HSN July 11th, 2018 Product Preview 10


Welcome to Product Preview 10 for our upcoming craft shows on HSN July 11th. As you know, we have a super exciting giveaway winner to announce! But, let’s go over our Craft Day Hours first; there’s a slight change! Get ready for hours of crafting fun at midnight, 1am, 8am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 8pm and 11pm EST. There are twelve days to go. The countdown is on!

We loved reading all of the incredible ways that winning a Cricut Maker would enhance your life. It truly is a remarkable machine, and this pretty rose version is going home to Karen Herbinko! Enjoy your beautiful new Cricut Maker!

Wow, nothing gives us more joy than giving away goodies to our wonderful fans. Today, we are giving away a huge bundle of amazing Cricut consumables that you can use with your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air 2 and your Cricut Explore machines! We will have 2 lucky winners on Monday. Let’s take a look!

The incredible Cricut Maker is available in rose, only for HSN! You’ll get an entire suite of tools with this bundle so that you can create many types of amazing projects. The tools include the new knife blade, the scoring wheel, the double scoring wheel, the bonded fabric blade, the rotary blade and the fine point blade! If you already have the Maker, you will be able to get the tool system separately. Hooray! Cutting thousands of materials with the Cricut Maker’s Adaptive Tool System takes crafting to a whole new level. You can cut thicker materials like Cricut’s heavy chipboard, bass wood and even leather!

One reason we love Cricut so much is because of the beautiful writing it can do! Want to have beautiful new options with these new pen sets? We have Extra Fine Pen Sets in Brights and Basics, Gel Pens in Peacock and Dark Petals and Glitter Gel Pens in Brights and Basics. Wow, aren’t these colors stunning?

Check out this bundle of premium glitter and printed vinyl!  You can make the most beautiful home decor including custom signs, personalized vases, floral clocks and more! We also love being able to customize office supplies and even your own phone case! You will be able to choose from glitter vinyl (sampler and 3 colors), patterned iron on: Francesca and Charlotte (3 patterns each), blue and white premium vinyl and transfer tape to adhere your designs to all your favorite surfaces!

We’ve got a mega iron-on bundle for you! With printed iron on materials you can create the perfect hostess gift, kitchen accessory, custom t-shirt or anything you want to personalize. Cut your own initials, shapes, words and phrases to iron on with ease. For July 11th we have 2 types of printed iron on: Anna Griffin prints of Francesca and Charlotte (3 prints in each), white and turquoise everyday iron on, silver and rose gold everyday iron on and 2 kinds of glitter iron on (3 colors each).

The Bright Pad makes weeding intricate Cricut cuts as easy as 1, 2, 3! This light box like tablet speeds up the process and lights the way for all your Cricut projects! Use it for quilting, weeding and anywhere where you need a little light.

Today’s Fan Mail Friday is patriotic and so wonderful! Look at what your crafty friends have been up to.

Are you thrilled about this week’s consumables? We are giving away the Vinyl Bundle and 3 pen sets as well as the Iron On bundle and 3 pens sets to 2 lucky winners. Let us know which one you want to win and why by posting a comment here on the blog. We will draw a winner at random on Monday!




  1. Ronnielynn McCord says:

    Were expecting a new grandson soon. So the sky could be my limit to design and make things for them. Being a grandmother is the best thing ever! I’m a lifelong crafter who just makes things for our family. Keeps me out of trouble.

  2. CS Clifford says:

    My darling sister in law is just getting into crafting and this would be perfect for her!

  3. Dana says:

    Love the Cricut products. What a wonderful way to connect with those who love to create and inspire .

  4. Sabrina Gow says:

    The new Cricut maker looks amazing! Actually it all looks amazing! Love making rosettes! Counting down to July 11th!

  5. Norma Kwiecinski says:

    Can’t wait till 7/11, I would be making grandma shirts, plaques. Love ya Anna !!!

  6. Kim A. says:

    Beautiful assortment of colors and patterns. Thanks Anna for this giveaway hope
    I win and can upgrade to the maker!

  7. Mylissa Stout says:

    Hello Anna… Ohhhh how your post made my heart flutter!!!! I need to update my Cricut machine DESPERATELY!!! And YOURS is just BEAUTIFUL so it would be PERFECT ❣️… I also swooned over all the over the top papers (that are SPECIAL TO ANNA GRIFFIN)… can’t wait to get my hands on some so I can make adoeable gift boxes, cards and layouts❣️I am swooning❣️

  8. Tina in Boston says:

    Hi Anna!

    I LOVE the Cricut Maker. I am a quilter so I look forward to sewing shapes expertly cut with the Maker. I also make holiday cards, so all that glitter looks great to me! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  9. Janice Fitch says:

    Love the new rose maker! Would love to win it. Good luck everyone! Thanks Anna &

  10. Hollins says:

    What a beautiful bountiful gift! What would I make? It would seem there is no end to the wonderful things I could make for family, friends and our home. I think I would begin with some of Anna’s beautiful cards…after I picked my self up off the floor from winning

  11. DONNA GARVIN says:

    Oh my goodness would LOVE to win the new CRICUT MAKER…..have drooled over them since they first came out. I have dealt with my husbands health issues since 2004 with his back surgeries and last 4 years as he has had five surgeries and has not been allowed to walk on anything but crutches for last 3 years. To top everything off I just had to have total hip replacement surgery on 7/3 so this would really be an awesome surprise as my finances are definitely telling me I need to wait as it will be a very long time until I could afford to do this right now.. Thanks so much Anna for giving us the chance to win your wonderful gifts……..

  12. Dell says:

    I will be watching on July 11th. The scoring feature is really impressive. I will be making paper bows and all kinds of projects.
    Thank you. 🙂

  13. DONNA YEATS says:

    At 82, I am still enjoying my hobby of card making. THank you for sharing your artistic talents with all of us making it easy to create beautiful cards. I teach a class using your products to raise money for children in other countries. The class is free but we ask for a donation to go directly to the charity.
    I have scheduled my life around July 11. Can’t wait!!!!

  14. SHARON HUDSON says:

    Wow! I’ve never owned a cricut due to expense but have always been intrigued and if I won some money I’d buy one lol! I do own your products though and absolutely adore them all. The quality and just sheer beauty is always stunning! My mom loves your products too and is always buying them. To have the 2 combined in this awesome giveaway is a dream come true. Thanks for the opportunity xx

  15. Mindy Fawn Niualiku says:

    My imagination flutters with a all of the things one can make using everything in this wonderful prize package. And a year from now my God Son will be getting married and I have been asked to be their wedding coordinator. They will be wed in a beautiful garden. The first thing that came to me was all Anna’s invitations and decorations, Center pieces with decorated mason jars and English flowers wrapped around the jars with fine wire.. shall I continue or if I will I will share the rest of my work with you!

  16. Sharon T says:

    I am always looking for more ways to add to my business. I would like to make hang tags for my clothing line and cut fabric for my embroidery applique designs. Thanks so much for this unique and craft worthy opportunity!

  17. Ann Dreyer says:

    I can’t wait to watch all day and be inspired by your beautiful creations! I would love to upgrade my Cricut to this one and make beautiful cards and photo albums for my family!

  18. Ofelia S says:

    Would love to see what I can create with this wonderful machine. Can’t wait to see it. Thank you!

  19. Liz says:

    Oh Goodness! I can’t even imagine how useful the Cricut would be! I’m hoping to use it to make monograms and die cuts. But I would love to learn more about how multi-functional it is! Thank you for the give away. I have my DVR set for all of your craft shows next week!

  20. Mary F Foust says:

    I would be so thrilled to receive this Cricut! I would love to have it to make my scrapbook pages and my cards, but I can’t afford it. I am retired and on SS so it don’t allow me to have luxuries like this. I would be forever grateful if I could win this.

  21. Maria Snook says:

    I can’t wait to see all the new things that can be done with the new scoring wheels! The maker is an amazing machine! I’m excited to see what the new Anna Griffin cartridge will have on it.

  22. Janet Kraker says:

    Would love to win the rose gold maker, I want to make quilts for my grandchildren.

  23. Joanne Adkins says:

    I cannot wait to see what HSN is going to offer here. It’s so hard to wait. I am dying to make some flowers and use the double scoring tool to make corrugated tops for boxes.

  24. Linda Martin says:

    I just got the iron press and would love to get the iron on items you show here. I am new to this so would love to try my hand at making decorations on pillow cases, shirts, all types of bags – this looks like it would make so many cute things for myself and to give away as gifts. Would love to win this.

  25. Jill Moore says:

    I am so super excited for the scoring wheel. I plan to make all sorts of rosettes and home decor, would love to be able to put them packages for gifts.

  26. Linda Spears says:

    Hi Anna, I will be setting my alarm clock again to tune in to HSN for all of your wonderful products, and all of the inspirations too. I really would love to own the new Cricut.. everything is so new and would be so very helpful creating with my Grand Daughters.

  27. Farin Bacani says:

    I would LOVE to win the maker! I would use it to cut sewing patterns and bows for my little niece who was just born and released from the hospital since she came early .
    It would be so awesome to create custom pieces for her .

  28. LeslieZee says:

    Love love love the new Rose Maker and can’t wait to let it do all my scoring work for me. I love making 3D items such as boxes, houses, and flowers and the new scoring tools are a must have for me.

  29. Melissa G says:

    I would love to win the Maker because of the knife blade and scoring wheel. The knife blade would make cutting chipboard easier, and the scoring wheel would make scoring paper to make rosettes easier.

  30. Danielle brunson says:

    I would love to win this for my Granddaughter and I we use to make so much stuff she loved making cards and flowers what fun we had with glitter everywhere Now that she is missing by her father and grandmother my crafting is not the same without her if I win I would not open it until her return. Missing the apple of my eye I even named her.

  31. Debra Wilson says:

    I would love to win this Cricut bundle. I have never owned a die cutting machine yet. I want to make my own boxes with ease. Thank you for this oppourtunity

  32. Michelle Hatten says:

    If I am lucky enough to win this great Cricut combo. I plan on making everything I can think of. I will be watching on the 11th. Thanks for a chance to win

  33. Shay urbina says:

    This is so awesome!!! Lately I have been making songs and whatever my girls can come up with to help me make stuff…for them of course but the quality time we have been spending together making things has been awesome it would be great if we had another machine to not have to take turns lol

  34. Chri says:

    I would love to have the vinyl, iron on especially because I would like to have some canvas grocery bags for my friends and daughter for christmas.

  35. Cheryle Hormell says:

    ***, I’m in love again, Anna you never seem to amaze me. Love all your products.

  36. Kathy Marvel says:

    Hi Anna;
    I don’t own a Cricut of any kind, and would love any color you have to give. I do scrap booking and card making. Love all your papers and dies. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  37. Mary Jo Dove says:

    I will be working on Christmas gifts and packaging. I volunteer at an organization that feeds, tutors and encourages children of immigrant families and am giving them my Cricut Espression and could really use this new Cricuit Maker!! What an amazing color!!

  38. Janet Udean says:

    Anna your products are so beautiful. I’ve been wanting a maker since it came out. I would love the vinyl or iron on to make all kinds of stuff for my adorable grand-daughters. They love playing with me in my craft room.

  39. Abby Gayle Blackburn says:

    What a wonderful prize this would be, what would I make with the rose Cricut, I would make any and everything

  40. linda Schaub says:

    Would love to have a maker. I only have the explore one.
    The new scoring tool would be amazing.

  41. Terri Kurilla says:

    Would really, really love to upgrade to the maker, but money is an issue. Winning one would solve that. LOL. Love the versatility of this machine

  42. Cathy Moses says:

    Oh, what a beautiful giveaway, as is all Anna Griffin I would love to win such a prize

  43. Kari Mano says:

    I do not own a cricut maker YET! I am so excited to see and learn what this awesome machine can do. I love all things Anna G also 🙂 excited to see the new cartridge also. I would make home decor, gifts, boxes, maybe dabble in on using fabric, I would have to learn a lot, but look so forward to it.

  44. Dorothy Hatch says:

    Will be great to have the new cricut adaptive took and new papers to use the scoring wheels on

  45. Dee Libis says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome give-away. I send many, many cards and would love to be a winner of this bundle.

  46. Janet Priest says:

    Would love to win the new maker. I’ve been waiting to get one. The time is now! ❤️

  47. Patrice Canniff says:

    I’m so excited about all the projects shown and more with the double scoring wheel. Oh, how much to own this beautiful rose color cricut machine.

  48. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    Well, I watch you demonstrate the Maker and drool because I am retired now and have the first Explore and will never enjoy the luxuries of the Maker. But I will continue to have fun with my Explore and watch HSN each time they have their Craft Days. Love watching you and all the goodies you provide us to live the happy craft life. Thank you Anna!

  49. Lois Meyer says:

    Anna you are so talented.sgdin i LOVE everything. I would be so happy thrilled to win something. I have the rise cuddle bug. My gold cuddlebug was not working right. So company sent mr that one. Would Love the rosecrucut msker. I also have recently had my bedroom painted in. resistible Rose !!! My medical bills that started in feb has continued. Hubby had another scan his number went up. So we can’t afford to buy anything. So winning anything would be awesome. Got out of my boot. Learning how to walk. Yipeee thanks so much Anna

  50. Kimberley McNeil-Grable says:

    The scoring wheel cartridge is truly amazing. Have a few upcoming projects that the wheel and cartridge worked truly come in handy. Currently working on Step- daughters wedding. The scoring tool will add professional creases to the wedding invitations and favor boxes. The scoring cartridge will add elegant embellishments to the wedding scrapbook……

  51. Melissa says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! The maker has so many things to make with it I don’t k ow if I could narrow it down to one thing. A few friends are having babies so I would start by making them a few things for their little ones. Then maybe on to Halloween decor and then Christmas stuff!!!

  52. Fay Ray says:

    Oh my goodness! My grandchildren (4 girls and 2 boys) love to craft with me. We make anything from dresses and roses to airplanes and dinosaurs. I do not have the Maker so getting this package of goodies would make our imaginations go wild. I can just see their eyes sparkle when we us those attachments. Math, science, geometry, design all in one! Thanks Anna for all you do.

  53. Jamie Badders says:

    I would so LOVE to win this gorgeous Maker! You asked us to tell what we’d make with it if we won–well, I could make just about anything that my imagination could come up with! The Maker has opened up an entire world of creative possibilities and along with your beautiful products the combination is a craft person’s dream!

  54. Kelly says:

    My son is getting married next summer, I would love to use this new Rose Cricut to make all their wedding invitations!! Everything with this new Cricut looks Amazing!!! It would be a dream come true to win this! Thank You for this chance!

  55. Glenda Dufour says:

    I’m so excited that you are giving away another maker!! I would have so much fun with this new cricut. My students love when I make decorations for our classroom. I also make them special goodie bags for their treats on special occasions. I print everyone’s name out multiple times and give to them to label their supplies and belongings. My students would also be excited if I won a new cricut maker. Thank you so much for being so generous with your customers. Congratulations to past winners!! Enjoy!

  56. Jeannette Chavez says:

    ***! I would absolutely LOVE to win the maker, especially in the rose color. I have the expore air and love it but am always tempted by all the new releases. I have been watching all of the videos of the maker and I just may have to give in… 😀

  57. Angie Kindig says:

    Congrats to the winner!!! Can’t wait to watch on HSN and thanks for posting all the beautiful creations!

  58. Nannette Gulledge says:

    I could use ALL of these in my machine to get a head start on my Christmas gifts!! That would be my gift, to be able to use these wonderful things to make things to share with my family and friends!

  59. Gracia Lanza says:

    I want it all!!! It’s so great that you come with such beautiful and simple materials to use. I would love to make shirts for my daughter, nieces and nephews. I would also use the vinyl on all my crafting room: shelves, drawers and board…would look great!

  60. Michelle Reaves says:

    Ohhh it all looks fabulous!!! I’d make a bunch of pretty home decor items for my livingroom. I just changed all of the furniture around and plan to take most of the decor items to my craft room and repurpose them with paints and vinyl. My livingroom has had the same look for almost 18 yrs, in fact it will be 18 years next Saturday time for a change!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Suzanne Merica says:

    Looking forward to seeing you on July 11th. Learning more and more each week with my Cricut.

  62. Janet Sweeting says:

    I love the printed vinyl and would love to use it for a home decor project. The pens look incredible.
    Janet Sweeting

  63. Cher Smith says:

    Such a beautiful assortment of vinyl and pens for the Cricut!!! My daughter just moved into a new house, I’m imagining all the beautiful art we could create together for her wall decor! Thanks once again for continuing to bring us everything we could only dream of! Hugs!

  64. Bethanne Black says:

    I can’t wait to see the new Rose Pink-colored Cricut on HSN. Thank you for a chance to win some wonderful goodies!

  65. Sandra Perez says:

    I love Cricut period! Saving up to get the cricut Air2 hopefully soon. So right now i would love to just win anything doesn’t matter. I love the iron on ones a lot. I have so many ideas already for tshirts, But anything Cricut and I’ll be a happy camper…lol 🙂

  66. Karen Andrews says:

    Hi Anna…what wonderful accessories…especially the glitter and fabric.
    Having recently learned that I will be a grammie of a precious baby girl, I’ll have to start making things that sparkle and shine so the glitter vinyl will be awesome.

  67. Lisa S says:

    Either bundle would be GREAT ! I would choose the glitter/vinyl bundle because I have not used the iron-on much . i like the vinyl for many uses – cell phone cases, decorating my Cricut Machines , window clings, home decors, etc.

  68. Kim Shivers says:

    Both are amazing!!!! I love working with vinyl but I have never used iron on so if I had to choose it would be to branch out & try iron-on.

  69. Christine Z says:

    I love the new Rose colored maker! and love your new printed vinyls!! can’t wait to see you!

  70. Janet Oliver says:

    I love the new printed vinyl…the Francesca and Charlotte patterns look amazing and will inspire many beautiful projects…would love them both!!!

  71. Dana says:

    Making t-shirts with the iron on designs would be fun with my granddaughter. Might try me hand at something new. Keep the wonderful ideas coming!

  72. Melodie Bushaw says:

    I would love to win the heat transfer bundle and pen sets. I will be making presents for birthdays and Christmas. Love your products Anna.

  73. Vicki F says:

    It’s so hard to choose! But since I just got my Explore Air 2 I’d love to try the iron on and pens.

  74. Shannon Steinbeigle says:

    I would love the iron on package. I am learning about the fun of doing iron on projects on all types of mediums. I still struggle with those projects, partly due to time constraints with working full time and an injury which keeps me from doing all I would like to do. I still craft what I can when I can.

  75. Georgia Henson says:

    I don’t have a Cricut, but still just have to get my name in the hat for the drawing. If I won accessories, I would pretty much HAVE TO buy the Cricut to go with it, right?! 🙂

  76. Jeanette Elliott says:

    I want to get into iron on to make shirts for my grandkids! And I love love love the new Cricut Maker! The vinyl is really beautiful also! Would absolutely love to win all of this! Thank you Anna!

  77. Deidra says:

    Swooning over the patterned vinyl! Congratulations to the Product Preview #9 winner! Anna, thank you for the opportunity to win one of the Cricut bundles!

  78. Rose says:

    Would love the iron ons and vinyl to make family t-shirts for our upcoming trip to WDW!!
    I also love monograms and would use the pens to embellish my craft projects – thanks Anna!

  79. Trish Hughes says:

    I would love to have the iron on and pens. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful products

  80. Linda B says:

    Absolutely want to try the vinyl for cricut. I want to make some pillows and signs first. After that, the sky is the limit!

  81. Shellie Fontana says:

    Happy weekend, Anna! All that fan-mail is VERY beautiful, VERY inspiring! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful-in-the-making from fellow Griffinites everywhere! And, it’s SO AWESOME you have MEGA-bundles, because MEGA is a FUN word, and MOST describes the MEGA-GOOD TIME it would be to craft with my most-fave of your products today–iron on Francesca and Charlotte words and phrases would be the bom’! I can barely wait to see you (AND craft Christmas-cards-in-July) on HSN very soon, on July 11th. With big (((HUGS))) from South Dakota!

  82. Jennifer Huang says:

    Hhmm…(Decisions, decisions-) Picking a favorite is such a hard choice… Love both but the Vinyl bundle edges out the Iron-on bundle (by a smidge) at the moment. With the new Cricut adaptive tools, there are more home decor projects/ideas (inspirational chipboard/wood signs, wall art, pretty vinyl decals to Griffinize my Maker ;b, etc.) that I’d like to make/try out over fabric ones (applique throw pillows, cute totes/bags, etc.). So many projects, too little time. (Guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach- lol) Looking forward to July 11th- (as always) Thanks Anna & Team! You’re the Best! ♥♥♥

  83. Kathleen Jimenez says:

    The patterned vinyl is so beautiful. The creative possibilities are endless to make sophisticated gifts for friends and family. Your relationship with Cricut is like fine wine. It gets better with age (imagination).

  84. Mary McCarthy says:

    I would love the iron on and pen set to make t shirts for all my nieces and nephews. Can’t wait to see all the exciting things you are going to have

  85. Dianne McDonald says:

    Definitely monogram tee shirts, notebooks, book bags and other items for school. The Annabprints will make beautiful sayings on little girls shirts. Solid on little boys shirts.

    The prints are as beautiful as the papers.

  86. Maureen Odell says:

    Dear Anna, What a fabulous show you are putting together,and your still not done! This is the most fantastic gift next to going to “”Create”!.
    The new vinyl prints are fabulous. I could make home decor, t-shirts, and gifts,with this collection. The DVR is programmed.

  87. Lori Lemley says:

    I would love to win the Iron On bundle and 3 pens set. I am just getting into doing projects with the Iron On and I really love doing them.

  88. Margaret Mathewson says:

    Since I will be a first time Grandma in September, I am loving doing onsies with the iron on! Love the printed iron on.

  89. Pam Castell says:

    These are both really pretty. I love the pens and markers!! I guess I would choose the vinyl pack If I have to make a choice!

  90. Patricia Sugden says:

    I love the cell phone cover you shared. Also the AG vinyl. I would have so much fun with these items.

  91. Alice Wright says:

    Would love to have the vinyl and iron on! Of course as always love all you do for us with Cricut etc.

  92. Debra Spencer says:

    Hi Anna,

    I would love to win either gift bundle…it’s a WIN WIN either way you look @it. With the vinyl I could begin my Christmas gift projects. I plan to make personalized luggage tags for my friends & family and decorate some of the Yeti cups. I’d be so thankful if I am chosen. If not I’ll wait for July 11 to make my purchases… THANKS for all that you do to inspire us with BEAUTIFUL things….

  93. Charli Collins says:

    I’m so in love with these patterned vinyls! I think I’d make a cute bunting to decorate my new crafting space / office.

  94. Chelle Chapman says:

    I would LOVE to win the “iron on bundle” as I have been ironing on everything lately!! Thank You SEW much for this opportunity to get some of your Beautiful patterns!!

  95. Leanna Mohr says:

    Neat ideas for the vinyl and material iron on. Only 11 more days, first time I get to watch live in along time.

  96. Janet Geary says:

    Hi Anna, I would love to have the vinyl bundle as I could make so many things to sale at our home owners hard sale to supplement my income as I am disabled. Thank you for your consideration.

  97. Bonita Spinelli says:

    Would love the vinyl and pens. Can’t wait for your show on HSN. I’m a fan of yours and have purchased quite a bit. Pick me please!

  98. deborah loves lavender says:

    Congrats to all the winners for this entire group of sneak peeks, truly some awesome prizes!!

    The pens in all the rainbow of colors just dazzles my eyes, I would love to write out every possible sentiment with those for my cards!

    Fan Mail Friday aka FMF, was Patriotic and just gorgeous, Beautiful cards Griffinite’s!!! as always. Please keep FMF coming, love seeing what others are making with my fave kits, papers and dies!

  99. Michelle says:

    WOW! What a great assortment of goodies! You are so giving to your “Griffinites!” Can’t wait until the 11th.

  100. Deborah Oakley says:

    I love everything that sparkles. Today is my birthday, and what could be better than winning a boatload of craft supplies? Hint! Hint!

  101. Dana Embry says:

    Love the colors.. you have everything to just start “playing” oh I meant crafting…
    the show will be great. excited to watch

    I would love to make a banner or bunting for my crafting room… give myself inspiration….

    Anna you never disappoint

  102. Mel H says:

    I would be jumping with joy to win this. Anything that helps with weeding and my bifocals is the must own item of the year!!!

  103. ElaineHollis says:

    I love all the pens and I would love to try working with the glitter vinyl to customize my phone case and make a few tee shirts. Can’t wait for the show. I got my eyes on a few things.

  104. Patti Bomgardner says:

    I can’t wait to get the new tools. And I am loving all the vinyl. I’m just starting to get into using it and I love all those bundles.

  105. Trish T. says:

    Anna, Wow, Charlotte and Francesca in vinyl and iron-on! Love these patterns; plus glitter and more. Double WOW! I can see more than my craft room will be turning into Anna Griffin colors. I would be busy making gifts for a long time with these. Will be hard to wait until the 11th. Thank you for the chance to win.

  106. margret hill says:

    I have a every color of vinyl you can think of, but I did not have any ideas until I saw your NEW printed vinyl. Now I am going to make a beautiful box for home decor with that vinyl. Simply gorgeous!

  107. Lori H says:

    Love my Cricut but haven’t had a chance to try the vinyl or iron ons yet. The cell phone case might be a good starter project…or maybe T-shirt’s or gifts for the family reunion. The ideas are flowing. Of course then I’ll have to buy the bright pad too. . I think I own every die set you’ve made except the 2nd set of Shaker dies. Somehow I missed those. Thank you for all of the great products. Can’t wait for craft day!!!

  108. Lisa Kay says:

    I will make a lot of home decor with all the new vinyl.in products preview 10. I can’t wait to get all of these items plus the maker home to me.

    My retirement day is July 16, 2018!

  109. LEANNE LEIGERS says:

    Love Anna Griffith, Cricut and HSN! What more could you want except for more of all the above?

  110. Kathleen Harbour says:

    I love the iron on colors! I craft with my mother. I got her a Maker and she’s making “iron on” everything! Did I mention that she’s 80 years old?!

  111. Anna Rose Chapman says:

    I am so excited about you gorgeous florals. The ideas are endless. I will have to do somethng in my newly remodeled kitchen. Can’t wait till the 11th.

  112. Peggy Timmerman says:

    Just when we think you & Cricut have made all the new products yu can, you come up with more. Love the new iron on and vinyl. My daughter loves to create projects using the iron on.

  113. Linda Holmes says:

    I will make 15 t-shirts for our annual family vacation, this year it says “but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor. 13:13
    The word LOVE is the big red heart with LOVE inside it.

  114. Gloria Nelson says:

    I Love working with vinyl and iron on vinyl. You can make a plain object, oh so elegant. Thanks for all the inspirations.

  115. Linda DeWalt says:

    I love the new pattern vinyl and matching solid colors. I love to make a baby gift for my great niece that is coming in Aug. I can’t wait to meet her. Also love the pens.

  116. Gilda Duffy says:

    Anna, all of these products are amazing!!! I would love to work with the iron on materials!!! Can’t wait for July 11th!!!

  117. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I would use the vinyls to make book covers, folders and anything I can find to cover. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  118. Lori Bozorth Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I am excited to see the pens for Cricut! Sometimes you just don’t want a marker, although they are great too. I would totally love to win the consumables. I would make everything. My students would love class prizes made just for them. Sometimes they need a little reward. My home could use a little sprucing up too. 🙂

  119. Teresa M. says:

    Absolutely wonderful just love the glitter vinyl and the patterns are a delightful addition. I am looking forward to July 11th.

  120. Jane R says:

    Just ordered a heat press today… so the HTV is a must for me! The patterned vinyl and HTV is goregous!!! So excited to for July 11th!

  121. Janet Mack says:

    I am liking the Vinyl bundle, first I love playing with it and second because there is glitter.

  122. Felecia says:

    Love the georgous patterns and colors. I don’t owe a Cricut Maker yet (I may by 7/11). I would create a new dresser out of an old one we have for my niece’s room. I also would love to create some home deco items. Love the clock above! #weloveanna

  123. Grace Seventko says:

    I’ve done iron on t-shirts, etc. in the past using iron on transfer paper. Your iron on vinyl assortment will bring a whole new elemet to the items I plan on decorating now.
    The regular vinyl has inspired me to have my cricut cut out a saying to put on my wall. I just have to choose the saying. Thank you for this opportunity to win this giveaway.

  124. Fran Huey says:

    There are so many ideas running thru my head using each one of these products I just can’t decide where to start …love them all!

  125. Susan Middleton says:

    I’ve been wanting to try two new hints to make and the vinyl and iron-on are both exactly what I will need. Should I be lucky enough to win these products I want to make two different projects. First I want to apply words on a pair of canvas tennis shoes and second I want to personalize a face on a wall clock. I watched both of these things being done on videos on you-tube and it was amazing how they did it and they turned out really nice. I can’t wait to try making them myself. See you for all the shows. Can’t hardly wait.

  126. Marilyn B. says:

    I have been learning hand lettering. The pens would be so nice to use with the Cricut. I could really personalize some sweet scrapbook pages,

  127. Jeorgette P says:

    I just saw printed vinyl in the store and really want it! The iron on I would use for the family reunion we have coming up–we’re really into the matching shirts and I just saw this one where I can put people on the shirts to show how much our family has grown. The vinyl will be for my future nephew/niece’s baby shower to make fancy plates and bottles (make it seem all catered and swanky, esp. if I use your designs) and room by putting up whatever decoration my sister wants. Those are just the beginning of ideas I could use these for, so thank you for the chance to win them!

  128. Kim Eisman says:

    Oh, my goodness! I’m so excited about your patterned vinyl! Especially the purple (I have purple highlights in my hair). I’m so, so hoping I can afford this Cricut! I’m going to my first concert (Taylor Swift in August), since my stroke a few years ago and this would be perfect to help me make a Gatbsy themed costume (costumes are a big deal), especially since I can’t sew!

  129. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love everything but I would really love the iron on set. I just bought the Cricut Easy Press iron and would love to try it out with all of the iron on package. I had an old press for doing tee shirts and I ruined everything I tried! I need a success with my Cricut and the press so I can have teach a group of girls how to do this and earn money for their school. Mississippi schools have so little money and we need to help! (By the way,Anna, My first teaching Job was in Atlanta at Tuxedo School as the art teacher and also Spring Street School in 1965!

  130. Sandra Young says:

    I can’t get enough of the iron on vinyl. If I won that I would make many items for the little ones in our family!

  131. susan martin says:

    You have out done yourself this time lady with all the super stuff you will be showing. I have had two Cricut machines before and I think this one is going to be limitless. What would I do. Well, the thoughts can spring into my brain at anytime, and usually at a unexpected time. So I will have to get back to you on that one.

  132. Phyllis Ghita says:

    Love the Patterns and and the coordinating pens with colors to match. The patterned vinyl would be so fun to make a quote to put on my craft room wall. Create.

  133. Darcy says:

    Love the new patters can’t wait to make personal birthday/Christmas gifts with the new patterns either one would be a great opportunity to win ….can’t wait to see what projects show up on design space…thank you

  134. Diane Murray says:

    This bundle looks amazing. The vinyl is beautiful and eye catching. This would be a great asset to my special ed classroom . I work with kids with special needs . My students love to do crafts . We have purchased T Shirts in the past for our students , but these products would help to create shirts in the classroom.

  135. Beverly Jordan says:

    Congratulations to Karen!! Am a proud owner of one of your first Cricut Explores and love these fabulous colors and products!! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  136. Sandy P says:

    Holy Cow! Cricut Mania! Iron on bundle! Wow! Just got the Cricut Press so looking forward to making lots of special T Shirts for my new grand baby!

  137. Sherri says:

    Anna, You want to know what we will make with the new Cricut bundles? Well I am going to make my husband mad because I already have 6 , yes I said 6 Cricut machines!
    You are killing me girl! I own every product you have, Close if not all, lol!

  138. Debbie Owens says:

    Iron on bundle has to be my pick….I need to do more with iron on so this would give me a little push in that direction.

  139. Barbara Mader says:

    ❤️❤️ As always great products. Love the idea of iron on for the Cricut. Looks like fun. ❤️❤️

  140. Diane Fox says:

    Oh Anna,
    The new vinyls and pens are so tempting! My mind is thinking ….. what can I do with these? I’m sure Cricut has lots of ideas for me.

  141. Maryann Howell says:

    So exciting ! I love the Iron on! How did I not know that this blog existed until tonight? Yay! so glad I found this! I love anna griffin designs!

  142. Dianna Bilyeu says:

    I would love to win either one!! I could use them both in decorating my new scrapbook studio!!!! Can’t wait for July 11th I can already tell my bank account is not going to like me!!!

  143. Judi H says:

    I would love to win! We had 2 story water damage and are putting my house back together. So if I win, I would take the opportunity to make pillows, wall art and all kinds of decorations with the new decor. Try to make a bad experience (water damage) a good one with this set!!!!

  144. Daw Theroux says:

    I’m so looking forward to the new blades , and iron ons. My nephew is expecting my great nephew and I’m thrilled to death to make bibs and oneies and the goodies that the new fin aunt can make.

  145. Donna Farmer says:

    Definitely the iron on! After purchasing your rhinestone hot fix iron designs on I’m hooked. It’s so easy to take an everyday tee shirt and make it fantastic.

  146. Kristine Curtis says:

    Oh wow, so much to love. I know that I will be purchasing the knife blade and the rotary for the maker. So excited.

  147. Donna Cornelius says:

    I would love the vinyl to be able to decorate in my kitchen, my craft room, my office…….
    and you can never have too many pens!

  148. Edwina Johnson says:

    The consumables are going to be so much fun! I just received my MSYL iron on kit and so I know how gorgeous your charlotte collection is in real life for iron on. Well I have the paper too 🙂 Those pens are on my wish list on my Cricut account so those are a must have as well. There is no choosing with these bundles; all are musts.

  149. Nancy Cone says:

    Another winner. Just love the vinyls especially the new floral prints. Not a favorite between the two types. Use both types for different projects and the quality is unbeatable.

  150. Susan Bernard says:

    The iron on bundle is my favorite. I have only used black and white(boring, I know). Those colors and patterns would really up my tee shirt game! Looking forward to watching!

  151. Kimberly Laughrey says:

    oh the iron on and pens for sure.. i want that iron so bad! and the bright pad.. no money right now but I save away toward them

  152. Judy Mink says:

    The iron on vinyl would be perfect for my first great grandchild we are expecting! As always I can hardly wait for July 11 and all the Anna supplies and new goodies!

  153. Doreen C says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the iron-on vinyl bundle with the amazing patterned rolls! My brain is in overdrive!

  154. Miriam Lopez says:

    I’m using the patterned iron on for beach towels for my niece’s birthday celebration. All of your Iron on – Pattern iron on – Vinyl bundles are really great!❤️ Can’t wait till the 11th. Keep up bringing all these great items ! God bless.

  155. Nina Cole says:

    Would love to win the bundle! I am a quilt maker and could really use all of the wonderful items! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  156. Kathy Lasavage says:

    “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it”.Remember that song. I have been telling my friend Carol about the Cricut and all the new and exciting goodies that you will be sharing on HSN. Thanks for sharing your creativity with al of us fans.

  157. Amy Richards says:

    Your printed vinyl is beautiful, I would use them to make some monogram pillowcases for some upcoming wedding gifts.
    I Haven’t had a chance to use the assortment of pens, but that would be tons of fun to make some personalized cards.
    Thank you Anna

  158. Patricia Ladd says:

    i would love the win the iron-on bundle. I have only used different weights of paper on my Explore Air 2 and would like to expand my crafting experience. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  159. Deb LeZotte says:

    I love the vinyl collection, the floral patterns are so pretty. I would use those to apply on frames and I love all the colors for my phone case or glass jars. See you on the 11th!! Thanks Anna ❤️

  160. Barbara Ferris says:

    I just love the printed vinyl and the beautiful assortment of colorful markers. Thanks for the chance to win Anna!

  161. Elaine Salkil says:

    I would like to win a Maker so I could retire my Expression. But it still works great and that is a plus for Cricut and their good machines.

  162. Anita Weld says:

    Thanks for making your patterned vinyl!! Charlotte is my favorite . I would use them to add to note books, and pillows.

  163. Marcie Smith says:

    Love the new printed iron on materials. Gorgeous and I know two little girls that are going to love tees using these I have been obsessed with all the iron on material of late. So much fun to work with and easy to design/cut and iron with the Cricut Maker and the Easy Press.

  164. Pamela Brink says:

    I don’t have any of the glitter gel pens or the gel pens. Love the new vinyls too! Just ordered a couple of Anna products last weekend and love your products.

  165. Kimberly Crawford says:

    Those iron one would be great!! I have four grandkids.I could make all kinds of things for them

  166. Sherry Tyson says:

    I am so excited about these new bundles! So many cool clothes, onesies, purses wood working projects and personalized glasss projects to make with these fun new products! My granddaughter loves crafting with grandma! We make so many fun things!

  167. Doreen says:

    I love the iron on bundle and can use the beautiful patterns to accessorize the new room of curtains with a tea cozy, tablecloth, napkins and all kinds of tea room accents. It would showcase the china beautifully. I could even frame it it’s so pretty.

  168. Debra Shinabarger says:

    I Love everything Anna and cricut, all the products are amazing.The pattern vinyl is really nice,the pens would be great for my card making.I have owned a few cricuts I would love the cricut maker for all projects and added sewing projects.Thanks for a chance to win.Congrats to the winner!

  169. Sally Edmonds says:

    Oh Anna! Your patterned iron-on is AWESOME! Cannot wait to get some. The ideas you’ve shown are wonderful as well…that clock is brilliant and i will have to copy it as it is just too pretty. So excited about the 11th. See you on tv!

  170. Linda Kline says:

    I have been excitedly waiting for July 11th. There are so many items I want but the vinyls, pens and iron-ons are probably my favorites. The print iron-ons are just gorgeous. You have done it again.

  171. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Wow wow wow you are on point… I would just love to win this wonderful bundle…thanks for the opportunity….

  172. Amy Borgen says:

    Both of these sets would be wonderful to have. I am looking to make some T-Shirts, so the iron on would be nice. But the regular vinyl would be great for other projects also. I really love the pens! I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago that Cricut has all these different types of pens! I have it on my list in my head to get someday soon. So winning them would be wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity.

  173. Penny Blaylock says:

    I would love the pen sets because I am obsessed with writing! But, my husband would rather I win anything but pens!! LOL I have had my eye on the glittery vinyl so that would be great too!

  174. Kathy Brenneman says:

    I would love to have a cricut. I would love to cut the vinyl with my cricut when I got it. I would just love to win anything, I’m such a loyal fan. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait until Craft Day.

    Kathy B.. (Fairylady0227)

  175. Kathy Brenneman says:

    I would love to have a cricut. I would love to cut the vinyl with my cricut when I got it. I would just live to win anything, I’m such a loyal fan. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait until Craft Day.

    Kathy B.. (Fairylady0227)

  176. Tracey M says:

    Hands down I would want the Franseco and Charlotte vinyl. I have had my eye on some of the new vinyl in the stores I just haven’t had the opportunity to purchase them yet. As always thanks Anna for the great give away. Congratulations Karen on your winning the rose Maker

  177. Jeanie Puckett says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! I can’t wait to use AG iron-on vinyl on baby clothes that I make. I’d also love to use AG vinyl on journals like the one you showed. Be still my heart – the 11th can’t get here fast enough.

  178. Donna Vacarr says:

    I would love to win the iron on bundle. I love making unique things as decor for my home and family members. My grandchildren love when grandma surprises them with something I make especially for them.

  179. Judy Estrada says:

    Ok- Honestly, I like all Cricut products but I really need some iron on & pens. No doubt about these are awesome. I would love a win!

  180. Susan Mlacker says:

    I love everything. I would use the vinyl to finish the mother’s day present for my mom. I bought slate garden markers and need to put on the names. The iron-on will make so many great gifts. I Can’t wait, it is getting so close now.

  181. Christy Woody says:

    I would make designs for shirts with the iron on vinyl and decorate things for my house with the other vinyl. Oh all the fun I would have! Love all of these new cricut products!

  182. Teresa Rawnick says:

    Wow! What an awesome prize. Just about everyone else on the planet I’d love to win. My daughter’s have both grown up and moved away. I’d love to be able to make them Christmas present with all the new vinyl in either of those prize packs. They are all absolutely gorgeous. If I don’t win I’ll just have to buy it myself. Gorgeous. <3

  183. Christle Kaina says:

    Love the colors and types of vinyl. I would like to create designs with your printed vinyl and adhere them to drinking cups for Christmas this year. I think those would be lovely gifts!

  184. MtGlitterQueen says:

    If I won the bundle of vinyl stuff…I would begin to use it by decorating my many frames Ive got with pictures. I would decorate mugs and towels (with the iron on). Ive actually never used vinyl or iron on! It would be a great beginning to trying something new!! Oh and Congrats to the lucky winner of the Maker!

  185. Kim Davis says:

    I would love to win the pens. I only have one but already have lots of vinyl and a little iron on. I can’t afford to buy for myself right now as I told my daughter I would buy my daughter the maker for her birthday on July 10th since this is the first time she has ever expressed interest in crafting with this machine and I have owned a machine since she was 10 and she will be 26 on her birthday.

  186. Judy handziak says:

    Would love to win. The pens are really cool. I have never cut fabric or vinyl but would love to.

  187. Bonnie Smith says:

    Oh my gosh, such pretty vinyl! I could make such cute pillows, wall hangings, framed art, cute additions to my clothes, add to my plain vases, canisters, frames, glasses. Sky’s the limit!!!

  188. Sheri Rodgers says:

    I plan to design a t-shirt to wear when I report back to teaching in August! I love EVERYTHING Anna Griffin!!!

  189. marybeth hayman says:

    Many thanks for the opportunity to win. If I won, I would like the Iron-on vinyl with the 3 pen set. I’m starting to love love love using HTV. Winning would help add to my choice of colors & designs. I use a lot of pens in my card making. The new gel pens are absolutely wonderful. They make my cards sparkle!!

  190. Martha E Casey says:

    Love ll all, It is hard to choose which I love the best. It would be nice to have it all. THANKS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN…See you in July at HSN

  191. Cheryl Locke says:

    Awesome iron on and vinyl I am so excited. I started thinking what I could make fore the ladies when we go on our cruise in January,

  192. Nancy Bell says:

    Hi Anna!! Would love to have the vinyl set and the beautiful pens. I LOVE glitter!! Can’t wait for 7/11
    Thank you!!

  193. Casey W. says:

    Love the printed vinyl! Could see the regular under glass for coasters or the iron on as all orpart of placemats. Why not both (if I am being very indulgent)?

  194. Donna Pollard says:

    Love all the vinyl, especially the printed designs. What fun I could have with them!!

  195. Karen Fabian says:

    I have not yet been able to fit a Cricut Explore or Maker into my budget however I love my Cuttlebug. I would love to make cell phone decals for all my friends and family for Christmas. I would also love to make T-Shirts, Onesies and bibs for the kids. For now I would draw with the pens – what pretty colors.

  196. Charlotte Sher-rod says:

    A set of these vinyl prints and the the new pens would allow me to make great gifts for my friends and family. I’m hoping to get new tools in July.

  197. Marlene Iacuzzi says:


  198. Jeannie Greer says:

    It’s so nice that you’re doing a giveaway with all kind of ideas to use the products. They are beautiful. If I’m lucky enough to be picked I would use the vinyl, trying to get better making things for myself and others. Good luck to all the people who enter.

  199. Daphne Burt says:

    Love all the vinyls. Would live to try the iron ons. Would be great for personalizing tee shirts

  200. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna! Wow! First off – CONGRATULATIONS KAREN HERBINKO! Enjoy your Cricut Maker! Woo hoo!
    I would absolutely love the vinyl. I saw it on the Cricut Site. And the Charlotte, matches my decor. I can use the vinyl for some of my signs. I would like to make son’s each a personalized gift. I would make a utensil holder that says – Chef Gregg. And Doug is branding himself for his acting, I would love to be able to gift him with matching items. I am still planning gifts for my grand nephews. So my 1st vinyl projects would be for those 4 guys! This is so FUN, oh gosh thank you for such inspiration! Oh & the phone case – that’s awesome! I just paid for a simple one for my phone! Wow, I could have some classy Anna designs on my phone!

  201. Nickole Andra says:

    I would love the vinyl!! I have used them for Christmas gifts and put them on jars, I would love to make some of those journals! And some house signs!! I love those pens that were clear, what beautiful colors! Crossing fingers! I have commented on every post forever so really hoping on this one so I can get other items on my wish list July 11th!

  202. Jenn Distelhurst says:

    I haven’t tried the Gel pens! I would love to win either set and start making cards with beautiful colored sentiments instead of plain black. That way my birthday cards don’t look like they belong at a funeral.

  203. Barbara Troxell says:

    Hi Anna I love using the cricut vinyl. I have used on my mail box , windows, planters. I have not used the iron on yet but we have twins and I am excited to make onsies for them . I am so excited for the 11th of July.

  204. Nikki T. says:

    Your new, floral vinyl looks GORGEOUS! I will use it to make the beautiful clock that is displayed on your blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

  205. Beatrice says:

    Congratulations Karen on winning the Rose Cricut Maker!!!

    I would love to win either set!! I haven’t worked with either yet!! I think the glitter vinyl set colors are beautiful. I also would love to have the pens and then buy the rest of the pen set!!

    HAPPY 4th of JULY to all!!!

  206. Sheri Lesh says:

    I love doing iron on projects and have done several shirts and also several bags. Also decorated my KitchenAid mixer too. Too much fun!

  207. Susan M. says:

    Such beautiful colors and patterns——-would love to win these items and go from there. The vinyl could be used to decorate everything!!

  208. Sandra Lee says:

    Dear Anna
    I just unearthed some purple T shirts I bought years ago. I plan to use my cricut to make matching shirts for the who!e family when we are all together in the fall.
    I wou!d love to play with writing on cards with the pens, I really don’t like my handwriting and thought those would be handy. I have my youngest granddaughter for the summer, we sit and cut out “pretty. things” with your dies so she can make cards for Pop Pop, who is recovering from an accident.His nurses love seeing her handy work.

  209. Penny Mourer says:

    The Iron On vinyl would be awesome to win. I am trying to do more projects with the iron on, but the regular vinyl would be good to use as well. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win.

  210. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna!

    Wow! What a great birthday gift this could be. If I win, I would give all of this to my daughter for her birthday. She has the Cricut and would be thrilled. Especially since she knows I couldn’t get all of this at once. Wish I could I could surprise her that way. Thanks for the chance Ms. Anna. Love you bunches! Have a blessed day xox, Shari S.

  211. Mary Cash says:

    What would I make, the list is endless and to think it’s all Anna…I love the printed vinyl…gorgeous

  212. Coelle Baskel says:

    Would love to win the iron-on bundle with the pen set….I have 5 granddaughters that I could make shirts for with the ‘iron-on’. I have the 1st Explore machine and would love someday to get the Maker.

  213. Linda Harris says:

    I can;t wait to try the new iron-on vinyl to make shirts for the grandkids and decor for their room.

  214. tinker says:

    i don’t see my post, so i’m reposting. i’d like to win the vinyl & pen set bundle, so i’m no longer just looking at vinyl, but using it!

  215. Stefanie Batdorff says:

    I would love the pen sets! I love to use different colors for scrapbooking & my kids’ projects.

  216. Konni Andis says:

    I love this great cricut bundle! Looks like vinyl is getting some great updates! Could use a fun craft day!

  217. tinker says:

    i’d like to win the vinyl bundle & pen set. i haven’t purchased any vinyl yet, but keep looking at it. if i won this bundle, i wouldn’t just be looking any longer! i’d be using the vinyl & pens.

  218. Erin Piehl says:

    The Anna Griffin Patterned Vinyl is to die (cut) for! If I won, I would use it to cover storage boxes for my Anna Crafting supplies!

  219. Delores Brinker says:

    WOW I love all the great things Cricut has come up with, it has me using my Cricut much more. Glad to see you are demonstrating some of the things on HSN Thank for the opportunity to be placed in the drawing

  220. Karen Asselin says:

    those patterened vinyls and iron-ons are fabulous- I”m thinking gresat uses in quilting and home decor. Would love to win!

  221. Molly Downing says:

    First, congrats to the winner of that gorgeous machine! How exciting. Can’t wait to get my hands on those print and glitter vinyls! Hoping to make some t shirts and decor to match an upcoming crop I a planning for early fall. The ladies will all love it! Thank you to Anna, your team and all the people at Cricut and HSN for bringing us these wonderful products.
    Hugs, Molly D

  222. Nancy Fleming says:

    The pens would be great to make personalized cards using great fonts that are available. The vinyl would be wonderful addidng initials on journal covers etc.

  223. JOYCE QUINN says:

    Are you kidding?! Beauty in a bundle. My imagination is running wild. The vinyl would by wonderful to update my kitchen and craft room and the iron on products would allow my to create amazing gifts for my friends. I am excited about the Anna patterns. Thank you and Cricut for the tools to create!

  224. Denise says:

    Even though I use both vinyl and pens, I think the pens would be my choice. I have made so many invitations and thank you notes and use the Cricut to write out eventing Wonderful tool!

  225. Marcia Getty says:

    Wow patterned Anna vinyl! All the supplies look fantastic! Customized cellphone wraps would be great, one to match what I’m wearing each day!

  226. Karen L. says:

    I’m in love with it all, but especially the vinyl for home decor items and the beautiful pens for card making. I can’t wait for July 11th!

  227. Carol Jones says:

    It’s all so pretty! I don’t know which one I would want because I’ve never worked with either. I can’t afford a newer machine, I only have an Expression. Would these materials work with it?

  228. Kim Bush says:

    Oh my gosh, I would love the iron on material bundle! I have owed cricut machines for ten years and this week was the first time I have EVER cut iron on material and now I am hooked!

  229. Wendy Woelk says:

    The possibilities are endless but I’m a huge scrapbooker. I would experiment with my scrapbook pages. I would love the opportunity to play if I won all this.

  230. Roberta M Lollis says:

    I love everything you make one day I would love to buy a Cricut hopefully by the end of the year God bless you

  231. Leaf says:

    It all looks pretty terrific. If i only had a machine….I would love to do monograms
    And all.

  232. Nicole Kester says:

    I would love to win the iron on bundle as I am constantly making shirts and personalizing gifts for my kids and their friends. The pens would be fantastic to add my Cricut pen collection.

  233. Angela Matias says:

    Cricut has such amazing product, I want it all but would choose the iron-on bundle and pen set.

  234. Arlene B says:

    Would love to win the iron on vinyl. I would use it to decorate some T-shirts. If I won the vinyl I would decorate my coffee mug.

  235. Nancy Brant says:

    I want to use the print vinyl on cute baby tee shirts and for a birthday banner for a birthday ! Love the new vinyl!

  236. Judy Beauchamp says:

    I would love to make gifts for friends and family with the Francesca and Charlotte iron on bundles…Beautiful!!

  237. Margaret Tresca says:

    I just bought a few t-shirts at the craft store so i could make something for them with my cricut iron-on, but got home and realized i didn’t have any. I love all the colors!

  238. Carla Haase says:

    Well, I want both of the sets but the vinyl and pens would make me the happiest. Want to make some floral clocks and other home decor that will be great Christmas gifts. What wonderful vinyl and iron on sets to make our Cricuts even more great. Can’t wait for July 11th.

  239. Chris says:

    This prize would be so fun to expand the joy of using my Cricut …would love those fantastic Cricut treats!

  240. Rose Marie says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would use the premium vinyl and iron on to make luggage tags for an upcoming trip to New York City!!

  241. Tracy Y. Sperling says:

    ***!! Love Love Them All. I’m New To The Cricut World. Would Make Beautiful T-shirts And Gifts For My Family, Friends And My Patients. Thanks Anna!!! See You On July 11.

  242. Kim Haygood says:

    I love the new rose Cricut Maker and the beautiful new pen sets! What gorgeous colors!

  243. Stephanie T says:

    Love the vinyl PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS for me. Glitter or sparkle anything for my 7 year old Granddaughter. Iron on & pens too, oh my! She is so special because her parents named her after me!!

  244. Terry Lubinski says:

    I don’t know how anyone can pick and choose from all the offerings on July 11! So many wonderful things. Since I don’t own a Cricut, I will be focusing on cards, paper, and dies. Ahhhh, anticipation!!! A tape-the-eyelids and caffeine infusion kind of day!

  245. Cathy Anthony says:

    I would love to win this iron on I only have experimented with it once or twice but it came out beautifully I made gym bags for my nieces and granddaughters it would be great to be able to make them some back-to-school backpacks with iron on elements and some creative clipboards for the teachers that I work with so I would love to win so I can get busy and have lots of back to school gifts

  246. Michelle says:

    I love everything but if I had to choose a bundle it would be the iron on bundle! I just love everything Anna and Cricut! I always get compliments on my cards and projects!

  247. Myrtle Johnson says:

    Congratulations Karen!

    The Anna Griffin printed vinyls and iron-ons look great! I would use the pens first. No more adapters to get fine lines!

  248. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, It’s Debbie Dunn again, Love all the beautiful Vinyl, the Patterned Vinyl is so pretty, so unexpected, the marker are so cool , love all the color choices. Good Luck to everyone!!
    Thank You Anna, Your the Best !!
    Fondly, Debbie Dunn

  249. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    I am having a hard time responding to your e-mails. Did not understand the format. See you on the 11th. I love easel cards. They are great for display See you on the 11th.

  250. Misty Valestin says:

    My aunt and I make vinyl cutouts for the bases we put paper flowers in. It helps dress it up a little and the iron ons we use to make aprons. I also am trying to learn how to make SVG files so I can a Cricut Cutie to iron in Aprons just for the two of us. We live 9 hours apart and this is one way we stay in contact and visit each other frequently.
    Thank you Anna for all you do for the world of crafting and us fellow crafters. Looking forward to getting my knife blade next week.

  251. Renee Ledbetter says:

    I LOVE the new Vinyl!! I purchased the white yesterday and instantly fell in love with everything about it! I make T-shirts so Iron-On is something I needs lots of. Of course, all the Vinyl’s are great with all the great crafting possibilities. I need to get the new Maker and plenty of Vinyl to decorate it. So excited! Happy Crafting!!

  252. Stormy Miller says:

    These products make changing cell phone covers so convenient. Is there anything you haven’t thought of?

  253. Connie Troyer says:

    Congratulations to Karen! I just unpacked my new Flamingo Pearl Cricut 2 from the baby big Personal, so I’d be interested in the vinyl/pen set bundle. I think I’ll learn iron-on after I conquer cutting vinyl. Lol! Thanks for the chance to win. Amazing products as always!

  254. Brenda Owen says:

    My youngest son just got married yesterday and it would be so wonderful to be able to something for them with the new pen colors and those exquisite new floral types of vinyl. We will also be getting to add another granddaughter to our family in October and her little sister cannot wait either. It would be such a treat to be able to do things for the new girls and our other granddaughter too, but they would love to be right alongside me helping out with it all.

  255. Janelle Rogers says:

    Iron on bundle would be great. I really want to make some shirts for high school football games

  256. Sandra Chiesa says:

    I love the idea of a variety of color markers.
    Easier to write messages on the cards.

  257. Joan Hargis says:

    I love the iron on bundle and will make baby gifts and +hristmas presents with all the beautiful colors.

  258. Reging Katz says:

    These products all look so fabulous, how can a girl possibly choose which is best to have and why? I am so excited for all the stuff so far and the projects that will follow with the purchases that will be made. Winning anything at this point is a plus as it is one less thing to have to purchase on the 11th.

  259. Laura says:

    I’d love to try the vinyl products. The patterns are to die for! So beautiful. Congrats to Karen. What an awesome win!

  260. DeAnn Runge says:

    Oh what fun! You’ve got my wheels spinning for sure. I might have to test out the vinyl with a few custom cell phone covers, then maybe attempt that wall decor I’ve been itching to do.

  261. Leslie Ramsey says:

    CONGRATS Karen many days of Happy Crafting are ahead for you. Such lovely 4th of July items. My baby sister was born on 4th of July. Mom always called her My Firecracker. And this year she turns the year she was born.

    Happy 4TH of July and Happy Crafting!!!

  262. Jessica Yarbrough says:

    I have so many uses for the vinyl and iron on. I want to use my Cricut to make some custom t-shirts for an upcoming Disney World vacation.

  263. Sandra Garland says:

    Glitter is my favorite color! Wheee! (Haha!)…no but seriously, glitter is my favorite color. I would make Halloween t-shirts with the dark vinyls for the three ladies I work with. They are going to say “Don’t make me get my flying monkeys!” I think we will look cute with those tees. Plus maybe, our boss will leave us alone for a day 🙂

  264. Debbie Jo says:

    It was so hard to decide which bundle I would like best! Decided on the Vinyl Bundle because I won’t need to by anything to put it on.

  265. Elane Holloway says:

    Can never have enough supplies to use when making home decor great new colors loving all of it…

  266. Hettie Hogan says:

    I would use the Cricut vinyl to make all sorts of special items for my college bound granddaughter. She loves T-shirts and customized items. I could also use the pens to write affirmations and words of encouragement to decorate her dorm room.

  267. Genia Winchell says:

    I would love to win the iron on packet. The Francesca and Charlotte design would make any basic t-shirt look chick and glamorous.

  268. MaryBeth McClish says:

    I love to do iron on and vinyl projects that my mind is coming up with so many ideas for gifts and grand Babies!

  269. Laura Barnard says:

    I was just at the craft store and saw all of your new vinyls, but was unable to buy them today. Now I have a chance to win them and a pen set….thanks so much!

  270. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I am having my first great Grandson in August. I would love to make him some personalized onesies.

  271. Joni Arcocha says:

    Congrats Karen H!!!! Love the vinyl!!!! My only daughter is getting married next Summer and so pretty soon, we’ll begin making the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts and that is totally what I would use these consumables for!!! And we would play around with different cute ideas for table decorations too! 🙂

  272. Lucy Armitage says:

    I’m most excited about the vinyl bundle. Projects I’m thinking of right now are phone case embellishments, Colorful numbers & monograms for my mailbox, hand mirrors, kitchen tools etc. I know once I get started there will be an endless list of projects I could make. Thanks again for another opportunity!

  273. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I would love to have the iron-on bundle so that I could make gifts for my children, hopefully grandchildren soon, sisters, nieces and friends for their birthdays and holidays. I would also be happy if I won the vinyl package because I could make some beautiful home decor for myself and for gifts. So as you can see I’ll be happy with either won. Can’t wait for the blade set!

  274. Chris H says:

    Your patterns in Iron on. Fantastic. How pretty to make monograms, decorate bags, and to gifts for loved ones and teachers.

  275. Betsey Terry says:

    Love those floral patterns. I would love to win the iron on bundle though, that is where i rarely venture into my tried and true colors and would love to venture further.

    Have a great weekend!

  276. Monica Hernandez says:

    I would make so many T-shirt’s for my whole family. I’m in love with these bundles!

  277. Peachy W says:

    Lots of great goodies, how exciting! Love the new pen sets to add pretty colors for writing sentiments and personalized notes to our craft projects! Would love to win these new items!

  278. Rinda K. says:

    Love everything Cricut and everything Anna Griffin! Either bundle will be fine with me…I just want to make pretty personalized things with them (especially the Anna Griffin prints) .

  279. Theresa Simmons says:

    Looking forward to personalizing my daughters school supplies for next school year!

  280. Misty Julian says:

    Boy oh boy would I love to win these AMAZING Cricut products. I would use them for my step daughters up comming wedding. There are so many awesome things I could create.

  281. R-J ZACZYK says:

    I would love to win a Cricut bundle and love the lavenders and blues, not so much the pinks. Thanks for giving me this chance!

  282. Pat pocchio says:

    My daughter and grandson and grandma of course are taking our first cruise in oct we are doing a swap with 10 other cabinets and I have been making all things with vinyl cups frames dry eraser boards for kids koosies for men keychains for ladies and of course our tee shirts wow

  283. April says:

    Can’t wait to get the bundles but of course I would love to win one. I have a baby shower and birthdays coming. The florals would be beautiful to customize items for the baby shower!!! So excited!

  284. Cheryl Riker says:

    Congratulations Karen on you winning the New Cricut. I have never cut any vinyl on my cricut but would love to win and have the opportunity to try them

  285. Celia says:

    I love the floral patterns on the premium vinyl and iron-on! How exciting! And those pen colors are so yummy! Looking forward to seeing you on July 11th. Are you going to get any sleep?

  286. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love the premium iron-on and vinyl. I would use them to make things for my children and grandchildren. I usually make tee shirts but would like to make home decor items as well. See you on July 11th!

  287. Doris Minear says:

    I love the colors and patterns of the new vinyl, would love to see paper to match, the pens are great new addition, can’t wait to see you on HSN and get my orders in.

  288. April Catalogna says:

    Mom and I are taking a girls weekend to Mackinaw Island… Would love to make up fun T-shirts for our trip…..

  289. Doug G. says:

    Loving the Extra Fine Pen choices and the Glitter & printed Vinyl Rolls for the Cricuts!! So amazing to expand the Cricut’s uses !!!

  290. Laura Payne says:

    ***! How beautiful they are! I love iron-on because I can make myself and my grands cute T-shirt’s to wear! But then regular vinyl is great, too! I love decorating my cups, bags, scrapbook totes, and on and on! I think I’d have to choose the iron-on, but would love either and put it to good use!!

  291. Ana Galvan says:

    Some many choices to make.
    Anna I all this packages are amazing we need all of them.
    Would love to win the vinels.


  292. Sharon Jones says:

    I want the iron on vinyl to use with the easy press on t-shirts. I love the new Anna printed vinyls-they look beautiful!

  293. Carrie says:

    I love my Cricut Maker! I can always make something awesome. You can never have enough supplies. Since they are consumable I seem to always be running out.

  294. Melissa Grass says:

    How can I possible choose between the bundles? Ok…I choose the vinyl bundle…..no, wait…..the iron on bundle….nope, nope, nope….the vinyl bundle. LOL! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head for these bundles such as grad gifts when I take a shadow box frame, add decorative paper to the background and add a quote to the glass using vinyl. Then, add money (or whatever you want) inside the frame. So cute!

  295. Angelina McMillian says:

    Oh my goodess! Love love the printed vinyl and printed iron on! I would love to make some decor for my grandaughters room and some onsies! She is due to arrive around Aug 11th. Im beyond excited!

  296. Angela Harrison says:

    I love all the vinyl, but I’m also digging the pens. I would use this bundle to make killer decor for my niece’s baby shower!

  297. Lois D. says:

    I sure would enjoy that vinyl. There are so many things to monogram and decorate. The colors are gorgeous. That silver and purple pack is my favorite.

  298. Lana Murphy says:

    Love all the vinyl and pens and other goodies to use with the Cricut! So many wonderful things I could make with them. It would be such a thrill to win these goodies!

  299. Mary Esser says:

    Anna, I think the first thing I want to make with the printed vinyl is a flower to put on my clear phone case, actually like you did. Love it. That will be my first project.

  300. Marcia Long says:

    Love all the accessories! Want to try my hand at monagraming various items. And give making in home decorations a go. One day I’ll upgrade to the Cricut Maker, but for now keep learning with my Cricut Air. Love all the beautiful products you create Anna!

  301. Shelli Decker says:

    I love using the markers bc my handwriting is terrible! So many things to write! And lots of home decor to make

  302. Barbara C Daily says:

    Anna, the new Maker and all the things you are creating to go with it are amazing. I love all of your things and this is no exception. I am having to come up with some pretty creative ways to bring in my purchases in the house and not have the hubby notice! Keep creating!!

  303. Lydia L Riley says:

    I’ve always wanted to try vinyl projects. If I win, i can do just that!!!! Wow!!! Fun,

  304. Debra Clark says:

    I would love to have the Vinyl Bundle and pens. I would make something for my grandchild. Thank you so much for a chance to win this. Your products are always amazing,

  305. Maria says:

    I am so excited about all the items that are going to be on HSN July 11th. I have not used iron on or vinyl yet I cannot wait, we are doing are kitchen over and I am planning on decorating. I’m so excited I cannot wait.

  306. Grama Pei says:

    Its going to be a Cricut Commotion on the 11th! My goodness, all those pens! 🙂 Congratulations to Karen Herbinko! I will bet you are dancing on air! SO FUN! I need to make accessories for my car. SO, I am thinking iron-on over chipboard for an extra little visor, visor-pocket, and foam-lined armrest-covers for more comfort and cuteness. Anna Griffin-style! LOVE those printed designs!

  307. Karen says:

    I’m excited to begin using my Circut- new to it. I plan to update a bulletin board for my office then things for my granddaughter

  308. Val Pass says:

    With all these wonderful cricut items I will have to update to the newer cricut. Thanks for the chance to win.

  309. Linda DeVries says:

    Love the pens. This is the 3rd or 4th time that I did not receive the blog email in my inbox. Maybe I am not clicking on enough boxes below now. The fan mail Friday is great as always. So many creative Griffinites! This time I also clicked on all of the boxes below except the last one. Usually I do not click on the last 2 boxes after “Post Comment.”

  310. Joyce Dunson says:

    I love all the vinyls, but especially the Francesca printed ones. I want to use them in decor, and fashion applications. I don’t think enough attention has been given to women’s fashion, and would like to explore all the possibilities. I am a seamstress also, so this would be a welcome package.

  311. Mandy says:

    Love all the Cricut supplies! I have baby gifts to make and would love new vinyl patterns for onesies, bibs etc!!! See you in July on the TV!

  312. Jo Royse says:

    What wonderful colors in both sets. With the iron on set I can see myself decorating t shirts with my 16 year old granddaughter. With the vinyl set I would work with my daughter. I will be 80 in July, what a great birthday gift either set would be. Thank you Anna for all your great products. I can not wait for July 11.

  313. Caroline Knauth says:

    Love, love the iron on AG prints for making tote bags for dear friends. I just started with the pens, so I am also looking forward to the assortments. This day will be amazing!!

  314. Beverly Limbach says:

    Congratulations to the big winner today! I am so envious but am also very happy for her. Will my Cricut Explore cut vinyl and iron-on materials? I think so and would love to win them to make t-shirts, placemats, room decorations, pillows for my newly decorated bedroom and so much more. Keep all the ideas coming, Anna. You are my therapy and keep each day one to look forward to.

  315. June L Palasek says:

    Anna I would love to earn to win the pens. I use the pens quite often on tags & cards. I’m always refilling the pens of one color or another. Thanks for the offer to win & cannot WAIT for the 11th of JULY.

  316. Becky Buck says:

    Hello Anna, either bundle would be wonderful. The endless ideas are all streaming through my head.

  317. Marguerite Peaden says:

    I’ve been wanting to do some gifts with the vinyls and iron ons and with all the colors and textures, I think maybe the time has arrived. Nice assortments.

  318. Joy S says:

    What great Cricut products! I would love to win and use the vinyl for various projects like computer storage bags , makeup bags, plaques, etc. I could think of endless uses. Hopefully these products will help make a dent in my Christmas list.

  319. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    These are both great bundles, but I especially like the vinyl one with its terrific colors and beautiful patterns . I have never used patterned vinyl and would love to try it with home decor projects.

  320. Brenda L says:

    I plan to use the premium vinyl on some plaques about my family that I will donate to our reunion auction so we will have money for next year’s gathering.

  321. Diane C Serafin says:

    Wow! So many materials for so many uses! If I bought the new machine, I would probably like anything to be applied to bass wood. Since I could cut out something so thick, I can decorate or cover those chipwood and wooden surfaces. Come to think of it, I could decorate wood and slate pieces!
    Congrats to the winner! What a terrific way to jump into summer crafting!

  322. Annie Styles says:

    The vinyl works great for my projects at work. Can’t wait to see the Anna Griffin collection.

  323. Mary Kaye Jenrich says:

    Oh Anna! What a wonderful giveaway. Should I win, I intend to put these materials toward Christmas gifts. I will probably use the floral as embellishments on a very special card. Yes, a card. I may even make something for myself.

  324. Rebecca Wheat says:

    I’d love the iron on bundle because I love making personalized and matching shirts for my girls and with another girl on the way I can make cute onesies!!

  325. Michael Rutledge says:

    I love consumables! I’d prefer the vinyl package as I don’t tend to use iron-on much.

    Great stuff!

  326. Deborah F Brown says:

    I make gifts for or annual senior resource center funraiser every year.for the last 3 year I’ve made many cards from your card kits.everyone can’t wait every year for the cards.this year I’ll be able to make phone covers,book covers, fancy box covers ,covers for glass candle,I have so many ideas and I’ll make more cards.

  327. Nydia says:

    Hi Anna!!!! Monograms!!! Yes!!!! Would love to try my hand at monogramming so many items with this amazing Cricut Maker! Your vinyls are so pretty who can resist. Would love to win!!!! Impatiently waiting for July 11th!!!!!

  328. Vicki Fellenger says:

    I would love to make some wall art. So many times I have seen something I like that only comes in certain sizes or is too pricey or the colors aren’t right. With your vinyl, the possibilities are endless. But then again all of your products are amazing.

  329. Martha Ward says:

    I will using the vinyl on boards along with my Chalk Couture pastes. So pretty! So pick me and I will show you my creations.
    Thank you…..

  330. Linda says:

    What a dream come true. Each year it get better and better. I am able to make super gifts every time. Aloha for all your products
    Cricut maker is the dream machine.

  331. Linda says:

    What a dream come true. Each year it get better and better. I am able to make super gifts every time. Aloha for all your products

  332. Cyndi Peterson says:

    I have only dipped my toe into vinyl crafting. Maybe if I had these beautiful tools I would dive in and have a new craft to obsess on!

  333. Shelly Green says:

    I love all the different colors they would look so cute for my grandaughter Aria’s shirts and room. She loves sparkle! Thanks Anna !

  334. Darleen Maahs says:

    Hi Anna,
    With that large assortment I would love to make some bibs for my new Great Grandson, Jeremiah. I’m thinking I would Monogram his bottles and maybe even his diaper bag,,gosh,,there is so much one could use all those colors on!

  335. Deanna Lauderdale says:

    I would love to win either of these bundles! I would make so many beautiful things!

  336. Glenda Dufour says:

    I would love to win one of these bundles. I’m new to cricut so I don’t many vinyls. I’m excited about this craft day!

  337. Glenda Dufour says:

    I love the bundles! I’m new to cricut and I would love to win a bundle. I need to start getting a stash of materials.

  338. Barbara Carlson says:

    First I would make the clip board idea for my 15 year old granddaughter and then one for me too! Then the sky is the limit! I’m hopeful!

  339. MarciaH says:

    Can’t wait to use these to make embellishments for matching aprons, tote bags, and notepads for in the kitchen.

  340. Catherine Carroll says:

    I can’t even express my joy whenever I see your blog. I’ll take any of your offerings. I would love the cricut maker. As a paper crafter and quilter, this machine is a dream come true.

    Also, a suggestion – on your beautiful paper craft supplies- could you print the label on the spine as well. When I try to keep them organized in book fashion I have to mark with a sharpie-not so pretty thanks for listening

  341. maria hermano says:

    cricut plus anna griffin is a perfect match!! endless possibilities of creations and end result will be perfect! thank u anna and than u cricut!!

  342. maria hermano says:

    oh my those vinyls are all complete and perfect for an anna griffin project or any project that i have in mind.. and those cricut pens too will be very helpful.. i just wish i can won at least any of these.. thanks again anna

  343. Tami J says:

    Oh my word so many possibilities with both bundles. With the vinyl I would make gifts for my Church family and others, as well as my grandchildren. Like right now I am creating Birthday Party Decorations for my Grandsons Birthday. Then with the Iron-on, Wow so much can be done using my Easypress. I would be happy to just win anything that includes Anna Griffin.

  344. Sherry Sain says:

    Wow! What an exciting package! My youngest just graduated and my sweet grandsons are off on summer vacation, so I’m so excited to dig in to all I’ve been waiting to do! With this bundle I’d make an adorable outfit with the iron on for my great niece with adorned canvas shoes to match! My daughter just got her dream job at a Summer bible camp and she’ll get a clipboard, my other daughter needs her desk area decorated…so many possibilities! My oldest daughter would get a canvas sign or two for her appartment and hopefully I’ll have enough left over to decorate some bags for organizing my purse! Maybe then instead of frowning at my black hole i will smiling at my beautiful designs as I easily find what I need!!! Thanks for the opportunity and all the visions you bring to life!

  345. Sue Moss says:

    I love everything but especially the pens. I make my own greeting cards and it’s nice to have such a huge assortment of colors and tip sizes for the message inside the card. Thanks much!!

  346. Minnie Reid says:

    Oh how nice. I could use those materials lots of ways; especially to personalize all kinds of gifts.

  347. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Happy Friday everyone! I have an idea I am anxious to try. I’m wondering if it will work to cricut some of the gorgeous vinyl (I would use the Charlotte pattern) and use it to zsoosh up my ancient stand mixer. I’m excited at the very idea- cant imagine if I won;)

  348. Heidi says:

    I love the iron on patterns. I actually did tind some of your vinyl at a store and had no clue what to do with it. I bought it (of course) and will be making 3D wall art on canvas with a few of the patterns. It is a very generous amount too that are in these tubes. I have not done iron on very much as this is rather a new method for me. Willing to learn and create beautiful T-shirt’s with Anna clothing line ☺️

  349. Donna Marie De Graw says:

    Oh you want to know what I would do with my Cricut. I would try to make everything you have made. I would go to all all you Cricut YouTube videos and watch them and start making things. But for now I can’t do that. I don’t have a Cricut. Thanks anyhow.

  350. Maria Iannone says:

    Love your patterned vinyl! And the glitter gel pens are cool. I have 10 nieces and nephews to make things for: phone cases, notebooks, T-shirts, makeup cases, backpacks, canvases…….plus maybe some pretty home decor for me!

  351. Kathy Franklin says:

    I’d love to win the HTV to make T-shirt for granddaughters bridesmade shits.. thanks for all the great giveaways!!

  352. Marie Fix says:

    I love your patterns in the vinyl and iron on! How inspiring to have such beautiful patters to use. I would love to make some kind of iron on banner pieces! I was taken aback by that! Thanks for always inspiring us!

  353. Alice Wright says:

    I love all the Cricut products that were previewed today. I think I like the iron on as there are so many things to make, but the vinyl is so fun as well. I can see my credit card taking another big hit on the 11th.

  354. Antoinette says:

    Wow I can’t wait I am going to make phone cases for the ladies. I also am going to make iron ones for T-shirt’s with matching tote.

  355. Donna Marie DeGraw says:

    Yes congratulations to the winner of the Cricut Maker. I know I won’t win any of this next drawing. Good luck girls. I don’t have a Cricut so I know I won’t win, I don’t have anything to use anything on it.

    Good luck lady’s and gentlemen if you are on her list. Good luck and I’m out of here.

  356. Karen cadorette says:

    Anna I have been dying for this for so long.Santa even forgot me.It would be my Birthday wish to win.please make my dream come true.

  357. Teresa says:

    Anna these are just awesome I need the new cricut maker tho. I have the older ones and love them but my girlfriend has the maker and it’s amZing. This would be great to make party and holiday items. And wedding and bridal things. Thanks for all you do. See u one the 11th!

  358. Ruth Thomas says:

    I have several grand children and nieces to make gifts for Christmas. I will be able to customize each gift with their favorite team, favorite activity, or their favorite colors. T-shirts for the boys and pencil/make up bags for the girls. This type of crafting keep me on budget purchasing inexpensive items to personalize. The kids love them.

  359. Paula Byrd says:

    Both bundles are fabulous but I would enjoy the iron on most. Excited that I will be able to purchase the new pens and supplies. The cricut machine projects makes me look so smart. My friends think I am so creative. If they only knew. Thanks for making all these items available to us. Looking forward to July 11th.

  360. Jane Forrest says:

    Hi Anna, oh winning that bundle would be wonderful because I am just starting my vinyl journey. I am amazed by all the beautiful things that you can make. The pens are all the colors in a rainbow and will go so well with the Anna colors. I don’t have the Maker yet so maybe soon. Love the rose color. Can’t wait for July 11th.

  361. Beverly K Chester says:

    I love all things Anna and all things Cricut!! I make several T shirts for my 8 soon to be 9 grandkids, so I could really use the new Iron on, but I love the new gel pens and vinyl too!! Thank you so very much!!

  362. Marla henry says:

    Oh the bundles are great and I just love the printed ones. The florals are beautiful and I can think of several things I would like to try using them. I am new to this do it all looks so exciting!

  363. Katie Poole says:

    I am new to the Cricut and would love to receive either of your giveaways to get me started. I have a new grandbaby coming in December and have lots to do!! Thanks, Katie

  364. Patti Garcia says:

    I would make some t shirts with the iron on. I haven’t done any yet but would love doing them with your patterns

  365. Carla Vincel says:

    I am so excited about this iron on bundle!!! I have been looking “everywhere” for this! I am working on some craft fair items and these colors and prints would be wonderful! Anna, you’re always there when I need you!
    Thanks for all you do to make our crafting “cutting edge” and taking it to the next level! Love it!!!

  366. Donna Tidwell says:

    I would start with having a crafting party with my friends. It would be a crafting Christmas in July.

  367. Jodie says:

    I’d love to win the iron on bundle OR the vinyl bundle. I recently became the grandmother of identical twin girls and I feel the need to somehow be able to tell who’s who (I’m challenged enough with people who DON’T look alike). Little personalized identifiers would work perfectly in this case. My other five grandchildren can help with the projects, so it’s a win/win. Have a great Fourth of July, Anna, and thanks for your creativity.

  368. Jennifer Prouse says:

    Oh my oh my, the printed vinyls are incredible! Everyone on my gifting list will be getting beautiful monogrammed style!
    July 11th cannot get her quick enough!

  369. Dixie Hedges says:

    Love the iron-on for the versatility of products I can put it on….works great on canvas signs!

  370. Mary Helen Harris says:

    I’d love the iron on collection! It all looks fabulous! Loved all the Friday mail!
    Have a happy fourth!

  371. Sharon Kerr says:

    I’d llove to win any or all of these wonderful gifts I can’t even imagine address by these goodies to my collection. The possibilities are endless!

  372. Donna Caro says:

    I need that light pad!!!! I cut small intricate words and images and sometimes I have a really hard time weeding them. That product alone would be an awesome prize to win. The vinyl and all the pens,not to mention all the wonderful tools are just icing on the cake.

  373. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Fabulous assortment of pens and vinyls..❤❤❤
    Congratulations to Karen..enjoy your Maker!!

  374. Linda O'Connor says:

    HI Anna-
    These new iron on and Premium Vinyl assortments are beautiful!! I would like to make some new pillows for my living room with the iron on and some graduation gifts with the vinyl.
    I am going to record the entire 24 hrs on 7/11 so I can watch over and over again!!

  375. Susan Lindsay says:

    I’d love to win the Iron On set! I haven’t worked iron ons before and would love to give it a try!

  376. Joee Balestrieri says:



  377. Kim Jones says:

    Can’t wait!!!! My daughter bought my Air 2 (the Anna Griffin gold) in November for my Christmas present. Live it. Learning new things everyday. Would love to win. I would make gifts for family and Vacation Bible School is coming soon. Thank you Anna for sharing your creativity. I also have your mini Minc!!!

  378. Cindy says:

    Both bundles are awesome! I am excited for craft day. My choice would be the HTV set. I have wanted to try printed iron on and the Anna Griffin patterns are the most beautiful I have seen!

  379. Melissa Dixon says:

    oh my gosh sooo beautiful what a wonderful prize!! what wouldn’t I make?? GIFTS GIFTS AND MORE GIFTS!! and GASP maybe something for ME??!!! I love it all oh please pick me!!! Good luck everyone just looking at it all gets my beautiful in the making creative juices flowing!!!

  380. Irene Pal says:

    So; my use of the iron on is my 4 Grandkids belongings for fun. From age 4-14. Many Birthdays, party going and school events!
    Hope to have the real participation of the design and creation of the Children’s
    Fun with results!

  381. Joanne says:

    I would love to win a bundle. I want to try to make some things for my daughters business like t-shirts and coffe mugs.

  382. Gerry Wolfe says:

    ‘ll make Monograms for bags, designs for tshirts, baby bibs, etc. Love all the new printed vinyl. It will look beautiful on the bags and shirts.

  383. Beth h Novak says:

    The maker would be nice to have. I have the original cricut 12inch I would use my cricut more

  384. Melissa Schneder says:

    Oh my! I will be making shirts for my students so that we can create a micro economy.

  385. Nancy Hulsey says:

    How exciting! I love the bundles and just know I can make many lovely things for gifts and happy! Looks like lots of fun to be had creating, creating, creating! Love it all!

  386. Christina Rugg says:

    Love the vinyl colors and markers! I would decorate my containers in my kitchen, craftroom and even brighten up my cubicle at work, the possibilities are endless! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these beautiful products

  387. Carolyn says:

    I am so excited about the iron on vinyl! Something I have not tried yet and the pens are awesome too. I have been wanting to try my hand at iron on’s for T shirts and this set would be perfect since it has some new pattern vinyl. Can’t hardly wait for July 11th.

  388. Sabrina Sandoval says:

    Oh. Winning the vinyl bundle would be awesome. Just recently purchase the cricut press. Can’t wait to make cool prints on t shirts and hand bags.
    Ooh. I wonder can I put vinyl on the cover of my scrapbook album.. how cool would that be. Create your own scrapbook album cover with cool sayings and sentiments..
    The pens will be an added plus. For scrapbook pages and cards..

  389. Margie Brantley says:

    Love the printed vinyls- so pretty. Would so love to use to make gifts for my friends that are sick or recovering from something.

  390. deb calvin says:

    oh anna say what you can make so much the pens the vinyl i will lock myself in my room and escape the heat and help make things for the ministry who hoo i can only imagine if i won this

  391. Esther Cisneros says:

    Can’t wait for the 11th. Love the assortment of all the goodies that cricut is offering.

  392. Debbie McQuade says:

    I love the pattern iron-on. I would use them to add words to my makeup bags and luggage. That would make them so so easy to see when I go to get them at luggage pick up.

  393. Linda Kirchner says:

    The Anna Griffin printed vinyl and iron vinyl are just beautiful. I’d love to have they vinyl for decorating drinking tumblers and cell phone cases among other crafty projects. The iron on would be beautiful for pillow covers and clothing. I can’t choose between the two. I’m so looking forward to the 11th.

  394. Esther Cisneros says:

    The creativity is boundless with all these goodies. I can’t wait for the candy store to open July 11th.

  395. Rhonda Roumph says:

    My favorite would be the Rose cricut maker , I have the original cricut maker but would love to have it in rose . I can’t wait until July 11 th . Thank you , Rhonda

  396. Anne Cullinan says:

    What beautiful bundles! The possibilities are endless. Would love to work with the vinyl bundle to make some pretty gifts for Mom’s birthday, as well as mirror with vinyl phrase and shadow boxes for home decor and gifts. Excited to see the designer patterned vinyl and the new colored pens. Thanks for an opportunity to win a great prize package!

  397. Christine Garcia says:

    I would love to play with the beautiful Iron on vinyl. And the pen look like so much fun! I want to make “I Do Crew” tops for my daughter’s bridesmaids.

  398. Secily says:

    Oh I’m so so excited for your vinyl and iron on patterns my projects iwill become so beautiful with them we are haveing a cousins weekend in a few weeks for our children we tragically lost their cousin called this year in December before Christmas in a car accident I would love to use the floral patterns to make something wonderful for the girls they haven’t been together for many years are living in different places in the United States it will be a wonderful summer to see them and I do something for the boys to who knows

  399. LaVerne Mostek says:

    These iron ons are fantastic. My little granddaughter loves them
    Wow. She and I will be very excited to get them.

  400. Sandra Bowers says:

    I think with with the floral vinyal and the floral iron on will make beautiful.letters. I have a my cousins were in coming up. The sign with love written in the floral and their name in solid. Same for the tee shirts

  401. Karen Garcia says:

    I love your pattern vinyl and iron on. If I don’t win I will definitely e buying it! After seeing your samples I want to make a canvas and vinyl banner too!

  402. Shirley Anderson says:

    Looking forward to making some iron-ons for my granddaughter’s jeans and help her decorate items for the next school year. The tool system will help the Maker do some incredible cuttings of almsot any material. There is an amazing amount of supplemental materials in the vinyl bundles, pen sets and the beautiful iron-ons. The floral patterns are stunning I can hardly wait for craft day.

  403. Teresa says:

    I would love to win I would love to make canvas signs, t-shirts, puzzles so many things to make for my nieces and nephews

  404. Vicky Everett says:

    What an awesome set of vinyl & iron ons!! Can’t wait for the show on HSN.I’ll be watching for some new exciting things to buy. It just gets better & better.

  405. Sonya DAquila says:

    I just love my Cricut and just recently upgraded from the air 2 to a maker. I am so excited to expand my crafts. I just love how it makes my life in the classroom so much easier. These vinyls and pens would be a great addition to my growing collection.

  406. Mary Hanke says:


    Just like the American Pickers say: When in doubt BUNDLE!

    I would start monograming everything in sight with all of these options…for friends, neighbors, family…and yes me TOO!

  407. Dulcie says:

    Ooooo I love vinyl! I made my daughter a July 4th shirt with htv and I am hooked! I’ve used other types of vinyl, but htv was instant gratification.

  408. Mary F Murphy says:

    I am going to make prizes for a Bridge Tournament in October….I will have people trying so hard to win…..My cards and gift totes are well known in this area…thanks so much Anna

  409. Dee Schimmoller says:

    Congratulations Karen, I adore Cricut iron on and would love doing beautiful items for my granddaughter with this bundle

  410. Christa Ceniceros says:

    What a great assortment for a prize there’s a little bit of everything and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love it all the iron on, vinyl and the pens, I love how everything coordinates it soo pretty. I can’t wait to see all of these on air.

  411. Donna Jones says:

    Would love the pens set. Have had my cricut for a while. But have just discovered the beautiful things using the pens. Was afraid to try. Couldn’t believe how easy.

  412. Amy Crane says:

    Thanks for offering such incredible items as gifts!! You bless people over and over! They would be wonderful to have! July 11 will be a fun day! Eat your Wheaties!!
    Blessings, Amy

  413. Christine Hayden says:

    I’ve never done the iron on vinyl but I would love to win these and try different things. The first thing that comes to mind that I would want to do is to decorate the bag that I have on the back of my wheelchair. That would be so great!

  414. Clare Macdonald says:

    Nope, you can’t ask a person to choose – the vinyl and the iron on are both terrific. I got a basic metal tray for summer that I’m going to griffinize with vinyl, and I’ve got t-shirts stacked up waiting for graphic iron-on shapes in gorgeous Anna Griffin patterns.

  415. Sherida Keys says:

    Make some bibs for a co-worker maybe a cell phone decoration so many things my head is spinning

  416. Suzanna Sitton says:

    Those pen bundles are great! I wondered about the too set though … will they not include a deep cut blade and housing as well?

  417. Colleen Callanan says:

    I cant contain my excitement for that vinyl collection. I can’t wait. I would love to have the iron on bundle.

  418. Jeanie says:

    I am so excited about the new iron vinyl! The new patterns will look great on all the onesies I’ll be making for my sweet little niece. I love that the vinyl is strong bond and will last forever and not wash off! I can’t wait for the new rose gold cricut maker!

  419. Deanna Collins says:

    I love the cricut and how creative it can help me to be. I love the new Rose Pink, it is beautiful! What an awesome opportunity to win all the fantastic supplies to help us to create. I have 29 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren, so there is always a birthday to celebrate. I would be thrilled to be able to make adorable t-shirts for each of them. Thanks Anna for a chance to be able to do just that!

  420. Miranda Chappell says:

    A great assortment of colors in the vinyl and iron on. Love all the pens and would love to have them! Can’t wait until July 12th!

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