HSN January 10th, 2018 Shopping List

Hello, hello!

Meet us at midnight tomorrow for our first shows of the year on HSN! These #Annaversary shows can’t be beat, and we are going to have a great time showing you all the new products, returning favorites and how to create with them! We have the Today’s Special on January 10th. It is the incredible Anna Griffin Treasury of Stamps and Dies, a compendium of clear stamps and concentric dies to create dimensional embellishments for all occasions.

Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting hours start at midnight and continue throughout the day at 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm, 8pm EST. Also on Wednesday at 5:15pm, we will be joining some of our favorite HSN hosts for a Facebook live!

Want another look at everything new? Here’s a video re-cap of the last 5 weeks of blog posts about our 8th Anna-versary on HSN. The table was so full, that we could not squeeze in the Cricut Maker, Cricut Easy Press and the very special Cricut Explore Air 2 Anna Griffin Anniversary bundle. The Cricut family of products are the creme de la creme of crafting tools and we have Anna-versary specials on all of them!

Here are our products for January 10th! Links will be updated as available.

New Items

592735 – Eleanor Designer Paper Crafting Kit

59264-629 – Christmas Ribbon Assortment

592764-20J – Everyday Ribbon Assortment

592764-424 – Vintage Ribbon Assortment

555-601 and 595-610 Xyron Sticker Makers

592667 – Window Ledge Embellishments

592710- Window Ledge Dies 1

592691 – Window Ledge Dies 2

592758 – Window Box Die Cuts and Sentiments

592731 – Dresden Spring Assortment

592719 – Fancy Flourish Dies

592722 – Engraved Botanica Card Kit

592711 – Shaker Dies 2 (butterfly, envelope, clover and bunny)

592715 – Shaker Card Supply Kit

594455 – Vintage Bunny Die Cuts

592664 – Ornamental 3D Embossing Folders

592741 – Floral Decoupage Diecuts

588268-KK5 – Treasury Stamp/ Dies- Amelie

588268-06Y – Treasury Stamp/ Dies- Camilla

588268-52X – Treasury Stamp/ Dies- Grace Black

588268-F67 – Treasury Stamp/ Dies- Grace White

588268-DR7 -Treasury Stamp/ Dies- Ivory Damask

592559 – Mini Diecutting and Embossing Machine

592765 – Heat Embossing Tool

592562 – Treasury Inks

592563 – Treasury Embossing Powders

592564 – Treasury Cards, Embellishments and Envelopes

Returning Favorites

592666 Window Ledge Card Making Kit (No Dies)

592710 – Window Ledge Dies 1 (Original)

552838 – Delicate Engravings Card Kit

597867 – Anna Griffin Explore Air 2 Anniversary Bundle

574327 – Cricut Maker

586053 – Make Something You Love Paper Kit with Autoship

505105 – 12 x 12 Perfect Palette II

572269 – Shaker Dies (original)

522150 – Trelliage Set

552843 – Frame It Coloring Pages

532431 – Chameleon Markers

552853 – Chameleon Color Tops

583456 – Cricut Easy Press Machine

583897 – Valentine’s Dresden Trims

583895- 2018-2019 Planner Bundle

522556-Xyron Creative Station

Please note that we have experienced some shipping delays due to the holidays. This means that some of your orders could show an extended delivery date at the time of purchase. Never fear! We are working as quickly as possible!

See you at midnight EST January 10th. Let the celebration begin!






  1. Ellen Manley Thomson says:

    Returning from Hawaii and the flowers remind me of the beautiful blooms all over the island of Oahu.

  2. Trudi says:

    Happy 8th Anniversary with HSN Anna!
    What a great AnnaVersary collection and HSN show. Everything is so beautiful and I wish I could have it all! Thank you for all that you do! Love Ya,

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Anna, YOU never cease to amaze me. My credit card was so hot, it walked out on me, never to return..until next time! Request: Will you and the team consider separate card kits, exclusively for girls and boys, i.e., a new baby – to preteen birthday? That’s one category I think would be such a hot seller. I’ll keep watching and hoping! Looking forward to see the Window Ledge 2 dies back in stock this year. Thanks Anna!

  4. Martha Guest says:

    Congratulations! Great day, Anna! I bought several things and I’m really looking forward to receiving them. I was also hoping to buy the ribbon assortments you listed among the new products to be presented, but was disappointed that they were never added to HSN. Will they be available soon?

  5. Aurora Riffee says:

    Anna, I am worn oout! tried to stay awake, fell asleep and when I went to order window Ledge 2, it was sold out. I ordered so much, my husband will surely take my card away. Cant wait for the UPS man to come around. The treasury collection is so exciting. Can’t wait for it. But please tell us that the window Ledge 2 will be coming back. Thank you Anna and Happy New Year.
    P.S. I did not get the Lady’s name who made you the great card with the pull out Numbers. That was truly a special card. !!!!

  6. Mrs. A says:

    What a great AnnaVersary collection. So many thanks for the Treasury Collection. I love die cuts for stamping especially the outline and shadow. I have the Ivory binder from years ago that came with your stamps in it. That began my quest to find every acrylic stamp you ever made! Now I am putting that collection into binders using the stamp binders and sleeves available on HSN. Using your Ivory wallpaper, I covered magnetic sheets for the stamps that have dies. AG binders are the best storage solution for me for collections. Have a fantastic 2018, Anna!

  7. Carolyne says:

    HELP, Anna, we are all purchasing Treasury, but the coordinating inks are already gone! Will there be more for purchase?

  8. Joyce Barrone says:

    Just got my order in! Can’t wait till I get my Treasury set (already showing delayed shipping) and my Window ledge sets. Woo hoo! Not everything new is available online yet but I wanted to be first in line for my Grace White binder.

  9. Carol Buffington says:

    Dear Anna,
    I would love to see a large packet of the Dresden Flowers offered separate from the card kit. Could you add that to your request list?
    Thank you,

  10. christine says:

    #annaversary and #celebr8annagriffin
    These are so nice, I will be getting the bunny embellishments. A customer of mine asked if I would be making Easter cards and these will be perfect!

  11. Deborah Holman says:

    I’m very excited about your annaversary! I keep thinking about the word “treasury”…I just love that! “Treasury”conjures thoughts of a chest full of valuables, that must be carefully preserved. What you have created to help us create, really is a treasury in the truest sense of the word! Preserving art forms of old to keep them available for future generations. That really warms my heart Anna! To imagine my grandchildren as parents and grandparents in the future, carefully sharing things that I have created from your beautiful offerings just makes my heart sing. I have you to thank for that! What an honor to know you and be blessed to adopt your treasury as my own! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  12. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oooh! Ahhhh! YIP! I LOVE YOUR PREVIEW ‘RE-CAP,’ Anna! I love ALL your things–NEW products, like stamps and concentric tag/shape die binder sets that include ‘labels’ for fast access and storage! And, simple but HELPFUL ideas like labelling the outside of the Window Ledge Kit available ‘without’ dies. (AND, that those Window Dies, as well as Shaker Dies, are now available separately, as INDIVUDUAL theme sets)! Anna, your BOTANICS are simply THE BEST, and remind me of a trip to the arboretum and bontanical garden–THANK YOU! I’m ready to join you on HSN tonight, at midnight (which is 11:00 p.m., central time, for me watching ans shopping from hotel room in Dallas, Texas)! Now, I must ‘check my shopping cart, and make sure to order NEW Vintage Die-cut BUNNIES–THANK YOU, Anna! And, CONGRATULATIONS on your 8th ANNA-versary! (((Hugs))) from the Lone Star!

  13. Denice with a "c" says:

    Being from Georgia there has been a lot of count downs this week… count down to ice and sleet, count down to the Georgia collage football game… and now the count down to Anna Griifin craft day on HSN… tick … tick… tick…. tick… tick……

  14. Cathy Merson says:

    Ok. HSN isn’t posting prices and flex pays yet. I guess they think we would shop early and they wouldn’t have any products to showcase. Now would we do that? LOL!
    Guess I have to wait to finish my shopping list in Excel.

  15. Charlotte Buckingham says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have a question about The “Make Something You Love” Paper Kit with Autoship.
    First, you can use this with the Cricut Explore, right?
    And also, it says it comes with “A” project idea. So it ONLY comes with ONE project idea? Nothing else? I would think for that cost it would have more ideas, as it comes with specific papers and glitter Cardstock. No?!?

  16. Kay says:

    Oh, Anna, I can’t wait to see everything! I’m anxious to see the bunny card set, plus so many other card kits you showed us! Thanks!

  17. Debra Lovell says:

    Wow! Youve out done yourself Anna. There are alot of awesome products that are mind blowing and heart tugging. Thank you… I love your style. See you soon.

  18. Donna says:

    It will be a lot of fun to watch!! I just wish I could stay up past midnight to watch more of it but will set an alarm for the morning to get up early at least. Happy Annaversary!!

  19. Judy Selangowski says:

    I love these shows! Made my list. Love the new mini diecutting/embossing machine! The Treasury Stamps/dies folders are great also, plus auto-ship, yeah.
    looking forward to tomorrow!

  20. Karen Mills says:

    Have made my list and checking it twice.Happy Annaversary!! Until January 10 midnight Blessjngs Anna!!! And thank you for all the new products.

  21. Konni Andis says:

    With every view of all the goodies my wish list gets longer! Anna products make me so inspired! Can’t wait to watch at midnight! Happy Annaversary!

  22. Debbie says:

    Can hardly wait I too have already ordered some of your new products. Waiting for the show setting my alarm clock and plan on staying for the entire 24 hours.
    Way to go Anna you always know just what we want and need.
    Keep up the good work you always shine at these events!

  23. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Congratulations Anna! Today is 1/8/18 & in two days you celebrate your 8th Anna-versary! Woo hoo! So many many things you have created for everyone. My only hope is you keep them stocked for at least another month! So many on my list! Thank you so much for all this fun! I’ve got my times written down & converted to Hawaiian time! Prayers for your safety & energy!

  24. Lorraine Elkin says:

    Looks like this will be an all night and day fabulous collections. Going to need lots of coffee. I’ve printed up the hit list, can’t wait!!!!! # Happy Anniversary Anna!!!!

  25. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Oh my goodness. Anna! I am going to be in so serous trouble but I want all of it. I love the treasury of dies and the mini die cut machines whic is first on my list but I want the rest of it also. I did over 1000 cards last year for deployed military personnel and around 400 for cancer patients/ I need to budget my expensives and this is going to blow my New Years resolution but will help in the long run to be able to stamp and die cut the sentiments.. It still is cheaper than paying for occupational therapy and mental health therapy. #annaversary #celebr8 #HSN. Thanks for adding the other dies to the window box collections.

  26. Joee Balestrieri says:


  27. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    I have already ordered a few wanted items…waiting for the others to become available so I can order and then watch the shows for ideas and tips.

  28. Diane Lynne C. says:

    So looking forward to Jan 10th. My list is made.
    –flower forming tools
    -a ruler with 1/8. 1/4 etc makings on it. I have yet to see one on the market
    –box making dies, tea service dies, baby dies (rattle bottle for shaker cards)
    –Upper and lower case alphabets. Love your script.
    That should give you some inspiration..it does for me…gotta go make somee cards.

  29. Jill M says:

    Anna, We will be watching and probably buying more things. You make crafting a beautiful experience. I love to record your shows and view them later for inspiration when I get the treasures from HSN!


  30. Cheryl Ripley says:

    Happy Anna-Versary, Anna. I really enjoy crafting “with you” for these many years. Your lovely products make me so happy and then let me make lots of other people very happy!

  31. Mary White says:

    Happy #anniversary Anna! Love seeing the list so I can print it off to be ready for your big show! So many amazing new products! Love you Anna!

  32. Janice Erickson says:

    Our elegant lady is back again to prove once again she is the keeper of loveliness and grace!

  33. Lee Grace says:

    Another great idea from you to provide a video of all the new products-! BRAVO! #annaversary and #celebr8annagriffin

  34. Gilda Duffy says:

    Can’t wait!!! I’ve got my TV to record all the deliciousness so I can study it after I get my product!!!

  35. Penny I Krueger says:

    Santa has nothing on me! I’m making a list and checking it twice, who cares if I’ve been naughty or nice! Anna Claus is coming to town!!

    Can’t wait until tomorrow night! Mascara roses rule!!!


    Hi Anna and Team,

    See you on the 10th. Really iooking forward to tomorrow night. Love the flowers . Reminds me of Spring .which I disparately need. It has been way toooooo cold.

  37. Diane L says:

    Love love all the new items !! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new shaker dies ! I have set #1 and have loved it (also have the shaker card kit which is what got me hooked in the first place LOL ) Looks like it is going to be a lot of “Beautiful in the making ” this spring for me !!

  38. Celia Martinez says:

    Happy #annaversary Anna!

    Thank you for putting together the shopping list video. There are so many new products and returning favorites to keep track of this time.

    Looking forward to watching all your shows on the 10th!

    Let’s get #celebr8annagriffin started!

  39. Annette Johnson says:

    So happy to preview the items for the big day and LOVE the shopping list. This makes things so much easier.

  40. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Happy New Year to Anna & Team & Crafters!
    What an exciting 2018 show ! I like be all of it. Thanks for the Window Card Kit and Eleanor paper kit. But I know I most likely will but some other items too!
    Y’all have fun on Jan 10th

  41. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … Laurie’s note — has to be … one, of the cutest notes, that I have ever read, here, on your blog !!! … These type of notes would be great to feature, in one of your magazines.

    Hint, Hint, Hint !!! … We really do need you to come out with a magazine !!! This Is A Request, From Maine !!!

    How easy — this would be … to just pull amazing stories, like this one, from off of your blog, and feature them in your magazine. It would be liking winning a weekly prize — to individuals to receive a new magazine in the mail and inside — read their little comment. There is, No Way … that I could ever read 1,300 comments, shared, each week, so I’m certain that there have been some ” Amazing stories,” shared ! … Like, this one.

  42. Chrissie Mancini says:

    Great idea recapping all the new goodies available on Wednesday. It’s so helpful to not have to spend time going back through the previous posts to make my list. Now I can decide on my must-haves and would-be-nices!

    I just wish that HSN would get more stuff launched. They’re slow this time. In Oct almost everything was available close to a week ahead.

    Break a leg, Anna!

  43. JoAnn Taylor says:

    I have such a list for your upcoming show on January 10th! Am I dreaming or did you show a Church boxed card making kit? Really would like to have these. Thank you for all of your beautify designs! #Celebrate Anna

  44. Kristina-Leigh Ghigliotti says:

    I’m so looking forward to this show. So many great products. The hard part will be making a decision.

  45. Angel Cyr says:

    So, cute — to see a video, along with the shopping list ! L~O~V~E ~~~ Your Products !!! … L~O~V~E ~~~ The High Quality !!! … ~~~ High Quality !!! … ~~~ Should, be something that is stressed, on ” Craft Day ” — On Air !!! … There is a difference in quality … and that’s what pulls you away, from other crafting companies !

    Product Request : Hoping, you can come out with a
    ” Metal Embellishment Set,” soon ! Would love to see your take, on — ” Vintage Styled Buttons, Brads, etc.” — These are things that I like adding to my work … Think, that ” The Griffinites ” would like them, also !!!

    Good Luck, on Craft Day !!! ~~~ I’ll Be Watching !!!

  46. Stacey f says:

    Have a fun day Anna! Love getting into the crafting spirit with all you bring to my crafty table! See you Wednesday!

  47. Laurie says:


    I get no sleep when you come on, I even TiVo your shows for ideas and directions. You are the reason I make cards. When my son left for college I cryed every night and one night I put on HSN and you were on with the Cricut machine and I watched and my husband noticed how interested I was and said “just order that machine, you need a hobby” and it has changed my world. I make birthday cards for everyone at work, even for our guests that come to take a tour at work, they always let us know it’s their birthday when they come in. I work at the Happiest Place On Earth, a place of celebrations every day!
    I pull out my cuttlebug when they leave on tour and by the time they get back I have cranked out a personalized birthday card for them and they leave our office with a big smile on there faces. I love to surprise people! It gives my the greatest joy. And that’s what I get from you!

  48. HollyG says:

    Hi there Miss Anna and Crew!

    January 10th on HSN is going to be a beautiful day! Thank you for the shopping list!

    Safe travels!

  49. Becky H. says:

    Want-Need lol a hard decision , looking forward to your shows. Good Luck with everything. Happy Anniversary !

  50. Linda C. says:

    Making my list and checking it twice! Oh, that was last month! Can’t wait til midnight tomorrow. Just added those adorable bunnies to my list!

  51. Sandy Hanson says:

    You have really made it hard for those of us on a tight budget with all the beautiful items you have listed. Now it is a matter of which do I want most (besides all of them). Happy Annaversary so looking forward to seeing you in ONE more day.

  52. Marjorie Iwamoto says:

    Anna, Once again I am tempted into buying your Treasury Collection. I have already ordered the set of Treasury inks & embossing powders as well as the Fancy Flourish die cuts. I used my Cricut Maker to make Christmas gifts. I received many complements on the gifts and the recipients were amazed that I was able to cut my fabrics with the Maker. I am so happy I purchased the Maker in October – I am still waiting for the AS Maker lessons. Enjoy your “Annaversary” – I will be watching.

  53. Barbara F. Smith says:

    Can’t wait for the Treasury Collection. Stamps, Dies,, Cards and Embossing Powder. Looking forward to ordering the entire group of beautiful coordinating items. It’s a winner!

  54. Siggy says:

    I’m excited about the new embossing folders and the window dies. I can’t wait to see you in the new year on HSN!
    Thank You Anna!

  55. ROBINA FELKER says:

    Going through all the videos to see what I want the most. Too bad not able to have it ALL.
    Thanks Anna

  56. Joan Hargis says:

    Thanks for the shopping list and review of all your wonderful products. Can’t wait to get shopping!!!

  57. Jean Murphy says:

    So excited! Window Ledge Dies 2….and the Bunny stole my heart. Shaker supplies….more new stuff….Love you Anna!!!!!

  58. Molly Burdette says:

    Good morning. What will the price be for the mini die cutting/embossing machine be please. I watched the preview and loved it.
    Thank you.

  59. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    What an outstanding assortment of new products. I can’t wait until the 10th. Love everything!!!!!

  60. Sam Turja says:

    Can hardly wait for the ELEANOR kit to be presented.My 96 year old mom is named Eleanor and will enjoy helping me.
    Love all of your presentations.

  61. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    Wow this is really hard for me. I know that I would like to buy it all but I know I can’t so I know that I want the auto ship and some of the New dies. My wonderful husband said I can buy a little so that I have to make up my mind which ones I want. I wish I knew which one are Auto ships. That would really help me out. Good luck ladies and I know tomorrow night we will all be watching Anna Griffin.

  62. Victoria C. says:

    Go to go to the dentist! Then, fun all day with Anna Griffin. Need I say more? Happy Anniversary, Anna.

  63. Jan says:

    Oh my goodness this is fantastic!!! Can’t wait, I will be glued to the TV all night/day!!!! We are in for a treat as usual…
    Happy New Year!!!

  64. Teresa says:

    Going to be an exciting Day. Everything is awesome. Love the Dies and Treasury Items etc. wish I won that Mega Millions! Thank you Anna for all you do for us!

  65. Michelle Garbutt says:

    Quality Quality Quality – make your crafting dollars count to make Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  66. Tammy Whitley says:

    Oh My Word!!!! Anna your killing me. This is the best release ever!!! I will see you at midnight!! There goes the credit card!!!!

  67. Gena Greenlee says:

    I want everything!! I have been buying your items for many years and I don’t remember such a beautiful collection of items that I can’t live without!! So fantastic, all of them!! Pretty soon I won’t be able to get into my craft room!! Thanks to you and your staff Anna, you have truly out done yourselves!!

  68. Judy Powlowski says:

    Oh Anna maybe I read through too quickly but the numbers you have up for the special are those the A/S ? I’ll go back and recheck,I’m excited!!!

  69. Maria-Grazia Celle says:

    ***-Where to start!!I can’t wait until tomorrow night!!
    the dies are probably my most favorite. But so is everything else too!!!

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