HSN July 11th, 2018 Product Preview 11

Hi friends,

Can you believe it’s our 11th Product Preview for Craft Day on HSN July 11th? Get ready for our hours of creating at midnight, 1am, 8am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 8pm and 11pm EST! What a day it will be!

Our 2 lucky winners from Friday’s post about all of the new Cricut vinyl and iron on bundles are: Susan Middleton and Tami J! Congratulations to you both!

We have another Rose Cricut Maker to giveaway! Watch the video to hear all about it!

There’s nothing like the Cricut Maker with its amazing Adaptive Tool System. The Cricut Maker today’s special on HSN has the Knife Blade, Scoring Wheel, Double Scoring Wheel, the Rotary Blade, the Fine Point Blade and the Bonded Fabric Blade so you can create like never before.

Today we’re going to go more in depth about the incredible Scoring Wheel Combo. You’ll get the Single Scoring Wheel and the Double Scoring Wheel. What’s the difference? The Single creates beautiful rosettes and perfect folds for gorgeous projects. The Double allows you to score specialty papers like foil card stock, poster board, acetate without cracking the paper on the fold.

We have stunning papers from Cricut in this Scoring Wheel Materials bundle. We have pastel glitter card stock, foil embossed paper, clear acetate sheets and foil poster board. There’s nothing we love more than pretty papers!

We adore how the Double Scoring Wheel allows you to evenly crease your beautiful specialty papers. Create lovely boxes for all your special gifts, and give them to the ones you love!

We have put together a very special digital cartridge to go along with the Cricut Maker and its’ new Scoring Wheel. Introducing Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks which features 46 different folds and cuts to make 3D borders, rosettes and embellishments. With this special image set, you can make curtain folds, rosettes, quilting squares, 3D flowers and more! Here are just a few of our signature, dimensional shapes you will be able to cut and fold.

Check out how we built this scrapbook page using layered pieces from Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks! There are so many ways to use this amazing image set!

Now it’s time for our last and largest giveaway! We are thrilled to be able to give you a Rose Cricut Maker with the entire adaptive tool system, the Cricut Scoring Wheel Material bundle plus Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks!

Tell us how excited you are in the blog comments, on Facebook and Instagram. What are you going to make with your Maker? On Friday we will announce our winner, chosen at random and we will recap all the awesome items coming your way on July 11th.




  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! This is so awesome! I’m excited for the chance to win! I love scrapbooking with my daughter and this prize would be so amazing!

  2. amber v hinely says:

    i would love to make a suprise card for my hubby to let him know we have a little bundle on the way

  3. Sandy Reis says:

    I would love to win this amazing Cricut Maker and bundle.My 15 year old is so artististic and talented.with all the things she creates.Her creative mind would be endless with one of these.Thank you so much for the chance

  4. Shana Stiles says:

    I would love to win this bundle! I have had my eye on a Cricut for a while because I love what can be done with it and how much fun you can have at crafting while expressing yourself. If I won, I would start making baby/crib mobiles! I personally haven’t seen a homemade one before and I think homemade mobiles are unique and endlessly adorable! Anyone can go to the store and get a simple plastic wind up crib mobile with a basic theme, but if I started making and selling mobiles, the parents could give me their ideas and their input and it would be that much more special! It could very well be a keepsake or hand me down with additions for grandkids etc etc. And with the scoring wheel! Wow! SOOO many designs and layouts and shapes! I would be in heaven! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  5. Phyllis Brucker says:

    I would love to have this bundle..wow i could do so very much. Start to make magic. I would love to teach my handicap son to make some cards that he can send to family and friends. I love working with. Fabric and iron ones also . Love making my own cards and would love to make all my Christmas cards. I would love to make some magic

  6. Ariane Pascual says:

    I was so excited for this bundle as I was going to use this for my wedding preparations. Giveaways, decor and my dream invitation that I have designed long ago while waiting for the time to come for me to get married! Unfortunately I tried to order this bundle on HSN but they couldn’t accept my payment as they don’t accept VISA credit cards or other forms of payment outside of USA and I reside in Canada just 10 mins away from the Blaine, Washington boarder! Anyway I am still excited for this machine and I hope to see a great deal like this available to everyone else who lives outside of USA! Cricut DIY Wedding things to save money and enjoy my preparations!!!

  7. Kelly Brooks says:

    Super excited!!!! This would complete my craft room! I could make soooooo many different things!

  8. Gaby Whetstone says:

    Hi Anna!!! What a bundle!!! I’m in love with it!!! I could make so many cards, projects with iron on, vinyl, foil. I really love it!!!! It’d be wonderful if I could win. God bless you for this opportunity!!!

  9. Kathy says:

    I,would love to win the maker and implan on doing a lot of paper crafting and cutting different materials !

  10. Sharon Belcher says:

    I have not had a new cricut since the original expression. This would be a wonderful birthday gift for me and in my favorite color. Fingers and toes crossed I win this. Thanks to Anna and her team. Can’t wait for craft day tomorrow!!

  11. Liz says:

    I’m pretty excited about th scoring wheels and making amazing 3D things! Of course, I need the circuit too. We’re in the middle of painting and setting up our craft room, so I can’t wait to get back to crafting.

  12. Nora says:

    What a great opportunity to have a chance to win this beautiful machine. Doing for others and making others lives better is the key to making our world better. This is a great vehicle to make this beautiful, one card at a time. Good luck to all who entered

  13. mary ray says:

    Anna, I had this comment page filled out with everything i would make with this cricut maker but my husband came and took my computer away for a minute and somehow it all got erased. and i lost heart in re typing it. but it was a ton of things . it took me 30 min or longer to put it all in here and he lost it. i should divorce him lol . any way i really need this cricit maker . I also wish every one luck that enters.

  14. Kim A Klinkovsky says:

    OMGoodness! I love the pink Cricut, it’s stunning and would match my craft room. I have an original Cricut and would love to win to update into this century. lol. I’d love to win and get started making pretty Christmas gift card holders for friends and family gifts for the holidays.

  15. maria gentry says:

    Wow! This would definitely get a lot of use in my craft room! I love making gifts for our family so this would be amazing!

  16. Mary Esser says:

    Anna this is a fantastic prize you are giving away. If I was to win it, I have a Anna Griffin party with my grand kids who love you as much as I do. They love paper crafting with me. I might even invite the neighbors girls too!!!

  17. Nancy says:

    Gift boxes and cards for our local senior convalescent hospital with words of hopefulness and treats. Thank you Anna for making this possible.

  18. Karrie Lobeck says:

    I would make glasses with things on them like names, mottos etc. I have always wanted to try one of these out. They are so neat!

  19. Kelly Freeman says:

    I am excited to win this prize so that I can make invitations for my newborn daughter’s baptism!

  20. Ashley messer says:

    Oh my this would be such a blessing I have wanted this from the first time I seen it was coming out I would make everything
    Hey possible with this like cards shirts plaques window decals etc I want one so I can work more with fabrics thanks and goodluck everyone

  21. Audrey Wisniewski says:

    I would love to win the rose maker because I make a lot of cards and I could make many embelishments! ❤️

  22. Diane Day says:

    All I can say about the new rose explore is Wow!. I would love to upgrade to this fantastic new machine. The projects would be endless with papercrafting and now fabric too. Our church bazaar is in October. I could make all kinds of things!

  23. Lupe Morales says:

    Ms. Anna- you never cease to amaze! What an extraordinary give away. The papers are lovely, the Cricut beyond words, and I must have that new cartridge. Oh the places we will go! I have set my computer alerts. I have bright reminders posted in my office. The ideas are already flowing. I would love to win this dream giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all. Blessings.

  24. Lupe Morales says:

    Ms. Anna- you never cease to amaze me! This bundle is beyond anyone’s imagination! Oh the places we will go! I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. The papers, the tools, the cartridge which I absolutely must have! Okay- July 11 circled in bright colors and alerts on my computers. I am shining up my Visa card and ready to put a little dent in it, but I would rather win it all! What a dream prize! Good luck to all! Thanks Ms. Anna. See you on July 11! Blessings to all!

  25. Teresa Blue says:

    Wow, what an awesome machine! I would use to make embellishments for the journals that I make.

  26. Joan says:

    Oh, I love the idea of scoring without actually cutting into our favorite papers. Often the inner white core shows up and looks sloppy. Would love to win this and learn what else it can do. I hear it’s pretty special.

  27. Patricia M Gonsalves says:

    I saw the lavender maker today at Joann’s and fell in love. I would love to have one, but can’t afford it. It would be so exciting to win the pink one. Especially since pink is my favorite color.

  28. Joyce Lutterbie says:

    I love, love, love everything Cricut! I have bought every Cricut machine since the original Cricut Create! They just keep getting better and better! But, the Cricut Maker would be the ultimate machine to have and love–it would be wonderful to own…

  29. Francine D Brooks says:

    I would love to upgrade to the Maker. I would gift my Cricut Air to my co-worker who just started using the Cricut. I’ve so much fun teaching her all the ways to use the Cricut Air for her projects. Thank you Anna for the great products that allow me to be creative.

  30. Chanti Davenport-Hilliard says:

    I’m a newbie but would love to win this. I have some many ideas of what I can do with it.

  31. Hobo says:

    So glad I remembered to go to the blog today. I no longer get an email reminder that there is a new post, don’t know why, and in the craziness of putting in a new kitchen I missed the preview of the dies! Those are my favorites!

  32. Monica Luna says:

    I would love to win the rose gold maker i would make all my wedding needs with it❣️

  33. Christine J says:

    A Rose Cricut Maker Bundle!!!!! What a perfect addition to my craft room if I won it!!! What a wonderful machine to have. Good luck everyone!

  34. Ginny Oglesby says:

    I would absolutely love to win this!!! Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!!

  35. Katie setzer says:

    THis machine is gorgeous I can’t wait to get one and put a Do not Disturb sign up on my craftroom

  36. Debra Hutchinson says:

    Hello Anna and team!
    What better way is there to put a smile on a person’s face than a handmade gift whether it be simple or amazing?!!
    The Cricut Maker is an all-in-one powerhouse and beautiful to boot.
    I would love to win it!

  37. Debra Hatton says:

    Wow…what a wonderful idea for my dear mother-in-law. She is a sweetheart who pours out her heart in crafts of ever kind. She sews, she quilts, and she is a scrapbooker and card maker extraordinaire. I know she would put the Cricut to use everyday. .

  38. Gigi says:

    This Cricut Maker bundle would be wonderful to own! I love making rosettes and using different folds on cards.

  39. Cindy Howard says:

    It would be a dream to with this beautiful maker! The possibilities are endless.

  40. Theresa Nitti says:

    I love my Cricut Explore but the possibilities with the Cricut Maker are unreal….It would be my 3rd Cricut, passed my original to my daughter….I think cutting balsa wood is amazing…..

  41. Pamela Richards says:

    I would love to win the Maker. I make all kinds of cards and would like to venture into making the puzzle and quilting again. The reviews on this machine is awesome.

  42. Melinda Beltran says:

    WOW! what an awesome giveaway! I work with paper, making cards and scrapbook pages. I have always loved your style Anna! I am so glad your amazing paper folding techniques are now coupled with Cricut!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  43. Janie Daniels says:

    I so need to win this so my granddaughter can help me make things for her room! Chloe loves to help me make Disney theme items to hang on her wall, she gets so excited! Thank you Anna for this opportunity to win this beautiful Cricut maker! ❤️

  44. Julie Zeronda says:

    I have been following for years and I would love to win this! I would love to make cards and stationary for everyone! So excited and fingers crossed!

  45. Alice Rogers says:

    I would love to win this maker as I do sewing and it would make my cutting much easier as I have carpal tunnel in both of my hands so sometimes it is very hard to cut. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. tim calvin jr says:

    We love how you share We love your creativity. How can you pick one person out of all these .We would like to use this to give back as you do Thank you Anna . Guys like to label and make things too

  47. deb calvin says:

    Thank you Anna . May your generosity keep you prosperous Looking at all these comments if I were Le-Bron making 150 million I would give one to all these deserving people. You are kind, special and your generosity is a lesson for all of us Thanks

  48. Stacy says:

    Wow! That’s gorgeous! I am fairly new to the Cricut world and would love to win that maker! When I was first looking at machines my husband said we couldn’t afford more than the Air2 with baby #2 on the way (she will be here soon)! I am an early childhood special education teacher and use my cricut to make all sorts of educational decorations and activities for the children. I also use my cricut for personal use in making gifts for people! The maker would be fabulous as it would allow my cutting precision to go a step further and connect to my first love, sewing! Thank you for this opportunity!

  49. Terri King says:

    Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful machine. I love my Explore Air and cannot even imagine the things I could do with the Maker. I am not very lucky when it comes to winning things but I just had to express how much I enjoy using this machine. It helps calm me when in am stressed and makes me so proud to be able to make things to give as gifts to people. My life has changed since receiving this machine. Good luck to each of you who have entered this contest. I know the lucky winner will be grateful to add this machine to their home. God Bless.

  50. Debbie Siddle says:

    Oh, how sweet. What a fantastic giveaway prize this is. Thank you so much for the chance to win. xxxx

  51. Loreen Bogdan says:

    The Maker is a fantastic machine and the Rose color is beautiful! I would love to win this machine and use the rotary cutter to cut out applique shapes that I now do by hand!!

  52. Merrie Osborn says:

    Anna, I would love to win this marvelous Cricut Maker! I am a retired public school art teacher. The art programs and teachers are being cut in several of our schools and I have volunteered in the past in the schools. I would like to do this again and do more classes and the Cricut Maker would be perfect to come along with me and make exciting programs for the students!

  53. Loreen Bogdan says:

    The Cricut Maker is a fantastic machine and the Rose color is beautiful! I would be thrilled to win this one and would love to see what I could do with it for applique with that rotary cutter tool. Amazing tool!

  54. Kris Peterson says:

    If I won the Rose Maker Iwould make lots of beautiful creations! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Gwen Dunn says:

    The newest Cricut Maker is going to be fabulous. All the blades and wheels will make it the best ever the color is great too. If I win I will use it for everything. Thanks Anna for the wonderful things you put together for us.

  56. Jasmin says:

    My chances are like the lotto to win the maker if I win the maker I would up my wedding decor game, decorations for everything (kids birthdays, Christmas presents, the ideas are endless)

  57. Andrea David says:

    I would be so grateful to win an upgrade (Air is the latest version I own). It would be a major help for my new classroom (school Speech Therapist) and would assist me in creating some new materials for the students! Thank you Anna, ProvoCraft, HSN and everyone involved for helping us all be our crafty best!

  58. Laura Cook says:

    I LOVE the new color and I’m very excited for the new scoring wheels, how much easier is box making about to become!

  59. Holly says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I would love to win this giveaway. I just moved 2 weeks ago from Connecticut to California and the ONE thing that broke in our move was my beloved Cricut Air </3 I have a new home full of vinyl and materials but no machine ….. Anyway, I think my first project would be a welcome mat, and definitely want to give those scored flowers a try!

  60. Esmeralda Bass says:

    Anna, I tried the last time to win this truly wonderful machine. The Cricut Maker would help me help my niece/goddaughter make all sorts of decorations for her wedding, which will be here in a blink of an eye, this December. Everything from table top decorations, goodie boxes, thank you notes, and much more. I am hoping that I win this one! Looking forward to your show in July 11th on HSN. Keep up the great work! Many Blessings!

  61. Andrea Brown says:

    I have been scrapbooking and cardmaking for a while. Have used many of Anna’s kits over the years. I would love to start sewing and quilting. The cricut maker would make some basic sewing and quilting items possible.

  62. Bobbi Hollar says:

    It would be great to create those beautiful boxes with the Cricut Maker. I papercraft and sew. I can imagine all the amazing things I can make with this versatile machine. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  63. Luanna Eakin says:

    I would be so excited to win a Cricut maker machine. there is way too many things I could think of to make to list here.

  64. JULIE McVay says:

    My favorite is paper crafting, but most recently I am into making T-shirts for the kids. I would love to have a Rose Cricut Maker..what fun I could have!

  65. Donna C. says:

    Thank you so much Anna for all that you create for us. I love the Cricut Maker and I would use it to inspire others and to share my love and joy of crafting.
    I can’t wait for your show on July 11th!
    I already bought 3 of your easel kits. They are awesome!!

  66. Chrissy R says:

    I would love to see how that scoring wheel works with the cricket maker. It’s definitely been a hard year and now that my family and I are getting back on track, I would love to start crafting again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

  67. Karen Luciani says:

    Such a lovely color and great package, I would Ike to start with some boxes! Really excited about the scoring tool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. Patti S says:

    Hi Anna and team! Wow what a show the 11th will be!! I’ve been in and out of the hospital so I haven’t been able to be connected and commenting and sending things like I want. But I am able to tonight in a nick of time! The Maker in Rose is a dream! Simply gorgeous! Of course pink is my FAVORITE color which makes it even more beyond desirable! I have all 3 of your paper tricks but to have Cricut do them for me OMGoodness how perfect because of my shakey hands. I tell you my niece just got engaged this past weekend and I see many showers, parties not to mention a wedding and reception that could be even more beautiful and special if I could make so much of those things with the Maker and the new tool system! And then if I were to be so lucky to win the Maker,, my niece doesn’t have a Cricut., can you imagine if I were able to give her my beloved Cricut and introduce her to Anna Griffin and Cricut?!! Something she and I can do together! What a dream! I used to be the fun aunt until I got the cancer and got sick. Since then my health has gotten in the way of so much, including being the interactive aunt I used to be and still want to be. This sharing of crafting and all the things we could do together would bring a part of that back but also allow us a way to bond and have fun and do good things too! Oh, I know it’s a long shot because the comments are so many and everyone is deserving of such a golden prize, however this week, I really hope I’m the lucky one.! Thanks for all the opportunities you give us!! Patti S

  69. Elise says:

    Hi Anna, I would create so many beautiful craft projects – thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  70. Joseph Belpasso says:

    I would use the maker to create some memories with my mother. We could cut fabric and she could teach me to sew and I can teach her how to paper-craft. Would love it.

  71. Deborah Benson says:

    I would be over the moon to win a Cricut Maker…especially in Rose! I do all kinds of crafting, and it looks as if I am going to need the Maker if I’m going to keep up. What a gracious giveaway, Anna! Thank you for the chance.

  72. Marilyn says:

    The Rose Cricut Maker would make Christmas extra special. I am interested in using cut-outs to design the tops of wrapped gifts. Plus, jillions of other things!.

  73. Jennifer Carroll says:

    Whoot, whoot another chance to win a Cricut Maker, ! Anna sure does love her fans and her fans sure do love Anna. Thank you for the opportunity to win this generous bundle; I hope my name is drawn, lol . Can’t wait to find out who is the lucky person . Good luck everyone.

  74. l.sims says:

    I would LOVE to win the Rose Cricut Maker Bundle ! I have had some health issues in the past couple of years but my Cricut Explore has been the best therapy – making cards and gifts for friends & family .The Cricut Maker will give me the opportunity to make even nicer cards and gifts for friends and family and may help me get my BFF interested in expanding her crafting !
    Thank You !!
    Thank You !

  75. Cathy Anthony says:

    Oh my goodness another wonderful giveaway so amazing. I would love to win that beautiful Cricut maker this is what I would make with that doll clothes for my granddaughter’s baby dolls quotes for my little grandson and some wood projects for my older grandsons and a few vinyl wall decorations and mailbox covers. I’m very excited about the July 11th day of crafting on HSN can’t wait to see you there Anna

  76. Debbie Morimoto says:

    So exicited to see the machine in action and the clever ways Anna uses it on the 11th!

  77. M. Gomez says:

    I would love to win the cricut maker! I would make decorations for my son’s 2nd birthday!

  78. Carolyn T. says:

    Oh my goodness!!! The possibilities are endless. Would take my scrapbook pages and card making to all new heights.

  79. Mary McGarrah says:

    This bundle would totally keep me creating for all the cards I make for the local Fisher House for our veterans. I would have a wealth of new design ideas. I love making those cards and love ding it with this fab new Maker. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  80. Lisa S says:

    I would LOVE to win the Rose Cricut Maker ! My husband and I have 2 Cricut Explore machines and use at least one every day ! I am sure the Maker will be just a popular in our home . I want to make blankets and toys for sick children, walker and wheelchair totes/bags for nursing home patients and more blankets and toys for shelter/foster animals .

  81. Jeanette Shannon says:

    I would be thrilled to win the rose Maker! First off, pink is my favorite color 🙂 Currently, I scrapbook, make cards, just started doing HTV on clothing, & use vinyl to make wall art. I would love to win a Maker so I can venture into creating art with balsa wood. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  82. Jonathan L.M. says:

    Love making cards with my mom. She is disabled and bed-ridden the majority of the time. I graduated college last summer, but still love crawling into bed with her to craft and making cards is our new favorite, go to craft. It is easy for her and usually we are able to complete making a few cards, before she gets too tired. She had emergency open heart surgery at 30. She “died” on the operating table, but they were able to bring her back. Because we almost lost her, we all treasury her even more. She LOVES crafting, as do I, so it is great to have something we can do together and everyone loves receiving one of her Anna Griffin cards in the mail. I personally would love to be able to expand into cutting leather (imagine a leather Anna Griffin bow or leather AG Christmas ornaments, all over a tree), chipboard, even wood! The Rose Cricut Maker and the new AG Digital Cartridge would find a very welcome place in our home. Thank you for your generosity and all of the things you create, that allow us, all crafters, to create beautiful things that touch so many peoples’ lives. We can’t wait to watch you on July 11th on HSN! Love seeing all of the samples you bring. And glad you all are now posting those on your Pinterest Boards, which allow me to pin them on my Pinterest Boards!

  83. Diane says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the rose Maker with it’s infinite possibilities. I could be making fancier cards and more beautiful gift boxes and t-shirts and…and…

  84. Cherye Wilmore says:

    You’re right, Anna! I’d love to win this rose Cricut Make. I have a rose Cricut embossing/die cutting machine, and this would be the perfect addition. This is a great package someone will be thrilled to win!

  85. Marilyn E says:

    My daughter (Tammi Moore-Hamilton) & I decided that we could use this beautiful Rose Cricut to make Educational crafts/ boards for her work. (In Early Childhood Education.)
    Also party decorations for family & friends. If one of us are chosen to win❤️
    So looking forward to Anna’s presentation’s & demo’s on HSN July 11

  86. Jana Baron says:

    How wonderful to have the opportunity to win this beautiful machine..and bundle..I love my cricut explore but having a new one would be awesome..

  87. Julie Pfile says:

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful product! I would love to win the Cricut and the complimenting products. I have a high school graduation next year and a wedding to plan as well.

  88. Karen Fabian says:

    Anna I would absolutely love to win a rose Cricut Maker. The Cricut in this Scoring Wheel Materials bundle is magnificent – I love glitter and foiled paper. Also I do not have any paper tricks so this cartridge would give me a whole bunch of them at once.
    Everyone raves over my home made cards and the Maker will help me make more amazing cards than ever. I would also make extra-large envelopes with the double scoring wheels to safely mail my cards. I want to make my own boxes for gifts. I would also be able to get into iron-on transfers to make gifts for family and friends. I think my option would become limitless with this machine. See you next week!

  89. Joyce Boylan says:

    Would love to win! I don’t own any kind of Cricut – but have been wanting one forever!

  90. Denise R says:

    If I were to win I would use it to make things for my clients who are older adults and those disabled. We have no budget for creative activities and when dealing with this populations you need to have easy projects that they could enjoy putting together just like ur card making boxes! Good luck to everyone!

  91. Bridget Louw says:

    Oh Anna you have done it again. Everything you touch turns to style. I would be honoured to win this bundle and all the projects would turn out fabulous as they always do from your cartridges.

  92. amie Luna says:

    ***! I would be sooo excited to actually win this! Oh, the things I could do and the places I could go!!!! XOXO

  93. Linda Leavitt says:

    Oh My Goodness ! I absolutely LOVE the new color. Very pretty. I would love to win this package,mostly because I am starting to get Arthritis in both of My hands and it is hard now for Me to make all the folds and try to get them folded correctly. I also have Fibromyalgia .I think that it would make it so much easier with the new scoring blades for Me to make so many new things.

  94. Patricia Sullivan says:

    I would love to win the Maker and have several vinyl and HTV projects already planned as Christmas gifts.

  95. Maria Cardozo says:

    Please pick me for the Cricut Maker giveaway! I think that Cricut makes beautiful aesthetic machines. They really know their customers needs and wants and make dreams come true with easy to use technology. I would want to make the most use of the maker and try out all the different features! I love all things technology and crafting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. Tina Serafin says:

    You do such nice work and love watching f seeing what you do. Would LOVE to become talented enough to make these beautiful cards and boxes.

  97. Leslie Reynolds says:

    I would love to win this for my Granddaughter who is almost 13 and following in my shoes with the CRICUT obsession. It is so much fun to have this in common and she will be the future CRICUITEER!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  98. Ann Fontaine says:

    What possibilities! Would be thrilled to win and create wonderful things. Thank you for the opportunity and your generosity!

  99. Neshia White says:

    Winning the cricut maker would definitely bring my crafting up to another level. The machine and all the new tools would make everything easier to prep your projects. Loving the rose color.

  100. Sherri says:

    ANNATASTIC!! I believe this Rose Gold is my favorite color of any of the Cricuts! This is by far my Favorite of the package give-aways….I could use any of this beautiful cardstock and the Paper Tricks Cartridge is awesome! Would love to have this lovely Rose Cricut Maker, it would inspire me to get busy crafting and get back into sewing. Both my daughters have gotten in on this and who knows it would be FUN to learn new things together plus my granddaughter. One daughter needs to upgrade with her Cricut and this would be perfect for her. My other daughter has nothing…..she definitely needs a Cricut and as a Mother, school and Bible class teacher she would (along with my granddaughter and grandson) would really put one to great use! None of us have the extra $$$$$, but if I were by slim, slim chance win this I could give her my Cricut Explore or even this new one.:) Can’t wait to see who will be the lucky winner this week! Hope my comment goes thru this time, I’ve had some trouble off and on lately and gave up trying to post and I did get this email this time just finally getting back to comment. Thanks Anna and team!

  101. Meno Mazid says:

    LOVE THE BLOG ANNA!! It would be a beautiful rose dream come true to win this! As a public school teacher I’d love to teach my students all they can create with this incredible tool! (Plus the rose looks so much more beautiful than the original cricut! Thank you for so many opportunities!

  102. Liana Marchetti says:

    Wow! What a beautiful Rose Cricut Maker and to pair it with your new Anna Griffin Cricut Cartridge, is like the having the cake and eating it, too!! I would love to win and would make countess crafts. I would love to try leather and the cute Georgie puzzle, you showed earlier, made me smile. I can imagine making pet puzzles for lots of gifts. This really is so generous. Looking forward to seeing you again, on HSN, July 11th!

  103. Nancy Spencer says:

    Winning the beautiful Rose Maker would be a dream come true! I would never come out of my craft room, well except to watch you on HSN of coarse . Thanks for the chance to win!!

  104. Judy Frances W says:

    Anna, you and your team, never fail to outdo yourselves! I love everything in this product preview. Of course, the Maker is the top of the line and the projects it creates is just limitless. I also, love your new Cricut cartridge that goes with it. I would love to make countless rosettes, no more hand measuring and scoring!!! I would love to win and I know whom ever is chosen, will be one lucky crafter! Thanks for all of your generous giveaways! I am so excited for July 11th.

  105. Deborah Burke Johnson says:

    I’m claiming it. I could use it for my Girl Scout area in Clayton Co. GA. Oh the possibilities.

  106. Shauna Moreno says:

    I would love to have the maker to start crafting more with fabric and thicker materials with the knife blade!

  107. Theresa Haag says:

    I absolutely love my Cricut and want to upgrade to the Maker to add the abilities it has for cutting fabric. I’m totally addicted

  108. Shellie Fontana says:

    Good evening. ANNA–we’re ALL LUCKY that you equip, educate, and EXCITE this creative community, making beautiful, UNIQUE things to commemorate, create, and celebrate the special people and special occasions in our lives–and, some are because we’ve found inspiration RIGHT HERE, on your BLOG and your Facebook page–so THANK YOU, Fairy Craft Mother Anna! I would love to make decorations and project kits, as well as name tags and necklaces, and Station Plates, and T-shirts and more at Community Vacation Bible School in my rural hometown this summer, using the BEAUTIFUL NEW Tose MAKER! I also can’t wait to see the Shopping List for the next ANNA-MAZING Craft Event for July 11th on HSN! (((HUGS))) to you, Anna, from South Dakota!!!

  109. Cheryl Hofe says:

    I remember when I first Anna on HSN. I was going thru a rough time: I had a bad fall at work which caused me to retire early and my Mom had just passed. Thru the years since, I have found a new passion with paper crafting. Thank you for all the products you have brought to us. You have made us all better “designers”. Thank you!

  110. Diane Marie says:

    If I was to win the Cricut Maker Bundle I would make a scrapbook for my 2 youngest grandchildren. They were born in August. Also use it to make shadow Boxes for their parents for Christmas. I haven’t scrapbooked in a little over a year after my husband has passed, I have been watching the Christmas shows on tv this month and have been getting some crafting ideas. With the thought of the Cricut maker the ideas are getting much more elaborate!!

  111. Denise Rigitano says:

    This would be nice to win as I can’t afford to buy it. It would be nice for soo many reasons…cardmaking, iron on transfers, and especially for sewing.

  112. Lana says:

    What an awesome give away! I would love to win this Cricut bundle. I can’t wait to watch on Jul 11th…..love the HSN craft shows and love all your products Anna!

  113. Kathi Sanders says:

    This bundle is amazing and The Maker color is gorgeous! It would be great to win with the not so far away holidays coming but in addition (literally) this year there is a baby boom in my family. Yikes! We usually have at least 2 new additions each year but right now we’re expecting 5 new little ones between now and Thanksgiving. That means gender reveal parties , showers, baby gifts, christenings plus baby first Christmas gifts, first time Mom’s and Dad’s and first time Grandparent’s. The list is endless…Thank you Anna 🙂

  114. Kimberly Wawrowski says:

    I would love to win the cricut bundle. I’m interested in creating cards, party decor and labels to get organized in every room. I’m also hoping to watch you tube tutorials or find a class local so that I can learn all I can about just what the cricut machine can do.

  115. Lysiane Ribeiro says:

    I LOVE Rosettes and crepe flowers so of course I would MEGA LOVE to win a Rose Maker! Crafting is my way of reconnecting with my mom who died when I was a little girl. Cricuting makes me so happy because when I use it, I feel like we are sort of making the items together just like when we did when I was little. I would use the Maker to make my aunt, my mother’s twin a party that celebrates both her and my mom. It would be SO BEAUTIFUL. I can see all the elements in my mind’s eye and only the Maker can make some of the items. Thank you for giving us this chance. I would be So Appreciative if I won and So Surprised!! Lol. 🙂

  116. Corri Thomas says:

    Wow! What an awesome machine. I have so many ideas running through my mind: making boxes for gifts, cards, envelops. What a game changer: the scoring tool and the knife blade. I can make wooden gifts and package them in a unique box. All the while saving time, so I can continue crafting. Just AMAZING!!!!!! Whew

  117. Doris says:

    Hello Anna,
    I would love to win this new maker to help me do my niece ‘s bridal and wedding invitations. And Anna, I have been waiting for someone to make an embossing tool to work with an electric cutter. Thank you very much.

  118. Carmen Needham says:

    I would love a Cricut Maker so I can finally make my onesie blanket of all my baby’s onesies!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  119. Patricia Quiles says:

    This is great. I hope I win. I love everything that is Cricut and all the stuff that I can create

  120. Trish Grisham says:

    I love the ease of making gift boxes with the Cricut Maker. The scoring tool, and all the other new attachments will make quick, beautiful, works of art. It really is all about the presentation, and I enjoy tailoring gifts to match the recipient. The new papers are gorgeous!

  121. Lori Smith says:

    I love to see and would love to try to make my patterns and see things for my little ones. Also, I want to be able to cut chip board and other things. Would be great to win this!!!

  122. Patty Chavez says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker it will be the perfect early wedding gift! It will help us with all of our wedding decorations and invitations.

  123. Penny Pudge says:

    I love the new scoring tools. I would make a lot of rosets and flowers. My birthday is July 6th so it would be a great celebration if I won this.thank you

  124. carol fray says:

    I’ve wanted the Circut Maker since it first came out. I truly love all the many things that you have made with it.The new bundle sounds amazing .

  125. TONI NOBLET says:

    Hi Anna; Christmas in July! a Rose Cricut Maker, 2 new scoring tools for the Maker, new vinyl, new collection paper and a new digital cartridge ***; what else can we get!!!
    I’m so excited about the HSN craft show on July 10th…I can’t wait much longer. off course, I want that beauty Rose Cricut Maker so I can create more intricate greeting cards, scrapbook pages and home decor. Thank you!!!

  126. Cheryle Livermon says:

    Would really like to win the Cricut Maker. This would allow ke to expand the type of crafts I can make.

  127. Pam Spradlin says:

    I can’t believe all the things this machine can do. And all the materials that it can cut. It is on my wish list! Will there be easy pay when it shows?

  128. Mai says:

    Love! Love! Love! I have The pink Cricut Air2 and have been waiting for the pink Cricut Maker to match. I would Love to win and use it for my daughter’s golden birthday. Birthday invitations, party decor, party favors, and so much more.

  129. Tammi Moore-Hamilton says:

    I wish I was off work on the 11th to watch live, but you know I will be recording. I would love to win this bundle. What better birthday present then Anna’s stuff. I think I would like to make some gift boxes for Christmas. Hope I win. Thanks, Tammi

  130. theresa j says:

    Oh the the fun I could have with this bundle. My daughter have a list of things to make

  131. Jenny Rybat says:

    I hope it’s not to late to enter for this, I love contests and I love trying to win stuff. Thanks!!

  132. Anna Galvan says:

    I would love to win the maker.
    I could creat exquisite candy buffet table.
    I am cutting by hand and this maker would help me a lot.

  133. Brenda Werlinger says:

    Well, I’ll hive this a try. I never win but who knows, it could be my lucky day. Of course I’d love to win this beautiful rose colored criicut machine, I love all of your products, Anna. Their good quality and I love that about them. I’m sure this Cricut will be good quality as well.

  134. Ada M. Mikic says:

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this wonderful Cricut Maker machine.
    I have a lot of projects that I would never have dreamt that I could make with just one machine.
    I have never used leather, chipboard, or vinyl to make anything. Now, my head is spinning with ideas of purses, frames and boxes.
    But, first what I would make with the Cricut Maker would be quilted blankets and outfits for the kitties and doggies in these shelters in my area. I have two kitties and they have enriched my life. It makes me very sad to think of these animals with no one to love them. I would like to bring a little warmth into their lives.
    Thank you, Anna and staff and good luck to everyone!!!

  135. Sandra Resine says:

    Well I have been searching and searching for what I would do first if I won this, I would start with Lettering for My Coffee Mug that states, Autism Mom and a T=shirt that Sates Autism Moms Rock! This Machine would be a great Asset to This Family! i’m Sure My Autisc Son Bobby will be the one Teaching Me how to Use it…lol Super smart Boy when it comes to Electronic Equipment! <3

  136. Mary McCarthy says:

    I love the maker and can’t wait for the new score tool. I love making decorations and cards.

  137. Sue Hanzlik says:

    Whenever I think you can’t top what you already have, You come out with something even more wonderful.
    It would be amazing to have this Rose Cricut Maker with all of the extras. I would love to learn how to make new things for the many people in my life.
    I will be looking forward to seeing what other new things you come up with in the future.

  138. Rosie V says:

    Hi Anna! I’m go-hosting our family reunion! Would love to be able to create decorations for the party as well as, all of the beautiful toppers for my desserts! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  139. christina m callahan says:

    although i would love to get the maker,i would appreciate just about anything ..all of your products are so pretty…i love my air 2 but some of the things i want to make the air just wont cut it ..it is definitely on my wish list..please Santa be real for once !!!!

  140. Barbara Miller says:

    It would be a dream come true to win the maker I’m still about another eight months away from being able to buy one I would love to be able to make more dog clothes for my grand daughters dolls quilting and definitely the card making I see them all the time and they are so much more beautiful with the things that you can do on these Cricut machines… many blessings to you and thank you so much for the opportunity to try and win

  141. Jessica Almanza says:

    I would love to win a new cricut maker! With a new baby on the way, I’m looking forward to being able to make bibs, onesies. Also any and all decorations for the baby shower and future birthday parties! We’re in the process of buying our first home, so home decor is definitely something i will be spending time one while nesting!

  142. Pat Rappleye says:

    Oh WOW!!!! I would love to win the maker! I would make cards, cards, and more cards!

  143. Amber-Jade Saunders says:

    Such an amazing giveaway! I honestly don’t know how I’d handle myself, IF I did win, it would be life changing, and I really don’t mean that lightly. My only machine that I have currently is a really old sizzix sidekick, and actually has never been out of the box, due to not really having a use for it (it was part of a bulk purchase from a fellow Army wife, at the time). I’ve had my eye on Cricut since at least 2008. There are two things in this world that could really open up a remarkable world of opportunities for me, one of those is a Cricut (and actually any of the models that you can use with the computer, the more options the bigger the doors that open) because I can use it with my digital designs, graphic designs, cloth projects, paper crafts, and soooooooooooo much more. The other is an HP Sprout.

    Not just a Cricut at that either, the added wheels and adaptive tools… ANDDDDD Anna’s Scoring tricks!!!

    How could I not at least try… right?!…. Thank you for being so generous Anna, I’m totally excited for craft day, less than a week away!

    Thanks for being so awesome, honest! <3

  144. Nancy Ludwig says:

    Love all of your products. I have been an Anna Fan even before HSN. I would love to win the Cricut Maker bundle as I am now retired and the skies the limit as to what I can make with the Cricut.

  145. Marilyn E says:

    I am so excited just waiting on your HSN July 11th crafting shows to begin. To be chosen to win this Georgeous Rose Cricut
    Maker would be totally awesome. My daughter & I so love all your paper crafting supplies.❤️

  146. Anita says:

    Oh my! Another machine I may have to hide from my husband. Anna, I have been a follower of yours for a several years now. I have the Cricut Cake and the Cricut Explore and I keep waiting for something to go wrong with them so I won’t feel guilty purchasing the Cricut Maker. My Cricut machines have served me well, they are well built, easy to operate and the continuing up-dates keep me interested in crafting. I would love to own the Cricut Maker. Would you please give it to me?

  147. Tammie Kimray says:

    I know it’s a long shot,but I’m entering anyway! I have a birthday coming up soon and our 26th wedding anniversary to! I would love to win!

  148. Tonya Brooks says:

    I’m super excited with the Maker and all these new exciting tools Cricut is coming up with. This scoring wheel is going to be a game changer for making unique crafts, gifts and things for around the house. I love designing things in DS and this will allow me even more design possibilities!

  149. Joanne says:

    I am a fan of all things Anna Griffin! I do not have a Cricut machine yet, and would love to create my own embellishments. I have loved your card kits and been using your papers for 13 years now. Thanks for all you do to make the world a more beautiful place!

  150. Susie B says:

    This is a beautiful machine – would love to win! My niece is graduating, I’d love to make decorations for her party! Thank you for the chance Anna!

  151. Lauri Sullivan says:

    My daughter’s wedding is in an outdoor, covered pavilion. One of our big hurdles is not being able to use traditional seating cards, as they might blow away. This scoring tool may simplify my life significantly!

  152. Wilfred says:

    Anna, to win this Cricut Maker, would be a life changing event for me! My wife and I do volunteer work for our community and this would help bring in needed funds for books and equipment, by creative advertising. The time I spend on projects now, could be cut in half and put to better use! Thank you for this opportunity! God bless you! <3

  153. Karen Hamilton says:

    Oh my, this dreamy bundle makes my heart dance! It truly enables us to bring to life every crafty dream that flutters within. Thank you for the opportunity to win this blessing! Excitement is brewing beyond measure! Hugs and blessings to all.

  154. Marlene Wilsin says:

    I hope I am the one in a million to win this Cricut Maker and accessories! This would make my crafting life complete! Thanks Anna for another chance to win!

  155. Kaylin Willimott says:

    I would love to win the Maker! I a special ed teacher and I would make tons of crafts and teaching aides for my students! Of course, would make some sweet things for my two year old Piper ❤️

  156. Carolyn Haggerty says:

    I would absolutely love to win this and upgrade my cricut. This looks absolutely fantastic.

  157. Paula Byrd says:

    Love this new cricut maker and all the great things it will do. However, I am the proud owner of two cricuts and my sweet husband looked into a crystal ball and sadly said, I just don’t see this one in your near future. But please keep all the great products coming cause a girl can dream. Would really be a happy winner though.

  158. Alora Mayer says:

    Boxes, pages, cards… wait what couldn’t I make with the Rose Cricut Maker??? Great bundle, hope I win!

  159. Debbie says:

    I’m super exited for a chance to win this circuit maker and bundle !!! I really need one to use for my new craft business and new craft room .
    I will make cards and favors and I can’t wait to try to make earrings using leather pieces
    Oh please pick me !!!!

  160. Ashley Gilliland says:

    I have wanted a Cricut for so long, but I have never had the money to buy one. Now I have a chance to win a Rose Cricut Maker! I am so excited! As a school teacher, Bible school teacher, and mother, this would be amazing to win.

  161. Dawn Winterrowd says:

    Oh my goodness!. What a long list of comments and people wanting this gorgeous machine! Me too! Me too! I love it! Besides making cards and vinyl projects to give to friends and family, I make extra income by doing special orders. The possibilities are endless with The Maker!

  162. Judith Brown says:

    WOW!! What an awesome bundle! All the things you could do with it. Would love to have this to use with my card ministry to encourage

  163. Laura Shapiro says:

    This would make some awesome pieces for mixed media projects (which I am trying to learn). Very nice!

  164. Paula Lackie says:

    Good Afternoon Anna and Team,

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the new beautiful pink Cricut and all the goodies that go with it!

    I pray you choose me as your winner because my son is getting married next month and we (my son, his fiancée and I) are making MANY decorations, party favors, gifts, etc, and THIS CRICUT would be a tremendous blessing!

    My soon-to-be daughter-in-law nearly has no family and relies heavily on my husband and me for support. She is very interested in crafting and I’ve been teaching her for several years now so she’s very excited about making things for her own wedding.

    My son also loves to do auto detailing and this Cricut would allow him for further his skills and gifts and take him as far as his imagination will propel him.

    If I win this incredible gift package set, once my son, his fiancée and I are finished with all the wedding decorations and “thank yous”, I will give the Cricut to the two of them because I am certain they will love it, use it, enjoy it and create beautiful things in the making with it for many, many years to come. And how many people get the chance to say, “Anna Griffin was a big part of our wedding day!”? Not too many, I imagine. But you will be, AND, yours will be the gift that will keep giving and giving and giving.

    THANK YOU again, Anna, for the opportunity to win your great Cricut and amazing paper products and for listening to a mama’s heart. There are sooo many entries worthy of winning, so, THANK YOU, again, for your consideration! Much love to you and your fantastic team!

  165. ANITA H. says:

    I have an explore air and love using it for making decorations for parties, favors, holidays, cards and scraping, I have fun times with my granddaughters, friends and family crafting. a Cricut has been a great part of our fun even school projects. I would love to win the maker for my son who has cystic fibrosis and can no longer work outside his home. It would give him a way to be creative and feel good about himself. Thank for all the great products you bring to us.

  166. Shelly Green says:

    Dear Anna,
    I would use everything posable the Cricut maker can do. I just found out my daughter is going to have her first baby ! This would be excellent to decorate with. Thank you Anna.

  167. Ami Diekemper says:

    I would make all the things!!!! I love watching HSN crafting shows and utilize them as education.

  168. Stephanie Hughes says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be able to make more for families in our town – just making things is what I love and Anna & Cricut are my go to suppliers!

  169. Ashleigh Blair says:

    Oh my gosh! The double scoring wheel is going to be life changing!! I can’t wait to watch everything next Wednesday. My credit card is going to get a workout!!

  170. Pam Thomas says:

    My Explore Air is on its last leg and I have been drooling over the Maker since it debuted. I dream of all the wonderful things I could be creating with wood and other new materials. Excited over a chance to win!

  171. Victoria Milam says:

    I already own a Maker but I have a disabled daughter that I would give it to. We are both card makers and I do a lot for her on my Maker. I know she would love one! And can I say how excited I am about the scoring wheel!!! And the new papers! Wow I can’t wait until July 11! I’m counting the days! YEA!

  172. LeDonna Caro says:

    I love to make cards, I make my own boxes to give them in. The maker would be awesome to use to score and cut sturdy boxes to ship my cards to people. Right now I double sometime triple pack the cards in a box so they will not get crushed. I remember my first Cricut machine( the baby bug ), I was bit hard and many years later I still drool over new machines, and cartridges. The new Anna cartridge would also be awesome to own for
    card making. I would love to win this giveaway!!! I’m sure anyone would, so good luck everyone.

  173. Shannon Morris says:

    I have literally been dreaming about making lovely projects with the new Pink Maker! I am so very excited about the scoring wheel and cannot wait to make gift boxes, cards and scrapbook pages. I have so many ideas dancing in my head and I am preparing my nest to binge watch Everything Anna on July 11th. I can hardly stand the wait it’s Anna Griffin and Cricut Christmas in July!

  174. Donna Ferguson says:

    Oh my what a gorgeous machine! The rose color would be the cherry on top of my craft room! This bundle is the ultimate with the addition of the scoring wheel and cutting blade! Also the Cartridge is on my must have list! Oh the quality crafting time I envision is endless! Your craft line is of the best quality! I am obsessed!

  175. Margi Lunn says:

    This is the best giveaway ever. Oh my goodness this new Cricut Maker is to die for!!! I almost fainted and fall off my chair when I saw your video. When you think that you have seen the perfect electronic cutting machine, BOOM!!!!! Cricut makes it better with my favorite color EVER. It’s so gorgeous. Everybody should get this machine because Cricut is the leader of not only the best electronic cutting machines in the market but also leader on innovation for all the crafter out there, making our lives simple and bringing amazing products so easy to work with that make our creative go beyond what we can imagine. What I would do with this gorgeous machine is more than my imagination. I would do wonderful scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor and my new passion Personalized T-shirts and bags with monogram and phrases. Thank you Anna for this wonderful giveaway. I’m a big fan of you, I wish one day I could meet you in person. Good luck everyone!!!!

  176. Delinda. Karnes says:

    The Criciut Maker has been on my wish list since it came out. I have had a few spinal surgeries in the past few years and now have to have both hips replaced. Long story short I can not afford a Cricuit at this time. What a wonderful gift this would be!

  177. Yvette Ordonez says:

    The rose color Maker, the new blades and the paper!! It is Christmas in July!!
    The projects are mind boggling and I think the first thing I would make are thank you cards for my good friends who helped me out when I had surgery 2 weeks ago. Then boxes and balsa wood!! So excited!!

  178. Karen Stout says:

    This machine is so incredible. Still hoping to win one for my teen daughter and I to craft with! It would be great have for us to do home craft and school project.

  179. Linda C Dedmon says:

    I am lucky – I just made Cruise Door Decorations for a family cruise for all the cruisers – Posting photos on AG FB page – “ALL” the cuts including chipboard were made on my Cricut – also all glitter letters – It is an awesome machine – I would love the new model and I would hand mine down to my awesome grand-daughter who is using my old original Cricut – “We are the CRICUT Family”

  180. Michelle Hadley says:

    Having to do everything by hand, although rewarding, takes forever. I have 6 children that keep me running. It would be wonderful to get things done quicker.

  181. Connie Ellison says:

    What a fabulous prize package! I love the color and all the Cricut Maker can do! Most of my crafting has been card making, but just imagine what I could do with the Cricut Maker! The sky’s the limit! Someone is going to be a very happy winner! I’d love it to be me. . Looking forward to July 11 and all the new shows and products.

  182. Rebecca Sikora says:

    I would love a Rose Maker! I’m excited to use the scoring wheels for boxes and rosettes. I’m also thrilled that Anna has s cartridge to use with it! I’ve been wanting the paper tricks dies, but I’d been holding off, hoping for a cartridge. Thank you!!

  183. Valerie Chmielak says:

    I am in LOVE with all the great things I could make with this machine!! As a preschool teacher, mom and crafter this is AMAZING!! I would love to make 3-d embellishments, flowers and I would love to make felt items to use in my classroom!

  184. Suravi Joshi says:

    It was such a sad day when I had to say goodbye to my cricut expression. I loved my machine. Gave me so many hours of joy creating beautiful things. To win a cricut machine will be amazing. Never had a cricut explore or any of the design space machine so it will be a learning process of trial and error. Since my son is going to high school I will have more time for myself to explore this machine. I might not do full justice to this machine since I don’t quilt or knit. That is why I was not entering this giveaway until now. But today I couldn’t help my self because I so badly want to replace my old machine to new technology. So hard to let go old beautiful things but like my husband always says you need to move on. I will make dimensionnal cards, gift box’s and scrapbooking with this machine. Thankyou for this opportunity to enter!

  185. Betty Roark says:

    Anna you have the most awesome giveaways. I would like be to watch n the Rose Cricut Maker and all the goodies with this giveaway. Thank you so much for all the crafting inspiration you share. I never made cards until I started watching you on HSN and now I have purchased many items you sell and have made beautiful cards. Of course I hoard some of the supplies so I can just look at them.

  186. Jill Aguirre says:

    Wow! what an amazing opportunity to have a chance of winning this AMAZING machine!!! With the Cricut Maker our crafting ideas are just endless!! How wonderful!! Thanks Anna!! We love what you do!!

  187. Cathy Clayton says:

    Have dreamed of having one and this one looks amazing. I would love to win this to incorporate with my other card/stamp items. The cutting and being able do it on so many different types of materials would be wonderful and to make things customized is great…..it looks simple to operate but intimidating too…

  188. Sarah Rios says:

    What an amazing opportunity to win a bundle like this! She’s a beauty & would be well put to use if I won this. Thank you for the chance to win ✨

  189. Kathy Benoit says:

    I would love to play with the Rose Cricut Maker and bundle to get a fast start on personalizing my Christmas gifts!

  190. Linda Davis says:

    Oh My Goodness! — One of my very favorites from you, Anna, has been the paper tricks embossing folders. I have always loved the depth of the projects I have made with them. To be able to do these nifty projects on the Cricut will undoubtedly be a lot of fun. I really want the Cricut Maker after seeing all the new possibilities it has to offer. My two granddaughters are coming down at the end of July to visit for a week or two, and we are planning to do scrapbooking. I purchased a couple of your album kits for them, and we are going to have a great time. I am sure the Cricut will get a workout. Last year, we did cards; but the girls are getting old enough now to enjoy using the Cricut and putting their own spin on things. I really want to get all the new blades and scoring tools, too (along with the new cartridge for the paper tricks). Oh! What fun! I am so excited about all of this…

  191. Dianne McDonald says:

    I love the new papers. The examples are beautiful. It is so hard to wait until the 11th. The Maker looks amazing and awesomely in the beautiful pink color. I would just adore winning it.

  192. joy sampson says:

    Anna! Thanks for all the inspiration re this dream machine! We thank you…can’t wait for the 11th…as always… we love you!!…Joy

  193. Penny ROSE K. says:

    Of course I want to win the ROSE Cricut!! With a name like Rose, how could it miss??? I love Cricut’s glitter and metallic paper and especially enjoy using it during the holiday season. I think that I would actually attempt (and succeed!) in making boxes and rosettes without pulling my hair out with the Cricut Maker. looking forward to the 11th…..

  194. Patricia Sugden says:

    Wow! The Cricut Maker bundle is amazing.
    So many new tools and products that make this a want by all crafters. I’m sure we are all hoping we will be selected as the winner. Would be so much fun to make so many things to share with loved ones and friends.

  195. Jessica says:

    Winning this would be such a dream come true! This machine is beautiful! I have so many design ideas that would come to life with such a multi functional tool!

  196. Cheryl Aryan says:

    I would so love to win the rose cricut maker. My patients and create many things with my explore

  197. Christy Woody says:

    So excited about the new tools coming with this awesome machine! I would make all kinds of projects out of fabric. Also I would cut ornaments out of wood and paint them and use the scoring wheels to make rosettes. Oh my the possibilities are endless!

  198. Carmen Garcia says:

    I would love to win this maker bundle. I would have so much fun with the girls at church making everything we could ever think of. Thanks so much for the chance.

  199. Terry York says:

    Wow! What an amazing bundle! My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall and I have visions of Making so many school projects with her. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  200. Diana says:

    Hi Anna, the Rose Cricut Maker is awesome looking. And with the double scoring wheel there is no end in sight for all the projects that I am planning on doing. Thanks to you and your creativity I feel like I could make anything I put my mind to.

  201. Shari Elford says:

    Whew! What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve owned every generation of Cricut since the Baby Bug!! Love my Explore air 2! I even bought a new iPad to take advantage of all cool options in Design Space!
    I’m a sewer and would LOVE to be able to cut wonderful appliqué pieces with the Maker. At first I didn’t think I needed it but yes I do! Rose Gold will be my color on the 11th (unless I am lucky enough to win it!!)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  202. Consuelo Mijares says:

    I have never tried any machine like this but I always wanted one ☝️ I want to see what kind creations come alive

  203. Karla Hermanson says:

    What a beautiful machine! The possibilities are endless! I would love to win it .. thanks!

  204. Kenna Presley says:

    What a wonderful item to share with my twin granddaughters!!! We already have lots of projects planned from creating cards for friends to Christmas designs for our family table!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  205. Aliza S says:

    This would be life changing! I’m obsessed! Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and inspiration! ♥️♥️

  206. Gabriela Aguilar says:

    Oh Gosh! I would be ecstatic if I won this amazing bundle! I’ve been waiting on the maker for this amazing version exclusively made for Anna. I love my AG products and this maker will surely hit the spot! I just love all the possibilities with all the new tools. I have a work from home invitations business and that double scoring wheel would be perfect to create flawless scoring marks. I’m always looking to make my work more professional. The scoring and pleating cartridges are always my favorite. Thank you Anna for such an amazing giveaway.

  207. Tina says:

    The rose Maker is gorgeous! It would bring endless possibilities to my crafting! Crossing my fingers!!

  208. Virginia Gilbert says:

    I just read all of the comments and can support all of their reasons as my own as well, but I would love to win the rose maker to make all of the great items on Cricut Design Space. I get excited with the designs and want to do them all. ( I would like to suggest an idea for cricut , how about a maker that can work on line or offline too just using your computer and your cartridges. Much like the expression with design studio software.)
    Thanks for all you do! Love all of your product lines.

  209. Amy Franco says:

    ***, you’re giving away THE ENTIRE BUNDLE?! That is so awesome! I would just die to win!!! Your cartridge looks so cool and so cute! And to have the Cricut Maker in rose with the scoring tools – WOW that would be like a dream come true. I’ll be scoring everything in site! No sheet of paper, chipboard or material will be safe in my house. #truestorybro

  210. Zee Zee says:

    WOW! What a spectacular machine and generous giveaway!!

    Until recently, I was out of a job for a year, needless to say, funds are tight; however, I am saving to purchase one.

    My sister-in-law and I will be vendors at our 1st craft fair in October. If I were to be so lucky as to win this incredible machine, I would be able to create and make more than cards to sell at the craft fair.

    Anna, I love your products, and can’t wait to show the cards I made with your card kits at the craft fair and look forward to watching your HSN Product Preview on July 11.

    Wishing you a fantastic Product Preview and many blessings,

    Zee Zee

  211. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    Wow so many great responses on this blog! When I upgraded to the Air2, I gave my cartridges and the machine to a friend who couldn’t afford one. If I were to be chosen I’d do the same with my Air2! Congratulations to whomever wins!

  212. JoAnn Williams says:

    It’s the biggest craft wish I have is to own a Cricut. Just this week I have been trying to figure out how to make Decendants party decorations for my granddaughter ‘S 8th Birthday with my Cuttlebug. I need apples, crowns and a banner with her name on it. I would be so graftful to win the aRose Cruitcut! It would be useful fo my grandson,S BD in Oct.

  213. Valerie Lopez says:

    I would love to win the rose maker. I have a air 2 but would love the maker to be able to use the knife Blade. Fingers crossed. Hope I win. Thanks for this amazing giveaway

  214. Michele says:

    I’ve been a huge Cricut fan since I preordered the first one before it was even in production. The Cricut has sure come a long way since then!! This would make some stunning Anna scrapbook pages! I’ve loved Anna forever. I’ve been a scrapbooker for 21 years now and my favorite pages are always the ones that are made with Anna’s products!

  215. Dennise R says:

    I love my maker, but it would be awesome to have a second one! I am looking forward to doing a lot of wood and heavy chipboard projects. I love all the new tools and can’t wait to get my hands on them. Having an extra maker would make short work out of more production of projects! That new double scoring tool will be a big help in creating boxes too.

  216. Pamela Dion says:

    Hi Anna, I would LOVE to win the Cricut Maker. I am a Cricut girl since the day of the Baby Bug. I currently have two Cricut Expressions and would totally love to upgrade. Cricut is my machine of choice over all others. I would use this machine to help my daughter who is a teacher for special needs kindergarten children. Thank you for this awesome giveaway opportunity.

  217. Lora Goodrich says:

    Hi Anna,
    The new rose color is awesome! It would look beautiful in my newly painted and organized craft studio! I have been eying all of the new crafts on the Cricut design space and there are many projects I would love to try!

    I also live close to Disney World and as a Disney fan I would love to add some of my favorite Pinterest projects into the mix (t-shirts, home decor, And even Mickey ears!)

    I also have your paper tricks embossing folders and love the rosettes/pinwheels. But unfortunately they are only one size fits all! So I would love to adjust the sizes with your new digital designed content to fit my project!

    I have a ton of your metal dies and would love to see more of them available digitally in design space. Your designs are beautiful and Cricut makes it easy to have one machine do it all!

    Thanks for bringing all of you wonderful designs and know how to us!

  218. Miriam smith says:

    I would love to win this maker, and my first project will be to make Christmas cards in July

  219. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    I love to make cards and would like to try to make other things that can be done with the Cricut Maker.

  220. Linda reynolds says:

    Anna Thanks for a chance to win the Rose Cricut maker, I would use this to make things for my Sunday school class. the possibilities are endless with Anna Griffin Ideas.

  221. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    I would love to win the Rose Cricut Maker bundle to be able to make things for my family, especially for my grandchildren. I love to make cards and would like to try to make other things that can be done with the Maker.

  222. Mary Hanke says:

    2195 – MY LUCKY NUMBER????

    Would love to have a POSE Cricut Maker to call my very own. My Cricut Explore is well used but would happily donate to a worthy cause to make room for MAKER!!

  223. Dianne Carless says:

    I would love to upgrade from my Expression to a maker, especially a pink one. I love it. It would be so exciting to try the knife blade.

  224. Lee Grace Goberville says:

    Oh Anna, for sure The Maker would be excellent to use for my daughter-in-law’s Pre-K blended classroom!!! She has her master’s degree and with having existing school loans, unfortunately, like most of her peers,The Maker is not within her budget.

  225. bridget says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to win this beautiful rose cricut machine! Lots of endless possibilities to papercraft even more beautiful designs for my cards and craft projects! Thank you so much Anna!!

  226. JoAnne says:

    I would love to win this! I’m still using an Expressions machine so I won’t be able to use any of the new cartridges.Being retired, a new Cricut just isn’t in my budget. Fingers crossed!!!

  227. Natasha Curry says:

    This would be lovely to win for this 5th grade teacher to help decorate her classroom this fall!‍♀️ I will be tuning into HSN all day in the 11th to discover new crafting ideas.

  228. Jodie says:

    Our oldest daughter just had twin girls, our youngest is getting married in September, and our middle daughter is expecting her fifth in November. Between all of us, I see a lot of use making baby identifiers, nursery items, wedding items, cards, quilts and on and on. I may have to put a time limit on the creativity, though, to let the Maker cool down. :>) Fingers crossed…Thank you for your kindness and beauty.

  229. Kathy Scharfenstein says:

    Hi. Anna, I have a Cricut Create and i sure would love it if you would upgrade me to the MAKER because I am Maker!! All of the wonderful things I could create!!!!!

  230. Victoria Figueroa says:

    This is a chance to make things I never thought I could. I would make boxes and all kinds of flowers out of the beautiful papers. I can’t even imagine all the endless possibilities of beautiful projects. Thank you.

  231. Sue Lawson says:

    Excited? It’s more invigorating than a coffee maker, more fashionable than a latte maker, more versatile than a pizza maker, more intixucating than a Bourbon. This is the maker we really want!

  232. Amy Ritt says:

    I would be so grateful to win this maker package. The things I could make with are just endless. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this. I just love all of your products!!!!!!

  233. Sandra Short says:

    What a wonderful prize! I think I would really enjoy making rosettes and so many other lovely things. Thanks for the opportunity!

  234. Dorene B. says:

    Anna your generousity is amazing and your creativity is an inspiration! I would feel honored if I were lucky enough to win this incredible prize package. My son is getting married soon and the Cricut maker would allow me to create many beautiful things for the event. Thank you for all of the wonderful products you bring us and for the chance to win such great prizes.

  235. Shay Thelen says:

    I cannot wait! I was so excited that I waited to get a Maker, this pink is so me! I cannot wait to make signs, puzzles and boxes. The scoring tools look so cool! I cannot wait to try them. I have the 11th marked on my calendar.

  236. tammy irvin says:

    you and cricut have outdone yourselves ❤️ the rose maker is beautiful and all the tools are amazing!! all the paper is beautiful and the tricks content makes the once difficult effortless….thank you for the opportunity to win❤️

  237. Catherine Slay says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Maker. I’m really excited about the new digital cartridge that goes with the scoring tool and I just found out that you can’t use it on the older machines…so, I will wait until the opportunity to get a new Maker comes along. Thank you for the chance to win your wonderful products. It is always exciting to enter, hold your breath and see if your name appears. Even when it doesn’t there if the fun of the anticipation! You are the best!

  238. Sharon Alvis says:

    Roses and Crafts…..What a Perfect Combination!!!!! And winning a Rose Maker would make my crafting time much more productive!!!!!

  239. Michele McCaffrey says:

    I would love to win the new maker and bundle. We have the very original Cricut and we have had loads of fun with it. Now we have new babies being born into the family and would love to do updates projects with fabrics and chipboard. My 12 year old daughter is now learning and loving the original Cricut and it would be great to learn the new together

  240. Nancy Brown says:

    There are so many things I could do with that scoring wheel, I’m leaving a comment to win, but I’m really not hopeful, because I haven’t won anything since I won my husband 54 years ago LOL

  241. Bonnie Pleune says:

    Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to have the chance to win this beautiful machine! My daughter is getting married next year and I would love to be able to make everything from invites to wedding decorations! Anna, your creativity is beyond unbelievable! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for offering this!

  242. Carlota Ewig says:

    Winning this would be wonderful. Not able to afford on my own at this time. Love the glitter paper and accessories.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  243. Judith Rogers says:

    I would so love to win this digital Cricut, especially in rose. I spend part of every day making cards and working on multiple scrapbooks for my family and friends.

  244. Judith Rogers says:

    WOW I have a very early model of the Cricut. I would so love to have this digital version, especially in rose. I spend part of every day making cards and working on my many scrapbooking albums I continually make for members of my family and friends. It is my love. I get so excited when I see new supplies and new paper and new embellishments. It would be so cool to win.

  245. Lee Renee Musgjerd says:

    I would love to win this awesome bundle! I have a Preschool and daycare and this would help so much with projects and decorations! All these tools that come with it make every project possible!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize package!

  246. Linda Burtoft says:

    I enjoy making Anna Griffin cards. This Cricut maker enables me to do so much more with my card designs.

  247. Gerry Wolfe says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait for the new scoring tool. I create a lot of boxes, cards, pinwheels & home decor projects. The new Anna cartridge is a great idea.

  248. Terry Lubinski says:

    Well, I can never really depend on being lucky, so let’s say that I shall remain hopeful because after all, what is life without hope? And here’s to wishing everyone else some luck too! And thank you for bringing fun to everyone’s day Anna!

  249. Leonor says:

    I would love ❤️ to win this maker. I can expand my little craft business and teach others how wonderful the Cricut is!

  250. Glenda's Cards says:

    I would love to win the pretty Rose Maker and the wonderful bundle. Of course, first thing I would try are your images from the cartridge! Love all your Cricut images! Thank you for the chance to win a fabulous bundle!

    Glenda’s Cards

  251. Dianna Hill says:

    I would love to win the rose cricut bundle. I am sure my daughters and granddaughters would enjoy playing and learning new crafts as would I. Thanks for giving this awesome bundle of goodies.

  252. Denise Turner says:

    This is a dream machine for working with textiles and paper! I would love to have this machine to help me with my sewing and crafting!!!

  253. Caroline Knauth says:

    Winning this Maker will be a heaven sent dream come true. So many wonderful AG projects to fill my life and others!

  254. Kathy M says:

    I would love to win this amazing device. It does even more than my original Cricut which I already love but that is on its last leg.

  255. Robin Scarbrough says:

    Anna, I am a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE and I need the maker so I can make custom T-shirt’s with all your beautiful new fabrics and now HTV!! Girl you are blowing my mind with your new products! Rose is beautiful and I have the perfect spot for her next to Goldie….(that’s my Anna Griffin Air 2).

    From the bottom of my ❤️, thank you for all you FABULOUS products and for your generosity! You are truly an extraordinary and beautiful person!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  256. Jessica Shaw says:

    Thank you for the chance to win that beautiful maker if I won I would gift it to my daughter for her birthday she really would love one especially yours she loves you to start crafting away! She will be 17!!

  257. Heidi Varden says:

    Thank you anna i can see all of your beautiful products selling out as soon as they are available on hsn. This is a beautiful bundle who can choose just one thing to love!

  258. Vicky Michot says:

    Wow! I would love to win this new maker bundle! Such a beautiful rose color. Would look so beautiful in my craft room on the desk under the giant Anna Griffin Flowers and rosettes hanging on my wall :). Good luck on the 11th! its sure to be an amazing day!!

  259. Sue Kaminske says:

    I thought I didn’t need a Maker but the more I see it it seem I DO NEED ONE!! I am teaching 2 grand daughters to sew and this is another way for them to cut fabric and not cut their fingers and learn to make cards in the mix too! There is so many things I would like to teach them with with the maker! They lost their Grandma a few yrs ago and she taught them how to decorate cakes and bake them I want to do that too with sewing and crafting! I would have so much fun being with them and learning what I do too! Thanks for giving us another chance to WIN the maker! 🙂

  260. Karin says:

    What would I make with this machine? It would be easier to list what I wouldn’t make. I would love to win this maker and find out. Thank you for the chance.

  261. Tina Davis says:

    I do a variety of crafts. I believe this “Maker” can make about anything. I would love to win…..i mean….who wouldn’t. I would definitely put it to great use in all of my crafts. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good luck to everyone.

  262. Christine Behe says:

    This machine far surpasses the other Cricut machines in my estimation. Oh, the possibilities that this Cricut Maker can do! A crafter’s dream come true! Good luck, everyone!

  263. Peggy Marcketta says:

    Oh my goodness! The possibilities of beautiful things to make are endless! Do I need another machine? Absolutely!

  264. Carol Ouellette says:

    Dear Anna was so thrilled after I first saw the preview video it was impossible for me to leave a message. But am back today, cannot pass up an opportunity to win this wonderful bundle! The rose Cricut Maker is so beautiful then add the Tool System…oh my. Really am excited about using the scoring wheels it will speed up my crafting. Love to make cards that I have added pages to like a book for those in nursing homes, going away (moving), retirement, in that way all their friends can let them know how much they are loved and are missed. Many of the children make pictures on their page. Then I make beautiful boxes to put them in soon to be made with the Scoring Wheels Material Bundle then
    decorated with embellishments from Anna’s Scoring Wheels Tricks. They are a delight to give and the receivers are thrilled. Being a crafter of all types of projects this Maker will be used often. To the delight of my husband who loves to see my cheeks rosy with excitement along with the “Beautiful in the Making” projects I am and will continue to make.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle.

  265. Kayla Norris says:

    Some flowers for my daughters room and something for our soon to be new baby boy nursery.

  266. Marlene Iacuzzi says:


  267. Laverne O. says:

    I love craft dies and don’t have a cricut maker. I would make a valence for my new craft space window, Xmas presents for family and friends…I’m sure I’ll think of other things to do with it. This is a fabulous gift package!

  268. Gina Kinde says:

    Anna this cricut is amazing and I love it. I love the rose gold color. I still am using the very first cricut machine ever made and if i won this beautiful new machine *** my family would not see me for a month at least cause I would be in my craft room creating away making all the beautiful projects I see every one make that I dont have access to. It would make me so very happy to win this machine I would send you pictures of all my new projects everyday.LOL

  269. Anita Barton-Schmidt says:

    I love reading what everyone writes. You all are so creative. I am deep into a big move so I will have to get my craft space up and working again, but when I do, I really hope a Cricut Maker will be part of my equipment.
    Thank you, Anna, for inspiring us and keeping us motivated.

  270. Michelle Weaver says:

    I am excited to try this machine! I have been wanting one for a while. I would make lots of things for my kids! And with my kids! Sounds so fun!

  271. Beth Stevens says:

    It would be so kool to win a maker! I would make all kinds of things- endless possibilities. I would use it to help make decorations for my niece’s wedding.

  272. Bonita M says:

    I love the rose color, it’s gorgeous! I would make gift bags and boxes, cards and party decor, birthday and Christmas gifts…..you name it! So many possibilities.

  273. Darlene Bergeron says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I really love the scoring tool and the new paper tricks cartridge. I really love fiddling with the paper tricks: especially the rosetts and I seem to make them the most. Outstanding.

  274. Hannah Lampe says:

    I would love to win this Pretty Rose Maker. I would like to make 3 D projects with thicker materials, like chipboard,and balsa wood. I would also like to try cutting felt with the rotary blade to make little felt plush dolls. I would like to create fabric to create outfits for Cricut paper dolls, and Teddy Bears on Parade Cricut cartridges. Love to try the scoring wheel and Anna’s digital Cricut cartridge.

  275. Sandra Lugo says:

    Hi Anna
    ***! I’m super excited
    The question is what wouldn’t I make…lol
    Home decorations, party decorations, gifts for love ones, cards scrapbooking pages etc etc….good luck to everyone
    Happy 4th of July

  276. Mildred Hoffman says:

    Would love to get a Cricut Maker – especially in the Rose color (love, love, love the color). I would make gifts (scrapbook albums) and boxes to put them in. The Cricut Maker with all those amazing adaptive tools would be a tremendous help with making all the embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing package.

  277. Kimber Pemrich says:

    It would be super to win the cricut and all those wonderful goodies! I have always wanted one to make special designs for my family and friends. We have an old RV that I am renovating and I could do so many cute decals photos ad sayings to spiffy it right up.

  278. Sandia Ruiz says:

    Oh my. My son and his girlfriend want to get married next year. I could make the most wonderful decorations for the bridal shower and wedding invitations.

  279. Sharon Weinreb says:

    I have a long list of projects I’d love to create with the Cricut Maker, starting with quilts for the twins and wall decor for their room. There is no limit to the capability of this machine. Winning the beautiful Rose Cricut Maker with the entire adaptive tool system would be a dream come true. Loving the material bundle and the new scoring cartridge. Such fantastic projects!!! Thank you for allowing me to enter. <3

  280. Terri Holly says:

    All of your items are fantastic! I’m sure these new images will be too! Can’t wait for the scoring wheels!

  281. Judy Christopher says:

    While I already use my Cricut Explore for so many wonderful things such as my cards, scrapbooking, and clothing with iron-on designs, I would love to have the Cricut Maker for making American Girl doll clothes for my granddaughter. It’s very difficult to cut small things these days as I have some arthritis in my fingers and hands and I’d love to try some of the patterns with a Cricut Maker.

  282. Mehvish Khan says:

    I could use this in so many ways! It would help me make greeting cards, cut stickers, make die cuts, help me with fabric projects. Would love to win, thank you!

  283. Lisa F. says:

    I would love to get my hands on that beautiful pink machine. I can see me spending hours in my craft room making endless projects. Thank you.

  284. Michele Morey says:

    I would love to use a maker to continue challenging myself to do some new paper crafts

  285. Phyllis Ghita says:

    Thanks for all your creative inspiration. Would love to get a Cricut Maker. Would be able to make the most amazing projects. Love the new double scoring wheel. Awesome designs.

  286. Gloria Prillaman says:

    Hello Anna! I don’t know what happened, but my post disappeared! I would definitely love to win the new Rose Cricuit Maker as I have never even used a Cricuit! It may too complicated for me, though, but it would be nice to have the chance, anyway. I would continue to make cards, but I would venture out & try something new. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  287. Marian Alleva says:

    I’d love to win this awesome prize. I’m looking forward to adding wood lettering to my awesome banners and so much more!

  288. Sandy Prosen says:

    I cannot imagine what it would be like to own a maker. I have been wishing for it since it came out! I would create so much more with my sewing machine. I would especially love to cut unique things such as leather and make gift boxes. Rose gold is my favorite! Thanks for letting me enter.

  289. Megan booth says:

    I would make so much! Shirts for my kids and nieces and nephews. Doll clothes,Barbie clothes,purses the possibilities are endless.

  290. Melinda McKenna says:

    I would make cards for the children and families that have children in the hospital to get their spirits up and to show them somewhere someone else is praying for their precious babies and put a smile on their faces and I would be doing this with my children and sister and her children! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  291. Angela Kern says:

    I would love to win one. I always wanted to make a special scrapbook for my daughter that was stillborn. I keep all her pictures in a shoebox until I can find just the right way to honor her memory and display them. This would be perfect!!!!!

  292. Linda Valoy says:

    I am excited that someone out there in Annaland is going to get the chance to win a Cricut maker. With all of it’s beauty, imagination and possibilities you will make someone very happy. Would love to start making Christmas ornaments for my tree and use the paper tricks cartridge.

  293. Debbie Brazell says:

    I would love to win the maker. I would start with some fabric projects then I would like to use the new scoring wheels to make some boxes. I love my explore, but this would open up more flexibility for me.

  294. Carol A. says:

    Oh my goodness, Anna you are a very generous and kind person! What a give-a-way and it’s the 2nd one…. As I indicated before I would make a quilt in honor of my mother who passed away just as she was learning to quilt. With this machine I would figure a way to do cloth rosettes to put on that quilt. I love the scoring tools!!! And I wouldn’t have to completely do the math. I know the Cricut Maker will do that and more. I would love to win this bundle so I could get to that quilt my mother started!

  295. Deborah Cariker says:

    I love this giveaway. I would make flowers with it and all kinds of party goodies! Rosettes, etc.

  296. Elizabeth Greenwood says:

    Would use it to make wood Xmas ornaments for bible school, disabled vets & children to paint. Did so many years ago but am unable to cut because of MS. Looking forward to July 11 on HSN. Thank you so much for all your wonderful products and the chance to win.

  297. Robin in Washington says:

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Would love to win this bundle
    From you!!!!

    Happy 4th of July Anna!
    See you on HSN….

  298. Jessica Duis says:

    I am so excited! I would love to make wedding invitations for my wedding 6/21/2019, thank you for the chance!

  299. Carol Pope says:

    I would be so blessed if I was able to win this rose maker. I am a quilter, love scrape booking, love to making jewelry, it would be fun making decorations for holidays and birthdays, but What I really love is making cards for my prayer ministry at our church., and lastly would love to make things that I could sew up and use for everyday things such as purses and totes. I love all things Anna. Have followed her for years. The list is endless what could be done having the maker.Thanks for my chance to win.

  300. Joanna Hupp says:

    Anna, I would love to win the cricket maker. I am hosting a Harry Potter themed party for my son’s birthday in the fall. I would love to do all the book quotes and framed artwork around my house plus the invitations and all the labels for the treats and apothecary jars. I also think I could make a stuffed owl and I’d like to make T-shirts for all the kids . In addition to the party I have planned, I would regularly make rosettes and banners and wall art with vinyl and would like to be able to make onesies for my friends baby showers. Thank you for being so generous and amazingly creative. Love, Joanna

  301. Susan Baker says:

    What a great giveaway!! I have just purchased some Anna Griffin card making kits but really would like to be able to make cards with the Cricut Maker. I am a quilter and the fabric cutting feature of the Cricut Maker is genius!! I have my own business and am hoping to create some messages for my store front window using the Cricut Window Cling. The possibilities go on and on!! Would love to win this giveaway!

  302. Kimberley Ann Cook says:

    I love all o f the folds that you can do with this. That dress fold is awesome!

  303. Sovanny says:

    I seriously love, love, love this! If I win, I would spend days crafting and working on my scrapbook! Loving the look and all the extra goodies!

  304. Millicent Lombardi says:

    I love this new cricut maker. And the Rose color is great. I would love to make Rosettes and boxes with it. It would be amazing to win.
    Thank You

  305. La-Vie Borde-Perry says:

    This is awesome! Rose is my fav color!! It would be a dream to win a Cricut maker. I am all into making the tees with cute vinyl sayings and having the Cricut maker would make it easy and more efficient than the Brother machine I use now.

  306. GrannyD says:

    How excited am I, I do not have one at all, I use a Cuttlebug period! I would open the manual and start on the index marked “A” and then got to “B” until I finished doing everything I could find….look for inspiration and go for it. I really need to come up into this century…HeLP

  307. Lisa Reid says:

    Party planning is my favorite hobby so I would love to have this to help make decorations for every family gathering and holiday! How fun would it be to have something that can do it all and you don’t have to buy decorations from the store!

  308. Nancy Paulin says:

    I just love the Cricut Maker in Rose gold. My first project is going to be rosettes for my craft room wall.

  309. Melissa Culbertson says:

    This would be an AMAZING bundle to win! I don’t know what I’d make first! I think I would like to work on my sewing skills and try some fabric projects.

  310. Shirley Markuson says:

    Fantastic bundle to win and use to make beautiful cards, bucket lights and many more things.

  311. Jenna White says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker for my son’s and daughter inlaws wedding shower to make invitations and decorations for the partys coming up .

  312. Marsa Vincent says:

    I would make Quilt templates plus great cards or billboards. I have never owned one but used a smaller version from my daughter in law was the most fun and amazing item and have wanted one of my own !!!!

  313. Ernestina Rodriguez says:

    Wow !!!! The possibilities are endless on what you can make with this machine!!!

  314. Laurie Kramer says:

    I have never used one of these, so I would love to find a hobby and this looks so fun!!

  315. Linda Scott says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin and would love to win. I would use the machine on many projects cards, scrapbooking, party favors and to help my daughter with her art projects. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win!

  316. Alice castillo says:

    If I were to win this, I would make gift boxes and treat bags for my homemade goodies to give away!!!

  317. Judy Judy says:

    I have the first cricut and on my second expression. When the explorer came out I didn’t want to have be hooked up to the internet to use it. Now the only way to get new cartridges is digital so I have no choice and can see getting the Explorer Airs. I have cartridges that won’t load on my gypsy so I can do a lot with the new cartridges I have purchased. I love doing all kinds of paper project but am getting so limited now. It is going to be so hard saving up for the new maker. So much more then the other machines but I understand it is totally worth the cost.

  318. cathe green says:

    I love the new folded items you can make!!! I’m going to make some great special Christmas picture frames for everyone if I win it. How fantastic <3 Thanks for the chance!!!

  319. Angela says:

    I am incredibly excited about the new Maker! I love the color! I have been a long time scrapbooker/card maker. I just started sewing so the possibilities that the Cricut Maker offers is incredible to me! Crafting is a way to wind down and find a sense of peace in my life. I am so grateful to have that. Your products are beautiful and I use them everyday!

  320. Edwina Johnson says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you to Anna and Cricut for all of their generosity. I am beyond excited for July 11th. I hope you all a safe and happy 4th of July.

  321. Debra Neisen says:

    Wow. The Maker would be the ultimate. I would love to win this to use for so many projects – sewing, mini albums, cards, scrapbooking. The sky is the limit with this.

  322. Nancy Patterson says:

    How excited??? Over the moon and then some! A lifetime of specialness to make and share, please pick my name!

  323. Beth in Georgia says:

    What wouldn’t I make should be the question. I would make anything my little heart desired because it seems like the Maker can do it all!!!!!

  324. Johna says:

    Wow! The scoring wheel and digital cartridge are wonderful. So many beautiful things to create. Go Anna!

  325. Sandy Hanson says:

    the Cricut Maker looks like a fantastic machine. I only wish my budget allowed me to get it.

  326. Leah Schoen says:

    I would die if I won all of that. My parties would be out of control decorated to the nines! You are so generous, Anna. Thank you! Just WOW to all of it!

  327. Pj Ballew says:

    For a free Maker, I would give Cricut another chance. I feel disappointed with the Gypsy and the Imagine. I loved the Gypsy until the day I got the blue light of death and lost all my cartridges. Since they were linked with no way to unlink I have kept using my old Expression. I make most of my Christmas cards.

  328. Lori Miko says:

    Oh wow oh the things that I would make with the Cricut Maker and the scoring blade and the Anna Griffin Scoring Tricks Cartridge! Boxes and borders and flowers, oh my! Rosettes and BIG flowers and more rosettes! And then all the fabric projects and the quilt from my Grandma, and the leather projects with the knife blade. All of the puzzles with Kitty Kats on them! The possibilities are endless! Thank you for the opportunity to win and all the wonderful and fantastic New stuff! My craft room and I cannot wait to get started! Thank you again!

  329. Candyce Bright says:

    Thank you for another chance to win this awesome prize. I don’t have a Cricut machine or any electronic cutter. This machine will allow me to do all the things (faster & easier) I have been doing by hand or begging my friends to cut for me. I will be putting rosettes, etc. on everything! I will be doing all the things I have dreamed of that everyone else has been doing with their machines. Thank you again for the opportunity.

  330. Teresa Trump says:

    If I won, I would use the Cricut Maker to cut quilt pieces for exact duplicate cutting, as well as 3D embellishments scouring and cutting for my card making and mixed media.

  331. Katie King says:

    Hi Anna, My granddaughters love to craft with me. I have the Cricut Maker and Anna Griffin Cricut Explore Air 2. We love your paper! We cut out vinyl with the Cricut when they came to visit. I would love to win the Cricut Maker for them. Crafting and baking with my grandchildren is so… much fun! I helped a friend from church cut out vinyl. She has a Cricut but she didn’t use it much. She made some really awesome shirts for girls camp. She is using her Cricut now and has purchased an Easy Press. Thanks for all you and HSN do for the crafting community! OXOXOX

  332. Kaylene Nerby Calkins says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win the rose Cricuit Maker. But please pick me!

  333. Barbara Tyler says:

    I love my Cricut and would love to upgrade to the Maker. I just retired and have so much scrapbooking to catch up on. The cartridge would be great to get to add a little more bazazz to your already great cards.

  334. Jackie O says:

    I have been a fan of yours for twenty plus years. I even carried your early and beautiful products in my store when you were just starting out. I still admire everything you do and your so inspiring. I’ll be faithfully watching on the 11th and would love to win a maker!

  335. Joan Loomis says:

    Would so love to make new things that can’t be done on the Explore! I keep being told what a great machine this is.

  336. Judy Fagotti says:

    What an amazing Cricut! I’m redocirating my home right now and can envision lots of beautiful things from wall art to pillows, serving pieces and glass decorations, floral arrangements & shadow box 3D displays, gift cards & bag decorations plus a house full of seasonal decorations to celebrate good times with my family. Wow, the list can go on and on! This rose colored gem would certainly be cherished!

  337. Kathleen Jimenez says:

    You know Anna,
    I have been using the Cricut Expression since it came out. I was familiar with. I was thinking that the new Cricut was going to be just to hard to learn. You make it look so easy and the new digital cartridges are so amazing. Its time for me to move up and be bold. You make me bold!

  338. Kathy Adamski says:

    I miss my grandchildren so much, we moved out of state from them, and I always love sending them their gifts in special packaging, they can’t wait to receive them and see what I’ve done. I would so love to receive this Rose Cricut to expand all possibilities of creating new items for them.

  339. Pam Sawyer says:

    I would make my Christmas gifts and the boxes to put them in!! No gift bags this year!!

  340. Brenda Woods says:

    WOW!!! That is all I can say about everything Anna provides to the craft world. Love, love, love my Anna. I would love to win all of this.

  341. Denise Everett says:

    Oh, wow! A rose circuit maker and new scoring wheel products would be awesome to win! I could make so many new things!
    I’d like to make the projects in Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks. The projects shown here look amazing!

  342. Marilee says:

    The cricut maker sounds amazing, does so many wonderful things! It would be so much fun to work with this machine! Anna you are so inspiring, love everything you do!

  343. MaryBeth says:

    I am so looking forward to the new score tools. I have last years Cricut cartridge of tree decorations (and hope to get the new cartridge for Paper Tricks). I think the new tool will make the scoring so much deeper with the heavy weight cardstock, etc.

  344. Crystal Wooten Thornburg Rd Colony Cats says:

    I know this gets old saying but it’s true. I’ve been wanting the maker since it aired on HSN. I’m still using imagine. I need and want so going to cross all my little paws. If I win Rose Cricut Maker I will Make Pretty Adoption EVENT Flyers, Banners with Rosettes And Kitty photos attached to the banners to draw more attention over to the kitties at the side of the store. The kittens were born to a Feral mom and Found under shed. These babies would be presented for adoption on the banners I would make with Cricut maker.

    Thank you Anna for another chance to win I try to enter everyone but the competition gets to me and I have to step away for awhile then try again. I so hope this is finally my lucky day. Thanks to Cricut also for giveaway. Ps hope there’s no typos I’ve been without sleep for 48 hrs trapping homeless cats for rescue. I can’t see because I’m so sleepy.

  345. Kalani says:

    This Maker bundle looks fabulous! I love making things for my kid’s parties- so many new things to try!!

  346. Carolyn says:

    So excited to learn how to use the cricut maker!! I cant wait to learn to make all the different flowers to start with. Endless creations!! To win one would be more than awesome!!

  347. Sandy Morgan says:

    I luv everything! I have the original paper tricks folders and would love to have the digital version. I’m very excited about the rose gold maker. It matches my craft room ( and everything I have is pink anyway) I can’t wait to start creating with it.

  348. Tracy Zeltman says:

    I would love exploring labels, titles, and banners to make for the holidays and my classroom. I only wish there was a math symbol cartridge.

  349. Joyce Quinn says:

    I can’t believe that a Cricut Maker could be mine. My mother, Eleanor Rose, god rest her, was my true inspiration. She would have been so happy to see me using your papers and tools. She was old school and I love using your Eleanor paper with her photos. Thank you Anna!!

  350. Teresa Chamberlain says:

    I would LOVE to win this bundle! I have 5 granddaughters who love to craft with me and they would squeal with delight getting this bundle to try new things to make, well all the things girls love to make! LOL!

  351. Linda Ortman says:

    Just applied for my tax license. I’m wanting to take my crafting to a whole new level and the maker would be a major help! Can’t wait till the 11th.

  352. Pam D says:

    What would I make, hmmmmm? The sky’s the limit, but I’d have to try those boxes and rosettes, especially if it scores it too. I’d love to see what’s on the new cartridge.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  353. Ann Cassen says:

    Wow, another chance! I would love to make some of the pop up cards that you show. I don’t currently have a Cricket, but I know I would have so much fun!

  354. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Co!

    Congrats to last weeks winners! Post photos of your wonderful projects created with your new Cricut Maker!!!

    I’m definitely enjoying all the previews Anna and I appreciate the time and thought you put into each one!

    I think I would like to try cutting fabric using the new Cricut Maker. The possibilities seem endless! From leather, velum, fabric and everything in-between!

    Cricut chose the perfect person to demonstrate the possibilities of their new Maker!

    See you on July 11th!

  355. Renee R says:

    Just ❤️ Love everything you are bringing on July 11th. What will I be making with a Maker? All of the table decorations for my nephew’s wedding! I have chosen a beautiful gazebo to make that requires a lot of intricate cutting and just know the Maker can handle it!

  356. Irene says:

    I do think, I’m not only one whom would like to the luckiest person in this, community. The beautiful papers, by it self already exciting. Those extra scoring tools, will have amazing use, not only on folding unique cards, but creating your own boxes and envelops.
    You can allow your self to dream, dream big and make it happen!
    Aren’t we lucky already? Having Anna for All of Us, who had the first steps to pull this many people together! Thank you, Anna! We are Blessed!

  357. Karen Tapparo says:

    I love the new products! A new Cricut is on my wish list! Taking the day off on Wednesday to watch all the new stuff!

  358. Connie Willeke says:

    What will I make with my new Cricut Maker??? ANYTHING I want! I have a lot of paper that needs cutting!

  359. Jeanie Allard says:

    Love the idea of using all the new tools available for the Maker. I love to make 3D paper crafts, but the scoring on the Cricut has been very light and often needed to hand score after the Cricut. How I would love to win this package.

  360. Claudia S says:

    I am so looking forward to the July 11th show that I can’t hardly contain myself. I am new to crafting but I feel as if crafting is in my blood. My “educational” background is in business, but for years I have been feeling like something is missing. Since becoming a wife and a mother in the last 3 years, I have explored more into paper crafting, photography and just creating visual art. I love using my hands and over the past month I have been exploring the Cricut brand which led me to you, Anna Griffin. Your work just reminds me of who I truly am and brings back the memories of my grandmother teaching me about what a Southern Belle really is. I look forward to learning so much from you in the near future and definitely can see why this beautiful Critcut Maker in rose would be an essential piece.

  361. Deborah Scott says:

    Anna, I gave up my job as a nurse 15 years ago because of a disabling disease MS. Most nurses share such compassion for their patients. Since I could no longer enjoy my 1st love of nursing; I began crafting to bring joy to others without family, or friends. It has kept me focused on what I love to do by helping others. I have the Cricut explore 2 air and use it but have wanted a Cricut Maker since I first seen one. The possibilities or endless in my mind. Making crafts for babies, children and the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes would bring such joy to this old nurses heart. Thank you for all you teach us with all your ideas. God bless! Deborah

  362. Vicki Stubbs says:

    Winning this bundle would be amazing! My mom loves Anna and has introduced me to all the amazing papercrafting there is! I could totally use the new Cricut to cut and make beautiful decorations in foil for my college appartment, or cut posterboard for presentations!

  363. Davina says:

    My favorite color is pink!! This is such a pretty cricut. I would love to win it.
    I make all my cards and scrapbooking with cricut. Holiday decor too. Even decorations for work. Would love to try quilting and sewing projects with this.
    Thank you Anna for the chance.
    Take Care ❤️

  364. Dar Paul says:

    The possibilities are endless. Being able to go to my craft room to create I donmostly for others. To have a Cricut Maker would expand what I already do now for others. My current project is working on the ribbon for the memory wreath for my friend who lost her aunt. Crafting is my escape. To get away and not have to think about my recent diagnosis. I love what I do.

  365. Kathleen Anastos says:

    I would love the maker! I would make a memory quilt. My nieces wedding decorations and floral bouquets.

  366. Linda McFadden says:

    So pretty! And so generous to offer another Maker with materials. Would love to win. Good luck on the 11th!

  367. Darby Hendley says:

    I love all your products they are amazing. I wish I had one of everything. I would love to win. If I won I would love to start making Bible covers and dolls to send over in operation shoeboxes for the less fortunate. Thank you for being so generous and allowing us all an opportunity to win.

  368. Jeorgette Perry says:

    Truth is that I’d love to win this for my sister. She has her own costume business called Sew Let’s Play. As a mother of 3 and someone who loves everything about sewing but the measuring and cutting out of the pattern & fabric, the Maker was *made* for her! I would love to make this my Christmas present to her and really help her business to start growing (she just doesn’t have the time with those 3 little ones asking for all of it). Her best selling item are these little attachables that people can put on their baby’s feet to make them look like they’re shoes. They’re so cute! And rose/pink is her favorite color. Anna, giving her this gift would endear me and you to her forever. Thank you so much for the chance to win this bundle.

  369. Barbara Carlson says:

    Wow I finally got to the end of the list so I can enter! Here is hoping for a win! Love your things!

  370. Lisa Tingley-Hock says:

    I would love to win the Rose Cricut Maker. I just started so I’m a Newbie and I have a Cricut Explore and I like it but I was trying to do one of the Cricut access projects and it requires a rotary blade I didn’t know that I can’t get one for the Cricut I have so basically most of the crafts I want to do I’m not going to be able to or I’m going to have to find a different way.

  371. Catherine Slay says:

    Fingers crossed…I would love to win the new rose Cricut Maker. I’m so excited about the scoring wheel. I have been making rosettes for a library project and the scoring by hand is tiring. This would be awesome! There are so many things we could do with the Maker in our library.

  372. Karen Mills says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker, no matter the color!!! I have the Cricut Air, but the Maker is so advance and the possiblities seem endless. Anna all of your products are timeless, I’m have only scratch the surface of all that you have to offer any crafter whether a beginner or expert.

  373. Jeanette Patterson says:

    The Rose Cricut Maker is beautiful and powerful! So many possibilities, makes my head spin!

  374. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    Would love to win the Cricut Maker bundle to keep up with technology. it would make quick work for party decorations……

  375. Cheryl Locke says:

    What would I make……I would start with T-shirt’s for my sister in law and friend for the quilt retreat we are going to in September and would also make the decorations and invitations for my moms 80th birthday party that we are having in August.

  376. Patricia Aldrin says:

    Anna, have you ever had a root canal? I have—today. What’s making me feel better? Watching you demonstrate the 11th Product Preview for Craft Day on HSN July 11th. I am visualizing all the beautiful rosettes I would be making (among other fabulous crafts) with the new Rose Cricut Maker. Oh, Anna, my pain is going away as I dream!!

  377. Anne Krill says:

    I have an Expressions 2 and am limited with cartridges as the computer doesn’t recognize the machine and the craft room is ending. I want to use different fonts for my business for the door, make Ts with our name and logo, I would love to be able to use pens for words on cards. I make door prizes monthly for our clients. I want to make wedding decorations for my sons.

  378. Jennifer Huang says:

    Yas! So excited for your new Scoring Wheel Tricks Cricut cartridge and lovely new Maker add-ons! Can’t wait to try out the new scoring wheels (on acetate, glitter cardstock, crepe paper, posterboard & more) and love that you included new designs/tricks to add to my AG Paper Tricks (1-3) collection. (Using Terial Magic-) I’d also like to try and make little fabric dresses and quilt squares to add to cards/projects. (So cute & fun!) Thanks Anna, Team & Cricut for having all these awesome giveaways and for continuing to inspire us! ♥ Looking forward to July 11th- (fingers crossed) Good luck everyone!

  379. Sheri Grounds says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would love the newest rose cricut machine with all those fabulous tools and supplies. I would use the machine to make presents for Christmas such as pillows, monogram items, craft bags and boxes, encouragement gifts for students (to help encourage their creative style) and all kinds of cards!

  380. Suzan Moore says:

    I Love the new cricut maker. I have 4 grand babies & more coming & they need stuff all the time.

  381. Sue Ellen Hollahan says:

    What a fabulous machine! Seems like every time I blink, a new creative tool appears! I would love to try every Project using your products! Love it all especially your florals. Thank you

  382. Margaret Malone says:

    I would love a rose cricut. The bundle is amazing my heart is racing with all my ideas on what would I do first. Glitter. Yes glitter paper first!! All th e projects for friends and family. I also make cards for the troops for Christmas. *** endless possibilities!

  383. Sally says:

    Spending my 4th weekend cleaning, repairing and painting my outdoor windows and shudders I feel my neighbors will be happy if I won the circuit maker. For four weekends my neighbors kept telling me “Sally, your going to fall off that ladder and kill yourself”. I’m the type I have to keep busy. Maybe the Cricut Maker would HELP me be grounded and busy with crafting which I love!

  384. Laurie Lynch Flick says:

    I started with original Cricut Personal and love all the machines, but the Maker is in a class by itself! Can’t wait to use it for everything, especially fabric crafts.

  385. Vanessa Borda says:

    Wow! This machine is both awesome and beautiful! I would love to win this to help my creative side bloom! I love all the beautiful papers that Cricut makes and am so excited for the scoring wheel! Please please please pick me. I love your projects and hope to make wonderful things with my family! Thanks for the opportunity!

  386. Cathy Myers says:

    This would be such a great addition to my crafting space. I’m working on revamping it, and the color fits right in! Would love to “play” with it!!

  387. Susan Annes says:

    Wow Anna – the rose is beautiful! The 4th of July is my birthday and I hope I get some time to craft with my own personal warehouse of Anna Griffin supplies! I think I have everything you’ve created since back in the day on the DIY Network with Sandy Genovese! From those early QVC ready-made kits of Rose & Margot, to Georgette, Carolina, – you name it!
    I have the OG Cricut Explore – I have to use an adapter to work the Bluetooth! :). I have the perfect project if I could upgrade to the new Maker machine: I’d love to try my hand at a T-Shirt quilt for my boys using all their old LEGO character t-shirts they loved when they were small.
    Thank you for always caring about your customers – Looking forward to watching (as always) on the 11th!

  388. KATHY JACOBSON says:

    Eek! Please pick me to win this Amazing, Wonderful, Exciting, New Rose Color Cricut Maker Bundle!! Please, there are so many things I would like to try making with it.

  389. Sandy Tilt says:

    I love all the advancements made to the Cricut Maker. The new Rose color is amazing too! I’d use it for my nephew’s wedding. Plus all the craft projects I enjoy creating from cards, signs, gift items and much more. I’m looking forward to the presentation of the new machine on HSN, July 11th, Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  390. Karen D'Amato says:

    All of the items are amazing! I would love to win the rose cricut for my daughter. She could soar with that baby.Melissa has a great support group with you and others to keep her motivated. Thanks for your help.

  391. Fern Nissenbaum says:

    Wow. Just wow. Awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it! I looove the paper tricks, but it pure genius to put it into cricut cart form!! I’d llooovvee to win this incredible bundle!

  392. DEBORAH GREEN says:

    WITH the new maker i could make everything and anything i wanted to. I LOVE CRICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. Connie R says:

    I would LOVE to win the Rose Maker for my younger sister! She has 4 girls, twins and 2 younger, go figure pink is her favorite color. We have been using my Cricut for years to make everything from many many Birthday banners, kindergarten Valentines, middle school ASB election handouts to college sorority gifts (the twins graduated from college 2 weeks ago)! I recently got my own Maker and I love it! With the twins coming home all her girls will get so much use out of the Maker and have so much sister fun. I wish I could post pictures here of the many projects I have enjoyed making with my neices. Our most recent project was the twins sorority pillow cases they gave their “Littles”. When the twins were home on a weekend they designed the pillowcases in DS then I cut and finished the gifts while they went back to school and studied for finals. I sent them in the mail and they were so excited to give them to their Little Sorority SIsters. Today I am making a photo backdrop for the twin graduation party this weekend…Happy Crafting!!!!

  394. Cynithia Hughes says:

    Hi Anna Griffin I tried to buy is when it was on hsn but you sold out to fast. I have tried to win the stuff all month but it wouldn’t let me comment. I would love to make stuff out of wood.

  395. Sandy says:

    I would just love to win the Rose Cricut Maker. I have wanted one for awhile, but wasn’t able to get one. I would make decorations for my home. Thanks, Anna, for giving me a chance to win one.

  396. Carrie Hannibal says:

    I love my Cricut. My grandkids all love getting cute boxes that I make. I also make robots – my grandkids (all boys) love robots.This will make it easier and my boxes will look better. Nothing is as worse than a white line showing on your box folds. If I win I will just keep making Birthday Boxes and Robots – I also want to try and make the cute folded flowers

  397. Susan Bernard says:

    So excited to see what this machine can do! I have the Cuttlebug paper tricks folders, but this takes it to the next level! Happy 4th of July everyone! I will be watching ALL day on the 11th!!!

  398. Gisela says:

    Do dreams really come true? why yes , there is that crazy chance it could be me.
    I would use this maker to make wonderful gifts for our grandkids, our home and oh my gosh our kids and friends..
    Yep it would be a wonderful upgrade to win this pink maker .as I am still using the first Cricut you offered.
    Thank you Anna for a chance to win,.

    Best of luck to all.

  399. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Wow! I would so love to give the maker to my sweet sister in law! She wants a cricut so much, and even though I only have the Air 2, if I won I would have to give it to her.

  400. Patricia says:

    Once again – Amazing – a Rose Circuit Maker with scoring wheels plus a big extra bundle!

    As disable senior resident in large complex of over 400 fellow fixed income seniors, this machine would be just the crafting tool for many crafting projects for all!

    We have many seniors in 80’s & 90’s who deserve pretty things, cards special party decorations etc.
    The use of this machine would be such and adventure for all. Not to mention the using a lovely “Rose colored crafting machine.

    Thanks again Anna for all you and your create!

  401. carolyn Bucklin says:

    I would love to win this bundle. I donated an older machine to a catholic school here in Fl and I would donate my Explore to the school so that the teachers can use design space that I would also donate for school months. I would like to use the maker to cut out fabric for Christmas projects for my daughter and granddaughter. All of the new tools are amazing.

  402. Linda Marie Cuvo says:

    WOW….new glitter paper…love my glitter! Scoring wheel and a new Anna Griffin cartridge! So exciting and so much to create with.

  403. Dianna Hill says:

    Oh my goodness, I would love to win the rose cricut maker. My daughters and granddaughters would love to make lots of goodies. Thanks

  404. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I would love to win the Rose Cricut Maker to use for my classroom. This is my first full year teaching 3rd grade and now is the time for me to create everything for my “Owls” theme. Also, I’d like to create some holiday treats for students while I have the time.

  405. JUDY JACKSON says:

    I would love to win the cricut maker. I would make a quilt,it would save lots of work not having to cut every square. The cricut does the work for me.

  406. Carla Orahood says:

    Wow what a beautiful machine! The ideas are endless. With two grand babies having birthdays and the holiday days….***! Please pick me!!!!!

  407. Laurie says:

    Would love to win so I can pass on my cricut air to my friend who just became a teacher. She is teaching special ed children grade 1, and I know she can really do so much for her kids with a cricut.

  408. Kimberly Weller says:

    I would so love this Maker. I would make tons of cards and boxes for our Christmas boutique and I have sons headed off to college and would love to create a leather bound journal for each of them. You have been crafting for years and have been fortunate to have other Cricut models but this would elevate my crafting to a whole new level

  409. elizabeth recksiek says:

    I am wearing out my third cricut and would be so delighted to win this bundle. I love everything I’m able to create with my cricut!

  410. Jane Elliott says:

    How special would it be to win this bundle? The crafting would be endless with Cricut and Anna Griffin to guide us! Pick me, Pick me, Pick me….PLEASE!

  411. Beth Ostmann says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker. So much party decor to be made so easily!!

  412. Donna Madsen says:

    Just when I thought I didn’t need the maker you came out with the Paper Tricks cart. and all those lovely things I could make with poster board – ok you changed my mind! Really hoping I will win this! Pretty please?!! Anna you’re the bomb!

  413. Vivian Epps says:

    I have an aunt who is turning 90 and I am planning a birthday bash. This would be wonderful to create decorations and personalized party favors. She also still sews for people. It would be great to show her what can be done with fabric on the Cricut maker.

  414. Justina Payne says:

    I would LOVE to win this new cricut maker! I am a Preschool teacher and have been making games with a cricut expression this summer! It’s worked, but I know they have came along way and it would be nice to have a newer one!!!

  415. Linda H. says:

    What a great give away Anna, I would love to be able to make new and exciting projects with all the wonderful products you have coming out. Maybe even try working with your beautiful fabrics. I would be so grateful and blessed to get a chance to win this fabulous Cricut machine!

  416. Cynthia Gabbard says:

    Anna Griffin was the brand we chose for our wedding invitations, which I’m still in love with. They were the only brand that could do the floral lace invitation without looking tacky. Beyond excited to have the chance to win this equipment to make their exquisite designs at home!

  417. Elizabeth Gross says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Maker, especially in pink! My Air isn’t very old so I would feel guilty buying a new machine ☹️

  418. Gloria says:

    I have the Circut Maker, but I would love to have the rose one. I would gift the maker I have to someone else.

  419. Lynn Ekstrom says:

    If I were to win this beautiful Rose Crcut Maker, my first project would be to make a scrapbook dedicated to my late husband. I lost him a year and a half ago and miss him terribly. I have gathered his life’s story and would love to scrapbook it for my family and I. This machine would be a huge help. Thanks for the opportunity to win…you are most generous Anna and team.

  420. Marcia Getty says:

    This would truly be awesome to win, its a massive giveaway! The new scoring tools are a great addition! Especially with you new digital cartridge, I don’t have the dies so it would be great to win!

  421. Sharon Hinkel says:

    If I won the beautiful rose Cricut Maker I would make lots of rosettes and fun projects from your new cartridge. What a fun time I wouldhave. Love your new items cant wait for July 11. My girlfriend and Sister gave me an HSN gift card, can’t wait to use it!!

  422. Susan Hikkey says:

    This is. Such a Beautiful color I would love to have a maker and then then possible of it being rose (my favorite color) oh my! I would make beautiful rosettes, boxes, flowers you name it. It would all be Beautiful in the Making with this package! Thank you Anna!

  423. Cheryl says:

    Dear Anna, I would love to surprise my husband with this as he has developed RA and is no longer able to his scroll saw work. He loves to craft and I’m looking for something he can do and I think this Cricut would do the trick. The color would not bother him as it’s what’s inside that’s important.
    Thank you everyone for all of your hard work at Anna Griffin Inc and also at HSN I can’t even begin to fathom the hours put in to do these 24 hour events. See you on the 11th! (And happy Fourth of July everyone!!!)

  424. Marlina Hemingway says:

    Oh I want this so bad, I just want to make flowers, flowers, flowers. I’m obsessed with anything floral right now. Please let me win.

  425. Midge Gravelese says:

    I would just be so amazed if I won your Rose Cricut Maker. I am a crafter, scrapbooker, quilter and a senior developing hand issues. This machine would help me in so many different ways. It looks amazing. Happy 4th of July to you and all of your amazing staff.

  426. Melanie says:

    OH I Love this bundle! I would make rosettes and boxes and bags! i can’t wait to see what these new tools can do! Might be time for an upgrade!

  427. Hilde Ruiz says:

    I’m swooning over that gorgeous rose Maker! Thanks for the giveaway and all the inspiring ideas. I don’t know if there are enough creative hours in my life to Make all the pretty things! So many things to Make, so little time.

  428. Tracy says:

    Anna – Everything you design and make is so gorgeous! Today I’m Sixty, and on the 11th I hope to be the lucky WINNER. yeah!

  429. Jessica Tapia says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I would decorate my entire house if I won this maker. We bought our home 5 years ago and I still need to decorate it, this would make it so easy and fun to do!

  430. Jo Royse says:

    To. Win the Rose. Cricut. Maker. would be. a. Dream. Come. True. I am a retired teacher and have never been able to have a Cricut. Now my hands are going numb due to peripheral. neuropathy and what a big help this Cricut Maker would be. Thank you Anna for this. opportunity..

  431. Erin DeLoach says:

    A maker would be a dream come true!!! So many crafts to be made that the explore air 2 can’t do. The knife blade is everything!!!! Along with making those 3D vases! EEK!! Happy crafting everyone

  432. Jane P. says:

    Believe me Anna, I will be making everything ( rather my machine will be ).! I have one of the very first Crickets, and it’s time for an update. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  433. Theresa Bauer says:

    This Maker Bundle is amazing and I would love to win all of it. I have been patiently waiting for the score tool but *** a double one would be incredible. I am working on gifts for Christmas for my kids, grandkids and of course my 5 great grandkids. Please pick me to win this awesome bundle so that I could make even better gifts for my family.

  434. Judy Pittman says:

    My birthday is July 12. Winning the Maker would be an excellent birthday present. If I win I’ll tell you my age.

  435. Brenda L says:

    I am loving the gift boxes that you are able to create with the scoring wheel. And I must create many things with the new Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks digital cartridge. Simply beautiful samples in the video.

  436. Diana Khader says:

    I am trying to decorate my home… and I love sending things to people as gifts…
    Winning this Maker Bundle will help me enjoy making all these beautiful things all the more…. Would really love to win this bundle!!

  437. Dixie Costley says:

    Amazing. My granddaughter does scrapbooking for 4-H. The new cricut could help her add some bling to her pages. She also is enrolled in sewing. The wheel that allows sewers to cut fabric would be a great incentive to encourage her to try a quilting project. I also scrapbook and make cards from Anna’s kits. I am very impressed with the tool that allows scoring. .The boxes that were made in the video were very impressive. The cricut could really help a crafter move to a new level of crafting.

  438. Nena Wilkinson says:

    I am dying to have a maker and all the accessories. I would love to see you come out with oil cloth in all of your lovely patterns, like the Charlotte. I want to make tote bags for myself. They are all the rage here in Texas. Love all things Anna! So grateful for you ❤️

  439. Janet Oliver says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this” Beautiful in the Making” Rose Cricut Maker!!! I would love to win anything from you Anna….and this would be the icing on the cake!
    I have been making some your ornaments with my Explore and would love the option of the double scoring wheel to make some special boxes to give them away as gifts.
    Happy 4th Everyone…and may God Bless America!

  440. Elaine Stewart says:

    Woah! Awesome giveaway and Cricut craft system! What would I use it for?’ Hmm…what couldn’t I do with it?! Sky’s the limit with the Cricut Maker Bundle not to mention including Anna’s creativity and talent!!! Crafty Heaven! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  441. Linda Turner says:

    I have a handicap child who goes to Easter Seals daily. This would be a great gift for her. I have one of the older machines but this would be great for her to have her own Cricut Bundle.

  442. Mary Jane Romero says:

    The new innovations are worth the price of admission on the Cricut maker. So excited to see the demo.

  443. Gloria Tucker says:

    Anna, Good Morning, I am a public school Pre-K teacher. I would make banners, buntings, birthday cards, and vinyls logos crafts for my students. The possibilities are endless. I love crafting. The Maker provides endless opportunities.

  444. Linda Martin says:

    I would love to have this set. I would make all the things you shown in this video and more. I just ordered the paper folders – and would give them away if I could win this set as I really want to make those rosettes and everything those paper folders do – to be able to do all that and more on this machine that has the ability to make them on this. I love it. The color of the maker and all the tools, just beautiful. What I could do with it – would make my day – lol, besides what I could make to give as gifts. Just Beautiful.

  445. Lois Fusco says:

    What would I make you ask? What wouldn’t I make! I can’t believe how great this machine is/would be to have. It’s beautiful and can do it all. So excited for the 11th!

  446. Mary Murphy says:

    Thanks I appreciate your support and I love your stuff……you will never read this because so many people love you and your stuff. Have a good day

  447. Lori Bozorth Mazzeo says:

    🙂 Hi! Being a scrapbooker at heart, my head is a whirl thinking of how pretty my pages would be with the Anna’s scoring wheel tricks! So much better than the folders, I’m sure! Of course I’ll need the maker and that scoring wheel! Cannot wait to see everything on the 11th! 🙂

  448. Rosalie says:

    I would love to win the Rose Cricut Maker Bundle. Its just the right color to match my craft room,not to mention all the great things I can make with it.!!!!!

  449. Mindy says:

    Anna this bundle is amazing! I use my cricut explore air all the time and most recently to make beautiful cards and t-shirts to help raise funds for my brother who is fighting MM cancer and my mom who is recovering from heart surgery. She is in need of expensive medical equipment that health insurance does not cover. Although my explore air has been up to par, a 2nd cricut machine would be such a blessing to own and make double the products in the same amount of time. Thank you Anna and team for all the beautiful and easy products you offer and your genuine kindness.

  450. Theresa K says:

    Rose is such a beautiful color and what one can create with the rose cricut maker is equally as beautiful. This package you are giving away is a dream come true.

  451. Linda Frederick says:

    I would love to win so I can use the knife blade.
    So many cool wood projects I have in mind. I saw
    some videos of 3d projects that are awesome. I would make doll clothes with the rotary blade and
    golly so much more. Wooden Paper dolls and and

  452. Debra Spencer says:

    What a GREAT bundle. I want to do more home decor and personal items for friends/family for Christmas. The list is so long…. I’m praying to hear my name ONE DAY in your GIVEAWAYS…

    Thanks for the opportunities……

  453. Gloria Ann Greenhalgh says:

    I would love to win the Beautiful Rose Cricut Maker and the amazing bundle. I create a lot of paper crafting and make lots of cards and signs for family, friends and church. This would be amazing to win. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing bundle.

  454. Barbara Mann says:

    If I had a Cricut Maker I would start creating home decor pieces with Anna’s gorgeous papers and fabrics.

  455. Chrys Stringer says:

    I would love the Cricut Maker give away. I make all my cards and also do scrapbooking. The possibilities are endless! Oh what fun!

  456. Cindy Brown says:

    Anna, I would love to win the new rose Cricut Maker! I have a very old, well used Cricut and can’t quite see my way clear to purchase a Maker at this time. I make scrapbooks and cards. Cindy

  457. Terri Gardner says:

    I would be so excited to win the cricut maker bundle! So many projects that I would like to make.

  458. Kyndra says:

    Oh goodness Anna what a fabulous give away. I use my cricut for absolutely everything and the new digital cartridge is a dream come true. I love making large resette collages for walls and the ability to have the cricut scoring blade in the maker will make it so much easier to fold well. The rose maker is fantastic just like all the Anna ans Cricut items. You enrich our lives!!!

  459. Tracy K says:

    Your paper and products are often filled with thoughts of showing love to and blessing others. So that’s my plan as well. To help friends and to love and bless others through cards and crafting.

  460. Donna pike says:

    This is totally awesome. I want to use Anna’s digital cartridge with the scoring wheel and make all the great borders, flowers etc.

  461. Jeanne Draughon says:

    I would love to win this machine. The first thing that I would like to make with it are the beautiful boxes you demonstrated.

  462. M Barrricklow says:

    Yes please let allow me make the Rose Maker mine, would love to see my 2 youngest grand children’s face when I want to make a Rosette after the cricut starts moving, and creasing the paper so magical..they like me would have the awe-look on our faces.. Thank You Anna.

  463. Chrissie Mancini says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between the scoring and double scoring wheels. I made some Christmas ornaments last year from your Cricut cartridge, and my husband asked me to make a bunch of mini ones this year for a small tabletop tree in our foyer. I love to use your foil paper for these because they really shine, but I was stumped by the cracking. I attempted to camouflage it, but it’s still there. The double scoring wheel on the Maker can solve that issue. So that would be my first project if I win the pretty pink Maker. This package looks fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful box of goodies!

  464. Shirley Newton says:

    The Cricut Maker is astounding! I’d love to have one. I’m enjoying my Cricut Explore 2 but this newest addition to the line has so many unique features. AG papers are the highest quality. The patterns and colors are gorgeous. Thank you, Anna!

  465. Dottie says:

    What a fantistic giveaway! If I were fortunate enough to win I would be sharing this with my daughter-in-law and making home decor and projects for the grandkids. I’m also anxious to get the new day .

  466. Anita says:

    It would be fun to have my first Cricut be this AWESOME Bundle…..I would just see what all I could make… I love making cards, note cards with a matching box…. To have a machine to go up and above would be a dream come true…. Thank You for the opportunity of being able to have a chance to win one..

  467. Marla Henry says:

    Oh my gosh I love those vases. I surely would make that a priority. Lots of little shirts for my grandson would be on my list to maker. Also have a wedding coming up in June. My son just got engaged. Someone will be so lucky!!!!

  468. Fern Barrett says:

    I have always loved your papers and buy what’s available at Hobby Lobby. And the church has enjoyed many of the things I have made and since they have a preschool they like the things created and could be created with the cricut and I would love to win the maker to make things even better.

  469. Mary Lee says:

    Wonderful double scoring tool to use on mat board, beautiful color circuit maker machine, and
    the amazing Anna Griffin printed papers–a crafter’s dream come true! Of course we all would be happy winning! Thank you Anna!

  470. Heather says:

    I would make cards and decor for the house and quilts, tumblers, shirts… all the things! I would love to win, maybe this time! Lol

  471. Pat Kinney says:

    I don’t consider myself lucky so seldom sign up to win anything. But I love the thought of owning a Cricut Maker so am believing that I am lucky because this would be such a wonderful thing to have in my craft corner. Can’t call it a craft room because it doubles as an office but my Anna Griffin products are taking over! Ha! Good luck to me!

  472. Sandra Singer says:

    I’d iare to win the new pink marker and al the tools it would make it so much easier to continue making decorations for the projectedbear.org gala for kids with cancer. This ismy way is giving back and sharing my joy for crafting. I’ve done it about 8 years now and the decorations keep getting more elaborate and the kids love it. Thank you for all your wonderful designs and for this great give away.

  473. Dale S says:

    WOW!! This bundle is fantastic! I would craft my little heart out making paper flowers if I was lucky enough to win.

  474. Terry Lubinski says:

    I think if I was lucky enough to win the Cricut, the first thing I would make is a beautiful rosette exactly like the one you showed in the video. And then I would hang it on my wall so I could just look at it all day! I am extremely impressed bye how technologically advanced this machine is to make crafting so enjoyable! Well done, Anna Griffin and staff! And thank you for the opportunity given to all of us to win the Cricket. You are an amazing woman, Anna Griffin!

  475. Michael Hollie says:

    I may have commented once already but I can’t help myself. This bundle is so amazing and would be such a blessing to me and my family. Oh the wonders we could create and joy to my beautiful daughter we could bring. You are such an inspiration to so many Anna Griffin. Please bless my family with this beautiful gift. After our car accident in January our lives changed and we could use the cricut to give us that spark that the stress of life has damaged. I’d love to work with my fiance on finishing up some long due scrapbooks as well as to start making some new leather products for my self. But I’d really love to learn how to make some quilts and many many other paper crafts as well. Again I can’t thank you enough Anna Griffin for all you love inspiration and education on how to do these wonderful ideas.

  476. Genney Appleton says:

    I would LOVE to win this s bundle! Have finally gotten over the fear and feel like I have somewhat mastered my explore air so am now ready to learn more!

  477. Pamela Martin says:

    I would love to own this machine so I could make the scored items from the new cartridge paper fold magic. You products are so beautiful.

  478. Kathleen Church says:

    Thank you, Anna for posting the previews. Ahhh, the possibilities…I would start out with cutting some wood and chipboard designs that I’ve been itching to do for some time then move to preparing cookie boxes for my neighbors in time for Christmas using the double scoring tool.

  479. Dorinda says:

    I would love to win this Cricut Maker…I would love to have the opportunity to explore all the possibilities this machine can create! From home to a wide range of crafting products and gifts! Thank you for giving so many the possibility to win so many products over the years!

  480. Linda Rodriguez says:

    Wow! This would be s dream come true to win not just a Maker but Rose colored maker! It could take me to a whole other level of crafting! My granddaughters would love it! They love to come over and craft w me. Thanks again Anna for being so generous!❤️

  481. Paula McGee says:

    It would be so amazing to win this! I have a very old, cartridge machine that only uses the 6×12 paper. I hardly ever use it because it is difficult for me to figure out how to get all the layers cut out of the right papers. So now I am saving up for the new Maker. In addition to making cards, I also decorate composition books to use as journals. So many of the commercial die cuts and embellishments are the wrong size to use on the composition books. With the Maker, I can make my own embellishments whatever size I need. And to make it even better, pink is my favorite color!

  482. Donna Ewing says:

    I would love this! Could help entertain me while caring for my Mother! I love Anna’s products!

  483. Nancy says:

    So exciting! Who knew one little machine could open the world to such creative possibilities?!

  484. Joy S says:

    What a wonderful prize package! Just offering the Cricut is phenomenal but to include the accessories and the paper kits is amazing. I would be using this machine constantly for Christmas and Birthday projects and gifts. Thanks Anna for always offering such incredible giveaways!

  485. Peggy Prue says:

    Please, This would just make my Day! To win the Cricut Maker Bundle! Anna just love all the products you and the Cricut team come up with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  486. Jo Smith says:

    Anna, I have followed you for a long time and have lots of your things, I bought from stores. Like your foam stamps, your punches, your videos (I taped) your books teaching how to make scrapbook items, How to fold paper for decorations. Now this lovely pink MAKER and all the ways to use the tools a DREAM COME TRUE for so many of us. I would be able to effortlessly make rosettes, boxes, scrapbook layouts, cards, so many lovely things.. My 7 children are raised, I, am 75 in December and want to teach them and my 7 Grandchildren how to use the Maker. For one of a kind gifts for each other. Also gifts for friends. I would LOVE to win this Maker and bundle of goodies. Thanks for the chance. .

  487. elvira mosely says:

    I would love to win this awesome bundle. I will use the maker to complete my daughter’s wedding album. I have been putting this off and this will be the spark that will encourage me to complete this project. I would also use it to make decorations for get together at Church. We are having an English tea party at Church on July 14th and I would use the maker to finish all the party favors and center pieces for this activity and other activities we have plan this year. Also, the Church is starting up a quilting guild for making blankets and shawls for the elderly and homeless. It does get cold in Arizona during the winter so starting this guild now would give us time to make this blankets before the cold sets in. I would use the maker to make the blocks and cute appliques. I hope and pray that I am the lucky winner of this week’s give away. Anna keep it coming! And have a blessed day!

  488. Tonya Oswald says:

    Wow another Maker!!!!! I’m planning to make my 3d Christmas Ornaments with the Maker. I bought my cartridge last year, but didn’t get a chance to make them. I can’t even imagine how much fun they will be to make. The double scoring tool will make this project a dream. Beyond excited!!!! Also can’t wait to make my Christmas cards.

  489. Alison McTizic says:

    Oh Anna, It is my dream to win the Rose Cricut Maker & gorgeous paper !!! I have been a collector of your designs for many years ! I LOVE everything you create !

  490. Tami Brown says:

    My goodness what a generous and gracious giveaway, but that is what Anna Griffin is about. I would love the Rose Maker with the tool set, papers, and digital cartrage. I could increase home decor decorating, and giftboxes, journaling, card making, and scrapbooking, and so much more.

  491. Marketta Meyer says:

    I am so excited about the new maker and the extra blades. I would love to win the give away and be able to use the score blades to make the rosettes.

  492. Clovermark says:

    I have been unlucky in my Cricut choices with the Imagine and mini so it would be nice to win this and get back into Cricut crafting again. I have my Mums 90th birthday coming up along with her twin brother it will be perfect to make all the decorations for that event.

  493. Peggy M. says:

    Thank you Anna for the opportunity to win this amazing bundle. I would make puzzles for my father to help him with his “memory care”. I also make cards for my church…so the maker would step them up a notch!!

  494. Nereida Paris says:

    I would love to have the new Cricut Maker. It would make my crafting so much easier. I could consolidate all my tools into one machine and eliminate all of the manual die cutting machines. It would be perfect for making wedding invitations for my friend’s daughter. It would make things faster for future weddings. The best thing is that it would free up some crafting space making room for more Anna Griffin products. And it matches my craft room decor!

  495. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love the new Rose Gold maker. I make a lot of cards to donate to the Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge and would use it to make embellishments for my cards and get back into sewing. Thanks Anna!

  496. Linda Citro says:

    Anna! You are such a generous entrepreneur! You consistently offer these wonderful chances to win fabulous items. Who else does that? These Cricut makers are simply unbelievable in what they can do. Thank YOU for your generosity and sharing your love for the crafts!

  497. Katherine Wells says:

    Would love to win! I have several banners I have to make for birthdays. This would take so much of the work out of them!

  498. Marla Latimer says:

    the cricut maker is awesome! i would use it to cut chipboard for journals and things and it would be great to make die-cuts from your beautiful cardstock as well. The double cutting wheel is great I would LOVE to win this Anna!! the show is going to be great!

  499. Tracey Magner says:

    I think what i would do with this BEAUTY of a machine is go back to Scrapbooking, i use to Scrapbook for years, then i got bored with the same ole pages and i moved on to the world of cards which i LOVE, but with this machine i can really see me getting back into Scrapbooking i can imagine how my pages could be so different now not to mention, Home décor and card making and really limitless, it would be a dream actually to win. Thanks.

  500. Teresa says:

    Wow I would so like to win this Cricut Maker with its amazing Adaptive Tool System. Can’t wait until July 11th. Thanks for sharing with us.

  501. June Estep says:

    I am particularly impressed with the knife blade. We are all back to where we started, Anna and her knife blade….hmmm, that sounds like a good Halloween theme. ha ha ha But, I have a knife blade that is so superior to other blades on the market…and NOW, The Rose will do the work. I love it. So, I am seeing a Maker in my future, and maybe a rose one.

  502. Julie Fallon says:

    Just cleaned my craft room since my youngest is off to college & shouldn’t need to make any more school projects with my entire stash!!! The Rose Maker would be great to fill my Empty Nest! Winning it would allow me to give my old Expression to a young lady that loves making huge Mexican paper

  503. Joyce says:

    How exciting! I am really looking forward to the new digital projects! I am going to make lots and lots of rosettes!

  504. Pam says:

    I would like to win this for paper crafting as well as sewing. With all the different accessories the options are endless! Thanks for the opportunity.

  505. Johana hare says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have followed you for years and just love your papers and ideas you come up with to make our crafting easier. I don’t know how to see but I have a friend, and client that has been teaching me. She makes stuffed bears n Kitty’s for a hospital that’s he donates to them so ever kid admitted in the hospital gets one of her creations. If I Win the Cricut Maker I want to share with her what she can do with it to make life easier for her crafting. It would also give me a chance to explore my sewing side cause I enjoy using your die cuts , paper, and stamps for cards and scrapbook ing. I also do vinyl decals, iron on t shirts and when I’m not creating beautiful hair ,I’m creating beautiful crafts with your help. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to Win the Cricut Maker. Have a blessed day!

  506. Mary Meyers says:

    How exciting!! I would make cards galore with the new Cricut Maker and all kinds of journals. And countless other projects too. Can’t wait til the 11th to see all the new products and ideas.

  507. Virginia Gaytan says:

    I really hope I win!!! My first project would be to decorate my 50th birthday party in October. Anna your are AMAZING! Thanks so much for all you do to bring us such great beautiful projects

  508. Beth Ann Daniel says:

    I would so love to win this!!!!!! I am on a very fixed income and can not afford to buy one myself !!!!! However I would use it to make many note card sets, and gifts for my family and friends!!!!! I am new to cricut and hope to win. thanks for all you do!!!!

  509. Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    I would make zipper bags for the women in my card making class. I have 8 women from age 78 to 89 that create cards with me at my mom’s retirement home. The new scoring blade would make my job easier when we do 3D projects.

  510. Chris Kreide says:

    I would continue the Anna tradition of making beautiful scrapbook pages for my legacy to my four children

  511. CHICHISWEETS says:

    Hi! I would love to win this new Cricut. I’m in a craft group, & I would make projects out of various materials to show in the group. My granddaughter would love this too.

    Thanks so much for a chance to win it-CHICHISWEETS

  512. Michelle McGuire says:

    The new rose Cricut Maker would look just lovely in my craft space. I have enjoyed crafts and art since I was a child. I did all the paper scoring and weaving with Anna years ago. Hand embossing and stamping and fussy cutting flowers and of course beautiful ribbons and bows. I have followed Cricut since the beginning. I am looking forward to scoring specialty papers with the new scoring wheel and my dream of quilting is going to happen. I just semi retired working a few days a month so the game is on. I would love this bundle and am teaching my granddaughters what I have learned. Thank you for all you do Anna and Cricut!

  513. Kathy Cortopassi says:

    I just love what Cricut has created over the last few years! Their products are amazing!

  514. Debbie Cooper says:

    I’m so excited about all the new possibilities to be even more creative the new Maker and tools bring to the craft room. I’ve done a lot with Cricut ever since the first one was introduced. I have to say the most fun has been party favors for school and the Maker will definitely up my game

  515. Norma Rodriguez says:

    I have been inspire by all your amazing craft. That I will love to have the Cricut maker to do all my greetings and scrapbook page on my own. The Rose maker will look amazing in my pink craft room. Luv it!!

  516. Lu Ann Garrison says:

    I would love to win the Rose gold Maker! I would create beautiful things for my daughters upcoming wedding this fall!!! 🙂

  517. Chelle Chapman says:

    ***! I have ALWAYS wanted to make Rosettes!! And to have a scoring wheel that wouldn’t allow the paper to crack or peel is VERY Appealing!!! I am SO excited at the thought of winning a Rose Maker! I would name her Magda the Maker!! I make decos for my Dr.s office & to decorate w/ Rosettes by Magda?!!

  518. Lorrie T says:

    My first project would be a fabulous scrapbook page using the page in this blog post as an example. The Cricut Maker would add so much creativity to our craft gatherings!

  519. Deborah says:

    Is it July 11 yet? I mean, this is worse than waiting for Santa to come when I was a kid. Love all the new products – especially the rose Cricut Maker! And just a hint … it would look really great in my rose colored scrap space!

  520. Patti Carr says:

    Everything. I would love to win the new maker bundle. I have the cricut expression machine and would love to update. I love all paper crafts and quilting and well everything.

  521. Jackie Bender says:

    Well Anna I love making all kind of paper crafts, but card making it my favorite. But with the maker I would be happy to start cutting blocks for quilts.

  522. Delores Reeves says:

    I would love to win this bundle to use for my card ministry.
    By the way, are you going to bring back the hummingbird and word die set? Much success for you Anna.

  523. Kathleen Mills says:

    I am so excited for next week! I would love to have a Cricut maker! I’ve resisted until now, but don’t know if I can hold out this time!

  524. Kim Abel says:

    Thanks Anna for being such a giving person! Scoring with a circuit is remarkable. Would love to use the ideas for cards and scrapbooking.

  525. Sarah WIlson-Kraft says:

    I want to make at least one of everything! I do a lot of scrapbooking and card making… a Cricut is just what I need to add to my tool arsenal. The beautiful rose color would be the perfect highlight.

  526. J Spalo says:

    I would be so totally “Over the Moon” excited to win a Rose Cricut Maker with the entire adaptive tool system, the Cricut Scoring Wheel Material bundle plus Anna’s Scoring Wheel Tricks cartridge! Perfect boxes, rosettes, and curtain cards would be the first of many creations I would make with a Rose Cricut Maker. Thanks for the chance to win!

  527. Leslie Kiley says:

    I can not tell you how super excited I am about this amazing rose maker! My old Cricut just died on me and I need to replace it with a new machine. This would be perfect! I make a huge amount of cards to share with different charities. Senior homes, military and children’s hospitals. I love card making and just a simple card makes such a difference in a person’s life. This machi ould make such a difference.

  528. Elizabeth Steele says:

    What a great bundle. The scoring blade is so cool. Thanks for the chance to win

  529. Janie says:

    Yay another chance to win the maker!! And I am so excited about the new digital cartridge. I have looked at those paper tricks so many times with longing and now I am glad I waited. Love the beautiful metallics in both the solids and the prints. This really is Christmas in July!!

  530. Carol S says:

    Anna, I would love to win the new Rose Cricut. I have an older machine and now with the loss of the Craft Room I’m really at a loss. Winning this would truly be a treasure! Looking forward to another great HSN Craft day! Love craft days

  531. J Fowler says:

    Wow! What am awesome giveaway. I would definitely use this machine to make decorations for my grandkids upcoming bday parties and my niece’s baby shower!

  532. Wanda Payant says:

    OH I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS MAKER! The things I could make would be endless. Where would I begin? Cards cute boxes flowers…….

  533. Nannette Gulledge says:

    I would love to win this bundle!!!! I really think I am more excited about the new scoring and double scoring blade than I was about the knife blade! Would love to win this machine for my mom to maybe encourage her in her current battle with illness! She would love the color and I think using it would be great therapy and would be something we could do together! That’s where my love of crafting came from!

  534. Johnna Laughlin says:

    Oh my…I would love to win this Cricut. My husband always bought me my three Cricut machines but he has passed away so winning this one would be awesome!!!! Thanks Anna for all of your goodies. I have a craft room full of Anna goodies. I love it all. I just LOVE making flowers. They are my fav!!! Thanks for having another giveaway!

  535. Jennifer Eddy says:

    The Cricut maker opens the possibilities of making so many wonderful gifts. I have recently staring making birthday gifts and cards as I think they are appreciated more than buying something impersonal from the store. Crafting is my “mommy vacation” where I can escape and recharge. This would be a wonderful tool to use with your beautiful designs. X fingers crossed. Good luck to all!

  536. Amanda says:

    I have wanted a cricut for a very long time! Winning one as awesome as this would be awesome!! It would be the perfect addition to my new craft room

  537. Janie Burress says:

    I would love to win this bundle. I would use it at home to make things for my grandchildren and my dogs and I would use it at school to make beautiful display boards.

  538. Joyce G. says:

    What a magical tool this new Cricut machine is and I would love to win such a gem. That you for all you do for us crafters.

  539. Carol Riley says:

    What an awesome giveaway, Anna! The rose color is beautiful. First thing I would like to try would be making gift boxes. Looking forward to watching you on HSN July 11.

  540. Deana Platter says:

    I would be so excited if I won because I would surprise my daughter with the Maker. She has a2 year old and loves being crafty. She had years of birthdays and school and tons of other things to craft for. WWhata wonderful surprise this would be!!

  541. Audrey R. says:

    Winning the Cricut Maker and all its wonderful tools would be a dream come true! The Cricut Maker is an amazing product whose use is only limited by the imagination! I am so inspired to expand my crafting with double scoring, woodcutting, heavy chipboard, and fabric projects!! Thank you for the chance to win and dream! I am looking forward to watching your presentations on the 11th!

  542. Crisy Arthurs says:

    mmm sweet 4 the sweet. I can wait until the 11th July as then I will have loads of sweets yummy. Flowers and big decorations 4 my home and friends with the help of Anna. Thanks 4 letting me enter from way down here in New Zealand in our cold Winter days and yes 2 make lovely sweet Cricut goodies 4 everyone. Cheers

  543. Regina Loukoumidis says:

    I love this rose colored Cricut Maker! I would make cards, scrapbook pages and all kinds of vinyl projects!

  544. Carla Schaeffer says:

    What beautiful Cricut Maker! Love the Color. I would make cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, quilts and t-shirts. This CRICUT does so much. I know once you have the machine the projects are endless. Thank you for a chance to win.

  545. Dianna Dean says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would LOVE to win! I’m so sad that Cricut Craft Room is closing. I just can’t justify buying a new machine right now, so winning this would be thrilling!!

  546. Janette Neubert says:

    I will use my new Rose Gold Cricut Maker for my sign making. I like to add wood accents. It would be awesome to be able to design and cut them with the new Cricut Maker knife blade. It is the ultimate cutting machine.

  547. Beverly Webb says:

    I have recently joined a Prayer Quilt ministry at my church and would love to be able to use the Maker to be able to do the cutting which is now done mostly by hand. I also would use it to take my card making skills to the next level and be able to make more cards in less time and share them with people who are in need of thoughts and prayers. I love everything “Anna” and this would help me share her special gift with others. Thank you Anna!

  548. Elizabeth L. says:

    Wow! I appreciate this opportunity so much to win the Rose Cricut Maker! Thank you Anna! I am so excited! The first project I would dearly love to make is a small quilt. I have lost my family but have a few of my parents’ favorite clothing items and a couple of my brother’s shirts and would like to turn them into a quilt that I can wrap around me when I am feeling alone in the world and missing them and really needing a hug.

  549. deborah M. for Maker says:

    Wow, when I saw the huge number of comments I knew Anna (and Cricut) must have pulled another Rose Maker out of their hats! Yay for us!! Thanks for this extra, unexpected chance to win another Maker!

    I have everything else Anna G., so it would be a blessing to win this Maker… I’m a legit Christmas baby, born spot on the day, so that’s always been my fave holiday!
    After seeing the goodies we could win, and what we can do with the Maker with the new Tools… I just know I’d have to make all the decorations for an Anna Christmas Tree!!!! It would be so gorgeous will all the rosettes and other Christmas paper trims I could make, it would be one of a kind…..until family and friends and my church hear about it….then I’d be very busy, would need a large shipment of Anna papers and might need 2 Makers!!! Haha! That would be a dream come true.
    So Santa Anna, if you can that’s my Christmas Wish for 2018! If it did, we’d have to give you a new title, Angel Anna! ;-D

  550. Kerri Ellis says:

    I just stocked up on floral papers to make the flowers for decorating my wedding Aug 25th. It would be amazing to have the double scorer and your special cartridge to make some extra special flowers. They are going to be lining the tables along with greenery vines and tealights…I hope I’m so lucky to win this 🙂

  551. Michelle Reaves says:

    I adore old fashioned type aprons. I would be tickled ROSE pink if I won that beautiful maker so I could design and cut my own!! I will be dvr’ing the whole crafty day so I can watch your segments over and over.

  552. SHARON JAMES says:

    So many idea’s I have Baby Showers, Weddings Birthdays so many things coming up this year.

  553. D.Ann.Comer says:

    Scooooore!!! Things would definitely be coming up roses if I won this fabulous pack!! Oh the things I’d make… lovely home decor, tons of cards and gifts galore!! Thanks for the chance!!

  554. Kim Shivers says:

    The rose maker looks amazing!!! I would love to win the bundle. The new scoring tool looks awesome!!!!

  555. Becky Hazen says:

    I would use this for so much of my papercrafting! What a time-saver! And love the color!

  556. Anastasia Shepherd says:

    Oh wow! Love this Rose color! I’d like to try making those leather tear drop earrings!

  557. Angela Jones-Smith says:

    I have been waiting for the Maker to come in some different colors, and Rose Gold is just PERFECT!!! Plus I’m really excited about using the new scoring tools with all that extra pressure the Maker has!!! Ooooo the possibilities!!!

  558. April S. says:

    This bumdle is fantastic! My t-shirt and card making would go so much faster if I owned this!

  559. Deborah Oakley says:

    If you want to hear a loud YEE HAW coming from southern Illinois, then pick me! LOL I would be beyond thrilled because I don’t have a Cricut. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous machine

  560. Bethanne Black says:

    I am a single mom who has been scrapbooking since my son was born, 19 years ago. I have been too busy to scrapbook for most of his life. I worked several jobs in the past few years to make ends meet, and now I am going to take the time to scrapbook all of my memories. My son will be heading off to college this fall, and a Cricut Maker would help me in so many ways. I also want to make my Christmas cards this year, so the Cricut will help me with all of my papercrafting!

    Thank you for all the YouTube updates, Anna!

  561. Christina says:

    Love this color so much! II throw a lot of parties and make many of the decorations. This machine would help in so many ways! Your special touches make this machine all the more better!

  562. Karen T says:

    I would love to be the winner of the rose Cricut Maker and bundle! I’d use the machine to all AG projects!

  563. DeVonn Clark says:

    I love love love Anna’s projects and cartridges. I have them all! I have all the trick folders and use them in all my projects. I have most of the card making boxes and everyone I send them to love them as well. I usually get a phone call just to say thank you and brag on the special sentiment as well. I have the latest Cricut maker and would love to have it in rose gold so I can gift it to my daughter. She started a business making t-shirts and loves your press. I am looking forward to seeing you on July 11 and already have my shopping list ready. Thank you so much Anna for all you do.

  564. Noreene Newby says:

    Oh my goodness. The sky is the limit as to what can be created with the help of the Cricut Maker. I can’t think of anything specific right now of what I would create but I do know that fun times and crafting adventures are sure to be had with creating with the Cricut Maker.

  565. Lee Costantino says:

    Winning a maker would be awesome! I used to sew and I would love to step up my crafting using fabric. I also never made boxes and would love to learn how.

  566. Sandy L.W says:

    I have never won anything and this would be the greatest prize to win! I have always wanted a Cricut and this one sounds like the best one yet! Love to make everything!

  567. Lisa D McGill says:

    If I’m lucky enough to win this bundle. I will be helping my niece with her wedding decorations. Making pretty flowers, treat boxes and anything else.

  568. Flor Ibarra says:

    ***! Anna I am so amazed at all the beautiful and fun tools for creating and crafting. I would love to win a Cricut Maker, the things I would do … are endless, I would have to quit my day job as a physical therapist because I wouldn’t leave my craft room, which is my garage LOL. Looking forward to July 11th, can’t wait. Yay!

  569. Nickole Andra says:

    The possibilities are endless! I commented on every post and fb! First I would make a thank you card! Secondly how cute is that box? I think I need to make some of those for Christmas treats! I would like to make pages for my wedding scrapbook and try out the new material this cricut cuts like the leather! Crossing my fingers!!!

  570. Jan says:

    Wow what a fabulous give away!!! Talk about Christmas in July, this is better than Santa in December!!

    Oh my goodness the sky is the absolute limit with all the wonderful things I could create on the Maker…. This would be great to get this bundle…. I will be watching all day on craft day, can’t get here soon enough..

    Thanks for bringing all of these great things!!
    Happy 4th!!!

  571. Karen Bootz says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the bundle! I want to make a unique scrapbook for my Mom starting when she was a young girl moving to the USA all the way up to now-with 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren so far.

  572. Sylvia Lawson says:

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful giveaway. Myself along with everyone else, I’m sure would love to be a winner. Regardless of whether I should win or not, I feel like a winner since I found Anna Griffin about 9 yrs. ago. I would make cards, boxes, embellies, and everything BEAUTIFUL. Good luck everyone, can’t wait until the 11th, and thank you Anna and staff!

  573. Louise Blume says:

    I would love to make leather jewelry with the maker. Love, love, love the rose color. I’d also love to win one.

  574. Phyllis Burke says:

    Wow, I have the explore air 2 which is great but the maker does so much more. This would be a great addition to my crafting work. I love to make boxes to fit just the right thing. They look so sturdy with the new craft paper and the maker makes it so much easier. I would donate my cricut expression 2 to my friend who just last her husband unexpectedly last Tuesday. It would defiantly cheer her up and take the time to focus on herself right now.

  575. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Oh – aside from all the generous prizes – the Anna Griffin specialty papers totally rock my world!

  576. Mary C. Powell says:

    A rose Maker Bundle with the scoring wheels would be fantastic to win. Already thinking of projects I could make.

  577. Sharon Vrenna says:

    Scoring wheel both single and double scoring would be super to have. The Maker would be a super tool to be able to use for all of my projects! How fun would the digital cartridge be to play with and see what I could come up with…

  578. Marelda Chan says:

    The rose Maker is beautiful!. I would love to make boxes for my felt cookies with the acetate and the scoring wheel.

  579. Bethanie Randall says:

    Anna this is the greatest giveaway yet. The Rose Cricut Maker, specialized papers., single and double scoring wheel and all the tips and tricks in a cartridge, Wow! What would I make first, everything. I make cards and party decorations and flowers. Gosh Rosettes would be much easier with the new scoring wheels. I would want to try using the double wheel on fabric. There are a lot of things I don’t know how to do yet but with these new products I would love trying. I find if you make it family and friends really love it and that makes me happy.

  580. Carol Ralser says:

    I tried to convince myself. I didn’t need another Cricut, but everytime I see the Cricut Maker I know that’s not true. This would be the jewel in my craft room. Fabulous machine …fabulous finished products.

  581. Dana says:

    WOW! What a give-away! The Cricut bundle would be a great addition to my crafting.The rose color is beautiful.
    Thanks Anna for helping with my creativity. The card kits I have purchased in the past have been enjoyed by so many. So thanks to you there are a lot more smiles and love in this world. See you on the 11th!

  582. Valinda Garcia says:

    Hi Anna,
    Having retired two days ago I could really put the maker to good use! One of the things on my bucket list is to learn to quilt. And I love making all kinds of paper crafts. This machine would take my crafting too many levels beyond where I’m at now! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  583. Linda Kindell says:

    The Maker is the best. The scoring tool sounds so good and something I would use a lot.

  584. Liz48 says:

    I would love to win this ride cricut! With the new cartridge I would come full circle. Take your classes from my local scrapbook store in New Jersey probably 20 years ago when we had to do our scoring by a ruler, pencil and bone folder. It was so hard to do it that I could get so frustrated that I would have to finish the scrapbook page and sometime card that went with it away for a week!! What a fantastic prize to win and my birthday is on Tuesday so an early birthday present for me. I would be just so happy you would hear me scream from Bradenton right up to Clearwater!!

  585. M Abidi says:

    I will make stuff for my etsy store using the maker! I love what it can do. Its simply amazing!

  586. Elisa Muschler says:

    OMGoodness!!! I would so love to win this Maker and amazing bundle. I’m just getting back into quilting but finding the cutting difficult because of Arthritis and Ehler-Danlos progressing in my dominate hand. I love making cards, banners, scrapbook pages, paper decorations for parties & gifts, and vinyl signage for my church when they need it.

  587. Leisa W says:

    So excited for your July 11th shows!!! I’d love to win a Maker since my Expression is absolutely ANCIENT!! Its not even ever been able to connect to a computer to use Design Space with it

  588. Louise Mitten says:

    I would love this rose cricuit maker as I have wanted one for a long time, howeve the cost has stopped me from buying one. I have a granddaughter and son who are both getting married this fall. This would really help in making favors for the bridal showers and the weddings.

  589. Sharon Smart says:

    Anna I would love to win the Cricut Rose Maker! Thank you for giving me and others this chance to have one!

  590. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Oh my oh my Miss Anna the Firecracker! Your excitement always makes my day. The scoring tool! Wow! Now I want to score away! I noticed your cartridge makes 46 different folds! The decorating with those colorful papers for any special occasion! I would have to start with making some party decor to send to my son’s for Christmas & Football season. I’d like to make puzzles & decor for my grand nephews. To be honest I would probably sit & stare at it for awhile! Haha! It’s always fun here! Yippee yahoo!

  591. Susan McDuffie says: