How to: Seasonal Wishes Wreath Greetings Card

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating with family and friends! For today’s tutorial, we have the perfect greeting card for anyone on your holiday card list. A cheerful wreath on the door always puts one in the holiday spirit, and this card will do just the same! You’re going to love it!

Just in case you are wondering…the previews for our next shows on HSN, January 10th will start next week! We have a whole lot of new things for you to create with!

Let’s make this lovely wreath card together!

Seasonal Wishes Wreath Greetings Card

Finished Size: 5×7 card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut® Cuttlebug™ Version 3, 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One, 457-852
  • Anna Griffin® Seasonal Wishes Cutting Dies (leaf die, “Greetings” die and “Poinsettias” embossing folder) 546-158
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Patterns For Him Cards and Envelopes (5” x 7” gold and red card) 542-056
  • Red patterned card stock, cut to 1 ¼”x 7”
  • Green patterned card stock, cut to 1 ¼”x 7”
  • Purple glitter card stock, cut to 1 ¼”x 7”
  • Red glitter card stock, cut to 1 ¼”x 7”
  • Matte gold foil card stock, cut to 1 ¼”x 7”
  • Faux leather, cut to 1 ¼”x 5 ½”
  • 1” width red ribbon, 24” length
  • Adhesive (tape runner or glue)
  • Foam squares
  • Scissors


  1. Using the Cricut® Cuttlebug™ and leaf die, cut 5 leaves from each of the following:
  • Orange patterned card stock
  • Green patterned card stock
  • Purple glitter card stock
  • Red glitter card stock
  • Matte gold foil card stock

Emboss the orange patterned, green patterned and matte gold foil card stock using the “Poinsettias” embossing folder.

Using the Cricut® Cuttlebug™ die cut “Greetings” from the faux leather with the “Greetings” die.

Cut the red ribbon into two pieces. One piece should be 20” and the other piece should be 4”.

Tie the 20” piece of red ribbon into a double bow. Trim the edges.


Using a tape runner or glue, adhere the 4” strip of red ribbon over the top of the card in the center.

Attach the leaves in a layered, circular pattern in the center of the card using foam squares.

Adhere the bow to the top center of the wreath.

Using foam squares, attach “Greetings” across the center of the wreath.

That was so much fun! You can make this wreath in a variety of different colors, phrases and card bases!







  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m with Debbie H! Need more magnetic refills for all the tiny dies like the leaf for this tutorial. Such a cute idea and a beautiful card.

    Someone else asked about how to tie the double bow. Could you give us a quick tutorial on that please?

  2. Ann Marie Cannistraci says:

    I bought the coin purse dies. I need instructions on how to put them together. Can someone help me

  3. Janet geary says:

    Gorgeous card. Thank you for the instructions. Again more from the “BEST OF THE BEST”! Keep sending those great written instructions for great cards. Let’s not forget scrapbook pages either.

  4. Denise Starrs says:

    Thank you Anna for another beautiful card. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless you and yours.

  5. Annie Laura Pence says:

    My oh my. Inspirational idea ! I will make one for sure! Thanks Anna & Team for your great ideas and help!
    Just had gallbladder surgery yesterday but feeling well enough to back to crafting ! Making cards and scrapbooks are good therapy
    Wishing ALL a Merry Christmas

  6. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Holy Cow! I love this! I’m smiling BIG! Thanks for sharing this. This is something I’m going to try using what I have. I am so thankful for you & everything one that is with you behind the scenes! Love to you all! Aloha!

  7. Beverly says:

    Another inspirational idea!! This one I think I can actually accomplish. I have become quite a bow maker, lots of practice, and this is a wonderful way to use one of them. The idea can be used for many occasions and seasons. Thank you again. Been enjoying my Christmas card kits and am so looking for4ward to surprising my relatives and friends with these beautiful cards.

  8. Ronny says:

    So pretty. Its now in my pinterest so I can always find it. Need to get cracking on my Christmas cards as haven’t made a one yet.

    Oh my, Jan 10! after all the AG buying this last year I shouldn’t even look at another thing til Jan 2019. My HSN card has croaked from exhaustion.!!

  9. Paula McGee says:

    What a beautiful card. I hope your thanksgiving was filled with wonderful family, delicious food and enjoyable fun.

  10. joy sampson says:

    Hi Anna! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours. LOVE the wreath card and will def use the concept for xmas wreath cards…thank you!!!

  11. Diane aka ciocidi says:

    This is such a pretty and classic card. I can see it as a Christmas wreath, from my home to yours. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    Very pretty, Anna, and looks pretty simple to accomplish. I just need to find the right ribbon to use on the card.

    ***Anna, would you consider selling your holiday ribbons separately that go in your ribbon box for those of us that already have purchased your ribbon box with the pastel ribbons inside it?****

  13. Grama Pei says:

    Anna and Crew, I hope your Thanksgiving celebration was joy-filled and that peace and contentment descended upon your busy lives for a while… What a pretty card for Fall/Thanksgiving! LOVE it! I am excited that the previews are starting next week! YAY! Made my day to hear that!

  14. Aurora Riffee says:

    Hi Anna, enjoyed the great card. I am going to make one just to keep as a sample for next year. You know Christmas is coming and I have to get busy with those cards. Love you, (I say that to friends)

  15. Angel Cyr says:

    Product Request … Noticing, that this card is from the
    ” Perfect Patterns For Him Cards & Envelopes ” makes me ask … Would you please design more, base cards — cards like the one shown, but title them — ” All Occasion ” — Seems, like these cards are much more than ” For Him ” — and it kind of gives you a funny feeling, when wanting to use them for women, etc. — because of the name, and they are so worthy, as they really are ” The Perfect All Occasion Base Cards. ” Your products are so, Amazing, Beautiful & Elegant ! I Just Love Them !

  16. SheliaP says:

    Such a pretty card … need to know how to tie the bow though. I’ve tired and all I come up with is frustration and a mess. I just can’t get it and it makes me bonkers.

  17. Sharon Bounds says:

    Beautiful and I can envision it for other holidays. Thanks for the creativity and inspiration!!
    Happy Holidays

  18. Annette Johnson says:

    That card is so beautiful and could be adapted for other die cuts. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to more crafting inspirations.

  19. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, it’s Debbie Dunn again, Love the tutorial, Love ❤️ the assortment of color’s for the leaves, so very pretty. Oh my goodness, you said the January previews start next week, how very exciting, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us !!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend!!
    My very best to you and your fabulous team.
    Debbie Dunn

  20. Kathy Ames says:

    Hello Anna !! What a beautiful project !!I love the leaves ..The colors are so fun.Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to all the new stuff you and staff are busy making for us ! Happy Holidays !!

  21. Gayle Driver says:

    Beautiful wreath, I’m going start being more creative with my left over paper. I love the idea of embossing pattern paper.

  22. Beatrice says:

    Anna, Thank You!! I Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!! Looking forward to product preview showing for Yr 2018! I can not wait!!.

  23. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Beautiful card Anna.. I think it will be my card for next Thanksgiving..
    Hope you and your family had a Wonderful day.

  24. Sandra Griswold says:

    Anna, hope you had a lovely thanksgiving. Thanks for yet another beautiful card idea to copy. I am now trying to figure a Christmas idea to make into a wreath. Take care and continue to celebrate and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  25. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … Jan. 10,th — that’s not long to wait, at all !
    Yahoo ! … More, Anna Griffin Goodies — To Purchase ! … and my ” Birthday ” is in Jan. — exactly 1 mo. from Christmas ! 2 Mo. of Goodies, right in a row. Wonder, what I’ll find to buy !!! If, you could see what I’ve ordered, from your company, recently … and what I’m still waiting for … to yet arrive — you would be laughing ! I’m gonna be doing some major reorganizing, in my craft room … once again ! This is, so much F~U~N !!! I L~O~V~E everything about crafting … It’s fun to buy ! … It’s fun to organize ! … and it’s fun to sit down and craft up a tornado, then put it all away, then get it all back out ! Perhaps, this is why at the age of 44 I still weigh 104 lbs. — This kind of Hands – on crafting keeps anyone in shape !!!
    Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!! Hope you had a ” Good Laugh ! ”

    Angel ( from Maine )

  26. Paulette King says:

    Dear Anna and Co.
    Thank you for all your good wishes. May your holiday brings you all you wish for.


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Love the wreath card. Very unusual and beautiful. I want you to know now I intend to steal this idea. Thank you in advance for all the complements I will be getting. See you in January.

  28. Maureen says:

    What a great tutorial , it’s great how you show us such simple ideas that turn into magic, wishful thinking dies have other dies that can be made into wreaths, I never thought of that, that’s why you and your team are so marvelous, endless ideas. Thank you for these weekly blogs, I just love them. I agree with Debbi I hope magnetic refills will be offered soon. Happy holidays to you your team and all your followers.

  29. Linda Kirchner says:

    Holy cow! I can see this wreath in Autumn colors topping the napkin at every Thanksgiving table place. This is so beautiful.

  30. Chris H. says:

    I wish I would have seen this before thanksgiving. It is beautiful. I do need to learn to make bows as perfect as you do Anna.

  31. Mary Ann Larson says:

    Love it. I need to see if I have that die in my stash! I really want to learn to make your bows! Looking forward to all the goodies coming out in 2018!

  32. Deidra says:

    What a great card. Sometimes at this time of the year I need card ideas for cards that are not strictly Thanksgiving or Christmas. This one is perfect for those occasions. Looking forward to the 2018 Product Previews!

  33. Debbi H says:

    Hi Anna. What a lovely way to use leaves for something other than fall décor. I can’t wait to see what you’re bringing us in the new year. I hope it’s magnetic refills for the die storage notebooks. You told me they were on the design teams to do list ;-D

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