HSN November 17th-18th Shopping List

Hi there,

This month is flying by! Our shows on HSN start tomorrow, can you believe it? We can’t wait to show you the new jewelry, storage, dies, embellishments and more that we have in store for Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting! Our show times are tomorrow (Friday) at 10am, 3pm and 8pm, then join us this Saturday at 9am.

Join us tomorrow at 10am, where we have the incredible Cricut Maker with an exclusive materials bundle. That’s not all, we are also opening up the Maker educational autoship program so you can get in if you missed this in October. The Make Something You Love with Anna Griffin class program features exclusive cutting files, materials, projects, how to instruction and video. It starts in December with your first kit and goes through December of 2018. Anna teaches you how to cut and make projects out of paper, felt, faux leather, fabric and more! This is only offered on HSN and only this week!

We will make a special appearance for the Happy Hour Show with Robin and Helen on HSN2, Friday night from 8-10pm! We will be on at 9pm with the Cricut Maker! The Cricut Maker will be offered on HSN2 all Thanksgiving week as part of their Thanks-Gifting program.

New Items

583885- All Heart Cutting Dies

583895- 2018-2019 Planner Bundle

583896- 2018-2019 Planner Inserts

583889- Anna Griffin Stone Bracelets

583897- Valentines Dresden Trims

583890- Deflecto 4 Bin Table Storage

583891- Deflecto Wall Rack and Bins

546158- Seasonal Dies and Folders

583883- Vintage Valentine’s Day Collage Toppers

583884- Valentine’s Day Perfect Palette Cards and Envelopes

583882- French Fan Dies

583886- Glitter Tape Bundle

573173- Anna Griffin 2017 Ornament (St. Jude)

Returning Favorites

589851- Cricut Maker Bundle AS

589877- Cricut Maker Bundle

572280- Deflecto Marker Storage

216940- Fabulous Folded Paper Kit

576951- 2 Charm Bracelet Kit

576952- 2 Necklace Kit

568627- Christmas Parchment Set

574342- Christmas Sentiment Stamps and Dies

583898- 3D Floral Cutting Dies

470042- Vintage Collage Toppers II

522290- Charming Collage Toppers 3

574352- Christmas Window Frame Card Making Kit

510419- Christmas Packaging Tape

552844- Favorite Flowers Stickers 3

552845- Sending Sympathy Stickers

574338- Holiday Embossing Folders

532402- Everyday Chic Wrap

479351- Classical Arrangements Coloring Set

510421- Christmas Coloring Cards

533788- Watercolor Markers

395630- 5 x 7 Metallic Layers (120 pc)

442884- 5 x 7 Holiday Metallic Layers

430694- Perfect Bows (100 pc)

Oh so much fun! We are so excited to see you tomorrow!




  1. Lisa Huseman says:

    Hi Anna!

    I would LOVE it if you could make a stand alone deal with the “auto-ship” Make something you love materials and tutorials. I order the Maker bundle in the October launch BEFORE it aired on television because I was afraid it would sell out. I am not familiar with what auto-ship meant and I declined because I thought it meant another machine would come. Ha ha. I missed out on this awesome addition and couldn’t get it later without returning my order and ordering again…but by the time it aired (and I saw the show) they were sold out…so I couldn’t return it because I would not have gotten the extras.

    Please make a long time Cricut AND Anna Griffin fan a very happy fan and come out with these as an offer that is by itself.

    I have seen so many people kind of complain because they bought the machine when it was announced, but they would have loved your tutorials. I could GUARANTEE that they would sell out in minutes!

    Please please please!

    Ha ha.

    Thanks for reading this.

  2. joy sampson says:

    Hi Anna! Thanks for the great shows today…cant wait to recv what I selected and get started…will be sipping my coffee with you at 9AM Saturday! A Happy Thanksgiving to all xox Love Joy

  3. Holly H. says:

    I agree with several people who have asked if you would develop a journal without the date pages. Also, I need it to close so I can put it in my purse without messing up the pages. It would also be lovely if you could sell some of the contents separately. I use my “planner” binder for a big address holder. I keep my stamps and address labels in pocket pages. Thanks for all you do Anna and Company!

  4. SuzyS says:

    Would love to see an Anna Griffin journal similar to the planner but without the date pages. Love the dividers, stickers and other pages in the planner!

  5. Sue Farren says:

    Anna and team – incredible variety of products….can’t wait to see it all, even after Create 🙂

  6. Beatrice says:

    Anna can’t wait to watch todays & tomorrows show’s! I made a list but after looking at your list of items I’ve ended up almost doubling my list & placing me over my budget!! Love everything I must choose my top craft items to purchase??
    Wishing everyone a Happy Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving!!

  7. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Let the fun continue! So many beautiful options! I think the Friday Night with Helen & Robin will be a blast! I’ll be joining in on that! Have fun Anna! I’ll be blowing Aloha kisses!

  8. Pat Park says:

    Rearranging my craft room. Would love to win the Deflecto storage items. I will be watching Friday and Saturday.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Linda Valoy says:

    Thank you Anna for having the warehouse sale and Thank HSN for me too. I got the the 3-D flower dies,fancy flip embellishments and the valentine perfect cards. Those cards are the prettiest cards you have made. The flower dies are on extended delivery but I am happy just knowing that they will be mine soon. Thanks HSN for the sale price.

  10. Sandra Griswold says:

    I’m ready , ready to see you Friday and sat.I get so excited after you have brought to us so many beautiful things to make our crafting easier and awesome.Love all things Anna Griffin!!!!!!!!

  11. Sandra Evans says:

    Have my DVR set to record all shows since I will be working Fri. And Sat. I have a hard time erasing your shows because I like to refer to them to see how you use your products. My husband would like me to erase some of these shows to free up space for other shows. Will be watching you when I get home.

  12. Lana says:

    Will have to DVR the first show, but be able to see the next two. Looking forward to watching on Saturday which is such a plus. Thank You!

  13. SHARON BOUNDS says:

    Hi, I jumped the gun and ordered the fan and valentine dies…GOT THEM TODAY AND OH MY…THEY ARE GEORGEOUS!! CUT PERFECTLY!!

  14. Angie Ordinario says:

    Can’t wait for the shows! I am off and just watching you all day long. Love everything Anna makes.

  15. Ann Marie C says:

    Haven’t missed too many Anna Griffin shows so I will be glued to my T.V. tomorrow for your 3 shows. Can’t wait.

  16. Pam Stearley says:

    Anxiously awaiting your arrival on HSN. Just saw your new video. I’m bubbling wi excitement! Bravo Anna!!!

  17. SARA newcomer says:


  18. Elizabeth A says:

    That’s sure a lot of great things! So who won for last time, Anna said they would be giving it away on the blog, thanks.

  19. Janet Alba says:

    Hi. I bought the Anna Cricut but at that time it didn’t come with the Design Space elements. Will you be selling that separately, ever?

  20. Dilara Serra says:

    Hello Anna I do not see the item # for the Christmas Shaker Card kit on the shopping list and I cannot find it on HSN. thanks

  21. Joan Baker says:

    I am over from England and staying with my daughter in California……. too late for Create 3 this time but at least I get to see Anna on HSN. So excited!

  22. Donna Baker says:

    Cant wait to receive items already purchased as I will have my grandkids overnight for the Raleigh Christmas parade and can’t watch. Craft on Griffinites!!!!

  23. Kathleen Mills says:

    I can’t wait to get the fan dies. I think they are lovely on Valentine’s cards, but would be even more perfect for wedding and shower cards!! Love all the new things!

  24. Roni says:

    I have my list and will be shopping early,but will be up to watch all your shows – it will be a wonderful two days!

  25. Ruth Manor says:

    Love the fan dies! Selected what I want to get and put it in my shopping card and was ready to check out. Shipping should be $5, but I see $10 and no flex pay options. So, unless this is resolved tomorrow, I won’t be buying.

  26. Patsy Chapman says:

    I have several of these products but need to learn more how to use them. Lol. Can’t wait til tomorrow!!! Planning my day around the shows!!!

  27. Penny Colley says:

    Everything is soooo beautiful! I really need to go back to work so I can pay for all this. Keep it going Anna. Love you.

  28. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Just LOVE the fan dies. They remind me of my Grandmother and going to church when women used them during a hot humid Sunday Service. Getting ready to move to another state and everything will go into a pod until we find our new home. We’ll be living in our RV until then so not much space. So should I really get them? Hmmm, yes I think so. Happy Crafting!!!

  29. Brenda Owen says:

    I can not wait to see you Friday and Saturday. Love watching you and getting all of the wonderful tricks and tips for your products. I wish I could get the Valentines Day dies but I guess I will have to wait this time, but I sure can watch.

  30. Kay Brassfield says:

    LOVE all the products ! I agree…the shopping list is SOOO helpful and I wish HSN would show the items for the time slots like they used to. k

  31. Mary Esser says:

    Looking forward to your show, for new ideas. I purchased the Cricut Maker, but have not used it yet. Looking forward to the autoship to arrive. Life just has been busy here. Have a beautiful day. Thanks for the warehouse sale 🙂

  32. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, It’s me Debbie Dunn again , looking forward to watching you on HSN Friday and Saturday!! I have ordered and received almost everything excepfor my most recent orders. My very best to you and your fabulous team.
    Debbie Dunn.

  33. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    I don’t know if I can watch the Cricut Maker. I really want one of these, and I know I won’t win one. But what I would really need I’d the planner. My husband has a lot of Doctors appointment plus my appoints. So I need the planner. I love the heart dies and the fan dies. I’m sorry I can’t watch the Cricut Maker. I really need one. But thanks anyhow. The Deflecto makers are great. Those would really come in handy to put things in.

  34. terri miller says:

    i can’t wait until tomorrow! and Saturday!!!!!!! FInally some crafting on Saturday and I can watch live!

    Thanks Anna!!!!

  35. Yadyra Marrero says:

    I can’t wait till Friday. So many great items.. It will be an early Christmas to me.!!. Thanks Anna!!!XXXX

  36. Ronny says:

    Thank you for the shopping list Anna!. It is hard to tell what is going to be offered on any given show because HSN won’t show the products for the time slots anymore. Seems to be a big secret with them until the show is actually on the air and even then they haven’t always shown everything available for that time period.. With out your list last time with the product numbers it would have been awfully hard to find every thing .
    Is any one else frustrated with the way HSN has been ‘NOT’ showing the products ahead of time-even for the day of the show or sometimes not even when they are being aired?

  37. Margaret Tresca says:

    I thought there were some shaker cards that you did a preview of, but I don’t see them on this list?

  38. Hobo says:

    I already ordered all the new items I want! I have a lot of glitter tape. Can’t afford a new Cricut. But am sure I will enjoy the rest when it arrives! So beautiful! Love the Dresden trims, have a good collection of them which I have used for years. And fortunately for me I already have most of the other returning items.

  39. Janelle Kinsaul says:

    My credit card will be smoking. Too many gorgeous things not to want or not to buy. Everything is so awesome and fits right into my left over stash. But the….is anything truely left over.

  40. Carole Moats says:

    I am a long time owner of Cricut machines–the personal cutter and an Expressions 2. After watching the Create class previews, I wonder if the Cricut team would present classes in other cities to convince people like me to purchase an Explore Air or Maker machine. I am totally intimidated by the computer aspects of these machines and presently don’t mind the dials and other mechanical processes to get the images I want. I want to be able to take full advantage of the advanced machines and learn best by seeing and doing. Perhaps Cricut could give introductory presentations and classes through Joann’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I live in the Denver area.

  41. Jo Smith says:

    Anna looking forward to how you explain how to use your products. Also the idea of the Cricut Maker Bundle auto-ship that you will teach owners how to use the maker and do projects. I have purchased some of the things already and I am looking to make sure I haven’t left anything out. Looks like fun ahead for everyone as always.. .

  42. Deborah Holman says:

    Just received my valentine goodies from this list….SO SO GORGEOUS! Looking forward I your shows this weekend!

  43. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    I’m excited to view the demonstrations on the cricut maker again. I have one but am still afraid to make a go of it. Inspire me some more, I need it.

  44. Jody Green says:

    Hi Anna, By opening up the auto ship program, do you mean that those of us who already have the Maker can sign up just for the monthly kits?

  45. Karen says:

    I am so glad you’re going to show us how to work the Maker. I bought it for myself so it would be easier for me to make quilts. Thank you.

  46. Susan Thomas says:

    I was able to get the Cricut Maker with auto-ship in October. I’m looking forward to the extra shipments and videos! I’ve been loving cutting fabrics! look forward to seeing you on HSN!

  47. Dolores Kilcoyne says:

    Running out of room but still buy more. I keep hoping I won’t like new products,but it never seems to work out that way.

  48. Pamela V. says:

    I think I am so original with my ideas until I see Anna step it up with supplies that I have! As alsoways tahnks for the ideas and new supplies to add to what I do!

  49. Nancy Hawkins says:

    I had so much fun at Create and really learned a lot. Thankful for all that you do for us! Ready to start making my fan cards.

  50. Patty says:

    Question….what package or item is the gold Xmas tree from, that was used on the “Glorious Wishes” card above? It is so beautiful!! Are there similar items other than the tree? I must have missed that presentation.

  51. MaryLou Benvenuto says:

    Thank you soooo much for opening up the Cricut Maker educational autoship program. My husband bought me the Maker in October as a surprise but missed autoship. We are both looking forward to this. Absolutely love your products!

  52. Linda Davis says:

    Will be watching with a cup of tea! I am finishing up shopping today! I am still in overload from Create 3!

  53. Shellie Fontana says:

    Good morning, Anna! What a beautiful holly-day card you posted with this ever-useful shopping list–thank you for always providing useful INFO, helpful tips, and BEAUTIFUL-IN-THE-MAKING inspiration! You are so enthusiastic and gracious, and I am making cards with fresh inspiration and new creative inspiration since returning from CREATE 3 in Atlanta a few days ago. Looking forward to seeing and watching you on HSN tomorrow, Anna!

  54. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow. I have cleared my schedule and I am getting ready to watch, learn and buy! Everything is outstandingly beautiful as usual.

  55. Kathryn Frank says:

    Since I want everything this shopping list helps me somewhat stay on budget! It also gives me a chance to see what I already have to avoid duplicates!

  56. Connie Cox says:

    I would love to have the new Cricut I have so many in the past I have the last one not very long the air 2. This one I just don’t think it can get any better. Love every thing you do. Thank You.

  57. Susan Mlacker says:

    Can’t wait. I got the auto ship in October. I can’t wait to really learn how to use the maker.❤️


    Hi Spectacular Anna and Marvelous Team,

    Can’t wait! Love everything. Unfortunately, I can’t afford everything. Will do my best. See you tomorrow and Saturday. Excited, excited!

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