The Craft Channel U.K. February 11th Shopping List

Hi there!

We are excited to spend another great Thursday morning with you on The Craft Channel in the U.K.! Your response to this new partnership has been so positive, and we love that our fans in the U.S. are able to watch and craft with us too.

Tune in this Thursday, February 11th at 10 a.m. BST on Sky Channel 679 or Freesat 818 for two more full hours! That is a bright and early 5 a.m. EST wake up call for our friends in the U.S., and you can watch online by clicking here:

10 a.m. BST

504125: Cuttlebug Machine

504125: Cuttlebug Machine

505955: Paper Tricks Embossing Folders


150016: Paper Tricks 2 Embossing Folders


506416: Grand Duets 4”x12” Embossing Folders


507084: Cuttlebug 12”Plate Set

150002: Emboss, Cut and Create Idea Book

505444: Lovely Layers Cardstock


505921: Collector’s Edition Stamp Set

150000: Collector’s Edition Ink Pads

150001: Collector’s Edition Ink Refills

506877: Vibrant Vellum Die Cuts


150015: Essential Tool Set

505118: Well Said Vellum Quotes


11 a.m. BST

506082: Flower Pot Decoupage


506419: Border and Corner Stamp Set


150000: Collector’s Edition Ink Pads

150001: Collector’s Edition Ink Refills

504125: Cuttlebug Machine

506081: Artful Patterns Embossing Folders


504859: Embossing Folder Storage (Camilla Floral, Olivia Damask or Grace White)

506293: Gusset Sleeves for Embossing Storage

506292: Embossing Folder Storage Sleeves

505640: Lovely Arrangements Embossing Folders


506874: Pretty Patterns Cards and Envelopes


506418: Amelie Scrapbook Kit

150015: Essential Tool Set


See you on Thursday!


The Craft Channel U.K. February 4th Shopping List

Hi there!

We had so much fun getting up bright and early with you last week for our debut on The Craft Channel in the U.K.!  We are back this Thursday, February 4th at 10 a.m. BST for two more full hours of crafting. These shows replay on Sundays at 9 a.m. BST, just in case you miss your chance to watch.

Here is a sneak peek and shopping list of what items will be available this time! You can also shop on The Craft Channel’s website by clicking here.

10 a.m. BST

506877: Vibrant Vellum Die Cuts


506421: Playful Pieces Card Making Kit


504125: Cuttlebug Machine

505959: Garden Cutting Embossing Folders and Dies


503860: 112 Piece Metallic Layers

503442: Elegant Arrangements Embossing Folders


150014: Flower Pot Decoupage

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150015: Essential Tool Set

505118: Well Said Vellum Quotes



11 a.m. BST

504857: All About Him Card Making Kit


506869: Say It Anyway Stamps

150000: Collector’s Edition Ink Pads

150001: Collector’s Edition Ink Refills

504125: Cuttlebug Machine

507084: 12” Cuttlebug Plate Set

506079: Anna Griffin Gatefold Embossing Folders


150015: Essential Tool Set

150010: Decorative Designs Coloring Books


506708: Perfect Pre-Tied Bows


506703: Joyful Phrases Sentiment Inserts

505116: Madison Cardstock Kit



Thank you all for your continued support of our new partnership with this amazing channel across the pond!


Watch Anna Griffin on The Craft Channel in the U.K. Starting January 28th!

Hi everyone! We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posts to bring you a very special announcement for our friends “across the pond!”

If you haven’t heard the news, Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting has a new home in the U.K. on The Craft Channel. We made the move after 11 years on QVC UK to a brand new channel dedicated to Crafts! We are so excited to be working with an amazingly creative group of people that launched this new channel in September of last year.

We now have a weekly two hour craft show every Thursday morning from 10am to 12pm BST with a repeat on Sunday. Each week we will be entertaining, inspiring and educating you on all Anna Griffin products. This makes The Craft Channel the largest single retailer of our products in the U.K.!

The Craft Channel has a brand new home on Sky Channel 679 and on Freesat 818. You can even stream the channel live online from anywhere in the world by clicking here! Orders ship in the UK only within 3-4 working days.

My single most favorite part about this is that we can finally offer ALL of our new items to the UK audience. We are launching things that have never been available before in the UK! They have our coloring books, watercolor pencils, ink pads, our how to books and they will even have all of the Cricut Explore Air products later this Spring.

To tide you over until the exciting launch next week, we thought you’d enjoy a behind the scenes peek at our visit to London this past December. We filmed hours and hours of paper crafting inspiration for you! I am sure you were wondering if it would be live, but there is just no way to do that with our busy schedule. Each show will have new items mixed in to keep you watching and we will be offering all of the new 2016 items plus best selling kits that are back in stock. I think we’ve got you covered!

IMG_7529IMG_7530IMG_7531 IMG_7532 IMG_7537 IMG_7539IMG_7540 IMG_7542 IMG_7543IMG_7544 IMG_7545 IMG_7546

What do you think? Wish us luck!

Bye for now!