How To: Valentine’s Day Window Ledge Card

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In a couple weeks we will start previewing the exciting new items for 24 hour Craft Day on HSN March 7th! Go ahead and mark your calendars for Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting at Midnight, 11am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm. Plan to join us throughout the whole day for surprises like you have never seen before! HSN will have crafting every week in honor of National Craft Month and we will be back on March 14th for Create it Yourself shows featuring Anna Griffin.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it is an excellent reason to send a handmade card to someone you love! One of our most beloved crafting items is our Window Ledge Dies, and what’s great about them is that you can make a window ledge scene for any occasion!

Get out your crafting supplies and let’s make a sweet card together!

Valentine Window Ledge Collage

Finished Size: 5×7 card


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut® Cuttlebug™ Version 3, 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Window Ledge Cardmaking Kit and Dies, 546-219
  • Anna Griffin® Spring Seasonal Embossing Folders (Ornate Quatrefoil)
  • Anna Griffin® Foil Layers Card stock (pink and gold 5”x 7” layer) 405-523
  • (1) Piece of gold foil card stock, cut to 4”x 6”
  • (1) Piece of light pink metallic card stock, cut to 3”x 5”
  • (1) 5” 7” ivory card stock base
  • Valentine sentiment
  • Foam squares
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Paper trimmer

Materials from Window Ledge Kit:

  • Window frame die
  • White and gold window ledge
  • White and gold window ledge flourish
  • Dog silhouette
  • Pink awning
  • (2) Pink valances
  • (2) Pink floral curtains
  • (2) Pink striped curtains
  • (2) Roses
  • (3) Small pink flowers


Using the Cricut® Cuttlebug™ and Ornate Quatrefoil embossing folder, emboss the light pink metallic card stock.

Using the Cricut® Cuttlebug™ and window frame cutting die, die cut and emboss the gold foil card stock.


Using a tape runner, adhere the pink and gold foil card layer to the ivory card stock base.

Using a tape runner, adhere the window parts in the following order:

  • embossed light pink card stock (attach to the center of the card base)
  • pink striped curtains (align towards the bottom of the light pink layer)

  • pink floral curtains (align towards the bottom of the light pink layer)
  • pink valance (align to cover the top of the curtain die cuts)

Attach the cut and embossed gold window frame piece using foam adhesive.

Using foam adhesive, attach the white and gold window ledge.

Attach the dog silhouette poking out the window.

Arrange the rose and flower die cuts weaving through the window and window ledge and adhere with a tape runner.

Attach the gold and white window ledge flourish using a tape runner.

Fold the awning along the score lines and adhere using a tape runner.

Adhere the second valance to the back of the bottom of the awning using a tape runner.

Attach a sentiment to the awning using foam squares.

Now that is a valentine! Have a wonderful week, and join us right here on the blog Friday for another tutorial and Fan Mail Friday! Thank you all so much for all the wonderful mail you send; it really is the highlight of the week!





  1. Sona says:

    Anna, this Valentine Window Ledge Collage is Stunning! Today, I just received Foil Layers Cardstock Sheets, Gold Foil Super Sentiment Stickers and Boiserie Card Stickers and I absolutely ♡LOVE♡

  2. Anna Griffin says:

    We’re missing you Becky Jo! Hope you’re resting and recovering; know we’re thinking of you!

  3. Lucero Riley says:

    I love your products and I mostly own all your collections which I buy through HSN. When I receive my goodies I really want to go back and look at the inspiration blogs to my related purchases. It would be great if I can actually do a simple search by each of your product linked to any of the related blogs in your website instead of only by monthly blogs. Can you please add this request to a wish list? Thanks for all you do! P.S. I got my mini cutting machine. Love it, but don’t forget to bring shorter cutting plates. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  4. Charlotte A Buckingham says:

    Hi Anna, I am also just catching up as I have only just received my purchases from Craft Day that were on “Extended Delivery”.
    But I have Bookmarked all your Posts so I have them organized, when I get caught up in a couple of days (hopefully!).
    You ALWAYS provide SUCH incredible inspiration, and I LOVE the Card you created here! ♥️
    I have one question for you: do you mind if I share a website with the other Griffinites which has some of your Juliet, & Madison Paper Collections?
    I thought that with Valentines Day coming up, and your Site not having the same products available, some people might find it helpful to be able to find Juliet & Embellishments on this Site!
    But I wanted to ask you first. And I already checked your Store and you don’t have these items available..
    Thanks! Just trying to help others with what I have found!

  5. Karen Mills says:

    Love the card, Window ledge is one of my favorites. I also have the Fantstic Flip card set. Iris absolutely amazing. Anna, will you ever bring back the stamp set that goes with it? I missed it and would love to have it or something similar to accompany this kit. Thank you so much. Blessings…

  6. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    HI Anna! I love the tutorials and cannot wait to try some of them. I just now looked at the last blog also. I’m really loving the fan mail Friday. With all your products, everybody has their own creative personality shine through. I’ve been missing from here a bit. Just going through a lot with my health issues & the VA. I’m doing fine. It’s a paperwork nightmare. Been in it for 7 yrs & now waiting for the Federal Judge over 900 days! Yes 7yrs & 900 days! So my creative brain is on pause. But I really miss my everyday communication with you & all my Griffinite friends. I will hopefully be back in creative Anna land soon. I’m not complaining, I’m thankful to still alive to do it. Just missing my friends here!

  7. Linda Valoy says:

    Hello Anna love the card. I got the window ledge 1 dies in Jan. I would love to share a tip for everyone that dont have the awning die. I cut a piece of paper the width of the window and used the Eleanor Lace border die to make the scallop edge on the bottom. I cut three strips to put between the scallops and glued them on. Works great! I am thinking if we had a paper doll die and clothes little girls could cut out their own paper dolls. Anna I WISH you would make us a cherub die. I need some to put on my valentines.

  8. Veronica Dee Ang says:

    I love the window ledger Valentine’s card by Anna Griffin. The Quatre-foil embossing folder is beautiful and I hope to eventually get the folder. I missed out on getting the window ledger die cut II which is the one I really like since I have several ideas for occasional cards using the round window.

  9. Linda Dedmon says:

    Lucky Duck – I got this kit last visit (missed the dies as they were sold out- hope they make it back in March) – I can’t wait to make this card – I have 7 little great-grandchildren and they will love the DOG…Thanks for STEPS

  10. Carolyn says:

    Love it, I missed out on the die, could not order on time, I also missed the ink. I ordered the card bases and it is showing backorder, I hope these things are coming back in order for me to use all of the dies and stamps I purchased. HSN should have had enough to match up with the treasury book.

  11. Anna Griffin says:

    That’s wonderful Donna. Their teachers are going to love those cards, and we’re so glad you all got to create together.

  12. Anna Griffin says:

    Hopefully soon, and if you favorite the item on you will be notified when they are back in stock.

  13. Gina Maria says:

    Love the double curtains! These tutorials are great, so many tips and tricks, thank you for all that you do!

  14. Jam says:

    Beautiful card Miss Anna, Cannot wait to get my things out to make it, busy on Birthday stuff right now, but this could totally be a birthday card…just gave myself an idea..thanks Miss Anna.

  15. Judy says:

    Anna, I am having so much fun playing with my new purchases, especially the mini embosser! It’s so cute and easy to take to crops !

    Love all your products and am saving my $$ for the March shows!

  16. Lana says:

    Just received the first version. Looking forward to trying it out. Looks like it will be fun!!! Thank you for. The tutorial.

  17. Lisa says:

    Oh no not another all day craft day and the today’s special. I am running out of room. lol! Looking forward to it of course.

  18. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    I just wanted to say that the paper that came with the Treasury was beautiful. In fact I don’t want to use it but just look at it. I also got the ink and embossing powder and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I finished my valentine shaker cards from the kit several days ago. Now to get them in the mail. My cupboard that has all my Anna “stuff” is full. What does everyone do when they get to this point? I will try to use up more of it before March 7 to make room.

  19. Annette Johnson says:

    The card is exquisite to say the least and I love the how to. I can’t wait for March now not only spring time BUT weekly crafting shows….whooopppeeee

  20. Elaine says:

    This card is cute and sweet, and all wrapped up in beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial, it’s nice to see how you created it.

  21. Sharon Hinkel says:

    I just received the window ledge die set and I can’t wait to use it. Unfortunately, set 2 was sold out. Any chance you will bring set 2 back soon? I love all your beautiful cards and floral designs and have many sets including the Treasury. Can’t wait for next shipment! My best wishes to you.

  22. Linda Davis says:

    Hi, Anna!

    What a cute card! Thank you for the tutorial.

    I have been having so much fun with all “my pretty’s” from your Annaversary, and I look forward to your next event. I hope you are doing well and haven’t been as cold as we have been.

  23. Agatha McCoy says:

    Happy Valentine day to all
    I love making cards for this holiday especially to ones who don’t have a valentine
    This card above is perfect

  24. Kimberly Terry says:

    I used the window ledge craft box quite a bit in 2017! Love the Valentine Idea. I received many compliments from that card kit.

  25. Sandra Griswold says:

    Thanks for yet another beautiful card. So fresh and inbiti g. A card anyone would love to rwcieve. My only
    regret is that I want everything you sell, The reason I don’t have everything is I live on SS and can’t afford. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless your talented efforts.

  26. Nancy Katrak says:

    Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to show your family and friends how much they mean to you.

    Thank you Anna, for creating for us such beautiful papers and embellishments.

    Looking forward to HSN Craft Month.

  27. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    Love the gold window! What a great idea! You guys are so creative. I’m consenting saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

  28. Celia Martinez says:

    Anna, thank you for another wonderful tutorial. You are very talented and we appreciate you sharing this talent with your followers. Looking foward to seeing you on HSN on the 7th and 14th!

  29. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    My family was here this last week end and the girls wanted to make a special card for there school teacher for Easter. So we got our dies out and started cutting thins out. The girls was so excited about making a card for them. I had enough supples to get them started and there to help them know how thing went, but mostly they did it their way. It was a very warming day and it really warmed my heart to see them working so hard for someone else. Also I know there teachers are going to live them to. Thank you so much Anna Griffin for sharing your talent with us.

    I love making your card and I also wants to thank you fo share you talk on how to make your cards. Also your dies hold up so much better then the other brands. Thanks again.

  30. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    My family was here this last week end and the girls wanted to make a special card for there school teacher for Easter. So we got our dies out and started cutting thins out. The girls was so excited about making a card for them. I had enough supples to get them started and there to help them know how thing went, but mostly they did it their way. It was a very warming day and it really warmed my heart to see them working so hard for someone else. Also I know there teachers are going to live them to. Thank you so much Anna Griffin for sharing your talent with us.

    I love making your card and I also wants to thank you fo share you talk on how to make your cards.

  31. Yadyra Marrero says:

    I better get busy with my dies!!. Anna the card is Beautiful, thabk you for another great tutorial.

  32. Joee Balestrieri says:


  33. Mindy says:

    So Adorable! I am enjoying using my window ledge dies and scottie! Love the Vintage Bunny die cuts, glitter papers and solid paper. Excellent quality and wonderful prices!
    Is the Anna Warehouse Sale happening soon???


    Dear Anna and Team,

    I own the original window card kit. Cute cards. I noticed one of your bloggers mentioned you are returning to the UK. Does that mean Create and Craft? I have ROKU and I watch it all the time. I would love more of you. Hope this is true. Have a great week and thanks for the tutorial.

  35. Margaret Clancy says:

    Brilliant craft work Anna.
    Hope you are still coming to UK in February Anna.; and hope you are able to bring the die and stamp set with storage that I saw on HSN on beginning of January, I loved them. X

  36. Angel Cyr says:

    Very, Cute !!! … It’s ~~~ ” Wonderful,” ~~~ that you post — twice each week, now !!! Can’t wait until March 7,th — I’ll try my best to pick up the items that I missed, from the last show. Guess, I’m gonna have to be a bit faster, when ordering !!! … Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!! Your items just flew out the door — with the last show !!! If you don’t order when you see them … It’s Over !!! Ha ! Ha !! Ha !!!

  37. Barbara F. Smith says:

    What a lovely card! I can’t wait to make one very much like it. See you soon for 14 Hour Craft Day. I can’t wait.

  38. Betsy Carty says:

    Happy Monday Anna. The card and instructions are beautiful. You do all things well. Have a great week! Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  39. Julianne says:

    Very cute card, I plan on making shaker cards for a bunch of family. Will get going this weekend, l can’t believe we get another TSV so soon, assuming with a midnight show, how exciting!

  40. Maureen says:

    Thanks you Anna for another Monday morning inspiration. I’m making that valentine for my daughter whose dogs love to look out the window , it will be a valentine for them, and she will love that I sent her dogs a special card. Can’t wait for your next presentation in march, you are such a joy to watch, pure politeness and charming southern charm.

  41. Beverly Limbach says:

    This is such a lovely card with beautiful colors and the window/flower ledge. The “brass” window really spices up the card. It is time to get my valentines day cards made before it is too late. Thank you for the idea and tutorial.

  42. Paulette King says:

    This are wonderful instructions to follow. This card is stunning. Thank you Anna and have a wonderful week.

  43. Doris Bradley says:

    Love the window ledge card especially love Valentine’s cards, You always bring us beautiful in the making. Felice Anno Nuovo Happy New Year In Italian Doris in Texas

  44. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Adding animals to your collections is brilliant. They fit in so nicely, and are really cute. I love the girlie look of your collections, too.

  45. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Nothing like starting a cold Monday morning with something beautiful from Anna. Gorgeous Valentin! And a date for a craft day on HSN to put on the calendar. Happy Monday!!!

  46. Diane says:

    I love all the tutorials you have been giving us. They’re really helpful and also kick start my creativity.

    I was wondering if there was a chance that you would delve into your archives and republish your PAISLEY papers. I loved that set of papers when they were out (I think I bought 3 or. 4 sets) and recently used my last remaining sheet.

    Thanks for sharing all the new ideas for cards each week.

  47. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks for the tutorial – with all of the kits, papers, dies & die cuts, stamps, and Cricut cutting possibilities….we can make cards for any occasion – any day – anytime! Heaven!

  48. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    Another midnight show, so another today’s special – how exciting! Can’t wait to see what new goodies you’ll bring us! Thank you for another inspirational tutorial – YOU make OUR weeks!
    Regards, Anne

  49. Jodie says:

    Thank you for the step by step and for your inspiration for all holidays using AG elements and resources. It’s always a good springboard for new ideas and uses that I didn’t think of until I see others’ creations. Let the creative juices flow…

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