HSN September 15th Product Preview 2 Winner + How to: Pretty Purse Gift Card Holder

Hi everyone,

The wait is almost over! Only 2 weeks remain until our shows on HSN September 15th! Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting will be live at 10am, 7pm and 10pm (on HSN2) EST. In case you missed the news, 10pm is a brand new live show on HSN2, and we’re so excited to be a part of it! We are officially half-way through September 15th’s products and giveaways! Out of over 1220 comments, Shellie Fontana you are today’s chosen at random winner! Enjoy your new items!

Everyone is excited for parchment! Our new Christmas Parchment Layers and Embellishments offer an easy, trace-able way to add beautiful, festive layers to your cards and scrapbook pages! You will get 72 frost-like layers, 6 each of 12 printed in white designs and 102 gold-foil accented card stock embellishments and vellum pieces. You can layer them for a delicate look or use individually to make your projects extraordinary!

Our set of Everyday Parchment Layers is also coming back for our September shows! You can create an incredible layer, just by tracing, cutting and puncturing the pre-printed, vellum patterns. There are 12 gorgeous lace inspired designs that allow you to create 72 dainty layers. We love to add a contrasting color underneath and color on the back of the design to add interest!

The tools of the trade are also back! Our Parchment Craft Tool Set is just what you use to trace, puncture and cut the layer designs to make them your own! With this set you will get: a perforation mat, 3 embossing tools (small, medium and large), 3 perforating tools (1 single needle, 1 double needle and 1 triple needle) and a pair of curved fine point scissors.

Just in time for Christmas, we bring you our Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils! There are 25 perfectly shaded pairs to create 50 brilliant colors. These highly pigmented, artist-quality colored pencils are perfect for use on all of our coloring pages, your crafts and other projects. Chameleon keeps everything organized with a built in workstation, so you can always find what you are looking for!

Your new Chameleon Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils will be perfect to use with our Christmas Coloring Cards. In this set you will receive 24 holiday themed cards, 24 easy to color sentiments and 24 die cuts. Designs include bells, wreaths, ornaments and more! All you have to do is color, add a jolly sentiment and a festive die cut or two! You will have custom Christmas cards to send friends and family in no time!

There is a long holiday weekend ahead, so grab your Purse Gift Card Dies and let’s make some adorable cards!

Handbag Gift Card Holders

Finished Size: 3 ½” by 4 ¾” gift card holder


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One with Multipurpose Craft Tips & Bag 457-852
  • Anna Griffin® Handbag & Coin Purse Gift Card Dies 568-628
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set 442-864
  • Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ 4-piece Die Set – Bows 372-159
  • Pink metallic cardstock
  • Patterned cardstock
  • Gold foil cardstock
  • Embellishments
  • Sentiment
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Foam squares
  • Clear glue
  • Hook-and-loop fastener patches (optional)


  1. Cut the back, front and pocket of the gift card holder from the pattern card stock using the handbag cutting dies.

2. Cut the handbag flap border of the gift card holder from the gold foil card stock.


  1. Fold along the score lines on the pocket and attach to the center of the back panel with adhesive.

2. Fold the bottom of the front and back panels up.

3. Attach the front and back panels to the bottom folds. Attach along the folded lines.

4. Fold in the sides of the front panel. Be sure to fold the tabs on the bottom of each side up.

5. Adhere tabs on the inside of the back panel.

6. Fold the top of the back panel over to the front.

7. Lace a ribbon through the small holes on the top of the handbag. Be sure to knot the ends so the ribbon will stay in place.

8. Adhere the handbag flap border edge to the outside top of the handbag flap.


9. Cut the embellishment bow from pink metallic cardstock using your Cricut Cuttlebug™ .

10. Carefully fold each of the shorter tabs to the center of the bow and adhere.

11. Attach the ribbon backing layer to the back side of the bow and adhere.

12. Wrap the long tab around both layers and adhere.

13. Attach embellishment and sentiments.


14. Attach hook-and-loop fasteners to the underside of the flap and to the front panel to give your Handbag Gift Card Holder an effortless open and close. (optional)

On Monday we will have your next preview and so much more. Happy Labor Day everyone!




  1. Judy says:

    Oh I love the Go Press and Foil. Foil makes the card so special–adds some bling. I send a lot of birthday cards and it would be fun adding the foil. Anna’s cards always receive special compliments. Thanks, Anna!

  2. Angel Cyr says:

    Hoping, you realized that I was requesting …
    SEASONAL ~~~ ” METAL ” ~~~ ANTIQUE STYLE EMBELLISHMENTS !!! … As In Buttons & Brads !!!


  3. Leslie says:

    I think I would love to try foiling for Autumn and Christmas cards.Looking forward to seeing all the new products you ace to offer.

  4. Marilyn B says:

    Super excited about the Go Press items. I’ve had the machine for a while and i’m interested in the Go Press hot stamps and foils. Nice to see more ways to use the machine.

  5. Pam Payne says:

    I love the look of die cut foil on my cards & have been looking for a way to use more foil. This is perfect! With this little machine I could start with Christmas and just keep foiling. Anna, I would love to win this machine.

  6. Minnie Reid says:

    Way to Go Shellie. So happy for you. Anna, you’ve out done yourself again. I would love to make the little purses and other gift card holders. All the items would be great to have and “play with.

  7. Anna Griffin says:

    Myrna Hartley – the parchment designs are printed in white on each layer. You trace over the white printing to make the design come to life on the opposite side.

  8. Mary Draffen says:

    Wow the parchment designs are so elegant I would love to win this along with the other products….looking forward to September display of new products from you thanks again for the opportunity to win.

  9. Cathleen J Moses says:

    Oh Anna, you have outdone yourself again. I would love to win the Go press and foil machine and absolutely adore the new Christmas hot stamp dies. They are awesome! Thanks so much for a great blog and an awesome giveaway!

  10. Renee Robinson says:

    i love the parchment. i can’t wait to try it but i hope my old eyes aren’t too weak to do the intricate decorations shown on the blog. if so i plan on just using my embossing folders to get a nice effect and let it go at that. it will still be a beautiful card

  11. Helena Szczepanowska says:

    Well I am looking forward to September 15. I so want the Kodak machine to take my crafting to a whole new level. Thanks Anna

  12. Sandy Hanson says:

    Congrats to Shellie I know she will be flying high when
    she gets her box of goodies. If you have never used
    any of Anna’s products you are missing out on a lot of beautiful ideas and products. Keep up the new ideas Anna

  13. Cecilia Fisher says:

    Hi Anna,
    The purse for gift card is beautiful.
    I would like to join your group that you have in September. I was told like the event is full this year! Please keep me in your mailing list for next year! Sound like fun! Thank you!

  14. Konni Andis says:

    The parchment is great! So excited to give it a try! Also already own the colored pencils, I’m sure I could have got them at a much better price. So many new a innovative things going on in paper crafting! So much fun! Thanks Anna!

  15. Rebecca Case says:

    Congratulations to a very happy winner!
    Anna, the Handbag Guft Card Holder is just way too cute! I saw it, then went to .com & ordered the die set. Thank you. (After using the dies to make the cute Handbag card holder, I want to try an adaptation into a tool caddy/tool box for a guy; I can hardly wait!). Again, thank you.

  16. Linda Fernandez says:

    Those little purse gift card holdersare my favorite. I have grand daughters that would just love those. After they get a certain age it’s very hard to buy for them and this just makes the presentation of a gift card so special.

  17. Sandra Madanski says:

    Congrat Shellie, All those goodies good for you.
    Anna I love the parchment papers and some still left from when I bought them last.
    See you in 2 weeks.

  18. Myrna Hartley says:

    Absolutely gorgeous parchment papers. Did you bruise with a white pencil? I love them they are so unique. I can’t wait until crafting for Christmas starts and that means starting with you.

    See you the 18th.

  19. Liz says:

    Can not wait for the pencils! Are they the first double ended pencils? Are you going to have different sets for each season? Also excited for the parchment layers.

  20. LaVerne Adams says:

    I am really looking forward to the Christmas parchment layers & embellishments. I have the regular set and I enjoy creating the great results. Love, love, love all your items.

  21. Paulette Duda says:

    hi ho hi ho…off to work I go. and I love what I do. thanks for making this the best job I have ever had.
    inspiring others the way you have inspired me.

  22. Christine Hafner says:

    Que Anna–Would love for you to bring back two items: Window box die kit and your newest Halloween card making kit. I love all that you create, thank you!

  23. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Shellie I am glad you were “struck” in a wonderful way! I can’t wait to see what YOU do with the parchment! Anna, this blog is so fun & uplifting! I am looking forward to Sept 15th! Always to connect with all the creative fun people here! Thank you for more inspiration on today’s blog! I think I need parchment in my life! It’s so beautifully frosty!

  24. Amy F says:

    Congrats to Shellie! Enjoy your new bounty. I love coloring and adore the parchment and purses, so what’s not to love about these goodies we’ll see Sept. 15?

  25. ellie says:

    Outstanding once again. Love all these goodies. especially the pencils and the parchment layers. Does your brilliant mind ever get tired? I will soon have to put hooks on my ceiling to hold your products that I have. Thank you Anna for all you do.

  26. deborah from TN says:

    Thanks for another look of the coin purse dies… I had forgotten how they work!! lol
    The purse is sooooo lovely, I know lots of my friends and family members who will love that one, maybe even more than what’s inside. 😀

    Congrats to this week’s winner, you’re gonna love these kits!!

    Hoping to catch you on the 15th, my cable provider has the HSN2, but wants to charge an extra $10 monthly for it. I can’t justify that so, hoping to catch you on HSN live.

  27. Grama Pei says:

    Woo-Hoo, Sweet Shellie! YAYAY! Dancing around for your big win~! YAYAY! And now you’re in the running for a free Create ticket?! EEEEE! So happy for you! What delicious treats! Tickled pink! And, Anna I love the tutorial!

  28. Deborah Holman says:

    Congratulations Shellie Fontana! So so excited for you!! A nice package of gorgeous new crafting supplies for your new home!!!

  29. Beth Jones says:

    The purse die is precious! Every southern card-maker needs one of these, right? Also, the Parchment Layers are a must for me. Thanks,. Anna.

  30. Angel Cyr says:

    To Correct My Own Typing Error … Meant To Type The Word ” SIMPLY ” — Not — Simple !!! Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!!

    ” Hand Add-On Details — Just Simply States ” LOVE ” …

    Who Else ??? Angel ( From Maine )

  31. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … I can’t help but to send another comment, perhaps this card sample has been aired before ( not sure ) as sometimes they are repeated, but … I am picking up on ” GLITTER Glue ” — & — what looks like a few brads !!! This is a tiny add – on … but extremely nice to see !!! … I Love To View
    ” Hand Add-On Details ” — Just Simple States
    — ” LOVE ” — Anyone Can Just Stick Something On A Card, But When You Start To Add The Little Extras ( such as this ) It Shows The Recipient That You Took A Little Extra Time … To Do Something, ” FROM THE HEART ”

    Anna, Would You Please Come Out With Seasonal
    ” ANTIQUE STYLE EMBELLISHMENT KITS ” — Sorry, Should I Request, Too Often !!!

    Angel ( From Maine )

  32. Barbara Mosher says:

    OMGoodness these are just to die for. I want everything. All of it. Anna I love you, we all love you. Keep bringing these wonderful parchment papers, bows and bling galore. Love from the average crafter.

  33. Angel Cyr says:

    Sending Congratulations your way … Shellie !!!

    Extremely Interested To View This Storage System, On H.S.N. ( Craft Day ) —– Looks, Quite Cool !!! —– Can’t Wait To Pick Up A Few More Crafting Tools, As Well ! … Have Actually Found Some Other Things That I Am In Need Of, Also … Don’t Know How That’s Even Possible, Should You Actually Know Me … And View My Craft Room … Saying This, Guess It Says A Lot, About The ” Cricut / Anna Griffin ” Quality !!! … As The ” Quality ” Is So Worth Paying A Little Extra !!! … Don’t Know, If Other Crafters Are Aware Of This Or Not, But This Coming From Someone That Has Just About Everything … There Truly Is A Big Difference In The Level Of Quality — For The Embossing Folders & Cutting Dies, Compared To Other Brands !!! … Should, Someone New Be Reading This … Take My Advice — INVEST IN CRICUT BRAND PRODUCTS !!! … YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THE PURCHASE !!! … Off to reorganize my Craft Room, for what must be the 100,th time !!! … and still loving it !!! Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!!

    Angel ( From Maine )

  34. Shellie Fontana says:

    Alright then! ‘I’ve been struck,’ in the very best way, by The VERY Card-Mother Anna Griffin! Thank you SO KINDLY for such beauty, inspiration, and generosity, Anna! I appreciate all you share (your BLOG is.BEST.EVER! I also learn helpful methods and creative ideas from Griffinites everywhere–you all make the world more beautiful, literally and figuratively! I am REALLY looking forward to ‘spending the day together,’ on SEPTEMBER15, via HSN! BLESSINGS, Griffinites!

  35. June L Palasek says:

    Congratulations to this week’s winner. Also can hardly wait for 9-15-17 to make 3-4 purchases. I so want the parchment layers & the pencils & probably more as it comes along.
    Thank you Anne Griffin.

  36. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Congratulation Shellie Fontana! Yiu are one lucky lady. Thank you Anna for all the wonderful items yiu bring to us =.

  37. Marjorie Estey says:

    Congrats to Shellie. The parchment layers are beautiful. Thanks for the instructions for the adorable gift card holder.

  38. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations Shellie, enjoy your goodies!!. Thanks for the tutorial Anna, I can’t wait till the 15th!!

  39. Swan McKnight says:

    I am in love with the parchment and can’t wait to use them. They are so “Anna” !!!
    Thank you!
    Swan McKnight

  40. Debbie Martin says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I always love to see them. They help me think of some ways I could do them. I don’t have the dies but do have the Cricut Giftables cartridge.

  41. Evelyn Haussmann says:

    Congratulations Shellie!
    Anna can’t to see all the new things and get in trouble with my husband buying more of your stuff. Lol

  42. Ara Wisnoski says:

    Love all your products! The Parchment Papers are so beautiful! They really make the cards “pop”! Thank you for the instructions on your lovely projects…the purse gift card holders are adorable!

  43. Linda Kirchner says:

    Congratulations, Shellie, you so deserve this. You always seem to have an encouraging word for all. Now you’ll have some new goodies to incorporate into your new craft space.

  44. Felicia Artis says:

    I just love everything that Anna does. I get so many ideas from Anna and I have so many of her products. The purse designs are magnificent. Thank you Anna for all that you do. I look forward to watching the show on HSN on September 16 as well as October 3.

  45. Patricia M. Gonsalves says:

    Anna I love every single product you put on HSN. If I could afford it I would buy them all, but that’s not being very realistic ,so I have to pick and choose, but I would love love to get a surprise and get one or some of the products as a winner. Thanks. Have a great day. Can’t wait for September 15th.

  46. Hobo says:

    So happy for the instructions and example for the gift card holders. I need to make one for my daughter’s birthday.
    This may sound like a stupid question, but which is the correct side once the parchment is done, the side that you pushed in or the side that is raised?

  47. Maureen says:

    Congratulations Shelie , great winnings. Love the giftables, I cheated and bought them pre-made, as I have so many of Anna’s beautiful kits to keep me busy, but it is a great die to have in our stash. Thanks Anna for the great tutorials every week,

  48. Jan B says:

    Congrats Shellie! Love seeing all the examples! I typically pin them to my huge Pinterest board to refer to later! Thanks again Anna! Eager to someday go to the Create event!! Sounds so fun & helpful!

  49. Beverly Divany says:

    The parchment paper layers make my heart sing ♥ I will be so happy working on these lovely lacey designs.

  50. Cheryl Cain says:

    I love these darling little gift card purses!! I can’t think of a cuter way to give one. I really need t buy that die set. I also love the entire release, parchment craft is such a lovely embellishment.

  51. Diana says:

    Dear Anna, I know you’ve already heard, but everything you make is gorgeous. I will have to build a second story to my craft room pretty soon. Have an enjoyable Labor Day.

  52. Melissa Cano says:

    Good morning, I’m really loving the purse die cut! That’s a definite on my shopping list!! Lost hope you have a great weekend!!!

  53. Diana says:

    Dear Anna I just want to say those little purses are beautiful. Everyone loves to get one whether they are young or old. You have truly made my life enjoyable. I don
    ‘t want to sleep because I have so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  54. Ginger Marx says:

    I love the Christmas parchment layers. I also am happy to see the pencils and I am anxious to create the parchment with a bit of color on them. Thank you for being so in tune
    with all of your faithful friends. You know what will peak our creative juices and you provide everything we need .

  55. Aurora Cabral-Cree says:

    Can’t wait, planning to incorporate Christmas parchment paper t0 this years family Christmas cards!

  56. Sharon Belcher says:

    I love adult coloring in addition to all my scrapbooking 🙂 I plan to take these new chameleon pencils and Christmas coloring cards and dies to my elderly mother in law to help keep her mind sharp and keep her busy. She will love them and so will I. Thank you Anna and team!

  57. Mary Jane Romero says:

    I have purchased the parchment kit, and it is so much fun to work on. I will be assembling them into card masterpiece cards.

  58. Patty Wood says:

    Looking forward to the coming show. The purse would certainly make giving a gift card fun. Thank you for all your ideas.

  59. Mattie M. Thompson says:

    Beautiful, congratulations to this weeks winner, everyone have a safe and blessed holiday weekend.

  60. Pat Ceccacci says:

    I love the purse, what a wonderful way to give a present or gift card for any occasion by just using different papers and accessories. I am a color pencil user and think the dual tips to shade are wonderful. I some times am not sure what to shade with and this makes it easy

  61. Brenda Owen says:

    Congrats to Shellie and happy crafting with your wonderful new items! Once again Anna, thank you for showing us the beautiful purse gift card holders. I have fun making mine also and the parchment paper is a blast to work with. I now need to get my hands on your two tone coloring pencils. Have a great weekend and I can not wait until the new showing.

  62. Susan Anglen says:

    OHMYGOOOSH, I want to play with parchment!!! And I just got my purse-shaped gift card holder die set so I will be playing!!! pleasepleasepleeease I want to win this week and be entered to win a trip to Create!!!

  63. Nancy Sanders says:

    Can’t wait for the Christmas parchment layers! Want them NOW!! 🙂 And thank you for offering them in plenty of time for this year’s production line! I make about 60 cards every year.

  64. Deb Ring says:

    oh I just love the dies and one that makes such a pretty way to give those gift cards. I can see changing this up a bit even to make a masculine card holder. thanks for a great die set!

  65. Anne with an "e" says:

    Greetings, All, and congratulations to Shellie! (Aren’t you walking on air right now?)
    I want to express how profoundly grateful I am to be part of such an amazing community – I am still touched by the good wishes I received from people last week! This blog must be one of the kindest ones on the internet; not surprising, given the graciousness of our hostess, but still impressive! Thank you, Anna and co (and everyone else!), for such a welcoming and inspiring place. It is a gift I cherish.
    Regards, Anne

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