HSN May 2nd, 2018 Product Preview 3


So far, our previews for May 2nd on HSN have been so much fun! You know, they are only going to get better as we get closer to Craft Day! Join us for Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting at 2am, 11am, 5pm and 9pm (with some extra time too)!

We loved reading your comments all weekend long, and it’s time to announce Friday’s winner. Anne Winder, we hope you enjoy all 5 brand new items! We would love to see your creations over on our Facebook page.

This week is all about coloring with the best of the best. Let’s jump into today’s items!

Chameleon Markers in the Anna Griffin Perfect Palette cannot be beat when it comes to blending colors on your favorite cards and pages! This set of 22 deluxe, double-tipped alcohol markers create multiple colors from one marker! These pens have a patented blending chamber so you can go from the palest shade to the most vibrant color all with one pen! Multiply that across our perfect palette and you will have every color possible!

In addition to the regular markers, we have Chameleon Color Tops! You’ll get 20 “toppers” to take your marker from shades in the same color to a brand new shade! Imagine coloring from yellow to deep pink and all the shades in between!

New year, new shades! The spring colors in the Chameleon Spring Color Palette include both the Color Tones and the Color Tops. They are bright, bold and beautiful. You’ll get 5 gorgeous spring colored markers including pink, green, blue, yellow and lilac. Then you’ll get the same coordinating toppers so you can blend the prettiest colors any way you please!

You’re going to need something to color with all these marker options, and we have you covered! Our Frame It Coloring Scenes include 96 pages of amazing patterned images for you to color! You’ll get 3 sizes: 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″ and 5″ x 7″ to turn into wall art, use for scrapbook pages, for card making and more! We really have thought of it all! When it comes to coloring, our Classical Arrangements Coloring Set has it all from the beautiful coloring pages to the built in lap desk and the portfolio storage and easy tear pages. What’s great is the 24 color-able cards, sentiments and embellishments that are also included. Color until your heart’s content, pop one into an envelope and send to someone you love!

Now sit back, relax and color! If you would like to win the items in today’s preview, comment below and let us know what beautiful things you like to color, and we will draw a winner on Friday.

If you tuned in to Friday’s Facebook Live, we want to thank you again for all the love you share about us and with us on social media. We couldn’t do it without the best, craftiest and most loving fans in the world. Thank you!




  1. June L Palasek says:

    Awesome pictures to color using pencils, Any others that make you & your picture Happy. I’m not able to do any work at this time just think colors etc., I had Breast Surgery with very use if any.

  2. Jeorgette P says:

    Your Christmas pages were my favorite thing. I loved coloring them and then using them as card backgrounds.

  3. Suzy says:

    I’ve been interested in the Chameleon Markers since you first presented them. However, I haven’t purchased them because I’m very apprehensive about using them. I’m not sure I could make them work. I’d love to win this weeks ‘product preview’ so I could practice and learn how to use them so I could make beautiful cards.

  4. D.Ann C says:

    I love coloring flowers for cards fb or my dear friends! I have your previous collection and can’t wait to add these beautiful colors to my collection!!

  5. Jo Royse says:

    What an amazing.preview.. I have never had markers and would love these. The cards are a must have to color.

  6. Nancy Ludwig says:

    I’ve been wanting to try these markers for a long time. I have a lot of Anna Griffin coloring items that could use some color. I woul also like to try using the markers as a tint on black & white photos.

  7. Mary Utley says:

    I am loving all the mini cutter/embosser items. Do I need another one? Probably not, but who would refuse anything that adorable. The chameleon marker sets are exquisite. Nobody can ever have too many markers. Cannot wait for HSN’s big reveal on all Anna’s new products. I hope I’m off from work on that day.

  8. Holly Weston says:

    Hi Anna… I would have to say my favorite things to color are my stamps especially the flowers… I have been playing with the Chamaeleon pens and they are a lot of fun for getting the hombre effect… I would love to win all of this I would have to see if I did when I would share it with my cousin who has been battling breast cancer and really enjoys doing the adult coloring books as something to keep her mind busy… Thank you for all the wonderful things you do

  9. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I am glad to see the Chameleons coming back. I keep hoping their cost will somehow leap into my craft wallet. I am eternally hopeful, for you just never know.

  10. Regina Katz says:

    I am so excited to add more masculine options to my card making supplies. I can’t wait to see all these products on air.

  11. Pam DelaTorre says:

    I haven’t tried the Chameleon pens yet, been a Copic girl for many years. I like coloring flowers. Thank you for your generosity and the chance to win.

  12. Vaye Smith says:

    Winter hasn’t left Minnesota yet…… We have a nasty storm coming in……. Take care everyone.
    I have been thinking about getting into coloring with markers…. These pens look like they would be great for a beginner…I love how they shade…. Beautiful card designs also……. I’m so looking forward to May 2nd……
    Take care all

  13. COCO DAVENPORT says:

    I am so excited to have more of Anna’s decoupage for men and the gold foil for men. I really need these two items. Thank you Anncoco

  14. Donna Caro says:

    Anna, I like to color, flowers, butterflies, birds and. Quilted patterns. These markers and coloring pages would be awesome to have!!!! Thank you.

  15. Gail Danzer says:

    I have been curious about coloring. I have your water makers. It will be wonderful to watch the Chameleon Marker presentations to under stand the differences between the two markers.The Chameleon spring color are pretty too.

  16. Tanya says:

    My favorite things to color are butterflies and flowers. I love the sizes and colors that they both come in.

  17. Christy Woody says:

    Love these markers!! I haven’t colored in a long time but I would love to start coloring cards and art to frame!!

  18. Joyce Quinn says:

    Anna, you have a way of keeping our minds and hands creating beautiful things! Thank you!

  19. Guillermo Avina says:

    I love the markers. They are simply the most beautiful coloring tools in the market. I think the color tops will be the best compliment for the markers. I just love it. And the color pages, ***, the creativity is endless.
    Thank you Anna!

  20. Regina Kahles says:

    Hi Anna,

    Love the markers and all the coloring components too,. I can’t wait to see them demoed and and all the goodies to color also.

    Best Wishes
    Regina Kahles

  21. Gisela says:

    I love to color any thing I can get my hands on with water color or pencil. I have nearly all of your stamps which I love to add color too.This would be a lovely set to add to my Anna collection.
    Looking forward to May 2nd !

  22. Carrie L Carpenter says:

    It’s interesting to see how adult coloring books & cards have grown so popular in recent years. I have always been artistic & always enjoyed coloring. I remember buying kid coloring books, when I was in my 20’s, because it was so relaxing to sit and color. I remember wishing for adult themed books, & I am not really sure why it took so many years before we saw them finally emerge, but I am glad they did!

    I bought some beautiful coloring cards of yours Anna, however, I have not colored any of them yet because I am trying to find a good coloring tool to use. Seeing all of the beautifully colored cards makes me want to try your Chameleon markers because of the color saturation It is very important to me to be able to blend & shade colors & it looks like your markers would give me the look I am wanting to achieve. Will have to work it into the budget though since I am on disability, but I SHALL try them at some point! lol

    Thank you ALWAYS for the beautiful products you produce & for always sharing previews with us! <3

  23. Cheryl S says:

    I love the markers and toppers – what a wonderful collection of colors! I will be getting the Classical Arrangements Coloring Set – so I have a variety of beautiful images to color, including cards and sentiments. Thank you for the chance to win!

  24. Nancy L Itson says:

    I love all those beautiful colors. Coloring card fronts would be a nice touch to handmade cards and coloring just for relaxation would be great!

  25. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, Anna, here we go–your Perfect Palette with Color Tops Chameleon Pens TRULY bring out the creative artist in any of us; and, your new SPRING Color Palette will make all of us the Easter Bunny’s ‘right-hand Paw’ helper all through the seasons! Your cards and SCRAPBOOK pages, made with ‘Frame It’ Scenes shown have inspired me to give a try pairing up/painting up some of your sentiment- and die cuts-colorization for a whole new style of papermakings! What I LOVE MOST is that you CONTINUALLY INSPIRE besides care and share with us, Anna! (((HUGS))) from South Dakota!

  26. Sandy B says:

    Received coloring pages and pencils from my granddaughter for Christmas. Your markers will certainly elevate my pages to a higher level of beauty and depth. Can’t wait!

  27. Audrey R. says:

    Hi Anna, My favorite things to color are flowers! Flowers make everyone happy. I love to color flowers in both real and imaginary colors. Your kit and markers look so fun to use and are the perfect thing to help celebrate spring!! Thank you!

  28. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Mary Kaye, no they go with the markers so you can blend from the topper color to the marker color.

  29. Janet Mack says:

    Isn’t it fun how our coloring choices have changed as we get older. I still have a box of Crayola’s though.

  30. Karen Herbinko says:

    Well, I have too say I have never been a coloring fan, but these markers might change my mind! The cards you’ve colored in are beautiful! Thanks Anna and staff. And congrats on the HSN Awards. You deserve them!

  31. Becky Hazen says:

    I have recently discovered how relaxing coloring is so pretty much anything is fun to color.

  32. Lisa Leavitt says:

    Favorite thing to color? charms! the alcohol in the pens would make it where you could make your metal embellies have a tone similar to your project … AND of course .. stamped images!

  33. Lisa Watkins says:

    I’m just over the moon entirely with all the latest coloring products from markers to color pagers to greeting cards. If I have to pick a favorite I would choose the greeting cards and alcohol markers bc you can be creative and productive at the same time so you feel good about the time you spent coloring to share with those you love. Thank you, Anna.

  34. Kelly Coleman says:

    My list includes these as well as the new dies – May 4th cannot come soon enough! I am so sad to not have Create to look forward to this year as it takes my mind off of the more mundane parts of life!

  35. PAMELA HANCOCK says:


  36. Susan Coleman says:

    Hi Anna , I would use the markers to color some of my drawings as well as your cards I love the vibrant color.

  37. Sandhills Patty says:

    I would love to color the beautiful designs in those handy travel folders. So many miles to cover in the Sandhills. I could color all day!

  38. Jackie P. says:

    ***! How Super Fun is the coloring kit and markers. Oh! How I would love to win this. Fingers crossed!

    Thank you Anna

  39. Debbie Denby says:

    Interesting pen concept and here I thought I had them all, lol! I’ve admired your detailed stamps which I have hundreds, I love the coloring book to go. I’m a card maker and would use my alphabet dies raised on the colored sheets and also in reverse. I’m also a gardener and love the detail you give on the flowers and greenery, than you.

  40. Dianna Lantz says:

    I have been eyeing these markers for sometime being round barrel in nature. Where as the others that I have, have texture barrels. Grandchildren and I color all the time but I hear that they have a tendency to twist off and it cracks the barrel. Also that the tips also get stuck in the barrels too…love all my colors…and Anna you have some really happy colors too! I would love to aquire these markers…

  41. Nicky Craig says:

    Hi Anna.
    Coloring is very relaxing. I don’t have these markers, but would enjoy winning them 🙂
    I would color the frame it coloring pages & place them in beautiful frames & give them as gifts.
    These pages are inspiring & would make anyone’s day a little brighter.
    Have a blessed day. OX

  42. Amy Borgen says:

    Coloring can be so relaxing with the right tools and coloring pages. These look fantastic!

  43. Barbara Leonard says:

    I have the classical arrangements coloring set and it is the best. And, the chameleon pens are great too! Thanks for bringing these back and for the new colors.

  44. Michelle Munnings-Smart says:

    These markers are the cats meow!! How relaxing will this be to color beautiful Anna Griffin prints!!!

  45. Lorraine says:

    WOW!!!! This set would be a great STRESS reliever,
    I love the new colors and coloring sheet and the shading, it looks awesome. I look forward to every Monday and Friday blogs and sharing your Friday mailbags.They make my day.. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Evelyn says:

    Wow! This new coloring set is beautiful! I’m intrigued with the chameleon markers and will watch your demos to see how these work. I love to color butterflies and flowers!
    Thanks Anna for your products! I’ve never been artistic but at least I try to create something beautiful using your products.

  47. Sonja R. says:

    I have been watching and wanting the Chameleon pens for quite a while. I really l like the pretty colors of the new Spring set. I have tried other alcohol markers and would love to give the Chameleon pens a try!

    I made a card for my mother and she said “I love the way the paper looks like antique wallpaper”. I was like oh my gosh! That is because it is Anna Griffin! 🙂

    Thank you for all the wonderful products!

  48. Jocelyn says:

    I love coloring flowers that I later use as background sheets for my cards. Sometimes I like to get whimsical in my colors and sometimes more realistic. It all depends on my mood..

  49. Ann Robson says:

    Love the new Spring Cameleon Markers…so bright and pretty! They’d make a great addition to my set of Cameleon Markers and color tips that I already own! Love the coloring card set also! Great stuff Anna…as always! Can’t wait until May 2nd…I’ll be watching HhSsN and all your wonderful items!

  50. Sandra Currey says:

    The color palette of the Chameleon markers is so beautiful and all the coloring pages are works of art!!! I love to color anything with flowers . I’d be thrilled to win all these awesome Anna Griffin coloring products!!!

  51. Joy sampson says:

    Anna!! You are making me remember how much I love coloring…your markers are gorgeous…thank you for helping us get in touch with …or shall I say reaquaint us wirh our inner artist…please know that we thank you and we love you…Joy

  52. Nan says:

    The chameleon markers look beautiful and a lot of fun. I love all your beautiful flowers to color.

  53. Lori Lemley says:

    I have the Our Frame It Coloring Scenes and I would love to get these markers to color the scenes.

  54. Sue says:

    It is has been so awesome to watch you over the years. M glad that you’ve endorsed the Chsmrleon pens. Color blending looks easy with the alcohol markers that are out there but. It can be difficult trying to find all the matching colors that blend well, the chameleon market does it for you. I would love♥️ to have this set

  55. Anita aguila says:

    Hi Anna. Thank you again for always being such a great inspiration. I love the coloring but I have to be honest. If I win this time, it will be for my 87 year old mom who lives with us. I think this is a beautiful way to keep her mind occupied while still creating a beautiful piece of art. Anna I love your Victorian art but I wonder if you may consider bringing back art from the 40s and the 50s. I can think of those beautiful Christmas and valentine cards with whimsical art of the time. By the way thank you so much for the crosses. My granddaughter will be making her First Holy Communion next year and I look forward to using them then. Cant wait for the May 2nd show! May God continue to bless you until then.

  56. Angie says:

    Another hobby to indulge in …coloring! I’ve always loved coloring with my kids when they were young and this will be nice to do with them now that they are teens and young adults.

  57. Beverley Clark says:

    Anna, I have always loved to color and this is just a beautiful way to do more of what I love. As always, beautiful in the making. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with all of us.

  58. Robina Felker says:

    I have been without a computer so this will be the first I have been able to comment on the May 2nd items. I love the pens and the mini cuttle bug and all the mini items. Sometimes I like to make an A2 card.

  59. Clare Macdonald says:

    I’m a coloring novice. I just try to stay in the lines! Your coloring pages look beautiful, though.

  60. Jeanne M Draughon says:

    Beautiful products. I love to color my stamped images for cards. Also love to make my own print paper to use on cards.

  61. Kim Griffin says:

    I love the Chameleon markers. I always wanted a set. Now you have new colors….oh boy. I love coloring little critters for cards and gift tags.

  62. Starr Da Mauer says:

    Great demonstration, and I love to color anything in nature–leaves, flowers, butterflies, etc. That’s what I’d color if I win! And just want to add that I’m impressed with how much smart thinking goes into your products! Thanks for that! 🙂 🙂

  63. Stephanie Theodos says:

    You and your team really come up with some beautiful sets. I love coloring and these markers would be a lovely addition. Can’t wait to see you May 2nd! Can’t wait to see the results of coloring with these.Hope I win!!

  64. Karen Tabaka says:

    I am in need of some new markers and these fit the bill, I also love to color a passion I learned as a little girl from my late mother. she would have loved your sets. So please pick me and thank you for your ideas and lovely products

  65. Lori Miko says:

    I love the chameleon pens and different sizes of color pages. I love to color floral scenes and abstract designs, almost Paisley patterns. Thanks for the chance to win! Can’t wait until May 2!

  66. Jennifer S. says:

    Anna, I love the new chameleon pens and colors and the larger coloring pads. They will be a great complement to my A.G. coloring books and watercolor pens that I have currently! I find it very relaxing to work on them when I have free time.
    I am grateful that you have such a kindred heart for design and love all you create. Please bring back the Dresden scenes/ cards which were a blip on HSN awhile ago and missed buying! Thanks!

  67. Heather Mash says:

    I definitely love the new Chameleon color palette! And the coloring pages too…so much beauty!

  68. joann benford says:

    Anna, you amaze me by all the things you create. Love these markers. Will be watching on May 2,.Hope I can win. Thank you for all you do..

  69. Shirley K Coles says:

    The coloring looks unique and I have quite a few markers and I am still trying to get up the nerve to try these.

  70. CAROL hENDERSON says:

    Oh my! I would love to win the coloring set! I am not much of a TV watcher so I color almost every night. I was a coloring addict before it was in vogue1

  71. Cheryl Riker says:

    Love the chameleon markers. I color mostly with colored pencils but these markers look like they are easy for blending. I love coloring flowers mostly. Can’t wait for the May show

  72. Gaylene says:

    I absolutely love the chameleon pens and the other toppers for changing colors. They are fantastic. I love coloring the front on cards. The results are beautiful and oh the compliments from them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  73. Sandra Miller says:

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love all your products n have purchased many from you in the past! Unfortunately, I recently got injured on my job and am unable to work for a while. But nevertheless, I will continue to purchase when I am able. I would Love to use the elegant markers on my stamped images and REALLY want to try them out on a canvas piece that I want to make with pics of my 4 beautiful grandchildren. Keep up motivating with great products and artistry ideas for us crafters.

  74. Judy Simmons says:

    I absolutely love the Chameleon markers and would love to try the Color tops. I love the array of color these products provide. I sure hope I am the winner this week. Thank you for all the fabulous products that you bring to us Anna. I can’t wait for May 2nd.

  75. Mary Iten says:

    I have been using the chameleon pencils and I love them. Would really like to try the pens as my daughter are really getting into coloring. I would love the pens, and cards, and the coloring book. I would truly like to win these items. Once again, Anna, you have out done yourself. Love you and your products.

  76. Judy Simmons says:

    I absolutely love the Chameleon markers and would love to try the Color tops. I love the array of color these products provide. Even a novice could become an artist. I surely hope I’m the lucky winner this week. Thank you for all your fabulous products that you bring to us Anna.

  77. Valarie Mahaffey says:

    I have the full set of Cameleon markers I purchased from England. They are great markers for adding depth to your projects. You will need to practice with them for a bit but well worth it.

  78. Maria Nyce says:

    Oh Anna!!! I have wanted to try using Chameleon Markers & those colors are so gorgeous!!! I can’t wait until May 2nd.!!!!!!!
    Thank you & your team for making such magnificentt products, I especially love the coloring pages book of 8.5 x 11 pages of your classical arrangements set along with the frame it coloring scenes in a variety of sizes! What would be yet another amazing idea is to have Bible Journaling sets of items from Anna Griffin!!! Love you & your team, blessings & hugs!!!

  79. Kim Gilmour says:

    My My My another wonderful set of temptations to ponder. I would love to win the pens and coloring items

  80. Sally Bartlett says:

    I love adult coloring. The chameleon sets would be great additions to my stash. I wonder if I’ll splurge and get some on May 2nd…

  81. DeAnn Runge says:

    Haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve always found those markers to be fascinating. Guessing they’d take a little bit of practice , but with those toppers I can’t fathom all the combinations one could come up with. Fun,fun!

  82. Donna Sue says:

    I do coloring on my lunch break all the time. These look amazing….would love to play with them! Beautiful Spring colors.

  83. Kim Hiland says:

    Kim Hiland says:
    Coloring was fun as a kid. Coloring for an adult can do so much; it allows the kid in you to come out for one. It also helps you relax and keep your mind in a positive place no matter what what is happening in your life. Just 20-30 minutes can change how you look at your problem. Helped me thru breast cancer treatments. What a difference you pages do when you complete them. They are beautiful and makes you feel successful. Keep your crafts coming, ❤️ Kim

  84. Debbie Owens says:

    How beautiful …..i love to color but never find the time with all the crafts I love. If I had these I would find time to enjoy this more.

  85. JoAnn Taylor says:

    Your coloring kits are fabulous. Have been coloring for some time now and use the pages in many ways. Making cards and for beautiful scrapbook pages. Thank you for your artistic gifts that you share with us.

  86. Amy CRane says:

    Anna, thank you for so many ways to create beauty in people’s lives!
    All these coloring items will be wonderful to have on hand.
    Again, we see why you are, let’s say, the Entrepreneur of the Year for HSN!!
    Congratulations again and again to you, your team, your partners, and all who pave the way for us to enjoy your devotion and hard work to your craft, to your fan base, and to the untold numbers of people we reach with Anna Griffin style.
    May blessings just keep unfolding to you, Amy

  87. June Estep says:

    Making paper come to life is magical. Having the best tools to make that happen gives the very best results. Tlhe markers are so incredible because of the ability to color and blend with one tool. Owning the markers puts the very best in hand. The designs are unequaled as is expected with all things Anna.

  88. Debra Chavez says:

    Hi Anna, I love your Chameleon markers . I have the original set . I can’t wait for your Spring set to come out. Looking forward to seeing you in your show in May. I’m making out my list during your previews.

  89. Annie Laura Pence says:

    NOW I am excited enough to want to do some coloring with new pens & “travel” coloring Pad ! Such great products ! Gotta give it a try!
    Thanks to Anna & Team

  90. Annette Johnson says:

    WOW the colors of the markers look amazing. Can’t wait to see the programs and demos

  91. Denise Tuttle says:

    Well, my favorite thing to color are Anna Griffin flowers. I have your first Chameleon set and when I color the flowers, they come out looking so dimensional, they look like a professional did them! Can’t wait for the new color palette.

  92. B. Nadler says:

    Love these products. I have just recently begun coloring and have made several card layers with my finished pages. As usual your patterns are beautiful. Making them mimic the embossing patterns brings all kinds of possibilities to mind. Can’t wait.

  93. Stacy Elftmann says:

    Your designs are always so beautiful. That coloring pad with storage and fold under design is genious. I can’t wait until May to get my hands on some of your new things. Thank you for putting in the hard work so we don’t have to.

  94. Donna Caro says:

    What beautiful cards and framed items that can be made with these awesome markers and coloring pages. The ideas are popping into my head!!!!!. Love the variety of colors. Thank you!!!

  95. Barbra Lawson says:

    Loving those big coloring pages. Different then other’s I have seen out there. Love the presentation also!

  96. Rose moore says:

    I desperately need these markers have plenty of things to color that is all Anna Griffin but no markers or coloring pencils !
    Would love to win them !

  97. Carol Dale says:

    Wow Love the classical coloring portfolio, Get to use while I am waiting for treatments. Thanks so much!

  98. Janet Taylor says:

    This will be lots of fun to do. Wish I would win this. Looking forward to your May show. God bless

  99. Suzanne Matos says:

    Oh what a great preview! The Cameleon markers are so exciting. I cannot imagine all the fun I can have using them. They would add do much to my cards, scrapbook pages and home decor.

    I love the new Spring colors ….a color and shade for everything and everyone.

    It is so smart to have pages to color in 3 different sizes. Frame it Coloring Scenes. Easy to make handmade cards, scrspbook pages and home decor. So smart. I love thecoloring part and then to have the finished product usable is amazing!

    Classical arrangement coloring set… coloring greeting cards…oh my! A fun mobile project that you can take anywhere.

    The ColoringbPage Book…order pad is a great way to set up what is just a different presentation that is easier to color in than a plain book.

    I am so excited for May 2nd. Love all items!

  100. Debbie Siddle says:

    I like colouring in stamps. What a beautiful prize and thanks for the chance to win it xx

  101. Linda Hill says:

    Would love the markers. I have tons of stamps and I love to color them for cards and fussy cut them out. I also collect vintage/antique children’s books and those images are usually black and white–so I copy them on to my computer and print them out and then color them..it really brings them to life without damaging the book and ruining their value.

  102. Bobbi Beech says:

    Such beautiful new colors! My favorite things to color are the 5×7 cards, when finished, I can pop them into a frame, set them on my desk on a small easel, instant art. I can trade them out any time I feel like a change of decor.. Thanks Anna for all the beautiful things you make.

  103. Ruth Robbins says:

    Everything is beautiful. My favorite thing to color is flowers. I would so love to win any of this wonderful collection.

  104. grannyD says:

    Those beautiful Chameleon Markers in the Anna Griffin Perfect Palette would be the best to own.

    I own oodles of stamps and love to color stamped images for the future projects. Have some always ready to go in all different styles. I also have a supply of coloring books for TV watching and mindless activity…..it is good for the brain according to my Doctor. (who am I to challenge her opinion….)

  105. Rebecca says:

    I’ve really gotten into coloring lately and really adore these markers! So happy to see them featured! Thanks, Anna!!

  106. Edwina Johnson says:

    Such beautiful new colors and patterns to color upon. You just keep coming up with more beautiful items.

  107. Julie Brady says:

    Have been thinking of trying coloring and the idea of coloring cards is so fun. Can’t wait to see more.

  108. Jan says:

    I have really gotten into coloring lately and the Chameleon pens would be a great addition to my other pens and coloring pencils… Love it all!!!

  109. deborah from TN says:

    Love the new colors in your pens!!! Anything that will give me more shades of purple, I’m IN!!!!! 🙂

  110. Michele Johnson Lewis says:

    I have yet to try the Chameleon markers but they are seriously on my wish list. I really love the vibrant new spring colors. Have the gotten hooked on coloring lately and love to incorporate it in my cards.

  111. Carolyn Wachta says:

    Hi Anna,
    I especially like the new Chameleon Spring Marker Set along with the coloring portfolio. I already own the original Charmeleon set (& love them). But I will have a hard time deciding between those items and the Frame It Coloring Scenes…that’s a beautiful set and such a great idea for framing! Hope I win!

  112. Bonita M says:

    My favorite thing to color is definitely flowers. Can’t wait to try your pens and coloring pages!

  113. Dana says:

    The markers look very soft which I think is so much better than the stark colors. I haven’t used any in my card making yet but your illustrations look lovely!

  114. Kathleen Rozman says:

    I have been coloring since I was a kid and I’m close to the big six-oh now. Those Chameleon pens are amazing and make me think that I might be able to shade some of my pictures. I have all your coloring cards and pictures and I’ve even colored some of the black and white card stock and scrapbook pages. I would ❤️ to win those pens. Haven’t won anything yet, so maybe this will be it. Hope so!!!!!

  115. Barbara Graham says:

    On Lordy, I am going to be in so much trouble. So many new toys to choose from. The Chameleon pens look like fun.

  116. Janie T. says:

    Great preview. I already have the original set of markers, so I am looking forward to getting the new set!!!

  117. Terri Cannell says:

    It’s too hard to decide, because they are all so beautiful. My choice for favorite would have to be the Chameleon markers since I don’t have anything like them! But I also love the coloring pad with the fold back cover and the fold under page protection. That is just super cleavor.

  118. Robin says:

    Markers, markers & more markers! Love them all. My budget does not usually stretch far enough on craft day, to purchase any of these markers, but that is not because I didn’t want too! Have my fingers crossed that my name gets drawn, so I don’t have to miss out again. Thanks Anna!

  119. Lorrie Turner says:

    Can’t wait to sit in a cozy chair and color the Classical Arrangement pages with the awesome Chameleon markers.

  120. Trish T. says:

    Anna, the Chameleon markers look like a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Would love to see videos of using them. Hopefully on May 2. Your paper coloring pads are very generous. My wish list gets longer and longer every week. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  121. Cherye Wilmore says:

    I have just recently gotten into coloring, and it’s a great stress reliever. I also enjoy coloring on the go (smooth roads permitting). Anna, your markers and coloring pages are the best!

  122. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    So in love with the Classical Arrangements Coloring Set. The Markers are a great addition to that set. Hopeful.

  123. deborah davis says:

    I just absolute love the large coloring pad !!!! You are the greatest !!! you just keep coming up with more and more fantastic things.

  124. Merial Smartt says:

    I really love coloring stamped images like butterflies or flowers. The Chameleon pens are truly unique. Thanks for the beautiful images and color palette!

  125. Andrea Manda says:

    Hi Anna, I love these coloring products! I love to color flowers! These markers look Sms in!

  126. Dee-Dee Riggs says:

    The markers look cool. I am still trying to master coloring with markers and shading and all that, so maybe these would make that easier. Hurry May 2nd!

  127. Mary Lynn Palazzolo says:

    Hi anna I ❤️ Your new coloring books in the 3 different size its every relaxing it reminds me of my childhood when I use to color also each marker has the ability to go from a light to dark with the same color that cool great job again can’t wait until May 2 thanks for all your hard work ❤️

  128. Michelle says:

    Of course my favorite thing to color is springtime! The pens and color sets are so beautiful and easy to use! I have colored for contentment and therapy since I was a child! How perfect is this collection. I would love to win these!

  129. Jane Adams says:

    These markers look like so much fun. I just love your coloring cards and pages. I have a few left from the first time I ordered them. I am sad they are almost gone. My friends have really enjoyed them.

  130. Kimberly says:

    I bought your previous Chameleon pens, and they are AMAZING!!! Thanks for the chance to win those new awesome colors. I like to color cards.

  131. Deborah Brown says:

    love the chameleon pens and the coloring pages are stunning .I haven’t colored like that since I was a kid many years ago what fun.

  132. Donna from Florida says:

    You are so timely with the great coloring products you are making available to us!

  133. Pamela P says:

    I’m happy you’re bringing this product to hsn because I LOVE COLORING FLOWERS & BUTTERFLIES with the combination of blues pinks yellows and teals. Thank You,, Thank You, and one more time thank you .

  134. Jane says:

    I’m 64 and enjoy coloring as much as when I was a child! Those Chameleon pens are amazing!!

  135. Betty Freano says:

    Fantastic coloring pages. Looking forward to the new marker colors to add to my collection.

  136. Kathy Prell says:

    Dear Anna,
    I’ve done a lot of coloring during this long cold and snowy winter that doesn’t want to end. It has brought me hours of enjoyment. I love the new spring color markers.Can’t wait to see all the new things and be inspired.

  137. Ivy C says:

    I love to make cards with my Cricut and Cuddlebug. I would love to have the markers so that I could start stamping and coloring the cards that I make.

  138. Suzanne Merica says:

    Love the Classical cards and larger paper designs. I haven’t tried the Chameleon pens yet, mostly due to price. Great things do cost more; but HSN usually helps out with that, so I’m looking forward to seeing if I can get them this time around. Thanks again Anna for all your beautiful inspiration.

  139. Penelope Rone says:

    Anna my favorite thing to color is birds, flowers and all of your designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  140. Renee Ledbetter says:

    My favorite things to color are your beautiful color pages. I love your creations and the pens are amazing!!

  141. Suzanne Nazim says:

    I just purchased the 52 count set of Chameleon alcohol markers and can’t wait to begin using them. I was so excited to see the “spring colors” that you are offering and the beautiful sets to color. I can’t wait until May 2nd.

  142. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    The new Spring colors in he Chameleon pens is my favorite item! These colors will make for beautifully colored flowers.

  143. Sandra Lee says:

    Anna, these markers are so ingenious how do you come up with these ideas? I love the colouring pages also.

  144. Sandra Griswold says:

    These colors you showed here are my favorite color pallette. Have never used these markets but I love coloring with my grandchildren. I have several of your coloring tablets. And have been using coloring pencils. Will have to watch closely when you demo them!

  145. Carol O says:

    Would love to try my hand at making some beautiful cards like these by doing my own coloring. Thank you so much for the chance to win them.

  146. Sylvia Fox says:

    These beautiful coloring pages and pens are probably the only thing that I don’t own of Anna’s items. I love to color because it calms me so much, and knowing that I can easily produce something beautiful, I am really so excited.

  147. LA LA says:

    Since my stroke last year, my doctor wants me to keep my brain busy, this should do it! my dear Anna. I am missing cuttlebug tote from the super sale. Who do I call to help me find my order. Thanksa million. I’ve been waiting for days/weeks
    Laura Martinez

  148. Marilyn B says:

    Oh my! Not only amazing markers but awesome items to color too! I’m fascinated will those beautiful Victorian style images to color. My favorite items to color are cards and anything beautiful! The coloring kit to take on the go is beyond beautiful I like having options when I feel creative and the coloring items you demonstrated fit the profile well!

  149. Karen Lampe says:

    I like to make cards. I do lots of stamping. I love to color in my stamped images. I am just getting into Chameleon markers. Having fun using them to add different tones of the same colors. Fun markers. Would like to get more of them.

  150. Denise L. says:

    I have never outgrown my love for coloring. I am so glad there are “adult” coloring books. I would love to try these books and markers. They are gorgeous.

  151. Kathy Klein says:

    Love to color flower and butterflies. It is so much fun and I feel like a little kid again. I would love to try the chameleon markers. Have your pencils and they are fantastic. I would like to shade the different colors. Thanks for a chance to win

  152. Kimberly Head says:

    I love the beautiful spring colors! I’m excited for the show on May 2nd, it can’t get here fast enough! 🙂

  153. Susan says:

    I love coloring anything that can be used in card making, especially flowers and butterflies. All these coloring pages. Wow

  154. Myrna Hartley says:

    I love the coloring pages as I can use them for a greeting card layer. And coloring is so restful. Of course I love YOUR colors the most.

    Thank you for expanding my creative process. I love all the different ideas you come up with.

  155. Paula Jackson says:

    I’m kind of late in joining in on the coloring revolution. I make a lot of cards and never felt I had the time to learn the products and techniques of the coloring,painting or markers. But I feel I’m ready to tip toe into the shallow end and try with your beautiful chameleon pens. I think any of your color books,paper or cards are going to be my favorite . They all look fun and I can already visualize beautiful colors.

  156. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    My favorite thing to color has been Classical Arrangements! The flowers, designs that all coordinate with all of your productsI have only used your pencils. I am looking forward to all this coloring. The Chameleon markers & the set of three sizes is on my list already. New Spring colors! Yippee! I am so happy you are keeping Classical Arrangements, I sent my mom one of the cards & now she bought a set. I bought other things to color, but none of it kept my interest. Yours has kept my interest number one, the beauty & quality. But mainly because it’s going somewhere, to somebody or on a wall. Love! Anna keep this coming!

  157. Grama Pei says:

    I cant wait to color with the new Spring colors of Chameleon markers! So pretty! These will be a great addition to my set of Chameleon markers from last year! I have maybe 4 sets of markers, and the Chameleons are the ones I DON’T share. (shhh… don’t tell the kids! I keep them hid.) 🙂 My family can use any of my other marker sets, but not my AG watercolor markers nor my Chameleon markers. Because I purchased the refills and the extra nibs when I got my original set last year, I’ll have a GREAT set of colors after May 2nd! Hm. Perhaps the grandkids will have a chance to inherit them,someday! ha! I need to get my Anna Griffin coloring pages and cards out again to do some yoga-coloring!

  158. Patsy Chapman says:

    I’ve just recently gotten into coloring. Would love to try these markers. My favorites to color right now are the smaller stamps with dies in the Treasury collection!!

  159. Tracey Magner says:

    I think the only thing I don’t have from Anna is these Markers, I am a BIG time color person, it gets my mind relaxed which helps with my pain. I would love to try these.

  160. Anita Brauckmuller says:

    ***! My favorite thing to color would be cards because I can send to my family and friends near and far so they know I am thinking of them and they inspire me daily. I can’t wait for the markers and all the coloring products above to be on HSN. Hubby may need to put me in time out due to my spending but then who cares if I have these to keep me busy and happy! lol!

  161. Kim Fournier says:

    What beautiful cards and pages to color. And love those colors for the markers. I love to color anything, get lost in coloring.

  162. patricia Robles says:

    WOW! that is beautiful i love to color. and with the markers it will be more fun:) cant wait to buy them!!!

  163. Linda Valoy says:

    I love to color flowers that I have cut from your 3-D flower dies. I use colored pencils to add shading. The alcohol markers would be great but you have so much stuff I can’t buy it all!

  164. Miranda Chappell says:

    I love the markers, the colors look so rich and beautiful and with all those cards to color I could stay busy for hours.

  165. Rhonda Roumph says:

    My favorite item that you showed us today would be the chameleon markers , they look so cool.

  166. Sandy Christman says:

    My favorite thing to color is flowers.
    I have a set of 5 primary color Chameleons and love them. Would love to get more.

  167. Connie Cox says:

    Anna WOW chameleon markers look just absolutely beautiful. I would to color flowers and butterflies. I would love to win. Good luck to all.

  168. Patricia Podsiad says:

    Love the markers and I would be coloring with them on the various Anna Griffin cards and books that I have in my collection.

  169. Angela says:

    I love the portability of the coloring packs. I would love to add the markers to my art supplies. Can’t wait until 2 May! Everything looks so beautiful too!

  170. Connie Cox says:

    Anna, WOW chameleon markers look just absolutely beautiful. I would to color anything I love flowers and butterflies. I would love to win good luck to all.

  171. Grace Seventko says:

    I love coloring flowers and animals more than anything else. The colors of your alcohol markers are beautiful. I could certainly make good use of them. Looking forward to May 2nd.

  172. Kelly Licina says:

    Such s beautiful way to make beautiful cards…..and get a little art therapy while doing so!

  173. Judy says:

    I love the idea of the color topper to add to the set. Other markers are so expensive it is hard to collect a full set.

  174. Charlene Helgoth says:

    Love, love, love these coloring sets, Anna. Color is my specialty, and I am looking forward to seeing these tools and pages in person! Talk about creative freedom! Thank you for such wonderful products.

  175. Judy Goodwin says:

    I love the idea of coloring pages for scrapbooking and cards. Three sizes of color sheets makes anything possible.

  176. Sally Zloty says:

    I just rediscovered using my alcohol markers to color my stamps. Would love to add Chameleon pens to my crafty stash. Looking forward to craft day.

  177. Terry Lubinski says:

    The botanical prints are just so classy, and the fact that you can customize the color palette to your desire is a plus. I would definitely frame and hang these in my home, or give them framed as gifts. There are some very talented coloring staff at Anna Griffin, Inc. Just beautiful!

  178. Janis Litynsky says:

    I have always been interested in the markers … Your Colour Way is just Beautiful… Love the colouring designs… Thanks Anna…

  179. Karen chester says:

    I love the chamellian pens. I,vet been using them since you showed them om HSN last time. They work great. So now I have to get the new set of five colors and those beautiful cards to color. Once colored, add a few Nuvo drops, a bow, and three little flowers, and you have a card second to none. Thank you and your team for all the hard work.

  180. Casey Walters says:

    Beautiful colors! Can’t wait to see them in action. Thank you for your fantastic items.

  181. Donna Baker says:

    Can’t wait to try Cameleon and the designs on the coloring pad are to die for. Gotta have these

  182. Carla Vehrs says:

    Absolutely love the Chameleon Pens, its the only way to color. And those coloring pages are fantabulous!!

  183. Diane Hover says:

    WOW beautiful!!! I color everything and anything on my cards, I find the more I color the better I get, these pens are really interesting how they work…like I said beautiful projects!

  184. Heidi C says:

    The colors are beautiful. One day I will learn how to mix many colors. Haha.
    I just do not have the eye for this.
    This looks like fun. I am partial to Peacocks and Cats to flowers. I love how flowers have dark in the middle and fade out at the ends. Just fascinates me.

  185. Sue Law says:

    I like to color flowers and kids. They go on cards for people who need something to bring a smile. I would love to have markers. I only have pencils right now.

  186. Cinthia Smith says:

    Hi Anna! These markers are fabulous!! I love to color stamped imagez. Can’t wait for May 2nd!!!!

  187. cherylgrlj says:

    The colors of the pens are brilliant and beautiful and the Classical coloring set has whimsical designs!

  188. Frankie Rolfe says:

    The camelean markers look absolutely fabulous. Only the best to go with items designed by Anna….always wanted to try the!

  189. Jenell Blankenship says:

    I would love to win these pens and learn how to blend colors. Anna Griffen supplies are the best there are and I love them all!!!

  190. Betsy Brown says:

    My favorite things to color are mandalas and flowers! I love to practice shading on flowers!! All of the items in this preview are just beautiful!

  191. Nancy Ross says:

    I have watched you show these pens time Ana time again but haven’t ordered them yet. I’m always ordering Cricut supplies and all of your card supplies. I would LOVE to win them!!!!

  192. Georgia Henson says:

    I would enjoy coloring those Victorian florals. Up to now, my coloring has mainly been in Elmo and superhero coloring books with my two boys.

  193. Denise Raley says:

    Dear Anna, you did it again. WOW the Chameleon Markers are just IT!!! Ican see how thay definitely kick m.y cards!! I wood LOVE TO GET THEM!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUE TEAM!!!!

  194. Michelle Reaves says:

    My favorite thing to color is my stamped images. I also color in adult coloring books and in my Bible Journal. Coloring is so relaxing!!

  195. Denise Johansen says:

    I love the original set and would really love to get my hands on the bright Spring colors!

  196. Elfriede Roberts says:

    Love the coloring pad. Might be a fun thing to do on a long road trip. As long as the roads aren’t too bumpy!

  197. Judy Graham says:

    ***, ***, ***. OH MY GOODNESS. I’m in love with the Frame it Scenes. What a wonderful gift for a friend or family member…. a framed scene from this collection. I love everything else also. I’ve been coloring with Crayola crayons. Got to get these Camellon products. I’m going to cut my sleeping time so I can make cards for chArity AND work on Christmas presents. Thank you Anna and your creative team

  198. Kimberly Crawford says:

    The markers would be great for my daughter, she loves to draw and color and paint.

  199. Suzanne Petticord says:

    Love to color! Makes me remember what it feels like to be a child again! Your pens are a lot prettier than a box of crayons!

  200. Sherri says:

    Dear Anna, I would love to have these markers, this would be great to win these, haven’t been able to afford them yet. I have the Classical Arrangements but haven’t gotten started on them, if I were to win this wonderful bundle I could split the set and gift to my daughters or part of one to my Mother who would enjoy coloring on these lovely patterns. I also like the package of the 3 sizes to color, really like the idea using the 12 by 12 size for scrapbook pages, believe that would be fun and pretty. Wish I had a little more time to sit and color especially with family members, unfortunately we don’t live close enough and it’s hard to find the time when we do visit because we always run out of time on short trips….here’s hoping this year we can make the time.

  201. Debra Spencer says:

    I think it’s time for me to try the markers.. I believe it’s about the ONLY thing Anna that I may not have ANY of. LOL

  202. Karen B. says:

    Those markers are so amazing. They would make coloring backgrounds for cards a lot of fun.

  203. Lynette Star says:

    I am starting to use stamps to accent my scrapbook layouts (and use on some of the cards I make). I normally use color pencils to color in the images. It would be nice to use Chameloen markers instead. Anna, thanks for creating such wonderful pen colors.

  204. SHELLEE says:

    I am so intrigued by these markers. I would LOVE to play with them! Looking forward to your shows!

  205. Debra says:

    I haven’t done much coloring, am so looking forward to those markers. I have started bible journaling, I’m assuming these would bleed through? Either way, I want them for my cards.

  206. Tresa Jeppsen says:

    I love these pretty spring colors. I love to color flowers and my stamped images! Hurry up May!

  207. Connie L. Dake says:

    I have not yet tried your markers and would LOVE to get them along with the coloring kits!! They allow us to be as creative as we can be with the help from your beautiful designs!! Looking forward to May for sure.

  208. Jane Gotelli says:

    I have never been able to draw and always wanted to. I my old age I found I could learn to color. Anna, I get so much pleasure from coloring the wonderful art youive is. It’s the next best thing o drawing it myself. I usually decorate the page in some little way that makes me feel it’s more mine. Like I said, so much pleasure.

  209. Gena Greenlee says:

    I love the new colors of the Chameleon markers!! My favorite thing to color is flowers! And with your color books that is not a problem!! I also love the book you can use on your lap with the heavy paper page that protects the next project. Can’t wait to see you on HSN!! Thanks Anna!!

  210. Jennifer M Smith says:

    Just getting back into crafting and love coloring in my home stamped cards. Beening learning new techniques of how to shade and blend markers. Loving it and hoping to expand my marker collection beyond primary colors!! ☺️

  211. Mary Latno says:

    I have the Chameleon Pens that came out last year and these 10 would certainly add to them….I love what they do. Coloring would be great using the pads also.
    Thank you Anna.

  212. Lillian L says:

    Great markers…Love how you can bend colors so easily….can’t get enough of coloring….loved to color with my daughter when she was little now I can do it for me!

  213. Pam says:

    I color images that I stamp, flowers that I die cut, etc. I would love to win these. Imagine they would color patterns that I’ve embossed w your folders beautifully also.

  214. Barb Riordan says:

    I have just gotten intio coloring and using mostly pencils but with these markers things seem to come alive. Having the coloring pages and cards will be something to begin with. Thank so much for these wonderful products.

  215. Patricia Sugden says:

    The coloring pens continue to interest me, but as of yet, I have not purchased any of them. Very interesting in all the shades of colors you can get with a liminited number of pens.

    So many beautiful AG products designed to use with them.

  216. Georgia Woodruff says:

    It is hard to pick out any one thing you like best in product review #3 as they all go together like pancakes and sausage or maybe a bacon sandwich that has the lettuce and the tomatoes – Its like a combo pack that does not function on its on and “I’m loving it – The spring colors are bea-u-ti-ful, especially on the card you showed w/the flowers and butterfly – Anna, I’m just patiently waiting til my time comes to be a winner and I want to thank you in advance –

  217. Nancy says:

    I would love to have these markers. They’re beautiful and so professional. Coloring is such a destresser. I don’t do it as often because I end up coloring with my kids things. It would be wonderful to have my own

  218. Rose Marie says:

    Hi again Anna
    I am getting your blog on Mondays, but not anything on Fridays now. Also my email & name are not included on Monday’s reply section, so today earlier I filled in my name & email & checked all three items under post comment. Hope that works!

  219. Nancy Fleming says:

    Chameleon Markers would be perfect for coloring stamped images on the cards I make.

  220. Bonnie says:

    My favorite for coloring is floral motifs. That can go from a simple stemmed flower to an elaborate array of fall kinds of flora with fauna. Your drawings allow for a short sit down relaxing time to a whole day spent blending colors. I had the Chameleon pens before you designed your line so was really excited when you came out with your own collection. The toppers seems like a great idea and the way you’ve packaged them this time to be able to have both is WONDERFUL!! Thank-you so much. Love everything discussed today. Yay!!!

  221. Gwen Dunn says:

    The Chameleon Markers are the best. I am so glad you have them. Your coloring cards and pages are wonderful too.

  222. Connie Van Hooser says:

    I love to color and watercolor, it’s so relaxing. I’ll color late at night,while watching TV. I really like the coloring book with the pages and I would be able to hold it and take it with me. I’m still learning with the markers, but have pencils and other things to work with also.

  223. Glenda Stone says:

    I really love everything!! The colored tops floored me–wow! Also the big book. I have been retired for many years now and live alone. These can keep you busy and satisfy your urge to color and create. Thanks Anna!

  224. Teri Boyle says:

    Well, well! You’ve read my mind AGAIN! I don’t know how many sets of markers I’ve collected trying to get a set of graduated pinks, and I just cant do it. What a great solution with the Chameleon Pens. I can’t wait to get them. Thank you!!

  225. Donna says:

    Just started using markers. Not really good at it yet but with these you’ve shown today I could get better. Love them. The coloring pages would be a bonus for me to get started like a pro.
    Love every thing you have

  226. Tomme says:

    Beautiful coloring bounty! I want those markers!!! The new color book and cards look nice too! Your coloring scenes are always the prettiest.

  227. Marcia Getty says:

    I’ve never used Chameleon markers, when I color use colored pencils..these look great! Birds and flowers are my favorite subjects.

  228. Iambie Worsley says:

    I love to color. Just last night I was coloring using your colored pencils and a paper set from you a few years ago. I think it is time to step up and try markers.

  229. Elizabeth Greenwood says:

    Love your pens the brush tips make shading so much easier. Looking forward to more colors & more cards & pages to color. Thank you for so many unique & beautiful products. Your team makes crafting so wonderful. Looking forward to May 2 at HSN

  230. Tara OLeary says:

    I love them all! I am most excited about he pens and the greeting cards. I can’t wait to try these. They are gorgeous!

  231. Debra McKenzie says:

    I love to color your designs. I have the card set and big book. They produce the most wonderful cards but I have almost colored them all. The markers look wonderful. They would be fun to learn to use. I am glad my name will be in the drawing. Thank you.

  232. Elizabeth Tedescucci says:

    Loving the pens and all the beautiful colors that they can do. They would be wonderful to use on my cards that I try to make. WOW, love, love, love them.

  233. Joanna says:

    Those markers are such beautiful colors. I’ve always wanted to color but I never knew how. I’m looking forward to May 2nd.

  234. Barbara Serna says:

    Looking forward to seeing Anna Griffen on May 2nd. on HSN.Love the Chameleon Spring Colors.

  235. Debbie says:

    Love the wall art option. So beautiful and what a wonderful gift to make for family and friends. Possibilities galore! Thanks for bringing us such beautiful products that continue to make “us” look like artists.

  236. Beverly Divany says:

    The camelian colors pens and your designs – what a gun, lovely combination! I’ll feel like a real watercolor artist with these items – fulfilling.

  237. Konni ANDIS says:

    I like to color many different designs, but nature is one of my favs! The chameleon markers are so much fun to use with the versatility they provide!

  238. Christy M says:

    What beautiful coloring fun! My favorite things to color are images I’ve stamped to use on cards. 🙂

  239. Karen Parker says:

    I would LOVE that color book with the instant lap pad to color in my chair at night! So perfect! Thanks for the opportunity !

  240. Linda C says:

    OH my goodness! The color pallets are awesome. I would be Happy Happt Happy to win any of these awesome products!

  241. Dorothy Tarr says:

    I love the coloring. I have never tried the pens, they look wonderful. I would love to win it all. I love to color Anna’s coloring pages. I love being able to make cards with the finished coloring.

  242. SusanIrene B says:

    I love the beautiful coloring pages and the beautiful markers. May 2 can;t get here soon enough.

  243. Jeannie Millard says:

    Love all of your products Anna Griffin. I have several brands of coloring pages but I prefer yours to all others. The quality and art is top quality and so beautiful! I would love to win any of your products. I am looking forward to May 2nd on HSN.

  244. Linda Drummond says:

    I love to color my drawings of Zentangles and Paisleys. Anything with lots of details! The markers look amazing, you could make any color with these. I could get rid of my mix of markers!!

  245. Phyllis thomas says:

    Animals, birds and flowers are wonderful to color, shade and blend. It makes me feel happy when having fun with the wide range of color and being creative.

  246. Lynda Mays says:

    Love to color, mostly florals, it’s so calming. The pens are amazing and I’ve been wanting to try them so am excited for the 2nd.

  247. Andrea Sherman says:

    I just recently purchased my first set of Chameleon markers, but I don’t have nearly enough and would love the Anna Griffin markers. I would use them to color my set of Anna’s designer color your own cards!

  248. Sharon Bounds says:

    Hi, love all of the colors. I think the cards would’ve fun!
    Let be it all!!

  249. Beverly Smith says:

    Chameleon markers are the best. They have just now gotten the small sets in our store here. Love to color almost everything. especially flowers and butterflies.

  250. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    Love colors and coloring! The adult coloring books are just amazing. The large pages are quite a challenge. So the card size is just a treasure of details and color possibilities. My favorite things to color are teapots and tea cups–ornate designs on dishes I think fancy dresses of the past would be fun to do..

  251. Karen Honeycutt says:

    My favorite things to color on are flowers and block letters. Shading is fun to do on these projects and your new color palette would be awesome to work with on these!

  252. Jan Bathke says:

    Love all the spring colors and flowers – it snowed at my house over the weekend! My favorite thing to color is greeting cards. It gives such a personal touch.

  253. Alicia Oswell says:

    Oh my I am so excited for the coloring products. I purchased the Christmas coloring cards and I am already working on them. Would love to be the lucky winner of this wonderful set.

  254. Diane Ackley says:

    These pens are beautiful and lend itself to so much creativity. The designs are so elegant .

  255. LB says:

    ***, this is so great I love the pens (all Of them) Anna, this is so beautiful I love to color the color packs are so beautiful. I would love to win. I love to color after work I work retail so I need some relaxing things to do. Thank you.

  256. Catherine Hanson says:

    Wow! Amazing! I love, love, love the fusing markers. Can’t wait to order them. I love to color flowers and leaves of all kinds, especially roses.

  257. Linda Burt says:

    ***, MY mother would love to have that, she has gone through all the color books that we have bought at all the stores you can name. She loves to color it helps her hands she has arthritis and it helps to keek them moving without so much pain, but anyway it all looks so great, I love your work. Thank you for all you do.

  258. Pam Okasaki says:

    What to do????!!!! I already invested in the entire set of Spectrum Noir alcohol markers including the refill nibs. Now I’m excited about your markers. I especially love the brush on one side and the point on the other end. That’s perfect! Not to mention the blending and color tops. I’m afraid of watching your demos in May because I think you’ve already converted me lol!

  259. Merlinda says:

    I love to color. When my daughter was home we would spend they day catching up while coloring. It made for great girl time. These are amazing pens. There is no sharing these. Like everyone else I’ d love to have these with the cards.

  260. Rosie says:

    Hi Anna! This looks so beautiful! I’ve never been a “colorer” so this would be a great opportunity for me to learn! I love birds and butterflies! Thank you!

  261. Jennie says:

    My favorite things to color are, of course, flowers and butterflies. Sometimes I’ve colored some flowers and have die cut butterflies from them and then added a bit of shimmer to them. Having never tried the chameleon markers, I’d love to give them a try for this very thing. I’m not quite understanding the topper concept so hopefully you’ll explain or demo it on HSN.

  262. Faith Liu says:

    These alcohol markers look amazing! I just got into coloring with alcohol markers and these are unique. I’m amazed at all the different colors and the price point is a good value compared to Copics.

  263. Stacey Kapu says:

    I love the chameleon markers. I really want the large pad. I like that you can have it on your lap and it stores neatly like a book. I would love to color that pad, then I could use it card backgrounds.

  264. Teresa says:

    I have been eyeing the chameleon markers for a cpl years now and would love to give them a try. You make it look So easy and absolutely beautiful! All the art work is stunning!

  265. Deborah Starling says:

    Colour, Colour, Colour!!!!!!!while traveling, the colours and books would just be delightful!!!!

  266. Jaline says:

    Love the Classical Arrangements Coloring Set with the built in lap desk. How great is that?

  267. Patty Moore says:

    With the new five spring colors It may be time to finally try these pens! Love the look.

  268. Kelly Coleman says:

    So pretty – will add to my collection – I have a special bag that I bring to my medical and other appts and while I wait I color with these markers and your coloring cards!

  269. Cindy G. says:

    Coloring was a favorite childhood pastime, but now is a little more sophisticated using these markers. Can’t wait to use them in my card making.

  270. Antoinette says:

    I love to color I have your first set and am looking forward to the new spring one. I love to color flowers and birds especially peacocks. I have all of your coloring sets and am looking forward to this new one I love the idea that it folds.

  271. Kathy Brenneman says:

    I love any type of coloring. I’m new to maekers. I’ve always done watercolor pencils and colored pencils so markers are a new experience for me. I love theses chameleon markers and the color xhanges. Thanks for sharing.
    Kathy B. (Fairylady0227)

  272. Marcia Long says:

    Would love to have your Chameleon markers and color tops. And all the different ways to color and craft with your different sets of coloring pages. I could really use some relaxation in the evenings. Can’t wait to see all your demos on May 2nd!

  273. Judy Fagotti says:

    The spring pallet is just beautiful! Coloring is so fascinating to me! Love the 12 x 12 size! You’re a gem, Anna!

  274. Sally McNeal says:

    I just ordered some new stamp sets and I think the Cameleon Markers and Tops sets will be so much fun to use with them. I’ve been a “colorer” since I was very little… first crayons, then colored pencils in recent years. Now it’s time to try the colored marking pens.

  275. Chris Kreide says:

    I love the markers and the classical arrangements coloring sets. One suggestion: Can you make a set with just greeting cards to color? Thanks!

  276. Peachy W says:

    Coloring on cards would be fun and then so easy to create a quick note card or thank you to send to someone. Pretty new colors – would love to see Teal and Coral – warmer mid-tones, in your palette!

  277. Doug G. says:

    Love ALL the coloring markers and coloring Sets you bring Anna !!! I love to color floral scenes and paisley designs !!!!

  278. Lynda Valentine says:

    I am not too into coloring but I have a very artistic grandson who is into drawing and coloring. I would love to have this collection as a gift for him.

  279. Melanie Proffitt says:

    I have some of your stamp and color cards- the ones on HSN several offerings ago…and would love to use these markers with them! Also, I have other colorbooks and would like to get the ones you showed today. My parents Christmas tradition was to let us open 2 gifts on Christmas Eve night. One was new pj’s and the other was a huge colorbook!!! So, I have always loved to color! Thank you, Anna.

  280. Pat Leon says:

    What beautiful coloring tools – the markers are fascinating and the papers/books/cards are great.

  281. Cindy Haselip says:

    I absolutely love the frame it scenes. I can imagine changing them out depending on my mood of season.

  282. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The markers and the coloring pages are so classy-looking! I like to color, but a lot of the pages out there are not works of art. These designs are very sophisticated.

  283. Cathy Morin says:

    I would love to try the markers on your beautiful flower designs. I don’t have the markers so I’m looking forward to trying them. I would even go so far to say that using these markers would make me look like I have real artistic talent. Oh just can’t wait!

  284. Sharon Jones says:

    I’m excited about the new colors of the markers and I love to color any of my stamped images which include flowers, critters, butterflies, dragonflies and others.

  285. carol hayden says:

    Those markers are a must but since I wasn’t able to comment last week because of travel I really really like those mini flowers and those yellow roses where the bomb!!!! My Mother loves yellow roses…thanks for adding them…

  286. Trudy Faris says:

    Color me pink and ready!!! I love coloring flowers. The markers look so versatile. Would love them.

  287. Susan M says:

    Would love to try those markers in such beautiful colors!! They would make those pictures look fantastic!!

  288. Joee Balestrieri says:

    I wish I had those markers in design school! I owned a million colored pencils back then for my renderings.

  289. CJ Sullivan says:

    This would be so awesome to win. Miss Anna you are such an inspiration your crafting is out of this world. I love watching your videos and seeing you on HSN I would love to be able to buy everything that HSN offers for Crafters. You giving everyone a chance to win some of your products shows us how much you really care and that you are a wonderful wonderful lady. Thank you for all the inspiration and everything that you do to inspire each and everyone of us Crafters. You are truly blessed.

  290. Mary Draffen says:

    Would love to win all of these…again you have made it irresistible to have these products in my Anna Griffin cabinet.
    The idea of being able to color with options of shading in different colors is fabulous.
    Hope to win!

  291. Joy says:

    I’ve never tried the chameleon pens. Can’t wait!! The coloring pads will be so much fun to take with me to places that require waiting. It’s more fun than looking at a phone. Thanks, Anna.

  292. Susie says:

    Have several markers for quilting but these are Devine colors are endless. Would love to win these babies. Thanks Anna see you next show. Already started a list.

  293. Melayne Curtis says:

    I love to color flowers. I cannot wait to tune in to HSN to see your whole selection.

  294. Marilyn Kwitowski says:

    Beautiful markers! Would love to learn to use them skillfully! I made 45 Christmas cards this past weekend with all my beautiful Anna stash, and didn’t even put a dent in my Anna supplies! Markers would be a wonderful addition!!

  295. Gail Rhodes says:

    Anna, these markers look amazing, like everything you do. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a set on May 2. I’ve never worked with markers but am getting excited about trying yours out.

  296. Judith McClain says:

    I think I should take up coloring. The doctor is telling me to reduce my stress. That sounds like a fun way to do it.

  297. LInda Bray says:

    Don’t know why I haven’t seen these markers before. They look so fun to use and the variety of color possibilities is endless. I love to color with my grandson with crayons but this takes things to a whole new level. I love coloring florals since any color is possible in nature. Thanks for the preview. Can’t wait for May 2nd.

  298. Tami W. says:

    Love the new marker colors! Reminds me of the treasury colors too! So pretty!! Amazing items! Definitely on my bucket want list!☺️

  299. Sue Helton says:

    I love how you can shade with the chameleon markers. You make it look so easy and relaxing. I love coloring scenery, leafs, flowers and fun doodles.

  300. Kathleen Mills says:

    I love to color! and I LOVE Chameleon. They are truly remarkable! I would love to have these to color on vacation, especially while travelling. We’ve been doing college tours, so have been in the car for MANY hours – and this would be PERFECT! I also like to prestamp my own cards and color those when I’m on the go! The Treasury stamps are great to use with these beautiful markers.

  301. Sue Flagstad says:

    Too much fun. Crafting is so very popular at this time. Finally, I am in with the in crowd.
    Looking forward to May 2nd for more supplies for my craft room.

  302. Suravi Joshi says:

    Beautiful product! I am fond of elephants,peacock and butterflies. I also love to color bookmarks for kids and inspirational quotes.

  303. Elane says:

    I love coloring and all these products are beautiful would love to have them all to color with…

  304. Mickey Terry says:

    The chameleon markers are really cool! Blending is very difficult and I like my cards to look as professional as they can. Plus I have the color your own Christmas cards by Anna Griffin and those would be very helpful.

  305. Marilyn E Moore says:

    the color palette for the chameleon markers are
    gorgeous. I have always preferred card making & scrapbook pages. Using ANNA GRIFFIN die cuts & embellishments. I am thinking of giving this a try.

  306. anne winders says:

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful products I won from preview #2. I couldn’t believe I won! I am so excited to receive them and use them!!! I love all of your products! It’s great that you are doing the chameleon markers in your “perfect pallet”. This way everything can work together perfectly!
    Thanks again!!!

  307. Brenda L says:

    Such cheerful colors! I love to color card fronts and stamped images. I find it very relaxing.

  308. Lillian Deloney says:

    I’ve enjoyed coloring all my life. And now my daughter and granddaughter do too!. These pens and coloring cards and books are just right! TY Anna

  309. Bonnie M. Ketterman says:

    Hi Anna,
    I don’t have any of your chameleon markers as of yet but they always look like they would be a lot of fun to work with. I have got to try these especially since my husband just got some of your Christmas coloring cards, he wants to do them and I think he would really like these markers. It would be wonderful to win your new items!! So much fun!!!!
    Take care and have a wonderful day! It’s always a nice day seeing your new products and waiting for wants coming next and than May 2!!!!!!

  310. Nancy Gates says:

    Theses pens look so nice and will be so much fun to use with card making. So many pretty colors to create pretty cards to send to Family and Friends. Thanks, Anna, for another great craft product. Have a sunny day.

  311. Judy Brooten says:

    WOW! As a colored pencil artist my favorite subjects are botanical illustrations and your markers and cards and paper lend themselves to vibrant botanical creativity!!!
    They will be versatile and easy to use anywhere..they would allow me to create great cards and gifts. Love the concept .

  312. Jeri Fleming says:

    Beautiful coloring options! Love those pens. Will have to order them if I don’t win!!!

  313. LaverneO says:

    Hi Anna, I think I failed coloring in kindergarten I’m embarrassed coloring anything as an adult. Would love to win this marker set…it helps with shading too. I would love to try coloring flowers, birds and butterflies.

  314. Barbara Lines says:

    I always loved coloring as a child. I would love to learn to use these pens. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

  315. tinker says:

    i like to color plants, greenery, other nature items, & more. those chameleon markers & pens would make it even more fun.

  316. Barbara Todd says:

    Everything is so beautiful! I must admit, I never grew out of coloring – I just love color. My favorite things to color are flowers and mandalas.

  317. Kim Abel says:

    I have used the Chameleon markers before and they are easy to use. I love your antique patterns and the flowers that you use. Love the three sizes….

  318. Janet W-U from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    Hello Anna,

    I love coloring flowers. Blending the colors on them allows for endless possibilities. And your Chameleon markers will make this even better!

    Thanks for always bringing beauty to our world.

    Happy Monday. – Janet

  319. Cinda Franklin says:

    Beautiful watercoloring tool! Will you post products for sale prior to May 2nd? Can’t wait!

  320. Joy McHargue says:

    I bought a set of chameleon markers last year with the extra tanks that do something magical. I need to watch a video and USE them-LOL. I’m such a collector.

  321. Orenda says:

    WOW :O Amazing! I love Chameleon Pens and this would be great to win these 🙂 I love the coloring kit too!

  322. Mary says:

    I really love the Chameleon markers and can’t wait to get the new Spring set! The Coloring Page are gorgeous.

  323. Nancy Brant says:

    Want to learn how to use markers in card making, this will be a wonderful item to learn on . Thanks Anna

  324. Christine Evenmoe says:

    The new Chameleon pens are a must have for me. I love to color anything and the coloring book would be a great addition to my supplies.

  325. katherine setzer says:

    I love to color the 5×7 cards they are my favorite they are great when you have a little down time but not a ton you can color a beautiful card. These markers are on my wishlist for sure love to blend!

  326. Linda Kirchner says:

    Beautiful preview, Anna. The new Spring color Chameleon pens are just beautiful. A great addition to your first set.

  327. Sheri K says:

    Great new set of Chameleon coloring markers. I have the coloring set of cards, working on them now to make greeting cards for my elderly Mom. It has been a favorite Mom’s gift each year, I make her a set of cards she can use all year. The larger coloring florals are gorgeous!

  328. Carol Babst says:

    Love these markers. My favorite thing to color is stamped images. I will be watching and buying May 2nd.

  329. Rhonda Christopher says:

    WOW! I love to color when I’m with my grandchildren and traveling. It’s so relaxing. It takes you to another place. Thanks Anna for the video.

  330. Angelique Vela says:

    I sure could sink my creative teeth into this sneak peak. Love the Chameleon pens and color tops. Now, there are more colors to add, how exciting!

  331. Mary Mangus says:

    The Chameleon markers are probably my next step as I have all the coloring sets. My seven year old grandson has used the coloring cards to make for his Mom.

  332. Jackie Reynolds says:

    Color my world! OMGosh I love the chameleon markers, they are definitely a great asset to artists. The coloring cards and book look like a great activity on a shady porch with a tall iced glass of sweet tea this summer! Thank you Anna & Crew

  333. Michelle says:

    Oh Anna, this Chameleon set is beautiful. I love to color on my cut outs, especially flowers and leaves. I have very few markers, maybe ten and this would add so much more to my coloring palette. The colors are beautiful and so much you could do with it.

  334. Mary Ann Gordon says:

    I love to color anything Anna Griffin! I have one of your coloring books and would love to have all the new things you have designed. The pens would be a joy to work with. My Anna Griffin planner would really come to life with these. Looking forward to May 2nd.

  335. Dawn From IL says:

    I would love the Chameleon Markers to color all of the stamped images! I have been looking at these for quite awhile. I think the thing I like coloring the most would be…… animals. 🙂

  336. Mary Pat Randall says:

    I LOVE coloring and the Chameleon Markers are the best!!! All those beautiful Victorian pages to color are a must have too! Really like that it’s portable. Thanks, Anna! Have a colorful day!!!

  337. Nancy Hulsey says:

    I love to color spring flowers – daffodils and tulips for sure. Your markers sound fantastic. Can not wait to see them live so I really know how to use them. The coloring papers look exquiste. Thanks, Anna

  338. Carla Haase says:

    Those markers with the tops are an artist’s dream. I love them. I used to paint and now the alcohol markers will let me do it again for cards. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful things, Anna.

  339. Donna Marie De Graw says:

    Wow Anna I wish I had all of these now so I could be doing something. I hate this just setting around doing nothing. I’m so bored out of my mind. If I had these things to color I would be so happy. I love being able to set here doing something. But I don’t so for the next 4 weeks I just have to set here and do nothing. Your stuff is so beautiful and stuff so nice to work on. Thank you so much for share your products with us.

    I’m in so much pain that my doctor had to change my meds and I hope this new one well work better for me.

  340. Susan Anglen says:

    WOOOOW, ANNA!!! These coloring pages are SOOooo beautiful!!! My fave thing to color is flowers! I have never worked with chameleon markers before but I’d love to try… hope I win this!

  341. Donna Marie De Graw says:

    Wow Anna I wish I had all of these now so I could be doing something. I hate this just setting around doing nothing. I’m so bored out of my mind. If I had these things to color I would be so happy. I love being able to set here doing something. But I don’t so for the next 4 weeks I just have to set here and do nothing. Your stuff is so beautiful and stuff so nice to work on. Thank you so much for share your products with us.

  342. Leslie Johnson says:

    The Chameleon coloring set would be great for coloring on the go! Lots of colors in one small set! My favorite things to color are flowers and butterflies. Excited to see you in May!

  343. Deanna says:

    Oh Wow! I love the Chameleon pens. They are so much fun to create beautiful coloring pages/cards. The color tops really increase your ability to create gorgeous creations! Thank you Anna. You have outdone yourself again! Can’t wait until May 2nd.

  344. Deidra Keels says:

    Color me HAPPY! On May 2….collor me HAPPIER…..when my May 2 shipment arrives…..color me HAPPIEST! Thank you for the opportunity to win today’s product preview and congratulations to today’s winner.

  345. Deanna Lauderdale says:

    I like to color flowers, but I am really starting to like coloring animals and even people!

  346. Jessica Yarbrough says:

    I always enjoy your previews. The Cameleon markers & toppers intrigue me. Maybe this is the presentation that I finally try them since I’m really loving the spring color set.

  347. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Would love to have these coloring pens for my 76 year old husband who can color some of the prettiest flowers, the flowers are great too.No one believes he does them.

  348. Suzann Anderson says:

    I love coloring on the go. Currently I bring a box of scripture coloring cards and my Anna Griffin watercolor markers with me when I know I’m going to be waiting Dr appointments or mechanics… it makes the time fly plus I have focal bases for cards when I get home. I love my Anna Griffin watercolor markers! I would be ecstatic to win this color extravaganza:) Good Luck everyone.

  349. DeniseM says:

    Oh Anna, I LOVE all these products! I have just started coloring my Christmas coloring cards I purchased from your store. It is so relaxing and like you said de-stresses. I’m not an artist by any means but when I finish coloring a card I feel pretty close. Lol I would absolutely love to have a set of chameleon markers and the beautiful artwork you have created for us to color! YOU ARE AMAZING (Fingers crossed)

  350. Mary Lee says:

    Oh my, I love the coloring scrapbook pages, or the 12 x 12 coloring sheets. How beautiful to do an entire scrapbook of hand colored pages with your loved ones pictures on them.

  351. Sharon says:

    Oh my goodness love the color markers!!! A very special friend of mine got me started on coloring almost 3 years ago when I suddenly was handed a heart condition. She has continued to give me books and markers… these markers would be just perfect for my collection!!!’

  352. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    A friend got me started in coloring. Before I didn’t think I would like it but boy was I wrong – I love it. May 3rd is my birthday so I plan on treating myself – I will be 76 yo. Love your products Anna and friends/family love the cards I make with your kits. Thank you for all the beautiful products you dream up for us.

  353. Mary says:

    Exciting for sure! Chameleon pins amaze and astound me on the capability to blend color. It is hard to find a pen with such brilliant colors.

  354. Rosemary says:

    Hi! Love the new products. I have never had an opportunity to use the pens but am looking forward to seeing more about them on May 2nd. The coloring books, cards, etc. are great and would be awesome for home décor.

  355. Diann R says:

    Anna I got the markers the first time you had them on HSN and I really like them now I want the coloring book so that I can relax and color this summer.

  356. Corina Black says:

    I have not yet experienced the chameleon pens or coloring it looks amazing I would love the lap desk coloring pages I must discover this I would love to color flowers of summer!

  357. Nora Martyniak says:

    I can never use makers with any success. These pens seem perfect. The do all the work for you.
    Can’t wait.

    Happy Monday to all.

  358. Sandra Madanski says:

    I love those markers. I love to color while I’m watching TV it is so relaxing. And my favorite things to color is nature. Looking forward to May 2nd. Thanks Anna for bringing beauty to us crafters.

  359. Linda Chmielewski-Larsen says:

    Want to break open a new box of crayola crayons…and now the adult version! Lovely markers!

  360. Linda foster says:

    Love the chameleon pens and the wonderful colors especially the pinks. My favorite. I am 76 and having back problems. Would love to have these while I can’t do a whole lot of exercise. Love to make your cards. Hope to be able to sell some in th very near future. Please think of this little old lady when you give away your goodies. Thank you

  361. Joreen says:

    Beautiful images and colors. I have always loved coloring stamped images. It is sort of mindless relaxing rhythm as you create something beautiful.

  362. Dilara Serra says:

    How exciting!!! I do adult coloring books all the time. These would be even better and those markers look of this world!! HAPPY COLOURING WITH ANNA!!

  363. Lilia A. says:

    Color, color, I love ❤️ color and all the beautiful Anna’s creations. I can’t wait to see what else we can make with this coloring packs.

  364. Patricia Ericson says:

    Anna, the chameleon markers look so wonderful. I have the chameleon color tone pencils and I love them The colors are so vibrant. For the last 4 weeks I have been coloring as I still can’t scrapbook or make those beautiful blooming decoupage cards. Thank you for all you do .God bless you.

  365. Judy says:

    Love these markers, but haven’t been able to afford them. I color mostly stamped images but those cards and paper pads are gorgeous. I would LOVE to win these!!

  366. Sandra Schauffele says:

    Oh these markers are great love the coloring card kit It’s stress relief in a box thank you this is awesome

  367. Elizabeth Klein says:

    My favorite thing to color is the die cuts… some I color with the die still in. I also like coloring in my Anna Griffin coloring books, in bed! Lol… Thank you Anna 🙂 Betsy

  368. Connie says:

    I love to color, especially anything to do with the beach/ ocean or florals. The new Spring colors on the pens are beautiful. Looking forward to the next shows!

  369. Cynthia Link says:

    Wonderful colors in this palette! and I love that you have the coloring pages in your gorgeous designs. multiple sizes make is to useful! Another A+ from Anna. Looking forward to May 2nd show!.

  370. Judy Bienvenu says:

    Ohhh Anna, this is a Godsend!!! I suffer from depression and coloring always helps . These images are gorgeous … I have enjoyed coloring with your stamps , and have some of your other coloring products! I would love to use the New markers!! I have your older market for a number of years … thank you for all your crafting creations, I hope know how much some of us really need and appreciate them for our sanity

  371. Kathryn Harris says:

    I have a few Chameleon Pens, but not the Anna Griffin palette. Would love to get a set along with the greeting cards to color.

  372. Kathy Carol says:

    What lovely coloring tools. I am thinking about coloring
    Some of your pages, mounting and laminating them and using them for placemats. They would definitely upgrade my table. Thanks for all you bring to us.

  373. Barbara Baker-Davison says:

    Love the pens and would really enjoy having the toppers! The coloring pages are too gorgeous! You have done it again!

  374. Susan Mlacker says:

    Love to color card fronts, scrapbook pages. The new spring colors are so pretty. Love all the new things.

  375. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Loving all the Chameleon pens!! Since i dont have any it would certainly be fabulous to win some.
    I do love to color flowers and butterflies.
    Can’t wait till May 2nd!. Thanks Anna❤

  376. Mary Helen Harris says:

    I’d love to try these markers to color like the impressionist artists! I really am limited in drawing, but everyone can color!!
    Can we have a class on this at Create??

  377. Colette says:

    wow, love it all especially the chameleon coloring system and the new spring colors are fantastic. Looking forward to trying these.

  378. Lana Murphy says:

    I haven’t tried the new adult coloring yet, but have been wanting to. This would really give me the best of the best in designs and pens. Great! I would love to own these.

  379. Paulette King says:

    Love your coloring set and books. I always color my embellishments on my cards or scrapbooking pages to give it a special personal touch. Hope to be the winner…Can’t wait till May 2nd! Until then, aurevoir

  380. Tina says:

    Thank you for beautiful new designs. I love to color words in handmade greeting cards, especially adding a little glitter. Most anxious to see all the great products on May 2nd.

  381. DeeC says:

    I LOOOVE to color! I have so many of your coloring images…they are exquisite. I’ve not tried the Chamleon markers….they look magical. My favorite things to color are mandalas and florals. The May shows are going to be so much fun!

  382. Mary Kaye Jenrich says:

    I love coloring bright colorful things, and antique signs and ephemera looking items. Just too cool!

    I like those color tops. Are those your version of a crayon?

    Okay, back to making my wreath in a few. Maybe I’ll like it enough to photograph it and send it in.

    Have a good one!

    Fingers crossed, fingers crossed!

  383. Jen Shelton says:

    I have not gotten into coloring yet but think it would be a great stress reliever. I am afraid it would become a new addiction on top of my other craft addictions!

  384. Patricia Ladd says:

    The Classical Arrangements Coloring Set is fantastic! I love that you included embellishments with the kit and the built-in lap desk. You really do think of everything.

  385. Cheryl says:

    Love the markers with the idea of blending. You have beautiful cards & coloring pages, & as always, you are thinking of us in convenient ways. I enjoy coloring cards to express & share with those you love & care for by giving. Thank you Anna for your lovely ideas.

  386. Sharon A. says:

    Would love to have the Chameleon markers! Looking forward to May 2! Thank you, Anna, for all you do! Today is card-making day with my new Blooming Decoupage Kit. It will be a fun day!

  387. Jane Forrest says:

    What fun, love the new markers. The color pages look so beautiful and love the 5×7 layer to make cards. May 2nd !

  388. Karen VanLoo says:

    I have the Chameleon pens I bought last year, and have to have the new spring colors. These are so much fun to color and play with. Love all of this!

  389. Jeanette Elliott says:

    I absolutely love to color! I have never used alcohol pens and I have been wanting to try them for a long time. They would be beautiful with flowers and stamps! I love your coloring pages also! Very pretty!

  390. Elaine says:

    What a beautiful assortment of coloring pages and cards, complete with markers to make them pop! I will enter another decade in my life, at the end of May, and I would love to share all of this with my granddaughters and two great granddaughters! Happy Birthday to me!

  391. Aymee Bullington says:

    Will be looking forward to seeing these Chameleon markers in action! I have been looking at these for awhile now, but not really sure how they work with the color tops? Looking forward to the shows coming up!

  392. Dana Embry says:

    New Chameleon pens !!!! SWEET!!!
    Coloring is so relaxing and you just kinda get “lost” in the moment.. well I do anyways !!!!


    I love coloring in the coloring books and then turning them into the fronts of cards. I have run out of the cards I purchased from Anna that I colored,

  394. Joy S says:

    Love all the Chameleon pens and sets. Such beautiful colors! Can’t wait to order and start coloring. Thanks Anna

  395. Cheryl R says:

    Coloring is one of the most relaxing crafts I do. Looking forward to adding to my coloring stash with these wonderful products

  396. Michelle Christ says:

    Well Anna…you have gone and done it again! Another great set of things I NEED to have. LOL. My favorite thing to color is flowers. I just love playing with different shading. I don’t do as much with regular alcohol markers as I do with watercolors but the Chameleon pens look awesome and I would love to win them. Thanks!

  397. Lisa LaRocca says:

    Love coloring flowers and mandalas… love these markers and can’t wait to get the new colors


    These markers are very easy to use. The new colors are very beautiful. The blending of the colors are exquisite.
    I am do glad that you have added more colors.

  399. Linda Steele says:

    I love to color anything and everything. Sometimes I color stamped images and sometimes just add or change coloring on vintage greeting card graphics to add some vibrancy. Love these new markers and would put them to good use.

  400. L Marchetti says:

    Anna, I have one of your coloring books & absolutely love it. It is fun to think, “If Anna Griffin was coloring this, right now, I wonder what color she would pick to color this flower!” It makes it fun to use your prints but for me to feel even more involved in the creative process bc it is ultimately my choice of colors & how I will use what I have colored. Sometimes it is just cutting part of the page to make a pretty card layer. It is also great to have an AG product I can take with me & work on while waiting for a doctors appointment. Thanks for your continued generosity, with these giveaways!

  401. Patricia Bowman says:

    I have not ventured into the Chameleon pens yet. They look interesting. I love the coloring book idea – great for taking projects with you.

  402. MaryJo Larrison says:

    I love the new spring colors!!! My granddaughter and I love to color butterflies and flowers!!!

  403. Anna Gourdji says:

    The chameleon coloring system is fantastic! I love the coloring pad – it’s so beautiful. I wish I could be the lucky winner.

  404. MtGlitterQueen says:

    My favorite thing to color is stamped images. I am new to coloring so these would be a fantastic new tool since it seems easy enough when you demonstrated it.

  405. Toni V says:

    My daughter just loved those markers and uses them all the time, it will be fun for her to have new colors and lovely pages to color. Thank you for bringing Spring to a snowy day in Chicago.

  406. Trisha says:

    Love to color Thank You cards – this way I get to thank them with a sentiment and with a beautiful card personally colored for them!

  407. Teresa says:

    Oh Anna have been wanting to try these pens. The colors look beautiful, I love to color flowers and butterflies . My mother in law has Alzheimer’s and I think these pens and coloring packs would be just awesome for her. Thanks for all you do for us. Can’t wait for the shows!

  408. Terressa Hollingsworth says:

    Wow, the chameleon markers are amazing! All the fun you can have coloring. Love the Classical Arrangements Coloring Set.

  409. Jan Martin says:

    I have not tried the chameleon markers yet, but they look amazingly wonderful! The coloring card-stock will be amazing not only to color but to use on card fronts and other for other gifts.

  410. Jeannie B says:

    I love the new pens with toppers and all the coloring cards and pages. Your flowers are the most beautiful and coloring them will bring back memories of my childhood and the hours I spent coloring in my coloring books. What better way to de-stress and relax than to pick up the pens and coloring pages and create something beautiful!

  411. Charlotte says:

    Oh the lucky winners! These prints are beautiful to color and I would love to try the new pens! Beautiful

  412. Sandra Evans says:

    Would like to try those wonderful markers and your coloring pages and cards are beautiful. Thanks Anna for the chance to win them.

  413. Barbara says:

    The chameleon new colors are very pretty. I have just a few and the are easy to work with. Mostly they are great when traveling as you can color on an air plane or in a hotel room to relax. Then of course they are great to use when making cards.

  414. Debi says:

    I never thought I’d enjoy coloring that much, but I’m inspired by the markers and can hardly wait to play! I know this will be fun to do with my granddaughters, too! (So much better than the restaurant placemats!)

  415. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    Congratulations on your HSN awards! They are so very well-deserved!
    Regards, Anne

  416. Alice Goehrig says:

    With all my other Anna Griffin purchases I just haven’t justified the purchase of these markers and coloring accessories to myself, therefore, I would be sooooo happy if I were to win these items. Thanks for the chance.

  417. Tina Davis says:

    Anna, I would color everything I could get my hands on if I had these markers. Love the coloring kits.. Glad you offer them in different sizes. Love the coloring pad also. You have thought of everything. Love everything you make.

  418. Bridget Kleiderlein says:

    I’ve never used anything but colored pencils with a blending tool ,but would love to try the markers! Thanks for the opportunity Anna to win and also the demonstration on how they work!

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  420. Dawn Lonak says:

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  421. Karen Lorenz says:

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  422. Gina Faneuff says:

    So pretty. I don’t know that my skills would own the beauty of these examples, but I know I would have fun trying. This would be perfect for camping!!!!

  423. Mary White says:

    Love this beautiful set of Chameleon 22 markers that are double tipped! Such amazing spring colors! Thank you for the demo on the shading! Love the 20 Chameleon Color Tops! Gorgeous colors! The coloring card stock in a light gray is amazing! Thank you Anna for all your awesome products! You are beautiful!

  424. Cathy Johnson says:

    I just love to color! These pens are perfect for that beginner artist to practice and perfect their blending skills. My Granddaughter and I love to color together!

  425. Mary Lee Makinen says:

    I color my stamped images. This whole “painting” process of coloring is new. I used to just ink the images and keep on going. This is such a beautiful way to bring life to stamped images.

  426. Mary Lee Makinen says:

    I color my stamped images. This whole “painting” process of coloring is new. I used to just ink the images and keep on going. This is such a beautiful way to bring life to stamped images.

  427. Beverly Limbach says:

    The coloring pages are so beautiful. Flowers are my favorite things to color and they would be wonderful with the markers. I watch too much tv so if I sat with the pad on my lap and colored, at least I would be accomplishing something while in front of the tv set. I love the different shades of color for each flower.

  428. Carole Moats says:

    Love coloring and all the wonderful results. Anxious to try the Chameleons and all the gorgeous books, note papers and other items. Such special details have been added.

  429. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Very nice. I have not done any of this genre due to getting my dies, etc. collected.
    Some day.

  430. VicKi L. DeYot says:

    You ABSOLUTELY read my mind! I have been dreaming about a second color palette AND AND AND… I have to be in San Diego next week and Annapolis the week after and was trying to think of how I could take some kind of crafting with me. I love coloring and I think I have every “coloring book” or product you’ve ever made, some I even have 2 since I received seconds at Create.

    I hope the markers travel well on a plane, pressurized cabin, etc. I’m going to see if they still have your toppers available now, I have the original palette so I can take that one now but truly SO EXCITED to get the new one!

    I can and do color your designs for hours. It is so relaxing and I can totally tune out the rest of the world.
    I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to share your creative vision with the world. I love all things antique and collectible, with a special affinity to anything floral or French. I have and dearly cherish my great grandmother’s antique French Haviland, she was also a china painter so I have a great many other florals, botanicals, and even a few fish and landscapes. Additionally my father became a Master Gardener after he retired as an environmental engineer, so botanicals hold a very special place in my heart.

    I’ve already signed up for this year’s Create!

    Love you and your team!

  431. Karen L. says:

    These are just beautiful! I love it all, but especially love coloring cards. They’re a nice size and a great gift!

  432. Brenda Wise says:

    Wow. I would love to win the chameleon markers and would love the coloring scenes. I love to color as it relaxes me and I use the pages on.my scrapbooks and cards. Can’t wait until May 2nd. I couldn’t wait so had to order some more of your products yesterday from Home shopping network

  433. Tonya Oswald says:

    I’m so excited to have more coloring sheets. My daughters and I love to get together and color. It’s our special time. We totally loose track of time. They loved coloring when they were children and still do as adults. Coloring is a great way to spend time together and just catch up or remembering the past. I still want to put their work on the fridge 🙂

  434. Donna Lee Williams says:

    I have the first Anna palette of Chameleons and I think I must have this spring set. I’m going to try to use more of the coloring pages I already have from Anna before buying new ones. Must save room for those dies from last week.

  435. RaVonna Johnson says:

    Gorgeous. I love to color all kinds of things but cards are really my favorite and I love my Chameleon markers. I love all the beautiful colors in your sets and think it is wonderful that you can order the additional tops and make so many more beautiful colors. Can’t wait to check these out.

  436. Juliet Visalli says:

    Coloring has always been a relaxation tool for me, and you have made me so excited with these new tools. Great inspiration!!

  437. DEBBY MIGUES says:

    all the coloring pen are beautiful I am just getting to coloring my card but have nothing like these .

  438. Laurel M. says:

    The coloring pages in the 3 sizes is pretty cool. And with the markers, I actually feel like I could be an artist!

  439. Beverly Limbach says:

    I love color and what better way to get the colors and shades I want is to use these Chameleon markers and coloring pages. The results are outstanding so I hope my efforts will be almost as pretty as the ones shown.

  440. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Coloring Brings back memories of childhood and lazy days of summer. I really like the cards that can be colored and customized to our favorite color palate. Thank you for your lovely designs and looking forward to next HSN show.

  441. Judy says:

    Luckily I have a May birthday! Can’t wait to tell my husband what he bought me for my birthday! lol

  442. Debbie says:

    Love to color the beautiful Anna Griffin Cards. The designs are so beautiful and turn out beautiful every time. What a great coloring set !

  443. Linda Royalty says:

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  444. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    The Classical Arrangements coloring set is just stunning!! I was coloring this weekend and i love it! I have not tried the chameleon markers but would love to!

  445. Janet Nelson says:

    My fave thing to color are stamps that I have. I also have coloring books and card toppers which are also fun so I can pick a coloring project that matches the time I have available.

  446. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Correction – to auto correct! My word was supposed to be Anna-riffing! Love your designs:)

  447. Joan LoBrutto says:

    My son does beautiful drawings and paintings so I will get the markers for him. With these markers and toppers his imagination will go wild.

  448. Michelle Reynolds says:

    I started coloring while I was sitting with my mother in her nursing home room. But now that she has passed, it just keeps her close to me.

  449. Joan says:

    My favorite thing to color are the beautiful flowers with the words. The words are some inspiration and peace in a hectic and troubled world. Thank you for all these beautiful stats.

  450. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Time for me to ge t the frame it coloring sheets. Designs are Anna-riffing and not dizzyingly busy look most I have seen elsewhere.

  451. Caroline Knauth says:

    These markers colors are beautiful. Any project will be beautiful with this full set. Is it May yet?

  452. Cathy W says:

    My favorite thing to color is flowers. I am looking forward to using the Chameleon Color Tops.

  453. Jan Linder-Koda says:

    Hi Anna, I have been coloring since I was a little girl. My dad and I would color. I still have some of those paintings. Love this new set. Can’t wait to get it.

  454. Judi H says:

    Love, love, love coloring!!! ❤️
    I’m so excited for these since I have been having a hard time finding quality images to color Leave to Anna to bring it to us! I really like the ability to travel with the coloring portfolio!!! It makes those long travel days go by so much faster. Thanks Anna!!!!!

  455. Anne W says:

    I am obsessed with coloring…color every day. I have all your books and sets, but would love to have more and win the pens. I have always seen the Chameleon pens, they look facinating and a great new medium to work with! Would be so happy to win! love Anna Griffin products!

  456. shirley anderson says:

    Chameleon pens are looking awesome…gorgeous colors in the new sets…It would be so much fun to blend your own hombre colors perfect for coloring florals and scenes from nature.

  457. Sandy H says:

    Unfortunately I have several coloring books, cards etc. and can’t seem to find time to sit down and do it. My volunteer activities, church things, and other crafts like card making, scrap booking, craft painting, writing and general “stuff” don’t leave much time to just sit and color, but the products today certainly are beautiful.

  458. Tracy Arvas says:

    The pack of coloring pages will make the perfect retirement gift. Will have to get multiple sets.

  459. Barbara Mader says:

    Haven’t tried these markers yet. But the demo makes it look so easy and fun. Curious on how well they last. Would like to try them. I like coloring with watercolor pencils. This looks easier to blend. ❤️ The new ideas you bring.

  460. Darlene says:

    Love the beautiful sets of coloring pages!! Adding that to my list to purchase on May 2nd. I truly love the fact that we get a “preview” before actual Craft Day because your things all sell out so fast 😉

  461. Marcia Scantlin says:

    I like to color images/words that I’ve stamped. Can’t wait to see more of the Chameleon in action.

  462. Chris H says:

    GORGEOUS COLORS!! I love the idea of changing out the tops. My other markers are starting to take up way too much space. Maybe storing these would work out better in my limited space.

  463. Madeleine Menke says:

    Thank goodness! a product reveal I can resist.
    I’m a lazy card maker, that’s why I love dies and kits, but not coloring. I leave that to all of you creative people out there.

  464. Diane says:

    The coloring set sounds inclusive! My coloring images are usually floral or traditional quilt patterns. I admit that I have not acquired the “hand” of blending with markers. It took me years to get a sense of this with acrylics and a brush.

  465. Dianne McDonald says:

    These colors and pages are great. Reminds me of spring and the gorgeous blooms that come out of hiding.

  466. Judy powlowski says:

    The card making kit is absolutely gorgeous I can imagine just zoning out relaxing and creating something beautiful.

  467. Debbie says:

    Ohhhhh! Those look like good fun to color! And the markers look like so much fun!!!! I’d love to win them!!

  468. Vicki Moffett says:

    I have not gotten into coloring at this point, guess I need to start after looking at your lovely sets

  469. Carol Assentato says:

    All I can say is fantastic. The markers are such great colors, just in time for spring and summer. Can’t wait for the show.

  470. Penny Mourer says:

    Love the products. I am getting where I color on cards and love the way they turn out. Not very into the coloring books, but like to have a purpose for what I color. Again, love your products. Thanks for always thinking of what we need the most!!!

  471. D. Tate Cooper says:

    The chameleon markers are wonderful. My favorite thing to color is flowers. The Classical Arrangements coloring items will be great for me.

  472. Lorri A Shadis says:

    Another great preview! I love the pack of coloring pages in 3 sizes! Really looking forward to May 2nd!!

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