How to: Mother’s Day Gift – Pretty Pocket Collage

Hi friends,

We’re back from HSN, and ready to show you all kinds of how to projects over the next few weeks. Thank you so much for joining us on Wednesday. We sincerely appreciate all the love, comments and participation during the shows. We had the best time getting to share our new products with you!

We have QVC UK coming up May 30th at 12pm and 6pm as well as The Shopping Channel in Canada on June 25th. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for 24 hour Craft Day on HSN July 11th.

Speaking of special dates, Mother’s Day is May 13th, so let’s make something truly special for mom, grandma, your sister, your aunt and all the special friends in your life!

Mother’s Day Pretty Pocket – 12×12 collage to frame


  • Anna Griffin® Gold/Ivory Cricut® Cuttlebug™ Version 3, 510-398
  • Anna Griffin® Tool ‘n One, 457-852
  • Anna Griffin® Pretty Pocket Dies, 528-923
  • Anna Griffin® Pretty Pocket Embellishments, 532-385
  • Gold Flourish Stickers
  • (1) Piece of silver metallic cardstock, 12”x12”
  • (1) Piece of light yellow cardstock, cut to 11 ¼”x 11 ¼”
  • (1) Piece of flocked cardstock, cut to 11”x11”
  • (1) Piece of matte gold cardstock, cut to 4”x 5 ½”
  • (1) Piece of pink patterned cardstock, cut to 3 ¾”x 4 ¼”
  • (1) Photo, cut to 3 ½”x 4”
  • Mother’s Day Sentiment
  • Foam squares
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive (tape runner)Instructions:

Using the Cricut® Cuttlebug™ and pocket die, cut and emboss the pocket out of the matte gold cardstock.

Using a tape runner, adhere the light yellow cardstock to the center of the silver metallic cardstock.

Adhere the flocked cardstock layer to the light yellow cardstock using a tape runner.

Arrange the gold flourish embellishments in a circle as shown and attach with foam square adhesive.

Arrange the post card and floral pocket embellishments as shown and secure with foam adhesive.

Attach the die cut pocket using a tape runner.

Adhere the photo to the center of the pink patterned cardstock using a tape runner.

Place the picture with border inside the pocket and secure with foam adhesive.

Using foam squares, place the remaining 3 gold flourishes along the bottom of the pocket as shown.

Attach sentiments using foam adhesive.

This scrapbook is the perfect page to celebrate all your favorite memories! Add this to a 14″ shadow box and frame it as a gift for Mom. Don’t forget the journaling!

Head over to our Facebook page every day during the month of May to enter to win our grab bag giveaway (scrapbook edition)! Posts go up every day at 2:00pm, and we would absolutely love to see your projects!





  1. Leslie says:

    Lovely layout, reminds me of watching you on DIY Scrapbooking with Sandy Genovese. Only then we had to fussy cut the pieces. So glad we have die cutting machines now. Happy Crafting!!!!

  2. Glenda Estes says:

    What a beautiful page!!! Anna, will you ever offer a stamp set of the feathery gold flourishes that you used on this page???? I hope so, they add such elegance to a card or page & yours are simply the most beautiful!!

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Dear Anna , I love the pockets! I can see so many uses.
    Especially for holding memorabilia on scrapbook

  4. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Wow Anna! I absolutely love this tutorial. I have never made a scrapbook page & this helps me creativily to get it going. I am really loving all the scrapbook pages you have been sharing. It was a joy to speak to you during the show. In the near future I will be leaving the beautiful island of Maui – for a reason of love, to be more centrally located to my son’s. And then it’s on my list to go to CREATE!

  5. Melba Bruce says:

    Most beautiful card as always! Would love to win some of this beautiful items! Love all you do, Anna!

  6. HollyG says:

    Hello there Miss Anna!

    A heartfelt thank you for the instructions for this beautiful page! Inspiring indeed!

    Great shows on HSN this past week! Loved every minute! Thank you for your continued efforts and talent keeping beautiful creations within our grasp!

    Most Sincerely….

  7. Maureen says:

    Sandy H your comment is priceless and so true of so many of us . PS I love soup!!!

  8. Robin in Washington says:

    Good morning Anna!
    Another HSN Craft Day in the books — was fun, fun, fun!
    Bought LOTS…as always.
    See you in July!

  9. June Estep says:

    this is just beautiful. I must scraplift. Love this and I have everything I need. wow

  10. Jan sanders says:

    You have the corner market on roses. They look like David Austin roses but ones that last forever.
    I wish I had more options to buy your lovely roses

  11. Deborah taylor says:

    I got die cuts off of you wend you were on han may 10 I wish that I could bye everything of your but I can’t a for them thank you all the good stuff you made i hope that I could be a win some day and I love your flowers to thank you

  12. Melodie Bushaw says:

    This is a beautiful way to honor your mother…I would give anything to have my mom here to make this for.

  13. Annette Johnson says:

    So glad you got home safe and sound and loved watching you on HSN Looking forward to the next project you preview. LOVE the card it will work great for my mother-in-law

  14. Sandy H says:

    I’m going to be in line at the soup kitchen after craft day….I think I am allergic to Anna Griffin, every time I see her I break out in poverty…you’re killing me, but I am gonna die happy! Oh well, it’s only money and I can’t take it with me …but I can make lots of folks happy before I go. LOL. Love it all, thanks.
    Sandy H

  15. Angela says:

    Sending a very special ~~~ “ Thank You “ ~~~ your way, for such a wonderful shopping day, on H.S.N. !!! This time around seemed to be loaded with Extremely, Elegant items, that really caught my eye ~~~ from the mini flower dies … to the border trim dies, including the basket dies ~~~ I just couldn’t be any happier ! Your products are “ Amazing !!! “ Thanks, again !!!

    Angel ( from Maine )

  16. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    Love the “pocket” page. This could be art that is saved for generations. Also enjoyed May 2nd and all the products and demonstrations. I bought the laurels and basket dies and think they will be great together.Plus the Vintage summer die cuts will be great for July 4th cards and summer birthdays. The will combine with the dies also….great design and planning on your part.

  17. Dianna Lantz says:

    Chance to win something wonderful. Yeaaaaa I hope it is something wonderful. Oh who am I kidding if it’s from Anna it is Always Wonderful. Thanks Anna Yippy!! 🙂

  18. Donna from Florida says:

    Another fantastic presentation of products used with A.G.’s. treasure trove ideas!

  19. Diane Cannon-Logan says:

    That page is absolutely gorgeous. Using that pocket die is ingenius. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Karen Honeycutt says:

    Beautiful and I have to do this soon as a Scrapbook page for both granddaughters. Thank you.

  21. Konni ANDIS says:

    Such a beautiful gift for Mom! I scrapbook a lot and can’t wait to make this. I don’t have a Facebook account, but would love to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks!

  22. Liz48 says:

    I was very delighted and surprised that some of my items from HSN show on Wednesday!!!! I am just waiting for a few more to make dather’s dad cards. I have never gotten these items so quickly. That Mother’s Day card is beautiful.

  23. Corina says:

    I use to scrapbook alot. I haven’t done it in years. I see this in my near future.
    This one is absolutely gorgeous!

  24. Kim Griffin says:

    I have not tried scrapbooking but looking at all the beautiful layouts, I thinking goijngbbto have to start scrapbooking.

  25. Rhonda Williams says:

    I am still riding my Wednesday high! I got a shipped notice this morning! Yeah! Some of my things are on extended ship…so I have lots more to look forward too! ❤️

  26. R-JZ says:

    Simply beautiful! I loved all your products on tv this week and especially the creative examples that inspire me.

  27. Susan Middleton says:

    QUESTION; i loved the shows on the 2nd of May and bought several things but was very disappointed that I couldn’t purchase the extra plates for the mini machine. I called in within 10 minutes after the shows started only to be told they were sold out. Also, ordered the extra magnetic folders for my binder and then got an e-mail the next day that they didn’t have enough in the warehouse at HSN to ship my order. Are we going to have more available soon or what?

  28. Maureen Odell says:

    I loved the show and bought many beautiful things. Loved seeing all the scrapbook examples.
    Tthank you for the beautiful tutorial.

  29. Lillian Lumachi says:

    Wow love this layout! The pocket dies are one of my favorites and this is another project I am going to try!

  30. Aurora says:

    What a wonderful project. I am going to make one maytbe two of these for Mother’s day..

  31. Carla says:

    What a great idea using the pocket on a scrapbook page. Enjoyed your shows Wednesday and ordered a lot. Already have some things. Those basket dies are precious, as are those border dies. Loving that they are wide. How’s about more wide dies that we can put ribbons through? Makes a beautiful card quickly. Bless you, Anna, for all you do.

  32. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Beautifully done! I had such a great day watching you on HSN. I can’t wait until my things start coming.

  33. Mary Beth says:

    WOW – that is positively stunning! Any woman would love to be commemorated in such luxury!
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  34. Brenda O says:

    Just a lovely project, thank you so much for this. I loved seeing you on HSN and on FaceBook Live! It was such a wonderful day with soooo many great toys and tips in actions. Thank you again, it is greatly appreciated.

  35. Donna Marie Russell says:

    What a great page. I love the idea that you use on this page. But for me I need to do at least three or four pictures per page. But yours is still beautiful.

  36. Jen Shelton says:

    I really like the idea of creating the scrapbook page and putting in a shadow box for a gift! I think i will do this for my Mom!!

  37. Ginger Marx says:

    Beautiful! This page can be very versatile for other occasions. I love your ” How too ” pages You always show us a new way to use the dies we have from your collections. ^Thank you..

  38. Tammy Shoman says:

    I love this so much! Thank you for doing these tutorials and projects for us. I appreciate all you do!


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Loved Wednesday on HSN. I am now broke but happy. I bought so much stuff. The explosion cards, dies, flower die cuts, the cricut card, and the Xyron sticker maker to glue everything together. I bought more than this but too much to remember off the top of my head. I think this was one of the best craft days ever. Thank you for your beautiful products.

    God bless you, Anna. You are such a gift to all of your fans.

  40. Maureen says:

    Absolutely beautiful, scrapbooking is my first love and I have used many a card design, just larger , as can a scrapbook design be shrunk just like the one shown today. As usual all Anna’s products are so interchangeable and so versatile. It was a great craft day on hsn and again Anna you are by far the most gracious presentator . I just wish some of the show hosts would talk less so we can see and hear more from you. You need a weekly craft letter that’s just about you and all you do and create . I’m so thankful for all you share

  41. Karen Fabian says:

    I love the frame – great use of gold and silver flourish stickers. I will definitely use this on many cards

  42. Sharon Bounds says:

    Good morning, I never thought to use a pocket for a picture!!!❤️❤️❤️ Love it Thanks

  43. Linda Chmielewski-Larsen says:

    will think about this for me to send to my daughter, who now a mother of two. Thank yo for the inspiration!

  44. Hobo says:

    Wish my mom was still alive so I could make her something like this. She loved homemade items.

  45. Patricia says:

    Very nice, so happy you are giving us ideas! Although your products continue to keep me inspired! Keep em coming Anna… and is it July 11th yet?

  46. Terry Lubinski says:

    Wow! That’s a gorgeous page!
    Unfortunately I lost power and internet halfway through HSN craft day, but I managed to get 3 orders placed before then. I hope to see some videos online of your tutorials to catch up!
    Can’t wait for my mini dies to arrive!!
    Well done, Anna!

  47. Joy sampson says:

    Anna!! Thank you for the show and the continuous inspiration to use what we have from you in fresh ways. As always…we love you…Joy

  48. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Big order to be delivered today. Taking care of dad today so have to wait.
    Canada, so happy for you that you can order from the best of the best!
    Beautiful card!

  49. Barbara F. Smith says:

    Another gorgeous card for Mothers Day! Thank you for the lovely products and presentations on Wednesday. We appreciate all that you do for us.

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