How to: Make Something You Love – Paper Kit!

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For those of you who purchased the Make Something You Love Educational Curriculum with the Cricut Maker in October we have a post for you! Please note that you can now purchase this kit individually if you missed out or already had a Maker by clicking here. Now, you can further your Cricut skills and create amazing projects! This curriculum, along with the other MSYL with Anna Griffin kits provide you with the materials, projects and video instruction to make something YOU love (with a little help from us)! Let’s take a look at what you get and how to use it!

There are 7 complete bundles in the Make Something You Love Auto Ship, with the first being paper! This set of projects is designed to be all about Valentine’s Day! The beautiful florals, damask pattern and glitter papers work together to create incredible projects with either your Cricut Maker (or your Cricut Explore Air 2 for the paper, vinyl, and iron on kits).

In the MSYL Paper Kit you’ll get:

  • (5) 0.3 Extra-fine point pens
  • (5) 12″ x 12″ sheets of glitter card stock – (Gold, Silver, Black, White and Bronze)
  • (12) 12″ x 12″ sheets of Rose Medley Double Sided Card Stock
  • Make Something You Love Paper Material Kit Digital Image Set code card – (15 digital images)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Rose Medley project insert

Let’s take a look at the incredible projects you can create! Follow the link on each project to get started, and view the tutorial videos at

Make a scrapbook page to show off your most cherished memories. This gorgeous page highlights any special occasion!

We all like to get a little something, and with this pretty box you can give a little something! Fill this box with sweets, treats or anything worthy of such a beautiful presentation.

Be the hostess with the mostest with this adorable candy bag toppers! Your party favors have never looked so good! 

You’re going to love this flip card, and the way that it combines moving pieces and lovely patterns. Send this card to a loved one for the perfect Valentine! 

Create party decor that wows! This 3 heart banner combines Valentine’s Day colors, a beautiful rose pattern, glitter paper and intricate cuts to make a banner like no other!

Here are some tips and tricks for your MSYL Paper Kit!

  1. ADD MORE: This bundle comes with 15 images plus print then cut flowers, so search through the bundle to find the perfect finishing touch to all of your projects.
  2. MAKE IT YOUR OWN: All of our MSYL projects are fully customizable. Change the size or colors to make a project that is all your own.
  3. HELPFUL TOOLS: A bone folder helps to make a perfectly creased fold. It is great for making perfect rosettes!
  4. CHECK YOUR MAT: The right mat can make all the difference when cutting with your Cricut Maker. Use the “Light Grip” mat for paper and card stock, “Standard Grip” for heavy card stock and glitter paper, and the “Strong Grip” mat for kraft board.
  5. CHANGE MATS: Before cutting, you can move from one mat to another by clicking on the top left corner of the object in design space. You can also move the object around on the mat by clicking on the object and dragging. Use these tricks to get the most cuts out of your materials.

In the auto shipment of the MSYL with Anna Griffin program, there are new images, materials and instructions every 8 weeks, so you can make 2018 the year of creating with your Cricut Maker! Next month you will get the Make Something You Love with Felt – Auto Ship February 2018.

The rest of auto shipments are dedicated to materials that we all want to cut with our Cricut machines:

Make Something You Love with Vinyl – Auto Ship April 2018

Make Something You Love with Iron On – Auto Ship June 2018

Make Something You Love with Printables – Auto Ship August 2018

Make Something You Love with Faux Leather – Auto Ship October 2018

Make Something You Love with Fabric – Auto Ship December 2018

What’s not to love? These Make Something You Love Kits make it easy to create projects with the contents of each box! Have you started your kit yet? We’ve seen some great results on the Cricut Maker Facebook page. Comment below and tell us what you love making for the ones you love!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Anna just got my goodies and love everything.. just love ❤️ the videos on the circuit maker auto ship. They are so helpful and it feels like we are scraping with you. Thanks for all you do for us. Gonna be an Anna weekend for us. Xoxo

  2. Sally Fasano says:

    I agree with Patricia Miller’s comments and saw that you noted the request. I would also like to know what bundle the paper comes from and how to purchase that paper individually.
    I appreciated that I could purchase the card and scrapbook kit individually.
    I would also love to know the names of the fonts that are used so either I can find them to either use them again or purchase them individually.
    So afraid I will miss your announcement for 2018 Create in November. Do you send emails out to those who went the year before for a first choice? Sure hope so. Almost missed last years and went the first year and my friend who went with me the first year has recovered from her knee surgery and wants to go this year too!
    Thank you.

  3. Susie says:

    Received my treasury binder. !!! So glad I went for it. The stamps are beautiful dies will creat the perfect card. Thanks for making this possible. Would you consider offering the plastic sleeves and magnetic boards? I bought the binders but they are full with dies. Need more.

  4. Patricia Miller says:

    Hello Anna! Thank you so much for all your “Beautiful in the Making”‘ products I have so many of your wonderful items and have just received my Jan 10th shipment from HSN and cannot wait to get started. I had missed out on ordering the “Make Something You Love” Auto Ship back in Oct. I went to follow the link above and the “MSYL Paper” is currently sold out. I’d like to get each one on the bundle or at least the digital content so that I can use all of the beautiful Anna Griffin collections and supplies I currently own. Will the “Make Something You Love Paper Material Kit Digital Image Set code card – 15 digital images” be available to purchase separately through Cricut DS? Or online at HSN? I would love to be able to purchase the digital content for each of the “MSYL” auto ship. A separate digital bundle would be so awesome! Thank you Again Anna!Love all that you do!!
    Long Time customer and Maker
    Patricia Miller

  5. Lora says:

    I know what I’m doing this weekend! My kit arrived a few days ago and I’ve watched all the videos above. The projects are beautiful. I’ll let you know how they turn out!!! I so happy I was able to get this auto ship. Thanks Anna for bringing us projects we can use over and over! I love that I’ll be able to make as many rosettes as I want and in any color or pattern that moves me!!! Can hardly wait for the next shipment. I really want to work with vinyl but it intimidates me.

  6. DARCY DANIELS says:





  7. Mrs. A says:

    Anna, would you consider re-releasing the just Fantastic Flips Cutting Files for the Cricut by itself? I never received this item last year as the first item of the Cricut content in the 2017 auto-ship due to theft at UPS. I see all the other content has been sold separately, except for Fantastic Flips. I waited to see if it would be the offered separately, but it never was. I have the three auto-ships just not the initial Fantastic Flips Cricut Cutting Files. I am waiting for the Cricut Maker 2018 auto-ship to arrive. I see the beautiful Flip card as part of the content bundle. I realized how much I would like the entire cutting files after seeing it here.

  8. Jennifer Sugg says:

    Hello Anna, I love this and all the tutorials on your blog and youtube which further helps inspire us! So beautiful and the china decor really is so complementary. Love your taste!
    Question–Would you direct me where to get a question answered about something I bought from HSN ( cricut extra long plate for gift card holders ) that I need Anna Griffin experts to help me with. I called your website and did not receive an answer. Thanks!

  9. Celia Martinez says:

    Anna, thank you for making these kits available separately. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials, they are awesome!

  10. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the Create and Make instructions. They were in great detail. Thank you so much.
    Can not wait to make them.
    Thank you

  11. Karen Lorenz says:

    Thank you, thank you for these instructions and the videos. I just received my kit today. I am so excited to try this kit and make something beautiful. I have been using your products for a long time. Your products are truly my style. Thanks again.

  12. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Aloha Anna! Over the top Cricut tutorials. This gets better & better all the time. I don’t think I commented on the previous blog with ornamental dies, but I love ideas that I got from that. Oh, and your necklace, which I love; you told somebody the brand when you wore it on HSN. I looked them up. I’ve got one on my list in a different color. You share your crafts & even fashionista fun! Thanks always!

  13. Mary White says:

    Thank you Anna for your amazing tutorial today on the blog! Love all the photos and the lovely music! I adore you and all the inspiration that you give us followers! Looking forward to my order to arrive!

  14. Patti says:

    Congratulations to a very successful day of Beautiful in the Making…including the instructor…LOVE that pink dress and sweater!! Pretty in pink!! As always, you were an awesome instructor, and I liked the music…a nice touch!! Didn’t actually do the projects yet but watched how to so it will be easier when I get together with my friends and we do it together. Thanks, Anna for offering this for us to all learn. It’s keeping us Griffinites busy til our Treasures” arrive!!

  15. Pamela says:

    I got my first auto ship tow days ago and made the scrapbook page, the pretty box and the flip card. So much fun! Thank you for your detailed tutorials. They really helped. Love, love the beautiful paper. I almost didn’t want to make any projects and just keep the paper! LOL! But I finally decided to make the projects since they are beautiful too!

  16. Inga Russ says:

    Love the instructions! I purchased the autoships even though I don’t have the Maker. I will make what I can with my cricut and that will make me happy. Have only used it 3 times and have had it for over a year and a half so can’t see just switching right now. I can just don’t want to right now.

  17. Angel Cyr says:

    Happily, Creating !!! … Can’t wait for my ~~~ Treasury of Stamps & Dies ~~~ to arrive, so I can add them to my cards.

  18. Lois Neuman says:

    Hello Anna and Staff!
    Thanking you all for another wonderful Crafters Day of phenomenal products and demonstrations and inspiration!!
    This is exactly what we Griffinites needed to
    motivate us for all the upcoming holidays
    and special occasions we love to create for.
    Looking forward to receiving my many wonderful products and creating beautiful things with them!! Kudos to you all for the fantastic day you gave us which lasts for such a long time afterwards!!
    Love, Lois N.

  19. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Beverly, you’ll need to check with HSN. You can use your Cricut Explore Air 2 for the paper, vinyl, and iron on kits.

  20. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I really love this project/kit/video concept. It is nice to have an online class to follow. Paper crafting doesn’t seem as lonely. I am a lone crafter where I live. No one I know has the interest. Scheduled U-Stream classes for Anna projects with an online chat for participants would be an incredible dream come true.

  21. Dianne McDonald says:

    Cricut just loaded my cartridge content to Design Space. The code listed in the kit was not working for me.

    I will be catching up soon.

    Anna, thank you for creating these videos. You are the most amazing creator and crafter I have ever encountered. I knew I struck Gold when I started watching you teach papercrafting on The Sandy Genvese’s Scrapbooking program. Thank you for being you and sharing God’s amazing creative gift to you.

  22. Hobo says:

    I don’t have this product…but, my goodies just arrived from the tenth! I am cleaning out a closet and stashing away the last of the holiday décor and took a break to see if the package had arrived. When I saw that it had I took it in and decided to be good and finish the work before I opened it. Who am I kidding! I dove right in and opened everything up and assembled the Treasury. Love everything I got. Just one suggestion please. I am sure a lot of your customers have hand issues. The cardboard envelopes that the dies come in are way too hard to open. The Dresdens arrived in a cardboard envelop but had the little pull strip to open the package. Much easier on the hands and nails. Would be so nice if that kind of packaging could be used for the dies as well. Speaking of the Dresdens, these are the most beautiful and heavily embossed ever! So glad I am able to add them to my hoard.

  23. Beverly says:

    Reading all the comments on the kits! I purchased them as I also ordered the Anna Griffin Explore Air 2 that was featured on the show. However now I read that all the kits cannot be used on the Explore Air. Those kits, such as felt, can they then be returned or opt out of auto ship. The Cricut I use now is an original and used the loaded cartridges. So I know I have a big learning curve and looking forward to the kits t help me get going. Is the information I am reading true on the kits and the Explore Air 2? Also looking forward to my other goodies that I ordered to keep up with my card making!

  24. Nana D says:

    Anna, thanks for the tutorials! Om so excited, got most of my goodies from your Anniversary show. I have an idea, could you sell a set of the folders like for the treasury stamps and dies. I want one of each color, one for my sentiment dies, one for my card dies, one for my shaped dies, ect. Different patterns for different die type, easier to find that way. Just a thought…Im going to play with my new things,
    Thanks Anna

  25. Mary Pumphrey says:

    Hello Anna, I love this first “Make Something You Love Educational Curriculum” Kit. I am so thankful that I am able to purchase the Kits because I look forward to that “little surprise” whenever I open any of your products. I enjoy the video tutorial so much, my niece & I usually watch them together and make it our “girls day out”. We do absolutely nothing that day except “Cricut”. Lol. Thanks Anna, for helping us “grown-ups” play when we should be working. Lol.

  26. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    Hi Anna, I’m sorry i don’t have a Cricut of any kind. Mine died last Sep or Oct. I also don’t have the money to buy one. My awesome says we don’t have the $400 for one. Yes I would love to have the Maker but no funds for it. I did get to buy 3 or 4 of your dies and that was it. I got those before our grandson took his life. Then everything went to be with our daughter. Sorry that I missed so much.

    I we’ll have to wait for most of it or I can’t buy them at all. Our family comes first.

  27. Davina Nugent says:

    Love!! Can’t wait to get my HSN goodies!!

  28. Terance in Texas says:

    OK, OK…i get it now, when i was looking at my box i wasn’t sure about the color choices but seeing them in actions makes it all come together. thanks for the samples. i love my box the pens are totally new and i cant wait to use them. I am excited about the felt box i have not done any materials with my Maker

  29. Melody says:

    Thank you for the tutorials! I love my Cricut Maker, and cannot wait to open this kit I received last week! I signed up for the auto ship.
    I just love all your products, Anna. Your style is beautiful and classy!

  30. Pat says:

    Just checking in to see if you are going to have the annual Clearance event on Amazon at the end of the month.

  31. Robert H says:

    You’ve put a lot of thought and time into these tutorials and now there’s music, too! Thank you, 2018 is off to a great start, despite what I see out of my window. Time to go back to the desert.

  32. June Estep says:

    I didnt get the kit because I dont have the maker. However, I see I dont need the maker for this first kit…..I try to collect all your cricut products and saw the printables that I wont have….lol lol so, I just ordered the kit at hsn with auto ship. I know I can make everything on the explore so, until it is maker specific, I will be able to make. And, I know somewhere down the road I will upgrade to the maker. In the first place, it will have to be gold and ivory. I am just happy with my explore and so I am sitting pat. I will be enjoying the kits and tuts in the meanwhile. Thank you for sending this link,…it was just what I needed to make the decision to participate.

  33. Marie C. says:

    Thanks for the tutorial,

    I love a cartridge with some gold foil tags, frames to print and cut with my Cricut, similar to the Boiserie foil accents stickers.

    Love to see more party and wedding ideas too.

  34. Jan Linder-Koda says:

    Hi Anna, where did you get that beautiful sweater? Love it. I also love all of my products you make. I am hoping that you will come out with boxes that will allow us to package 5 or 10 cards. Jan

  35. Linda Davis says:


    I received my shipment last Friday, and I am planning on making these this afternoon! If I do well with everything, I’ll try to post a picture on FB

  36. Sue Weirauch says:

    Love these ideas!
    Great instructions, you make everything look so easy.
    Loved your shows on hsn Jan 10th, can’t wait to get all my goodies.
    Do you know when you’ll be on again in March?

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