Embossing Folder Storage Answers

Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments and posts both here and on my HSN blog. My apologies for any problems that you may be experiencing! I thought I would post a few answers here to help!

Did you get this storage system for your embossing folders from HSN on January 23rd?

The plastic sleeves are dividers and they get labels so you can organize by design style, theme or just your favorites – whatever you like! Use the dividers to separate your big folders and use the pockets for your smaller items. We didn’t intend for the pockets to hold the big folders – but that is a great suggestion. HSN re-ordered this for April, so we will make sure to incorporate your ideas!

One thing that I didn’t get to mention on air is that there are 2 labels in the gold frame on the front of the box. One says embossing folders and one is blank just in case you would like to re-purpose the box.

Did you buy my favorite card making kit of all time? The Floral Impressions card kit…I read that many of you were not happy that the sentiment inserts were not included. Perhaps you didn’t see that they were a separate items in the show. There were paper inserts and clear stamp sentiments – both designed for the inside of these cards.

We put so much in that box that we just couldn’t include anything else. Plus, so many people had asked for the sentiments separately – that we were sure we had made the right decision. I’m so sorry! While, we plan to have the sentiment inserts as an item on hsn.com in the near future – I promise not to leave them out of the next card kit.

Speaking of the next card kit – what should it be????
Happy Friday,


  1. Posted by: Mash
    Hi Anna, I do cards for a patients of a hospice center.  I would like to see a card kit with a lot of encouragement sentiments,  You don’t always want to send a get well card for someone who might be terminally ill.  I search each month to find sentiments or quotes that are encouraging or uplifting.  Also sometimes you might want to send a card to some one that needs encouragement for various reasons, they may have had a bad day or a bad week.  Also we could use cards to touch base with someone you may not have seen for a while and you might not want to send a thinking of you or a miss you card but rather a card that says just a note or dropping you a line or something humorous such as (how have you bean).  I love all your kits.  You put in a lot of time into them and it shows.  Keep up the good work .  I get yor nre cuttlebug from HSN and the auto ship on the other folders.i already had a cuttlebug so I gave my old one to my daughter.  I told her that she needs to get the folders if they are ever sold separate and I hope that is also in the works, they are so beautiful, I hope we see more of those from you also.
  2. Posted by: Marcia
     I buy Anna Griffin card kits. To give to my friends who live here. They are senior citizens. I have had comments such as ” members of my family all called to wish me a Happy Birthday and it was nice but no one sent me a birthday card. Yours was the only card I received, It made me so happy.” another comment I received from several women was “I love the birthday card you gave me. I keep it on my table to see it all the time. It is so beautiful.” I also gave out your christmas cards they were a big hit also.
    Your card kits are all a big hit with the people who live here. They love the many layers and all the flowers I put on the cards.  I would like a kit for the men. But there are a lot less men here. I don’t need a large kit about 20 cards would be  more then enough.
    But the reason I am e-mailing you is that I need to get a lot more Birthday stickers. Is there any way I can buy just ‘birthday’ stickers???? I only give out birthday and christmas cards so I don’t need all the other occasion stickers.
    I am not creative but I can follow your layouts. The last two kits I bought did not come with layouts. I was lucky that I found layouts on the computer for one of them.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope I hear from you as to where I can buy the birthday stickers.
  3. Posted by: Lynne Edwards
    I am from Plymouth |England and recently purchased from QVC the embossing folder storage box which I am very pleased with.  The only suggestion I have (and other people feel the same) is that there is room in the box for additional folders and wondered if they were going to become available in the future please?
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  5. Posted by: Ronny
    I hope this is not to late to give my wish for new things.  I would like to see more birthday card kits–both ladies and men.  I love vintage but was so disappointed in the botanical kit, the colors were so dull and flat and mostly black.  I think vintage is colorful too. Anyway I use mostly birthday cards and in most of the kits there are a few birthday sentiment stickers and all the rest go begging as I don’t have much use for them.  As said by several others, us older people use more birthday cards and the sentiments like thinking of you, saying hello, get well and sympathy.  Please
    bring back a more modern bday set for men and a set for ladies, all in bright pretty colors and also the thinking of you type.
    By the way I ordered both Christmas sets last, one was dull and lifeless, still sitting on the shelf,  the other was bright and cheery and fun and I made almost all of them and sent them out.
    If I could buy sticker sheets of just the birthday sentimentss and sticker sheets of concern type, I would buy them in a minute but you don’t have any thing like that that I can see.
  6. Posted by: Kelly
    Please make some additional set of the Floral Impressions kit!! I missed it! That is EXACTLY what I needed. I write my own notes inside, so never use the sentiment inserts. PLEASE bring it back!!! Love them!!
  7. Posted by: Shelia
    Dear Anna,
    Some masculine stuff would be great.
    Anything like vines, leaves, birds & such.
    Love the cuttlebug & folders! I can’t even cut a straight line but…
    Ya makin’ me look good.  : )
    Thank You!

  8. Posted by: Arleen
    Hello Anna, my choice would be more, more, more birthday cards.  I’m not very talented but you make me look genius, thank you very much.  I’m another one that didn’t get the golden beauty and really want to get it and the folders and the auto ship.  I need to tell you one more thing: my mom has been gone for 23 years but if she were here, she would say, “now that Anna, she’s a Lady”.  In the whole wide world, that is my greatest compliment to anyone.  Love, Arleen
  9. Posted by: Miz
    ***! I want this sooooo much! I acltauly have the knifty Knitter loom but I have wanted to buy a loom with that could use the thinner yarns. Up to now, I would have to? buy a wooden loom with metal pegs at a terribly high price. This is just so great!!!! It’s perfect.
  10. Posted by: Debbie R
    I would like to echo Tiffany’s comment as well – would love to see the Hardware stamps, more sentiments, and also please bring back the “borders and corners” stamps!!! Speaking of bringing back, love the Calista line – hope you consider doing that again.  THANKS.
  11. Posted by: Tiffany Sheman
    Hi Anna,
    1st, I would like to say that I just ADORE everything that you do. I have been watching you every since you came to HSN. That is when I started into the craft world.
    I have ALL of your card kits. All of your autoship items that you made available to us. I am enjoying every bit of it.

    I would like to suggest the following card kits:
    1) cards for children
    2) Valentine’s Day (Kid & Adult collection, and a set for children to make for school and their teachers)
    3) Masculine kit (birthday, Father’s Day)
    4) Care & Concern (Sympathy, Get well & Thinking of You)

    I would love to see Tulips and other flowers. Please more birds and cute insects like lady bugs, dragonflies, etc.
    Could you incorporate nice color palette of blues and purples?


    I love the embossing folder storage boxes. So pretty. I just love your style.

    Best wishes,

  12. Posted by: Beverly
    I love your embossing folders storage box because it matches all the card kit boxes.

    I think you can easily solve the 5 x 7 folder issue by making a sold separately set of envelopes without the seam for the boarder.  That way you wouldn’t have to resize the box.  I think this could make a lot of people happy because they are already purchasing the extra set of 30 envelopes anyway, or make it a combo set.

    Thanks for all your beautiful products,

  13. Posted by: Jackie
    I am new to Anna Griffin and need help.  I have emailed her a few times (over the past  weeks), but no one will answer my questions or even acknowledge my emails, so that staff is not very helpful and just plain ignoring me.  So I am here. Everyone here seems so knowledgeable and helpful, so here goes.  I have seen Anna’s kits on HSN, but I want to try making cards on my own, from scratch, using Anna’s supplies.  I see card stock for sale.  This may seem stupid, but how do you start.  I just want to make cards, not scrapbooks, but I do not see any type of cards to purchase to make cards.  Do I just buy the card stock and cut/fold? If so, don’t most of her card stock sheets have designs on both sides?  The one’s she has on HSN for her kits are just plain inside.  That’s what I want to do.

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks from a newbie!

  14. Posted by: Jackie
    I am new to Anna Griffin and need help.  I have emailed her a few times (over the past  weeks), but no one will answer my questions or even acknowledge my emails, so that staff is not very helpful and just plain ignoring me.  So I am here. Everyone here seems so knowledgeable and helpful, so here goes.  I have seen Anna’s kits on HSN, but I want to try making cards on my own, from scratch, using Anna’s supplies.  I see card stock for sale.  This may seem stupid, but how do you start.  I just want to make cards, not scrapbooks, but I do not see any type of cards to purchase to make cards.  Do I just buy the card stock and cut/fold? If so, don’t most of her card stock sheets have designs on both sides?  The one’s she has on HSN for her kits are just plain inside.  That’s what I want to do.

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks from a newbie!

  15. Posted by: Jackie
    I am new to Anna Griffin and need help.  I have emailed her a few times (over the past  weeks), but no one will answer my questions or even acknowledge my emails, so that staff is not very helpful and just plain ignoring me.  So I am here. Everyone here seems so knowledgeable and helpful, so here goes.  I have seen Anna’s kits on HSN, but I want to try making cards on my own, from scratch, using Anna’s supplies.  I see card stock for sale.  This may seem stupid, but how do you start.  I just want to make cards, not scrapbooks, but I do not see any type of cards to purchase to make cards.  Do I just buy the card stock and cut/fold? If so, don’t most of her card stock sheets have designs on both sides?  The one’s she has on HSN for her kits are just plain inside.  That’s what I want to do.

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks from a newbie!

  16. Posted by: Susan
    Just opened my card kit.  The newest one.  The 40 satin little bows are missing.  Everything else is there.  I don’t want to send it back because it’s sold out. HELP!
  17. Posted by: Judy
    Dear Anna, I am new to embossing and got inspired by your newest collection.  I just ordered a Cuttlebug and your newest card making kit. While I love flowers and all things botanical… I would like to suggest a cardmaking kit with a fall color scheme using many of your handsome patterns . Those papers could be embellished with leaves, or other fall/harvest embellishments as well as flowers and they could be coordinated with some handsome more masculine embellishments such as woodland themes, fishing, etc. and handsome crests. All of the sentiment stickers could coordinate with the colors and cover the major themes that are the best sellers. For men I am finding Birthday, Sympathy and thinking of you, etc are often needed.  My husband loves the cuttlebug embossing folders in your newest set. I just demonstrated how it works yesterday.  He suggested folders that would create a tooled western leather look- which would be popular with both men and women- all of the woodland themed embellishments would coordinate with the tooled leather look as would a horse or ranching, outdoors theme, etc.   I believe the “masculine” and young man niche is lacking in appropriate art and making a kit with fall colors could fill that niche and make it more versatile with the fall leaves and flower themes.
    Sincerely, Judy
  18. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna – Keep up all your amazing work!  I own lots of your card kits and here is my feedback:

    1.       I agree with the other customers who want get well, sympathy and thinking of you.  The assorted sets don’t work well for me because I have no need/interest in St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Congratulations or even Thanksgiving.  Since some customers do want this, it might be best to design the kits in a way that avoids some of us ending up with cards we won’t use, or short on the ones we do use.  I wouldn’t mind a Thanksgiving themed card if I could use it as a birthday card for someone who’s birthday is in November but I haven’t sent Thanksgiving cards in 20 years and don’t plan to start now purely because I need to use up a card.   As someone else stated, we can never have too many birthday stickers!!!
    2.       The idea from someone to make seasonal kits is also great, for example birthday cards for spring/fall/winter/summer.  We need birthday card kits that look different from each other since we send these cards yearly, and don’t want every year to look the same.
    3.       A children’s kit might also be nice for people who need/use a lot of children’s cards.  You could consider making a Valentine’s Day kit for children (boys and girls themes) to make alongside their mothers who are paper-crafters – smaller cards, affordable for children’s crafts.   Most adults don’t need 20 Valentine’s, but children in school do, and my nephew really wanted to make a card with me when he caught a glimpse of all the cool goodies in your kits.
    4.       I made the entire Botanica card kit without realizing (until the LAST card!) the embellishments were self-adhesive.  I even checked first, but some of the backs were stuck on so well that I was sure I’d ruin the embellishment if I picked any harder at them.

    Thanks for all your beautiful products and I can’t wait to see the next wave of product launches.  Surely they will be AMAZING as usual!

  19. Posted by: Vickie
    Card Kit Ideas:  More Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You. More beautiful, vintage style birds, swirls, etc. in different colors/varieties to mix in with your lovely flowers. Beautiful doves, goldfinches, chickadees, etc…oh my! Speaking of flowers, although we love the roses, please make a kit with other gorgeous flowers expanding on the Botanica Kit and Oliva collection…(I would love to find another Botanica kit!). Please  more variety in color palate—so many pinks (which I love) but when making sending cards to family/friends, don’t want them all to all to be in pinks/greens. Love and have most of your kits (some more than one!)   Please more of the metallic card sets!!!  Your talents are awesome!
  20. Posted by: Debbie
    Hi Anna, I echo some of the other comments – I’d love to see a card kit focusing on sympathy, get well, and thinking of you.  I’m an older card maker also, and seem to need these cards a lot.  Thanks for asking us for our thoughts!
  21. Posted by: Susan
    Hi Anna,

    I think I’ve come up with a card kit to please everyone.  I too love vintage cards.  How about a 40 card kit to include everything to make 8 cards for  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine Day and Easter.  For me I only make cards for family and close friends. This would be awesome.  By the way I bought the TS Cuttlebug and love it.  So-o-o glad I’m on auto-delivery.  I also bought the card kit, box to hold folders and the special metallic paper to emboss.  You are so talented.
    Wishing you well, Susan

  22. Posted by: Virgiinia Plauché
    This is a wonderful box, and so many embellishments  I cold make another box of cards!! The only problem for me in copying the design sheets is that I do not have a great printer, so ideas are a little mushy…This special cuttlebug embossing kit is the best. It embosses so fine and beautifully. You are the best!!!  Thanks for everything, Virginia
  23. Posted by: Ivanna Gibbard
    Next card kit idea– for men and children, please.
  24. Posted by: Tonia
    I would love to see a holidays, kids, mens, and baby/bridal shower card kit!!  I love all of your card kits are GREAT!! I love all your products and I can’t wait till the Cricut cartridges!!
  25. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    I’m fine with the embossing box and dividers the way they are.  I’m just happy to have the organization for the folders.  As for the sentiments, I purchased them separately and am satisfied.  Thanks for making such beautiful products.  You are my favorite designer.
  26. Posted by: Marijane
    Dear Anna,
    I got the new Cuttlebug on HSN and am just thrilled!  I have other machines but not the Cuttlebug and your gold machine is gorgeous and works great!  The folders are amazing and I am so glad I got the auto-ship… I can’t wait for the next shipments!  i also got the paper weaving kit and the papers are perfection!  Thanks for your beautiful creations.
  27. Posted by: Julie
    Hi Anna –

    Thank you so much for paying such good attention to your fans! You are truly special!

    I am one of the sorry who missed out on the Cuttlebug and all the goodies except the card kit. I am waiting until April comes and I can purchase my Cuttlebug to start making my cards. I so hope that the folders will be available, too!

    I need the card sentiments! Please offer those again.

    As for new card kits, I love the suggestions your other fans have left – but especially Valentine cards!

    I am saving my money for March and April. I am so excited!


  28. Posted by: Hope Stoveken
    Dear Anna: I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with some of the embossing folders cutting through the paper.  Also should all of the folders received with the cuttlebug have your logo on them? Love your products. Thank you Hope
  29. Posted by: Deborah
    Dear Anna,
    I have been a long-time buyer of your products but being in Canada cannot purchase your products on the HSN as they will not accept Canadian credit cards. Is there any way to resolve this so that we in Canada can purchase your product directly from  you?  I wanted to purchase your folders so much. The Cricut website is showing your folders on their site but they are “unavailable” and there only for ideas.  Please can you help.
    With thanks, Deborah
  30. Posted by: Penny
    Hello Anna.
    I’m your biggest fan.  I order multiple of all your products.  The card kit I would love to see is one for sympathy/get well/and thinking of you.  I use
    so many of these cards and never have enough (I’m an older scrapper I guess and lots of people I know need these cards!)  Please please make a kit like this.  I’d also like to see one for children’s cards and more men’s options.  Thank you most sincerely for all you do!
  31. Posted by: Shana
    Hi Anna.

    First let me echo love for the cuttlebug folders. Thank you for the elegant gold cuddlebug machine. Good-bye lime green! Can’t wait to see what floral dies you have coming out for it – that is in the works right? lol. I love flowers so that would awesome. Iris and hydrangea are my favorites.
    As for ideas for card kits – I would like to have a Spring/Easter set that is Victorian or French country styled animals, birds/nest and plants. I have been looking and have seen lots of decorated eggs, pastels, and cutesy but that isn’t what I’m interested in.

    More of the acrylic pages with all over print would be great!

    Thank you for all the new products! See you on HSN March 25th for the cricut  – can’t wait to see what you will have there.


  32. Posted by: Lisa
    To answer Sue’s question regarding scripture verses: Until Anna comes out with some her own, try http://www.ourdailybreaddesigns.com/ They specialize in scripture verses stamps and have over 400 Christian stamp designs with images and verses.  They also have photo gallery showing completed cards their designer’s have done.  Stampin’ Up also does a couple of stamp sets with Christian type sentiments.  Here’s the link to one of them that is the Thoughts and Prayers set: http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=127805
  33. Posted by: Holly
     It’s Holly again. I forgot to ask, what is the name of the
    Xyron machine you use for the adhesive with your scrapbooks? You mentioned that you use the Xyron for this purpose. Could you please advise?

    Thanks Again,

  34. Posted by: Holly
    Just adding to my previous post, apologizing for mispelled words it seems! How about the holiday kits on auto-ship so they arrive at just the right time! Love some of the older designs as I stated, some of them that come to mind are “Hannah”, “Cecil”, “Charlotte”, “Peyton”, “Calisto”  and others that I wasn’t able to get a name for a collection, maybe they pre date the collection names, but the patterns are fantastic just as your “new designs” are gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for keeping all of us informed on new developments! Just knowing that you take the time to read them and comment about them means so very much and speaks volumes to your character! Thank you so much!


  35. Posted by: Holly
    Hi there Miss Anna!
    Ideas for the card kit you say… How about another all occasion but incorporate some new baby patterns, some children’s birthday and as some others have mentioned, cards for gents! Another idea would be to bring back a few of your older collections in a cohesive card kit or even a scrapbook. An old meets new type creation! I also love the suggestion someone made earlier about a possible holiday “all occasion” such a a couple each, Christmas, New Year, Valentine (okay maybe a couple isn’t enough for this one), Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christening, Baptism, etc. etc. etc. Love the idea of the inserts being sold as a seperate item but I really count on them when creating these beautiful cards! I’m not that great with sentiments so I fing them a really important element of your kits, please leave them included with the kits! Very excited for the next BIG thing!!!
  36. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    I’m so glad I didn’t wait to order the Cuttlebug Today’s Special on HSN. Your embossing folders are GORGEOUS!
    I know you’ve done this before, but a newer version of an assorted holiday/occasions kit would be great! I hope you’ll do more stamp sentiments sets too!
    Thanks for all you do!
  37. Posted by: Jo Sherry
    I like your kits a lot and welcome any future kit.  However, unless there is an idea sheet with something to get me started I will not be ordering again.  Realize that many have the creative juices that flow and they can take a box with hundreds of items and whip the cards out quick — there are some of us that need a little help to get started.  I have made 10 cards and have yet to use a bird or butterfly because I don’t know what to do with them and no matter how much I try it just does not look right and would not be a card I would give to anyone.  Please, I think the kits are great but just add that extra bit of customer support and give a ssample sheet.  Thank you.
  38. Posted by: Sue
    I have been trying to find scripture stamps or imprinted stickers with scripture anywhere.  I would really love to see those. Thanks for all you do!  It’s because of you that I started this new hobby of making cards and scrapbooking.  I enjoy it so much.  It’s like therapy.  Like one caller said on HSN, I have a difficult time parting with my creations.
  39. Posted by: Addie
    Hi, Anna, I’m extremely pleased with everything I order from you, most recently the embossing folders.  Years ago I purchased from you a paisley scarpbook paper kit with frames and (I think) some greeting labels.  The paisley prints were similar to the one in your recent Haven kit.  Some of the colors were muted, some deep, others more vibrant.  It was a gorgeous collection.  I’d love it if you’d reissue it.  I loved it because it was versatile –men, women, children, the designs could be used for all.  I use scrapbook papers for card making, as well as scrapbooks, because it’s so cost effective.  I get much more for my money in 12 x 12 papers than smaller sizes. For now I’m looking forward to my auto shipments of embossing folders.  Keep up the good work!
  40. Posted by: Shelley
    I too would love to see a vintage Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July card kit. I have many of your papers, albums and card kits-LOVE everything, the new cuttlebug and folders are awesome! Thank you so much for all the beautiful products that you bring to HSN! My calendar is already marked for your next visit to HSN.

To Thine Be True…

To thine be true…

It has been a flower filled day here are Anna Griffin Inc…

The view from my desk. My favorite florist, Le Jardin Francais, here in Atlanta paid me a visit this morning.

I thought you would like to see the card I gave…

and the card I received…

Oooh don’t you just LOVE the old Victorian Valentines? My collection keeps on growing.

Here is my wish for you…
Every joy that a heart can hold, Be thine this day a thousand fold. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Posted by: Lisa
    Anna,  I agree that the Victorian Valentines are beautiful. Where do find valentines such as this one?
  2. Posted by: Julie
    Hi Anna –

    When I said I thought one of your next card collections should be Valentines, I can see that you know what I mean!

    Those are truly beautiful!


  3. Posted by: Shelia
    Dear Anna,
    Love the flowers and cards!
    You always put a smile in my heart.
    Thanks for helping me put a smile in other hearts too.
    Your card kits are wonderful!

  4. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    And My Wish For You, Ten Thousand More.

    Oh I just Love both of the Cards,so Very Pretty!
    Your Fresh Flowers are Simply Divine, may they give
    You even More Creative Inspiration, I bet you could
    Do Scented Flowers for your Cards!!! You Flowers have
    Inspired Me to be Creative for You!! LOL!!
    Much Love, to you and your Team, Debbie Dunn

  5. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    To love and be loved is truly wonderful!
    I just love the flowers too!