HSN March 7th 2018 Product Preview 3 + Winner


It is President’s Day and that brings 2 things – Our online Super Sale that begins at 12pm EST TODAY and our 3rd Product Preview for 24 hour Craft Day on HSN March 7th. You can participate in the Super Sale by clicking the link that we post right here on the blog at 12pm EST. Make sure and come back to today’s Product Preview Post to comment to win this week’s crafting goodies!

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt stories of who you would send a card to if you won the Crosses Die Set and the Faithful Die Cuts. I believe that we can all make a difference in someone’s life by sharing our time, thoughts and talents. Congratulations Kathleen Lundman and Carla Vincel – we had to pick 2 winners once again!

Before we go on to Product Preview 3, please note that we will be live on the HSN Facebook page Tuesday, March 6th at 5:15pm to give you a sneak peek at all things coming up on Craft Day, so make sure to join us! Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting hours will be on HSN March 7th at Midnight, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm, 8pm and 10pm.

Our shows will be packed with lots of great crafting items. Let’s look at what is in store for you in 2 weeks time!


Our Charming Dresden Die Cuts are back for March 7th! This golden set includes the bunnies, swallows and butterflies for spring and Easter crafting. You’ll get 24 bunnies, 18 butterflies and 15 swallows. You are going to love the elegant touch that these delicate beauties add to your cards and projects. Combine them with our spring and floral diecuts for the most beautiful projects imaginable!

New for March is our set of Alphanumeric Dresden Die Cuts. What’s amazing about this set of Dresden Trims is that now you can personalize your projects like never before! Use the numbers to customize a card for a 25th birthday or a 50th anniversary. Now you can include names and spell out anything you want to say; make cards for all your favorite people for any occasion. These gilded trims come with 2 pages of letters and 2 pages of numbers for you to create with! Who do you need to make a card for?


We have a new way for you to layer! Say hello to Paper Weaving part 2! We have 24, 12″ x 13″ and 24, 5″ by 8″ bases for you for weave the 216, 12″ x 1″ strips and the 252, 5″ by 1″ strips to make elaborate backgrounds. Colors include pink, yellow, purple, green, gray, and blue in 2 different patterns. Choose your favorite combination of colors and patterns and weave in and out for a unique look every time! You’re going to love these woven mats on both cards and scrapbook pages.

Two of our favorite sets of embossing folders are returning! Our Letterpress Embossing Folder Matrix includes our Letterpress Spring Folders and our His and Hers Letterpress Folders. What’s great about these folders are the small, repeating designs that can be inked, embossed, debossed and layered. It’s like you have your very own letterpress machine for imprinting inked designs on paper.

Letterpress Spring has six folders: hearts, butterflies, bunnies, shamrocks, flowers and heels. You’re going to love the small embossed patterns you will get with this set and all the occasions that you will have to use these!

His and Hers Letterpress folders feature six designs; flamingos, bow ties, knotted rings, top hats, anchors and pineapples. This set of folders is just the thing for birthday cards, Father’s Day, every day and more.

Our favorite diecutting and embossing machine, the Cuttlebug V3 is back for Craft Day. We use the Cuttlebug for all of our projects, and love the versatility you can achieve when you partner it with all of our amazing crafting products!

One of the best ways to ensure precise cutting is to use the Cuttlebug Magnetic Plates in order to keep all your dies right where you want them! This set of magnetic mats (1, 6″ x 13″ and 1, 6″ x 8″) are going to be sold together during our shows. In order to use these mats use the sandwich (from the bottom): A plate, magnetic mat, B plate, die face up, paper face down and top with a B plate. This ensures that you are not cutting into your mats, and keeps them in great working order.

It’s time for another giveaway! Do you have a favorite product so far? Tell us all about by commenting below to win. Meet us here on Friday for more beautiful in the making.




  1. Elver Davis says:

    Oh my, there isn’t a thing that was shown,that I don’t want. I want it all! Beautiful things to make beautiful cards! This old 85 year old will stay up through the night to get it all when it comes on TV.

  2. Margaret Lemasters says:

    I LOVE Anna Griffin”s products! If it can be used in my card making, I want it!
    Can’t wait for the March shows.

  3. A Hug says:

    Hello Anna…I love your crosses and their accompaniments. I have two cards that would immediately go out after using them: one for a younger brother who just lost his wife of nearly 30 years to cancer and a second, and more joyful occasion, would go to my middle granddaughter who is preparing for her First Communion. You and your team have lovely and awesome ideas!!

  4. Merlinda says:

    I love , love, love the fabric stiffner. I’ve had to use mode podge and wait 48 hours before running it through my Cricut. This will make things so much easier and time saving!

  5. Sharon Weinreb says:

    Loving it ALL!!!! The Alphanumeric Dresden Die Cuts and the Cuttlebug Magnetic Plates are a MUST HAVE!!! And how cute are the flamingoes? Loving the pineapple, as well. I’m going to be in big trouble in March!!! LOL!!

  6. Debbie Mitchell says:

    I love your designs. They are so elegant and make creating so much fun. I have never tried the weaving yet, but hope to do so soon. I will be excitedly awaiting the letterpress reveal. Thank you for such amazing designs.

  7. Debra says:

    Love the Dresden die cuts. So beautiful! I also have my eye on your letterpress embossing folders. Those look like they will be fun to use in card making.

  8. Lola Marquez says:

    Anna just love your just love your products thank you for bringing this to us I am ready have my list for March 7 thank you

  9. Hilda Madi says:

    Can’t wait for March 7 to arrive, love all your products. I love your papers and only wish they were all double sided. Thank you so much Ann for all your beautiful paper and cards.. Hilda Masi

  10. Bonnie Billet says:

    IFirst i would like to say good luck ladies, Anna has some beautiful things. I’m a big FAN!! I will be getting the Magical Terial spray, the Anna Griffin fat quarters and the Cuttlebug. Thank you Anna for all the time and hard work you put into your products, they are beautiful !! Thank you.

  11. Jeri says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and the products demonstrated. I’m excited for March 7! That fabric stiffener looks like fun!

  12. Tracy Ford says:

    Hi Anna, I am truly inspired by all the amazing things thst you create and share with the world. I’m so excited for all the upcoming magical things that have been previewed. I am very much so looking forward to the Dresden Products & Paper Weaving, Treasury everything, & Windowledge Dies 1&2 ( My favorites). Happy Creating!

  13. Sue Paradoski says:

    Had a busy week and just saw this week’s preview. Since your products are the backbone of my paper crafting, I am always looking for items that support my AG stash. I bought a whole lot of stuff at a chain craft store recently that was having major markdowns and tried to see how each thing I bought would compliment your products.

    With that said, nothing is better than all the new products you continue to bring us. The Dresden dies this week are so beautiful; there’s simply nothing like them. I love the look of paper weaving as well.

    Since I have none of these products you showed, I would love to win this week. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Karen Tabaka says:

    Anna, I have followed you for years and loved the paper weaving cannot wait to *** #2 to my collection, also love the Dresden look, Thank you again for helping me create, today I am going with some of my kits, to help my Aunt make cards for her children, this will be fun

  15. Karen Tabaka says:

    Anna, I have followed you for years and loved the paper weaving cannot wait to *** #2 to my collection, also love the Dresden look, Thank you again for helping me create, today I am going with some of my kits, to help my Aunt make cards for her children, this will be fun

  16. Linda Sellards says:

    Hi Anna! I love the paper weaving idea. I have your VHS tape with your paper weaving demo & one day was going to try it but the kit makes it even easier. Plus when I was a little girl my German Grandpa always called me “Schwalbe” which is German for a swallow so I just LOVE your Dresden Swallows. I love it all! Thanks…

  17. Lois Neuman says:

    The beautiful Dresden Die Cuts and the extraordinary Paperweaving and the magnificent Magnetic Mats are just would I need to get going with all my Spring and Summer Projects. They are all wonderful!!
    Looking forward to seeing your Show in March. Thank you for always sharing your tutorials and innovative products and inspiration with all of us. Lois N.

  18. Dianna Lantz says:

    Can’t wait Anna we will be so excited to see all those new things. ..card making here I come! Love the dies , die for dies! See Ya then…

  19. Angel says:

    My Favorite Would Be The Golden Bunnies !!! … I Own Them & Think They Are Amazing !!! …

    L~O~V~E Your Products !!!

  20. Kathy blanchard says:

    The Dresden die cuts are so sweet. I still have a Anna Griffin booklet I bought many, many years ago where I got hooked on the weaving. I’ve never seen the specific papers sold for this. I just made my own and every card I ever wove into a card was a big hit for whoever received it. Glad to see the papers come available. Thank you.

  21. Rebecca kirian says:

    I love the paper weaving kit. Actually Anna you can’t do no wrong in my book. I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t like since I started following you.

  22. Karen Fabian says:

    I love everything shown however the Dresden Die Cuts are my favorite especially the letters and numbers.

  23. Kim Fournier says:

    Hello everyone,
    Is it March 7th yet?!!!!!
    Love all the craft items,
    I did get those magnetic mats, and they are great to have and use with all the dies, I’m really liking the look of the
    paper weaving part 2, what a great look for my cards and pages.

  24. Veronica Dee Ang says:

    Hi Anna Griffin I was able to get some embellishments at the Super sale on Feb.19, 2018. The Dresden embellishments are very delicate and I love the letterpress embossing folders. Also the paper weaving stock with the pre cut ribbons are beautiful. I adore the matte metallic paper stock with matching 5×7 card stock. The March 7 product launch should be great!

  25. Donna Madsen says:

    Hi Anna & Team!
    I love the Dresden! I own ((and can not part with)) some Dresden’s of my moms from way long ago so I jump at the chance with newer sets. Also being a being a scrapbooker I really like the idea of paper weaving for my LO’s! I’ve done it for cards only so it would be lots of fun!
    I missed last weeks comments but I’m super excited about the crosses dies and die cuts too!!!

  26. Cathy M says:

    I really like the Dresden letters/numbers, the magnetic mats, and the embossing folders. I am looking forward to the HSN shows to see all the great products.

  27. Doris Bradley says:

    Bella Beautiful in Italian everything is beautiful. I love the Letters and numbers, paper crafting and magnetic mats. I will be ordering on March 6 for sure. Always do it ahead of time. Thank Anna for all the beautiful things you bring us. Abbracci hugs in Italian

  28. Judy Powlowski says:

    Hi Anna I’m excited about craft day itself I enjoy seeing all the demonstrations even if it’s for a product or products I already have , it gets my creative juices flowing!!! As far as product goes I do need the magnetic plates.Happy Craft Month in advance!!!

  29. Marissia Seals says:

    Paper Weaving, I love everything thing about it, it’s such a beautiful technique in crafting. The Dresden dies are beautiful and I can’t wait to purchase them. I have the magnetic mats, they are a fabulous, they make working with several pieces on the mat very easy. Thank you Anna, I love all your products.

  30. Julie says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would love the paper weaving kit. Just love the vintage look it gives. Love the Dresden dies as well never can have to many of them.

  31. Beth in Georgia says:

    The paper weaving kit looks fun and so do the letter press embossing folders, missed them the first time around. Can’t wait!

  32. Janice Forgue says:

    Those embossing folders are amazing. I missed out the first time but really want them in my collection.

  33. Judy Pittman says:

    I’ve liked the letterpress folders since I first saw them and thought I didn’t need them. I apologize, I was wrong. I like the affect of the designs. It is a great choice when you don’t have time to do the “more is more.” designs, but I think they have a great impact.

  34. Barbie says:

    Hi Anna, So many beautiful, beautiful items for March 7! I remember paper weaving from years ago and it is still outstanding Add Dresden and up to date! Thank you Anna.

  35. Sandra Lee Hayes says:

    Dear Anna
    I am thrilled with your latest collection. I have been making cards for my sisters and granddaughters and they love them! I am fairly new to card making, but have been a scrapbooker for years. I love that I can use your products for both. I also make calendars for my desk at work so my girls are close to me and to bring a little beauty into my environment

  36. Candy Lily says:

    Hello Anna and all you crafty Griffinites!
    I’m Still trying to pay off January craft day. Lol
    Been an Anna craft-aholic since way back.
    Had the original paper weaving kit. Love to have this new kit. Very pretty detail.
    Would love to get the Dresden bunnies, birds, and the alphanumeric die cuts. A new Cuttlebug would be awesome. Love my Anna Mini. ;o)
    I want it all. The Treasury all. The Crosses dies. The Faithful and sympathy kits. ETC.
    I want All of it………. hehe
    Is it March 7th yet?
    XOXO Candy Lily :o)

  37. Konni Andis says:

    I’m so excited about the paper weaving! I’ve not seen that! Also a must have is the debossing folders! I also really want those Dresden die cuts! I love using your products for my elegant scrapbooking and card making, everyone loves getting something beautiful! Thank you so much for such beautiful items!

  38. Gwen Dunn says:

    I am so excited for the paper weaving and the letterpress folders. But I think all of it is great. It sure would be great to win. Thanks Anna for all you do to make us look great.

  39. Heidi Johnson says:

    It’s a toss up between the Dresden Die cuts and the Paper Weaving kit! I guess I need them both. Thanks for the chance to win……

  40. Marcia S says:

    The paper weaving kit looks awesome and the dresden letters are beautiful. I have the spring letterpress folders and love them. I’ll have to pick up the other set.

    What is the difference between versions 1, 2 and 3 of the Cuttlebug?

  41. Kimberley G. says:

    I am absolutely in love, love, love with the letter press folders. They compliment the images from your Cricut printable cartridge. I am looking forward to making some really wonderful cards!!!

  42. Myrna Cruz says:

    Love all you show today the letters and number are beautiful. The letter press embosing folders and the magnetic matts are a must. Thank you Anna.

  43. Lara says:

    I can’t wait to get some Dresden diecuts and some letterpress folders FINALLY. I am looking forward to buying envelopes and paper for them too. I can’t wait to get more paper, I love it!

  44. Donna Olavarria says:

    The letter press plates are intriguing! Thank you for all these goodies Anna. Never a dull moment on this Blog!

  45. Donna Sharpe-Bradeen says:

    I would love to win and work with the letterpress items. Everything is always so beautiful that you help all of us beginners look like experts. Thank you.

  46. Diane B says:

    Am so excited about everything. Love the Dresden letters. Will use those a lot. I love to personalize everything. Glad the paper weaving is back. What a cool idea. I also love the the folders. I have used a couple and they make the most delightful cards. Hope to win.

  47. JOYCE QUINN says:

    I am fascinated by that weaving paper collection. Can’t wait to add it to my paper crafting collection! Thank you Anna for bringing this technique back!!!

  48. Suzy Gray says:

    Your card kits are always the best. Love how easy it is to personalize and layer as much as I want but even with very little layers the recipient always loves them. Your DT did great job with the samples.

  49. Diana Kimball says:

    WOWZA! I have never seen paper weaving before and it looks terrific. Anna, I think all your products & ideas are wonderful.

  50. Beverly Limbach says:

    I just found your blog after suffering through two rainy, flooding days in IL.Your cards showing the Dresden pieces blew my mind. They are a must have along with the weaving kit. Each are so different and will add so much to my card making. Wow, I cannot wait until March 7! Thanks, Anna. Keep ’em coming.

  51. Vicky Michot says:

    Ok so after giving it some thought I think the paper weaving kit and the gorgeous letter and number Dresden die cuts are must haves. But it seriously feels like it’s taking forever for Mar 7th to get here!

  52. Barbie Stowell says:

    Love the Dresden numbers and letters but I really need the magnetic plates! Can’t wait until March!

  53. Victoria says:

    What’s not love! I I have other tools but just got to have the gold cutter bug and the beautiful papers can’t wait to try them. Thanks for the opportunity to plan ahead, especially with this event being on my husband’s bday, makes it easy to sneak away. His birthday, but we will have to share the gifts.

  54. Patti S says:

    Wow what a preview! That paper weaving is so beautiful. I have never seen anything like that before! I really can see using that technique on scrapbook pages. Maybe it will be your paper weaving set that finally gets me back into my scrapbooks again! But I think those Dresden Sets have to be tied for 1st place For your new items this week. Just a name or age in Dresden is just enough frosting on the top to make the card perfectly decorated!! You just amaze me Anna with your talent and your ability to ALWAYS EVERY WEEK bring a new item to the table to just up the bar. Way to go to you and your team for keeping us all stocked with everything we need to make perfectly beautiful creations every time!! Patti

  55. Jeorgette P says:

    I am really, really excited about that paper weaving! I love that the mats are precut and perforated. You’ve just made paper weaving almost as easy as your card kits! I can’t wait for those: they are going to the top of my shopping list.

    I am happy about the letterpress Cuttlebug folders too–those were the Spring and His & Her sets from the AS–but I am still wishing you brought back the Summer set: the one with the kitties, puppies, sunglasses, stars, leaves, and cherries. It’s the only set I *don’t* own. I accidentally requested that it not be AS, thinking it was the His & Her, which I still think is beautiful and fun but was full of designs for cards I never make such as cards for him, weddings, or welcome home.

    Please tell me you will be bringing back the Summer Letterpress set? I want those kitties, stars and cherries so badly that I kick myself every time I think about how I didn’t get them in the AS.

  56. Joyce Hadley says:

    Oh! Me oh my! What I wouldn’t do to have that Dresden Bunny. He is a stunning gentle-rabbit for sure. I would love to use him to make some elegant cards in the AG style.

  57. Ann Robson says:

    Hi…I I have to pick just one thing it would have to be the paper weaving! It looks like fun and would also make beautiful backroads for my cards and photo albums! I picked up a few items at your Super Sale because I remembered it later in the day…my loss! Still some good deals! Thanks Anna and team for all your hard work!

  58. Àllison Oakey says:

    Picking a favorite from your exquisite things is very difficult but I have to say that the Dresdin die cuts are always a very beautiful addition to any of my projects and are my most favorite. The new set is a great addition! I always count the days til your HSN appearances. I can’t wait! You always inspire me.

  59. Nora says:

    Paper weaving will add a new look to my projects. I love it as a scrapbook backing and a card layer. Excited for March 7th

  60. Mary Alice Peterson says:

    The paper weaving is so lovely as well as the Dresden die cuts. You are so good to us Griffinites!

  61. Barbara Graham says:

    I have the old scrapbooking and card making kit from many years ago. Actually I have three of them. The old is new again. I had to cut my strips to make the woven card and now Bam! It is done for us.

  62. Karen Arnett says:

    The thing I like best about AG is that there are always new products coming out and I love all of them. The magnetic mats are my favorite as they will easily allow me to die cut more than one thing at a time.

  63. Ginny Hughes says:

    The whole set of embossing folders are so gorgeous- I would love to win them along with all the other items!! Love them all!!

  64. Donna Lundquist says:

    I just love all of your products Anna they are so delicate and beautiful , I would love to get together with others and make cards for the ones that lost a loved one in the school shooting . Just to let them know that we care from far away , and what other products would be more perfect to send then you’re beautiful beautiful products .
    Thank you for all the time the love and the care that you put into your products you are our crafting Queen and we love you ❤️

  65. Karen VanLoo says:

    I LOVE all of the Dresden items! They’re absolutely gorgeous. The paper weaving has me intrigued as well!

  66. Melissa Bryant says:

    Hello. I like the paper weaving kit. I have the old one on vhs from a long time ago. I think its time for an upgrade!

  67. Kate Molnar says:

    Hmm, favorite product so far? Well assuming you mean from all three previews, I pick the Fancy French Frame dies. Most beautiful dies EVER, in my opinion, just nosing out my previous fave Festooned dies. And I’ve got the Paisley folders and dies coming from the Super Sale, so I’m in die heaven! (I hope using die and heaven in the same sentence doesn’t sound too morbid!).

  68. Barb Mader says:

    ❤️March 7 will be a fun day of Anna Griffin products! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wish you had more magnetic pages to add for our dies to the three ring binders. Missed them on the super sale, went fast. Would like to see just the pages/magnetic and not needing binder. Wish to see them.

  69. Linda Harris says:

    Wow Anna! I love the embossing folders and the weaving papers, so much fun can be had creating with these items. Love, Love Love them.

  70. Ann Marie C says:

    I just feel in love with paper weaving. This really, really,really is a kit I will be buying March 7.

  71. Jodee Dantzer says:

    Also the butterflies and those birds I’m not sure what you called them and the bunnies are great but I really like the butterflies in the birds

  72. deborahfromTN says:

    I’m BELIEVING in WEAVING!!! That is my fave item this week without a doubt!!
    Gorgeous and while an older craft, it’s still beautiful and you’ve made it so easy for us to weave and impress!!
    Can’t wait to try this technique again… the Anna Griffin way!!!!!

  73. Jodee Dantzer says:

    Well I love the alphabets and the numerals as I recall once I even suggested it 4 a 12-step anniversary. To make the card more personal. I also love the weaving papers. The Cuttlebug would be cool to be able to sit with my grandchild or friend and make cards together. I’m not picky.

  74. cheryl tamburlin says:

    I am glad to see the paper weaving back…..can’t wait to get it and use it. I also just LOVE the dresden letters……would like to have a bazillion of those. Thanks for all you do for us crafters Anna……keep them coming!

  75. Elaine M says:

    The Paper Weaving part 2, is my favorite! It adds an exceptional touch of elegance to cardmaking.
    My very first item that I bought from Anna, was a Holiday Clear stamp collection, with upper and lower case letters, which I still use today! She was on QVC then. The quality of her products have always remained the same since that purchase!
    I could never have imagined what influence Anna was going to have in my life. Through cardmaking, she has given me a sense of accomplishment and well being, and made my life happy. I owe Anna Griffin far more than she will ever know!

  76. Debra says:

    Hi Anna, The embosssing folders look like they’ll be fun to use for my cards. But I really need the magnetic plates for my Cuttlebug.

  77. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Love all this ,I did paper weaving years ago when you first showed us how to do it .Sure wish I could buy a cuddle bug ,never able to get one.Spend all my money on other beautiful crafts you have.

  78. Barbara Ferris says:

    I love everything Anna. My favorite is the Dresden letters and the paper weave kit. Glad I was able to get in on the 25% off sale.

  79. Barbara Troxell says:

    Anna all the new and returning items are very nice . I like most the Dresden letters. The items would be great to add to any crafter’s room for making cards and scrapbooks.Thank you.

  80. Hobo says:

    Shopped your sale yesterday and was so surprised that I was able to get everything I had put in my cart! Went back today to get one more item and the 25% off took care of the postage. Thank you.
    A couple years ago you had Christmas die cuts to assemble, similar to the flower ones and the Easter ones. Any chance you would make another one of different Christmas designs? And cards or card fronts of the pretty paintings? That was my favorite kit, but just to have the fronts would be good to use with all the embellishments we already have.

  81. Deborah Bode says:

    The Dresdens are gorgeous and definitely on my list. I would LOVE to see some cut/emboss dies that are large and holiday themed. Large enough to be the focal point of a card. Things like a big rabbit or chick, turkey, witch, jack o’lantern, tree, flag. Lots of detail that only Anna can do!

  82. Patricia Sugden says:

    I’m really looking forward to the weaving kit (it looks like so much fun, and the results look stunning).

  83. Grace says:

    Thanks Anna for another exciting preview. The Paper Weaving part 2 has gone on my shopping list. I have tried to do this on my own but having pre-cut papers will make it much easier and save time! I love how the papers coordinate so well. I am looking forward to making more gorgeous cards with this set.

  84. Yvonne Elgnawey says:

    Love, love, love all the items this week. Especially like the paper weaving kit. As always, Anna, your items re lovely and help us crafters look so good when we make our cards or scrapbook. I am retired and on a tight budget, so winning these items would be a big thrill. Keep on keeping on with your ideas and we all will enjoy the creativity you bring to us.

  85. Dorothy Sur says:

    I love the Dresden letters and designs. Your paper weaving brought back memories of doing that as a child. Can’t wait!

  86. Denise M says:

    LOVE IT ALL! I learned something new. That you can ink your embossing folders to stamp your paper. I loved that! Love all your products!

  87. Bonnie says:

    Always difficult choosing. But the His and Hers Letterpress embossing folders would create perfect often times subtle backgrounds that could just be one more layer that just pulls everything else together. Love each of the elements in this set and am already visualizing compositions.— I must say, though – even though I have a gazillion Anna Griffin papers and can easily cut them myself– I’m sure there are some in the Paper Weaving set that are beautiful and I don’t have- and it is nice to have that many already perfectly cut and ready to go!

  88. Heidi says:

    Loving the Dresden designs. The embossing folders for letterpressing looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for making a guys pack 🙂

  89. Mary Lee says:

    The paper weaving looks beautiful and I have used the Dresden butterflies and cannot wait to try the bunnies!

  90. Sue A says:

    Hi Anna! Just love your products!
    We are going to need to be able to purchase blank magnetic treasury pages to add miscellaneous stamps and dies to the auto ship collections. Can you make those for us?
    Hugs! Sue

  91. Donna from Florida says:

    The Dresden products will add such a beautiful touch of elegance to our card making and scrap booking.

  92. Yvonne Diaz says:

    WOW, You don’t seize to amaze me. All the beautiful crafting products you bring every season.are such an impiration to me and others crafters. I wish I could afford all the product. I would buy every one of them. I have already quite a collections, all me friends love the cards I make. There are some that I like so much that I keep for myself. LOL

  93. Suzanne says:

    Love the His n Hers letterpress folders. They can be used for so many different cradts….cards. scrapbooking and even in home decor. I love the designs…. they were so well thought out snd will be so useful.

    I am all about Mothers Day and Fathers Day right now …. you have do much available to make the perfect cards. Excited to make the perfect cards!!!

  94. Carol A. says:

    I am most excited about the paper. I’m a paper girl and I love your paper as it is so beautiful. The Dresden dies would be my second choice on the list but I love all the items!!!

  95. Karen Honeycutt says:

    Paper weaving effect looks awesome! The new backgrounds doe embossing I love! Can not wait to order. Thank you Anna Griffin.

  96. Olivia Martinez says:

    *** my 7 year old daughter and I love weaving! I can’t wait to order it so we can make some awsome stuff!

  97. Holly H. says:

    I do love the letterpress for projects because I can make flat cards which go through the mail without additional postage or packaging! Thanks for all the beautiful new products for the craft month Anna and Company.

  98. JoAnn Williams says:

    The Dresden Alphabet & Numbers are beautiful! They will make any card special that you use them on. I am definitely excited to try the paper weaving. I have tried a little on my own but the preciseness of your cuts will be 100 times better than mine were. Well, once again you have done a great job with all the goodies. Hoping I win!!

  99. Beverly says:

    The card ideas featuring the products are always so wonderful. Is there any book that is available that can be purchased and used as a reference to look up card ideas as needed? Have not seen any product like this and I know I would use. It is not always convenient to pull out the laptop and try to find something. Having a nice reference book would be great!!

  100. Claribel Hernandez says:

    I love the Magnetic mats!!!
    The Dies are pretty and the embossing folders are wonderful. Everything you have is great. Thank you.

  101. deborah says:

    I can’t wait for the show !!!! I love it all. But I think the paper weaving caught my eye the most. You are the greatest !!!!!!

  102. Joni Arcocha says:

    Love all my Anna Griffin goodies!!! And I’m so excited to have gotten in on the Super Sale…I got the Fancy Flip Card Kit with Dies and the Window Ledge Card Kit and the Rolling Wheelie Bag!!!! Can’t wait to get them!!!! And I love the Gold Cuttlebug!!! Okay, I just can’t pick a favorite!!! Happy Day!

  103. Cindy Haselip says:

    ***, I love the paper weaving. It is beautiful and something I did a long time ago. I also really love the letterpress folders are amazing. Can’t wait to use them. Thanks for bringing Paper Weaving back and thanks to the nice lady who asked about it.

  104. Sally Fisher says:

    Anna, I’m most excited about the paper weaving. I’ve never tried that technique and I can’t wait to get my hands on that pretty paper!

  105. Marlene Heilman says:

    Hi Anna, My favorite items are the new Dresden designs, the weaving paper and the new Cuttlebug version 3. Thank you for keeping us active with new crafting items.

  106. Maria Rosa says:

    Love the Dresden Numbers & Alphabets. They will be the beautiful finishing touch to cards & scrapbook pages. Also love the Paper Weaving Kit! I always wanted to have a paper weaving background to my projects but never tried doing it. Now it will be so easy!!

  107. Lu Ann Garrison says:

    I missed out on the letter press auto ship last year and am most excited to be able to see these again on the next Craft Day! Thank you for brining them back! 😉 Lu Ann

  108. Bonita Neeley says:

    I love the Dresden die cuts. They remind me of my Great Grand Ma & Pa. They would write little I love you notes on the cards.

  109. Michele Ciccone says:

    Hi Anna –

    I LOVE all of the Dresden dies. The golden metallic finish just adds such a richness to our finished cards. To be able to add personalization in this same beautiful finish will be spectacular!

    Your new papers from last week’s preview had me thinking. Would it be possible to get Dresden dies in other metallic finishes? It would be amazing to have them in silver and/or rose gold options in addition to the current gold ones.

  110. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I am loving the weaving papers, and everything else for that matter!! Happy Crafting Month of March! 🙂

  111. Susan robertson says:

    I’ve been waiting for the magnetic plates. Cant wait for march 7. Woo hoo! Also love the dresden bunnies, butterflies and birds. Who am I kidding. I love anything Anna griffin.

  112. April Powers says:

    The Dresden Die Cuts are my favorite. They have so much detail. Really makes them stand out on a card.

  113. Teri Heiliger says:

    I can’t wait to get the weaving set. As a former art teacher this is something I did with students, Having a lot of the work done helps with my arthritis. Thanks Anna

  114. Maureen says:

    Hi Anna, I have already posted but after reviewing pre blog presentations ( I watch them numerous times) I have a question. Preview 2 for march 7th show, your sending sympathy embellishments , the second card it was yellow has what looks like a lattice style die, how do I get that die. I thought I had all your dies? But I can’t find this one. Thanks in advance and I hope this session is not closed yet.

  115. Paulette says:

    Love it all but I guess my favorite are the embossing folders. They look so elegant and classy. I can just see everyone oohing and ahing over a card with this embossing on the front . How about if you did the envelope to match. They would think it came from a high end card store ( you know which one!).

  116. JOANNA LINK says:

    I really like the Letterpress Embossing folders. I have a set of the Magnetic mats, but wish they were sold separately as my 6 X 8 mat was damaged a bit. I did not realize it was slightly askew when I put it through the machine and the edges are a little frayed.

  117. Norma Bartlett says:

    Gosh, by golly, gee whiz, I am excited about all of it. I would really like to try the paper weaving because it sounds like fun. I just love it all !!

  118. Candis Trusty says:

    Talk about a timesaver. The paper weaving kit is a dream come true. I have woven ribbon as a background for cards. I have woven paper as a background for scrapbook layouts. This product will assure symmetrical results, which has been a challenge for me. Plus, it has taken so long to accomplish the woven look on my creations. Now I can create the woven look in no time. And we all know how precious our crafting time is.

  119. Theresa says:

    The Flamingo Letterpress Plate has my attention.. Love Flamingos.. I’m also wanting the magnetic plates.. Beautiful products coming our way.. 😉

  120. Laura Blake says:

    I love the Dresden bunnies, talk about classy. I am excited to see a weaving kit again, unless I’ve missed it the last time you had one was 5-6 years ago.
    I don’t think the magnetic plates are new, but I am excited to see them as I think they would be a great asset to my cuddle bug. You always have so many beautiful things I’m not sure what my favorite is this time. I feel getting anything of yours is a privilege and it adds class and beauty to the things I make.

    Thanks again.

  121. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Love the Dresden (a little pricey for me, but so pretty!). Also, the paper weaving is so interesting.

  122. Suzy says:

    I like the Letterpress folders and the magnetic mats. I’ve had me eye on both for some time now. It’s time I stopped looking and get them.

  123. Kelly Coleman says:

    Very nice additions cannot wait for the shows – my favorite is the weaving made easy – rhe sample cards are fabulous!!

  124. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love that the dresden cuts now include letters and numbers They are just beautiful and will add so much!I also love the paper weaving kit.I made my own paper strips in the past but this is so much easier. I’m a weaver.and dye my yarns with plants as well as also love paper crafts.

  125. Rebecca Case says:

    I am excited for your weaving! I have not seen your early weaving, and now that I am seeing this for the first time, I feel that it is simply BEAUTIFUL!
    Just lovely and I look forward to this!
    (please do not put me in for the drawing)

  126. Patricia A May says:

    Again you have outdone yourself I have been waiting for the Magnetic mats thank you for bring them in March.. and the Dresdins are the bomb.. I never heard of the paper weaving but that is beautiful… i think i am going to have to get a loan for march hsn when you are going to be on again… Thank you so much for bringing them to HSN where we all can get these beauties… Thank you!

  127. trish says:

    Would LoVe to try your paper weaving technique! Looks gorgeous. And the Dresden die cuts are exquisite. Thank you for the Super Sale as well – I got a few great things, but will save up for next year!!

  128. Martha Carlin says:

    I love the paper weaving. That just gets the wheels in my head turning! Also, I’d absolutely love the magnetic mats for the cuddle bug! Great goodies, can’t wait to see the rest. Sure could use everything!

  129. Tina says:

    Most anxious for March 7thand seeing all the products and samples. Thank you for continuing to keep us inspired.

  130. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I really want the magnetic plates. Love my cuttlebug and have the extended plates. The extended magnetic plate as well as the original size magnetic plates will make cutting easy. Looking forward to March craft day and also March craft month on HSN.

  131. Karen S says:

    So excited that the Dresden “creatures” are back, and with Alphabet and Numbers! Also love the paper weaving kits. What a fun, fresh look! Can’t wait to buy, create and play!

  132. Marian says:

    Hi, Anna and team! Love my Cuttlebug and the magnetic plates would be a dream! Thanks for the beauty and ease you bring to our world.

  133. Deanna Collins says:

    Oh my!!! I absolutely love you leaving paper. That is such a great idea. Everything you provide for us it just helps us to make are beautiful cards and scrapbook pages in last time because you made it so simple. Thank you thank you thank you Anna!

  134. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    Oh My Gosh!! the Dresden, the Dresden, the Dresden of course! What a pop to the card fronts. My Favorites. Go for the Gold accents.

  135. Julie C Fallon says:

    Wow, so many comments! I just wanted to add that I love the Dresden numbers! With my Moms 80th birthday coming on March 23rd I wanted to make her a special card!
    I am curious as to how to use the folders for the background stamping too?

  136. Susan Anglen says:

    OOOH, ANNA!!! How do you keep outdoing yourself?!?! I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you’re enabling me, despite my very poor and llimited eyesight, to create such intricately beautiful things… things that bless others on such a personal level! When I give a card made with your wonderful kits and products to someone, they almost always tell me (many times with tears in their eyes) that they’ll keep it forever! Now that I can’t work anymore, it gives my life purposely know that I’m being used to reach others in this way, and YOU make it possible! I’d love to win these beautiful products to add to the inventory of the new craft room my church is allowing me to create inca room they’ve given me!

  137. Christina Rugg says:

    Love the Alphanumeric Dresden Die Cuts, they would be great to add that golden touch to any card. So glad you brought back the weaving set back, I had the first set that came out and loved it!!

  138. Ara Wisnoski says:

    I love all the products, but I’m especially intrigued by the Paper Weaving kit…beautiful results on those cards! Looking forward to your show on March 7th!
    Thank you!

  139. Tiffany shuler says:

    The new Dresden die cuts are so beautiful, I love both the elegant look you get, as well as the look of real metal that it can add to your projects. I also would love to see how you create some of the beautiful weaving projects shown in the preview.

  140. Edna says:

    This is my first time to be a part of your preview. I have enjoyed seeing all your new products and how you use them to create such beautiful cards. My favorite things are the gold letters and the die cuts and embossing mats.

  141. Jane says:

    The weaving kit looks like so much fun and the finished cards were beautiful. I also want to get the letterpress embossing folders-so pretty on cards too.

  142. Pam says:

    I’ve been buying your products for many, many years. Looking forward to your paper weaving kit. So much easier now that it’s precut, but just as beautiful as in the early days of your career. Thank you

  143. Charlene Rollins says:

    Yes to the Dresden die cuts, Magnetic mats & the WEAVING!!! If you insist I will accept all the other products as well (smile). Thank you Anna. Keep the excitement going!!

  144. Suzanne McKay says:

    I’m super excited about the weaving paper collection. Can’t wait to get multiple sets of them! Thank you for the chance to win Anna.

  145. Carri Wright says:

    I just love the Treasury Box Collection – the dies, inks; everything. I just love your collections so much.

  146. Marcia Scantlin says:

    It’s a toss up between the Dresden letters and the weaving. Can’t wait to see you demonstrate.

  147. Chris says:

    Anna, you are making staying on a budget very difficult!!!!!! I love all the products and sure would love to win them….so I can spend my money on everything else!!!!

  148. Laurie says:

    Love all your products Anna. Dry excited about the paper weaving. Hope it comes with directions for the different patterns you created. Ant wait to see you in March on HSN!

  149. Mary Draffen says:

    Everything is fabulous the one thing that I really was intrigued about was the weaving paper I have never seen that before and when you showed the cards and how you could make them oh my goodness it was beautiful so I’m really excited about the opportunity of being able to win this week’s drawing once again you’ve outdone yourself!!

  150. Deborah Rusignuolo says:

    What beautiful products as always Anna. Those dies are amazing. Thank you for sharing. And keeping my fingers crossed.

  151. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful!! Love the birds, oh those letters are gorgeous. Everything is so beautiful. My daughter recently gave me the original paper weaving kit and I just love it.

  152. Charlotte says:

    Love the dress Love the dresden die cuts, The letters and numbers are beautiful. I wish I could get it all!

  153. Donna Roberts says:

    I love your embossing folders, haven’t seen such pretty detailed ones for so long and love how you can deboss and add color.
    I also love the gold rabbits, I think they would be adorable as place setting at my Easter table, what can I say all your products are gorges

  154. Linda Kellum says:

    Everything you produce is totally necessary to create a stunning card or scrapbook page. The paper weaving and Dresden die cuts are high on my list. Thanks for giving us so many amazing pieces to play with.

  155. Kathleen K. says:

    I love the paper weaving kit and the Cuttlebug mats.
    Of course, everything is great too. Would love to win any of it. Looking forward to the show. Just had fun shopping the special sale. Never did that before. It was easy, great items and prices.

  156. Gisela M Diehl says:

    Hello Anna….It never surprises me ,that you and your Team come up with something special for every Presentation on HSN. Love the Dresden ABC and the Numbers, the weaving Papers ,the magnetic Plates und so much more.

  157. Susan Metcalf says:

    The Dresden Die Cuts are to die for. Absolutely gorgeous! Really would make cards stand out! Love the fonts of the letters & numbers! The Letter Press Embossing Folders make adorable layers. What a dream it would be to win all the products!

  158. joann benford says:

    Oh , here we are again, so many new things, I like the paper weaving and of course I need it all.Hope I can win. Everyone good luck .. Lovely as usual

  159. MtGlitterQueen says:

    Oh my goodness Anna! I love it all but the paper weaving kit is awesome and my favorite! I remember those samples about 15 years ago on Sandy G! Glad it’s making a comeback! Thank you and to the gal that asked about it! Can’t wait for March and THank you for the Supersale today! You are my SuperHero!! Have a beautiful day!!

  160. Susan Johnson says:

    I love the magnetic cards to add to my sandwich. I can’t wait to have them, it seems that everything I do slides all over this will be my answer. Also love the numbers and letters for personalizing all of my cards. Thank you Anna for such beautiful products and sharing you’re gorgeous talents can’t wait for March. You are such an inspiration!

  161. Cecilia Fisher says:

    I love the weaving cards. I have done this card before! Thank you for the reminder. I am going to make these Anna’s beautiful technique!
    I will be seeing you March 7th HSN.

  162. Carol O says:

    Love the beautiful weaved cards and also those Dresden bunnies. . Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  163. jesusa tan says:

    I would love to win all of them but if i have to choose I would say the letter and number dresden since i have an aunt who’s turning 95 and niece turning 16.. that would be awesome to have

  164. Lillian L says:

    The paper weaving looks like a lot of fun and will make a great base for cards and scrapbooks. ..Excited for that new item! Can’t wait for the show… and thanks again for your super sale today. ..that was the most intense shopping experience I have ever had. ..I was able to get 2 items…I really wanted the storage binders for dies but I think that was very popular this year….Maybe next year! Lol

  165. Karen Alley says:

    Can’t wait for the sale. I see lots of card designs which will be wonderful for spring time. Every design is beautiful. Love the embossing/debossing on the cards.

  166. Diane Phillips says:

    I have a book of yours titled “Designer Cards & Tags with Anna Griffin” and in it there is a valentine heart made with papers woven. I am so glad that you are bring this technique back because it makes beautiful projects!

  167. Dorene B. says:

    Oh Anna, everything is amazing and beautiful as always. I adore all of the lovely items you create and choosing a favorite is a challenge, however I think the paper weaving won my heart this week and I am already thinking of all the great scrapbook pages and cards I will create! I also think I will be purchasing those magnetic mats as they seem like the ideal solution for keeping dies in place, especially when cutting the outline of a stamped image. Thank you Anna for all you do!

  168. Barbara Leonard says:

    I am so happy to see the return of the spring Dresden trims. They are so pretty! And, the letters and numbers will come in so handy. I’ve never tried the paper weaving, but I think it would be fun.

  169. Johnetha says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to choose. Anna you just keep making it so difficult to choose. I’m kinda loving the paper weaving, it looks really beautiful. Then again I love everything. I’m so looking forward to March

  170. Diane says:

    I use my magnetic mat with die cutting and get clean cuts, regardless of the company’s die I use. It has replaced my washi taping and the results are better…when the paper stays in place! I like the alphanumeric set but fear I would run out of what I need since there are over 50 people in my immediate family! Then we move to friends… The pieces are elegant, though.

  171. Joyce Burdno says:

    I want to learn how to use those embossing folders. I think they’re stunning. I also like the Dresden bunnies…they don’t say Easter..so I can use them through the seasons. I have sets of the Easter Bunnies ready to go!

  172. Nancy says:

    Hi Anna
    I just love the folders both sets and the paper weaving I just have to have!!! All of your products are soooo beautiful THANK YOU!!

  173. Nancy says:

    Hi Snna
    I just love the folders both sets and the paper weaving I just have to have!!! All of your products are soooo beautiful THANK YOU!!

  174. Betty Bailey says:

    All of the product looks so lovely. There are several things that I haven’t tried before so I am looking forward to giving some things a try. The paper weaving looks like it would be a lot of fun and you would be able to do your very own design. I can’t wait for the new items.

  175. Sonya says:

    As usual I love it all, however those Dresden bunnies just make we think of foil wrapped chocolate bunnies!!! And I love chocolate!

  176. Sharon says:

    I have seen so many things I would like just need to order them before they all are gone. I love all the things you make, You make me feel good about myself, Thank you so much
    God Bless

  177. Bonita Brunner says:

    I can’t decide if I like the letter press folders or the paper weaving best. It’s always so hard to pick because I love all of your items.

  178. susan says:

    Oh my I love the paper weaving kit what an amazing trick and of course there is nothing more beautiful than the dresden dies. We need the letters and number is die cuts 🙂

  179. Shobha Rao says:

    Dear Anna,
    I love the paper weaving kit, I have never seen anything like that before in paper!! It is very interesting and beautiful and would love to try it.
    The Dresden die cuts are beautiful and look three dimensional and the letterpress embossing folders are lovely. Looking forward to a wonderful day – March 7th!!

  180. Starqueen says:

    Of course, I love it all! The magnetic mats look like a great way to die cut precisely and foolproof-ly.

  181. Debbie Ancona says:

    Love, love, love the paper weaving kit. With all your other techniques, I forgot all about paper weaving. I hope I win, win, win.

  182. Judith A Casadei says:

    WOW! All of your new products are fantastic! I just can’t believe the creativity you come up with to spark our creativity! Of course, like everyone else, of course, I would love to win all of these. I especially like the paper weaving. I’ve never seen anything like it. Also the embossing with ink (?) I think that is correct. Another stunning display of outside the box creativity. Just beautiful!

  183. Leslie Ramsey says:

    First let me just say, my husband will turn 64 on March 2nd. The paper weaving kit is BRILLIANT!! I remember learning this technique from you when you were on TV with Sandy Genovese. Only then we had to cut our own strips and 12X12 papers. Leave it to you and your team to simplify things for us.
    Happy Crafting!!!!!

  184. Linda Valoy says:

    I did the weaving with you many years ago. I think I would like to try the letterpress folders. Sometimes I like to make a simple clean card. The cards made from the folders are very pretty.

  185. Catherine Hanson says:

    I absolutely love the Dresden bunnies! And I want to use the shamrock and bunny letterpress embossing folders for my Spring cards. Can’t wait!!

  186. Miranda Chappell says:

    I love everything. The paper weaving kit is unique and would love to try it. The Dresden die cuts are beautiful and the letterpress embossing folders are great.

  187. Barbara Moos says:

    I am so excited to see the Paper Weaving kit and Dresden dies. The Dresden die cuts add that btouch of elegance to my cards

  188. Altagracia Paz says:

    I dont have a cuttlebug looking forward to purchasing one on HSN love the alpha and numeric nad the letterpress.Thank you for creating such beautiful works

  189. Kathryn Bess says:

    Thank you Amazing Anna. You keep us so excited, addicted in a good way to paper crafting. The paper weaving is such a unique look and lends itself to incredible color hues for cards, the Dresden golden pieces makes any card rich and wonderful, the cuddle bug tool with magnetic pads makes die cutting so easy so they won’t move, the embossing folders are just simply sweet. I would be over the top to win any of these finds and I will be happy to continue making encouraging cards to all my friends and loved ones. Thank you Anna..we all love you and your magnificent team.

  190. Carolyne says:

    I am excited to see the paper weaving back. I learned the technique before you offered a kit sooo long ago…then I purchased that kit! :-). What a delight to see its return! The de-bossing folders are also on my list.

    Congrats to the winners!

  191. Felecia says:

    Thank you for bring back the Charming Dresden Die Cuts, I missed them the last time around. I made beautiful cards for my family and friends over the holidays and they can’t for Easter. Your sets make everything simple elegant! Thank you again for all these wonderful products.

  192. Kim Bush says:

    The dresden die cuts are to die for! I love them and also the weaving kit. I am so excited for March 7th!!!

  193. Jeri says:

    I’m so looking forward to March 7! I don’t want to work that day, but I usually record the whole crafting day on HSN so I can watch everything many times! Saving my tax a return money for that day! I love these new Dresden products. Very beautiful! Really excited to get the circuit mini.

  194. Jeannie C says:

    I am in L-O-V-E with the dresden die cuts. I have to get multiple sets, they are SOOO beautiful!! Your only on day 3 and my list is getting VERY long. LOL! Love your work Anna……Please, Please keep all these gorgeous things coming!

  195. SueFromMass says:

    Cuttlebug, Cuttlebug, Cuttlebug (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice). Does repeating it three times help make it magically appear in my mailbox?!! Would love to win the Cuttlebug and the magnetic mats for it. Hmmm, all things Dresden would be wonderful, too. Looking forward to March!

  196. Margaret Clancy says:

    Hi Anna.
    Your cards are beautiful .
    Love , love the Rabbit die cuts and the Bird die cuts their my favourite But like the numbers and butterflys too.
    Happy crafting.x

  197. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations to the winners!!
    Anna every week you out due the week before and this week is no exception. I’m in love with everything but my most favorite item this week is the embossing folders. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might one day win!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  198. Maria Perri says:

    You’ve come a long way Baby, pre -cut paper weaving pages, flowers already cut out for us ,You really have spoiled us !The Dresden alphabets and numbers are beautiful.

  199. Jackie Hutson says:

    Glad to see some old favorites that allow me to do something besides just putting together some things. They are beautiful but I miss the process of the paper craft. I know you have made it so much easier, but for me, it is the journey not the destination.

  200. Linda C. Crowder says:

    Oh my goodness, I finally found out where to comment to be entered to win. Now as far as picking a favorite. You KNOW that’s impossible. One thatI would like to have is the CUTTLEBUG V3, aka “the Mini”. But then, there is the Dresden Letters and the….. I can’t pick ONE!

  201. Debra Spencer says:

    Hi Anna,

    I’ve never seen the paper weaving process before…that really caught my eye. I’m on a budget after Christmas so I have to study & choose wisely…which will be VERY hard to do when you have so many very beautiful options.

    Thanks Anna & team…..

  202. Shirley Anderson says:

    I love the paper weaving. I remember how beautiful I thought those cards and papers were early on. I can’t wait to get the kits so I can make these lovely cards to brighten someone’s day.

  203. Bette Sines says:

    Oh my goodness. I thought you couldn’t come up with anything I didn’t have yet, but here comes more really cool things for our cards I’m so excited to get my hands on these new items. Thank you o much!.

  204. Dilara Serra says:

    Anna your products are amazing! The magnetic pads and the letter press folder are awesome! Did not know I could add color to the folders … will need to do some research on that!!! Yeah!!!

  205. Donna Crofton Huffman says:

    Oh My Stars!! I cannot wait to get my hands on those GORGEOUS alphabets…They are stunning. I think i will be going broke again come march. Thanks for bringing such awesome products.

  206. Robin in Washington says:

    Love those Dresden Die Cuts!

    Enjoyed the Anna Sale this morning. Loaded up on the bargains!

    See you on HSN for the Craft Day Anna….

  207. Donna R Gowen says:

    The paper weaving set is so amazing. I love the patterns that can be created with the beautiful papers!

  208. Donna Pomeroy says:

    So many beautiful products. I love the Dresden die cuts and the Dresden alphanumeric sheets. But everything would work well with all the other Anna Griffin components I already have. Thanks for a chance to win.

  209. Elizabeth Novak says:

    Beautiful! I feel nostalgic for the early days of my Anna Griffin awareness – classes held in a lovely brick & mortar scrapbook shop. It was there that I learned about paper weaving. And loved it! This set of yours would be wonderful. That perforated edge will resolve the challenges I sometimes faced. Thank you. Beautiful!

  210. Merial Smartt says:

    I am most excited about the magnetic plates to secure dies while cutting. But I am also interested in the paper weaving. I had forgotten about this product and think I have a set somewhere. Thanks for the reminder and I am going to look for my kit for paper weaving!

  211. Jean Covich says:

    As usual really wonderful items. Purchase quite a few items in January looking forward to March. The Letter Press folders and the Dresden Die Cuts look so simple but beautiful and the Magnetic Plates would be great. Thank you for the the inspiration.

  212. Lori Lemley says:

    I love the paper weaving kit. I have not done any paper weaving in a long time.I want to do some weaving to see the different effects that can be made.

  213. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: My favorite is the weaving papers. The papers are so beautiful and I know that my granddaughters and I will have so much fun making beautiful crafts. The Dresden bunnies, butterflies, alphabet and numbers are next in line. I love everything you make. Thank you!

  214. Donna S says:

    Paper weaving looks interesting. Love the flamingo and pineapple designs and the gold bunny looks like wrapped chocolate…..can you tell I’m hungry!

  215. JerriLynn Bush says:

    I love all of your products! I can’t wait to get the embossing folders and try the inking technique. I think the paper weaving looks like a lot of fun as well. I just want to say thank you for these previews. I enjoy anticipating the next craft day on HSN almost as much as shopping on the actual day!!

  216. Jocelyn says:

    I absolutely love, love, love the weaving idea. It’s brilliant and makes such a pretty background. I’ve used to create my own paper weaving but this is so much easier.
    The diecut letters and numbers are beautiful and a wonderful addition to any collection.

  217. Carol Hill says:

    I think my favorite this time is the paper weaving 2, they would make beautiful cards. And the Dresden die cuts all of them. But everything is great. Would love to win.

  218. Stephanie E Glowacki says:

    Love the paper weaving! I haven’t done that before and this set looks beautiful! Can’t wait. Thank Anna!
    P.S. Your sweater is lovely.

  219. Nancy Ludwig says:

    Looking forward to trying the paper weaving. The Dresden Die Cuts also look lovely. So hard to pick just one item.

  220. Jane Paul says:

    Love the new embossing folders, and the weaving cards are a must have. Who would have thought that the weaving (such a simple thing) could make such a beautiful card even prettier, ONLY ANNA!! Will be watching with “card” in hand. Can’t wait!!

  221. Diane F says:

    The paper weaving looks like a lot of fun to do with my granddaughters and the magnetic mats are a must! Trying to develop an affordable shopping list for this show will be next to impossible! I want it all!

  222. grannyD says:

    Oh the paper weaving kit is a hit for me. That is the way the metallic paper comes and I love the ease of having everything precut. I did a bit of paper weaving using those kits also (using your old DVD of course….. LOL)

  223. Joanne S says:

    I am so excited about the Dresden alpha-numeric set. I am delighted that you included the numerals. Most of the letter stickers on the market only include alphas. I like to add the year to my scrapbook titles and these will add just the right touch of elegance to both cards and scrapbook layouts.

  224. Patsy bellamy says:

    I am so excited about the paper weaving! I love the look and love to try new things – and would love to see you bring back iris folding too!!

  225. Grama Pei says:

    Congratulations to Kathleen Lundman and Linda Vincel! Bet you did a victory dance this morning! Yay for you! Anna it looks like the paperweaving kit will win the day! For me, those Alphanumeric Dresdens are to swoon-over! And I must have another set of magnetic plates- my small lone is essentially bowl-shaped now, because I have used it to much it has stretched in the center. -But, it still works! I just want one that doesn’t make me want to hold my mouth in moue` to use. 😀 Already cant wait for Friday! SO fun! Prettiest of days to you!

  226. Sherri says:

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners so far! Everything you’ve previewed in all the sneak peeks have been fantastic Miss Anna, so if I have the slightest chance of winning the “littlest” of anything best not to forget to comment on the blog this time. Love all the Dresden dies (haven’t been able to get any yet) and winning the paper packet weaving strips might be the only way for me to get them right now, as it looks right now my funds will be very limited this time if any???? Still paying on another HSN bill and have an eye Dr. bill being paid for etc. etc. 🙁 I’m very happy to see several of the last time items like the Treasury inks and embossing powders, Mini Cuttlebug (which all sold out lightning fast!) returning and hope won’t sell out so quick. I also would eventually like to purchase the Antique Vintage Bunny Die-Cut Embellishments so here’s wishing for them to return also. Now I’ve got a question and probably should’ve mentioned first but I’ve been unable to click on to the Super Flash Sale, my husband tried also. I believe I had this problem last year and I am on your mailing list and so can’t figure out how to get to it. Even though most stuff has sold out there’s usually several items that hasn’t and in the past I’ve been able to find some things I’ve never purchased (even though my hubby reminded me of how tight we are right now, a girl still likes to look and you never know….). I have enjoyed you sharing your mail on Fans Friday, there’s certainly a bunch of talented gals out there….beautiful creations! After returning from helping my sister following her surgery I’m still trying to catch up with everything (all kinds of cardmaking for one major thing) and looking at the videos and responding. A note to the lady whose twin granddaughters still waiting after 2 years for their cards….I know the feeling, but at least my daughter didn’t have to wait that long for her Anniversary card. Her Anniversary which is Jan 1st, mailed on the 2nd….finally got on Wednesday, which happened to be on Valentine’s Day. LOL…so much for the P.O. and speedy delivery! I have had some of my Xmas cards take 2-3 weeks (don’t think any took that long this last year). Didn’t intend to write a book but haven’t blogged in for awhile, Loving everything and really like the extra card ideas on many items and especially on the Letterpress folders which I already have. Have a nice rest of the week Miss Anna and creative ladies!

  227. Linda Rood Calvello says:

    Wow…the weaving brings back so many childhood memories! You always do such a tremendous job! Thanks!

  228. Rebecca Alvarenga says:

    I love the paperweaving. Have never heard of this before and am very excited to try it out. Love the Dres dens too.

  229. Caroline Kent says:

    Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!! Loving the throwback weaving . I can’t wait to get my happy hands on the Dresden set! If I don’t win them, I’ll buy them anyway! Paid off 2017 …now it’s time to get my 2018 budget busters AGStyle on board
    Love,love, love your stuff Anna.

  230. Dianna Lantz says:

    Oh Anna I absolutely love your crafting Bonanza of things. The die cuts are to die for maybe not literally but I think you know what I mean. The Charming Dresden Die Cuts…oh my just Beautifully hand crafted for cards with these are a plus. I have often wondered about CuttleBug it’s so cute. Weaving that’s interesting I see potential for something awesome. Thanks Anna I would Love all these wonderful items.

  231. June Palasek says:

    Love all the new stuff for March – of course the Dresden items are so cool I absolutely loved the arrows & hearts used for Valentines. Laughing my husband states I must already have everything – little does he know we have more new coming.
    Love you Anna & your staff who work so hard to keep us all in our craft rooms along with pretty items to work with. I’d like to win but so would be all. I would like to see a couple of demos regarding the cuttlebug usuage of the metal dies.
    Your crafting friend, June Palasek

  232. Deborah Scott says:

    Love the Dresden dies! Somehow I have missed the weaving in all my crafting. Can’t wait to try that.

  233. Raylene Hillhouse says:

    I love everything! The paper weaving is new to me so I definitely want to try that! See you on the 7th!

  234. Sandra Griswold says:

    Hi Anna, for sure, for sure the guilded trims, These will most certainly be used extensively in my card making and scrapbooking. Just like you stated they look like metal! And add a certain class to the craft at hand. Also need the magnetic plates, don’t have one for my big shot or sizziz and I have had things move before and !ESS up , so this is most diffinately a solution Take cate and thank you..

  235. Vicky Ford says:

    ***! I love the paper weaving I’ve never seen this before. also I did some great shopping in the super sale today awesome deals I can’t wait for that stuff to come love ya! have a great week.

  236. Virginia Gilbert says:

    Another great preview! I would like any of these items, all of your products are wonderful! Was just at sale, unfortunately the fantastic flip card kit with dies was sold out when I checked out, please bring some back at a sales price, I have watching these on HSN forever……Thank You for all you do!

  237. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    I love it all but I have never seen the weaving the papers together. That would really nice to learn how to do. That would be so pretty for scrapbooking and for making cards.

    Just little news for you. I got my mother and my sister to come and learn how to work the cuttlebug. I had a friend that gave two of them and I got one from you about two years ago. So next week they want to come and use my dies ( yours) and we’ll make things for our albums. Then we’ll make some for cards.

    Thank you again. Also thanks for the sale that you had today.

  238. Betty Andrews says:

    The Dresden die cuts are simply beautiful. I really can’t wait to use the weaving papers on my cards. All is great, Anna.

  239. Susan DuRette says:

    So glad you are bringing so many things back. I just can’t always get all that I want at once. The paper weaving and magnetic mats are on my list.

  240. Susan m. says:

    They just keep coming and get better and better. Love hem all and can’t wait for the show. See you then.

  241. Bonnie Smith says:

    I am looking forward to the Letter Press Plates! Love the little patterns on them for the backgrounds! Always love watching the craft shows on HSN and watching all you demos of the new products!

  242. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m so glad to see the magnetic Cuttlebug mats! I have 2nd generation Cuttlebug and hope that the pressure is sufficient to cut the newest dies. Love the new Dresden dies and letters! Yes I’ve been with you for the last 24 years. The first time I saw your Hydrangea floral paper for the Scrapbook set on QVC I thought I’d pass out! Looking forward to the 7th of March!

  243. Joanne says:

    I’m looking forward to the letterpress embossing folders for him. I also need to learn more about ‘debossing’ and inking these things. I don’t know how to do that yet.

  244. Kathy Soutar says:

    The Dresden die cuts look awesome! Just like all of your things, Anna!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. H Dale McGrath says:


  246. Glenda Stone says:

    Oh wow! The paper weaving kit is number one. The colors are beautiful and what a neat idea! Also love the alphabet and number dies as well as the Dresden bunnies. Thanks Anna.

  247. Karen Cummings says:

    I Love the weaving kit! I’m a quilter and love making cards that look like a quilt, weaving looks like an awesome way to create my cards. Love everything you bring us. Beautiful!

  248. sandra mercier says:

    l don’t know whatelse to say about your georgous things. you are a genius.the best l have ever seen. keep it up. love love love. sandi

  249. Lisa Frye says:

    Well the super sale was a bust for me so I’m moving on. I really love the paper weaving kit. It’s not something you see often on cards.

  250. Rosemary says:

    I am so excited the paper weaving is something you are bringing back. Years ago you had a 12 x 12 scrapbook kit that included paper weaving. The pages were beautiful. It made a very elegant wedding gift that has never been forgotten. Thank you for reintroducing this.

  251. Dianna Shafer says:

    Anna I have followed you for years and dearly love your products but I especially love the weaving package and magnetic mats. How awesome can’t wait.

  252. Lynn Hucknall says:

    I am happy about the paper weaving kit! I enjoyed making your first one. That is going to go over big.

  253. Kristina-Leigh Ghigliotti says:

    Hi Anna. As usual everything is beautiful. I’m most excited about the embossing folders. I’m hooked on embossing whether it’s dry or heat. I just think it add such a touch of class. Can’t wait until the 24 hr event. I watch every time one airs.

  254. Joee Balestrieri says:


  255. Maxine Ann says:

    I’m excited about everything you are bringing to the next Craft day. The magnetic plates would really be great to go with my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug.

  256. Vicki Dasco says:

    Love the Dresden die cuts ! Thought they we “ok” until you showed them embellishing cards, it’s then my mind went WOW!! Lovely and always fANNAtastic !

  257. Kelli Smith says:

    Anna, Again all the products serve a lovely purpose in card making projects and scrapbooking. I look forward to seeing the presentations on each one of them especially the paper weaving. Thank You, Kelli

  258. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    Hi Anna and team, The paper weaving kit looks amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. And I have to say that the letter pressing looks too good to be true as well. I don’t know how I’m going to wait until the end of March (By the time I order the kit and it comes in) to start playing with it. Thanks for bringing it back.

  259. Sandy C says:

    I love the paper weaving papers – especially in my favorite color purple! As always, Anna, you and your team, come up with the absolute best items to make our cards and scrapbooking efforts shine. Thank you so much!!!

  260. Terri watts says:

    Love the Dresden alpha & numbers, and the magnetic Cuttlebug plates! Also, thanks Anna, for bringing back paper weaving, what a great look!

  261. Tisha V says:

    I am loving the embossing and letterpress like folders. Those images are adorable and perfect for cards and embellishments. Can’t wait to watch on HSN March 7th. I have been a long time fan since the early years.

  262. Carla Campbell says:

    Love the Dresden die cuts. Now with the letters and numbers, my cards are elevated to rockstar status.

  263. Liz Rhames says:

    Another great collection of products. I love all of them but I am really excited about the paper weaving. I have done some of that before and it is just special but with Anna Griffin papers it will be extra special.

  264. Ruthie Hatch says:

    I am THRILLED that the Dresden bunnies are back! I missed them in January and knew I would stop breathing if I did not get them. lol I always disliked the letterpress look, but now I’m loving it and have to have that, too!!
    Thanks to you and your team for all you do!
    You make crafting beautiful and fun again.
    Wish list:
    • bird pairs die cuts (male & female), especially male & female cardinals
    • more Dresden
    • Bring back flip cards! Love them!

  265. Jeanette Elliott says:

    I would love to win everything! But especially like the magnetic mat! Don’t have that yet. Thank you Anna! Great job as always!

  266. Eve Yeung says:

    The Dresden letters and numbers are so beautiful, they really make a statement on a card. The paper weaving kit also looks like a lot of fun, I hadn’t thought about the different styles of weaving patterns until I saw the samples. Superb!

  267. Melodie Bushaw says:

    Love the new letter press folders..both sets and the gorgeous weaving paper..I haven’t tried paper weaving on that large a scale..looks like fun..I am looking forward to March 7 craft day

  268. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Anna I love it all. I just have to say my favorite is the paper weaving pack. The colors are gorgeous!!!!

  269. Paulette King says:

    Love it all. Bringing back paper weaving, it’s so cool. Thanks again for all your wonderful new products and ideas. Can’t wait till March 7th.

  270. Susan G. says:

    Alphanumeric Dresden die cuts! That will be my favorite for today. I already have the embossing folders which are too cute. Love them. Can hardly wait for March.

  271. Cheryl says:

    I love the new cross dies. I have been making a lot of sympathy cards lately and prayer/thinking of you for some people fighting cancer. It will be nice to have some new cross dies. Ready for HSN in March!

  272. Marty Casey says:

    Paper weaving would be my choice for the most wanted, but then I would love all of it. Thanks once again for all the beautiful products you bring us

  273. Anita Brauckmuller says:

    What! Letter press, magnetic sheets, weaving, oh my! I need to start putting a little something, something aside for the HSN event. Anna, I absolutely love your products! It has brought me closer to friends and family and keeps me busy so I totally avoid depression. Living so far away from my family, card making is how I express to them all the love that fills my heart. Words can’t express how much I appreciate the beautiful items you make so that we can express our live, gratitude and sympathy with a bit more pizazz. Thanks girl!

  274. Connie Parker says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! The Cuttlebug set is great and someday I need to get the Dresdon sets. The paper weaving looks like so much fun.

  275. Pat Leon says:

    The letter press folders look like a lot of fun. The paper weaving will be a lovely background to my cards – much easier than doing it all on my own which I have done. And, the gold stickers are so elegant.

  276. Carol Henderson says:

    I love the paper weaving. I had some of your paper from 100 years ago (joking), but I really did have the weaving paper. I loved it, it was so much fun!

  277. Judy Inhoff says:

    The paper weaving looks like fun. That would make a nice background fir cards. Thanks for a chance to win.

  278. Lynda Mays says:

    Can’t wait for the paper weaving kit! Have done it on my own but with mixed result. I know you have made it simple for us. Keep on bringing the beautiful!

  279. Gracia Lanza says:

    So beautiful Anna!! You always come with nice new things!! My favorites this time are the Dresden die cuts! But I want ALL your products!!!

  280. Jane R says:

    Love it all! Really excited for the alpha/numeric Dresden dies, and the paper weaving! Both will take my cards to the next level! Thank you!

  281. Faith L says:

    Hi Anna, I like the Dresden die cuts and the letterpress embossing folders. Also I Love your Gold and Ivory cuttlebug…I have an old cuttlebug that is wearing out. Sure would like to win a new one! Thank You for all your products, they sure make my card making easier

  282. Linda Hill says:

    Dresden letters are my favorite. It is difficult to find fancy font letters at the craft shops. Would love to see some dies in the dresden numerals and alphabet. Also, along with the wish list some animal themed collections but not cartoony–more English countryside looking dogs etc.

  283. Lynn H. says:

    Love the new weaving kit. I did watch you, Anna, when you used to teach all of these paper tricks. The kit will bring me back to my early roots with you. Love all of your products!

  284. Nana D says:

    Being a fan since scrapbooking on DIY channel, ( when it included crafts ) I am glad to see paper weaving coming back! Do my eyes see correctly, some of the samples looked like classic papers? The Dresden dies are beautiful, especially love the letters and numbers. Thank you too for bringing the letter press folders back. Thanks Anna

  285. Ginger Marx says:

    I am extremely excited about the paper weaving set .I am also anxious to have the Dresden Letters and numbers and the little bunnies. All of the Embossing folders will add expression to the cards and scrapbook pages that I make. Yes I would love to have it all.

  286. BetsyV says:

    Hi! Spent a lot at Super Sale! Some will make great gifts for people! Anyways, the rabbits are very. Regal, a showstopper! Have a great day. ❤️

  287. Vivian Epps says:

    I love the Alphanumeric Dresden Die Cuts. They are beautiful and really pop on those cards. Outstanding!!!

  288. Erin Piehl says:

    My favorite? The Alphanumeric Dresden die cuts! They are so detailed with that beautiful 3-D embossing that I just want to frame them and look at them. If I treat them like Art, I wouldn’t consider it HOARDING!

  289. Kathy P says:

    I love the weaving; I love the dresden; I love the embossing plates – especially the flamingo. Actually, I love it all and want it all. Is that too much to ask? 🙂

  290. Lynette Star says:

    Anna, Thank You for doing a Paper Weaving kit. I have problems sometimes doing paper weaving on my own. Looking forward to March 7th.

  291. Janet Nelson says:

    I love the embossing folders, the paper weaving and the Dresden letters (although I think I would hoard them). YOur products are so lovely.

  292. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna!

    I’m so excited to see the Dresden letters and numbers! Sometime ago I was thinking, gee it would be great to have some letters and numbers. I had a real need for them. Here again, you’ve read my mind! These will come in handy Ms. Anna! So happy to see these. I’m working with the windows ledge card kit today! Love it and everything you create! Have a blessed day y’all. Shari

  293. Cathy V says:

    Anna, You gave us another presentation of great items! I’ m especially interested in the paper weaving kit and also the Dresden letters and numbers. Looking forward to your March show!

  294. Martha Berry says:

    I am most excited about the return of the Dresden bunnies as I missed them the first time they were offered. Also, I have the original paper weaving pack so would like to have the 2.0 version They make such unique and beautiful backgrounds. I was lucky enough to get all my purchases on the super sale site just a few minutes ago! Can’t wait to received my goodies:)

  295. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Good morning Anna!
    I love the ready to go paper weaving! And the golden Dresden’s! Thank you for the Super Sale! I’m a slow shopper! So when I finally get my order right I’ve changed it so many times from items selling out! Lol! When I do finally get it together I realize how nice everything is & then am half surprised to receive it because I changed it so much. What a blast! Mahalo Nui Loa! Thank you from my heart!

  296. Marcie Smith says:

    Anna, as one of your very long time followers, I am thrilled that you have put together a weaving kit. I remember how much I adored it years ago and can not wait to re-visit it again. I am also loving the new Dresden numbers and letters. Fabulous.

  297. Peachy W says:

    Love the new Paper Weaving products – the paper patterns are so pretty and glad that you are adding yellow to the mix! Weaving is fun, and happy to see you bring this back! Excited for the HSN shows on 3/7/18, can’t wait!

  298. Tanya Richardson says:

    Love the weaving, Have a scrapbook page I made a long time ago with your weaving technique. They are so beautiful. Having it cut will make it o easy.

  299. Val P says:

    So hard to choose. So many wonderful items. If my choice were only one it would be the magnetic plates for the cuttlebug. Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. Carol Fairbanks says:

    Weaving is my favorite. I once wove a scarf in yarn. But weaving in your paper the cards will look spectacular.

  301. Heather Mash says:

    The Dresden letters and numbers are amazing! I want to try the Paperweaving kit too! So many beautiful things to choose from!

  302. Pat Park says:

    Love the Paper Weaving Kit. Thanks Anna for giving us such fun items to create with.

    Just finished shopping at the Super Sale !!!

  303. Lorraine Douglas says:

    ***!!!!!! The paper weaving kit, I am soooooooooooooooooooo very excited about this, this was my new project to try this month, I have your emboss, cut and create book, and there is a design in there that I love that uses this technique, I too looked on ebay to see if I could find your original kit. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you :)!!!!!!

  304. Patricia says:

    How did you know I was planning a very special. card for 100th birthday friend. The Dresden number/letters just what I needed. Also just picked For him card kit!! Perfect supplies for special card. Thanks bunches

  305. Jo Smith says:

    Hello! that would be the Magnetic plates. They would make a difference in the product.
    The others are wonderful , but if I could only get one it would be the magnetic plates.

  306. Casey Walters says:

    The paper weaving papers would be great. I have tried cutting strips myself and they never come out exactly right.

  307. Bonnie M. Ketterman says:

    Dear Anna, YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!!
    Oh how I would love to have your version 3 cuttlebug and the magnetic plates I love love love them! The Dresden die cuts are beautiful I fell in love with the butterflies oh gosh I just love them all!! I never saw the paper weaving that is such an attractive look! I think you can tell I love your products! It sure would be wonderful to win What a terrific birthday gift this would be! I’ll be 67 on Friday and it has been forever since I got anything as wonderful as this as a gift! Keep up with the great work and can’t wait until the show. Love you Anna and take care and best wishes always!!!

  308. Gaylene says:

    Oh man, I love it all. However, I love the paper weaving, I remember that. I haven’t done it for a long time but very anxious to do it again. Thanks Anna for the inspiration.

  309. Beth Williams says:

    I love the paper weaving kit. The colors and patterns are gorgeous. I enjoy paper weaving-and the texture, depth it gives my cards is awesome!

  310. Angela says:

    I’m excited about the embossing folders and the paper weaving products. Can’t wait until HSN craft day! ⏳

  311. Gloria Shirr says:

    Awesome products Anna! I missed out on the Letterpress embossing folders the first time; but they make the cards look so elegant. I love the weaving that you created. That is incredible and so impressive. Love it! Thank you once again for the fabulous new and old products Anna. I would love to win all of them! Have a fantastic day! Hugs,

  312. GERI APODACA says:

    I’m so excited for everything, but those Dresden Die Cut Bunnies, are the absolute Cutest things ever!! I’m ready for all the new fun toys.

  313. Cheryl pellegrin says:

    OH Anna, I love all of your products. In fact I am being told I love them a bit too much. Living on a very fixed income I have a tough time making ends meet but I somehow get carried away when I see your products. Being housebound and disabled I don’t get the chance to do much for others but I love brightening other’s days by sending them a nice card. It makes me feel so good to get a phone call from them thanking me. I miss being with others but I have found that I can keep in touch through you. Thank you. You brighten my day as well. I would love any of the things in your line of products as everything can be put to such good use.

  314. Ronny says:

    The Dresden letters stand out to me this time and maybe even another set of the dresdens from January. I got discouraged with the old weaving set so looking forward to seeing demonstrations of this new one.

  315. Laura O'Connell says:

    My oh, myanna, I missed out on the Dresden Spring Collection, so that is my very favorite, but the Alphanumeric Dresden die-cuts are a must! You are my hero!

  316. Debbie says:

    I have a video, (VHS) in which you taught me how to weave years ago. So I am so excited to have strips I dont have to cut. I love the colors of the papers also. This item trills me. The magnetic Cuttlebug plates would be a wonderful item to win also.
    P.S. I still use that video to make treasured scrapebook pages. Thank you.

  317. wendy harrell says:

    – I love the embossing folders and the magnetic plates- both very useful and the embossing folders can be used year round- thanks for great new products

  318. Diane Cannon-Logan says:

    Hello Anna;
    My favorites are the letterpress embossing folders.They are just so beautiful. You can do so many different backgrounds,even mix and match.

  319. KAREN B says:


  320. Rita Carr says:

    I love the alphanumeric foil pieces. Fabulous addition to make expensive looking cards.
    I also love the magnetic boards. They will be so helpful. Thanks.

  321. Susan Mlacker says:

    I love the Paper Weaving kit. The backgrounds are so pretty. Looking forward to the 7th and 6th. on HSN.

  322. Dianne says:

    The paper weaving is sooo cool! Can’t wait to order the kit. Actually, totally love all the products. March 7th can’t come fast enough!

  323. Kathy Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness I LOVE the weaving papers and the letterpress embossing folders!!!! Do you ever sleep?? LOL I don’t know how you always come up with such amazing new crafting items in such a short period of time!! Thank you for all you do for us crafters! <3

  324. Margaret Lopresti says:

    Oh Anna, you are an amazing designer. Love it all, but what speaks to me is the paper weaving. So different. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. Oh the magnetic mats will be very useful too

  325. Ruth Manor. says:

    Love the Dresden die cuts! I’ve needed the magnetic plates for my Cuttlebug for a while and haven’t been able to find them. Thanks for making them available, Anna.

  326. Patricia Perkins says:

    I am so excited to see the paper weaving back I can not remember if I first seen you do that on QVC or if it was on HSN. But I remember doing it, it was a little time consuming but it was worth it, beautiful look! Pat


    Love the embossing folders. Don’t have the ones you showed, but would love to win them. The paper you used for weaving is beautiful too. Always love the things you show us and I always have a difficult time choosing what to buy when you are on HSN.

  328. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    At times like these I wish I had a lot of money to spend, you have out-done yourself. I love the Dresden die cuts. I like the woven backgrounds also. Oh my, I love them all. Thank you again for your hard work. Simply amazing!

  329. Lee Ann Leytem says:

    As beautiful aa everything is, I am most excited about the magnetic plate set! Great combo! Whatever makes life easier! 😉

  330. Clare Macdonald says:

    I love the Dresden alphabet and numbers. I have some big events coming this year (including my own 25th anniversary!) and these will be great for personalizing.

  331. Karen Housley says:

    I was lucky enough to get the Dresdens in January, and I love them. I am most excited about the weaving, that looks so interesting. I also have the letter press that was released earlier, but I am looking forward to getting the new ones as well.

  332. Kim Solso says:

    Hi Anna, There is only one thing better than a new product preview on a cloudy and gray Monday morning and that is your Super Sale! I’m looking forward to both events. Today I love the Dresden bunnies and birds and butterflies. So glad you have brought them back!

  333. Lynn Mann says:

    I love the Letter Press embossing folders! Nice selection!! Of course, the Cuttlebug is always a nice prize!

  334. Kathryn Weihert says:

    Anna, I loved and took paper weaving classes years ago. I am so happy it is out in a new kit. I am excited!!

  335. Maria Iannone says:

    The Dresden set is so elegant! And the paper weaving looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for the fresh approach to our projects!!

  336. Donna Czarnecki says:

    I especially love the paper weaving kit and the letterpress embossing folders, but must admit I love absolutely everything!!! Can’t wait until March 7th!!!

  337. Anne Lemay says:

    My favorite product so far in the previews: the cross dies. I can see those cut and layered in metallic cardstock.

    I also love the vintage bunny diecuts.

    Now how about some vintage fairy diecuts for next year? There are so many lovely fairy and brownie illustrations from the early 20th century.

  338. Debbie Martelli says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have really enjoyed working with your Dresden pieces so I know i will love the new Dresden letters and numbers. Also, your Weaving paper bundle is a blast from the past!
    I can’t wait till the show.

  339. Lisa Stevens says:

    I have to have it all!!!!! But especially the paper weaving…and the Dresden bunnies…oh yeah…and the letterpress folders.

    Gotta have it all. Love your products!

  340. katherine setzer says:

    These are so beautiful I love Dresden’s!!! And the paper weaving is amazing I’ve never done it but I look forward to learning! You are amazing ANNA!!!!

  341. Alice Wright says:

    The Letterpress folders will be a just have and I love all the Dresden die cuts. Can’t wait for March 7th.

  342. Susan M says:

    Everything is lovely and beautiful as always. The letterpress folders and paper weaving are very interesting. But I want everything!!

  343. Karen Dowd says:

    I am always amazed at what you bring to us! I am a relatively new Griffinite! The Dresden Alphanumeric are awesome! The paper weaving looks impressive and the embossing folders look like a fun, unique way to add detail to a card. I would love to win these products. Thank you Anna for all that you bring to us! Karen

  344. Kimberley says:

    The Dresden dies and paper weaving set have got my heart pumping!!!!!

    Thanks so much Anna and your wonderful team!

  345. Sheri Smith says:

    Wow! Who knew that weaving can be so spectacular! I love those and will need for my card making. Also love the Dresdan letters and numbers, so beautiful!

  346. PAtty says:

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  347. Carrie L Carpenter says:


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  365. Darlene Weir says:


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  372. Debra Frazier says:

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    I can hardly wait to see more of the paper weaving – what a unique way to personalize cards and scrapbook pages!

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  384. kim hoffman says:

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  385. Connie Eneix says:

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  387. Cheryl says:

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  401. Mona M Belcher says:

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    The paper weaving looks amazing! I can’t wait until the HSN craft day. I have it marked on my calendar. You make wonderful items! Keep up the good work

  409. Sherri Kerst says:

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    I’m really upset I bought the window ledge die and had a problem with HSN and it was never received not it’s out of stock.

  426. Debbie says: