How to: Overlay a Perfect Patterned Card

Hi everyone!

We hope that you had a fun and crafty weekend! We love coming up with new ways for you to use our products, and today we have a card that utilizes our Perfect Pattern Cards for Christmas! If you missed out on this set of 50 cards during Craft Day on HSN, you can get them here. You can jumpstart your Christmas card making with this adorable set of 5×7 cards and envelopes.

Today we are showing you a new way to layer your cards. Dig in to your craft stash and let’s create this card together!

Christmas Perfect Pattern Card

Finished Size: 5×7 card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut® Cuttlebug™ Version 3, 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Patterns Xmas Cards and Envelopes (green striped card base), 574-354
  • Anna Griffin® Christmas Collage Toppers 2(“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”), 574-353
  • Anna Griffin® Baubles and Bells embossing folders ( “Scattered Holly”)
  • Anna Griffin® Glorious Greetings embellishments (sleigh and holly)
  • Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set (craft knife, cutting mat), 442-864
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Foam squares
  • 5×7 ivory metallic card stock


  1. Using a craft knife and cutting mat, cut away the center of the design by following along the inside of the red ribbon design.

2. Emboss the metallic ivory card stock layer with the Scattered Holly embossing folder.


  1. Using a tape runner, adhere the embossed metallic layer behind the cut out window.

2. Using foam squares, adhere the collage card topper to the center of the card.

3. Attach the sleigh and holly to the collage card topper with foam squares.

It is amazing that by cutting out the middle of this Perfect Pattern Card, and adding an embossed layer underneath that you can create something new and different!

Thank you for all the product requests that you left us on the blog all week. We have added them to our list, and we’re checking it twice!




  1. Donna Farmer says:

    Anna, will you get any more of the Cuttlebug Beribboned Frame die sets? I missed them when you showed them on HSN.

  2. Dorothy Wayne says:

    Anna, I enjoy all your blog instructions get many good ideas , Always love to see what is new , I have been Scrapbooking since you first inspired me watching the Sandy Genovese show on cutting around flowers and folding papers , many thanks.

  3. deborah from TN says:

    Ha! Once again Anna is showing us a simple technique that most of us hadn’t even thought about!! lol
    Removing the plain white of the original card to enhance both the background and the focal foreground all in one easy step!!Smart, classy and inventive…naturally! 😀

  4. Linda Christiansen says:

    Another gorgeous card!!!
    You are so gracious to hear our many ideas and make them happen when possible! It’s not like you “need” ideas …… you and your talented team bring us so many diverse and beautiful products, it’s simply amazing!
    But then you go the extra mile and make us feel that we have importance and you value our thoughts as well!
    Such a unique retail / customers relationship and community!
    Happy Fall & Happy Crafting to everyone!

  5. Randellyn Bossom says:


    It was nice to see the tutorials for the last few days. I’ve just returned to my home after being evacuated for the past 8 days from the fires in Santa Rosa…my community is devastated; fortunately, my small neighborhood narrowly escaped the ravaging fires that swallowed neighborhoods around me. I returned yesterday and it’s a surreal landscape now, but there were actually two HSN boxes that were delivered. After reflection of everything around us, I finally opened my boxes last night and found your beautiful products. i’m anxious to begin making cards and having a stash on hand for all of those in my community who’ve lost so much and who may need words of encouragement and comfort that your sentiments and kits can provide. Thank you for the inspiration. My neighbors in my area are already working hard to ensure that we can give the children of our area a proper and fun Halloween in light of the devastation we’re all facing. Can you show more kid-friendly type cards for ideas, please. Thank you Anna and the Griffinites.

  6. Angel Cyr says:

    Perhaps, at times ~~~ I may go over the line a bit, then others would, when finishing the inside of a card, as I use ribbon and what not, but I can think, of a good way ~~~ for others to get a real cute look, and their work wouldn’t be as difficult. My idea is for you to sell coordinating stickers with your die cut embellishments ~~~ knowing, that you already make those Beautiful base stickers, for your 3D Foam Embellishments … it would be effortless, just to print these, again, for embellishments, for the inside of cards. This would be a cute finishing touch for your card inserts & for beginners or crafters who just want this process to be a quick fix ~~~ to jazz up the inside, of their cards. I have to laugh, because I know how very beautiful your base stickers, actually are, as I have been known to pull the entire 3D Foam Sticker apart and use all of the pieces ! The Quality, of your base stickers, that are always hidden … are Truly Magnificent !!! … The Ink Is Top Quality … And they differ, from any other sticker … ANYWHERE !!! … Stickers, must still be in style, because the store aisles are filled with them !!!

  7. Lindar says:

    Thank you, Anna, for your tutorials. I am always learning new ideas and tricks from your helpfulness. This one is so timely too.

  8. Angel Cyr says:

    Knowing, that I try & make the inside of my cards, as pretty, as the front … makes me wonder & have to ask … Is there anyway that you can start showing the finished inside of your cards, for next years blog posts ? I, think that people would ~~~ L~O~V~E ~~~ to view ~~~ the complete card ~~~ Front – to – Back ~~~

  9. Michele McLean says:

    I would LOVE to see a cuttlebug with a wider platform base! Would love to be able to put the 4×6 folder horizontally instead of only vertical.

  10. April Powers says:

    I have been practicing my knife technique. so hopefully I can make a nice clean cut like that. Thank you for the tutorial.

  11. Annette Johnson says:

    Anna, this is so beautiful I can’t wait to make one just like it. Thanks for so much inspiration

  12. Deidra says:

    I will practice my craft knife skills to create this card!
    Anna, I love your HSN 2017 Anna Griffin bear ornament! Cute! Cute! Cute!

  13. Rita from Chicago says:

    Anna your the best, everyday is like Christmas when you make a connection with us. Thank you so much for being you because there is nobody like you. God has blessed us with the unique person that you are . He stands back and admires His creations too. You are truly an inspiration. Is there any way u could make a starter kit to give to a friend to get them started?

  14. Jennifer Sugg says:

    Thank you, the card is beautiful!
    I wanted to ask if you could bring back the “flower vine” cutting die on pages 46-47 in “Cut Emboss and Create” book? It is not available at all. I hope this helps!

  15. Audrey Olander says:

    When I saw this card on the air last week I wondered how you made it – now I know! Thank you!

  16. MAUREEN ODELL says:

    Hi Anna,
    I loved the tutorial. Just beautiful. I have all the parts. You are the best! When is the next show?

  17. Mary Alice Hunter says:

    Hi, Anna, I can hardly wait! My Verite printer, ribbon box (with your beautiful ribbons, of course) and your wrapping paper box with the goodies inside are on their way. Imagine the pretties I will be able to make. Finished my Christmas cards today thanks to my Explore Air, Cuttlebug and Cricut Design Space. Now on to the pretties I will make for my granddaughter’s wedding.

  18. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I love all your products. I bought what I wanted before craft day and received all of it. That way I am never on the back order list.I still enjoy watching you on HSN.

  19. Angel Cyr says:

    Thanks, ~~~ Deb Larsen !!! Yes, I agree … and my mother would be right there with us !!! I’m an extremely private person … only a few people have ever even seen my space … and the things that I don’t want people to see are elsewhere !!! … Thanks, for taking the time to share your concerns with me … You Are Too Sweet !!! … And I’ll Heed To Your Good Advice !!!

  20. Konni Andis says:

    Your card kits got me started making cards! I still love all the beautiful layers you have! Plus your ideas just keep on giving me inspiration! Love all Anna G. Products!

  21. Patsy Needham says:

    Hi Anna I bought the cricut maker on hsn and love it. I am making your butterfly card and can’t get a nice cut on the smallest butterfly. I was wondering what setting you used to get it so perfect from your picture of the card. I am going to be making a lot of your things in cricut design space cause I love your stuff. Thank you

  22. Barbara F. Smith says:

    It’s a great suggestion to use a craft knife to adapt a layer to the front of a card. Somehow we forget about how useful those little knives can be. Thank you for your tips and inspiration.

  23. Sandie Duggan says:

    I’m not sure if you are still asking for ideas, but I’m going to post this request just in case you’re still making your list. I love love love the boxes that the card kids come in they are so beautiful and made of a nice stirty stock. In the past there was no writing on the box, so I could use it in any room in the house, but now they have the red stripe across the top of the box which is not as attractive. I have your storage binders and embossing folder storage systems and it would be nice if these boxes could be combined with them. The red just doesn’t fit in with your color palettes (other than Christmas of course.). Could the kit labeling be removed? Thank you for all your beautiful products, I consider myself a Griffinite!

  24. Sandy Hanson says:

    Gorgeous cards. You really give people inspiration to create using all your different products. Just found a stack of your paper that I forgot I had and have come up with many new ideas. Thank you Anna.

  25. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Dear Anna & Team,
    Ya’ll are still doing super fine designs . I love it all.
    ~~~any love ya’ll too.
    Thanks for all the fun you give me.
    Annie Laura

  26. Beverly says:

    What a great idea, not just for Christmas, but for any card! I started my Christmas cards last week when my kits arrived in the mail. Slow going, but adding a little personal touch on each one. Everyone enjoys getting the homemade cards and so much fun to make!!! Thank you for your wonderful products!

  27. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    I have been making my Christmas cards to be mailed out on the first of December. Then back to my travel albums. We was gone for one month and over 1700 pictures taken now to scrapbook them.. it should take about 6 albums to finish them all done. I still have more die cutes to make with my friend Cricut. Mine is dead so I have to use someone else’s. I wellshare some of my album pages asi go. That is if want one wants to see them.

  28. Gina Maria says:

    Beautiful card! Love the idea of cutting away the center and adding the embossed layer below. Anna, I hope that you are planning a supplement to the wishful thinking does, I know some folks have suggested additional words, may I suggest these: teacher, great (as in great-nephew),God (as in God-daughter), and retirement. Thank you again for all your beautiful items and inspiration!

  29. Connie says:

    Last week visited a cousin—–got over 60 cards done in a couple of days—–off to an excellent start need about 60 more—giving cards to all my Church Choir friends this year…….

  30. Deb Larsen says:

    I believe I have all the accoutraments needed to make this crafting delight.
    May I add…be careful when you bring strangers into your home to reveal your stash! You may, instead of a new griffinite being created, be introducing some one who is casing the joint to where your priceless beauties are stored…

  31. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Beautiful idea, Anna! I have all the pieces and kits to do this Christmas card, too! I have 25 cards made, I like to mix up the styles and types, a few shaker, a few with the Glorious kit, etc. So this will be fun to add to the mix and maybe I can come up with some of my own idea, which I also enjoy very much. Thank you for your inspirations!

  32. Sandra Griswold says:

    Just never occurred to me to cut the center out of a layer, what a great idea and so pretty. Having already used 3 boxes of Christmas card kits and completed making 150 of my Christmas cards, thanks Anna and your team for all the ideas and kits that make card making so much fun and so pretty.. Sharing that an elderly lady I send cards too, has gone to the Dollar Tree and purchased gold and black easel stands and she displays the cards I have sent her even past Christmases and that is part of her decorating. My beauty shop owner has gotten black frames from the dollar store and framed all the Christmas cards I have sent her and she makes a wall grouping of them as part of her decorating. Makes me happy that they appreciates all it takes to craft them. Yes Anna you are appreciated, thank you.

  33. Jill M says:

    Amazing card & I HAVE ALL THE PIECES!!! That doesn’t happen often! I do like this idea.

    Thank you for thinking up these new ways to use your cards & embellishments!



    Hi Anna and Team,

    Received my AG items from HSN last week. Love the dies, the papers, the stamps and the card making kit. Love everything. Happy Halloween a bit early just in case I don’t write you before the holiday. Thanks for everything.

  35. Sandra Evans says:

    I’ve finished all my Christmas shaker cards and my Christmas window frames cards and about 20 other Christmas cards but I always find I need one or two more for people I’ve forgotten to send to. This is a beautiful idea I will try. While I’m crafting I think of things that I wish you had available for us, but I can’t think of any of them now. I’m going to have to start making a list.

  36. Teddy says:

    Oh, Anna! This is so pretty! Thank you and your team for reminding us that beautiful is never out of style. Can barely wait for your next hsn visits.

  37. Peggy Wiens says:

    Have started my cards, try and do a little bit each day. Between birthday and Christmas cards!! Thank you for the Inspiration!!

  38. Debbie Martin says:

    I was looking at this card yesterday and was not getting any ideas. Thank you for this tutorial. Now I’m seeing possibilities.

  39. Nana D says:

    Love the inspiration, thank you for sharing. Loving my christmas items creating that have arrived! 50 cards made and many more to come! Happy crafting everyone!

  40. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, waving across the ocean! I love this tutorial. I am going to give it a try! I love enmbossing & die cutting. I look forward to all your inspiration! I was excited about your request list. I don’t usually request because you already give us SO much. I know I requested 2 things. One was bringing the Madison back. But I think it would be great as a card kit with lots of the same embellishments but more flags & precut die cuts. Thinking of all those that send cards to the troops, etc., besides your Independence Day. This is a fun start to the week! Thank you,

  41. Regina Pahati says:

    This is a good project. I do wish that we can get more Foam Squares. I have searched HSN and could not find it as a separate item. With all the embellishments this is one I need a lot of.

  42. Angel Cyr says:

    Thanks, for replying ” Anna ” ~~~ Oh, I Don’t Have Any Problem … Finding Where To Purchase Your Products !!! Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!! … Funny Story ~~~ I held a ” Yard Sale ” this past weekend … and I’m always asking … when women walk in, if they are a
    ” Crafter ” ( because of the items that I am selling, well actually ” GIVING,” should they tell me that they are a ” Crafter ” ) anyway … A Card Maker, Finally Walked In !!! … I’m a perfectionist and knowing that my Craftroom wasn’t Perfect … I invited for her to see my room, anyway !!! … She, ended up making her husband come in to see, also !!! … Showed her a lot of your products ( die sets, galore ) and I told her about HSN, which she had never heard about !!! … So, hopefully you’ll be getting a new customer !!! I, think that I overwhelm people, when I bring them into my space !!! … I, should probably not do this again, as the lady comment to my husband … ” Your Wife Is In Deeper, Than I Am !!! ” Well, at the age of 44 and years of buying, should you purchase things that you L~O~V~E ~~~ to use … you can’t get rid of them … so, your crafting items do add up !!! … I’m Sure All Of The Griffinites Will Agree !!! …

  43. Helen Dale McGrath says:

    Love the idea of cutting out the center of 1 layer to reveal another layer. When will you be on HSN next???

  44. kimberly laughrey says:

    So beautiful.. I cannot wait to finish with school so I can get back to my regularly scheduled crafting!

  45. Chris H. says:

    Love the little extra effort to make something new and unique.
    Question: are the everyday acetate layers going to come back?? I am anxious to use my die cuts that accompany these.
    Thanks for all the beautiful things that you offer to us all.

  46. Linda Davis says:

    Wonderful! — More ideas for transforming your lovely cards.

    I really enjoy all these fantastic tutorials! You get the creative juices flowing!

  47. Angel Cyr says:

    Silly, Me !!! … I, had the ” Bright Idea ” to go back and click onto the ~~~ here ~~~ after asking my question.

    Thanks, It Took Me Right To HSN !!! …

  48. Gina says:

    Thank you, beautiful!!!! Have you thought about making a toner ink marker that would work in the cricut to use with your minc?
    Thank you for all of your brilliant and beautiful items!!!!

  49. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Angel, we do not sell products via the blog. Check HSN, and your local craft store!

  50. Maureen says:

    Love this card and all cards that you make and share with all of us each week. I look forward to Monday mornings to whatever will be on your blog. Now I await your start of next months previews for new and old products. ❤️ and thanks to you Anna and your team.

  51. June Estep says:

    just scrolled a few comments, and, I really loved the lined envelopes too. I imagine it is an expensive upgrade, but that year it was in the Christmas Card kit, it was so rich and fabulous. I am pretty sure you design quite a ways out, so, perhaps a holiday envelopes for next year. I am glad you have a kit this year in a box, but, I would love to see you keep with tradition and have that annual in a box. I know the Glorious kit from last year was available, and I certainly took advantage, but, you could date the boxes and they could become collector items too. Whatever you do , it is wonderful, and I am all in.

  52. Michelle Garbutt says:

    I am using so many of my embossing folders lately – I love how they add such beautiful texture to my card designs – they change a card from “Oh that’s pretty to WOW that’s PRETTY – this card is a perfect example – thanks for sharing

  53. Dixie says:

    So hoping you will bring back the Christmas pocket dies. I didn’t get in soon enough! They are so beautiful.

  54. June Estep says:

    What a wonderful card, and I admit…I avoid using the craft knife. I think the best way to get over reluctance with a tool, is use it a lot. So, need to do this project and get my hand and wrist loosened up and utilize that craft knife. So clever do that cut work on the card and layer the embossed cardstock from behind. very, very beautiful.

  55. Gena Greenlee says:

    Just beautiful!! Thanks Anna, I hope I recover from the broken bones in my back so that I can order and use some of the new items! Fingers crossed!!

  56. Nicky Craig says:

    Hi Anna.
    Love the idea of using an embossed metallic layer behind the cut out! Would love to hhave envelopes lined with metallic paper or your vintage papers. Love lined envelopes.
    Have a blessed and joyful day!

  57. Karen Lorenz says:

    Thank you so much for giving us instructions on how to make this card. I really hope in the future you could put out a quarterly magazine with all your tips and show how to make different items. That would be great for all of us Griffinites. Thank you.

  58. Martha Devaughn says:

    Failed to make request last week. Please consider making a die with phrase ” Just Because”. So many times this could be used when not a special occasion. Thank you.

  59. M Joanne says:

    I loved these cards from last year and would have purchased again this year if you had both sizes. I felt it wasn’t as good a bargain when last year we got a hundred cards versus 50. Please bring the Whole Set back

  60. Mary White says:

    Thank you for sharing the “how to’s” to making this card! It is stunning! Love all the inspiration you give us crafters! I hope you and your staff have an amazing day! Love everything Anna!

  61. Sharon A. says:

    Thank you, Anna. Love your tutorials. Have 40 Christmas cards made to date and looking forward to finishing them soon!

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