HSN September 15th, 2017 Product Preview 2

Hi everyone,

Today we are halfway through the Product Previews for our shows on HSN Friday, September 15th! Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting will be on at 10am, 7pm and 10pm (on HSN2) EST. The 10pm show is a brand new live show on HSN2, so stay tuned to the blog for more details. Let’s take a look at 2 brand new items and our 3 returning favorites!

September 15th is all about Christmas crafting, and we think you’re going to love our Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments. So many of you asked for gorgeous, winter-themed layers that we couldn’t help but create them for you! You will get 72 layers, 6 each of 12 designs. The printed in white patterns include holly berries, fir branches, snowflakes, bow-topped presents, wreaths, bells and more! Each gorgeous parchment sheet will create delicate scenes that resemble frosted, winter window panes. What’s even better? This set also includes 102 embellishments to add to everything from your cards and scrapbook pages to your Christmas bags, tags and gifts. This set includes 3 each of 17 designs of both vellum embellishments and printed, gold-foil accented card stock shapes. The embellishments coordinate with the vellum sheets and include bows, bells, ornaments, trees and more festive designs.  Trace patterns to “bruise” the vellum paper and layer both together to create lace-like designs pop on your projects!

Our popular set of Everyday Parchment Layers is also coming back to HSN on September 15th! To create a stunning card layer, just trace, cut and puncture the pre-printed, die cut vellum patterns. You will get 12 unique lace inspired designs that allow you to create 72 frothy layers. Place your finished parchment paper craft on top of a solid colored card stock for great contrast and an opaque effect!

Our Parchment Craft Tool Set is what you use to create the different designs on parchment crafts. This set contains a perforation mat, a pair of curved fine point scissors, 3 embossing tools (small, medium and large) and 3 perforating tools (1 single needle, 1 double needle and 1 triple needle). Because all of our layers are pre-printed and die-cut, you don’t need traditional stencils, use only these tools to create intricate, artful layers.

If you love our gorgeous palette of Chameleon Markers, you are going to adore our new Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils. These artist quality pencils include 25 perfectly shaded pairs to create 50 amazing colors. Blend from dark to light or light to dark, all you have to do is flip your pencil over! These highly pigmented, intensely colored pencils are perfect for use on all of our coloring pages, and will bring patterns and designs to life with rich color. Just like the Chameleon Markers, the packaging contains a handy built in workstation to keep everything organized.

Over the next few months you can create holiday cheer with our Christmas Coloring Cards. This set includes 24 holiday themed cards, 24 easy to color sentiments and 24 die cuts. Scenes include candy canes, Christmas trees, poinsettias and more. Add sentiments with cheerful phrases like ‘Tis the Season and Joy to You! Make your cards pop by adding festive die cuts such as ornaments, snowflakes, presents and many others. This trio is begging to be used with our next item in the preview!


Oh my goodness, we love Mondays! Brand new products are the best way to kick off the week! Comment on this post, and let us know your favorite item this week. We will draw a winner at random on Friday for all 5 items. Good luck!




  1. Dalyce Mangum says:

    This looks like another exciting craftday ahread!!!
    These Parchment designs are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, them.
    Please keep them coming. I always wanted to do this and again you bring it to us and make it simple and beautiful!!!!
    Thank again for all you do !!!

  2. Susan Bouchard says:

    Wonderful products Anna, but my heart goes to the Go Press and Foil machine. I love the new Christmas dies!

  3. Pat Ceccacci says:

    so anxious to see the new pencils as I am not a marker person will be glad when show is on looking forward to seeing how they work

  4. Pat Ceccacci says:

    really hoping to catch pencils and see what you can do with them, I always liked pencil I am not good with markers

  5. Nina Ferrara says:

    I can’t believe how beautiful these are. I love almost all your products, but this one just speaks to me. I do a lot of highlighting raised layers with Gelatos and never even gave it any thought about using pencils. I haven’t been able to catch the shows on HSN recently because I now work and it isn’t as convenient to catch, so I am so glad to see these postings. Parchment and all that is necessary to use it to make these is going to be my next buy.

  6. Maria P says:

    Those coloring cards banish any fear of a blank canvas and make anyone an instant artist. The finished pieces are gorgeous! Thanks for producing these; you and your staff are so talented!!

  7. Karen Herbinko says:

    Love the parchment layers! I share supplies/ideas with a Senior citizens center card making club and would love to show the other ladies the parchment coloring technique (perrigamo?). You are so very inspiring! Thanks for all you do.

  8. Barbara Plummer says:

    My very favorite is the parchment set. I am so jazzed by this art form. I am so moved by the elegance and the dimensional look when you work on the parchment. I saw your tools but no parchment kits. I’m so excited to see that you will have some September. Anna I just love all your products and how they work together to make such beautiful cards. I have to admit I was not a paper crafters until I saw all your artwork translated into beautiful cards. Thank you for bringing us such inspiration.

  9. Connie P says:

    I love trying any of your products. The parchment sets look so beautiful! They are on my wish list. Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us.

  10. Judy Nurkkala says:

    I bought your coloring books and pages. Now I would feel complete if I also had the pencils! Oh – and the parchment too!

  11. Becky Hazen says:

    As usual, I love them all, but have to say I’m a bit partial to he parchment products. They’re just beautiful.

  12. Barbara Hanlon says:

    As usual, love all of your goodies! Would love to play with the parchment paper! Looks beautiful !!

  13. Sherri says:

    Anna, love everything as always, especially excited about the new colored pencils! I got the Christmas coloring cards back in January during your flash sale and saved them for my granddaughter who just turned 10 last week and she does a good job coloring in the adult type coloring books. We are planning to color some cards together and with my daughter too and I had been thinking wish Anna had some colored pencils in her color palette! 🙂 I’m pretty sure I will not be able to get any goodies this time, my husband has drawn the line I’m afraid, I fortunately did pick up a few things last time and I just received this week two autoships soooo winning anything would be awesome! I missed out last week because too many things going on and we were blessed last week with the birth of our second granddaughter who will share the same birthday with our 10 year old.:) I do have the all occasion parchment vellum papers and tools but I haven’t gotten around to using them, something else I’d like to share with my granddaughter….also love the Xmas ones. Looking forward to the next sneak peek!

  14. Judith Strausbaugh says:

    Oh, I want a set of those pencils. I have seen them advertised and couldn’t find them. But, you have come to the rescue. Thank you.

  15. Johnna Laughlin says:

    For some reason I decided to read the comments and I am so glad I did. I noticed Anna put a comment on saying there would be “angels” later on. I LOVE anything “Angels”. My husband used to buy me angels all the time. He became an Angel on June 5th of this year. I miss him so very much. Our 36 wedding anniversary was just this past Tuesday August 29th. So seeing Anna having some form of angels makes me excited. I know my wonderful hubby is watching out for me from Heaven as an Angel. Thanks Anna for all of your beautiful goodies. My hubby always loved seeing what I could make. He was my biggest fan!

  16. Christin Lathrop says:

    The Parchment paper looks smazing. Your items are so beautiful. I cna’t wait for Sept 15th.

  17. Bonnie Smith says:

    The parchments layers are beautiful as well as the original set of parchment pieces to pierce embellish and color.

  18. Robin fitch says:

    I love the look of coloring behind the design. I have only done two cards as it intimidates me. Your cards are always so beautiful.

  19. Debbie Grott says:

    Those parchment cards are absolutely gorgeous and would be an elegant card for any occasion I would love to have those for spicing up cards as well as adding them in to Scrapbook layouts thank you for sharing your beautiful products!

  20. Ne-Col Simon says:

    The color pencils are fantastic. Im always looking for a way to conserve space and they would make that easy. Their own case and two colors per pencil. Whats not to love. And they make blending easier than ever.

  21. Kimberly says:

    I’ve never used parchment before for any cards I’ve made. I usually buy your kids Anna and put them together that way. I just am starting to venture out into making some of my own designs and cards. The parchment is beautiful especially with the marker behind it.

  22. Carol Green says:

    Holiday parchment typifies AG for me: traditional look with contemporary style that blends nicely with the other products in the line. Keep the new merchandise coming!

  23. Melodee Ruley says:

    These parchment Christmas cards are stunning , all of it is beautiful . Well guess I’ll be spending some more money on HSN September 16! ❤️

  24. Gayle Kraemer says:

    There is nothing more relaxing than embossing on vellum. Seriously. So easy. Just like coloring. I need this to donwith family too! All about my grandkids. We love crafting. I think we are going to be embossing on vellum and coloring Christmas cards! Thanks for this!

  25. Norma Bartlett says:

    Wow !! What more can I say. The Chameleon pencils really intrigue me. As usual everything is wonderful. I sure would love to win. Thanks.

  26. Diane L says:

    So wonderful!! Each craft day there is always something else on my “gotta have” list! Just lovely!

  27. Alaine Marshall says:

    Everything works so well together. How can you possibly choose which package is the best. Parchment vellum is so elegant and you have created something that has all the elements to create a beautiful card. Even I as a beginner could make it look professional.

  28. Nancy Itson says:

    I love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils. They are so pretty and I love the two colors on each pencil. Great for adding some color to my stamps. Thanks so much for the give away.

  29. Vicki Fellenger says:

    I love the vellum. I love the cards. I love the pencils. What isn’t there to love about anything ANNA!!!

  30. Christy Woody says:

    I love the parchment layers and the chameleon pencils!! It would be so awesome to win anything from you!! Looking forward to your shows!!

  31. Becky H. says:

    Beautiful, I don’t have any of the vellum parchment yet looks lovely. The pencils in your color palette wonderful. Will be watching on the 15th. Thank You for a chance to win these great products.

  32. Ruthie Cunliffe says:

    As a arch net crafter I’m thrilled to see the marriage of Anna’s creations with the beautiful parchment crafting. You’re opening up the world of Papercrafting. Thank you.

  33. Mary M. says:

    Love the pencils and the Christmas coloring cards. The layering is so great and adds so much to the cards.

  34. Kasey says:

    I love the parchment! All the details in these cards are stunning. Love the colouring cards, as this is such a unique personalization for cards. ❤️

  35. Mary Jane Romero says:

    I love parchment toppers. They are so old world elegant. Thanks for all of your products. It makes a humdrum, plain ol’ card into a sight to behold.

  36. Heidi says:

    Sept. 15th is going to be another big day for purchases. The pencils look like fun. The cards will be a treat as well.
    Have a Beautiful Day

  37. Carol Henderson says:

    I love the vellum pieces. I already have the pencils and the Christmas cards. Just need to get busy and start coloring. If you read these comments — will you be showing us how to print envelops from how Kodak printer? How and where do we store our addresses?

  38. Rebecca says:

    Love the vellum and tools. I love love the pencils and cards to color your own cards. You never disappoint your followers. I would love to win this package

  39. Judy freed says:

    I love all the products but my favorite is the chameleon pencils and the holiday parchment layers.

  40. Arveal Johnson says:

    Vellum parchment crafting was something that I recently was introduced to. Yours made it so easy to relax, craft and color. Thanks for your products

  41. Susan Justice says:

    Just what I was wishing for this Christmas! I’ve been making cards with your products for years and this year I wanted something differen. You have created just what I wanted to make my cards different and unique this year! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get these! God Bless

  42. Cathy Veverka says:

    Love the look of the parchment layers over card bases! They look amazing when colored with pencils!!

  43. Cathy Clayton says:

    Missed out on the parchment papers before and have been looking for some good coloring pencils. Looking forward to these for working on Christmas cards!!

  44. Renee McDaniel says:

    Beautiful creations as always! Would love to create cards for family & friends with these! Looking forward to seeing all of your items on HSN in September! Thank you Anna for sharing your incredible talent with us crafters!

  45. Jacqueline Ruybal says:

    I am amazed how beautiful parchment layers are, I would so much love to own these items. Thank you for the amazing chance!

  46. Desiree Hendricks says:

    I love the way that coloring the overlay makes it stand out! Thank you for this opportunity to win your awesome creations.

  47. Gail Fleming says:

    I love the parchment papers and pencils! Actually I LOVE everything you do! 🙂 Thanks Anna!

  48. Betty Schmucker says:

    I need them all. Parchment is my favorite. I got the 1st set when it came out. Love the lacey look! Great job again Anna and team!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. Jan Forgue says:

    The colored pencil set in your palette Anna is so beautiful. I can see myself making beautiful things with those.

  50. Debra Neisen says:

    Everything is wonderful, but I really love the parchment products. It looks so very elegant.

  51. Maria says:

    these are absolutely gorgeous cards- love the parchment and new pencils from chameleon – great product offering

  52. Hobo says:

    This spring I purchased your pop up box card kit with the dies. Believe it or not, I have not made a single card with the kit. However, I have and am using the dies and having so much fun creating cards with them. So far my grand daughter made her mom a mother’s day card, I made a birthday card, and now am using them to make Christmas cards. So beautiful and a real WOW factor! I have used so many of your other dies to make embellishments along with other elements in my collection. So very cool!

  53. Mindy says:

    Thank you for bringing back the parchment layers set to HSN. Hope to order this time around for card making.

  54. Shelly Green says:

    I love the parchment designs and tools. That is something I must get. It looks so old fashion I love the look. I like coloring also that’s cleaver coloring for Christmas nice touch for gifts! Thanks again.

  55. Patricia M Gonsalves says:

    I love the parchment cards, parchment embellishments, the Christmas cards, pencils, you name it. It is hard to pick and choose which items I want to buy on every show.
    Every product you bring to HSN is superb. No one has products that come close to yours. You are one of a kind.
    Can’t wait for September 15th.

  56. Trudy Faris says:

    Oh Anna, you and your team keep me broke. I want everything in this preview. Love the delicate look of the vellum, the double color pencils! What a great idea. Love to color, have some cards already to color, but can always use more. See everyone the 15th.

  57. Dianna says:

    I have been looking and looking for those Chamaeleon cancel so excited that they’re going to be on your show. Of course I would love to win them also thanks for the chance, so excited to get them

  58. Renee Zimmerman says:

    Love the Colored Pencils with the Christmas Coloring Cards. Just perfect for the Holidays. Thanks Anna for always creating something that is beautiful!!!!!

  59. Donna Mihal says:

    I love it all but I really love the pencils because there is no guessing on making it light to dark you take the guess work out Thanks Anna

  60. Julie Smith says:

    Love the colored pencils!! I never would have thought about coloring Christmas cards. Wonderful idea! I’d love to win all of your beautiful items. Thanks, Anna!

  61. Linda Fernandez says:

    I have to agree with most people. I love the pencil set and I love the idea of covering some of my Christmas cards. Would love to have everything that was shown

  62. Desiree Hendricks says:

    I would love the Christmas embellishments set! Actually I would love to receive anything that you have created!

  63. Patricia says:

    Can’t wait to start coloring the cards for Christmas. A little soggy here in Houston, but will have plenty of time to color… Is it September 15th yet?

  64. Ruth Thomas says:

    I am having surgery on the 8th and my sister and daughter are coming the 13th thru the 27th to help with my recovery. It would be fabulous to win these beautiful Christmas Card products to share with my wonderful daughter and sister to create during the recovery time. I really enjoy sharing all the great cards I create using your wonderful Anna Griffin products. Thank you.

  65. Virginia Sullivan says:

    New pencils and cards to do with granddaughter to learn the lost art of personal communication with heart felt creations.

  66. Sheri Grounds says:

    The parchment pieces make all the cards so elegant! I love that Cameleon came out with the pencils too. I’m loving all the new stuff!

  67. Glenda's Cards says:

    Beautiful cards and beautiful products! Love everything Christmas…especially the vellum! Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful products!
    Glenda’s Cards

  68. Joanne Lowe says:

    LOVING the pergamano tools to use with vellum, the wonderful vellum, and the gorgeous Chamelion colored pencils–love how you can shade with the other side of the pencil. Thanks for this opportunity to win this package!!!

  69. Linda Foster says:

    Anna, love all. Your products , would love to win something , any thing especially your pencils. @

  70. Marge Overmyer says:

    So love the new colored pencils and the Christmas Coloring cards, I am going to have to rethink my Christmas cards and do the Coloring Cards. I think these new pencils are the best thing ever… *** does the creativity ever stop! Just kidding, I sure hope not.

  71. Georgia says:

    My family and friends would love to receive Christmas cards made with the parchment papers and embellishments. They think I’m so creative. Thanks Anna.

  72. Kim Sottung says:

    I’ve always wanted to try the peragamo technique with the vellum. This may be my opportunity. I also love the coloring cards for Christmas. Really nice product line coming.

  73. Donna Huntington says:

    I am always up to a new way to paper craft, so the Christmas Parchment Layers, vellum and of course the Christmas Coloring cards with pencils. Anything Christmas is what I am looking for this time of the year.
    Thank you for making products and showing us how to use them so that it is possible for me to be creative too!

  74. Terance in Texas says:

    i love the parchment overlays but not sure if i have the patience to make them, i purchased the first set but scared to try time, i will they do fascinate me looking at others work.

  75. Debbie R says:

    Its all gorgeous just like you Anna, would love the pencils. Waiting for your next show on HSN. Counting down the days. See ya then.

  76. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Every time I view this blog and see those wonderful pencils, I am excited to use them! Coloring the velum embellishments is a great idea that can add so much to beautiful cards! Thank you for these amazing products!

  77. Ashley Gilliland says:

    My 10 year old and I are dying to win this! We are ready to get started on those cards with the pencils! Thanks, Anna, for all your beautiful creations.

  78. Kellie T says:

    I have a reminder alarm set on my phone so I don’t miss HSN on 09/15/17. I can’t wait! I love it all!

  79. Teresa says:

    I just love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils. All your products are the greatest. Thanks for sharing with us.

  80. Dale says:

    Hi Anna, I Love the New Coloring Pencils and the beautiful Christmas Coloring Cards. Thank you, Dale

  81. Chris Swanson says:

    Naturally I love everything again. I can’t wait for you to preview YOUR special new cricut setup!! I’m counting down the days!

  82. Gloria Myers says:

    I like the pencils and can’t wait to get the Christmas Parchment Layers and the other set of Parchment layers. A way to add depth without the weight! Thanks again Anna and can’t wait till Sept. 15!

  83. Susan says:

    I love the Chameleon pencils and Christmas coloring cards and can’t wait to get them! Who doesn’t love to color?!

  84. Debbie Owens says:

    This are absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait for 9/15 ….somehow I always end up being off work and craft days

  85. Melodee Ruley says:

    Oh Anna you have outdone yourself with these vellum cards ! Stunning , gorgeous! I am just now getting into coloring and would love to win these pencils

  86. Gracia Lanza says:

    So beautiful!! Back in 1984, when i was 11, i started making vellum cards, but your designs are pure lace and giving that special touch only embossed and punctured vellum can give. They’re so delicate! Right now, I am in Atlanta on transit and all I can think of is Anna Griffin products! Congratulations once again!

  87. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love the double ended colored pencils !! I also look forward to getting another set of the everyday parchment layers. I’ve wanted another for quite a while!! I’m enjoying the Christmas parchment set right now!

  88. Carol Jones says:

    It’s all so beautiful! But I MUST have the parchment set. And those gorgeous pencils are a close second if I can afford them all. Can’t wait for the 15th!

  89. Suzie says:

    Can’t wait for the show! I love the parchment and the colored pencils. Looking forward to making gorgeous Christmas cards with these items. Thanks Anna!

  90. Patsy Ferrera says:

    Love Anna’s products!! What a great set of pencils and the vellum is to die for- so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great products.

  91. Gail b says:

    I am very excited about the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils and the Christmas Coloring Cards!! I cannot wait to start creating with them!

  92. Jennifer Huang says:

    My favorite of the week is everything! (of course ;b) Especially love the lacy, ethereal look of the (Christmas & Everyday) Parchment layers. The Thank You card sample with the lovely pops of color remind me of a lovely spring day (and/or delicious macaroons- lol). Can’t wait to try out the Chameleon colored pencils on the parchment layers. Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for all that you do. Keep the crafting inspiration & goodies coming! ^_^

  93. Jen Clem says:

    I love those pencils! I am looking forward to the vellum. I have not had any vellums on my projects yet.

  94. Liz says:

    Love the dual sided pencils! Great idea! But my favorite is definitely the vellum. It was so popular a few years ago but it died out and am glad it is back!

  95. Lori L says:

    I got the earlier Parchment layers and the tools and I love them. I am looking forward to getting the Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments.

  96. Robin says:

    I have not been into the coloring craze, but those colorful pencils in that very cool display may just get me started!

  97. Rhonda Roumph says:

    I love all your items you make !! My favorite thing this week is the parchment tool kit. Thanks, Rhonda

  98. Dar says:

    Are you kidding!! Love, LOVE the new parchment addition. The coloring pencils in the self-contained, storage holder is brilliant! Love everything Anna!

  99. Karen Hatfield says:

    My birthday is Sept. 15 th and I plan on spending it with you! I love the coloring cards and pencils!

  100. Karen Lorenz says:

    I am so excited about the Chameleon colored pencils. I have your coloring books. Will definitely be watching on Sept. 15. Thank you for all of the amazing products.

  101. Patricia Ceccacci says:

    OH how I love to use color pencils. These look wonderful and packaged to go, I carry my coloring all over and can never get my pencils organized to travel well.

  102. Kathy Goski says:

    I would love to win. The vellum packs and cameleon pencils will make special cards for special people on my mailing list this Christmas.

  103. Sharon Abraham says:

    Love all your products. Todays ones that I really love are the colored pencils and the cards you color. I have coloring books that these pencils would work great with these. You have the best products. Thanks for all the heads up.

  104. C. Pieper says:

    I love parchment. It gives such an elegant look to anything it is used on. These products all look great. I love Anna Griffin products. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  105. Cindy G Freeman says:

    I am a quilter and new to card making. I have purchased Anna Griffin’s Kodak craft printer, Cricut, Cuttlebug and many tools. The storage/organizer craft caddy will be an awesome way to organize everything. Thank you for all of the amazing products and ideas!

  106. Mary Hunter says:

    OMGoodness it is all so beautiful! Love the parchment possibilities. I have my Anna Griffin parchment tools that I got in the August Cricut Surprise Box. We got flooded here in Houston but never lost power so I have been able to get started on Christmas cards. The parchment will help make my cards so much more special. Can hardly wait for the September 15 HSN show!

  107. Beth Williams says:

    Love the parchment products. I have the Christmas ones but had missed the everyday. Thanks for the chance to win. Looking forward to the September 15 show.

  108. Rhonda Swindle says:

    I love everything Christmas! The coloring cards with the colored pencils are my favorites! Looking forward to the show!

  109. Kate Molnar says:

    I’d really like to try the Chameleon pencils and the Christmas coloring cards. I have no experience with anything like this, so I’m looking forward to tryng something new.

  110. Loretta Wilson says:

    The Christmas Parchment Layers and the Chameleon pencils are my favorites!! The Christmas Coloring cards come in to a close second.

  111. Nora says:

    I’m sure all your products are great as usual. We are a bit preoccupied with hurricane in Houston and barely hanging on for our lives. We evacuated the area but this is the saddest event we have ever lived through. Many are worse than us so everything we have that’s extra goes to where the need is. Send good thoughts to the great people of Houston and surrounding areas!

  112. Sandy Hanson says:

    your products get more beautiful all the time. Can the patterns be used over and over again? This is something that everyone should have in their collection. It looks so easy and beautiful. It is something that I would add to my crafting supplies right away. Love your products so much.

  113. Christina Fleischer says:

    I’d love to win any of these products! The pencils are really shouting to me though!

    Good luck to everyone and cannot wait to see Anna on the next show!

  114. Karen Kleinert says:

    Everything was WOW! The pencils are my FAVE! Christmas is just around the corner. Busy Busy Busy making cards. This would help!

  115. Lois says:

    Love the parchment appearance! It makes the cards look antique. Very cool on the Christmas card. I don’t have your tools, so I have to keep them in mind and the colored pencils might be fun to play with. Fun stuff!

  116. Jody G says:

    Oh my it’s all so fun, but don’t you just love the coloring cards? Thanks Anna for all your high quality craft goodies!

  117. Roxanne Henderson says:

    The Christmas Parchment Layers are so dainty! Adding a bit of color from the pencils only seems to be the right thing to do! Love them!

  118. Rebecca Case says:

    These are all lovely items. I wish to express my appreciation for the once-a-week product previews, as well as tutorials for making something new and BEAUTIFUL (of course).
    Good luck to you all that wish to win these lovely items… one of you will be very happy with these Anna Griffin Beautiful products. 😉
    Thank you Anna for more Beautiful inspiration!
    (I won something earlier this year and wish to be left out of the drawing – thank you)

  119. Gina Williams says:

    I absolutely love the The Christmas Coloring cards and the parchment layers! I can not wait!

  120. Doug G. says:

    Anna, The Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments will definitely create some STUNNING Holiday cards with a frosted or snow-kissed look to them!! Also love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Color Pencils that will give me 50 colors in half the storage space. Looking forward to September 15th !!!!

  121. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    Anna, you are so amazing – these are all lovely & I would enjoy using any * all of them. You are so creative & making us look so good in our crafting.

  122. Tacy Boswell says:

    I would love these. When are they available for sale? I cannot do anything fancy as I don’t have a cuttlebug machine, but can do these from what I saw. I am in my first year doing cards and am loving it, especially Anna Griffin’s cards!

  123. Geneva Beck says:

    Everything is beautiful but excited about the possibility that can be created with the color pencils. Love blending the colors for the best real time look. Can’t wait to see what is done with them.

  124. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    Love to get the Christmas parchment set, then the regular parchment set, next the coloring Christmas card set and Chameleon pencil set. So inspiring!

  125. Erin Piehl says:

    Christmas Parchment Layers is BEAUTIFUL! That is my favorite, but I would love to have it all. Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. Jennifer S. says:

    Thank you Anna for all the new a creative parchment designs and the colored pencils that are two sided. Those are my faves!

  127. Marlene says:

    I have always admired the look of parchment of cards, it has such a mystical look about it. I remember making the wax/parchment churches as a child. If I remembered how to make them this would be perfect. I still really admire the parchment.

  128. Peachy W says:

    The Christmas Parchment layers are so pretty, just like the original everyday layers that we already have – so much fun!

  129. Sandra Griswold says:

    I love all things Christmas, my favorite holiday, but the Chameleon markers are great ,the color palette is spot on and really like the pencil holder this will protect the pencil points. Also like the double sided pencils as this makes shading easier because you are giving us the right colors to use together. Excited for our next visit in Sept. Blessings .

  130. Mira Crawford says:

    All of these items are wonderful tools to use in the world of crafting! I love the look of lace, so the parchment paper is awesome.

  131. Sherry Anderson says:

    I’m in love with the double sided coloring pencils! The colors are amazing! I can’t wait to get a set!

  132. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    Love the above cards. Gorgeous! Will definitely will be buying the parchment craft tool kit. Love the pencils too. I bought the markers in a previous show. I can use them together to achieve interesting and beautiful cards. So love your products. You are always stretching our creativity with new and incredible products. Thank you. Keep challenging us. It keeps our craft life interesting and fun.

    Take care and see you soon.

  133. Barbara Mader says:

    Wow! The look of the colored pencils. Can’t wait to get them. So many colors to be able to blend. Love the look of the parchment paper…. Anna you rock…. great things for crafting… love❤️

  134. Carolyn T. says:

    Oh my goodness! Everything is wonderful. Love the pencils. I have seen some parchment projects but they looked difficult and I was too chicken to try. These look like I could do this.

  135. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    Yeah for pencils! They look amazing! The vellum adds such an elegant frosty look to the cards ! Absolutely stunning!
    I love all of the products! I don’t believe that your creativity ever goes to sleep!

  136. Beverly says:

    It is so wonderful that I will be able to do something that I have enjoyed doing since I was a child and create a beautiful card for someone, COLOR! For many years I would go to craft shows and admire the beautiful cards that someone had hand crafted. And now because of your products and inspiration I am enjoying making all my cards and even starting the scrap book pages! This is something that my granddaughters have started doing with me, and hopefully a new tradition has been started. I am so looking forward to coloring and creating Christmas Cards.

  137. Vanessa Thorp says:

    Sept 15th can’t come soon enough, I love Christmas and I love Christmas cards. I’d love to try out these pencils. Chamellion is such a quality brand.
    But those parchment layers….wow…how about coloring on the back side of them !

  138. Brenda Owen says:

    I love my parchment paper that I had purchased the first time they came out. I would be lovely to have the new set and the blending pencils.

  139. Ellen K. Volkmar says:

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  140. Tina Davis says:

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  141. Janice Magnuson says:

    Dear Anna,

    After watching the heartbreaking scenes in Texas I am comforted to see the pure beauty you produce.


  142. Mary Iten says:

    I am fighting colon cancer and these new products seem to be just the thing to help me with my Christmas cards which I’m afraid won’t happen this year. All my family and friends so look forward to see what my cards will be from year to year and I have always enjoyed making them. If I could win these products it would certainly lift my spirits. I love them all.

  143. Diane says:

    The parchment layers look so pretty up close! Adding even more dimension by using the tools is the tops!

  144. Bonnie Ambrose says:

    I really never thought about the vellum, but with this close up I really like it! It sure makes it look dainty.

  145. A. Jennings says:

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    I love the colored pencil set and Oh my, the vellum items are such a petty addition!!…
    Love it all !!

  146. Judy Gudgel says:

    I love the parchment!! It is so beautiful! (As everything is from you) I am ready this morning to make a Birthday card from one of your kits. Love doing it and how it always turns out beautiful.

  147. MaryBeth Constantino says:

    I love the idea of the 3D Christmas cards, it adds such a personal touch for my friends.

  148. Paula says:

    I especially love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils. I’ve only recently started crating with colour and these are really beautiful.

  149. Candy Westphal says:

    I totally love the Christmas coloring pages & parchments. Thanks for showing us the great examples of what I can create with them using my Chameleons!

  150. Linda rodriguez says:

    Anna I Love the parchment layers both everyday and Christmas, so excited to get them along with the pencils so I can highlight n shade some of the designs for more dimension! I’ve just started recently Card making so love all the new and difrent products you come out with for more variety in designs! Only problem is I want to buy everything! Thanks Anna!!

  151. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Every time I open your blog, Anna, I am amazed at the beauty the traced and shaded parchment gives to your card designs! The effects are stunningly gorgeous! I would be thrilled to win this!

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  153. Paula Puckett says:

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  154. Elaine Brinig says:

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  155. Suzanne Matos says:

    I am loving the 2 parchment offerings along with the tools. So much versatility and dimension can be added with these used together.

    The colored pencils will be wonderful to use in adding color to cards, scrapbooks and yes….the Coloring Cards ! What a fun time using the pencils to color and shade each of the cards. I can just imagine the comments ftom friends and family after they receive a s hand colored Christmas card made especially for them.

    Thanks for all the wonderful products you bring to us ….every one is a winner!!!

  156. Rose Maria says:

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  158. Donna Lambert says:

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  159. Gabrielle Freel says:

    I love love love the coloring – what fun that would be for Christmas!! But I have been waiting for the parchment and the one for Christmas is fantastic!

  160. kathy sowers says:

    I also love the vellum and the tools that make it look so beautiful. After you emboss the vellum it gives such a wonderful wintery feel to the vellum which makes the card or scrapbook page even more beautiful. Now add color with the pencils and you’ve created an even more stunning embellishment to your projects.

  161. Melodee Ruley says:

    I love parchment/ vellum ; it adds a special touch to anything you apply it too ! My starch could use an update .

  162. Stacey Bell says:

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  164. Kathryn Goldress says:

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    Cant wait for the show.
    See you then!

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    More, More, More!

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  169. ROXANNE Hedrington says:

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  170. ROXANNE Hedrington says:

    Anna what can I say? Everything is so gorgeous and elegant love the new colored pencils. And the coloring cards too

  171. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    The Christmas parchment layer embellishments have won me over. They a% absolutely gorgeous! They are so very homemade looking. Love that.

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    Anna, this is another wonderful selection of crafting products. As always, I love them all … But I have to admit that my favorite item in this post is the Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments. Here it is August, and yet you somehow have made me anxious to start making Christmas Crafts!

  173. Vaye Smith says:

    Greetings…………Oh the parchment cards look so cool…………Would love to work with them. Also if I got the colored pencils, they’d go to my granddaughter. She is quite the artist. Oh Anna, I wanted to tell you that I got my gift card kit the other day. I have them all together and I love them…We will be using them at my family Christmas get together….They are really fun. Thanks

  174. Carol Hughes says:

    Hi Anna
    I have followed you for years I first saw you on QVC many years ago,I have loads of your kits .I do parchment but your parchment cards are gorgeous & your colouring cards would love to win the lovely pencils,thank you so much for all your beautiful crafts take care love & best wisher’s Carol xxxx

  175. Karen Stout says:

    The Christmas Parchment and Embellishments is a knockout, as are the colored pencils! My September 15th list is growing!

  176. Dawn Winterrowd says:

    Anna….do you sleep? Always bringing us more & more beautiful things. I am so ready to win pencils and Christmas coloring cards – and get started! I am a huge fan of your vellum too! Thank you for more wonderful products! Beautiful In The Making kudos!

  177. Johnna Laughlin says:

    I am really looking forward to the Christmas Parchment goodies. I have NEVER done anything “parchment” and look forward to receiving my “Anna” goodies. It would be even better to win your Anna goodies. *** I spent waaaaay too much on the last “Anna” day but it was so much fun!!!! I have received all my goodies and just love everything!!!!! Thanks Anna for all your beautiful goodies!!!!

  178. Diane Ogden says:

    I so love parchment craft, have been doing it for years. It’s good to see you bringing it back to Life! Can’t wait to get more of your products and play till my heart is content. Love you Anna and counting the days till your new products.

  179. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Oh Whoa! I love coloring all that I’ve collected from you. I love coloring the cards & love giving them. I don’t know how I missed the Christmas coloring cards! And the pencils! Woo hoo! But along with coloring is the parchment layers, embellishments. I have not tried any vellum yet like this. Loving every item on this blog today!

  180. Michelle says:

    I love to color and the pencils and color cards are the nicest way to wish a Merry Christmas, the velum is also very beautiful. Love it!

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  184. LoriManicho says:

    Love your parchment pieces and the pencils!
    Definitely want to purchase those, have loved doing parchment pieces from your past kits!

  185. Darlene Placito says:

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  186. Jane Fettig says:

    Love the Christmas card set, the delicate parchment papers and colored pencils. I think it would be great to sit with my grands and work on the cards. How much fun would that be.

  187. Jane Fettig says:

    Love your Christmas card set, your delicate parchment papers and colored pencils. I think it would be great to sit with my grands and work on the cards. How much fun would that be.

  188. Lois G. says:

    I love all the Christmas cards. Would love to have them. But do to be on a fixed income I can only dream. Simply beautiful!❣️❣️❣️.

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  190. Stacy Elftmann says:

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  192. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I love, love, love all your picks for this week. But, my favorite are the colored pencils to color all my stamps that I bought throughout the years. I could use them now while I make Christmas tags.

  193. Sherri Hollis says:

    I have 75% of your products, so I need these as well!
    The new ones, lol. I have the others! Love the new pencils!

  194. Lucy Flint says:

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  200. Judith J says:

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  201. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

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  202. Merial Smartt says:

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  203. Connie L. Dake says:

    Love all the items in this preview. Especially excited about the double-ended colored pencils and the parchment layers. Would love to color and send the Christmas cards to friends and family too. Everything is so beautiful and just the right designs for the season. Great work to share with all of us. Thanks, Anna

  204. Marilyn B says:

    The parchment kit with vellum and lace is gorgeous! I look forward to trying this out! The selection of Christmas card toppers is awesome. it’s so nice to have the items available to make fabulous cards! My favorite is the chameleon colored pencils and the coloring cards!

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  206. Irene Matas says:

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  207. CC Suzanne Downing says:

    Oh~hhh! I’m in luv with everything! Bring it on! Can hardly wait for the show. The parchment I love! The pencils, even on the computer look really great! I love the cards! Have a great week & good luck all! Thank you for the chance!

  208. Marilyn B says:

    The parchment kit with vellum and lace is gorgeous! I look forward to trying this out! The selection of Christmas card toppers is awesome. it’s so nice to have the items available to make fabulous cards! My favorite is the chameleon colored pencils and the coloring cards!

  209. Jane says:

    I love the pencils and the Christmas cards to color! It looks like so much fun to make and they turn out so lovely!

  210. Josette' Griffith says:

    Hi Anna, I’m just glad my crafts didn’t blow away with my house. Hurricane Harvey hit us hard but we & our home made it through with little damage as far as we can tell. My garden is covered in broken tree limbs, still no electricity, just got water back on but under boil alert. But although we got the wind & landfall coastal towns are gone, now pray for Houston area with historic flooding. We were blessed here.

  211. Bonnie Smith says:

    I think I’m lovin me some Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments. It looks so lacy and elegant!

  212. Christine Hafner says:

    Your new coloring cards with sentiments and die cuts is the perfect combination for creating fantastic Christmas cards! I’d love to get my Granddaughters together and color together–of course, using the equally fantastic dual-tipped Chameleon pencils.

  213. Frankie Rolfe says:

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  214. Pam Hansen Spradlin says:

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  215. Sharonlyn M says:

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  216. Maw J says:

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  217. Catherine Greear says:

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  218. Deidra West says:

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  219. Holly Weston says:

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  220. Judy Bagley says:

    I would love to win both of these! Especially the pencils! This is not a duplicate comment. Why does it keep saying that. I have not posted previously today!

  221. Traci Wood says:

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    Of course want everything !!! I have to get the coloring cards, because I missed them last year! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  225. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Anna, I’m so in love with all of your parchment products. This looks like something I would truly enjoy doing. Can’t wait for your September 15th show on HSN! Thank you, Rhonda

  226. Elaine says:

    Anna, I love it all but anything that would help me create beautiful Christmas cards is much appreciated! I struggle every time this season is upon us!

  227. Kathy Ames says:

    Hello Anna !!! Love it all !!! must have !! The pencils , coloring cards, all of it are must have’s !! See u on the 15th !!!!

  228. Cyndi G. Shannon says:

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  230. Carolyne Brothers Cox says:

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    Thank you for providing beautiful crafts we can share with the world.

  231. Christina Grata says:

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  232. Sandy H says:

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    As always…great stuff.
    Sandy H

  233. trish says:

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  234. Deborah Brown says:

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  235. Barbara Ferris says:

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  236. Pamela Lee says:

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  237. Teresita says:

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    I love all the products, but the pencils are simply amazing to me, cannot wait for September 15!

  238. Sharon Schaefer says:

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  239. Beth Jones says:

    Both sets of Parchment Layers will be my favorites. I have the set of tools, but missed out on getting the layers the last time! All are lovely.

  240. Annette Johnson says:

    WOW!!! Everything is so beautiful I could not pick a favorite one. Looking forward to the next set of shows in Sept.

  241. Lori LeClair says:

    Oh Anna, how beautiful it all is. I’ve always wanted to try parching. Maybe if I win I will get a try. Thanks again for making our crafting so easy & beautiful. We all love you!

  242. Frances McAdams says:

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  243. Ann Marie C says:

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  244. Ann Marie says:

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  245. Nana D says:

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  246. Cindy Baldree says:

    I am SO SO SO excited to see the beautiful parchment layers returning! These in both the traditional and holiday version are definitely
    And what a great idea to have Christmas coloring cards! Yeah for September 15th…see you then…
    I’ll be there “with bells on!” ❤️❤️❤️

  247. Candis Trusty says:

    My favorite is the Christmas vellum designs. My Easter cards were the parchment backgrounds adorned with your die cut bunny and pre-tied bows.
    I completed your Halloween card kit. The cards are attached to a ribbon with baby clothes pins. The ribbon frames a door from in the living room. The holiday season has arrived with the pretty cards hanging above and down the sides of the doorway. It will be hard to part with the cards when it is time to mail them.

  248. Molly Burdette says:

    The new Parchment sets are awesome!!
    I am actually a certified Pergamano teacher. My time is such that I want the look of it but able to create it more quickly. And the Cameleon penciled are awesome!

  249. Marty Benjamin says:

    Love the colored pencils and cards. But of course, everything is beautiful and would love them all.

  250. Marcia Lasiter says:

    The coloring pens look really good to me and of course I would need the Christmas card set to colr

  251. deborah from TN says:

    It’s Christmas Time Again with Anna Griffin!! and making it so easy for us to make beautiful Xmas cards one more time!!!
    I seem to remember vellum/parchment paper and patterns in the late 90’s to 2000’s… it wasn’t this easy and it wasn’t this beautiful!! Also, can’t remember too many Xmas patterns either, so this set is a winner 2 or 3 times over! The demo cards were extraordinary!! Thanks
    for bringing this craft back in a very HOLIDAY way! I must
    have those in my Christmas Collection from Anna for sure! 😀

  252. Janie Crawford says:

    I am so happy the everyday parchment is returning! I have been on the hunt for it since I missed it the first time. Plus now to have the Christmas parchment kit too- WOW!

  253. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I love that everything works together so well! Looking forward to your shows. Winding down summer. 🙁

  254. Stacey f says:

    I’m so glad the craft shows are not weekly, I would be broke! So anxious to start my Christmas crafting. It never fails to provide me with the feeling I search for during the holidays

  255. Patricia Belding says:

    I love everything, but have to say that my favorites are the parchments and the colored pencils. Wishing everyone good luck on winning these fabulous items!!

  256. Wanda L. Churchill says:

    You’ve done it again. Such beautiful things. Especially love the pencils. Anxiously awaiting the September 15th shows!

  257. Mary says:

    I love the Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments- no question. As someone else said, I find working with Pergamo to be quite therapeutic.

  258. Sandra Crawford says:

    Love the gorgeous Christmas Parchment Layers and Chameleon Markers. I always forward to watching your shows and all the beautiful products, ideas and techniques you bring to HSN.

  259. Beca Eavis says:

    love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils and all the blending opertunites it gives me. Thanks again for all the wonderful products you make so our cards and scrapbooking and diy products are beautiful in the making.

  260. Beca says:

    love the Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils and all the blending opertunites it gives me. Thanks again for all the wonderful products you make so our cards and scrapbooking and diy products are beautiful in the making.

  261. Beverly Smith says:

    I Worked with parchment many years ago. Then it became unavailable in our craft stores. It is beautiful. I have the chameleon markers so would like to get the pencils.

  262. Lee Grace says:

    H I Anna, the colored pencils would be a great addition to my crafting since I have a lot of your stamp sets. My Granddaughters would want the Christmas Coloring Cards and ask me to had over my old AG colored pencil set!!

  263. Holly says:

    What do I love about these products? Everything!! I think my favorite is the Christmas coloring cards. I’d love to color and do my cards at the same time!!

  264. Laura A. Parker says:

    My granddaughter is getting into paper crafting and I’m so happy she likes the lacy looking Christmas cards reminiscent of long ago. Brings spent my childhood.

  265. Sandra Chiasson says:

    My goodness would love to have it all,your kits just make your cards all so beautiful.Can’t wait gor your next show.

  266. Sherril Lynn Barr says:

    I love them all! Been trying to decide what kind of Christmas cards i will make this year…..Vellum or colored ones! Would love to win any of these! Thank you!

  267. JoAnn Taylor says:

    I love my Chameleon markers and would love to win the Chameleon double color pencils. Yes, we are thinking about starting to make our Christmas cards, sooooo, your Holiday accents are always on my list.

  268. Patricia Ladd says:

    Love the pencils and the color-me Christmas cards. Together they will make the perfect way to pass away a rainy day, a cold night, or a day of joyful inspiration!

  269. Jeanette Urato says:

    I’m with so many of the other ladies who love the Christmas parchment. It’s coming at a good time to get started with the holiday only 4 months away. I’ll definitely be watching on the 15th.

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    The Vellum Products are so Elegant & Beautiful. Definitely makes your Cards stand out.
    Thank You Anna for this Wonderful Opportunity for a chance to WIN All these Products. You’re an Amazing Lady.
    Good Luck & Happy Crafting Everyone.

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    Looking forward to watching you in September on HSN!

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  367. Chris O says:

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  387. Gina Maria says:

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  388. Cindy Brown says:

    After your beautiful jacket, my favorite is the vellum, all of it! Always love everything that you do, Anna!

  389. Carla Hundley says:

    Wonderful goodies and
    I love the Chameleon
    Color Tones Double-Ended
    Colored Pencils.
    Carla from Utah

  390. Victoria DeYot says:

    I love the parchment! It reminds me of the “old days” of embossing on vellum, it was always so elegant. I haven’t jumped on that train yet only because I have SO MUCH of everything else that I’m running out of time and space. LOL
    I so enjoy seeing you every Monday (I know I say that every week but it is genuinely the truth). I cannot wait for Create in November! It will be my first time. My best gal pal and I are taking most of the week to leisurely drive up from Central Florida and see what we can find along the way, perhaps a few antiques or a little shopping, who knows? I’m so looking forward to it! It’s going to be an awesome birthday for me! See you then!

  391. Elane H says:

    The coloring pencils are my favorite with the coloring Christmas cards right behind such a great combo….

  392. Amy C says:

    Your samples are beautiful!! Thanks for helping us create beautiful things as well.
    The parchment layers will make a whole new way of looking at Christmas, especially with the pencils. These are all wonderful…what a great way to bless people at this holiday time.
    Best wishes for a great sale, Amy

  393. Susan G. says:

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    Thank you Anna!!

  394. Veta says:

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  395. Maria says:

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  396. Lois De Valk says:

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  397. Barbara says:

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  398. Connie says:

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  399. Sandi Arnold says:

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  400. Joee Balestrieri says:


  401. Donna M. DeGraw says:

    Thanks again the parchment paper, I would like both plus the pencils. I love your stuff. Thanks again. I wish I new how much the Deflecto Organizer we’ll be.

  402. Cindy Anderson says:

    Oh Miss Anna who is NO banANNA My heart is crushed, PLEASE say a prayer for all those people who are devasted and left home less from the hurricane. I have family and Friends there, there are so many my heart cry’s out for them, including all the defenseless animals. Is there anything that we can do as a group of loyal GRIFFINITES to help. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  403. Deborah Bode says:

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  404. Jean Paul says:

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  405. Karen Fabian says:

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  406. Linda H says: