HSN July 11th, 2018 Product Preview 5

Hello friends!

It’s Monday, and that means it is time to start the week off with another round of amazing products that are coming up on our July 11th HSN shows. We know your calendars are marked for midnight, 1am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 8pm and 11pm EST! What a day of crafting it’s going to be! Our winner from Friday is Carol Shaw. We hope you enjoy all the birthday goodies coming your way!

We have even more highly anticipated items to show you today. We think you’re going to be paws-itively thrilled!

We are so excited to introduce you to our set of Mini Canine Stamps and Dies. This is something you have been asking us to make for fur-ever! Included in this set are 14 stamps and 20 concentric dies, so you can stamp and diecut your shadow layer and stamped images! Stamp images include a Poodle, a Dachshund, a Frenchie, bone, swirl and more! Phrases you will get are Have a Pawsome Birthday, I Woof You, You Are So Fetching and Stay Pawsitive. Use the coordinating dies to create the cutest diecuts to use on all your cards and scrapbook pages!

Of course we couldn’t forget about our favorite, cute kitty cats! We have a set of stamps and dies that are truly the cat’s meow! Our Mini Feline Stamps and Dies also come with 20 concentric dies and 14 stamps to make everything from adorable kitties and yarn ***** to mice and festive flags. Phrases include From Meow to You, You’re One Cool Cat, You’re a Real Treat and Have a Purrfect Birthday. We know you’re going to love this set!


We have just the inks that you need to create all of these adorable dogs and cats! Our Perfect Pet Palette Colorbox Inks include Frost White, Buttercup (golden yellow), Espresso (Dark Brown), Cement (Gray), Burlap (Taupe) and Sepia Black. These inks allow you to personalize your dog and cat die cuts to look just like your favorite fur baby!

The Anna Griffin Mini Machine returns to HSN on July 11th! Use this little machine with your Mini Feline and Canine Stamps and Dies. If you don’t have yours already, now is the time to get this amazing mini machine! Each comes with a base plate (A), embossing plate (B) and cutting plate (C) for perfect cutting every time.

We know you’re dying to get your paws on these amazing items! Be sure to comment on the blog and let us know your favorite item from today and tell us about your furry family member!

Bye for now,






  1. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Bonnie, we’re having an issue with the email sender, but we’re working on it!

  2. Bonnie M. Ketterman says:

    I can’t seem to get Anna’s blog sent to me anymore! I have no idea what to do. I always look forward to that, if there’s any way anyone can HELP I would greatly appreciate it!! Every time I try to subscribe again I’m told they already have my email. I’m lost I don’t know what else to do!! Thanks if anyone can!!!!!!!

  3. Jeorgette P says:

    now we needed some Deco flock in those colors and they will truly be furry fuzzy babies

  4. Kathy Falk says:

    I love the addition of pets to your collection but I am sad that there is nothing even close that represents my furbaby. Ironically I think her breed was at its prime at the same time as the origins of the things that you love so much. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As the breed name indicates, they were owned by royalty and had the job of sniffing out the teeny tiny crawling critters on the bodies / hair etc of the royals and to help keep them critter free. They look like a Cocker Spaniel but are about 20 lbs, extremely friendly and are snugglers all the time. They do not like to be on their own.

  5. Linda Long says:

    Absolutely adore this set, as we have three Weenie dogs which are a huge part of our family. They are such an animated breed and I love making cards with them on. This set is a WIN/WIN!!! Thank you, Anna for always being one (or two) steps ahead of us. We love you!!!

  6. Cindi Klinger says:

    The Mini Canine Stamps and Dies are so perfect for right now. My sister lost her dog this past Tuesday and is beyond devastated. I have made her Anna Griffin cards for all the holidays and birthdays and anniversaries which she saves and would love to create something special for her for her loss. Thank you.

  7. Pocono Pam says:

    Ohhhhhhh! Anna! Would soooo love to make cards for my daughter and son-in-law with the dachshunds stamps and die cuts! Little Pacino is very sweet and becomes so sad when they have to leave on business trip. It would be nice to tuck a card in their suitcase from him for them to read while away. Loving the ink pads! Keep the inspiration coming!

  8. Candy Lily says:

    Hi Anna!
    I see you have been a very busy lady. All the awesome crafty things for us. July 11th will be fun, and break my bank. LOL!
    I just love the dog and cat dies.
    Thank you for all your inspiration.
    Is there any chance you could have some of your Gold sequins available to all of us that have your shaker dies.
    Thank you .
    Hugs, Candy :o)

  9. Sabrina says:

    Been waiting for something like this lost my German Shepherd to cancer and I was wanting to make a bunch of scrapbook pages

  10. Sherri says:

    How “purrfect”…..what FUN it would be to win these, ending a purrfectly good birthday week! I can think of several ways these furry friends can be used on cards and scrapbooking. My sister has cats and dogs (and horses and chickens), also my dad has two outside cats and my mother has an inside Persian cat, Rainbow. The dies would be wonderful to add on bereavement cards for those who have loss a beloved pet. Rainbow has about used up her 9 lives, she’s blind and has high blood pressure, can’t believe she’s still around, I believe mom has put off having her put down, she was hoping she’d go to sleep and not wake up one day. She will truly miss her and I had already decided to make a card when she’s gone. My Mother’s birthday will be in two weeks and it would be nice if I could add a little kitty on the birthday card I make especially for her and with the inks color a “Rainbow”. P.S. I still need a mini bug! Thanks for everything and chance to win some great Anna Goodies!

  11. Gisela says:

    Hi Anna.

    I thought my cats purred loud , you should hear me . Ha – Ha I frightened my two.

    Thank you for a chance to win , it would be the cats meow if I did,

  12. Donna Madsen says:

    This are so cute!! My doggie Jasper has his own 8×8 scrapbook and these would be the perfect scale for it! I hope I win!

  13. Frances McAdams says:

    Animals are such an important part of all of our lives. It will be easier to respond to everyone concerning their animals.. Thanks Anna for making it so easy for us.

  14. Susan Anglen says:

    I cannot WAAIT to get my hands on these!!! And I need both set since I have friends with kitties to make cards for!

  15. Donna Browning says:

    Oh no, I must have that poodle die especially. Just lost my sweet Brie. I need to make something cute to put in her scrap book. Every time I try this it messes up. Let’s try again and see if it goes through.

  16. Mary Ann says:

    Love! Love! Love! The furry friends stamp and die sets. Not being one to rush through the summer, but I cannot wait til July 11th. Thank you again for your creativity.

  17. LYNN OVERTON says:

    These are adorable. I have two cats and dogs and we as a family have had pets all our lives and I know that my siblings and a whole host of friends would love cards made with these. I hope I’m not too late!

  18. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    I think I am too late to be in the drawing but wanted to say I love these dies and will definitely be adding them to my treasury. I have a number of men that I send birthday cards to in my family and I think they will love them. I’ve been so busy lately time is going so fast that July 11th will be here before you know it,, I have followed you for years – and thank you for all you do for us “addicted crafters” to your products.

  19. Deanna Collins says:

    Oh, Anna,
    I am totally in love with both animal sets! They are so cute and I know they will make adorable cards for my animal loving friends! I also like that you are packaging them just like the Treasury die & stamp sets. That book is beginning to get pretty heavy though! I may need to purchase another binder! How amazing you are, you have created another fantastic product. I agree with many of the others that we do need more masculine supplies. Papers, embellishments, dies, stamps etc. I know that you are such a girly girl that it might be a bit more difficult, but I have an awful lot of guys (all ages) in my family. I am 80 years old, have 6 children (4 boys), 29 grandchildren (about 1/2 boys) and 26 great-grandchildren and about 1/2 of them are boys. Also a brother and a brother-in-law and a couple of nephews! Thanks for all you do. I truly appreciate it and your chances to win some of your wonderful products.

  20. Patti says:

    Hi Anna,
    Oh I’ve missed the blog and youvandbyour pretty face and uplifting voice. I’ve nit been feeling well so have not accessed much. But I have been loving what I have seen and these animal are AWESOME!! What a great idea from whichever Griffinites and then wonderful that you carried it through. Thank you for your constant dedication to us and always carrying out wishes!!
    Have a great time in Canada and I hope I can get back to participateing again. I miss everyone and their creations.

  21. Paula Jackson says:

    These are so absolutely adorable! My 6 year old granddaughter, who LOVESS kitties, was sitting beside me as we looking through these and couldn’t stop falling in love. She loves to make cards when she’s at my house and told me she wants to be a crafter. Truly filled my heart. She also knows how to use most all of my supplies and tools. She would absolutely use the heck out of these dies with my Cuttlebug! I get frequent requests for pet themed cards so these stamps and dies would absolutely get a lot of use. Thank you Anna and team for bringing us such a clever product. (P.S. I have allergies to cats and dogs but I do believe I could handle these cuties without allergy issues,

  22. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good afternoon!
    Once again, Anna, I cannot pick a favorite – there are paw prints of both types on our hearts! Thank you for another fantastic preview – looking forward to the next craft day, as always!
    Regards, Anne

  23. Valerie Cook says:

    I am so looking forward to the puppies and kittens stamps and dies. So many friends and family members they’re appropriate for!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Dog stamp and die set!! I will for sure be getting those even if I don’t win!! Anna I think it would be so cool if you could create cat/dog cards, like the perfect patterns for him cards and envelops, but the be cat/dog inspired!!! I have 3 fur babies, all three are dogs. I love them to death! I would do anything for those girls!!

  25. Cathy English says:

    Any time a fur baby can be incorporated in a card you know it will be a hit for the recipient. Love that you have added them to your wonderful lineup.

  26. Terry Lubinski says:

    No bones about it! This set is so doggone cute! And another set is going on to my list for the big day at HSN! My credit card is going to be in so much trouble now! LOL! Totally pawsome!

  27. Jane Forrest says:

    I am enjoying seeing all the new products. I will have to pick carefully. But I love the new pet stamps and dies. Can’t wait for craft day !!

  28. Vicki Fellenger says:

    1 am purring over these. I absolutely would love to have this set. I’ve had cats most of my life and dogs at times. This set is adorable!!!

  29. Sandra Short says:

    The Mimi cutting machine is a wonderful win for anyone! The dies are great pluses! Thanks for this opportunity!

  30. Dawn H says:

    I would LOVE to win this. My sister-in-law has a little dox and it would be so fun to send her and him (Ollie) cards.

  31. Cindy Schaltenbrand says:

    These stamps and dies are exactly what I have been waiting for, Anna! They are Bow-Wowtiful !! Thank you for remembering our four-legged family members!! You aren’t the best!

  32. Maggie D says:

    The new animal sets are super, of course my favorite are the cats. These will make awesome cards. By the way, love, love the brush-like font you are using, so modern.

  33. Tina Davis says:

    Love the canine and feline sets. How amazing. So happy you remembered our fur babies with these products. You made them so classy and gorgeous….in perfect Anna Griffin style. Who could ask for more. Love it all.

  34. Joan says:

    This might possibly be my favorite kit ever. I love both the cats and dogs. I only wish you’d made a non-specific dog. Most of us probably have and love our mutts. So great!

  35. Katie Sheetz says:

    Oh my! I am head over heels (paws!) for these!! As a doxie mom I would get so so much use out of these. Can’t wait for July 11th to order them at 12:01!

  36. Annette Johnson says:

    You are the cat’s meow with these dye cuts not to mention they are so dog gone cute. I can’t wait to order them. As a cat lover I must buy the cat dyes and to honor my dog loving friends the doggies will be their companions. Looking forward to the shows in a few weeks and thanks for such wonderful products

  37. Carol Hill says:

    Wow, these fur baby stamps are great. I have a big cat named Buster guess why he is named that. I love him, people moved away and left him. He wander around town for two years, before he found my house and I took him in. He is a great Cat. I love the cat stamp, but I like dogs to, and could make lots of beautiful cards. I can wish I win, that would be unbilverable.

  38. Barb Hostetler says:

    I love these sets for you animal friends. After losing my precious Sweetie Pie 2 years ago, I have been pet sitting for family and friends. I love to send Thank You cards among other types to those families that entrust me with their beloved “kids”. These sets would be perfect for me.
    Thank you, Anna, for all you do for us crafters!

  39. Lu Ann Garrison says:

    I am so excited about the animal dies and stamps!!! I have 3 dogs and two cats and can’t wait to make some cards using these stamps and dies!!! Thank you Anna for creating so many fun and beautiful items for all of us to play with! Lu Ann 😉

  40. Lora Posey says:

    Love both the cat and dog stamps and dies ! I have to lean toward the cats for I am still in mourning over the loss of having to put down my 18 yr old cat Boxy to sleep June 8 .
    So glad to see you are incorporating pets in with your collections .

  41. Amy Ellis says:

    Oh my word! I am late to the party with these adorable dog and cat dies, but I need them NOW!! My sister has a white Standard Poodle and I can’t wait to make her a card with her furbaby front and center. Another home run for ge AG design team!!

  42. Kimberly says:

    The pink poodle card is adorable!!! The cat set would be purrfect for me. The ink die set is great for all those cute dogs and cats!

  43. Nora says:

    Great to see animals included in your product line. It will add a bit of interest to my pages. Love the dog set as it will intergrate so well with many of my completed scrapbook pages. Can’t wait until the 11th!!!!!

  44. Josette’ Griffith says:

    Love the poodle stamp! We lost our 15 year old poodle a year ago. We have a new poodle now so will definitely be purchasing those stamps!

  45. JESSICA says:

    I LOVE these dies and stamps and the stamp colors are perfect. We have Westies which resemble the terrier and the white stamp pad is perfect as well!! Everything you create is amazing!

  46. Lori L says:

    I love the Mini Feline Stamps and Dies as I am a cat person. The dog ones look great too. Can’t wait to get them.

  47. MaryAnn Ure says:

    I may have a nervous breakdown just waiting for July 11th. It’s my daughter’s birthday but she may have to play a party around hsn!!!

  48. Doreen says:

    Now I can truly make a family card for everyone with a dog or cat. The stamp colors are great for many animals. And that mini is on my list again. Love it.

  49. Monttein says:

    As a recent Mini collector, I am tickled with the canine and feline sets! Inks too
    The big kid in the AG Beauty in the Making candy store

  50. Patti Garcia says:

    I love this! I really need both dog and cat. They are wonderful and the inks look great too.

  51. Kathleen Clark says:

    Ooh, I love both sets, plus the stamp pads match my two bunnies which I can use with your bunny stamps and dies. Love love love!

  52. Felecia says:

    I absolutely love these doggie abd kitty dies and stamps. I can’t wait to start creating. Thanks Anna for another fantastic set.

  53. Tonja says:

    Meow-velously and Tail-wagging Fun!! Now my fur babies can send cards of their very own!! Thank you Anna from the botttom of their little hearts!!

  54. Terri G says:

    I love the Feline Stamps & Dies! Can’t wait to make some cards and scrapbook with them. We have two fur babies. They travel with us in our motor home.

  55. Suzie says:

    These dog and cat stamp and die sets are the absolute best! I love that they are not just stamps, but that we can cut them out if we want. I can’t wait to get these. I want them so bad that I hurt! Anna, you’ve outdone yourself – and that’s saying a lot! :o)

  56. Gaye says:

    I love the cat stamps & dies! I’m especially glad that there is a fluffy silhouette as well as the smoother one, and I’m already planning how to create my daughter’s Maine **** cat using your great new ink pads.

  57. Fran S. says:

    Oh thank you so much for the Canine Stamps and dies. Most of the people I send cards to are dog loves and some cat lovers. Also thank you for the stamps that go along with the animals.

  58. Veronica Dee Ang says:

    These are purrfect dog and cat mini dies and stamps for all dog lovers and felines. This would really make cute cards

  59. Jennifer Louis says:

    I’m crazy about this adorable set!!! This is a tribute to all my fur babies that were part of my family for years. Great complete collection that includes the coordinating ink pads.

  60. Cheryl Bradley says:

    I love these sets! I have been patiently waiting for some mini die and stamp sets for ALL your beautiful products and couldn’t be happier to welcome the mini kitty and doggie sets! So adorbs!

  61. Karen Fabian says:

    I love Kitty cats therefore the Mini Feline Stamps and Dies is just purrfect! I also think you created a create color palette for all of our pets.

  62. Chris O says:

    Love ’em both. Have a dog and two cats – this would be perfect for my cards…..You are so thoughtful……..

  63. Diane L says:

    The dies are just too cute! I’m definitely in love with my mini Cuttlebug. I can highly recommend so if you don’t have yours yet you should get a new little bug asap.

  64. Linda Pennington says:

    What a wonderful grouping – it’s on my must have list! Thank you so much for listening to our requests. Love it

  65. Bonnie M. Ketterman says:

    Hi Anna, The stamps and dies are really cute I love them. On Monday my “Star” of twelve years passed away, she was a sheltie. I know the stamps aren’t that but I love animals so I already have all these items on my list. I also have a golden retriever (Tanner he’s the one afraid of the packages when the UPS man comes)., He seems lost but we’re trying to give him lots of love and attention. Take care and I love love love all the items thanks so much! Bye for now!!!

  66. Karen Hatfield says:

    And I have to have both pet sets. As in life, can’t choose between cats and dogs. Can you stamp on flocked paper? I can see some pink poodles using flocked paper.

  67. Bonnie Smith says:

    Thank you for all you bring to us! Just love the Mono Canine Stamps and Dies! Sooooo cute!

  68. Lois B. says:

    My pure white Missy girl kitty has been waiting and waiting to be personified and here it is!

  69. Lori H says:

    Love all the new products!!! I am a true animal lover and these will be perfect to have. Can’t wait for craft day. Thank you so much for listening to all the requests and for all you do.

  70. Linda Martin says:

    *** – these are sooo cute! I have got to get everything you are showing here. I will have everything I need for the pets for all my family and friends. Now just need you to make die cuts for horses and I will be set. I have got to get these – the cards you show are just beautiful. Love everything in this presentation.

  71. Kathy says:

    Absolutely adorable! We have 3 cats and a dog, now cards can really be from ‘the whole family’ 🙂

  72. Kim Griffin says:

    Thank you Anna and team the Mini dog stamp set is just pawesome. I luv my fur babies. I have three Pitbulls. Right now one is my Daughter’s, she is serving in the Army. I have always had animals in my life and cant ever see me not have one. Fur babies enrich our lives like no other can.

  73. Mira Crawford says:

    I have always loved animals and have always had dogs (and a few cats while in college) growing up. Somehow, besides people, I have had a natural relationship of trust and friendship with dogs. I am without my most recent dog at the moment and trying to prepare my heart for a new one. I love these dies because, well just because. Thank you for making these to keep our fur babies in our lives.

  74. Donna W says:

    Very cute. We have an 18 month black & cream long hair miniature doxie named Cooper. He’s our “mini Cooper”. One of our daughters has a 6 month cream mini Frenchie named Sookie. These die/stamps will be perfect for scrapbook pages.

  75. Christine O'Connor says:

    These are just wonderful – a definite must for all sorts of projects! I am a dog person so just love both the diecuts and some fun inks to go with!

  76. Dorothy Mutafopulos says:

    So adorable and cute!!! Perfect pet combination since I do have both dog and cat!!! Love it!


    Absolutely PURRfect. I volunteer for the SPCA of the TRIAD here in North Carolina and make cards for them and table centerpieces etc for their benefit affairs. I frequently Use the letterpress dogs & cats These will make these items so much more Amazingly PAWfect. Thank yu again

  78. Teresa says:

    Would love to win the Mini Canine Stamps and Dies. Now our pets don’t feel left out. Thanks for sharing.

  79. Jenny Hunt says:

    I want the inks Looks like great colors that you don’t usually see I will be watching you Anna, on Hsn!

  80. Carla says:

    Just what we have been waiting for: doggie and kittie stamps that are realistic, not cartoon-y. Thank you Anna.

  81. Marcelle says:

    Great addition to my collection would be the animal dies. Thx for thinking of pet lovers!

  82. Suzanne Matos says:

    Pets galore! I am so happy to see stamps and dies to create pet accents for cards and scrapbooks. Our pets are family members and it is great to see such great products for them.

    I lost 2 dogs several years ago. It was too difficult to scrapbook their photos. I think I am ready now and these products would be great to mske their scrapbook pages special! !!

    After several years without a dog, we inherited my mother-in-laws dog. She is a Chiweenie and it will be nice to have these products to decorate cards and scrapbooks with her in mind too.

    So many people have pets …this is great to finally be able to make cards specifically themed for pets. I am so excited for these products!

    Thanks for making such awesome items for our furry friends!

  83. Wanda says:

    I have the Mini Machine and I love it. I highly recommend you get it for working with the small dies, you’ll love it.

  84. Kathy Soutar says:

    Just when I thought I didn’t need anything more you come out with these darling cats and dogs! Looking forward to July11!

  85. Tamera says:

    Would love to have both canine and feline sets! I have a sweet black cat, Bella. I need to do a memorial album for my dachshund, Penny! The ink pads are great!!!

  86. Cynthia says:

    This would be so awesome to make a card and surprise my little girls with a new dog!!! Hope I win.

  87. Tina Scalone says:

    What a cute surprise. I love the animal collections. Can’t wait to see more samples!

  88. Cheryl Locke says:

    I love the dog dies as I am a do person but all my friends are love cats so it looks like I will have to get both. I love the ink pads also. Thank you Anna!!!!

  89. Joy S says:

    Love the canine and feline stamps and dies, such possibilities! Thanks Anna for remembering the pet lovers!

  90. Anita (Nan) says:

    I welcome these new products, Anna. They will decorate my scrapbook pages and cards! Mom of 9 cats and 2 dogs – never a dull moment at our house!

  91. Donna Toledo says:

    Our little Maggie is a 2.5 lb. Yorkie. She’s the last of our 4 dogs, so she’s very attached to us.

    Love the animal sets. VERY cute!!

  92. Patsy Bellamy says:

    Yea! You are amazing – I love that what we ask for you always deliver! I do animal rescue and make cards and mini albums to supplement the needs of the senior dogs that live with me for the rest of their lives! Can’t wait to get the mini stamps and die cuts!!

  93. Cathleen Bowing says:

    O my Kitties & doggies & inks O MY !
    Wow so perfect for all my pet cards for those who just got a newbie & for those who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you Anna.

  94. deborah from TN says:

    These new die sets are Kitty Cat approved!!! My kitties want mommy to let them play with the mice!! lol
    So happy to see these items, while most of my friends are kitty folks, we do have a doggie family member or two that would love a card with their pet featured..and soon I can make that happen!
    These will be great to use for the Holidays as well…so many purrfect ideas are coming to mind…must write them down now before I forget!!! 😉

  95. Dianna Lantz says:

    Bow wow and meow…awsome love them both…and colors too! So Very Cute! Thanks Anna your the Best 🙂

  96. Linda Hill says:

    Love both sets of these stamps and dies as I have had many dogs and now a cat plus I make cards for friends featuring photos of their pets. Now when can you come out with some great embossing powders (some to match these new ink pads would be wonderful?

  97. Mary Jones says:

    I love these stamp and die sets. I have a dog and 2 cats. What a cute idea to decorate cards and scrapbooking pages !

  98. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, I’m so excited! Did u pull strings with Yahoo to make sure I get your posts. It’s been a year so I hope I never have to wait that again, GOD IS GOOD!

    We always had cocker spaniels and a few cats so I love these stamps. I recently purchased your Best of Show card kit from your store and love those of course.

    Well,. I see there are boxes to check below so I hope it doesn’t mess me up again. I missed your posts in my E box so I had to look elsewhere for them.


  99. Connie Rosano says:

    Wow, this set brings tears to me as my poodle was attacked and killed by another dog that got loose from its owner in a park right before my eyes. Worst experience ever!!!! I still feel the guilt because there was nothing I could do. I love all dogs and my dear poodle still is at my bedside. I’m so glad they came up with an animal set. I know we all love our pets of all kinds. So this is a special set that will sell out!!!!

  100. Susan Carroll says:

    I love animals and this is the purrrfect addition to the treasurey. Two paws up and meow you Anna. New kitties and doggies to put in the window. This is a real tail wagler.

  101. Patti says:

    You are the Cat’s Meow! What a Dog Gone collection of Fur Baby items, would love to have them.
    Thanks Anna

  102. Debbie Rola says:

    Love the cat and dog dies and stamps!!!! My daughter would love to make things of her cat meow meow with those!!! Meow meow meets us at the door like a dog when we come home and get up in the morning and she talks to my husband and daughter!!

  103. Heidi says:

    Paws up! Four cats here and a dog. We say meowiffic and we woof everything about this post today.

  104. Allison Oakey says:

    Anna, Love the fur baby dies and stamps. I would love to own mini die cutting machine. Looking forward to July 11th. Thank you for all you do!

  105. Dianne says:

    Love all of the little critters and Color Box ink options! So cute and different from anything else I’ve seen. Would love to own the entire suite!

  106. Lorna I says:

    You had me hooked as soon as you said “fur baby”!!! Absolutely love the stamps and dies with the perfect ink colors. WOW

  107. Linda Bray says:

    Really LOVE the Kitty stamps and dies!!! You definitely got my husband’s attention. He just loves his fur babies. The ink pad colors are absolutely purrfect too! Thanks Anna!

  108. Kelly Coleman says:

    Thanks Anna and team – I’ve been asking for more pet options – can’t wait to get!!

  109. Tori says:

    This is a great way to celebrate our fur babies. Can’t wait to get my hands on the stamps and matching dies.

  110. Nancy Page says:

    Have waited and wished for a Dachshund die and stamp. You have made me very happy today. Can’t wait!

  111. Dale L. says:

    These products definitely put a smile on your face!
    Ink pad colors are wonderful for these kits. Just great!

  112. Michele L Johnson-Lewis says:

    This is the most purr-fect set, such a wonderful idea. I’ve had & lost many fur babies through the years and this set would inspire me to go into my old albums and add a few more gorgeous embellishments to their memory pages. I would love to recreate all my four legged babies with these stamps and dies. Beautiful cards they will make also, maybe in flocked paper too. I’m going to wait very impatiently until 7/11 to get my hands on these..

  113. Ronnie Klatt says:

    How cute are these stamp sets. So, so cute! I love my mini cuddle bug – I use it all the time. I think it is the “best little thing since sliced bread.”

  114. Nancy L Itson says:

    What a “furbulous” idea. Handmade thank you cards using these canine and kitty stamps and dies would be a great idea to send to the volunteers at a local humane shelter. I love that little Anna Griffin Mini Machine! It would be perfect for all the small dies I own.

  115. karenladd says:

    These pet dies and stamps are a new offering from you Anna, and I LOVE them! These images would fit right in with so many of your other products or stand on their own. While I always appreciate your beautiful florals, it’s nice to have something a bit different to mix it up.

  116. April Poirier says:

    I love these cat and dog stamps and dies. It is really hard to find cute animal stamps and quotes, especially for cats. I can’t wait to order these.

  117. Annmarie Taylor says:

    Have to say the kitty stamps and dies and the ink pads! Can’t wait to see on HSN

  118. Secily says:

    I’m si excited for the animals stamps a die I have had Docksin’s for over 20 years 25 years I have my little foxy girl now she’s a dapple chocolate brown and she’s adorable she got injured a couple weeks ago and I didn’t know what was gonna happen but she seems to be doing great now her best friend is a schnauzer Lilly is 2 and the love of her life is a golden retriever called Hank he’s f4 I love my animals and I love the little mini coming back I haven’t got one yet I would love good job he seem to always surprise us with something we can’t live without ❤️

  119. Suzanne Kipp says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! So cute!
    I love the doggie and kitties. I have a yorkie named Zoey and a cat named Mattie. Both are girls and I love that you have both dies and stamps for them both. I love everything that you’ve shown in your video. The mini die cut machine and all the dies, stamps, and stamp pads are awesome.

  120. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    Our furry friends deserve a little recognition. After all, they are so loving, adorable, and, of course, loyal. Maybe next time an English Bull dog would be nice. I have two. Actually, they are my daughter’s, but they live me. Love them both.

    See you in July.

  121. Sandra M Christman says:

    I love these cats & dogs! I have one son who has 3 dogs, a daughter with 2 cats and another son who has a dog & a cat!
    What fun I’ll have now being able to put animals on their cards .

  122. Susan Thomas says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! FINALLY!! I have been begging for doggie and kitty cat designs! I was never able to get the ones at JoAnn’s you had they sold out before I could get them! ugh!

    I make TONS of cards and they are 95% doggie or kitty cat related….. I HAVE to have them! Thank you so much Anna for listening!!

  123. Cecelia Yeruski says:

    I love all things cat. I think it is amazing that you can make them so sophisticated on a card. Thanks

  124. kristin makowski says:

    So adorable, love the minis, mini canine stamp set and the very cute mini cuttlebug!!!

  125. Angela Castillo says:

    I need to get these for the animal lovers in my life!! They are the cutest things ever!

  126. Linda Davis says:

    The mini dies are very cute; however, I wish there was an actual hound included. The dachshund just doesn’t make for the breeds with normal legs…

  127. Maryann says:

    I just adore the cat dies and stamps.
    In our house we have a recuse cat who is 8 years old. I think she rescued us, instead of us rescuing her. Best decision we ever made, she makes me laugh out loud everyday.

  128. Cathy Morin says:

    Our furry babies are well represented here. So adorablebly cute! I love these. These will be so much fun to work with.

  129. Barbara Stowell says:

    Love both sets of the Mini dies! I have a dog and a cat! Can’t wait to get these to add to my collection! Thank you Anna!

  130. Sharon Alvis says:

    Hi Miss Anna!
    The Die and Stamp Sets for dogs and cats are my favorites!! I have a Boxer, and I’m hoping more dog breeds will be added in the future!

  131. Elizabeth Greenwood says:

    My fur babies thank you.We have both cats & dogs.It will be wonderful to custom color them,your team is great. Thank you .

  132. Mary Jane Romero says:

    The pet stamps and dies are so cute. My DIL is a cat lover and these will come in handy for her cards. Thanks, Ana.

  133. Beth in Georgia says:

    I love the dies…I have a dog and 2 cats so I think they’re both awesome!!! Can’t wait!

  134. Linda says:

    I am so excited for both sets of dies and the the ink pads colors!! Paws of Love Cards to be made!!

  135. Misty Julian says:

    I’m so excited about these dies and stamp sets. My dog is like my child. I can’t wait to be able to make cute page’s and cards that represent him. Also my sweet kitty cat can be represented too. Love these!

  136. JUDY JACKSON says:

    I love the dog and cat die and stamp set. My grandchildren all have little furry friends and they will make beautiful cards. I changed my email address and missed out on the fan dies and the mini various stamp and die set. I hope they will be coming back. I love all the beautiful cards kits and die cuts you create to help us make beautiful cards!

  137. Anita Lou says:

    I have a dog and cat, so I guess I will have to get both sets when they come out. Thank you for thinking of all; the pet families.

  138. LAUREL MITCHELL says:

    So TOTALLY in love with the cat and dog dies and stamps!!!! Oh, the things I will be able to make with them. Anna, again, you’ve outdone yourself!!!

  139. Patricia Moss says:

    Yeah Anna. I have been waiting for these. I got the mini machine and have been waiting for some things to use with it. Can’t wait to get these. Hope I can afford them LOL. I’m a cat lover but dogs are cute too. Thanks again for such creative work.

  140. Shelley D Buttler says:

    I love these products, especially the dog stamps. I have 2 pomeranians: Pepper and Rudy. I also do parrot rescue…you need tropical birds for our feathered friends!

  141. Julie Lipari says:

    My daughter is getting a puppy soon so I was literally at the craft store last weekend looking for cute dog stamps/dies!!! Couldnt find anything I liked, thank goodness !! I know what I’ll be ordering July 11th!

  142. Mary Birdsong says:

    The poodle stamp is soooo cute ! We lost our little “Lil” toy poodle of 18 years last October . This stamp along with the beautiful ink and paper will add a bright and colorful addition to our rememberence wall ! Anna , you think of everyone

  143. Sherida Keys says:

    Are these going to be in the auto ship that I am receiving or are these a different purchase?

  144. Sharon Horn says:

    They are both adorable, especially the little cats. They will make such cute cards and scrapbook pages. Can’t wait for July 11 and create 4.

  145. Terri Gardner says:

    I love the new cats and dogs stamp and die sets! I make quite a few pet sympathy cards, and they will make adorable cards for pet lovers. I also need to get the mini cutter!

  146. Vickie Mayfield says:

    Hi Anna, I love the new fur-baby sets. I think they are pawsome!! I myself am the crazy dachshund lady.

  147. Doris Bradley says:

    July 11 wish it were here now. Dogs and Cats are too cute. I want to win it all. Love you Anna Griffin

  148. Anne Fledderman says:

    FINALLY!! I’m SO excited! I am a big dog and cat person, who knows many critters of my friends and this would be the perfect set to make so many cards for them. THANK YOU!!

  149. Shirley Gunterman says:

    How cute my Granddaughter would love the cat stamps & dies.she has cats & so do we.

  150. Joyce Dunson says:

    I can think of so many ways to use these dies. Thank you for expanding our possibilities.

  151. Georgia Henson says:

    I know the dog and cat sets are going to be very popular. I’m a cat person myself. :).

  152. Sara Murphy says:

    We LOVE this week”s new items!!! So cute!!! Thanks Anna.
    Love Jefferey and Charlotte
    (Cats of Sara)

  153. Katie Ota says:

    I am so excited about the dog set. I am a crazy poodle lady. I collect vintage poodle figurines of course I have a live version, a standard poodle named Polly.

  154. Nancy says:

    These stamps and dies are must have, I have so many people I can use these for. I’ve, also, decided I need the Cricut Mini, took me long enough to think about it. Thank you Anna for listening to our request of things we would like to see and have

  155. Jill Silvers says:

    The cat and dog dies are going to be quite popular – I would love to have them for special cards and layouts!

  156. Marlene Heilman says:

    Anna, I have raised cats for the past 20+ years and the feline stamps and dies are purr-fect to accentuate the photos I have accumulated throughout the years. Obviously, this is my favorite item for this week’s preview. Thank you for creating these stamps and dies.

  157. Diane R says:

    I R-E-A-L-L-Y love the pet stamps and dies mini set. Since I am appointed by our HOA as the “Sunshine Lady” for our 55 Plus Community almost every homeowner has a pet. As the “Lady” I my job is to create beautiful cards for members of our community for any occasion either to celebrate or get through difficult times. So each month I am creating many cards to send to the community. Many of my friends also have pets and would LOVE to receive a card with their beloved pet on it. Many in the community say thank you to me for making a beautiful card especially for them during a “difficult” time as it has made their day easier and has put a smile on their face. So I would love to put more “smiles” on their faces with the mini set.

  158. Denice with a "c" says:

    Such sweet little blessings, never judgmental, never hateful, just full of love. It is no wonder so many homes include these cute tiny bundles of fur. Thank you Anna Griffin for making these dies and the coordinating inks from Color Box. So looking forward to the next craft day at HSN. God bless…Denice with a “c” : )

  159. Sandra Tucker says:

    Oh my. I was going to try and control myself this time. Alas, these are too darn cute. I will have to have them both.

  160. Brenda says:

    Hi Anna, i’m late in sending my comment to you but of course you have such wonderful things. i love the mini machine and wish i could be the winner. (smile)

  161. Karen Tabaka says:

    Due to allergies, I sadly do not have pets, used to have a white cat, that went over the rainbow, but have many friends who have pets and would love to send them cards to honor their fur babies

  162. Roxann Higgins says:

    Loving the mini dies of the cats and dogs. And of course it wouldn’t be Anna Griffin without the inks to go with her designs. Such creativity!! These will make great cards.

  163. Mary Davis says:

    Oh how adorable, I have to have both sets! They are so cute and I have cats and dogs! Can’t wait to use these to make a card for my furbabies groomer!

  164. Michelle F says:

    WOW! The new dies and stamps are a must for animal lovers & owners. I know that you will do additional pieces later, so I’d love a Yorkie for my fur baby! Thank you for all you do for us!

  165. Teresa M. says:

    Hello Anna,I really love both sets and would put them to good use scrapbooking and card making.I think they’re pawsitively adorable.

  166. Michelle F says:

    I am so excited to finally be able to get both sets of dies & stamps! If you ever do any additional stamps, I would love to see a Yorkie for my fur baby.

    The only thing better would be if I won these! Thanks so much for all you do for us.

  167. Michelle F says:

    I am so excited to finally be able to get both sets of dies & stamps! If you ever do any stamps, I would love to see a Yorkie for my fur baby. The only thing better would be if I won these! Thanks so much for all you do for us.

  168. Jo says:

    OH my gosh!!! So thrilled to see these sets!!! YES!!!!! And those ink pads are so divine! Just the perfect color palette to use for all of our furbabies! Thank you Anna!!!!
    Jo from the Jersey Shore!

  169. W Whitener says:

    Wow! Everyone wants these & loves sharing about their pets. I am sure these dies will sell out quickly from the amount of posts. Who doesn’t love pets? Stamps, dies & a tiny cutting machine, oh my!

  170. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Hi Anna, Love the doggy stamps and dies. The ink set has wonderful colors for pets.

  171. Kim Jenkins says:

    These are Awesome! I have been waiting for something like this! I am always doing scrapbook pages of my 6 year old 3 pound Yorkie-Jax! Both sets will be great for cards and more for my family and the inks are just the Cat’s Meow!

  172. Roberta Blaszkowski says:

    We ask for it and you make it happen. Thanks Anna! Even though our little Daisy Mae is no longer with us (we miss her sooo much) we have yet many,many photos yet to scrapbook. These stamps are Pawriffic! Again, Many thanks Anna.

  173. Kelly Licina says:

    What a great idea!!! I love to send pet cards, my friend just lost her yellow labby and I was struggling with how to make a “pet sympathy” card. This sure would make it easy. As always, always beautiful, Anna!!!

  174. Pam says:

    Happy to see all of these, since I have multiple pets and friends w/pets. My favorite of all the previews you’ve had so far for the upcoming shows. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  175. Pamela R says:

    Good morning this is simply a Terririffic set of dies and poodleful stamps I’m already cataivated by the cards you but together and feline good about what meow my niece’s will be able to create with all the putty cats and puppy dogs, These are positively PAWSOME

    Thanks Anna

  176. Joni E says:

    Love the cat and dog dies, so many uses for them! Cant wait until your products are on HSN.

  177. Daphne D. says:

    Darling pet stamps & dies!!! My rescue dachshund loves making cards for her daddy! Perfect!

  178. Peggy Marcketta says:

    Love the canine and feline sets along with the inks. Perfect addition to my overflowing stash!

  179. Marla says:

    I love the dog and cat dies!! I have looked so long for a german shepherd die and stamp as mine passed away a few years ago. This would help me complete his memory book! all of your products are so beautiful!!

  180. Kim Abel says:

    You do a nice job with our furry friends. We can tell you are an animal lover. We just lost our cat last week and would love to do a memorial book!

  181. Norma Bartlett says:

    Thank you so much for creating the animal sets. I am a big animal lover and I have 3 fur-babies myself. I am so anxious to get these and to win them would be even better. Thanks !! ❤

  182. Cat C says:

    I LOVE the puppy & kitty stamp/die sets. Great for scrapbooking pages for my fur babies, also for memorial pages for my angels. Can’t wait to get them.

  183. Linda Daum says:

    These are wonderful sets. Love having a dachshund for my favorite fur baby. They are not easy to find. The little embellishment bones and paws really add to the set. Will definitely look forward to having these.

  184. Rosie V says:

    Love the mini feline stamps and dies! Can’t wait to add to my collection! Thank you Anna!

  185. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The critter stamps and dies are adorable! I have cats and a lot of my friends have dogs so I’d use both sets a lot.

  186. Nancy Fleming says:

    Mini Feline Stamps and Dies set is perfect! It would be so much fun to play with on cards.

  187. Michel Boudreaux says:

    Anna, THANK YOU for the canine stamp and die set AND for including a dachshund! I am so excited about this one! I have been looking for the perfect dachshund stamp and now with the die too it is just going to be perfect!!!

  188. stampnk says:

    Anna, thank you so much for adding some cute pet stamps and dies to your line. I love the sweet cat images and those frisky dog stamps and dies would be so much fun to use. I also really like the new ink palette!

  189. Carol Jones says:

    Ooooh aaaah, love the pet sets and the inks! Just gorgeous, can’t wait to get them. So looking forward to July 11th!

  190. shartl says:

    YES!!! I love those mini dog and kitty stamps and dies. There’s nothing like a cute critter to make a card even more fun and I love the small sizes. Those accessory stamps are the perfect addition to these sets.

  191. Diane Enloe says:

    I just love the dog and cat stamps! I have a dog and 3 cats. These would be so perfect for layouts and cards. And the ink sets are so pretty.

  192. Maryann Geisler says:

    Anna and Team-THANK YOU! I have 2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats. My furbabies will be well represented. I can’t wait until July 11th!

  193. Susan. Sharp says:

    The mini dog and cat stamps are just precious! I also love the stamp pads, great colors for the mini dog and cat stamps. Any card would look great with a furry friend on it. I can hardly wait to get them!

  194. Martha E Casey says:

    Love the new stamp and die sets. It is a must have for any animal lover, I love the doggie one. Thanks Anna

  195. Consuelo Mijares says:

    Oh My Gosh !!!
    those pink poodles stole my heart
    love this so much <3
    cant wait to sink my claws in to this set its just
    purrfection =)

  196. Michael Liverett says:

    Love the Mini Canine Stamps and Dies. Have a number of friends I can make cards for using this set.

  197. Shirley McKinney says:

    These are what I’ve been waiting for! Nearly everyone I know has a dog or a cat, so these will be used a lot and for a long time.

  198. Kay says:

    I love all of them, but I’m a dog person, so they are the ones I love the most!! So nice of you to include our furbabies that are so important in our lives!! Love all of them!

  199. Konni Andis says:

    I love the doggie sets! I do scrapbook for my little Mia. She is a 4lb Yorkshire terrier with a big personality! But also love to send cards to many friends who have beautiful cats! Especially my cousin/bff, her cats are 5 times the size of my Yorkie! (Each!)

  200. Mary Rinaldi says:

    Yeah crafts for our fur-babies. I have both a cat and dog and would love to win all the stamps and dies you’ve shown, Thank you for a chance to win.

  201. grannyD says:

    These are just Pawfect for us Furbaby Mommas and our friends who love their precious ones. I for one, love the Mini Canine Stamps and Dies Thanks for thinking of our other family members

  202. Jo Royse says:

    I love the Mini Canine and Feline Stamps and Dies. How great to have ink pads that go with the stamps. I think the Mini Machine would be wonderful to use with the dies. Thank you Anna.

  203. Edwina Johnson says:

    I must get the mini feline stamp set. My granddaughter LOVES cats and always asks me to put a cat on her cards. These would be perfect and the sayings are so cute. The inks are necessary too. Thanks Anna, you cover everything perfectly.

  204. Andrea says:

    I’m so excited about the canine and feline stamps and dies. I have been an animal lover my whole life. I am especially looking forward to ordering the feline set as I have been a mother to many feline fur babies. I would also like to make some pink poodles.

  205. Deborah Rusignuolo says:

    Anna those fur babies are a must have, this collection is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  206. IrenePal says:

    I have my beautiful cat and my Kids have dogs, will be fun to create a card for our “ Family Members”
    I love my mini cutting machine, so handi for fitting dies.
    The ink will have many use, for the fall and Halloween to.

  207. Anita Dolen says:

    Oh my goodness! I am in love with furbaby stamp and die sets!!! I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and those 2 sets would be purfect for my family. Thank you, Anna!

  208. Gina Maria says:

    Love the animal themed set! Still miss our cat, Pie, who came to us to retire around age 15 and who was part of our family for two years. My daughter now has a Maine **** cat and I used his photo in a flip card for her birthday last month. Just love the colors and the adorable sayings!

  209. Linda C. Crowder says:

    Oh! It is just what I’ve been needing! Thank you sooo much! I have to save up for whatever the price will be….

  210. Vicki says:

    Oh! I love the puppy dog stamps and dies! They are so unique and cute! Can’t wait to get my own set. July 11th can’t get here fast enough!

  211. Sandra Short says:

    The mini machine is so necessary for the dies and the ink pads are so necessary for the stamps, what a wonderful win this would be! Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. Jane says:

    I love the pet dies and stamps-so cute! So may of my friends have cats and these will make wonderful cards!

  213. Robin Greason says:

    Thanks for listening to the requests. I like both the canine & the feline stamps & dies. If only one to choose, I choose the canine set. I sure hate to leave the felines out. They both are family.

  214. Linda reynolds says:

    I love the dog dies, I love all the products that you and your team bring to us. I have a dog and would love to make cards with these dies.

  215. Elaine says:

    Be still, my furry little hearts! This is everything we’ve asked for and more! The Mini Canine and Mini Feline Stamps and Dies, are to die for! Sorry about that Anna, I couldn’t help myself ha! ha! How many times have I needed these Stamps and Dies? Let me tell you, from adopting a “wee heart” to passing over the rainbow bridge, a card is always lovingly appropriate! They’re really cute too!

  216. Shellie Fontana says:

    Hi, Anna–your BLOG Preview of new products is “pawsitively purrrfect”–especially the Dachshund die and stamp! You made my Mollie girl! I luff it, and the whole set! Your new inks are also JUST RIGHT–for our furry sweet greetings, and to easily coordinate with all-things-Anna! I am certainly looking forward seeing you Show-n-Tell more-is-more on HSN, JULY 11th throughout the day–and, my shopping list is getting longer with each preview! (((Hugs))) from South Dakota

  217. Theresa Kifer says:

    Chances are slim of winning but just had to comment on how wonderful these stamps and dies are..what fun they would be!

  218. Kim Fournier says:

    I just love the dog and cat dies and stamps. I have both dog and cats fur babies, so I will need both sets.

  219. Karen Stout says:

    These are fantastic!!! And I have a calico, which means I need every colored stamp in that kit! This is going to the top of the list! Great job Anna and crew!

  220. Susie Lite says:

    Well how much fun are these! Love both die sets and the ink pads are pawsatively purr-fect!

  221. Lisa Frye says:

    The cat and dog sets are perfect. I have six dogs and six cats. They are so stinking cute I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  222. Reging Katz says:

    I love the cat set! Those will be fantastic additions to make some wonderful things for the feline lovers on my friends list.

  223. Donna-May says:

    Love the dies and stamps, would love for you to do dies only of wild and domestic animals that cut and emboss features, not needing ink, that would be wonderful! Thanks Anna!

  224. Ruth K says:

    These sets are adorable! I am partial to the cute kitties, but the dogs are great too. Fun!

  225. Charlotte Buckingham says:

    Anna, I am so happy that you have come out with these products!
    I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this, but I know that there is a definite need for some good, quality PET SYMPATHY Cards in my neck of the woods! And by combining these products with your other stamps and dies, I can FINALLY make some BEAUTIFUL, Appropriate Cards!
    Wonderful timing, Anna!

  226. Miriam Lopez says:

    Love ❤️ ❤️ The dog dies and the colors are great. Can’t wait till the 11th! Thanks again, Ms. Anna!

  227. Bonnie Tait says:

    Anna, this is just what every family needs, I have three cats, all different breeds, some call me the cat lady, but I don’t care. Now I can send out cards with my fur babies on it or the persons animals I am sending the card too. Won’t they be surprised

  228. Rose marie says:

    OH my goodness! I love the pet stamps and dies! I had no idea you were making them for us Anna! How wonderful!

  229. DiannaR says:

    I love the cat and dog stamps and dies. I can make some really cute card using those stamps.

  230. Linda Valoy says:

    Love the fur babies. I inheirted my father’s dog last fall when my father died. He has help me fill the void of my father passing. I have spoiled him ROTTEN..

  231. Kelly McNerney says:

    My best friend loves her cat and she is disabled and loves to scrap her cats! I however love my dogs! Wish you had a beagle on this but I could make it work. Thanks Anna. You think of everything.

  232. Liana Marchetti says:

    I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE!!!! How smart you all to come up with this. We are animal lovers and have 3 Shih Tzu’s that we adopted from rescues. I love all the stamps, even though you left our breed out. Many of our friends and family have cats and dogs that would love a card made with these. How fun!! And I love all the samples and creative ideas! Thanks Anna & Team!

  233. Ann Marie C says:

    I have many fur babies in my family. And tons of friends with them also. So I will have a blast making cards for them.

  234. Ronda L Jenkins says:

    YES! I love animal themed sets! My little Ashley, the dachshund, says we need to win this for sure! She is keeping her paws crossed you draw our name this time! Ashley sends doggie licks to you!


    Wow, Always looking for good pet stamps and these are just awesome. And the dies and matching mats to go behind them. Just Loving it. Thank you.

  236. Jeanie says:

    I’m so excited for the new dies! I have 3 cats and all my friends are pet lovers. This will be a great addition to my collection! July 11th seems so far away!

  237. Paula says:

    My list for July keeps growing Can not wail till July 11 thanks love the dog and cat dies and stamps.

  238. Gloria Myers says:

    This will be my 4th year as a vendor at the Topeka Helping Hands Humane Society Howliday Bazaar.. I HAVE to have these stamps and dies to go with my Best in Show and Fifi and Fido Anna Griffin papers! WHOOO HOOOO Anna!

  239. Cindy Baker says:

    I love, love the cats and dogs set. I have both kinds of fur babies so I would have to have both…LOL The ink colors look really nice too.


  240. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, pawsitively adorable! I have so many friends with kitties. And my friend Shellie Marken Fontana has a Weiner dog – Mollie! We both continue to look for wiener dogs for her. What an absolute furry bunch of stamps & dies! Love love love! Thank you – I have heard all the special requests, & you delivered. I don’t have a pink poodle, but used it up out of the paper collection because it’s SO PINK & cute! P.S. My neighbor who is Hawaiian, his dog is named Kepa – prounounced Keh-pah. It means Joe. Threw that in for fun.

  241. Deborah Bode says:

    Loving the Mini Canine stamps and dies! Lucy, the Anna Super Fan Super Dog is a dachshund so she’s feeling like Lucille the Big Deal! She wants me to win so I can stamp her mail!

  242. Gertrud says:

    Oh,Anna. how perfect. I just finished a birthday card for a 3 year old English Sheep Dog. He is the bomb! His birthday is this week.These mini die and stamp sets for canines and felines are mandatory for all crafters and card makers. They are great for the little crafters, too. Easier for tiny hands and fingers to crank and manipulate through the miniature die cutting machines. Can’t wait until your show next month! See you soon.

  243. Joee Balestrieri says:


  244. Trish T. says:

    Anna, Thank you for these purrfect stamps and dies. I can hardly wait to use your Deco Flock and make some furry friends! My crazy orange kitty would be so jealous!

  245. Kathy says:

    Mini Machine please. I bought the plates during the last craft day thinking they’d fit the machine I have but they do not. It would be nice to finally use those plates in a machine they were designed to fit into.

  246. Vicki Billimack says:

    Yay!!! A hard-to-find German Shepherd stamp! Oh, the things I could make for our two GSDs, my dog-training husband, and all his training group members!!!

  247. Tonya Oswald says:

    I’m so in love with these stamps and dies. Everyone we know and love are multiple pet parents. My fur babies are bogs and cats. All are rescues and are so amazing. My youngest daughter is a vet tech and I’ll be making cards to help care for stranded pets. Thanks Anna

  248. Lillian Deloney says:

    The cat and dog dies and stamps are a must have for me. Need more breeds of dogs please!

  249. Cheryl says:

    Love the animal dies & stamps to be used on the great mini which I’d love to have. We have always been a dog family have golden retrievers & Irish setters. Anyone’s imagination can go wild using these items in so many ways!

  250. nancy permakoff says:

    my five pound shih Tzu loves the stamps and dies. she said she might even like the cat dies if she can be a winner

  251. BL says:

    What cute stamps and dies of cats and dogs. I don’t have any animals but I have plenty of friends I can make cards for who would love a card using these products. Thanks fo another great peak at new products.

  252. DeniseM says:

    How ADORABLE! I have fur babies of my own and love this set! Looks so cute on your sample cards! Would love to add this to my Anna Griffin collection! ❤️❤️❤️

  253. Cathy Morin says:

    Oh my gosh! These are paws-itivily too cute! I’m a dog lover and have the best little Maltese puppy that brings me so much joy. These stamps and dies will be so much fun to create with. Thanks again Anna for bringing joy to your faithful crafty besties!

  254. Catherine Hanson says:

    Oh, Anna, Anna, Anna! You’ve out done yourself, dear! Your puppy and puddy tat sets are “pawsome”. My sister has a poodle and 3 cats so I know who’ll be getting a special handmade BD card from me this year. I can’t wait till July 11th! Can order these items before July 11th?

  255. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    So cute! I am so sad I will be away on vacation on July 11th. I am making a list so I can order early. 🙁

  256. Colleen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Thank you for making sets for four legged friends. Hope you come out with a card kit for animals!
    Hope I win this!!

  257. Teresa McDaniels says:

    OMGOODNESS I would love to win this awesome prize. I have two furbabies (kitties ahh they don’t like to be called that, they think their human lol) One is named Oreo and the other is named Tigger, Tiggeris my therapy animal for emotional needs and I have had him since birth he is going to be 16 on August 22nd. But these days he isn’t been feeling to good don’t know how much time I have left with him so I would love to have these to make a memorial of him before he goes so I can have something to remember my best friend and confidant by!!! Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at winning this fabulous prize. Much love and God bless you. Teresa

  258. Terie Storar says:

    I am so excited that you have made stamps for ALL the members of our family. It has been difficult to find dog and cat stamps and embellishments to decorate cards and scrapbook pages. Now I can send customized cards to my friends who have fur-babies that are like their family. Thank you so much for responding to us, your loyal fan base! I can’y wait for July 11th!

  259. Patricia Ladd says:

    Thank you for responding to customer requests! Pet stamps and dies are a marvelous idea as so many of us love our furry friends.

  260. Terie Storar says:

    I am so excited that you have made stamps for ALL the members of our family. It has been difficult to find dog and cat stamps and embellishments to decorate cards and scrapbook pages. Now I can send customized cards to my friends who have fur-babies that are like their family. Thank you so much for responding to us, your loyal fan base!

  261. Kristin Woodall says:

    Winning the dog and cat dies and stamps would be terrific! You really hit it out of the park with this one!

  262. Karen Kleinert says:

    Love how everything goes together. Great for those sympathy cards of animal lovers. Thanks

  263. Mary Hagler says:

    Yes! The cats and dogs are MUST HAVES❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️….. so useful but really need a Great Pyrenees in the mix or a Newfie or a Saint… just saying fir us big breed types or a golden or chessie….( more to come?) preparing my lists now …. thank you Anna❤️

  264. Miranda Chappell says:

    I have 5 fur babies (2 dogs & 3 cats) so I would love to have these stamp and die sets. I think it would be such a space saver also to have the mini!

  265. Liz T says:

    Oh my gosh Anna,

    I am in heaven!!!! As a rescue foster person of 20 years. I spend lots of time doing cards for people that are adopting dogs. Well wishes for cats and their fily at the rescue center.

    I would love to add this to my collection
    Bring us the best stuff, can’t wait for July 11

  266. Connie Van Hooser says:

    I love these!!!!! I do cards for rescues cat and dog,also for auction for Rescues to do. I need both of these,they will be so wonderful for my August auction coming up. Can’t wait to get these and the Halloween.

  267. Laurie says:

    I love that you included a dachshund! My dachshund is my world. The stamp and die will be the perfect fit for the cards he sends to his family and friends! My little fur baby thinks it is barking good!

  268. Carolyn Barnard Shema says:

    *** – a POODLE!!! I look everywhere for dies or stamps of a poodle . Thanks Anna – can I order NOW!!! Also my daughter has a dachshund. So excited!!!

  269. Nancy Hulsey says:

    What precious sets for the furry friends in our lives! I know I can make lots of fun cat/dog the,ed cards. Looking so forward to it. Thank you, Nancy

  270. Mandy says:

    Aww, love the kitties and puppies!!! Have just one kitty now and miss my golden. PURRRFECT!

  271. Maw J says:

    Love the new sets for the fur babies! I was wondering if you are going to bring back the first set with the hummingbirds.? My order got cancelled as they did not have enough sets!

  272. Denise Starrs says:

    Purrr- fect!, My weiner dogs will love this! Another winner Anna!, Thank you so much!

  273. Karin Pringle says:

    Hello Anna, I am over the moon delighted to see that someone has finally made a stamp and die set for our lovable sweet kitty fur babies . I have four kittie fur babies that I have taken in and adopted that give me so much love and joy every day and we are going to adopt a puppy very soon so I will be needing the doggie set as well. Thank-you so much for your creativity and thoughtfulness.You totally rock Anna!

  274. Wendy O'dell says:

    This set is a dream for me. The only 2 kinds of dogs I’ve owned in my life have been Poodles and German Shepherds. And the funny thing is right now i am scrapbooking all the pictures of my beloved Shepherds into a beautiful album hjust for them. It would be a great addition to add stamped images. I also have 4 cats. These sets are amazing ❤

  275. Noreen Washington says:

    I do cards for our local cat sancturary to sell year round at their fund raisers.. these will add new life
    to the cards!! Can’t wait for the big Craft Day!!

  276. Audrey Wisniewski says:

    Hi Anna, thank you gor the new stamps about dogs and cats! I have 3 dogs and 1 cat so I can use them to make many cards.

  277. Rose says:

    Just when I tell myself I’m not buying any more crafting products you go and create something I can absolutely not resist. The puppy stamps are definitely mine, maybe the kitty ones too!!! Temptress!!!!

  278. Darlene says:

    Absolutely loving the dog and cat die/stamp sets. Will definitely be getting both. I sure hope HSN will have enough for everyone. Wish we could pre-order!

  279. Connie Horr says:

    I’m so excited that you now have cat and dog stamps and dies!!! These are just wonderful, and the ink colors are great too!!

  280. Iambie Worsley says:

    Love the canine dies. In honor of my doxie will have to get those. Thanks Anna for knowing how much we love our furry family members.

  281. Nalaine Bersia says:

    I am so excited about these canine and feline stamp & dies set. They would go so perfect with my pet sitting business and creating one of a kind cards for my clients.

  282. Kathy O says:

    Oh boy what a fantastic grouping of goodies . Love the furry babies being represented here. The colors are pure purrrfeeeccction….. More more more of these critters and other things to make our cards more distinctive. You and your team are amazing!
    Kathy O.

  283. Jeanne Viggiano says:

    Dogs, cats, stamps, dies, C.B. stamp pads, Oh My ! Yes, please ! What fun ! Everyone loves pets, and feel complimented when you remember theirs. What could be nicer? Thanks Anna!

  284. Karen DAmato says:

    Love, love, love the dog and cat stamps and dies. We are the family of a German Shepherd and she keeps us all very young. She is one of the family and I have to tell you it’s awfully hard trying to find a stamp with a German Shepherd on it. Thank you so much.

  285. Sandra Griswold says:

    Anna, you are the cat’s nmeow, my family is animal lovers, one daughter shows Japanese akitas, the other daughter has one dog and two horses she shows. My granddaughter has two out Bill and lab mixed. My sister has a very spoiled shitz zu she has to be hand fed, her name suits her to a tee, Bella! So you see I enjoy these pets thru my family. These stamps and does will allow me great scrapbooking pages along with the great colors in the ink pads. .Thanks

  286. Grama Pei says:

    Hot Dawg! These are super-cute sets! Someone is going to be SO thrilled to win these! I can imagine the winner bouncing like a bunny all over their living room! Hugging their pets at every pass! Fun! I think a cardmaker cant just choose one set, because if they don’t have a dog or a cat, their friends, family, and loved-ones certainly will have one or more. I have two dogs, and saw a sweet little black stray kitty at Mama’s the other day, sitting on a stump, waiting for Dad to fall in love with it… I see milk in its future. The inks really ARE great pet and Fall colors! I am quickly outgrowing my shelves used for inks, so I guess I now need an ink-storage cupboard… GOOD luck, Everyone!

  287. Kim Bush says:

    This is perfect! I am an animal lover and scrapbook their photos all the time. What a great collection of items to help me make those animal pages! Thank you Anna!

  288. Elaine says:

    Love the animal stamps and die cuts . My sons are animal lovers. It would be fun to make them a card with these cute des.

  289. Patricia Bennett says:

    I love the dog stamps and dies! There is even one for my little scottie Gus. Can’t wait for July 11th!!!!!

  290. Cheryl Baugh says:

    Wow! Can just imagine a Scottie dog under the Christmas tree or a little kitty with a ball of yarn by it’s feet! Have many friends that love animals and this would add so much to their cards for birthdays, get well Christmas etc.
    Again thank you Ana for thinking of the pets that so many people adore!

  291. Sharon A. S. says:

    So………”spot-on”!!!!!!! Just the motivation I needed to finish up a memorial scrapbook for a beloved pet. Thank you for putting this much thought and energy into a set for our pets.

  292. Regina Adamy says:

    Love the puppy stamp/die set, hopefully will win it and the I can purchase the minnie die cutting machine.

  293. Joyce Quinn says:

    So excited to see these pets and ink pads are definitely a must have.!! Thank you Anna!

  294. Grace Seventko says:

    Hi Anna. Am in love with both the kitties and die set and the doggies and dies set. Thanks again for the opportunity to win one of your giveaways. Looking forward to July 11th and all the goodies up for sale that day. You better get plenty of rest now, because you’re not going to get any on the 11th of July with that schedule.

  295. Jenny says:

    Wow..what a great idea!! I would have to choose the kitty cats since I have some of my own. How adorable, can’t wait to see all this on hsn craft day.

  296. Carole Williams says:

    Anna, this is the cutest stamp and die kit EVER.
    I would love to have these and make some really special cards for my family and friends
    Can’t wait!

  297. Kathleen Mills says:

    Oh I love these! I am a dog person, so need those for myself, but I’ll have to have the cat set for all my cat living friends – like you anna!
    Can’t wait for July 11!

  298. Natasha Titova says:

    it’s raining CATS and DOGS!!!! YAY!!!
    great stamps+dies collection!!!! can’t wait!!!!

  299. Barbara B says:

    Love this Cat Set. My granddaughter is such a cat person and volunteers to pet and care for cats. She will love the cards I make her. Your entire collection looks fantastic. Much thanks.

  300. Gena Greenlee says:

    My whole family loves fur babies!! These stamps and dies would be well used in my craft room!! Thank you for thinking of our hairy family members!! See you in July!!

  301. Karenbeatrice Porcher says:

    THANK YOU soooooo much for a cat collection! If I win I’m sending it to my best craft friend in Canada who’s cat looks like mine! My daughter and I have been looking high and low for a good cat collection and yours is purfect! 🙂 A co worker just got a puppy so Im thinking about picking up that collection as well. I need another mini as well. I use mine at work! hehehehehe. Great chalk/ink collection. A must have in my NYC craft space.

  302. Judy Bienvenu says:

    I am so excited Anna, I help with our shelter and a couple of rescues! I have foster failed two beautiful girls, and have fostered till they find the perfect human for them! They have fund raisers to help support the rescue and help educate on breeds of dogs, we are especially fond of bulldog/ pitties. I can make cards that they can use to auction !! I cannot wait, I have been looking for stamps and dies I could do this with … YAY!!! Thank you !!

  303. Pam D says:

    ***! Anna! I can’t believe you did these, and so quickly. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to get them!! They’re pawfect!

  304. Judy Powlowski says:

    Anna I love love love the dog &cat mini sets & dice I’ve got to buy the cat &dog sets I’ve got to buy the stamps that go along with them .Oh gosh between The Halloween items & the pet items I’m going to get into big trouble!!!

  305. Cynithia. Hughes says:

    I love all dogs and cat stuff.Anna could you make a beagle please please.My grandson would love the cats.

  306. Leslie Ramsey says:

    YIPPEE!!! FINALLY something for the dog owners!!!! Cats are cute, but I am a dog person. Just love Golden Retriever. But what is great about both sets is that you give us several options to choose from. PAWSATIFFLY PERFECT!!!!

    Happy Crafting

  307. Sarah Chambers says:

    My kids already think I an the Crazy Cat Lady. I would love to send them cat cards.

  308. Sharon Sienaski says:

    These are the best stamp and die sets ever. I would be FURever happy to have these!

  309. Janet Oliver says:

    I love the new canine and feline sets! I have only 1 granddaughter but have 14 fur-grand-babies so I know it will be a go-to!!! Can’t wait for the 11th!!!

  310. Sandy H says:

    My two fur babies have already accumulated three full scrapbooks….these will make #4 lots more fun. Each of their books is over4″ thick…ya think they may be just a tiny bit spoiled??? Naaah, just uber photogenic.
    Sandy H

  311. Jeri Fleming says:

    Oh. My. Goodness!!! How cute! Will definitely need those doggies! Too dog-gone cutie!

  312. SBarr says:

    These pet packages and inks would be perfect to depict my furry grand-pets. Also seriously considering the mini cuttlebug.

  313. Maureen Ibanez says:

    These pet sets are Purrfect! Just what I need to make cards for my animal loving friends & family!

  314. Bette d says:

    Wow. My Leo and Lilly and willow kitties and Odie and Finian puppies will love to send out their special greetings to all my friends. These are sooo awesome. Thank you for the sets and bless you for thinking of all our furry friends.

  315. Christine Hafner says:

    Hello Anna, Your Mini Feline Stamps and Dies are to die for! I have a gray kitty and lots of Grand-Kitties and -Doggies in my family that I would just love to include in my card making. I especially like the way the solid background die-cut accentuates the smaller, inside die-cut of the cat or dog.

  316. Amanda Prouse says:

    Love animals. When I was in high school I joined an animal welfare club and we raised money to help the dogs and cats. My family and I have two dogs a beagle and a Chihuahua mix. I adore the dogs stamps and die sets.

  317. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I love love love the kitty cat dies. They are so cute. We have two cats so this is perfect for us. I’m happy that the Anna Griffin Mini Machine is back so I don’t have to take out my big machine to cut the cat dies. Can’t wait for Craft Day!

  318. Amy F says:

    As one who’s had dogs and cats her whole life – and pet sit for others’ fur babies – I’m thrilled with your newest sets. I’ve struggled to create great scrapbook pages for all those photos because of the limited colors and size of pre-made diecuts and stickers. Now I can be in control! Thank you!!

  319. Virginia Marx says:

    Oh yes I would love to win the Dog and Cat sets of stamps and dies. You are so creative to put our beloved pets in ways that we can use in whatever way we need to. Thank You.

  320. Peggy Nevue says:

    We have 6 cats (we rescue) so I’ll have plenty of use for the mini feline stamps and beautiful inks. Thanks again

  321. Jennifer Essad says:

    Our family Poodle named SuSu, our Lab Sophie would love to be the center of attention in gift tags, greetings – love this new release and the mini is on my wish list too

  322. Pat May says:

    Hello Anna, I sure do like the new stamps of the cats and dogs and the ink that goes with them. Thank you for bringing them out , and that we can use them with the mini and not have to use the big machine to cut them with, although i know if you are making a lot then the big machine will do just great. Again thanks so much for thinking of our fur babies… I look forward to July”s show and that you will be on most all day… thanks so much for all you and your team does for us..

  323. Vaye Smith says:

    Congrats Carol.
    Oh how I love the fur baby stamps and dies…. It would be so fun to have those sets for cards and scrapbooks pages. I have a very loveable but independent cat named Gizmo…. He’s so fun to have around. My kids have two cats and a new silver lab puppy…… I love the ink colors.
    Thank you Anna

  324. Teresa D says:

    Hi Anna, I really liked the kitty cat set. I plan on using it to make a memory page for my cat Buzz who recently passed away. She was a great cat who lived to a glorious age of 19.

  325. Joan Wolf says:

    Anna, wow, another great crafting week. These would be great to add to my card making supplies, love the minis, especially dogs but have friends who are catlovers so they would be thrilled to get a personalized cat card. also need mini cuttle bug.. glad this truly something new for me. thanks. have a greatweek.

  326. Sandy Weekes says:

    My head is swirling. Maybe make 10 or 12 note cards for my animal shelter. Also use same sets for fundraiser for our dog park.

  327. Audrey Olander says:

    Have to get that kittty set to send cards from my rescue kitty, Beau. Found him 4 years ago and we’re best buds! Love these new dies.

  328. Susan Middleton says:

    I love the mini stamps and dies. I have two pets myself and can’t wait to use them. The inks are very pretty too. Can’t wait for the show.

  329. Yvette Ordonez says:

    I am so excited about the pet dies and stamps!!! I am a pet foster parent for my local humane society. These are going to be perfect to use for my fellow foster parents but i especially want to use them for the people who are adopting my fosters!! Thank you! Thank you!

  330. Sandy Prosen says:

    How great to have fur babies dies! I love how they look. The mini is a great invention as well. It looks infinitely stronger than most portables! Great idea!

  331. JoDeine Nadel says:

    Love the kitty die cuts! Have 2 kitties. One senior 12 years okd & our rescue is 1 year old.

  332. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    Such precious dies and stamps for all the fur babies, I love them all. You never cease to amaze me.

  333. Vivian Kochis says:

    Hello Anna,
    These stamps and dies are perfect! I am starting to make a collection of cards for pet lovers. These are wonderful! Love them.

  334. CateR says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the furbabies stamps!!! Thanx for the sets! Glue pads and flocking powder? Maybe next time? : )

  335. Kristy Munson says:

    I love my Mini, and would love to have more dies to use in it! The dogs are my favorite. And i love Color Box inks!

  336. Marcie Smith says:

    Super cool stamps dies and color pallet inks. Just what we all need to highlight our special fur babies!!!!!! aNeed them both as I have both cats and dogs in our family. You do think of everything!!!!!! Thank you.

  337. Glenda C Stone says:

    I had a little Scottie named Humphrey and he passed away several years ago. He was the best little guy and I really miss him. By now I’m sure you already know the stamps and die set if what I want. A big woof woof to you.

  338. Susan Lindsay says:

    The Mini Canine set is too pawsome for words! I cannot wait to use this to make cards for my dog-loving friends.

  339. Karen Chester says:

    This is one purrfect set. I can’t wait to get my hands on my sets…I am going to have to have both. I love that you have the dies to match!,,,u

  340. Sylvia Walwark says:

    Yippe! Critters! My favorite. Please do more critters. They are so stinking’ cute. Love them

  341. Andrea Manda says:

    Hi Anna. I love the dogs and cats sets as well as the inks. Just perfect colors! Looking forward to all the presentations!

  342. Nancy Iverson says:

    I love the animals. I volinteer at a rescue so these would be perfect for me to make thank you cards when dog or cat adopted. We have never done before. Think it would add a personal touch.

  343. Marcia Long says:

    Love the Mini Canine and Feline Stamp and Die set! Just wish you had a Cocker Spaniel included. I know, if you tried to do all breeds it would he a huge and expensive set. The coordinating inks to go along with the set are prrrrfect! Looking forward to July 11th!

  344. Sandi arnold says:

    So looking forward to July 11. Making my list but I’ll need to rewatch to prioritize what I add to my Anna collection

  345. Sherie Black says:

    I’m so happy you came out with this adorable set of our fuzzy little family members. Love your unique style – not too cuties- and blend with your other cards. Thank you.

  346. Nora Martyniak says:

    Oh, creatures. My heart is beating fast. Nothing in life pleases me more than a pet. I must have these.

  347. Barbara Ferris says:

    Hi Anna, Your furry friends sets are adorable! Love the stamps & dies! But, what I love the most from this debut is the return of the mini Cuttlebug! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I just love all of your products & demos. Everything you do speaks of elegance, Thank-you!;

  348. Lynda Mays says:

    Love the doggie stamps and dies! My sweet Pembroke was the love of my life and I miss her every day. So, the only thing that could make this set better would be the inclusion of Corgi stamp and die. Can’t wait for 7/11

  349. Patty Cooper says:

    I have many friends and family with fur babies. I need this set. It’s a must have for my AG collection.

  350. Doug G. says:

    Love the Mini Canine Stamps & Dies and the Perfect Pet Palette Colorbox Inks for them !!! Very charming !!!

  351. Wanda Duso says:

    These new furbaby sets are just too purrfect! Woof! Woof! I have not gotten the mini yet, but now I am heading in that direction. It would be great for the quick project!

  352. Linda Rodriguez says:

    These are so so cute! I hope I can get these because I have so many friends that have dogs they take to the schools and hospitals and they always need cards! I would love to have these stamps and dies to use!! They are Annadorable!

  353. Barbara Leonard says:

    I love the cat stamps and dies. At one time, I had 8 cats!! Can you tell I love cats? LOL Thanks for these new products.

  354. Donna Huntington says:

    Anna, you once again listened and came through with products well beyond what you customers requested. I love the Pigment ink pads, the colors can be use in most projects. The fur baby stamps and die sets are very different (more realistic) than what I have seen on the market. Thank you for all of your hard work bringing items to us that we ask for and more.

  355. Renee says:

    Love love the dog and cat stamps and dies everything needed for my fur babies. Thank you for all your creativity and inspiration.

  356. Janet U. from Pittsburgh, PA says:

    Hello Anna,

    Thank you so much for making the canine and feline stamps and die cuts (and making them fit the Mini!). I’ve found so many uses for puppies and kittens on my projects and love that I’ll be able to stamp and cut them on my own instead of using stickers (yuck). Not only will they be great embellishments, they’ll be wonderful for loss of pet/sympathy cards.

    Your Mini is the perfect size!! I don’t have a big craft area so the smaller the better for me. I love that I’ll be able to get the same high-quality items using the Mini that I would from a larger machine. I can’t wait to buy ‘her’.

    I don’t want to sound greedy, but I’d love to win the items in this product preview. Like my tape, they’d remain out on my craft table (instead of in my 5-Drawer Storage Tower) as they’d be used all the time!

    Have a great week. – Janet

  357. Mary Ann Reilly says:

    Where to start? I love the stamp pad colors and the Mini die cut machine has been on my wishlist since it debuted. However, my pooch, Henry insists the doggie stamps and dies go to the top of the list! We are just coming up on the 2nd anniversary of Henry and I adopting each other. He was in the shelter because he was confiscated for abuse. He is the most gentle soul and yet is very funny. Thank you for the doggie stamps and dies!

  358. Shari C says:

    Would love to win any beautiful Anna Griffin. Animals touch my heart, so again another smart idea from you, especially adding your beautiful inks to go along! Perfect.

  359. Barbara Larson says:

    You had me at the dog set. We just got a new puppy so now she will be able to send out her own special cards!

  360. Tema says:

    Great pet dies.So cute!The mini cuttlebone is a great tool to have for small dies.I’d be thrilled to win it.

  361. Helen Dale McGrath says:

    Oh yes! Something for our furries. I have a cat and a poodle. This is perfect for me Thanks Anna.

  362. Patricia says:

    ***!!! I love these for my 3 doggies, my friends cats, and all my rescue friends, can’t wait to make some cards with these… my friends will be delighted! Is it 11 July Yet?

  363. Sandy Raum says:

    Thank you for continuing to provide us with such cute & well made products! And everything matches.

  364. Lucy Armitage says:

    So happy to see the fur baby stamps & dyes. This will be a great addition to my Anna collection (of which I have many). Thanks Anna & Co.

  365. Sharon Bounds says:

    I LOVE the Pet stamps and dies. I love to send cards to my pet lover friends. Either a a sympathy or happy card is always well received!!

  366. Susan Weatherly says:

    Oh, I am really wanting the dog and cat stamps. They will make such cute birthday cards for my friends who have fur babies.

  367. Shirley Anderson says:

    These are perfect for a friend or family member who loves animals or has cats or dogs…and the go with the mini as well.

  368. Michelle Reaves says:

    Woohoo! I’m an animal lover! We have dogs, cats, chickens, dycks, turkeys, guineas and a horse! It’s mighty hard to pick a favorite but the idea of a kitty with a ball of yarn is so adorable!!!

  369. Brenda L says:

    Since I am a mom to three purrfect cats, I am very much looking forward to the Mini Feline Stamps and Dies. This upcoming craft day is going to be amazing.

  370. Heidi says:

    I remember asking you about the Scottie die and now Gere it is. Can’t wait to add these to my collection.

  371. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, it’s Debbie Dunn again , first of all I love love love the new Fur Baby Stamps, I have a Yorkie so I will probably Frase long hair on the Doxie to make it look more like a Yorkie, I will have to play with that one. Anyway, I love both sets even though I do not have cats , my Allergies goes on high alert when I am expose to them, I have to take extra meds to be around cats . I do love the dies , stamps Ann’s inks in the preview. Thank You for bring such a really cute stamps to us for our little furry friends.
    Many thanks to you and your awesome team.
    Debbie Dunn

  372. NANCY C says:

    I love the canine stamps and dies! I have 2 different dachshunds so I’m going to need the ink pads too!

  373. Lori Miko says:

    Love everything but especially the cat and dog stamp and die sets! I have a cat and have had cats for many years. Most of my family and friends have at least one cat or dog! The ink is a nice, finishing touch! Thanks for the new stuff and the return of the mini, which I do not have yet! Thank you for the opportunity to win all the goodies!

  374. KAREN says:


  375. Susan Anglen says:

    OOOH, ANNA THANK YOU for creating for our fur babies! I do wish you’d included the paw print in the doggie set, though, and one breed you left out – chihuahuas! My Tinkerbell is actually a “Chiuini”, so you need to come out with “Fur Babies II and include Chiuahuas and labs! But I soooo need this!

  376. Martha Berry says:

    Another product hit for Anna and her team! Love the new pet sets and matching ink palette. Gotta have some feline stamps and dies….and canine stamps and dies! Do we have to choose?

  377. Carol Dale says:

    Fur Babies! So excited need both sets of dies and the colorbox colors are puffferct to go with them! I am so in!

  378. Andi says:


  379. Donna Wyant says:

    Love the dog and cat sets – stamps and dies. But favor the dogs as I have two boston terrier grand-dogs. Love them

  380. Judy Hickey says:

    I am so excited to get the stamps and dies . I have 4 dogs 3 are rescues! What a wonderful world we would have if humans were as loving as our pets.

  381. Peachy W says:

    How cute are these new stamps and dies for our furry friends. Love the new ink colors, perfect for pets! Sadly, my animals have long past, but my daughter bought me a furry little curdled up little stuffed kitty with the softest fur, to remind me of my sweet, tabby cat, Cookie, who was with us for 18 years! How I miss those darn cats!

  382. Mary Pat Randall says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mini Canine Stamps and Dies for al our fur babies!!! The cats are purrrfect for my granddaughters. I thought the same thing about the inks at first glance which means they can serve double duty. Winning these would make my day!

  383. Penny K says:

    I love your new stamp/die sets of our fur babies!!! I currently don’t have a dog since our precious Ladybug went to the Rainbow Bridge three years ago, BUT we did rescue a “Halloween” cat (solid black with bright yellow eyes!) two years ago.. His name is Puppy – and No, he is not confused – he is ALL cat! These sets will be purrfect for bereavement cards when a pet has joined Ladybug waiting on his/her family at the Rainbow Bridge….

  384. Penny K says:

    I love your new stamp/die sets of our fur babies!!! I currently don’t have a dog since our precious Ladybug went to the Rainbow Bridge three years ago, BUT we did rescue a “Halloween” cat (solid black with bright yellow eyes!) two years ago.. His name is Puppy – and No, he is not confused – he is ALL cat!

  385. Mary Latno says:

    Love, Love, Love the Feline Dies and inks to go with them…….Thanks you Anna and my cat Liam thanks you also. He is yellow and these will be great for making cards with him on it.

  386. Carol Coleman says:

    Love the cat and dog stamp and dies. Oh my furry friends — well I have four cats right now, all passed to me. The is Juliette and is staying with my brother. She went to my brothers when my mom entered hospice. Juliette was there for mom. After mom went to heaven, my brother, who is allergic to cats, couldn’t part with her. So I left Juliette at my brothers. My 2nd and third cats are Hot Shot and Princess. They were from a set of three abandoned off Kunia Road. The three were new horns and fit in the palm of ones hand, the third didn’t thrive and passed away in the vets arms when we were trying to get help. When I moved from Hawaii to California in late 2012, I had garage sales to get rid of my stuff which helped to pay for $1200 in plane tickets plus vet paperwork to bring them to my new home with my mom. It took the cats about 8 months to come out of their new room and go outside. Plane travel was traumatic for them The last cat is Reba and was my brothers girlfriends. As my brother is really allergic to cats she is part of my family. Pets are part of your family and shouldn’t be abandoned. Juliette came to me in my mom in 2003. Two were born in 2004/2005 and Reba is just turned two.

  387. Jane P. says:

    Hi Anna, love your new stamp and die sets. I can think of a hundred ways to use these. Of course I would like to have the Halloween set that I missed out on the last time you had them, plus the paper. Wow, can’t wait.

  388. Carolyn says:

    Oh, Baki and Gardenia my two adorable cats are soooo happy to see the new feline stamps and dies. Meow. Thank you Anna.

  389. LucyLicorice says:

    Finally!! Stamps and dies for my Furry, fuzzy kids…lol.
    I love it! Would love to have all of it!

  390. La Fran Plunk says:

    Great job as usually, I would love to win this and I hope you have a perfect day!

  391. Tracie says:

    Love the pet stamps,dies and ink pads!! We all love our fur babies, great idea Anna! I would be over the moon with an additional set for BIRD lovers my feather baby is a parrot, I know there are others out there just like me.

  392. Ann R says:

    Fur babies! Can’t choose…..need them both. I just love how your dies are a need and not an I want. Lol

  393. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Have so many family and friends that will go bonkers for cards made with kitties, and doggies. Have to have new die cut and stamp kits so cuuuute!!! And love the Halloween stamp set,hope that means we are getting a new stamp and die kit for the holiday!!

  394. Debbie McQuade says:

    These are adorable stamp and dies sets. I can see all kids of ways to use them for cards and scrapbook pages. Would love to have in my stash.

  395. Sheri K says:

    I love the cat set, we are caring for “God’s cat garden”, a community of feral cats–all neutered through the TNR program. But I have a grand dog who is a greyhound–no greyhound stamp? No one seems to make greyhound stamps!

  396. Patti says:

    The canine stamp and die set is a must have for my collection. The dog lover friends and family will love the cards made with this set.

  397. Sheila Stiles says:

    I’ve got to have these! I love them and thanks for adding them! As a retired K9 police officer and now volunteer for the humane society, I make cards for our fallen officers’ families and also for the wonderful people who adopt and give a new furbaby their furever home. Thanks, Anna to you and your team! This will definitely keep me busy and bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces!

  398. Beth Williams says:

    Love the dog and cat sets. The ink colors are perfect. Can’t wait for the shows. Thanks for the chance to win.

  399. Jan Forgue says:

    Love the concept of the minis and the new color box colors. This will nicely round out my collection.

  400. Nydia Martinez says:

    Oh Anna. The dog and.cat dies are sooooni e. If you could add a Yorkshire Terrier to this collection it would be so wonderful. Can’t wait for the July 11 show!!!!!!!

  401. Donna Marie De Graw says:

    I love the dog and cat dies and stamps. That will really add to my scrapbooking. These new items well be great to have. Thanks so much for sharing.

  402. Mary I Miller says:

    I love the dogs and how they can be cut with an outline. I bought the mini Cuddlebug, it’s so fun to use. It’s nice not to have to get out the larger Cuddlebug.

  403. Teresa says:

    Anna you really thought of everyone now our furbabies. Love ❤️ these. I can see a part 2 coming next for other the dogs and pets. Like a Maltese, Yorkies etc. fish and birdies. So cute! Can’t wait for the shows.

  404. Dorothy S says:

    I am so excited these sets are purrfectly pawsome! Since I have both a cat and a dog I have to have both. Can’t wait till the 11th, one month and counting.

  405. Teresa says:

    I absolutely love these! The possibilities are limitless for cardmaking and scrapbooking all those special pet pages! Thanks!

  406. Terry Lubinski says:

    How wonderful and light-hearted! And those kitties are going to come in handy around Halloween! And for anyone who doesn’t have the Mini Cuttlebug, you should really think about getting one. Perfect for the coffee table and multi-tasking while watching Anna’s shows!

  407. Marcia Getty says:

    You know I just love that Scottie! and with the white ink, its Iain and Fergus! Love it, Anna!

  408. Lora says:

    Hi Anna, these dies and stamps are prrrrrr-feet! I’m always looking for something for my animal loving friends! And my two cats will love them too:)

  409. Janice says:

    I pawsitively have to have the dachshund stamps/dies! They are so close to my heart! I would love to win all of these.

  410. Linda DeVries says:

    Oh, yes. Thanks Anna for bringing us the mini canine and feline stamps. I especially have a lot of cat lovers in my family. But I love Scottie dogs too. The matching ink collection is purrfect, of course. I love every product you talked about today!

  411. Irene Matas says:

    Love the fur baby stamps & dies. What a wonderful idea. My Adam & Eve, my two Bosties would love to receive doggie birthday cards June 20th, their 6th birthdays.

  412. June Estep says:

    wont these be fun, she says as she drops the stamps and dies into her shopping cart? This will be an easy decision for sure.

  413. Barbara Baker-Davison says:

    So glad you included the shepherd as we have the most amazing service dog for my spouse named Wolfie! He is a White German Shepherd and not only loved by our family but by all our friends and medical providers. I will love making cards for Wolfie to send to them, especially to say “thank you” for all the support and comfort they provide for us. Your products enable all “Griffinites” to share gratitude and joy with others. Cards are a wonderful tool to “pay it forward”! Thank you for the beauty you bring to not only our lives but to those with whom we share our creations.

  414. Elizabeth A Murphy says:

    oh YES…..Sweet Anna….I no longer have cats or dogs, BUT have a lot of family and friends that do….so these will be coming in very handy…..and thanks for including the colored inks that will be matching them

  415. SHERRY L STOECKEL says:

    Love Love the cats and dogs stamps with matching dies. I have a poodle, and my daughter has cats and dogs. what a fun way to express your pets, after all they are like family. Than you Anna!
    Sherry Stoeckel

  416. Debi Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to get these to scrapbook my furry friends and send cards to all my friends who have furry friends.

  417. Beth Williams says:

    Oh my dogs! You did not-and there’s even a doxie just for me.I make more cards and altered items for my fur friends(& their owners) thank I do for people! I love you Anna Griffin-the dies and stamp pads are absolutely perfect!

  418. Pat Zaborowski says:

    I retired a year ago after 40+ years working in the veterinary field. These sets were made for me! I have all several dogs and cats and birds. Love all creatures. This is a MUST have set of doggie and kittie does and stamps and pads for my collection. Perhaps I have never been picked as these were waiting for me????

  419. Linda McArver says:

    Having two dogs and two cats myself I love the new cat dog dies and stamps. I had seen a die and stamp set that included a frontwards and backwards stamp for each animal. Just an idea for the future. Love all your elegant crafting things and love seeing you on HSN!

  420. Loretta L Wilson says:

    I make cards for animal shelter fundraisers. The Mini Canine and Feline Stamps and Dies are purrrfect for this project and furrr-ever pet adoption cards will be perfect with this set!! I have all your ink pads offered over the last three years, plus the refills, SO, I must get the new set too! A thank you for all the products that make our crafting so easy is not enough, but, THANK YOU!

  421. Ava Creger says:

    The cat set is just Purrfect… My beautiful 27 lb. Silver Maine **** cat Mav, died just two weeks after my husband died Oct. 1, 2017. But I am blessed to still have Mav’s sister Jazzy! She is the love of my life!

  422. Gail Spence says:

    Love that doggie set! My furry family member needs to be represented! Love your products…

  423. Judy Rollins says:

    Love these stamp and die sets. I have 7 fur babies, 5 cats and 2 dogs. The 2 sets would be well used.. And the color of ink will match them all……..Great job on designing these……..thanks

  424. DeAnn Runge says:

    What a fun collection! Outside the Anna norm, but yet still fits right in. As I have a kitty and a puppy, thinking both sets will end up in my basket July 11th!

  425. Teri B says:

    Yippee! Who doesn’t love kitties and doggies? The Ink pads are perfect for my calico cat! hah can’t wait to try it. Thanks Anna!

  426. Brenda says:

    Anna I just love these mini’s and the furry friends are awesome will come in handy. WIL you be bringing back the mini dies and stamps for the flowers ? I want those so badly!! Love all you do ——so gorgeous

  427. Katherine Wells says:

    Love those stamps and dies! Just what I need, because so many people I know have these cats and dogs.

  428. Sue Paradoski says:

    I do not have pets because of allergies, but my friends with fur babies would love cards made with these stamps and dies. So stinkin’ cute!

  429. Barbra Lawson says:

    Love these sets!!!! Would love to see a Chihuahua next time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  430. Paula morton says:

    *** can’t wait for the dogs and cat stamps and dies these look great and the ink to match wow I wish you would come back with the Tutti Frutti ink pads I was not crafting when they came out and I can’t find them anywhere thank you see you in July

  431. Deb LeZotte says:

    How cute! Who doesn’t love their pets!! The cards are darling, thank you Anna for sharing!!

  432. Harmony Rose Lane says:

    SHRIEK! Thank you, thank you for these gorgeous cat and dog dies and sentiments! They’re going to sell out in minutes!

  433. Mary Holloway says:

    I LOVE MY FURR BABIES…so its a must for me..Thanks for listening to us..YEAH!!!!!! cant wait…Have a Happy Day!!!!

  434. Penny Mourer says:

    Yes, please!! I had convinced myself I was going to be good and not buy anything else for June. I have to get the dog and cat stamp and die sets!! Well, so much for being good about not spending!! Thank you for these wonderful sets!!!

  435. Sharon says:

    Love, love, love them. Who doesn’t love a pet. Wonderful collection and I sure would love to win it. The ink pads are the perfect colors. Please choose me.

  436. Judy Mason says:

    Love the new die sets and stamps. They would be “pawsome” for all my family and friends cards. Anna, you are always coming up with something different – that is why we all love you! Keep up the good work.

  437. Beth says:

    I love that Anna listens to her customers and creates products to please! Thank you! These pet stamps and dies are so great for all of us with fur babies. And so many people are animal lovers even if they don’t own one. These will make super cute cards and embellishments for pages. Can’t wait!!

  438. Angie Nelson says:

    I love, love, love animals. Ruby Sue (flaming point siamese) and Lola (wht tabby) are so excited for these stamps and dies. Can’t wait til July!. Thanks Anna

  439. MtGlitterQueen says:

    I think those new stamp sets are so cute! My favorite would be the dogs stamps and dies-along with the inks. What a great idea! As always, you keep bringing us wonderful things to add to our treasures! Thank you!
    Patti Coddington

  440. Mel H says:

    I love these new additions! I am sad there’s not an Italian greyhound-since I have two-but these are awesome sets. Can’t wait!

  441. DogMom says:

    Well, as you can tell from my user name – you’ve got a fan with the dog stamps!! Can we have Labradors, mutts, and Dobermans next???

  442. SUE SMITH says:

    Are these part of the Treasury? If not how can i be sure to get them . I will be on vacation where i wont have internet to purchase them?

  443. Mona Belcher says:

    I just love the kitty dies and stamp set. The ink set will make it so i can create not only my kitty but my granddaughter’s kitties. The girls are going to love getting cards with their kitties on them. They just move hundreds of miles away from me so I know I will be sending them lots of cards!!!!

  444. Robin Graham says:

    I love these furry friends products. We all love our furry babies and now we’ll be able to include them in our cards and pages in pawsome style. Thanks, Anna.

  445. Donna Lindquist says:

    Oh wow I was asking for the kitty kitty products and look you DID IT
    How prrrrrrfect would it be to win these
    Can’t wait for me and my fur baby Spirit to make more cards from these . Anna you are the best

  446. Charlotte Canning says:

    I love these! Thanks so much for thinking of our “fur babies.” Winners all, Anna!

  447. Hobo says:

    My granddaughters will love the feline items. Me, well, I am not a pet person, but I will make them cards and let them use them.

  448. Teresa DeVries says:

    I have been Really wanting a pet set of stamps but couldn’t find what I wanted, this will fit perfectly! So excited!

  449. Linda B says:

    As the mom of a dog and cat, I adore these new sets and can hardly wait to get my “paws” on them!

  450. c.j.riley says:

    Just a few more Anna die cuts. Thank you so much as the dies make doing cards that are all handmade. Just now I am using Anna pocket dies and embossing folders to totally make grandsons wedding invitations by hand……and well of course the Cuttlebug.

  451. Christy M says:

    How cute! I love the dogs! We have 3 dogs we’ve rescued over the years. It would be fun to have the stamps and dies to embellish scrapbook pages about them.

  452. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    Anna, my goal has always been to someday make cards for the local shelter in my neighborhood (Homeward Bound) for their silent auctions they hold once or twice a year to raise money for the shelter. These would be perfect for that! These would lend a little more sophistication to the cards than what was available to us before.

    And I also really love this package because since I was young (before grade school even) I have always surrounded myself and felt most comfortable with animals (**LOVE THEM**). I’ve never ever been afraid of them–even after being bitten by a dog. (Hey! It wasn’t the dog’s fault. He just thought he was protecting the friend I was with!)

    Between myself, my family & my friends, there are SO MANY different cat colors I can use these stamps/dies for:
    CATS: Calicos (‘regular’ and dilute–my own LILY SUE!), Tabbies (gray, orange, brown), Tortoiseshells (Hello! My VIOLET!!), Gray & White, Black & White, Pure White, Orange & White, and I could go on and on!

    Then the DOGS! Labradoodles, Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Black Labs, Collies, English Cocker Spaniels, King Charles Cavaliers, Cocker Spaniel/King Charles Mix, and the list goes on!
    I’d love this package!

  453. Vicky Michot says:

    well any animal lover will just loves these sets! And inks in all the right colors for my dogs and cats 🙂 Love them! Sure to be a hit! Would love to get these !

  454. Carlota Ewig says:

    Need!!!! the Kitties. can’t wait. Might need to buy the min machine also. def buying the inks. Thank you!