7th Anna-versary Cards

Good morning everyone!

Hopefully you have all recovered from the 24 hour Craft Event this week. Here’s a funny thing about Tuesday’s 7th Anniversary show, I was told that there would not be any Skype calls and that they would be showing clips of our Create II event in Atlanta. It turns out that HSN had other plans! What you saw on Tuesday’s shows was my genuine astonishment over the secret calls and a whole lot of happy emotion! The past 7 years of getting to craft with you through HSN has been nothing short of wonderful, and the beautiful cards and sentiments you sent were the cherry on top of a great show! Thank you for all the love and support during Craft Day! Your participation on Facebook and Instagram meant so much! You make all of what I do possible!

I had to share the incredible projects that I was gifted during the shows. These beauties show exactly how talented this community is!

This card and Post It note holder was made our our elegantly cupcake wrapper crowned Skype queen, Lizzy Coppus. Oh my goodness, so lovely!  Thank you, Lizzy!

Did everyone see Kaye Lystad-Kirk on Skype? Although I could not hear you, I could see your beautiful face! Kaye made me this beautiful card – can you see a theme building here?

Tom Gingras created this beautiful, layered card! It’s so lovely and an inch thick! Congratulations on your own happy news Tom!

Donna Lee Williams created the prettiest pink pop-up card. It is perfect to celebrate 7 years! Amazing job with the Cricut Donna Lee!

Vivian Kochis, I was so excited to see you on Skype! Thank you for this beautiful work of art!

I loved the “instant” delivery mail service on air. Each one of these was such a gift. Talking to you and the rest of the Griffinites made for a fantastic HSN Anniversary. Here’s to many, many more!

Our next shows on HSN are going to be March 8th! Stay tuned for new items, new blog posts, more videos and extra great giveaways!




  1. Anna Griffin says:

    Thank you! We do not know how she made the card/ post it holder, but you can ask her on our Facebook page!

  2. Barbara Mosher says:

    Anna, I loved your 7th Anniversary show and by the way HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I thought it was so sweet of all of your fans to send those beautiful cards. I am especially in love with the “post-it note card” made by Lizzy. Can you post something on your blog or on You Tube to tell us how she made this card? I have so many dear and loving friends that I would love to send this to not to mention all of the other cards as well. You are all very talented ladies and love seeing your projects but need help on how you pulled it all together. Thank you everyone and especially thank you to Anna.

  3. Donna De Graw says:

    Hi Anne, my name is Donna DeGraw and I love you Card Kits and I just missed getting your Anna Griffin Die Storage Binder. I have so many of your dies and I really need that new binder so it would hold on of your dies so I can keep them safe. Right now I have them in quart bags so I can keep them together as a set. I went to order it the day you shared it but they told me they just sold them all out. Can you tell me when well they come back in. I need one before I get all 5 sets.

    My husband is terminally ill and I make cards and sell them so I can have something to do when he is in the hospital all the time. Just this next month he has to go to Seattle for some special test to see what is wrong with his liver. He also has a very very bad heart.

    Thank you for your great work.

  4. Mary Holloway says:

    Hello Anna…I usually order your stuff from your shopping list..and sometimes I have no idea how it works..I got the impression mask with scoring dies..and obviously.I didn’t get to see the demo on it..can you make a YouTube of it..Thanks…Have a Happy Day!!!

  5. Linda Bohannon says:

    This was the BEST Show ever. I stayed awake almost 24 hours…only sneaking in a nap in between Anna’s show in the afternoon.. I definitely need to make a list, organize what i have cause yeah you forget what you have… thanks to HSN telling me i already commented helped me from going over board. lol. Congratulations again on 7 awesome years… and may you have Many many more.

  6. Kathy Shea says:

    Hi Anna,

    So glad you had a Happy 7th Anna-versary. Thank you for sharing your cards with us. They are so beautiful. I’m no where close to that level of creativity. The cards that I do make with your supplies are pretty and enjoyed by family and friends. I’m looking forward to this year’s auto-ships.

  7. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    Hi Anna. Just a quick note to say Congratulations on 7 years with HSN. I really enjoy your products, especially the metal dies. I was able to pre-order the items thanks to your sneak peeks. Most have not shipped yet but I’m sure will be worth the wait. You never disappoint.

  8. Mavis Swart says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary Anna! I watched all the craft shows & bought several of your products. I love everything that you make! Very high quality & beautiful. Looking forward already for your next craft show.

  9. Cynthia Jimenez says:

    Same here, I really wanted those binders for the dies so bad. I had them in my shopping cart and when I went to purchase them, they were sold out! Please bring more back Anna! Thank u for a fabulous show and Happy Anna-versary!

  10. Dale L. says:

    I am home working on cards today and anticipating my Wishful Thinking dies! Could I suggest a a few more for your phase two set– :
    “Cousin” (would love this in script format),
    “Get Well”, “Adoption”, “Happy New Year” and the word “Let’s” which could be used with “Party” in the Seasonal Wishes kit. I am so enthused with these sentiments; thanks for the opportunity to offer future suggestions (my second time!).

  11. Tom Gingras says:

    Please don’t say that, Kimberly. Please come over to Facebook and share your creations with us all. We all tend to be our own worst critics, that’s just a part of being creative. NOTHING created with Anna’s products could ever be considered not worth showing off!

  12. Tom Gingras says:

    My news was that I got engaged the night before! I shared that news with Anna that when she messaged me privately right after that HSN segment aired to thank me for the card.

  13. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I just finished reading EVERY comment. I have never done that before. But your TS was just so perfect for every occasion. I even sent an email to your staff after the show with ideas for another collection of Wishful Thinking Dies. Great, Comfort, Retirement,, Baptism, and PLEASE do Sugar and Angel. I truly enjoyed the shows and I have been with you since PLAID. Congrats on your 7 Anna-versary. Because of YOU I shop at HSN. Looking forward to March, Loved the Skype calls, but please what is Tom’s news?

    Happy Crafting!

  14. Leslie Ramsey says:

    You can order new plates. I ALWAYS rotate my plates to keep the warping down. Hope this heips.
    Happy Crafting!

  15. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I am lucky I used to see Anna on Sandy Genovese and Carol Duvall and I recorded the shows (on VHS) also some shows from that other shopping channel that decided not to sell crafts. I did get some DVD’s of Cropping int the USA from Scrapbooking shows on DIY. A new DVD would be nice.
    Happy Crafting.

  16. Beverly says:

    I so enjoyed the 7th” anna-versary” show. I have followed you since the Carol Duvall shows and will continue to do so as long as you keep producing wonderful products. I do have a suggestion for your wishful thinking dies. I would love to see a “Kwanzaa” die. I’m sure there is not one out there anywhere. Thanks Anna and keep up the great work!

  17. Pat Marsh says:

    Hi Anna, Happy 7th Anniversary!!!!

    Enjoyed the 24-hour craft show on HSN, bought a lot and am waiting on the items.

    Can you please add these to the Wishful Thinking list:
    ‘In Appreciation’, ‘I Did It!’, ‘Survivor’, & ‘Thinking of You’.
    Happy New Year and hope you have a creative and healthful 2017.

    Thank you, Anna

  18. Inga Russ says:

    I hope it was a Happy Anniversary for you. I love your items and God knows I own way more than I should but getting to see you on TV with your happy face and true love for creating all these beautiful things just shining on your face makes me happy every time I see you. Stay inspired and keep us supplied with your lovely things. I am getting a new scrapbook room built and can’t wait to fill it with your things. lol

  19. Gracie says:

    Just finished reading all the wonderful blogs. Want to add my congratulations on your 7th Anna-versary with HSN. You have inspired so many to get in touch with their creative inner self. Thank you. I’ve been a Griffinite for many years, thanks to my daughter. My first stamp was a Christmas tree. Imagine what a wonderful world this would be in everyone was a Griffinite!

  20. Kimberly says:

    I saw most of them on air. You have very loyal Griffites that love you much.♡ i am still unworthy to show my newby creations, but without you, i would have given up by now. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary!

  21. Belinda Jackson says:

    Congratulations Anna on your awesome seven years of. Crafting with HSN. Wow the Autoship, Congratulatory Wish in April, Words of Encouragement in June, Seasonal Wishes in August and Sending Love in November. Is a Must have for All Crafters to have on hand for ALL OCCASIONS. Not to mention the One and Done Card Kit.Thank you! Thank you! For making OUR Crafty experience easier and faster and professional looking. Thank you.: ) Keep it coming,

  22. Linda H says:

    I love reading the comments and discovering how unselfishly people are donating their crafting time, talent and “stuff”. How proud you must be of your fans! Anxious to receive my new AG toys from HSN, and wondering what in the world you’ll come up with on March 8th!?! Congrats on your 7 year anniversary, though lots of us have been with you way longer than that…does14 yrs sound about right?! You’re my inspiration and I just love you!

  23. Cheryl Stone says:

    I can’t get over how amazing the cards you received were. Such talent. It makes me want to try a lot harder. Happy 7th anniversary. I bought a lot.

  24. Sue Lutz says:

    HAPPY HSN 7TH Anniversary Anna. It’s been a true joy to use yr products over the years. I started with yr beautiful papers, always on an end rack in a little store in Carlsbad, CA. I remember hurrying to that one spot to see if the store owner had any new papers in! I could ALWAYS recognize your special touch! Loved them then and love your designs now! Also very happy you are on HSN now! We fans benefit so much. Thank you.

  25. Shannon Morris says:

    It was a wonderful day and I can’t wait until March but especially excited for November and Create. My mother and hope to be there to bask in the glory of Anna and all the other Griffinites. I have gotten two shipments the last two days. Hubby who is retired law enforcement said I must stop stalking the UPS man!!! Thank you Anna for so mush joy and for giving my mother purpose after her strokes and brain aneurysms she uses your products as her therapy. Can’t wait to meet you!

  26. Shannon Morris says:

    Love those scrapbooks my mother and I have duplicates of all of them. My sweet mother would like more and we keep hoping new albums will appear! My mother uses her scrapbooking as therapy for her hands, she has had several strokes and two brain aneurysms. My greatest joy is that we are planning on going to Create this year. I am so excited!

  27. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    Wow! I LOVED the craft day! I, like you, thought the way HSN handled the surprises was terrific! Such fun and the look on your face…PRICELESS!

    Those cards are just beyond amazing! The beautiful way the were layered and adorned was just beyond! Thank you very much for sharing them close up with us!

    You are truly loved Miss Anna!

  28. Debby B says:

    Had a great time watching all the fun on craft day. Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your cards and gifts. They are beautiful. I would love to know how the post it note holder was made. It is such a clever idea!

  29. Norma H says:

    Congratulations Anna ! You are truly blessed with special gifts. We are blessed because of your gifts.
    May God always bless you!

  30. Beckie Longacre says:

    There is nothing new that I could add to the above comments, I can only agree with them. Part of my goody boxes arrived today, can’t wait until tomorrow’s deliveries. Hope credit card is paid off by March as I know I cannot resist your beautiful items which you present so awesomely. P.S. I teared up with you on the great Skype moments. Your tears just show how human and sincere you are.

  31. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Shivan, I love watching u and Anna work together, quite a team. Oh Anna, 7 years and I enjoyed every minute of your presentations! I don’t need to tell u keep up the great work because u are already doing it. Blessings to all of u and the HSN Staff and Griffinites, Keep warm, brr in Lower Michigan

  32. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna! Another Happy Anniversary to you. I enjoyed the shows and your excitement getting good the Skype and special delivered cards. It was a great time. I am so excited about the word dies rhat will be here soon. Thank you! Love and blessings, Betsy from North Carolina

  33. Cherie Gibson says:

    Such beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing them! I’m going to try to send a picture of me under the bridge with my Anna Griffin purchases! 🙂 Thinking of putting my husband up for sale on Ebay so I will have money for the March show!

  34. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    It was wonderful – and what beautiful cards! I managed to keep myself under control and bought carefully but I had to have the adhesive guns (runners?) and you have no idea how happy I was to see last year’s Christmas card box available! I missed it and grieved deeply about it — and there it was at 1/2 price! A no brainer! Thanks again, Anna and HSN!

  35. Roses says:

    As usual I watched and wanted and wanted and wanted. So I bought and bought and bought. I checked my porch fifty times today and gave up. When I put the house to bed tonight I looked just one more time and lo and behold…..the box had arrived. Thank you for the beautiful products and might I add they are beautifully packed.

  36. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Anna, I was able to take the day off, so I enjoyed ALL of your shows! How much fun I had watching all those beautiful products you brought this time; and as usual left me broke. The only problem is that the next day I had “Anna withdrawal syndrome”. Now, waiting impatiently for the rest of my many items… today I received the ribbon box, YAYYY. See you again in March.
    PS. Will you include the word “Retirement” on future word dies, please.

  37. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Such pretty cards! My credit card won’t recuperate by March! It’s totally melted! Best wishes and many more anna-verseries!

  38. Mrs. A says:

    Spring and Summer ala Anna arrived at my doorstep this morning. After weeks of icy cold weather, it is the perfect picker-upper. The beautiful acetate printed in images of secret gardens, birds, butterflies, moths and golden wishes arrived with toppiary, flowers and trees fit to swing from to and fro. Inks of golden yellow, seaside waters, and mossy streams beside robin’s nests and brilliant flowers are bursting with warmth. A flourish cornucopia of stamps and sweet flowers almost make you smell the scent of fresh air. And the paper-flocked, opulent cerise, sultry black and white, tropical citrus, and subtle greens. Is it any wonder we all want to horde our Anna goodies? It all arrived perfectly wrapped and box, exceeding all expectations. Thank you for all the hard work and great products, Anna. Now it is time for me to share the Anna magic with others!

  39. Dottie Butler says:

    Thank you Anna for sharing these cards. I thought it a wonderful surprise for the Skype calls — you handled it graciously!!!

    I hope you know there are hundreds of us who would have enjoyed doing this for you also.

  40. Susan A. says:

    What wonderfully talented fans and friends you have. The cards are stunning! Thank you for sharing them, Anna. Congratulations on 7 amazing years! You make me want to Create Beautiful everyday!

  41. Sandy H says:

    I could repeat all of the sentiments listed above, but of course space won’t let me?…but you are such a wonderful example of grace and beauty, creativity and innovation, yet you maintain a lovely humility through all the accolades you richly deserve. Refreshing in this era of self worship by the “celebrity” culture. No wonder we all love you.
    P.s. In addition to grand and retirement as suggested maybe Baptism and confirmation for future wishful thinking sets would be nice.
    Love, Sandy H

  42. Annette J says:

    Congrats on 7 wonderful crafting years Anna. The cards above are very creative and a great addition to the blog. You inspire all of us. Looking forward to March and more crafting.

  43. Linda Valoy says:

    Hi Shivan, Tell HSN they are doing a good job on delivery. I received a pkg. today, just 3 days later. You and Anna are kindred spirits. Love you both.

  44. Sandra finger says:

    Some of my goodies came today
    Can’t wait with them to play
    Oh Anna your products I do love
    But how blue
    I will be when my HSN bill comes due!

  45. Joanne S says:

    Such beautiful projects. I haven’t watched all of the shows I recorded (I only allow myself to watch them when I work out on my elliptical). I have to make them last until March! I was so delighted when my order was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from a rough day at work. It made my day!

  46. Sharon says:

    Thank you Anna. I loved all the new things. Thank you for your great work you do and all your thing for me to make. God Bless

  47. COCO says:

    What wonderful day. I was able to stay with you the entire show. .So fun to see and buy such delicious products. Thank you Anna for sharing all your lovely creations with us.
    I’m looking forward to playing with all the goodies I purchased. I shall be think of you and your wonderful staff as I begin to create with all the new and lovely pieces I bought.
    Hugs to all

  48. cheryl grlj says:

    It was a great day! Those cards your fans sent you are so lovely, so intricate! Great inspiration.

  49. Paula Jackson says:

    I enjoyed the show so much, and am anxiously waiting for my order. I got an email today saying it has shipped, so hopefully it will arrive faster than the October debacle. Congratulations on 7 years on HSN. Anna, your beauty and grace (both inside and out) makes you such a joy and inspiration to watch. I am excited to watch you again in March.

  50. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Beautiful cards and very talented crafter’s!!!
    The post-it notes are Anna colors that POP!!!

    Had a wonderful time watching you (and yes a few others) on HSN Tues…. was so tired I had to sleep late on Wed!! lol

    Bought quite a few new goodies, thankfully had Xmas and Birthday spendable Kash, which I blew thru in no time.

    Of course I signed up for the Auto Ships and those will be my other Bday gifts to myself throughout the year!!!!

    Now, just need to receive my new goodies and get started on Valentine’s and Spring cards… can’t wait until March 8th!!! Have to save up for that visit tho!

  51. Susie G says:

    Spent more than I should have and was able to get almost all I wanted. Looking forward to receiving all these great products. Happy 7th Anna and thank you for making such beautiful products.

  52. June Estep says:

    I had a blast at the 7th, and ordered some wonderful new items. I saw the lovely surprise skypes and cards that were made and was really proud to be part of a group of women and men that find the fabulous products to be so instrumental in bringing each of us to a higher standard of papercrafting. While we all can easily recognize the designer of the items, each person makes it special in their unique way. Loved seeing these.

  53. Grama Pei says:

    Oh, Lady DI! I’m not part of Anna’s team, so I cant address your question directly, but I am so sad for you to hear that news! May I suggest that you call HSN every few days to see if they had any returns of that item? Its been my experience that often an item is returned and it shows up again on hsn.com, so if you’ve time, it cant hurt to ask if it available yet.

  54. Faye Thompson says:

    Thank you, Anna, for a great day and an enjoyable experience. Thanks too, for all the great ideas. I did enjoy your skype friends and their projects.

  55. Linda Christiansen says:

    *Your shows were so inspiring and fun, Anna!!!

    I just need to repeat my comment from earlier post:

    ****Wouldn’t some ANNA GRIFFIN “BEAUTIFUL IN THE MAKING” DVDs for us to watch, enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by be amazing???!!! What about it Anna? New studio would be great background. Some guest demonstrators too maybe. You tube is ok, but an Anna Griffin dvd library by craft or product would be soooo special!!!*****

    Thank you for everything & looking forward to my new products!!!

  56. Grama Pei says:

    Patti, I’m not Anna, of course, and see you use face time, and if you like facebook at all, we have a great group on Anna’s facebook page, where many of us share our creations with each other using Anna’s products and I wanted to invite you and your crafty friend to visit us! I understand some folks dont use facebook, but if you do,stop by!

  57. Jeanne Murray says:

    Dear Anna, You and your staff bring so much joy and excitement to so many people, it is a testament to be celebrating your 7th year on HSN. Happy Anniversary! You make the world a better place by providing so many beautiful possibilities for creativity. I am a believer in positive power and Anna, you provide it. I have only worked with your products for a few years, but my sister has been a long time customer and fan. She was one of your recent winners in the drawing, and you could not have picked a more deserving or appreciative recipient! Her name is Deborah Conner. I know she has thanked your staff, but I wanted to add my thanks on her behalf as well.She is, and rightly so, as grateful and crazy excited as I have ever seen her. She had a tough year last year, and this has given her such a lift and a portent for good things to follow for the new one. Thank you once again, God bless, Jeanne Murray

  58. Grama Pei says:

    Susan m, Anna mentioned on facebook that it will return in March! I hope you get it. a tip- a coupe o days before the show, go to hsn.com and do a search for Anna Griffin, and search through her catalog pages to see if its already posted bfore the show! You can order it before the shows of course, and will have a better chance of receiving it then. OF course, pre-show shopping can cost more in shipping, if they plan to have a shipping special, but I’ve been known to shop early and happily pay the higher shipping, to ensure I get the product before it sells out! Good luck!

  59. Beverly Limbach says:

    What a fun day it was! I cannot wait until my orders arrive so while I was making room for some of them, I discovered two die cut sets that I do not remember even ordering! It was like Christmas all over again. Some little angel must have sneaked them onto my shelf! Happily they are what I almost ordered on your anniversary show so you know how much I love them. Wishing you many more years on HSN to keep us Griffinites busy. Bless you and your staff.

  60. Grama Pei says:

    Hi,, Kathy! i am enjoying your comment to Anna, and feel euphoric that I can bring out my parchment craft tools and books, too, and pick it up again, now that its more do-able! The plates on the Diecut machines DO warp, because after many many cuts their skin weakens, and they mave more mobility. Dont you wish it were that way with us as we age?! ha! Its far easier to jus purchae new plates from time to time, than th fight with warped plates. One achieves a more even cut and emboss, too at that point. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time with your Gemini!

  61. Patti Garcia says:

    I just bought new plates when they get really warped. If Sn doesn’t have them in stock then Amazon does.

  62. Kathy Rhodes says:

    Forgot to tell you about the delight I felt yesterday when I discovered all the AG tutorials on YouTube. Please, God, let me live long enough to see all of them!

  63. Kathy Rhodes says:

    I say Amen to all the wonderful things your fans are writing about you and your products. I so enjoyed the 24-hr craft day.There were times I felt actual joy–a rare thing in my old age, being 70 and handicapped. I noticed I was smiling most of the time you were on air, Anna. I pray for your continued success and happiness. Can’t wait to get the Parchment craft kit. I have everything ever made to do Pergamano, but guess I gave it up due to cataracts. Now that I can see again, it will be great to start with your shortcut prchmt pieces! I treasure all my hoard of AG supplies except for one thing. Once my Cuttlebug plates became warped, they would not return to flat, and it is a nightmare just to get them started let alone the pain my shoulder gets from cranking them thru. Some of my AG dies haven’t even been tried due to dread of pain. I’ve been considering buying a Gemini machine since I heard Sara Davies say the plates wouldn’t warp–I bought one Tuesday. NOW I see on my recording that its plates look warped–so we’ll see. Nevertheless, I remain your devoted fan.

  64. Terry Frye says:

    I ordered so much, I cannot wait until it arrives. I did get to order a couple of binders but I will need a few more. You had mentioned they will be back in May. Will that be the next 24 hour craft day? Also, will there be any way we can purchase just the inserts? Please and thank you!

  65. Mary H says:

    Thought it was a fun day, being able to watch and go to Facebook and see up to the min comments.

    The cards are stunning!!!

    You rock and your fans rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Laura J says:

    Happy Anniversary Anna. I have to work instead of being able to watch your beautiful shows, soooo I DVR the whole day. I order close to everything online and keep my fingers crossed I catch the stuff you save for later. I record all the good stuff onto a DVD this way I can go back to it whenever I need to. A beginner cricut tutorial would be appreciated and something on the gorgeous note pad holder would be great too. Thank you for making my world more beautiful!!!!

  67. Antoinette says:

    Happy Anniversary! It was a wonderful day. And I have received some of my items yesterday. Can’t wait to receive the rest.

  68. Michelle Farmer says:

    Happy Anna-versary! 7 Wonderful years, and looking forward to many, many more years to come. Thank you for all the inspirations and ideas to help make our work look almost as good as yours.

    God Bless!

  69. Jane Bill says:

    Your shows that day were so nice! Wonderful projects, great hearing/seeing you talking with your special friends and such beautiful cards made for you! Quite the Special Anna-Versary! Anxiously awaiting my order of TS!! Always a treat to get something so great in the mail! WooHoo! Thank you for beautiful products!! Love them all!!

  70. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    I really enjoyed watching (and taping) your seventh
    anniversary show on HSN. Once again, I bought an obscene amount of products but I never regret it when they arrive. I am very excited to finally discover how to
    leave a comment. I didn’t realize that I had to scroll all the way to the bottom & I’ve been frustrated the past few weeks seeing all the great giveaways & being unable to at least have a chance of winning. I’ve been buying your products for about a year now & always get compliments on the cards I send out. Your designs are beautiful & classic & it’s really a joy to create such pretty cards & scrapbook pages with them. You have impacted the lives of many crafters & it was heartwarming to see the love demonstrated with the cards you received. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my products & will watch your taped HSN shows in the meantime.

  71. Mary Alleva says:

    Hi Anna,
    I loved your shows.I purchased the today’s special, the Easter stamps, the parchment layers and the fantastic flips circuit cartridge. The cartridge was sold out when I logged on in the morning to place my order on HSN.com. I was so happy that you were able to get more in the evening. I’m already saving my money for the March show. Hope your anniversary was as everything you hoped.

  72. Lindar says:

    Happy ANNA-versary!!! Such a rewarding TV day to share with you, to see presentations and beautiful samples, to meet new friends, and to purchase items to be used by my church ladies and me for our church’s Outreach ministries. Thank you, Anna, and God bless you and your staff!!!

  73. Susan m. says:

    I love loved the show and bought many items I think I will use over and over. The only thing I didn’t get to purchase was the binder for the dies. It sold out so quickly so hope you will bring it back next time.

  74. kim gilmour says:

    Glad your Anniversary show on HSN was such a success…..Although it could not have not been one LOL.. All your items are so lovely and have such detail. You make it so easy for us to create works of art!!. I was able to get my die binder however with all your wonderful dies that I have purchased the past couple of years they will not all fit in the binder and pages included. I was wondering if you will be offering additional pages for the binders in the future?

  75. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna,

    Happy 7th Anna-versary! Your shows were great, what I did see of them. It seems I always miss some parts of the day no matter how focused I try to be…lol
    Great new products! Really enjoyed watching! Since I was unable to purchase anything, my daughter ordered the TS for me. How sweet Is that?! She’s such a good daughter. Love ❤️ her so much!
    I just feel bad I haven’t sent you a anniversary card. I’ve only been home a week since my trip to Texas, you know. Well, it’s been longer than that now, but still trying to get back in the swing of things. You understand? This disability of mine gives me good days & bad. Today the pain is very bad. I shall try and get some rest & hopefully restore to my happier self. Just here to let you know how much fun I had & I wish you many blessings for the new year 2017!!

  76. Maggie Barnett says:

    Happy anniversary! The cards are gorgeous! So glad we were able to share your special day with you.

  77. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Anna the cards are fabulous. My bow maker is out for delivery this afternoon! Thank you and like others shared you do not disappoint.

  78. JoAnn Taylor says:

    Thank you, Anna, for a spectacular 7th Anniversary for us to share with you. Ordered many items and look forward to receiving them. Ordered your die storage noteebook and was so disappointed that it sold out so quickly. Have the die binder on wait list…to be sure I can get it when it becomes availible again. You are so loved and appreciated by all of we fans. Blessings to you and your staff in this new year.

  79. susan says:

    Your Anniversary show was awesome as always. Wanted to wish you a Happy 7th Anniversary and hopefully many more.

  80. Julianne says:

    Sadly, I was on a business trip and was in meetings and the airport all of the day. I was able to jump on the HSN app during breaks to buy some of the items I was most looking for. I’m so glad to hear you had fun and it was a great day!

  81. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Oh my goodness the Anniversary Show on HSN did not disappoint. It was a really fun day and I have my nose pressed against the window watching for the delivery truck. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  82. TRACY TUNSTAD says:

    Your HSN shows are so OVERWHELMING to me each time I watch them. In the past, I would purchase products from other companies. But a friend of mine told me to watch one of your 24hr shows back in July 2016. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked and cannot stop. Your products are so beautiful that the TV dose not do them justice. Sometimes I think to myself, “why do I need that?”. I see the live presentation and I see WHY. And I say to myself I know I can make that with your products. The inspiration that is your head is endless. And through your products, you allow me, a novelty card maker, to make wonderful and beautiful cards. I just wanted to say my savings account runs low when your on the air, but my heart says thank you each time your on…. Happy 7th Anniversay Anna.

  83. Susan Saxe says:

    I can’t wait for my order to come. All I can say is everything you have is beautiful. Although I was disappointed that I missed the die binders. I will be watching to see when they will be available again.

  84. Diane R says:

    I loved the craft event on HSN but was disappointed that HSN decided to Skype rather than show clips of Create2. I was looking forward to see all the interviews done by HSN at Create2 as was told. As always, ordered items I did not plan on buying but love the items I ordered.

  85. Lin M. says:

    Happy Anniversary again Anna! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful works of art you received! The shows were fantastic! I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive. 🙂

  86. Cathy Hughes says:

    It was great to see all the items on HSN that you had in your blogs. I’m more of a visual learner and it helped to see how each item is used. I bought my Cricut Explore Air last summer and am now just starting to use your Lovely Layered Cards and the Lace Cards and Embellishments digital cartridges. I love them. They help me to make really pretty cards that my family and friends love to receive.

  87. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Someday I am going to be able to really sit down & watch a 24hr Craft Day LOL. As it was, I kept sneaking peeks at my phone & managed to buy the Fancy Flip Card Embellishments, the All About the Birds & Butterflies Diecuts & the TS. I never got to see a TS presentation & the only video HSN posted was from your brief appearance on the Friday show. Hope they have posted another one by this weekend. The one thing the people for whom I made cards for them to give to their friends & family wanted were more personalized greetings. These should be perfect. Thank you as always!!

  88. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Someday I am going to be able to really sit down & watch a 24hr Craft Day LOL. As it was, I kept sneaking peeks at my phone & managed to buy the Fancy Flip Card Embellishments, the All About the Birds & Butterflies Diecuts & the TS. I never got to see a TS presentation & the only video HSN posted was from your brief appearance on the Friday show. Hope they have posted another one by this weekend. The one thing the people for whom I made cards for them to give to their friends & family wanted were more personalized greetings. These should be perfect. Thank you as always!!

  89. paulette says:

    I’m with Katherine, can we get the Instructions for the post notes holder from Lizzy, just fell in love with it !

  90. Brenda Zimmerman says:

    Gorgeous Work, Ladies! What a Testament to the lady who brought you such inspiration! Bravo on your thank yous to Anna,

    … and Thank YOU, Anna, for All that you do to make all of our lives more beautiful every day!

  91. Dale L. says:

    Hi Anna! Loved your show and anxiously awaiting my order from HSN. One suggestion for your future Wishful Thinking Dies–“Happy Retirement” or “On Your Retirement”! And I second Karen P’s suggestion for the word GREAT; we have many great grand and great great grand nieces and nephews in the family–yes, we are blessed–and would use that word a lot. Can’t remember if the word Grandchild is part of the Wishful Thinking Dies. If not, that would be a plus as well. Thanks ever so much!

  92. Patricia Coddington says:

    Happy Anna-Versary to you beautiful lady. I also am an avid Anna crafter since Sandy G. and I can remember only finding your papers in scrapbook stores exclusively. It has been a pleasure learning, buying and experimenting with all your things. I still have some of your Super old card kits! I treasure every piece of paper, punch, liner,card toppers to embellishments. I have to say I am a little Hoardy!! Yes, I said it! Ha! Since i moved to Montana I lost my BFF/crafty friend. It has been hard trying to find someone to share my stuff with. You keep my BFF and I together and crafting through FaceTime. We used to do the preview thing before you started your posts and now all we have to do is look. Its super Awesome!! I look forward to many more years of tuning in to see you wherever your endeavors take you. Thank you for sharing all your infinite knowledge and pretty patterns…Card making and scrap booking was never the same until …we discovered you. Thanks a million and Congratulations again!!
    Your Friend and crafter,
    Xoxo, Patti

  93. Penny C says:

    The Skype callers were all great! Congrats on all your success. You deserve every kind thing that HSN did for you on your anniversary. You inspire us all to make beautiful things and to share kindness in the world. Pretty awesome!

  94. Peggy Swain says:

    My Sister-in-law loves the cards so much that I’ve sent to her that she had my Brother put up shelf in their dinning room to display them.She said “works of art should be displayed so everyone can enjoy them”.
    If you knew my SIL you would know this is really great praise.

  95. Anixa Cabrera says:

    Congratulations on 7 years on HSN. I can’t wait to receive my orders.

    Question…. Ever thought of doing a Spanish version of wishful thoughts? Would love to see a Feliz Quinceanera or Navidad.

  96. Deanna Collins says:

    I have received my Parchment paper kit and my Anna Griffin Xyron runners already and am so anxious to start working on the Parchment papers. They are stunningly beautiful. But my tool kit was ordered at a different time and I am waiting anxiously for them to arrive. I also ordered many other things including the beautiful and extremely useful Wishful Thinking Auto Ship!!! I missed out on the binders for my dies and am praying that they will be available in March!!! I loved seeing the magnetic plate for the Cuttlebug. When will it be available individually so we can get on for those of us who already own the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug? I was one of (probably many) people who suggested that there should be one for our die cutting. I look forward to ALL of the other things I ordered from the ANNA-versary show this past week. Thank you for everything you do to help us all become Creative and Awesome cardmakers. Love you Anna and pray you will have a wonderful year ahead.

  97. karen P says:

    One word you left out of the Wishful Thinking dies is GREAT!!. Those uf us with Greatgrandchildren need a die like that for our cards.

  98. Maureen says:

    Congrats again Anna on 7years with HSN. I recorded all the shows so I can rewatch it reinspires me all over again esp while I await your new posts. I cried with you on TOMS news, and I don’t even know what his news was!!!! But now I have to say I have been an admirer and follower of yours before hsn , diy network with sandy I go way back to when you were only in stores with beautiful paper and fantastic ideas ( it was mostly scrapbooking ) I heard some ladies telling how far back they went too. I remember making everything from scratch with rulers , bone folders , x-acto knives and stylists, how I wonder as you don’t seem old enough for all the years I can count. So now needless to say all of your products are simply outrageously fantastic( if the young griffinittes ) only knew how easy it is now to recreate your magic so I thank you Anna for many many years of scrapping and card making and may you be as successful for the rest of your life as you are now. With much love and appreciation I simply applaud you and your team. I will make it to your next craft and create show. Maybe I’ll bring some of your old papers so all can see you were beautiful and creative way way back then ❤️❤️❤️

  99. Mary says:

    Dear Anna, Thanks so much for sharing your cards made by your friends. You made me want to cry with you as you accepted all the compliments people paid to you. You deserved every one and more. You truly are so kind to everyone who talks with and works with you. That is why we all love you. You make us feel that we can create beautiful items and share with you even if we don’t contact you.

  100. Gisela Diehl says:

    It was a wonderful day with many surprises.My Hubby was wondering why he didn’t get Dinner,well because I was glued to the Computer and didn’t have time to fix him Dinner. Can’t wait for my goodies to show up and play with them.

  101. Katherine Carlozzi says:

    Is there any chance we could get instructions for the card/post it note holder? I would love to make some. Thanks.

  102. Casey Walters says:

    What a fun day and so many great ideas! Can hardly wait for the next one. Thank you for sharing the beautiful gifts you received.

  103. Lady Diana says:

    Anna have a question? Ordered the Air 2 with your cartridge set on it, apparently they over sold it I got bumped so I will not receive it now. Is it possible to redo that special again, I ordered everything on the list lol and nothing to cut with now really upset about not getting it fellow crafter. Thanks Lady Di

  104. TamiBabs says:

    These cards were all fabulous!! It was fun to see folks on Skype and put faces to names! I’m so glad everyone was able to surprise you – I take it that’s a tricky thing to do. 😉 It was obvious you could feel all the love coming your way most especially for your Anna-versary but also every other day! Big Congrats!

  105. Pamela A says:

    Anna – thank you for sharing, the cards are even more beautiful than they were TV. It was a wonderful day! I always feel like I have spent the day with a great friend. I wish they could more often but then my budget would be *@!$#*. You always do a wonderful job, I love your energy and enthusiasm. Your products are as beautiful as you. See you in March.

  106. Lisa says:

    I love the custom made layer at the top of Vivian’s card for your Anna-versary. Everyone did a wonderful job helping celebrate the one and only Anna Griffin. Keep crafting.

  107. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Dear Anna,

    I wrote you yesterday on this blog to thank you for all you do, and tell you how much I love your products. Anna, I have been a fan for years, way back to your days on QVC. Everything you create is sooooo beautiful, clever, and unique. I can’t wait for all of the things I bought to arrive.

    I also requested you bring back the die binders. I know you said Tuesday you would be bringing them back. Do you think you will have them before the March show?

    Stay well and very, very happy. See you in March.

  108. Denise Grimes Johansen says:

    I had so much watching HSN and the anniversary cards are all so beautiful. When will we find out about 2017 Create Event?

  109. Jan Linder-Koda says:

    Hi Anna, I bought one of everything including the Cricut Cuttlebug. I was afraid to let my husband know. Lol.
    We are all like a herd of sheep wanting that new and gorgeous list of goods that you have shown us. We love you and you have made paper crafting cool again.

  110. Angela Clarke says:

    Great 7th Anniversary show Anna!!
    It’s a joy watching you create.
    I was tearing up along with you on one of the calls.
    You help so many of us bring out the creative spark hidden inside.
    Thank you thank you thank you
    Much love and light!!

  111. Shellie Fontana says:

    Anna, like other fellow Griffinites, I enjoyed your 7th Anna-versary on HSN this past week, and I am off to a creative 2017–THANKS TO YOUR WONDERFUL, INNOVATIVE, AND ALWAYS STYLISH NEW PRODUCTS! I can barely wait for Wishful Thinking Dies to arrive, but in the meantime, I will be creating Valentines, using freshly MINC’d embellishments that I ‘produced’ while watching and listening on Craft Day. Your cards are the most special ever, and so is this community! (((HUGS))) from Texas!

  112. Marcia Dearborn says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching all your shows on Jan. 10. I have lots of new ways to make my cards, which get so many compliments. They don’t know how easy Anna makes it for me to look talented. I did miss getting the 3D flower borders and I wonder if they will be offered again in the future?

  113. Wanda Duso says:

    It is our pleasure to have you as our mentor! You make what we make possible! I have been a fan since you started on HSN! My history with HSN is proof! You are so gracious and giving, Anna. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! We all love you❤❤❤! Happy 7th Anniversary!

  114. Shellie Fontana says:

    Happy CONGRATS, Artist Susan! I wish I could see your exhibit in February–I will try to find your post on Anna’s Facebook page! Best wishes for a happy 2017, fellow Griffinite!

  115. Doreen says:

    Shows I watched showed genuine surprise and gratitude from you and viewers; mutual admiration club! Projects shared are lovely. Crafting with Anna does bring out the best in people. Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary.

  116. Kymm Cummins says:

    I was unable to view the show on the 10th due to an emergency and I am so bummed. The items I’d planned on buying were sold out when I was finally able to get to the website. I guess I’ll have to wait until you’re on HSN again to purchase some new supplies for the Spring and Summer.

  117. Shellie Fontana says:

    Go, Texan! ;0)
    (Me, too–early bird catches the worm, right?!)
    I also had wanted to call in, but I just enjoyed ALL the innovative and creative new products, and also enjoyed ‘hearing from’ Griffinites all across the land (and ocean! because creative friend Becky Jo from Hawaii called in, too)!
    It really is fun here, with Anna Griffin, on HSN,! Happy New Year, Terrance!

  118. Barbara Mann says:

    Thank you Anna Griiffiin and your amazing creative team for contiinuing to make such innovative and beautiuful products.

    Such wonderful cards and gifts you were presented with on your 7th anniversary at HSN.

    I look forward to being wowed and inspired by you for many years to come.

    Your forever fan and AG customer,


  119. Linda Davis says:

    Oh, Anna!
    It was wonderful to watch all the tributes to you and the Skype calls from your followers! All of the cards were beautiful, and thank you for sharing many of them here with us! — I have already started to receive some of the goodies, and the new parchment paper was one of them. I could not wait to start working with it, and I am having so much fun with it until all the other goodies arrive! – Thank you for all you do and making our lives so much more fun!

  120. Shellie Fontana says:

    I will always think of you, Shivan, when I think of Anna Griffin on HSN, ALWAYS! I first ‘accidentally bumped into you both,’ on HSN (probably a Craft Day, but I didn’t yet know much about), and saw you both presenting Anna’s Instant Scrapbooks–all.the.FLORAL! I was in love, and realized I was watching THE DESIGNER of the papers I was so smitten by whenever to the local craft store! I believe that was 2010, and I have been inspired ever since! You are both so lovely, and I always enjoy your presentations together, just like this past week for the grand occasion of Anna Griffin’s 7th ANNA-VERSARY! (((HUGS))) from Texas~

  121. Melissa Cano says:

    Beautiful cards, live the post it holder, I need to make one of those for my desk at work. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  122. Kristi curtis says:

    Again congrats. It’s was great. That’s for all the wonderful tools your design for us. I love them all. Thank you.

  123. Carol Ehlke says:

    Beautiful cards for a beautiful lady! What talented and thoughtful people you have as fans! You looked so surprised and touched. This is why I love making and giving special AG cards…the recipients are as surprised and touched as you were.

  124. Debbie Dunn says:

    Dear Anna,it’s Debbie Dunn, what a happy day last Wednesday was, filled with fun, surprises for all !! I enjoyed every moment of your special day. We are all so glad to share the excitement with you .
    My very best to you and your team,
    Debbie Dunn

  125. Robin says:

    Anna, Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary with HSN. I loved watching you receive the beautiful cards. They were all so clever and we all know inspired by you. You inspire us every day with your creativity, imagination and your passion. Thank you for making us all look good and instilling a desire to up our crafting game. I’m looking forward to receiving my goodies and also to all the new surprises you have coming for us this year.

  126. Margie T. says:

    Oh my gosh! What beautiful cards! Anna, you are loved. A beautiful person inside and out. Wishing you continued success. Love all you do. Xo

  127. Mary White says:

    Loved the all day craft event thru HSN! The cards that you are showing are magnificent! Wow…each one is awesome. So many beautiful and talented artists! Congratulations again on 7 amazing years and to many more! Loved seeing your followers on Skype and the others that called in with comments. I have been following you since you were with another network. Every year gets better and better!! Your mother must be so proud of you too! Love to you beautiful ANNA! ❤

  128. Karen Asselin says:

    I’m already starting to get some UPS deliveries. So excited to play with new goodies! Thanks so much to all your design team as well as you Anna.

  129. Bonnie W. says:

    I am excited to get the things I bought and already looking forward to your next show. Meanwhile rest up from all the Anna-versary excitement. You deserve a vacation! Best wishes. Bonnie W.

  130. Elaine says:

    Anna, you touch everyone with the love you have for your family and friends. You excell in all that you do and want the same for us, also. Your excitement is overflowing and genuine, and continues until the next time we see you, when we receive all of your beautiful products delivered at our door. May you be blessed, as much as you have blessed others.

  131. Paula Lackie says:

    Anna you’re always the one who gives so much joy to others through your incredibly beautiful and joyful products; it was sooo wonderful watching you be the receiver of gifts, love and joy. Love is powerful and it is very special. I am grateful HSN invited your “fan”ily to share your special day and THANK YOU, ANNA, for sharing your heart with us!! I hope this year brings you more love, joy, laughter, and a little chocolate doesn’t hurt either…. 🙂

  132. Lula Tomlin says:

    All of these cards are really beautiful, Anna Thank to you we learn how to make outstanding cards.
    Once again Congratulation on your 7 year. Looking forward to March.
    I purchase some excellent items, looking forward to my
    Now can you tell me when you will be having the warehouse sale.
    Keep up the good work Anna

  133. Ivette says:

    Happy 7th Anna-versary!!! I enjoy to see your reaction on live!! Very emotional. I just received the Essential tools set and I love it so much it so pretty!! And the Rose’s collection is awesome too!!

  134. Elaine Golling says:

    Anna, your Anniversary show was so extra wonderful! I ordered so many goodies!! It was so fun to see you be so surprised on the show…….These cards that were sent to you are outstanding! I think mine look good until I see these masterpieces!
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in March!

  135. Laverne O. says:

    Anna, your passion for want you do is exhibited in All of your products! Congrats and Happy 7th “Anna-versary” to You and your Team! I’m anxiously awaiting my purchases.

  136. Terance in Texas says:

    great show i wanted to call in but i was so overwhelmed with all the goodies. and also sorry everyone i think i cornered the market on the albums and ordered most of them, LOL, kidding but they did sell out right after i filled my cart with them, glad i jumped on that early. It might take me all year to put all my dies in them.

  137. Kathy Higgins says:

    Hi Anna! I really enjoyed watching you on craft day! I GREATLY enjoy your products and can’t wait until my new ones arrive. The Anna-versary cards today are so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for bringing beauty into my life.

  138. Susan Anglen says:

    Anna, did you see my wood pink poodle that I decorated with your papers and named “Miss Anna” after you?! Please look on your company FB page for my post! I’m one of 30 artists in Macon GA who was asked to paint or decorate a poodle for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The poodles will be on exhibit in an art gallery for several weeks and there will be online voting at thinkpinkmacon.com from Feb 13-17. Please vote for “Miss Ann”, my tribute to you which represents my card making ministry!

  139. Irene Alexander says:

    Each and every card was beautiful! It was lovely to see your fans on Skype and hear other fans over the phone. We especially enjoyed your reaction to the surprise cards. Congratulations to your 7th anniversary and your successful day on HSN! We love you! ❤️

  140. April M says:

    It was a wonderful day and can’t wait to get all my hoodies delivered!!! Keep the wonderful products coming!!!

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