two sets are invaluable.

  33. Joyce Birch says:

    Everything is gorgeous. Would buy it all if I had more than just a social security income. Too bad I didn’t win that big lottery but, since I didn’t buy a ticket, that wasn’t going to happen, either. 🙂 Thanks for all your beautiful things.

  34. Cathy Morin says:

    I love the card, I like how you give detailed instructions on how to create the the card. The flowers are very pretty and different from your other ones. Keep giving us your wonderful products and how to guides on creating.

  35. Konni Andis says:

    How do you do it? I am amazed every time I read your blog! Your products are smart, innovative and most importantly beautiful. You keep me inspired to learn, craft and enjoy! Thanks so much!

  36. Judy F. says:

    Your lattice step card is just beautiful. Love that you share videos and postings about your out of the box design ideas that expands my creative horizon. I really appreciate it!

  37. Patty Clawson says:

    I have never saw you use that kind of flowers? Are they available to purchase from you?? I love them!! Thank you and congrats!!

  38. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Wow I am very grateful that you share step by step how to put your cards together. I had eye surgery yesterday and my vision isn’t real clear yet. My doctor told me I can only drive just down town to get food and mail. I can’t drive out of tow for a month or more. So I we’ll be staying home and scrap booking. There cart I am going to want to buy either off HSN or from somewhere else. I have watched the videos and I know I’m going to need that. That way I throw out my small boxes and little craft bags.

  39. SheliaP. says:

    Anna, thanks for more great ideas! I have a lot of your beautiful things and Need all the help I can get.
    I’ve become more of a collector than a doer. : ) I’ve got to get with it!
    Love the Blog! Thanks for the help!

    Congrats to Anne!

  40. Gina Maria says:

    Love the card! Thank you again for these tutorials. Really learning to think outside the box (or the die).

  41. Kathy Ames says:

    Hello Anna !! The cards are beautiful as always !!Looking forward to the next show !! THANKS for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us !!See u sooon …

  42. Jennifer S. says:

    I’m saving this tutorial as the card with trellis is beautiful. Just getting ready to make new cards today. Thank you so much Anna!

  43. Sarah says:

    So stunning! I love the baroque frame and so smart to trim it to the size needed! The favorite flowers embellishments are so beautiful and just oerfect for the card! You make your fellow crafters so happy!

  44. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, I love the tutorial! This blog is always happy! Looking forward to Sept 15th! And congrats to Anne with an “e”! Organize away! Happy Friday!

  45. Patti Stucky says:

    That is the most beautiful card!! Wow, what a good idea. I learned so much from your example! I’m going to try that with some things I have, and I need to buy more……going to HSN now!!!

  46. Nancy Brant says:

    Lattice frame Set will be great to have.
    Can’t wait to make cards with the Set !
    I love the tote to organize lots of items ! From the craft room to a kitchen or office

  47. Ginny Hughes says:

    Love the trellis die and the beautiful stickers. There is nothing of Anna’s that I don’t like. I’m looking forward to Sept. 15!!!!!

  48. Deidra says:

    Congratulations “Anne with an e”! Enjoy crafting and organizing. Nest week’s product preview involves coloring? Well, Anna, you’ve certainly got my attention! Have a great weekend!

  49. Maureen says:

    Congratulations to you Anne with an e, I wonder if you are from the south as I see you posted a thank you. Anna I love the lattice card but the tip on cutting is even better. Looking forward to your next show

  50. Terance in Texas says:

    Congrats Anne with an “e”, you will be so excited for the mail man to come next week, i was you have a treat in-store for you. Enjoy your awesome items i will be purchasing that deflecto items i have been looking at them for awhile from some of the youtuber’s i follow

  51. SuzzieQ says:

    Lovely idea for a lattice step frame card. I will have to get much better at using that craft knife before trying this technique!

  52. Gena Greenlee says:

    Congrats Anne with an “e”!! Use your winnings in good health!! Enjoy!! Gena with an “e”!! LOL!!

  53. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations to Anne on her winnings!! Thanks for the great tutorial, the card is beautiful.

  54. Frances McAdams says:

    Congratulations to Anne! Hi am sooo Happy for you ! Please keep in touch and show how you are organized.

  55. Nilsa says:

    I’m in love with the tag , stamp and dies ; always like your tips how to work things around, set my calendar for September

  56. jessica says:

    As always you have created an awesome new set that will allow me to let my imagination fly and fly super high. Love it thank you Anna love always.

  57. Deb Ring says:

    what a wonderful prize for Anne with an E. move lovely things coming and a great tutorial
    thanks again Anna we love you

  58. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    I can’t believe it – I feel faint! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Regards, Anne

  59. Linda Fernandez says:

    How beautiful! The lattice step frame cards are just perfect! A new ymusevfor some stock supplies.

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