How to: Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit + Layers

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! Today we have another beautiful in the making project for you featuring our Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit! It is a rainy day here in Atlanta, and it’s absolutely perfect for crafting!

Thank you to all who have posted about getting your HSN orders so quickly. Why don’t we make a card right out of the box? Get out your new Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit, and let’s take it to the next level!

Christmas Shaker Card Kit

Finished Size: 5×7 card


  • Anna Griffin® Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit, 572-265
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set (scissors, craft knife, ruler), 442-864
  • Red glitter paper, cut to 4”x 6”
  • Gold cord trim, tied into 1” bows (4)
  • Adhesive (tape runner, glue)
  • Foam squares

Materials From Christmas Shaker Card Kit:

  • Card base- “Wishing you a festive and fun holiday season”
  • Card front- pine branches ornament, gold and white ornament
  • Shaker frame- large green ornament
  • Sentiment-“Peace & Joy”
  • Embellishments- red ornaments (2), green ornament, white ornament
  • Shaker insert
  • Red paper bow


  1. Remove the center from the two card fronts and the shaker frame, along the scored lines.

2. Fussy cut the gold and white ornament card front along the dotted lines.

3. From the 4×6 red glitter rectangle, cut away the center to get a 1/4″ frame.

4. To assemble the red paper bow, fold each of the smaller tabs in to the back center and adhere with glue. Then wrap the longer tab around and adhere with glue.


  1. Adhere the shaker insert to the front of the card base using a tape runner.

2. Remove the sticker backing of the pine branches ornament card front and attach it to the card, with the shaker insert between the card base and card front.

3. Remove the sticker backing of the gold and white ornament layer and adhere it to the red glitter paper.

4. Attach the red glitter paper to the card using foam squares.

5. Adhere the shaker frame to the card using foam squares.

6. Attach the four ornament embellishments using foam squares.

7. Attach the sentiment to the bottom right corner using foam squares.

8. Adhere the red paper bow to the top of the shaker frame using glue or foam squares.

9. Adhere the 1” gold cord trim bows to the top of each ornament embellishment using glue.

Our card kits rule! The gold sequins and festive prints in this kit are so versatile, that you can make each card your own work of art! These are a fun alternative to traditional cards, and we think your friends and family will love them! If you missed on our Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit during Craft Day you can get your own set here.





  1. Teresa Rawnick says:

    I’m working on the shaker card kit right now and it’s so wonderful. I also bought the shaker shapes to make more cards later & the shaker fillers too. I love that you put them on auto-ship.

  2. Karen says:

    I got a kit for Melissa and I can’t wait for her to get started on it. They look beautiful. Good designs Anna!

  3. Anna Griffin says:

    Yes, currently that’s the only way we have the ink available, but we will add separate ink to our product suggestions. It’s on our list!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Hello, Annie,
    I recently purchased your holiday rollagraph kit (499549) and refills (499562), Sadly the rollers were identical. I was informed by HSN and Someone at Annie the ink cartridges can’t be sold separately or be refilled. This was disappointing I had to return one of the items and another way to ink the rollers. Would like to know if you have considered away of adding more updates to the library on the Kodak Verite Craft printer? I do love your products.

  5. Deidra says:

    I received my HSN shipment on Monday (10/09). Me and my Maker are getting to know each other. Also, thank you for this week’s understandable step-by-step shaker card tutorial!

  6. Bobbi P says:

    Hi Anna,
    With you making card kits, card stock, embellishments, dies,etc., I was wondering if you had maybe entertained the idea of making sets of the sequin pkgs of different or multi colors to make it super easy to make shaker cards for those of us who struggle with cutting and making acetate layers and all the other steps to complete our shaker windows. I would love to be able to just order a set of sequin packs. Would be so easy.
    Thanks for listening.

  7. Deborah Holman says:

    We LOVE shaker cards at my house! The grandkids loved making them too! Thanks for creating things that people of any age can make and feel accomplished! It’s fun to see the makers beaming from ear to ear!

  8. Angel Cyr says:

    Anna, ~~~ It would be … ” So, Wonderful ” should you ever come out with a magazine of your own … and have a Humor Section, with stories like this !!! ( June Estep’s ) I, think it would be ” So Much F~U~N ” to read ~~~ An, Anna Griffin Magazine !!! Perhaps, it’s already in the making !!! Wishful Thinking !!! …

  9. Cyndi Peterson says:

    Just received the Christmas layers card set today! So I have put s pot of gumbo on the stove and I am off to my studio to CREATE!

    I’m curious Anna, if you know , is there an electric cut and emboss machine in the works over at Cricut? Maybe a gold and ivory one? I sure hope so! I will be needing to upgrade soon.

  10. Sherry R-B says:

    This is a comment for Anna’s technical people. Up until a month or so ago, you would send me a weekly e-mail with a link to Anna’s current blog. However, recently, the “address” in the email but it is NOT A LINK!!! This is incredibly inconvenient. And now I’m having shoulder surgery and pressing a curser on a link I might be able to manage but no typing out the url! PLEASE HELP A (TEMPORARILY) DISABLED CRAFTER!!

  11. Myrna Hartley says:

    Anna and staff,

    I can’t seem to click on your blog directly, I have to copy address to get to blog. Would you mind sending me the blog in a more direct way?

    Also, Anna I forgot to tell you how gorgeous your dress was the one in black lace and vintage gold.

  12. Linda Foster says:

    Anna, happy to get my order.cant wait to get started have a very happy holiday. Wish I could win something to share with my friends in th 55 over senior condos. Give many cards to my neighbors every year. Thank you wishing good wishes during and after the season.

  13. Tricia Storey says:

    Hi Anna
    Just love these products but any chance of them being available in the U.K.?

    Yours hopefully
    East Sussex

  14. Gena Greenlee says:

    I ended up in the hospital and didn’t get a thing. I am so sick I don’t even want to go into my craft room at all…… now, THAT, is sick! I have realized that I am not young any more, and it is time to slow down.


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Love shaker cards. I bought the confetti dies so I am ready to go. Saw you on HSN2 last night…..nice surprise. I totally agree with the woman who complimented you so profusely. You deserve every complement she gave you. You are as beautiful as your products (which are just gorgeous). See you in November.

  16. Amy F says:

    The card is definitely lovely – and one they’ll remember (and hopefully keep). The last HSN Craft Day was a great birthday present, getting to watch crafting all day long. Keep up the great work, Anna.

  17. Carol says:

    This card is gorgeous. I’m so glad I was able to get the Christmas Shaker Card Making Kit. Now I will be making fabulous cards like this too. I know the card recipients are going to love them as much as I do!

  18. Lisa Leavitt says:

    Whenever I tell myself “You aren’t going to buy ANYTHING until you use most of your hoarded supplies” … Anna comes up with a MUST HAVE. This shaker card kit and the shaker dies, the confetti dies, were all MUST HAVES FOR ME!! I’m so excited to have them! Tomorrow is play-day with my new toys. Thank you for the blog posts to help us along with our creations. Can wait until the next HSN craft shows so I can see what Anna comes up with next … that .. I just MUST HAVE 😀 –thank you Anna Griffin and team for providing us all with the tools and inspiration to fill our days with crafting beauty.

  19. Marcie Smith says:

    Can’t wait to dabble with with all my new Christmas toys that I purchased on Oct 3rd show. I can not believe how fast the delivery service is. Order them and most of them arrive within 48 hrs. Truly amazing. But even more amazing is all the fabulous products you just keep coming up with time after time. Using all these products just makes Christmas even more fun and enjoyable as well as the rest of the year. Your the best Anna. Thank you.

  20. Beatrice says:

    Anna & team congratulations on all you’re new designs! I’m waiting for my order’s to arrive this week! I can’t wait too make the shake shake shake holiday card’s set! I spent over my limit! I hope the holiday card toppers 2 will come back in stock too purchase? Thanks & can’t wait too watch the next craft show and purchase Christmas items!

  21. Konni Andis says:

    I have purchased the card kits every year! I missed this year and need to get on it before I miss out! Been watching my newborn grandson and just haven’t had lots of time!

  22. inez Martinez says:

    My first dozen christmas cards are completed. I really did not think they would top last years, but I absolutely did. I cant help myself the are so beautiful I am over the moon. With the new .pocket dies, pocket embelishments.and metallic paper. Made all the difference. Made my designs look new, fresh and exciting. Thank you, Anna

  23. Donna Sue says:

    I love shaker cards – and the sequins remind me of old ones in my sewing box. Thanks for the memory.

  24. Karen Mills says:

    Beautiful card. I love your card kits. The Christmas kit should arrive soon from HSN.
    I have the Fantastic Flip Card Kit. Hoping you will bring the Sentiment Stamp Set back to HSN for purchase. Thank you Anna for all you do, you have made crafting a joyous journey.

  25. Lindar says:

    THANK YOU, ANNA!!! I started my Christmas shaker cards, beginning with the “square gift” ones. Such rewarding results! Now I am waiting to see how others decorated their card surfaces when displayed on Pinterest. Perhaps you will show more samples on your next blog. This card kit will bring success to my church ladies as well as my grandchildren also.

  26. Diane says:

    Oh Anna! This is sooo helpful for we beginner card makers! Can’t wait for my kit too arrive. I think I’m becoming a “Griffinite” in my retirement years

  27. Jane Gotelli says:

    I made fourteen cards last night and will finish soon. I don’t understand the gold and white layer. That is not in my set. Doesn’t show on the directions either. What’s up with that?

  28. June Estep says:

    I finished my shakers, and brought in some extra embellies to use. funny story…..I didnt peal and stick the outer card layer……(duh) and so, I used tape runner…zyron….but, that didnt stick it….so here comes the liquid glue, which I use a darn good one. but, it wasnt laying down..,,,so pealed the edges….ran glue inside those edges….used clothes pins and clamped each card all the way around…………..then rewatched the hsn video and had to get out a board of education and swat myself. The card toppers lifted off even after the industrial strength glue…and in fact, partly because of it. So, I scrubbed and pulled and , fortunately didnt loose any important parts…pealed and stuck them…..and whew……………what a doe doe bird. But, I stuck (no punn intended) with it and now all my cards are done and ready for last tuesday’s goodies to get here so I can make some more. I guess I deserved the work out for not listening good the first time. lol now, I am all ready for auto ship and will be sure and just peal and stick. I had ordered the auto ship shakers the day they came on the hsn web site. I love the auto ships. now waiting the step cards.

  29. Kathleen K. says:

    Enjoyed the show. Can’t believe how fast my orders arrived. I love the shaker card kit that I got., learning how to do these cards.

  30. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    Thanks for tutorials! Absolutely the best helping hand when I start a project and get stuck over some aspect of it. Blessings to the whole AG team.

  31. Annette Johnson says:

    This is so beautiful and thank you for the step by step instructions. Loved the shows last week and was able to purchase a few items on my wish list. Looking forward to the next set of shows

  32. Marilyn Lauck says:

    We were in SW FL cleaning out from Hurricane Irma on October 3rd., but I still ordered your items.
    I received the Christmas dies when I returned home yesterday. Someday I hope to meet you Anna. You already seem like a special friend.

    Marilyn from Missouri

  33. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, I love all your tutorials! Thank you for such inspiration. I didn’t get this kit, but the ideas for my other shaker kit still apply. And making the 1/4 inch glitter frame. It seems so simple, & it is but I always wondered how much should I cut to frame something & not waste it! When my order gets here – I’ll be sure to share! I may be in Hawaii, but it doesn’t take much longer. Today is a Holiday! I love this blog! Mahalo nui loa! Thank you from my heart!

  34. Nancy E Bingel says:

    Most of my order came on 10/5, ordered on 10/2, that is amazing service. Having such fun making the cards. Thanks so much for all the help you put into the kits.

  35. Beverly says:

    I just received my Christmas Shaker cards and window Christmas cards. So excited to start creating. Keep the ideas and directions coming. So much of the show goes so fast you think you got it, but you do not! However you have inspired me to be creative on my own as well. Thank you Ms. Anna!

  36. HollyG says:

    ***** I’m guessing my comment was posted before I finished! What I was going to say…was…although I absolutely love you and your demonstrations on HSN, there never seems to be quite enough time!
    I’m ready for…
    All Anna, All Day!

  37. HollyG says:

    Hi there Miss Anna and Crew!

    Happy Monday! Wow do I ever agree with the suggestion of your very own craft show! I’ll get cable back just so I can record everything!

    The tutorial us fantastic! Thank you very much! Although my kit has not arrived just yet, I have absolutely no doubt I will be thrilled!

    Thanks for being you!
    While I do love you on HSN, there never seems to be enoug

  38. Jodie says:

    Anna, thanks for the raw materials to make such beautiful items. My friends think that they’re getting a special gift when they see the card, but I feel that I’m receiving a gift in creating them.

  39. Anna Griffin says:

    Maureen! Thank you for that. I agree. I have the studio, I just need the concept, a plan and the time!

  40. Patricia May says:

    Thanks for the instructions on all the card you send out.. and Thanks for doing the video’s that we can stop and start when we need too after watching thru the first time.. You do such a great job on tv but by the time we get them what you show kinda is jumbled and these instrucions are such a great thelp.. Please keep up the fine work to you and all your staff.

  41. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Received my orders.. but have been sick with a fibromyalgia flare up. So haven’t made anything yet.. hopefully this week. However, I love the shaker cards but I love the regular 5×7 card kits better. PLEASE bring back one of the older Christmas card kits next year; the red box or the red and silver box kit would be Fabulous!!!. Thanks Anna, XX♡♡

  42. Linda Fernandez says:

    These are so absolutely cute that I’m going to have my 4-H girls make them and we visit a nursing home every year we’re going to hand them out when we visit. I think they’re going to be a big hit. Would love to have any of Anna’s products they’re all magnificent.

  43. Karen Kleinert says:

    Let’s shake shake shake. What a way to make a card glorious! I have not had a chance to make any but it is on my bucket list to do in cardmaking.

  44. Mary Draffen says:

    I received by shipment on a Saturday for the first time ever and I have been down sick and in the bed since Saturday so I haven’t had an opportunity to open up my box I am so excited that it’s hard for me to just relax and heal and get better but I’m looking forward to the first day I can sit up and start creating. I am suffering from Virtigo…so my equalibrian is a little off…I ordered the shaker card kit, I ordered the bow maker, the Xmas window die cuts, and the confetti die cuts. I am just so excited Anna, I can’t tell you how hard it is for me just to relax and get well but I’m looking forward to opening up that huge box sitting in my craft room in a couple of days thanks again for making our creative life so simple,so easy and so beautiful..

  45. Rita Carr says:

    The shaker cards are beautiful.
    These monthly sales are too much for my budget. I am not shopping for the holidays. I bought all those separate ugrms to make traditional cards in October that is all I need .

  46. Barbara F. Smith says:

    These cards are so adorable, and we have time to complete them before Christmas. Once again, thank you for your help and inspiration.

  47. Sandra Griswold says:

    Oh how I love these shaker cards, have yet to get these, I have had a major problem with my plumbing and so I wasn’t able to afford them. Would love to have made them a part of my Christmas card list this year. I have made over 100 of my cards for this Christmas, thanks to you and all the wonderful ideas and material you provide for all us crafter’s. They say a friend is a person you have never met before and I would count it a privilege to call you friend.Always looking forward to all that you create for us, thanks.

  48. Sandy Hanson says:

    Anna got the last shaker card kit and it didn’t take me long to put them together and everyone loved them. Still waiting for my order to arrive so I can dig in to the new kits. You rock. Thank you

  49. Mary White says:

    Anna, thank you so much for all the detail on how to make the Christmas Shaker cards! My delivery hasn’t come yet, but I am anxious to receive the kit! Thank you again for having these on autoship! This is perfect!! I adore them!

  50. MAUREEN ODELL says:

    I loved the show.You are the best!! Waiting for my order. I too, would love to see the Oct box back next year.

  51. Karen Krum says:

    HI Anna

    This card kit is really neat. I bought the original shaker kit that you put out first and love it.

    I also bought the Cricut Cartridge Elegant Embellishments 2. Can’t wait to give that a try.

    Thank you

  52. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Lovely shaker cards. A nice Reprieve from the fires here in Santa Rosa. Been evacuated fire is 2 blocks from my home. God is in control. So if I don’t have a home to go back to, I have my wonderful husband and faithful dog. Happy Crafting. Please pray for Santa Rosa.

  53. Robin Wittmer says:

    The “card in a kit ” shaker cards will be perfect for this year, as I just had my knee replaced and I won’t be able to jump up and down and get things that I need. Love the fact that all is included!!!

  54. Denise Martinson says:

    There is so much we can do with this wonderful card set. I was tickled to get it Anna. I plan on putting an inside a house scene behind the sequins. There is so much you can do with this type of card set. (I still think an Anna Griffin Card of the Month Club would be amazing.) We Griffinites would go nuts with this idea. Please just think about it. Thanks, Denise a huge fan of your work.

  55. BetsyV says:

    I receive my items tomorrow. Said I wasn’t going to order asim moving but so hard to resist. Likely won’t use yet but I will have them after movesettles. I have a lot of stresses in life try to be thrown my way and I find peace in the part of my life that involves your items to create. Your really blessed. Betsy

  56. Terance in Texas says:

    that is such a pretty card set, and that sample is so nice, I’m more excited my cricut is out for delivery this morning. I wanna just leave work and go home and wait on the porch. hahaha.

  57. patricia crocker says:

    I love this kit. When my budget recovers from HSN appearance I hope to purchase this kit. I am so excited to get the maker. I went surely went overboard on HSN. Thank Goodness for 5 flex pay. So excited to get started crafting! Thanks for your creativity.

  58. Angel Cyr says:

    Someone, definitely picked the ” Perfect ” sentiment — that reads ” Festive & Fun ” … as that’s, exactly what comes to mind, when I view this ” Shaker, Card Making Kit ” … This card making kit is gonna bring … So, Much ~~~ ” J ~ O ~ Y ” ~~~ to so many individuals, this Holiday Season !!! … This Shaker Card Kit Has Got To Be One Of My Most Favorite Card Kits To View, Ever !!!

    Angel ( from Maine )

  59. Maureen says:

    Hey Anna I agree with Kathleen Mills it’s time for you to have your own show. Many years ago you were on diy with Sandy Genoves, you were the best presenter ever on that show and you were the reason for my creating scrapbooks with my endless pictures. And now onto card making. Give it some thought!!!!!!

  60. Cindy says:

    I wanted the usual October Christmas box. Will settle for this. Pls can we gave the box nrxt year. Cant wait to make the shaker card but its not the same as before.

  61. Maureen says:

    Have to tell you , I too have received my Anna griffin purchases , and I can’t wait to start on Christmas card making. First Though i followed a tip from Anna when you open your kit make all the cards And WOW I did that on Sunday, as it was raining here in Boston , and I made 24 Halloween cards in less than 2 hours. Of course I followed all of the kits suggestions and I now have a box full of Anna Griffin nothing like it Halloween cards ready to be addressed and mailed. So my point is , beginner or advanced , at making cards , with Anna Griffin kits everyone is a pro. Thank you Anna and team for your constant creativity and Anna thank for your beautiful in the making presentations

  62. Kayann Sirvent says:

    I’m absolutely addicted to Everything you make I have shelves of just you 🙂
    I call it my Anna Griffin shelves
    Thank you so much for another set of Beautiful in the making!

  63. Sona says:

    Anna, thanks for this great tutorial! I’m expecting to receive items today. I look forward to creating shaker cards (with card kits & Dies) for family, friends & using in Planners.

  64. shirl Barksdale says:

    Have not received mine yet but getting excited. Looking forward to crafting. I craft alone too. Havent found anyone who likes to craft in my small southern town. But ifs OK. I have a ball playing Christmas music and making my cards. Always loved paper dolls when I was small and now I play with paper all the time.

  65. Julianne says:

    The shaker card kit, dies, and confetti dies were the first things I picked up. All my stuff already arrived, was so thrilled to get them so quick!

  66. Deidra says:

    My Cricut Maker and all my other Anna Griffin craft goodies are scheduled to arrive today! Hooray! I will be a busy crafter this week!

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