Winners Revealed!

Greetings from HSN! We are here setting up for the big day tomorrow. There are lots of last minute preparations going on so I don’t have time to be nervous…yet.

The winner of the Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge is Nancy G ! Congratulations and happy cutting!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our weekly giveaways leading up to the 24 Hour Craft Event tomorrow. Here’s a very special video to remind you of our journey over the past six weeks.

‘Twas the Day of the Giveaway

‘Twas the day of the big giveaway, and all came to see
Who the lucky winner, lucky winner would be.
Twelve HSN sneak peeks were crafted with care
In the hopes that on September 17th I’d see you all there.

On the first day of previews you met the star of the show
A green box of goodies tied up with a red bow.
Holiday Trimmings will help you make Christmas cards galore
Since we know that handmade cards always mean more.

Next you saw new holiday stamps and inks
And outside of the box I asked you to think.
Who could you send cards to that you haven’t before?
Like the troops, hospitals and the clerks in the stores.

Then came borders, washi tape and festive new paper
You spread the news of Holiday Trimmings to your friends and your neighbors
So inside this wonderful kit I decided to let you see
But when the green box was opened, inside was Georgie!

The previews rolled on, with vellum quotes and decoupage
Our twice weekly giveaways had me feeling like Santa Claus.
You told me your goal to sign, seal and deliver
The Holiday Trimmings cards you would craft up this winter.

For the last of the sneak peeks you had a front row ticket
To see my latest designs for your Cuttlebug and Cricut
Beautiful Christmas trees were embossed on Metallic
And holly and snowflakes were die cut on Perfect Palette.

These 19 new collections are sure to deck the halls,
But only one lucky winner can take home them all
I reached in the bag to see who it would be,
And Karen Solt’s name was drawn from thousands of entries!

Midnight marks the Holiday Trimmings on air debut
And I am so excited to share the fun with you.
So tune in tomorrow, somehow, some way
For a very special 24-Hour Craft Day!

A very special CONGRATULATIONS to Karen Solt! We hope you enjoy all of your new crafting items. Please post a photo of yourself on our Facebook page!

Whew! I’ve got less than 12 hours to go….


  1. Posted by: ROZY S.
    Hi Anna: I apologize for being late in comments, but have been very sick he last couple of months. I was still able to watch your HSN crafting show and spent a good amount on your new products. Had my surgery and came home yesterday and all of my fun stuff was waiting! As usual your things are exquisite! Signed up for auto-ship so more goodies to come. My dilemma now is where to put all the goodies! Rozy
  2. Posted by: Rose
    Hi Anna,
    I just got my Winter Wonderland cartridge. Yippee! Can’t wait to start creating my christmas cards. Because if the delicate cuts, what speed, pressure, depth settings do you recommend?
  3. Posted by: Maw J
    Dear Marsha , I too had a similar event in Jan. all I can say is that the cartridge looks to be available on either in the digital or cartridge form! Good luck!
  4. Posted by: Marsha Sitchler
    I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to go as I am so upset.  I will also be trying to write HSN’s CEO. I watched Anna on HSN on the 17th and placed an order for her Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge in plenty of time as I knew they would be sold out.  I got the email that my order was received.  Tonight I was looking to see why I had not received the cartridge yet and under the order on HSN it said that I received a refund on Sept. 20.  I called HSN and was told the refund was because there were no more cartridges available.  Yet, I made the order long before they announced on the show they were sold out. Plus I didn’t receive an email about it either. Anyway, I am so upset I can’t sleep so am writing this.  I suppose that HSN will not be getting any more of the cartridges in either will they?  It’s just so unfair. I know it’s not Anna’s fault but I just had to say something.  I wanted that cartridge so bad.
  5. Posted by: PEnny C.
    Anna I don’t have Facebook and couldn’t comment on the picture of George but, based on that picture, you should have named him Mick after Mick Jaggar!  LOL.  So, darn cute!
  6. Posted by: HollyG
    Good Afternoon Miss Anna!

    First, I would like to thank you for the great HSN show yesterday!   you looked gorgeous,  was it three or four outfit changes? They were ALL fabulous!  I really enjoyed your poem and also, would like to congratulate Tonya and Karen.  How lucky for them and oh, so generous of you!  It  sure was the highlight of my day  to speak with you via HSN yesterday!  I would have said more but they gentlemen told me to concentrate on talking about the TS, so I did.  I didn’t get to fill you in on all the other items I purchased…Wow…I’m gonna have to tip my UPS man! I bought a Cricut machine just for your cartridge so I hope you are planning on more of those for us! I purchased just about everything and very happy to do so! This will keep myself, my daughter and grand daughters busy for awhile!  Just a great big thank you to yourself and your team for creating all the beautiful things you help us create, truly unbelievable!  I sure hope you are able to get a good rest from your busy, busy day/s!

    Thank you so much!

    P.S. Could you post more pictures of Georgie? He is adorable!

  7. Posted by: Cathy C
    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Anna for all your products.
  8. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello Anna:  I hope you’re still sleeping.   That was a LONG day for you.  I couldn’t believe when you were still on at 10 p.m. and still had energy!  How do you do it?  Well, I guess I know the answer.  It’s because you are so passionate about what you do, and that is golden.
    I was so honored to get a chance to talk to you.  Congratulations on a crazy successful day!  You so deserve it!.  And we all appreciate you so much.

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, MD

  9. Posted by: Cheryl Wright
    This kit looks absolutely fabulous, but here in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy your products.
    Any ideas how we can have this changed?
    Yes, I can buy via US sites, but the postage is super expensive.
    I’ve been waiting for over two months for an EF I ordered from my craft shop!!!
  10. Posted by: Sue H.
    Ohmygosh!  I am so excited and can’t wait to get my order!  The today’s special is absolutely fantastic!  Anna, you and your team rock!  Thank you for making us such beautiful kits.  WOW!!!!
  11. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Congratulations to Nancy and Karen and the fabulous gifts you both won from Anna.  I know as a crafting fan of Anna’s for many many years each of you ladies will have a wonderful creative time crafting with these new products that Anna and her team created!!!  Enjoy all of the fun hours!!!!  Anna~~ your poem is absolutely so adorable and creative and just so perfect for you.  Thank you for sharing  this sweet poem with all of us.  Your demonstrations on HSN today are just  wonderful and all of your new products are just beautiful!   Your Christmas products are so elegant.  Thank you!!!!! ~Debbie
  12. Posted by: Cathy May
    Congratulations to Nancy and Karen and all of the other winners these past weeks.  Everything so far on HSN is just fabulous.  I purchased the TSV and can’t wait to receive it.  Hope everyone enjoys this special day for crafters………………………….
  13. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Sadly, I can keep the dust ON my cricut machine because the cartridge sold out before I could get it.  Hope there will be another opportunity to purchase it.
  14. Posted by: Allie
    Oh Anna I have ordered so much today thank you so much for having such great products…. I would love to see a instant scrapbook for Halloween and maybe a halloween card kit it would be to die for 🙂
  15. Posted by: M Barricklow
    Congratulations to Karen & Nancy…And a very big Thank You to Anna Griffin, for her gift of “GIVING”….
  16. Posted by: Tom G.
    Go Karen!!!!!
    Enjoy your goodies- Wow!!!
  17. Posted by: Dawn B
    Thank you so much for all of the inspiring materials your team has created for us. Your ideas have helped take my crafting over the river and past the woods. Enjoy the rest of the year. Have a wonderful Christmas season!
  18. Posted by: Evadene
    See you all tonight!
  19. Posted by: Shemaine Smith
    What a Fun and Delightful way to announce the winner! Congrats to Karen and good luck on the show Anna! Can’t wait to see you on HSN!
  20. Posted by: Lin M.
    I love your version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”!Very cute!!! And I am anxiously waiting for midnight EST to see/purchase the fabulous Holiday Card Kit!!!!
    Thank you for all the previews – I can’t wait to watch all of your shows and see these goodies presented. This is the first time I have actually taken the day off to enjoy an HSN 24-Hour Craft Day and I am so looking forward to it!
  21. Posted by: Kris
    Congratulations to the winners!  I’m ready to go with Anna at 9 pm PDT tonight.  Yippee!
  22. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I, too, am watching reruns of the shows from July for inspiration. I probably will not be awake too far after midnight. I’ve got my items in my SAVE FOR LATER basket and will move them over to BAG at midnight, and push the button for purchase. Then it’s happy dreams for me. I have to go to the funeral of a very special friend tomorrow, so my DVR will be working overtime. I’ll check my phone from time to time to make sure no surprises have popped up. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!!!
  23. Posted by: Mary Jordan
    Can’t wait until the show.  Have my timer set to move automatically there.  Congrats to all the winners.  Hope you have a successful show, Anna!
  24. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    Anna Griffin’s Comin to town!
    Anna Griffin’s Comin to town!
    A-n-n-a G-r-I-f-f-I-n-s coming to T-O-W-N!
  25. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    CONGRATS, fellow AG fan Karen S.  I am sooo happy for you!  Anna really has style, don’t ya think?!  Looking forward to joining Anna and all her fans this evening!  IT’S LIKE STAYING UP LATE TO GET A GLIMPSE OF SANTA!
  26. Posted by: sherry shea
    Sooo fun!
  27. Posted by: Robin
    Congratulations to Karen and Nancy!  Enjoy your new goodies.
    Anna, the Holiday Poem is delightful.  Great job.  Thanks for
    all of the previews.  I can’t wait for the HSN shows to begin!!
  28. Posted by: Sue
    Happy crafting, Karen!  I’m so happy for you & am sure that you will be busy making cards & pages galore.  Not fall house cleaning for you as you won’t have time.  Thanks, Anna, for the clever Christmas poem.  I love it!
  29. Posted by: Lucy
    Congratulations Karen!!!! Enjoy!!!!! you are so very lucky….
  30. Posted by: Kathleen Clark
    Congrats Nancy and Karen! So much fun! Am so excited for tonight and tomorrow on HSN. Starts at 9pm for us on the West coast. Yipee! See you all there!
  31. Posted by: Brenda L
    Congratulations to the winners! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s presentations. I hope my CC doesn’t catch fire. 🙂
  32. Posted by: Dalyce
    Soooo, Soooo, CUTE!!!!!!

    Congradulations Karen!!!!!

  33. Posted by: Dreama
    Congratulations, winners! Have fun with all your new goodies!
  34. Posted by: Cheri Lee
    Dear Anna,
    Thanks to the winner!  Wow!  You are so excited I know.  They would need to peal me off the ceiling.  I am celebrating with you.  I am going to order my items and get them ready. I already missed out on one that sold out early.  NOT missing another opportunity.  Have fun Anna and know we are all their with you cheering you on!
  35. Posted by: Penny C.
    I was so excited that I forgot to congratulate Nancy too!  Congrats Nancy!  Wahoo!
  36. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Congratulations to Karen, Nancy, Tom and all the other winners.
    Enjoy your gifts, they are truly outstanding! Can’t wait til Midnite!
  37. Posted by: TeranceH
    Congrats Karen and all the other winners, I am so ready to see you tonight at midnight i am so crafting till midnight just to make sure i see you and my HSN wishlist is full as i see the items i want show up on the site all morning.  You are very exciting designer and i am so proud to own your items and we are all blessed and lucky you were given the opportunity to share your ideas with the craft world.

    ps:  If you are looking for new items one you might think of is a roller for your niks that can be used for your embossing folders, i found one but some of my friends not in my area are having a hard time finding it.

  38. Posted by: Aymee B.
    Wow… Congrats Nancy and Karen!  Karen you lucky duck!  I hope you have enough room on your porch for that big ‘ole box that will be coming.  🙂  Have fun!!  Anna… I can’t wait to see all the goodies on HSN tomorrow.. I will be recording the whole day! Happy Christmas …. in September… to us all!!
  39. Posted by: maxine
    Spare a thought for us Brits who want to see more of Anna & have to settle for twice a year if we are lucky!Please bring the Christmas card kit with you in October l missed out & am desperate to get one as they are my only Christmas card kit & have been for more than 5 years,only the best will do!
  40. Posted by: Katie Lavine
    How sweet is that poem Miss Anna!  You are adorable!  Best wishes tomorrow as I am sure you are going to be crazy busy!!  Congrats to Karen!  🙂

Cricut Cartridge Sneak Peek and Giveaways Galore

Hi everyone!

I am packing today for HSN and I know it’s going to be the most fun 24-Hour Craft Day yet, and it’s all because of the amazing Anna Griffin crafting family. You guys are just the best!

Today’s giveaway is a doozie! Not only are we giving away the Christmas Perfect Palette and the Holly and Snowflake Dies, but the winner (and now party host) will also take home THREE Holiday Trimmings Card Kits. Congratulations Tom G, it’s your lucky day!

Don’t forget that the biggest giveaway of all will take place on Monday.  I can’t wait to see who will take home every single new item in the show! If you have not entered yet and would like a chance to win, click here

Okay, we’ve got one last sneak preview for you!  You’ve been waiting on this product for years, and now we’ve kept you waiting to see it too! It’s the new Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge, and oh my goodness it is fantastic…

The cartridge features 50 gorgeous images, including ornaments, snowflakes, bells, holly, reindeer, poinsettias and more.  Each design can be cut anywhere from 1 to 12 inches, and some even up to 23.5 inches with a 12×24 cutting mat! And not to worry, the Winter Wonderland cartridge works on all of the Cricut cutting machines.  What makes the images so exceptional is the amount of detail and dimension that results when these layers are cut out.  Each can have up to four layers, and they are simply stunning on anything from cards to holiday home décor.

Note: The HSN bundle will include the universal overlay required for the cartridge, so there’s no need to purchase anything extra!

Now I know you want to win this amazing item, so here’s how you can!

Asking you all of these questions about your holiday traditions and the reasons why you make your own Christmas cards got me thinking even more about how powerful the Holiday Trimmings Kit could really be.

This year, if all of the cards from every kit are sent out, there will be over 1.6 million recipients of handmade Anna Griffin holiday cards all across the country. Can you believe it?!

So tell me, who is going to help me start this Christmas card making extravaganza on September 17th?!!!

I’ll see you on Monday for a very special video message, the Cricut cartridge giveaway and the announcement of the ultimate Christmas crafting giveaway winner!

Have a holly jolly weekend,
Santa Anna Claus


  1. Posted by: lisa kegerize
    Oh I would love this!
  2. Posted by: Dorothy
    Would love to win the Cricut cartridge and universal overlay!  I’ve never won anything on-line, but I am a HUGE Anna Griffin fan and this would be the ultimate in my book!  🙂
  3. Posted by: Annette Christlieb
    I can’t wait for this cartridge and to see the show on HSN!!!
  4. Posted by: Jeannie Ditmyer
    These die cuts look so amazing. This is one that I would use a lot. So exciting to see and start planning how to use.
  5. Posted by: Anita Marcy
    Beautiful, beautiful projects. It is always so nice to see your cards.
  6. Posted by: paula gale
    WOW – these card are fabulous… wish you were coming back to the UK with the dies… will just have to get my friend in the States to send them to me xx

  7. Posted by: SueD
    Sad when you aren’t home when you start.  Really looking forward to the Christmas cartridge with universal overlay.  Please bring another one back.  Everything sells out so quickly.  Love, love all of your products.  Am looking forward to seeing more wonderful ideas and products in the 24-hour extravaganza.
  8. Posted by: Sandie Herron
    I can’t wait for the “fashion show” on HSN.  I’ve got my eye on that Cricut cartridge and overlay, but I’m sure all of it is beautiful.  Sandie
  9. Posted by: Betty White
    Love all my cricut cartridges and cricut expression, the winter wonderland sounds like a wonderful cartridge.
  10. Posted by: judyG
    I can’t wait to see all the great things on this cartridge.  If it’s Anna it has to be good!

  11. Posted by: Nancy Smith
    So looking forward to this event … DVR has pre recorded so I don’t miss a thing AND I planned a Vacation day from work so as not to miss a thing.
  12. Posted by: Bev Dahl
         Oh, I would so love to have this cartridge. Making cards and scrapbook pages with holiday layouts is always a challenge for me.  I don’t live anywhere near a scrapbook store and have to make  all my embellishments, etc. Thank heavens for Cricut and Cuttlebug. I’d be lost without those.
  13. Posted by: Barbara Patch
    Color combination and cuts look really great.  I will start to make cards for Xmas in October to have them ready to mail for Xmas.  This cart. would be great.
  14. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    I’m resting up for my 24 hour ANNATHON. You have brought such joy to so many people. I hope you know how truly special you are. I wanted to let you know that if you run out of any items tonight, you can call me-I’m sure I have them around here somewhere. I used some ‘Haven’ items yesterday. I forgot how beautiful and still so timley your things from long ago continue to be.
    Thank you for so many years of creativity and amazingly thoughtful things that pop out of that lovely brain of yours.
    Have a wonderful time these next few days, and remember, that ‘blue and white’ plan was  MY idea. Love and hugs for you and, Georgie..
    Most sincerely, Lou, the Chanukkah dreamer!
  15. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
    I will be right there with you and all those who’ve commented as well as the (I’m sure) thousands more who have not commented to get started with holiday spirit and the great means to share it with all we can. I’ve already started a little early since last time I ordered inks, was told that they were in my order, then when the order arrived without them was told there were no more. To avoid that since the quality and the colors themselves of your inks are unique, I got them earlier this week and can now concentrate on your fun demonstrations, the wonderful “eye candy”, and getting the other things on my long ” have to have” list of Anna Griffin goodies. Looking forward to a fun day, great demonstrations, all your sharing, and hope you have as much fun as we all will. Happy beginning Festivities!
  16. Posted by: Kathie G.
    Your card samples look beautiful and I can’t wait until the 17th to see more of the images and what you have done with them.  Thanks for all of the beautiful products Anna.
  17. Posted by: Bet Flores
    Counting the hours to see all these beautiful new items. Its like Christmas day every time we can have a craft day at HSN specially with all your nice and fine products Anna!! Looking forward to see you on air tomorrow!
  18. Posted by: Betzy Flores
    Counting the hours to see all these beautiful new items. Its like Christmas day every time we can have a craft day at HSN specially with all your nice and fine products Anna!! Looking forward to see you on air tomorrow!
  19. Posted by: Cathy May
    Fabulous as always.  Can’t wait.  I plan to send the cards.  Enjoy your visit to Hsn
  20. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Just fabulous!
  21. Posted by: Ruth
    Would love to Win!!!Please pick me!!!!!! ….:)
  22. Posted by: Lee W
    Last year I sent some Xmas cards of yours that I had purchased on HSN a few years ago.  Everyone LOVED them.  I want more.
  23. Posted by: Jan L.
    HI, Anna! An Anna Griffin Cricut Christmas Cartridge! WOW! It’s going to make Christmas projects sooo very beautiful! Thanks to Provo Craft and especially thanks to you for your efforts – and perseverance – to get this cartridge created! Hope to talk to you on the 17th!!!
  24. Posted by: Ruby H
    WOW I could make so many beautiful cards with this …Thanks Anna !
  25. Posted by: Jane McNaughton
    I love Anna Griffin.  I ordered the cartridge and received it.  I can’t wait to use it.  It would be the best thing in the world if I’d win.
  26. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    It’s almost time – so looking forward to being inspired by all your new creations.  I can’t wait to see all your new items and even better – what you do with everything – you will surely get us all going on our Christmas cards and crafts!!!
  27. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Thank you much Anna for all these great giveaways. I can’t wait until Monday and the 17th. I’m so excited to see “Congratulations Theresa W.  You are the Lucky Winner!!!” I just can’t wait…
  28. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, I have been purchasing your products for many years; my craft room proudly displays my Golden Cuttlebug!  I can’t wait to get the rest of my autoship embossing folders; winning your new Cricut cartridge would be an awesome addition to my Anna collection!!  Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us such wonderful products!!
  29. Posted by: Robin Huntley
    New to Cricut this year and lovin’ every minute of it.  This cartridge looks amazing!
  30. Posted by: Patty in Cleveland
    I would love to win!!! Even though it’s not in “blue’s” I love this paper!! Your samples are so pretty! There isn’t one thing you make that I’m not in total LOVE with!!! Thanks for your inspiration!!
  31. Posted by: Cheryl
    Love…love…love Christmas cartridges, and so excited that you have put one out =)))
    Blessings, Cheryl
  32. Posted by: Mary Schofield
    Hello Anna Griffin, my fingers are getting fat (need more crafts of yours to work on), won’t you please put your Cricut cartridge in my winter hat?  If you haven’t got a cartridge than a card kit will do, and if you haven’t got a card kit, then God Bless YOU!  Hope I win!!!
  33. Posted by: Pauline Tallerico 9/15
    Hi Anna, Your kits are FAN-TAB-U-LOUS… Oh My Goodness…  I wish you would have Anna Griffin Crafting Days every month. I CAN NOT get enough of your projects. I would love, love, love to see an entire package of just “JEWISH ” related celebration, i.e. wedding, births, sympathy, bar & bat mitzvah & religious holidays.  Having just those bundled up in one huge package would be ANNA AWESOME.   giggle giggle…..
    I’d also love to see an entire package that is geared towards “Masculine, He Man, Guy ” type stuff.
    I love making all my cards and getting them mailed out the day after Thanksgiving.  I like to see if I can get them out to my family and friends before they can send me theirs.  giggle giggle..

    On mine, I use decorative scissors to re-shape the edges of the cards, inserts and tags. I also add some tule and some petite string of pearls to my cards.

    My Mom loves them so much that she will hangs all of them up.

    Thank you so much for making such FAN-TAB-U-LOUS  Crafting Packages. My favorite kind of packages…. are your kits.

    Have a Blessed Day…
    Pauline Tallerico

  34. Posted by: Cheryl S
    Hello Anna – I am new to crafting with Cricut, and this cartridge has the most beautiful images for paper crafting and home décor
    projects.  I would love to own it!  I will be watching you on HSN from midnight and throughout the day.  I have already begun
    shopping for my Anna Griffin products for Christmas crafting with family and friends.  Thank you for these previews and all the great products & inspiration!!

  35. Posted by: Tina
    I am looking forward for the Christmas cartridge to use to make my Christmas cards this year.
  36. Posted by: Annmarie
    Love Anna Griffin products and making cards for the Holidays!  Would truly enjoy winning this!!
  37. Posted by: Cynthia Cole
    I like making homemade Christmas cards each year because it brings me joy  knowing how much the recipients like them. I put a small piece of myself into each card and enjoy sharing my love of cardmaking.
  38. Posted by: angela
    love the cards!
  39. Posted by: Sherry
    My mom always looked forward to my cards. She wanted to know who the card was for and where was hers. I collect your paper (obsessed). I even use as background in my picture frames, others are too pretty to part with. Looking forward to what’s new and even though she has passed I know she is happy to see me crafting again.
  40. Posted by: Sandy N
    Can’t wait to read:  “Congratulations, Sandy N!  You’re the lucky winner!”  Thanks, Anna.

HSN Sneak Peek #10 – Christmas Perfect Palette & Die Cutting Dies

Hi everyone!

The countdown to my HSN Christmas crafting spectacular is on! In just one week you will finally be able get your hands on 19 brand new items, including the must-have Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit.  This box of goodies is packed with card surfaces, layers and embellishments galore that will make each recipient feel like they are opening a gift!

Today’s giveaway winner is Kim Bush! You will be receiving 16 beautiful new Christmas embossing folders and our holiday Metallic Layers to go along with it. Congratulations!

Last week I asked you if you had ever hosted a holiday crafting party. Many of you already do, and many of you think it is a fabulous idea! SO this Friday, you can win your very own Card Making Party! One lucky winner will receive enough card kits for you and your closest friends to get together and have a blast!

Now, on to the next sneak peek!

Do you already have my Perfect Palette Cards and Layers in our everyday color wheel? Now I am bringing you the Christmas version! This bountiful box of essentials contains 48 cards, 48 envelopes and 96 layers in my festive Christmas color palette: traditional red and green, elegant gold and silver and fun, non-traditional pink and blue.

These cards and layers truly are the perfect palette for die cutting, which brings me to the new Holly and Snowflake Cutting Dies from Provo Craft!  Each set of festive dies includes three unique designs that will take your paper crafting to the next level this Christmas.  Layer stunning snowflakes on a card, or make a beautiful holiday wreath with unparalleled dimension and detail.

Would you like to win the dies, the Perfect Palette and the Card Making Party? Just comment below and tell me what is on your September 17th HSN wish list so far! We’ve shown you so much in the last six weeks, and we’d love to hear about your favorites.

See you Friday!


  1. Posted by: Terry Rigg
    I am drooling over those dies! I have a thing for snowflakes and these are the best ones I’ve seen yet.
  2. Posted by: Rhina H.
    I wish for the Christmas card kit, papers, dies, embossing folders, idea book, OH MY! I am a new follower and your designs and creations are truly beautiful.  I want to be Anna Griffin when I grow up.  LOL!
  3. Posted by: Rhina H.
    I wish for the Christmas card kit, embossing folders, dies, papers, idea book, oh my! I am a new follower and your designs and creation are truly beautiful.  I want to be Anna Griffin when I grow up. LOL!
  4. Posted by: Darla Lambert
    I am 67 and enjoy card making.I would love to win this give away  and make my cards to give to family and friends they are so nice.
  5. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    I know you aren’t supposed to wish your life away, but that’s what i’m doing, counting the minutes until Tuesday!!!I’m so excited about the card making kit 203-023 that I already missed out on because it sold out so quickly. and no wonder!!!And the new holiday papers, beautiful!! Anna you are truly talented and I really appreciate that talent, thanks for giving us so much to work with and love.Counting, counting, counting!!!!See you at midnight on Tue.
  6. Posted by: Gisela Diehl
    Oh Lord one more day…. Love the cricut cartridge, the Stamps, the embossing folders and best of all we get to watch you present all those goodies. Have a great day.
  7. Posted by: Shirley W
    I already have the new cartridge and would really like to be the “winner”.  Cannot wait to see what all you have new to offer
  8. Posted by: Jenne lamb
    What isn’t on my list!!!!love love love the card making kits 🙂
  9. Posted by: Karen Chandler
    I love everything you do, have been following you for years. I also love anything to do with Christmas. I am so looking forward to you new Christmas line & your cartridge. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.
  10. Posted by: PamT
    My wishlist has, well, EVERYTHING I’ve seen so far!!!
  11. Posted by: Lois Kocon
    Don’t even know where to start.  First I can’t think of anything I don’t love of yours.  You and your staff have fantastic ideas and talent beyond anyone.  Would love to add to my Cricut cartridges the Christmas ones and blow everyone away this year.  Thank you for all you do to “make” making cards fun and exciting.
  12. Posted by: Tracy
    Ok Anna I’m making my invitations now for this card making party I’m going to win…along with some delicious treats and beverages to feed everyone..will send you a video. I want everything you design, but my list would be as follows: card making kit, both set of dies ( I have been trying to get my hands on your flourish due u had on the UK show) and absolutely the cricut cartridge, another set of your metallic card kit and your new Xmas inks. I know there is more but those r on my mind………..pick me if you want to see the best card making party will want to show on your HSN show it will be so much fun….awaiting my name…ok got to get to those iinvites the crafting granny!
  13. Posted by: Debi Cox
    If I was to win this package it would be the first time I have won anything. When Regis and Kathy Lee called me I gave the wrong answer. When I went to Oprah show to see Brad Pitt I fell going up the stairs, hurt myself and had to leave. I didn’t win your card party. So I’m hoping that this time I might win this amazing package of your.  You already know from my previous entries how talented I think you are and how much I love all your products. So I hope that you will choose me so that I finally win something. Thank You
  14. Posted by: Pamela Jaramillo
    Your metallic papers melt me. I never want to cut your papers up at first, but when I do, magic happens as I layer your embellishments and use your embossing folders to create besutiful cards and layouts with them.  I am looking forward to your new Christmas collection. Yours are the only ones I want to purchase because I know my projects will always look exquisite.   Thanks, Anna!
  15. Posted by: Dona
    Oops, I forgot to tell you what was on my wish list.  Everything!! Honestly, I am having trouble making a decision because I know I can’t afford it all….The card making kit (I purchase one every year), the Christmas metallic paper, the new embossing folders, the ink pad set (love pink and green for a new combo for Christmas), the die cuts and the Christmas perfect palette.  It would be so awesome to win.
  16. Posted by: DonaB
    It just keeps getting better everyday.  The wonderful new products Anna and her team have been hard at work creating for the AG enthusiastic.  It is truly Christmas in September. Thank you.
  17. Posted by: stacy
    I’m so excited for the HSN show, I even took the day off work so that I will not miss a thing!   It would be awesome to win some or all of the new products!!!!
  18. Posted by: Lynn
    I am soooo excited about the Sept. programming.  I want everything.  Especially the new embossing folders, dies, christmas washi tape, papers, inks, the wreath stamps.  My mind is already reeling for creating new stuff..  WHAT FUN to do all that with my friends.   WOW WOW WOW
  19. Posted by: Christine Price
    Greetings Ms Griffin:  I love the closeness I have with my friend when I am assembling these Christmas beauties for my family and friends. I have shopped your products for years. Glad I can easily find you  on HSN. Thank you.
  20. Posted by: Jeniff Sthory
    My wish list, es more dies!! Thanks for the chance to win.
  21. Posted by: Tanya Brogdon
    I would love to win this!!!!!! I keep kicking myself for not getting in on the cuttlebug machine and folders. Thank you for the chance.
  22. Posted by: sylvia pelekane
    I love your products. On days when….I go into my office/craftroom and I pull out my stash of your papers. The calming effect is immediate, consistant and above all pleasurable. I am enough of a paperholic to know my needs…your papers. My fav are wedding papers from the 90’s. Thank you for sharing with all of us.
  23. Posted by: Nancy Bedgood
    I am so excited over the new dies and large card making kits.I love Christmas.Its the happiest time of the year for me..
  24. Posted by: Anne W
    I love everything you do.  This one with all the layers is lovely.
  25. Posted by: Ruth
    I would love it all, It is almost Christmas! I would be extremely happy with any of  your peoducts Anna Griffin! I love the new dies.
  26. Posted by: Frances
    Definitely the dies. I and so anxious to start my Christmas cards and can’t imagine making cards without Anna Griffin suppllies.
  27. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I, of course, have ALL of your new items on my Wish List.  I was going to wait to win the party for my friends, but then I thought why wait.  I am not lucky when it comes to winning great prizes.  I have so many things stocked up from your online sale and from the Anna Griffin craft days on HSN, why not have a party now. so my friends could learn more about Anna Griffin, and I could prepare them in time for Christmas.  I have everything labeled now and in my craft room.  I used my antique clawfoot dining table for my work space, and Origami shelving units with OLIVIA STORAGE BOXES for display. With all the items labeled and in their new home, they are easily accessible leaving no frustration as to where something is. I am so excited I can hardly wait. This will be a pre-party, because it’s about time I got lucky and won something.  THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO TO MAKE LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!
  28. Posted by: pattyk
    I want it ALL!!!!
  29. Posted by: Tom G.
    Would love to win these,your things keep getting more and more lovely!!!
  30. Posted by: Meredyth
    I wanted the new non-autoship embossing folders. So, I ordered them the other day. I would say those and the new die cuts will sell out first if not before any of the shows.
  31. Posted by: Tammy Gaffney
    I want it all!!!! I either need to rob a bank or win the lottery before tuesday.. lol. I have been watching HSN so see what is added in and my shopping cart is already loaded. I just need to clear out the DVR to make way for the awesome 24hour spectacular. I truly think the cricut cartridge and the dies will be the most populari also think that the wreath stamp set will sell out very fast as well as the card kits. I can’t wait for Tuesday and all the new exciting products.  But would really love to win all the goodies since I am handicapped and on a very limited income
  32. Posted by: Jennifer H
     Hi Anna, Ditto~ I’m chiming in to say I would love to have it all/own everything too. You’ve posted so many lovely projects in your sneak peeks, I’d love to try & create them. A few top favorites include the new Holiday Trimmings Card Kit, Holiday Embossing Folders and the Holly and Snowflake Cutting Dies (I’m still bummed that I missed out on the Floral and Flourish Cutting Dies- hope you bring them back). Thanks for a chance to win- Looking forward to your September 17th shows!
  33. Posted by: Lehua C
    SO LOVE those beautiful dies!!
  34. Posted by: judyG
    Is it sinful to want everything. I’m really sinning cause I want everything.
  35. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    Well I got nervous about the items I wanted so I ordered the dies, embossing folders, both holiday inks metallic papers Halloween stamp set and the list goes on. I’m thinking you should have a plan B and maybe even a plan C for the 17th. After reading some of the comments you may not have anything left. Oh and the cricut cartridge!  Now all I need to do is keep an eye on HSN and what you put on plus watch on the 17th and see what surprises maybe there. Did I mention  I need to get a second job!
  36. Posted by: Theresa W.
    I would Love to have EVERYTHING!!! I’m most excited for the new Holiday Card Kit because I love making cards for my friends and family. I also like the new dies, the new cartridge, the Christmas stamps, embossing folders. I could just keep going and going, but I can’t wait until next week.

    Thanks Anna…

  37. Posted by: Barbara Fusco
    To put it simply: I. Want. It. All.   The first thing I aim to have in my crafty little hands are the embossing folders.  Followed by the die cuts, the metallic papers, and then the embellishments.   Only a few more days! …..
  38. Posted by: Pat Capela
    I can’t hardly wait. Have my dvr ready to record all your programs. I would love the Christmas folders and die cutting kits. I also love your metallic paper. I love making cards and this would be a great thing if I won she I could help a lady from church with hers. She has received some of my cards and won’t sign the inside. She said they are to gorgeous to waste. She sends them out again and puts a note inside stating that these are to be shared. I was so thankful for all the stickers, paper, card kits that you have. It has blessed so many lives that you don’t realize.
  39. Posted by: June Palasek
    I’m looking forward to purchasing the Christmas cutting dies, the Christmas verses Acrylic stamps,Christmas embossing folders & also putting myself on the automated ordering for embossing folders.  Then if possible I hope to purchase the metallic Cardstock Kit, the 48 sheets of paper, stamp pads & the Perfect Card Layer kit ( I have never used this product before & look forward to using it with allot of ease getting professional looking cards).  I’m waiting PATIENTLY for the 16th-17th of December on HSN.  Hugs to you, your staff & of course Georgie.
  40. Posted by: Cordelia Randall
    I started a card group at my church and it was a hit. We have not been able to meet lately because I don’t have the funds for the supplies. Winning this would be a joy and blessing to many of us, not just myself. Having a group work on cards brings together the different generations together for a fun activity that passes the generation gap. I hope we win.

HSN Sneak Preview #9- Christmas Metallic Layers & Embossing Folders

Hi everyone!

Can you believe that there are only a couple more sneak previews before September 17th? This has been such fun and I am so happy that you all have been participating with us by sharing your stories and experiences.

I enjoyed reading about all the special places around the house where you display your Christmas cards, and learned that many of you even decorate your entire home with the cards you receive during the holidays. I love that!

Today’s winner will be taking home the Spooktacular Paper Crafting Kit and our Halloween Clear Stamps and Inks. Congratulations to Anne Marie!

Don’t forget, if you buy the Halloween stamps before October 31st a portion of the proceeds will benefit UNICEF.

Now, the good news about the previews coming to a close is that the last few I have for you are some of the most exciting! And, like all of my new holiday collections, these next two items coordinate perfectly with everything in the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit.

First up are my Christmas Metallic Layers.  You’ll open up this festive folder to find 112 cardstock sheets of reds, greens, golds and silvers  in a variety of sizes, from borders to 8.5×11 sheets.

What makes stunning, shimmery paper even more amazing? Embossing, of course! The Metallic Layers are a match made in crafting heaven with my new Christmas embossing folder bundle! All of you autoshippers will be getting another amazing set of folders this month, but this special new set was created to buy separately on the 17th!

This holiday collection features trees with pretty bow garland, gorgeous holiday damask prints, snowflakes, starburst designs and beautiful Christmas typography. The results are simply breathtaking.

To win both of these collections on Tuesday, please comment here on the blog! Here’s what I want to know this week: Have you ever hosted a Christmas card making party before? If so, tell me how you did it. If not, would you like to host or attend one this year?

Hint hint: there is a very special reason I’m asking you this, and I’ll tell you about it on Tuesday!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Denise Nichols
    Hi Anna,
    I have hosted a card making party with my friends Linda and Gail. They were so envious of my Anna Griffin goodies that I have got them hooked on HSN CRAFT DAYS! I would love to host one with you as my secret special guest designer!
    I’m 65 yrs old and work with special needs adults. My crafting ,especially with your products helps me unwind after a stressful week. God bless you and your creative,amazing staff! Sincerely,Denise from Humble, TX

  2. Posted by: Susan U
    Cant wait for the September 17 on HSN and have already made my list of wonderful goodies which I am going to purchase if I’m not lucky enough to win the prize draw – keep the wonderful ideas coming Anna as love, love, love everything that you do – good luck to everyone who enters; may we all win
  3. Posted by: Judy Estrada
    Never had a Christmas Crafting party. You have some awesome stuff coming up. I enjoy your items from HSN.
  4. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party, but would love to host one using your beautiful, spanking brand new card kit.  All the fun that could be had would last a lifetime!
  5. Posted by: Stacey Milam
    I love the idea of a Christmas card making party! I have never been to one but would absolutely go if invited!
  6. Posted by: Rebecca M
    My daughters card parties is what got me interested in scrapbooking and making my own cards.  Best fun I have ever had and resourceful as well.
  7. Posted by: Michelle Nored
     Planning a Christmas Card making party . My Mom, my two daughters, my Sister-in law, and my niece. it is becoming a family tradition.
  8. Posted by: Lora
    I never have.  I am continually amazed how you keep coming up with more and more beautiful things, Anna.

  9. Posted by: Dianne M
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the new self-inking colors!!! I cannot wait to get them and start using them!
  10. Posted by: shartl
    Yes, I actually have hosted a card making party for 22 of my friends from a Mom’s group. We mixed it up with card making and yummy snack while the Dads watched the kids at home! Awesome fun!
  11. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Hi Anna.. I have never hosted a Card Making Party nor have I been to one. After hearing you speak of it on one of your past HSN shows, I have thought about having one.  Maybe next year.. Thanks
  12. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    Anna, your products just keep getting better and better!!!  I’ve never been to a Christmas card making party but I bet they are lots of fun and probably even more fun to host (because you get to look over everything ahead of time)!!  Thank you and looking forward to your HSN shows!!
  13. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    Anna, you are the best. Can’t wait to see all of your new products. I am so excited.
  14. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    I love ANNA Griffin.  She is the master of elegant card making. She makes it possible for everyone to create a master piece with the beautiful card kits that she makes availabe to us.
  15. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    I love ANNA Griffin.  She is the master of elegant card making. She makes it possible for everyone to create a master with the beautiful card kits that she makes availabe to us.
  16. Posted by: Laura Lowther-Blake
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party or attended one. I would absolutely love to attend one. I may have to host one in order to attend one :).
  17. Posted by: Renee S
     Hi Anna, my 2 sisters and I had a christmas card making party last year and sent all hand made cards.  We take turns going to each other’s houses and we make excuses to visit each other more often than ever. As a matter of fact, we have to thank you for giving us a a wonderful reason to see each other and keep in touch. Just last night I was at my sister Mary’s house ( she is your biggest fan, saves a huge budget before each show to buy everything) and we made  a record 7 cards  with your products, in a couple of hors, which is unheard of for us because usually, we adore your stuff so much we don’t want to use it! I didn’t want to go home, but someone’s got to work to buy more Anna Griffin.  I have to tell you my sister Mary’s husband booked a surprise trip for them on the week of your show Sept 12 to sept 18, and she is so upset. She has been planning to take a vacation day off work, but now she has arranged for my stay home sister to watch and buy everything for her. We love you Anna! Our biggest inside joke is that we just want to stay home and “roll around naked all over your beautiful paper and embellishments.” Lately we love the embossing folders, but we’ve been thinking a lot, and we have somehow decided that your next best move will be to make the Anna Griffin Cricut die cuts, which we would go crazy over. So there’s an idea, …. We’re waiting.. For our next party.
  18. Posted by: Karen B.
    I love using the embossing folders Anna & cannot wait for these beautiful Christmas folders. No, I have not hosted a Christmas card making party but it would be so fun to have a party with all of these awesome new AG products!
  19. Posted by: D~DesignsByDragonfly
    I have not hosted a Christmas card making party but it sounds like fun! Love this beautiful paper. TFS.
  20. Posted by: Brenda Berry
    Ooooo La La!!!!  (or should I say “Fa La La”?  I LOVE this weeks give away!  Especially the embossing folders!!!! So excited to see them up close and personal. And, YES!  I do host card making parties and we have a ball!  So much fun to spend creative time with friends!
  21. Posted by: Doris A
    I have not  been to any card making  party but I would love to attend one.
  22. Posted by: Lin M.
    I have never attended a Christmas cardmaking party  but it sounds like fun. I cant wait to get these Christmas metalic papers and embossing folders!
  23. Posted by: Denise Bennett
    My Mom, Sisters and I would get together often to make all kinds of cards but since I have moved too far away to just drop in, I will be watching HSN for some holiday card inspiration since I’m on my own this year.  Can’t wait to see what’s new!
  24. Posted by: Andrea
    So I have been giving this Christmas Card Making Party some real thought and I am getting very excited.
    It makes me want to buy several of these metallic paper kits.  And many of your items.
    Your Christmas line is BEAUTIFUL.
    I have so many idea going through my head.
    I have even been thinking of what to serve.
  25. Posted by: Sheila E
    I have not hosted a party but I have a friend that has hosted card parties for stampendous. Unsually one each season for their new catalog items. We make 2 cards and have snacks and have alot of fun.Then they ask who would like to host another party, and you earn credit for free stamps etc.. We also have a card making class at our local adult center they would go crazy for your cards. I havent hosted the party because I like more elegant styles like yours. I think I own almost everything on HSN of yours and would LOVE to do a Anna Griffin party that would be AWESOME!!!!!! I soooooo hope you do that I’m IN !!!!!!!!!
  26. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, I have never hosted or attended a Christmas cardmaking party; it sounds like so much fun!  Sadly I don’t know of anyone in my area that is a crafter but I have always wanted to get a group together at my home to craft.  It’s lonely sometimes but very theraputic and so much fun for me.  But I’m hoping that with all your products that I own, I can’t image not finding anyone that wouldn’t want to craft with me if I share my wonderful supply of all ANNA!  I love your Cuttlebug and your embossing folders on autoship so I can’t wait to see your shows!  Thanks, Anna for being so generous in your giveaways!  P.S.  I love Georgie too!   🙂

  27. Posted by: Gisela
     I also have not hosted a card crafting party, I surely would if there were crafters among my friends.  But I do consider it a party when I craft and  have my cat helping me by stretching out over my card making items, and batting the embellishment’s  off the table !
    I have never been to a  Christmas card making party and would
    be a delighted to join in on one.
  28. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
    I have not hosted a card making party myself but belong to a group that learns different paper crafting techniques and we share the hostessing of that group. For the last several years we have had card making parties prior to various holidays or focusing on cards for guys-whatever reason we can find for a card making party. But there has always been a Christmas card making party. We usually get 8 cards 2 each of 4 different styles done in 2 hours and have a great time. It’s always been a time to share ideas, see new papers or products and get each other’s feedback-as well as try different recipes and share personal news.
  29. Posted by: Brenda
    I have never hosted a Christmas Card Making party. I would love to, but I don’t have enough space. Someday….
  30. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I have never hosted or been to a card making party before. The closest thing to one was this past August on our vacation when three of my grandchildren and I used your embossing folders on our cards and then used the watercolor markers to add beautiful color to our embossing.  The kids absolutely loved it.  What fun it would be to host or attend such a party.  Looking forward to the 17th…already have my list ready! Thanks, Anna, for all your beautiful ideas and collections.
  31. Posted by: Mary Cash
    Hi Anna,
    Can not wait to see you on HSN for all the new goodies.  I love the embossing folders. I am on auto ship but will get the special folders also and will get my daughter a set since I gave het my old cuttlebug and got your new cuttlebug which I absolutely love!  I have never hosted a card making party but would love to get some of my friends and neighbors together for a Christmas card making party or even do one as a demonstration card making party for anyone who has never made cards before so they can see what fun it is.

  32. Posted by: N Smith
    What a fab idea! Never hosted or attended a Cardmaking party before, but it certainly would be fun as well as productive.  Love the metallic papers- they will work great in my golden cuttlebug when I receive the Christmas autoship embossing folders–looking forward to the 17th!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Posted by: Andrea
    I have never hosted a Card Party but I enjoy very much hosting parties. I am a real people person.
    So I love the idea of having a Christmas Card Party.
    I am new to Anna Griffin products. My mother uses them all the time. I just never have. I had to go to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and had forgotten to get a card. My mother said, “No problem” then pulled out an Anna Griffin card set. Within minutes she had made this lovely wedding card. I WAS SOLD.
    All your Christmas collection is beautiful.
    I especially like these metallic papers and the folders. It would be very exciting to win these.

  34. Posted by: Joanne Rose
    A store in our town is making cards for the armed forces and I think that is a wonderful idea.  I may ask my friends to join me and maked cards at home too
  35. Posted by: Jo Ryder
    I have never hosted a holiday card part but think it is a wonderful idea.  Have to talk with my friends and see what we can come up with
  36. Posted by: Edna Glenn
    Hi Anna,
    I usually send around 30 Christmas cards every year. I’ve never seen (or received) any quite as grand as your collection. I can not wait to see you unveil the entire kit on the 17th. I haven’t ever been to a Christmas card making party, but I think its a wonderful idea and I’d jump at the chance to attend one.
  37. Posted by: Cheryl S

    The embossing folders and metallic card layers are beautiful!  I am looking forward to using them with my Anna Cuttlebug this year.  I have never hosted a Christmas card making party, however, this year I will be making cards with a friend who is interested in making her first Christmas cards this year.  We will be using your Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit, of course!

    Although I have never hosted a party, I would be interested in hosting or attending a party this year.  Thanks for the wonderful products and inspiration!

  38. Posted by: Judith M.
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party.  However, it does sound like it would be fun.  Any card making party with material from Anna Griffin would be a delight to attend.
  39. Posted by: Karen Wilson
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party. I would love to host one sometime. I think it would be a lot of fun! Your Christmas card kit along with all of the products you’ve shown us so far would be perfect for a party! Hope to win!
    Karen W.
  40. Posted by: Kathi Ormsby
    I never hosted a Christmas card party but what a great idea! I sure would love love to win your beautiful products:)

HSN Sneak Peek #8- Halloween Paper Crafting

I hope everyone had a very happy Labor Day weekend! I spent mine working on my never ending to do list, seeing the movie “Jobs” and playing with my new best friend Georgie.

Only four more sneak previews to go before the big day on September 17th! Can you believe it? I can hardly wait for everyone to receive their Holiday Trimmings Card Kits so we can all start crafting together! Have I mentioned it’s a must have? Ha!

Today’s lucky winner and recipient of our Christmas Vellum Quotes and Christmas Decoupage Kit is Jo Ann Portell. Enjoy!

Now on to a very spooky September preview…

Many of you have seen glimpses of the Spooktacular Collection on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and you’ll be able to purchase the entire collection on September 17th! This kit includes novelty pumpkin, harlequin and damask print papers paired with scary script embellishments and stunning glitter die cut papers that will help you weave a festive web of scary scrapbooks and cards this Halloween.

Spooktacular makes a perfect backdrop for Trick-or-Treating photos and costume parties, and even lends itself to Halloween party décor. So much fun!

We’ve also partnered up with HSN and UNICEF to craft for a cause this Hallow’s Eve! We’re bringing back our Halloween sentiment stamps and ink pads for a limited time only, and a percentage of proceeds will go toward this wonderful children’s charity. Click here to learn more.

If you’d like to win the Spooktacular Collection this week, all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you do with all of the Christmas cards you receive each year. My Mom had a special embroidered basket that said Merry Christmas where all of the cards went. It was so much fun to look through!

See you on Friday,


  1. Posted by: terri
    I attach my holiday cards to the woodwork on the big open doorway between my living room and kitchen. By Christmas I usually have it filled from floor to the top of the frame. Very festive!
  2. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    I like to display my Christmas cards in an antique sleigh by my fireplace in a confortable chair where people that sit there can pick them out and read them. also I like to put some in a Christmas container and place them in my bathrooms and kitchen, since they are two of the most used rooms in my home!!People have commented on the ones in the bathroom in particular!!
  3. Posted by: Barbara
    I display all my cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.
  4. Posted by: Barbara
    I always put my Christmas cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.

  5. Posted by: Sandy Miles
    Hello, Yaaaa ~ I Can’t wait just 1 more day until the big show!!! I’m so looking forward to buying every new sneak peak item & any others that we haven’t seen yet! I took off work, paid off the credit card & I’m ready to max it out again ~ just for you Anna!
    O- Sorry on to the Christmas Cards!  When I was a little kid, every year at my Gram’s house, we would make special boxes out of the cards. All the kids would fight over our favorite ones. We would match up all the different sizes,add a touch of glitter, punch holes around the edges & lace them together with yarn. Once completed we would add a few home made cookies, or one of the hand made button necklaces we made. We would give them as gifts to everyone that was special to us. But, I always had a hard time parting with mine. So it was a good thing that we had lots of cards to use. All the teachers, baby sitters & Aunt’s received one. They all made a big fuss over how much the loved them.
    Now we carry on this extra special tradition with all the young nephew’s, nieces & Grandkids. Making these card boxes is one of my favorite things we do during the holidays. It brings back so many memories of my Grand mom and my brothers & sister. I’m sure this Christmas tradition will be passed on through generations to come. It’s a simple project that allows us to slow down and enjoy each others company- without a big mess to clean up afterwards.
  6. Posted by: GretchenLont
    I have a white-washed card rack that hangs on the wall and displays cards nicely 🙂
  7. Posted by: Liz Sandstrom
    I have been using your Cuttlebug and embossing folders that I did the auto-ship.  Love the quality and deep texture I get from them.  I started Scrapbooking in 2008 and one of my first purchases was your papers; been a fan ever since.  I am new to card making but, I would love to host a card making party with my friends.  They love my scrapbooks, especially when I make their Grandchildren a baby book.  I look forward most to the cut and emboss dies.  I’ve seen what other designers have done with them and I’m inspired!

  8. Posted by: Rachel P.
    When I was growing up, my mom would put the Christmas cards around the door frames of the doors that you had to push in to open.  To this day I still display my Christmas cards that very same way.
  9. Posted by: Michelle Nored
    Halloween is  my favorite holiday of the year.our family tends to go all out  with everything Halloween. We do everything form decoratiny, sending cards, and dressing-up.
  10. Posted by: Kay Hanley
    I have a little cardboard box with a postman on the front, and all my cards fit in his box.  For over 40 years he has hung on my wall and when the kids come home, they like to go through the box and see who has sent cards.
  11. Posted by: Terri Braun
    The Spooktakular collection is gorgeous, and can’t wait to get it! At our house, all of the holiday cards go into a wooden basket that is painted in candy cane colors. It has a handle so it’s easy to carry, and the basket usually gets handed to family members that come visiting to see what cards, notes and pictures we have received from other family members. It is so fun to share these things at a time when family is so special to us! Thank you for this opportunity, Anna!
  12. Posted by: Michele DeWerth
    I have made the Christmas card kits I get from Anna Griffin & HSN ahead of time and given them to the local soup kitchen, so they would have nice Anna Griffin cards to give to their family and friends.  I also sent other unsigned ones to the troops in Afghanistan, because when I was there I know I wanted nice cards to send to family and friends.
  13. Posted by: carol
    I tape all the handmade and/or photo cards on my front closet door. The rest I put in a ribbon bedecked basket. I can’t wait to open each and every card and I flip through the basket of cards several times during the holiday season. I love Christmas!!
  14. Posted by: Theresa Lafleur
    My family keeps our cards in an old German cookie tin and the really old special ones are in a special archival box
  15. Posted by: Theresa W.
    I love to display my cards all throughout the house. It adds to all of my other Holiday decor. Thanks..
  16. Posted by: Sandiie Herron
    How interesting to hear that your mom put your Christmas cards in an embroidered basket.  I put mine in a basket which I lined with fabric and wound ribbon around the handle.  As you said, it’s fun because they’re all in one place and you can always tell if thee[s a hew 9heo
  17. Posted by: Diana Durst
    I tape my Christmas cards to the doors of my rooms so we card look at them every day.  The special home made cards go on display on the sofa table as part of my Christmas decorations.  These cards are then used to scrapbook with.  They make wonderful pages.  I love Anna Griffin products.  Can’t wait for the 17th.  I’ll be watching and buying.
  18. Posted by: Gisela
    This year I will have our cards hanging from beautiful ribbons that will cascade off a large decoration  of stuffed letters that spell  Merry Christmas that was made many years ago. It spans 6 feet  across the wall . I have a shelf across  this wall on which I display my Santa collection, and I think adding the cards this year will bring smiles.  Each year I try to find a new way of displaying
    all the wonderful Christmas greetings.
  19. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    what a great giveaway I would love to win I love your products very elegant. thanks for the chance to win
  20. Posted by: Melissa R
    I love to display my Christmas cards all over the house, not just in one area. This helps to spread the holiday cheer throughout my home. I also display some old cards from different periods of my life and the lives of my  family. I smile every year as I unpack my decorations and reread the cards made by my daughter and cards from my chilhood. The holidays are about making memories and revisiting past memoreis. What better way then through cards!
  21. Posted by: Alice
    I remember seeing your Esmeralda kit years ago on HSN and thinking WOW that’s beautiful. It was my first time watching you and underestimated how fast it was going to sell out. I have been watching you since definitely getting it ASAP
  22. Posted by: Pat Sugden
    We  place our Christmas Cards in a Special Wall Hanger so that we pull them out and look at them throughout the Holiday Season.

    Halloween items look like so much fun.

  23. Posted by: Karen S
    I have a wire wreath that has about clips all the way around it.  As the cards come in, I decorate the wreath.  I becomes such a wonderful mass of pictures and patterns.  At the end of Christmas, I have a special scrapbook to record the cards my family receives and to document my daughters Santa picture.  It is so much fun to go back and relive each Christmas.
  24. Posted by: Tom G.
    Growing up, my Mom had this felt Santa that used to hang on the door to the cellar.  It’s about 30 inches tall, and has 4 pockets, where the cards are displayed.  When Mom and Dad had both passed, and we broke up the house, I took the Santa.  I still use it.  It’s kind of an eyesore now, with all worn spots, and tears, more than 50 years old, but i just can’t seem to part with the old guy!  I have plenty of other ways of displaying cards, but this one is the only one that takes me back, when us kids would arrange them in the pockets by how much we liked the pictures, the favorites going in the upper pockets!!!
  25. Posted by: Nanci Hatcher
    I have a beautiful fabric hanging Christmas Card holder with three big pockets. It is a beautiful decoration and will hold about 75 cards. It is a tradition at our house and I have given one to each of my three daughters.
  26. Posted by: Sue H.
    In a basket.  Hey!  I just bought your holiday ink pads on HSN!!  Thank you for putting some things up early!  WOOHOO!!
  27. Posted by: Carrie Pangborn
    I display the Christmas cards on my kitchen cabinets by taping them to red crepe paper, it helps to decorate the cabinets for the Christmas time!
  28. Posted by:
    Hello Anna:

    I am actually responding to Jackie from your Facebook page.  I don’t have facebook, but I wanted to find out if she still wanted a doily stamp set.  I have one I am willing to part with because she seems to want one so badly.  Jackie, if you ware interested, post your email and I will send you a private message.


  29. Posted by: Scrappinvall
    I had a pick at your Halloween and Christmas papers, stamps and embellishments at CHA in Vegas…can’t wait to see it in the stores.  I love all of your ideas.  Want to try most of them and come up with a few of my own.  Thanks for a chance to win.  Love all of your products.  What a special person you are to fill out lives with beauty
  30. Posted by: Marilyn Drumgool
    Hi Anna, we have a sliding glass door between the kitchen and dining area. That is where I tape all the cards for all to see. So many people send photo pictures or hand-made cards that
    I love to display them. I have a hard time throwing away cards of any kind therefore I have lots of them that
    I can use to make new ones from.
  31. Posted by: Sherry tasker
    Love the Halloween stuff!! I hang the cards taped to the back of my front door, so that everyone who comes over can enjoy them. Thanks for the chance to win!!
  32. Posted by: Frances Wiley
    Usually, I hang them on the inside of  the front door. However,  last year I used magnets and hung them on the refrigerator doors. I  liked that it made the kitchen so merry.I think I will do the same thing this year.
  33. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    I display my cards on a wire stand. I purchased it in Disneyland. It holds up to 10 cards at a time, so I rotate the cards as they arrive.
  34. Posted by: Andi
    All my Christmas cards are hung around the living room to give a festive flair. When I take them down, I go through them. Those that I can’t bear to part with, I save. The others, I re-purpose by cutting out the cutest parts, and use them to embellish my new cards I am making, or my scrapbook pages.
  35. Posted by: Joy Smith
    I use a card holder that I have had for years it is old but I love using it brings back a lot of memories. I will be watching on the 17th can’t wait
  36. Posted by: Deborah W.
    I live in an old Craftsman house, with tall ceilings and doors, with the beautiful old, wide moldings – so my cards get hung along the doorframe into the living room.  And since my birthday is Dec. 15, I hang my BD cards up too! I really LOVE the new Halloween look – I have just started working on some Halloween cards and this would be so FUN to play with!  Thank you for all your give-aways!
  37. Posted by: Teresa Schumacher
    I have a special snowman holder to display each Christmas card.  At the end of the season I put the cards away and save them.  I just can’t bring myself to ever throw them away.
  38. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Lol, forgot to mention Christmas cards….Most of the cards I get are digital, but the paper ones I get, I usually cut them up for the pictures and run them thru my Xyron sticker maker, and reuse them to make other cards, giftwrap stickers to add a ribbon, or jazz up a place card at the table with bells or holly.
  39. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Yay…found the blog!!!  Anna, I like your complete product line.  I especially love to do the manipulated pages with the pleats and cuts…makes for a unique page,,,thanks for sharing1
  40. Posted by: DawnMarie
    Love to hang Christmas cards banner style. I like hang the banners in my big kitchen windows.