Tuesday’s Cricut Everywhere Contest

Are you ready for the World Launch of the Explore Air machine? The fun begins at midnight Eastern Standard Time on HSN!

Watch us live at the following times on Wednesday, February 18th (EST):

  • Midnight – 2:00 a.m.
  •  8:00 a.m.
  • 11 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
  • 10:00 p.m. – midnight

We got in the Cricut Everywhere spirit yesterday by grabbing a bite to eat at the famous Varsity restaurant in Atlanta and then swinging by the iconic Fox Theatre. It is so fun to get out and get inspired by the city I love, and I hope this new machine excites everyone to do the same.


varsityvarsity food

Cricut saved the biggest and best giveaway for last! One lucky winner will receive a Cricut Explore Air machine, a new iPad Mini 2 AND a full year subscription to Design Space. Wow!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Answer the clues on the Cricut Facebook page throughout the day- check back often!
  2. Watch Anna on HSN for extra on-air clues
  3. Create a project in Design Space (either on the app or on the computer) and upload a photo of your project.

Use this link for all clue answers/entries: http://bit.ly/1DNR2KF

Best of luck and I will see you at midnight!






  1. Toni says:

    Thanks, Anna. So glad Joanne asked the question because I was trying to track down the big March date so I could take the day off. Another question — Are the samples of the scrapbook pages you showed on 2/18 posted anywhere? We tried taping them but kept missing them. Watched every single presentation – saw oir learned something new each time.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I am so unhappy,in Jan.I ordered the set of dies that could be used to fan fold ect.I don’t know what happened,but three of my orders got mixed up.My cuttlebug came with NO dies at all My folder box was damaged,but they did replace it.I don’t even know what the name of the dies I described are,can you please let me know? I am so upset with HSN.Thanks,

  3. Rosie says:

    I was too late to get the Cricut Explore Adapter Blue Tooth w. your cartridges (auto ship). I did call HSN 3 times to see if they had anyone cancel or any left over and they said they have no more. I’m just sick. Would you be able to help me out?

  4. Anna Griffin says:

    Pamela A – yes the cartridges will be available in May as a bundle and the auto ship cartridges will be available as single ship items later in the year!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Anna!
    I’m very excited! I’m waiting for my adapter and new digital images to go with my wild orchid. Thanks for showing how to use design space… I learned a lot from your HSN show on 18th.

  6. roxanne says:

    well! i downloaded the design space and could not get it to work for me since i do not have a cricut machine!
    i could do basic things like pick a pattern and stretch it about but i could not weld or make any changes to the pattern. bummer but i understand it needs a machine to hook up to.
    i recorded the shows to watch and learn and would really would have loved to enter the contest but , since i could not create a design i won’t be entering.
    it was a great presentation. the new machine looks so easy. one thing i found about the design space i really liked was the easy access to the pattern library.
    i will have to save up to buy a machine. the contest was fun and full of thought provoking ideas. i am inspired to create more!
    this wasn’t really sadistic either! *smiles* i thought a clue was going to be presented during the late night hours and only those able to stay awake all night would be able to play along.
    mea culpa Anna. it was all good and all fun!
    thanks again for inspiring me to create with paper.

  7. Pamela A says:

    Anna – Great job on HSN (as always), I think I could watch you 24/7 and would never get old – I love you enthusiasm when you demo a new product. It must be a wonderful feeling to see an idea come around full circle and be available. As much as I would love to have the new machine I can not justify buying another machine – can you tell me at anythime will your AG designs that were offered with this product and your auto-delivery designs will these be available to purchase as cartridges? Those I would make the investment to buy. Your project demos were beautiful and would love the opportunity to have these to use with my Circut machine! PLEASE – I hope these are in the works.

  8. Dorothy says:

    I love the Cricut Explore Made invitations snowflakes and name cards for my mom’s 102 birthday, Christmas cards; and recently Valentine’s day cards for my S.S Class with the silhouettes and even used the welding and the one that separated the figures. I plan to do some Vinyl quotes for my walls! I hope to be able to order the Monogram and lace one in April and MAY. I saw the King and I and the Nutcracker there. Loved it when the big organ came up out of the floor!

  9. Hobo says:

    I am so happy to see that the cartridges will be available separately later. I do not have any mobile devices and have no plans to get any, I don’t use my machine enough to warrant buying another.

  10. Breea D says:

    I couldn’t order the TSV Cricut Air because I use my Samsung NOTE 4 for designing and this is only compatible with the iPad! I hope that Cricut will develop this technology for everyone else.

  11. Sherri says:

    Ok, I tried to enter contest, took me long enough (several times), not sure & hope not too late…sure would love to win all of this since I cannot afford to buy a new Cricut Explore & would like to have the wireless & and all of Anna’s new content. My husband isn’t here right now & usually knows how to do this stuff, soooo I’m own my own. Good Luck to me! Would give my green explore to one of my daughters. Happy winners to a few out there somewhere in the clouds!! LOL

  12. Holly Fictum says:

    Wonderful Anna!!! What about the autoship ones (the lace and Christmas) Will they be available for order too?

    Last night during the show I used the drawing option on my Explore for the first time and I giggle like a little girl. It was so cool and my little Winnie the Pooh was SO cute! I am going on a scrap retreat this weekend and my cricut is DEFINATELY going along…
    Thanks so much Anna.

  13. Rhonda L.P. says:

    I’m watching the presentations today, though I already have the Explore. GREAT to see you in casual wear, and being comfortable! I LOVE your excitement!! It’s contagious…..but I am going to wait until May, and purchase the cartridges with the new content. Thanks for making things that we computer illiterates can use!

  14. Kat H. says:

    Thank you Anna for giving us your schedule on HSN. Your name is not on ANY of the shows so my t.v. did not record you at midnight. I am anxious to see all your new items !!!

  15. Leslie says:

    I wish that those of us who have the adapter could get the content on auto ship. First time I won’t be ordering anything Anna on a craft day. Already have what I want and the only new is the Explore Air and the adapter. I have the purple and the adapter. Still want the new cartridges on auto ship.:(

  16. Barbara Lieb says:

    I checked out the lineup and am a little disappointed that you have to have an HSN credit card to take advantage of most flex pay options. I choose not to have another credit card but feel like I’m being left out for the flex pay.

  17. Kymm Cummins says:

    Bought my new Explore Air earlier today and I can’t wait to get it. I was so excited to see that it comes with Anna Griffin Design Content too! Love Anna and Cricut

  18. Loretta says:

    Like a few of the other ladies, I did not commit to Facebook but would like to say I’m looking foward to your HSN presentation. Your card kits and supplies are just wonderful and second to none. Blessings!

  19. Jo-Anne Terranella says:

    Okay, I just finished my nap. I am now ready for a 24hours viewing on HSN, my DVR is set for future viewing. I am not in the running for a win, just hope you have other products for sale. I WOULD LIKE TO START A WRITE IN for daughter, granddaughter, daughter-in-law, son, grandson, son-in-law, HUSBAND, Better half. etc. STAMPS. PLEASE
    love you all.

  20. Linda Valoy says:

    Oh, the fabulous fox is beautiful. My husband took me there years ago to see Riverdance. We take my father to the Varsity every Father’s day to eat those delicious hotdogs. Will see you in a few hours.

  21. Kim says:

    I can’t enter the contest’s because of the social media commitment other then email but that hasn’t stopped me from wishing the best of luck to all of those who could enter! I hope the winner is someone who financially wouldn’t have been able to purchase it on their own!! GOOD LUCK to all who could enter the contest, as for me I’ll watch Anna tonight on TV!

  22. Shellie Fontana says:

    I am still learning and enjoying my Explore (purchased when it launched March 2014, and later got the Bluetooth adaptor), so all I need now are your 3 new cartridges (thankfully available in April and May!)–because I favor Anna Griffin designs and Anna Griffin style! Thanks for keeping us posted, Anna, and for all the fun attempts to win. Wouldn’t I just love to win and give it to my big sister. She and I try to meet ‘somewhere’ once a year to create scrapbook pages and cards. Looking forward to seeing you on HSN tonight!

  23. Lin M. says:

    That looks like fun spots in Atlanta. What an amazing prize package! Good luck to all of you on FB!
    Looking forward to the shows. I will stay up late tonight because I have to see the first presentation. I have the rest of the shows recorded since I will be working tomorrow.

  24. Mary R. Huff says:

    Looking forward to midnight but my kitty won’t be happy staying up so late. I’ve been to the beautiful Fox Theater in Detroit and here in Jackson, Mich. we have the old Michigan Theater they are trying to renovate.

    Good Luck tomorrow and may you and your staff keep up the great ideas!

  25. Gay Rudolf says:

    My can’t husband understand why I want to stay up and watch “Anna Griffin”. I want to learn everything I can. I am READY TO LEARN SOME MORE.

    Thank You
    so much for what you teach us.

    Gay Rudolf from South Ms.

  26. Bev says:

    Another sleepless night! How I love it. I am anxious to see what Anna creates. The Explore Air sounds amazing but maybe more than I can handle as I am nearly 80 years old! Can you teach this old dog a new trick please? Maybe it will keep my brain alert.

  27. roxanne says:

    i must say Miss Anna,
    i think you and cricut have a bit of a sadistic bent with this last phase of the contest.
    i will try my best but i am getting to be a bit long of tooth and am not sure i can keep up with the requirements *S*
    you are the person who got me card making. i love the A.G. cuttlebug and all the embossing folders and dies. i have way more than i think i can ever use but.. hey, that doesn’t stop me from collecting more. your kits and papers rock. i can’t think of a greater surprise than to win the prize package you and cricut have put forth.
    thank you for allowing us to dare to dream.

  28. Gloria Westerman says:

    I check out the pre-Cricut bundle on HSN…and I’m so looking forward to the new cartridges you have out…thank you so much for always knowing what we would want and love…

  29. Margie says:

    Why has paper crafting become so complicated and high tech? I say keep it simple. Good luck to all the Tekkie paper crafters who are entered.

  30. Anna Griffin says:

    Vicki- The content will be available for purchase separately in April if you have an Explore and are using Design Space. The same content will also be in a 3-cartridge bundle in May.

  31. Cheryl Wells says:

    I’ve been to Atlanta for a couple weeks and had lots of fun (the Underground and Coca Cola) – really neat checking out everything – really pretty in the Spring. Am anxious to see the demos tonight.

  32. Lois says:

    This contest days have been the most confusing ever! Good luck to anyone who figures it all out but I have given up after daily tries.
    Very disappointed about the package being offered and not being able to buy it without the bluetooth at this time.

  33. Donna Lee says:

    I am so glad that I am receiving notices of postings here on Anna’s blog. I might have missed out on the chance to buy the Bluetooth adapter and digital content. They’ve sold out already and Anna hasn’t even been on the TV yet to present! While I already have the Bluetooth gizmo, I cannot wait to get the digital content – I am especially looking forward to the cards.

  34. JAN says:

    Would love to go to Atlanta, never been, but have it on my top 5 places to visit. Love the new Design Space and as always, Anna Griffin products, but am broke from shopping HSN on Annaversary Day. Love my Explore, would be heavenly to win,I’d make some shirts for my 4 grandchildren. Many thanks to Cricut and Anna for all the great inspiration! Hugs

  35. Ellie Ducey says:

    Just when you think you got a handle on things, Anna steps it up a notch.. So excited to see this new machine in action. Having never been to Atlanta I can only imagine the warm southern hospitality and charm.. will add this stop to my bucket list.

  36. Shirley M says:

    Wow! Such a great giveaway. Me please!!! Cannot wait to see you on HSN, Anna, in 7 hours. Yay! Best wishes on your show tonight, Anna. Have fun. Love ya!!!

  37. Doug G. says:

    Anna Looking forward to seeing you and the Cricut Explore Air at midnight !! All the special AG content looks AMAZING !!!

  38. Doug G. says:

    Vicki -Items 404-537 (autoship) and 404-536 (single) are now active on HSN.com. They normally mark them sold out until close to the item’s debut. They do come with the Blue Tooth though. Happy crafting !!!!

  39. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Thanks for sharing the photos. I am anxiously waiting on 12 midnight. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I told Kenny I would be awake tonight. He said why. I only had to say Anna and he understood 🙂 Love and blessings. Betsy from NC

  40. Geri says:

    I have been to the Fox several times. And I am sure the new Explore Air will be just exciting as the shows at the Fox were to me…..


    Tonight has me on pins and needles. Love all of Anna’s creations. I know it is not good to wish your life away but I can’t wait until midnight. Already have the Explore. Want to buy the Wifi attachment.

  42. Regina B says:

    Me too. I grew up there down there and miss their frosty oranges on hot summer days. I miss going to the Fox Theater too. The inside is incredible.

  43. Paulette Trent says:

    You would need to download Design Space from Cricut.com BUT it cannot be used with the Expression, only the Explore. To enter the contests, follow the link Anna posted or go to Facebook and then to The Official Cricut FB page.

  44. vicki riisager says:

    I am disappointed about the show tonight. First, I want the disks, but they are packaged with Bluetooth, which I don’t need. That is unfair. And it is already sold out as of this morning. If they are in a package deal, I won’t be able to get them. I wish they would put it separately.

  45. patti Garcia says:

    maybe I am just not smart enough but I could not get into the cricut design space. I don’t have an explore machine but do have an expression. I have the subscription to the cricut content and can access that but not the design studio. Tried to get into from facebook and Cricut sites but could not. so it seems that you can only win a new explore if you already have one?? I don’t get it… I will be watching Anna’s presentations on HSN. Love her things.

  46. Eugeanie Malick says:

    Anna, I love the Varsity and go there every time I am in Atlanta. Which lately hasn’t been often enough.
    I love your stuff and wish I could buy everything I see. But, husbands shake their heads every time a package arrives.
    Jeanie Malick

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