HSN September 15th, 2017 Product Preview 4 Winner

Hi everyone!

What a day! We are on HSN right now, are you watching?! Join us this morning for our other appearances at 11am and 6pm for special presentations of the Kodak Verite Craft 6 Anna Griffin Edition Printer, and later today we are live at 7pm (no longer in the 10pm hour) for full hours of Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting. This week over 1430 of you left us delightful comments ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beauty of our new Angelic Card Toppers 2 and letting us know how much you love our new Christmas Pocket Dies and the matching die cuts. Pamela Doroshuk congratulations to you! We are sending these your way, and you have been entered into our drawing for this year’s Anna Griffin | Create in Atlanta, GA.

This is our last recap for the September 15 shows, but don’t worry! We start right back at our product previews for October 3rd THIS Monday! Because we have such a quick turn around for the next 24 hour Craft Day on October 3rd, we will be switching it up the blog posts a bit! Get ready for Monday AND Friday previews that are bursting at the seams with lots of new items and returning favorites! This also means that our giveaways are going to pack a serious punch, so keep those amazing comments coming!

Want more inspiration? Let’s take a look at more pretty projects!

Create pockets like no other with our Christmas Pocket Cut and Emboss Dies! These beautiful pockets easily embellish your holiday cards, and are ready to be filled up with our perfectly paired Christmas Pocket Die Cut Embellishment set! Make themed pockets of holly and berries, Christmas trees, festive florals and more!

Imagine what you can do with our set of 332 holiday themed pocket embellishments! Punch out wintery postcard scenes, gold-foiled Christmas botanicals, delicate snowflakes, sentiment tags and gorgeous Christmas ephemera to add to our Christmas pockets. This library of holiday die cuts is going to be essential to your Christmas crafting this holiday season.

We love how excited you are for our brand new mini kit, Angelic Card Toppers 2! We’ve packed this box with layers, die cuts, stickers, sentiments and angels of course! This gorgeous, Victorian inspired set is going to bring an angelic charm to each and every project you create with it.

Send a box of love to friends and family with our Window Box Card Making Kit with Cutting Dies. This kit is full with over 200 embellishments including lush flowers, pretty patterns, cheerful sentiments and everything you need to send 20 perfect pop ups!

Be sure to tune in for the rest of our shows, and we will introduce a whole new line up of incredible crafting goods on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!




  1. Janet says:

    Anna I am blown away!!!! Wow those cards are amazing. The gift wrap is so elegant. My fave of all is the jewelry. I love making my own jewelry and your bracelet is beautiful!!!! Thank you for all you do to make the crafting world beautiful!!!

  2. Becky H; says:

    Oct.3rd great, like the embossing gate cards. Waiting on things from Sept. show to be at my door.This time of year starts non-stop crafting.

  3. Tracy Halliburton says:

    Absolutely the most beautiful card making supplies out there! I love making cards with your products! Such good quality and beautiful colors! Thank you! You do inspire me!

  4. Sonya says:

    Thank you for thinking like a crafter in the modern age. Combining technology, historical images and convenience seems to the bee the hallmark of your brand.
    Thank you.

  5. Lauren Butler says:

    Gosh, you know Anna, I’m not certain that I have ever see a card come out of an embossing folder before, let alone a double gate card? What vitamins and supplements are you and your design team taking to come up with these ideas? Pretty cool! Beautiful in the making!

  6. LIS WHTING says:

    Hi Anna!
    I love the new jewelry items! I have been a fan of yours since you first came out with your scrapbook paper. in fact I still have some! I SO LOVE your dies especially. It allows me to make such gorgeous cards and toppers! Thank you for sharing your love of antiques with us. Lis W

  7. Lupe says:

    I am looking forward to the upcoming Anna show. I completely missed the last one. I need that set of Christmas cards with the card toppers and I want the embossing folders. I must have a package of those rosettes. So many lovely things. It’s on my calendar. Thanks Anna!

  8. Kathy Douglass says:

    WOW! So many beautiful things to craft with who can pick a favorite. I love the gift wrapping station. Maybe this year my packages will be as pretty as the gifts. Can’t wait to see all the other things you’ve come up with for the holidays.

  9. Sandy says:

    Can’t wait for Oct. 3rd!!- yay for 24 hours. I love your card-making kits, especially the ones with the dies included. My favorite is the Window Ledge kit, so many creative ideas to come from it. But now I’m anxiously awaiting the Window Box kit to arrive at my mailbox!!

  10. Jodi Poljack says:

    Work at a high school for special needs students and they are already asking which items I am ordering on October 3rd. Love that they create something beautiful and feel successful with your kits. Third year in a row. We love the new tradition.

  11. Raquel Sanchez-Krohn says:

    Wow! So many pretty things! The bracelet and necklace pieces are so beautiful! I also really like the rosettes to place on cards! I hope to be able to tune in on the 3rd, and maybe some day own the Maker also!!

  12. Christina Williams says:

    looking forward to october! i can’t wait to see what you have packaged with the cricut maker! everything looks wonderful as usual!

  13. Marcelle Vaughn says:

    Just decorated for fall,but looking forward to the show. Everything is great but the gift wrap box with the place for scissors and pens is my favorite. It’s a gift wrap station!

  14. Norma H says:

    I am helping out with a Kidz Klub in an RV resort. The Children that come to do crafts are great, I know that they would really enjoy learning about the items shown. it would be a pleasure to see these little artistic grow to be great artists .
    Thank you !!!

  15. Carol says:

    Anna you are the reason I starting card crafting! Never had thought of it before till tuning into HSN a few years ago! I would love EVERYTHING you have shown! I started with a cuttlebug and card kits and people raved about what beautiful cards I make! I know Anna you know the joy that people get when they receive one of my cards! I’m very intimidated by the Cricut machine as I just have no idea how I’d ever be able to learn to use it on my own! Then again if I was fortunate enough to go to your Create event I’m sure I’d learn in no time! I learn by doing!! Wow what a blessing that would b!! Thank you Anna for your passion and for your desire to spread your joy to so many others in this world!! You are our blessing from God above!!

  16. Debbie Walker says:

    Finally finished out how to post a comment . All your creations are beautiful love the embossing folders. Can’t wait for the Maker package. The only way I’ll get one is to win it, but I can’t wait to see what you have put together. Love, love love your creations!

  17. Angel Cyr says:

    Can’t Believe It !!! … I Missed The Special Crafting Day !!! … Due To Being On Vacation ! … Tried To Pull The 10:00 PM Show Up, But Found That It Had Been Cancelled !!! Hopefully, I’ll Still Be Able To Get In On those Items That I’ve Been Wanting To Purchase !!! … Noticed, That The New Storage System Was ” SOLD OUT ” — Doesn’t Surprise Me, At All !!! … It Looked
    ” AMAZING ! ” Sounds, Like Everyone Had An Amazing Time, By Reading Comments, Posted ! … At Least I Got In On That ! Can’t Wait ~~~ For The New Product Line !!! ~~~ Sounds, Exciting !!!


  18. Yocasta says:

    It was a great day! Since I had to work, I ordered everything I needed at 5AM.Unfortunately I hesitated on the new storage case and by the time I got back it was sold out. Thanks to HSN I could see all the complete shows playback.
    Request: Can you Pleaseeeee bring back the seasonal wishes dies and folders? due to a glitch with my bank (fraud alert unit many times denies charges until confirmed) I missed that AS in August. Would love to have my sets complete.

  19. Diane Marie says:

    Anna like you I have crafted most of my life. I got into scrapbooking over ten years now. It always soothed my nerves to go into my craft room and make something. When my mother died a few years ago I found myself unable to scrapbook for a year or so. I couldn’t look at picures and not feel deeply what I had lost. My granddaughters 7 and 8 grew up making things with me. My granddaughter looked at me today and told me, it’s been weeks and weeks since they had crafted with me since papaw died. My husband died the end of March this year. We had been married almost 32 yrs. So today I took one of your Christmas card kits off my shelf in my craftroom. The girls and I had made all the cards left in the box. 18 in all. I had the most relaxing day that I’ve had in a long time today. It felt wonderful to be able to make cards with them today. Your card kits are wonderful. You have made them so we could get down to the fun of making cards. We had made some of the most prettiest cards out of what was left out of the box. I thank you for your products. I have the cricut explore, cuddlebug, and alot of your other products. But today your card kit and God gave me and my girls a good and fun day. Thank you.

  20. Sandy Hanson says:

    You were spectacular on HSN Friday. Like everyone that follows you I am always amazed at your new products. I use all of the embellishments in your kits to make other cards. Can’t wait until Oct. to see what else you have new.
    My prayers go out to all the hurricane victims as I am sure that everyone else does too.

  21. Irene says:

    Hi Anna
    I watched your morning show, because I had to get to work, I could not watch the evening. It was very emotional for the calles, you’ve received! I did cried! Just listening to the lady, whom saved all the embellishments at her washing machine!
    WOW! Having the hope, she will be able get back and making her cards, You had helped to become a “Crafter”! I can say, you had me too! You are the reason, my depression is not deepens, just because I can make my cards, that’s the therapy for me! Thank You!

  22. Christina williams says:

    I am so excited to have your box card kit on it’s way to me! Everytime I’ve seen a photo of those cute little boxes I wondered when I’d get a chance to purchase them! I also ordered your parchment set of papers. I probably won’t be using them for cards for awhile as I’ll need to find some suitable cards and embellishments to use them with but I look forward to getting started on the embossing when they arrive!! They look so beautiful and it does look very therapeutic. Love it! Can’t wait until October!!!

  23. Susan Davis says:

    Any idea when the metal shims for the Go Press will be back in stock. I was up at 5:30 am EST and they were sold out. I am going to Brazil for 3 weeks and afraid I will miss my notice that they are back in stock.

  24. Pam DeKoeyer says:

    *** Product Request: in most of the kits there are gold foiled die cuts such as birthday cake, balloons, baby pray, etc. they are a soft cream with gold foil.
    Can we get a kit with these die cuts?

    Thanks, Pam DeK

  25. Linda Burtoft says:

    HSN Anna Griffin this morning and evening was great.
    Bought so much. Have to get those Christmas cards made.

  26. Sally Bartlett says:

    Since I work during the day I always record. I’m looking forward to watching the new item demos tonight. Love watching Anna!

  27. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations Pamela!!
    Anna it was great watching you on HSN. I’m loving all of the new products, thank you!!!

  28. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Congrats, Pamela! I will be enjoying most of these things as well! I think I’ve purchased most of them. Looking forward to lots of creative therapy in my busy life and thinking of friends and family while making my own Christmas greetings for them all! Love it!

  29. Sandy H says:

    I can’t keep up…October 3 will come too soon f or the budget, but not soon enough for all the great things to see and do. I am having to be much more selective in my ordering now with shows so close together instead of just ordering EVERYTHING like I used to. I really need my lights, gas, phone and car and unfortunately they frown on not paying the bills. Lol
    Utilities frowning is definitely not good!
    Oh well, I’ve never crafted by candlelight before…life is an adventure. LOL

  30. Inga Russ says:

    used your shopping list yesterday to get all the things I wanted. When it gave me the balance I cancelled it all. You came on this morning and I sat there and bought all the things I had deleted yesterday and then bought a few more. haha

  31. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. I was co fused about HSN and HSN2. I am watching recorded. Everything is beautiful! And so are you. Will be looking at 6pm. Enjoy your day. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  32. Robin in Washington says:

    Soooo love the pocket dies!
    “Lovely” just doesn’t do them justice…they’re GORGEOUS!


  33. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna!

    Terrific shows! A new product line -up? Hmm….interesting indeed! You can bet I’ll be tuning in for that!
    Congrats to Pamela! Enjoy your wonderful goodies from Anna!

  34. Diana Hill says:

    Anna, thanks for your inspiration and ideas. I love everything, congratulations to the winners. I can’t wait till the next craft day. Diana

  35. Dolores Kilcoyne says:

    I ordered my favorites. God bless all of Irma’s victims. My heart goes out to you. I donated to Harvey and will do the same for Irma. I’m retired and on a limited income,but let’s not forget that all of those small donations add up and help!

  36. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna

    Congratulations Pamela!
    I’m with Grama Pei on this one, back to back and majorly packed Monday – Friday giveaways!! Whoop, whoop! Happy dances galore! You rock Ms. Anna & thank you for all the hard work you do to make this happen for all of us. Many blessings to you, love Shari

  37. Grama Pei says:

    Congratulations to Pamela Doroshuk! YAYAY for you! I’m imagining the happy-dancing! YAY no lapse between previews! This is exciting! They get me out of bed on Mondays, and now, Fridays too! Whoop!

  38. Maureen says:

    First congratulations to Pamela , any and all Anna Griffin winnings are fabulous, enjoy. Filled my cart as soon as I had the shopping list and hit that buy button. Love Chris comment on calling the bank for an extension, probably on the mortgage pmt, I’ve thought of that myself, I have to miss the shows as I have to work but will watch and enjoy later. Anna I record and watch you over and over and over my dvr is filled with you and your demonstrations and all your products. I can’t wait for Monday to see more and more….

  39. Colleen McCall says:

    My husband just shakes his head when the HSN packages arrive! Good thing he doesn’t know when the 24 hour crafting begins, he’d probably cut off the electricity to the house to stop me from ordering!

  40. Janet Alba says:

    Anna, I inadvertently bought the Anna Griffin Cricut machine without your design space bundle. Is it possible for me to get your design space items? There are a few loaded but I would like it all.
    Thanks, Janet

  41. Chris Swanson says:

    And again on October 3rd? OH MY! I just had to buy a new car … Now to figure out how to budget the next round of items! *lol* – I’m figuring your version of the new Cricut will be presented at that time?? I wonder if the bank would understand me skipping one payment next month?? LOL

  42. Carla Haase says:

    Overslept this morning but I recorded you, Anna. Watching you now. Ordered everything yesterday from the list. Now can’t wait until Oct. 3rd. Working on the craft budget for that. Love you.

  43. Nancy says:

    I just wanted to say, I love watching you Anna! You make me feel like I can be creative. You reaffirm my feelings of contentment and happiness of when I make my own cards. The feeling of giving someone I care about a card that I made with love is so fulfilling. Thank you Anna.

  44. Susan Weatherly says:

    I ordered the Card Toppers and Box Cards yesterday. Didn’t want to miss out on them.
    Waiting on Oct 3rd for the Cricut Maker.

  45. mamacrafter says:

    I was sooo BAD ! Could not sleep so I shopped during the night. I fell asleep and forgot to order the angelic Card toppers. Good thing I had my husband set my alarm for your 10 am show. I punched the snooze and he had waffles and coffee for me when you came on. What more could a woman want in a man and crafting? what a day1 NAP TIME AND I WILL BE READY FOR 6PM Thanks Anna for such fun items.

  46. RandellynB says:

    I got my goodies ordered this morning….only a few items as I’m saving for the Oct. 3rd Crafting Day. Love all those beautiful cards and really enjoy watching your presentations when your’re on HSN. Can’t wait to see what more will be coming for the holidays!

  47. Hobo says:

    I made my order at midnight. I have an idea. You have had so many different types of cards-box, window, flip, etc., have you ever considered a Xmas set that would include a couple of each formats?

  48. Joan Baker says:

    Wish I could order from HSN. As I live in England I don’t have the privilege, but l do have the pleasure of looking at all the amazing, beautiful products on my I pad. Enjoy your day everyoneX

  49. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! Great Show! Great Day! Thanks Anna for making this a more beautiful world.

  50. Pamela V. says:

    I really enjoy looking at what you do, it is amazing that week after week you come up with new ways to do things.

  51. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Woo hoo! Yes watching! I love the pencils you are showing! You are Rockin & Rollin! Crafting is in the HSN house!

  52. Rosemary Whitacre says:

    Just got my cable and internet since Hurricane Irma. So grateful to be able to see your show which is going on right now. Great products. Can’t wait to start making Christmas cards. Such creativity tools everyone should have.

  53. Linda Davis says:

    Have a great day, Anna! We’ll be watching you at my shop today!

    Already ordered some goodies (pencils, foil, storage caddy, some dies, holiday parchment, and some other goodies!

    Whoo! Hoo!

  54. Joee Balestrieri says:


  55. Lauren says:

    Good luck and have fun today Anna! We are all sitting here waiting for you to come on HSN! Just a few minutes to go!

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