HSN May 2nd, 2018 Product Preview 1

Hi everyone,

Wow, so much excitement for your Monday morning! It’s that time again where we get to start previewing for our next shows on HSN! If you haven’t already, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 2nd. Our hours for Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting are going to be 2am, 11am, 5pm and 9pm.

Our first Product Preview has everything to do with shaker cards, and these 3 products are going to carry you through several seasons! Can you say Halloween shaker cards? Let’s get started on Product Preview number 1 and shake it up baby!

Say hello to our Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3! This set of 23 cut and emboss dies includes a cupcake window, a onsie window, a teacup window and a pumpkin window, all complete with accompanying smaller dies for layers and embellishments. Just think of the shaker cards you can make for a birthday, a baby shower, a get well card and even Halloween cards. What we love about these dies is that you can use all of your favorite papers to create something truly unique!

Pick your confetti fill! Our Well Wishes Confetti Dies coordinate perfectly with our Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3. Create 2 sizes of shake-able confetti with a turn of your Cuttlebug! The there are teacups with flowers, balloons with confetti and two sizes of onsies! Use glitter paper, patterned paper, foil paper and more to create a custom shaker card every time! More is always more in our book! If you are on autoship for this program this is your final shipment. If you missed out on that program, May 2nd will be your day to get these highly collectible dies!

Just in case you don’t want to make your shaker cards from scratch, we have our all inclusive Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit on May 2nd. This marks one year of shaking it up on HSN! Our very first birthday shaker card kit debuted in May of 2017.

This card making kit comes in a re-closable folio, and has everything you need to make 30 gorgeous shaker cards. Diecut window shapes are a onsie, teacup and cupcake. The colors in this kit are bright and punchy, perfect for spring and summer. Each window shapes comes with coordinating layers and diecuts. Even the sequin filled shaker bags are already made for you!

After that preview, we know you’re ready to get shakin’. Which of the three products this week is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and we will draw a winner on Friday.

Bye for now,




  1. Jeanne Poirier says:

    Hi, Anna I have so many of your card kits and dies that sometimes I am overwhelmed when I start crafting. I want to make then all a one time. I love crafting. I make all my cards and also make scrapbooks for friends and family. I would like to see a kit or dies of dogs and cats and other animals. I have a lot of friends with dogs and cats and I make sympathy cards for people who have lost their pets. I love your products.,

  2. Shirley Hinton says:

    Interesting group of new products ..love all the new baby options Cant wait and the little dies confetti shapes ..I am so hooked on the fun and reward Ive felt since I started the Paper trail !

  3. Carol Ouellette says:

    Love all the items as usual. But love the Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit. Also all the other items thrill me. Would really Love to see Welcome to You New Home and Missing You tags for cards. Also more 1 1/2 inch strips of some of your patterned cards with gold on the edge to add to the bottom of cards. Thank you for listening.

  4. Earlene Bost says:

    Really loving the shakers dies. I’m most excited about the shaker and confetti dies.

  5. Alyssa Ross says:

    My favorite product from this post is the dies!! My friends and family love getting shaker cards and the AG dies are always amazing quality!!!
    I am graduting college in a few weeks so maybe I will be able to order some new dies next month after graduation, if I find a career job to start ❤️!! Thank you for the awesome preview!!!!!!!

  6. Vickie says:

    Ohmyword! These are so cute and versatile! I especially adore the baby dies as they will make the sweetest baby themed cards!

  7. Dianne Kozil says:

    Love all of these new goodies, but I really love the make it yourself shaker card kit.
    Thank you,

  8. Cathy Morin says:

    Oh my gosh! I love the shaker card kit. The colors are vibrant and fun! You always give us wonderful things to inspire our creativity.

  9. Toni Noblet says:

    Love the tea cup and the onesie dies ; I have the 2 previous die shaker collections , my Valentines and Easter cards turned beautiful… lots of compliments! By the way; love my Maker tote that bought at the previous HSN show; I would like to see an ocean shaker kit ; sea shell, fish, dolphin, crab, etc… I think it will be so much fun !!!! Thank you

  10. Sandra Radford Griswold says:

    I have long ago wanted something to make a baby card, and wow you hit the nail on the head! Love, love the onesie, and I am a tea lover and the teacup is awesome so what I want to see in a card kit is youngster to juvenile girls, things like dolls ,jewelry pieces, hair barretts,*****, jump rope, stuffed animals, skates,for boys, ***** bats, cars, trucks,trains,fire engine, pogo stick, golf,football tennis surf board, .I’m sir you get my ideas. We celebrate children’s birthdays more than any other and we need more of this type of card. Thanks for listening to us Anna you are awesome and I believe sooner than later you will make this as a card kit. Blessings

  11. Melanie B. says:

    I love the timing of your teacups with Alice in Wonderland items coming out and the new Mary Poppins movie, as well! Also, thank you for the trendy addition of lavender colors in your samples! I was hoping to see some navy prints with maybe some copper or rose-gold highlights. Also, maybe you could integrate some dark wood and/or birch with some of your masculine animals for some male cards. I really love navy! Anything navy-even some of your old paisleys. Thank you!

  12. Carol Miller says:

    Anna, love the shaker cards. I have made my own in the past.but with many steps to get there. These kits are so easy to create a beautiful and fun card. Something I don’t have in my collection. Would love to win.

  13. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    My favorite is the Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit! Everything included all in one place and they are so adorable!! It all looks amazing!

  14. Sharon Alvis says:

    Hi Miss Anna!!!!!
    LOVE ALL OF YOUR NEW PRODUCTS, but my Favorite is Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3!!!!!

  15. Donn Jones says:

    I want the cup one, would be so cute with something resembling marshmallows in the shaker.

  16. debra j henault says:

    Lovely and fun. I especially like the teacups!

    Ideas: dragonflies, bees, frogs; traditional black and white with additional hints of color in the embellishments. Encouragement/prayer cards are very nice, too. Thank you for asking.

  17. Cindy Velasquez says:

    I am so excited for the May HSN day! I love everything I see. I will definitely be ready to shop.

  18. Erika says:

    I love the new shaker cards. Great designs. forward to making them! Thanks Anna for another great product!

  19. Janie M says:

    All the dies are great but the tea cup has a special place in my heart. . All my life, 4:00 Sunday afternoon in my family has been “ teatime”, when we would have a nice hot cup of tea, along with a dessert, and just enjoy being together. Now we have 4 generations enjoying “teatime “.It’s the one day out of the week that we try to get together and enjoy each other’s company and “ catch up” on our busy lives.

  20. Stephanie Jenkins says:

    Anna I love your shaker cards! You make everything so easy and flawless. These shaker card will be a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day or to send encouraging words. They are beautiful in the making!

  21. Pamela A says:

    I love the tea cup die and tag. With my BFF we spent great times together at tea shops and teas. So many great memories. This would make a beautiful card that would truly capture all those great times.

  22. Jerilynn Olson says:

    I’ve already posted but I thought of another idea I’d love to see…………I was at at Michaels Craft Store. I saw a collection of canning jars and it reminded me of a mason jar die. If you add on to the shaker card system, I’d love a mason jar and different size flowers to add to the jar like a bouquet and for the shaker pieces tiny little five or six petal flowers for the confetti.

  23. Susan Sharp says:

    Anna you always come up with so many creative ideas to inspire us. I love all the shaker cards. Especially with all the new expectant co-workers in my office the baby shaker would make great baby cards or invitations.

  24. Heidi C says:

    I have not hopped onto the shaker card trend. They look like fun in the making and receiving. I love the baby one, and the tea cup.

  25. Kris Garvelink says:

    Hi Anna! Love love love the baby onesie shaker card kit! My favorite for sure as we just had our first grandchild and are expecting our second! I would love to see a card kit to send to children ages 1-10 age and grandkids etc!! (Maybe called Grandma’s card kit!!❤️) Many Blessings your way Anna! Kris

  26. Debbie Owens says:

    I may have already commented ……but I really love these and need them to make invitations for my future Grandbabies shower. That onesie is the cutest thing ever!

  27. Marilyn Kwitowski says:

    Such a fun set of cards and dies!! Would love to win everything!! What I would love to see in a future card kit, is a Decoupage Christmas card kit! From your beautiful Santas and Angels, to trees, bells and flowers, that would be a fantastic card kit!!

  28. Melissa Eng-Pascual says:

    These are so cute I will have to stop waiting for the Cricut digital version and just buy now!

  29. Sally R says:

    I love the cups! So cute!!!!!! I haven’t done a shaker card yet. It would be nice to win ☕️

  30. Sheenagh Cummings says:

    I want to “shake it up” some more. I have the other shaker and confetti die sets. Would love to have these ones too! Pick me!

  31. Karen Cadorette says:

    Wow so many entries,I doubt I have a chance.I love shaker cards because their so much fun to make,or on the receiving end.tea cups are my all time favorites because they remind me of my grandma,and mother sitting around the table chatting.one of my favorite memories.

  32. Gail Danzer says:

    I would like to see the Sunny Salutations Card Kit come back. I have been admiring cards posted on-line with this Kit.

  33. Paula says:

    Thank you Anna for these new shaker card dies and the card kit! It was just what I was wanting! So enjoying making these.

  34. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, it Debbie Dunn,☺️, hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday !!
    I absolutely love the New Shaker Card Dies and Confetti Dies, the are darling, can’t wait to receive my Shaker Card Kit, really cute!!
    My very best to you and your awesome team . Happy Spring!!
    Debbie Dunn

  35. Beverly Chester says:

    OH How I LOVE Shaker dies!!! My grandkids and I love making cards for family and friends and they really LOVE receiving them on special occasions and birthday!! The confetti dies will tie into these so well too!! Must have these shaker dies!!! Thank you for all you do to make our crafting fun and easy!!

  36. Cheryl Crites says:

    Just remembered another request. Card troopers with European icons- like Eiffel Tower, Il Dumo, from Florence, Windmills from The Netherlands, etc. maybe a Bon Voyage card kit/ scrapbook kit, or even icons to decorate a altered mini album to remember one’s trip.

  37. Cheryl Crites says:

    Love all of these new shaker die designs! I have not bought any of the confetti dies yet, but just might have to purchase these. So cute. I have a product request: irridescent acetate (sequin material) to cut out our own confetti and make matching frames for shaker designs. Also please bring back the deminsional foam squares and strips. Never have enough for my projects. I agre with the suggestions for more children’s theme, new baby theme and wedding theme card kits.

  38. Gayla Greer says:

    Thank you Anna for these new shaker card dies and the card kit! It was just what I was wanting!

  39. melody barricklow says:

    Love all those dies, but I know I would use the Shaker Card Kit up faster…how cute…… I personally love a card kit of the older like 1950’s Children’s faces in a card kit. Like the Easter punch out’s to make cards and they could be used for scrap booking pages too. The older pictures of children were chubby -healthy- looking faces.. So cute,, would you think about it, Please… as you can guess I was born in the 50’s and there was no allergies, nor so much Autism..or ADH we hardly ever went to the doctor.. Very healthy like our parents… well just a thought!!

  40. Delcia Kaleta says:

    Any of those shaker cards would make me happy
    Looks like lots of fun

    Would like to see package of card etc,,dedicated for sisters. I have a few sisters & only find things about friends, Mothers, fathers etc…

  41. Linda Martinez says:

    Hi Anna: Oh MY how I would love to WIN A SHAKER CARD KIT OR DYES Those are the cutest dye kits. the cupcake and the onesies are so cute!!! that is the one thing I have been able to buy yet. I love and have so many of your lovely kits so far and I am only getting started. One idea I have for a new kit maybe you have already done one…the idea I have is for a pop up kit for get well wishes and birthday, I think that would be fun to get.. Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift from you. 🙂

  42. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: My favorite is the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3! I can’t wait to use them! I love shaker cards for all occasions because every age group loves them! I would like to see a new card set of sports themed cards (i.e.) soccer *****, baseballs, tennis, swimming, golfing, car racing, flying, basketball, boating, skating, running, dancing, skiing, etc. for people of all ages – teenagers, men, young children and girls too. I hope you put this on your list to do! Thank you for everything you give us. Everything is so beautiful!

  43. Goldie Perkins says:

    Anna, they get more beautiful as we move along! And I am enjoying my Cuddlebug. I have been using it to enchance and emboss several of my Cricut projects.

  44. diANNA says:

    My one and only BIGGEST, BIGGEST request for new products is: During xmas, I like to make more than 2 or 3 of my masterpieces. Please, please go back to making 5 sets each of the same card within the card collections, like you did in the beginning.

  45. Robyn L says:

    I adore the tea cup shaker cards and accessories. Oh what one could do with this kit.
    I would love to see shaker cards with Angels.

  46. Maria says:

    The shaker cards look like a lot of fun to make. I’d love to see a Military Card Kit honoring those in our military.

  47. Louise Blume says:

    I love all your shaker cards. Since I am going to be a first time grandma in June I really love the onesie one. Everything you do is so lovely.

  48. Arlene B says:

    I love shaker cards and you make them so easy by having the dies. Bags. And confetti dies. Love love love them. I would love if you could make a card kit with the twist and pop card. (The one where you open the card and four panels pop and twist out.

  49. Laurie Costello says:

    My favorite is the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3. This would complete the set will all my auto ship confetti dies and Anna’s other shaker dies. Absolutely love these dies!

  50. Sharon Hinkel says:

    I really love the shaker cards and confetti dies, so much fun! Would love to see a kit with a beach theme. Also a kit with pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc)
    might be fun. How about a kit with a British theme (or others). I love and enjoy all of your products, whatever your new kit is, I know I’ll love it!

  51. Carol Assentato says:

    Love Shaker cards. Can’t wait to order the dies and confetti dies, so I can keep making them anytime I want. The onesies are great for baby showers o4 new birth. Teacups are perfect for get well wishes. All your products are amazing. Love, love

  52. Maria hermano says:

    I so love these dies anna.. i remember when i made a shaker card for my colleague when she receives it she was so touched and she said “thank you it was special” and it is really is!! So thankful for all of your creations.. it was so easy doing it..hoping ill get these dies

  53. Sherry Bradbury says:

    Each time, you come out with these, they are cuter than the last ones. I have a feeling my credit card is going to get a work out in May. I’d better save up!

  54. Vanessa Thorp says:

    I would love to see a new summer set, beach, sunny day, just to say hello but with a summery theme.

  55. Mary Beth says:

    How about a “Best of” Collection? The first card kit I purchased was all seasons/all holidays/all reasons…I think that would be a good application for a “Best of” Kit….meanwhile just a “SHAKIN”!

  56. Zully Hopson says:

    Can’t wait to get these die set and shaker kit. You’re always so creative. Love this!!! Thanks for your creativity!!

  57. Diana Gombas says:

    Hi Anna, I love the new Well Wishes Dies so I can continue to make my own to add more embellishment if I want to. Your card kits are amazing already but I would like to see more little shaker windows on a card like a peek-a-boo effect or for layering for a 3-D look. Thank you for making me look like I know what I’m doing. 😉

  58. Donna Lundquist says:

    Oh wow once again you have amazed us with your beautiful products but did you say cupcakes I would like to live in a cupcake world nothing but cupcakes oh sorry back to the real world I love everything that you do so beautiful and elegant .
    I know that you have a kitty kitty die but I would love to see a lot of beautiful kitty products with flowers and vintage decor kitty treats and little beds for our baby kitty , they are our family .
    Kitty furniture and anything else that would make our kitty kitty beautiful!!!!!!!!
    God bless and happy crafting

  59. Vicky Michot says:

    Love the new shaker dies and the kit! Of course always love it all 🙂 Came back from vacation to find that CREATE sold out already! Looks like I wont be attending this year but congratulations to all those who will be going. They will truly have an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to go the past two years and I am especially happy for the people who will be attending for the first time. Definitely an experience every Anna Griffin fan should have 🙂

  60. Patti Siebert says:

    This is one of my favorite card kit with dies! I love all of your previous shakercard kits and dies. They are such high quality and fun. And having the auto ship confetti to match is perfect!! However, I think this new set with the cupcake and onesie and the others make it the most unique and versatile of alll and I think it is your best shaker kit yet. I love it because it’s timeless from a baby shower card, to a juvenile or adult birthday with the cupcake, all the way to two old friends sending a hello with th teacup. Oh and of course the last of the holidays with the pumpkin. Well done Anna and team!! You hit this one out of the park!! I cannot wait to have it in my hands The creative wheels in my head are already spinning!!

  61. Karen Mills says:

    Hello, Anna, have not tried the shaker cards, bytthese are adorable!!! Will give them a try this time. Your products are amazing and I am sure these will be a great addition to my craft room. Blessings!!!

  62. Carole Effting Lohr says:

    What do I like about these Shaker Cards? They bring out the “kid” in me, but the adult part if me loves all that exquisite beauty.

  63. Brenda says:

    I would love to win these 3 products as I love your shaker card kits and all.of your kits. I love when I can order your products as they are all so amazing. Love, love, love them all.

  64. juanita lachino says:

    Love this set its so cute love the tea cups shaker dies even has the tea bag tag so cute you pay attention to details love the quality of your products

  65. Judy Pittman says:

    The Shaker cards are a huge hit with everyone I’ve sent them to. Of course the embellishments included with the kits are always so pretty.

  66. Cindee Chastain says:

    I LOVE your shaker cards!! I made them for Valentines and Easter for my hospice patients and it brought lots of joy to them!! They enjoyed shaking the cards and looking at the beautiful embellishments! It makes me happy to see them smiling!! Love love your kits!! ❤️ Thank you!!

  67. Tom Gingras says:

    I love the shaker cards, and, for obvious reasons, this set of dies is a must-have for me!

  68. Lana Murphy says:

    Since I send a lot of cards to a lot of people for a variety of reasons, the Well Wishes set of dies will be wonderful for me. You are so thoughtful to try to provide any and everything we might need. Thanks for being so in touch with us!

  69. Terri Miller says:

    love love love the shaker cards…can’t wait until craft day….I think I live for it!!


  70. Joy H says:

    I love making shaker cards – but what even more fun is watching recipient shake it (adult or child). I get tickled watching their faces. Fun for me to create and a delight for them to shake!

  71. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    I love the onesie shaker card…adorable ! Also, the tea cup will be perfect for my 93 year old sweet English neighbor!

  72. Wendy woelk says:

    I look forward to every weeks sneak peaks. Love the one and done card kits. I’m more of a scrapbooker but have incorporated many card kits into my pages.

  73. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    I have not started shaker cards before and these are amazing! LOVE LOVE!! Would be so excited to win these!

  74. Debbie Siddle says:

    Look at all the baby stash goodies – I absolutely love the confetti dies. Yummy! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Still hoping that I might one day. xxx

  75. Laurie says:

    I love the shaker cupcakes. It is perfect for birthdays! You are so good to Anna always giving us a chance to make beautiful cards!

  76. Tammy Shoman says:

    Anna, I love your beautiful products too. Making things with your products truly makes me happy! I’m sick a lot, but when I feel good, I like to take out my Anna stuff and play. I would love a chance to win the new shaker kit or punches. You are so generous and have a huge heart. I’m looking forward to May 2nd and can’t wait to see what amazing things you bring to HSN for me to add to my crafting collection. Thanks again for brightening my day with your gorgeous products!

  77. patricia Robles says:

    I love it!! I cant wait to purchase the shaker cards, the cupcake birthday is just adorable.

  78. Terri Gardner says:

    I love all of your products! My craft room is a testament to that. I just had to reorganize it to make room for new things! I love the shaker card kits, especially the new baby one. I would like to see more baby items, pet themes, and an easel card kit. Thank you so much for the tutorial for easel cards!

  79. Donna Gross says:

    Anna, Love your products! Looking forward to May 2nd. Ordered the Decopage card set and just love them. Wanting to try the shaker cards. You are awesome!

  80. Misty Julian says:

    I would absolutely love these shaker dies. I have purchased all the other ones and I love them. The onesie will be the perfect card for my baby brothers first baby this summer in July. These shakers are sure to bring a smile to anyones face. 🙂

  81. Bev Dahl says:

    I would love these. I do not have any of them and really need to take making cards to another level.

  82. Janelle Carpenter says:

    The Well Wishes die set is yet another set that fills a void in my supplies I didn’t know I had. ❤

  83. Mary Helen Harris says:

    More shaker cards!! Yes! My Grandkids love these cards. They ask if they are hard to make!? Well, no! They are so simple to make!!
    I have most of your card kits and these are the easiest to put together! Can’t wait to get this next set!!

  84. Kathy says:

    The Well Wishes card kit would be perfect to have on hand when one needs to do a card quickly. Love the colors and shapes—a real bright spot to snyone’s day!

  85. Lisa Gepner palmere says:

    Love the shaker card concept, especially the new dies coming out, the baby collection is so clever! Can’t wait to see what will be next, maybe flags, stars, fireworks dynamite? Military hardware, anchors, etc?

  86. trish says:

    Oh, that onsie shaker card (die set) is darling!! LoVe it. I would love to see an “Everyday Angel” kit, so I could make cards with angels, cherubs and AG flowers – and not save my angels just for Christmas. I also would love to see those beautiful graphics with sentiments that you’ve been posting on FaceBook made into a product we could use in our cardmaking. Thank you for all you do!!

  87. Regina Kahles says:

    *** Anna,

    What don’t I love about all three shaker kits. They are fabulous. I would love to win these sets, Keep up the good work Anna.

  88. Jeorgette P says:

    I already love the shaker cards (I got the Christmas ones), but the fact that you give us a way to continue to make more is amazing and is why the dies are my favorite of the 3 items listed.

  89. Tanya says:

    My favorite is the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3. They are a great addition to the other two sets of dies.

  90. Gail Danzer says:

    I would like to have an easel card kit come back. Don’t know if you have ever had one.

    Get Shaking

  91. Gail Danzer says:

    I am a new craftier and have been watching the shaker card sets for the last year.. I have been very anxious to try a shaker card kit. I have been getting more and more excited to try a kit. forgive miss spellings =- got out of sick bed, could not at least check everything out. I am most excited for the Well Wishes Card Set. They will make anyone smile. back to bed

  92. Debbie Lowder says:

    I love, love, love the Tea Cup dies. .As you may remember, I make the invitations for our Cancer Survivor Pink Tea Party every October during breast cancer awareness month. It’s an awesome event. Two years ago, we had the most BEAUTIFUL invitations anyone could ever dream of. Thank you, Anna. These dies could help me make gorgeous invitations for years to come for the most deserving women. I love all your products, but these dies are pulling at my heart strings. Thank you Anna!!!

  93. Sharon Sienaski says:

    I have every shaker die and kit you’ve Made. I am over the moon to see these latest dies.

  94. Sharon Sienaski says:

    I have everybshakervdie and kit hou’ve Made. I am over the moon to see these latest dies.

  95. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Hi again, Anna! Just looking over all the suggestions for new kits. They all sound great. You have created a new world for thoughtful crafters! I may even take a few of the card kits I have and do some “Anna” style demos for my mother in law’s assisted living craft area. I think the residents will love to make special cards to send as they sometimes have little access to purchase them. Again, thanks for your beautiful inspirations!

  96. Melodie Bushaw says:

    I enjoy making up your card kits but I especially like your die sets so I can’t wait for the next set. Thank you for all you do.

  97. Gloria Prillaman says:

    Hello Anna!
    I recently tried one of your shaker card kits. Wow! They are really easy & simple cards that you can make in a hurry. Loved making the “bunny” cards for the kids, & the shamrock cards for St. Patrick’s Day. Still have the butterfly cards to complete for spring. I send a lot of cards to the elderly, sick, and to those who just need a cheerful “pick-me-up” type card. Would really love to see some type of card kit & sentiment set to cover “Thinking of You” & “Get Well”. I have tons of “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You”, etc., but very few of the “Get Well” & “Thinking of You”. As an added note, thanks for your recent easel card instructions….I’ve made 12 so far, and they all have turned out beautiful! Your instructions were very easy to follow, & I really appreciate the information. I think those who receive these easel cards will be thrilled…..(Looking forward to hearing more information about you electronic die cutting machine!) Please give us more info. when you can!

  98. Tammy says:

    Love your card kits. Would love to see one with Unicorns they are so popular now. Also

  99. Debbie Griffin says:

    Hi Anna….I can not wait for all three Well Wishers Shakers! I am so glad you made the Dies to match the Shaker Card kit and I will be excited to order those during the May HSN show!

    I would love to see new kits related to Engagements & Weddings; Beaches, Sea Shells & Sea Life; and Pets with paw prints (& dealing with the loss of a pet )

    Thank you so much.

  100. Nana Taylor says:

    These Shaker Cards are amazing, I have no shaker cards dies and would love to have a set. I love the things that you come out with. Thank you (Retired and watching my pennies) I would love to see dies about school and kids.

  101. Roberta Torselli says:

    I love all your products. I can’t wait for the shaker dies. Hope there will be enough. I would love to see a card kit that is all occasion and gender neutral. Sea themes, teenage boys and adult men, music, cars. Lots of Happy birthday sentiments. No “lovey-dovey” mushy sentiments. Don’t need i love yous in every kit. We give to friends, coworkers, etc. No butterflies, flowers or bows please. Have so many!
    Just something really different. Wildlife, sea life, nature with your special touch.

  102. Kimberly Head says:

    Yay! Anna’s back on May 2nd on HSN! I love all your products so I cannot just choose one. As far as your next card kit, I’d like to see a set for teen girls. Thanks Anna and team!

  103. Marcia S says:

    This is my favorite shaker die set so far. I really like the versatility of this set and love the baby themed dies.

    My ideas for future card kits:

    Vintage Homemaking (cooking/baking, sewing, cleaning/laundry, gardening)

    Summer Fun (boardwalk theme)

    A2 card kit for those who like to make smaller cards. Maybe include some gift cards and a few 3D projects (e.g., boxes that just need assembly and decoration).

    Sampler Kit (variety of card sizes and card types – shaker, flip, etc.)

  104. Marilyn B says:

    I’m excited about the shaker card dies! The kits are excellent too so it is hard to choose. My suggestion for a new card kit is cards for different jobs such as volunteers, teachers, nurses, etc We interact with important people each day and I never take anyone for granted. Sometimes it’s a friendly smile or positive comment that makes our day!

  105. Pam says:

    I have lots of grandkids, mostly boys. I need more for young kids who are NOT thrilled with flowers. Would love more animals, such as you had in earlier small kit.

  106. Marlene Wilson says:

    Oh how I love these shaker dies and card kits! They are so easy to make and the recipients cannot comment enough about them. I made Easter cards from the kit and they were a hit! I love all of Anna’s products and would love to be the winner. Thanks Anna for all of your beautiful creations. I would like to see a kit and dies with a tropical theme such as palm trees, tropical flowers and flip flops and shells just to mention a few things. I am imagining a shaker card with sand in the shaker envelope The summer is coming and beach cards are always a hit!

  107. Rita Viscardi-Santo says:

    Love all the new shaker card dies you will have out on May 2. Especially love the onsies for babies with the teddy bear and diaper pins. Just so cute. And the balloons which could be used for birthdays!. I can never go wrong with whatever I purchase. Going forward, would love to see more dog and cat dies or embellishments. Thank you for always wanting to bring new things to your crafters that we are looking for. Thanks for asking

  108. Kathryn says:

    Love the Well Wishes and the Confetti Dies. Shaker cards are my new go to when I need a quick card.

  109. Lisa Rich says:

    I have not tried your shaker cards yet, but I think you have finally convinced me that I need to give it a try. I would love to see a kit with just flowers from the Blooming Decopage set

  110. Leilani Villanueva says:

    Anna Griffin’s products are definitely first class compared to other brand names. Making projects with her items gives you the greatest satisfaction in the art of crafting that you can be so proud of. They are worth the prIce you pay for.
    Definitely a good therapy for de-stressing from our daily fast paced and busy lives.

  111. Loretta Wilson says:

    My excitement is the Well Wishes Dies Set #3 and the Confetti Dies!!! I believe I have most of your dies since I discovered you 3 years ago and I enjoy using all of of them. My suggestion, more small die cuts of all types to be used as fillers in small places. I find it is hard to find small embellishments on any of the scrapbooking websites.

  112. Margaret Mathewson says:

    Just found out I am going to be a grandma, so the baby themed dies are a must for me! Would like to see your take on the layering dies where 2 or 3 dies work together to make a 3d effect.

  113. Joy S says:

    Love these dies for shaker cards. Can’t wait to add these to my collection along with the confetti dies.
    Thanks Anna for keeping everything so fresh and new!

  114. Shellie Fontana says:

    Hi, Anna! Your Well Wishes Shaker Cardkit is DARLING–I don’t know which of the plentiful elements I love more–the NEW PRRRRETTY Papers, those Tea Cups or Pumpkins, or the actual CONFETTI! SO, I’m thinking it’s a good thing for me (and so many other Griffinites!) that YOU have ALREADY put them ALL-in-one, a CONVENIENT, ADORABLE Card-Kit! I ESPECIALLY enjoy giving Shaker Cards to my nieces, the youngsters in our family! And, since I travel by car often, I sometimes make and hand-deliver on the spot! What I’m looking forward to most now, is getting and MAKING Well Wishes Shakers along WITH my nieces, to make cards for their grandparents. These cards are PERFECT to make with my elementary-age nieces! Looking forward to your next HSN Show in May, Anna! (((Hugs))) from South Dakota!

  115. Marcia Getty says:

    The new shaker kit is so cute, especially that pumpkin!

    I think it would be wonderful to have a card kit for kids, something that a parent or grandparent could work on with a child to make cards for Mom and Dad, even Valentine’s day for school. Kids love to give cards, I have so many tucked away that my son made me when he was little.

  116. Helen Hayes says:

    Well Wishes Shaker Dies – great idea! Endless possibilities. As usual everything is special.

  117. Cynithia hughes says:

    Beautiful I’m going try and watch your show.My husband is really sick so I might not be able.

  118. Michele Ciccone says:

    Hi Anna –

    Adding a second comment. I though more and had another suggestion. I would like to see a shaker card kit for the young children in our lives. Some suggestions for specific shapes would be a rubber duckie, a dinosaur, a unicorn, a penguin, a giraffe, a cat, a dog, a toy car, a toy truck, and/ or a school bus.

    Thanks in advance.

  119. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    Wow – what an incredible number of fantastic ideas here! I’d like to second the requests for so many of the themes: wedding, graduation, music, sports, fairies, pets, medieval, regency, anything French-inspired! (Maybe a kit for “drawbridge” cards, like the one that was featured in a Create 3 video?)
    The new shaker products are fabulous – I am partial to the dies, both for the ability to make more of any single design, as well as matching colors and patterns to recipients. Thank you, Anna and team, for your never-ending hard work!
    Regards, Anne

  120. ROBERTA TAYLOR says:

    Cannot wait until May…….perhaps I could win these now and get a head start! I love how you teach us to become independent with our ideas. Would love to see a VERY elegant set for your next card kit. Weddings, Congratulations, Outstanding, etc. Your finest detailed secrets put together for us to use for the “bestest” occasions of our lives. Possible?

  121. Jennifer A says:

    I LOVE the teacup shaker dies! I would love to see more sentiment stamp/die sets and calligraphy dies.

  122. Karen Wilkins says:

    Am most looking forward to the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3 set, will be able to make shaker cards to my hearts content. Am on auto ship for the card kit, so will be able to continue that theme with these dies!

  123. Lori Miko says:

    I love the new shaker dies and the new confetti dies. I bought the spring shaker dies and the spring confetti dies and love them. I made cards and had so much fun just playing! The bonus was the beautiful cards I had at the end of playtime! I too would love a pet card kit. Something with sentiments and maybe extra sentiments to put on top if you need a different one. Some of the sentiments could be congratulations on new puppy or kitty, so sorry for the loss of your pet, even happy birthday and saying hi.

  124. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    Love the new shaker card dies. You always come up with another amazing set of dies. I have drawers full and love them all.

  125. Susan Anglen says:

    oooh, ANNA! I haven’t jumped on the “shaker bandwagon” yet… only because there have been so many other things I’ve needed to get for our projects for The Love, God Project… but I am DYYYING to get the cutting dies and other supplies to make from scratch… you know that’s my jam, LOL! So far as the next kit, please make a “Faithful Sentiments” full kit! We have lloved working with the cross cutting dies and the Faithful Diecuts sets … and the Sending Sympathy title embellishments sooo much and they are really what we need most for the ministry! But since I have helpers who are brand-new to paper crafting, it would be great to have a Faithful kit to make it easy for them!

    Also, how about a Christmas or Holiday version of the Window Ledge kit! I know the other kit came with cutting dies for wreaths and garland so we can use Christmas papers to create Christmas scenes… but how fun to have a kit to make Halloween and Chrisrmas Window scenes!

  126. Cheryl pellegrin says:

    How timely. I just learned my niece is expecting their first child. The little onesies card will be perfect for them. Can’t wait.

  127. Suzanne says:

    I love the new dies – they will make beautiful cards.
    My favorite time of year is Christmas. May I suggest beautiful shaker cards with a Christmas scene. Example – mix 3d effect with the shaker card. A beautiful 3d house fully decorated with lights and next to the house a Christmas tree as the shaker. You and your team have the best job in the world.

  128. christine says:

    I am so excited for this new kit! I just got done with my Spring ones!
    I hope you do a Turkey one for Thanksgiving, that would be a gobble gobble goodness! lol

  129. Angie Koehne says:

    I especially love the die with the cup, by to me it is a coffee cup, and think of the fun things you could do with it as a thank you card or congrats card with a Starbucks gift card inside!

  130. Angie Koehne says:

    Anna, I always love your dies, as I am more of a diyer, but this shaker kit looks like so much fun, I may have to indulge myself and order it. I would love to see a more youthful design, card kit. Not small child but more teen, tween and twenties age genre. Looking forward to Mays show.

  131. Bonita M says:

    I love the onesie shaker cards with onesie confetti, Everything you design is gorgeous so how about an easel card kit.

  132. Dawn Rodak says:

    I see that cute tea cup shaker card, and I’m smiling. Anything with tea cups tickles my fancy.

  133. Victoria Figueroa says:

    I like the Shaker Card and Die Set a lot. I would like to see a die and card set that features the fancy hat shapes and embellishments for their hats that the Queen and ladies wear in London.

  134. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    Excited to see the shaker cards dies.

    Would really love to see an A2 card kit with matching dies such as Frames and Backgrounds, similar to the Ornamental & French Frames..

  135. Ellen B. says:

    Since you asked …. 🙂
    My current dream card kit would be one that serves as a class kit for us to host a group card making session. The kit could have for example, 33 cards – 11 each of Birthday, Get Well and Sympathy with an instruction sheet similar to the ones you make for Create.

    1. The kit could be constructed the same way as Blooming Decoupage with the following:
    • Card Bases
    • Coordinating Layers
    • Cardstock for die cutting or embossing
    • Self-assembly die cuts on sheets
    • Bows
    • Interchangeable sentiments
    • Instruction sheet – Multiple copies of the same sheet, 1 per class participant.

    2. The kit should offer the following for the class host/instructor:
    • Supplies for each participant to work on the same project and for the instructor to create 1 sample of each card available without having to rely on the Cricut.
    • Flexibility with number of participants,
    o i.e. if the kit makes 11 each of 3 different cards, the attendee options are as follows:
    a. 10 participants or fewer make 1 of each card (+ the instructor’s sample cards) = 33 cards
    b. 10-15 participants each make 2 of the 3 cards (+ the instructor’s sample cards) = 33 cards
    c. 15+ participants = Buy more than one kit and go crazy!
    • Host/Instructor will need to supply his/her own dies and embossing folders, which is one area allowing for individuality without becoming too big of a decision for a new crafter.

    3. The HSN Presentations can be kept short (especially since there won’t be too many sample cards to show), but frequent, i.e. during every hour time slot in which you are featured.

    A kit such as this will allow the host/instructor to focus on inviting people and preparing herself or her home without having to stress over coming up with design ideas or how to gather up enough supplies for people to make the same cards while remaining affordable.

    My suggestion is based on the fact that we who love Anna Griffin products are intrinsically the best ambassadors to introduce people from our worlds to your world of beauty!

  136. Darlene Weir says:

    Hi Anna, your cards are so beautiful…I am retired now, so I go and help do card with senior citizen they like it and it get them out of their room and look forward to it….would like to try the shaker cards with them, i get things ready so they only have to put things together. need more ideas for get well, Birthday and all holiday to do with them. thank you for the ideas and help. GOD bless . if anyone as things they would like to donate to us. it would be great…

  137. Carol A. says:

    Anna, you do awesome work so much so that you have turned me around on shaker cards. I was never a fan but these dies for both the shaker and confetti are so cute, I must have them….. I am such a Halloween fan so I love the pumpkin die especially. This set can really be used for more holidays, the bear and present for Christmas, the star for the 4th and Christmas and of course the heart for Valentine’s. Love them all!!!!

  138. leaf says:

    Hi Anna, i really like the confetti that matches
    The theme of the card .its super cute! I really wish you would do a Nativity Christmas card
    Set. Thats been on my wish list for years.

  139. Eve Beckum says:

    Hello Anna, looking forward to another HSN Craft day and to purchasing the wonderful shaker dies.

  140. Janelle Kinsaul says:

    I do not have shaker cards in my AG cards as i thought they would be hard to make. Your kit does it all for me.
    Cant wait to grab some of those.

  141. Joy sampson says:

    Anna!! I posted earlier but you and all our fellow Griffinites have me thinking…what if you created a Main Street theme with little shops and cafes and signage possibilities and a park..etc…I know we have your great window sets but we could go crazy with a little quaint town idea…also really agree with Fall requests in new card patterns and lots of fall foliage and flora for toppers…thanks for asking and know we all love you and we thank you…Joy

  142. Christy Woody says:

    Love the new shaker card dies!! They are a must have item!! I would love to see a card kit that includes cats and dogs. Maybe even include items for children. Looking forward to May 2nd!! See you there!!

  143. Rose Marie says:

    The new shaker card die cuts are soooo cute! I would love to see a new “Faith” card kit. The dies could include a church with steeple, crosses, Bible, angel wings, hymnal, and words such as blessings, prayers, Christ, God, and Jesus. Anna, a “Faith” card kit would be enjoyed by many. Thank you for all you do.

  144. Carla Haase says:

    I am lovin’ the dies and confetti dies. I like to create my own look. Maybe I will order a kit for a friend for a gift. Thanks, Anna

  145. Carla Haase says:

    This week I am lovin’ the dies and confetti dies. I like to create my own looks. The kits are pretty nice too. I might like to get one for a gift for a crafty friend. Thanks Anna.

  146. janet mccready says:

    I think the little tea cup fits all occasions. a comforting for sympathy, a cozy for MaMa with baby, and of course a cup for Birthday. what fun. your mind could go wild.

  147. Judith A Casadei says:

    I love the whole concept of the shaker cards.! I love the fact that I can embellish with confetti, yet not upset anyone with loose confetti falling all over the place. They can enjoy my card for months to come with all its “parts”. Ha! After all, it is about the joy of giving and receiving beautiful cards that someone (me) took the time to create and your cards make this handicapped lady look great! Thank you!

  148. Helene says:

    Looking forwasrd to ordering the shaker card dies and the matching confetti dies. I hope you are having some of your pretty paper packs on the show too.

    I love to see a cards with designs for children

  149. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Good afternoon Anna,

    You have done it again I love the new shaker set…..

    I would love to for you and your team to make a Diorama die set and a Bookatrix die set.

    I saw some of the cards on different web sites and said to my self it would be nice if you could do this…

    Thanks for asking us for our ideas.

    Have a beautiful week

    Daphne Dickerson


  150. Donna-May says:

    I Love all the dies! Your dies are the bomb! Don’t know if this is a card making tip, but I and several friends would love to see you come out with some new dies of People , Domestic and Wild animals that look real not cartooish {If that’s a word, LOL} You can find stamps but we’re into dies, and shading them for a 3D effect. I have 11 grand Children and they love animals and would love them to come from you, your dies cut so well!

  151. Diane F says:

    ***, it is going to be another awesome crafting day at HSN. I love it all but if I could only choose one I would pick the dies simply because they keep on making! I have really enjoyed the vintage bunnies and would love to see you expand on that idea. I love, love the layering that you can achieve with them.

  152. Candy says:

    Love the confetti die! Next idea is just a simple shapes die set —stripes, diagonals etc.

  153. Colleen Kelsick says:

    ***! Love this stuff! I am relatively new to paper crafting so I find that starting out with a project kit is great for me and then I branch out on my own if I find I like doing that type of crafting. So many good ideas have been presented but I would be thrilled to have a fairy themed kit and a patriotic kit. The patriotic kit would be a great way to say that I am proud to be an American!

  154. Joy sampson says:

    Anna!! My favorite is that tea cup..my mind is conjuring up all sorts of ideas…as always thank you for your inspiration …we love you…Joy

  155. Grama Pei says:

    Cute, cute shaker kits and dies! I think double-sided foil paper would be the thing to cut the confetti from… no “wrong” side to the paper then… I’d love to see an easel kit, or even better, a kit from your class at the latest Create. With different options, Valentines, yes, but also porticoed scenes, and grand columns, even fir trees for casual scenes, pop-out type… with Structures for folding closed/opening. I am still dreaming of a Thanksgiving/fall kit, with elegant old art in it, ‘indian’ corn, haystacks, pumpkins, turkey gobblers, acorns, oaks, etc… Still dreaming of an all-new art- men’s kit with more vintage cars, maybe even roaring twenties add-ons, of course, more all-new art and flowers kits, maybe even a recipe-book kit… fun!

  156. Jackie says:

    LOVE these shaker dies. Aside from daydreaming about all the beautiful cards I’m going to make, I already have plans to use the dies to make shakers to incorporate into the best party favors ever! Thanks for another tool to add to add to my repertoire.

  157. Lisa Buchak says:

    I absolutely love your shaker cards dies and card kits . They have been a big hit in my family . I think the next card kit should be sympathy / encouragement / loss of pet. I think that would be a good idea because sometimes you are devastated by bad news you’re just not in the mood to do a card but if you had the kit it be a lot easier . On a uplifting note, I think girlfriends card kit would be nice as well as a funny card kit involving getting older etc. Keep it coming Anna.

  158. Barbara Trebisky says:

    Oh my! I’m one of those who likes to create from scratch! I love love love the dies and the confetti dies. Hard to pick. But I guess the confetti because, what could be easier than passing through once and having it all done?

  159. Esther cisneros says:

    You had me at Shaker Cards. I’m hooked on making these cards so addictive. Can’t get enough. Can’t wait for HSN shopping spree.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  160. Sharon Bounds says:

    Hi, I love the Shaker kits. Just found some at a HSN outlet!
    I have a Golfing family and would love to see Sports oriented cards. Little golf *****, little basketballs, footballs, etc for the men in our lives!! Keep up the good work. I am in love with your products!!!

  161. Cardmaker Deb says:

    Love all your products!!! So happy for another Anna Griffin day on HSN. Looking forward to ordering the shaker dies. Thank you for your quality products.

  162. Monica Bencomo says:

    All the cards I’ve made and sent from your first set of shaker cards have been a hit, so I know that winning your new Well Wishes Shaker Card kit would even bring more happiness and comfort to my family and friends.

    Idea for your next card kit: Having a young (ages 20s-40s) male-oriented kit (theme of sports) would be great. I love the “For Him” die cuts, but I’d love to expand my stash to be more inclusive age-wise. Thanks for all you do for us!

  163. Par Giuffre says:

    I love the Cupcake card sooo cute, I think with June coming and Father’s Day around the corner we need a new mans card kit again.

  164. Jo Royse says:

    I love the cupcake. You will be able to use it so often. The Well Wishes Shaker Card. Kit is a must. I have.problems using my hands but have had sucess using the shaker card kit. Everyone loves these cards.

  165. Karen says:

    Love this new set of shaker card dies and confetti dies! Would love to see some that would be for little boys (truck, trains, etc.) I know that is not your normal but my grandsons would love them.

  166. Joy Skeete says:

    ***, these are adorable! I have all the prior Dies.
    I would love to see a Cricut cartridge with your shaker cards. Please don’t sell out before the launch.

  167. Joy Penegar says:

    ***, these are adorable! I have all the prior Dies.
    I would love to see a Cricut cartridge with your shaker cards. Please don’t sell out before the latch?

  168. deborah says:

    Love it all and want all of it !!!! You are the greatest !!!! It is impossible to choose from your craft stuff !!!! I wish I could afford to buy it all !!!!!!!!!!

  169. Michele Ciccone says:

    Hi Anna –

    Love the new shakers. Can’t wait until we can get our hands on them.

    A few ideas for new kits would be a patriotic themed kit, an anniversary kit (but one with less flowers more congratulations embellishments suitable for the male family members),and a men’s kit (with fewer sports and more tools or a food/drink theme items).

    Thanks in advance. .

  170. Lorrie T says:

    Love the shaker card dies. Favorite of the set would be the tea cups. Would like to see a card kit that features quilting designs and dies.

  171. Carolyn Lambert says:

    I love everything shaker. Have you thought about a shaker kit for kids? My grandchildren love these cards, they shake them all the time.

  172. Kathy Brenneman says:

    Hi Anna,
    I started to read the comments, but some of these women have written novels. I’ll never get through all of them. Anyway…
    As you know I’ve been with you from the very beginning. I love all that you do. The shaker card kit will be a big hit I’m sure. I think it’s my favorite this time around, but I like it all. I kind of wish you would get back to basics and your roots again. Victorian colors, stamps, inks, punches, tools, kits for cards and scrapbooking. I’m sorry they are the products I love the most, the ones that reflect that Victorian time.
    I’m so looking forward to the May 2nd show. I love all that you do, just would love to see more of your roots in Victorian textiles shine through. Need to end the novel.
    Kathy B. (Fairylady0227)

  173. Carole M says:

    Love those shaker card dies. Would love to win! Would love to see the shaker card elements as Cricut images.

  174. Lisa Smith says:

    I will shake my booty just to win this set 😉

    I would like to see cards for teenagers!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Judyree says:

    Reslly dragging this morning til I saw this! Now I’m encouraged & in a great mood…Thank you for that! LOVE the teacups prob most, but also LOVE YOUR SCALLOPED CUFFS!! You look adorable today!

  176. Ellen Williams says:

    Love, love , love all the shaker card dies, especially the confetti dies to go with them. I can’t wait to get them!

  177. Debbie says:

    Love it all I will try to get as much as I can. I wish you would bring back the Couture Creations Go Press and Foil Adapter plate mat I missed it the first time. And the last time I checked on HSN it did not show up anymore in My Favorites

  178. Louise Blume says:

    The lovely shaker card kit is a must have for me. I’m going to be a Grandma for the first time in June. Everything you do is so lovely.

  179. Judy Fagotti says:

    Love looking at all the beautiful new products! The Well Wishes dies and kit are fabulous!! Great designs and lovely llittle embellishments! You’re always llooking out for our wants and needs…thanks, Anna! Would love to see a card kit with baskets, bowls and containers that have interchangeable seasonal bouquets to make vignettes with furniture for year-long use. Also, I’d love to see a Mini Motif collection with small flowers, insects, butterflies, 2-piece teacups and all sorts of ephemera goodies. Dies and embossing folders can be used with your new little die cutting system. These mini motifs can be used on tags, and used to add accents to existing card kits. I think we’d all have fun with these!

  180. Janet W-U, from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    Hi Anna,

    I hope you and your team had a wonderful Easter. My daffodils were blooming here in Pittsburgh, what a beautiful thing to see.

    Here are my ideas for your next card kit(s):

    1. Americana (use for 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, military, etc.)
    2. Occupations (items specific to a hairdresser, paper boy, baby sitter, nurse, vet, groomer, assistant, teacher, etc.)
    3. “Pre-cut die cards” (cards already cut in a shape (tea cup, flower, animal, etc.) on your beautiful card stock)
    4. Quilts (there are so many quilt patterns that would look amazing as a card using your patterns)
    5. Monogrammed Letters (large to fit an entire card, medium/small to use as accents; good for wedding, thank you, birthday, etc.)
    6. Black and White (this would be striking with one of your colored flower embellishments)
    7. “Small cards” (to add to a gift; use when returning cookware, etc.; little so you can write something short)
    8. Thanksgiving
    9. Iris folding

    I’m looking forwarded to watching you on HSN in May and seeing your individual colored packs of paper. I missed that last time. I always enjoy you and the host’s, I’m smiling while I’m watching and I’m always learning new things.

    Have a great day. – Janet

  181. Deborah Smith says:

    Most excited about the new dies. I would like to see a card kit that is gingerbread themed.

  182. Teri B says:

    NICE WORK Anna and team!

    Can’t wait to snag the latest shaker kit for my ever-growing collection. Before I found you I was only a scrapbooker. Now I’ve had to add a bunch of new shelves in my scrap room for all your awesome things!

    Now that I’ve dived headlong into it, here’s what I seem to be missing:
    – Blank thin-paper sentiment insert sleeves for the Ivory cards.
    — Would like to emboss my signature – is there such a thing as a clear embossing ink pen?
    – I have several sets of sentiment die cuts (Super Sentiments, for example), but there are no dies that match the shape for the graduated backing size.
    – Having no kids and being retired, most of my cards are for BDays, Anniv, Retirement, and Sympathy. One can only send so many flowers. I’m having to keep photos in a file of what I send so I don’t duplicate them.
    — I find my biggest challenge is cards for men. I have the HIM kit, but all the vintage embellishments don’t really work for the men in my life. More masculine patterned cards or just card stock would be helpful. The two I made from scratch yesterday ended up with just shapes and some vines on my own cardstock. Patterns that are geometric or less floral would be great. Mostly at this stage of life, they’re interested in FOOD, GOLF, and BOOZE. And not necessarily in that order! LOL. I’m thinking a shaker shape of a beer stein, a gold/yellow background with little white bubbles for confetti (could also be done with a champagne or wine bottle), and also a golf ball with little white golf ball confetti.
    – Other than their families, the majority of my card recipients are into 1) COFFEE, 2) WINE, 3) PETS, and 4) CRAFTING. A coffee mug with coffee bean confetti would be fun.
    – a new Christmas Card kit. I have 125 to make! A shaker card with snowflake confetti? I’m betting there is one of those in the works!
    — Hanukkah card kit.
    – I’ve read through hundreds of your reviews and can endorse the ideas of others that include:
    — Military/Patriotic
    — Hummingbirds & Dragonflies
    — Greenery / vines – things that can drape over sentiments or other embellishments
    — Landscape scenes (would be great for guys – add a canoe or a fishing pole, or just a bear! LOL)
    — Pet Sympathy
    — House Warming/New home (loved the Joee B’s idea for picket fences and gardens!)
    –Since I already pay extra postage for the dimensional cards, I like the idea of a gusseted envelope – even if only a very slight gusset. I’m not sure it would add any more postage, since I pay an extra ounce charge for it having to be hand-machined. (currently 71 cents).

    Thank you for asking for feedback – keep the awesome products coming! I have to say, I’m very impressed with what you continue to create. Amazing!

    See you in May on HSN!
    Teri B

  183. Kathy P. says:

    Love all of your items, Anna! I would love to receive the set as I keep trying to come up with new ideas to send my BFF, who is fighting cancer; and your kits help me immeasurably. I also incorporate many of these ideas into my scrapbook pages.

    Apples, pie, and sleds would be fun dies. Berries, snowflakes, and mittens might be good for confetti, too.

    I truly love your products…Thank you so much!

  184. Jane Paul says:

    Hi Anna, I am so excited, this is one of the cutest Shaker Card yet! The cards are so
    different, and give you a happy feeling when they are finished. That idea gets a “10” in my book. Thanks so much!

  185. Linda Richardson says:

    Another CARD KIT idea:
    FLOWER of the MONTH card kit
    This would be great for birthday cards. You could include tags that would have each of the months of the year on it

  186. Polly says:

    Anna I’m so excited about the new shaker card died and confetti dies. Would love to win any of your products.

  187. Dorothea Cotten says:

    First want to say Thank you for more card making ideas. There is so many great ideas from all your fans that would also be great. Because I am fairly new to card making fan club I only have a few ideas. I would love to see shaker cards for a couple(married, engaged, having a baby), woman, man, girl, boy, a house and a baby. This could be use so many ways, Mother’s, Father’s Day, graduation, baby showers, housewarming and anyone that might be sick. You also came our with crosses is there a way we could also make shaker Don’t know if you already have in place but thought it would be nice if you don’t. Again new loving making cards and my friends and family love. Would not happen with out Anna’s items and ideas. I am now retired and looking forward in doing a lot more. Thanks, Dorothea

  188. Denise B. says:

    Hi Anna! Your shaker cards are getting more and more creative. I love the new dies especially the teacup. I’ve always been partial to the Cottage Roses so maybe a card kit using those or maybe just bringing back the cottage roses.

  189. Rose Patterson says:

    I fell in love with Anna Griffin your items are wonderful!!
    I can’t wait for the new show and I want it all!! I believe I purchased almost everything last showing my husband told me to get what I wanted and boy did I. As for an ideal on a new kit I would like an older/adult kids and a parents/grandparents. Also one for adult kids with kids as you know an acorn doesn’t fall to far from the tree.
    I love the Tea Cup its great!! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  190. Karen Pimentel says:

    I have the skaker card kit. All I need now is the dies to make some beautiful shaker cards. Love the new set.

  191. Beverly Limbach says:

    These cards make ordinary cards look so plain. Well, not any of your cards, Anna. I love making all of your cards from the card kits. People I give them to save them and display them.

  192. Liana Marchetti says:

    I love everything, in this preview & can’t wait until May! If I had to pick just one of the three, it would be the card it. Nice to have everything you need to make a shaker card all together, put in a box by Anna Griffin! My dream for your next card is something like the Blooming Decoupage Card Kit but with Anna’s favorite flowers. Tons of roses, hydrangeas & lots & lots of pink & purple! And, please bring back Camilla paper in all colors but especially in white! Would love a card kit with white Camilla in it! So pretty.

  193. Debra says:

    Hi Anna,
    This is my first post ever online. I just couldn’t resist after seeing the new shaker dies and kit.
    I was trying to come up with a super special 1st birthday card for my extra special granddaughter that arrived 2 1/2 weeks early to brighten a very sorrowful day for my family. Thanks to you and your creative team, I now have a great idea.
    Those dies are great for both card making and scrapbooking, I can’t wait to try them out!
    Right now I’m concentrating on scrapbooks for my 2 young grandchildren and would love to see products that can be used to make pages and embellishments with a “Through the Years” type theme.
    My granddaughter takes monthly pictures and her outfits always remind me of Anna Griffin florals!

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  194. Charlotte says:

    I have not tried the shake her card yet but boy would I love to. These are exceptionally nice and I’m sure everyone would love to receive them.

  195. Sandy C says:

    I love the onsie, but my favorite is the teacup – so versatile.
    My suggestion for a card kit would be for anniversary cards. I make/send 8-12 a month for members of our church. They love the birthday cards. I send cards for ages 1 – 100.

  196. Antoinette says:

    These dies are great and I do want to add them to my collection. My granddaughter loved her Easter Shaker card. I had posted it on your Facebook page. They are so much fun to make.
    I would like to be able to buy the bags only for the confetti easier for mailing.
    It’s so funny because at first I didn’t think I would do many shaker cards so I passed on the dies and confetti the first time around and only purchased the card kit. Then I purchased the Christmas shaker card kit. But then I realized I wanted more I purchased all of the shaker and confetti dies. They are so much fun to make.
    Would love to see retirement and sympathy dies. Inside card sentiments that say more then just happy Birthday etc. in sticker form.

  197. Kathleen Jimenez says:

    Wow. The shakers dies are so cute! I think I like the confetti the best. The confetti cuts are so versatile.You can use them anywhere, You can use them to fill balloons for a showers, scattered on the buffet table, in the favor boxes with tissue paper. Mind blown!

  198. Gina Maria says:

    My favorite would be the kit with all the shaker supplies included, so fast and fun! And my suggestion for the next card kit would be cards for guys, but for a younger audience. The vintage and antique ephemera are nice for the older guys, but we need cards for men in their 20’s -50’s – and not all those guys hunt and fish, so would like embellishments that are more neutral/general in a color palette that is masculine. Mainly birthday cards and get well cards rather than love themed or holiday themed. I’d like to be able to make a card, say, for my 22 year old nephew who is into computers and technology and really can’t do that with what’s available now.

  199. Charlotte says:

    PAPERDOLLS!!! Next new card set. Love all things Anna. I have your older paper dolls and have waited and waited for a BIG set!! Of course beautiful victorian ladies and more. Thank you in advance.

  200. Sheri olson says:

    How FUN are these new shaker dies?! I would love to use them to make cards to give to the residents and staff in my husbands long term care facility. I’m sure they would brighten many days!

  201. Carolyn says:

    Love your Shaker cards. Unfortunately I will miss the May HSN shopping since I will be in China. But thanks for doing the Create sign up early so I have Create 4 all taken care of before I leave the country.
    Love all the beautiful stationery you create for us to impress our friends.

  202. Beverly says:

    Anna, I am not much of a shaker card girl, but you got me with this set. My daughter is having her 2nd baby mid May and I would love to be able to give my daughter and the baby( a boy, Logan) a onesie card. His big sister, Morgan will be 4 June 4th and she loves cupcakes. She would adore a shaker cupcake birthday card. I would truly love to have this set of dies. I am like you Anna I am such a Francophile and what I would like to see most would be an Eiffel Tower die and all things French. Ooh La La! Au revoir mon ami.

  203. Mary Jane Mason says:

    Well those three designs are just perfect! How about a “thinking of you” kit with a cloud shaker window with raindrops and a rainbow embellishment? ☔️☁️

  204. Dixie costley says:

    I like the baby shaker card. I think you need to create a simple card making kit that a child could make for other children. This would encourage young children to start crafting. Other simple craft projects for children would be great.

  205. PER says:

    I wish you could have seen me make my first shaker card! You would have been hurting from the amount of laughing you would have done. I forgot to order the pre-made acetate packs which I should have done for my first card. I made an acetate pack without having everything I needed including the foam tape strips. That is how it all began. My AG foam supplies were in a very safe place. So safe, that I couldn’t find where they were. I plunged ahead anyway. First, I didn’t like how the edges of the packet finished. Then, I put too much confetti in the packs 2 or 3 times. Then, the paper I used to go on top of the packet needed to be backed by cardstock for added weight. I don’t even remember what happened next. Finally, I got the card made. It turned out perfect in spite of how many times I had to either open the acetate packet or fix something. It took me a lot longer than it should have, but I got it done and in the mail! That would have been a video of what not to do! One of the problems was that I don’t like the inside message showing through the front of the card through the shaker window. I was attempting to eliminate that. I succeeded. Another was that I needed the card to be smaller in size than what I think you used. The next time, I will know exactly what to do and avoid the multiple attempts. At first, the shaker cards didn’t really appeal to me, and I didn’t have the money to get them with everything else you had that day. Since I ordered them, and with this card, and see how I can use them.. I think it was all because I don’t like to see the message through the window.

    I have read many of the suggestions about card kits. I am not a Halloween person, but I love autumn. I would love more fall and Thanksgiving without the Halloween side of it. I agree with sympathy and thinking of you. I would love an entire series of you in tandem with Mary Cicely Barker Flower Fairies. Oh my goodness would that be beautiful!

    One thing I would like to see is a AG label maker like a P Touch by Brother the Anna Griffin way. I would love different color tapes, different color text, and beautiful fonts! I have seen one in the stores that does this without the different fonts and have been tempted to purchase it, but I keep thinking that you will be creating an AG one and haven’t. Is that a possibility? I hope so. I know that has nothing to do with a card kt suggestion, but it is something I would like to see. Thanks!

  206. Robbie Garvin says:

    Here’s an idea for shaker cards:
    “Across the States”. Example: I’m from KY: outline of the state with mini horses for the shaker. Each state represented with what they are known for in the shaker. These cards can be very versatile.

  207. Robbie Garvin says:

    I am new to card making. I’d love to have a CD that’ includes step by step directions for Beginners to Advanced for shaker cards. I would like to see some Thinking of You and Get Well shaker cards. Love your products!

  208. Nan (Anita) Weber says:

    Hi, Anna – I’m most excited about the one-and-done Well Wishes kit. I love putting together cards in a flash! Your next card kit should be Fall themed – back to school, football, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Three or four cards for each. And of course, complete with sentiments and embellishments!

  209. deborahFromTN says:

    Was thrilled to see the pumpkin included in this last Shaker AS, but would still love to see a Fall & Halloween shaker kit, that could be such fun. Not just bats or spiders but haystacks, corn, sunflowers and other fall florals… and other Fall symbols.

    I love the slim gold sequined packs and if possible let us just buy those –not the ones with the pads on them. Less muss and fuss and weight/bulk to mail as well!
    Nice to see more coming out for the easel cards too, another of my faves to make.
    Love everything and waiting until May will be so hard to do!!! 😉 Getting something earlier is always a treat, never a trick.

  210. Tina Lesson says:

    Really loving all the new stuff. How about a card making kit that is all landscapes mountains, beaches, lakes etc I think that would be so great

  211. Cindy Brown says:

    I am an older crafter and I would like to see a card kit for Sympathy cards and one for Get Well cards. You do such a beautiful job on card kits!

  212. Carol says:

    These new shaker cards are so fun and playful. I love the idea of making my own confetti … that raises the bar on possibilities! I also love that you will be offering the well wishes shaker card kit. I have some of your shaker card kits already and love them so much. I’d love to see some shaker cards with flower frames or sweet animals like puppies and kitties or even silhouettes of vintage ladies or angels.

  213. Donna Farmer says:

    Wow! I love that you have card kits but then also the dies to make my own shaker cards. How do you keep coming up with all of these ideas?? You have a lot of great card sets but I don’t see many get well or “thinking of you”. Besides birthday cards I do make many thinking of you for whatever reason. Maybe it’s sickness, maybe it’s just that they are going through a rough time. With a husband who has Alzheimer’s I would love to get cards saying someone is thinking of me too.

  214. Sherry Harris says:

    These shaker cards are so cute and you make them so amazingly easy. I really do love the baby onesie. I would love to see one for graduations, maybe a graduation cap with diploma and graduation caps confetti.Thanks for asking for our suggestions. You are the best.!!!

  215. Beth Williams says:

    I love your confetti dies! Fingers crossed there will be a fall shaker set with even more Halloween-or maybe a whole Halloween shaker set! For that would be Anna heaven!

  216. Paula says:

    Would love the shaker card to make. I’m home bound now for most of the time and it gives me something to do and can keep in touch with family and friends.

  217. Pat Park says:

    I just love the Onesie Shaker card. I am going to be a grandmother in August, so I can definitely use the die set.

    Would love to see an ornate Fluer De Lis
    die cut set. I think they would be very useful for creating beautiful cards.

  218. Jan says:

    Just crazy about the shaker card and I am all in when it comes to any kind of dies.
    Everything is just so pretty!!!
    I think the next style you should do is for weddings!!

  219. Donna Pate says:

    Anna you are simply brilliant with your ideas and color coordination. Just when I think I have seen everything, Nope I haven’t. I think I would like to see some shaker card animals. Maybe Monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Bear. Thanks for all the time you put into your products they amazing.

  220. Pamela S. says:

    Love the tea cup shaker card and the cupcake! I think a Halloween shaker card set would be really fun.

  221. Julie Brady says:

    I love this set. The baby onesies are adorable and can’t wait to order them. Keep these sets coming!

  222. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, the die set 3 looks great. I would love cards for kids from toddlers to teens.

  223. Cindy Costa says:

    Love making shaker cards & buying new kits. I would love to see some more holiday shaker cards.❤️ Can’t wait for May to get here.

  224. Lori Hudson says:

    Too many comments to read all but I wonder if anyone else has thought of Iris cards with the shaker cut-outs. I recently was going through my Anna purchases from years past and found the Iris kit and thought what a perfect opening for the shaker dies.

  225. Cecilia Fisher says:

    I have your shaker cards. These will add to my collection. And Cathy Root ha all the ideas we can make with the shaker cards. As always I am looking forward to HSN in May. Thank you!

  226. Cathy Root says:

    Always enjoy all your ideas. I can see using the shaker cards for other things as well, such as photos or other information you may want to highlight.
    Celebration (invitations/Announcements theme):
    • Baby Shower / Announcements
    • Birthday
    • Cocktails
    • Dinner, Let’s lunch, Brunch
    • Girlfriends
    • Hats
    • Masquerade
    • Tea Time
    • Wedding & Shower

    Mother Nature
    • Bees
    • Birds
    • Dragonflies
    • Herbs
    • Rain
    • Trees, Leaves, branches, Fall Foliage

    • Fairies
    • Joy
    • Toys
    • Witches

    • At the beach
    • Cabin
    • Celebrations of Summer
    • Lighthouses
    • Mountains
    • Seascapes
    • Shells
    • Snowflakes
    • Travel

    Using Photos
    • Folded photo frame
    • Photo flaps

    It’s Vintage
    • Bead and Buttons
    • Little jewels
    • Pen and Ink
    • Pressed flowers
    • Ribbons & Lace
    • Sheet Music

  227. Lorna Woods says:

    I LOVE the tea cups and cupcakes! These are very versatile pieces that can be used for many occasions! I can’t wait to order them. I really appreciate the sets that you put together for “quick cards”! I love to create my own cards, but sometimes I just need a quick, put it together and get it in the envelope, card.

    You do so many beautiful patterns in your cards. However, I am an only girl in a family of men. Could you possibly put together a set that is more masculine for the men in our lives? I look forward to seeing the result!

  228. DARCY DANIELS says:

    Anna I love everything shaker…..

    Besides wishing for nice size sentiment banner dies.
    I would love to see what you can do with neutral
    silver & gold GRADUATION card kits

  229. Karen Scannell says:

    Hi Anna: the cards are adorable! I especially like the baby die cuts and tea cups. The pumpkin die is cute too. A maple leaf with tiny leaves or acorns for the fillers for the shaker cards would be nice for the sets even a Apple die for ashaker card too.

  230. Karen Scannell says:

    Hi Anna: the cards are adorable! I especially like the baby die cuts and tea cups. The pumpkin die is cute too. A maple leaf with tiny leaves or acorns for the fillers for the shaker cards would be nice for the sets even a Apple die for ashaker card too.

  231. Dee F says:

    Love that you are bringing back the shakers for those that missed them the first time.
    I would really love for you to bring us a masculine card kit or dies to make up our own cards.. I know you had a kit For Him but most of us have long used that up. I would love dies so we could make them over and over.

  232. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The shaker dies are great! I think a card kit for kids or one for animal lovers would be good.

  233. Deena Canup says:

    Whew how time flies!! So exciting to see the new products for the upcoming HSN show. I thought I was all “shakered” out, until you brought out the onsie…beyond precious and a must have. I would love to see a patriotic card kit that could cover Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, 9/11, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.

  234. Ann Robson says:

    Oh Anna…I’m loving the Shaker Die Set and the confetti die set…WOW- what beautiful cards I could make…you just keep making me want more! I love your card kits and have made many and still have a few kits in my stash because I have started make my cards more from scratch, with a little help from you, of course. What I would like to see in the future are more Embellishments that include sports and teen and boy things as many have mentioned already! Horses and horse related items, bicycles, all sports stuff like soccer, basketball, baseball, football and more of the young children and baby embellishments also! Thanks for all you design for us to make us look good!

  235. Pam says:

    Like the shakers and confetti dies for babies, etc. I seem to go through a lot of get well and sympathy cards. A kit for each of those would be wonderful. Would also like to see a kit of assorted life occasions that aren’t holiday/birthday related–graduation, anniversary, retirement, new home, new pet, new baby, thinking of you, thank you, wedding, congratulations, hello, etc.

  236. Patty Wood says:

    I would like to do better about sending cards now that I am retired to people who are needing cheering up and need to know people are thinking about them. Love the new die cuts for the shaker cards. The onesies are precious.

  237. Jerilynnn Olson says:

    I’m sure loving that tea cup die in the new shaker dies 3. I would love to see a cute birthday, tea party and cakes set. It could have birthday greetings, thinking of you, invitations to brunch greetings and probably a few other type greetings you could come up with (you are the expert in this category to make this very versatile.)

  238. Kate Molnar says:

    Hi Anna! I can’t wait to get the Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit. I love the previous shaker card kits I’ve received. My suggestion for a new kit would be a collection of Vintage Holiday Card Toppers for all holidays including Easter, July 4th, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. I’m sure a kit like this would be a huge success as everyone seems to love your vintage card toppers!

  239. Karen Fabian says:

    Today is my birthday and I was really blue. I had to work and the weather has my fibromyalgia all flared up however you blog bought a ray of sunshine into my day.
    I have many of your cards kits and other products but I have not delved into the world of shaker cards yet however this is the cutest one yet so maybe it’s time. I would love to win these items then I could make some now and continue to make then with the dies.
    I just want to thank you and HSN for having the Treasury Cards, Envelopes and Embellishments on sale. I managed to purchase it on Easter with free shipping and I can’t wait to get this. I am saving up for the embossing powers and inks.
    I recently got the Window Box kit and love it very much – it may even be my favorite. I made a basket filled with different flowers and in the front row I used a bunny in a basket of lilies I had from one of your older card kits for my BBF’s mother since she was kind enough to invite me to dinner since I am now longer blessed with the presence of my parents. Everyone raved about it. Once I figure out a way to get the picture I took of it from my phone to computer I will post it on your Facebook page.
    I would really love to see a more Whimsical Christmas Card kit filled with snowmen, snow families, joyful Santas, whimsical angels, kids sledding down a snowy hill or opening their gifts, etc.
    I Love you Anna!

  240. Lisa Frye says:

    Ask and you shall receive. I just posted on Facebook on one of your posts how nice it would be to have a pumpkin die for the shaker cards. I love it and the onesie. I would love to see a lot more dies for the shaker cards. I would love to see some kind of kit for making boxes with embellishments. Whatever you choose will be great. Can’t wait.

  241. Jonna B says:

    You’ve done it again, didn’t think I would like shaker cards and now I can’t wait until May 2. Lets see…. next kit could be Christmas since every year I intend to send homemade cards and don’t seem to find the time to create them.

  242. Judy DiGiacomo says:

    I just love the shaker card dies. I love to create my cards from the beginning, so these will be just perfect. I would like to see more basic card dies and some more printed sentiments for the inside.
    I also like the confetti dies and think they would they would be perfect mixed with sequins.
    Thanks Anna for all you create.

  243. Christie Anderson says:

    Anna, these are stunning. My love for tea and your style go hand in hand. Now, make linens for my tea service, please! I’m going to buy all of these as usual.

  244. Dorinda says:

    I love the new shaker dies!I love them all! I would like to see a shaker card kit for graduates, weddings, father’s day, and some for young children.

  245. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    I bought the first shaker kit and did not get autoship to my dismay. So I have been buying the individual shaker sets as they become available at HSN. I will definitely get this set also. The confetti dies are too cute. Love the convenience. You all (AG Team) think of everything.

  246. Barbara Graham says:

    I was thinking I need those dies and then you showed the card kit. Sometimes I am just a lazy girl and that kit be great. I would like to see a new Christmas card kit.Maybe half shakers and the other half regular cards. I have the one in the green box and love it, but there is only three cards left.

  247. Kristine says:

    Wow!! What a start for May 2. Everything is sure shaking!! Really like the new Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3. So much fun. I have the shaker kit but it is really nice. Do wish it was in a box not a folder though. Would love more of the holiday cards for July 4th, Memorial Day, and any of the not real popular holidays. Everything is so much fun. Thank you Anna and your team for all your hard work. Is it correct that I saw/heard that you are now making your own dies? Thank you again!!

  248. Debbie Owens says:

    Second Grandbaby on the way I need that onesie to make shower invitations! How cute will that be? Can’t wait for May 2nd

  249. Secily says:

    Oh Anna I love them so much all tug at my heart ❤️ with a memory I would love to win this set of shaker card and dies
    I would love to see a child’s set for my boys the love baseball baseball football hockey
    Then teens Prom dance gymnastics cheerleading
    My craft room is full of your kits and the quality is the very best thank you
    I think pet shaker cards would be great too

  250. Judith L Miller says:

    I am waiting for my auto-ship shaker kit so I can make some BABY cards. The ones I make seem so boring. I am sure sending out shaker baby cards will be so much more fun. As far as what is next in shaker cards, I think you gave it away in the beginning. Surely it has to be Halloween and also Thanksgiving card kits.

  251. cheryl tamburlin says:

    Love the shaker cards….and especially love the teapot….would come in handy for so many of my tea time friends. Thanks Anna….looking forward to the next show!

  252. Roxann Higgins says:

    I just finished watching your whole blog and my guess for the next card kit would be another one with cards for variety of young people.

  253. Kelly Licina says:

    I simply adore these new shaker dies!! The onesies and teacups are just too stinkin’ cute!!! I’d love to have the opportunity to add them to my craft stash!!!

  254. Joan Wolf says:

    Anna, like the Shaker kit, would love to add to my collection and something different to send to my regulars. Think they like getting something new each time. Then there are days that I take it all out and go wild using or being creative with left overs. Can’t stand to see something not being put to good use. Besides I get some of my best compliments from them. Would love to see more for men and especially for dog breeds and other pets, cats, horses, etc.I have never done a shaker card, looking forward to it.

  255. Karen says:

    I love the shaker cards, especially the onesie, and the confetti dies are just wonderful!

    What about a kit with recipe cards, and an album, too. Could be used to share recipes, or save them in your special way for future generations.

    Any chance the Camilla floral paper kit will be returning? I have so many storage boxes in that beautiful pattern I would love to embellish!

  256. Marcia Long says:

    Love anything Shaker cards! They are all so fun to make and give to loved ones. Can’t wait til May 2nd to see these on air!

  257. Tina H. says:


    I have just got back into card making and discovered I have been missing so much. Excited for May to see what you bring us. I think the confetti dies are such a great idea ~~~~

  258. Shirley Barton says:

    Hi Anna! I absolutely love these new shakers they are so darn cute!! I know my great granddaughter and I will have a ball making our cards. I have been buying your products for years as my bank statement and HSN HISTORY can verify I have truly out grown my home with paper crafts however everyone thinks they are so beautiful!!
    Now what I need is you to make a BRIDE AND GROOM DIE SET! .I know that nobody does it like you! I have to make wedding invitations for my grandsons up coming affair and I would like them to be elegant. Please do a wedding cared set, I promise I’ll be the first to purchase it.
    I love you
    Shirley Barton
    Dallas, Texas

  259. Catherine Hanson says:

    I’m really excited about the shaker card kit! And the next card kit should be for guys with Father’s Day, birthday, graduation, get well and thank you themes.

  260. Karen A. says:

    Anna – absolutely love the shaker dies and confetti.
    The onesie and tea cup are so cute.
    You have received so many ideas that my head is spinning. I’ve read .many of the comments and suggestions and found myself saying….oh that’s a great idea…a bunch of times.
    I’d love see pet ones for dogs and cats.
    Also graduation caps and diplomas.
    I have no idea how you will choose the next ones but you have tons of ideas to work with.
    All the best.

  261. deborah lanier says:

    For those of us with dexterity issues, the all inclusive kits are perfect. Love the new shaker birthday cards. Thank you for great ideas.

  262. Fran says:

    I love the Shaker Card kit. They are so much fun to make and everybody loves them. Can’t wait till May.

  263. Clare Macdonald says:

    I’ve already commented, but I had a thought later on about a kit I’d like to see: A medieval kit, I’m seeing tapestry designs, thinking of The Cloisters Museum kind of vibe. Also an Austenian kit, with music among its themes. Also, could we get a functional wax seal set? For envelopes, and for sealing packages?

  264. Mary McCarthy says:

    I love the onesie. I can see it being used for a shower invitation, a shower thank you card or even an baby announcement. Sooooo cute.

  265. Jean Covich says:

    Love the Shaker Card Sets and the Confetti Dies what fun. Thank you, I need these to add to my collection. You need to come up with cards to make for children. I make a lot of cards for grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I always come up with things, but always looking for more. Another thing that would be fun would be to have die cuts for dresses like the original Barbie Dolls and you could layer them to make different outfits and sentiments to go with them.

    Thank you for your inspiration, hope I gave you something to think about.

  266. Robin says:

    The shaker cards are awesome, especially the baby designs. For you next card set, I would love to see a co-worker appreciation set. Word stamps/dies, such as great job, you are the best, your help was greatly appreciated etc. We all spend so much time at work, that it is really nice to take a minute to let someone know that you are glad they are part of your work team.

  267. Cheryl Riker says:

    Loving the new shaker dies. I especially like the baby one. I think the cupcake will get the most use

  268. Betty Andrews says:

    Love love love shaker cards. Any and all Anna Griffin card kits are wonderful. Would love to add these great products to my craft supplies.

  269. Linda Royalty says:

    I just love shaker cards! Can’t wait to get my hands on the beautiful shaker kit. I have made a number of shaker cards and love them. I get lots of woes from people who receive them. The dies are wonderful too when I have a little extra time to spend on card making. Thank you Anna.

  270. Dyan bahu says:

    I have not made a shaker card yet, so I might be getting the all inclusive kit. As far as the next kit theme, I’d love to see something on the whimsical antique circus theme. Something I can use for my children’s bday party cards.

  271. Donna w says:

    This is so cool, I’m not sure if you will see my comment because it’s so far down on the list lol, but I love the ability to see the end results…this set is so fabulous, who wouldn’t want it. I really need that creative push because I have been in a slump for a while and the juices are there, they just need the sweetener to pull it together. Thank you for sharing this, can’t wait to see how creative people get with this kit, hopefully I can win one.

  272. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, thanks for these really fun ways to make cards. I do like the Well Wishes kit. So time-saving with your terrific designs!!

    Best wishes, Amy

  273. Elaine M says:

    WOW! Things are sure shaking up, at Anna Griffin, Inc.! I love all of the products you have previewed today! I still have trouble making cards for men, so I have an idea(s) for a card kit. How about a card kit that contains some of the following, all branches of the Military. You could include submarines, aircraft carriers, all kinds of surface ships, airplanes, helicopters, wart hogs etc. also Coast Guard ice breakers, rescue equipment, Army tents, boots, rifles, night vision glasses, uniforms, flags etc. The possibilities are endless.
    Another card kit could contain Fire/Rescue and Police depts. State, County, Local and Game Wardens. Also badges, motorcycle police, helmets, boots, K-9, fire engines, ladder trucks, hoses, pumpers, ambulances, squad trucks, uniforms, flags, fire stations, poles to slide down, these possibilities are endless also.
    Another kit could be Race Cars, checkered flags, gas cans, tires, air hose, wrenches, air guns, helmets, gloves, winners circle, race tracks, motor homes, uniforms, ambulances, pace car, these possibilities are endless too.
    There are men and women in the Military, Fire/Police depts. and Racing. This would be a great area to explore.

  274. Michelle says:

    If I had to pick a favorite, well wishes is it! There are some people in my life right now that needs this card. I can’t wait for May.

    Future projects! Several people have touched on this one, but I think it is important to say again. We need a kit for our Military, and first responders. There are so many of our armed forces serving across the world, and they need to hear from us at home! I believe you can put together a kit unlike anyone else!

  275. Brenda says:

    I love the shaker card dies. I have all your other ones, so I have to have these. Can’t wait for May!!

  276. Melinda Shastid says:

    Love Craft Days,on HSN!! So very excited about all the Shaker Card Ideas!! Look forward to seeing all the new and “old” items coming in just a few weeks.

  277. Angie says:

    Hello Anna. I would love to try some shaker cards this time. I have already finished all my Decoupage Card Kit and anxious to try another kit. I found out that I am more relaxed if things are already pre done for me and I could just sit in front of the TV and create. Can’t wait to see more previous !

  278. Denise L. says:

    I LOVE shaker cards and so do my grandchildren. The Halloween shaker card is WICKEDLY cute!! I hope you are bringing more cardstock for we girls that scrapbook, too. Can’t wait to see what you bring on 5/2. I will keep writing comments hoping I WIN someday. Of all the silly, “cutesy” stamps and papers out there, I am so glad you stay classy and elegant, Anna. .

  279. Jewel Allen says:

    Hi Anna – I think that teacup shaker card is darling! I also love the pumpkin! I love the all inclusive card kits and think you should make an all inclusive 4th of July and Patriotic kit as well as a Thanksgiving and Fall kit

  280. Cynthia Blank says:

    Thank you so much for the new shaker card dies and confetti dies. I am looking forward to using the baby onsie dies to make fun cards.
    I hope I win the goodies.

  281. Daphne Burt says:

    Love the shaker cards. Love to make and give my co workers holiday and birthday cards.

  282. Charlotte Buckingham says:

    Anna, love the Well Wishes Dies and the new confetti Dies! I like to make my cards from scratch, so those products would DEFINITELY be very much appreciated!

    And I just have a comment about Create..
    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Inagural Create in 2015, or Create I, as it has become to be known as. But it is hard for many of us who would love to attend any of the Create Events as the payment is required so far in advance..
    To help those of us who need that extra time, one possible solution would be to “hold back” a certain number of tickets to go on sale at a later date in the calendar year! And then (not all of us have access to a credit card with that high of a limit, or have other emergencies that have taken priority this time of the year! But given some extra time we can come up with the required funds!) later in the Summer put those tickets up for others to purchase!
    Because even if we have been “saving” since last year, emergencies happen!
    But given a little more time, we could/would be able to attend!
    Thanks for listening!

  283. Randellyn Bossom says:

    Can’t wait until May. I missed your last two shows and goodies and hope that some of those items make a return visit. I love the shaker cards and the confetti dies are too fun! I would love to see a Patriotic Card Making Kit that incorporates summer holidays in the color schemes of red, white and blue with a splash of yellow/lime. Also, another nautical, Halloween and fall card kit and stamps would be awesome too! Thanks for all you do, you make the world a beautiful place!

  284. Rinda K. says:

    Lovin’ the well wishes shaker dies 3! There are some really cute products included. I’d love to see a tea party card kit next…that would be lovely!

  285. Judy says:

    Love the onesies- I’m a new grandma! Looking forward to the Halloween dies and all the shaker products!

  286. Donna says:

    This is the best shaker set I have seen!! I especially love the little matching shaker pieces. I know there are many breeds of dogs but a general type of cute dog die with many different types of dog breed shaker pieces would be adorable. Looks like another fun show to watch!

  287. Theresa Reist says:

    We just had our 5th grandchild on the 20th, so this kit would be great to have! I have some of your kits, but have never dived into the shaker world, but am anxious to! Thanks again, for such beautiful designs.

  288. Sarah Chambers says:

    I never thought I would want to make shaker cards until I saw these! Very cute! I would like to see a kit for cards for teens and kids. I never know what to make for teenager boys.

  289. Penny Lane says:

    I am so looking forward to the new Confetti dies. They are so much better that just using sequins in shaker cards.

  290. Eva Dudley says:

    Think I might enjoy trying to make shaker cards, the teacups and cupcakes are inspiring. In the future would love some masculine themed dies and card kits

  291. Patricia Elkins says:

    Amazing Anna, I Have to have these dies… I love them even more than the last set you sold. Can”t wait till may. I need them now. You always make so many great card kits and to be honest I have a bunch so what could be next? Im stumped because you always out do yourself and we have so many great ones already. See you next Monday and thanks for all of your enthusiasm and have a great week.

  292. Debra says:

    I’ve never done a shaker card yet, I’m looking forward to it. How about a card kit that would be for us to do with little ones? My grandchildren are 2 years and infant, but I’m looking forward to a time when we can do this crazy stuff together.

  293. Sbarr says:

    Would sure love to have the Shaker Card Kit. I haven’t made shaker cards, so this would be a great introduction to them for me. Thanks to you and your staff for creating such beauty.

  294. Babs Kerr says:

    I love the shaker card kits! You always include plenty of embellishments and they are so easy to make.
    Future card kits – I would like to animals- such as pandas, dog, cat, fish.

  295. Janet Oliver says:

    Oh Anna…you keep giving us so many wonderful items to make our lives easier in the making of such beautiful creations that we share with our family and friends. I hope that a future card kit would be for the younger kids mainly 10-18 year old both girls and boys. The new Shaker card Kit has me thinking of all the possibilities…the sky’s the limit.
    Thank You for being so generous with the daily give away’s. Even though I didn’t win, I truly was happy for all the winners!!!

  296. sandra wunsch says:

    Love the new shaker dies.. So many possibilities.
    April is going to be a LOOOOONG month without craft shows.

  297. Roxann Higgins says:

    I will say one can never have too many dies for the craft room. I really like the confetti dies and of course my favorite would be the shaker card kit. I just find you can do so much with those. Thank you so much. Hope I get a chance to get to create this year!!

  298. colleen says:

    Shaker cards are one of my favorite types of cards. I can’t wait to try the teacup and onesie. Having the dies for the confetti will be such a big help, and time saver. I have just discovered twist and pop cards. If there were a die cut for those that would make me a very happy crafter. I, too, would like to see some 50s/60s embellishments. (Cars, radios, tvs, sayings,…) I love the care and thought you put in to your products. I am never disappointed. Thank you.

  299. Bobbi P says:

    I love the new shaker card dies…you can make your own cards with all the paper and embellishments that you already have. I would like to have a card kit that would make cards that you open down (don’t know what they’re called but you have shown several on fan Friday). They are like a pop up card but not? Thank you for the opportunity to give suggestions.

  300. Sara Murphy says:

    Love shaker cards and would be thrilled to win these! I am really hoping you make more kid birthday cards. I have a ton of women, men and baby cards but need some for my teenage boys friends!!

  301. lynn brown says:

    Those are adorable shaker cards! Can’t wait for May 2 cause the shakers are my next project! You just keep amazing me with the items you come out with!

  302. Carrie says:

    Here’s an idea for a future card kit: how about a general purpose card kit featuring tropical elements. I’d love to see palm trees, hibiscus flowers in different colors, bird of paradise, flamingos, white egrets, and the like.

  303. Jean Dupree says:

    Wow! I love the Halloween design. I would love to see fall shaker kits with colored leaves in the shaker card, or Halloween shaker cards with cute ghost, witch and black cats for the shaker elements. Then we could transition into Thanksgiving with pilgrim hats, turkeys and we could use some more of those fall leaves there. Then to the great Christmas shaker cards with trees, glittery ornaments, sleighs and reindeer in the shakers.

    I also have a question Anna, do you make an envelop that I can put my cards in that will not squash them?

    Love everything you make. I have made Christmas cards from your kits every year for the people I work with and they love them. Thank you, thank you.

  304. Kim k says:

    I love the accesory dies that go with the shakers.
    NEW PRODUCT IDEAS: shimmer paste in the Anna Griffin color palette and layered stencils to make great background papers using the paste. Rectangle dies to mat and layer 5×7 cards. Thanks for the great products. My appreciation goes to the entire team of people that work behind the scene.

  305. Robin Boltz says:

    I really like this shaker card kit, it is very versatile. A real winner. I would like to see a card kit for our men and women who are serving oversees. I’m sure that they would enjoy receiving one of your beautiful cards that were made from a kit just for our service men and women..

  306. Cynthia B says:

    Hi Anna, very excited about May! I would love to see a card making kit for the summer! Like beach scenes, or cruises, or vacation type cards. Thanks!

  307. Anne Dupre says:

    The baby onesie are so cute.I love Birthday cards and I have lots of men in my family.

  308. Pattye crane says:

    Your way of doing the shaker cards makes it so easy. I love all of the new embossing folders that go with the new shaker cards. Thanks!

  309. Cheryl Locke says:

    I just love the onesie and since I work in an OB office someone is always pregnant at work and always have a baby shower to go to….like this weekend! You asked what the next card kit should be and that is hard to decide. The typical cards I send out are birthday, thank you and Christmas. I do like the general themed with the extra sentiments that can be changed as needed. Thank you for your creativity and inspiration and most of all your generosity,

  310. Patricia Ericson says:

    I’m excited about all the new products. I’m hoping to start making the decoupage card kit and doing some paper weaving. I love the cupcake card. I would like a card kit of the United States with each state having their flower, birds, tree and what makes each state so special. thank you so much for all you do for us.

  311. Chris says:

    Very nice!
    I would love to see 50’s/60’s and Tropical Retro card making sets.
    Looking forward to the next craft day!

  312. MAUREEN ODELL says:

    I love the all inclusive card kit! The cupcake is my favorite.
    I too would love to see a cartridge for envelopes.
    Thank you for the great inspiration.

  313. Donna Kessler says:

    Can’t wait for Mays show. I’ve been looking at your shaker cards for awhile now. I believe I will start off with the kit that has every thing already done. Thank you for all your beautiful cards and lots of ideas for me to follow. I don’t miss any episodes your on. See you in May

  314. Linda Bray says:

    This looks like a very versatile shaker card set they I will absolutely order. My idea for the next card kit would be for children’s cards. I always want to make Birthday cards for the grandkids (ages 1 through 16). I’m one of many who love to have everything in one kit to put it all together. Another idea is for kits to craft with the kids. It’s so fun to see them want to start crafting at an early age. Whenever I visit my 3 year grandson he asks if I brought my crafts for us to do.

  315. Gisela says:

    Oh Anna, now you did it !
    You made me a cup of tea.!

    These new Shaker Dies for cards, etc. are the best, What a thrill it will be to create with each one.

    Thank you for bringing these designs to all of us.

  316. Nancy Hulsey says:

    I haven’t taken the plunge for shaker cards yet, but this set of dies seems to be calling my name! The onesies and teacup are just darling! Anna, Anna, Anna you just amaze me. Thanks so much.

  317. Sandy Hanson says:

    Anna, I know all your followers love everyone of your products as do I. I love all your Previews but my favorite is the kit because it makes it easier for your followers that are handicapped to make beautiful cards. Thank you.

  318. Julie N. says:

    I love the everyday shaker cards, and can hardly wait to order the set. Keep the Shaker cards kits with dies coming.

  319. Kathleen Mills says:

    I am SO EXCITED for these new shaker card dies! I ordered the confetti dies on autoship, so those are in the way, but I’m so excited for the new dies, especially the teacup and the onesie! Darling! I love the idea of a “marriage” theme kit. It could include engagement, bridal shower, wedding and anniversary all in one!
    Already signed up for my second create! So excited!

  320. Bonnie M. Ketterman says:

    Hi Anna, hope you are doing well!
    Oh my gosh I love the new dies for shaker cards! I especially love the tea cup, the onesie is precious, the cupcake can be used for quite a few occasions the same with the pumpkin. I sure am anxious to get the whole set. I’m getting excited for May 2nd!!!!
    I always love all of your card kits!! I can only think of something for younger children or teenagers and something to do with pets!
    Your last card kit blooming decoupage I thought was beautiful when I first saw it on your blog but when I opened that box I said oh my gosh this is definitely beautiful in the making!!
    Take care see you soon!

  321. Linda Valoy says:

    OH how cute the baby onesie is. Favorite is the shaker ready to go card kit. I am ready to have a kit for the vintage pully cards. I have a reproduction of one of the pully cards that you showed on the video today at Create. I looked at my card and made a Valentine card for you but I did not send it to you because I was afraid I might have broken a Copyright law. It was made with AG papers & embellishments . I only copied the mechanic parts, (the steps and pully). Did I break the Copyright law?

  322. Roxy says:

    large sentiment stamps would be a great addition to my stash
    Your papers are so pretty and thanks for sharing

  323. Julie says:

    I love the new babie shaker cards just in time for the new grandbabies. How about some vintage looking valentine cards.

  324. Nanci Harvey says:

    I love those confetti dies! What a great idea and you could use them for so much more than just shaker cards. I’d use the onesies on the table for a baby shower!!

    I love cards that have movement so I’d love a new kit with some kind of motion. Maybe a set of spinner cards, or some kind of rotary dial.

  325. Donna Mihal says:

    All of the items are great but I especially like the dies, I would be able to use them on my scrapbook layouts. I would like to see an assortment of everyday cards for the next kit.

  326. carolyn Bucklin says:

    I would love to have these dies to go with my collection of shaker dies and confetti for them. I especially like those for baby and birthday.

  327. Theresa says:

    Love your idea’s. You make it look so easy, never did shaker cards before. Thank you for all your products.

  328. Anita Hiltz says:

    Wow! I loved these three products you showed us! I liked the kit that had all the pieces included. It’s a great beginner kit for someone new to making shaker cards.

  329. Sandra Lee says:

    Anna- I love the confetti dies. I can think of several
    ways to use them besides shaker cards. They look like fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Halloween and Christmas.

  330. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I love the Well Wishes Die Set #3. Love the pumpkin since my birthday is October 30th. I also love the dies to make the confetti to go into the shaker cards. Can’t wait for the next craft day.

  331. Lynn Hucknall says:

    I have been having so much fun making the shaker cards! I love the new teacup and cupcake die set. I would love to see a card set that included a reference to random acts of kindness. Something to brighten up the day of people that you don’t personally know.

  332. Annette Johnson says:

    I love the shaker cards but have not made one yet. I hope to get inspired with the samples. They are BEAUTIFUL

  333. Laura Harris says:

    My favorite item is the Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit. I would love more card kits for children’s cards.

  334. Bonita Neeley says:

    Anna, These shaker cards brought a smile to my face, and joy to my heart. The added embellishments add that extra touch. I love embellishments. So many that I some time horde them. So please more that we can make. Thank you

  335. Cherye Wilmore says:

    I haven’t been much of a shaker card fan, but these are really cute. l love that you have thought to include Halloween in this set, and the onesie is adoreable. I’m excited about trying out this new shaker card set!

  336. Sandy Hanson says:

    I love all of them but my favorite is the card kit. It is a lot easier for me when you have the kits ready to put together and they turn out such beautiful cards. All my friends love seeing all the new creations I have from your kits. Thank you Anna for always giving us something new to work with.

  337. Beverley Clark says:

    Oh, Anna, as always your talent is amazing! I love the shaker kits, especially the onesies! I love the dies for making our own confetti, too. They are all beautiful.

    If I could have a special card kit, it would be comprised of cards having everything to do with quilting, crocheting or painting…artist brushes, paints, yarn, crochet or knitting needles, sewing machine (antique of course), thread, scissors…..the list could go on for a long time….my dream kit! Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us.

  338. Candy Westphal says:

    Totally love these well wishers dies! A must have for my collection! Would also love to see a set of dies for numbers and alphabet letters. Also wondering if the basic family members dies like Mom, dad, sister etc will be returning soon?

  339. Deborah Bode says:

    I love the Well Wishes Die Set #3! Can’t wait. The onesie will make cute baby cards but also shower invitations! And being the biggest holiday person ever, I am so happy to see the Halloween die. As for the next kit, how about one for kids. One that highlights things that are important to kids like first day of school, sports tryouts, etc. Or how about kites that would have large Dresden like focal points for cards (I am the holiday girl, lol). Things like large rabbits, pumpkins, fall leaves, stars, etc. Big enough to make a statement but with some room for embellishing.

  340. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Hi Anna! I love your Monday morning Shaking going on! You make me smile! I’d love some teacups, cupcakes, & little teeny ones to go please! Your next card kit should be full kit, at least 40 cards, layers, lots of embellishments, rosettes & Flags, like the Madison paper kit, but put much more embellishments. It can be for 4th of July, Summer – but with more embellishments so we can give to our military or veterans. Absolutely keep the other fun embellishments so it’s versatile. I have purchased whatever embellishments I could ever find elsewhere & used the Flags up. We need Flags & banners. And so many of your fans here send cards to the troops. Yes please! I’ll be all over that. I don’t ask for much, but we need the Red, White & Blue. GOD Bless the USA.

  341. Peach Lee says:

    What fun offerings to create with! My fave is the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3
    Thanks so much, Anna!

  342. Colleen Hasselo says:

    I love the inclusive card kit! And would love a set that includes envelope liners.

  343. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Hi Anna! Hope you had a happy Easter! I am a tea pot/cup collector, and the proud owner of some of my Grandmother’s prized tea cups from her collection, so the Tea Cup Shaker cards attract me like Bears to Honey! Your expression products are so unique and beautiful, I know whatever your next kit will be gorgeous and inspiring! How about a Patriotic Kit for the Fourth of July!

  344. Jean Colley says:

    Love the shaker cards and the dies! I have used mine over and over again and I get more compliments about them.
    I would like to see graduation card kit.

  345. Stephanie Champeau says:

    I love the shacker cards. It give a new look to cards. It would be cool if you did shacker cards for kids.

  346. Val P says:

    I really love your shaker dies. I made all mine for Eater and they were darling! I would buy any shaker dies having to do with the beach. Palm trees, sea shells, etc.

  347. Vicki Dasco says:

    Love the shaker cards ! Can’t wait to try one !
    I would love to see you come out with a pen for the Cricut the you can write and then foil with your minc Machine . I haven’t figured out the hack everyone uses to write with other pens in their Cricut. I would just die if anything happened to my Cricut !! So, no hacks for me !

  348. Eve Yeung says:

    These shaker dies are so adorable, I must add them to my shaker dies 1 and 2! Love the teacup and cupcake shapes. And the pumpkin shape for Halloween!

    I think we need a card kit with all sorts of vintage characters, that cover all occasions — with coordinating flowers and ephemera for each occasion. Maybe next year’s series? Vintage images of men, women, and children, for the various seasons? With lace diecuts? Ah, to dream!

  349. Florence Bonney says:

    Love following your directions to design and put together shaker cards-especially the baby ones….

  350. Linda st cyre says:

    I love the shaker dies the best. Then I love the confetti dies how cute the will be matching the shaker dies. Of course I love the card kit. I would like to have a explosive card kit and matching dies. Thanks for all the dies and card kits. Hope you think about explosive card kit and dies.

  351. Linda st cyre says:

    I love the shaker dies the best. Then I love the confetti dies how cute the will be matching the shaker dies. Of course I love the card kit. I would like to have a explosive card kit and matching dies. Thanks for all the dies and card kits

  352. Sonya says:

    I really like everything but I guess I would say the dies because they are reusable. As far as a new card kit, I have a few thoughts, easel cards, get well/sympathy, Halloween /Thanksgiving , children’s cards with trucks, trains and planes for the boys, this is for Valentine’s Day but I would like a Cupid die, one with and one w/o a bow and arrow. Just so very many ideas. Also I would love a collection of your all scrapbooking papers, I saw some in the paper weaving but I want the papers you had in the old scrapbooking kit with the purple or green scrapbook, only w/o the scrapbook. I love to make cards but I need the beautiful papers for my scrapbooks. So many beautiful things in your collections. They always make me smile and they make others smile as well.

  353. Cheri Lawson says:

    I love all the shaker cards but the tea cup is my favorite with the little tea cup shakers. I also love the tea bag tag to coordinate the whole set. For something new I would say a line for kids since I have 9 grandkids and am always making things for them a kids line would be helpful.

  354. Amy Borgen says:

    I love it all, but if I had to pick I like the shaker dies and confetti dies best….hard to choose. A kit for Sympathy, Get Well, and Thinking of You would be nice. It would be nice to have the insides included, or a stamp for the saying inside….that’s the hardest part for me. Maybe even a kit that just had the insides…I’m sure you could come up with a clever name….like “It’s What’s Inside that Counts” kit.

  355. paula hyman says:

    I can’t decide which shaker I like better. And the confetti to go inside is so cute, especially the onesie! I’m glad shaker cards have come back in style. Of course, yours always rate on top!

  356. Barb Sabatini says:

    I can’t choose…they’re all too cute. I think if I have to choose….the teacup!

  357. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna, after looking thru the comments of the other griffin lovers, I was reminded of a few things I have always wanted, but never requested. I hope you will bear with my little list of Anna creations I would love to see in the future. My biggest request is embelishments to go with my vintage French Card kit; a Cricuit cartridge for envelopes…always seem to run out….and would love a gusseted design envelope for decoupage cards. Also seasonal vintage card toppers. Could be a mix of seasons, or fall,Halloween, and thanksgiving. The other vintage card topper kits I think would be great would be…weddin,& showers; children from baby’s to baseball players, ballerina,s. Kids at all ages. The last idea is a topper kit with various occupations. Everything from nursrses to firemen…never seem to find special cards for special people,and vintage Americana, and patriotic….

    Anna I apologize for some many ideas blurbing out…many of the ideas I share with a lot of other Anna Griffin fans. I have been one since the first day I saw your Scrapbooking Diecuts in the mid 1990,s. I felt I found I found a kindred soul…..back then I was collecting antique postcards, and diecuts…..my passion that you have brought to life…p.s.still looking for my Anna Griffin friends in MONROE, WA…….

  358. Kimberly Terry says:

    Oh my gosh! I am speechless! May 2nd happens to be my 55th birthday! However I will work in each show and be sure that I’m watching! I can’t get over the cuteness of the cupcake, the pumpkin, the onesie shirt I have owned your very first Shaker card kit that came out for Christmas and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to play with this one too. Maybe it’ll make a great birthday gift.

  359. Sharon Voge says:

    Love the new shaker dies. One can be so creative with them. The onesie for births and, baby in addition to baptisms. The cupcake could even be used for weddings since many are not having the traditional cake and substituting cupcakes. The cup warms the soul on a cold day, invites friendship, and can be used for get well cards.

  360. Shelley Gottlieb says:

    As usual you bring us another awesome product which allows us to make beautiful creations. I haven’t attempted shaker cards as yet but with these products it looks like I could do it. Thank you.

  361. Diane R says:

    I love the Well Wishes shaker card kit. So many ideas for card kits such as for Thanksgiving, lawn mower, garden tools and trucks embellishments for guys and since I am the “Sunshine Lady” for our HOA, cards for new homeowners to Welcome them to the community would be helpful.

    However, I seem to always run out of embellishment tags for Happy Birthday. Easter Blessings, Easter Wishes Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween or similar etc for front of the cards, that are single layer and not 3D. I would like for you to come out with a “TAG” cartridge for the Cricut that we can print and cut our own tags. Maybe have square, oval, rectangle and the curved ones on the cartridge. Love the curved ones. By coming out with a cartridge we can make our own sizes for cards. Also would love to see a bit smaller embellishments for cards such as the flowers.

    My friends who I make cards for want less bumpy cards to mail. It gets expensive to mail layered cards. You can still have a beautiful cards without layering.

    One more thing, any chance you can have square cards and envelops?

    BTW – I think I figured out the pattern folds (at least I hope so) for the kaboom card but still trying to make it smaller than a 6″ x 6″ square card.

  362. Brenda O says:

    I just love all of these. I have made these for my granddaughters and they loved them. My oldest granddaughter, who is 12, has requested any Anna Griffin card kit as a birthday present so that she may make and give them to others also, instead of waiting until they come to my house to make them.

  363. L. Lynn Lane says:

    For May 2nd I’m most excited about the new dies – especially for making baby cards! New members expected in the family and the die will make such a cute card! For your next kit, I think we need shaker cards for Christmas – in the shapes of deer, pine trees, snowflakes, and maybe a jolly Santa!

    Many thanks Anna!

  364. Charita G says:

    I love the tea cup shaker cards! They would make a fun tea party favor. My favorite of the products is the Shaker Card Box kit…everything ready to put together.

  365. Sandy Schauffele says:

    I love the shaker cards I Have not tried any of those kits yet for your next kit itwould be wonderful to have A kit for all Occasions not holiday

  366. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Oh I love the teacup die.. I might need to breakdown and buy these dies. Love them!!. Can’t wait till May 2nd!!.

  367. Darlene Sheaffer says:

    I love anything SHAKER!!! I thoroughly enjoy making them using your kits! You have done all of the work for us! Thank you for that! You save us all soooo much time! What creativity! I would love to see something for teenagers and maybe something sports themed, like field hockey, track, swimming. I have a granddaughter who plays field hockey and it is quite difficult to find anything field hockey related! Please keep up the fantastic work and keep those products coming to us! Again, I want to thank you for all that you do to enrich our lives!!

  368. Jill Hardin says:

    Anna, I really love the baby shaker cards. The teacups would also be used often as we have several tea parties a year plus I love the idea of a get well soon tea bag. Your next card kit should be a way for us to add our 4×6 or 3×5 pictures to them with frames and embellishments. I love sending photo cards to family far away. Also, more horses and hats, we live in horse country. Thanks for your beautiful creative designs.

  369. Pat Walecki says:

    Love the new shaker card designs and confetti dies. You make it so convenient and simple for us make and embellish cards to give. I think your next card making kit should be thinking of you and sympathy.

  370. Rosario Edinger says:

    What a variety! Love all of the dies for the shakers, and then the confetti dies that coordinate. Would love to see a card set for kids birthdays, and weddings.

  371. Darlene Sheaffer says:

    I love anything SHAKER! I thoroughly enjoy making them with your kits. You have done all of the work for us! Thanks for that! What creativity! I would love to see some sports themed cards; like field hockey, track, swimming, etc., and something for teenagers!

  372. Teresa Jones says:

    I love the die kit 3 with onesie and pumpkin. I don’t have a shaker kit so would love one! Thank you

  373. Peachy W says:

    Excited for the new Well Wishes Shaker Dies – #3. A great add on for the new shaker kit! Really cute little icons – so much fun to complete the Shaker cards. Excited for the HSN shows in May – can’t wait!

  374. SHELLEE ROBISON says:

    I am most excited about the shaker card dies. I made several Easter shaker cards this year, and am excited to add the baby set to the mix.

  375. Liz R says:

    Love everything but especially the pre-made kits with everything in them.. Definitely want the shaker kit. You should have a sympathy kit. Unfortunately, I seem to run out of these cards the fastest.

  376. Linda Quinn says:

    I love the shaker dies especially the onesies for baby cards. I would love to win these.

  377. Lillian L says:

    So cute, love the baby theme shaker cards made with this kit. I really think you should do a special occasions card kit..a kit that would make bridal shower, wedding cards, engagement, baby shower, welcome new baby and anniversary cards… I really need cards in that theme and I think a lot of people would love it to….all done in beautiful, elegant and vintage Anna Griffin style..

  378. Susan Miller says:

    I have no idea how you decide who wins. .I have been purchasing your products since you started.It I particularly love to make shaker cards.I prefer different kits for different reasons. I have the ones I can make a card in minutes and kits where I can use more of my creativity. I almost feel guilty when all the work is done by Anna. I would love to win the Shaker card dies.That would make my month. My birthday is coming up and it would make a great birthday gift. Please for once pick me!!!

  379. Leslie Ramsey says:

    WOW really LOVE the confetti dies.. The balloons are my favorite. Hopefully we’ll be in our new home by then. Happy Crafting!!!!!

  380. Marie Powers says:

    Cupcakes, onesies and tea cups! These dies are super. I especially love the tea cups. A small group of my high school friends, class of 1966, get together every other month for tea and they would be delighted to get these cards for special occasions. I would also like to see some cards and supplies for the boys. How about trains, planes, and automobiles? See you on the 2nd of May!

  381. Karen B says:

    I love shaker cards and these are just adorable. I enjoy the interactive cards like these or the flip cards. I think a waterfall card would be fun and I imagine you could do a stunning Z-fold card.

  382. Sharon C. says:

    As always, Anna Griffin = Elegant Goods!
    Now how about equal time for those of us with only fur babies? A die page full of paws, dogs, and kitties would really be useful for the pet parents, and charities, that I make gifts for. The previous AND the rolling tote with Grace pattern with a white background?

  383. Jackie Bouche says:

    Anna, I love shaker cards kits! Fun to put together.
    Maybe a sports themed shaker card kit is next?

  384. Judy Siemsen says:

    I love everything you have and have a number of your kits but just ordered your mini cutting machine so am anxious to see n get your new cutting plates and designs for sure. I’m sure I will add a lot more as I see everything. Thank you!

  385. Donna Sharpe-Bradeen says:

    I just love the well wishes shaker dies 3, just can’t get enough of the shaker cards and dies. Thank you for a wonderful selection.

  386. Leena Björk says:

    I love the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3 and coordinating confetti! I can’t wait for those. 🙂

  387. Nancy L Itson says:

    I love the Well Wishes Shaker Dies. I love that this set can be used year round and has so many choices to create such cute shaker cards. I also love the extra dies that cut shapes to go with the shaker cards.
    What would I like to see as the next card making kit? I personally love bees and sunflowers. Maybe a set with dies and stamps that would create summer to fall cards with this idea. I also love sewing and crafting. So a card that would incorporate that theme would be great! So many of us are crafters that follow you, so having a crafting card kit with cards we could send to our friends would be so fun! This kit might also be used to help us label and organize our craft rooms.

  388. Connie Eneix says:

    Wow these dies are great! Would love to win them. Would like the new kit to be with the making the easel cards. Including both for girls and guys. Thanks Anna

  389. Linda Harris says:

    Hey Anna:

    I Love Love Love the shaker cards. They are just too cute. I would love to see more or a variety of sentiment stamps and dies for sympathy, funerals, etc. They need to be in various shapes and sizes, I have a few but sometimes they are too big. Some along the lines of smaller tags, rainbow shapes, etc.

  390. Lynne B says:

    I hope this is my time to win. I’m not giving up!!! I would like some beach themed cards, with tropical flowers and some items suitable for men.. I live in Florida and send a lot of cards to family in Ohio.

  391. Dottie Kline says:

    *** I can not believe what beautiful kit you have coming out.I had to watch it over again.I would be so happy to win this you make me feel so good about these kits.I don’t sign my name but I do tell everybody about you an they love them.Your next kits I think should be flowers and hats.Thank You for giving us so much joy .

  392. June Hart says:

    Thank you for making extraordinary beautiful cards so easy for us to make.
    You do such good work!!

  393. Ms. Joanie says:

    Hi Anna! The Shaker Card Dies Kit is awesome! I agree with other Griffinites, a Cricut Cartridge of your Shaker Cards would be absolutely AMAZING! I also love the idea of a kids card kit! Either of those would greatly appreciate by all! Thanks once again!

  394. Barb Riordan says:

    The shaker cards are so much fun to make and receive. I think maybe the next card kit needs to take in some sports as so many people play sports and it would be fun to send them. Thanks!!

  395. Brenda L says:

    I am excited about the Well Wishes Shaker Dies 3. As far as your next card kit … sympathy, but less florals. I love the florals, but sometimes when the card is going to a surviving husband, I don’t want the card to be too frilly.

  396. Bonnie L Curry says:

    Such cute cards!

    I would suggest polka dot papers with polka dot embossing folders. Yes, they are plain, but they go with every card and paper. Tres traditionale!

  397. Roselyn Riley says:

    I wonder if the shaker dies can be as regular shapes and not to make shaker cards. I would love to have this set to use in my scrapbook layouts.

  398. Anna Griffin says:

    June Palasek – Yes all of the auto ship items in the Treasury series come in a sleeve on a magnetic backer.

  399. Anna Griffin says:

    Patricia Podsiad – hopefully you signed up for autoship on our Blooming Decoupage Card Making Kit. The 1st one in June is called Watercolor Floral and all of the cards are lace! It will be on later this year as a stand alone item!

  400. Felicia Artis says:

    Hi Anna,

    I would love to win the shaker set. I make cards all the time for family and friends. I would love to see shaker cards for a wedding. I signed up for the Anna Griffin Create 4 in November. Can’t wait to see you and all the wondering new up coming products. Thanks

  401. Patricia Podsiad says:

    Love everything on this preview and will probably buy it all on the second. I’m a bobbin lace maker and would love to see a card set dedicated to lace and the art of lacemaking. It is very hard to find cards for me to send to fellow Lacemakers. I do try and create Lace themed cards with all of the other kits And dies i have but I just need more lace to feed my addiction.

  402. Ruth Manor says:

    These 3 new dies are wonderful dies for shaker cards, as is the shaker card kit. I’m glad that these aren’t square shaker cards because they cost extra to mail. I’d love to see more formal Trelliage-type die items (plants, flowers, trees, garden bench, gazebo) added/available to make wedding, graduation, get well, anniversary and miss you cards. I love my Trelliage dies that I already have, but I need more of a variety of embellishments to make different type cards. Anything you come up with Anna, is always beautiful. Hint: check out a few “Victoria” magazines to see what I like. 🙂

  403. Sandra Radford Griswold says:

    Wow, you never cease to amaze me!!! I have long ago wanted something baby, and now voila here it is and I love it..My choice for next card making is for kids cards like trains, cars,trucks, ball bat glove surfboard, girls, baby doll, skates, jump rope *****, telephone, hair curlers, barrets,ribbons you get my jest! From younger to teens. You can do it i am sure! Hope you like my suggestion and thanks for all you and your staff do to enhance our crafting and always the anticipation excites us until your new creations come into full being Until May 2nd. You take care..

  404. June Palasek says:

    LOVE<LOVE all of the shaker items. Agree with some that we need Christmas, Thanksgiving.
    Do these items fit the TREASURY of stamps & dies & if so do they come with the plastic covers & magnet sheets?
    Can we purchase The TREASURY BOOK covers alone?
    Cannot wait to see the balance of the May items.l
    Great work Anna & Staff.

  405. Joee Balestrieri says:

    OH ANNA!


    I have to say that I cannot live without your tea cup dies! Hugs to you and your team!

  406. Teresa Quenstedt says:

    Anna no one does Shaker Cards like you. Love ❤️ them and they are even easier with your shaker kits. These new ones are adorable. The next cards I’ll be making besides Birthdays will be Weddings and Graduation! Will need your Help! Love all you do for us. Thank you. Love everything

  407. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna I love the new shaker card kits. Now you have all of us shaking it all thru the year! My idea for new Anna Griffen products was inspired by the treasury kits, and all the patite size flowers that have been in many of the kits I have purchased over the years. The icing on the cake was the mini Cuttlebug. It is just the inspiration for petite, miniature die cuts, flowers, ect, for all seasons. Sometimes a fabulous large card size die needs petite flowers, and petite embelishments to show off the fabulous details in those dies. It would be something that would set my mini Cuttlebug on fire!

  408. Patsy Chapman says:

    Love the shaker card dies for several different season’s cards! I have other ideas of ways to use them also!! In the future I’d like to see card kits with a country theme — cows, chickens, pigs, etc. You know, the whole farm!!! And throw in a flower or two!

  409. Joyce Kokay says:

    I love everything, especially the shaker card kit! Also loving the dies for filling and making my own shaker cards and then need those dies to make cards to fill. Just love everything.

  410. Martha Russell says:

    Anna, I love this kit. I was thinking before the presentation that I really didn’t need anything else. Well, I was wrong. I love, love. love this entire kit. I think it’s one of the best yet. Thanks for doing this kit, it’s just adorable.

  411. Sharon says:

    Oh my…I love the shaker cards and look forward to getting these dies. The tea cup and cupcake will be my go to. I need those confetti dies!

  412. Donna Sue says:

    I love shaker cards…..so cute and exciting! My favorite is the cupcake (fall pumpkins can wait….lol)

  413. Myrna Hartley says:

    You always have the cutest and most beautiful cards and this one is no exception.

    I would love to see more of the box cards and more of the embellishments. I didn’t feel I could do those before but I am getting better or at least feel like I can do them now. So incredible.

  414. Ara Wisnoski says:

    I’m so glad I’m signed up for auto ship…I can’t wait to get the new shaker card set! I will definitely be getting the dies that go with the set. You guys are amazing!
    Ideas for future kits: animals, numbers, letters, flowers? Thank you for all the great products!

  415. Barbara Gonsalves says:

    Oh Anna it’s getting better all the time. Don’t need baby cards but waiting for the Halloween pieces.

  416. Gracia Lanza says:

    Hi Anna!! The Shaker card cupcake window is just fabulous!! I’m one of the ones who like doing things from the scratch 🙂
    About the next card making kit, what if you bring back bass stencils for embossing card stock and vellum? I made my wedding invitations with one of them and the finish was so elegant. I would love to have more ideas with them.

  417. Rosann FuChette says:

    I think the shaker dies are calling my name! Should have purchased the auto ship earlier!

  418. Chris Kreide says:

    My favorite is the Well Wishes Shaker Card Kit. I also like the confetti dies. Thanks for the preview!

  419. Beth Bishop says:

    I love the Garden-theme also. But we need Snowmen
    and Christmas Tree shaker cards also. My birthday is May 1st.,so this will be a great time to get my own present. All your cards are Beautiful.

  420. linda says:

    Love the shaker dies! would love to win them as I am going to be a grandma in June and would love to make the baby onesie for the baby. Thanks for a chance to win this great set.

  421. Mary says:

    I just finish paying for March…so its time for another round with HSN…I love it..and look forward to what Miss Anna has thought of for us…I would like to see different pop-up cards or unusual folding cards..also don’t forget we love our pets..and we love to show them of in our cards..Thanks for all the wonderful stuff you provide for us..

  422. Connie says:

    I love the latest shaker dies and confetti diesto go with them. I can’t wait for May 2nd to arrive. I’d love a new card kit with a Beach theme or one with tropical flowers, like hibiscus, plumeria, bird of paradise, ginger, etc.

  423. Denise Grimes Johansen says:

    Love the already prepared kit! The baby die is adorable!

    I love Victorian dollhouses…….a new kit?

  424. Carol Eisel says:

    I love the shaker cards I ordered with the autoship. They were fun and easy to put together.I even used some of the embellishments from other card kits of yours.You are so generous with the amount of extras you put in the kits. The new dies are soooo cute, can’t wait for May 2nd. I would like to see a card kit with wedding and engagement cards some vintage and some current. Love, love, love your product. Had to make another bedroom my Anna room.

  425. Theresa says:

    Thank you for all your beautiful products. I never made a shaker card but, you make it look easy.

  426. Sally B says:

    I really like the cupcake and tea cup in the shaker die set. I see endless possibilities.

  427. Zoe Sessler says:

    The new shaker card kit is my favorite!!! The onesie is just darling and I love going to tea, so of course I love the teacup. And the cupcake will be great for birthday cards! I’m really looking forward to the shows on May 2!

  428. Denise Lieneman says:

    I love the shaker dies! They will be part of my collection on May 2. You always seem to know what I’m looking for. Thank you!

  429. Marilyn Beutel says:

    I am so excited about the shaker cards. I am new to making cards and can’t wait to learn all about the wonderful world of homemade cards. These are so perfect. I can’t wait to get the creative juices flowing. You are amazing and so very talented. Can’t wait for May 2.

  430. Marie Giordano Campagna says:

    I can hardly wait for the shaker Halloween dies as well as the onesies.
    My suggestion for the new kit…. Thanksgiving kit. The whole kit Thanksgiving.

  431. D. Tate Cooper says:

    I am so happy that you have added another shaker card kit. I sell a few cards in a gift shop near my home. The shaker cards sell twice as fast as my other cards. I really love the new set with the cupcake and baby things. The next new card set should be one with small flowers…..lots and lots of small flowers. I find myself hunting thru drawers and boxes for small flowers, especially in purple and white. Having said that, I will love anything that you bring to HSN.

  432. Elizabeth Greenwood says:

    I love the well wishes shaker dies & the ready made card kit . would like to see christmas themes with a nativity scene maybe a background. Thanks for all our lovely products.Looking forward to may .

  433. Susan ryan says:

    I love the shaker dies the options are limitless. I would love to see another kids card making kit.

  434. Renee Ledbetter says:

    Oh, Anna!!!! Such beautiful Shaker Cards, as always!! SO hard having to wait but SO worth it!! Thank-you for making crafting so easy and beautiful for us!!

  435. Diane says:

    Anna, I’ve never gotten too excited about shaker cards but now I’m thinking I might have to try making a few just to see how they turn out. You asked about a wish list for future products. I’d love to see you bring back a set of floral and paisley papers. I know you’ve had some of both in the past but you have new color palettes now. My stock of what I call my exquisite floral paper is dwindling down and I need to find some more. Thanks, Anna, for all the creative ideas and products you send our way. I am amazed at how far this craft has come especially when I think back to the first card kit I ever ordered from the “other” channel and received a set of blank cards and envelopes in various sizes and colors and had no idea what to do with them. We’ve truly come a long way!!!

  436. Carolee says:

    Love the cupcake shaker window and balloon confetti die cut! Would love to see an entire kit devoted to men,. I have everything you make for men…over half the cards I make are for grandchildren(boys) and men birthdays. Thanks.

  437. Kim Solso says:

    Looking forward to the May 2nd show.
    Hey Anna, since you do “beautiful” so well, how about a “beautiful” Autumn collection with fall leaves, acorns and “beautiful” fall colors?

  438. Debby C. says:

    Love everything, especially pumpkins. I’d like to see shaker card dies with beach theme, and layered stickers with vintage wild animals. Thanks!

  439. Diane B says:

    Just made Easter and spring shaker cards for all my friends and they loved them. Can’t wait for new shaker card set. Am planning on having a tea party in near future so the tea cup is perfect. All my friends are becoming new grandparents so these are perfect. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better it did. Love these ❤️❤️❤️

  440. Sandra Finger says:

    Looking forward to receiving the autoship shaker card kit with the teacups and onesies. Would love to see vintage toppers with babies to make easel cards similiar to jo ann sinclair with corresponding tags such as welcome baby. Also i think a card kit with months for birthdays would be neat. I sure any card kits that you come up with will be great. Thanks for all of the wonderful products.

  441. Fritzi Christiansen says:

    I’m obsessed with shaker cards! I used your kit for Easter cards and they were a big hit! I usually make cards from scratch but since I’ve been recuperating from a serious illness this winter I used your kit & love it! Thanks for all your beautiful designs and ideas. I could use more ideas for male cards.

  442. Lynda Mays says:

    Can’t wait for the presentation and I’ll be up at 2 am just to watch. Would record and watch later but things sell out so fast! Which am I excited about? As per usual, ALL OF IT. As for the next kit, I would so love to have a faith-based line of cards for religious holidays like Christmas and Easter and even for cards of encouragement.

  443. Mekhla Vyas says:

    I love it. I was on autoship for shaker dies so this will be nice addition to my collection. I am a student nurse so I would really like a die set with different types of profession. For example nurses/doctors embossing folder of stethoscope and die cut. I would really luv to win this ty

  444. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    I love the teacups and pumpkins. They are adorable. I made my Easter cards this year with the bunnie shaker cards. Everyone loved them. I wish you could make a card kit for children’s birthdays. That would be amazing.!!!!

  445. Kathy Soutar says:

    Hi Anna! Love those confetti dies! Can’t wait to get them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  446. kim gilmour says:

    Love Love Love the onsie and teacup shaker cards. I think it would be grand to have Christmas shaker cards with lots of glitter and gold!!

  447. Gretchen Tower says:

    You’re really shaking things up this time, Anna. Love these cute new shapes. I would love to see an ALL BIRTHDAY CARDS KIT. Birthday cards are what I need and make most often. With 5 children, their five spouses, 20 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, so far, I make and send a lot of birthday cards. I would also like to see the return of your Birthday greetings stamp set.

  448. Beverly Rood says:

    I love,love,love shaker cards! I think you should do a shaker kit of cute animals to use for kids cards

  449. Kathy Carol says:

    Shaker card dies are my favorite. I would like to see a beach card kit with images from the 30s through the 50s or a quit card kit.

  450. Mandy says:

    Love the newest shaker card dies! I would love a card kit that has just birthday cards with a variety of kits included! My biggest need is for birthday cards…

  451. Jane McKenzie says:

    The shaker cards are great and a wonderful addition to my collection. I especially like the specialized confetti, it really adds to the cards.

  452. Jane Bill says:

    Great products as always! Love it all…as always! 😉
    I saw a couple of other people suggested having Dolls in your kits/dies and I would love that as I collect dolls. Beautiful Antique French & German dolls please!! Someone also said Vintage Patriotic and that would be awesome and appeal to lots of people. Looking forward to whatever you decide!!

  453. DeAnn Runge says:

    Oooh! Love those onesies. Think that die set is a must. I think out of all your shaker kits, this is my favorite.

    As far as for an upcoming kit, I’d love to see your version of a penny slider. I’ve used your elements to create my own, but it would be fun to see what your team would come up with.

  454. Suzanne says:

    I so excited to have May 2nd come. All things shaker in todays preview is AMAZING! I love the new shspes of dies to make my own cards from….teacups…. oh my!!!

    Your confetti dies make the “filler” for shaker cards so much easier. The adorabke shapes are so special and make the cards stand out from anything else.

    And for those days you just want to throw a card together …a shaker card at that. Your kits are UNBEATABLE! Wether you make all the cards to have ready ahead of time or grab the kit to make one quickly…the kits are fantastic.

    A card kit I would like to see are occasions not covered yet. Different types of catd styles are nice bit to add occasions not coveted yet woukd be fantastic in a kit.
    Occasions sich as: Retirement, graduation, baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, new home, moving, pet sympathy. So many occasions missing from kits so far from Anna Griffin.

    Looking forward to May 2nd!

  455. Diane Smith says:

    Everyone loves my shaker cards. Thank you for making it so easy with the kits. I would love a Fall Kit that has not only Halloween but Thanksgiving. Bats for Halloween, Turkey and Horn of Plenty for Thanksgiving.

  456. Gayla Greer says:

    I love them all! I’ve been waiting for the baby and tea cup dies!
    I think cards that teens and kids would like would be my next request.
    Thank you for making life wonderful and creative for us and then we can bless others to with our cards we give them!

  457. Kathy moore says:

    It’s very frustrating these are not duplicate comments. I have never commented on the shaker dies before

  458. Elfriede Roberts says:

    I love the shaker card dies. I’ve never done a shaker card before, though so can’t decide if I should start with the kit. Love how the cards look, though.

  459. Patricia Ladd says:

    I love shaker cards! The baby onsie is so very cute. So much fun coming our way. Thank you Anna.

  460. Evelyn Gardner says:

    I love inner action of shaker card. No matter what the new card kits are I am sure they will be Amazing!

  461. Sally McNeal says:

    More fun shaker cards! Love them. I know you’ve done things with birds and butterflies before, but a kit of “things with wings”, more birds, maybe dragonflies, and fairies. I’d love a beach/ocean theme kit (this could be for guys cards too). Or a French/Provence theme kit would be great.

  462. Diane says:

    Everyone loves the shaker cards I make. Thank you for the kits that make these projects so easy to do.

  463. Debora Esteves says:

    Wow! I love the confetti tea cup one and i have to get my sister the ready made one she’ll love that can’t wait for this one

  464. Jodie says:

    Hi Anna. I like the Well Wishers Shaker cards kit. The embellishments and papers in your kits always offer such beautiful and versatile choices. As far as a kit idea, I’d love to see a kit geared for cards for children…birthday cards for sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews with puppies, kittens, dolls and bikes, and outdoor elements (butterflies, flowers, sun, etc.). Happy Easter season.

  465. Judy says:

    Love, love it all!!! They are so wonderful! I would like a card kit that was full of sympathy and get well…

  466. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & team!

    You know me so well Ms. Anna, so I’ll thank you again for creating the Well Wishes Shaker Card kit! That’s what I’ll be looking for May 2nd. With 3 grandchildren, I just don’t have the time for creating from scratch. Thank goodness you make these card kits. My cards are now stylish and a gift themselves and I owe it all to you and your amazing design team. Thanks for making me look good. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next week. Have a blessed day lovelies!

  467. DonnaJ says:

    I love the new dies! I have all of the shaker kits so these will be a great addition to my stash. For the future maybe you could create a vacation themed kit. For example, beach, mountains, cruise, etc.

  468. Patricia Lewis says:

    I am so EXCITED for these Shaker Windows which are very well made!!! I am so looking forward to the Baby Onesie Windows!!! I was already on the Confetti Autoship and want the ones to match!!! Your shaker windows and confetti dies are so well made. I have dedicated storage just for them!!! I am ready to make a stash of baby and get well shaker cards!!! Thanks for bringing EXCELLENT products our way!!!

  469. Norma Spencer says:

    I am most excited about all of the dies. I love all of them! My suggestion for new products would be a vintage travel themed range.

  470. Elaine says:

    I love all 3…shaker dies, confetti, and kit! I will definitely add these to my Anna stash. I would love to see patriotic cards…vintage looking of course!

  471. Monica says:

    I LOVE these new dies! Shakers for a onesie, how cute! And the confetti to match. Tgis idea was great! I think I may be leaning towards getting already made card set. O wanted it when it came put before. I would like to see more dies with words that can be cut out and perhaps a little fatter on the letters. I would also like a nice big alpha die set that makes a card stand out more. You always do a fabulous job Ana!

  472. Susan M says:

    Love it all—the new shaker dies and the card kit are wonderful. Can’t wait for the show!!!

  473. Aurora Riffee says:

    Hi Anna. The Griffinites are not shy about sharing their wishes for card ideas!!
    I enjoy all your card kits. I got smart about a year ago when I took all my Idea sheets from everyone of the card kits that I had and made a Anna Griffin binder. Now I have a reference book to quickly find ideas, or where a certain colored flower can be found, or even how to use a die. Thanks for being there for us. I never tire of reading your blog. It’s always special!

  474. Michelle Brown says:

    Wow, these are all so cute! I just love teacups and your dies make the most darling ♥️ I will be ordering the confetti dies – I would love to see seashells or fairies in a kit! And please bring back the antique bunnies!!!!!

  475. Joyce Quinn says:

    Another beautiful set of tools to bring out the imagination and creativity waiting to explode with new ideas! Thank you Anna! I like to work with the beauty of nature for my scrapbook pages so mountains, country side etc. would be an idea. I also have a soft spot for animals, maybe to include some zoo animals.

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    And hopefully not buy everything you show like I did In March lol
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    once again you never cease to amaze, shakercards for everyoccasion and holiday. thak you

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    What I would like to see in the future is more cards geared towards men and boys and manly paper to make them. Where we live the men do more hunting and fishing and it would be nice to have something a long that line. More of a “Rustic” look.
    I am going to cross my fingers that today will be the day that i win! 🙂 Thanks again for all your creativity and all you do for us! Happy Spring and God Bless!

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  504. Dorothy Tarr says:

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    I took one of your shaker card kits for a crop recently and someone came to the crop – new with no projects to work on – so I shared my card kit with her. Later a friend that was at the crop with me (NOT a card maker) confessed “I was watching you put together that card kit and teach the beginner; making them look so elegant – so easily and I am inspired to try them myself!

    Well done Anna! you are the best!

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  512. Nora Martyniak says:

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    Happy Spring to everyone.

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    My new product that I would love to see is a way to make the insert to a card with a message. I love my cuttlebug. I have all your stamps, but looking for something different. Maybe a cuttlebug folders, with a message to insert inside our beautiful cards.
    Such as an embossed birthday cake, and words around it, wishing a Happy Birthday. Anna I love all your products. lately I find myself, decorating the inside of your cards. Another new product would be a cuttlebug folder for envelopes!!! I emboss envelopes for hand delivered cards. I have a problem with the address if I put it into the mail, then I put the address on a sticker 2 x4 inch. A cuttlebug folder with blank area for addresses. Have a beautiful day.

  514. Susan G. says:

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    I would love to see house or cottage fronts dies, maybe with a separate door/screen door dies, several different dog n cat shapes, lamp posts, a bicycle, fences.
    Or maybe dies for an ocean front scene, changing shacks, surf boards, a sun w/ rays, ocean waves, sun glasses, flip flops, palm trees, beach chairs.
    A 5 x 7 embossing folder with an offset mid center point that shoots out in all directions looking like sun rays.
    Just a few ideas.

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  524. Judy says:

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