HSN October 3rd, 2017 Product Preview 1

Hi everyone,

As promised, it’s time to get things rolling for our shows on HSN October 3rd! Get excited because it’s going to be a 24 hour Craft Day AND we have the Today’s Special—The Cricut Maker plus an auto ship that is almost too good to be true! If you missed the preview we did for you last month on the Cricut Maker, you can read more about it here. Our hours for Craft Day are 12am, 1am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 9pm and 10pm. Over the next 2 weeks we are going to bombard you with spectacular crafting goods, new Christmas items and we’re even diving in to some product lines we have never explored before.

Are you ready to get started?

Have you ever wanted to make jewelry with Anna Griffin style? Well now you can! Inspired by Anna’s personal collection of vintage jewelry, we have created do it yourself collage kits for bracelets and pendant necklaces. What’s even better? They are easy to make! Decorative frames are ready to fill with cabochon overlays and patterned stickers. These mix and match pieces come in gold plate or rhodium plated silver.

The Anna Griffin Charm Bracelet kit includes 2 lovely link charm bracelets with 6 decorative frames for you to fill with our exquisite, themed imagery. You’ll get 18 themed stickers and 12 cabochons along with the 2 charm bracelets. Fill the spaces with your choice of floral, bird, butterfly and botanical ephemera to create a truly special gift.

The Pendant Necklace Set is a true work of art. Mix and match antique reproductions of intaglio seals and vermeil leaves with decorative frames. See the incredible detail and beauty of the charms that you can wear alone or layer together for a unique look! The set of 5 decorative pendants and it includes 2 frames that you can customize with our printed stickers and cabochons. Combine different pieces on the chain for 25 different looks!

Encore, encore! Our Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2 are coming October 3rd to HSN! This set is a card crafter’s dream because you can make beautiful three dimensional cards in minutes. You will get 100, die cut collage toppers that are beautifully designed with sentiments, holiday imagery and decorative edges.

The perfect pairing for our Christmas Collage Card Toppers 2 is our Perfect Patterned Cards for Christmas. This set of 50, 5×7 cards and envelopes feature lovely patterns and frames in holiday colors. We have re-released the 5×7 portion of this 2016 card set to make your holiday crafting a cinch!

One of the most useful products we offer is our Printed Card Inserts for Christmas and Everyday. You will never be at a loss for words with this set of 88 pre-printed greeting card inserts. The greetings come vertically and horizontally with copy for all occasions!

Say hello to our newest set of Christmas Double Gatefold Embossing Folders! The designs are decadent and are sure to make your holiday cards stand out from all the rest. The set of 4 designs include a Christmas Wreath, Cascading Bow, Holiday Tree and lovely Ornaments. Get out your metallic card layers and start creating cards with these folders in no time!

You know we love our Chic Wrap Gift Wrap Cutter and Dispenser! We will have the holiday and everyday versions of this unique paper cutter available on October 3rd. Each unit comes with 4 rolls of double sided gift wrap and it can store any 30″ roll you may already have. This is wrapping made simple!

Back by popular demand is our decorative Christmas Packing Tape. Many of us ship packages during the holidays to friends and family. Why not make those brown boxes more cheerful? We give you three styles of Anna Griffin printed tape and an easy to use dispenser to make all of your holiday packages surprise and delight!

One of our all time favorite embellishments is our Christmas Rosettes! Our set of 30 pre-made wheels add instant dimension without the work! Aren’t you glad we brought these back?


Want to win the Rosettes, Embossing Folders, Packing Tape, Christmas Collage Card Toppers, Christmas Perfect Patterned cards? Just comment here on the blog and we will draw a winner on Friday.

There will be a giveaway every Friday and Monday from now until October 2nd, so make sure to stay tuned right here! That’s not all, we will draw 3 lucky winning names, from all of our 2017 blog winners, for a ticket to the 3rd Annual Anna Griffin Create on October 2nd.




  1. Candi Hayes says:

    I am fairly new to the crafting world! All I can say about this blog is WOWWWWWWWWWW!!! I would love any of the items! I look forward to learning more!

  2. Donna Miller says:

    I’d love seeing all the new products and things you have to offer. I’m interested in the cricut maker. Could you please speak louder on your youtube videos? I love watching all of yours, but you are very hard to hear.

  3. Jan Fowler says:

    There are so many lovely items. I really love the rosettes, and the printed card inserts are always nice to have in stock.

  4. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    Thank you for supplying us with the material and tools that make our crafting so enjoyable. I am working on Christmas now and still have some new projects to start. You provide us with everything we need and all the support we require. Anna, your talents amaze me. Looking forward to 24 hour Craft Day in October. Thanks again.

  5. Yolanda K Medelez says:

    October was my favorite month because my birthday is on the 14th but this year it’s my favorite because of all the great items Anna is going to have on HSN on 3rd.

  6. John Gillespie says:

    Everything is fabulous!!! I can’t wait until October 3rd…. I am looking forward to the Cricut Maker and of course I love the Christmas Gatefold Embossing folders!

  7. Susan Coleman says:

    Love the cricut maker can’t wait to purchase it , but you know I’ll have to buy anna gate full embossing folders also ,it’s going to be a tough day for me. Too many things to buy. Lol thanks Anna

  8. Debora Leyba says:

    Oh my! Anna Griffin you outdo yourself. I am just returning to crafting following my retirement. I am currently negotiating an increase in the crafting budget so that I can stay up all night and order at least one of everything. Thank you so much for giving us this preview.

  9. Lisa Tolen says:

    Anna, I’m just so amazed at the volume and creativity you bring to us every time. You and your team have been busy this year. Jaw dropping excitement for the gate fold embossing folders. Of course, they need to be an Auto Ship encompassing all seasons / holidays / special occasions. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Jewelry, really. Gorgeous. I’ve purchased kits like those before. Now, I can add your special pieces to my collection.
    Thanks for the fresh exciting goodies. I know you’ll keep them coming.

  10. Nancy Hulsey says:

    I want it all as usual! Everything looks fantastic esp the gatefold embossing folders! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs with us. Love them!

  11. Janet says:

    Anna everything is amazing!! I can not wait to make my own necklace. That is beautiful!!! Those cards and your gift wrap!! WOW!!!

  12. Elizabeth L. says:

    Nobody does Christmas like Anna! Wow, so many beautiful products in one preview! I need them all!!!! 🙂 And jewelry… I could not believe my eyes!

  13. Victoria Figueroa says:

    Everything is so beautiful. I would enjoy having it all. My creative juices are starting to flow thanks to you.

  14. Zenja Hyde-Ballesteros says:

    Pure AWESOMENESS Anna Griffin jewelry!!! You are a genius! Can’t wait to order! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! ***happy dancing

  15. Jill Treleven says:

    WOW .. You weren’t kidding when you said it was gonna be packed w/ Lots of goodies .. so many .. Now Jewelry .. Gonna be exciting to see the New Cricut Maker .. I don’t own a Cricut.. Excited to see what this New one can do.

  16. Becky H; says:

    Rosettes on my for sure list. The gate fold embossing cards landed there too. Wonderful to have another show coming in Oct.

  17. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    I can’t wait to start making my Christmas cards. I love all your products, and I just started making cards this year!!!!

  18. Criss Behe says:

    Lovely cards! Must, must, MUST start my cards now! Thanks for the reminder! Just got my craft room reorganized with my new DEFLECTO trays so I now have room to PROCEED with my ANNA GRIFFIN card making!

  19. Sandra Belanger says:

    All you new products are awesome! I have my heart set on the cricut machine but as luck would have it, it won’t be this year. Can’t wait for Oct. 3rd!

  20. Betsy Muniz says:

    Hi Anna ,just got my new printer ,I’m thinking to get the new jewelry, and I can’t wait to star making xmas cards with the printer I am in love with it.

  21. Lauren Butler says:

    I’m in love! Yes, love! Just finished my first pop up window card! Beautiful in the making! Thank you Anna! Love, love, love!

  22. Marcia Stearman says:

    Oh my goodness! I love the jewelry, especially the necklaces and charms. The Christmas gatefold embossing folders are beautiful. Last year, I got the rosettes and used almost all of them on packages. I may need another set of those.

  23. Karen Fabian says:

    WOW!!!!! Anna this preview was jammed pack with so many goodies it made my mouth water. I LOVE all the things to make Christmas cards the best like the Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2, Perfect Patterned Cards for Christmas and Christmas Double Gatefold Embossing Folders. The wrapping center has been on my wish list for a while but there is always way too many great items I need for making cards – so it will stay on the back burner. I really love the TS – The Cricut Maker plus an auto ship. I am so exited I cannot wait for October 3.

  24. Patricia M Gonsalves says:

    Just when I think I couldn’t possibly need anything else, Anna comes up with so many new items. How could I say I don’t need anything else when I see do much more I need. Ok, I don’t need, I want. I would love to be picked for free gifts. That being said, PICK ME, PICK ME.


  25. Robin Scarbrough says:

    Christmas is my weakness, how did you know Anna!! No one does christmas like you! Can’t wait for the next preview and the 24 hour crafting day!

  26. Sandi says:

    Card toppers and inserts, to name a couple of items. I will go crazy as always with regards to Christmas goodies. Oct. 3 can’t be here soon enough! Woo Hoo my credit card is already smoking…….

  27. Lois Kimmerle says:

    omigosh – everything is gorgeous…the jewelry is incredible and the Christmas cards and toppers are lovely…wow!! thanks for sharing – see you in October

  28. Sharon Opel says:

    Wow! October 3rd is going to be a totally amazing day! Can’t wait to see all of the product demonstrations. Starting a list right now…

  29. Vaye Smith says:

    Oh so fun…….. I received my box of Anna Griffin items today…. Just like Christmas every time a box comes….. I’m so looking forward to October 3rd………love love everything:-)

  30. Joy Penegar says:

    In the words of Shirley Temple, “Oh my goodness”.
    Those Christmas toppers, cards & sentiments are coming home with me one way or another.
    I just love the looks on the faces of the loves one who I give your cards too. October 3rd can’t come fast enough!!!!

  31. Linda Foster says:

    Looking forward to seeing your next show. I believe I am addicted to your amazing talent and your products. I just can’t get enough.

  32. Penny Carter says:

    It is so wonderful to see all of these perfect Christmas items for Oct. 3rd. I love the perfect Christmas cards, the college toppers and of course the inserts for the cards!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next! I would like to se the big box of Christmas cards with the big gold ribbon, wrapped around it. It was always a big thing to receive the beautiful box in the mail, even when you know what was in it. The excitement was everywhere. Hopefully we will see that next year! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!

  33. Beth Jones says:

    Oh my goodness! Everything is so exciting— thrilled by the jewelry,. love the gatefold embossing folders, the metallic papers, the card front! Wow. I surely hope to be watching on October. 3rd!

  34. Sandy Hanson says:

    countdown has started only 11 more days til we get to see you again. can’t wait to see all the new and beautiful items you have for us. til then working on the last kit I got.

  35. Julie Smith says:

    So many delightful products! How do keep coming up with fresh ideas? I would love to win any and all of your products. You always make me look good! Thank you for all you do!!

  36. Judith Martinez says:

    Going to be away from home on Oct. 3rd, but will be happy to order so much on my computer. Hope I have enough available credit on my HSN credit card.

  37. Joan Riedell says:

    There is so much to like about this bundle of goodies. I love the gatefold cards and the inserts are just perfect for every occasion. They are always needed. I drool over the wrapping paper cutter, too. Everything has a purpose and a place of honor! Love them!

  38. Lulu Gallegos says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love ALL your products, I actually have a designated book shelf just for Anna Griffin products

  39. Karen Lorenz says:

    I am so excited with all your Christmas items. Looking forward to Oct 3. You and your team do a fantastic job with designing all these wonderful goodies. I really like your Go Pro and Press heated stamp maker with Foil. I hope you will continue with more heat stamps. Thank you.

  40. Linda says:

    The Perfect Card Base is just what is need for those card toppers. Love all the items. This year it is quick and beautiful for me with the Christmas Cards.

  41. Tracy Halliburton says:

    Thank you for making such beautiful items for card making and more! I truly love all your pretties! You make it so easy to make beautiful things for people we love. Looking forward to more!

  42. Karen Marie Buono says:

    So many beautiful products, it is difficult to decide what I want. I LOVE the Christmas card toppers, and of course the card kits.

  43. Tammy Davis says:

    Sooo excited for these new Christmas items!! It is my favorite time of year and your look is so elegant yet fun. Thanks, Anna.

  44. Mary Helen Harris says:

    Every item would be fabulous to have! Those liners are perfect! I never make the 6×6 cards, so I have all of those left over. This set is all 5×7!! Perfect, no waste! I use your toppers all the time! New Christmas ones are very welcome! Tape, wrapping box! Yes, please!!
    I have all of your embossing folders, so send them on!! Love it all!!

  45. Anne with an "e" says:

    Greetings, All!
    Thank goodness the next craft day is coming up soon – your shows on September 15th went by much too quickly! And two peeks a week is heaven! (Trying not to think about the withdrawal I’ll feel after the 3rd!)
    Everything this post is glorious… I especially love the “Christmas Double Gatefold Embossing Folders”. I have the original set, which I adore. (They made a fantastic, stand-up “wrapper” for thank you’s to hotel housekeeping on a recent, long-awaited vacation!)
    Thank you, once again, for all you do – and for allowing us to share the beauty you create!
    Regards, Anne

  46. Ann Robson says:

    Oh Anna…how do I pick just one? That is totally impossible, I love them all!! But I would pick the Christmas Cards and the Christmas Gatefold Embossing folders to add to my Christmas card making arsenal! I’ll be watching on October 2nd…can’t wait…see you then!

  47. Cindy says:

    I’m excited about the Christmas card kits! They are beautiful! The jewelry is amazing! I’d love to make the bracelet!

    Thank you for the wonderful products!


  48. Tamara Lord says:

    I love your products and am so excited for the new ones especially the Christmas ones! I just received my last purchase from HSN yesterday. I love opening the boxes! It is like I am getting presents with the beautiful boxes wrapped in the tissue paper inside the other boxes! Thank you!

  49. Niobel Mendez says:

    I new to the Cricut/craft family and I’m totally in love with anything Anna Griffin I’m having so much fun creating beautiful things 🙂 and just like you say beautiful in the making

  50. AnnaMarie says:

    I can hardly wait until the 3rd!! You create the most lovely things and give us the opportunity to create beauty as well.

  51. Brenda Wise says:

    Anna, I love your Christmas products for card making
    I now make all my own cards but only use your products. I can’t wait until October for the next show as I just love love love everything

  52. Jan Linder-Koda says:

    The time of year when I lose my mind with card making, gift giving and showering my family and friends with beautiful cards I make from Anna Griffin’s collections. Can’t wait!!

  53. Joan says:

    It has to be the jewelry as my two passions are card crafting and jewelry making and now to add them together. Be still my . You never let us down from show to show.

  54. Mary Beth says:

    Perfect Patterned Christmas Cards – PLEASE!! I have so many AG die cuts, tags, papers, and toppers for Christmas these would round out the supplies for one of a kind a la carte creations!!

  55. Christine Hafner says:

    Hello Anna! I love your Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2, mostly because they are so pretty, easy to create with, and versatile. They are not just for cards–you can also put them on gifts and Christmas projects–so you actually get more for your money!

  56. Jackie says:

    Sometimes I think I love the holidays for the wrapping paper, trim and cards more than anything else!! Love the packing tape.

  57. Laura Stout says:

    I’m obsessed with Anna Griffin embossing folders and card toppers! Thank you for all the top notch goodies you are continually bringing us!

  58. Jennifer Huang says:

    Awesome-sauce- Everything is lovely but Did you say Anna Griffin inspired jewelry?! (Whoo-hoo-) Count me in! Congrats on your venture into jewelry. I look forward to seeing what you and your team create/bring to beautify our lives. Also,
    (just a thought-) would love to see collection inspired/specific jewelry kits with (fabric?) patterned beads, charms and findings (i.e. a Gracie kit with black/floral beads and gold bird/birdcage charms, a Chinoiserie kit with bright/patterned beads with pagoda/peacock/lantern charms, a Grace kit with floral/patterned beads, flower charms and coordinating ribbon ties, etc.) Have added lots of items/goodies to my Oct. 3rd shopping/wish list. Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for all that you do! Keep the it coming! ^_^

  59. Jeanie Schenk says:

    Love all of Anna’s products. Every one of them is more beautiful than the last. Can’t wait for October 3rd show!

  60. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    I am so looking forward to the October show. I would love it all, but can see the card toppers and layers as being real time savers. Good luck to all of us.

  61. Lisa Zimmer says:

    All of the products look wonderful. I think it would be fun to make the jewelry and then be able to tell people I made it myself, with your kit, when I wore it.
    I have a room I am able to dedicate to crafting. As I arrange the shelvesyour boxes, folios and dies binders look wonderful. The new and returning products look like the will be fun to work with and display beautifully.
    Thank you for all of your hard work so my creativity is so much easier.

  62. Betty Schmucker says:

    The embossing folders are a have to Have! Along with all of the rest. Love your design’s Anna. Can’t wait for the 3rd.

  63. Sara Falcone says:

    I need to buy a 2nd. house just to keeping up with you and your new exquisitely craft collections… Since I discovered you I get your beautiful collections.
    And I Love it! I cannot wait! This is a dream come true

  64. Allison Oakey says:

    Anna, every time you have been on Hsn lately I tell myself that I don’t need anything because I already have many many many of your items. Then you show the new things! And I always love it all and have to have it all! Rats!

    Again everything is exquisitely beautiful! I really love that you are bringing us the card inserts because I have run out and wanted more. You can never have too many fabulous Christmas items and yours out shine anyone else’s out there by far!

    Thank you for all you do for us. You make us sooooo happy! 🙂

  65. Patricia Coddington says:

    Precious jewelry and much more… Love the Christmas items too! Thanks for bringing us all the shiny pretties… love it all!!

  66. Diane Fox says:

    Dear Anna, do I have to make choices? I’m eyeing the new cricket. I have an old one All the Christmas items are tantalizing too. What will I choose? You make everything so tantalizing .

  67. Evelyn Millan says:

    Hi Anna! Love the Christmas products especially the toppers and folders. Would love to win a Cricut! I’m always in awe of what they can do. Maybe one day I’ll get a Cricut.

  68. Shellie Fontana says:

    Hi, Anna! So, my favorite today is your PRETTY, INNOVATIVE hand-made charm bracelet made with Cricut Maker. How sweet to make and wear, or gift someone, a token symbol of your beautiful-in-the-making creativity! I am a little behind, making ready for Christmas due to my cross-country move, but now I am happily getting the creative juices flowing by working on Parchment cards that I simply cannot wait to send out! I am also eager to assemble Christmas cards with your new Christmas Pockets (die cut), and your CHRISTMAS ROSETTES are the perfect way to save me a little time! You think of EVERYTHING, VERY Card-Mother–THANK YOU SO KINDLY! One day I will enjoy thanking you in person, and meeting other Griffinites who flourish our world with your beautiful makings!

  69. Christine Canterbury says:

    You are one amazing lady, when I think there is nothing else you could do to top your beautiful creations you have made, you up the bar. To be able to wear jewelry from you everyone knows that it will be gorgeous. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us Griffinites with your fabulous products.

  70. Anita Weld says:

    I love the vintage Christmas Collage toppers, the new Christmas card bases and the wrapping paper and packing tape. Well done!!!

  71. Deepa says:

    Anna does it yet again!! Oh my goidness! What a treat it is to see this preview! The Cricut maker is magic and along with it come your delightful jeweller. I really should save to upgrade to the Maker. Anna, I’m full of excitement and Hope I am lucky to get to win this absolutely splendid collection of Crafters treats! Whoever wins this week, you’re one very lucky gal!

  72. CONNIE JOHNSON says:

    …These are a few of my favorite things!

    Anna, is there going to be an Anna Griffin gold Cricut Maker?


  73. Vanessa pecze says:

    All beautiful products! Love the christmas gatefold cards and would love to try the wrapping paper all your products are just so pretty!

  74. Melinda Keeley says:

    I’m truly at a loss for words, which never happens! Your products just keep getting better and better. I love ❤️ your jewelry! So unique! Can’t wait til Oct 3rd!

  75. Barbara Youngman says:

    How can you choose what to buy? I wish I could buy all, I thought I was ready to start my Christmas cards until I watched this. Will be watching you on October 3. Can hardly wait.

  76. Mamacrafter2 says:

    Anna and Crew,GET OUT OF MY HEAD !! I have been collecting charms and chains and frames etc, to make Charm bracelets for Christmas. HA all great minds think alike!. Keep the sassy goodies coming cause I like your style.

  77. Deborah Scott says:

    Love it all as usual! Lol! Jewelry looks stunning. Christmas gift wrap station would be awesome too. Love all of your new products! Hope I win!

  78. Christina Rugg says:

    I can almost hear the sounds and smells of Christmas, so many beautiful things to pick from. Topper are necessity and the Christmas folders are a must-have. The Christmas cards look so festive to work with. Looking forward to getting my cards started and mailed.

  79. Cheryl S says:

    Everything is beautiful – but my particular favorite are the Christmas Double Gatefold Embossing Folders. They are beautiful with the metallic card. Thank you for these great products, previews, inspiration and chance to win!

  80. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    I really like the new jewelry kit. I’ll be able to make some lovely gifts with it. And I can’t wait to get the new double gatefold embossing folders. Of all the embellishments I use on my cards, nothing makes more of an impact than beautiful embossing. My excitement is growing in anticipation of all the new products yet to come. Can’t wait for “Santa Anna” to arrive on October 3rd!

  81. Sharon Alvis says:

    My birthday is this Sunday (the 24th), and winning my favorite embossing folders and all the rest of these lovely products would make my day So Very Special!!!!!

  82. Nancy Ludwig says:

    I like the Christmas Collage Toppers. It looks like the packaging is better on these toppers than the ones I had previously purchased where at least half of them were bent and/or torn rendering them unuseable. The jewelry is also very intriguing and as usual I love all of Anna’s products.

  83. Jane S Baker says:

    Anna, I am trying to get all my Halloween cards finished up so I can get started on Christmas. I love all the new and the old items you previewed. The new gateway folders look great and also the card toppers. Can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for all your wonderful products.

  84. Rosie V. says:

    Hi Anna! I love the card inserts! I also love your embossing folders so I can’t wait to get your new Christmas ones!

  85. Judy F. says:

    Ooooooo! So many fun things! Gotta say that i love the jewelry! Still wear my necklace from Create last year, and get so many compliments on it. I think I’d like to present my jewelry gifts in a lovely way using a special design on the new Cricut. ***! So exciting!!

  86. kathy pittman says:

    The embossing folders, the cards, the Cricut Maker, and now the jewelry – there’s never a less than awesome and amazing choice in the bunch Anna! Love them all!

  87. Judy Bechtler says:

    OH WOW! So many beautiful things to see and buy. Can’t wait to see the presentation on 10/3/17. I watch and buy when I can catch the shows on HSN. Thank you Anna for all of the beautiful creations. Keep them coming. We love you so much.

  88. Pam DeKoeyer says:

    OH MY. I NEED TO SAVE $ UP QUICK for 10/3/17.

    *** I really love and will order everything! ***

    —Product question:
    I would like to request a folio of foil die cuts as in our kits (i.e.) cake, champagne bottle, balloons, baby pram, butterflies, etc. I am always looking for more of that product for my cards.
    Thanks. Love u Anna & Girls

  89. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    Jewelry, wow, talk about fun and beautiful. This is just too much. I can’t even imagine what you all will come up with next?!

  90. Deena Canup says:

    You weren’t kidding when you said this preview would be jam packed! Lots of beautiful things. I am very excited about the Christmas Double Gatefold EF. October 3rd, here we come!

  91. Marxann Bending says:

    Luv, luv, luv everything!! But I reslly like the gift wrap dispenser and packing tape!! Makes wrapping and sending packages a breeze!!

  92. Tandara Smith says:

    Everything is wonderful as usual. I especially like the new gatefold embossing folders. Thank you for the chance to win.

  93. Melody says:

    I have to be honest that the jewelry really isn’t my thing. With that being said, I love everything else. Can’t believe we are getting ready for Christmas but it will be here before we know it. Thanks for your creativeness.

  94. Sonya says:

    Create and Dream. Thanks for the pending inspiration. Love sentiment inserts, gatefold embossing folders. And Less we forget the new cricket…..Ooolala.

    Thanks Team Anna.

  95. Sandy Christman says:

    I really need the Holiday foil for the Go Press Foil machine & it went right out of my cart into sold out! My order came in today with the Christmas dies and I need to make my Christmas cards.
    Please tell me you will have more on Oct. 3rd.

  96. georgia woodruff says:

    I was so dizzy trying to keep up w/everything Anna was showing as I tried to make my list of things I wanted, I had to keep going back because there was so much (excited) – The thing I liked the most was the Christmas Rosetta, the Christmas Vintage Toppers, the Christmas Cards and Envelops and the Christmas/Everyday Inserts, in other words, all that I have mentioned is really another Christmas Card kit so I am going to say I like the Christmas Card kit because if you get these 4 items, it really is another Christmas Card Kit and then when Anna shows the the real Christmas Card Kit on Oct 3rd, I will really have two kits (I do my best card making @ Christmas time you know) – ,

  97. Marlene Iacuzzi says:


  98. Linda Foster says:

    ! anna can, t wait for oct 3 you r ten oclock show was not on HSN2 the last time . Looking forward to this one. Linda foster, please. Let me win something.

  99. ROBINA FELKER says:

    I love the gate fold embossing. I have the others as well and they work great. These are even better. I like the rosetts as well. I made gift tags out of the everyday ones I had.

  100. Darleen Maahs says:

    Oh dear, I guess my favorite item would be the wrapping paper holder/cutter. I want to get it for my husband so he can enjoy wrapping all the presents for the holidays. I missed not seeing you on HSN2 on the 15th, but I will make it up on Oct.3 !! Have a great day and thank you for the preview.

  101. Dottie Kline says:

    I can not waite to see the new product coming.I hope I can be one of your lucky winner.The cards I make people love them.I know I can put my name on the back but I tell them because of your product I can make them.It makes me feel so good. Thank You for all that you bring.

  102. Carolyn Cooper says:

    Loving the jewelry! Very unique! *** that Cricut Maker!! Too Cool! Can hardly wait for the show! Thanks Anna and team.

  103. Laura Nadig says:

    Love the bracelets. And I would LOVE the new cricut maker! I have an old school model (one of the first ones), and admittedly the new technology SCARES me …but I think I’ll figure it out …EVENTUALLY! Thanks for allowing us into your world! It’s a beautiful place to be!

  104. Lisa Leavit says:

    Loving the jewelry options, the gate embossing folder, all the holiday goodies!! and … I LOVE using Anna’s cards AFTER the holidays — those great designs make fabulous vintage backgrounds for every occasion! Hope the hubby likes Ramen noodles .. cuz momma here wants one of everything!! 😀

  105. Bonnie McCormack says:


    I have a lot of your creations and love them all.
    BUT the set of Christmas card emboss folders are so exciting – can’t wait to get those and start my Christmas cards this year!!

  106. Carol Coleman says:

    So excited about the Christmas gatefold cards and the paper pack that will help beautiful cards. I’m really excited about the jewelry kit. Wow! Gorgeous! Also happy seeing toppers being used on the card base sets. I came across that recently and was wondering about what to make with the tops. WooHoo! See you Oct 3

  107. Linda says:

    The Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2 and Christmas cards seem to be what I should have to make fast and beautiful cards this year.

  108. Mary Beth says:

    Rosettes!!! Love the “tree” made from rosettes! They are always so festive and add another layer of texture and detail!!!

  109. Renee says:

    i would love to win any of these items- i am on a buying freeze to save up money to go see my grandson graduate boot camp in Nov
    good luck everyone

  110. Mary M. says:

    Adore the gate fold embossing folders. The cards created from those folders have to be gorgeous!! Can’t wait for October 3rd. I love Craft n Hobby day on HSN.

  111. Charlene Helgoth says:

    I love the Vintage Christmas Card Toppers! I still like to embellish them, but they are a great start! Love it all, Anna! Thank you for all the meaningful inspiration and fun!

  112. Diana Hill says:

    Anna, I am so looking forward to this craft day. I love all of your cards and can’t wait to see you and the cards on HSN. Diana

  113. Connie Cox says:

    WOW I all ways watch you on HSN for many years. I can’t wait to see the new cricut maker. I love love love the embossing folder and metallic cardstock . Thank You.

  114. Cathy Sobotka says:

    Love your new jewelry line! Wonderful! Yeah for the Christmas card toppers and the bases for the cards. Always loved the embossing folders. It’s going to be a great show!

  115. Leslie Kiley says:

    I am so excited to see all the Holiday goodness! Your new jewelry would be the perfect gift for many of my gift giving needs!

  116. Katina Wier says:

    I am wanting to start making my own Christmas cards and these items would make it easier for me. LOVE Anna Griffin’s designs!

  117. Maria Pane says:

    Oh my – 10/3 is jam packed – Inlove it all and since it’s Christmas – I need to have it all – I especially can’t wait to purchase the Christmas gatefold embossing folders! Wow! You make so many awesome products! Thank you!

  118. Debbie Busby says:

    Holy WOW!! Your products are gorgeous!! You make crafting look beautiful!! Thank you Anna!! Excited about the new goodies!!!

  119. Mary Anne Heric says:

    I love to see your Monday blog to see what new and exciting crafts you will have for us on HSN. So far October 3rd is looking very exciting. Wish I could afford the Cricut Maker but do not think it will be in my budget. Want to get a lot of the other kits you will be selling! I will be keeping an eye on your Friday blogs to for all new products for my card making.


    The cricut maker looks amazing!!! Also the wrapping paper cutter would make christmas so much easier!!

  121. Laura says:

    I’ve been waiting for the cricut maker autoship, and now you have so many more beautiful things to offer that day. It is very hard to pick. I don’t know why I was surprised to see jewelry, it is beautiful. I really do love how we can make more of your beautiful things with our cricut machines, dies, and embossing folders. Thank you also for the chance to win, it’s a privilege to win any of your items.

  122. Judy Nurkkala says:

    With the Cricut Maker, I could give away the one I have that is made by another maker and could do so much more with yours!

  123. Kathy Brenneman says:

    Hi Anna,
    I just love all the new products and I would be so happy, blessed and grateful to win any of the products. I Love the vintage jewelry. I can hardly wait for craft day.I am looking forward to it.

  124. Trish Aldrin says:

    I will be starting a crafting group at our church and it will be Anna Griffin style crafting for sure. I am starting with the Window Box Card Making Kit. I’m sure even beginners will love to make this. Let’s go Anna!!

  125. Amy Borgen says:

    Wowser, Wow, Wow, Wow! This looks like it will be a fun packed show! I think I especially like the Christmas Card Toppers and the base cards. Looking forward to the show!

  126. Cecilia Fisher says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am interested in all your products! The Cricut Maker, now that very interesting. I will be watching on Oct 3

  127. Valerie Lewis says:

    The cricut maker will be at the top of the list . But love all the Christmas embellishments and the gatefold Christmas cards are a must have also. The choices are unbearable. Thanks again for all your creations.

  128. Victoria L DeYot says:

    I love everything! I have been gathering so much Christmas stuff that I am planning a Christmas crafting weekend with my Create travel BFF at the end of the month! Believe it or not I presently have two big boxes from HSN in the foyer filled with your products. With recovery from Hurricane Irma and my mother going in for surgery tomorrow morning I just haven’t had time to open my presents yet (a present is any package delivered that contains goodies and not bills).
    Cannot wait for November and have pretty much decided that I absolutely will have to get the Cricut Maker next month..

  129. NormaLou says:

    Anna, my favorite item from this preview is the Double Gatefold Embossing Folder Set. Of course, I would gladly accept the remainderr. (Smiley face inserted here!!!)

  130. Rhonda Roumph says:

    Boy , I love all of the new products !! My 2 favorites would be the embossing folders and the metallic cardstock . Thanks, Rhonda

  131. Linda Jones says:

    I just love all your things, Anna.I lost all my Anna Griffin card stuff in a flood in June, so I repurchased your Xmas card kit from HSN this September. I will be making cards with my mom.My dad just passed on Sept 6th at the age of 95. Mom and Dad were together 73 years. I want to spend more time now with Mom so we will be making your cards together this year. I am sure these cards will mean more than any I have made in the past.I would love any of your beautiful items that we could use for our Xmas card making day/week. We will be making and sharing these cards with lots of love. Thank you Anna for all the beautiful items you create to share.And If I had to pick just one I’d pick the card toppers, because they would go nicely with the Xmas card kit and be easy for my 95 year old Mom to add to her cards.

  132. Trish H says:

    I’m getting so excited. I can’t wait until craft day so I can check out the Cricut maker and see all your other goodies.

  133. Janet Oquendo says:

    How do you out do your self? but you have again !!!! These cards are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Sure would like to be able to make these but I am on a disability stipend. God bless you and everything you do

  134. Dianne Ducharme says:

    You continue to outdo yourself time and again. Love the jewelry and of course the folders. It’s all wonderful. Thank you Anna!!!

  135. Toni Noblet says:

    I’m so excited about the 24 hours craft show On October 3rd; I’m dreaming on getting the cricut maker, and all the new Christmas product that Anna has for all of us… it feels like Christmas Morning every time I see these product previews… Thank you Anna

  136. Danielle DAVIS says:

    Anna a bracelet and necklace?! Wow! I’m just in total lust. Love this new direction. What a fun project to do with my daughter. Thank you. Can’t wait for craft day.

  137. Jo Royse says:

    WOW WOW WOW I can not wait for Oct 3. The Christmas items are beautiful. I always send Anna cards for all special days.

  138. Kimberly says:

    WOW! That was packed! I have to get the cards, the collage toppers, the inserts, and last year you had the Christmas sentiment stickers. My cards went together so fast! I received your wrapping paper dispenser last year. It worked like a dream. I am so excited to see all your gorgeous Christmas goodies on October 3rd!

    Your cards are gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    Anna have you considered doing something for those that can’t get to your Create ? I was thinking of a make and take package of the cards you did. I will never be able to come even though I would love to due to a medical condition but I love your cards. It might be a way for those that can’t be there to join in. Looking forward to Oct 3 and love the Christmas Vintage Card Toppers 2 and the Christmas Rosettes.
    I haven’t read much on the Cricut Maker but I have a cricut that is only 2 years old and don’t plan on replacing it at this time. Now if they would offer some kind of trade in program I might consider it.

  140. Helen Dale McGrath says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker, and I also love the jewelry kit and the beautiful gate fold embossing folders. Anna, I had a hard time finding where to add my comments.

  141. Tamera Broadaway says:

    I am loving the new Christmas products!!! The jewelry is so pretty!! I can’t wait for the craft event on HSN!!!

  142. Johnna Laughlin says:

    Oh Anna, I just LOVE everything!!!! I really like the looks of the new Cricut. I already have four of them but this new one looks awesome!!!! I have been very very busy these lasts months. My precious hubby passed away in June at only 59 but he loved seeing what I could create with your goodies! Maybe I will get a little luck from Heaven and win something. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!! Thanks for all of your wonderful Anna goodies!

  143. Georgia Henson says:

    Wow, that certainly was a jam-packed preview. I think the Christmas items are always some of the most appealing products of the year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Lisa Frye says:

    I can’t wait until the 3rd. I have surgery on my foot this week and I will be town for 6 weeks. At least I will have all day craft day to look forward to. I wish it was sooner. I love the double gstewood embossing folders.

  145. Sandra Griswold says:

    Wonders never cease to amaze me! I love all things Christmas and I think a piece of the jewelry would make a gift at my church scraping group’s Christmas party. Very unique.See you Oct.

  146. Julia Hite says:

    WOW!! So many beautiful products to pick from this time! Not sure how to pick. Looking forward to seeing you again!

  147. Brenda Abero says:

    Oh Anna! I just look forward to your Christmas products – they excite me! For sure I’ll start my Christmas cards after the Oct 3rd show orders- you see plural: Orders. Because I’m in Hawaii, I get to see your first 2 shows actually on Oct 2nd afternoon (Hawaii 6 hrs behind EST). – Aloha

  148. Charlotte A Buckingham says:

    Hi Anna!
    First let me say you presented us with quite a dilemma! How are we ever supposed to pick out ONE favorite product from all of the wonderful things you showed?!? lol!
    Well I just can’t do it.. but my favorites are the Double Gatefold Embossing Folders, Christmas Card Bases, Card Inserts, and the Christmas Rosettes!
    A couple of questions about two of the above listed items;
    1) Has your Team fixed the “sizing” issue that plagued the Original Double Gatefold Embossing Folders?
    2) What special paper do you use for the printed Card Inserts? And how/where can we purchase it, so we can stamp our own inserts (thinking specifically of utilizing your 2 Stamp Kits-Stamp It Anywhere & Stamp It Anywhere Christmas) with your Stamp Sets?
    I was wondering if anyone else remembered that years ago you had a Paper Collection also named Charlotte? Total different look than the “new” Paper Collection you released of the same name.
    And when you released “Seafarer”, you said that it was totally different from anything else that you had done before (or words to that effect).
    But I remember The Alex (sp?)Collection which was an island, boating themed Collection. Right? I guess I’m dating myself now! lol!!! I’ve been a FAN FOR A LONG TIME!
    And in 2015, I was blessed (with the aid of a very close person) to register & pay for the very first Create before it sold out! A Very Big and Special 50th Birthday Gift. And as you know Create sold out in the early Summer sometime, I believe.
    Well along came September and my Pulmonologost conducted a CTa of my chest, and found I had a Pulmonary Embolism in my Right lung (if you don’t know, a PE is a blood clot in your lung).
    And the reason why they’re so dangerous, is, they have a tendency to break apart, and travel to your brain (stroke), and/or to your heart (heart attack). They kept me in the hospital for 4 days & nights on an IV blood thinner called Heparin. After I was released, I had to take oral blood thinners for 8 more months!
    So when the time for Create rolled around, I asked my doctor if it was ok to fly and I got the okay to do so as it was a short trip.
    I was still dealing with the fatigue and lack of energy issues, but assumed that since my doctor okayed the flight, I couldn’t get a refund or credit for the next year!
    So I went and yes! I absolutely loved it all!
    But I missed out on a lot also… I didn’t get to do any of the make-and-takes (which if you remember, that year, were all before Dinner the first night) as I never made it through any one line! I kept getting too tired to stay standing in one place for a long time without any rest sitting, so I would have to leave that line to sit, and then find a line and rinse and repeat! lol!
    I tried to stay late and work in the big “Crop Room” once, but ended up taking a few things to my room to work as those fluorescent lights in the CRoom were wearing me down and giving me a bad headache.
    Just getting to the Ritz from the airport was an ordeal for me..I took the train which dropped me off farther away than I thought I was going to be, and I walked, pulling and carrying my luggage having to stop and catch my breath on different places. And then I finally saw the blue awning in the near distance! I was so happy to be getting close! And when I finally got up to my room, and met my roommate (and was REALLY HOPING FOR A BRIEF REST!), she said it was time to go downstairs as people were already lining up outside of the closed & locked doors. Behind which were the make-and-takes stations!
    And so it went for the weekend..
    LOVED IT! Just wish the timing could have been better!
    So I am REALLY hoping I win a spot for the drawing for a spot at Create this year!
    I haven’t yet…but stranger things have happened!
    And thank You, Anna to you and your Team for making the possibility happen..,

  149. Colleen says:

    Last Christmas I did not sent AG Christmas cards and wow did my family and friends let me know! I didn’t realize they loved these cards so much! This year I ordered early and plan to mail them the day after Thanksgiving! It’s never too early to buy your kits!

  150. Sandra C Kennedy says:

    All of the products look great as always. Especially love the embossing folders and the card toppers!!.

  151. Sandie Duggan says:

    ***, I can’t wait until Oct 3rd. I’ll clear my calendar so I can watch the 24 hour event! I love watching you on HSN and seeing all the beautiful things you and your team create. I love all your products and look forward to many more years of your beautiful products.
    I was wondering if you have ever considered a 6×6 cardmaking project? Would be fun!
    Thanks Anna for all you do for us. We appreciate all your hard work!

  152. Lillie Keeton says:

    Anna, I can see why you are so excited. They are all exceptional and I want them all! I especially love the gatefold embossing folders and the Vintage Collage Toppers.

  153. Marguerite Peaden says:

    Lots of new stuff, woohoo. I’m afraid to watch the Oct. show. My husband might have a heart attack if I get everything I want.

  154. Debra Neisen says:

    It is so hard to pick a favorite from all the goodies. Wow!!! The card toppers are wonderful, and I really love the gift wrap cutter. I am so particular with wrapping my gifts. That will definitely make my life easier. As usual, everything is amazing.

  155. patricia elkins says:

    This preview was amazing… i am currently singing that phrase lol. Love it all. They are all favorites for me…. Cant wait to get crafting and look forward to October. Wonderful ANNA!

  156. Yvette M Ordonez says:

    I love the jewelry!!!! I really love the christmas items too! My favorite is the gatefolders!! I hope you and your staff have a blessed day!!

  157. Bonita Neeley says:

    Anna, everything is beautiful. Your jewelry is so beautiful. You are going to make some people very happy for this year.

  158. Annamarie Jordan says:

    Dearest Anna…it wouldn’t be Christmas in my world without creating at least 75 AG Christmas cards…my family and friends keep and treasure them and being them out every holiday as part of their decorations…love the cards, love making them and most of all, love you…xoa.

  159. Barbara Zeller says:

    Anna, you rock girl. Love your bountiful creations. Somehow hope to win them all…..please and thank you. Your creations are terrific!.

  160. Norma Bartlett says:

    Well, you now have me in the mood to start making Christmas cards. These products are beautiful as usual. I can’t wait until next month !

  161. Virginia Byham says:

    I am so happy to see the Perfect Pattern cards for Christmas, the Card Toppers 2 and the printed sentiment inserts. I’m not into technology and am so happy that you are still bringing us the simpler card making materials. So beautiful!

  162. Ann Marie C says:

    Santa , All I want for Christmas is this new cricut machine. The fun I can have making all kind of new things.

  163. Maria hermano says:

    Oh Anna! They are all so pretty!! Christmas toppers so pretty and the gate fold embossing folders!! So excited for Christmas and it will be easy for us with all of these goodies from you

  164. Carmellabrown says:

    Hello Anna ! I am in awe of the Christmas toppers ! I think would be a great surprise to win anything from you ! Christmas is my biggest season for card giving ! The seasoned saints love ❤️ receiving cards every year !

  165. Debbie says:

    Its all gorgeous Love those gatefold embossing folders, those are so pretty. Make my cards a keeper this year. Love the jewelry classy just like you Anna

  166. Karen Pimentel says:

    I love all the new creative ideas as well as the old. I am excited about the jewelry kit. Love everything you do.

  167. Lisa Mears says:

    I LOVE the new products! I can’t wait to purchase the Christmas embossing folders. They are beautiful! I always look forward to watching your shows on HSN. I always record them so I can go back and watch them. I still even have recordings saved from several years ago that I never deleted after watching. Can’t wait to see what items will be next on the blog.

  168. Judy Graham says:

    Hello !!! I’m in love with the folders and the idea of double gate. I’ve never made a simple gate fold but I’ve got to have them and all other things shown. Can’t wait till the 3rd of October

  169. DAWN THOMAS says:

    Gorgeous as usual! I would love to win any of that! I am hoping to be able to afford the Maker on Oct 3rd, but we will have to wait and see.

  170. Lynn Rogers says:

    It will be interesting to see what the bundle is on HSN for the maker. I’m interested in learning more about jewelry! It’s beautiful but is it durable? What is it plated with? These questions and more will be answered (hopefully) on the next episode of HSN Craft Night! Channeling my love of SOAP (the tv series — probably dating myself here :)) Thanks for sharing!

  171. Elizabeth Hoyt says:

    Anna, This Christmas card set looks fabulous. Lots of sentiment and bling? Cannot wait, I’ve bought every year for what seems like about 5 or 6 years. My peeps now expect these cards. Thanks for getting us in the holiday spirit!

  172. Deborah Ziadie says:

    I love all of the Christmas items. I make over 100 cards for Christmas using AG products and people love them.

  173. Carol A Razzano says:

    I’m new to Anna Griffin products (I know my sister tells me all the time, that I must live under a rock, not to have known about AG products) I’m more into mixed media and Home Decor items, so I am loving the Gift Wrap Cutter and Dispenser.

  174. Penny C says:

    This all looks great. Im stoked about the interior sentiments! Thanks for listening! Wishing you the very best.


  175. Mrs. A says:

    The double gatefold Christmas Embossing Folders and the Christmas Vintage Card Toppers 2 are on my list for Oct. 3. I am glad to see the “Returners” from the past years. Looks like a wowzer of a 24 hour event coming.

  176. Pamela Sloan says:

    Everything is wonderful would be tickled pink to win anything. You keep coming up with excellent new products and rework the old ones in a new and fresh way.

  177. Karen Foster says:

    I have never won anything in my life, but I am so hoping to win your card kit it is absolutely stunning!

  178. Sara Murphy says:

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I get compliments year after year on how beautiful my cards are! I am a very busy musician and mom and people always wonder how I have enough time to hand make anything! I always say ANNA GRIFFIN!!! I would be so blessed to win any of these but if not, I will be buying just about everything on October 3rd!

  179. Deidra says:

    The Christmas Doublegate Embossing Folders are exceptional. The jewelry is exquisite. Thank you for the oppotunity to win this week’s product preview.

  180. Christopher Clemen says:

    Oh my what Christmas joy! My favorite product is the embossing folders that make tri-fold cards. I have many embossing folders but these are fantastic. The metallic papers are a must have as they would compliment each card.

  181. Ann says:

    Anna, question do you sleep ? I can’t get over how you keep coming up with fabulous things. I love everything but the Gate fold embossing folders speak to me. The jewelery is I spired. Can’t wait for October 3 rd

  182. Sonja Adams says:

    (my response goes to the song Deck the Halls)

    Making Christmas cards will be so fun
    (fa la la la la la la la la)
    Decorated with rosettes, vintage card toppers & embossed too! I’ll add printed inserts with special sentiments.
    (fa la la la la la la la la)

    Wrapping presents will be so easy with the
    gift wrap dispenser & pretty, too!

    Crafting gifts with the new Cricut Maker & the jewelry set
    for all on my list.

    The mailman will enjoy delivering all my packages
    decorated with holiday printed packing tape.

    I’ve been good, oh, yes I have!
    Thank you Anna Griffin for all you do!

  183. D Tate Cooper says:

    Jewelry by Anna. How beautiful and wonderful!!!
    I know several friends who will be receiving jewelry for Christmas. Looking forward to receiving my set.

  184. Hobo says:

    Anna, Please do, or tell me where to find if you have done already, a tutorial on using the every day and the holiday parchment embellishments. Is the side that you indent the right side or is it the raised side? What adhesive is best to use? Thank you.

  185. Joanne S says:

    I bought the Christmas wrapping paper last year and almost used it up. Will the wrapping paper be available without the box either on HSN or in stores so I can replenish my stock for this year?

  186. Connie L. Dake says:

    LOVE everything in this preview!!! Want to get started on my Christmas cards and these items are just what I was looking for. They are elegant and inspiring!! Thank you, Anna, for everything you design for all of us crafters!!!

  187. Judy Lester says:

    Love it, love it, love it. I am happy that I subscribed or I would have been looking for this event in November. Making Christmas cards is such a joy, and I am happy to give them to family and friends. I enjoy Anna Griffin products and look forward to her visits to HSN.

  188. Jean Carlson says:

    What a wonderful group of new and brought-back products. They all look great. I have been making Christmas cards for several days with “leftovers” from previous Christmas card kits and having a ball. I make 95 cards for each holiday for the residents in my senior living apartment – great fun – and they all love the cards. Grammy Purple

  189. Nan says:

    I am really looking forward to the Christmas Collage Card Toppers 2. I love having the vintage collage card toppers 2 and Charming collage toppers whenever I need to make a quick elegant card. The sentiment inserts would also be a great addition since, I sometimes struggle to find just the right words for my cards.

  190. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    It is always so fun to see what your next surprise will be. I am so excited for the Christmas Tri fold folders. I love the ones that I purchased before.
    All of the items are beautiful ! Who would have guessed…Jewelry! Wow!!!

  191. Jan Williams says:

    What don’t I love!!! Everything is gorgeous, as always, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the jewelry kits. Perfection! I also love the card toppers because they are beautiful and time savers.

  192. darilyn ziegler says:

    Yes, I would like to win the Rosettes, Embossing Folders, Packing Tape, Christmas Collage Card Toppers, and the Christmas Perfect Patterned cards! This way, I will be ready, set, go for the Holidays! Thank you for all you do! 🙂


  193. Suzanne Holmgren says:

    Always love you and HSN 24-hour crafting events. Already marked it on my calendar so I don’t miss a thing. How great it would be to meet you in person. Keep on creating all of the beautiful cards. Love em.

  194. Stacey Kapu says:

    Everything looks so awesome! I can’t wait for October 3rd! I really want to see the Cricut Maker in action! Thanks for the chance to win your awesome products!

  195. Joyce Newton says:

    There just are no more things to say, everyone has said it all. It just keeps getting better every time. Wow!

  196. Jamie says:

    I love the Cricut Maker! In 2008, I had a Stroke. I’m 44 years old. Be for the stroke, I was right-handed, however, my right side is paralyzed. I was a print producer for a huge Agency. I have a Cricut Explore, but how can make bags and quilts too!

  197. Jennifer Boyer says:

    Stunning! I watched you shows last week on HSN from my hospital room, and I’m hoping to be home to catch them akk on October 3rd.Well have to see how I do! Anyway, my “must have” list will be huge this time! I just don’t see how your things keep getting better and better.thank you for touching that place inside all of us that is crying out for beauty.

  198. Jennie Tripician says:

    Dear Anna:
    After reading all the comments above (Yes, ALL), four things popped up, 1)gate fold embossing folders, 2).jewelry kit and 3).Card Toppers and 4).LOVE. Therefore, I can say without a doubt that I hope your suppliers can come up with three times the planned quantities of the first three before October 3.
    Holly cow! they are going to fly out before their scheduled air time!
    I also have a couple of ideas that I want to run by you and your team. (For future use of course). Since the jewelry kit is so popular, and it seems like a lot of the ladies are thinking of their daughters, granddaughters, nieces etc to make them with or giving the to, why not come up with some young and “funky’ designs do go with them. Maybe they can buy more than one for them to give them to their friends and have something unique to their group of friends. (like the friendship bracelet idea). They can also be used with charities/cause motives to raise founds (cancer autism etc), or with angels for Easter, churches and religious organizations fund raisins.
    On different subject, I heard that there is a new foil in the market that works with pressure, (maybe you are already on it). How about a Cricut cartridge dedicate to applyng foil to different fonts and figures? I will buy that!
    Last, but not least, it looks like you used your markers to color the ribbon gate folded card. How about a smaller package of your markers to go with that? Like a CHristmas theme color package.
    I hope that some of these make sense to you, I hope that I can win the set of gate folded embossing folders because I don’t know if I am going to be able to make it on time to buy them (I think the HSN server is going to crash when they come up), but most of all, I am hopping to win the Atlanta weekend because it is the only way that I am ever going to be able to meet you!
    Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us, specially for the joy that you put into everything you do,it is a big part of what makes us all LOVE all you do and it is contagious!
    Congratulations to you and your team on a superb job and may God Bless you always.

  199. Sherril Davis says:

    What a list of great things! I am so exited about the jewelry. Can’t wait to make a couple of pendant necklaces.

  200. Annalynch ross kynch wife says:

    Hi everyone how is your day going? My day is going great. What Ross lynch going to show? If you know please let me know.so I fell sleep and I fell out of my chair and you are great pepole. And I really love you so much so if you want to talk to me about racing go ahead because I have a race tonight see you soon

  201. Heidi Burleigh says:

    I absolutely love the embossing folders, the intricate details and the fabulous way they look especially on the metallic paper is to die for!

  202. Lori Torrence says:

    I love, love everything !! I can’t wait to see the maker bundle I’ve been waiting til then to order it!!

  203. Joanna Hupp says:

    Wasn’t able to read the details of this giveaway since I’m recovering from a hip replacement and my glasses have fallen in a place where I can’t reach them. But I absolutely love the gatefold Christmas embossing folders, I am very much looking forward to trying those out, and I love the Christmas card toppers! I would’ve liked to see more of those in the preview! And I love the rosettes. I’m so glad those are coming back! So excited, this is getting me very anxious to get back on my feet so I can be working on my Christmas cards and possibly get a Headstart this year. Love all that you do Anna thank you for being you!

  204. Ana Teresa Maymi says:

    Wow oh Wow. Love everything you present. I will get the printed sentiment inserts. That will surely make card making more of a pleasure. But, I love it all.

  205. Marilyn E Moore says:

    Just watched your first preview for HSN OCT 3.
    I am casting my favorite as the Christmas Double
    Gate Embossed Folders. I so love the easiness
    of using embossing folders in making my card designs.

  206. Nicky Pollard says:

    Hi Anna!
    Wow! These are all beautiful products. However, the sentiment inserts are my favorite because I’m always thinking of ways to encourage others and send joy with my words. I need these sentiments, so my cards can sing beautiful words for the recipient.

    Thank you for all you do to make us shine!
    Love you.

  207. Chris Swanson says:

    OH MY! Can’t wait for October 3rd. LOVE those gatefold cards with a definite add on to my wish list! I was wondering: Cricut Maker – An Anna Griffin one? Should I/we wait for that to make it’s appearance. I would hate to invest that money into it and then have you come out with your version – assuming that there will be one. Does anyone know???

  208. RAY SERFATY says:

    Who wouldn’t love any of these new items and to be able to win one would make them even more special!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Antoinette says:

    Wow would love to win any of these products. I could think of a million ways to bring my cardmaking and scrapbooking to a new level. You make everything so easy in order to create beautiful cards and pages. Oh how I hope I win something.

  210. Ginger M says:

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new Christmas Gatefold embossing folders. I have the other set and from having them know I will love the Christmas version as well.

  211. cheryl tamburlin says:

    What’s next? All so amazing…..can’t wait for 24 hour craft day…..I sit in my nightgown all day and tell everyone that it is…..a.leave me alone day….just enjoy watching all the new things put to use!

  212. Marcia Frances says:

    I’m looking forward to the christmas card toppers! They make it easy for my mom (who has arthritis) to be successful at making her own christmas cards!

  213. Sandra Young says:

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  216. Lorraine says:

    To have everything that you ever made in my collection would be a dream come true including the stuff that you just announced for the preview for October I love everything you make Anna. Although I can’t afford everything I try and purchase a little bit from each show you have on H and and I’m over the moon with every purchase eye I can’t go wrong with your items everybody just boasts about how beautiful stuff is made

  217. Jeanette Matthews says:

    Circuit Maker doesn’t work in my budget. But, must have items are Xmas double gate folders, perfect pattered cards, Xmas card toppers, greeting inserts and metal card stock for gate folders. Be with you on Oct 3rd.

  218. Lois says:

    Since I’m a jewelry nut since childhood, I will address that first. The pendants appear to be high quality like everything else you do. The bracelet would be so fun to create and the style is very cool. Everything else in this blog has a new look to it. I like the layering pieces which seem a little toned down and I like that look. This is an exciting set of products. Anna, do you and your team ever sleep at night or do you create 24/7?
    : )) Best Wishes

  219. Meg says:

    I love the jewelry!!! So many wonderful items, but I’m hoping a Christmas scrapbook might be included!! My birthday is on October 5th and my husband already bought me the storage carrier from last week for my birthday!!!

  220. Marissia Seals says:

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  224. Virginia Sullivan says:

    Love most of your quality products. But, your machines are way above most crafters means. I have to more economical priced kits and packages. Now resorting to products from other sources. Wishing you continued success.

  225. Angie Brice says:

    Love the Jewelry components! How Fun! Looking fwd to the Christmas card kits! These kits are now our must have gift for my husband’s mom! Thanks Bunches!

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  229. Erin Wentworth says:

    I’ve been a long time cardmaker and scrapbooker Anna, and I only recently discovered your products. How they have made my life easier and my projects more beautiful! Excited for October 3rd 2017.

  230. Evelyn Brantley says:

    You can never have too many card kits. Love all of your products, especially the kits and embellishments. I do not have a Cuttlebug or a Cricut machine yet but I have made my list for Santa and that is at the top of the list.

  231. Carol Churns says:

    Just love the gate fold cards and embossing. Really beautiful and elegant. The craft maker on my wishlist for someday.

  232. Katherine says:

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  233. Mary says:

    Oh how I love the new Christmas Double Gatefold Embossing Folders! The example cards are absolutely beautiful. I have to pick these as my favorite (out of many).

  234. Julie C. Fallon says:

    It’s unbelievable that you continue to elevate crafting to new heights! I love it all ❤️, How about some apet Dies?

  235. Karen Chisholm says:

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  236. Sandra Chiasson says:

    Looking forward to another craft show ,I enjoy all the new cragy ideas amd would love to win any of them.

  237. Cindy Freeman says:

    Absolutely love the Christmas cutouts, cards and jewelry. Thank you Anna for creating high quality card making tools and card making supplies and now jewelry making supplies. Thank you for the opportunity to win them. Cindy

  238. Frances Forest says:

    Love your style, so elegant. I especially love how easy you make things for us to put together. I am making my list a d marking my calender.

  239. Trish Grisham says:

    Thank you for helping make my Christmas card creating, beautiful! They come together effortlessly with Angels, trees, bells, and ornaments. They are all unique, just like the recipient. The Christmas Gatefold Embossing Folders are intriguing, and I love the Christmas packaging tape. A terrific idea when you are shipping packages and don’t want bows to be ruined. And of course the jewelry is beautiful!

  240. Marlina Hemingway says:

    I would love to win this set for Christmas. I don’t have any embossing folders besides the ones that come with the cuttlebug, I can’t afford any on a serious budget everything goes to bills. I also don’t have any thing by Annie and would love to have something. But most of all if you guys decide to giveaway a cricut maker I really really want one, please.

  241. Rose Maria says:

    Oh Anna, Anna, Anna!!!
    The jewelry is sooo pretty! And it is so Anna! I love all the pieces! They will make such awesome gifts! Anna Griffin jewelry… Nothing could be better!

  242. Kim Cramer says:

    Your Christmas cards are so beautiful, I hate to send them. I have a couple framed that I hang up for Christmas. Love the new collection, including the jewelry, what a great idea.

  243. Clare Dempsey says:

    I ordered the angel card toppers and the pocket dies on the last show. Now I have to decide which of the above I like best with them! So many beautiful choices!

  244. Deborah Brown says:

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  245. Kathy M says:

    So exciting! Start saving your pennies! I bought so much last year, this year appears to be the same
    I love the jewelry kits, embossing Folder, the sentiment inserts, the package tape, and cam not wait for the Cricut Maker
    All your products are impressive

  246. Sandra Madanski says:

    First of all I wanted to say I love your jewelry from the 1800’s was it past down to you. So I would love anything Anna. I’ m always in trouble when you come on. Love to win anything.

  247. Susan Carter says:

    Just when I think that it cannot get any better, you surprise me again! I ❤️ your products. Thank you for making me the crafting queen of the neighborhood.

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  249. Jennifer Richards says:

    Wow! I am so amazed with each sneak peek of what is coming…love the gatefold embossed cards, the jewelry and the gift wrap holder and cutter. Such grest products!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  250. Nancy Briggs says:

    Anna Griffin, you are amazing! I am hoping to be able to get several of your items on the 3rd before they sell out!

  251. Amy Hazlett says:

    I am so glad you told us the Cricut Maker was going to be the Today’s Special Value on HSN! I love all the new and returning items you showed in this blog, but especially the Cricut Maker and the Double Gatefold embossed folders. Thank you!

  252. Kathy Swords says:

    Wow! Always a new surprise from you Anna, and so exciting. I have my scrapbook day planned in late October to make my Christmas cards, so hoping I can get to purchase the toppers and sentiments. Keep on crafting.

  253. Irene says:

    Took me a long while to reach the bottom of the comments! Its exciting and some reason said when a new tool introduced and you just got the second earlier, so you do not need one more! I already break my bank purchasing so much, just because it’s feels I really can’t be without that embellishments or die cutting pieces!
    I love looking at my collections, I have more card making kits as like a store. I need to slow down and spend my time learning more of the technics
    I admire You Anna, how you show all the things so effortlessly, as the practice make the Master. I do think I will be your fan for ever, you become part of my life, thanks!

  254. Patricia Logan says:

    I cannot wait until I can get the Cricut Make. I have 3 (well one it up for sell on EBay as I type this). I love all of you kits and die cut and embossing folders. Thanks

  255. Audrey Glascock says:

    Wow! This preview was PACKED FULL of so many great items!! My favorite is the double gatefold embossing folders!! And the set of card toppers a close 2nd!! And now you have jewelry too ?!?! Love the necklace!! October 3rd will be sooo hard for me!! We are taking our grown children and their little ones to the happiest place on earth/Florida very soon. I was told to reign in the craft budget…ohhh dear and yikes!! How will I choose just a few things?!?!?!

  256. Gail Casey says:

    My prayers would be answered to win a cricut machine. I would be able to make cards and scrapbooking pages, but even more I would be able to do craft projects with my girls as a family.

  257. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Hi Anna & Co.!
    Oh my goodness, pretty soon the odds of winning your amazing products will be like hitting the lottery!! I comment because yes, I love everything and would love to have it all, but more so to just let you know, as so many do, that your products inspire an endless amount of creativity and love! So yayyy and I can’t wait for October 3rd!!

  258. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    Excited to see the Maker as the TS! Love the new jewelry line and of course, the beautiful Christmas products! Can’t wait until October 3rd!

  259. Sherri says:

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, named Santa Anna!! Anna Claus and Elf Team must work around the clock and never sleep! LOL! You have Triple WOWED us with these amazing Annatastic goodies! Everything is wonderful and would be great to add with other stuff I’ve got, your things go together so beautifully…..guess that’s why I Really need to add some of the new and also could really use the returning favorites, especially items I wasn’t able to purchase last year because of that “irritating” budget. HA! I’m hoping I’ll be able to get several items on Oct. 3rd, wasn’t able to order anything last Friday soooo I have a list already to add to…..who doesn’t? HA! Sooooo I hope some things that sold out will be back pretty soon and other items will still be available like the pocket dies, Say Any Way Stamps, and I could name a few more. I was excited to see the Xmas Gate Fold embossing folders and hope you will bring back the Everyday ones, I was going to buy them awhile back but they sold out quick. Well, Anna, you’ve got me all excited and can’t wait to see what else will be in the upcoming previews! I’m also glad to see the inserts for everyday as well as Xmas….are the sayings different from the first ones? I haven’t used all of them yet because I use them sparingly but sometimes I like adding to the inside of the envelopes the gold and silver liners and the extra sticker inserts have been handy extras, (that set came with extra gold and silver bows), maybe they’ll come back sometime. I could ramble on but didn’t intend to write a book….thanks for bringing us beautiful things and chance to be a lucky winner. Can’t wait ’til Friday!

  260. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Anna, of course, as usual, I love it all. I guess it will be ok not to pick a favorite because I think it’s my time to win! That would sure be amazing! Thanks for all you do for us. Lots of love, Arleen

  261. Catherine Hanson says:

    I love the jewelry kit and the holiday packing tape! Can’t wait to order both on the 3rd. Thank you, Anna.

  262. Lou Herron says:

    Can’t wait to order all of these. Oh my goodness!!!
    Everything keeps getting better and better! It’s amazing how you keep coming up with new and creative things.

  263. Granny D says:

    The Christmas Double Gatefold embossing is my choice and is sure to be a huge hit. Not to mention being able to get a ticket for CREATE. OH MY!

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  265. Karen D says:

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    toppers, embossing folders, and card kits would send my Christmas Cards threw the roof. I can’t believe the many possibilities I could create. Thank you Anna for making us look so GOOD !

  266. Barbara Mann says:

    The jewelry findings are super. I have the Christmas wrapping station and it is wonderful. It made my last year’s Christmas wrapping a breeze.

    Looking forward to October 3rd.

  267. Claribel Hernandez says:

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  269. Jeanne Roesler says:

    I will have to wait on the Cricut Maker. I just purchased the Anna version of Cricut and the Anna printer.

  270. Jeanne Roesler says:

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  271. DARCY DANIELS says:

    Anna everything you make is beautiful. I have had my eye on the gift wrapping station since it came out, this is my time to get it. I love the embossing folders and the Christmas Collage Card Toppers. you make it so easy to show off personally made cards. thanks

  272. Jeorgette Perry says:

    So many pretty things! I’m so excited for these. I loved your previous Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers that I bought 2 sets! I’m excited to try out the Gatefold folders and the Christmas Vintage Collage Card Toppers 2

  273. Kathy Goski says:

    Fabulous, I love the inside card liners! I always struggle with filling up the inside! Oh and I am so excited for the Cricut Maker too.

  274. Ruth Manor says:

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  275. Merlinda Turner says:

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  276. Linda rodriguez says:

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  277. Janice Lundy says:

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  279. Nancy Page says:

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  280. Valerie says:

    Anna you have outdone yourself this time. Can’t wait to see what else you have. Looking forward to the next shows. Thanks you always make my cards look professional.

  281. Tanika W. says:

    I am always delighted to see your new products. I just have my eye on your cricket. I can just imagine the things the kids could make in my classroom. You really add to the Christmas joy with your beautiful cards.

  282. Rebecca Case says:

    Anna, Your jewelry is fabulous – What a lovely idea! And your Christmas wrapping tape is something I would love to have as well. All of these items are just fabulous – thank you for your inspiration and sharing!

  283. Carolyn Lowery says:

    These are all wonderful! Love the Christmas Toppers and Cards, they would be fun to use with my Senior Cardmaking Group. As usual Anna has made card making easy and beautiful. 🙂

  284. Susie DiMarco says:

    Spent the weekend making cards from your previous “Thankful Card Kit” and “Holiday Card Kit” and said to myself…self, you need more inserts. They really are a finishing touch to the masterpieces we create. So super happy to see them in the preview. The cards are going to my 100 year-old Mother-in-law to use and share with all her friends at her assisted living home. The residents can’t always get out for shopping and their budgets can be limited so everyone appreciates her generosity and she gets lots of visitors when they come to pick out a card. Sounds to me like everyone wins, thanks to you!

  285. Mary J. Rinaldi says:

    ***, so many items coming our way and such beautiful jewelry. This is only the first sneak peak —- I can’t imagine what else you have in store for us. As always, I love all the items you showed and want them all. Thank you for an opportunity to win. Bless you and continued success.

  286. Cheryl Stone says:

    My two favorite things: Christmas and jewelry! Now they can come from the same place. — Anna and me! Everything looks so elegant and beautiful. Can’t wait.

  287. Pat Park says:

    I don’t know how you do it Anna. You are always giving us new products to enjoy. Do you ever sleep?
    Can’t wait for the show in October. Would love to win the new jewelry kit.

  288. Peggy Miller says:

    `The embossing folders are beautiful! And, of course the cricut is amazing, and the jewelry is so very pretty. Enjoy your day.

  289. Deb Muscarella says:

    This is a big preview. So want the Cricut Maker but will probably wait on that. For sure will be getting the Metallic Layers,love them. And the embossing folders are so pretty. Everything is so pretty as always.

  290. Lynn Williams says:

    I would love to have the maker and the sentiments that goes inside the cards. Trying to pay off 2 funerals (my parents), and catch up on all my other bills make it impossible to buy any products from the upcoming show.

  291. Elaine Cassity says:

    Love the Christmas embossing folders. I have already been thinking about making Christmas cards. I would love to have the cricut also. Love everything you show. I would be so excited to win all your wonderful products.

  292. Kristin Torres says:

    Wow! Anna. One thing is just as great as the next! Your products are just so beautiful and inspired! Thank you for the opportunity!

  293. Bobbi Beech says:

    Oh my goodness Anna, jewelry, a new Cricut, wrapping paper, gorgeous card toppers, rosettes and more, I can’t wait for a whole day of crafting supplies, just in time for Christmas!!

  294. Roxann Higgins says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe all the items you previewed. I think the embossing folders for Christmas are awesome. I would love to add to my collection. The jewelry looks like it would be so fun to put together. Thanks for all your creativity. We are all winners when it comes to your products.

  295. Sandy Scheele says:

    I love your Card Making Kits, especially the ones with the dies included. My favorite is the Window Ledge kit- so many creative ideas can come from that creative design. I’m anxiously awaiting the Window Box kit to arrive in mail. Can’t wait for Oct 3rd- so glad it’s 24 hours of fun!

  296. Leanna Mohr says:

    Need the Cricut Maker, love the card sentiments. Will have to record the shows, working. Thanks for all you ideas.

  297. Raquel Sanchez-Krohn says:

    Lovely new products! I really like the jewelry pieces, and the rosettes! My 1st Cricut Air was an Anna Griffin bundle on HSN, and I would love to add the Maker to my crafting tools also! As always, your style is so feminine and pretty! I can’t wait to see what more awaits us!

  298. Kay Restad says:

    Anna, so many pretty things, again! When you were on this month, it was just a tease & way too short! I’m looking forward to Oct. 3rd, plan on sitting by the TV all day! Thanks for all you do for us! I just love EVERYTHING!! 😉

  299. Jeanette says:

    Anna, you just keep out doing yourself! Can’t wait to see everything on Oct.3. It will be tough to decide which items to choose.

  300. Michelle Brown says:

    WOW! You were right Anna – there is just too much to love. 🙂 The jewelry was very unexpected and beautiful as were the Holiday double gatefold embossing folders. Can’t wait to ‘see’ you again!

  301. Christine says:

    So many beautiful things and it’s only the first preview. I can see that I am going to be overwhelmed to get everything. The gatefold cards and the sentiment set are staples I have to have. So few chances left to get the opportunity to go to Create 3. I hate to think I missed another chance.

    Keep up the great work.

  302. Jody Dover says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… oh, what to buy, what to buy. I want it all! Can’t wait to hear more about the Cricut Maker. Thank you for sharing your toys!

  303. Jill Wilson says:

    Anna, you are hitting a huge ‘grand slam’ with all these new products/previews!!!! I love them all, just might have to watch your video again to figure out my favorite item….. Can’t wait too see what’s all previewing next time. Thank You for all you do for us scrapers & card makers

  304. Vicki Dasco says:

    WOW WOW WOW ! Those imbossing folders for the cards are my “must have” for this craft day !
    When we evacuated for Irma I took my cricut, my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug, all my dies and embossing folders with me. LOVE them all to much to loose them. We are all safe and sound !

  305. Suzanne Valle says:

    So many beautiful items. I’ve got a calendar reminder already set up. Can’t wait to see everything else that will be aired. Ohhh just drooling about what I will be able to create for my family and friends.

  306. Donna-May Witte says:

    I love the Wrapping center, the jewelry making is gorgeous! Those 12″ embossing folders are sensational! The Cricut is wonderful but I can’t afford that Anna! I try for the ones I can! Thank you so much for making the best out there!

  307. Suzie says:

    I love everything. These are all wonderful. Don’t make me choose – I want them all! LOL The Christmas Village Collage Card Toppers, the Perfect Patterned Cards, the Printed Card Inserts, and the Christmas Rosettes are absolutely great. Can’t wait for Oct.2!

  308. Darlene Placito says:

    Hi Anna! You need to make us a cricut cutting file so we don’t have to fussy cut those gatefold folders…hint hint…
    Love your new items. Oct 3 is going to be an expensive day for me..

  309. Linda Quinn says:

    I am excited about the holiday gatefold embossing folders. Looking forward to Oct. 3rd. Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing products.

  310. Kathleen Bedore says:

    Anna as always your items are beautiful. The jewelry is elegant and very today. The gatefold embossing folders, the rosettes, even the simplest thing as the packing take just brings joy.

  311. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Wow! So much awesome products. Jewelry and Christmas…both are some of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed making my Christmas cards the last few years and will be making mine soon for this Christmas. The new embossing folders are beautiful and will be a big hit with those who receive. October 3rd is my birthday….spending it watching you on HSN all day will be a nice gift to me. Winning will be a nice gift too! Thank you for all you bring to all Griffinites!

  312. Teddy says:

    Love, love love the tape! Festive for the giver, the receiver, and the Postman.
    You have outdone yourself with that cute jewelry. Well done, Anna and team.

  313. Anita Sahlen says:

    The Christmas Gatefold are my favorite. I love all the Christmas cards and embellishments. It looks! like there is going to be a lot to choose from!

  314. Natasha Komo says:

    I love the new gatefold embossing folders and Christmas die cut toppers!! Love everything Anna comes out with.

  315. Stacey English says:

    I really like the Christmas gatefold embossing folders. The designed packing take is a really cool idea too. Can’t wait to see the new cricut maker in action.

  316. Sharon says:

    Oh goodness ,,, this presentation alone was fabulous!! Can’t wait until next week and then on Oct 3! WOW!! I want one of each…but know that is impossible, but do love everything!!

  317. Clarissa Miller says:

    Christmas is such a blessed time of the year especially when you think about the reason for the season. What better way to share the joy than with cards made from Anna Griffin products.

    Not sure why the site is saying this is a duplicate post.

  318. Clarissa Miller says:

    Christmas is such a blessed time of the year especially when you think about the reason for the season. What better way to share the joy than with cards made from Anna Griffin products.

  319. Kari Cosentino says:

    Wow, everything looks so fabulous! Love the paper. One thing I’m still waiting on is more Minc stuff. I’m beginning to ink it’s never going to happen. Need more glitter paper for it. Thanks!

  320. Jayne Evans says:

    Hi Anna,
    Remember the Queen song, “I Want it All”? Well, that describes me with this latest round of creations! You definitely had me at the jewelry, but the goodness kept coming!! The 5×7 card fronts, embossing folders, toppers…my head is spinning! Looking forward to your demos!!

  321. Sonya says:

    I was thinking fresh after your last HSN shows and now with this blog post how I would love to work at Anna Griffin and be surrounded with all your beautiful things and to be involved in all the creativity. What a work day! I love all the things you do, I’m hoping for some thanksgiving and easter card sets as I mail them to my kids, grandchildren and realatives who live so far away. Thanksgiving is special and it’s good to remind people to be thankful. Thank you all at Anna Griffin for my happy crafting hours.

  322. Myrna Hartley says:

    Everything is fabulous, love the jewelry and the wrapping paper cut and tear. I have an old one but that really looks gorgeous.

    Could you do a few white cards for Christmas to give me a few ideas. I thought it would be beautiful and really stand out.


  323. Paula Jackson says:

    I am just so amazed at all the absolutely wonderful items coming up. (Although I don’t know why –it’s Anna Griffin after all!). It seems you’ve offered everything we could need for Christmas right here in the first peek so I just can’t imagine what else is coming up but I know it will be fabulous.

  324. Jan Isaacs-Wade says:

    I’m so excited about making Christmas cards this year. I’m starting really soon! Thank you for these products that make me look good. The recipients of my cards are always in awe thanks to you!

  325. cheryl grlj says:

    Oh my heavens, I am very excited about the jewelry kit! That will be so much fun to make. I am also so excited about all the Christmas themed items to be able to make!

  326. Cathy Anthony says:

    The jewelry is spectacular I can’t wait to make necklaces for my granddaughtersvthey love all you products as much as I do. Keep up the creative energy.

  327. Barbara Moos says:

    Love the versatility of the new Cricut. Love love the new double gate embossing folders too and can see they will elevate my card making. I already use the metallic card layers and they are of excellent quality

  328. Joann Anderson says:

    Oh wow, this is just the first peek. I can’t imagine what else you will have, I can’t wait. Everything is so beautiful. You make our Christmas cards amazing!!

  329. Denise L. says:

    Wow. What a preview. The jewelry, the holiday printed packing tape w/dispenser and the gatefold embossing folders. Wow.
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    Just received the pocket dies. I will try them out tonite. Thanks Anna.

  419. Lillian L says:

    Wow Anna now your helping us make jewerly too..that’s been something I have wanted to do too. The kits are very pretty! Love the Christmas Collage card toppers they really did help me make beautiful and fast cards last year..

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  424. Karin says:

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